Surongo (2023) Movie Script

Special thanks to my parents
- Hey, go bring some chairs.
- OK sir.
- Bring two here.
- Yes sir.
- And turn this fan on.
- OK sir.
Hey! Start from the very beginning!
Give me every last detail.
Don't skip anything!
Sir, I am Masud.
I don't have parents.
I just have...
a small homestead in Rahmatganj,
passed down to me by my father
I have completed a course
on Electrical Works
I work in my uncle's shop...
- Hey, Masud...
- hmm?
- Come to my house...
- Huh?
- Need fix my fridge
- I can't do it now.
I have to fix something in the Bazaar.
I'll come later.
Come by the night then?
Remember to come.
- Hey, hold it properly. I might fall!
- I am holding it.
Hey, watch out.
Don't get electric shock.
The line is working.
- Working?
- Yeah
- You found the line?
- Hmm
That's it. That's it.
It's lit up.
Hey, Where is the plus?
Plus? Wait, let me see...
Wait, I got it. I got it.
Oh, You got it? Okay.
What Happened?
Fix it?
Why did you stop?
Look, it's Beautiful right?
Hey... hey... hey...
- Oh! my...
- Slowly... Slowly...
My leg! My leg!
I think it's broken.
What is this?
It got scraped.
- What about your leg?
- Hey!
- Did it break?
- Damn that ladder!
What ladder?
The ladder was perfectly fine.
You fell on your own.
- Let me see this hand.
- So, it wasn't the ladder?
Then go find and bring to me.
- Find What?
- Go find...
That girl.
Find and bring her to me.
- Which girl?
- Go find where she went.
There are thousands of girls
in this Bazaar.
The one who made me
fall down the ladder.
Just leave it man!
Don't touch it!
Go bring some ice. Go.
Listen, he can help me with the ice.
You go find her.
- What are you talking about?
- Go go go go.
I don't understand.
- She is the reason I fell.
- Here here
The hell I will find her now?
Go please!
- OK I'm going.
- Hey... hey...
God damn it! OK sit!
I'll go find her.
Brother, did you see
any girl here?
No bro.
I didn't see any girl.
You didn't? Beautiful girl.
She was heading this way.
No, I didn't.
- Hey, you saw any girl here?
- No, brother.
The hell you guys do here!
She went right this way!
Just leave already!
I think she will
come here today.
You think?
Did you really try to find her?
I have been standing
here all day for her!
- Hello uncle.
- Hey, where is Masud?
Is he there?
Put him on the phone.
Yeah, he is here.
Uncle? say that
I'm not here! I'm not here!
Uncle want's to talk.
Damn it! go!
Man, just pick up the phone.
Talk to him
- Assalamu alaikum uncle.
- Walaikum salam. Listen,
I have a job for you.
Hurry. Don't be late.
Uncle, I'm not feeling well today.
I think it's fever.
Just go! Sujon's Fridge not working.
Go fix it immediately.
Who are you?
Ah... um... I am...
um... I am...
You name is Fridge?
- Huh?
- You didn't get it?
What's you wife's name then?
I mean... Actually I am...
- No I mean... actually I am...
- You kinda funny.
Wait, you are the guy
who fell in that bazaar right?
Let me help.
Why are you always falling?
It's so heavy!
There. It's not cooling.
And all the food is spoiling.
Sujon brother told me everything
I will look into it.
I need a tool to seat.
Moyna, bring the Mora here.
Who is Sujon bhai to you?
Are you a relative or something?
Never seen you before.
So, you here on a vacation?
But this place is so beautiful!
I may stay here from now.
But you can't stay in your
brother's house forever.
Marry someone here.
Then you can move here permanently.
There are a lot of
good guys here.
Why haven't I found any yet?
I found it.
- Socket... socket...
- Moyna
- What?
- Why are you talking so much?
Take your money.
I don't take money
from my own people.
And listen,
I don't have a TV yet.
Still searching for one.
I can't wait anymore...
Can't Wait...
I can't anymore...
This unfamiliar feeling,
unknown to my core,
Why does my heart ache,
Craving to see her once more?
Oh fridge bhai.
How are you?
- Fridge? Who's that?
- You.
My name isn't fridge.
It's Masud.
- My name is Moyna.
- Ha?
- What's this?
- You left without taking this.
Oh, no no no. I told you I won't
take money from my own people.
And I don't keep dues.
Take it.
I can't...
Just take it.
So, you won't take it then?
Can you fix mobiles?
You can't?
Yeah I can!
I can do everything.
Take a look
what's wrong in this device.
What else do you have here?
- Is this all?
- Yeah sister.
You don't have anymore?
You wanna buy one?
Yeah but...
There is nothing here.
You won't find
anything good here.
Oh, the display is not working.
You won't find it here.
- Remember the fair?
- Hmm.
You can buy everything then.
But the fair last just one day.
For everything else,
you have to go to the town side.
I can take you there, if you want.
On my bike.
- Not today.
- Look, display and battery problem.
You'll have to go there
if want to fix it.
- Hey, Moyna!
- Wait wait wait...
- Come on? It's getting late.
- Uh, we are talking here.
She will go. She will.
Just give us a moment OK?
- Not today. I'll go tomorrow.
- Today is...!
- OK.
- Come on.
Hey, What's the rush?
Is it urgent?
Yeah. A lot.
- Tomorrow then...
- What's with all the talking?
If I find a good guy,
I'll arrange her marriage.
Do whatever you want.
You don't stay home much.
Your sister takes that advantage.
She wonders around outside all day.
She's just a kid. It's normal for her
to spend more time outside.
She made a friendship
with that Mechanic Masud.
What do you care?
Do you even know all this?
She spends the whole day hanging out
with him and talking on the phone.
What you'll do if something
happens between them?
But Masud is a good guy you know?
He's decent.
I don't need to know
anything about him.
You should get her married
as soon as possible.
I wanted to have an affair.
But she didn't want it.
She wanted to get married.
She wanted a married life sir.
Stand up, greet everyone.
Assalamu alaikum.
Sit down.
Sit down.
Masud is really a nice guy.
You won't anyone like him
in this whole village.
I know that but...
Hey Masud,
You own that shop right?
- Alhamdulillah!
- Alhamdulillah.
Everyone, have some sweet.
Give it to them.
Masud, here.
Eat this.
Hello, Salamalekum.
Yeah I know.
You are just coming to eat.
Yeah, Uncle! Make sure you are hungry
or I won't let you in!
Yup, everything is ready here.
The groom is here!
Hey, wait wait...
- Here, stop here.
- The groom is here.
Assalamu alaikum.
Assalamu alaikum
Walaikum assalam.
Everyone listen!
Someone stole our
new groom's shoe!
Please help us find it.
- It was right here!
- Don't worry, you'll get it.
Take care of her OK?
Let's go.
Where is your shoe?
I couldn't take it back.
How much did they ask
to wash your hand?
Three thousand.
How much did you give them?
Three Hundred.
You did the right thing.
- Is that for me?
- Yeah.
Give it to me.
What are you doing?
- Undressing.
- Why?
To sleep.
I can't hold myself anymore.
Wait. Go get me a pen
and paper first.
We will sign a contract first,
then you can sleep with me.
I married you accepting
all the Shariah law.
Gave you all the mahr and dowry.
Yeah, but...
you're a ultimate penny-pincher!
I didn't know that before.
Go bring it to me.
We will have an agreement.
Or, I won't let you come
anywhere near me.
Where will I get them now?
I don't have any here.
Alright then.
Don't come to me.
Think I will find one
if I search
Write it down.
You won't look at
any other girls, except me.
You will buy me new Saree, shampoo
you know, those expensive ones.
I have always wanted
a diamond nose pin.
Camera to take good pictures.
You'll buy me a camera phone.
Hey brother,
you bought a new TV?
No, I took the old TV
to the shop and bought it again.
I'm still holding it!
It's working!
It's looking clear now.
Wait wait! keep it there.
Don't move!
Yeah I'm holding it.
Search all over the world Is there
anyone who loves you as much as I do?
Listen to this mind
Your name is always chanted here
Whenever you
hide a little, it hurts me
When I get your company,
my body trembles
Promise to never leave me
Tell me who else I have like you
Promise to never leave me
Tell me who else I have like you
- Moyna...
- I'm coming.
- I am going.
- Wait wait.
- Take this. Your lunch.
- OK.
Watch the road.
Moyna, just for a moment?
Not now.
Don't interrupt! go.
I'm watching my
favorite TV show.
I can't wait anymore!
A boat without sails
plays with the waves
The sky also sees our moments of love
Even on the mountain slopes
Our love sticks
That's how I keep you in my mind
Love wakes up in
the embrace If you drown
in that love, you can't
find the edge
Promise to never leave me
Tell me who else I have like you
I can't wait either.
Promise to never leave me
Tell me who else I have like you
- Moyna
- Hmm?
I love you so much!
- What are these?
- I bought what I found.
- These are just vegetables.
- Yeah.
I went there late. Everything got spoiled
by then. These are the best I could get.
You didn't get any fish?
Yeah! I mean, I went there to
buy a big Wallago fish.
Then why didn't you?
How can I feed those
rotten fish to my wife?
What about the one
I told you to get?
Which one?
You didn't buy bangles?
Oh Shit!
- What?
- Shit!
I completely forgot!
Didn't I remind you again
in the morning?
Yeah, but I forgot.
I got so busy with work,
- Take this.
It completely slipped my mind.
What happened?
Don't be upset.
No need to get upset.
Told you it was a mistake.
these earrings, nose ring...
Have I compromised on anything
for my wife?
And you're already so gorgeous that
you don't even need all this, right?
