Survival (2023) Movie Script

[mechanical whirring]
-[whirring dies]
[tense music]
[car engine revving]
[police siren blaring]
[indistinct radio chatter]
[tense music continues]
[music fades]
-[tires screech]
-[engine revving]
[police siren blaring]
[soft instrumental music]
No. Tell Anthony I expect
to get that artwork
in the next ten minutes.
And let's get that videographer
from Hawthorne
-and whip up a nice teaser.
-[assistant] Gotcha.
-You ready
for jiujitsu class today?
-We're learning about Alavanca.
If you find
your attacker's weakness
and use Alavanca,
you can turn your opponents'
power against them.
Sounds like you need
to use that to get through
-the seventh grade.
-[cell phone rings]
Sorry to bother you again,
Elon Musk's people
just called the office
looking for you.
Why do you sound
so confused though?
I didn't think Tesla did ads.
They do now.
[police siren blares]
[tense music]
[brakes squeal]
[indistinct chatter
on police radio]
[police siren blares]
[policeman 1 on radio]
-[officer exhales]
[dramatic music]
[tires screech]
[indistinct chatter
on police radio]
[car engine revving]
-Hey, Tally. Hey, Monica.
-It's great to see you guys.
-Hey, Instructor Gorman.
So, we finally gonna
get you back in the class?
It's been a few years.
Mm, I know. It's really tough
with all of the opportunities
I've been having.
I get it,
but the world's getting
to be a little darker place.
-You gotta stay on your toes.
-Yeah, I know.
-But I'll let you know, okay?
-All right.
-All right, Monica,
let's get to class.
Oh, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Hey, baby. Come here.
-Muah. Have fun.
-Love you.
-Love you.
-I love you too.
Hey, be careful
going across the street.
["Go Crazy" by Lacree]
I'm recording, I'm recording
Hello, hello, hello, yeah
I go, I go, I go
I go crazy for my baby
-[Tally] Text hubby.
-[automated voice]
What do you want to say?
-[phone chimes]
-Dinner will be
a little late tonight.
-Okay. It's sent.
Ay, ay, ay, ay
I go, I go, I go, I go
Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh
Ay, ay, ay, ay
[tires screech]
[dramatic tense music]
[tense music]
[muffled] ...the fucking door!
Open the fucking door!
Open the fucking door!
The fucking door!
Open the door. Open!
-[Tally gasps]
-[shouts] Drive!
-[car jerks]
-Jesus Christ, reverse!
-I'm so--
[Lugast shouts]
[music fading]
[tense tone]
[cell phone ringing]
[cell phone clatters]
You're on vacation now.
[indistinct chatter
on police radio]
-[camera shutter clicks]
-Lopez, check with the neighbors
and see if we got
any street cam footage.
Look, I wanna get those casings
to Ballistics ASAP.
All right? We're on
a time crunch on this one.
[brakes squeal]
[car doors slam]
Special Agent Quintero.
This is my partner,
Special Agent Jolley.
Detective Bowman, LAPD.
We've been looking for Lugast
for the past week.
Yeah, we got the call.
LAPD is at your service.
We did just get a lead
on the car he's driving.
-Grey Challenger?
Let's go.
[indistinct chatter
on police radio continues]
[car starts]
[hip-hop music
playing on stereo]
-[turns off music]
Wake up.
-Wake up!
-Hands in the air!
-Oh, what the f--
Uh, what is this?
-You got a grey Challenger?
Grey Challenger?
I don't own no grey Challenger.
[grunts] All right, man.
I loaned it to a friend,
all right?
-I just told you. A friend.
-All right. Get him out of here.
-[Belle] What?
-[Jolley] Book him for murder.
-[Jolley] That's murder one
on a police officer.
I ain't murder
no goddamn body, man.
-Come on.
-What-- Chill!
Wait, wait, wait, wait.
[clicks tongue, sighs]
Dax Lugast. What the fuck?
What about Dax Lugast?
[suspenseful music]
He took the car this morning.
I-- And I ain't seen him since.
I'm telling you, yo,
if he fucked up my car,
Forget about the car.
-Forget my car?
-Check for outstanding warrants.
-What? What?
-Test his fingers for powder
-and then book him
for harboring a fugitive.
I told you
what you wanted to know.
This some fucking bullshit.
I told you
what you wanted to know!
[chuckles softly]
Dad, what happened to Mom?
I'm sure it's nothing.
Buckle up.
[tense music]
Dad, I'm hungry.
Hi, Vanessa. It's me, Will.
Just calling to see
if you've seen
or heard from Tally.
It's, well, eight o'clock.
I don't know where she is.
If you get this message
in good time,
please give me a call.
