Susana (1951) Movie Script

Let go of me,
you damn fools!
Damn you, let go of me!
Let go!
Stupid bitches!
Let go of me, I said!
You're in here because
you're useless out there!
Let go of me!
You bitches, let go!
Let me go!
Fifteen days locked in there
will calm her down.
Yeah, right! She's been here
fortwo years...
and is only getting worse.
Let me go! Open up!
Dear Lord!
Get me out of here!
I want to get out of here!
Dear God, you made me
the way I am.
Just like scorpions...
or rats.
Lord of all jails,
have mercy on me!
Throw down the bars, the walls.
Let me feel the air, the sun.
I have as much right as a snake,
orthis spider.
God have mercy!
Grant me a miracle
if you can!
Get me out of here!
Get me out of here!
Get me out of here!
Oh, miss! This downpour
is going to be memorable.
Why do you say that, Felisa?
Because it's out of season,
and this kind of storm
is the devil's doing.
Even our sweet little cat
has just scratched me.
Don't start, Felisa.
I know you very well.
lfthe sun rises two minutes late,
it's bad luck.
If you meet two crows head on,
it's the end ofthe world.
It's superstition.
It may be "suprers"...
or whateveryou may call it,
but I was right last time.
Remember when your son
had typhus fever?
It was after a horrible downpour.
- Hail Mary full of grace...
- Conceived without sin.
I can't argue with you and all your
heaven's lawyers.
Good evening, mother.
Son, you took so long I thought
you had gone to Mexico City...
to get your agronomist degree.
Put that away.
And my fatherwonders where
I get my irony from.
Gone all afternoon...
I have a feeling
someone has a girlfriend.
That's right. She's green
and she has six legs.
- What?
- Here.
This little bug is responsible
for ruining our com crop.
Poor little God's creature...
You take things literally, Felisa.
You'll never change
your childish ways.
A 60 year-old child.
Besides, change is no good,
Mrs. Carmen.
No one would guess
you're over thirty.
Thirty... Very well lived 30 years.
Not like today's 30 year-olds.
You're impossible, Alberto.
Making Felisa talk nonsense.
Leave her alone.
- And you, Felisa...
- He started it.
Don't get mad. Let's make up.
You always get your way.
Look at you, sitting at the table
before yourfather.
Sorry, mother. I forgot.
Where is father?
It's alright. Stay still, stay still.
It will be a normal delivery,
Mr. Guadalupe.
Don't worry, be patient.
You know how much I love
this animal.
I don't want herto suffer.
This love you feel foryour horses
is that of a man for a woman.
- Will it take long?
- The average time.
Go have dinner,
I'll inform you soon.
I know you're laughing at me,
but I feel the same way
as when my son was bom.
Jesus, as soon as it's near
go get me.
If you fail me, I'll fire you.
Please don't, boss.
You lose.
It's a trick deck.
How is the mare, father?
The veterinary says everything
is fine, but I'm very nervous...
As usual, as if it were your son.
You want me to help, father?
I'm not bad at it.
Bad at it? Sometimes I think you love
the land and the animals...
more than you love me.
Father, I believe I can better
prepare for my exams...
here at the farm
than in Mexico City.
- Is that fine with you?
- Do as you wish.
As long as you don't
get tired of us.
I promise I'll find him a girlfriend
to distract his mind.
Mothers have a special way
with that.
And fathers for scolding them
ifthey don't study.
I promise that won't
be necessary, father.
Jeez, that one was close!
Holy Mary! What a night!
You can row yourway to the barn.
Mr. Guadalupe, please excuse me.
What is it? Any news?
Bad ones. The colt was stillborn.
Everything was going well...
And the mare?
The veterinary is not sure
he can save her.
Holy Mary of God and all Saints...
My china! My china is in pieces!
The devil seems
to be on the loose.
Holy Trinity!
Look out there, in the window.
Lord Almighty!
Oh, dear, it's the devil!
As the priest says:
"Stay away, Satan!"
Will you be quiet, Felisa?
Put her on the sofa, Jesus.
Holy Mother of God!
Stop that, Felisa!
Bring some water and clean
towels, quickly.
There must have been
a bus accident.
In a frenzy, this woman started
to run and ended up here.
- That's probably it.
- Maybe.
But now we must take care of her.
Who knows... Yesterday we had some
gypsies around here. Maybe...
She's hurt, but it looks like
she only fainted.
Get me the ammonia, Jesus.
Yes, madam.
Alberto, place another cushion
under her head.
What could have happened to her?
Atragedy, no doubt.
Here you are, madam.
There. She's coming to.
Do you feel better?
What happened to you?
Well, these are women's affairs.
Leave us alone, maybe she'll calm down.
You're very young.
Almost a child. Feeling better?
A little, madam. Thank you.
Don't mention it.
What's your name?
Susana, madam.
- Susana what?
- Just Susana.
Dear Lord, don't you have
a family name?
Have you no parents?
I never met them.
Awoman took me in and...
We'll send you back.
Where does she live?
