Suze (2023) Movie Script

Friday night, living,
with a girl, chillin'
- Keep the drinks coming
MAN: Oh, my God,
this feels incredible.
WOMAN: I can't believe you've
never done it in a pool before.
MAN: I wanna have sex with you
in every single pool
everywhere in the world.
WOMAN: I want that so bad.
MAN: Goddammit, I love you.
WOMAN: What did you say?
MAN: I love you, Jacinta.
Oh, my God! I love you, too!
Oh, shit!
What the hell, Alan?
Hey, Susan.
Uh... Uh, this is Jacinta.
The golf pro I've been taking
lessons from and, well...
Ah, fuck!
I'm so sorry.
Put the solar cover on
the pool when you're done.
Oh, it's so nice
to be with you
I love all the things
you say and do
And it's so nice
to hear you say
You're gonna
please me in every way
Honey, I got the notion
You're causin'
commotion in my soul
Baby, you and me
Have got
somethin' that's real
I know it's gonna
last a lifetime
Aw, ya better
believe it, girl
At night I call your name
Darkness fills my room,
I'm only dreamin'
About the time
I'm gonna be with you
Oh, it's so nice
to be with you
I love all the things
you say and do
And it's so nice
to hear you say
You're gonna
please me in every way
Honey, I got the notion
You're causin'
commotion in my soul
Wakey, wakey
Little graduate
Mom, no.
Mom, yes. Look!
This is all your favorites.
Yeah. Just the way you love it.
God, it's so weird.
It feels just like yesterday
I was dropping you off
at kindergarten in your--
in your little braids,
your adorable little braids,
and now, God, look at you.
You're just, like,
this incredible, interesting,
talented young woman,
who's graduating.
Oh, God. I'm just--
I'm just so proud of you.
You're my everything.
Morning, Suze!
Please don't call me Suze.
Shit, my bad. Sorry, Suze.
Whoa! Eggs benny on a weekday?
Ah, you're like
mother of the year.
Well, I didn't know Gage
spent the night last night.
Oh, yeah.
Somebody had a few
too many sarsaparillas,
and I wanted to make sure
she got home safe.
Brookie, we talked about this.
- Relax, it was like five drinks.
- Five?
Can you actually
drive me to Tami's?
'Cause we're getting
ready together.
Oh, sweetie, I'm sorry. I can't.
I have a doctor's appointment.
So it's on
the other side of town.
Fine. Whatever.
Baby, you gotta try this, okay?
It's like an angel
just shat in my mouth.
Oh, my god! You're an idiot.
Oh, God. We're leaving in ten.
- What's this
yellow stuff anyways?
- It's hollandaise, dummy.
I just don't get what
you see in this guy.
God, I love him
and he worships me.
But, honey, you're on
two totally different
paths right now.
You're starting University,
he's starting--
Nothing. Nothing.
Literally nothing.
It's just crazy.
I just want you to consider
that now would be
a perfectly good time to,
you know, to break up with him.
What the shit, mom?
I'm sorry,
but the guy's kind of a loser,
and you can do a million
times better than him.
He's not a loser!
Like you literally
don't even know him!
Well, I know he can't
seem to graduate high school,
I know that
his mother is in prison.
Oh, my God,
you are so judgmental!
I'm not being judgmental.
Am I wrong about
these two things?
Fine! You know what?
If you hate him so much,
I'll just go live with dad,
'cause he thinks Gage is
a pretty interesting guy!
Don't even joke about that.
Look, I'm just simply
saying this because
I just care about
your well-being. That's all.
Okay. Well, I think you need
to worry a little less about
my life and a lot more
about yours, okay?
God, it so cold in here.
Are you going through
menopause or something?
Sounds like you're going
through perimenopause.
Okay. So, not menopause?
Well, technically, "peri" is
a word meaning around or near.
Think of it as things
starting to wind down inside.
