Support the Girls (2018) Movie Script

WOMAN: Yeah.
Let's go
I'm a true blue
American daughter
Heart strong and
Stubborn like my father
A little strawberry sweet
With a raw and rowdy streak
If it scared ya honey
Don't even bother
Ain't got time
For big hat no cattle
Boy you got to sit tall
In the saddle
Ain't my first rodeo
You ain't gonna
Take me home
If you take it
Nice and slow
Lets go
Hey baby if you wanna
Take a ride
You gotta treat me right
Come on baby cowboy up
I need a man
Who's man enough
To handle my love
Come on baby cowboy up
Cowboy up
Little dirt on your hands
Is sexy
Dug his nails
And rocks me steady
I like 'em salt of the earth
In a sweaty white t-shirt
And knows he's gotta work
Gotta work to get me
Hey baby if you...
How you doing today, honey?
- MACI: Me?
- Yeah.
I'm great.
- Okay.
- I'm great.
We're going all out today, okay?
Balls to the wall!
Balls to the wall!
LISA: Thank you, honey.
- MACI: Hey Lisa.
- Mm-hmm.
There's some... there's some
sort of weird sound
in the locker room,
but I couldn't really tell
where it was coming from.
LISA: What kind of sound?
I don't know. Just like a...
like a banging, or something.
Is it from the ceiling?
Yeah, yeah, it could be,
I guess.
Okay, please, don't mess
with me today, A/C. I Just...
- MACI: Lisa!
- LISA: Oh, hi.
- JENNELLE: Hey, I'm Jennelle.
I'm here for the, um,
the interview.
LISA: Oh, yes. Nice and early.
Okay, I like that.
- So, I'm hired?
- LISA: Oh, well, uh, probably,
But we gotta be professional
- and check off all our boxes.
- Yeah, no, I... I love
being professional.
That's always, like huge for me.
Just have a seat.
Well, yeah, get comfy.
Can I ask, do you get, like,
It happens. Yeah.
Like when someone's
super wasted or whatever,
but it's pretty rare,
and you can usually tell when
something like that's coming,
you know, and just
kind of like... boop.
You know, let me just say this,
uh, we have a zero-tolerance
policy on it.
You know, I don't mind
calling the cops if a customer's
committing the crime
of sexual assault and trust me,
I don't have to call far
because you know what?
We have a lot of officers
who are regulars.
And Officer Dominguez
is a cutie. I think.
Uh, but seriously, y'all, um...
let me just say,
the most important thing is that
this is a mainstream place,
you know?
And it's a family place,
which means a lot of families
come here.
And it also means
that we're all family.
And yeah, you're not, you know,
you're not wearing a whole
lot of clothes but, trust me,
if these guys wanted
to go to a strip club,
they know where to find them.
They just come here so some
sweet girls can take
good care of 'em.
It's like, like working at...
at Chili's or Applebee's
except it's more fun,
and the tips are way better.
- Usually.
- If you know how to work it.
LISA: Well...
LISA: Okay, so next, ladies,
if you can just turn around
right behind you,
you're gonna see
Whammies' golden rules.
Let's go straight to number two.
Be responsible.
All right, I hate firing people.
Uh, it breaks my heart.
It's the least favorite part
of my job.
But, I do it when I have to.
I mean, there've been girls
that I would have literally
donated a kidney to,
but they couldn't get it together
to get to work on time and so,
you know, I just, I did...
I did what I had to do.
Maybe like a... possum?
LISA: You know what, will you take
over for me? Excuse me, ladies.
Um... okay, so be informed.
That's like, she was like,
"be responsible."
It's kind of the same part
of that. Um...
Help! I'm in the vent!
What are you doing in the vent?
Is this, uh...
is this your head right here?
- ISAAC: Yeah.
- DOMINGUEZ: Go a little bit higher.
- Yeah.
And then look on the other side.
And see if there's anything
on the other side
that we can loosen it up.
Oh, is this the safe, here?
- Yeah. Yeah.
- DOMINGUEZ: Yeah, he knew
exactly what he was trying
to get to.
We'll let you take a look at him
once we get him out,
see if you can ID him.
Most likely he's either
a former employee,
or he's associated
with an employee.
So, you might want to start thinking
if any of your people make you feel
- a little suspicious.
- Okay.
Uh, meanwhile,
can I open for business?
Oh, yeah, sure. Sure.
We'll stay out
of the customers' sight.
We'll use the back door.
Thank the Lord.
Oh, and Lisa,
is the owner on the way?
I haven't gotten in touch
with him yet, but, uh,
- I'll let you know. Okay.
- DOMINGUEZ: All right. Thank you.
Thank you.
"Fuck that, I play better sports
than that fag."
Oh, my gosh, you're a badass,
Do you wanna refill
on that Big Ass Beer?
So, Big Ass is our large size.
So, I found a good
connected moment to pause
the conversation,
kinda leave him wanting
more, right?
And, um... you know,
sell that beer.
Touch-wise; a little touch
on the shoulder, arm area, hand,
that's all good,
but nowhere else.
And try not to squeeze,
because that can get weird.
Uh, real weird... um... Yeah,
and notice how I opened my mouth
real wide when I laughed,
like... (LAUGHS)
Yeah, that's just like...
y'all don't have to do that,
I just find it works
really well for me.
LISA: All right, well thank you,
Is everything making sense
to everybody?
Okay, good. So, now, uh,
is usually the time
when we let y'all go and tell
you we'll be in touch soon,
but today is kind
of a crazy day and, uh, well,
I have a favor to ask. Um, I know
you have other things to do,
but anyone who's willing
to hang out and just dive
into the deep end,
we're having a car wash
fundraiser today.
Uh, it's... it's not on
the official payroll or anything
like that, but, you know,
we would be willing to pay you
out in cash at our trainee rate,
and if you cannot do it,
that is not a problem.
It does not affect whether
or not you get hired.
But what, you mean like today?
Today, through the lunch rush.
If you can.
All right, Maci, she can run you
through everything.
In the meantime, I got to get us
a sound system.
So, thank you, ladies.
Um, I can't stay, I'm so sorry, I've
got like four other interviews today.
MACI: Oh. Oh, yeah.
No, that's fine.
That's fine.
It was nice to meet you, Taylor.
- It was nice to meet you too.
- Bye. Bye Taylor.
DISPATCH: Confirm that he is
behind the wall.
No, like the duct system.
The metal tube in the ceiling.
DISPATCH: They're asking
if you mean like in Die Hard.
- Hey.
- McKray is sick
- and I don't have a sitter.
Okay, I was gonna ask if you could
cover Shaina's shift tonight.
You know I don't say no
to no shifts, but...
LISA: How you feeling, my man?
I've felt better.
LISA: Yeah?
Okay, well we're gonna take good
care of you, all right?
Uh, if, uh, Tatiana or,
or maybe Nika could pick him up
and sit him at one of their
places, would you trust them?
Nika, yes.
Tatiana, I don't know...
All right. All right.
Well, we got this.
Meanwhile, I need you
on a special mission.
Come on in here.
Hey, Maci, you want to hang
with my main man McKray
- for a sec?
- Hell, yeah!
What's up, McCrazypants?
How much you think
Jay likes you?
I'm not trying to find out?
You think he'd be willing
to set us up
with a sound system today,
for free? If...
If maybe you just... you know,
we, you, whoever just, well,
you... if you flirt
just a little?
DANYELLE: For why?
Car wash fundraiser today.
It's not on the schedule,
- I know.
- Is that supposed to be up
- on our social? It's not.
- I...
