Supermensch: The Legend of Shep Gordon (2013) Movie Script

After 5 or 6 years in the entertainment industry
I imposed some rules
And one of them is: When am signing contract with a new artist
- I have to sit down, take off my glasses,
- Look him in the eye and say:
"You have to listen seriously
This is not a joke."
"If I do my job perfectly,
probably going to kill you".
Shep Gordon has been my manager for 43 years.
If you had not met Shep,
had ended after two or three years.
I trusted Shep, absolutely.
He has the Midas touch.
Shep is the best manager par excellence.
He has been a precursor. And everyone has followed.
Shep Gordon's like Brian Epstein, Marshall McLuhan
and Mr. Magoo had had a son.
I brag all the time about it.
Not only for their successes, which are many-
- But it also is the most honest man I ever met.
Could talk to him forever.
Shep can be compassionate.
It can also be a bastard.
Have the charisma of Elvis
- physicist Steve Reeves,
wit Mark Twain
- And you probably are as well equipped as
Long Dong Silver.
Early on, Shep was like a professional bachelor.
With women in their door while leaving others behind.
Met Shep in the 80s, in Hollywood.
Do not know if you remember Carlos & Charlies...
Hypothetically, not me, say you were pulling cocaine
- And then you threw away in the middle of a fight
Shep was who you had to resort to
to reenter. Purely hypothetical.
Shep and I have smoked marijuana for years
We are the canaries in the mine...
As a young man working my way in the industry
- They told me about the show that Shep had developed with Teddy
- And how they managed to make way for black artists
breaking the "circuit Chitlin '"
If someone asked me,
who invented the chef-celebrity
- Undoubtedly, Shep Gordon.
A "jubu" is a Jew who is also a Buddhist.
And the Dalai Lama
plays an important role in his life.
When Shep gets angry, which makes
is go and cook for the Dalai Lama.
Am spiritual, I am Aries with an upward penis.
I've met most famous
through Shep Gordon
- That all my friends together.
Before working with Shep, I did Ronnie Wood of the Rolling Stones
The first thing he said was:
"Can you get access to Shep Gordon?"
Everyone knows Shep.
If walls could talk, Sheps
home in Maui will never be silent.
Things correctly ago, most of the time.
Sometimes libido controls.
He does not think necessarily head...
... but in a different part.
Good game, Mulligan.
We've had - away - the legendary relationship.
We have never had a contract.
Think we've never taken the business as seriously as our friendship
's Like a good marriage
- They would do anything to protect. They love.
- Shep and I are family.
If something would have happened, my wife and I,
he would have taken our children. And happy.
Family is important. It is where you come from, your story.
It's part of who you are.
The women in his life
have been incredibly beautiful.
- I've always wanted a son.
- As you age...
... I hope that things are equated.
- I love the smell of a baby.
- Do not say you have to get a dog.
- It's the last chance to have my family.
I'd like to see a good lady
- That would give him as much as others
I will be a few years yet,
to stay quiet.
Deebemos remember that this is a man who used to wear a
- shirt that read "No
blowjob, no backstage pass."
Must be from that base.
I graduated from the University of Buffalo.
Were the best days of my life
I was an idealist and social-liberal.
I wanted to save the world.
There were few jobs for sociologists,
and wanted to save some prisoners adolescents.
You can not do anything to help
these petty criminals?
In 1968 I auditioned for the Prison Service
Parole in California.
I left on my white horse to
Jail under Godparents, an hour from LA
Had longish hair at the time,
and the other guards hated hippies.
They sent me to play softball with the guys
The guards laughed. It just came to me and started beating
I was the ball.
Understood that nobody wanted me there,
so I left.
Drove to Los Angeles,
and found a vacant motel.
It was a two story motel with pool.
I learned later that it was the "Landmark" of Hollywood.
I checked, I took some acid.
Was what we all did at that time.
There it was, flown like a kite,
loving the world...
... When I heard as if
trying to rape a girl in the pool.
Ran to separate them, and the girl went crazy
and hit me.
Were about to have sex, not fighting.
Had been in Los Angeles only
24 hours and already I had beaten twice.
When lowered in the morning,
heard again the voice of the girl.
She asked me if I was the guy who had hit
yesterday. It was Janis Joplin.
I was introduced to
guy who was sitting next to her. It was Jimi Hendrix.
Jimi Hendrix said: "You Jewish?" - Yes
"Then you should be manager.".
"Whose No problem.?"
"Alice Cooper."
Went to Landmark, we opened the door of his room
was impossible to see through the smoke,
and cigarette was not precisely.
When I could disperse the smoke
- I saw Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison
with Shep on the couch.
The big names in the industry
taxiing with this guy.
They entered,
and went to the bedroom
- I had a lot of
grass in a drawer.
I gave them a lot of grass, and they said:
"You will be our manager."
The motel, Hollywood Landmark,
was where Janis died later.
Was popular among musicians, but those were different times
was not a business.
Era people struggling to survive
doing what they liked
legends were not then.
It was a great group of friends, and we
become a kind of family.
When I started as manager, Alice had to play at a club called Cheetah
The Doors headed the cartel,
so there were many people.
Alice was drunk and yelling at people.
Shouted "Nobody likes me"
which is one of their songs.
It was horrible.
"You stink, Alice Cooper!"
He shouted: "Go home!"
They did. It was empty.
Was a sabotage to the Doors, but I did not care.
No it was taking me seriously.
I was selling drugs to people in the motel.
I had to pretend I was manager if the police
wondered where he got the money.
Jimi told me one day I had a group room
28. "Have cards?"
"You should have business cards".
"? As the company proposed something lamara Jimi V and
appear the sign of peace, it would be cool".
Went down to reception grabbed a dictionary.
The first word
V we found was "Alive".
My new clients were Pink Floyd.
I was his manager for nine days.
I was really overwhelmed.
I was 22 and was manager of Alice.