-Who wants pizza for dinner?
[tense music]
[hip-hop music
playing on car stereo]
It's that time I've been
waiting all year for
-You've been putting out the
signs and I'm here for...
Don't get clever.
I'll shoot you right in
your fucking ribs with pride.
It's a thrill.
It's a "Fuck you. I win."
[tense music]
[hip-hop music
continues playing]
[plastic bag crinkles]
Speed up, lady!
What the fuck are you doing?
-I get a cramp in my leg.
-Speed up.
Good girl.
My name is not "girl."
It's Tally.
Tally Frug.
What's your name?
Fuckhead Jones.
Nice to meet you, Fuckhead.
[laughing raucously]
[tense music continues]
[cell phone rings]
Yeah, sure. I, I remember you.
Jenny's mother. Mm-hmm.
Uh, yeah. Uh, sure.
I guess that would be fine.
Uh, Monica can come over
tomorrow after school.
All right.
Yeah. All right. Bye.
[sighs deeply]
[hip-hop music playing on radio]
Get off here.
-[music stops]
-[rolls down window]
Can I get a large hamburger,
a large fry,
and a large soda, plea--
Welcome to DJ's Burgers.
May I take your order?
All right.
-Let me get a large hamburger.
-A DJ burger?
-A large fry.
-Monster fry?
And a large soda, please.
Anything else?
[dramatic tense music]
A Wonder Salad...
...a large coffee
with cream and sugar.
That will be 15.21.
Please pull through.
Uh, 15.21.
[Lugast softly]
Your purse.
Look, why don't you
just let me go?
I mean, you can have the car.
If I wanna hear some advice,
I'll give it to you.
-Chill and keep your mouth shut.
-Or what?
You gonna hit me again
in front of all these people?
Yeah. They don't care.
Well, I'll, I'll make them care.
Shut the fuck up.
You sound like an idiot.
Get the food.
Let's get the fuck out of here.
Thank you.
[Jolley speaks muffled]
-Talked to Belle's PO.
-How long has he been
on probation?
A year, with a year to go.
-[Jolley] What was he in for?
Possession with intent to sell.
This guy's a pain in my ass.
No, I know
something has happened.
-And you tried her cell phone?
-Please, yes. And her office.
-[Will] Yes.
Well, maybe she's got a, uh...
No. The answer is no.
And you think you'd know.
[background office chatter]
Yes. Uh, Monica...
...would you sit over there,
please, honey?
I thought we aren't ever
supposed to be alone
with the police.
Sit down.
-You tried that app
that tracks your phone, right?
-I disabled all of that.
There's no GPS,
no footprint, no nothing.
She didn't want anyone
snooping around on her,
sir, she works
with a lot of celebrities
and high-profile people,
that sort of thing.
All right, I'll have a detective
take your statement.
But she's not officially
missing persons for 24 hours.
-Nine times out of ten,
they show up.
-Yeah, I understand.
Hey, it's O'Leary.
I need somebody
to come down here.
-[Will sighs deeply]
-Are they gonna look for Mommy?
Uh, baby, do you remember
when the policeman asked
if you knew where Mommy was?
-You said you didn't know.
Was that true?
You know, maybe
you didn't wanna say
in front of a stranger?
That's okay.
Sometimes grown-ups have secrets
that they shouldn't have.
Do you mean
Mommy has a side piece?
I'm asking.
She has been under
a lot of stress lately.
But no way.
She doesn't have the time.
Come on. Let's go home.
[R&B music playing
on car stereo]
[singer vocalizing]
-[horn blaring]
-[tires screech]
You fucking diabetic? Wake up!
It's, it's been a long day.
[scoffs, laughing]
-[soft chuckle]
-[clears throat]
[R&B music continues playing]
Do some of this.
-No, thanks.
-No, just do a little bump.
-You're good.
It will keep you up.
[tense music]
How about I put you
on the ground and put it
inside your fucking ass?
Pull over.
[shouts] Pull over!
[car slows down]
[sobs] Please. Please.
I have a daughter.
[shouts] Get down!
Muah. Bye. Bye. Bye. Bye. Bye.
-[Lugast] Get that belt off.
Get the fucking belt off.
[metallic clang]
[dramatic tense music]
It is the middle of the night.
There's nobody around, okay?
And even if there was...
...they'd be
a lot worse than me.
Here's his
known associate sheet.
Yeah, Belle named these.
Los Angeles, Seattle,
Detroit and Kansas.
Belle also said that
Lugast was studying Spanish.
And Mexico, I guess.
[tense music]
Hey, let me get a room.
You are by yourself?
Uh, no. I got my wife.
[soft music playing]
-Oh, yeah?