Yeah. What if I don't want
them to wind down inside?
us ladies don't have much of
a say in the matter.
Okay. So, how long
until full menopause?
Anywhere from four to 10 years.
Well, what am I supposed
to do until then?
Well, given your
family's medical history,
I would not suggest HRT,
but we have been getting
a lot of positive
feedback for this tea.
That should help
with the hot flashes.
Menopause tea?
Is there anything else
I can help you with today?
I could use some more Ambien.
MAN: Susan?
- Susan.
- Hm?
We'd love your thoughts.
Yeah. Right.
Sorry. Hold on.
Of course. Okay.
Let's see. Um...
Mm-hm. Okay. The left.
The left?
Yeah. Definitely the left.
Great. That makes it unanimous.
Let's move this
bad boy into production.
[WHISPERING] You okay?
Oh! So sorry!
Excuse me. One second.
Just have to take this. Sorry.
Hey, sweetheart--
Tami's house has bed bugs!
Oh, really? Oh, that's awful!
Those can be really
nasty to get rid of.
Can we have
the party at our house?
Like, tonight?
Oh, honey,
that's very short notice.
Please, Mom! It's, like,
really important. It's grad.
I mean...
I guess I got, like, a ham
that's just been sitting
in the freezer--
Oh, my god!
I love you so much.
I love you too, sweetie.
Ask her if we can
fill up the pool.
Yeah, tell Tami that's
never gonna happen.
Yeah, Mom. I know.
I'll see you later.
- Why's she so psycho about it?
- I have no idea.
- Travis Kendall.
Meena Kosuri.
Brooke Larson.
Woo! Woo!
Love you, baby! That's my girl!
Hey, Suze!
I love you, baby!
Anne Lowden.
Hey, I just wanted to say,
I know I'm not graduating
with you all,
but I'm still super hyped.
Happy grad, everyone,
we're The Emotional Morons.
Excuse me.
Mom! Hi!
You looked so,
so great up there.
- Thanks.
- Hey, Susan.
Hi, Alan. Jacinta. Hello.
Hi, Susan.
Big day, huh?
Yes. Mm-hm.
Yup. It's a big day.
That's right, Jacinta.
It's a big day.
Al, honey, why don't you give
Brookie her graduation present?
Present? What present?
All right, all right.
There you go.
Ooh. Exciting.
Wow. Thanks, guys.
That's really cool.
Well, what is it?
It's nothing.
I'd hardly call a couple
Economy Plus tickets
to Montreal nothing.
Well, I'm confused.
Oh, it means you get a snack,
seat selection, a free bag--
No, why would you need
plane tickets to Montreal?
Jesus, Brooke.
You haven't told your mom yet?
I was waiting
for the right time.
Oh, my God.
What the hell is going on?
Mom, I decided to go to McGill.
What do you mean
you decided to go to McGill?
It just sorta happened.
How does something that
just "sorta happen? "
I don't know,
it just kinda, like, did.
I don't understand
what is happening,
'cause you were
going to live at home
and you were going to
go to school here.
I mean, we talked about this.
For what it's worth,
McGill has a great
communications program.
And what a city, right?
It really is the Paris
of North America.
Yeah, I'd not heard that.
I'll be right back.
I'm going to get--
Does anybody want punch?
GAGE: Hey, Suze.
Can I do anything?
Yeah, you can not drip
all over my floors.
Oh, shit. My bad, Suze.
So, when did you
know she was leaving?
Yeah, Brooke.
Who'd you think
I was talking about?
I don't know. I'd say,
like, three Thursdays ago.
Look, Suze, you know,
I was pretty crushed
when I found out, too, right?
But then I read
this quote, all right?
About how some birds
aren't meant to be caged
because their wings
are so bright,
and I was like, that's Brooke.
I mean, her wings
are so freakin' bright
they're blinding.
I mean, look at her.
I don't even know how
I'm gonna survive without her.
I gotta get some more rolls.