Thought I had achieved,
when Alice played the Fillmore.
Bill Graham was the promoter
and marked the trend in the country.
A Alice touched
telonear for Ike and Tina Turner.
Assumed that Alice Cooper was an American folk
Did nothing to change his mind.
Alice suddenly appeared with a
jacket made of dead rats.
Bill sent his goons to get Alice
stage and evicted us.
This star introduced the use of mascara for men, big deal.
Many were arrested for possession
at the motel, so I had to stop.
I asked Alice
would have to take seriously his career.
We made a pact to stay together
to become millionaires.
Never doubted Shep.
I just knew we would
navigate through turbulence.
Started to get other gigs
but not enough. We had to do something radical.
Part of the charm of the bands that were
at the level aspired -
- was the fact that parents hated them.
Knew that if parents hated us,
the kids would love it.
I came up the ridiculousness of buying clothes
clear plastic.
Alice clunky
naked and then called for the police to arrest him
- That would give media coverage,
to get parents hate us
They boarded the stage completely naked,
and the public was completely shocked.
Then called the police and told them that
had taken my son to this concert
- In the band was naked.
When police arrived, clothing was already tarnished
, by heat. Nothing was visible.
The police looked and went again.
Finally, we did not make that goal
- It was time to leave town.
- We were starving at that time.
Alice was born in Detroit, so we could count
is that relatives would feed us
We went to Detroit and played in several clubs
along the way.
All it can not happen to a band
happened to us.
Never had money, so we paid the motel
We wrote bad checks and we were going cambiabando
hotel side.
The Hotel called police,
and fled through the windows.
We got into the car and drove
to the next town.
Alleged that we had stolen towels.
However, this is nonsense,
never swam.
When we make money,
Shep turned and paid all the bills ..
"I wrote a check without coverage
Let me get it right.." That's it.
MC5 is an abbreviation for
Motor City 5. Son of Detroit.
Went to the music scene in Detroit,
were the MC5 and The Stooges.
In Shep develop my character to Alice.
Said: "We have to invent something
no one has seen before."
I had a teacher who said "You can achieve a great cultural impact
one of three things:
- Violence, sex or rebellion" Alice would
of the three.
Shep had much to do in what would be
image and sound of Alice Cooper.
Loved We make a show on stage.
The theatrical part was what distinguished us from other bands
Alice is the vaudeville.
The idea was that people stand up and applaud
so is that we put a
dollar bills into a sword, Alice tended to the public.
If the first row stood
to grab them, everyone would do a jump.
It had nothing to do with the song you were playing
- but made everyone would stop,
shout and just have fun.
Needed an end, and we had feather pillows
at the hotel.
- So we stole.
- Filled the scene of feathers
was fantastic and did not cost us anything.
Knew how to put on a good show,
but did not know how to sell it.
People have a certain image of
who is important.
If you see someone being photographed
on the street, they get curious, wondering who will
photographers often hired without
film cameras... just firing flashes
Because that's the expectation what is "Be a Star"
Even when we were starving, Shep
convinced us that we were a star.
"If they have to get drunk every night, because it is
what makes a star, then do it."
If you want to reach a wider audience
The most effective medium is television, so we did things
bothering people.
"Detroit Tubeworks" strikes again
This is where we separate the juveniles from adults.
- Introducing the ever offensive Alice Cooper
started having a hearing in Detroit,
but we were losing money.
Then a miracle happened: I got a call
Organizer Toronto Rock & Roll Revival.
Would be the debut of John Lennon without the Beatles.
"If this festival brings hope, maybe we can take him around the world
- Said: "You could help us organize the festival"
- Le offered 30% of the profits.
He said, "I do not want money I want my band
touch between Lennon and the Doors in prime time..."
My choice was to give Alice
chance to shine.
We were tearing down the place, and it was great.
Feathers fly.
I look down and see a chicken on stage.
The only person I could have put it there
is Shep. Nobody brings a chicken to a concert.
No one would say: "OK, I have the keys, I have the
entries, I have my hen...".
Thought "A hen would be perfect..."
"grabbed the hen...
And threw up, thinking it was going to fly
- But plummeted
- They went mad..
- The crowd smashed
- They threw back
wings, head, legs, flying across the stage
I saw blood and I had to look away to see her..
The next day the newspapers wrote that Alice
had ripped his head and drunk the blood
What could have been a bad press
was what put us on the map.
- Now we could do whatever we wanted.
- We had to record a hit.
We liked The Guess Who, who had made a great album
Went to see the producer Jack Richardson,
and he brought a young man. Bob Ezrin.
Bob Ezrin came after "The Wall" by Pink Floyd
and "Destroyer" by Kiss. He is brilliant.
But never produced an album,
and I invited him to New York, to see Alice.
Jack wanted nothing to do, and sent me there
to get rid of them.
Jack had said "under no circumstances accept
cause them to disk"
I was put in a table below,
and all the lights went out.
Barely lit lights and I heard him sing "Sun Arise / come every morning"
When the lights went on, had over
face Alice Cooper
- And everyone was dressed rarer than the side
all wore feathers and high boots.
No one was with jeans and t...
This was not rock and roll.
When I came out and saw people dressed like them
- I realized it was the beginning of a cultural movement
I went to the dressing and undertook to produce them the
disk. I said, "I will!"
Alice signed with the company of Frank Zappa.
Zappa was an artist of Warner and had negotiated for
have its own label. Straight Records.
I went where Zappa and told him we had to Richardson
went mad and said it was the wrong type
"He makes pop records, we do not want,
do not need it, I will pay for it"
So I went to talk to a guy from Warner
and told him we had to Richardson
- They would do anything to work with Richardson.
They said "Let us see how we fix it".
Came back and said "we have the budget, do not tell anyone
. I would remove the Doobie Brothers."
That sums up the history of the Doobies. I laugh often her.