- No, please, madam...
- Calm down, dear. Easy.
Were they cruel to you?
The woman's husband treated
me well, but he died.
And then it all changed.
A dirty old man came
and wanted to...
I refused...
Then he hit me and...
Since I always refused he said
I was a burden.
That I had to work and that
he would take me to...
To work for a good family
in Acapulco.
And it wasn't true.
On the road he tried to take
advantage of me.
Dear God, what did you do?
I jumped out of the car,
I ran and somehow ended up here.
Don't let him find me, madam.
Don't let him find me.
No one will look foryou here,
and if he did...
- No, madam.
- You're like a daughterto me.
I'll protect you.
Thank you, madam.
Thank you, mother.
Felisa, call the men.
You are safe now.
Calm down, girl. Calm down.
You may come in now.
What happened? Who is she?
I'll tell you in a moment.
Now, this poor girl
needs to rest.
Do you feel better?
Felisa, go with her.
For the time being she can stay
at the blacksmith's room.
And give her some broth.
Thank you, madam.
Here, here.
If it were up to me, I would...
Oh well...
God's will be done.
Get some sleep,
tomorrow we'll see.
Did you find the engineer?
With difficulty. They're all working
forthe state at the moment.
But he's on his way
to the stable.
Thank God.
And the poor mare?
That's got me very worried.
- What does Mr. Severiano say?
- Nothing really.
But if it goes on like this
I'll have to put her down...
and you know how
much I love her.
Don't be hasty.
I have a feeling she'll be fine.
I've been hoping for a colt
from herfor so long,
but she worries me.
But, on another note, what will
you do with the girl we took in?
She seems so nice, so helpful.
She's only been here fortwo
days and her help is noticeable.
I pity her, she's so humble,
so innocent.
As you wish, but we don't know
who she is orwhere she came from.
I feel so sorry for her.
I feel sorry for many people,
but there are places forthem.
Yes, sir.
You seem recovered and calm.
I think it's time to think about
what we should do with you.
I have no one in this world, sir.
Maybe we should take you
to a trade school...
- or an institution were you...
- Why do you want me to leave?
I haven't done anything and I just
want to stay here...
where life is good.
Let her stay, Guadalupe.
She's gone through a lot, she wants
to work and I think she likes me.
To me you're more than the mother
I never knew, madam.
See? Let her stay, Guadalupe.
I could use the help.
That's up to you.
She can stay if you want.
How can I thank you, sir?
You have a powerful godmother.
Thank her.
Thank you, madam.
Go on, go do your chores.
Thank you for your help,
Mr. Guadalupe.
You're very kind.
And you're beautiful.
What's the matterwith you today?
Why are you kissing me that way?
It's so hot!
Man, look at this one.
- What a beauty!
- I'll call the boss, you scumbag.
Leave her alone!
How about saying
good morning, Susana?
- Like decent people.
- Good morning, Jesus.
I don't know what you did,
but the sun came out.
Can I help you?
Just let me know.
I don't think so.
I'm going to get some eggs.
Unless you can help the hens.
Those are not the hens I like.
Really? Well, be careful with the ones
that already have roosters.
You're very smart, blondie.
We always tell the truth
at the ranch.
There's a lot to see
around here.
I know the scenery well.
And where will you take me?
You? All the way to heaven.
- That easy?
- No, beautiful, that hard.
Are you afraid of me?
Afraid? I don't even know you.
But I'd rather have a choice.
And you think I don't know?
Ask the ladies,
you'll see they pick me.
And what do you tell them?
Look, beautiful. I'm brave
and I get things done.
Let me know when you're ready.
I'll think about it.
I don't like to make mistakes.
Think quickly. Who knows, this
saint might go to heaven and...
May I go down, Don Juan?
I'll get you down. Come.
Let go of me.
See what you've done?
All ruined!
You're so beautiful
when you're mad.
The wind blows
and the crop blossoms.
You want me to scream?
Don't ruin such a beautiful voice.
What if your voice get hoarse?
There, I'll forgive you.
You're so brave.
Now I'll get scolded
because of you.
Look, if you get tough, no one
will scold you but me.
I'll decide who gets
to scold me.
See what you've done?
Now you know.
If you want to take a walk
on the farm, let me know.
Well, pull up a chair because
you'll get tired of waiting.
Hey, beautiful,
can I carry your basket?
How did it go with the hens?
Looks like you showed her.
That one is tougher
than our mare.
I know a rancherwho died
for even less.
It was all in good fun
to see what would happen.
Well, now you know.
- Okay.
- Let's get to work.
Yes, sir.
Good morning, Susana.
Good morning, Alberto.
You're in better health
and look very pretty.
- You're making fun of me.
- I'm being honest.
Were you also honest
with the nice city girls?
I'm not a pro,
I say what's in my heart.
If only I could believe you.
No one has ever said
anything nice to me. Ever.
You must have lived
in a world of blind people.
You're like the weeds
in the field.
Nobody knows when or how they
grow until they pay attention.
Then, you like the countryside?