Shaina hit her boyfriend
with a car last night.
Broke his leg.
She's at my place
with Cameron now.
I... I... I bailed her out
of jail, but this is serious,
and... and...
and she's gonna need
a real lawyer on it.
She's a dumb... you know
I love her,
- but she's a dumb bitch.
- Don't you dare use that word.
Now, come on, we're family.
My family's full
of dumb bitches too.
Shit, Lisa, when are you gonna
hold a fundraiser for me?
You need me to run over my ex?
I'll be glad to.
You know we'd do the same thing
for you in this situation.
You know that.
Chris was out of control.
Come on.
All right, all right, all right.
Let's call Nika and get you
some childcare.
Luckily, she's not working
today 'cause you're not
allowed to put two black girls
on the same shift.
Oh, Danyelle...
Speaking of lawyers,
I'm pretty sure that's illegal.
Cubby better watch out.
I could make some good money
- off this case.
- Hey, uh...
Nika, it's... it's Lisa.
Call me.
Uh, I need a favor if you can.
Just... just call me back
and I'll text you, too. Okay.
Can I ask you something?
Do you like working here?
You can be honest. No.
Think about it.
I like working with you.
You left Shaina alone
with your husband?
That's the last thing
I'm worried about with Cameron.
- TOM: Morning, ladies.
- Hey Tom. Is Jay here?
Jay, to the front please.
Miss Danyelle! Good morning.
Yeah, Lisa, hey.
So, what brings you across
the lot?
Are we renting you
a system today?
You're always trying to get me
to come over and take the tour,
Lisa said I could come over
and take the tour.
- Yeah.
- JAY: Awesome! Well...
it's not a tour, actually. It's
a home theater demonstration.
JAY: I gotta admit,
I was actually hoping
to catch you out here after work
sometime, like...
maybe in your uniform.
Oh, it's gotta be my birthday.
If it isn't, I'm gonna change it
to today.
Uh, how long
is the demonstration?
Oh, our basic's pretty quick
but if you got time,
I would love to run you
through some of the, uh,
- enhanced...
- I know you would.
(CHUCKLES) She knows I would.
Are you gonna join us?
Uh, you know, I might have
to duck out in a minute.
Okay, cool.
Well, um, you know,
if you have time,
come by anytime.
I'd love to show you through
the full demo as well.
In the meanwhile,
you have nothing to worry about.
I'm not gonna do
anything nonconsensual
- with your girl here.
- I'd kill you.
Yeah. She'd kill you, Jay.
And then I'd have to tell
your wife,
and she'd kill you again.
All right. Let's start...
NARRATOR: The pictures
are beautiful.
They provide us with a lot
of useful information.
But how does it feel?
How does it intrigue our minds
and touch our hearts?
Sit back. Relax.
And let your ears
and our patented surround
system take you on a journey.
I will make this happen for you.
- For Shaina.
- You're amazing and I love you.
NARRATOR: Time, itself...
You working for me now, Bobo?
You know me, I wouldn't take no
for an answer.
Listen, you know I love that
chivalry, but I can't have it.
Well, it's not like
I'm gonna get you fired.
I hear you're un-fireable, anyway.
Hey, let me help you with that.
Thank you. Here we go.
You guys are new.
How you doing? I'm Bobo.
- JENNELLE: "Bobo"?
- BOBO: (CHUCKLES) Yeah. Nice to meet you.
You know, we're not open
for another 15 minutes.
Oh hell, I'd just be sitting
in my truck listening
to my police scanner app.
Did we have a break-in, I hear?
LISA: Come on in.
BOBO: I thought
you'd never ask, darling.
- Did you really, now?
- BOBO: Good morning, officers.
- LISA: Morning, fellas.
Morning. Um, hey, Lisa.
This shouldn't take too long.
Probably like 20, 25 minutes,
tops I'd say, so...
LISA: Okay. Okay, good.
Uh, Nevaeh,
you want to get
Bobo a Big Ass beer here?
- Sure.
- On the house.
- Lone Star?
- BOBO: What? Before noon?
Uh... did the burglar
get the foosball table?
LISA: Oh, no.
Uh, you know what,
uh, the owner, he wanted to try
something new in that spot.
And I'm sorry, 'cause I know
you were dominating.
BOBO: Is it a pool table?
I am not sure yet.
Uh, but I'll let you know.
Hey, bud. Guess what?
I just texted our girl Nika
and she is on her way
to get you soon,
and she's gonna take you back
to her place where you can
chill out all day.
And she's got Netflix
and all that.
So you're gonna have fun.
- There.
- Thank you, sweetheart.
LISA: Hey, officers, can I get
y'all something to drink?
- VOLLMER: Oh, no, ma'am.
- Oh, I'm sorry. You know what?
VOLLMER: I'm just gonna act like
I didn't hear it.
Act like you didn't.
I didn't say nothing.
- VOLLMER: We're on the clock.
- LISA: Okay, on the clock.
BOBO: Hey, Lisa.
Maci said that, uh, fundraiser
out there is for Shaina?
What's going on with her?
You are my favorite customer,
but you know what?
- You are way too nosy.
- BOBO: What?
This is supposed to be a place that you
can come in to chill out and relax.
BOBO: All I'm saying is,
if you got a fundraiser
people gotta know what it's for.
I mean, if she's got cancer
or something, I hope not,
but just say that.
- People are gonna wonder.
- Well, she doesn't.
And you know what, they won't.
Just you, Bobo.
BOBO: It's that shit-heel
boyfriend of hers?
I was here when that went down.
In fact, I have video.
CHRIS: Are you fuckin'
kidding me right now?
It's none of your business,
MARK: Look, this is a business
so it is my business.
And you do not talk to her
like that. Yeah.
- CHRIS: You trying to get hurt, bro?
- SHAINA: Stop, Chris.
CHRIS: You trying to get
fucking hurt, bro! Come on.
MARK: No, okay,
and she wants you to leave,
- all right? So, I'm telling you, you have to go.
- CHRIS: Yeah?
- I want you to suck my dick, faggot! Huh?
- SHAINA: Okay, enough.
How about that? Don't touch me.
I'm leaving.
- Calling the cops.
- Don't fucking touch me.
MARK: All right, let's go. Out.
Right now. Go.
Uh... well... uh, how about, uh,
we call it
"The Sisterhood Fund"?
Not your market.
- LISA: Morning, fellas.
- COOK: Morning.
Have y'all seen any evidence of Mr.
and Mrs. Rat around here today?
This is a family place,
but that is one family
I never want to see
in here again.
- You good, Arturo?
- Mm-hmm!
I'm just saying, like,
don't shit where you eat.
I appreciate your advice.
Hey, uh, ladies?
If it's about shifts,
talk to me.
It's fine. Nothing.
All right. Okay.
Jay is loading up the speakers
right now.
Should be good to go
in like ten minutes.
I told him he gets free lunch
for a week, but if he gets fired
though, that's on you, ma.
Oh, my goodness! McKray! McKray!
Did you know that your mama's
a real-life Wonder Woman?
Do you?
MCKRAY: Mm-hm.
And you're the wind beneath
my frickin' wings.
My buffalo wings.
Oops, can't say "frickin'"
in front of the customers.
BOBO: Girl, you say
whatever you like.
MACI: Oh, boy.
Did they just knock out
my cable?
Um, let me, let me check.
Hold on one second.
LISA: No. Uh-huh.
But that's what I'm saying,
We're... we're actually...
we're not residential,
we're a business, though.
Well, is there someone else
that I could talk to?
Double Whammies, we're on
the I-10 frontage. Uh-huh.