Recorded the album "Love it to Death"
and one of the songs was "Eighteen."
- Could feel it would be a success.
- "He said: Yes, I like, I can sell this."
Straight refused to publish records,
Frank thought it was too commercial.
- So we had to promote it ourselves.
- Shep was very smart to sell.
There was a radio station in Canada
called CKLW.
If you colocabas a song on CKLW,
other stations in America also have touch.
- Recalled that Canada had...
... The legislation radial content.
At least 30% Canadian content
radios must be Canadian artists.
Alice was American.
But fortunately had recorded in Canada, so that was enough.
CKLW programmed the record because they had to.
Was Canadian.
When "eighteen" started up in the lists of CKLW,
the other radios in the country wanted the song.
But nobody knew where the disc was.
Warner was flooded with calls.
Straight refused to publish it,
Warner realized they had to do something.
They said, "Do not tell anything
a Straight, but we'll publish it."
The album was released by Warner. Then
Straight sued and published them.
Told them they could not get it out in Straight,
so I again became Warner again.
The album was released in 17 editions.
Straight, Warner, Straight, Warner...
ended in a trial of seven or eight years.
There were many millions of dollars.
Never got the money, they kept it.
We were looking for money,
and the answer was England.
I immediately booked for Alice
Wembley Arena, which seats 10,000 seats.
We had only sold 50 tickets. So I asked how do
met Alice in England.
- Warner had hired a guy named Derek Taylor.
- Derek Taylor, the Beatles publicist.
Derek was a wonderful character, smoking his cigar
and spoke very little. He created the Beatlemania.
- Derek is true that the Beatles are finished?
- No, not until they die.
When I arrived at the office of Derek, there were
Harry Nilsson, George Harrison
- And Carolyn Pfeiffer, our PR
charge in England.
My portfolio represented included Barbra Streisand, Robert Redford
, Liza Minelli, Mac Cartney and Wings...
Selling Alice in England was part of the general plan
to make him a rock star.
Derek asked me to tell Alice Cooper.
I told him that Alice was all parents hate.
Alice was photographed naked with a boa constrictor
on their genitals.
Derek said: photo, truck, Picadilly and break.
"Parents have to hate you."
He had the idea of putting a giant poster
truck and take it to Picadilly Circus.
Had to drive to get there
during peak hours and then getting stuck.
Is a main artery of London.
Shep told the driver: "Whatever happens, do not move
You'll be rewarded if they arrest us care.."
My job as PR was to get all the press
British knew.
So there they were, taking photographs of a naked man with a snake
The traffic was completely paralyzed in the center.
- Appeared in all media. - Worked
The next day, the tickets were sold out Wembley.
- This should be a milestone in the decline of the British Empire.
After the concert, the single
"School's Out" was No. 1 in the UK and worldwide.
It was great to get the money, but it turned out better than
us. I congratulated myself in the mirror.
In the album "School's Out"
really took a big jump. It all came together.
The voices in this album are absolutely unmatched.
The idea for the cover was that you could bend
as the deck of a school bench.
When it hits you had things like a switchblade
and gum.
- And Shep said, "panties".
- Panties.
- I said "Panties!? ?!"
- Panties.
"If you're in the seventh grade, they open the bank and have
a pair of panties, you're a king."
And Shep says: "Let panties on disk."
Types of Warner said You know how expensive is that?
- But Shep said: You know how revolutionary it is ?.
The album sold millions,
and started touring around the world.
The life revolves difficult.
Never know well where you are when you wake up.
Alcohol and drugs were the rule.
I could order room service at night and have a Bloody Mary
on the bedside table
- Upon waking, looked where he was and drank.
One of the objectives was not having to unpack
Because so you could wake up from a night of excess
and will be nothing left in the room.
Life on Tour was a series of lists.
Is everyone here? Are all the cars were uploaded?
All arrived at the airport?
They searched all the luggage? Is everyone at the door?
You You came to the place of the show and Is all the equipment? Operators
lights, the spotlights.
Half an hour before I need my computer
uniformed and ready.
Five minutes before the band
standing beside the stage.
One minute before the light goes
and the show starts on time.
The three main tasks of a manager:
1 - Getting money
2 - Always remember you should get the money
- And never forget that you must remember to get money
And then make sure everyone back after the show
- no underage women, because they attract too much attention...
- And that is wrong.
- And because it's wrong.
The scene on the plane of "Almost Famous"
is based on something that happened to me when I was on tour.
We were on the plane of Alice Cooper, Cameron Crowe
going to write an article about Alice.
An engine caught fire. We thought we were going to fall.
A roadie shouted "
going to die!" I have to confess something "!
Turned to a guy whose wife was pregnant
and said "I am the true father of that baby."
Several seconds later, the pilot apologized and said he would land
The next 20 minutes were very uncomfortable.
"I did not die!"
They made the cover of
"Billion Dollar Babies" in London.
- I lent them my baby.
- She had a beautiful daughter. Lola, appearing
with painted eyes in the arms of Alice.
The Godfather it was Charlie Chaplin.
The album was very, very successful.
There were about boys and suddenly was here
the world's biggest band
With his private plane, knowing the
exotic people in exotic locations
They were accepted as superstars.
Most managers say "Oh, no, do not do that,
is bad for your image..."
- But Shep was always very positive: "Do"
We had gotten our first stage
baseball and we were thinking of doing something awesome.
I called and Alice and I said I have it, we're going to
fired from a cannon.
I said, "OK." I did not say: "It is dangerous, maybe we should not do
I lay on the barrel, left-side
And while put a doll in the barrel and fired a network
I would have arrived and appear on the other side.
That was the trick.
Fired, there was an explosion
and the doll flew less than a meter.
- Fell right...
- I have never seen worse.
People screamed with laughter,
worked as a gag Inspector Clouseau.
Ended by selling the gun to
Rolling Stones.
I moved to Los Angeles
for business reasons.