I'll tell your mother.
You want to tell me something?
Alberto was telling me how much
he loves the farm...
and was asking about
the clean clothes.
Felisa takes care of that.
Ask her.
Right away, madam.
Listen, friend. Is the Las Palmas
Hacienda far from here?
I'm from there, sir.
Three miles away, at the most.
Great, so you can help me.
I will if I can.
That's right. We're looking for a girl
that ran away...
from the reformatory
two days ago.
We believe she's around and I need
to know if you've seen her.
She's young, about 20 years old
and she's...
If you know what I mean.
There are a few women there that
should be institutionalized,
but there are no strangers.
Here you'll find the address and phone
number ofthe reformatory.
Call us if you know something.
- I'll inform the boss.
- Thank you.
Let's go.
Maybe I should continue cleaning
later, sir. I'm in yourway.
Not at all. Go on.
Yes, sir.
It's best you take care of...
Of what, sir?
Your clothes. I don't like
the way you dress.
I was given these clothes here, sir.
Do I look that bad?
It's just for work.
Fine, that's not what I mean.
I know it's not pretty but...
I'm just telling you to cover
up more.
There are many men here,
and men are like untamed colts.
You never know how
they'll react.
That's my life, sir.
When I try to do things right,
I do something wnong.
Whateveryou say.
You didn't do anything wrong.
It's not yourfault, I just wanted
to tell you to pay more attention.
Go on, my wife will
explain it better.
Excuse-me, sir.
- With your permission, sir.
- Come in, Jesus.
I wanted to tell you
something that...
Well, then, go ahead.
Don't tell me there are more
news in town?
- It's just that...
- What?
I'm listening, but you're not talking.
What is it?
Nothing. Everyone in town
is worried about the mare,
since she's Arabian, you know...
That's how they are.
And the seeds arrive tomorrow.
That's it.
- All right.
- Excuse-me.
Listen, I wanted to tell
you something.
The guys are very pushy here,
and I wouldn't like it...
ifthey took advantage of Susana.
The girl seems good and innocent
and I don't want anyone...
messing with her.
You know what I mean.
I'll put you in charge of that.
All right, boss.
I'll handle that.
Guadalupe, Mr. Severiano
is waiting foryou.
When did he arrive?
He's been with the mare
for a while.
He believes he can save her
and he wants to see you.
I'll be right there.
Before I forget,
I wanted to talk to you
about that girl, Susana.
She's young and I don't think
she realizes she's a woman...
and she dresses in a flashy way.
You know it's betterto avoid that
out here.
And you noticed that?
You're only interested in horses.
We dressed her up in a hurry,
that's true.
I'll take care ofthat.
I mentioned it to her, but you
bettertalk to hertoo.
Don't worry, I'll handle it.
Does it fit?
You tell me.
How could it not,
after all I've worked on it.
Is that if for now, madam?
Yes, I think so.
Now, could you drop these clothes
off in my son's room?
Yes, madam.
Oh, dear. That one won't even
look decent in a nun's habit.
Felisa, you're so negative.
I'll be quiet, but I know
what I'm saying.
She never did anything to you.
You don't like her and that's not
a Christian attitude.
She's not Christian.
Just look at her.
Don't say that, Felisa.
She's humble and obedient.
The quiet ones are the worst.
Do good unto others
as the priest says.
Yes, but doing good
is keeping your eye on her.
Oh, well. We'll see what happens.
Come in!
Excuse-me, sir. Mrs. Carmen told me
to bring you these clothes.
Thank you. Please leave it
on the table.
So many books, and you even
have them on the floor.
I'm putting them in order.
You want me to help you?
No, Susana, thank you.
Women don't understand
these things.
Forgive me, sir. Excuse-me.
Forgive me, I didn't mean
to offend you.
If you want to help, we can start
with these big books.
Are you mad at me?
What nonsense.
Why would I be mad?
You're treating me formally.
lfthat's all, can you hand
me these books?
Yes, Mr. Alberto.
Are you going to read
all these books?
I already have.
You must know many
beautiful things.
But why keep them if you've
already read them?
Books are kept
out of fondness.
Like a woman you love.
It's very different.
Hand me the blue book.
The one with the ribbon.
This one?
What is it about?
- Goodness!
- What is it?
A naked man.
Look, this is a book
about mythology.
This is Apollo, he represents
man's beauty.
I didn't know you could say
a man was beautiful.
- Are you teasing me?
- No, seriously.
It's a symbol of beauty.
Just as your name is a symbol.
- Really?
- May I tell you of what?
- Of what?
- Of chastity.
Are you hurt?
No, and you?
Alberto, are you in there?
Yes, mother.
Do you need something?
No, nothing.
I was just passing by.
By the way, did Susana bring
you your shirts?
Yes, a while ago.
What's wnong?
You seem odd.
Nothing. I was organizing
my books.
I'll let you continue.
- Please, I have to go.
- Don't go.
- Please.
- Wait.
Susana, I need to talk to you.
Well, here we are.
