Suspension of Disbelief (2012) Movie Script

Martin Ehrlichman,
screenwriter and novelist.
Born in Munich in 1964,
living in the UK,
Fiona Jones, TV actress,
She left Martin 15 years ago.
Sarah Jones, 25, actress...
Barrel you between her legs!
Where is your hand now?
She is there.
Between my legs.
Could someone please
turn on the light?
Greg O'Hanlan
director / photographer / musician..
What is a script?
It is the design of a drama.
And - what a drama?
Martin teaches screenwriting
at the London Film Scheel.
A tired old ass.
An old donkey
, since the dawn of civilization
the same narrow path along trots...
Maybe this is too much for you.
I do not want to put pressure on you.
But there are many actresses who
this role would like to play.
Well, that's how it is So...
I get the go!
Are you sure
I told you that it will be hard?.
I can do it, honest!
How can it be
that we, the audience know,
that it is fiction?
The fact that we still
develop strong emotions for the characters and the action.
Apparently different part of the brain
which is responsible for emotions,
not between truth and fiction.
Truth and fiction.
- barrel you between the legs
Where is your hand now?
She is there...
Say it!
On my wet F. ..
I know they watch me. ?
And I want to know when I'll finally
Do you want them to be fucked
- Oh yes.
I want her to fuck me all,
I open my legs wider,
Their tails are steeper and I...
Do you also have a cock in your mouth?
Yes. I suck it,
I play on my clit and ..
and I gave him a blow.
Hello. - Hi!
Happy Birthday. my treasure!
Here, a small gift for you
Oh, how sweet.
Should I open it now
or should I wait?
Open it now!
That is crazy! The incredible!
You said you have no camera.
And I thought you'd like to have a
for your invitation today.
You can
charge and study the part of the battery until tonight.
Is a good camera
- Dad, this is a Leica!
Well, do you like her
- You ask seriously how I like it?
Scene 5,
party at Sarah's 25 birthday.
You look fantastic, sweetie
- Oh, just stop it!.
Relax, sweetheart!
She is my rival, you know ..
I told you, if du .. - Hi
- Congratulations, my beauty!
Oh. Thank you. You flatterer.
Nice that you are here! .
Congratulations here for you - - Thank you.
Juliette? - Yes.
Thank you. That's really sweet of you.
Come. My father is also there!
Quite cool. Cool, Baby
- Who is her father? - Martin!
Well, what makes your work?
Runs good
I have lots of new ideas..
I've heard of it! - Dad!
The script is great, Martin
It is really brilliant!
You have taught me
that it is more of a guide...
But I have also taught you,
that their
the signpost drft not disregard.
Yes, but if it is necessary
absolutely, already
Oh, sorry! Of course, you've stopped.
How do you cope without it? - Heavy.
Already 6 weeks and the greed is still there.
Then I let's
- No, nonsense.. Smoke from me!
Honey, I do not want to bore you. Called But have your loving lovely friends of
Paramount and asked
When they can
expect the new version finally.
You should have two months to deliver.
How could they just as soon be 25?
I have the day. where she was born
still clearly in mind.
You were at the Hampstead Theatre,
baby with your first piece!
Oh, God. As terrible as the fast everything goes.
Now, have a look at just this beautiful young woman.
My goodness. That was my cue.
I have to go
Tell the birthday girl adieu from me..
We speak tomorrow.
Oh. hi!
nice. that you there are
Oh. is the beautiful!
This is Angelique
- Pleased to meet you..
Do you remember Dominic? - Oh, hi.
May I introduce
This is my friend Angelique?.
I'm Martin. - Nice to meet you.
Should I delete it
- nonsense! - So, I say delete.
I am for delete!
The is quite sweet...
- Who will dance for there in the background?
Yes, who is the
- I think his name was John?.
Yes, John. Sure.
Hey, Dom! Yes, we are just
the pictures from last night on!
Be quiet! What is it?
That sounds but inclined to
Has she done this before ever.?
Can I help you with something?
Should I maybe call the police or something?
I bet she's fine.
It is safe only with a friend.
You need you to worry.
Well then call me
Do not worry, okay.?
I hugged you. Bye! Bye!
What about Dominic? - His girlfriend
was not home when he came home.
