Supervixens (1975) Movie Script

Martin barman simple service oh no no no
no he's not too busy I'll call him for
you hang on you're done about a quart
what do you use what do you got
I'd recommend 1014 sounds like a good
number rent phone I'll take over for you
Honey you were out of cat food besides
I'm lonely why don't you come home no
way baby there's just Martin and I can
handle it I know you find it difficult
to understand but I'm paid to do a job
here besides we're starting to get busy
see I'm just not important you got any
paper towels
good luck who hang on I've got to get
something for a customer
Catch a customer I needed some towels
who when the fuck was that just a chick
son of a bitch a bad ass note it's
bullshit you make her look like a boy
Come on who's stuck be bad dig me Martin
can't hack it by himself by
Martin Foreman super servant who the
hell is this super Lorna
get off the line bitch I want to talk to.
Clint Ramsay god damn it you're the one
he's been Bill and can't wait to strap
on your groovy old man right over there
Can I take it out in trade credit cards
or cash.
Martin ballin super service good so you
get your kraut ass to get home now or I
am going to burn down this fuckin League
no exceptions
I bring you an ultimatum from the fueler
either you get your ass home Marsh Nell
or you won't have a house to come home
to bitch.
Coach angel now what's with this shit
embarrassing me again in front of my
your phony threats burned down the house
god dammit a gun Germany what the hell's
the matter with you where else could
just spend so much time on your back
outside of a whorehouse Comi away from
my job one more time in at your ass
I mean at your ass back to that
pornographer viewers used to take all
your shitty abuse angel the spoiled
bitch crap is finished you hear me I've
had it gotta play the man killer Ruby
guy's muscles are especially burning it
both in suck em inside out always
dealing from a position of strength
blowing my heart and bread
you've played out your bullshit game
with me angel number one screw everybody
else give her what she wants when she
wants it how she wants it money a shit
pilot just lay it on angel forget where
it came from right just lay it on angel
and give it away rip off any jerk who
says no to life's just one big ass for
you isn't it well I'm gonna blow this
chicken shits I'm gonna float
Yeah I mean that chick you screwed in
your lousy truck there's no other chick
admit to it you bastard your fag boss
always covering up for you that's why
you couldn't get it off with me I'm sick
of your demands your accusation your ass
isn't with your ugly mouth say one more
thing about my mother now buster god
super angel you've ripped me off for the
last time go bang the Kings regimen I
don't give a damn it.
She hurt bad officers I will call you
for need you know he bit your funky ass
out of here I was only trying to help
said get out of here
We better learn how to control that
temper a little bit Hoss
god damn you're gonna wind up killing
somebody one of these days the old
lady's on her way over to emergency
hospital what's gonna happen to you of
course depends on what she has to say
and you better hope it's something good
or else you in trouble
know what I mean she had I've seen you
someplace before you worked at oh honey
Martin Bormann don't you Baba damn well
let's see what we got to do about you
we're gonna give you a break you're
going back to work
let your lady calm down a little bit let
her cool off I'll be in touch with you
hey Hoss don't you go get no rabbit in
your blood and trying to run on me now
cause if you do I'm gonna have to hurt
you now go on get the fuck out of here
Supervisor BLM's dr. Cheu nothing broken
young lady just stay in bed a couple of
days and drink a lot of hot chicken soup
help a parrot it's the best I've seen in
a long time
dr. Furbish please call your office yeah
I'm patrolman hey sledge
I want that no-good son of a bitch
thrown in the slammer he has beaten me
up for the last time that call - I see
- room 7 I don't mean dispute your word
- miss Ramsey from looks yo man I'd say.
It's other way around
all-american like eating a little wild
cabbage it's not mrs. Ramsay I'm angel
angel Turner dr. Siegel please return to
the administration office thanks for
taking the asshole out I want no big
thing always happy to help our young
lady in distress especially such
fine-looking lady
maybe I can return the favor why don't
you take a couple of hours off go home
get cleaned up the house is over thanks
Martin I think I'll do that
hey wonder mate mouth does figure as a.
Hut as I had this fear to speak under
Get out of here you philanderer you
Have a feeling my old man won't be back
not today anyway
Can I make you drink Karen oh no thanks
I'll just enjoy mistaken her I like a
good cigar but I take it out of my mouth
on occasion.
Do you want to dance no I never could
hack it do you mind if I do
hell no.
Where'd you over clean just poor Haji
just poor nothing else you nice men
always get the good stuff get away you
don't dance and you don't drink you
gotta be big and bad you driving you
find out.