We're a sports-themed
bar and grill,
so the TVs are... are crucial
for us. Mm-hmm.
Well, you... no, you tell me,
whatever I can do to get
our ticket pushed to the front
of the line, and, and you know,
I'll... I'll do whatever.
No, no, I've already just...
I've been on hold already
for 20 minutes, and I...
and I've really got a whole...
No, I... I understand. Okay.
I will hold. Thank you.
is important to us.
Uh, hi, this is Lisa, is this...
is this about the apartment?
Okay, great.
I'm on the other line.
Can I call you...
Oh, uh, you're kidding me.
Uh-huh. No.
No, no, no, listen.
I... I... I will get my husband
over there, uh,
sometime today. Somehow.
Mm-hmm. Yes.
Okay. Bye-bye.
Hello? Hello?
(EXHALES) Shit...
Heard the news
Now they're always
Turning out
Playing up to the crowd
Keeping up with the count
Got 'em coming around
Oh they're singing
We can live the good life
Give them all the love below
Dancing in the limelight
Everywhere that we go
Waded through the hard times
Shake it up and drink it all
DONNETTE: Thank you.
We can live the good life
Every, every day now
I can live my life
My life, my life
LISA: Hey.
I'll tell Maci you're here,
and she'll have your coffee
on the table, okay?
Okay. Meanwhile, we just...
we appreciate your generosity out here.
Thank you so much.
Can I steal you for a second?
I'll get her back. I promise.
Is anybody asking
what the money's for?
They think it's for new uniforms
which is, like, fine.
But I'm trying to create upsell
So, I'm going to tell this old
guy it's for medical stuff,
cause, like, he can relate
to that.
Okay, no, no, no. Don't do that.
Don't lie.
Just, uh, maybe you can just
say, "safety net."
No, it's not lying.
I'm just going to spin it.
Right, but if you just...
if you just say, "safety net,"
- that...
- Well, this guy with a goatee
asked me if it was for us
to get boob jobs and I said,
"hell yeah", and he gave me
50 bucks.
I'm, like, a marketing major.
So, like, it's really all
about demographics.
They did start to bring him
through the front, but I told
them to turn around and not
to bother the customers. Okay?
MACI: Hey! Hey, Lisa!
- Totally nobody noticed, okay?
Oh, hey, professor.
Coffee's brewing!
Did you get a good look at him?
Yeah. Yeah, yeah...
Um, no. I don't think so.
You okay?
LISA: Yeah. Everything's good.
(SIGHS) So, Arturo.
You know I'm good with faces.
And I did recognize your cousin.
Well, I didn't tell
the officers.
I know you're dealing
with a lot, lately.
So, I... I just decided to be
generous today.
You are every day.
What's that?
You're generous every day, Lisa.
Well, thank you, Arturo.
So, you know you can't work
here anymore.
Wait, wait, wait.
Hey, now, I got nobody
to fill in, so I... I do need
you to finish your shift,
and uh, you can quit at the end
of the day, okay?
Welcome to the party
I'm sure you know
Just what to do
But someone's bound to break
A couple rules
So maybe we should review
There's no judge umpire
Or official
Ain't nobody gonna
Blow a whistle
And it ain't over till you
See the sun
This is partying 101
Everybody have some fun
You see, sometimes
you gotta put a little nudge
into it.
You know, sometimes it takes
a little bit of muscle just
to get that, that gear going
to get the starter...
You know, contrary
to what you may believe,
I'm actually really
perfectly fine with a B cup.
- I mean...
- Are you now?
How do I... I married you,
honey. That's how I know.
Look there, see?
I'm not the only one.
Hell, I kicked that boy's ass!
What you working on, bud?
Just a ninja guy.
What about you?
The schedule.
You like puzzles?
Okay, well, look.
Let me show you something.
All right, so, see right here?
These are all the shifts
that I need covered.
And here, this is how
many people I need.
Now, if it's a big night like
a fight or a game
I need extras. I need cooks.
I need busboys. Right here.
You can see my bench.
And then over here,
these are my superstars.
You can see your mom,
she's right at the top.
Now, I always gotta make sure
that I'm careful to space them
out, you know, because I gotta
make sure there's enough
for everybody and then...
Well, anyway, now,
how do you know that
that's not a ninja girl? Hmm?
All wrapped up
in that crazy costume. You can't
really see the face now, can you?
No boobs.
But you know, not every girl
is always walking around
sticking them out, especially
if they've got a lot
of superhero stuff to do.
He's not a superhero though,
he's a ninja.
Can I take a picture?
Let's see...
I wanna send it to our girl,
Shaina, because it reminds me
of her.
Let's see. There we go. Ah.
Hey, uh, I've got a situation.
- Biker guy...
- Mm-hmm.
in the back corner sitting
by himself.
Basically, like,
just called me fat.
- Basically?
- Yeah.
Hey, uh, I think that there's
a guy throwing up in there.
Uh, okay.
Is everybody treating you right
- out there? Any questions?
- I don't think so.
Okay, good. Y'all are killing
it, I appreciate you.
I feel the sisterhood
growing stronger!
MACI: Sisterhood! Whoo!
Okay. Biker guy. In the corner.
Let me take care of this,
and then I got it. All right?
ARTURO: Sorry, I was just...
- I'm sorry.
- Yeah. It's all right.
It's all right.
You are so... like, what?
You are smart.
- LISA: Excuse me, sir?
- Yeah?
My name is Lisa,
I'm the general manager.
And my girl just said you got a
little disrespectful with her?
- (SCOFFS) Uh, what?
- You might have thought
you were just
having a little fun,
but I have a zero-tolerance
policy on disrespect so, uh,
- you're gonna have to go.
- I haven't gotten my food yet.
You haven't paid for it either.
So, let's just call it even,
okay? If you want to throw in
an apology,
- that'll really be...
- That's fucking bullshit.
- I didn't harass shit!
- Listen, I'm not gonna argue with you.
- I made a joke!
- I'm done asking you nicely.
BIKER: So, you kick people out
for being funny?
- You must be the...
- I am done asking you nicely.
- You marching today?
- Pick your ass up and go eat
- somewhere else.
- I heard you the first time.
So, now what are you
gonna do?
BIKER: Blow me!
Okay, everybody.
Enjoy your food.
- Hey. Uh,
- LISA: Hey.
there's a guy out there
with a tricked-out hummer.
Maybe the little boy would
wanna see?
Hey, McKray! Come here.
Bling bling bitch,
Do my own thing bitch
Ooh, pretty cool!
DONNETTE: Super sweet.
Smells good too.
JENNELLE: I bet this bitch
wasn't cheap.
GREG: No, it was not.
You wanna check it out,
little man?
Thank you.
Oh, wow. Look at this.
All these...
This man really likes...
LISA: So, the thing with a guy
like that is that you know
his mama didn't raise him right.
Now, I know I'm never gonna
have to worry about that
with you, my little dude. Right?
Because you got respect.
- Always.
- Always! Always. Always.
For real, where the hell
is Nika?
I don't know but she'll be here.
Hey, tell me this,
how are you raising
- such a sweet kid?
- I have no idea.
I just think he's too smart
to end up like his mama.
Boy is paying attention!
Oh, wait.
I think this is her now.
Oh, no, it's Shaina! Look!
See, she loved
the ninja picture.
I told you she was gonna
love it.
- Love. Love. Love.
- DANYELLE: Nika! Nika!
I just told you she was coming.
Too late. Too late.
McKray died from boredom.
I'm sorry it took so long.
DANYELLE: Come on, McKray.