She disappeared from the party,
without saying anything.
So he went home,
to check on her. But nothing...
The also has a knack
- Really. What was the name again?
Can you you remember the name
- Amanda?
Okay, people. You have to ignore
the black background.
Raining sponsorship money on us only,
we enjoy a great New York skyline.
Think of Sin City. Swan, white and red.
Ross, lie down on the floor,
in fetal position, please. You're dead - All right.
So, a film within a film
about a film. Any questions?
Yes, Greg
Am I dead or I die first?
You're dead A corpse, right?
If I have my eyes open or closed?
Closed. You are in the last phase...
Barrel Look at the eggs!
you purely come and bring your text.
He is sexy. He is tall. It looks great.
OK? Fabulous.
Two women. You make
one step forward, one to the side
here to. As you stop!
A step ahead. A step forward, please
My Two kisses you now! Okay?
If the end of the film. Top.
Waiting! Why would I do that?
What? - Why should I kiss her?
Why not? I am the director
Do it! Kisses to you!
Do not say easy, you
're the director. This is shit!
I want to know from you,
why should I do that?
Yes, what is the significance of this scene?
We want to try here
the clich of film noir
within the meaning of postmodern gaze
Humphrey Bogart at Noir movies
to its essential components due
break down the stereotype...
black white, red,
Okay? Two women
. Sexually energetic and feminist!
That has nothing to do with the remaining
This is the film within the film
our script.
Do you understand that?
I think so. Only the part...
- Do you understand?
The postmodern film noir clich...
She's got it. Why do not you get it?
Maybe I'm too stupid.
Yes, I suppose is that,
Do it now easy. Kisses to you!
We talk about it later. So, kids...
A sample now. Please. Go!
We do not have forever!
Show me how you kiss, too. Come on!
Now does it last!
Come here!
Los now.
Will this still what today?
Can I do this without a hat? - Take it off!
You have power, be energetic women
overthrow of Std...
Okay. We get that back!
I want it now but see
- Maybe we can...
The improvise somehow
Well, I mean 'we, ..
you do not mind. objection
- Is okay for me. - Good.
Juliette. why you have a problem with that?
You take care of turmoil in my set!
I understand it is not easy. I'm sorry. ?
Do you do it
at the proper recording - Yes. - Go ahead! All in initial position.
We take the whole thing on now!
Good morning. I am
looking for a Sarah Jones?
I'm sorry, that is work.
Can I help you? I'm her father.
Inspector Bullock. - Hampstead C.I.D.!
We are looking for a missing person
The young lady was last seen
here in this house.
Please. Come on in..
I swallow the stuff
because of my old pump.
So beautiful. Angelique Prevert...
May have a miss! to apply.
Went perhaps even to France
back without her boyfriend to say about it.
Was last seen here in the house
on 25 against three clock in the morning.
Whereby the then actually already the 26th was
to be exact.
Were drugs consumed at this party?
No. - Are you sure?
That would be times
something quite new in Hampstead.
Apology. was just a joke.
I Might me a little bit around, sir?
's 15 years now, is not it?
What are you talking
- Well, since your wife...
I see. .
Yes Yes, that's right...
A wonderful actress
Quite fabulous she was.
Yes, she was.
I noticed the sadness
on in your work.
I am a big fan
Yes, really. A big fan, sir.
The story of this serial killer,
a brilliant book.
And much more differentiated than the
most others, if I may say so.
Some of them have no idea.
No idea...
Is this staircase is the only access
to this part of the house? - Yes.
The friend said the Little
you would like to chat with her...
- Apparently yes, sir.?.
"Later in the evening she has
a conversation out with Sarah's father."
He said
that was about two clock had been in the morning.
And then he had not seen...
Can you
not remember the conversation with her?
That may be.
I chatted in the course of the evening
with many friends of my daughter. -. Yeah.
I can understand that.
When you have gone to bed
Mr Honest man?
Something like that. Apparently it was after two
Was it three? Four?
I do not know. I think so at three.
The main suspect...
This is the title.
The title of the book
as I write..
You write?
Is only as a hobby.
Bull in the first place, then
just the artist.
What is it?
It's like a psychological thriller
He plays in Hartfordshire.