-I gotta go pick her up.
-Oh. Uh-huh.
-[scoffs] Fucking women man,
you know.
-Yeah, I know women.
-Yeah, I bet.
[sighs] You, uh,
you've been driving all day?
Yep. From, uh...
...Dallas to San Francisco.
Goddamn glasses.
-Mr. Jones.
Mm-hmm. You know, Mr. Jones,
most people, uh, have
to go and look
at their license plate
before they, uh,
fill it out on the card.
I don't.
Yeah, well, I'm gonna need
some, uh, identification.
-Yeah, sure.
-There they are.
-How's that?
-[clears throat]
Room's 110 a night.
[music continues playing]
Room 212. Second floor.
All the way at the back.
Jones. My ass.
[dramatic tense music]
[Tally grunts]
[crickets chirping]
Good girl, Tally.
You knew I was coming
back for you, huh?
[tense music]
Where was he living?
I said, "Where was he living?"
You the police.
Fuck, you answer me, fuck, shit.
He stayed with me
a long ass time ago.
But I kicked his dumb ass out
'cause he tried some bullshit
with my girl.
Yeah, we heard.
-You probably know
she lowkey deserved it, right--
-[slams table]
Where did he go?
-Yeah, but you think
he shot that cop, don't--
-Not cop!
Officer Harold Pirone.
[Tally crying]
[tense music]
Open your mouth.
-Open your fucking mouth!
-Good girl.
-[continues crying]
[crying muffled]
Joke's on you, Tally.
-I haven't had bullets
this whole day.
-[clicks gun]
[bullets clink]
[cocks gun]
[cell phone vibrates]
[clears throat]
[clears throat]
-[Will] Is Tally there?
What? Is this Will?
Is she there?
No, she's not.
Do you know where she is?
She's not here, Will.
Honest, man.
You know that was years ago.
I had to check.
-[line disconnects]
[sirens blaring in distance]
[shower running]
[turns off shower]
[table rattles]
[frustrated sob]
[door opens]
Jesus Christ,
you look like shit.
I guess some of that
will cheer you up.
[dramatic tense music]
Look at it.
Look at it or I'll shove it
in your fucking mouth.
You don't know
what to do with this.
-How we looking?
-We've alerted Border Patrol.
We have two stakeouts going.
One in Seattle,
one in Green Junction, Kansas.
-What about Detroit?
-No luck.
-Anybody report a car missing?
-Not yet.
We have 12 LAPD officers
doing door-to-door.
Well, maybe somebody will report
in the morning
when they try to drive to work.
-I'm going home.
Suggest you do the same.
Nice place you have.
-[chuckles] It will do.
Hey, hey, hey.
You promised me another hit.
-I'll get you a hit.
[Reba coughs]
[dramatic tense music]
[Lugast panting]
[tense music]
-...fucking door!
[screams, crying]
[muffled] No.
[screams, crying]
You're old.
Deep pussy.
I won't fuck you
if you're the last Black bitch
on Earth.
[school bell rings]
Hey, remember Jenny's mom's
picking you up after school.
I'm gonna get you
from their place at 5:30.
Bell already rang. I'm late.
I'm sorry, baby girl.
You need to find Mom.
-[car starts]
-Billy! Billy!
Billy, what the fuck?
[dramatic tense music]
[bottle clinks]
[bottle shatters]
What the fuck did you do?
Okay. I'm sorry. I don't know.
-Um, the tire.
-Pull over.
-Pull over!
-O-- Okay.
[Tally sighs, sniffling]
Stop fucking staring at me.
Put it on.
[Tally grunts]
[airplane droning]
[dramatic music]
It's not that fucking hard,
Tally. Let's go.
Chill, all right? Move.
-Move. Get up.
-Okay, okay.
Jesus Christ.
-Can I ask you a question?
Fuck you.
Turn around.
[Tally breathing heavily]
Why did you even
come back for me?
Why didn't you just leave me
in the ditch?
I'm almost out of money,
and I need you for your ATM.
[intense music]
-[Tally gasping]
-[car door opens]
Tally! Tally!
-Open this fucking door!
-[car starts]
Fuck! Fuck!
Tally! Tally, goddammit!
Fuck! Fuck!
[dramatic music]
Help! Please! Please!
[mouths] Help me.
Help me! Help me!
-[car approaches]
-Oh, God!
-Oh, God! No!
-Get in the fucking car!
-Get in the fucking car now!
-No! No!
-[Lugast] I swear to God, Tally.
-[Tally] Oh, God!
Get in the fucking car!