In full 70, had much success,
too many beautiful women, too many drugs...
Alice had problems with alcohol,
I spent time at the Playboy Mansion.
The first time I left my clothes next to the jacuzzi and leaving
was gone, I thought I had been stolen.
In the Playboy Mansion had ironed people you
and left hanging clothes while you baabas.
Being in Playboy Mansion and ironed while you were in the jacuzzi
- it was a dream for every Jewish child of Rhode Island.
Then I met Marcy Hanson a Playboy model.
We had a very intense relationship.
We married after a short time
- But we realized it was a mistake and consiguimos
annul the marriage.
Then I started making money and bought some houses.
One of them had a train between home and
pool. I also bought Alice's house.
People would not stop ringing the doorbell and then
discovered that the house was in the "Hollywood Stars Map."
Then I made a poster: "Alice Does not Live Here
back and ask for a refund.".
When I lived there I had a cat called "sensitive"
and my neighbor was Cary Grant.
One day the cat disappeared
someone said he was in the house of Cary Grant.
So the other day I went to touch the bell,
and his assistant opened.
For the crack could see Cary Grant in "sensitive"
and said it was my cat.
But his wife said I could not take the cat
that had restored the joy of living.
So we agreed to share custody.
It is important for me in business try to make compassionate
There are no losers, only winners.
Much of this is what I call "coupons".
By this I mean paying people
yourself doing something you do not have to do.
I have no words to express
how nice it is to have you on my show.
Well, some money would not hurt...
- I met Groucho through Alice.
- Groucho saw us on TV and wanted to see our show.
When he went to see him, I saw him as vaudeville.
Friends with Alice were made and accompanying literally
until he fell asleep at night. They saw TV
And Alice told me Groucho comments on
everyone who came.
"This is gay." "In that liked the dwarfs".
"That guy was fucking the girlfriend of Zeppo".
- Had a history of each.
- But his finances were a mess.
Shep promised to see your finances and put things in order
to Groucho.
- So I went Groucho manager.
- And did it for free.
Every time we met, told me:
Each time we met, I said:
"You're My manager Shep?"
"Curious, do not look like a criminal."
Investigate how things had made money,
and A & M had a live album.
Heard about Jerry Moss, who was head of A & M.
was one of the giants of the industry.
I asked if they could give Marx
an advance against future projects.
Jerry, being who he is, made a big
for Groucho check.
"What else I can do to help?"
I'm still paying the coupon back.
'll Do anything, at any time, you need
Jerry Moss. That's a coupon.
After a time with Alice and Groucho wanted to see if my talent
working with others.
I did not understand at all what Anne Murray.
- She was a Canadian folk singer.
- Had the purest voice...
... and it was a different
Alice could get.
I was not ostentatious.
It was just a really good singer.
Very white, very clean, very American environment.
More than half American, was Canadian.
When I was in Los Angeles recording,
lived in the house of Shep.
Had not only brimming refrigerator alcohol
But also someone had put a note:
"Anne: There's a surprise for you in the drawer".
Looked and there was a large pot of white powder.
I did not know that was there.
I did not know that until I read his book...
What I was looking at Shep was to give me a boost
- And all who were "somebody"
were in the " Midnight Special ".
At a time when the wave was all, Midnight Special
had no interest in a successful Canadian singer.
Had to do something to Annie was really
in wave.
She would play at the Troubadour, that was very cool,
but people were totally indifferent.
One technique I use is called
"guilt associated."
Involves taking someone really famous and put
to another person next, and shares its brightness to another.
Alice had a group.
The Hollywood Vampires.
The Hollywood Vampires we were a group of drinkers:
Harry Nilsson, Mickey Dolenz and John Lennon.
He was going through a dark age
and rarely took pictures.
A photo of Lennon would be great.
I said Alice, I want the Hollywood Vampires
come listen to Anne Murray.
The goal was to get a photo of Anne
these icons, the coolest people in the world.
- Were all cynics.
- They were in the Rainbow, so I went...
... I knelt and begged them.
"Boys, I represent Anne Murray,
and she will play at the Troubadour".
"If I can take a picture with it, I'll do it for you
". They agreed.
The picture became more evident
any other photo in my career.
Rolling Stone wanted to interview me, I suddenly was
LA girl. For a few weeks...
I put in "Midnight Special". It helped.
Annie never tried to be different from herself.
It was not a Midnight Special and transformed into something else.
Believed that Shep was crazy for taking
Anne Murray, but the truth is I hated what Alice Cooper
He liked the folk music of Anne Murray and things
as The Spinners.
I have liked the music of Alice
be more like The Spinners
Soul music. That's what I like. Aretha, Etta James
, Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes.
There was a song "Wake Up Everybody" it was my
anthem. Listened every day.
I received a call from CBS Records "We have an artist
we think will be great and we need a good manager"
Era Teddy Pendergrass. Never heard of him.
I went to listen to Philadelphia.
Touched in a small club.
The show was absolutely pitiful,
with a layer to James Brown, with fat dancers.
But he sang "Wake Up Everybody" and I realized that was the kind of
Harold Melvin and the blue notes.
I went to wait in the hallway to talk to him, like all Jews
managers, lined up like cattle.
Is So I left. I never talked to Teddy.
CBS called and asked how it was.
I'm not going to line up in the hallway to say that I am
one cool guy, so we asked for a meeting at his house.
Outside the building was a white Rolls-Royce saying
"TEDDY" in the patent.
I took the elevator to the penthouse and said:
"I will not take away too long I do not know much about life.."
"But I'll tell you what I can do: I can get high more
"... You have most beautiful women, I can
drunk than you...
" And when landslides with silver
show in your pocket... "
" .. . I'll be able to put that money
safe and that no one steals. "
He said," What? "I said," Why not get together
somewhere and bring your best drugs "? .