- What's this secret of yours?
- You don't know, blondie?
How should I?
What do you want?
I want you. I like you.
But I don't like you
and you need two people forthat.
Aren't we two?
Don't be surly.
Ever since I saw you, I knew
I'd be able to tame you.
I'll make you very, very calm.
You're the kind that
talks to himself.
Don't you think I have
something to say?
Words are not necessary.
My word is enough.
You're that sure of yourself?
I'm sure of what I want,
that's what matters.
And that's what your eyes say
when you're silent.
Let go of me!
Let go!
Tell me you like me.
Maybe not.
And maybe yes.
I have to give that some thought.
Suppose I don't want to wait.
It's up to you.
Don't be a prude.
Kiss me.
Just one.
Let me go, Jesus.
It's okay, beautiful.
You're afraid of me.
But I'll take care of you.
Me? Afraid?
Of what?
You don't know?
Look at these arms. They are strong
and want to hold you.
It's better to be a prisoner
of loving arms,
than you know where.
What do you say?
Well, then...
I'll be honest with you.
I'm surly, but you know
I like you.
You said it yourself.
But we have to make sure
no one finds out.
Leave me for now. We'll find a safe
place and tomorrow...
Tomorrow is never
and later is too late.
No, Jesus. This is crazy.
Alberto, son.
Find Jesus for me, please.
Mr. Severiano prescribed this
forthe mare...
and he has to go get it
right away.
And tell him to get the vet on his
way back to give the shot.
What is it?
What are you doing here, Susana?
Don't get mad. I was passing by
and when I saw you with the bugs...
I figured you're a scholar.
And since all scholars are old...
So what?
I don't want you to look old.
That means you like me a little.
A little? No, sir.
Forgive me if I don't
believe you.
Are you mad again?
It must be
from studying too much.
That's why you look like
and old man.
You must have something
to do, right?
I don't, besides, I'd love to be
here with you for a moment.
I'm done with all my house chores.
And your barn chores?
I don't understand.
What do you mean?
Maybe Jesus is better than me.
Why should I care about Jesus?
That's your business, but I saw
you two going into the barn.
Yesterday you mean?
He wanted to show me
where the com was.
And forthat you had
to close the door?
I didn't close it. I gathered the corn
and left out the orchard door.
Maybe he closed it.
Then, he's after you.
I swear I haven't noticed.
And what do I care
what he does?
I wish I could believe you,
but I can't.
Here I am.
Why did you do that?
To make you tum around.
I should spank you.
You scared me, I thought
you had fallen in.
And would you have been sad?
No, I would have been happy.
- Really?
- Yes.
Swear it.
There is someone up there.
I don't care.
Let me go see who it is.
No, wait.
Let me go check.
Help me!
Help me!
What's the matter, girl?
My leg.
Did I shoot you?
No, I fell from up there.
I thought I had shot you.
What are you doing here?
- Didn't you hearthe shots?
- That's why I ran, sir.
- Where does it hurt?
- Here.
- Here?
- Not there.
Can you walk?
I don't know, sir.
It hurts a lot.
Let's see. Hold on.
Slowly, slowly.
- Come on.
- It hurts.
My handkerchief.
Wait here.
Let's go.
I am fine, sir.
Carmen, where are you?
What's the matter?
What happened?
This scatterbrain fell down a cliff
and hurt her knee.
It's nothing, really.
We should take care ofthat,
it can lead to worse things.
Come with me.
Help me carry this girl.
I'm okay, madam.
We'll take care of you.
You'll stay in bed all day
and tomorrow we'll see.
Come on.
- What do you want?
- To come in.
Not here.
We might be seen.
Mr. Alberto is asleep.
I'm not referring to him,
but to anyone.
I'm referring to him.
This moming I saw you
together at the well.
Then you know I'm free
to do as I wish.
No, baby. Not with me.
Mark my word.
I'm so scared.
Don't be silly.
I'm not one ofthose, Susana.
Watch out.
I like it when you laugh.
Pure breed bitch.
Listen to what I say.
You'll be mine,
no one else's.
Tomorrow evening I'll wait foryou
at the Carmelita ruins.
If you don't go, I'll tell the boss
who you are and where you came from.
You haven't gone to bed yet?
Are you feeling ill?
- I'm fine, mother.
- You're buming up.
I'm telling you, it's nothing.
I just want to be alone,
that's all.
- In the dark, son?
- Yes, in the dark.
I'm not afraid ofthe boogeyman
and I don't need to ask permission.
I'm not a child, you don't need
to watch over me.
Dear Lord. How can you talk
to your mother like that?
You have always been so kind.
I can't believe it.
I can't believe it.
I'm just a bit nervous, that's all.
I didn't mean to upset you.
I swear. Forgive me.
Poor child. You study so much sometimes
I wish you knew nothing.
You work too hard, as if your life
depended on it.
All right, go to sleep.
Rest, my boy.
Yes, mother. See you tomorrow.
See you tomorrow, son.
I'm worried about Alberto.
He's been irritable and nervous lately.