I suppose
you would not perhaps...
take a look on it?
I warn you. That could take a while
. - I can wait!
To write An opening frequency is not difficult.
Yourself think up wild scenarios is simple.
Most films have
an interesting beginning.
The challenge is
the awakened interest to maintain it.
Now listen finally
the crap, damn!
If your ideas
influenced too much by the plot,
you act you a
a momentous problem.
Once you asking his audience
part of the plot to be
owes to him
a whole lot of rewards.
You go to a certain extent a with the audience
a contract.
You now belongs to him.
And at the end of the film
you owe him the greatest reward.
The expectations
have awakened her, you have to meet.
The characters are the plot!
Well, let's talk about figures.
Thank you accompany me.
Hey. '- Hey.
Everything okay?
Good morning together!
You are Dominic. Would you please
my colleague, Miss Elliot accompany here?
It will not take long.
My father could accompany him, perhaps?
He creates that already.
Do not worry.
Have you had the opportunity, in my...
No, unfortunately not
. I had a lot to do.
This thing here is probably
bit more complicated than we had anticipated.
In what way?
Apparently there
signs of sexual assault.
I have to have a smoke
- Do you want me with you ..
I want to see my sister.
First, a van two children
, the same mother
be at the same birth process brought to the world.
Secondly, one thing
that is exactly like another.
Did the police called you?
Yes, the rang...
How long are you staying
- I do not know?.
I really wanted
leave tomorrow, but...
the police want me to stay here as long as the studies are
not completed.
And Where will you live here?
I do not know...
I have to go now.
Oh, my God!
The figures are
the plot.
Hi. We
been worried about you.
Possible end of the first act,
How are you?
I was crying morning at police headquarters.
It all seems
to be more complicated.
Excuse me for a moment.
Yes, hello?
Hello. What can I do for you?
Yes, I understand.
What extent more complicated? What is it?
I should not leave the city.
Probably another ten days.
I need to find myself a hotel.
Do not worry you
can stay as long as you want.
You stay here as long as it is needed.
No ten clock fits me well
I'll be there.
Do not worry. That's okay.
Thank you. Excuse me.
you I'm really sorry.
Who was that?
PC Hemmingway. - Who?
I'm damn nervous. Please tell
quite clear to me what you think.
No restraint.
The truth
- That is what I ask you?.
I will endure!
Is good there is something
-: no. I'm afraid. it is no good.
Is it bad? - Yes.
And if I
something was still working on it?
Would it perhaps worse.
So you think that I
not a particularly talented scribbler I?
I would put it this way:
It's not just your strength.
Because there no hope for me?
You are already funny, Martin.
Expression Seamless face, but
a good idea.
I read
that you were once an actor.
Seriously now.
Tell me
what you think of it really.
Oh. Oh well.
Thank you very much, sir...
I'm really sorry.
This does not need it.
I would like to make a statement,
terms of this dead girl.
have more info?
Fire away.
I talked to her at the party.
She was very provocative.
She came into my room,
after I left the party.
Gehts you not well?
What is it, sir?
I think I cant right from this chair
I feel like on a boat.
In stormy seas...
breathing! You need to breathe!
Venue restaurant.
A man and a woman at dinner,
The atmosphere is tense. Toxic.
She drinks.
You empty! her wine glass
and then fills it again.
Blonde Woman: I want a divorce.
I want a divorce!
What is
Say something!
And I will also take Sarah.
Your sweet little Sarah.
You really weird friends, Martin
But I have them all fucked.
Tom was a really good fucker.
But Paul was
still significantly persistent.
All your friends have me worried well.
Please, say something quieter.
Am I about
again embarrassed, my darling?
You're making a fool of. you know that?
You think you're still
for the very greatest, right?
But that does not make you in bed
to a better trigger.
Did you mom does not explain
how to satisfy the German housewife?
What is the German word for
"Motherfucker 'actually - It does not exist
But of course it does not exist
Can anyone help me here?'!
- Would you Please speak softly
White Is there a German word for "Motherfucker" someone here
Please do not be so vulgar
Please be a man, Martin
Be a We turn not yet
waiting with dinner on me - Oh, hi
= -
once in your life
a crappy man Yes, I am he?.!.. = Is Therese with you
- No, she left early
I think she is totally ready
Have they not seen..?
