Surprise (2023) Movie Script

(relaxing instrumental music)
(dramatic rumbling music)
(cogs clicking)
(dramatic explosion)
(dramatic instrumental music)
(relaxing instrumental music)
- All right.
(David breathing deeply) All right, it's on.
It's on, man.
Hey, hey. Come here.
How you feeling?
- Nervous, bro.
- No man, you ain't nervous man.
You've been wanting to do this for a while now, man,
so don't get nervous now.
(David sighing) Look, ain't nothing out
here in these streets for you, man.
You hear me?
But I can tell you this,
it couldn't beat me.
(men chuckling) Nah, seriously though,
come here, bro.
Listen, listen,
I think she a good one,
man, seriously.
You'll be a fool to lose her,
you hear me? - All right, bro.
- So go get your queen, man.
All right, here they come.
Here they come.
(ladies chuckling) - Girl.
- Hey, ladies. - Hi.
- Hey, give me some love. (Jenna chuckling)
- Hey. - Hey, baby.
- Hi, boo. (Jenna chuckling)
(relaxing instrumental music)
- Would you come here for me? - Okay.
(relaxing instrumental music)
(David breathing deeply)
- As I look off into those big,
beautiful, brown eyes,
so many thoughts run through my mind.
(relaxing instrumental music)
Like how much I adore you,
how much I love you,
how much I appreciate you.
Baby, you the masterpiece to my puzzle.
When I come near you,
I'm a pitbull that don't need no muscle.
We come from the same place,
but different in many ways.
Trust is our foundation.
But dammit, I couldn't keep you waiting.
You can look east,
you can look west,
But baby, you the one that want laying
on my chest every night.
You can look north and you can look south.
But as I get down on one knee,
(Jenna breathing deeply)
Jenna, you the one that I always dreamed about.
Would you marry me?
(Jenna whimpering) - Yes. Yes.
- She said yes, bro.
(people chuckling) Hey.
This is my boy.
(Lisa applauding)
- Congratulations.
- Yes.
(ladies chuckling with excitement)
- I'm proud of you, man.
(upbeat instrumental music)
Let's get around and around your mind
Shake it up and let it slide behind your senses
I know you'll compromise for that
Till you tend to all the damage
I have a dozen different questions
You got a couple brand new answers
It's getting too crazy for two
To wanna think about the good things
Maybe that's the way it will be
We can call it on a new day
I'm too crazy for you
To wanna think about the good things
Maybe that's the way it will be
And we can call it on a new day
Try again and make it shine tonight
Draw lines in the sand that thaws my concrete
Another compromise for us
Till you tend to all the damage
It's getting too crazy for two
Don't wanna think about the good things
Maybe that's the way it will be
We can call it on a new day
I'm too crazy for you
Don't wanna think about the good things
Maybe that's the way it will be
And we can call it on a new day
Love, we call it toxic and then we back in the pocket
Like cellphones and wallets, apartment keys and our car
We tend to hop on the arguments
Got some scars from the violence in the air
And we still farther than when we started
The good days lead to bad nights
Like winning crap games on the block
Until you getting caught with some bad dice
My homey gave me some advice
And if you having fun then don't question it
Live once, don't ask twice
- Good morning, Mrs. Gamble.
- Well, good morning handsome.
(bacon sizzling) (Jenna chuckling)
Maybe that's the way it will be
(David groaning with pleasure)
- Good morning (Jenna chuckling)
to my beautiful,
wife that's making me breakfast this morning.
(Jenna chuckling)
- Of course I'm making you breakfast.
My man always gets breakfast for his birthday.
- Well, it's already off to a great start.
(Jenna chuckling) (bacon sizzling)
All right, don't get started.
Don't get started.
Go sit down so I can get you a plate.
- Okay.
(footsteps clicking on floor)
(chair scraping on floor)
(David sighing)
(cutlery clanging)
(plate clanging)
- Looks good. Smells good.
(Jenna chuckling)
(David groaning with pleasure)
I thought you told, me don't.
- And I meant it. (David chuckling)
I gotta get ready for work but before I go,
I wanted to give you this.
- Mrs. Gamble.
Oh, my God.
I love it.
- You do? - Yeah.
(Jenna chuckling) - You know how
to spoil me, don't you? - Mhmm.
- Thank you, baby.
- Hold that thought. - Wait, what's the rush?
- I have some errands to run before my 10 o' clock meeting.
- [David] Anything I can do to help?
- On your birthday?
- Yeah. - Oh.
I wouldn't dream of giving you honey to do on your birthday.
- You know I don't mind. - Okay,
well finish your breakfast, okay.
- Okay. - I'll be back.
(cellphone ringing) - Wow.
She really love me, don't she?
(cellphone ringing)
(cutlery clanging)
(cellphone ringing)
Hello? - David?
What's up, man? Happy birthday.
- Hey, thanks man. (David chuckling)
So what do I owe you the pleasure of calling my wife?
(David chuckling incredulously)
What you two planning on giving me a gift of adultery
for my birthday or something?
(Greg chuckling)
- [Greg] Yeah man, that's exactly what it is.
I guess I never could get nothing over on you, huh.
No, but seriously man,
I'm pretty sure we landed that Jefferson Tate deal.
And I done tried to call your phone like five times already
and you ain't answering.
So I figured I'd called Jenna's phone to get you
to call me back.
- Yeah, you know what man,
I had cut my ringer off last night
so I can get some rest,
I was tired.
I just forgot to cut my ringer back on this morning.
- [Greg] Yeah, yeah,
yeah man, whatever.