Today he was in his room
in the dark and...
And you asked what was wnong
and he was rude, right?
No, he's never rude, but I think
he studies too hard...
and he's at a very
impressionable age.
If he was rude it's your own fault.
You are always on top of him...
- How can you say that?
- Leave him alone!
He's not a colt anymore,
he can run on his own.
Besides, he's of good breeding.
Men are always protecting
each other,
but you don't know how lonely
a mother can feel when...
If only we had a daughter...
What's this handkerchief
doing here?
What handkerchief?
What do I know?
It's the one I gave
Susana yesterday.
How did it end up in here?
Did you bring it?
Me? Why me? Are you going
to treat me like Alberto now...
with those annoying questions?
Why are you acting this way?
Your accusations have me fed up.
"What's this handkerchief doing here?
Did you bring it?"
I don't need this at my age.
I didn't do anything to make you
think I'm accusing you.
Sure, as a typical woman you ask
innocent loaded questions...
and then you say it was nothing.
Good afternoon, boss.
You need more lambs?
No, these are enough.
We should try with just a few
before vaccinating the whole herd.
Beg your pardon, boss.
What is that?
Vitamins, they make animals
and people stronger.
That's amazing. I wish
they had a vita...
One ofthose for bad mood.
Not for me, for my old lady.
Science would really
be wonderful then.
All right, boss.
If you'll excuse me.
Go ahead.
- Good morning, boss.
- Good morning.
This is from Mr. Severiano.
Just a moment, Jesus.
Or is someone waiting foryou?
My duties, as usual.
May I help you?
I was just wondering what
duties you're referring to.
Professional or personal ones.
I don't know what you mean,
but work comes first.
Are you sure?
I am.
You are not?
I have my doubts.
Listen, youngster,
let's grab this bull by the homs.
Have I done anything or are
you not happy about something?
The bull you grab by the horns,
and how do you grab the cows?
- By surprise ortreason?
- Wait a moment.
I am very fond of yourfamily,
and they've helped me a lot...
but I won't let you insult me
or question my manhood.
I won't let you question
my manhood either,
but my father gives you orders
and pays you to follow them.
You better do it oryou might get
your other hand hurt.
I had a hunch you'd come.
Really? But you probably
don't know why I came.
To tell you I'm not ready
to do as you please.
Really? You're brave.
You probably don't talk like that
to the boss's son.
Watch out, Susana.
You can't mess with me.
You got what you wanted
the other day, didn't you?
You think you'll get anything else?
Leave me alone!
I'm not as weak as you think.
That's why I like you more
and more.
I can't sleep thinking about you,
I can't work or do anything.
But if you don't make it up to me...
What? You'll tell the boss
all you know about me?
Sure, tell him. And tell him why
you kept it a secret.
They'll get rid of both of us
and you'll never see me again.
No, not that.
I need you near me,
to breath your scent, see you...
Let go of me!
Rememberthis is my only home.
If I lose this...
Come with me.
Come with me, girl.
You're insane. I don't belong to any
man norto his desires.
If you behave, we can find a way.
If you don't...
You got me, you little devil.
I'll do anything you say.
But let me kiss you, please.
- Not now.
- Right now.
Don't tell me you're afraid
of getting caught.
Afraid? I just don't want to.
Let go!
Let me go!
Let go!
- Let go!
- What's going on?
That's how you obey my orders?
That's how you repay me
forthe help and trust...
I've placed on you for so long?
- Boss, I...
- Be quiet!
And get out of here.
When I retum to the farm
you better be gone oryou'll regret it.
Did you hear? Go on!
I didn't want this to happen,
but it's not my fault.
Please, believe me.
I better leave.
Don't cry, girl. Get up.
You're not leaving.
I don't know what to do, sir.
It's always the same with me.
I don't even look at them.
I want to live in peace and be happy
as I was before this...
Don't mention him.
You'll stay here and I'll make sure
no one bothers you again.
I'll do anything you want,
I'll work nonstop.
I'll hide in a comerwhere
no one will see me...
so I can live near...
Near a man as good as you.
It's all right, Susana.
You've never felt protected
until this moment, right?
- I promise I'll protect you.
- You're so good, sir.
Stand up.
You're the only man that has
ever spoken to me like that.
Go do your chores, tonight
I'll be back from town.
I'll ask my wife to give you
a safer job...
so you're not exposed
to these perils.
Go on now.
Why are you working so hard
and so quietly, Felisa?
Hard as usual and quietly
by force...
not to cause you a headache.
- What are you talking about?
- Nothing.
But this house is always
full of news.
When it's not the sick mare,
it's the devil coming to stay...
or Jesus leaving the hacienda.
Heavens, I've said it!
Jesus is leaving?
That's not possible? Why?
He's in the courtyard
with all his things.
Without even saying goodbye?
That's not right.
- What happened?
- Ask Susana.
Come here.
Is it true you're leaving?
Not by my own free will.
Mr. Guadalupe doesn't want me
to stay here.