I'll text you that quote, Suze!
Mom. Are you mad at me?
I really don't want
you to be mad at me.
I just don't understand why
you wouldn't just say something.
I kinda knew you were
going to be upset.
Well, do you have any idea how
humiliating it was to just learn
about this
in front of your father
and that woman that
thinks that I don't know
what Economy Plus is?
Yes, I know what
Economy Plus is.
I used to travel a lot.
I was upgraded
to first class twice.
Okay, I'm sorry, all right?
But can you, like,
try not to freak out about this?
No, I'm not freaking out, honey.
I just--
It's like, we discussed this,
you know?
Being at home, it's such
a better option for you,
and you don't have to share
a bathroom with a stranger,
which you hate.
Okay, you know what?
If you don't want me to go,
I won't go. I'll just stay
in this shitty little town
and get hooked on fentanyl,
I'll have some twins,
and OD in a park fountain!
Is that going to
make you happy?
Well, I'd help you
raise the twins.
Oh, my God, Mom,
you're stressing me out.
This is supposed to be like,
a really magical night for me,
and you're ruining it!
I know. Okay.
Come here. I'm sorry.
I'm not trying
to stress you out.
Take a deep breath.
Can you take a deep breath?
I just don't understand
why you want to be
so far away from home.
I guess I just, like,
wanted a change.
Okay, if that's
what you want, then...
then I fully support you.
- Really?
- Yeah.
Oh, my God.
I love you. Thank you.
I love you.
Just promise me
we're going to spend
a lot of time
together this summer.
Totally. I promise.
Sorry we didn't get to
spend a lot of time together.
Yeah, you had
a lot going on, so.
Are you sure you just don't
want me to come with you?
I mean, I could help
you get settled in.
I got plenty of vacation days.
I'm good, thanks.
Okay. Okay.
Are you gonna be okay?
Yes, of course.
Why wouldn't I be okay?
'Cause you're gonna be,
like, all alone.
I'm sorry, fam,
I gotta get in on this now.
- Oh, my God.
- Baby, I'm gonna
miss you so hard.
I'm gonna miss you even harder!
Yeah? Well, I'm gonna
miss every little freckle
that you have on
your little tiny body.
I'm gonna miss the way you stare
at me like a little psycho.
Well, I'm gonna miss
the way you eat your yogurt.
I'm gonna miss the way you smell
first thing in the morning.
Well, here there. Just take it.
- Wait, what?
- Yes, take it!
- It's your favorite.
- Whenever you see it,
you'll think of me.
- I fucking love you.
- I love you!
Okay, okay, okay.
You're gonna miss your flight.
Yeah, your mom's right.
You should hit
those friendly skies.
- I love you.
- I love you so much, sweetie.
Hey, call me when you get there.
Do you feel like you're
gonna throw up too, Suze?
Bye, Gage.
Out across the window sill
The sun is setting
overhill to you
Through the...
Hi, honey!
Just calling to see
how you're settling in,
how you're liking your roommate.
Uh, nothing new to report here.
Just same old, same old.
Okay, love you. Call me! Bye!
Please record your message.
SUSAN: Hi, honey! Me again.
Looks like you've
been workin' hard,
but hardly workin'.
Can't wait to hear all about it.
I'm around. Okay, love you.
Call me! Bye.
Hi, honey! Just checking to see
if you got my care package.
I mean, I know you got it,
because it says
you signed for it,
but I'd love
a verbal confirmation.
Okay, love you. Call me! Bye.
Hi, honey!
It's been a couple weeks
and I still haven't
heard from you.
Hope you're still alive.
Okay, love you. Call me. Bye.
Hi, honey! Why don't you
take that little phone
that's glued to your little hand
and bring it up
to your little ear
and fucking call me
for five fucking seconds,
because I'm your fucking mother
and it's the least you can do
for the woman who labored for
22 hours and tearing up her--
This mailbox is full and cannot
- accept messages at this time.