Give me a few minutes Harry I always
like to take a hot bath first
Don't think so much good-looking it
slows you down nobody tells me when to
stop drinking I get off in two hours
I reckon
I reckon angels tits are bigger than
yours I got just what the doctor ordered.
Oh cotton of that I never left a good
man down yeah not get where she at all
now we're gonna do it my way or not at
all oh oh you need just a little help
god dammit I told you it's not working
for me
Not working what the hell is wrong
what the hell is wrong with you
not ready with my beautiful body you got
a lot of nerve Buster telling me you're
not ready all those muscles except the
one that really counts maybe you didn't
hear me right Pig get your ass out of my
Oh LS way goes baby someday yep someday
you down I've got bad for not tomorrow
tomorrow my ass how do you know you can
even get it up tomorrow you limp faggot
tomorrow shit
besides my old man will be coming
tomorrow or tonight if I didn't find him
that beautiful young stud I threw out of
here for you oh Jesus what a joke you
check off before I called the cops
that's a funny one isn't it me calling
the pigs on
that's what you get for being sassy
that's a sorry foul-mouthed bitch I've
met in my life
you threatened me didn't you I'll leave
when I'm damn good and ready
matter of fact I think I'll just stick
around have myself a little dry
Telephones that always
I get you asked in a bedroom see what's
coming up next
Sooo pain come on honey open the door
Thank you hurt you
besides I'm ready bitch got my shit
together you got all the Polish you ever
go to new girl
now you better open this goddamn door
I'm a busted down.
I said no bitch fucking door all your
other muscles gone limp too well it
doesn't matter I can always depend on
audio Rufus next door to call a cops on
you you ought to know Pig superstud Pig
that'll work either Harry I tried it
once myself of course you probably
couldn't do it even if it could be done
I'm glad my old man doesn't have your
problems of course you know what they
say about young skinny boys they're all
cock boy is bathroo not like you is that
why you carry your big nightstick Harry
mmm it's probably the closest you can
come maybe you were good once huh maybe
you're just getting old and shriveled up
kind of wrinkled I called you a faggot
but you don't even rate that at least
fags have something to do it with Oh
riddled up Harry old prune freak Harry
he's gonna ruin you was born a woman
when I get my hands on you
I'm gonna have to hurt you now come on
that huh yeah I'm gonna cut your fucking
And that concludes your Kermit cane all
musical pleasure show from FM channel 98
now in keeping with KP CK's recognize
responsibility to the community at large
we bring you live from the United.
Nations General Assembly sir baguette
hype of Great Britain speaking and
rebuttal to the Union of South Africa's
justice and freedom spread with the
speed of wildfire across the West the
firestorm of a new moral conception
All right I did a beating but to burn
her burn Oh angel she's dead
angels dead bullshit I've been here for
hours I've been here for hours look I
can prove it I hope so hey hey I was
here tonight ain't that right baby you
lie boy you came in just a few minutes
ago just before you got here
Please jimin martinet bronze lion she's
hot at my ass when I fall on her tonight
believe what you want
well somebody killed her when you're the
most likely pigeon you've got to get out
of town tonight there's a hundred and
three dollars that's all that I had in
the till I send you more just as soon as
I hear from you
gosh now he can get all right here easy
good luck oh he does.
Your head
Hey now picking up
Where your head and fan going west jump
in there good deed for the day yeah sure
appreciate I'm comic inning
it's my woman super jet like I was
saying how does my beautiful bot look
today dynamite dynamite
I'm when I find a compliment I came in
the shower this morning yeah I came not
even touching myself just the hot water
beating on my body can you beat that
thing I did masturbation I mean four
satisfied waiters I've discovered some
really like like underneath my left
breast it folds over my rib when I
Here feel getting started I appreciate
the hospitality ride but miss cherry
super cherry super cherry we can move
over a little bit
hey pilgrim objecting my baby like that
oh well you'd like me to get it even
closer you know I can get it on like
this tune it seems to do something for
the dude okay alright hold it right
there you pull over I gotta cut out okay
Thanks for the ride okay we can let that
stow back so do you know me better than
that babe.
Hey Clint brother that's no way to talk
to super Jerry no offense intended not
showing the proper respect for our light
now I let that pass
just get in your car and leave me alone
yeah yeah I'll leave you
Half of it.