[intense music]
You think I think
there's something special
About the way you talk
I wish you knew
how crazy you sound
You know, you know
You know that
You were abusing them drugs
-I've had enough
-I've had enough
-[Tally gasps]
-I say good night to crazy
and I will go nuts
Is he still alive?
-Tally. [laughing]
Check this out.
You know what these are?
These are credit cards, Tally.
Guy credit cards.
My credit cards.
I guess I don't need you
anymore, huh?
Yeah, hello. Hello, yeah.
It's Tim Thomas
down at the Interstate Motel.
Mm, yeah. The one on Southwest.
Yeah, I'm calling to, uh, report
an act of, uh, vandalism...
...and assault.
What time you're gonna be here?
All right.
Reba, Reba, Reba.
-You should have stuck
with the pole dancing.
-Shut up.
-You want a drink?
-Yeah, I want a drink.
[printer whirring]
-[Whittle] May I help you?
-Yeah. I filed a missing persons
report on my wife yesterday.
-Not home yet?
-How long?
-Uh, she dropped off
our daughter at 4:15 yesterday.
-Yeah, well, I'm sorry, brother.
It has to be 24 hours--
-Yeah, I know that.
-The officer last night said
if I come by today--
Unless there's some
direct evidence of foul play,
I'm sorry,
we have to wait 24 hours.
[keyboard clacking]
So I guess a Black woman missing
isn't a priority
in this office, huh?
Yeah. I don't know
if you noticed, but I am Black.
Pardon me,
I must have somehow missed that.
I'm sorry, bro. Um...
...a police officer
was shot yesterday.
[clears throat]
What time did you say
your wife went missing?
[sighs] Around 4:15,
she dropped off our daughter
at jiujitsu class.
It's on Balboa.
Gracie JiuJitsu.
You mean Balboa and Devonshire?
-Yes, that's exactly right.
-What's your name again?
Uh, Frug. I'm Will Frug.
My wife is Tally Frug.
[keyboard clacking]
[soft tense music]
Who exactly did you speak to
last night?
I talked to, uh,
Detective O'Leary.
Detective O'Leary
isn't quite a detective yet.
Come with me, will you?
What do you mean moved?
Did they leave
a forwarding address?
Does anyone know
where they went?
Okay. Well, get back to me
when you know.
-[Whittle knocks] Ma'am.
-This is Will Frug.
His wife is missing.
Last seen a few blocks
from the murder scene.
-A half hour before.
-Get her credit card numbers
and some recent pictures.
-[Whittle] All right.
So you can help find my wife?
Mr. Frug, I'm Agent Quintero
with the FBI.
We're working with the LAPD
to locate this man.
He shot a police officer
not far from where your wife was
yesterday afternoon.
He might have carjacked her...
...white Jeep Cherokee.
I don't know
anything more than that.
Go home
and take care of your family.
We're gonna track this guy down.
Track down my wife, you mean?
No. Wait. Who is this?
His name is Dax Lugast. He's 22.
He's killed four people
we know of,
starting at age 13
with his uncle who molested him.
He spent five years in YA
for the first one
and just got out again
on a home invasion.
We've been looking for him
for another matter as well.
So he killed Tally too?
He's not gonna care
about killing your wife.
[breathes shakily]
Okay. Thank you.
[dramatic tense music]
[birds calling]
[leaves rustling]
I'd help you
if you didn't fuck my foot up.
Yeah, right.
-Keep going.
Keep going.
-Get back here! Pick his ass up!
-Give me a second, okay?
Stop right there.
Start digging.
-With what?
-I don't give a fuck.
Figure it out.
There you go.
So... did you get
in this line of work?
What? I'm not an idiot.
I know you're just saying that
to get in my head.
I'm just interested, that's all.
in getting in my head.
Cut the shit. Dig.
A couple... on the road
looks a lot less suspicious
than someone by themselves.
Tally, no one's gonna believe
we're a couple.
-Come on.
-Yeah, they will.
Yeah, we just...
...dye your hair a little,
make you look older.
I'm not gonna do that.
You're too much of a liability.
I've to watch you
the whole time.
I got money.
I got a, a debit card.
-We could use it.
-No, people will be
looking for you.
Not really.
Not really?
You got a husband and kid.
You forget?
I ran away before...
[dramatic music]
...for, like, a week once...
[continues digging]
...with another man.
Good girl like you
cheated on her husband.
I was bored.
Frustrated with my life.
I wanted something...
...something new.
Something different.
Keep digging.
You know what? Just fuck it.
Fuck this shit.
If you're gonna kill me,
do it now, okay?
Go on! Just fucking do it.
'Cause I can't take
this shit anymore!
We are all going to hell,
me and you!
I've done wrong, too, okay?
Fucking kill me! Just do it.