- Oh, shit.
- Goodb--
Hey, Lorraine.
Can I ask you a question?
- Yeah, sure.
- Um...
How did you feel when
Raymond went off to school?
Oh, well.
I remember it
like it was yesterday.
- I hugged him goodbye,
walked up to his room.
- Mm-hm.
Saw all his belongings were
gone and thought to myself,
"Lorraine, you're finally free."
That's so--That's awesome.
- Yeah?
- What's wrong?
I don't know. I just--
I just feel like I'm having
a very different experience,
'cause I--I guess I just feel
like I'm losing her, you know?
You gotta see this
as a whole new beginning.
- Yeah?
- You have the freedom to
do anything you want now.
You could travel,
you could join book clubs.
Hell, you could--
You could dance around
the house in your underwear!
Wow, that's, um,
a very, very upsetting visual.
Trust me,
this'll be the best thing
that'll ever happen to you.
Embrace it.
La-la, la-la-la
la-la-la, la-la-la
La-la-la, la-la-la
la-la-la, la-la-la
Yeah, hi. One round trip
ticket to Montreal, please.
Economy Plus.
Honey, hi!
Well, your ears
must've been burning,
because guess what--
Gage tried to kill himself!
Wait, what?
He jumped off the water tower!
Oh, my God! Is he okay?
Obviously not, mom!
God, this is so messed up.
Okay, alright. Let's calm down.
What do you...
What do you need me to do?
What do you want to do?
Do you want to come home?
No, I can't just leave.
It's, like, really busy here,
but can you go check on him?
Oh, honey, I don't... No.
I don't--I don't feel
comfortable doing that.
So, no.
Pleas, Mom! For me.
I'm, like,
really worried about him.
Suze? Is that you?
Hey. Hello, Gage. How are ya?
I can't believe you came!
Is Brooke here?
No. You know, she wanted to be,
but because of school starting,
it's pretty tricky
getting away, so.
Right. Right. I get that.
But, uh...
Hey, this is for you.
There you go.
Stop it.
A gift basket? No one's ever
gotten me a gift basket before.
It's nothing big,
it's just some--
Hot pepper jelly!?
Suze, I didn't even know
hot pepper jelly was a thing.
Can I--
Can I whip you up a cracker?
No, I'm sorry.
I just can't stay.
But I just want to
make sure you're okay,
'cause I heard that
you tried to, you know...
Who's this?
Dad, this is--this is Suze.
She came in to check up on me.
Isn't that sweet?
Susan, actually.
But nice to finally meet you.
So, you're the mother
of the girl
my son tried to
kill himself over.
- Excuse me?
- Dad--
What does Brooke
have to do with this?
Nothing, Suze.
Oh, your precious daughter,
yeah, she dumped his ass.
She did?
Yeah, and this dipshit decided
to down my old pain meds
and launch himself
off the water tower.
Look, I told you it
was an accident, okay?
I was trying to clear my head.
Yeah, well, you're lucky
you fell from halfway up
otherwise I'd be standing
over your corpse right now.
Wow, I think
we could probably show
a little more compassion here.
Oh, I'm sorry. I--
I didn't realize I was in the
presence of a parenting expert.
- Okay.
- Dad, stop.
- I'm sorry, Suze.
- No, no. It's okay.
I have to go.
My parking's
about to run out, but...
Thank you for stopping by, Suze.
Feel better, okay?
Hey, Suze, wait up! Hey.
It's okay. It's okay.
I come in peace.
- What do you want?
- I just wanted to
say that I'm sorry.
I was a real
dickhead back there.
- Yeah, you were.
- Well, you know, I mean, it's--
It's not easy for us
single parents, right?
Well, apology accepted.
Take care.
Wait, there's one more
thing that I wanted to
talk to you about.
The doctors are sayin' that
Gage can come home soon.
Oh, that's good news.