"And if you're still standing after that, you do not need me
. If I'm standing, you need me "
I expected a no, but instead said yes
thought." Shit, now I have to. "
Thought, now I need a really cool bag
- And I bought one of wood, it hits you and
was full of drugs. It was a pharmacy.
We smoked grass, we pull cocaine
ate mushrooms, we quaaludes...
The women came and went. We went bad.
Three days later he collapsed.
I was his manager for
the rest of his life.
Best of Shep are their stories.
In mind that Alice Cooper concert somewhere
when Alice returned to the dressing
were plenty of tables with food, sandwiches, drinks
But a month later, Teddy Pendergrass played in the same place
back and just had a bottle of water.
After the show I went to ask for money from Teddy to
promoter, but said he did not have it and refused to pay
". If you do not pay, do not leave here alive" I said
I have no family, I have nothing to lose, I do not care
I offered her ring, so is
I took it and went where Teddy.
"How the hell can I get 20% of this ring?"
I then explained about something that blew my mind,
called "Chitlin circuit '."
Promoters possessing radio stations,
hire artists and play their discs
- But do not get paid a dollar.
The artists see if the shows do not
play them on the radio and lose their contracts to record.
This made him realize that artists were being treated
a little right way.
I said, "Fuck it, break the circuit."
He said: "I do not want to scare you but
You know what happened to my ex manager?"
"The shot dead is not playing with these guys.".
Oh shit, she was murdered?
This is serious stuff
At that time the industry was full of gangsters.
You had to be able to deal and cope with this
kinds of people.
I really believe that I had nothing to lose.
Was a guy just...
".. Fuck you write down on a white place and you will pay
I will not do that shit."
"Then kill us I do not care.."
Reserve the Roxy in LA, it was so white
it was like too white.
But did the most boring show that night.
He sat on a floor.
After the show I scolded "Motherfucker,
"I risk my life to see how you stay
sitting on a floor?"
"All the girls in the audience
all you want to do is throw you to death..."
"... And then you sit in a chair, making it the cool
"I'd be the only guy in the room
when you have so hot".
Then I had an idea. "Wait a second. Let
concerts for women only."
There have been many cries, while the Greek theater
What causes such excitement? Teddy Pendergrass.
Last night's concert, sold out,
was only for women.
Teddy Then he realized it was all
sex, and then came the songs
- What do you like about it?
- His body.
Five platinum albums in a row.
That must be a record.
He would be the black Elvis.
We said all along to support him.
I have nothing to lose,
I have no family, I have children, I give a shit.
At this point in my life was very successful, but no
meant nothing.
That was stressed about LA culture of "what" are
instead of "who" you are. Everything was so superficial.
A friend who invited all parties,
but I wanted a family and did not have
I had no time to woo anyone.
All the people I met,
was damaged by fame.
At that time, Jimi Hendrix was dead,
Jim Morrison was dead, Janis Joplin...
- And Alice was in treatment.
Subas to the top and fall would be worse. The pattern was obvious.
Dawned on me,
I was becoming one of them.
Maui is the newest mass of planet Earth.
The island has the personality of a child.
Smells sweet, like a child
Everything has a baby has the island.
There is an incredible innocence.
I came to Maui in 1974.
I knew immediately that I would stay here forever.
Sold the house in Los Angeles
and then I moved to Maui.
My life revolves around my home in Hawaii.
I paid probably $ 620,000.
Now the value is 15-20000000.
But I do not sell ..
I open doors for my friends,
can stay while I'm gone.
Probably because as a child I had no friends...
... now I'm compensating somehow
Shep was born with a smile, and smile
accompanying since
grew in Oceanside,
a small town in upstate New York.
I had a good relationship with my father,
sacrificed much, but my mother kept house.
My mom was a tough Jewish mother.
She was a cruel mistress.
My brother, Edward,
was the star of the family.
Shep was the black sheep of the family.
When they gave me money for my birthday my mom
forced me to give it to my brother Edward.
He had a dog that always biting me.
So I grew up with no friends who were visiting me.
- I just came from the farm.
- I just came from the beach.
- Mra this puppy.
- What you say?
I never had interest in food.
I was a kind of spaghetti and ketchup.
But one night in Cannes, took me to the
restaurant Le Moulin de Mougins.
There were all Hollywood stars,
and then came an elegant gentleman with white hair.
Everyone turned. James Coburn and Anthony Quinn
jumped to greet him.
I do not know who he was, but I was attracted
about him
I immediately decided that he was someone who would like to learn
I then told it was the chef Roger Verge
5 stars Michelin.
The founder of nouvelle cuisine.
I was pretty tipsy and went where
sr. Verge, who sat with Picasso.
Not true. Picasso died in 1973.
actually Shep was very flown.
Maybe it was not Picasso.
I was pretty blown that night.
I said:
"Lord, I would be his grasshopper".
He replied in a very bad English:
"What do you mean grasshopper?"
Said he was a cook.
I said I would cook for
learn from it.
Then we became friends
- Y
traveled together five or six weeks a year.
Verge helped me to realize that
can be successful and happy.
I had only seen the success and suffering
He was the first person I saw with
Competent and respected,
and he was always happy.
His happiness came from the fact
always put others before him.
Mr. Verge taught me the art of
Puts a signal, shells or something, announcing
there's a party at home.
It's almost like there's invitation.
It is understood and is not discussed.
The idea is that everyone feels so good
as possible.
One must fully focus on your guests.
Is not about what YOU want.
If you have young, bright light.
If they are old, soft lighting.
The roundtables make all equally important.
If you are famous and sits with people who look what amazed
without a word -
- can be uncomfortable.
You nobody will request an autograph in my house.
Invite people you do not know but maybe
want to.
He presented me with Clint Eastwood,
and said: have fun.
"What the fuck..." thought Clint, but had to be
me, Shep told him.
Shep asked me if I wanted to Luau
on Schwarzenegger and Sly.
I had no idea he was so
But there I was, in a great
wonderful dinner with friends and acquaintances.