Let's get your stuff.
- MACI: What's up?
- LISA: I don't know
- how you can guzzle that stuff.
- Chocolate milk rules!
Hey, um, look, I noticed
you getting a little friendly
with the Professor and...
I know. I know. I'm sorry. It's
just he's... he's super sweet
and super harmless.
And he's like a little puppy
and I can't help but wanting
to give him
a little extra attention,
that's all.
You know, I totally trust your judgement.
But, you know, we can't...
- MACI: I'm sorry.
- ...let the other girls see
that 'cause they,
they get confused.
- Totally.
- And... and I don't
- wanna send mixed messages.
- But he did...
He did used
to be a lawyer though,
and I did ask him if maybe
he could recommend someone
that could help Shaina out for
cheap and he said he would ask.
- LISA: Yeah?
- MACI: Yeah.
But I'm keeping
that thing totally secret
just like you asked.
Not telling anyone.
Doing my best.
Thank you.
Hey! Hey! Off that!
Get off the... off the car.
- JENNELLE: It's a Lexus!
- What is your name?
- What is your name?
- JENNELLE: Jennelle.
Jennelle, we are mainstream, bar and grill.
Come here, please.
Come here.
She's making sick money, though.
I think
we're over a thousand now.
Remind me what this is.
Car wash.
We do it all the time.
As a scheduled promotion
with some kind of theme.
Well, the theme is making money.
And I'm using it
as a training exercise.
These are new hires?
Not... not... not officially,
not... not yet. But...
Heard we had a break-in.
Yeah, yeah, but they didn't get anything,
and they caught the guy, so...
CUBBY: A buddy on the force
called me.
I'm wondering why I didn't get
a call from you.
Uh, well, you know,
I didn't wanna ruin your trip.
But while we're doing bad news, uh,
Cubby, they did knock out the cable.
Which, you know,
I'm on the cable people's butt
about this 'cause I know
it's top priority.
- BOBO: Hey, Cubby...
- So...
...what are you gonna
do with this hole?
- Bobo...
- Talk to my general manager, man.
Well, I did, Cubby,
but she doesn't know...
- Hi, Bobo.
- Hi.
I'm just coming to distract you,
so my boss can get her work done.
LISA: A/C guy is here.
He's just patching it for now and
insurance adjuster is coming tomorrow.
- And he didn't get anything.
- Nope.
He didn't even make it out
of the ceiling.
I don't love the idea of this sitting
here with the door open all day.
Yeah. Well, you know,
I'm sorry,
but there's just been a lot of
folks needing to get in and out
all day but it's mostly cops,
so it's real, real secure.
Speaking of which...
it's not legal to have
those girls working out there.
- They're not employees.
- It's a one-time thing, Cubby.
- And the cops don't care.
- What the fuck are you doing?
Come on, man.
You know that's not the only
"technically illegal" shit
going on around here.
CUBBY: All right, well.
This is what I want you to do.
I want you to gather up all
that car wash money
and all of the cash
that's available on hand
and get it to the bank
right now.
The car wash is still
going on, though.
Humor me.
Or, better yet, here's an idea,
obey my direct order
as your employer.
CUBBY: Come on.
I told the smart one, she's
in-charge till you get back.
My daddy used to say,
"The time to fire someone
is when you first think of it."
LISA: Well, bless his heart.
CUBBY: What he didn't say
is what to do...
when you try to fire 'em
and they just keep showing up.
If you wanna fire me
there's paperwork
you gotta fill out,
and I can show you how.
Uh, first I was just like,
"You know, fuck it.
She cares that much,
she's that committed
to my business, I'll keep her."
But now...
to be honest with you,
I feel sorry for you.
Oh, boy, you're in
a shit mood today.
Oh, yes, I am. Ha, ha, ha.
Let me show you something.
CUBBY: Go big or go home.
LISA: It's a different
business model. We'll be fine.
CUBBY: We ain't gonna be fine.
They're nationwide!
- They're gonna have TV ads and merchandising...
- LISA: Listen, it's apples
and oranges.
Yeah, they're nation-wide
but you're in a local place.
- It's got it's regulars and...
- CUBBY: Send Bobo over here with the foosball table
- and scare off their customers.
- LISA: You know what,
if anything that's good, that'll
attract some new customers.
You know it though. They'll say,
you know, we dig the concept,
- you know, the Mancave...
- CUBBY: Lisa, I'm talking about reality here.
I know the girls like
working for us, okay...
- CUBBY: First off...
- ...because I ask them. But they're not dumb.
- CUBBY: First of all...
- I mean, they do notice the racial thing.
The Rainbow Guideline
is a guideline.
Not an official policy, second,
we hire these young ladies
as entertainers so we're legally
legit to cast them
however we want.
That's why we don't have
to hire any fat girls.
And no, I don't appreciate
having to explain to you
of all people
- that I don't discriminate.
- LISA: Nobody called you racist.
Oh, we're gonna go there?
- I'm not going there.
- CUBBY: All right. Well then, just
for argument's sake,
let's just say, I don't know,
I put all the Hispanic girls
on one shift.
Where's the diversity in that?
The whole point is diversity.
You know, the truth is
I don't really need you to love
every little thing about it,
I just need you to do your job.
LISA: My job? Oh, I do my job.
I do everybody's job,
including yours!
Yeah, but you don't enforce
rule number one, do you?
- LISA: For real?
- Rule one, Lisa. No drama!
You really want me to tell
a bunch of 20-year-old girls
"no drama"?
- CUBBY: Yes, I do.
- Okay, well why don't I just
put up a sign right next to it
that says "no breathing" too!
You know, you take that shit
so seriously.
You know, they can go on and do
Shakespeare on their own time
and you can go enjoy
the fuckin' show for all I care,
but the emotion ends...
- Tell me where it ends!
- The emotion...
LISA: Tell me where it ends!
Because I wanna know...
If you would stop interrupting
me, I'd love to tell you
- where it ends!
- Right, all right.
LISA: Okay.
All right, let's just calm down.
- God damn it!
- Jesus, Cubby!
Who the fuck do these people
think they are!
- Shit!
- Oh, I'm just the only one driving today!
Only one out here!
- Oh my god, you sound like...
- God damn, thinks he owns
- the whole God damn road.
- ...a maniac!
- Son of a bitch!
- Cubby, I'm still on the clock!
- I'm gonna follow his ass home.
- What are you doing?
CUBBY: Good Lord.
NPR HOST: ...foreign policy
was entirely coherent.
Fine. Okay. Okay.
GRADY: Catch your breath
and get off my property.
- Lisa.
- LISA: Don't worry about me.
Come on, you're still
on the clock.
Which is why I don't need
this shit!
Get in the car!
- Baby, are you driving?
Okay, um...
I need you to come get me.
I'm, uh...
I need a ride.
I'm on the corner of, uh,
Willow and uh...
- Schieffer. Schieffer.
CUBBY: You wanna keep your job?
S-C-H... uh, uh...
CAMERON: You okay?
LISA: Yeah, I'm fine.
How's Shaina?
I don't know, she, uh,
she's been in the bedroom
on the phone all morning.
She's probably came out once
or twice to go to
the bathroom, but...
Well, that's good. You know
what, she's getting some rest.
That's what she needs to do.
Back to Whammies?
did you get a chance to follow
up with that apartment lady?
TALYA: There's a courtyard
out back with a grill
for anyone to use.
That's nice. That's nice.
Folks pretty social?
TALYA: Most of them are.
Nice people.
Um, we can take a look
if you'd like.
