Surviving Desire (1992) Movie Script

"I believe you are sincere
and good at heart."
If you do not attain happiness,
always remember that
you are on the right road...
...try not to leave it.
Above all. Avoid falsehood,
every kind of falsehood,
"especially falseness to yourself."
- Teach us something useful!
- "Watch over your own deceitfulness,"
look into it at every hour,
every minute.
Avoid being scornful,
both to others and to yourself.
What seems bad to you within yourself
will grow purer
"by the very fact of you observing it."
This is ridiculous!
- We're paying for this!
- You're a disgrace!
"Avoid fear,
though fear is only the consequence
of every sort of falsehood.
Never be frightened at your
own faint heartedness in attaining love.
And don't be frightened overmuch
at your own evil actions.
I am sorry I can say nothing
more consoling to you,
for love in action is
a harsh and dreadful thing
compared with love in dreams.
Love in dreams is greedy
for immediate action,
rapidly performed,
and so everyone can see.
Men will even give their lives if only
the ordeal does not last too long
but is soon over, with all looking on
and applauding as if on a stage.
But active love,
active love,
is labor
"and fortitude."
So what was that all about?
That's what we're here to discuss.
You never discuss anything!
You ask questions!
We've been stuck on the same paragraph
for a month and a half!
It's an important paragraph.
Read it.
"I believe you are
sincere and good at heart."
If you don't attain happiness
always remember that
you are on the right road,
try not to leave it.
Above all. Avoid falsehood,
every kind of falsehood,
especially falseness to yourself.
Watch over your own deceitfulness,
look into it at every hour,
every minute.
Avoid being scornful,
both to others and to yourself.
...within yourself will grow purer
by the very fact of you observing it.
- ...every hour, every minute...
- "... Avoid fear..."
- What do you make of that?
- It's good advice, man!
- Is it?
- You tell me!
- I don't know.
- But you're the teacher!
I teach literature.
I don't give advice.
You're wasting our time!
I'm asking you questions.
We're supposed to ask the questions!
You're supposed to give us the answers!
Perhaps it's not as important
to know the answers
as it is to ask the questions better?
There, you see:
He told us something.
No, he didn't!
He just asked us another question!
"Never be frightened at your
own faint heartedness in attaining love."
Stop that!
What is Father Zosima
trying to tell this woman?
I'm warning you!
Is it possible to appreciate
this advice if we aren't faithful?
Tell me something
that's going to help me pass the exam!
What do we mean
when we use the word faith?
Two coffees please.
You can't beat up students
because they don't like Dostoyevsky!
- Can you give me a ride into town today?
- Sure.
Are you okay?
The air is too cold.
The sun's too bright.
This coffee, although I haven't had
any yet, is too strong.
I want to lie down, evaporate.
- You're having a crisis of faith.
- No, I'm not. - Yes, you are.
- Henry, I'm an atheist.
- Maybe you think you're an atheist.
- I'm in pain.
- All pain is desire.
Is that criticism or advice?
I think it's Buddhism.
- Henry.
- Yes.
- I'm in love.
- No. Really?
Yes, I think so.
How can you tell?
Lack of concentration.
Erratic mood swings.
Faulty reasoning. Obsessive behavior.
It's not like you to go running off
after young women.
I'm not running off after anyone.
I'm falling towards her.
- As if you can't help yourself?
- Yeah, something like that.
I see.
I've read about this type of thing.
And then there's this...
"Love in action is
a harsh and dreadful thing
compared with love in dreams."
Is this an active love or a dream?
It's a dream about to become reality.
Name the proofs of this reality.
A thoughtful gesture. A delicate smile.
A white, slender neck.
An earnest, inquisitive,
and alluring voice.
A graceful figure.
Intelligent, sensuous eyes.
Describe the nature of the dream.
Name the constituent
elements of intimacy.
Kissing. Caressing. Holding.
Slapping. Shouting. Talking.
Waiting. Sleeping. Crying.
Listening. Hoping. Encouraging.
Forgiving. Laughing. Relenting.
In a word, verbs.
And therefore active.
Oh, I feel much better now.
The waitresses are suddenly much
prettier than when I first came in.
The ambient chatter is less irritating.
The daylight isn't threatening me.
It's just there, filling the street
for no apparent reason.
Mistake, perhaps...
But, in any event, I'm not afraid.
- I'm glad to hear it.
- Check please!