Look, stop chasing Jenna around the house man
and get in here so we can lock this thing down.
(David chuckling) - Yeah. Okay.
All right, I'll be on my way in about 10 minutes.
- [Greg] All right, man.
See you in a minute.
- All right. (ended call beeping)
(heels clicking on floor)
- Who was that? - That was Greg.
- Okay.
Well, I will see you at dinner later on tonight
okay. - Sounds good.
- I love you. - I love you too.
(heels clicking on floor)
(David sighing)
It was nothing.
(ominous instrumental music)
(singer vocalizing)
Out here on the teer
Twenty inches on the wheel
VBS' on the wrist
Love living life like this
- Hi, thank you for holding.
Give me one second and I'll put you through right.
(door clicking)
Good morning, Mr. Gamble.
- Good morning, Lisa.
Thank you.
(telephone ringing)
I'm your black man, legit
- Trust me, that's the best decision
you could've made.
I guarantee you won't regret this.
Oh, and speaking on top of the line access,
the man of the hour just walked in.
Hey David, say hello to Alan Michaelson.
- [Alan] David, good morning.
- Good morning my main man, Alan.
Hey man, we're so happy to hear that you decided
to move forward our proposal.
Welcome to the winner's circle.
Advantex is most definitely a great choice.
We won't let you down, my friend.
- [Alan] For what you guys are charging,
I should hope not.
- Don't doubt it. Don't doubt it.
by this time next year,
your company will be a household name in software.
We guarantee it.
See, the money you spend with us is gonna return
to you tenfold.
I guarantee it or I tell you what,
dinner's on me. (Alan chuckling)
- [Alan] Just dinner?
- Hey, hey,
hey, with the way food prices are right now,
I am sure we'll break even.
Don't forget, I've seen you eat big guy.
- [Alan] All right. Okay, guys.
All right. (Greg chuckling)
So listen, how about we do this,
let's do lunch this afternoon so
that we can finalize the contract so we can
get things moving.
- Hey, sounds good.
Champagne lunch it is.
Look, I'm gonna have Lisa reach out to you with the details
and we'll see you soon.
- Yes.
(Greg cheering) Yes, man.
- [David] That's what I'm talking about.
- Come on. (hands slapping)
I told you, bro.
Come on, man.
- This is all you, baby.
This is all you.
(ladies chuckling)
- Well Lisa, it looks like we're interrupting
a tender moment here.
- I think you might be right.
(Jenna chuckling)
- Baby, we just closed that Jefferson and Tate deal
we've been working on for over six months.
- What?
- It's the biggest account of our career.
(Jenna chuckling) - Congratulations, baby.
- Hey, hey,
y'all two get a room.
- Look, we about to head over to Le Sueur for lunch.
How about you come join us?
- I'm sorry, I can't.
- [David] What? Why not?
- Lisa, can I see you out here for a minute so we can
go over these contracts real quick?
- Of course, right this way.
- Hey look, you two go ahead and finish up in here
and I'm gonna run over to the restaurant and get us a table.
- Got you. - All right.
- Baby, what's going on?
- So I have a huge presentation that I have to prepare for
and it's causing me to work through lunch.
- Okay. Okay.
Well, we still on for tonight right?
- Actually, that's why I stopped by,
to let you know I wouldn't be able to make it
to dinner either because of the presentation.
- Come on, Jenna.
It's the third time you done canceled on me this month.
And plus, you've been working a lot lately.
- I know, I know baby and I'm sorry.
I just got a lot going on at work right now.
But I'm gonna make it up to you, I promise.
- Yeah, you gonna make it up to me.
Look, how about you give me your schedule book?
You let me go ahead and book us a date right now.
- David, I am not giving you my schedule.
Stop being ridiculous.
Now, I told you I will make it up to you and I will.
- Okay. - All right,
I gotta get going but I'll see you later on tonight, okay.
I love you. - I love you too.
(ominous instrumental music)
(people laughing)
- See you later, okay. - Yeah.
- Bye. (ominous instrumental music)
(microwave door clicking) (colleagues chatting)
(microwave door clicking)
- Hey, what's going on fellas?
- Hey, hey. What up, man?
- [Colleague] Enjoy your lunch, fellas.
- Hey, bro.
Everything good?
- I don't know. You tell me?
- What you mean by that?
- I saw you all over there,
all kinky at Lisa's desk.
What was that about? (Greg chuckling incredulously)
- Oh man, Jenna was just telling us
about your birthday gift, man.
Why you ain't wear it to work?
- Man, I was gonna wear it tonight man,
but she canceled on me again.
- Aw man, cut her some slack man.
We work long hours all the time when we doing new campaigns.
You know how that is.
- Wait, how you know she work late?
- Because she told us, man.
Come on now, relax.
But look, did I tell you about my new potential baby mama
who just so happens to be an airline stewardess?
- No. - Man, there's nothing like
them flight benefits to raise a woman's sex appeal.
(Greg chuckling) (cutlery clanging)
- Didn't you get enough of doing all that in college,
chasing up behind all them women?
- Look, you've been my best friend since forever,
so you should already know the answer to that question.
(men chuckling)
- You are a wild boy, man.
(upbeat instrumental music) (restaurant guests chatting)
- You know that old saying,
great day at the office?
Fellas, we had better than a great day at the office.
I can't believe you guys actually pulled that off.
And those commission checks.
You're gonna be astronomical.
- Yeah, so drinks on you right?
- Yeah, drinks on me man.
- I mean, I know it's your birthday and all,
but you still need tax write-offs.
