Susa (2010) Movie Script

Got it?
- Yes.
Juja, come here.
Hi Susa, let's go to my house.
How was your day?
- Not so good.
I've only earned four lari.
Why do not you work
at the distillery?
I'd rather collect empty bottles, then
that I piss on that bastard sale.
Incase you have vodka?
Let us quickly go through.
Juja, we do a game?
You're going to lose anyway.
What was the score again?
- 15 against 10.
You've practiced,
- No, this was it.
Please, again.
- No, let's eat.
You've never eaten this, huh?
Enough already.
Otherwise, we eat so nietste.
wilje I just show something.
This I have done many times.
Wrap the bottle in a towel.
If you get the police chasing
you, throw you'm just gone.
In this way the whole bottle.
If the police can not find the
bottle, they can not do.
Wilje a little
- No, thanks. I is full.
Why do you still work at that factory?
You did not like it there?
My moederwil that I still
keep working here.
That 'here' ...
I know that only too well.
Is it true that the boss
was looking to thee?
Could be, but I'm totally
done with that business.
- Just.
Once you're gone, you
can not go back.
Zulje understand that
when you zelfweggaat.
Why did not he come back early
- he was at work. You know that.
When is it on?
- About two days.
We still have time to prepare
anything further.
If daddy is back, you do not
carry bottles inform.
Then we go to the factory.
You wanted to go to
the city, right?
Then we move together into the town.
You, mom and dad.
Good morning.
Good morning.
- Good morning, boy.
Are you there?
Today we have to
work extra hard.
I'm outta here.
- Wait, let me give you a look.
That node must close.
How heavy is that bag anyway?
It's all right.
- Not at all.
I get a few out there.
Let it now.
It's too heavy.
- I got it.
Not too late coming home, okay?
For you it's free. You're a good boy.
- Thank you.
- Day, boy.
Do you need vodka
- How much do you up?
Three bottles.
- Take only one.
Wait. I'll pick you money.
Grant me once.
Come here.
Thanks. Bye.
- Bye.
I come home late tonight.
but not to stay.
Make ietste but eat
and then go to bed.
What is this?
Is this what we make here?
we selling this?
This looks like good vodka?
It looks more like piss.
And so do you label on it?
How do you manage?
This seems no sense at all.
You can plug erniet pay decently.
Who the hell is this now?
Must Look at that!
Beware, ofje cut your
fingers still off.
Did you have breakfast?
- Yes.
Wait. Come here.
Let me see that bag.
Is that all you can lift? Out.
Good morning everyone.
Spread your cards on the table.
50 tetris per game. We start.
The first cijferis 29, 1986.
Did you bring it
- Yeah.
You have four bottles
- Yes.
Put them down there but.
Come over a few days your money here.
- That is impossible, I quit.
You stop trying? Good ...
They are all so serious.
They think they're going to win.
Sir, he tried to run away.
But I got to catch him.
His bag is empty.
What about him?
Leave it to me.
Sit down.
Will you uitAychala?
Tell your boss that he's not
here every day to send.
Grab your bag and go.
Susa hello, how are you?
I have a few bottles on offer.
I need money.
How many bottles do you have?
- Five.
Say it again.
ls Gena home
- Yes.
Close the door behind you.
Juja, Long time no see. How are you?
- It's his pace.
I have some vodka on sale.
First to taste, then.
Here I have another one.
Shall we play a game
- I'm not in the mood.
Come on. a jar.
- I do not want.
I'm leaving the factory.
You do not believe me huh?
If you do not believe
me, I will go away.
Come here.
Where's your money
- I have not worked today.
Nothing to do. I want my money.
What if he does not come?
Of course he does.
Take a bath and then get two
loaves of bread here, okay?
Make sure you're home on time.
Papa is underway.
Where do you go
- to the town.
but in step.
- I go by bus.
step, we also go to the city.
- No, it is not necessary.
step, I say. You ride with us.
Are you now free?
Got a free day
- What?
Is he there?
- Your father.
No, not yet.
You think he'll take, huh?
Where he takes you with you?
Before you know it,
you've come back.
I have in my life too difficult
times before.
But I finally achieved
I gun you all the good guy.
And I mean that.
Where can he do now but you go?
Take off your hat and see.
Look, over there.
- Look who's here.
This way.
- Wait, we hide ourselves here.
There you are.
So you have no money,
come only briefly.
I have not worked today.
- Is that so?
Look, this is a nice spot.
- You do not like, here?
I think this is really
a nice place.
Look at him now with his
beautiful new clothes.
Keep moving.
Let him with a stone
voorz'n kicking.
Look at him then that
stupid peasant.
Check it.
I see you've been to
the hairdresser.
You really suiting him, huh?
Shall we throw him in?
- No, I know another place.
We make it a little better.
With a bit of mud.
- Stay away from me.
Come on.
- Stay away from me.
Wait ...
Let me go.
No, on this side.
Yes, even better.
That will teach you.
I close the door a little off.
Gia, what are you doing here?
Long time no see.
Come out here, man.
Waarwas you all this time?
What happened
- nothing.
What is wrong with you
- I tell laterwel.
Is he already there?
- Yes.
What could happen?
Where's your mother?
- At the distillery.
are you up so early every day
- Yes.
Does your mother always home late
- Depends.
Grab the salt even for me.
Come on.
Let's go.
Is it hard?
Admit it.
- No, I'm fine.
Admit it.
- It is not heavy.
Give it here now.
I should be in here.
I'll wait here for you.
Do only three bottles.
What are you there?
Take the bottles out.
Are we?
- Yes.
No thanks.
I'll be right back.
Are you back? Come on.
Go inside.
What is this? What's going on?
Caps. I warn you.
Stop. Now.
Quiet. What's going on?
Shut up!. Kappen, I say.
Stop. What is wrong with you on?
That's enough. Enough, I say!
What are you thinking?
And now you love, ofik throw
you to the ground.