No, you know what, um,
I know that you know
you need a decision, and we're
pretty rushed ourselves,
so let me just
take the temperature.
Cam, what do you think?
You know, I like the location,
you know. I... I... I gotta say,
for the price, you know,
it's pretty, pretty okay.
Um, y'all have any kids, pets?
Our kids are mostly grown
and out the house.
TALYA: How many?
Well, uh, let's see.
I've got my two boys,
and then Cam's
got a beautiful girl.
Just started at SMU.
But the place would be
for, uh, just for him.
No pets.
Listen, uh...
I think we should do it.
I do. I mean...
I'm sorry, you're not gonna be able
to cross this off your list today.
Ma'am, I apologize
for wasting your time.
We, uh... it's not
gon' happen today.
TALYA: All right then.
Okay, uh, thank you.
Cameron, tell me what to do.
I mean, I hate this too,
but if we agreed to move on...
- You agreed.
- Okay, so then,
what am I supp...
Tell me something.
Tell me what to do.
I mean it.
I mean, am I not trying
hard enough? Tell me.
If you need me to sit on the
couch and be sad with you
sometimes then maybe
I should do that.
Sad dudes is my business.
- You know I'm not afraid of sad...
- I'm not your customer.
I didn't say you were my
customer, but at least they try.
They try to enjoy themselves.
You know,
maybe that's the difference.
All right, fine. Okay.
You're smarter than them.
I get that.
But if I hadn't called
and asked you for a ride,
then you'd still be sitting
on the couch,
looking at your computer.
It doesn't matter that
there's a girl in the next room
who's in real trouble.
I always know
at the end of the day exactly
what I'm gonna find.
That's right.
Well then, I guess you found
my weak spot.
I can take fucking up all day,
but I can't take not trying.
(SIGHS) Look, I'm sorry.
I'm just sorry, I shouldn't have
brought this up now, uh...
That's my bad.
I gotta get back to work.
Open the door.
give this to Shaina
when you get home, please.
Uh, tell her we're gonna
find her a lawyer
and that'll just
help pay for it.
Tell her it's from us girls
and that...
just tell her that we love her.
You know I love you too.
BOBO: I'll be back later tonight
after the fight.
I need a man who's
Man enough to handle my love
Come on, baby
Come on
Hey, Cubby hasn't, uh, called
or come back through, has he?
Mm-mm, no, uh, but we...
we did have a little issue. Krista,
when she showed up for her shift...
Oh, yeah, I saw her
at Juice Spot. Tell me.
You know what,
total judgment call.
- LISA: Mm-hmm.
- I think you're gonna
have to talk to her yourself.
I'm sorry.
All right.
Yeah, I mean absolutely, but...
Oh, is that the cable people?
Oh, wait, is everything okay
with McKray?
Sure. Yeah.
Uh, you can go now.
Thank you for everything today.
Yeah. No, she asked me
if I could stay
and it sounded like you guys were
short, so I was totally happy to.
Okay. Just, uh, just don't mess
with the, the uniform.
- Okay?
- Yeah.
All right. Thank you.
Can I say I don't think
that'll be a mistake?
I know. That's just my opinion.
- You're the best and we love ya!
I tried to time it just right.
I thought it'd be more healed up
by now.
Are you into basketball?
This is Steph Curry.
- Greatest of All Time.
- Mm.
I really like working at Whammies...
you know. And I love working for you.
I mean, you're the best manager
I've ever had. By far.
- Thank you, Krista, but...
- And I know what you did for Shaina today
- and I think it's amazing.
- Mm-hmm.
Chris is a dick
and he belongs in jail.
Oh, well. God willing, yes.
So, what? I'm fired, huh?
Sweetheart. It breaks my heart.
No. I get it. I mean,
it's a black man's face
- on a white girl's body.
- No. No, that, that...
- that's not it.
- Because, do you know what I love?
It's not like it's The Mancave,
you know,
where it's all corporate.
Lots of girls with their tats
and their (STAMMERS)
- individuality.
- Yeah. Uh...
show it to me again.
Let me see it again.
what were you thinking?
I mean, what were you thinking?
Uh, that I work at a sports bar!
Yeah. Yeah, yeah,
yeah, you're right.
And I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
Listen, I, I promise you
I'm gonna do everything
to help you land on your feet.
Okay? I do. No, no. Do you...
- do you wanna work here?
- No...
I know every manager
on this lot and I...
You need an application?
Not right now, thank you.
Oh, but you know what?
I actually would like...
Can I take a few
of those heart stickers?
- Of course.
- LISA: Thank you. Thanks.
Hey, look at these. Cute.
Listen I've... I've had...
I've had a rough day, too.
I have, you wanna
come have a drink with me?
At Whammies?
- I know. I'm an embarrassment.
- Listen, this is your family.
LISA: Hey, Jay.
"But how does it feel?"
As far as I'm concerned,
my shift is over.
We're just here to drink
like regular customers.
- (TAPS) Serve me, wench.
- All right. What do y'all want?
- JAY: Gotta upsell!
- KRISTA: I don't know.
- LISA: Mm.
- Something strong and sweet,
so I don't realize
I'm drinking too much.
- LISA: Hey, Maci!
- JAY: That's on me.
Make two of, um... whatever.
So, since y'all are not
on your shift,
does that mean you still have
to laugh at my jokes or no?
- Are your jokes funny?
- JAY: Half the time.
- Okay. That's not good enough.
- (CHUCKLES) Hey. Oh, come on.
- Can I talk to you for a second?
Can you just come and sit
and have a drink with us?
Hey. You got to treat them
like customers.
They get at least three minutes
of facetime.
LISA: You know what?
You're observant.
That's rule number five.
Did you all know that?
JAY: I know
what rule number one is.
No tats of black dudes
on white girls.
- Krista...
- Sorry.
No, but for real,
isn't it like,
"Don't sleep
with the sleaze-bag customers"?
No, it's not. Come on, now, Jay.
You know we don't think
of you like that.
JAY: You know what?
I don't even want to know.
Do not demystify me
with that shit.
Come sit with us. Sit down.
Maci, do we not love
our customers for real?
Oh my God, they are the best.
They are the best. Hand to God.
(LISA LAUGHS) You know,
I used to work
at a pricey-ass steakhouse
where we had some
real a-hole customers there
but the difference is,
I couldn't throw those customers
out. Oh. I love these.
Okay. He asked about the money,
didn't he?
No. What money?
- Car wash money.
- What about it?
DANYELLE: He said you didn't
tell him about the break-in
and that's grounds
for termination,
so I should fill out
this paperwork
and have it ready
for him to sign.
Oh, no, please.
Don't, don't do that.
Today is not the day
to provoke him.
Believe me, you know I know
how to keep my mouth shut
and be the original
No Drama girl,
but he can't fire you and I want
to call bullshit.
LISA: Let him have his tantrum.
Then he says if Mark goes
to G.M.
do I wanna train as a manager?
Which, did you tell him
I was asking
about the racial policy?
Because I don't appreciate him
trying to blow smoke up my ass
- like that.
- No, listen. He's, he's
he's not blowing smoke.
Well you're not leaving.
You're married to this place.
- Sorry.
- You losing your mind?
Listen, I started this day off
crying, so, if you ask me,
- laughing is progress.
- Uh-huh.
Then you know what comes next,
- What?
- Screaming,
- and freaking the fuck out.
That sounds good, too!
- Come get silly with us.
KRISTA: My mom's a bigger fan
of Steph than I am,
that's the funny part. But
she's gonna freak about this.
JAY: Well, I'd say come crash
with me but...
roommate situation, huh?