He probably scolded you
for something stupid.
You know him. Tell me what
happened and I'll fix it.
You better ask him.
I get a knot in my throat just thinking
of leaving this place.
You've been so good to me.
Goodbye, madam.
And thank you foryour kindness.
Didn't I tell you? I slaved making
his favorite dish...
and he won't even touch it.
It's true, Alberto.
What's the matter?
Eating so little and studying so much
his brain will turn to mush.
What the hell! I said it.
You're responsible
for spoiling him so much.
If he was my son...
Not even Felisa's rants
make you laugh.
Something is wnong
and I don't like that.
You will eat for me and tell me
about it as you eat.
I will sit right beside you.
I'm not hungry, mother,
that's all.
It's about time you and I
had a good chat.
I suffer seeing you like this,
so talk to me if you love me.
I have nothing to say, I'm fine.
You used to confide in me.
You'd tell me everything.
Who can understand you better
than I? Come on, son.
It's nothing. Just a headache I've had
since last night.
In that case I'll get you
an aspirin.
Wait, mother.
I already took an aspirin.
I better lay down.
There's nothing like rest
to cure a headache.
And nothing like opening up
to cure otherthings.
Good night, son.
It's me, Susana, Alberto.
Open up.
Don't come in.
- Here are yourthings.
- Finally.
I was getting worried about you.
Did something happen?
What could have happened?
I was just busy.
I was in town, I checked the ravine
stables, and did otherthings.
And Alberto?
He had a headache and that
gets him into a terrible mood.
He went to bed early.
I know you're never unfair,
but why did you fire Jesus?
If you know that, you know why.
You must have asked him.
He left without saying.
He said you...
- That I what?
- That you'd explain it better.
So, again, I have to justify
my actions.
Fine, that's enough.
I'll explain.
I wanted to set an example
so no one will disobey me.
Jesus disobeyed you?
That's strange.
He's so willing. Always so...
What did he do?
What difference does it make?
It's all the same.
Don't get mad.
I just wanted to know.
Yes, sure.
There must be an explanation,
a reason...
There is no reason for someone
who disobeys...
by trying to take advantage
of a poorwoman.
I knew she was the reason, Susana.
You fired him because of Susana
without checking...
if she had led him on.
Didn't you say I'm fair?
Then let me be fair.
Susana only has us to protect her
and Jesus behaved like a...
And why are you so upset?
It's not that bad.
Not bad to have this happen
in my own house?
To have him dishonorthe respect
a woman deserves?
Come on!
And you are defending Jesus!
I'd rather be quiet.
Good night, Guadalupe.
What's the matterwith you?
You don't even say good morning.
Hello, Felisa. Tell my mother
I'll be back late from the fields.
You'll bring more bugs from the fields
with all the cockroaches we have here?
You're so serious!
I bet you haven't had breakfast.
I had a glass of milk.
If you'll just wait a minute
I'll get you a sandwich and...
Imagine that! Leaving while
I'm still talking!
It's almost eight and that bum
is still sleeping.
We'll see about that.
Wow, you're still in bed.
They didn't bring you
your chocolate milk?
You were still in bed, that's why.
As the saying goes: "From the street
will come she who will...
throw you out of your own house".
"Raise crows and they will
tearyour eyes out".
- What the hell are you thinking?
- You joked about the chocolate.
Like I'd serve you chocolate,
you good-for-nothing.
I can never get angry
in the moming.
Maybe because I'm young.
I can't hear a word.
I'm made of wood.
Holy Mary, give me patience
and give me an answer...
Get up, get dressed and go clean
the dining room and patio floors.
Without breakfast, boss?
God knows his doings.
If I were your boss I'd have...
All the bread they put to waste
by giving it to you...
If you feel so bad about it
imagine if it was your bread.
If it was mine, I wouldn't even
give you a drop of water.
Christian soul.
She's damned!
I have to control myself.
You big mouth lazy bum!
I've already paid for my sins.
I'm a sinner, I'm a sinner.
- You haven't started yet?
- I was starting right now.
When you're done with this,
get your rags...
and move into one of
the workers' cabins.
Felisa will tell you where.
But, madam, me, overthere?
We all feel more comfortable
where we belong.
I just wanted to know if I've done
something wrong.
And by asking for an explanation
you're out of place.
I know there are people
here who dislike me, madam.
But it's not my fault if I'm different
from the gossipers who...
Go do as I said.
Felisa, let's take care
of ourthings.
You can take her, Pascual.
She's a beauty, no doubt.
But your mare is unique.
You're right. But how could
she get so sick?
When the time comes we all,
humans and animals, have to go.
I hate seeing her suffer but I can't
get myselfto putting herto sleep.
Let's wait one more day.
There's always hope.
Tomorrow I can give her
a lethal injection.
No, if she has to die,
I'll help her out...
and with the same gun
I killed her mother.
I understand, Mr. Guadalupe.
It's very difficult, but killing who
you love is proof of your love.
- See you tomorrow, Mr. Severiano.
- Yes, and we'll see.