I liked those bangles.
If you don't show up with those
bangles for me tomorrow,
then either I will not let you
step inside the house,
or, I might just pack my bags
and leave this place.
Got it?
I can't do this anymore.
I can't do this anymore!
I had to borrow a ton of money
for the weeding.
I've been struggling pay off
those debts.
Yet, I gave you everything you want.
I can't buy those bangles now.
I'll need more time.
I'm completely broke right now.
Why did you promise to
buy them for me then?
You could have
told me this before.
I simply asked for a pair of bangles,
And you can't even afford them?
- Why did you even marry me then? Liar!
- When did I lie to you?
I told you the truth!
Why did I marry you?
Haven't I given you everything?
You lied to me from the start!
I'm lying to you?
I had so many great marriage proposals,
but I turned all them down for you!
And you?
You just keep lying to me!
You even tell lies touching me!
And what the hell are these, ha?
Wait, you didn't buy
the shampoo too?
You didn't buy the shampoo?
I forgot.
You forgot that too!
But you never forget to
smoke Cigarettes!
You never forget to grab one!
You only remember what's best for you.
And conveniently forget everything I say.
- Just say it.
- There is no one here. come!
Come, let's swim together.
There's no one watching.
What's wrong?
You look upset.
What happened to you again?
I don't like wearing these
old clothes anymore.
Old cloths?
Didn't I buy you
three or four of them recently?
It's been a month already.
I've been wearing these
old cloths for one month.
Cloths got worn out in a month?
OK. I will buy you some next month.
Don't be upset.
Haven't washed your head yet?
- No.
- Come here. Let me help you.
- I like this.
- Remember my cousin sister?
She was at our weeding remember?
She and her husband. What they were
before, and now...
They got divorced?
Why would they get a divorce?
Her husband now stays abroad.
From there, he sends a lot of money now.
And buys her everything!
They have turned
their lives around.
Yeah people get rich
when they go abroad.
So, you understand that?
- What?
- Listen,
- yeah?
The guy who helped him to go there,
I got his number.
I'm giving it to you.
You call him and talk.
- Cause you're going abroad.
- What!
What do you mean
I will go abroad?
Have I gone insane that
I have to go abroad?
Those who leave their wives behind
and go abroad are idiots. I'm not an idiot.
I love my wife.
Why would I leave her
and go somewhere else?
I'll work harder here if needed.
You don't really care about me!
You want me to
leave you here alone?
Will you be able to live without me?
Will I?
I don't need this bullshit
love of yous.
My life became miserable
after this weeding!
- Hey, honey...
- As if no one's husband goes abroad!
- You never listen to me!
- Hey, Moyna.
- Stop talking!
- I didn't want to go first.
Then I thought,
My Moyna likes to buy fancy things.
If going abroad could make things better,
then why not?
- So, you want to go abroad?
- Yup.
Where will you get
all the money?
I say you invest those money
to my business.
Let's do the business together.
Your business?
You are just a broker.
- Real estate sounds brokerage to you?
- Yeah, what else?
Why are you so tensed, Masud Bhai?
Listen, I have a distant brother...
- I mean... he is a friend of my cousin.
He sends 20-25 persons abroad every month!
Malaysia, Dubai, Qatar...
He sends people everywhere.
You don't need to worry.
How much does it cost to go to Malaysia?
Three lakhs? Three and half at best?
He can help you
go abroad at very low cost
Don't get tensed at all.
He is a very good person.
Why are you wandering here and there?
No need to do that.
I am here for you.
I will tell him.
You don't have to worry.
No need...
You wanna meet him?
Come to the shop tomorrow.
I will introduce you to him.
- Dear wife?
- Hmm?
- I need to go abroad, right?
- Yes.
Didn't I give you a thick necklace
during our wedding?
It wasn't thick.
You gave me a thin necklace
which I am wearing now.
What other jewelry
did you get during the wedding?
My mother had a pair of thick bangles,
I got those.
Actually two thin bangles.
And... three pairs
of small earrings, a
tikli, a ring... some
tiny jewelry like these.
I have kept those carefully
If we sell the wedding jwelry, we can
manage the money needed to go abroad.
What did you say?
You wanna sell my wedding jewelry
to go abroad?
- Yes.
- I won't give my jewelry to anyone.
You need to manage in some other ways.
How dare he think that?
He never buy me any jewery, Now he
wants to sell my jewelry to go abroad!
But, dear wife...
I don't have enough money.
How will mange that much money...
If I have to go abroad?
My fathers hasn't left anything for me.
He has left only this house.
Other than this, I don't have anything.
Well, you have this house, right?
You can mortgage the house.
You will be able to arrange
huge amount of money
What are you saying?
Look, you are not selling the house,
you are just keeping it mortgage.
You will send money from abroad,
I will take the house back.
You won't get to enjoy
your wife's home-cooked meals there.
So, eat while you can.
These fried Bitter melon...
Taste delicious.
Saw her mood?
I don't want to go.
Whether I go or not,
she will keep acting like this.
Huh, Women!
I told your friend to
take me to the airport.
I never saw a plane.
I wanted to see one up close.
- He won't take me there.
- But I explained why
Didn't I?
Then take her there?
I can go too.
I can go to, take us!
You adding more insult to the injury?
You ever went abroad?
Do you even know the rules?
People just stand in the airport. They
won't let you in or get close to the plane.
- As if you go there a lot?
- No I didn't but...
I talked to Shakil bhai.
I know the rules.
Why are you crying.
Please don't cry
when saying goodbye.
Told you they won't let you in.
You will come here
for nothing. See?
Can you see the plane from here?
Look, they are waiting for me.
- Please don't cry now.
- Take me with you.
How can I take you?
You can't get inside.
They won't allow it now.
Hey, take care of her OK?
- Don't worry friend. I will.
- And listen,
hear me out.
I will earn a lot of money there.
I will send you them all.
Things will get easier OK?
I will earn and send
the money to you. No worries.
I'll send it to you,
You'll give it to her. OK?
Don't worry, I will.
I can't hold it anymore...
please look after her.
I had big dreams when I went abroad,
but things turned out differently.
The guy that helped me go abroad,
He said, you'll just sit back and
work there comfortably.
Sir, I'm an electrician
And they gave me a job in welding.
I didn't know how to do that.
And money?
I was paid 5x less than
what they told me.
Oh Zahir bhai!
How are you?
Salamakum sister.
Walaikum salam. Come, come inside?
Um.. here,
Masud sent some money.
See if it's all there.
Eight thousand? Why?
I told him to send Ten.
See brother?
He sent less again.
Maybe he is facing
some difficulties.
Don't take you friend's side!
His problems will never end.
I needed that money.
- You can take it from me if you want.
- No no.
Why would I take money from you?
Just keep this.
You can repay me later.
- You sure?
- Take it.
You have to come inside then.
I won't let you go without a drink.
Come here.
No sister, not today. I'll come later.
I have to go now.
Everyday at this time,
I find her phone busy!
She knows this is when
I can call her.
Who is she having all these lovey-dovey
conversations with?
Oh my god!
You already bought that?
But why?
OK, now that you've bought it.
You can send it to me.
Hey listen,
I'll call you later OK?
Yeah, yeah I will call.
OK bye.
- Hello!
- Hey, who was on the phone with you?
Muna aunty called.
- Aunty called you?
- Yeah!
- You were talking with her?
- Yeah.
Or you were talking to her son?
You think I'm an idiot?
Yeah, I talked to him once,
but that doesn't mean I do that everyday.
- She called for a reason.
- Oh really?
Don't you know that I only get
a few moment after work to call you?
And you have to have all these lovey-dovey
conversations with your aunty now?
And what's so important to talk?
Anyone died?
Listen, you are going too far.
Yeah I'm going too far. Ain't I?
I'm busting my butt to work
and send money.
Ain't I going too far?
You send me money?
How much do you send ha?
You think that's enough?
I can't even buy a new dress! I can't
even afford to buy something good to eat!
Your money does nothing!
You only give me a few
but act like you are giving everything!
Listen, What did you
promise me ha?
You will get 70k-80k per month.
You will buy me this, buy me that.
But did you?
You used to give me seven thousand.
Now you send ten thousand.
- You think that's enough?
- Where is your feelings for me now?
Nothing else comes in your mind?
There's no love inside you?
My wife just knows money right?
Only money?
You just need money right?
You forgot how I came here?
What I'm doing now?
Ungrateful piece of shit!
Listen! Don't talk to me like that!
Why are you talking to me like that!
- I will not talk to you anymore!
- Hang up now! Go!
What? you don't like this?
What do you like then?
Lovely conversations with your aunty?
Go call her then! Talk with your aunty,
your cousin brother,
call everyone! go!
You don't need to talk to me!
Even the phone you use to call them, I gave
it to you! I hope you didn't forget that!
Just end the call!
Hey don't hang up now!
I said no!
How dare you!
Ending my call!
How dare he show anger towards me!
I will not answer your call!
Listen brothers,
Let me tell you something.
Our wives are getting out of control!
Let's make a pact today!
We won't make any more calls to our wives!
For one week.
No call, no money!
Then they will get it!
What are you talking about
Masud bhai? I newly got married!
So what?
You saved us from all the trouble?
New, old
doesn't matter! OK?
No one will call.
Now take an oath.
You always cry on that corner,
think we don't see that?
Why are you calling again?
Sorry, Forgive me please?
Forgive me?
Why? You always do that.
Pinching me in everything!
I made a mistake Moyna!
You think I did that intentionally? I got
angry Moyna. Your phone was busy too long.
You always do that to me.
You know when I can call you after work.
But you always talk to
someone else then.