How do you proceed?
To live,
just move forward
towards those you love.
Intriguing theory.
No. An empirical truth.
Knowledge won't help you
where you're going.
- What will?
- Faith.
- You mean love.
- No. Faith.
What's the distinction
between faith and love?
Love without faith
is merely infatuation.
Such a beautiful word.
My friend, you're doomed.
So why do you need to go into town?
- I've been thrown out of school.
- No! - Yeah.
What are you going to do?
I don't know.
Maybe I'll get a job.
If there's anything you need,
just ask.
So I'll see you
in the parking lot at four.
Well, here goes.
His frustration spills...
no... bursts forth.
That's better.
His frustration bursts forth
into audacity.
He says as fast as... he can...
whatever... he feels.
He says, as fast as he can,
whatever he feels.
He feels hurt
and speaks pain.
I like that. Very direct.
He feels.
He concludes.
- He likes you.
- Who?
Your literature professor.
- Oh. Yes, I know.
- You shouldn't get mixed up with him.
People'll think you sleep with him
to get a better grade.
- People are disappointing.
- Let me introduce you to Mark.
- I don't want to get involved with anyone now.
- Why not?
I'm busy. I have a lot to study.
And I'm enjoying it, working hard.
But Mark is so good-looking
and he likes you.
- He fascinates me a little.
- Mark?
- No, my teacher.
- Really?
There's something sort of tragic
about him, don't you think?
His name is Jude,
like in "Jude the Obscure."
- He looks half mad.
- He's in love.
- Men are pathetic.
- I think he's kind of charming.
In a way.
I write about him.
What do you write about?
Different things.
Study him.
I'm going to write a short story
with him at the center.
Or someone like him.
That's what I'll call it: "Him."
- I'm doing laundry tonight.
- Me too.
Do you want to split
a bottle of detergent?
Thanks for the ride.
- Where are you going to stay?
- I have some friends who'll put me up.
- See you later.
- See you around.
Marry me? Come on.
Excuse me, sir,
will you take my hand in marriage?
- Get outta here! Leave me alone!
- Marry me, please!
To love and to cherish,
to love and to cherish,
to love and to cherish...
- Get out of the street.
- What are you lookin' at?!
- You'll get run over.
- Scram! Bug off!
Excuse me, sir, but will you allow me
to be your wife. Please.
I don't want your money!
To love and to cherish,
to love and to cherish, love and to cherish...
Hey! You! Marry me! Come on!
To love and to cherish...
Somebody need any help?
Somebody need any assistance?
Can I help someone?
Somebody need any help?
Can I help someone?
My manager says you've either
got to buy a book or leave.
Listen to this.
"Ignorance is the necessary condition
of human happiness."
We are almost entirely
ignorant of ourselves.
Absolutely of others.
"In ignorance, we find our bliss.
In illusions, our happiness."
I write down all those questions
you ask in class.
You do?
I take them home and re-read
the chapters you've assigned. It helps.
- What does?
- Asking the questions.
Submitting all I read in the book
to that ongoing list of questions,
somehow, it shows...
It shows how consistent
his concerns were.
It does?
Before I began asking those questions
over and over again of the text,
I was having a hard time.
I couldn't see what he was getting at.
I kept hoping
he'd get back to the story.
And then what happened?
The questions focused my concentration.
I'm getting more out of my reading now.
Does anybody work here?
I can't say I intended to teach you
anything, but I'm glad it helps.
But they're your questions.
You asked them first.
- I asked them for different reasons.
- What reasons?
The book seems alive.
You seem alive.
That book there seems alive too.
Things you're reading
are having an effect on you.
Me? I read,
I understand, I appreciate...
But still, I'm left unchanged.
I can't put into action
what it is I understand.
Shouldn't knowledge provide solace?
I don't know.
Perhaps I don't understand anything.
Do you have anywhere to go?
You've been in here for hours.
When do you get off work?
Eight o'clock.
Can I drive you back to campus?
No. Thanks. I take the bus.
Will you have a drink with me
before you take the bus?
Okay, but only if you leave.
My manager will
yell at me if you don't.
Okay. The bar on the corner.
Do you want to buy the book?
Nah, books don't help.
To love and to cherish... love and to cherish...
What's that?
It's coffee and a muffin.
What's this supposed to mean?
It's not supposed to mean anything.
You can't get something for nothing,
you know, mister.
No, not usually, I suppose.
