Survival Box (2019) Movie Script

We saw this
cloud of boiling dust
and debris below us with this
tremendous mushroom on top.
Beneath that was
hidden the ruins
of the city of Hiroshima.
President Truman's,
dramatic announcement
that Russia has
the atom's secret.
It shall be the
policy of this nation
to regard any nuclear missile
launched from Cuba
against any nation
in the Western hemisphere
as an attack by the Soviet
Union on the United States
requiring a full
retaliatory response...
Here, have this.
Hey buddy,
can I take this?
Yeah, it's your party, kid.
...has chemical
and biological weapons
and he is moving ever closer
to developing a nucl...
Chemical and
biological weapons
which could be activated
within 45 minutes.
Addicted to weapons
of mass destruction. firing a missile
directly through Japan...
That tweet from
the President that came
late yesterday on North Korea.
The President issuing
this over Twitter
- saying North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un...
- Can you believe this shit?
The debate
team's done, Kit.
This is real.
This is the shit
we're graduating into.
...and more
powerful one than his,
and my button works.
They will be
met with fire and fury
the likes of which
this world has
never seen before.
So, Stanford, huh?
Yeah, yeah.
I guess sometimes you
can always get what you want.
Look, I'm not trying to
be the bad guy here, okay?
You can't serve
alcohol to minors.
It's the law.
Come on, we're gonna
be totally out of sight.
Oh just like New Year's?
Ben, that wasn't me. That
was all Scott and you know it.
Congrats, Chris.
Hey, are you gonna stick around?
Amy... hey.
I'm just doing my job.
Your job is
to cockblock me?
I was gonna hit
the gym this summer.
Thrusts, huh?
Arm thrusts, yeah.
Been doing
a lot of yoga lately,
it's all part of my
grief and sadness
behavior therapy cocktail.
Uh huh,
How's it going?
It's shit.
But I could put my
legs behind my head
so that's something.
That is something.
Hey man.
You remember Camilla?
Hey, um.
I'm really sorry about, um,
I can't imagine what
you're going through.
Hey Joshie, mom wants
another family photo.
I'll stall for you, okay?
Not too long.
Hello, stepmother.
You're late.
Chris already gave his speech.
Ah, then I actually
am right on time.
He thanked you.
Please tell me
you took your meds.
Come on,
for this shindig,
Laura baby, I took all my meds.
You guys coming down?
Oh, man caves
aren't really my thing.
It's really
not like that.
It's um, it's like
a place to party.
It's underground.
It's morbid.
But it is a place to party.
Hey, I don't
have to pretend
to be your girlfriend
again, do I?
Funny, you're funny.
That girl is a freak
Freak, freak, freak...
That girl is a freak
Freak, freak, freak...
I didn't think that
that girl was a freak
That girl is a freak
Freak, freak, freak...
Freak, freak, freak...
How did I not know
you guys had this?
Mom freaked out after
9/11 so they built this place.
This is how you end
your night, kiddies.
First this one.
this one.
Maybe you should eat
something other than mushrooms.
Maybe you should
stop being such a faggot
and have one yourself.
Come on, anybody? Hm?
Taste of the real world?
There we go, she's down.
And how about you,
emo dyke chick? Hm?
You want one, what's
your name again?
Shut up, Scott.
What, Joshy, she's emo.
You're emo, you're like
a sad trip to the mall.
Look at her bro, she's got
a face like the food court
on Tuesday night.
You're a dick.
What, I mean you're hot
but like, would it
kill you to smile?
Man, she's such a
fucking downer, bro.
Her mom just
died, fuckhead.
Sorry, all right.
Sorry, that sucks,
I'm an asshole.
You have a family
here at home though.
Yeah I know. I'm actually
just wrapping up now, so...
I told you to watch him.
That was your sole purpose.
Yeah, and I'm gonna
do that right now.
If he is down there
fucking some 15 year old,
it's your job.
And I say that because
it's in fact the next day.
You guys have 10 minutes
to clean all this shit up
and then I shut it down.
That's not an empty threat.
You remember New Years.
10 minutes, guys,
I'm not kidding.
Yeah, that's funny.
I can play like that.
10 minutes!
So how about you, huh?
Feeling good?
Kit doesn't have feelings.
Per se, I mean. She's not
like a traditional human.