What kind of friends will we be
if we didn't help a brother out?
- I'm gonna be honest,
this is way better than spending quality time
at the Home Depot with the misses.
She's got this eternal home improvement list.
I swear, if she brings home one more paint swatch.
(Tom sighing)
I don't know,
I may have to stage a ladder accident or something.
(man chuckling)
- No need to plan any bodily injury.
- I'm just saying. - Look, my friend,
I'll gladly come over and help your wife paint.
(Tony chuckling) - Watch out, now.
- Man,
this guy,
he's so smooth.
Every time we go somewhere,
he leaves with no less than two prospects.
- Hey, I used to pull it like that back in the day.
- [Man] Just like that?
- You know what they say, wedding ring,
makes women normally want you more.
But I believe Shannon gave me one
that actually repels all the women.
Yeah. (cellphone vibrating)
Hey man, what's up?
(cellphone vibrating)
- Hello?
- Hey,
I know you're probably still mad at me
but I still wanted to call and apologize about earlier.
- No, don't worry about it.
- Come on, David.
Don't be like that.
I can't help that I have a lot going on at work right now.
And I thought with all of the hard work you've been putting
in at your job and all the success you've been having
that you understand.
I promise,
after the next couple of weeks things will slow down
and I'll make it up to you, okay?
(call waiting beeping)
Oh babe, I gotta take this.
I'll be working late tonight so we'll talk
when I get home, okay?
Love you, bye.
- I love you too. (ended call beeping)
(upbeat music) - What's up, bro? You good?
- Yeah, I'm good.
- Then take a drink, man.
We've had a smashing day today at the office, man.
- I'm really not in the mood for a drink.
- All right, I'll meet you at Luckys in an hour.
All right. - Hey, hey.
- Fellas? - My God.
- You truly are the man.
(Greg chuckling) - You're silly, man.
- Hey, you still betting a thousand?
- Come on, man,
you really gotta ask that?
Look, thanks to that gorgeous young lady at the bar,
my weekend plans have been thoroughly solidified.
Now, if you fellas will excuse me,
I gotta go.
- Hey man, what's up?
- Oh man, I gotta meet up
with this date I picked up earlier.
You know a gentleman never leaves his lady waiting.
- Wow, wow,
wait before you go, hold on.
Just to confirm,
drinks still on you, right?
- Of course, man. - Good.
- [Greg] Hey David, put it on our card man.
I'll see you fellas tomorrow.
- All right. - Have a great night,
brother, later.
Hey man, what's up?
You ain't touched your drink since we got here.
(ominous instrumental music)
(door creaking) (door clicking)
(footsteps creaking floor)
(ominous instrumental music)
- Jesus, you scared me.
What are you still doing up so late?
- [David] What am I still doing up?
What you doing coming in here sneaking
at 12 o' clock in the morning?
Plus, you wasn't answering your phone.
You had me worried sick about you.
Where were you?
- David, I told you I had to work late.
- Jenna,
where were you?
And don't tell me you've been out working all this time?
What's going on with you lately?
- I cannot believe you're acting like this.
Now, how many times have I had to endure you coming home
at all hours of the night because you told me you
were working late on some project?
Did I ever make you feel like a criminal then?
No, I didn't.
If you told me you were working late,
I took your work for it.
And you wanna know why?
It's because I actually trust you.
Plus, you've never given me a reason not to.
Now, Chelsea and I were at the office until about 10 p.m.,
running some errands,
and then we went to go grab a bite to eat
because we were starving.
Because if you remember,
I told you that I had to work through lunch.
And of course I saw you blowing my phone up but
David, I'm not about to pick up and argue in front of her.
This project is stressful enough without me having
to stroke your ego every time I tell you I have
to work late.
(Jenna sighing)
(somber piano music)
- Baby, I'm sorry.
Look, let's head to the room and get some rest okay.
- I'll be in in a minute.
I gotta take a shower,
it's been a long day.
- But you normally shower in the morning.
- Really, David?
Like, come on.
- You know what,
don't worry about it.
(somber piano music)
(David sighing)
(somber piano music)
(telephone ringing)
(paper rustling)
(door clicking)
- Good morning, David. - Good morning, Lisa.
- The mock-ups for the Caliber account came back
for your review. - Perfect. Perfect.
- Oh, how was your birthday?
- Let's just say I've had better.
- Oh, I'm sorry to hear that.
I hope today gets better for you.
- I hope so. (paper rustling)
You know what,
speaking of that,
this might be a little bit outside the workplace
but can I ask you something?
- Sure, is everything okay?
- Yeah.
You and Jenna are best friends, right?
- Yes. (Lisa chuckling)
- Has she been acting a little weird to you lately?
- No, not that I've noticed.
Why? (telephone ringing)
- Just forget I asked.
Than you, Lisa.
- Can I do anything else for you?
- No, this is it thank you.
- Okay. (telephone ringing)
(door clicking)
(upbeat instrumental music)
(somber piano music)
(shoes clicking on floor)
(chair rumbling on floor)
(keyboard clicking)
(knuckles knocking on table)
(somber instrumental music)
(laptop clicking closed)
(laptop thudding on table)
(somber instrumental music)
(vehicles humming)
(relaxing instrumental music)
(glass clanging on table)
(phone audible ringing tone)
- Hey Terri, it's Gamble.
Long time no hear, man.
(David chuckling)
How you been?
Good, good,
good to hear.
Hey, I was calling to see
if I can get a favor from you, man.
I heard that you was having some legal issues
about a year ago.
I wanted to see if you can gimme that guy's number you
was telling me about that helped you out?