I think these duties
are too arduous foryou.
I'll ask my wife to give you
more decent work.
You're so good to me, Sir, that...
I don't like to see anyone
out of place.
What were you saying?
Nothing, sir.
I've already inconvenienced enough.
I orderyou to tell me.
I can't deny you anything, sir.
But how can the madam agree
to give me delicate chores...
after she asked me to move
to the workers' quarters.
She's a very good woman
and I must obey her.
That seems strange
because she's incapable of...
It must be Felisa's doing.
I just know it.
- Rosario!
- At your service, sir.
Come here.
- Finish washing the floor.
- As you wish.
No, sir. Mrs. Carmen will
think I've disobeyed her and...
Go rest, Susana. Go.
It's nice to be young and strong.
If you're done with the floors
I have anothertask foryou.
Rosario is not done yet,
but I'll tell herto hurry up.
What are you talking about?
She's finishing up the floors.
I can't do such arduous chores.
Are you making fun of me,
you shameful woman?
With all the respect
I have foryou?
Not at all.
But I'm delicate and if I get
tired I start coughing.
Then wear some lemons
around your neck...
because my dog
died from the same cough.
How insolent!
Don't bite yourtongue,
you might poison yourself.
You're not obeying us?
Fine, we'll see about that.
Mrs. Carmen.
As the saying goes: "The jug goes
to the water so many times...
until it finally breaks".
What's the matter, Felisa?
This little princess made Rosario
wash the floors...
because she's very delicate
and she coughs.
That can't be true.
You're exaggerating, as always.
I asked you to wash the floors
and you'll wash them...
until they shine, go.
Yes, madam. As you wish.
If you're so obedient, why did
you stop washing them? Tell me.
I'll tell you because
you're ordering me.
Mr. Guadalupe...
He very well knows I'm the one
who orders the house help.
I know that, but I got confused
with all the contradicting orders.
It might me better
if you told him.
Leave this house immediately!
Madam, I'll do as you wish,
but don't send me away.
Go away!
What's the matter?
Is there a problem?
A problem? No problem at all.
I'm just firing this girl, that's all.
Listen, you're very nervous.
Of course, if you're right
I won't argue.
If I'm right?
You can doubt me if you wish.
We'll talk after Susana is gone.
Until then, I have nothing
to say to you.
Calm down, woman.
I should know why she's leaving
before she goes.
Can you explain?
Did you explain to me
why Jesus left?
You handle the workers
I'll handle the maids.
You do as you wish
and so do I.
- I insist on knowing.
- We're in front of the maids.
- Can't you see?
- Even better.
It will be settled sooner
since it's regarding one ofthem.
You're free to not give
me an explanation,
- but ifthat's the case I'll have to...
- What?
Forthe good of my home
I'll be forced to order...
this girl to stay until
there's a full explanation for it.
That's all.
I came to get you, honey.
I can't live without you.
You're alone and I love you.
You know that.
I'll take care of you and give you
all you want.
Forthe last time, Jesus,
go take care of your life.
I'm here and here I'll stay.
Don't provoke me, Susana.
I'm not leaving without you,
no matter what.
Are you sure?
I love you, I need you like
the fields need the sun...
I've seen many men like you.
You think I'll throw all this away
With all the disgust I feel foryou?
Let go of me!
No, you're not a purebred bitch
like I thought.
You're a viper, a slut.
You will now know who I am
and what I'm capable of.
I promise you'll find out soon,
even if it kills me!
I promise you!
Let go of me!
Susana, what's wnong?
Come here.
What's the matter?
Why are you crying?
I feel horrible, sir.
Why did I have to bring
discord to this house? Why?
It's not yourfault.
Mrs. Carmen is a saint and I...
I thought it was harsh making
me live with the workers...
but I should have left this house
like she wanted.
Don't even think about it anymore,
it's over.
No, Mrs. Carmen is suffering.
I have to leave, sir.
I have offered you my support,
my affection.
That's the only thing that's
stopping me from leaving.
You look at me like a human being,
not like other men, who...
You felt sorry for me.
Not sorry. I felt affection,
fondness, justice, it's different.
Not sorry.
Maybe that's why I should leave.
Even if it destroys me.
Forgive me, sir.
Get up.
Forgive me, but if I couldn't
see you anymore...
I don't know what I would do.
I want you.
Leave me now.
Madam... Mrs. Carmelita.
You look like the Magdalene.
Take a sip,
it will calm you down.
Leave me alone, Felisa.
Leave me alone,
I need to be alone.
I am alone!
For God's sake.
I beg you, go away.
Don't be afraid.
I had to talk to you, Susana.
Not now,
tomorrow in the fields.
You think I can wait until tomorrow?
Do you not know I love you?
I know, tell me everything
I don't know if you'll still
be here.
I know my mother
wanted to fire you.
My father is so upset
he's a different man.
They can make you leave
but I can't lose you!
Everything will be fine,
I'm sure.
Now go, it would be horrible
ifthey found us together.
Maybe it's best you leave.