Okay, I'm gonna
go to the bathroom,
and then we will take him home.
That's very funny.
Haha, hahaha, what the fuck.
The lights should
be back on by now.
Those aren't
the real lights.
What's happening?
What the fuck was that?
The safety door's closed.
What safety doors?
Jesus Christ, man,
I'm fuckin' freaking out.
Alright turn the shit back on.
This shit should come back on!
Thank god.
See, it's just a glitch.
Glitch, whatever, fuck.
I'm getting out of here.
Relax, Scott.
It's just like New Year's.
Blast doors initiated.
Security protocols one
through 33 commenced.
That didn't
happen last time.
systems transferring
to offline self-contained
Don't open the door.
- Do not open the door!
- Fuck off, half-pint.
Just, he's right,
listen to him.
Look, those doors
have blast valves
that are set to seal
when the wave hits.
Fuckin' rainman, Josh,
he's a nuclear scientist!
Shut up.
Look, you can't
open the door.
Just in case, okay?
Fine, assholes.
So, what are we supposed to do?
I'm not sure.
sectors A, B, C, and D.
Initiating oxygen release.
Optimizing pressure.
levels stable.
Exterior test data unavailable.
Testing external links.
Video feeds two, three, six
from 1899 Canandega
Lane incapacitated.
Damage to link sites one,
five, six, eight, nine.
I'm gonna keep trying though.
This should still work.
Do you know, when
you were a little girl,
you always feel like
there's that one person
who's gonna come and save you?
For me it's my dad.
I just feel like he's up there
figuring everything out,
like he's hit the
roads or whatever
and he'll find a way down here.
Kit, hey.
I really think we
should stop trying the phone
and just concentrate
on the radio.
It won't hurt.
Line's dead.
Nobody's opened the door.
That phone's connected
to a pile of ashes.
I meant the house,
not the people.
Potassium iodide.
For the radiation.
I don't need that shit,
Kit. I need real pills.
perform routine checks
of dosimeters and
Geiger counters.
What next?
Check the water.
This is the air vent?
That's it?
You okay?
Told you to stop
asking me if I'm okay.
No, that's not
what we're saying.
That's what you said.
Center line to
the house is dead.
There's no
radio signal either.
Okay. So worst
case scenario, right?
How long exactly?
We can't be exact, Amy.
If we conserve, there's
the diesel generator.
And if the water
calculations are correct
I think we probably have
about eight to nine months.
Okay. But not
worst case scenario,
it is completely possible that
whatever happened out there
is just local.
Like three mile island.
That's our
positive scenario?
Okay, just checking.
Local or not, it
may be toxic out there.
So we wait.
I thought you said the
radiation levels were good?
They are, down here.
It doesn't matter.
Kitty dick doesn't
make the rules.
Don't call him that.
He doesn't
make the rules,
not for me, not for
anyone, okay Chris?
I'm just trying
to keep everyone safe.
Yeah, well
reading a couple pages
in a fucking manual
doesn't make you king
of this crisis plan, okay?
Look, there.
See, I got a text.
You know what that means?
World's still out there.
Wanna sit down?
No, I don't
wanna sit down.
You know what I wanna do?
I'll tell you what I wanna do.
I want to open
this fucking door.
Josh, turn that shit off.
We're not turning off
our only point of contact
with the outside world.
Are you fucking stupid?
I got a text. My mom
texted me from Dubai.
One text doesn't
prove anything.
It could be a satellite
bouncing off delayed signals.
It doesn't prove there's
anybody out there.
Turn that shit off!
- Leave it on.
- Easy, Scott.
Well then get
some fucking headphones.
Keep it on. If
there's someone out there,
they need to be able to hear us.
Jesus, I am so sick of
your stupid shit, you bitch!
Back off.
You stay out of this.
I swear to God.
I'll put a bullet through
your fucking head.
I'm sorry, okay?
Now we have a problem
to solve here.
And I think it'd be best
if we put our efforts
towards that instead
of having to babysit
the oldest person in here.
Yeah, you're right.
So why doesn't everybody just
Where the hell
did you find that?
Closet in the back.
Just lying there?
I mean, it was in a case.
Okay, um.
Do you wanna show me
where you got this from?
You okay?
I can't fucking breathe.
There is no air and
my heart is pounding
out of my fucking
chest, all right?
And you know what, bro?