No, I'm working on.
Just look after me, if it's there
She looked at me really depressed..
Yes, I will. Goodbye, sweetheart
-. Bye, Dad! - See you later.
Oh excuse. Am I interrupting
- No, not at all.
Come on in.
All in the dishwasher. I'll help you
- No, I've been doing it.
Are you hungry? I'm doing me something to eat
Would you like something?
I'll make you no trouble. Thank you.
These are not circumstances.
Whether I'm cooking for one or two
that makes no difference.
We eat in twenty minutes...
- Okay. Thank you.
Your daughter is a very wonderful person
You must be very proud of them..
Am I
- And she is still very talented..
It is pretty clever, yes.
And now you even work together
I think it's great that you can help
in terms of their career
- quite as simple as that unfortunately not...
Sarah is a very ambitious young woman.
I wrote the screenplay for the film.
And there was a casting for the main roles...
And Sarah thought
to be my daughter would be a problem.
Why? - She thought
and probably she had so right...
If everyone knew,
that I am her father, and she would get the role
that then everyone else would think
she would get the role because of me
. Because of my relationships. - J.
I understand
That's a problem..
And? What has she done?
She used a false name
donning a wig on and went so
to audition.
You pretended to be someone else?
I like that.
And further
- you got the role?.
You know damn well
what she wants and what she does not want..
A very wonderful story.
And Sarah's mother
Are you divorced?
This is a bit complicated
- sorry.
You do not need to apologize...
She has disappeared. 15 years ago we understood each
not particularly ..
And one day she left the house
and never came back.
Where is she now?
I do not know.
We do not know.
Well, what the heck...
I'm sorry. I did not want you
No problem. Everything okay.
The food was delicious.
Can I?
Course. It's your house.
Can I get one too?
Clear . Sorry.
I thought you did not smoke.
I also do not smoke.
I really do not.
Oh. Sorry.
I have to answer it
Yes, hello?
Oh. No, it's not too late
I've just eaten.
It runs better.
Very good even
I'll call you back, okay?
Okay, then. Bye.
I'm traveling tomorrow
and see me at a location.
Do you want to come along?
Yes. I would like that.
Hi, people! - Hi, honey. - Hey.
Gehts you well? I'll get me a drink.
I go to sleep...
How did it go today?
Not so good.
I'm shit and all probably think I
got the role because of you.
I am sure that this is not so is
- Does not matter anyway.
What she was wearing?
What do you mean?
Mamas things
but are all in the room, right?
This was her woolen jacket.
Really? Would be possible
Is that important?
Can I tell you something?
I want to tell you some
about my sister and me
But of course. I'm all ears.
Our birthplace is a small town
named Bar-Le-Duc, near Nancy.
When we were eight, our parents were
killed in a car accident.
It was not so bad
We lived quite close to each other
And it was a fairly small town.
How is this so times now, everyone knows each other up.
My foster parents were
very nice and pleasant people.
They gave me a lot of love and security.
My sister however...
Something terrible has happened...
She said she had been abused by her father
It was a scandal
The police investigated the case..
In such a small town as that ..
My stepfather killed himself.
But he has really abused?
My foster parents had pity on her and
opted to
to let them live with us.
I was so happy to be back with
my sister together.
For a while we had a wonderful time
We were like a real family and
Angelique and I are every day
went to school together.
But then...
... the whole drama has repeated.
They accused my stepfather experiment
of it...
you know.
But I knew it was a lie.
In truth
it was the other way around.
She had tried to seduce him
This was a terrible situation, because I...
When the police
her interrogation with me led
I had to make a decision. To cover My sister and Igen
or to say the truth and
to save an innocent man.
How did you decide?
I have told the police the truth
and asked her not to reveal it Angelique.
But of course...
she eventually figured it out.
It was
put in a special facility.
For difficult children.
And I pretended it did not exist.
I acted as if nothing had happen next.
What is it? Does the camera still?
I want you to get up then
And the very dramatic!
You like
And you keep your wine glass
as if it were a weapon
- You're drunk, honey.!
Take care that the glasses do not clink!
Lot. ! go
- That was quite a lot of wine.