Just because a guy
buys a girl a cup of coffee
doesn't mean she has to
jump into the sack with him!
Look, I'm putting it over here.
Why buy the cow when
you can get the milk for free?
That's the truth about things, mister!
Look, it's right here, see?
Coffee and a muffin.
To love and to cherish...
Marry me?
- Excuse me?
- Let me be your wife.
I'm sorry.
To love and to cherish...
Hey Professor,
you waiting for somebody?
Yeah, a girl.
A pretty girl?
Yes, a pretty girl.
And young too, I imagine.
What's it to you?
You admire her intelligence.
As a matter of fact, yes, I do.
And you're impressed
with her charming combination
of unassuming conscientiousness
and girlish naivety?
So what if I am?
Trouble with us Americans is
we always
want a tragedy with a happy ending.
Hey, I need a beer.
Hi. You want a drink?
A beer, please.
I have to make a call.
A beer.
Jill, it's me, Sophie.
I won't be home for an hour or so.
Sorry. Something came up.
I'll do my laundry tomorrow night.
I'm at a bar.
With some friends.
Girl friends.
Do you like your job?
It's okay.
I get a discount on my books.
It helps.
Do you like yours?
Not really. I'm bad at it.
Are you bad at it
because you don't like it,
or do you not like it
because you're bad at it?
Do you think I'm a bad teacher?
I have learned things in your class.
You're a better student
than I am a teacher.
Because you give me
more attention than the others.
That's true.
Does that bother you?
To tell you the truth,
when I feel I'm teaching well,
when I'm making myself clear,
when I'm actually
encouraging a student to
think specifically and
articulate more appropriately,
when I feel this,
I'm usually thinking of you.
Does that embarrass you?
A little.
When I'm reading something
that really excites me,
I want desperately
to share it with someone.
It's you I want to share it with.
Why me?
It's complicated.
- No, it's not.
- It's not?
It's because you think I'm pretty.
I'm sorry,
that doesn't change the fact
that I care for you.
You hardly know me.
That's true.
I hardly know anyone.
But I know what I feel,
even if I don't know why.
Should I tell you
something about myself?
If you want to.
I appreciate being taken seriously,
but I'm always concerned
that I'm not sufficiently serious.
I know that men look at me
and they think I'm al right.
But I think it's contemptuous to utilize
that fact in order to achieve something.
But if I had to,
I'm afraid I might.
And that bothers me.
I'm curious and
I'm afraid of seeming gullible.
So I'm argumentative more
than I think I should be.
Why did you lie and tell your roommate
you were out with someone else?
If people knew we were out together,
they'd say I was sleeping with you
for a better grade.
- But we're not.
- Not what?
Sleeping together.
Not yet, anyway.
I don't like this song.
I love the video.
Can you turn it down?
I have to study.
- That guy called again.
- What guy?
- You know the one.
- The one you like?
- With the long hair.
- Did he ask you out? - Yes.
But I said I was busy.
Do you think he'll call back?
I wish I had legs like hers.
I wish my breasts were smaller.
Do you like this dress?
I like that one better.
I going to write a novel.
- Now?
- No. Someday.
Can I help someone?
Does anybody need any help?
Somebody need any assistance?
Can I help someone?
Somebody need any help?
Can I help someone?
You weren't in class today.
I missed you.
I missed you too. It was terrible.
I didn't know what to do.
I overslept.
My class is at 2pm.
Let's not argue.
I'm not arguing. I'm concerned.
- Are you eating al right?
- Look. I'm a grown-up person.
Can I see you tonight?
- What's that supposed to mean?
- It's what you always say.
- Is it?
- Yes: Perhaps.
When do I say that?
Whenever you don't want
to admit that you're wrong,
you always look away and say perhaps.
- No, I don't.
- Yes, you do.
- I always admit when I'm wrong.
- That's not true.
Yes, it is. I cherish my flaws.
You see.
That's another thing you always do.
- What is?
- Whenever you're losing an argument,
you always depict yourself
as hopelessly incompetent,
as if humbly admitting your shortcomings
somehow places you
above the argument at hand,
therefore negating the other
person's point of view entirely.
- You're pretty thorough.
- Honestly observant.
- I'm terribly flattered.
- I'll make a note of that.
- You haven't answered my question.
- What question is that?
Can I see you tonight?
I've got to go. Call me.
- Henry?
- Oh, hi, Jude.