[sobs] Fucking do it.
You done?
Get up.
[shouts] Get up!
Look at me.
You don't run shit.
Now get down there
and finish the fucking hole.
Finish the fucking hole!
-All right!
All right.
[continues digging]
[cell phone vibrates]
We found your wife's car.
[sighs] Where?
Arizona. She's with Lugast.
His prints match.
So do your wife's.
The car was abandoned.
They're probably
in another vehicle,
which makes it tougher.
But we'll get that one too.
There is one other thing.
There are traces of blood
in the vehicle. O positive.
Is that your wife's type?
[tense music]
[sighs] I don't,
I don't know. I...
I don't know her blood type.
Uh... [sighs]
Because it's not Lugast's blood.
Okay. Okay. Thank you.
Babe, you give me
spooky chills
And loving you
is such a thrill
-[chorus] Oh, oh
-[singer] Had our love
throughout the summer
But fall is here
and you're a goner
-[chorus] Oh, oh
-[singer] I know
that you miss me too
'Cause autumn's got you
feeling blue
-[chorus] Oh, oh
-[singer] So I made
this song for you
So you know
the way you spook
I can't wait to see
your face again
Feel the spooky chills
when you hold my hand
I can't feel the same
when I can't see your face
I'm staring at my phone
it's the only place
-[indistinct shouting]
-To see you
-Lord knows I need you
Babe, you give me
spooky chills
-It feels like
I am taking pills
-[door opens, closes]
-[chorus] Oh, oh
-[singer] I'm dizzy when--
[distant chatter]
[slams car hood]
[Tally sobbing]
[Tally rapping on car hood]
[Tally sobbing]
[car starts]
[Tally raps on car hood]
[tense music]
[blues music playing]
Well, I stagger and I fumble
Boys, I've been drinking
for days
[background bar chatter]
Well, I stagger and I fumble
Boys, I've been drinking
for days
And the reason I'm drinking
My woman got
some low down ways
If you don't want me, baby
You ought to tell me so
If you don't want me, baby
You ought to tell me so
[man 1]
Hey. What the hell
are you doing with my girl?
[soft tense music]
I claim this is my girl now.
[intense music]
-[Lugast groaning]
Stop, stop, stop.
Stop it... Stop it!
What you think of me
[dramatic tense music]
[heavy breathing]
-[hood opens]
[door closes]
Yeah. Get some sleep.
We got a lot of driving
tomorrow, okay?
[dramatic music]
[blows nose]
[music continues]
[breathing heavily]
[water stops running]
[music continues]
[bed spring creaks]
What are you doing?
[muffled scream]
-[chain clatters]
-[Lugast speaks muffled]
[chain clatters]
-Put your head up.
Shut the fuck up. Shut up!
I should just fucking kill you.
Okay? Just stay here.
Go to bed, please. Okay?
[Lugast breathing heavily]
[dramatic music]
[tense music]
[Tally whimpers]
I didn't mean
what I said about...
...the whole thing
with you being old.
I'm old now too.
-I know you don't wanna do--
Stop. Stop. Stop!
[tense music]
Sometimes in life...
...we experience things that...
...we don't want to.
[Lugast breathing heavily]
[dramatic tense music]
[Lugast sighing]
We should get some sleep.
We got another
long day tomorrow.
[exhales deeply]
...were you crying for Mommy?
Yes, I was, baby.
But Daddy's okay now, all right?
So just go right back to bed.
[melancholic music]
I was suspicious right off.
There was something off
about him, you know?
He'd crazy eyes. [scoffs]
He said he was, uh, driving
from Dallas to San Francisco,
-but he had California plates.
You do the math, hmm?
The FBI, huh?
Hey, you think this is
gonna be on Most Wanted?
You ever watch that show?
-[Jolley sighs]
-He could go to Kansas
-or Detroit.
-Better make it Kansas.
-Why is that?
-Lou Snyder,
Lugast's cellmate at Folsom,
formerly of Detroit, Michigan,
died of gunshot wounds
last Saturday night.
But does Lugast know that?
We'll keep an eye
on Snyder's place, just in case.
-Hey, any luck
on his Kansas friends?
Hey. Okay, this is
what we're gonna do.
[shower running]
[dramatic tense music]
[turns off shower]
[truck horn honks]
[dramatic music]
Hey... we're gonna do
that couple thing.
I'll be a contractor.
You're a nurse.
Were you gonna work
when I met you?
Is that why you were
wearing that? [sniffles]
You have a nurse face,
you'll be a nurse.
I'm a carpenter.
We've been married five years,
no kids.
After that, you're gonna take me
to say goodbye to some friends.
Because we're gonna
go to Canada...