Why do you do that?
Why make me angry?
What can I do if aunty calls?
Can I simply ignore her calls?
- Forgive me, forgive me.
- I can't.
Hey, Forgive me please? please?
If I forgive you now, you will do it again.
Told you I made a mistake.
- What? You won't do it again?
- No, I won't.
Then you will have to send
more money this time.
How much do you need?
15 thousand.
I will do some shopping.
- Yeah I need that.
- What happened?
- OK I will send you 15 thousand then.
- OK.
I'll send 15k to Zahir.
But you yelled in front of your friends.
What will they think?
No, they were all sleeping then.
You think I can insult you in front of
them? OK I will sleep now.
Bye then. OK?
- You take some rest too.
- Alright.
Masud is begging to his wife.
Shame on you Masud!
You will never change!
Zahir bhai, I'm here.
Bhabi, Masud sent 15k this time.
Nice, he didn't send less this time.
I want to do some
shopping. Can you take me?
Today I...
- Actually...
- Oh, You have works right?
I have to go to the Town side.
But going there alone...
OK, I will come.
OK give me a minute to get dressed.
- Let's go.
- Yeah
- Can I tell you something?
- What?
- Please don't quarrel with Masud.
- Who told you I do?
He always misunderstands me.
Comes up with bullshits
and quarrels with me.
See? isn't it beautiful?
Look, its beautiful right?
- Yeah it is.
Will I look good wearing this?
- Yeah.
You always come here for that.
But never buy it. Wanna buy today?
Yeah of course!
Just give me a little discount?
I can't. It's fixed.
You have to pay 40 thousand.
You know what?
It's actually not that beautiful.
And overpriced!
won't find anything better elsewhere.
Let's explore some more shops.
Who is it?
Oh! Zahir bhai.
Come inside the house?
No, actually Masud called me
and said you have nothing to eat.
And I was in the Bazaar.
So I thought... I brought these for you.
- Oh, you bought these for me?
- Yeah
Oh God!
Who will eat all this?
Ah, you can store some for later.
- And look at this fish.
- Yeah it's big one!
You always go to the fish market
and check these out.
But you never buy them.
That always makes me feel bad.
My my, seems like
you care so much for me.
I won't let you go without having
dinner today. I will cook.
Come inside.
No, I can't today.
You will always have works.
Take these and come inside.
I won't listen anything else.
- But Bhabi
Come on?
Whatever you say,
but Masud always thinks about you.
Always caring for you.
He loves you so much!
What will I do with all that love,
If I'm not happy?
Winds howling.
Seems like it will rain tonight.
Let's call Masud.
You're an amazing cook!
He is missing out on these.
Stop talking about him.
He made me dream about
so many things before leaving home.
He will buy me this,
buy me that.
He will get 70 to 80 thousand
taka monthly. And now?
He barely can send me 10 thousand.
You think that's enough to live?
Wanna see something?
- What?
Open that bag.
This one?
- Yeah
What's this?
Open it.
Oh my god!
It's beautiful!
- It's made of gold right?
- Yeah.
Wait, is this the one
we saw on that shop?
Hmm yeah.
Who did you buy this for ha?
You must got a girlfriend then.
You didn't even tell me.
It's actually for you.
You know, I just got some
money from the business.
I was wondering
what should I do with that.
So I bought this.
You can Keep it.
- You bought this for me?
- Yeah
No no...
I can't take this.
Why... why did you...
No you have to take this.
- No no..
Why did you buy this
expensive thing for me?
How can I take this from you?
I can't keep this.
Zahir bhai!
You are too good.
You are looking so beautiful?
Am I?
OK, I will keep it then.
- Bhabi...
- What?
Look at that rain!
I better get going.
But you haven't eaten anything!
Take this head piece.
No no. I'll come later.
I won't be able to leave,
if the water level rises more.
- This actually is beautiful!
- Bye bhabi
OK. careful!
Watch the road.
Oh god!
Hey, hey!
Careful! stand up!
Come inside!
Give it to me.
What a mess.
Let's go inside.
Damn this rain!
Come here.
Take this. Dry yourself.
Ah I got completely wet!
- Yeah
Let me see if I can
get you anything.
Oh Allah!
It's OK! I am here.
I am here!
What time is it?
I didn't do it!
It was your fault!
You did it intentionally!
- Bhabi
Why? Why are you still here?
Get out!
- Moyna...
- You did this intentionally!
I don't know how this happened?
- You don't know?
I swear I didn't mean to.
- You slept with you best friend's wife!
Bhabi, I made huge a mistake!
- Why are you holding my leg!
You mother fu!
Son of a bitch!
Please forgive me Moyna!
- Masud! oh Masud!
Forgive me!
I didn't do it!
Your... Your friend...
- What have you done!
- Moyna forgive me Moyna!
I don't want to see you come
anywhere near this house again!
Get out of my house!
Get out!
Even if I don't want to,
my feet walk towards you
Even if I don't steer,
my boat sails to your dock
You came here again!
I told you not to come here!
Don't you have any regret at all!
Just get out of my sight!
Even if I don't want to,
my feet walk towards you
Even if I don't steer,
my boat sails to your dock
Everything turned upside down
Stop me any way you can
My mind has become a mad horse
without a bridle
My mind has become a mad horse
without a bridle
Stop me any way you can
My mind has become a mad horse
without a bridle
Stop me any way you can
No matter how much I cry,
my eyes want to see you
No matter how hard I try to
hold my mind, it rushes to you
- Moyna!
- Coming..
Look what I got for you!
- What's this?
Go wear it.
No, I can't.
It's embarrassing.
You know who wore this?
The female protagonist of
"Women of Bangladesh" movie!
Alas, I am caught in your net
Indoor or outdoor
I want you completely
My mind has become a mad horse
without a bridle
My mind has become a mad horse
without a bridle
Stop me any way you can
Stop me any way you can
- Moyna.
- I'm coming
- Hello.
- Yeah, what are you doing now?
- Nothing. Just sitting here alone.
- Then why weren't you picking up?
- Oh.
- And missing you.
Yeah, I miss you too.
Honey listen,
- I'm listening.
I need to buy some food.
But don't have enough money.
- Oh.
- Can you send me some money please?
OK. I will send some to Zahir.
OK, tell him to come here ASAP!
- Don't forget. OK?
- OK.
I love you!
I love you.
I love you too.
I wanted to...
But how can I do
anything to her sir?
She is my Moyna.
She left me on her own.
She just flew away.
Don't cry bro.
Don't be ups ate.
Listen, if your wife really
did something. God will see that.
God knows everything.
He will punish her.
Listen, when someone work abroad,
people likes to spread rumors like this.
I say you go back to your country.
Go look for yourself.
Shame! This village had a reputation!
So, ultimately she left
with his friend?
Did this really happen?
Couldn't you control your wife?
I told you countless time over the
phone! But you never trusted my words!
The chairman wants to see you.
Everyone's been
objecting about Masud!
Now I brought Masud here,
in front of everyone.
Tell him what you guys have to say.
Man, you took 20 thousand taka
from me even before your marriage!
- You still haven't returned that!
- I didn't get mine too.
Shut up! Why are you all
talking at same time?
Speak one by one.
Uncle, I have something to say.
Masud, your wife took three saree
from me before leaving.
Now, tell me
when will I get my money?
She also took whatever she needed
from my shop without paying.
I also didn't get my money!
You even took 2 lakhs from me
when you went abroad.
You told everyone,
you gave everything to Zahir.
And he even took your wife with him!
Hey! don't guys
have a heart or something?
Can't you see what's he going through?
Just give him some time!
What will he do with time?
Will he just print all those money?
He mortgaged his house
to take that money.
I will give him 2 lakhs more.
Tell him to transfer that house to my name.
Promise to never leave me
Tell me who else I have like you
Promise to never leave me
Tell me who else I have like you
Still nothing.
Who knows where she went!
My brain is not working.
I'll let you know if I find something.
You leaving everything here
and moving to Dhaka?
You won't come back here again?
What's this?
I brought something for her
when I returned home.
If you ever find her,
give this to her.
I have to go now.
Come have some food with us?
Search all over the world Is there
anyone who loves you as much as I do?
Listen to this mind
Your name is always chanted here
Masud bhai, Kalam saw
Zahir in Chittagong.
Whenever you
hide a little, it hurts me
When I get your company,
my body trembles
Promise to never leave me
Tell me who else I have like you
Promise to never leave me
Tell me who else I have like you
You have any police case against you
or something?
Doesn't matter, There were many more
like you who lived here before.
There is just one rule.
You have to pay daily.
Now give me advance money
for the next two days.
A boat without
sails plays with the waves
The sky also sees our
moments of love
Even on the mountain slopes
Our love sticks
That's how I keep you in my mind
Love wakes up in
the embrace If you drown
in that love, you can't
find the edge
What happened? Didn't receive the call?
This number is also inactive?
Don't be upset.
Whatever you need, just tell me.
I can manage all types of
entertainment for you.
Only 300 Taka per night.
Understood brother?
Man, while you're here, enjoy yourself.
Why are you so depressed?
What? You don't want it?
You don't want it?
Then, you die waiting
for your wife to return.
Just die you fool!
Didn't I tell you
not to come here?
Don't ever show your
face to me again!
I found her.
Moyna! where is she?
Did she return to her place?
Or mine?
My... my wife came back?
Here, take a look.
Where is she?
What is this?
Look at this.
Just leave!
I can't help you find this!
Go find it yourself.
Brother, Just tell me
where this place is.
Man, we shoot everywhere.
I have like five hundred of those videos!
No you don't get it.
That girl in this video, she is my wife!
