Surfeurs (2011) Movie Script

Anybody there?
Run up to the flag,
I'm gonna kick your ass.
I'd like to see that.
You can't surf, you can't swim.
You can't do shit.
Come back, come back.
Come on, throw it on.
Keep going!
10, 9, 8...
Don't go in the water!
We said we wouldn't go there!
It's your turn now!
I touched you, it's your turn!
It's your turn, now!
You're scared, right?
Hey, I'm talking here.
If you're scared, say it.
Fine, don't answer.
You're just like your father.
Hey mate, I'm kidding!
I take back what I said!
I'd get out even from
the bottom of a well.
And leave the old man
where he is.
You'd better run.
Bend your knees if you want to...
- Put your hands this way.
- You tell me what to do now?
So what?
You're stuck or what?
- Mind your own business.
- Did you try in one push?
It doesn't work?
Are you on the tip of your toes?
- What are you doing?
- I'm getting you out.
- I don't need you!
- Let me help.
- Put down that spade!
- Surfing drives you crazy...
Take surf lessons
before you talk.
- You're upset because of the old man?
- Why would I?
- Why are you talking about surfing then?
- You are!
You don't even know how to surf!
I can surf anytime.
You're incapable of surfing...
...unless I'll give you a lesson.
- Go ahead then!
- You go ahead!
If you're so good,
go ahead by yourself.
What are you waiting for?
If you stand up,
I'll give you my board.
Hey mate!
Hey! Little black boy,
you hear me?
If you're ducking this way,
you'll never go through!
Yeah, that's it...
Go! Go! Use those paws!
Hey, mate!
Hey, mate...
Anybody there?
Mate, wait!
I'm getting you out of there!
Hold your head up!
I'm getting you out!
It's OK.
I'm sorry.
It's over.
I'm sorry.
It doesn't matter.
I'm such a jerk.
It doesn't matter.
It's over now.
Get up.
I'm so tired to be like this.
Always trying to humiliate you.
You don't know how to surf.
It doesn't matter.
It's normal if you can't do it.
What'd you say chief?
It has to change.
What can't I do?
What can't I do, mate?
What are you talking about?
Why are you screaming?
I stood up on the board.
Don't say you didn't see me, OK?
I didn't see you, mate.
I was up on the board,
don't say you didn't see.
But I didn't see you!
I was up on your fucking board!
- Why should I lie?
- You think you're the boss, right?
You're just a fag,
like the old man!
Don't you talk about the old man!