- What are you doing here?
- I work here now.
- No kidding.
- Yeah, great job, all these books.
The boss doesn't like me,
but I've got a problem with authority.
- What are you doing here?
- I came to see Sophie.
Sophia, that's Greek.
Means "to know."
I'll keep that in mind.
But she's got a boyfriend.
- No, she doesn't.
- Sure she does. Lots of them.
Every day, she flirts
with them, constantly.
She'd have told me if she
were involved with someone.
- Why what?
- Why would she have told you?
She would have wanted me to know.
We are close you know.
- How close?
- Close.
Do you sleep together?
Not yet.
So you're just friends.
We're a little bit more than that.
Jude, you're deluding yourself.
You don't know anything about it.
A man will throw away
all his hard-won wisdom,
toss away years of acquired knowledge,
all for what?
A pretty face.
Well, what has all
your diligent asceticism
and years of intellectual inquiry
gotten you?
A job in a book store.
- Peace of mind!
- What?
Or at least something
approximating peace of mind.
You don't live in the real world, Henry.
You live in books and ideas.
You're a victim of
theoretical abstraction.
I struggle with my demons
as much as you.
But are they really demons?
All distractions are demons.
You know, my biggest fear is this:
That all my hard work,
all my good intentions,
all my studying
have been nothing more but the building
of a wall between me and life.
- Exactly.
- What?
You must withdraw from life.
Don't be stupid.
I want to embrace life.
To know about life, sometimes
you have to step away from it.
Oh yeah, listen to this:
"Yet, every now and then,
there would pass a young girl,
slender, fair, and desirable,
arousing in young men
a not ignoble desire to possess her,
and stirring in old men
"regrets for ecstasy not seized
and now forever past."
I would like to make you smile
and make you feel at ease
On the steps by the fountain lights
will you sit and talk to me
I saw him talking to you
and I won't do it that way
But that doesn't mean
that I don't have a lot to say
There's a million open eyes
just like yours out on the street
But I don't have a line for you
so maybe we will never meet
And maybe we will never know
And maybe eyes just can't see
What's behind a face of stone
Maybe nothing is what it seems
Well, I could say
it doesn't matter to me
And I could walk through this life
without touching anything
But I know it'd mean the world to me
if I could hear you say
I'm gonna miss you
I'm gonna miss you,
I'm gonna miss you,
I'm gonna miss you
He is quiet,
yet opinionated,
but shy...
I need new clothes.
...thoughtful and impetuous.
I hate this video.
I like the song.
The lead singer is hot.
He looks mean and insensitive.
Do you think I should
make my hair blond?
Not until summer.
I want to lose weight.
Was Marguerite Duras a lesbian?
God, I hope Mark calls me back.
He is solemn despite himself.
Reckless and hell-bent,
frightened of his own
That's a paradox.
Get out of here.
It's my mother.
How are you?
- Jude?
- I'm a wreck.
Excuse me?
I'm excited.
Too excited to sleep.
- Where are you?
- On the street.
In town?
I've been walking for hours.
I had to walk.
I'll walk all night.
Come out and walk with me.
What's come over you?
I can't get you out of my head.
I'll drive out and pick you up.
We'll stay out all night.
I can't.
Why not?
I've got classes tomorrow.
I've got to study.
So what?
I wrote a poem for you.
- A poem?
- Yeah.
- Really?
- Yeah. I was... a bar.
I was possessed, inspired beyond belief.
I grabbed a napkin and scrawled
it out in one huge burst of creativity.
It's a beautiful poem, really beautiful.
But then I spilled my beer on it
and now I don't remember how it went.
Meet me at the caf in an hour.
Jude, I've decided
I'm joining the priesthood.
You always say that
when you drink too much.
Yeah, this time I mean it.
- What about your job at the book store?
- I got fired.
Jesus, Henry,
a monastery
is probably just the place for you.
You think so?
You're socially retarded.
I march to the beat
of a different drummer.
Have you got any money?
I don't need money!
I've got conviction!
Well, here, this will
help sustain your conviction.
You know Jude, that's your problem:
You don't believe in anything.
- That's a problem?
- Of course it is.
It seems to me that people
who believe in things are the problem.
How do you mean?
People who bomb embassies usually
insist that they believe in things.
Rival terrorist organizations
women and children in supermarkets
because they believe in things.
Elected officials shut down hospitals
and vote for increases in the defense
budget because they believe in things.