She's a bigger buzzkill
than your mom.
Did you just compare
your wife to my mom?
That's fuckin' creepshow, dude.
And put your ring back on.
That is so disrespectful.
JAY: Oh, no-no-no, she's cool.
She's cool. She's...
My wife is great.
She keeps...
she keeps me in check...
you know? Plus she likes
playing video games.
I like playing video games.
- KRISTA: Mm-hmm.
- JAY: You know?
- JAY: She has good taste in women too.
She, like, just
a wonderful person all around.
- Danyelle?
Hey, uh... listen, um...
you know...
all I wanted to do today
was just one good thing.
No, I... I didn't think
we'd get away with it,
but maybe we did.
- Mm-hmm.
- So, I'm happy.
You know? I mean,
truth is I thought
we'd get caught.
So, I'm just thinking, you know.
I'm sorry.
I'm just thinking out loud,
if he offered you a job,
a promotion and a raise
- that you could use...
- We'll see if he's serious
- when someone actually leaves.
- No, no, what I'm saying is...
today could go from good
to great
as far as I'm concerned.
I don't know
what you're trying to say?
I guess I'm just saying
how many times can you fire
a lady before...
before she gets the message?
I'm done.
Screw it. I'm gonna call it
a day for real.
Maybe hang out
with my husband for a change.
Y'all don't need a manager
look at how well-oiled
a machine this is.
You're leaving?
LISA: Yeah. Yeah. I'm, uh...
Jennelle, you watch
and you learn from the master.
There's an art to this.
My name is Lisa,
I'm the general manager.
Are we taking good care
of you today?
Anything we could be doing
to improve our service?
Um, are the TV's broken
or something?
We are working on that
right now and they should
be back up in time
for the fight tonight.
- Okay.
- Y'all should stick around.
- It's a pretty good time here.
- Oh, thanks.
Just get in and go.
Just get in and go.
Oh, shit.
Okay, God, please.
Please, please.
Thank you.
- Shit.
(CHUCKLES) That's it!
Oh, wait, no. Oh...
God, this is how I got
in trouble in the first place.
All right, come here.
You know I can't resist.
Come here. Come here.
You can't go.
Come on, this ain't goodbye,
you know that.
And maybe, maybe you can
take me out this weekend.
You know, you could finally
take me to one of those bars
- that I'm way too old for.
- That would be amazing!
Uh-huh. Finally introduce me
to that mysterious boyfriend.
I should probably tell you
that I'm dating
Professor Doherty.
Yeah, uh, everybody knows.
I'm sorry. I just...
I knew that you wouldn't like it
and I didn't wanna hurt
your feelings or anything.
- But...
I always loved
how you wanted to protect me.
And you were the best manager
ever. Okay?
LISA: Sure.
- Oh, hey. You're still here.
- Oh my gosh, the money.
That was insane.
Thank you, times, like,
a fricking million.
- Seriously, my heart melted.
- LISA: Oh.
And Cameron, he was so sweet
to me, too. He, um, he just left
but he told me
that you could keep
the computer.
But he also,
um, took some of his clothes
and stuff, so...
Chris, this is Lisa, my boss.
Who basically saved my life
We've met.
All right, well, um, we're gonna
get out of your way.
Chris just, uh, came by
to pick me up.
But I, uh...
I seriously think I would
have completely lost my shit
today if you hadn't helped me
out and let me get my head
And I owe you huge. I, I...
I don't know what
I could ever do, but, um...
Leave that money here, Shaina.
Leave it here.
- What do you mean, leave it...
- I don't think so.
I will break your other leg.
I do not give a fuck right now.
Do you want to test me?
It was very nice of you
to raise the money for us.
For her.
CHRIS: We really appreciate it.
- For her!
- SHAINA: Right. Look, I get it.
Okay. I do, but Lisa...
This is for me, okay.
This was my responsibility.
I acted completely
out of control.
CHRIS: Ambulance,
emergency room.
We're not blowing this shit
on Prada.
- Straight bills.
- SHAINA: Like I said,
this is my responsibility, okay.
- Mine.
- Put the money down, Shaina.
- I love you, very much.
- SHAINA: I love you.
LISA: Put the money down.
I think it's kind of fucked up
if you ask me.
If you really think
that helping someone
means you get to tell them
how to live their life.
And look, we're not...
we're not at Double Whammies
anymore, okay? This, this is...
(SCOFFS) you're not my manager.
Did I ask you for relationship
advice? Like, for real?
- CHRIS: It's okay.
- SHAINA: Did I ask you
- for relationship advice?
- It's okay. Thank you.
Give me! Get the fuck out!
CHRIS: You crazy bitch!
You're fucking psycho!
God damn!
CHRIS: Fuck you!
Thanks for your help, Lisa.
- LISA: Hey, Arturo.
- ARTURO: Hey.
LISA: Thanks for coming.
Uh... you must have known
the safe code, right?
- Yeah.
- Okay. I want a favor.
I want you to take my key.
I'll give you this.
You go, and you put this money
back in the safe. All right?
Nobody'll know the difference.
I seriously doubt someone's
gonna watch a video to see
who's putting money in.
But, if you're worried about it,
you know, I, I...
I cut eye holes
in my husband's winter cap.
It's not a ski mask, but...
We agree you owe me, right?
(SIGHS) All right.
You can always put me down
as a reference, okay?
- Take care of that family.
- ARTURO: I will.
Thank you.
- LISA: Sure.
Well, I actually think
the girls would prefer it,
is the thing. You know,
all the big chains do it, Cubby.
You check into your shift
and you get a grade, right?
Hair, four out of five.
Make-up, five out of five.
Weight, two out of whatever,
you know?
Like, does that suck? Yeah.
You know, I'm sure it does.
But it's way better
than it is now where I've got
to find a moment and pull
a girl aside and be like:
"Hey, Becky, you look like
shit today." You know?
Which seems way more personal
and it shouldn't
because it's got nothing to do
with you, right?
It's got nothing to do with me.
Hey, um,
what's going on with Krista?
Lisa fired her then invited her
to hang out and drink.
MARK: That makes sense... okay.
Um, what's the new girl's name?
She just jumped in to help out.
Y'all still gotta do paperwork
on her.
Paperwork, okay. Hey, Cubby,
have you heard her idea
about renting the girls out
for private parties?
She's got a lot of energy.
Danyelle, are people staying
or are they leaving?
DANYELLE: Some bailed,
but we're holding it down.
All right.
Well, I'm about a minute away.
Mark, hand me the wire cutters.
- MARK: Yeah.
- Orange handle.
Well, I'll tell you what,
first rule
of management training,
get ready to deal
with some crazy.
But seriously, what do you think
about this private party idea?
I mean, we could send the girls
in uniform, you know.
Liven a place up?
CUBBY: Liability nightmare.
But what if we figure out
how to market, right, to, like,
- frat parties?
- Terrible idea.
It's a liability.
MARK: These kids grew up whacking
off to their cell phones. I mean...
Hey, guys, they probably need me
back on the floor right now.
All right.
Hey, Danyelle, let me ask you
- a question... Danyelle?
- Yeah?
You like working here, right?
All right, now who is rooting
for Machado?
- This, this is crappy.
MACI: We got some fans in here!
Oh, hey, come on in. Come on in.
Don't be shy.
Just a little pre-show here
before the fight comes on.
All right y'all, who is like me?
Who doesn't care who wins
or who loses
as long as it's a frigging
brutal, bloody battle?
- Woo! Hell yeah!
- All right.
- Okay, um... Okay.
Okay. I think maybe it's time for
a little Double-Whammies toast.