...and then Spain
because I wanna see you
swim naked in the Mediterranean.
How's that sound?
Watch your eyes.
-[Jolley] Is that her?
-Yes. Thank God.
-Freeze it.
-Look at her.
Play it again.
Play it again.
She looks fine. She's just got
a cut on her lip.
...she seems to be flashing SOS
with her eyes.
Where was this?
-Edgewood, New Mexico.
This morning, their time.
Where's Edgewood?
This is where
they spent the night.
This is where the bank is.
-[softly] Okay.
-Best thing, Mr. Frug,
is for you to go home.
In case she tries
to contact you.
I'm gonna talk
to the Deputy Director.
We need to get on a plane.
-They'd go for that?
-Thirty years at the bureau,
I got a couple of favors
owed to me.
See if you can find out
anything else from the husband.
Mr. Frug.
You love her very much,
don't you?
[Will sighing]
What's she like?
[sighs] She's focused,
determined, ambitious.
That's good. That can help her.
Yeah, well, she's also stubborn,
hardheaded and inflexible.
Guess it's some sort of
Midwestern Baptist thing.
She's a do-gooder
and always striving.
Never satisfied
with the way things are.
Drives me and the family nuts
sometimes, to be quite honest.
Is there anything else
that you can tell us
that can help us find her?
[background office chatter]
You know, Agent Quintero,
I love her,
but I can't
completely trust her.
You should know
that a couple of times
she just snapped.
Went off with other guys.
You know, she hated me
and... the family.
The job. Herself.
Turned into somebody else.
Don't worry about it.
We're gonna find her.
Thank you.
I believe in you, Daddy.
There's nothing you can't do.
Go get my mommy.
I love you.
I love you too.
Thank you, baby.
-Thank you.
-[doorbell rings]
Vanessa. Hey.
-How are you?
Thank you so much
for doing this.
You have no idea
-how much--
-Will, stop.
She's my sister.
-I wrote down everything.
And I sent you a digital copy
for your phone.
Telephone numbers,
her school schedule,
what she likes to eat--
Listen, don't worry about us.
We'll be fine.
Are you sure you wanna do this?
I'm sure I don't wanna
just sit around and wait.
But every law enforcement
in the country's
looking for her right now.
They're not looking for her.
They're looking for Dax Lugast.
-They're not trying
to find Tally.
-Well, you're probably right,
but I don't want you
to go out there, and you get
into something,
then what happens to Monica?
[cell phone chimes]
All right. They're here.
[airplane droning]
["How Can I Sleep" by Evenson]
How can I sleep
when hell is right beside me?
How can I sleep
when heaven's right outside?
You'll know and you'll see
The pain
that I've been hiding
You can keep your fake love
and keep your nine-to-five
What the fuck did you do?
Pull over!
Last place there was something
was a mile back.
You have to be crazy
to be on the main road.
Lugast isn't known
for his sanity.
Well, if he's on this road,
we'll find him.
I hope so.
Me too.
-[man 2] What's up, my man?
You need some help?
-[Tally] No.
-You guys-- You can go back--
-I know about c--
-Yeah, take that.
-Hey, hey, it's all good. Sure--
-[Tally] Don't kill them.
You don't have to.
-Get the fuck out of here!
Dax, no, don't!
[indistinct chatter
on police radio]
[dramatic music]
Dax! Dax!
-[Quintero] It's them.
-All right. Easy, easy.
Let's call for backup.
Let's go. Come on.
Get in the car.
-Trace this call.
-[Tally screams] No. Help.
[Tally screaming]
[Jolley groans loudly]
[tense music]
-[Lugast] All right, let's go.
[screams] No!
Don't shoot! Don't shoot!
-Tally, get in!
-[Tally] Don't shoot!
Don't shoot. Don't shoot.
Don't you ever fucking
do that to me again.
My woman does not
tell me what to do!
Get the fuck over there.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God. What have I done?
[car engine revving]
[static on police radio]
[policeman 2 on app]
Suspect driving
2016 Ford Explorer.
License plate, Edward, 4-0-6,
Ida, Young, Frank.
I'm sorry.
I am.
I was scared. I just...
I just didn't want you
to get hurt.
I like you.
I just didn't want anything
to happen to you.
Okay then.
I won't be any more trouble.
[melancholic music]
I'll do what you say.
Say it.
Tell me you love me.
I love you.
Take your dress off.
Dax, no, look...
...they're looking for us.
Tally, take your dress off...
...or I'll take it off.
[spits, coughing]
You look like shit.
Fuck you.
[sniffles, coughing]
You know,
your list was very helpful.
So that mean
I can go then, right?