I lost her.
Please help me find her brother!
How can I find your wife
from this video now?
Bro bro bro,
I will do anything bro!
I lost my wife brother!
OK, let me see.
Help me find her brother.
Oh! it's Beyara Bazaar!
What Bazaar?
Beyara Bazaar.
I shoot the video there.
You pervert scoundrel!
I will hit you with my shoes!
- Sorry I made a mistake.
I will to slap your teeth out!
- Sorry it was a mistake.
One day, two days, three days...
I kept waiting...
But she didn't come.
Then one day, I found her!
Hey, How much for these
small fishes?
No, I will pay you 50 taka.
OK 60 taka then?
Alright, 60 it is.
And what about these?
Bro, why are you asking
so high price?
I searched you everywhere!
Come! come with me! come!
Oh god! I found you!
I've been searching for you
Where are you taking me!
- What happened brother?
- Bro, she is my wife bro.
Who are you!
I don't even know you!
- No, I don't know you! Leave my hand!
- What are you saying Moyna!
- Hey!
- I don't know him!
- I am your Masud Moyna!
- Hey, what's wrong with you?
- Masud? I don't know any Masud!
- Hey!
- Let me go!
- Hey, What's your problem?
- She is my wife.
What's wrong lady?
- I don't know him!
- What?
- Hey, you come here! hey!
What? can't control yourself
around ladies?
No brother! she is my wife!
- My wife!
- I don't know him!
I will beat the shit out of you!
Bhai! she is my wife.
Beat him up!
Beat this scoundrel!
- You son of a bitch!
- No you don't get it! she is my wife!
Moyna! Moyna!
Come with me.
Why did you come here?
Come with me.
What do you mean!
Did I tell you I'll go with you?
No. But I will forget everything
you have done.
- I really love you so much!
- I don't need your love!
Are you a looser or something?
Could you do anything for me
when you were there?
Then you went abroad!
You couldn't do anything from there either!
- A man who can't even fulfill
a simple demand of his wife,
and yet he wants to be loved?
I moved with Zahir and now you are here...
- No no no...
Moyna moyna, I beg you.
I beg you moyna! Forgive me.
Come with me Moyna!
Come back to me!
- Let me go!
- No, come with me!
Let me go!
Love requires commitment, qualification.
Why don't you understand!
A man who doesn't have money,
he doesn't deserve a wife!
Not just me!
If you marry ten more times,
- None of them will stay with you!
- Why are you saying this Moyna?
Now get out of here! I will be in
trouble if someone sees us here!
Moyna, no no no, Moyna!
I beg you Moyna!
I forgave you.
Do whatever you want,
but don't leave me!
Zahir gave me everything!
I will leave you for Zahir,
then leave Zahir for you.
What? You think
I don't have a life?
You don't want me to be happy?
You will just stay with me.
I will keep you happy.
Stay with you?
- I will do everything!
I won't go with you,
even if I die. Get it?
I hate you!
Let me go! don't grab my leg!
- Moyna! Moyna...
Get out of my sight!
- Moyna, Moynaa...
Moyna! I will keep you happy Moyna!
I will do anything!
Don't you dare follow me!
- Moyna.. Moyna, Moyna.
Moyna, listen to me.
Moyna... Moyna!
Promise to never leave me
Tell me who else I have like you
Promise to never leave me
Tell me who else I have like you
After that,
I realized something sir.
Why we need money.
You know those rail lines?
Where train moves?
It's like that.
Love and Money,
They need each other.
They move together.
If there is no money,
there is no love.
Then I started working for Money.
Do you want earn money
and get rich?
Then call this number on the screen!
And become a millionaire!
Grab it!
Grab this!
Yeah, go send it.
- Yes?
You have done
all the electrical works today.
I will call you again later.
What are you saying brother?
I also do that ice work.
That was just a side job for you.
You better look somewhere else
for a job. I'll call you if I need you.
No bro,
I am OK with that ice job now.
What will you do now?
There is no more shift left.
Then I can work over shift or overnight.
I will do anything.
- Man, there is no over shift here.
We need to dig and create a
reservoir here. Can you do that?
You can't right?
So, go. I will call you if needed.
Brother, I used to do mining jobs
in Malaysia
I can do it.
- You can?
Yes I can. No problem.
How much will you pay me?
I'll do it.
When I was digging that hole,
I found three gold biscuit
I was so happy!
No one can come close to me now!
So, I called Moyna.
- Moyna, I found hidden treasure!
- Hidden treasure? So what?
Gold you know?
Gold biscuit!
- So what?
- Not just one! I found three of them!
Not everyone has this
kind of luck you know?
Yeah yeah... and?
God helped me.
You know, I'll get millions of taka
if I sell them.
- I will sell them next morning.
- Do whatever you want!
Look you trust me, right?
Yeah, it's OK.
Yeah. Then it's final OK?
We have a deal.
Hey honey, Can you find treasure,
by digging underground?
- Hidden Treasure?
Yeah it's possible.
I don't believe it.
Yeah it's true.
You remember those kings from history?
What they did after warfare?
They used to hide all the
valuables underground!
You remember my cousin Kamal?
- Hmm
Kamal's brother in law...
He found some treasure.
You won't believe it!
Now he has three luxurious flats in Dhaka!
Then why can't you
find some treasure!
I never saw you search for one!
What the hell do you even do?
Damn it!
You are not useful at all!
I made a mistake marrying you.
Where did you find this?
I just found it.
Just tell me how much will you give me?
But this isn't real.
It's a fake one.
There's not even
an ounce of gold inside this.
It's not even a bronze!
Not silver either. There's nothing!
- What?
- Hey give that to me!
Where do you find these idiots!
He wants to sell those
foul imitation gold!
It's not made of gold?
Yeah, it is.
Go mix it with water and drink!
Fck this!
Fake piece of shit!
There is nothing in life
without money!
Money is the only true and original thing.
Everything else is just fake.
So, Whatever money I had left,
I took it to a bank.
And there I found,
the best place where money lives!
I saw money and money!
Money on you left!
Money on your right!
Above you, Under you!
It's everywhere!
Mr. Bacchu,
How many times do I need to say it?
Don't bring five hundred taka
every few days!
Can't you just cash in
all at once?
Try to bring it all together
next time.
That's when I decided it, I
kept coming back, exploring all around it.
What can I do?
I found a good spot.
Then I took a decision.
That, I am Masud!
I will do this impossible thing
that no one could.
I will dig a tunnel under this building,
and reach straight under the bank!
This is the backyard.
And that's the building OK?
It has both ground floor
and first floor.
You can live wherever you want.
And, there is the kitchen.
It's near the river.
You will have enough winds!
It's nice to breath here right!
It was abandoned for months!
Everything got messed up here.
But if you clean it,
It will look just like a new house!
Look at the wind!
It feels fresh right?
It's beautiful! isn't it?
It's near the new bridge too!
Yeah, that one is the new bridge.
You get it son?
- Yeah.
Can I take a look inside?
- Yeah! let's go. Come!
No uncle,
I can't do this anymore.
What happened?
Why? what happened?
As if you don't know?
I have rented your house.
But this constant pounding noise...
I goes on all day and night!
I can't sleep at night!
Not even in the day.
I can't sleep here at all!
- Oh! that noise?
They are dredging the river.
That's the only reason
why the last tenant left this place too.
Can you somehow manage?
OK you can pay five hundred taka
less for the rent from now on.
- No uncle, I will pay one thousand less.
- No son.
Five Hundred, five hundred.
You brought only
five hundred again?
Actually I am not good
at saving money.
That's why I try to put money
on the bank everyday.
You need anything else?
- What?
Sister... What about the DPS?
You don't know
where to go to open DPS?
Bacchu brother, I have told you like
five times now!
What is DPS,
How to open an account?
You really want to open one or not?
- Yes
When do you want to open it?
You wanna start one from today?
No, Let me think about it.
Take this with.
Make sure you read it, memorize it.
There is everything
written here.
You don't have to come here each day!
We have other work here too right?
Hey, buddy!
Listen, I have decided
to buy a ship!
Buy one?
Who's stopping you?
I will buy one for sure.
I will do it anytime!
Hey, mother fcker.
- The cobbler must stick to his last OK?
Do you even know
how much it costs buy a ship?
How much?
50 to 60 thousand taka?
Man! you're poor,
and you also think like a poor!
50 to 60 thousand?
How much does it cost then?
- At least 4 to 5 crore taka!
Hey man, a simple ship
costs that much!
Seems like I'll have to take
a loan from the bank then!
Who the fuck will give you a loan?
You mother fcker!
Oh Yeah, They don't have that much
money in the bank right?
Man, they always keep
20 to 30 crore taka in the bank.
20 to 30 crore?
In the bank?
You have no idea!
Fcker, You are too poor
to understand this.
- Bank keeps 20 to 30 crore inside?
- Yeah!
Where do they keep it then?
- There is a vault, OK? A vault.
They keep all of it there.
But, what is a vault?
Vault is like...
It's like a prison of money!
Just like they keep
all the prisoners in the prison.
So they can't
Forcefully break out.
Vault is just like that!
So that no one can forcefully break in
and take all the money.
Got it?
And I kept digging the tunnel.
One month, two months,
three months...
I was getting fed up sir.
I got tired of it!
- I will earn more money dude!
- Then do it? Who the fuck stopping you?
Forget it.
You used to love her right?
- Yeah you did.
- Come with me.
Love doesn't even give a
fck what I want.
Hey son of a bitch!
Nothing happens without money!
I will earn them all!
Then earn it!
I.. I'm Masud! I will earn money!
- Who told you not to?
Come, this thing is not working.