Yeah, yeah, it is,
but they're also sayin' that
he can't be alone
because of, um, you know...
- Yeah, I get it.
- Yeah, but here's the rub,
I still have two weeks
on a contract up north,
so I was hopin' that
you could give me a solid
and watch him 'til I get back.
- Me?
- Yeah.
Uh, no. That's not possible.
- Why not?
- Because I don't want to,
and because I'm going
to see my daughter.
- When?
- This weekend.
Well, can you postpone it?
No! What is wrong with you?
Look, I don't get it either,
but the kid, he has this sort of
infinity for you
and I thought because it was
kinda your daughter's
fault I thought--
Do not drag Brooke into this.
Well, what the hell am I
supposed to do with him?
I don't know.
He's not my problem.
You're right.
I'm just going to leave him
at home and hope for the best.
But your gift
basket was beautiful,
thank you so much.
You could've told me that
you broke up with him, Brooke.
Well, I didn't
exactly get the chance.
Well, when did this happen?
I texted him, like, a week ago.
You texted him?
Jesus Christ, Brooke.
What? You were the one who
told me to break up with him.
Yeah, like, months ago
and in person!
The way a humane
person would do it.
Are you saying
this is my fault?
No, I'm sot sa--I'm just--
I just--Did you--
Did you know he was unwell?
How would I know that?
Because you spent
the entire summer with him!
Stop yelling at me!
I'm--Honey, I'm not yelling.
I--I'm sorry.
Look, I'm under a lot
of pressure here okay?
And I can't control
people's actions.
It's just a lot to deal with.
Okay, okay. Okay.
Take--Take a deep breath.
Take a deep breath.
Hey, I'm gonna tell you
something that I think is
going to cheer you up.
I'm going to come
see you this weekend!
Isn't that great?
Mom, you can't come here!
Because I'm really
busy studying.
Well, it doesn't really
look like you're studying
on social media, honey.
That's networking, Mom!
It's not a good time
and I need you to respect that.
Okay, I just, um...
I just really miss you.
Yeah, well, I miss you too.
All right, well, just let me
know when's a good time, okay?
'Cause I got travel insurance.
Hi, Suze!
This is gonna be sick.
- Oh, sorry. Sorry.
- Oh, oh, oh.
The door. The door.
- Yeah, it's--I got it.
- Do you need help?
I got it. I'm fine.
Okay, yeah. I'm going
to help you over here.
Hello, my goddess.
I miss those eyes.
Here's the rest
of your shit, pal.
Oh, fuck.
Okay, this is just
two weeks right?
Yeah, three tops.
Yeah, Sorry. Hold on.
Can I just talk
to your dad alone?
Yeah, of course.
I'll make myself at home.
Hey, thanks again
for doing this.
You're really savin' my ass.
Yeah. It's, uh, fine.
I just wanna make sure
I have all of his appointments
in the calendar here.
What appointments?
For the psychiatrist and stuff.
Nah, he doesn't need
any of that bullshit.
I think given the circumstances
he could benefit
from talking to somebody.
Look. I know my kid, okay?
He's tough.
He just gets
a little overly emotional
from time to time.
Okay, I think it's a little more
complicated than that, but--
You know what? At the hospital
they gave me these pamphlets.
They should do the trick.
I gotta jet.
See ya in a few weeks, bud.
Stay off the fuckin'
water tower! Okay.
Bye, Suze. Thank you.
- Gage?
- Yeah. Up here, Suze!
Oh, fuck.
Oh. No, no, no. No.
You cannot stay in here.
What? Why?
I mean, I always stay in here.
Well, it's just not
appropriate anymore, okay?
Let's go. Come on, get up.
Sure, Suze.
- Whatever you say.
- Thank you.
Have you spoken
to Brooke lately?
Yeah, um, she's my daughter.
So, yeah, I've spoken to Brooke.
How's she doing?
She's busy. She's at University
and doing a lot
of University things.
Is she seeing anybody?