(relaxing instrumental music)
Hey, thanks man.
I'll talk to you later.
(relaxing instrumental music)
(somber instrumental music)
- [James] Mr. Gamble?
- Yes.
(chair creaking)
Thanks for coming to see me on such short notice.
- Not a problem.
So what are we looking at?
- It's my wife.
I just wanna know what she's been up to.
- You think she's cheating?
It's nothing to be embarrassed about, Mr. Gamble.
I see it all the time.
You just gotta decide, one,
do you really wanna know?
And two,
if something is going on,
what are you gonna do after you know?
- I just have to know, man.
(file sliding on table)
(paper rustling)
- Are you sure you wanna go through with this?
- Yeah.
I want you to look into these flight tickets as well.
I wanna know everything.
- Okay.
You have the money?
(envelope sliding on table)
(envelope rustling)
I'll be in touch.
(chair creaking)
(upbeat instrumental music)
So long I've been had
But how could you know
Even though I was good to you
Yes, I was good to you
Anybody else know
What I'd do
Nobody knows
Nobody knows
About how many times I cleaned your mess
One day you gonna wake up and see that I left
If you only knew, knew what you had
Instead you'd be stuck thinking about
How we used to be crazy in love
Touch on a daily love
Now it's just me being love
I don't want it
I don't need it 'cause I want that crazy love
(intercom beeping)
- What's up, Lis.
- [Lisa] Hi David, Jenna is here to see you.
- Let her in.
(Jenna clearing throat)
So what do I owe the pleasure?
- Well, I've finally got a break
in my schedule this afternoon and I wanted to come by
to see if my handsome husband wanted to have lunch with me?
- So now you got time for your husband, huh?
That's nice.
But as you can see,
I'm a little busy right now.
(Jenna sighing) - Come on David,
don't be like that.
Let me take you to lunch
and then we can swing by home and have
- I get dessert too? - Mhmm.
- Hey Lisa. - Hi David.
- I'll be out the office for like the next hour.
- Mm-mm,
make it two.
- Make it two hours.
(Lisa chuckling) - [Lisa] Okay.
- Let me grab my coat.
- So, did somebody have a nice lunch?
- Yeah, best lunch I had in weeks.
- That's my girl. (David chuckling)
- Thanks, Lisa.
- Oh good, you back.
What's up man?
- What's up?
(Greg chuckling incredulously)
- Look man, I've been out with that waitress
from the bar twice now and I have yet
to tell you about my escapades, bro.
- Right now I ain't trying to hear all that,
man, I got a lot of work to do.
- Look like somebody
had them a little special lunch today, huh?
- None of your business, man.
(Greg chuckling) - Yeah man, whatever.
We'll look, back to my story.
Listen bro, when I tell you what this girl was about man,
when I tell you the stuff that she was trying to do to me.
- G, right now I ain't trying to hear all that,
man, I just told you.
- And seriously, man,
you acting real uptight for a dude
who just had a special lunch, man.
Like D, you've been real uptight lately man.
What's up with you, man?
- I just got a lot on my mind, man.
A lot on my mind.
- Yeah, okay.
Well look, man,
I came here
(phone vibrating) so I could let you.
- Hello?
- Mr. Gamble, I have news for you.
Can we meet today?
- Yeah, where?
- Meet me in the Daystar parking lot after you get off work.
- Okay, it sounds good.
See you in a minute. (ended call beeping)
(paper rustling)
- What's up, man?
- Look man, I got a lot of work to do here man.
So if you don't mind.
(Greg chuckling incredulously)
- Yeah, all right man.
We'll talk later.
(somber instrumental music)
Now, I ain't got no time to waste
So I'm about to go and get it
'Cause I ain't got no time to waste
So I'm about to go and get it
Yeah, I'm about to go and get it
Yeah, I'm about to go and get it
'Cause I ain't got no time to waste
So I'm about to go and get it
(vehicle door banging)
- I stay for a clandestine meeting,
is it not?
- What do you have?
- I wish I had some better news but
here you go.
(envelope rustling)
(somber instrumental music)
(David sighing)
Those pictures are from two nights ago.
- What is this?
What is this?
She told me she was going to dinner
and the movies with Lisa.
Why would she lie?
- There are other photos of the two of them
at the same location on two other occasions.
And I got confirmation on those tickets.
He booked two round trip tickets to Hawaii.
It's departing next Friday.
(somber instrumental music)
- Is there anything else?
- That's everything up to this point.
You want me to keep following them?
- No.
(envelope rustling)
(vehicle door clicking)
(vehicle door banging)
(vehicle door banging)
(vehicle engine rumbling to a start)
(somber instrumental music)
(upbeat music) (singer vocalizing)
(ominous rumbling music)
(lion roaring)
(lion roaring)
(class clanging on counter)
(lion roaring)
(chairs thudding)
(dramatic instrumental music)
(watch strap tattling)
(David sobbing)
(glass clanging on table)
(somber instrumental music) (David sniffing)
(David groaning incredulously)
(David sniffing)
(paper rustling to ground)
(ominous instrumental music)
(vehicle engine humming)
(David sniffing)
(ominous instrumental music)
(David sniffing)
(vehicle door banging)
(vehicle door banging)
(photos rustling)
(heels clicking on floor)
(paper rustling) (David sniffing)
(keys jingling) (heels clicking on floor)
(ominous instrumental music) (envelope rustling)
(David sniffing)
(keys jingling)
(envelope rustling)
(door clicking)
(heels clicking on floor)
- What on Earth are you doing in here?