Jennelle... thank you.
Whoa, that is heavy!
- I love you!
- MAN: Come on.
Oh my gosh, that is perfection,
okay. So...
- before we fire up these TV's
and get to see the men
being men,
I say we take a little minute
to appreciate
what makes Double Whammies
so special...
- women being women!
JAKE: And not being bitches!
MACI: Ah, let's hear it
for your gorgeous servers,
- everyone!
MACI: Yes, let me hear it
even louder!
Come on, make some noise!
Your servers,
they are so hot! Woo!
- Turn on the damn fight.
Oh, okay. Good things come
to those who wait.
We're still celebrating up here,
Uh, y'all, I just want to take
this time to shout out
our general manager.
Her last day was today.
A lot of you know her.
Her name is Lisa.
- MAN IN CROWD: God damn it...
- For serious. For serious.
Um, wrap your hand
around a Big Ass, beer, that is
and raise it high to Lisa!
Because she is the best manager
a place like this ever had,
- and it makes such a difference
when your boss really cares
about you. You know?
And let me just say
it makes such a difference
when she really cares
about the customers too,
- am I right?
That is what I'm talking about!
- Yes!
ANNOUNCER: Come for the ribs,
stay for all the rest...
- To Lisa!
- The Mancave.
- Where a man can be a man.
- MAN IN BAR: Yeah, all right!
- MAN 1: Come on, Machado!
- MAN 2: Knock his ass out!
- MAN 1: ...Machado's head.
MAN 3: Oh, yeah. There you go!
There you go!
Come on! Come on!
- MAN 3: There you go!
- WOMAN 1: Get in there.
- MAN 4: Kick, kick, kick!
- MAN 5: Come on, go!
- WOMAN 1: Get in there.
- WOMAN 2: Move! Move!
- BOBO: Come on!
COMMENTATOR 1: I still think
it happened from that
- initial head-butt before...
Damn! I think that woke him up!
You can just shake
that thing someplace else.
I'm just here for the burger
and the fight.
- Damn good... All right.
- All right.
- ANNOUNCER: The right hand right in the temple.
Oh, yeah!
He landed that nice shot.
ANNOUNCER: You think about
all the awards that...
Hey, be nice to Dave
because his pussy's real sore
right now.
Hey, congrats on the promotion.
...And Machado with a left.
"You like working here, right?"
Drink! New girl. Hi.
Can I get another drink?
Hey, Mace?
One second, handsome.
Yeah, babe?
What do you think Lisa would say
if I broke rule number one?
I think you're a manager now.
- Okay.
- Mm-hmm.
Turn on the TV!
- The TV's out!
- The TVs out!
- All right!
Let's have some fun!
What the eff, y'all?
That is not supposed to happen.
WILL: No shit, it's not supposed
to happen!
Totally! No!
WILL: Get your ass off the bar,
You can shake it first, though.
- Do what? No! Everyone, hold on. Hold on you all.
- TV! TV! TV!
- JAKE: No the pre-show is over.
That's right! That's right.
The pre-show is over!
Now it's time
for the main event.
- Come on, man.
- Come on, come up here.
- Jay's gonna come, help us out.
Get up there, Jay!
- Come on. Okay everybody.
- Mark!
- DANYELLE: Before you murder us
you should know that the owner,
Mr. Cubby is working hard
to get the cable back up.
It's so important to him
that y'all don't go crazy
and destroy his restaurant.
All right now this is one of our
favorite customers, Jay,
- from over at Sounds Town
and now he's gonna shake
his ass.
- No. No, actually, he's not!
MACI: Wait, wait.
MARK: We're gonna get
everything back on.
Jay, you gotta put this on!
Oh my god!
- CUSTOMER: Bullshit!
- Come on.
- Yeah, take it off!
Oh, my God!
KRISTA: I'm coming up.
I'm coming up.
- We're missing the fight?
- We'll have it on in a minute.
- JENNELLE: What's happening?
- MARK: We appreciate you guys' patience.
We're doing our best to get
the TVs back on, so...
Hey, if you're gonna be a
manager, I need you to help me!
I'm sorry, Mark.
Oh, my God! You girls
are not nearly hot enough
to pull of this kind
of bullshit!
BOBO: I think
you should apologize.
Mace. Mace.
Dude, do not get into it
with her.
- JAKE: I didn't say it!
- Yeah, I heard you.
Yeah, I would like an apology,
For saying you're not hot
I need you to de-escalate okay.
- MACI: I don't like it.
- I'm a lover, not a fighter,
and I don't want to do
either with you.
Uh-huh. Sonny, I am
twice the man you are.
And twice the woman
you will ever screw.
Give it up for Bobo, y'all.
Only one around here
standing up for us.
- Whoo!
Yeah, it's Bobo, thank you.
Hey, lover boy, come here!
All right, let's go. You're out.
Come on.
Don't you touch me!
Hey, why don't y'all meet me out
in the parking lot.
Hey, what about this guy?
He's being a prick!
Fuck it, I'm manager too!
You're out, sir.
Okay, I guess I'm outta here.
- See you later.
- Yep, that's it. Right there.
Out the door!
Cubby, let's go!
- I can help.
- Yes! Please!
And get off the damn bar,
we're about five seconds
from getting shut down here.
Come on.
I don't work here.
MARK: Exactly. Tarzan Barbie,
get off the bar.
- Let's go!
- CUSTOMER: Bullshit!
Eyes up here, guys! Hi!
I'm Jennelle, I'm new here...
- WILL: Uh I can see your titty.
- I'm really looking forward
- to getting to know you guys.
- Sweetheart?
JENNELLE: And partying with you,
Double Whammy style! All right.
Boom. So, let's be really good
little boys...
- That does not...
- No, no. She's new. She's new!
- And Mommy is gonna make...
- Get down from there, Miss!
- JENNELLE: Okay. Sorry.
- DOMINGUEZ: Gentlemen,
we're calling it a night.
Just head out the doors, now.
CUSTOMER: Aw, man. What!
Aw, what!
DOMINGUEZ: Keep moving, people.
Keep moving.
BOBO: He sneak out back?
It's back on! It's back on!
Come on in, guys!
Hey! I said clear out, now.
Party's over. Get the fuck out!
What's happening here
is inappropriate,
you understand?
That's inappropriate.
Do you understand
what's happening here?
- MARK: Yeah.
- DOMINGUEZ: Do you understand me?
- It's not that type of...
- He's just stupid.
DOMINGUEZ: Okay, hey, hey!
All right, all right!
Come on stop, stop! Okay!
What's the matter with you?
Get the fuck out,
I'm being serious!
Everybody get the fuck out
right now, let's go!
- MARK: Come on, outside.
- Let's go,
bring your fuckin' ass in,
what's the matter with you, huh?
Get your drunk ass out of here
right now!
ANNOUNCER: It's... it's a tough
call on this knockdown.
You can see it, clips of...
As he comes back and kinda looks
like his legs buckle under him.
A little bit of controversy
for sure.
Yeah, well, it all came down
to that knockdown
but there was a lot
of good exchanges
uh, happening both ways.
The cut on Machado's head
from that head butt,
but Machado did a good job
at really coming forward
and there was that
constant pressure
of throwing hooks and...
Want me to Big Ass
that for you?
...moving those punches over...
JOSH: Okay, um, Claire, Amber,
Chantelle, and Ilona.
It's right in there.
KARA: Lisa?
- Okay. Hey.
- Hello.
I've been meaning
to check out
the local competition,
but I just haven't had a chance
- to swing by yet.
- LISA: Um, yeah.