She won't answer
any of my calls.
I just don't think that this
is really any of your business.
Oh, come on, Suze.
I mean, I'm going insane.
I don't even know
why she'd do this to us.
I don't think
she's seeing anybody, okay?
That's good. That's a relief.
God, I miss her.
Okay, let's go!
You can stay in here.
Lotta good times in here, Suze.
In my guest room?
Oh, yeah.
It's like being on vacation.
Okay, well, I'm going to
leave you to it, as they say.
- It's kinda funny, huh, Suze?
- What's that?
That we both got left
by the same person.
Yeah. It's hilarious.
We were gonna be together,
we were gonna live together
We were gonna die together
We were gonna
cuddle in heaven
We were gonna
cuddle in heaven
But you didn't want me,
you didn't want me
You didn't want me, no
Oh. Hey, Suze. Did I wake you?
What does it look like?
Well, sorry, I just--
Look, I'm writing
a song for Brooke.
Yeah, I heard.
- Did you like it?
- Didn't love it. Go to sleep.
Baby, come back
Baby, come, come back
I said now come
fuckin' back to me
Hey. Wake up!
You're coming to work with me.
What? Why, Suze?
And, you know,
try to look presentable, okay?
Okay, Suze.
Don't you think this is,
like, a little extreme, Suze?
Look, I'm not exactly
thrilled about this either,
but according to statistics,
people who attempt suicide
are at the greatest risk
of a second attempt
in the first three months.
Well, I didn't
try to kill myself, so.
Well, either way I promised
your father I'd look after
your well-being,
and so you're not staying
at home unsupervised.
End of story.
You're the boss, Suze.
I always kind of wanted to
see where you work anyway.
Come on, you're the marketing
and communications manager
at a successful
mid-sized framing company.
It's not exactly small potatoes.
Hi. Good morning!
Hi. Nice tie, man.
Hey, good morning.
Yo, good morning.
- Hey.
- Gage.
- Howdy.
- Gage.
This your office?
- This way.
So, this is where
the magic happens.
No, sit over there.
Hey, you ever think about
how many farts get trapped
in these chairs?
No. I literally
never think about that.
I think about it all the time.
Here. Entertain yourself.
I got a busy day.
"Virtual Framing.
When technology meets reality."
- Morning, Susan.
Oh. Hi, Paul. How are you?
Who's your friend?
This is Gage.
He is my, uh...
my daughter's ex-boyfriend.
Slash future husband.
Great place you got here, Paul.
- Can I speak to you...
- Yeah. private, Susan?
Okay, look, I realize how
totally unorthodox this is,
but, um... How do I say this?
He tried to kill
himself last week.
- Oh my God.
- Yeah.
- That's awful!
- Tell me about it.
Uh... How? How what?
How'd he do it?
The, uh--Well, the water tower.
- Geez.
- Yeah.
How's he even alive?
Um, he fell from halfway up.
- Ouch.
- Yeah.
Was there a lot of blood?
I don't know, Paul.
Uh, the point is,
is that it's just for
a couple of weeks, okay?
Well, as long as it
doesn't affect your work,
I guess it's okay.
Great. Thank you.
Because I fucking love you!
What don't you get about that?
BROOKE: Oh, my God. We broke up!
You need to stop calling me!
Excuse me.
But why, baby? Just tell me why!
What is going on in here?
She won't listen to me, Suze--
Hi, honey.
Okay. What the hell, Mom?
Why is Gage staying with you?
Sweetie, I have left
you several messages.
And you know I don't
check my messages!
God, this is,
like, really weird.
Just tell me how
I can fix this, okay?
Do you want me to move there?
Learn fuckin' French?
'Cause I'll bonjour
all day for you,
just say the word.
I don't want you to move here!
Please, babe. I'll do anything.
Guys, this is my place of work.
So, I need you two
to work this out later.
Stay out of this, mom!
Hey, don't talk
to Suze like that!