You need something else.
I'm telling you!
I'm Masud...
I will earn money!
Let me take you
somewhere special.
In front of me or behind me,
to my right or to my left
Does anyone know what this mind wants?
In front of me or behind me,
to my right or to my left
Does anyone know what this mind wants?
Where is the peace?
Where can I find happiness?
You will know that today through
dancing and singing
No! You can't convince me that
you will give me everything
I laugh out loud at your sweet words
I know everything you do is cheating
I don't need this useless love anymore
Oh money, you are the
most precious thing in my life
Oh money, you are the
most precious thing in my life
There is no love in this strange world
There is no tension if you have money
He who has a torn pocket should not
dream of me I need cars and big houses
There is no love in this strange world
There is no tension if you have money
He who has a torn pocket should not
dream of me I need cars and big houses
No! You can't convince
me that you will give me
everything I laugh out loud
at your sweet words
I know everything you do is cheating
I don't need this useless love anymore
Oh money, you are the
most precious thing in my life
Oh money, you are the
most precious thing in my life
Oh money, you are the
most precious thing in my life
Oh money, you are like
the moon in the sky to me
And money, my heart aches for you
Oh money, you are the
most precious thing in my life
Moyna's picture
Whenever I kept it in front of me
I didn't get tired.
I used to get strength.
I used to look at her picture,
and get this feeling of
adrenaline rushing in my body.
And I kept digging.
Even More!
Digging even harder!
I kept digging!
Digging! Digging!
You deceitful bitch!
- Hey!
- Ah!
Who? Who are you? Masud!
You son of a bitch!
Give me the fare bro.
Last stoppage everyone!
Everyone move!
I couldn't kill her in real life.
When I saw her,
I felt so sorry for her.
Because I still loved her.
Hey Moyna who beat you?
Who beat you?
Zahir did this!
He did the right thing.
I made a lot of sin.
I left you for Zahir.
And now Zahir beats me.
Whenever he likes.
Now I can't leave him,
But I can't stay with him either.
He did the right thing.
This is what I deserve.
Can you forgive me Masud?
I will stay then.
- Why?
I will kill him!
- No!
Why would you do that?
- I will kill him!
But you are not like him!
You're a good person.
He is bad... really bad.
I have so much things
to say to you.
Can you come tomorrow?
We need to talk.
Please come tomorrow?
- No no, I will kill him today.
- No listen,
He is not a good man!
You won't be able to do anything to him.
Please, come tomorrow?
I have so many things to share!
Zahir is not a good man.
He cheated on me.
He has another wife with a child!
Trust me, I didn't know that.
When I found that out...
He keeps beating me from then.
He stopped giving money to me.
Ask around, everyone knows that.
But no one can do anything.
They fear him.
What I did to you,
was really bad.
Look, now the same thing
happened to me.
Please forgive me?
I made a huge mistake!
Forgive me please?
- OK you are forgiven.
There. I forgave you.
Now come with me.
- Come.
Uh huh.
- Why?
Hey, you told me you found
some kind of treasure.
What did you do with that?
- Hmm?
I found an even bigger
treasure than that!
What is it?
- Bank.
- Hmm!
Are you planning to rob a bank!
- Yeah.
What are you saying!
I have rented a house
near the bank.
I've been digging a tunnel from there.
Going straight to the bank!
I will come up
right beneath the vault.
Vault! Vault is like
a prison for money!
They keep all the money there.
I will dig a tunnel there,
and leave with all that money!
What if you get caught?
No I found an Idiot.
I've been feeding him drinks.
And he tells me everything!
He tells me about
everything inside that bank.
He is the driver of that
Bank's manager.
A very simple guy,
I've been fooling him,
and taking all the information!
What's up mate?
You coming here often.
You became rich or something?
You think I have money?
I come to the bank.
They have all the money.
I get mental peace
when I see money.
Listen, you were saying something
about the vault that day.
You told me,
It' like a prison for money.
So what's it like?
A big safe?
You went to that counter remember?
There was an Iron gate beside that.
That's where the vault is.
The gate is this thick!
- Yeah.
All the money is behind that door.
So, all the money is there?
- Hmm
They don't ever
bring out the money?
Yeah they do.
The first Sunday in each month.
People come from the head office
in a car.
Not just any car, armored car.
Two guards look outside
with this big guns in hand!
They come here to take money.
So, Sunday?
Bank closes in Thursday.
- Hmm
Then there is Friday,
and Saturday.
Listen, We will plan this together.
Keeping a cool head.
I'm always with you from now.
Whenever you get upset,
you can call me.
Hang out with me.
I will, I will.
You take the money.
I leave Zahir.
Then we will leave this place.
Yeah we will leave
this place forever!
Moyna, I love you so much!
I love you too.
Why did you keep the door open?
Where did you go?
- Bazaar.
I told you not to go there alone!
And always take me with you?
And what's there
to buy everyday?
Or, are you having an affair?
I'm telling you,
I will kill Masud!
Why do you bring up his name
in all our conversations?
Do I ever ask you anything
when you go to your second wife?
I told you once.
Never bring up my
first marriage!
That was an accident!
Did you forget that when you marry me?
When I left Masud for you, Why didn't
you tell me you had another wife child!
Liar! You lied!
And married me!
Look at yourself!
And yet you mock me?
Expatriates play a vital role in keeping
the country's economy dynamic.
Bro, it's crowded inside. Sit here.
You can enter when there is less crowd.
- Ok.
- Just sit here.
Uncle, are you depositing money
in the bank? That's really good.
Actually, if you keep money outside,
there is risk of theft and robbery.
But bank is risk-free.
Uncle, whatever I earn
I keep that in the bank.
- No, I am not depositing. I just withdrew.
- Why? Why did you withdraw?
No no! Don't keep it outside.
Deposit it in the bank again.
I have to pay a lot of expenses.
Even at this old age,
your aunt has a lot of demands.
She wants me to buy jewelry.
You just made it a mess.
I lost count again!
Uncle, let me count these for you.
Take it.
Bro, you can get inside now.
Money is a magic.
As long as there is money, there is love.
When money is finished, love is also gone!
I think I lost count,
let me count again.
- Hello Masud?
- Yeah.
- I have something to tell you.
- Yeah tell me.
Should I?
- Yeah.
I still miss you sometime.
- And I miss you all the time!
How about I come to your place now?
Just for a moment?
No, he will find out.
I will come see you when I can.
Hey Masud?
Hey Man?
I brought booze. Open the door.
Hey Masud?
Hey Masud?
Hey man, I came earlier,
you didn't open the door.
I can see you are
cooking rice. That means...
you are inside. Why
don't you open the door?
Yes, I am inside.
Here is the man! I have been callng you,
why don't you open the damn door?
You didn't hear what
I said? I was sleeping.
Instead of Masud, your name
should have been Mother fcker.
Hey fcking as hole.
- Hey, just come out!
- Why are you talking dirty?
My head isn't working
because of too much drinking.
After digging for months,
I found a way through Manhole
- What?
I found a man hole here
that lead straight to that bank.
Yeah, it leads close to the bank.
Seems like I got a two or three
months shortcut. I mean the digging.
It was a good find right?
- Yeah.
- Keep going.
- This made things easy.
Hey friend, dressed in red and pink
Again! Hey friend,
dressed in red and pink
Come on, I'll hold you in my arms
Come on, I'll hold you in my arms
Hey friend, dressed in red and pink,
Hey friend
Again! Hey friend, dressed in
red and pink Where are you?
Come on, I'll hold you in my arms
They are killing me here Moyna!
Oh god!
What they did to you?
You've beaten the hell out
of my husband!
How can you do this to someone!
I have been looking for him
since yesterday!
If anything would happen to him,
I would have Handed you all to the police!
Ah... Police?
We will hand your husband to police
after punishing him.
Do you even know what he did?
What? What has he done?
He is secretly having an affair
with my wife for one year!
He has been playing
T20 with my wife.
Caught him red-handed today!
- No, I haven't done anything!
You haven't done anything?
Hey, stop!
How dare you!
Tell me the truth!
What did you do?
I didn't. That woman,
forcefully pulled me inside her room.
Hey, why are lying!
I called you?
I'm just dating you for a month.
But You have been stalking me
for 2 months!
Wait, what!
You are lying again!
Help me Moyna.
They will kill me.
They are doing the right thing.
Money everywhere!
Please forgive him chairman sir.
He is just a simple guy.
Please forgive him chairman sir.
He made a mistake. Please?
I will take him far away from here.
Damn it!
- Listen just go there
and pick up the phone!
O Moyna!
- Why are you calling me!
I'm already in a lot of trouble!
What trouble? I have sent you a video.
Watch it!
You have IMO right?
IMO? Receive that. Now.
Oh god!
I can't open the IMO now?
Just receive it.
Just do it!
Just open IMO for once!
If I can just have you honey
Hey Moyna!
That would be enough.
Come on, I'll hold you in my arms
Can you see it?
What do you see?
Money Moyna!
Can you see all this?
Again! Hey friend,
dressed in red and pink
Look here.
You see this! ha ha
Look there!
You see the money?
There's money everywhere!
I'm lying down with
all these money!
Please let me go.
Brother... Chairman sir.
Can come to this side?
Look you are like a big brother to me.
I should not hide
anything from you.
But how can I say this?
I already feel embarrassed.
My husband is truly a bad person.
Believe me!
I tried a lot!
I couldn't change him.
He will never change!
Now we got the opportunity!
You guys beat him
as much as you want.
Break his hands and legs.
Then hand him over to the police.
Let's see if he changes then.
I tried a lot of different way, but...
You guys do whatever
you want with him.
Fi sabilillah!