(David sniffing)
(David sighing)
- I was spinning my wedding ring on the table.
It fell off and went up under the couch.
I didn't want it to fall on one of the vents, so.
(David sniffing)
- Okay, why were you spinning your wedding ring
on the table?
- Because I was bored, Jenna.
And why do you care?
(Jenna sighing)
- You know, whatever David.
Look, are you okay? (heels clicking on floor)
You really been acting weird lately.
- Me?
I'm the one that's acting weird.
Well, you the one that's always working late,
come in here all times of the night.
Is there something you wanna tell me?
- I'm not doing this with you tonight.
(heels clicking on floor)
- [David] Not doing what? We just talking.
- I'm not about to sit up here and argue with you.
God, you know why I'm working late so I don't even know
why you keep bringing it up.
David, the project is almost over,
so please stop making things so much harder than
what they need to be.
- I'm not the one that's making this hard, it's you.
- Are you really okay?
Greg said you haven't been yourself at work either.
- Greg.
- And Lisa said you left early today without no explanation.
- So let me get this straight.
So I leave work early one day
and you get a whole report about me,
but you can come and go as you please
without telling me nothing?
Do you see the hypocrisy in all this?
- Wow.
Wait, come here.
I think you've had a little bit too much to drink.
Hey, hey,
hey, hey. - What? What?
- You are working yourself up over nothing,
I promise you.
Here, have a seat.
Baby, come on. Have a seat.
(Jenna sighing)
Let me get you some water,
'cause I think it'll help make you feel better
and then we can talk.
- Yeah, whatever.
- I'll be right back.
(David sighing)
(Jenna sighing) Hey,
I don't think this is a good idea anymore.
I mean, he knows something is going on
and I'm starting to get worried.
(somber piano music)
(Jenna sighing) I know, I know.
I think we need to tell him the truth.
I know.
Okay, you're right. You're right.
(Jenna sighing) It'll all be over next week.
All right, bye.
(somber piano music)
- Okay babe, I got you your water and an aspirin.
It'll help make you feel better.
(somber instrumental music)
- No, I'm straight.
(somber instrumental music)
(Jenna sighing)
(bare feet thudding on wooden floor)
(ominous instrumental music)
(David sobbing)
(David shouting)
(water splashing)
(David breathing deeply)
(David grunting)
(David shouting) (David breathing deeply)
(David's hands thudding on counter)
(ominous instrumental music)
(David's shoes thudding on ground)
(David breathing deeply)
(ominous instrumental music)
(David sobbing)
(vehicle door banging)
- First off, I wanna say thank you all for being here.
And we wanna also let you guys know we appreciate all
of the hard work and ideas you guys have.
Now, with that being said,
if you guys have any ideas for me,
please feel free to spit them out
while I'm up here, all right.
So look, the way we wanna attack this new campaign
with Silverline Entertainment,
we need to know specifically who we're targeting?
We need to know what age group we're targeting?
We wanna target them all the way from 18 to 35.
We also need to know,
do they have money, right?
Are they affluent?
We need to know,
are they tech savvy?
We also need to know,
do they have sustainability?
So when we go for this new campaign,
we gonna go at this like...
(door banging) - Wow. Really?
- Nah, that's nothing.
Look, he always gets his best ideas in the spur
of the moment and has to flush them out immediately.
- Tell me something new.
- Look, that's why we pay him the big bucks right?
So look, back to what I was saying.
(ominous instrumental music)
(David sighing)
(phone audible ringing tone)
- [James] Mr. Gamble, what can I do for you?
- I need to talk to you,
but not over the phone.
Can we meet in person?
- [James] Sure, what do you have in mind?
- Meet me at Prime on Orchard Lake.
- Okay.
- Thank you.
(ended call beeping)
(ominous instrumental music)
(somber piano music)
(chair clanging into desk)
(teaspoon clinking on cup)
(chair creaking)
- So what's the emergency?
- I need something.
- Really.
- Can you refer someone to me
for a job?
- I can.
The question is,
is that really what you want, Mr. Gamble?
- How do you know what I want?
I haven't even told you yet.
- I know what you want.
I've been in this business a long time
and I've seen that look that you have on a lot
of other husbands,
more than I can count.
In my line of work,
it's not my place to judge,
but I wanna make sure and my clients know exactly
what they are getting into.
For one,
things aren't always as bad as they seem.
Sometimes problems can be solved with a simple conversation.
And even if they can't,
you gotta ask yourself,
can you live with the consequences
if you pursue the alternative?
Some things can't be undone.
(James sighing)
Have you tried talking to your wife?
- Yeah.
She keeps lying to me
and brushing me off.
- I see.
- And knowing the fact that those two were together
is killing me, man.
- Okay then.
Tell me what you want me to do?
- Tell you what I want?
Do you know what I want,
I just told you. - No, you didn't.
I told you
I already know what you want.
But you gotta say it.
If you want it,
you gotta say it out loud
'cause then I want you to understand exactly
what you are getting into.
You see,
once you make that call
and you set the wheels in motion,
there's no turning back, Mr. Gamble.
This is not a game.
- I want you
to give me the contact of someone
that can kill the man that's sleeping with my wife.
- Okay then.
(pen clicking)
(pen clicking)
- What's his name?
- No names.
When you call,
just tell him I referred you.
He'll direct you from there.
This is the last time you and I will talk.
Don't ever call me again, Mr. Gamble.
If you do,
there'll be consequences.
Is that understood?
- Understood.