I'm starting to
get a bad feeling.
Like a real bad
feeling, alright?
gonna be okay.
Based on?
You may wanna
start saving those.
Well I
found the tampons.
Scrambled eggs and tampons.
Come on, come on.
Come on, please.
Please call.
Oh, I know my pills.
Those are antipsychotics.
You went through my shit?
I don't need them.
They're just in case.
What have you
got, like 12 left? Hm?
You ever actually
go cold turkey?
Me and you,
oh we're in trouble down here.
See I got brothers here
or half brothers, anyway.
Half family.
They should at least
half look out for me.
But when shit gets bad for you,
and your brain goes
off the fucking rails,
who's gonna have
your back down here,
You should take this.
Just in case.
First you pull a gun on
me and then you give it to me.
You're more fucked up than I am.
You know you can't
stay here either, Kit.
You and me, we are not
like these assholes.
You should come with me.
You should go with him.
At least think about it.
Where am I supposed to go?
I don't know clinic?
There's food
and water here.
We have no idea
what's out there.
There's only two suits.
If they take them, that's
it. You're stuck in here.
You can leave, but,
This is a fucking
deathtrap down here!
All right, even if you're right
about the water holding up,
even if the world's gone
to some kind of shit,
you've only got another
eight months left.
Wouldn't you rather know, huh?
Wouldn't any of you rather
make some kind of effort?
You need to
leave us a suit.
You can't take both.
Yeah, the fuck I can't.
You guys are just gonna sit here
and follow Kitty dick's
little crisis plan.
We might need
one in an emergency.
Yeah, well you know
what, this is an emergency.
No, she's right.
You can't have both.
Okay, genius, okay.
If I can't have
both, then who gets
the second suit, huh?
The one fucking suit.
Because when shit
goes tits up in here
and believe me, it will,
who gets the suit, huh?
Oh come on.
Why does she get the one thing
that's gonna help you guys...
Because I'm pregnant.
I'm pregnant.
Come on, bullshit.
Bullshit you're pregnant.
You're going to
college in the fall.
Uh huh.
And I'll let you do the
math on that one, genius.
You're pregnant,
Trav: She's pregnant.
The second suit stays.
Kit, what the fuck, come
on. We talked about this.
I can't leave them with no suit
and I'm not going
out there without...
Yes, we're
gonna get halfway to...
before these guys do
anything down here.
They get to sit here
and fucking die, okay?
Come on, let's go, let's go.
- I can't.
- Yes you can.
- I can't.
- Yes you can.
- I can't.
- Yes you can!
- I can't!
- I know you can,
so let's go!
I'm sorry.
Ah, this is
a coffin, Chris.
All right bro, it's
a big fucking coffin.
Once you leave
you can't come back,
suit or no suit.
You could be
radioactive to the point
of getting us sick.
Scotty, please, just
give it another week.
Why don't you come
with me, Chris, huh?
Why don't you come with me?
Come on, I need you, little
bro, come with me, please.
Please, I need someone, man.
- I can't.
- Please?
I'm sorry.
- Please.
- Scott.
- Please.
- I can't.
Nobody's coming with me?
Warning, warning.
Main access point inner
doors have been opened.
Breach, breach. Elevated
risk of contamination.
You okay?
I'm fine.
Can I come in?
It's just a lot.
Guess you won't mind
if I take all the tampons.
They're all yours.
Just hope
he's okay out there.
For staying.
Just gotta keep
our heads up, huh.
Still think
it's worth it?
It's not.
We can get 2,000 calories
a day without it
and we save a ton
of energy and water.
It doesn't make any sense.
Okay, vote.
Hydroponics and planting,
hands up for yes.
Okay, so um, Josh, you'll
be in charge of the farm.
Rationing is done.
Is there anything else
anyone wanted to talk about?
Um, intimacy aids? Some
of which require batteries.
Just like Kit.
Um, just seeing as I
seem to be the only one
that holds unpopular
opinions here,
sorry Amy.
But if you were,
maybe we should think
about an abortion.
It sounds terrible
but it's safer by far.
And it saves resources.
Just something to think about.
If that was insensitive.
I just,
sometimes I can
be a little blunt.
It's okay.
I like what you've
done with the place.
I just wanted to say,
we'll get through this.
Both this and that.
Your optimism is impressive
and sometimes a little annoying.