There they were. Schwarzenegger, Stallone... it was like being in Madame Tussaud
but with pork.
Mr. Verge taught me that if there was someone who wanted to know all
- had to leave an empty chair
each table, so the person can go CHANGING.
Are also those with whom one should sit
. Usually I end up sitting with them.
If I hear someone talk business, I go directly to the table.
If you start to harass someone, they never convidarn you.
At some point the party is over, although some
You can not just kick people,
so I'm going to bed and leave you all there.
For most live on an island like Maui
means losing touch with the world.
But Shep Gorden is the link -
- The meeting point of all important
people worldwide.
All end in Maui, somewhere
and end up in the kitchen of Shep.
Shep's house in Hawaii is like a sanctuary.
There was a period in my life,
it was very difficult for me.
I called him and told him I wanted to stay
with him for a week.
I know I probably should wait for an invitation from you."
However, he said,
that the door was open when I wanted.
I was there for two months.
He fed me -
- And took care of me as if I were a fallen
nest bird.
He is a protector.
He keeps the wolf away.
One problem with Hawaii,
as in many places,
- It is a good resting place for celebrities
But you have to live with the paparazzi.
And not everyone wants to be seen when in the water,
like a beached whale.
An idiot tomes some pictures of me without
Shirt Four Seasons
- And for two consecutive years was there
"Beached Whale" in the Enquirer.
The hit in the refrigerator as
inspiration to lose weight. It did not work.
Shep pledged to deal with the problem.
Sounded like a mafioso. "Ready"
Did you kill him?
That would be fine,
but agreed with him.
- The phone rang.
- Hello Derek. Is Shep.
"Yes, Shep, I was."
"Then. How do we do?"
- "Both should be happy."
- I took some time...
... And I just ask you to let me make some shots
The wedding was in Shep,
and could be seen from the beach.
Did not want to take pictures of people.
- So spoke with Derek.
- I photographed the wedding of Tom Arnold, where Shep.
Derek walked over and took a picture,
and no one else, not people on the beach.
I knew who the other paparazzi
and had a guy on the beach,
- Keeping out two other photographers
and I follow him.
I wanted to keep happy happy Shep
celebrities, mostly.
Shep never speaks of revenge
- Find ways to work things out.
Shep not the stars dazzle,
but with women.
My favorite girlfriend Shep, the first, was Winona
With that felt more connection.
Met Winona Williams in the 70s on a blind date.
Era model, very beautiful, that night she moved.
Then came his daughter Mia.
Live together for three years.
Unfortunately, parted,
and moved to the east coast.
I did not see them for 15 years.
In 1991 Winona
called me and said that Mia was dead.
And for the funeral
saw these four young, beautiful angels.
I did not know that Mia had children.
I told Winona, I have resources,
I do not know if I have emotions, but I have resources
"If you are you going to raise for the next 18 years,
I'll pay for it."
Saw a lot of kids, they were hers
- And he loved her so much,
that motivated the decision.
- And he loved her so much,
decision was consolidated.
- In a few days I bought a house for them,
moved, and began the journey.
- Here comes Chase
This is our beautiful home.
I took a year before meeting,
I was busy with my clients
- And I probably had a little scary.
But eventually I decided to visit them.
's A big kiss!
Shortly after we had met with Shep,
then took us on vacation to Disney World.
I had always wanted to go but never had as a child
I grew up without parents. My mom died when I was three.
So the entry of this man,
this father figure who helped us grow
- and helped us understand the world
was really a blessing.
Was one thing to support them and give them gifts like children
- But he was there all the time.
I met them when the children were small.
When going for a swim, then came to my house
- We bathed and accompanied me to cook on the grill.
Know these kids long
and I feel a great love for them.
- I call Shep grandfather.
- He is a father figure and role model.
- I love it.
- We love each other.
I always had the hope of getting a
family, and suddenly I was there.
He loves children.
My sister had a baby.
Never seen her like this, cradling,
is a side Shep did not know.
He would be a great father,
and I can see having a child.
He has always been,
family oriented.
Always knew that energy, family and love
are what drives the artist.
The word "mensch" is synonymous with Shep.
(Yiddish word for someone noble and full)
A mensch is reliable,
and he is always there for you-
- In good times and bad
Shep has helped many,
the have been quite hard.
Shep has taught me loyalty,
because he is so loyal.
Carolyn's daughter, Lola,
died of sudden infant death syndrome.
called and said that juntramos us
wanted to get away from England.
The memory of Lola made him very painful.
Carolyn received with open arms.
She wanted to make films,
so I started to do them.
- We Did "The Duellists."
- The first film by Ridley Scott.
- Won at Cannes in 1977.
... Ridley Scott "The Duellists."
- Also did "Roadie".
- There were my clients: Alice and Blondie.
Dimnos Then we realized that we did not like the movie studios
- So we began Island Alive.
We pioneered the American independent cinema.
Carolyn was the first woman president of a study
Thanks to Shep, I was the only woman
could approve movies.
We had a very low budget, but he gave me
- We made incredible movies.
- First we bought was "Koyaanisqatsi".
People thought we were crazy, the title was unpronounceable
- And no actors, no narration,
but we believed in it.
Made "Red Headed Stranger".
(Film about Willie Nelson, 1975)
I had to do the film,
and Shep could distribute.
Think we won 7 or $ 8 with her.
- "Kiss of the Spider Woman".
- The Oscar winner William Hurt is.
We do not compare it to anything.
Alive was Miramax, before Miramax
- I think Harvey Weinstein would agree.
- Not at all.
Early in my career, I read a book called
"Billion Dollar Baby".
In it was a character, Shep Gordon
wielding a troop of madmen.
I wanted to make a rock version of
"Citizen Kane" with Shep: "Citizen Insane".
Probably the role was not for me, because Shep is fierce
- Okay, Alice?
- Yes, come.