(ominous instrumental music) (chair creaking)
(door clicking)
(door clicking)
(keys jingling)
(ominous instrumental music)
(David sighing)
(keys clanging on table)
(ominous instrumental music)
(phone audible ringing tone) (David sighing)
- [Operator] Call has been forwarded
to an automatic voice message system.
At the tone,
please record your message.
(message recorder beeping)
- Hello, my name is David Gamble.
I was referred by a James Finley.
If you could give me a call back at 313-555-9726.
Thank you.
(ominous instrumental music)
- Hey, so I finalized the ad placements
for the Jefferson Tate campaign,
and the launch is set for the 15th.
- Can't you see I'm busy, man.
(Greg chuckling incredulously)
- Man, you ain't doing anything.
Look, I need to send me the revised draft over
so I can get it to the printer.
- Fine, I'll get that over to you within the next hour.
Is there anything else you need?
- Man what is it with you, huh?
You storming out of meetings,
acting all moody and stuff.
What's up, you on your period or something?
(Greg chuckling incredulously) Look,
I only remember you acting all out
of sorts like this one other time,
in high school and that was over a female.
You and Jenna good?
- Don't worry about me and Jenna.
You just worry about those endless stream
of bad helpers that you got.
- Dog, you got one more time to disrespect me man.
(phone vibrating)
- Hello? (Greg sighing)
- [Hitman] Mr. Gamble, I've received your message.
- Yeah, thanks for getting back to me.
- [Hitman] Meet me in the back
of the shopping center tonight at 10:00 p.m..
Blink your lights three times when you get there.
I will come to you.
- Okay.
Sounds good.
(ended call beeping)
(phone clanging on table)
- Who was that?
You look like you've seen a ghost, you good?
- Yeah. Yeah. (chair creaking)
Just a call I was waiting on, man.
Nothing to worry about.
Look, I'm gonna step out the office for a while.
I'm gonna get those files over to you within the next hour.
So if you don't mind,
I got a lot of work to do.
So I'll talk to you later.
(somber instrumental music)
(knocking on window) - Unlock the door.
(automatic locks clicking) (vehicle door clicking)
(vehicle door banging)
- I don't really know how this works, man.
- It's simple.
You want somebody dead and you're gonna pay me to do it.
- Yeah, okay.
- This is what's gonna happen,
when you're ready to proceed,
we will set up another meeting at which time you
will give me a current photo of the mark,
their address, and $20,000 in cash.
After this exchange has been made,
there will be no further contact,
other than a text you will receive from me
to confirm that the job has been completed.
After that, you will never contact me again.
If you decide that you do not wanna go through with it,
this meeting will be the end of it.
And I don't think I need to tell you not
to share my information or speak of me to anyone.
(ominous instrumental music)
(dramatic thudding of heartbeat)
- No, of course not.
- Good, meeting adjourned.
(vehicle door clicking)
(vehicle door banging)
(ominous rumbling music)
(vehicle horn honking) (birds chirping)
(knocking on door) - Come in.
- Hello, beautiful. (Jenna chuckling)
- What a pleasant surprise.
- I got you flowers. - You brought me flowers.
(Jenna chuckling)
(plastic rustling)
- Look,
the reason why I'm here is
to apologize for last night.
And I know things haven't been right between us.
I just wanna get things back on the right track.
- I know, me too.
And my project finally wraps up next week.
- [David] Okay.
- So I promise things will get back to normal, okay.
- Good. Good.
That's what I wanna hear,
'cause I miss my little (indistinct).
- [Jenna] I miss you too.
- Look, look,
I was thinking,
let me go ahead and plan a weekend getaway for us.
- [Jenna] Okay.
- We can leave Friday right after work.
What you think?
What's wrong, baby?
(Jenna sighing) - Baby, I can't leave Friday.
- [David] Why?
- Well, I already made plans with Lisa and Chelsea
to celebrate the completion of this project.
- Come on, Jenna.
Due to everything we've been going
through the last few weeks. - I know.
- Can't you reschedule that?
- I mean, but that wouldn't be fair to them.
We already had it planned.
You're just coming up with this spur of the moment.
- Spur of the moment.
Jenna, I'm trying to save our marriage here
but you keep on avoiding discussion
and I'm getting tired of it.
- Okay. All right.
You're right, we do need to set some time aside
to reconnect. - Yes.
- So I'll talk to the girls and I'll see
what I can figure out, okay. - Thank you.
- Okay. - That's all I'm asking.
I'm trying. - I know, baby,
and we're gonna be fine.
- Okay. - Just remember,
after next week,
back to normal.
- Good. - Okay.
- That's what I wanna hear. - Okay.
Well look, baby,
I know that you busy so I'm gonna let you get back to work.
- Okay. - All right.
I love you Mrs. Gamble.
- And I love you.
- I'm gonna see you later, okay.
- Okay. - All right.
- And thank you for my flowers.
I love them. - Anything for you.
(plastic rustling)
(phone audible ringing tone)
Hey Greg, so he just left here
and now he wants to plan a trip for next week.
This is not going the way we planned.
I don't know how long I can keep lying to him.
(somber instrumental music) (Jenna sighing)
(door clicking)
(door banging)
(somber instrumental music) (boots crunching on gravel)
(dramatic rumbling music)
(knocking on vehicle window)
(automatic locks clicking) (vehicle door clicking)
(vehicle door banging)
(David sighing)
- I wanna move forward.
(ominous instrumental music) - Did you bring the stuff?
(envelope rustling)
- The money, the photos and address is all there.
(envelope rustling)
(ominous instrumental music)
So tell me,
how do I know you not just gonna
take my money and disappear?