He is yours now.
- Don't tell him that, I said all this.
- Moyna!
Wasn't she charging us
a few moment ago?
- Ha?
Why weren't you picking up?
Just tell me.
How will you take all that money
You have any plan?
You go visit a shop.
Then Buy 20 bag of rice
And buy ten empty ones.
Damn! What are you saying?
What will I do with rice now!
You don't get it!
We'll use those empty bags and
hide them alongside those rice bags.
Don't you get it?
- Yeah, I get it!
Why are you so exceptionally
intelligent, Moyna?
You are just too cunning!
OK, OK, OK I will do it.
And listen, Try to pick up when I call OK?
And keep me updated.
Alright, I'm going there now.
Be careful.
OK bye.
- Where do you wanna go sister?
- Just keep going.
Where am I suppose to take you? You have
to give me some kind of direction first.
Just go on, move around this place.
How much do you need for that?
I will pay you all!
I'll pay you even more!
What's price of this car?
Around four to five lakhs,
I guess.
This run-down car costs
four-five lakhs taka?
Seems like a car for lower class people!
- Yeah.
Listen, I will buy a big
luxurious car.
Hello, Sweetheart!
- Yeah?
You there yet?
- Yeah, I'm here.
- I came too far away though.
- You found any shop?
No I didn't.
- Oh you poor thing.
Keep searching, honey.
The number you are calling,
can not be reached at the moment...
Sorry, The number you are
calling, can not be
reached at the moment...
Masud! you!
He switched off his mobile!
He betrayed me
as soon as he got the money!
Sister, You wanna go?
- Yeah.
I need to go a bit a bit further.
You have been saying that this whole time!
Just give me my money,
I will leave.
Just give me two more minutes?
Honey, Where did you go
leaving me behind?
What do you mean?
I was mad at you.
I went to my parent's house.
Don't get mad and
abandon me me again.
Then why do you cheat me for other girls?
I wouldn't go,
If you could stop doing that.
I don't do it on my will.
When I see any beautiful girl,
My legs move automatically toward them.
I try my best not to go. but...
ouch! uh!
Yes sir!
I'm looking into that now sir!
Hey move.
OK, who reported the incident?
I did sir!
Where is that vault?
Look there sir.
OK, Now open the vault!
Someone stole 34 crore taka from
the Karnaphuli Krishi Bang of Bangladesh.
The news went Viral
all over the country
What's the situation
The situation is serious sir!
It a big tunnel!
The biggest news for the moment!
Where was the security guards
when all this happened?
He went inside the vault
and stole all the money!
Sir, I am Kamruzzaman.
Kamruzzaman? You are the
investigating officer for this case?
Yes sir!
You are a good guy.
There's nothing
to be happy about.
When there is to many good guys
like you in the police force,
look, this is what happens.
Huh, man.
Let's take a look.
Thought, I could go on a vacation
for a few days.
But no, You guys always
make some blunders!
Now what should I do?
- Sir!
Who is the manager here?
There he is sir!
Slamalekum sir!
- Oh.
What's your name?
Abbas Mirza
So, how much was there?
34 crore and 20 lakh taka.
How much!
34 Crore, 20 lakhs.
He made all this empty.
A successful implementation
of a long term plan.
Send a sentry down that hole.
Tell him to find out
where this Tunnel started from. OK?
So who saw this first?
Sir, I come to the office
at precisely 8 o'clock every day.
Upon entering the office,
I first unlock the vault.
Today, when I opened the vault, I
found no money, and there is this big hole.
You are from Chittagong?
- Yeah.
I'm also from Chittagong.
But not fully. You know, 35/65
OK whatever,
How does the thief look like?
I didn't see
What about the CCTV Footage?
That camera is not working
for years now.
- We have notified that,
to the authority but...
Hey, someone stole money through a tunnel!
Stole money through a tunnel!
Today's biggest news! the hottest topic!
[Someone stole 34 crore from
Karnaphuli bank through a tunnel!
- Kamruzzaman?
- Yes, sir?
I think we have reached
the headquarter of the thief.
- Kamruzzaman?
- Yes, sir?
- You know what my Grandma used to say?
- What sir?
- Men never take off their lung is and
run away unless they are in great danger.
Sir, he is very rich now.
He has 34 crore Taka.
Probably, he wants to wear only suits now.
That's why he left the lungi deliberately.
- Sir!
Do you ever wanted to go America?
Yeah sir.
Then jump down.
I heard that, America is
right on the other side of Bangladesh
Jump down in god's name.
If luck favors you,
You might end up on America.
Jump down.
- Sir!
Look what this mother fcker did!
He even got lights here!
This is how he dug
this tunnel and reached vault!
Is that mother fcker even a real human?
- What?
Sir, I'm feeling scared sir!
Who knows how long
we will have to keep going!
- Sir?
We are finally here!
- Yes sir.
That mother fcker
is not just a thief!
He is king of the thieves!
He almost killed me!
The owner of that house, bank manager
and all the officers of that bank,
Pick all them up!
And bring them to here!
Yes sir.
I'm bringing them here now!
Hey fcker!
- Sir!
Pick me up first!
- Sorry sir!
Come up sir!
Careful sir!
Sir are you alright?
His name is Bacchu!
He used to live here.
Now I will give you an
exclusive look inside that tunnel,
That he used to steal
all that money!
From this house!
For nine long months!
He dug a 487ft tunnel!
This kind of crime has never
happened before in Bangladesh!
This is the tunnel!
It goes straight this way. To that bank.
How about we arrange a reward?
If we could give like 5 lakhs, then sir
the people will start helping willingly
to catch the thief!
Yes sir!
Then you can do a press conference.
You know that a big incident
happened here.
And because of that,
we all got fired!
They even arrested our Bank manager
and two security guards!
We want our job back!
And if this press conference doesn't work,
We will take even bigger initiatives!
They Dug a long 487ft tunnel
and stole 34 crore taka.
We don't know who are
involved in this master plan.
Look what this fcker did!
He dug a tunnel and
stole all the money!
Oh my god! he is a hero now!
I always wanted to rob a bank!
I could never have the courage.
Turn that off!
What are you watching this whole day!
What are you saying?
This is the only news now.
He created a storm in Bangladesh. Wish I
could meet him! I would bow down to him.
The police
announced a 5 lakh Taka reward
if anyone can provide
information about him.
They also provided a hotline number.
Call as soon as you see him.
We don't know his real name.
Or where he is from.
But he must have done
mining works before.
He even worked in a Ice mill.
But sir the interesting part is,
He had an account in this bank.
And had a deposit of
six thousand taka only.
What's his name on that account?
Sir, all his certificates are fake.
He used a fake name here.
best bank in the world!
They give you 34 crore taka interest a year
for just a six thousand taka deposit!
Sir after hearing reward
announcement on TV,
Two person came. They are saying that
they know the thief
look at this tunnel incident!
You must have some influence behind this!
The government did so
many development, so many
positive things, Yet you
never say anything about them!
Someone dug a tunnel,
A simple incident.
But you are making this a big issue,
and taking this against the government?
We will protest this after the EID.
That's what we are making clear here.
We will protest on the sky,
protest on the water, on the
ground! We will dug a
tunnel if needed. That's final!
You can speak.
Sir I'm Zahir.
I'm a real estate agent.
I mean I do it with honesty.
Hey! stop!
Sir, we know who took the money.
I saw that on TV.
There is a reward of five lakhs!
If anyone can hand him over.
Is this real sir?
You will pay that much?
You never want to believe
my grand mother's words.
She used to say,
money brings more money.
See? five lakh Taka,
brought the news of 34 crore taka!
What will you say now?
we will not just give you five lakhs,
I will also add five thousand
extra from my pocket.
Now tell me who did it?
Sir, my husband did that.
Who is this beside you?
He is my husband.
They mean the same person right?
Goddess Lakshmi in person!
She brought the criminal with her.
Go get him.
No no no sir!
I didn't steal it!
It was her first husband.
He is my second husband.
You have any proof?
Yes I do sir.
I have proof.
Give me my mobile.
I think the first husband
was abusive.
That's why she is here
to punish him.
Here sir.
- Check it sir.
What's this?
- A video sir.
He sent this to me.
Look! what do you see?
What is his name?
Sir, his name is Masud.
Where is he now?
I don't know sir.
He is the ultimate betrayer!
He switched off his mobile
after taking all the money.
Sir, we gave you his
information. Now you
can easily catch him.
And take all the money.
And the reward...
Give it to us.
We've been waiting since yesterday.
We need that money right?
- Yes sir.
I don't need that extra five thousand sir.
You can keep that and have some snacks.
We can have a lot of tea and snacks
with that five thousand right?
So there was a money distribution problem
between you guys, and he betrayed you.
Now you want him to get arrested?
No sir!
- I got it. no problem.
Kamruzzaman, lock them up.
And give them proper medicine.
And you will get Masud.
Sir! sir!
- No go go.
Sir we didn't know anything sir!
- Shut up! I told you not to come!
Stop! Sir!
We heard all about that on TV.
There was a reward of five lakhs!
- Just take them in. go.
That's why we came...
- Hey, shut up!
- Take them.
- Sir sir...
She did everything sir!
I don't even know anything.
Sir! sir!
Take them away!
Dear mother...
Speak up.
Sir sir! believe me sir!
I know nothing!
OK just tell me where Masud is.
I don't know sir!
- You know everything.
I have read all your chat
with that fcker.
It's clear that you were
involved in this theft.
You provoked him to do that.
Now speak up.
If You don't speak up now,
and if I fail to get him,
I will send you straight to the jail.
Sir, I swear on god sir!