Met Shep Gordon in 1991
when we did "Wayne's World".
Mike wanted to use
"Eighteen" and "School's Out"
- But I had an agenda.
- Shep said:
"How about if they use some of
new album?" I said "What if no".
He replied: "I start the
filming in about two weeks have no choice.".
Was able to take a strong position.
Reasonable, but strong.
Said "I read the script The band will play only eight seconds.."
No one will notice.
"School's Out If you put in the closing credits
think it was that."
Stay here, hang out with us.
Cheers, yes, we can stay to hang out with you.
With Alice Cooper...
We are not worthy,
are not worthy.
Since that day we spent at each airport,
hear "I am not worthy" hundreds of times
The red carpet was filled
some of the biggest names in the film industry.
's A Dior dress.
Thanks for asking.
Met Sharon Stone at the Cannes Film Festival.
"Total Recall" came out,
and I was there with -
- Michael Douglas, Mick Jagger
and Roman Polanski.
The party was in the home built for Josephine Napoleon
- And that was surrounded by water.
It was absolutely wonderful.
- Sharon entered the room.
- She was incredibly beautiful.
- She entered and presented to Michael and me.
- Said "Oh, what a beautiful home."
- "Thanks," said Shep.
- "I can show you around."
I did not say it was mine, but he hinted
"Want to show you around?"
"Thank you. I love it."
And I saw no more that day.
Our little ballet opened.
We were together for a few years.
Sharon, like other women, I was first attracted by its Beauty-
- But there is great depth in it, is
a spiritual person.
Sharon asked me
I would meet with the Dalai Lama.
His Holiness talked about compassion,
to love and serve others.
It was very touching.
We were allowed to go backstage.
When he enters feel like I have taken
the biggest shower of my life. A return to innocence.
When I would go to Hawaii,
I called their representatives
As through Mr. Verge was now involved in the kitchen
- I explained that I'd
cook for the Dalai Lama.
Was the beginning of the incorporation of Shep
in the Tibetan world.
Researched on Tibetan food
to use some yak.
I got some yak butter
and my kitchen stank for weeks.
In the Tibetans love tea with yak butter.
Especially the elderly.
Said that I do
should expect a meeting.
But at five o'clock
I had to make breakfast for him.
I was so surprised,
I did not think we would find.
I went to his apartment,
and was brushing his teeth.
"Yak tea?"
"Yes," I replied proudly.
"So I went to Tibet."
Traveled to New York,
and I traveled with him
wanted to be helpful. He was a good friend,
was the manager of the hotel "The Mark".
Let his holiness stay there for free.
I went from being a chef to have a
seat on the Board of the Tibet Fund.
I bought the bed in which the Dalai Lama
slept in the hotel my friend in New York.
Which is used in Hawaii. This will leave him with his rice.
"S rich to poor,
and happy those who are sad...
... And desperate to find hope."
"That fearful stop being afraid,
and the weak find strength..."
".... And their hearts unite in friendship
" Rice of His holiness.
Without sounding too arrogant,
I think there is a good karma.
Teddy and I used to discuss the karma.
Our last conversation was in London,
where he refused to act, with the theater sold.
Tried to explain what the karma.
"Is already all sold, Teddy."
"It's people who work and have
organized his life around tonight."
"They're sitting there now
'll regret if you do not Mucho soon..."
But he refused. And next week...
Teddy Pendergrass was seriously injured today
- When his car collided with a pair of
trees in Philadelphia.
The artist of 31 years old, was caught
for 45 minutes before firefighters arrived.
The doctor told me immediately -
I have to tell you that you can not walk again.
Walked in and he was in a frame,
revolving ten minutes.
I could only blink.
Once for the "yes" and two for "no."
It was not my favorite moment.
It was a good time.
Think it was the beginning of the end.
I stopped enjoying my work.
It was a tough time.
I loved him and still do.
Decided not to let anyone see Teddy.
Everyone wanted a
interview or photo.
Should something be done, would
to tell the story he wanted to tell...
not going to be a victim.
My job was to keep each ammo -
- To revive his career.
And then announced the Live Aid.
Is one of the biggest concerts of the world
front of the largest audience of TV
One of the concerts are going to do in Philadelphia
- And nobody knew what had happened.
They had not seen in three years
I asked Ashford & Simpson,
if you would at Live Aid.
Teddy was afraid to sing in front of people, but eventually agreed
When we got to the ramp leading to the stage
"I can not, I'm too scared Shep.".
I said, "I love you,
but I'll bring up there."
Not have to sing, do whatever you want
up there, but rises "
someone we love dearly...
... It will make its first appearance
long. Teddy Pendergrass
=! = I was nervous that there would end
song, but it was fantastic.
There was no one with dry eyes It was beautiful..
When you are the manager of someone
never ends.
If the disc is a success,
What will you do tomorrow?
Since I learned to cook, I appreciate
when the meal is finished, the meal ends.
After traveling with Mr. Verge
for almost a decade
- then he asked if I could be your tour manager
He toured as a rock star.
His fans came, ate and then getting his autograph
, bought his book
went to an event that cost $ 2,500 per person
and saw that he was not paid
Since I was not allowed to eat in the restaurant.
I said "Mr. Verge, this is not fair, let me
A little later, I told Wolfgang Puck
and told me that all the chefs were treated well.
Three days later Wolfgang
invited me to lunch at "Spago"
- And when I walked in, sat there,
35 of the best chefs in the world.
Wanted to help "Nor pay us, treat us like shit
I started
"Alive Culinary Resources".
I overcame. Theirs is making music, making movies...
I do not need you here.
In economic terms, it was not prudent.
Artists represented as Luther Vandross,
earn more in one night
- That any chef in a year.
Only earn money by cooking in a building
- And nobody knew how to capitalize and expand their talents
Thought: All shops are driven by celebrities,
except supermarkets.
In the sports shop had
Michael Jordan shoes.