(envelope rustling)
- You don't.
Are you absolutely sure that this is what you want to do?
This is your last chance to back out.
(dramatic instrumental music)
- I'm sure.
- Okay.
Remember what I said.
Do not contact me and you will never discuss me with anyone.
Believe that I know everything about you,
David Lee Gamble.
I will not hesitate to kill you if you break my rules.
(dramatic instrumental music)
Expect a text from me in 48 hours.
(dramatic instrumental music)
(vehicle door banging)
(dramatic instrumental music)
(fabric ruffling)
(somber instrumental music) (paper rustling)
(fabric ruffling)
- [Jenna] Hey, my love,
I know things have been rough
but it will all make sense very soon, I promise.
Let's talk tonight.
Meet me at 5th Ave at 8:00 p.m..
Love always, Jen.
- I guess this is when you finally tell me
that you've been sleeping with my best friend.
(David smirking)
The joke's on you.
Enjoy it while it lasts.
(somber instrumental music)
- Happy Friday (indistinct), my friend.
So how things coming along with
that new Blacksmith campaign?
- Very good, my friend.
- Okay, cool. Cool.
- So look, I got Lisa creating some mock-ups
for a few concepts I came up with last night.
So hopefully they'll be available for us
to go over by this afternoon.
- Sounds good, okay. Okay.
So how's everything going with the waitress
of the new airline stewardess you've
been messing around with?
- Ah man, actually I think that airline stewardess might
be wife material, man.
(David chuckling)
For real, man.
She came through clutch for your boy, man,
for this last-minute trip I needed to book this weekend.
- Okay, okay. Where to?
(Greg smirking)
- Wouldn't you like to know?
Nah, I'll tell you later on man.
But I got a lot of work to do so I'm gonna check back
in once I get the mock-ups, all right.
- Sounds good. - All right, bro.
- All right, buddy.
(ominous instrumental music)
Everything looks real good.
We need to go ahead and push forward the pitch meeting
for next week.
- Cool. Cool.
Hey man, we good?
- I don't know,
you tell me?
- I mean, you been acting real weird lately man,
and we've been really worried about you.
- Well, maybe that's because it seems like you
and my wife have been getting mighty cozy lately,
and I'd be lying to you if I didn't admit I
was feeling some kind of way about it all.
- D,
we've been best friends since college, man.
Do you really think I'd do something to hurt you?
- I would hope not.
- Look, yes,
me and Jenna have been talking,
but that's only because she's worried about
how you're dealing with her new work schedule, bro.
- So why do you think my wife would talk to you, G?
- Because I'm the only other person
that knows you as well as she does.
Come on, D.
Look, this is all for the best man.
Trust me, it'll make sense real soon.
(ominous instrumental music)
- Pretty soon it won't even matter.
- And what the hell is that supposed to mean?
- Don't worry about it.
Look, I gotta get outta here.
I gotta go meet my wife for dinner.
(Greg sighing) - Really, man.
(hour glass clanging)
Have a nice date.
(ominous instrumental music)
(door clicking)
(keys jingling)
(door clicking)
(briefcase thudding on floor)
(shoes clicking on wooden floor)
(somber instrumental music)
You sure you ready to be tied down, dog?
(indistinct) I'd have told you.
Right, real life right. (Greg chuckling)
(somber instrumental music)
- I'll have some Perry now. (indistinct)
(Jenna chuckling)
(somber instrumental music)
(glass shattering)
(paper crumpling)
(cupboard door clicking)
(plastic rustling)
(hangers clanging on pole)
(David sighing)
(light switch clicking)
(ominous instrumental music)
- I wanted to make sure I look good for you
for when you tell me what you've been up to, my love.
Then once you find out what happened
to your little boyfriend,
then maybe I'll take care of you myself.
But we'll see. (David smirking)
(ominous instrumental music)
(upbeat instrumental music)
- Hello, handsome.
- Hello, yourself.
All the excitement?
- Follow me.
(upbeat music)
(Jenna chuckling)
- Hold on, baby.
- Wait, wait,
wait, just follow me.
Just follow me. Just follow me.
- Okay. Okay.
Now hold on, don't crash
me into nothing. - You know I got you.
- All right. - I got you. I got you.
- What's going on?
What you got going on here?
- Babe, give me a minute.
(Jenna chuckling)
Keep following me.
- Wow. Wow.
- Surprise. - Surprise.
(guests cheering) (guests laughing)
(guests applauding) - Wow.
- Happy birthday. - Happy birthday.
- Surprise, baby. (Jenna chuckling)
Greg and I have been planning this for you for weeks, okay,
to celebrate your 40th birthday,
and of course the closing of your big deal.
- This is beautiful. - Because we did it
after your birthday,
we knew you would never suspect a thing.
- You didn't even see this one coming, did you?
- I didn't, man. - Happy birthday, brother.
- Got you so good. - Thank you, appreciate it.
- Yes. - So you had no inkling
at all? - None, man.
I actually thought you two was messing around.
(people laughing) (Jenna clicking tongue)
- This guy right here. - Wow, baby.
- Let me talk to you.
- Happy birthday. - Happy birthday.
- Thank you. Thank you.
Thank you. (Jenna chuckling)
All right, love.
(Jenna chuckling)
- Okay, so I know how crazy I've been driving you
with all the late nights and all the schedule changes,
but you do see now, right?
(Jenna chuckling) - I do, baby.
This is awesome, wow.
- Oh my God,
between planning for this and the project at work,
it's been crazy.
I have no idea how I would've been able
to pull it off without Greg.