No, it's a nice place,
a lot of good people.
Where are you from?
Well, I'm based in Nashville.
Sort of.
Um, I haven't spent much time
at home lately,
sort of traveling from city
to city getting all these
- locations set up.
- LISA: Road warrior.
Yeah, but I love it. I do.
Okay, look, this, this is great.
I clearly don't need to explain
the concept to you.
Boobs, brews, and big-screens.
Bam! That's... that's good!
That's good.
Three B's. Three B's.
Triple B's.
You know, I almost want
to send this to marketing,
but then I'm thinking, you know,
like, does it have
to be triple D's? (KARA LAUGHS)
Although I will say our strategy
is moving, you know,
sort of away from boobs
and into butts.
- LISA: Oh, wow.
- There's still a B.
- KARA: Right? Yeah.
- And there it is.
(SIGHS) So, uh, you know,
I have to ask,
um, why did you leave
Double Whammies?
Oh, sure, sure, of course.
Uh, well, it just came down
to some disagreements
between me and the owner,
you know. I will say, for me,
I know we're
in the entertainment industry
and for us things
are a little different.
Uh, but for me, top priorities,
always respecting our girls
and respecting our customers.
Totally, and that is so great
to hear you say.
You know, one of the things
that I love about working
at Mancave is that we've...
we've built this,
this super well-thought-out
culture of respect, you know.
We have a whole team
of attorneys who are paid
a crazy amount of money
to make sure that they lay
that out super clearly.
There's a rule-book
that everyone gets. You know,
that way we're not leaving it
to the girls to think about it
too much themselves.
You know? And, I mean,
as you well know,
one of the joys and,
and challenges of our concept
is that most of the workforce
is young girls.
Who, you know, full disclosure,
are lovely,
but they are not always
brain surgeons.
So, I don't know how it was
at Double Whammies,
but here they just do
a, a really good job
of idiot-proofing
the whole thing.
You know? And I will say
because we're a national chain
and we have a...
a wide pool of talent,
um, it's nice
because we can turn over staff
very quickly, if we need to.
And look, I mean, the girls,
the girls get it, right?
One of the first things
we tell them when they walk
in the door is that this concept
is so much bigger
than all of us.
- LISA: Sure. Sure.
- Right!
Hmm. It's pretty cool.
- LISA: Yeah.
- Yeah,
so, were you
a Double-Whammies girl?
- LISA: No.
- Oh, I was a Mancave girl.
- Class of '07.
- Okay, wow.
- KARA: Yeah!
- That's great.
MACI: Hi, Lisa!
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
- LISA: Yes.
- This way.
What are y'all doing here?
Are y'all jumping ship?
We got fired.
No. Dammit, Cubby.
You know, that is illegal.
- No, no, we deserve it.
- If y'all want to fight him...
We deserve it.
- How?
- Long story.
- It was fun, though.
- Yeah, it was fun.
MACI: Basically,
we just missed you too much.
DANYELLE: Don't be mad.
You have a son, Danyelle.
You cannot fuck around
like that, you stupid girl!
What are you...
- WOMAN: Excuse me.
Okay, uh...
Reagan, Maci,
Danyelle and Amber.
Amber, sorry,
which Amber are you?
- AMBER: Johnson.
- Hi, how are you?
- Johnson.
- Good luck in there.
- Thank you.
- Don't even think you're on my list. Okay.
Angel, Adrianne, Layla
and Rachel.
Can I at least take
y'all to lunch?
I know a good place nearby,
nice outdoor seating,
with waiters who wear clothes.
Screw that, let's go somewhere
with hot guys in Speedos.
They finally open
that "Nuthuggers"?
LISA: Come on.
No, no, no.
You can't afford a classy place.
- But we'll treat you to a drink.
- Oh, and you can afford a drink?
Today I can.
Farewell gift from Krista.
Maybe we could find
some outdoor seating.
- LISA: I'm not gonna lecture you.
LISA: I want to though.
Believe me, I gotta...
- I gotta bite my tongue on it.
- DANYELLE: Just stuff
this in your mouth.
I screwed up.
I screwed up. I shouldn't have
got myself fired.
I'll tell y'all a secret.
I come off all sweet and all
truth is,
I'm the most selfish of all.
- That's crazy talk...
- No, I am.
- 50 different ways.
- I am.
Yeah. No, Lisa. You're literally
the least selfish human
in the world. Okay?
Don't you dare feel bad
about yourself.
And don't you dare
feel bad about us
- for losing our shitty jobs.
- Mm.
There's lots
of other shitty jobs out there,
including this one.
At least Maci's not dating
a customer anymore.
- Oh, God please...
- Right!
It's as gross as you think.
Um, hm, if you think
that being treated
real well by a real sweet man
is gross, then...
Uh-huh. This one. Yeah.
Come on, drink already. Drink.
- I just drank.
- Drink!
Drink! Drink!
Drink! Drink! Drink!
Really? Oh, my God!
Y'all frat boys now?
- Okay, that's it.
LISA: I do love
that highway sound.
The cars just driving by.
I close my eyes and it's like
I'm at the beach.
DANYELLE: Your mind is wild.
You're insane.
MACI: Wouldn't it be nice,
though, if we just ended up,
a family again together,
just on the other side
of the highway. I'd love that.
I don't know, like,
good friends?
How about that?
Wow, you hear a lot up here.
Please, don't give me
a heart attack.
Oh, no, poor girl.
She's just trying
to pull it together.
DANYELLE: Probably just
auditioned at The Mancave.
Probably just told her
she was fat.
MACI: They would not
tell her that.
She'd know it, though.
- MACI: She doesn't look fat.
It's gonna be okay!
Everything is gonna be okay!
Don't tell her that,
maybe it's not gonna be okay.
Maybe she just found out
she got cancer.
At the Mancave audition?
maybe they groped her up
- and found a lump or something.
- Danyelle...
Hey! Up here!
We love you! We love you!
You can do it! Stay strong!
I think I freaked her out,
she's getting back in her car.
How's it go again, Danyelle?
Uh, first comes crying,
then laughing,
then freaking out?
DANYELLE: Screaming.
Screaming your ass off!
LISA: Yeah. No,
it's just how you deal
when life keeps throwing
you bullshit.
- Oh, yeah, totally.
- You wouldn't understand, Mace,
you're an angel sent from Heaven
to show the rest of us
what a good attitude looks like.
And for lonely old men
to jerk off to.
- LISA: Oh!
- God sent you here for that too.
No, he didn't.
Nah, that's a party scream.
It's supposed to be like...
Guys, this is awesome!
Hell yeah
That's a party foul
Oh yeah
As long as you're here
You might
As well be drinkin' beer
And it ain't against the law
To stumble and to fall
This is last call
But don't spill your beer,
Don't kiss and tell
Don't lose your cool
And get thrown in jail
Don't talk about work
When you should be drinkin
'Cause this is a party man,
What are you thinking
Don't get on the dance floor
And act all silly
Don't change the song
In the middle of Willie
And don't leave the party
With another man's gal
Don't mellow out
When it's time to Rock
Don't sit around
And just watch the clock
Don't get to rowdy
When it's time to chill
And get a room
If you wanna getcha thrill
Don't start a fight,
Don't throw a punch
Don't get the spins
And don't lose your lunch
And don't leave the party
With the ugliest gal
'Cause that's a party foul
Oh yeah, that's a party foul
Hell yeah,
That's a party foul
That's a party foul
Uh, Sweetheart.
Sweetheart! Sweetheart!
Oh, sweetheart!
- Sweetheart. Sweetheart.