Don't tell me how
to talk to my mother!
Can you just stop texting me
and respect my boundaries?
Just tell me why, okay?
Because the last time that
- we made love you said--
- Oh, my God.
- We'd be together forever!
- That's enough!
Hey, honey. Call me.
Everything's fine. It's fine.
Do you not like it?
No. No, you're...
You're like the best cook ever.
My stomach's just a little off.
Well, okay.
Well, eat what you can.
Hey, why don't you,
um, call a friend?
Have 'em come over or something.
All my friends are gone.
Uh, I think I'm just
gonna hit the sack, Suze.
Mm, don't worry about it.
Thank you.
Leave your door open, okay?
Night, Suze.
What the hell are you doing?
If Brooke's moving on
with her life,
then I'm moving on with mine,
but I can't do that if
everywhere I look there she is.
Can you please be
careful with these? Please?
It's like I'm living
inside of her, Suze,
and I just can't
do that anymore.
Well, you know,
you can't just erase her memory
by erasing her
from her own home.
I need you to
support me on this, Suze.
Okay, from now on,
I just have to focus on school
and forget the love
of my life ever existed.
Wait, what school?
I signed up for night school,
which is ironic,
'cause it's during the day,
but I'm gonna get my diploma.
I didn't know that you did that.
That's great.
Yeah, well,
I have plans too, okay?
And it's time that
I get my shit together.
Goodbye, my goddess.
Goodnight, Suze.
Night, Gage.
Leave your door open.
Hey, how'd it go?
It didn't.
What do you mean?
Mr. Minley wouldn't
let me in cause I missed
the first few classes.
Well, did you tell him
that you were in the hospital?
Yeah. Yeah, and he didn't care.
Well, that's ridiculous.
No. It's fine. It's fine.
I'll just have to wait it out
'til next semester.
No, you know what?
Grab your crutch.
Come on.
Mr. Minley? Hi.
Can I speak to you for a second?
Is this your mother?
Well, technically I am
his guardian at the moment
and I need you to
let him into this class.
Well, I'm sorry,
I can't do that.
Why not?
Because I have
a zero tolerance policy
when it comes to attendance.
Okay, I respect that,
but the circumstances are,
for him, are a little different,
because he was unwell.
Like what? Mono?
A little more serious than that.
Gage, let me ask you something.
Was part of the reason that
you didn't graduate high school
because you had
a lot of truancies?
It means, did you skip class?
Oh, yeah.
Dippin' was like a major reason.
Case in point.
What the hell's
that supposed to mean?
Means I've been
doing this a long time,
long enough to know that
if Gage missed one class,
he's gonna miss another
and another and another, right?
So, let's save
everybody the hassle,
'cause we all know
how this is gonna end.
- Okay.
Now if you'll excuse me,
I'm late for squash.
Oh, my God. Fuck your squash!
I'm sorry?
Yeah, you're going to
let him into this class,
and I'm going to see to it that
he doesn't miss a single one.
Right, Gage?
- Hundred percent.
- And why would I do that?
Because I've dealt with arrogant
teachers like you before
and, I mean, you don't want me
to go talk to Gloria, do you?
Who's Gloria?
BOTH: The Superintendent.
Sick flex, Suze.
He has homework to catch up on.
Well, I'll see to it
that he gets done.
Okay. Let's go, Gage.
See you tomorrow, Mr. M.
Holy shit, Suze,
you destroyed him!
It was nothing.
No one's ever done something
like that for me before.
Well, I would've done
the same thing for Brooke.
Hey, let's go play some
laser tag or something.
Oh, that's not happening.
Come on, Suze! I'm amped!
We're out of eggs.
- Got your eggs, Suze.
- No, those are white.
- So?
- So, I asked for brown.
- What's the difference?
- The color.
Anybody ever tell you
you're just a little anal, Suze?
Just take those back, please.
Hey, look who it is.
Who--Oh. Hi.