But it wasn't enough.
Lugast is in Kansas.
Now you said Lugast knew
Arnie Walters
and Kenny Plimpton.
Yeah, whatever, man.
There's a girl with them too.
And they kind of like a trio
or some shit. Now can I go?
Yeah, well, you know they moved?
People move.
-Where the fuck
did they move to?
Are you gonna let me move
and get the fuck out of here?
Why am I keep telling you shit?
Do you remember Agent Jolley
-who you spoke with
just yesterday?
Well, today he's dead.
Yeah, that's right.
And now his kids gonna have
to be raised without their hero.
Now if you don't give me
everything you got,
I swear to God,
I'm gonna make sure you spend
every day of your life in jail
getting banged
by Pookie and his crew.
Last time
I gave you some information,
I still winded up
in this motherfucker.
So you put that
in writing, Detective.
We ain't got time for that shit!
Your breath, man. Chill.
Don't even need no damn gun.
What the fuck?
And how do you think
Pookie's breath is gonna smell?
-You think about that.
Now I'm gonna ask you
one last time.
Where are Lugast's friends?
[soft tense music]
I don't know exactly, all right?
But he might have mentioned that
if things got a little sticky,
they had a fallback spot.
A cabin in the woods.
Now's you happy, motherfucker?
Let me out this bitch.
Fuck you.
Fuck ass dope, man.
[rain pattering]
[line ringing]
Hey, Gene.
Hey, how you been, man?
Yeah, as well.
Cool. Uh...
Yeah, it's encrypted.
Well, I don't wanna get into it
too much over the phone, but... wife has been abducted,
and, uh...
...I have a license plate, so...
...if I could get you
to ping me the VIN.
[dramatic music]
[horn honking]
[car doors close]
-Who's there?
-[Lugast] Moby the dick.
-Dax, is that you?
You motherfucker.
-[both laugh]
-[Arnie] Good to see you, bro.
-[Julie May] What the hell--
-[Arnie] You are hotter
than a four-pecker dog.
[laughs] No, I'm good.
Oh, uh, I want you guys
to meet someone.
This is Tally. She's from LA.
-Yeah, we heard about her.
-[Lugast] I'm sure.
-On the TV, yeah.
-Yeah, I bet.
You best come in.
[hip-hop music
playing on stereo]
[indistinct chatter]
-That's for you.
-Pour something. You pour
something for him, babe.
-I know. I know.
[indistinct chatter]
-[speaks muffled]
-Wait. Wait, I'm not--
Let me drink that.
[intense hip-hop music]
[muffled dialogue]
[indistinct chatter]
I look him deadass in his eyes,
and I say, "Bro...
...that was an ice cream."
Oh, fuck.
-[Julie May speaks muffled]
-Oh, man. I miss this shit.
-[Lugast] Goddammit.
-Daddy. Daddy. I want you...
-What was that?
-I want you...
-[Arnie] Oh, no.
-[Julie May giggles]
Look at her.
You want to get weird.
-Mm. Come on.
-Come on. [grunts]
-[Julie May]
Oh, I want you to spank me.
[Julie May laughing]
[dance music playing]
What are you doing?
Getting a better look
at Foxy Brown.
Don't touch her face.
-She'll do anything
you ask, huh?
-Must be nice.
Like what?
Chill, man...
[Arnie and Julie May
screaming and laughing]
[indistinct chatter
on police radio]
It's an unmarked road.
You should see it
coming up soon.
Okay. I think I'm coming up
to the right road.
Thank you, Whittle.
This is really great work.
This is for Pirone and Jolley.
[indistinct chatter
on police radio]
[melancholic music]
[dramatic music]
-Die, motherfucker!
-[gun clicks]
[tense music]
[melodic hip-hop music
playing on stereo]
[Arnie and Julie May
moaning and laughing]
[dramatic music]
Get up.
I said, "Get up."
[music continues playing]
I got you a present.
But I'm Dax's girl.
Well, that's nice.
Dax is asleep.
Put them on.
[handcuffs click]
You're under arrest.
You have the right
to remain the fuck silent.
Anything you say
can be used against you
in a court of fucking law.
Look, this isn't going to work--
Do you understand your rights?
Please. This, this isn't,
this isn't gonna work.
-This isn't gonna work.
This isn't--
-This is gonna work.
Strip search, bitch!
[tense music]
All right then.
I can be your daddy.
Be your daddy.
[moaning] Daddy. Daddy.
Oh, I'll be your daddy.
Daddy. Daddy. [moans]
Oh, Daddy.
Daddy. [moans]
I don't even know your name.
It's Fuckhead. [laughing]
Daddy. Daddy, yes.