I really don't know where Masud is.
You don't know?
- No sir!
You don't?
Sir sir sir! believe me!
- Speak up!
I really don't know
where Masud is Sir!
But Masud loves me a lot sir!
Today, or tomorrow, he will call me.
Wherever he is on this earth!
Even if he marries 10 times.
He will come to see me sir!
You, you just wait...
I will hand over Masud to you sir!
- What's wrong brother?
Anyone who talked to Masud, even once,
arrest and bring them here!
Pick it up!
Receive the call!
Track it!
Put it on loud!
Hello Moyna!
Where are you?
I'm in a lot of trouble Moyna!
Who's number is this?
It's someone else's.
I had to call you from here.
Listen, I'm hiding.
So many things happened!
I couldn't tell you.
Where are you?
- I...
- Come meet me.
- I...
I will tell you everything!
Where are you?
Moyna! Moyna!
Where is the money?
I told you, I didn't get the money!
You are lying to me again!
Why would I lie to you?
I really didn't get the money.
Listen, I came back from the vault
just like you told me to do.
I took a truck there,
with 20 bags of rice and ten empty bags.
But when I went back to the vault,
There was no money!
Are you kidding with me?
Who sent me the video then?
Who was dancing all over that money?
All that money just vanished?
I swear on you!
- What!
I swear on my life!
- Liar!
I didn't get the money!
Traitor! I will not let you
have all those money alone!
Look who I brought here!
They will pull out all the money
from your stomach!
Son of a bitch!
Let me go!
Man, you just amazed me!
If I were you, I would have
already moved to Europe.
White girls, you know?
I would try to have a setting with them.
And you?
You just stayed on this country?
Man, you are a number one lover.
- Sir?
Get him inside the car.
- Yes sir!
Moyna, What are you...
- Let's go!
Hey Moyna!
What are you doing Moyna!
- Come!
- What have you done Moyna!
Hey! Moyna! Hey! Hey Moyna!
What have you done Moyna!
Moyna, I don't have
the money Moyna!
Moyna, I don't have the money!
Just get on the car!
Believe me Moyna!
I don't have the money!
Get on the car!
- You called the police to arrest me!
Moyna! I don't have money!
Believe me!
I don't have money Moyna.
Viewers, we currently standing
in front of the Kornaphuli bank.
And finally all these mystery is
unwrapping in front of our eyes...
Get Down!
Police just brought Masud here...
Hey, You can't talk to him now!
Turn off the camera!
Masud is being taken
inside the police station now.
I loved Moyna,
more than my life!
But I never imagined that my Moyna
would betray me like this!
You are showing you fucking
romanticism here?
I asked you to tell
me a thriller story.
And you adding love,
drama, romanticism here!
Hey! Where the hell did you
hide those money! ha?
Hey, mother fucker!
Where is the money!
I am telling you the truth!
I didn't get the money.
You didn't get it?
You did get the money!
Tell me where you keeping all those money!
Where is it!
Look at this idiot dancing all over
the money. Who is it then?
It's me.
It's me!
Then you took the money?
I... I went there, there was money.
I took a 50 thousand taka bundle
and left to buy things.
Then I went there again,
But didn't find any money there!
Where is the money?
- No brother, I didn't find it.
Where did you hide it?
I didn't even get it!
You don't know?
- No
Son of a bitch!
Uh! uh!
Speak up Scoundrel!
What did you think? ha?
You will just digest
all these beating?
And swindle all the money?
My name is...
Apel khan!
Thirty five sixty five!
I set the rules here!
The man who dug a tunnel
to steal money from the banks vault,
got caught by the police!
Police told us that,
his name is Masud.
He used to work as a miner
in Malaysia
Any update?
I have been beating him
for four hours!
Not a singe word
came out of his mouth!
I say we push a bamboo
up inside his ass.
Words will start coming out,
even the money too!
You won't tell us?
Listen son...
You confess while you can.
Or else,
That girl, Moyna,
And that boy, Zahir...
I will eat you all.
No one will find any trace.
I'm telling you the truth sir!
I did this all alone.
Moyna, Zahir did nothing.
I will tell truth
even if you kill me.
I did it all alone.
It took me 9 months!
I went in, took the money.
Then I left with the money.
I could just use one 50 thousand
taka bundle.
And the rest?
I didn't even count them!
There was so much money!
But it was stolen.
I lost it.
Who stole it?
- I don't know.
So you are confessing that,
you stole the money alone?
Moyna, Zahir
They were not with you?
Very good, very good.
Shit, look at you all beaten up!
Write the statement on 164.
Here, eat this.
Don't let anyone in
outside the line.
Hey what are you doing?
You call this food?
This taste good though.
Boss, remember this one?
This one?
Yeah, it's him. Masud! Who dug a tunnel
to steal money remember?
I don't get it. How can a man keep
digging a tunnel for 9 months!
anyone can tell by just looking at you
that you are a millionaire!
I know how you feeling boss.
I also had a girlfriend.
She also left me for money.
You know what I did then?
I found out who she went with then,
Stabbed him. And now I'm here.
Boss, just let me stay beside you.
You will just order
what you need.
I will bring it to you in seconds.
Boss, just let me know if need any pills.
You need one now?
I kept thinking,
Where did all the money go?
Who took it!
Where is my money?
My money! money!
My money!
Where the hell is my money!
What are you doing there?
Come inside!
Oh Sir!
Please can you check if my husband
Masud is inside or not?
Can you call him here please!
Hey, Masud.
Your wife is here.
Go meet her.
I don't have any wife.
Don't be mad.
Just go.
No, I don't have anyone.
Should I tell her that
you don't want to talk to her?
- Hey fucker!
- Hey dude.
Got caught again?
- I was so close this time!
You will always get caught
getting this close.
So what?
I will try again.
Why are you still here!
My husband Masud,
I want to talk to him.
We tell him about you everyday.
He doesn't want to meet you.
Now go!
Go sister!
Just get out!
I told him to call everyone.
Everything is going good.
Masud bhai.
Come, come...
Come here!
Just come here
for a moment brother.
Come here.
Brother, I tease and joke
around you sometime.
Do you mind that?
Don't mind OK?
This is a prison you see?
There is no entertainment here.
That's why I just joke around
and have some fun time with you.
Where did you keep the money?
Where did you keep the money? ha?
Man, you can't just
leave those for nothing!
And you can't keep those money in your
house, not even on the bank. Can you?
I have an idea!
How about you...
and me...
Join together and invest?
You give me 50 lakhs,
I will return back that money
in just two months.
You know all these
restaurant in Dhaka city?
I supply chickens to
everyone of them.
Oh, not the good ones, you know?
Dead ones.
You know those,
dead body in the cemetery?
I dig them up and refine those skeletons.
And sell them to medical students.
You know those students?
They are just sitting
there, eagerly waiting,
when they can get one!
Hey, give him a cigarette.
- I will slap the...!
Bro, it's the expensive ones.
Take this brother.
Brother, just light it up.
This is a prison.
You have money,
You have no problem here!
Here, smoke one.
You just help out a brother here, OK?
Just for once.
I promise I will return
it to you in two months!
We will run the business from here.
Sitting here inside the prison.
No one can even touch you here.
Think about it.
Wait... you don't smoke these?
It's an expensive brand.
Sir, there she is.
What happened?
Why are you sitting here all day!
There is no use.
You won't get anything.
Why are you sitting here?
I... I want to see
my husband, Masud.
- Yes.
Hey, which Masud?
Sir, she is talking
about that Tunnel Masud
Your husband doesn't want to see you.
You want us to force him here?
Sir sir sir! please sir.
- Wait wait...
Please do something sir.
I am like your little sister sir, please
let me see him for once.
Oh ho.
OK OK, Let me see.
Go bring Masud to the
visiting room.
And take her there to meet him.
- OK sir.
I'm bringing him here,
but can't take longer. OK?
OK sir.
- Just meet him, then leave.
OK sir.
Who is it?
You will see soon.
Hey, open the door.
Go Go!
Open this lock.
Why aren't you going?
Masud, please forgive me.
I have committed a great sin.
I thought you cheated on me, lied to me.
That's why I told everything to the police.
I acted like an inhuman.
I forgot that my Masud
is not a bad guy.
My Masud can never betray me.
He loves me a lot.
How could I make such a big mistake?
Can you talk to me a little?
Talk to me, please.
Just talk to me a little bit, please.
Hey, don't speak loudly.
I have come here to see you
countless times.
You haven't met,
not even talking.
Don't be mad at me.
I got punished.
Please believe me.
I am not in good condition.
Please, believe me.
Moyna is not in good condition.
Moyna has handed over
Masud to the police.
Received 5 lakh Taka in return.
Money is everything
in this world.
Why is Moyna not happy
even after getting this five lakh Taka?
O Allah!
Do you think I got the money?
Zahir ran away with the money.
He married again, divorced me,
kicked me out.
I didn't get that money.
I don't need that money.
Please, believe me.
I don't need that money.
You just come back to me.
What Moyna did was right.
Everything that happened to me was right.
My mistake is that
I fell in love with you.
I loved you so much that
I forgot about myself.
Forgive me one last time.
I just want you.
I will wait for you.
After you get out,
we will restart our life together.
I don't need anything.
I don't need any money.
You just come back to me.
For that,
I can do whatever you want.
Moyna, Can you find
out something? Can you?
Here! Here I am.
How are you?
I am fine. How about you?
I am good. I told you about
the water line's problem
in the bathroom, right?
- Yes.
- I installed a new pipe there.
- OK.
It's a new pipe. Do you understand
- Yes, Yes.
The pipe is connected
directly to the manhole.