66, Take Two!
That was really good, or '.1 - Yes
- You have to feel it, you know.? - Clear.
There you have to blow up the chest
- Clear..
I tell her sometimes,
that they will watch you.
I will bring them to dass
- Make the table clear again.!
That they somehow feel in here.
This is quite difficult
- What Asspen.. - Of course.
Please everyone back to their seats! !
Hey, Darling
- Yes. what is it? - Excuse me.
I have nothing against the fact that she is watching.
But it is precisely in view. - Who?
! Put Sarah
Could you please over there?
You irritierst Juliette
- What am I?
Can you just sit down back here
I want to see you too?. ?
Do you have a good view from there
- Yes. - She sits back there now. Better?
Yes. - Really? - Yes.
She's drunk and she
made a fool of yourself dammit!
OK? She has humiliated you.
Before all these people
And every single one of them is looking at you! !
Camera from
- door, please! - 66 Take four!
I want a divorce!
This is what we had already done it all times.
This is neither the time nor the place
to talk about a divorce.
Take your time. Time leave, Juliette...
Be a man, Simon!
Be once a fucking man!
Feel the wine, as he
you running down the face.
You try, you preserve the
last bit of self-respect
is you have left.
This is the worst,
what ever happened to you.
We need it soon did.
Power I do not mind
I like to ride through the night.
It is
as if you were in a movie.
They liked to play a role.
She loved to do so,
as if it were someone else.
She was brilliant in it,
yourself as someone else to spend.
And sometimes they pretended to be me.
And they are all fell for it.
And I
then got the trouble for something they had done.
And you? Did you even do that?
I felt the
always very difficult to Igen.
What do you mean?
That's the point in acting but
Or not? To Igen.
Yes, already possible
In a way, yes.
How did you find they actually
My sister?.
You sure
an impression of her won, right?
You have yet spoken to her.
The policeman told me that.
I said 'hello' to her.
You never felt attracted to men
at her age,
Little boys. So they called them.
You felt more attracted to
considerably older men.
Men with power.
I can well imagine
as they chatted with you.
And I can well imagine
that they found you very attractive.
And they gladly wanted to seduce.
I could as often as you watch it.
Tell already
Have you flirted with her?
Did she dressed?
Have you fucked her?
Bloody hell!
Shit. - What
- No power out here.
We should return to the village run
Is only about a mile.
I'm sorry.
How long does it take to get drowned?
I have no idea.
You could not swim.
Come on, let's go.
Since no one answers it,
Sir And the next taxi rank at the station..
I'm afraid, have already Feierabend
How beautiful. However, thank you.
You have room?
How many do you need
- Two, please?.
Two unfortunately we did not
Just one more thing.
No, dear, we're fine.
Only the car must
be pulled out of the ditch.
We were lucky that near a pub was
Do not worry.
How is Therese?
Everything is fine, I
think she's already asleep.
Okay. Since I'm happy.
Daddy, the police were here tonight
They wanted to have a few of my photos
I hope the hot order.?
Course. Why do you ask?
Well, on one of them you smoke a joint.
Do not worry. I think
now have to solve other problems.
So then. See you tomorrow.
How about when turning today?
Sarah! - Dad?
Hey, let that!
We should perhaps
prefer to go down again.
Why? He comes back but not until tomorrow.
Daddys little treasure.
Say it!
Daddys little treasure. - Lauter.
Daddys little treasure.
It's all good. ?
Calm down...
Martin Jones
- Yes, that's me.
Good morning, sir.
My colleague and I would
us like to talk with you.
Hello, Miss
Can we go into the house
- Yes, of course?. Come.
Well, what a coincidence...
I do not know what you mean.
Young woman last seen in this house,
found dead in a canal.
Almost to the day 15 years after
your wife disappears.
Last seen in this house.
Do I need a lawyer?
This should be a joke
- Yes, of course.
"Fiona and I had an argument, she
left the house and did not return."
And since that day? Nothing at all?
Not the smallest message.
The body was never found.
Because everything is so safe there.
I'm just doing my job, sir
This may not be a surprise for you..
It's nothing personal. you understand
- Of course I understand that
Were you in the night in which she disappeared
sexual intercourse with her?