Daddy. [moans]
-[Kenny] Routine search, sir.
[Tally crying]
I'm sorry.
I shouldn't have fallen asleep.
-[Tally crying, screams]
-[Lugast] I'm sorry.
[speaks muffled]
-[Tally screams]
-[Lugast groans]
[dramatic music]
Oh, Jesus. Fuck.
Come on. Hey, hey, listen.
-[Julie May] What happened?
-Dumbass Kenny's what happened.
-Hey, hey, hey, fucker.
-Let her go.
All right,
let's just get you documents,
we go to fucking Canada.
No, fuck that!
I am killing that bitch tonight.
-[Julie Mary laughs]
-Oh, yeah. Funny.
[dramatic music]
[indistinct chatter]
[Julie May]
Are you kidding me? Seriously?
[continues speaking in distance]
Oh, my God.
[indistinct chatter]
Go. Please go ahead.
[dramatic music continues]
[Julie May]
...eaten by bears or something.
If she did--
Shut the fuck up, Julie May.
Find her now.
You could have said something.
[Arnie mumbles]
-[bone creaks]
-[screams in pain]
She went up here.
All right, we, we get
to the car, we go. That's it.
-All right.
Hold on.
[sniffles] Yeah.
[dramatic music]
Ho! Who the fuck are you?
I-- I'm Will Frug, sir.
I, I don't mean any harm.
I'm unarmed. I'm just looking
for my wife, Tally.
She's been missing
for some time. Please.
We have a 12-year-old daughter.
-She went--
We can't help you.
We can't help you.
Come on.
[music intensifies]
[car starts]
[Tally crying]
[police siren blares]
FBI! Turn off the vehicle!
Put your hands
in the air slowly.
[indistinct chatter
on police radio]
Where are they?
-I said, "Where are they?"
They should be just up here.
Look, I, I kn-- I know
I'm not the best human being.
Something about that man
just ain't right.
-[Tally screams]
[dramatic music]
-[Tally screams]
[Lugast grunts]
-[Tally screams]
[dramatic music]
-[Lugast groans]
Will. Will!
Will! Will!
[in distance] Will! Will!
[dramatic music]
-You think I'm that stupid, huh?
Why did you do this?
I wanted to be a couple.
-Bye, Tally.
-God is good.
[gun clicks]
[gun clicks]
-[Tally grunts]
-[Lugast groans]
[both grunting]
If you find
your attacker's weakness
and use Alavanca,
you can turn your opponents'
power against them.
[both grunting]
[Lugast groans, coughs]
[melancholic music]
We all gotta experience
things in life
we don't want to sometimes.
Right, Fuckhead?
[flesh squelches]
[slow instrumental music]
-[Will] Tally!
-[Tally] Will.
[crying] Oh, Will.
How did you find me?
I was never not gonna find you.
-No, no, no.
None of that matters anymore.
None of it. The only thing
that matters to me
is to know that you're safe.
I'm just happy this is over.
You have no idea what I've had
to endure to survive.
You have no idea what I've had
to endure to survive this.
-I'm here now.
I'm here, baby. I'm here. Okay?
-Can you walk?
-Okay, come on.
-Hands in the air.
[indistinct chatter
on police radio]
[soft instrumental music]
-Did you see the news?
[clears throat]
[reporter speaking muffled
on video]
[both chuckle]
Hey, baby.
[music continues]
[Tally chuckles softly]
-[Monica] Eww.
-[all chuckle]
[music fades]
[hip-hop music]
Babe, you give me
spooky chills
And loving you
is such a thrill
-[chorus] Oh, oh
-[singer] Had our love
throughout the summer
But fall is here
and you're a goner
-[chorus] Oh, oh
-[singer] I know
that you miss me too
'Cause autumn's got you
feeling blue
-[chorus] Oh, oh
-[singer] So I made
this song for you
So you know
the way you spook
I can't wait
to see your face again
Feel the spooky chills
when you hold my hand
I can't feel the same
when I can't see your face
I'm staring at my phone
it's the only place
To see you
Lord knows I need you
[guitar playing gently]
Babe, you give me
spooky chills
It feels like
I am taking pills
-[chorus] Oh, oh
-[singer] I'm dizzy
when you look at me
I feel as high
as Charlie Sheen
Oh, oh
I can't wait
to see your face again
Feel the spooky chills
when you hold my hand
I can't feel the same
when I can't see your face
I'm staring at my phone
it's the only place
I can't wait
to see your face again
Feel the spooky chills
when you hold my hand
I can't feel the same
when I can't see your face
I'm staring at my phone
it's the only place
To see you
Lord knows I need you
Babe, you give me
spooky chills
[music ends]