I'll take you to town.
I'll visit you everyday.
You'll have all you want.
Let me go!
We'll talk tomorrow, Alberto.
Now go, let me think.
- Susana, please.
- See you tomorrow. Go.
What are you doing here
at this time ofthe night?
I wanted to talk to Susana, father.
What is so important and why
were you forcing her door open?
- Don't say that.
- Answer me!
What do you need to tell her in
the middle ofthe night like a thief?
That's my business
and no one else's.
Are you mad? How dare you
speak to me like that?
- You called me a thief!
- For lack of a better word.
Answer me! What are
you doing here?
I love Susana,
and no one can stop me.
Tomorrow morning
you'll go back to Mexico City.
Now go back to your room
and give me the key to it.
You're going to lock me in?
I'm not a kid anymore
and I'm not afraid of you.
You can deny me anything
but being in love.
Eitheryou obey me or I won't
be responsible for my actions.
I'll leave, but I won't go
back to school.
I'm going to start my life off
with Susana.
What did you say?
If you don't go back to your room
right now, I'll drag you there.
Don't touch me, father,
because if you do...
Come with me, son. Come.
Let me go, mother.
Calm down.
How could you raise a fist
to yourfather? How?
He wanted to hit me,
force me to...
Even so, Alberto.
He's yourfather,
you owe him your life.
He's violent, strict,
but he's not bad.
What was the reason forthat?
You feel guilty about something.
- I don't. You're being unfair.
- Then, tell me.
Tell me, open up.
I'm your mother and I'll help you,
no matterwhat it is.
Trust me, I'll help you.
You didn't do anything
wnong, did you?
First he called me a thief
and then...
- What?
- You make me feel like a criminal.
As if love were a crime.
So, you're in love?
Yes, mother. I'm in love
and it's eternal.
I should have guessed.
After all, you're a man now.
Who is she, son?
If you love her she must be good.
Who is she?
Right? She must be good, right?
I knew you would understand.
It's Susana.
- Mother...
- You too!
What's the matter, mother?
Dear God! Dear God!
Tears are forwhat can't
be remedied, madam.
"God helps those
who help themselves."
You have to throw that bitch out.
God forgive me, but I've felt
like killing her.
I knew she was the devil
and she'd ruin our lives.
Throw her out!
No, Felisa.
Can't you see they're both crazy?
My husband and my son.
I can't believe it.
They would kill each other for her,
they'd go after her.
There must be a way.
Something that will
open their eyes.
God can't forsake me.
No, madam. Throw her out.
As the saying goes:
"Shoot first, ask later."
Throw her out
before it's too late.
I have a hunch,
throw her out.
It's the right moment.
Throw her out!
Dear Lord, I don't ask for
anything for me.
I just want to save the home
you've given me.
Lord, give me yourword
so they'll believe me,
and your hand to open
their eyes.
And give me tigerteeth to...
Get dressed. You'll leave this house
immediately, before I...
Did you hear me? lmmediately.
I'll leave when the master
asks me to.
I'm ordering you
and that's enough.
What if you left
instead of me?
How would that be?
Here, madam.
Don't get your hands dirty.
I'm Christian and I don't want to...
And you're also old.
I'm young and beautiful
and he wants me!
You let her offend you?
Even our Lord threw the merchants
out ofthe temple when he had enough.
Hit her, madam!
If you dare touch me,
I swear I'll make your husband...
throw you out of here.
Carmen, stop!
What have you done?
How could you?
She hates me.
She hates me because
you protect me.
Because I love you.
That's why she wants
to throw me out.
No, you won't be the one
to leave this house.
You're right.
I should leave.
You're crazy.
You're saying that because
ofthis slut.
There she is.
Just a moment. Come in, sirs.
What do you want?
- And who are these people?
- They come for her, sir.
It's not true!
I'm from the State Reformatory.
This woman escaped ourfacility
and we've been looking for her.
You shouldn't have given
her shelter. She's dangerous.
It's not true! It's not true!
And you knew.
I can't even face you, boss.
And why didn't you say anything?
Do I need to explain?
You're right.
- Officer, proceed with your duty.
- Take her away.
Damn you!
Let go of me!
I'll tear her eyes out!
Throw her out!
I told you she was the devil.
- Good moming, mother.
- Good morning, son.
Did you sleep well?
I'm sure you'll sleep
In the bedroom I left you a letter
to say what I can't say face to face.
There you will find
my address in Mexico City.
Son, are you seated at the table
before yourfather again?
It's a beautiful moming,
pure heaven.
- There are no flies even.
- Excuse-me.
What do you want, Jesus?
Come in.
Before leaving I wanted
to come tell you...
that the mare's fever is gone.
Look how she trots happily,
as if nothing had happened.
It's a dream come true.
Then... goodbye, boss.
Goodbye, Alberto.
Goodbye, madam.
Get back to your duties, Jesus.
There's a lot to be done.
Yes, sir.
A real dream come true.
The rest was a nightmare.
The devil's nightmare.
This is God's will.