I am referring
on the young lady from France.
No. I did not have sex with
this young French lady.
They went to bed early at about two clock. .
- And the party was still going on there?
Oh yes. - And you saw
for the last time before you leave the party?
Bullock was there on the day,
when he had his heart attack.
This is correct
- What did he want from you.?
He had a script written
and I should judge it.
I read it. And he wanted to know
my opinion.
'Young Woman. Very provocative.
In the room. "
What could this mean
I advised him to bring a bit more
sex with the game
Order a bit to heat up the whole thing
And that was all ? br / - I do not remember
Why do not you ask him
Bullock died yesterday, Sir
I'm sorry to hear that
Back to the conversation,
. they led with the young lady
How would you describe this meeting
What do you mean - Did you feel
that she wanted to flirt with you
No, not at all?.
The reason for my question is
but that this looks very familiar...
But pictures can sometimes be misleading.
What's this? For a cigarette
- So you're smoking.?
From time to time.
I think that's enough for me
Thank you for your time..
You have nothing
against a DNA test, right?
No, nothing at all.
Further, there were hematoma at the neck
and the inside of the thighs.
The victim had traces of cocaine and marijuana
in the blood.
The victim was not wearing any underwear,
but there are photographic evidence
that she has worn in the hours before her death
A robbery is excluded.
The bag of the victim was
found in the water.
It is known that the victim
knew the locations.
It was a possible route
to the residence of their friend
in which she lived at the time.
We can assume that
the young woman fell into the canal,
while under the influence of drugs and was
by her sister, we know that they
unfortunately could not swim.
the present investigation results
the court decides that it is
to "accidental death by drowning" is.
The body can now be released.
Thank you.
1 A state of mind
2 The feeling
that something is not OK
1 Jet takes off
2 Jet landing! at the airport by Nancy
3 Martin rents a car
4 Perspective
from inside the car
while Martin
in the town of Bar-de-Luc enters
What time is it
- already ten clock.
You slept almost 16 hours.
How do you feel?
I'm a little hungover
It's all okay.
Do you have to because not to work?
I'm off today.
I thought if you would like,
maybe we could go into town.
And the evening celebrating
a friend of mine her birthday.
In a club
Since we could go if you like..
Oh, Sarah
You're so dear to me.
I have a coffee for you.
Are you okay?
Do not rub the eyes
waiting. I'll help you.
So, we have the same
the head backward.
Take it easy.
Yes. Equal, it is better again...
That 's good.
Are you okay?
See you.
Where is Martin really?
Good morning - morning...
What makes your head? - Best.
I would like to talk about last night.
Hey, honey.
We both drank too much, okay
That's it.
Do you have to cry work?
Yes, I also got to go
I'm late.
I wish you a nice day
- I wish you well!. ?
Let's look more
today - Yeah, think so.
Merci. Ciao!
These are the things of Angelique..
I thought you should get
- Come on.
How's Sarah?
She seemed
last night pretty much passed out.
Yes, please, who's there?
Oh no, this may not be true,
This is surely a joke
This is now the second time..
No, tell them. I come Tuesday.
What is all the fuss
We have chewed 100 times?.
I'm starting to have the channel fully.
I'm just tired.
me with such a stupid deal.
Tell them, yes?
Have you read it?
You do not even have you considered it?
Yet. I've looked at, only...
I do not speak French.
Yes, please!
Hello, Martin. I brought only
the things of past Angelique
who were still with me.
I think I'm going again.
I'm coming with you.
I'll leave
after the funeral tomorrow.
I'm waiting below.
I do not understand why you want to leave.
Purpose really is no reason.
It is better if I go.
I want
not cause further complications.
What complications?
How was your trip? Your research?
I thought
you were glad she goes away again.
I am.
Is Why
what happens?. as long as I was away?
No. Nothing important.
I just think it was about time.
Will you come to the funeral tomorrow?
Build, Daddy:
Then everything is finally over...
So, this is clearly a dream. - '
- Oh, do you think that, Martin?
What are you doing?
I thought we go for a swim,
You can swim so well
Al! these medals and trophies
I have seen them all!
Yes. I swim very well.
As a child I was a real champion.
And poor Angelique?