But we know you've been working so hard
and we really wanted to make this special for you.
- Thank you, babe.
- Now,
for my other gift.
(paper rustling)
- What's this, man?
What we doing over here? (Jenna chuckling)
What we doing?
(upbeat music)
Hawaii, baby? - Yeah, we leave tomorrow.
I know how you always wanted to go there.
And Greg got me the greatest hookup
through his new little stewardess friend.
(dramatic rumbling music) Can you believe it?
(Jenna chuckling)
Speaking of, where is he?
He was supposed to be here at 7:45.
Have you talked to him?
(dramatic rumbling music)
Babe, did you hear what I said?
Have you talked to him?
- Not since work earlier, baby.
(dramatic rumbling music)
- Okay, all right.
Well call him and see where he is.
Yeah, I'm gonna do that. - All right.
(dramatic rumbling music)
(dramatic thudding of heartbeat)
(phone audible ringing tone)
- Pick up. Pick up, man.
(phone audible ringing tone) Pick up.
- [Operator] Your call has been forwarded.
(dramatic ominous music)
- [Lisa] Cheers to the man of the hour.
(Lisa chuckling) (David chuckling)
Happy congratulations to you. - Thank you. Thank you.
- Oh my God,
you don't know how hard it's been to keep all this from you,
especially when you started asking me
if Jenna was acting weird.
- Yes. - I should get an Oscar
for that performance. (David chuckling)
I mean, you've been cutting up these past few weeks.
So you really thought she was cheating on you, huh?
(David smirking) (David exclaiming)
(relaxing instrumental music)
Really? - Yes.
Sure did.
I damn sure didn't think they
was throwing me a big surprise party like this.
- Well, I mean,
just make sure you give Greg his props
for being a real MVP, you know.
He pulled a lot of stops to get all
of this together for you.
He's good friends with Ulna, you know.
- I didn't know that.
Hey, excuse me for a minute.
Let me give him a call to see where he is.
- Okay, 'cause he's gonna be late for his own funeral.
(relaxing instrumental music)
(guests chatting)
(ominous instrumental music)
(phone audible ringing tone)
(answering machine beeping)
- [Operator] The number you have dialed is not--
(David groaning)
(ominous instrumental music)
(dramatic thudding of heartbeat)
(phone audible ringing tone)
- [Greg] Hey D, we got you good this time didn't we?
- Y'all sure did, man. - Yeah.
I swear, you were straight tripping man.
I thought I was gonna have to put my paws on you
at least about three times, man.
No, but for real,
hearing you now, man,
makes it all worth it.
- Hey,
(David smirking incredulously) thanks a lot G,
man, I owe you big time. - Yeah, you do.
As a matter of fact,
my bed-hopping stewardess came through clutch
with them Hawaii tickets, didn't she?
So you might have to apologize to her too.
No, but I'm on my way man.
Traffic got off the hook so I'll probably be there
in about 30 minutes and you better have my drink ready
when I get there.
- Hey bro, just hurry up and get here.
I got you, man.
Hey G,
thanks again, man.
I love you, bro.
- Still on your period I see, huh?
(Greg chuckling) No, I'll see you
in a minute bro.
- See you in a few, man.
(relaxing instrumental music)
(guests chatting)
- Excuse me, everybody,
can I get your attention, please?
David, Baby,
can you come up here please?
(David groaning)
(Jenna sighing)
First, I would like to thank you all for coming out
to help celebrate the love of my life.
Not only are we celebrating his 40th year of life,
but we're also celebrating all
of his hard work and dedication.
And most of all,
his ability to put up with me.
(David laughing) (guests laughing)
The past few weeks has been kind of rough for us
because in addition to planning this,
I had a big project at work that I was preparing for.
So between the long hours at work
and the secret meetings with Greg, planning this,
I'm sure my baby thought I was having an affair.
(David chuckling) (guests chuckling)
But you had it together,
didn't you, baby?
(David exclaiming) Mhmm.
(Jenna chuckling)
Because I know that he knows
that he is my one and only forever true love.
(guests cooing)
And I would never do anything to hurt him.
(guests cooing) (David cooing)
(guests cooing)
Now, I wish I was doing this toast
with his best friend by my side,
but since he seems to be late per usual,
I would like to invite you all to raise your glasses
in salute to my husband,
the David Lee Gamble.
I love you, baby. - I love you too.
- Cheers. - Thank you.
- Cheers. - Cheers.
(guests cheering) - Happy birthday.
(Jenna chuckling)
(upbeat music)
- Thank you so much. - You welcome. You deserve it.
- Thank you. - You do.
- You put me through a lot.
(Jenna laughing) (David chuckling)
(phone vibrating)
(upbeat music)
(David groaning)
(dramatic thudding of heartbeat)
- Expect a text from me within 48 hours.
- If you choose the alternative,
some things can't be undone.
(dramatic thudding of heartbeat)
- We've been best friends since college, man.
Do you really think I'd do something to hurt you?
(ominous instrumental music)
(dramatic thudding of heartbeat)
- David?
(David thudding on floor) (guests exclaiming)
David! - Call the ambulance.
- [Guest] Is he okay?
- David!
David, are you okay?
(ominous instrumental music)
(dramatic thudding of heartbeat)
Get down in the car
Work and give it all
Bust it open hard
Lemme see you drive
Get down in the car
Work and give it all
Bust it open hard
Lemme see you drive
I fucked up this Russel beam
We hustle in what
Oh my
Where was I, DJ Ike
I fucked up this Russel beam
We hustle in