No, I'd rather not believe in things.
What's the alternative?
- Man can't live without faith.
- He can live without faith.
He can't live without understanding.
Faith comes after understanding.
How do you suppose
one gains understanding?
Through experience.
You want to achieve
a spiritual end with materialist means.
That's your problem.
Leave me alone. You're drunk.
You won't listen to reason.
No, I won't listen to reason.
Not tonight.
- But you must.
- Don't try and stop me, Henry.
You'll never survive this!
How do you know?
I don't know if I want to.
Are you okay?
I don't know. Maybe.
I'll never be the same again.
But who cares?
Kiss me!
Why'd you tell your roommate
it was your mother on the phone?
I told you why.
- But it's different now.
- How is it different?
It's understood that you're not here
in order to get a better grade.
Isn't it?
Well, yes, it is.
Between us.
No one else matters.
I'm embarrassed.
Of me?
I don't want to
seem like somebody I'm not.
To whom?
To myself.
You should go.
I don't want to.
You don't know why you're here.
People often do things
they don't understand.
That doesn't make them less genuine.
Do you want me to go?
Are you sure?
I'm going to undress.
Do you think I'm very beautiful?
If you never see me again after tonight,
will you be sad?
Don't worry about it.
Yes, but, you know,
will you be tortured by
the memory of having been with me?
Of having caressed me?
Will you wonder if I'm with other men?
Will you be jealous?
Will you become obsessed?
Will you carry your disappointment
around with you forever?
Will you be maudlin
and anti-social?
Will you get into fights?
Will you expect other women
to be somehow more like me?
My mouth?
My eyes?
The way I wear my hair?
Will you?
Will you be like that, you think?
It's the nature of things, you know:
I'll risk it.
Hey! Will you marry me?
Why do you want to marry me?
Why not?
I could think of a lot of reasons
if I weren't so drunk.
Why are you so drunk?
I don't know.
The nights are too long.
The nights are too long because
you have no one to share them with.
That's a very compassionate
way of putting it.
Marry me.
But I don't know you.
What does that matter? Does anyone
ever really know anyone else?
That's a good point.
I'd go a step further and ask, does
anybody ever really know themselves?
- What's your name?
- Katie.
Glad to meet you, Katie.
- How are you Henry?
- Wasted.
So what do you say?
Will you marry me?
Well, I doubt we can get married
right here in the middle of the night.
We could if we were in Reno.
God, I wish we lived in Reno!
Let's sleep on it.
No way, mister!
Why buy the cow when
you can get the milk for free?!
- What?
- You know what I mean!
We don't have to sleep on it together.
Why, don't you think I'm beautiful?
Katie, you're a goddess!
Listen pal, don't waste my time!
There are plenty of men out there
who'd die trying to marry me!
I don't doubt it.
Listen, why don't we just
get engaged for the time being?
- Engaged?
- Yeah.
That way I can find us a place
to live, get set up, right and proper.
- Why, don't you have a place to live now?
- No, not exactly.
- What about a ring?
- Ring?
If we're gonna get engaged
you gotta give me a ring.
A ring, here.
It's my college ring.
God, it's beautiful!
It's a little big on you.
No, it's just perfect, Henry.
Thank you.
It's worth it just to see
you smile like that, Katie.
So, do you have a job?
A job?
Well, not at the moment.
- I'm working on my PhD.
- You're a doctor?
Of theology - almost.
What are you going to do
when you get out of school?
I don't know.
I've been in school all my life.
I don't know how to do anything.
Well, I hope you don't expect me to
support you for the rest of your life.
Already with the nagging!
What a torturous path I've made
for myself, shackling myself to you!
Oh Katie, now don't get so upset.
All newlyweds have these little battles.
We'll survive.
- You think so?
- Absolutely!
You're a good man, Henry.
Kate. Come on,
let's go home and get some sleep.
- Okay. I know a place.
- Good.
His weaknesses
are endearing.
His strengths threaten
to eclipse my own
He eats out.
A lot.
- Hey, aren't you...
- No.
- Yes, you are.
- No, I'm not.
But last night...
What about last night?
You were with him.
No, I wasn't.
I'm sorry. Perhaps I'm mistaken.
I just saw your girlfriend.
She claims not to know you.
I'm afraid so.
I don't understand.
There's nothing to understand.
We're animals.
Eros is a bad and
fickle little god-head.