You could not swim, right?
No. She was afraid of the water.
Your it dawned to drown it.
Oh, Martin
Do not believe me. am I right?
You think I would have
poor Angelique killed.
Oh Martin...
We are gathered here today
to honor God.
To thank him
for the life of our sister Angelique.
We want
God's loving care on reply.
We want to assist each other
and comfort us
by our love and prayers.
In the face of death
God provides us with a firm grip.
Hope. Confidence and joy...
For Jesus Christ has both life
find and death itself.
And he is triumphantly
rose from the dead.
Experience continues for us - forever
In Jesus Christ we find eternal life
and God our Lord and Father.
Yes, I miss them.
Daddy, may I introduce you to Dominic's parents
- good day?. I'm Dominic's mother.
It's me you
a great honor to know, sir.
Hello. I'm Dominic's father
- Yes, sir.
We have always been very pleased with your work.
They work because at the moment
to anything exciting?
Nothing special. I write a bit
teach a little.
Dominic told us of the movie is currently filming the
and for which you wrote the script
your daughter plays with it, or.? - Yes.
Causes not sometimes problems
the other actors?
Stop it with the nonsense
What are you doing?
This is not so simple...
Take good care of yourself, okay?
I think you should release it slowly.
How about when you pack
first and then again down come from? - Yes.
I'll be right back.
Hello, Sally, how are you
- Well?. And you?
This is all so terribly sad...
That was a funny idea. - Thank you.
And the story with the transvestites...
Would you drive me to the airport?
Do you want to get off here
- Not yet!
You're such a miserable hypocrite,
fucking shit!
You think I
would kill my own sister?
You know a shit!
You are doing so terribly clever
with your scribblings.
What have you found? '!
Spit it out now, Martin
Let us have no more secrets!
The first part of your story is true.
You were orphans, yes.
But the rest was a lie.
The need to just tell you!
You think you so incessantly
just any stories!
Do you want to hear the real story?
We were adopted together.
She was the practical
wife and he was the friendly farmer.
And for a few months we were
more or less happy, Angelique and me.
And then began the nightly visits.
You know what I mean, Martin?
We were suddenly realized that we had to watch that
because no one else was there,
it would do.
And there was none that we could trust
And then he had a tragic accident.
Yes, I know.
Have you killed him?
Men who find little girls
often find a dirty end.
Do you think about the wrong
-: no. - But this I should hope so!
Finally, I do not blame you before that you
your wife you killed, right? - What?
If you have not actually killed
you sure
thought countless times about it!
No recriminations
Let us keep to the facts!
What did you
still Great found?
After the terrible accident
one has separated you
and put in different homes.
But you were both
completely distraught and totally upset!
What you told me of
for good twin, bad twin...
That was fiction.
Not bad. Really, not bad.
That was really good detective work.
Yes, they tried
to break us apart.
But we have constantly tricked.
I've visited
visited me
We have swapped places!
You I was. I was it.
We were one and the same person
namely the time!
Had the same taste
Did any thought of the other.. ?
Every thought
- By moment I met you,
I knew
that they try! had to seduce you,
I would have tried.
I know everything about you two, Martin
And yet you thought, I would have killed
- Well, it was not possible.
Also you have a dark side.
My heart is broken, Martin.
Do you understand that?
I thank you for everything, Martin.
Take good care of yourself.
Angelique and I, we
really like you very much.
We are really similar.
I know. Twins.
I did not mean it and me.
I meant you and me!
Farewell, Martin!
That's simply not
You can not let all hang!
These are our ideas
Why should we risk because
That the audience draws the wrong conclusions?
Lead them to your way of thought and
bring it then the end! - No!
This gives the audience but only the freedom
the story to take home
And to imagine... - Are not you afraid that you
could interpret as laziness?
What will happen
you have come up with an end?
Such questions plane
Obviously you have done it.
- If one gives you no end
you have to interpret it yourself.
This makes the film only to
your own... - Producer!
The film makes a
He has an interpretation.!
And he's hammering the people still such a
they do not understand it so,
How was he thinking's
You can do it just as well but leave open!
brought us now times no happy ending.
There are happy interludes.
And that again follow the
little less happy interludes.
I'm here for you,
if you need me.