You all right boy yeah
great just great yeah I guess I'm okay
Come on ride you're damned scarce along
this county road
Just to run into a real rough customer
judging from the working over you got
there were two of them a firms about 90
miles ahead at the edge of the desert
nothing to speak of in between.
I've been de Brawley picking up supplies
where are you headed west why don't you
lean back and relax the rest will do you
My wife's Austrian one of them
mail-order brides let's go inside and
meet Seoul I give her that name myself
or Austrian name was too hard to
pronounce and besides fit Sir George key
sit down boy make yourself at home
I guess Seoul's doing her chores yeah I
see you're coming now yes sir nothing
like a woman around the house to keep a
body happy.
All this here's a young man that
misfortune befell Naima Clint Ramsey -
vicious highwayman waylaid him robbed
him and left him to perish in the cruel
desert negates man had aa soul you must
speak English in front of our young
gasps now see to his wounds wife you and
your husband have a very nice farm here
yeah I did nice here about sometimes
very Einstein lonely your husband's a
very kind man I don't know what I would
have done if you hadn't come along young
stop okay you make a woman bootie
why haven't you got our young man
patched up yet why a woman a mr. Ramsey
and wait'll you taste her cook it boy
them European women really know how to
take care of a man
What are you doing here.
Oh loot I can't take it you've been so
damn nice to me that was our deal you
take it let's be done with it well I'll
be leaving soon yeah well I'll see you
before you go.
Oh before you get cleaned up could you
go in the barn and put some hay down out
of the loft sure I got to dig some post
hole oh good morning look in the cow oh
yeah yeah yeah Luke told me to hedge
some hay yeah yeah
Oh Szechuan sincerely manual so many
hurry it's all fresh slinky
especially concentrate.
Is this how I write all your ungrateful
ass the comfort and safety see to your
wounds feed you provide a rope a clean
bed rescue it money
and you repay me by fucking by ostian
life fuck another man's wife I try to
explain never believe me
You get your kraut ass over to the house
and rustle me up some supper
Appreciate it
imagine it.
Oh what can I do for you young man I'd
like a single
you were about to speak your knee Jonah
yes sir I need a single all right but
it'd be ten dollars in advance
checkout time is ten o'clock okay I'll
take it these kids are up to these days
my daughter EULA can't talk right here
she's been that way ever since she was
born after a mother died he was only 5
at the time I have a job of raising
myself that's a big job nowadays lots of
temptation she's just a child
but I'll tell you something son
anyone that would harm a hair on her
pretty head just one hair but answer to
this I didn't raise her just to have
some young scallywag come along and take
advantage of her handicap I don't blame
you sir well here's your $10 Thanks
No way.
Well it smells like it's flooded
got a homeless father all the way to the
Hey that looks like your old man that is
your old man sure as hell well come on
come on.
For sure you dirty little hit me swine
messing around with
Let's go.
All right Sheriff give me a push where
you're gonna see we can get this thing
out of here.
Come on.
I'll give you ten I'll give you 20 bucks
I gotta get out of town they took
father's after my ass sure buddy
hop in
a fatal mistake he won't outrun me in
that truck.
What are you doing now
miss ki Kali is out of my jurisdiction
what do you mean that black hoods are
criminal a rapist are you gonna turn
this crea round or will I have to I'm
citing you for violating Arizona Motor.
Vehicle Code section 706 93-2 reckless
Section 7236 directive
You sure you wouldn't like to talk to my
fishing lodge and spend a couple of days
My wife and I would love to have no I
got to keep moving but I sure appreciate
the ride forget it
good luck I could sure use some thanks
I'm sorry.
Well I see there no broken bones I'm
sorry about that if I ever recruit a
woman's football team I know where to
thanks a lot did you want anything
cheeseburger with everything
damnit let me help you I used to be in
the business business.
I can get it.
Would you like a good head
You forgot to rain
Hey he didn't behave err you didn't know
me for lunch nothing around you are you
I neither my my old man bought it mom he
left me the business I've been reading
in a couple of years I had no guy I
think you asked for me
he had a booze problem he split a couple
weeks ago I've been able to find anybody
to help me so what's with you you just
passing through yeah passing through Oh
my name is super vixen like the sign
says my friends call me mix what's yours
Clint Vicks well Clint I need help if
you could only work for a week I'd pay a
hundred and a half and meals and a roof
over your head there's a little cabin
out back you could be comfortable there
Six-six how about it Nixon mobile your
base is looking for you yeah you don't
want the base over getting heavy honey
can you come to your home 2002 trouble
catch you later
you know one clear hello everywhere
let me handle it
hello good to see you hamburger I got in
the hood.