Does this thing still work?
I hate when she does that.
Today is the first day of spring.
That's no consolation.
Boy, I must've been hammered last night.
I woke up in a strange apartment.
Somehow managed to lose my college ring.
Eat your toast and get out.
- No love is free.
- What?
Freud said that.
Don't start with me, Henry.
I heard a fascinating statement
in a movie.
You don't seem to be aware
of the pain I'm experiencing.
- Excuse me?
- Forget it.
- It's biblical.
- What is?
This statement:
"Love does not discriminate."
I don't follow.
"And the people asked him,
saying, what shall we do then?"
- That's Luke.
- Chapter three, verse ten.
- So?
- So the apostle replies,
"Love and cherish, unquestioningly,
whoever happens to be before you.
Love does not discriminate."
I'm no apostle, Henry.
Take it easy, it's just
something I heard in a movie.
Listen, pal, you can't waltz in here,
use my toaster,
and start spouting universal
truths without qualification!
What's that?
You smell that?
Oh yeah.
She's left her fragrance here.
That's it. Get out!
- What about my toast?
- Get out!
- Scram.
- What?
Why did you do that?
I'm upset, I guess.
Why do you deny me?
I don't want to get involved
with anyone right now.
I'm busy.
Working hard.
And I like it.
Why do you need
what's between us to be seen?
I don't.
I need it to be acknowledged.
This is embarrassing.
What are you writing?
It's part of a story.
Can I hear it?
Read it.
Read it.
He is desperate.
And his frustration
mounts to overflowing
before giving way to
his final and audacious mistake.
Finally, he caves in,
gives up,
and takes what is offered.
Because he knows he can.
Because he knows he wants.
He lacks faith and therefore patience.
The giving of himself has left him
empty and old before his time.
That's very interesting.
But I think it should be a woman.
What do you think?
Go on, read it as a woman.
She is desperate.
And her frustration
mounts to overflowing
before giving way to
her final and audacious mistake.
Finally, she caves in, gives up,
and takes what is offered.
Because she knows she can.
Because she knows she wants.
She lacks faith
and therefore patience.
The giving of herself has left her
empty and old before her time.
Please don't.
Excuse me, miss.
What do you want?
I want you to be my wife.
I mean it. Marry me. Please.
Why should I marry you?
Well, why not me?
Listen, mister, I'm already engaged!
See! This is an engagement ring!
That's not an engagement ring.
That's a college ring.
And it belongs to my friend Henry.
Back off, pal!
I don't know anyone named Henry!
This is an engagement ring!
A significant emblem!
A potent piece of jewelry!
And it's mine!
But I thought you wanted to get married?
I just wanted somebody to ask.
Fyodor Mikhailovich Dostoyevsky.
Born in Moscow, 1821.
His father was a...
...drunken brute of an army surgeon
who treated his serfs horribly.
So they murdered him by pouring
vodka down his throat until he gagged.
Fyodor had some success
with his first novel,
but then he was arrested
for subversion against the Tsar.
After eight months
in solitary confinement,
he was led before a firing squad.
He stood there in a death shroud,
facing an open and hastily dug grave,
awaiting his execution.
Then someone decided
he didn't need to be shot.
For four or five years,
he did hard labor in
some cold Siberian prison.
It was there in Siberia that
he began to suffer from epilepsy.
ten years after being
dragged away in chains,
he returned to Saint Petersburg.
He converted to a conservative
and profoundly religious philosophy.
Nevertheless, he was utterly destitute,
an alcoholic, and a compulsive gambler.
He married Anna Snitkina
and wrote at least four
of the greatest novels in history.
I have nothing else to say.
I can't teach you anything.
Class dismissed.
Hey pal, are you al right?
I'll be okay.
Just let me rest my head here
in the gutter for five or ten minutes.
I'll be al right.
Hey, I'm sorry to bother you again.
What is it?
Can you tell me how to get down
to the river from here?
Can I help someone?
Does anyone need any assistance?
Does anyone need any assistance?
Can I help someone?
Does anyone need any help?
Can I help someone?
Does anyone need any assistance?
Can I help someone?
Can I help someone?
Does anybody need any help?
Does anyone need any assistance?
Can I help someone?
Does anyone need any help?
Does anyone need any assistance?
Can I help someone?
Can I help someone?
Can I help someone?
Jacob Watson
alias film & sprachtransfer