Maybe a little charming.
Or a little sexy?
Okay all right, bye.
She's up at night.
You're up at night.
No, it's different.
She's like a little
weasel or something.
A weasel?
I mean first
she's going with him
and now she's not.
She didn't know
Amy was pregnant.
Yeah, now she wants
her to have an abortion.
I don't like her.
And I don't trust her.
Fall leaves.
Wood smoke.
Suntan lotion.
Coconut smell.
My dog.
Like taking walks outside,
or being outside at all.
Your turn, same question.
What do I miss the most?
The newspaper.
Like the morning
ritual of reading it.
Sitting next to my mom.
The smell of her coffee.
Hey, do you know what's
wrong with puppy love?
Your assholes are too tight.
Barum tss! Thank you so much.
I'm gonna be here for
nine months, every night!
Yeah, you're disgusting.
She's stealing.
There's no proof.
No, we have
to search her room.
We're not the gestapo.
I was told there
would be a free Continental.
What kind of resort is this?
So what are
we talking about?
We're gonna
burn her at the stake
'cause she's a
fucking insomniac.
She was taking food,
Josh. I know what I saw.
You may not realize this
because of where you grew up
but in the real world,
bad shit does happen.
People lie and they
cheat and they steal.
And people die.
Okay, Jesus.
Your mom died.
Doesn't make you the queen
of everything shitty.
That's not fair.
All our moms are dead.
So fucking save it.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry too.
Sorry, just passing out lunch.
You know, I always pictured
the end of the world as
like a big inclusive orgy.
But, no.
Even the apocalypse
is heteronormative.
Great expectations.
That was a memorable day
for it made great changes in me.
But it is the same
with any life.
Imagine one selected
day struck out of it
and think how different
its course would have been.
Pause you who read this
and think for a moment
of the long chain
of iron or gold, of
thorns or flowers,
that would never have bound you.
But for the formation
of the first link
on one memorable day.
We are in Bunker
1899 Canandega Lane
requesting assistance please.
Repeat, we are in bunker 1899
Canandega Lane requesting
assistance please.
Repeat, we are in bunker 1899
Canandega Lane requesting
assistance please.
Repeat, we are in bunker one...
Repeat, we are in bunker
1899 Canandega Lane
requesting assistance please.
You need to sleep.
We can't let him in.
We'll all be sick in a day!
Josh, there is no proof
that there is anything...
He's writing
something else!
He says everything is fine.
Then why does he
wanna come back in here?
Oh my god.
Look at his face.
Look, he's got the gun.
We can't just
leave him out there.
We need to know what's going on.
It's beautiful.
I don't know, I
thought we could have
a little memorial or something.
Add whoever you want.
No offense, Camilla.
But the tree looks kinda
like a mushroom cloud.
Well fuck.
Yeah it does.
It's a nuclear killer tree,
it's a tree of mass destruction.
I know this isn't something
either of you asked for.
But I decided it's
safer to wait.
So if no one comes for
us, I might have the baby.
So I was wondering
if you guys might...
You're stealing food!
No, no, I wasn't!
fucking kidding me!
I should
fucking kill you.
I was saving food.
For your baby.
Kit. You-
Thank you.
I'm sorry.
I made a mistake.
I'm sorry.
It's fine.
Did you make
another fat joke?
It's late.
Someone has
to do something.
There needs to be rules
against stuff like that.
What he did.
Adults can have
baby from there too, Kit,
same as babies.
My mom did a lot
of stupid things.
Smoked a pack a
day, for example,
gave herself cancer.
I'm sorry.
The one thing she said to me,
over and over again,
she swore by it
like a fucking
religion, she said
"Never trust a girl
with shifty eyes."
You don't believe me.
You think I stole food.
You have
shifty eyes, Kit.
You went out and took the
suit off Scott's body?
I washed it all in deacon.
You should have
consulted with us.
I took a shower!
Have you done an
updated radiation reading?
You should up your
iodine probably.
- Let me worry about that.
- How was it up there?
Here's what's gonna happen.
I keep my room, you stay out.
We split off the
remaining resources.
Food, water,
medicine, everything.
I want my share.
Divide it into sevens.
Why sevens?
The baby.
This isn't right.
We were better off
pooling resources.
I am not
asking for opinions.
I am done pooling.
We need to vote.