Laura's okay and the oils right there
I'd recommend 1040
Hey Hoss and I seen you someplace before
no I don't think so
You ever do a hitch in the service not
I went back to school instead no this
guy and am look just like it how about
Kansas City here we hit that town hard I
think there must been somebody else.
Oh fisherman are you looking for some
action yeah maybe
hey where's the growler what the shit
house right there I'm back
Don't mind if I join you do you no not
if he's no goddamn queer
oh no that's where I live it's over
there Oh
so yeah this is pretty good around here
huh you got time you ought to try your
luck won't you take off your show me a
couple of holes well I'd like to but I
gotta work come on we get a six-pack and
have a ball just you to run the place
yeah she ain't got you by the balls a
just a minute you lovely people work in
the SSB and what can I do for you I'd
like to take the day off tomorrow boss I
just got a good offer I was I'll make it
up to you beautiful well I'll be waiting
for that hey oh that's like before you
hang up oh wait a second I'll take you
and your lady tonight show you my
appreciation hey I just got an invite
for dinner you want to go tonight
we can't go to dinner honey the cafe is
not gonna run by itself for drinks and
dancing later sound great can't make
dinner but how about a couple of drinks
at the sultan's then earn any good
motels around the nice place about eight
miles south of here all right
I'm Clint Clint Ramsey Harry Harry
sledge see you later all right
Hi operator did you give me the numbers
of super victims OHS please ma'am
not good you can use it if X Omega would
you repeat it please
pedal five five thank you very much I
Oh Harry it's kind of lonely Yolanda
yeah whiskey sour fix now I'll stay with
the same okay no I don't usually drink
but I'm having such a good time tonight
I think I'm gonna have myself on that
wonderful road I may have a double Bart
I ain't had it over like that since the
senior prom you know some steel
candidates occasional cigar is about
varlintine's I like an occasional cigar
too but I take it out of my mouth well.
Clint boy here's to a lucky day tomorrow
lucky danger
a Vicks Michael Harry said let's make it
an early evening honey don't bring up
that creeps name at a time like this.
Let's forget the preliminaries
You better get up
Catch some love fish
Rise and shine Harry those big ones
won't wait hey come on oh shit hey I
ain't gonna be able to make him is sick
in a doll can I get you anything
I'll kiss Elsa no no I'm just gonna stay
in the rack all day like it feeling
better you might as well go into Blythe
and pick up your generators how about
can you get off I am yeah are you take
care now okay easy
Hey wake up hey I always had a rough
ain't feeling too well I'll be staying
another day so I appreciate you telling
that damn nigga made not by me I'm being
rack I'll see you later
What's wrong is something wrong
All right now what have you done with
Clint on his way to Blythe pick up some
generators what do you mean on his way
to Blythe then radio I knew you were
weird Harry but I had no idea was this
bad now I want to know what you've done
with Clint don't take orders very well I
Got old vixen right here
Bernd angel
My damn Shack
Where the water is too sweet running
from the line where the green in the
others can rest where a man should grow
I'm at the Scottsville express just
struck him
You are like a pretty girl anyhow here
we're gonna do you make it better by
your work virtually I'll give you your
working papers okay let me see what kind
of timber you made
You know end professional man's bag of
tricks I've got to get to this nut so
it's finished what am I gonna do
That's money on the wrong horse baby so
that's it the creeps dig that's how many
thing left
you ain't gonna finish last or Z ain't
gonna finish it all we can't make a
thoroughbred out of a jackass
Clint's a nice boy but you're a man you
bet your sweet ass
Like that you're really hung Harry yeah
why are you messing around with that
Like a brick shithouse bicep tricep
deltoids Lacs and pectoral
yeah I got it all together
Got what every day a man's gotta keep
The bar unlike a moonshiner card the
still ain't gonna do them no good though
Damn it then that didn't work oh how
long can you escape that deadly whispers
ooh gosh that movie this what a brother
What you needs a long fuse and the Big.
Bang more milk fetches the old barn kid
five grapes it gets you a possible and
this will bring him remember to keep
your hair down so you won't get it
blowed off it's been fun
This'll be the biggest and last bang
you'll ever have.
You're definitely and it needed some
free man
cow when you get free mail
I mean a goddamn thing for six months
Don't be snchez squeeze you up like a
box of Kleenex.
Damn Polack Dynamite ain't never gonna
use that stuff again