While in the supermarket used "chefs" generic fictitious.
How is it makes people see the chef as
a celebrity? TV.
We roast the chicken,
today "The French Chef".
At first there was only Julia Child
in PBS. There was no other.
But there was a man take
CNN trying to walk a cooking channel.
Saw the food channel
as a key to success.
I said:
I get, free all chefs
- And put enormous eyes,
television as salaries are outlandish.
- Welcome to TV Food Network.
- Emeril was the first to sign for a show.
We have our spices, our
shrimp and our vegetables.
Change the TV for the right
have our own advertising.
Emeril and I talked about what was only her kitchen.
It was... BAM, that way!
Said people asked about
"Bam" and spices.
Bam, just like that!
We put a couple of these and Bam! well no more!
- And now a few of these and Bam! well no more!
- And so began with Emeril spices.
- Spice up your roast chicken with my mix for chicken.
- Sales skyrocketed.
Today is the most popular spice market
. This is due to the vision of Shep.
It was a way to put their products in stores
- And now, people could achieve the same
taste of Emeril.
- That gave him the idea to other chefs like Mario Batali.
- Saltimbocca... at Batali style.
And he spread the sauce to the pasta and
cookware. A huge business.
No sio work would not for Emeril.
Paved the way for all the famous chefs.
I did it for free, so I wanted to have
success and retire. It was hard work.
I knew I had created a new category:
-Celebrity Chefs.
So I chose to retire.
I felt I had used my life to live the lives of others
- And I wanted to see what it was MY life.
I could only do retiring.
Called my clients and most were very understanding.
But Luther was very hurt and I erased
of his autobiography.
When Shep hired me,
was half removed.
Sometimes I feel we changed roles:
the care me rather than I him.
I was still manager of Alice, rather than a customer
was like a part of my body.
One day a friend called me and told me I had one chef
healthy food to be his manager.
I explained that no longer did and
I did not like that food
- But I told him we could get together.
The doorbell rang, and entered Rene, a beautiful vision.
Was love at first sight.
It had everything I wanted.
I knew it was serious when he told me
"She makes this" healthy food ""...
He said he loved, but I know he knows
shit, I grew up on a farm and I know.
I woke up thinking about her,
but has never been easy for me to say what I feel.
Yes it was easy possible to stay in my guest house
The next five nights cook,
walked along the beach and met.
A fifth night the relationship became more intimate
- the sixth day she moved to live here.
Two years later
married in a beautiful ceremony in Maui.
We had invited
65 friends and family members.
Michael Douglas said in his speech that many have
problems with a woman 30 years younger.
"I gave Shep some tips:
If she dies, he dies."
We went on honeymoon to Fiji, an island
you only get one guest at a time.
Upon arrival we were told that there was another
couple on the island, but no bother.
Renee The computer did not work,
so I went to get help from the reception.
Five minutes later, the doorbell rang
Was Steve Jobs, the other guest.
Steve Jobs arranged her team.
finished cooking for him over the next five days.
Was one of the magical moments of my life
When we returned,
I could not avoid being his manager.
She managed to publish a book,
and helped her get a TV.
I could not help it,
was all he knew.
I told Renee that wanted children.
Working on it, but she became pregnant
no. Simplememnte was not.
Some can cope without children
- But habemos others that, in that case,
we lack something. Shep is one of them.
I said we should go to the doctor
- But Rene
thought should happen naturally.
I respetabasu opinion,
but I did not agree with it
After that we grew apart, and ended
I have no idea who
I will leave it when you die.
I do not know.
No I have taken care of that yet.
On January 13, 2012
Shep desps to play golf again.
I asked how he felt.
She said her stomach hurt, it was swollen.
Usually play nine holes,
so it was no surprise to leave.
- Left us and went home.
- He went out.
I asked if he wanted to stay with him,
but told me to go home.
I was a little worried.
He sent me a message. "Can you come?"
I went and saw that I was suffering a lot.
Thought: I have to take him to hospital.
Arrived at the emergency room, and put
enough drugs to sleep an elephant.
The doctor said it was like a heart attack
in the small intestine.
If not operated, Shep die.
If the surgery was done, would
only 20% chance of survival.
Were isolated for four days.
No one knew what happened.
My phone rang constantly.
Everyone wanted to know how he was.
Not many people survive such an operation.
Had finally achieved a good relationship with this man
And the possibility of no return was
definitely something you have to get used to.
But I wanted to,
I wanted him to be in my life.
We will not lose someone like him.
I would not want to lose a guy like him.
Not know what would happen if you lose or not.
- After surgery, was accompanied by the bed
- When he opened his eyes, in his stupor, was looking for someone
It was really...
I was very sorry for him because the only one who was there was I
- His assistant paid.
You expect to go through a experiemcia
and the person next to you is
... Your life partner.
But I was.
He must have felt so alone.
His recovery was miraculous.
He took the time to deepen
yourself and heal.
I've spent my life doing
famous people.
But I've never seen in unhealthy fame.
Survive it is difficult
and has no value in itself.
I love what I did, I would not change what I've done in my life
- but should have been less
artists and achieved greater intimacy.
I was lucky to find a family
later in life
- But not developed a family.
I was part of the family life of Alice,
but I had my own, I had no time.
I'll say it again, I do not think it's coincidence:
First was the healthy food and then blew his ass.
- Shep's friends are her real family.
- Is more than a friend, like a brother.
I have told Shep -
- Things I have not told anyone.
Not even my wife.
I would give him a big kiss on the mouth, is a great guy
His laughter is legendary, as choking
When laughs barking like a seal.
Shep is the nicest person I've ever met.
I've never heard him say anything unkind about
But he is not...
What is the word? Boring.
- She loves to make people happy.
- He taught me to be grateful.
And not to complain so much, when in fact
're damn lucky.
've Always wanted a baby.
But I have not given up.
Perhaps still a little inside me.