We didn't vote
on Scott leaving.
We didn't vote on
letting him back in.
So let's not pretend
this is some kind
of functional democracy.
Okay, fine.
That's what you want?
Divide the stuff.
Warning. Oxygen
recycling degrading.
22 percent remaining.
Please perform maintenance.
Fuel levels
approaching 15 percent.
Begin conservation mode.
I shouldn't have taken
one of your puffs.
Feels like the air is getting...
I was just wondering.
Maybe if we'd ever...
I mean, life is short, right?
Real short potentially.
Emergency reserves.
Medical supplies at
national processing centers
available at I-94, I-75
and I-96 access points,
as well as through
stations at Highway 10
and the Ambassador
bridge from Canada.
This National Guard Open
message from Detroit Michigan
will repeat broadcast
in three minutes.
Okay, Detroit is only
600 miles away, give or take.
I wanna go.
I'm coming with you.
Can you walk that far?
If the roads are
closed, then she...
I don't care.
I need to go.
I'm already
sitting in a hot tub
with an ice cream cone.
I can also see the sky.
Hot tub, ice
cream and the sky.
And me?
No bathing suit.
I don't know.
What's happening?
It's okay.
It's okay.
Go to the beach
and we'll go swimming,
would you like that?
I'll take you away
from these bad people.
I'll take you away
from these bad people.
What are you?
She was hungry.
I think you
should give me the baby.
She needed me.
It's okay.
Yeah, I'll just take her.
Camilla: It's okay, it's okay.
Come here.
Come here.
Come here.
There you go.
Here we go.
I'm gonna give
Amy a proper burial.
This is the hardest thing
I've ever had to do.
Love, Chris.
You took
your hand in mine.
And we went out
of the ruined place.
In all the broad expanse
of tranquil light.
I saw no party for me.
What the hell
are you doing?
I'm taking care of her.
Give me the baby.
She was crying.
No she wasn't.
Stay away from her.
For Sarah.
That's not her name.
For her.
I promised Amy.
We'd like the gun.
You have it, right?
Give us the gun.
Lay her down here.
She's tired.
Look at me.
Stop fucking around,
stop looking at her!
You get the gun and
you bring it in here.
You get that fucking thing
and you give us the gun.
Make me.
Where the
fuck are you going?
She's mine.
You stay away from her
or I'll fucking kill you, Kit.
There we go.
I can't sleep either.
Warning, warning.
Water leak in
sector B pipe system.
Shutting down tanks B1 and B2.
Diverting flow.
Immediate action required.
Immediate action required.
Kit, where's the baby?
action required.
Preparing hibernation mode.
All essential
systems shutting down.
Heating, water, and
electrical supply terminating.
Temporary suspension and
rebooting the current.
I don't wanna
hurt you, Camilla.
Give me the baby.
Give her to me.
I need to take care of her.
We're all on
the same side.
We're all on the same side.
Give her the baby.
Let her hold the baby.
We're going
to call her Amy.
We need to leave.
Okay, we'll leave.
Fuck, then what?
I don't know, okay.
I don't have a fucking clue.
We go out there and
we do what we can.
And we love each other.
And we take care of the baby.
An honest answer.
I'm so fucking scared.
But we're together.
We'll figure it out, we will.
No I won't lose hope,
no I won't lose sight
But heaven is a place
I just can't find
Run from the shadows
and run to the light
Running from a past
that I left behind
Haunted by a memory
That I just can't set free
Searching for the
man I used to be
I've made my sacrifice
In the ashes of that life
Heaven is a place
that I can't find
And I can't feel
it in my bones
Every time I think of home
You're not alone, you're
not alone, you're not alone
It still haunts me
like the ghosts
But I know we're not alone
You're not alone, you're
not alone, you're not alone
No I can't lose hope
no I won't lose sight
And I won't stop looking
for heaven's light
I hear the angels singing
when I close my eyes
I can hear the bells
ringing like a siren's cry
Now we're standing
at the gates
And I just can't escape
Heaven is a place
that I can't find
And I can feel
it in my bones
Every time I think of home
You're not alone, you're
not alone, you're not alone
And it still haunts
me like a ghost
But I know we're not alone
You're not alone, you're
not alone, you're not alone
And I can feel
it in my bones
Every time I think of home
And it still haunts
me like a ghost
But I know we're not alone