Do you understand what the manhole is
A connection has been made with that.
- OK
- How big is the pipe?
- Nine. Almost nine feet.
Do you understand?
Yes, It's all right.
So, now I'm going.
You keep safe.
I will visit you again soon.
I am going now, okay?
I have a great plan
to escape from here.
On the day we will be taken to court,
we will sneak out of the car.
We will run away from the
eyes of the police.
Once we cross the court area,
no more worries.
The hell!
What kind of plan is this?
Police will beat us brutally
if they catch us.
Come up with a plan so that
the three of us can escape very easily.
Hey, this is a very simple plan.
My people will be around.
Fight with the police?
I don't want to be a part of this.
You have to dig two-foot into
the floor where we bathe.
Then, if you dig nine-foot forward
from there, you can enter the manhole.
And that manhole is connected
to the city corporation road.
What did you just say brother!
Brother, can you tell us again?
I said that we have to dig two-foot
into the floor where we bathe.
Then, if we dig nine foot forward
from there, we can enter the manhole.
And that manhole is connected
to the city corporation road.
Breaking News
Masud escaped from prison
by digging a tunnel again
How Masud escaped through
the tight security of the prison,
by digging a tunnel is a big mystery.
Masud haven't change yet!
The three-member
inquiry committee that was formed,
to investigate the matter
has not yet submitted any report.
So, where is Masud now?
Do you know him?
No, sir.
You couldn't hide from me,
could you?
How did you escape?
Sir, we dug a nine-foot tunnel
behind the toilet and entered the manhole.
Then we went out
through the manhole.
Is that true?
Sir, we don't know anything sir.
Who made the plan? Masud?
Yes, sir. We didn't want to do this.
Masud planned it.
Where is Masud?
Sir, we came to Moyna's house.
No sir, Moyna and Masud aren't here.
My grandma used to say that
If you keep your eyes open,
you cannot find a needle in a haystack.
You have to close your eyes
and feel with your hands.
So, you close your eyes
and try to feel.
Sir, how was your grandmother's voice?
Thin or thick?
How would I know?
She was dumb.
What do you say, sir?
So, how do you know
what grandmother used to say?
I can guess these.
Listen, if my grandmother could talk,
she would have said all these things,
wouldn't she?
Masud, where are you?
Are you digging any tunnels again?
I see you.
You alright?
Follow me.
Sir all the check-post are on high alert.
We are doing our best sir.
I'm right behind you.
You go.
Wow. Hotel service
has become much better.
There is one inside,
they have sent another one!
Come on, come on.
Let's play.
Hey buddy,
you want to play alone?
- Come on, let's play together.
Hey! Wait!
Hey, son of a bitch.
Shut up!
Don't say a word
or I will kill you.
Hey friend, have an
expensive cigarette.
Why did you run when you saw me?
I got scared.
Why did you get scared?
Why are you afraid of me?
I'm out of jail.
You are my close friend.
You are supposed to help me.
Why are you afraid?
Because you messed up, right?
You should not have thrown this expensive
cigarette pack inside the tunnel.
What are you saying, my friend?
What tunnel? Where is the tunnel?
Sister, please tell him
not to do this to me?
- Where is the money?
What money?
I don't know anything about this.
Just give us the money.
I don't know anything!
Where is my money?
I'm telling the truth.
I'm holding your feet, believe me.
Sir? Oh Sir?
Shahadat? You? Why are you here
so late at night?
What happened to you?
Who are these two women with you?
Who are you calling a woman?
I am Masud. Mother Fcker!
Where is my money?
Where are you keeping the money?
Hey son of a bitch, where is my money?
What money, Masud?
What money?
Manager, where is my money?
Where is my money?
I am telling you, brother.
I am telling you.
Don't beat me anymore.
You made friends with me.
Thinking me a fool,
you were getting all the information
about the bank from me.
I was a bit suspicious then.
Let's have a drink.
Let's go.
Why don't you let me into your house?
Do you have a wife in the house?
Yes. I have a new wife.
Go and see for yourself.
I sleep with my wife every day.
It's a crap cigarette.
Come on, smoke expensive cigarettes.
I went to your house
because of that suspicion.
I made a fake key for
the lock of your room.
When I entered the room
I found a tunnel on the floor.
- Assalamu Alaikum, Sir.
- Walaikum Assalam.
Sir, I have a friend.
His name is Masud.
I entered his house.
I saw that he is digging a tunnel.
Let him dig the tunnel, no problem.
But the problem is that I found
a map next to the tunnel.
A straight line went through the map
and ended under our bank vault.
His house is just four or five buildings
away from our bank.
I'm sure he'll get into the vault
and steal all the money in the bank.
Sir, we will all be in danger.
Inform the police.
I didn't hear anything.
You didn't see anything either.
What do you mean, sir?
You will help him from now on.
But he should not notice.
OK, sir.
Sir, the work has progressed a lot.
I understand sir.
That means,
we cannot involve ourselves
in this work in any way.
Manager, where is my money?
Oh money! I am yours.
You are mine.
Shahadat, hurry up!
Oh money!
You are mine!
Where is the money? Tell me?
Where did you keep it?
I have it.
Where did you keep it?
Sir, tell him everything.
Otherwise he will kill us.
The dog has gone mad, sir.
Tell him, sir.
Life is worth more than money.
Son of a bitch.
Here it is.
Oh! So, you kept the money here?
Son of a bitch!
We are going to a place
where no one can find us.
No one can guess
where we're going to hide.
Oh my god!
Can you see how much
money we have here?
All this money belongs to us?
Not us, yours!
Where will we keep the money?
I won't be able to sleep
because of the tension.
I am not getting sleep either.
Let's keep the money in the bank.
We stole it from the bank.
Won't we get caught.
Then, let's take this money
and go abroad.
I am thinking of setting up
a bank in your name.
The name of that bank will be
"Moyna Trust Bank".
In my name?
But where?
Here. I will dig a tunnel here
and build the bank.
No no! Don't do this again.
Don't dig tunnels anymore.
No no! Trust me.
This will be the last tunnel of my life.
Then we will keep
all the money in there?
- Yes.
- You and me? OK.
Common people are suspecting that
Masud has fled the country.
The police have yet to
find any trace of him.
There is no way for him
to cross the border.
However, if he has somehow
crossed the border,
we will arrest him
with the help of Interpol if necessary.
Throw softly.
- Is there anymore?
- No.
Oh Allah! Are you still fixing the walls?
You like the bank?
It's great!
Hmm, Great!
I'm scared.
The way the police are looking for me,
what if they find me in Bandarban?
I mean, what if they find me here?
Then we will loose everything.
Then the police will
take away all our money.
No! Your money cannot
be given to the police.
I'm wondering one thing.
Suppose I have been jailed
for 14 years.
I'll go surrender myself.
You will stay here.
Whenever you need money,
you can take the money
from the bank and spend it.
And in this place, you will spend
a lot of money to build a huge building.
Then I will come back
and rule here.
I will be the king and
you will be my queen.
Oh, Allah. What happened to this?
Didn't I tell you then? This light
disturbs like this every now and then
- Let me see.
- Please fix it.
- I need the ladder.
- Why are you taking it?
- I need it to fix the switchboard.
- Oh, okay. Take it then.
- Oh Moyna,
- What?
- I forgot to tell you one thing.
- What
Didn't you have a husband named Zahir?
I killed him after getting out of jail.
Son of a bitch!
Yes, Zahir is no more.
He is gone, finished!
Buddy, please forgive me?
I forgave you.
Yeah it's forgiveness.
Here is my forgiveness!
Here it is. Take it.
Take it. I have forgiven you.
Take it. Take it.
Cheater! There is no room
for cheaters in my life.
Are you OK?
Where are you going?
There is no room
for cheaters in my life.
- Cheater!
- Hey, Masud?
I am scared.
Can you pick me up from here, please?
- Hey!
- What are you pouring here?
I'm pouring
- What? I don't understand.
- Don't you know what this is? It's Petrol!
Why are you pouring petrol?
Have you gone mad?
Please, get me out of here.
Why are you scared?
Why should I get you out of there?
Hey Moyna?
Masud's Moyna!
What does Masud's Moyna
love most?
Does she love Masud?
No! Masud is a fool.
Masud is an idiot.
- Masud's Moyna loves money.
- No no no!
Look, your Masud has brought
you money. Look!
- Look! how much money Masud brought. Look!
- No, I don't need money.
You will sleep on this money.
When you are hungry, you will eat money.
- Masud!
- There is no room for cheaters.
- Cheaters have no place in my life.
- Masud, forgive me.
Don't you love me? Please, forgive me.
- Hey!
I don't need money. Didn't I tell you that
I have changed?
I am truly cleansed. Please believe me!
Please, don't get it wrong!
I'm releasing you.
I'll stay however you keep me.
- I'm setting you free!
I am forgiving you.
- Why are you closing it? Please, open it.
- Please, forgive me Masud.
- Yes. I have forgiven you.
I have become a better person now.
I will never cheat on you again.
Yes. I'm forgiving you.
- Masud, please don't kill me.
I am feeling scared.
Please, Get me out of here.
Why are you doing this? Everything
was fine. What happened to you suddenly?
This is forgiveness.
I have forgiven you.
I am setting you free.
Come here Masud.
Please talk to me. Masud?
- Masud! Masud!
- I am here. Listening.
Masud! Please, don't kill me.
- I'm pouring...
I have told you before that
I don't need money.
I only need you, Masud!
Forgive me!
Oh Masud!
Don't kill me like this!
Forgive me please!
Why is there so much smoke?
Did you start the fire?
I'm suffocating. Masud!
You Moyna is getting burned