Holy shit, Jacinta,
are you preggers
or did you just gain a few LBs?
- Gage!
- I meant no disrespect.
It's fine.
Well, I guess
the cat's out of the bag.
We're expecting.
Yeah, no shit.
Congrats, you guys!
My God. You need any names
ever I got lists on lists.
Yeah, congratulations.
Thank you, Susan.
We weren't sure if we were going
to do it and then surprise!
Life decided for us.
That is a surprise.
Especially considering
that you didn't want
to have any more kids.
Well, things change.
They sure do.
I thought Brooke
might've told you.
No. I guess it slipped her mind.
Oh, yeah. I wanted to ask,
do you still have some of
her baby stuff
down in the basement?
JACINTA: We're having a girl.
We just thought it would be
really cool if she had
some of her big sister's toys.
Donated everything
to the Syrian refugees.
It must have been love
But it's over now
It must have been good
But I lost it somehow
It must have been love
But it's over now
- From the moment we touched
- Hey, Suze?
- 'Til the time had run out
- Yeah?
- You okay?
- Huh? Yeah. Yeah.
- You sure?
- Mm-hm.
You've played this song,
like, a thousand times.
Well, I guess it just,
you know, comforts me.
- I find it kinda depressing.
- Hm.
I turn to water
Can I get you some more eggs?
You know, I think I'd probably
just like to be alone right now.
- Okay.
- Okay.
- Have a good night, Suze.
- Yeah, you have a great night.
Winter's day
And keep your door open, okay?
Night, Suze.
It must have been love
But it's over now
It was all that I wanted
Now I'm living without
It must have been--
Any plans tonight, Suze?
I was, uh, thinking of
digging out my winter clothes
out of the basement.
Wow. That sounds hella fun.
Okay, just focus
on your homework, would you?
I'm taking you out tonight.
I'm not playing
laser tag with you.
Relax Suze, it's not laser tag.
Why would you bring me here?
I thought it'd be good for you.
Why would this be good for me?
I don't know,
you just seem kinda sad,
and I read somewhere that hugs
release a bunch of OxyContin
that'll make you less sad.
It's oxytocin.
That's what I said.
Gage, you made it!
Hey, Tanice! Hi.
Oh, you look great.
How are you feeling?
I mean, any better,
I'd be twins.
[LAUGHING] That's great.
Is this your mom?
No, I'm not his mom.
This is my best friend, Suze.
Suze this is Tanice.
Tanice was, like,
my favorite nurse,
she's the one throwing
these cuddle parties.
Pretty cool, huh?
So cool.
- Is it your first time?
- Is that obvious?
It's okay. Look, you're going
to have a great time.
There's just one rule.
You have to ask permission
and give permission
before you touch anyone
or anyone touches you.
It sounds complicated.
It's not that complicated,
actually. It's just consent.
The snacks are in the kitchen.
Washroom's down the hall.
You two have fun!
Get your cuddle on.
Enjoy yourself.
Take your blazer off.
It'll be great, I promise.
Yeah. We're leaving.
What? No. Hey. Give it
five minutes and you'll see.
If you hate it then we can go.
But I'm not sad.
Yeah. Me neither, Suze.
I love your blouse.
Oh, thank you.
Can I give you a scalp massage?
I'm good. Thank you.
Oh God, what are you doing here?
I've been coming here
for the past few months.
What are you doing here?
Gage dragged me here.
Shit, are you telling me
Gage is here?
Gage is here.
Hey, Mr. M. Save me a cuddle.
Hm. Yeah, this is mortifying.
You're mortified?
I'm eating cold pasta
off a paper plate.
Hey, while we're here,
do you maybe wanna cuddle?
With me?
I feel like I owe you
an apology for the other day.
I was being kind of an...
An asshole?
I was gonna say a little harsh,
but, yeah, asshole works too.
So how do you and Gage
know each other?
Oh, well...
He used to date my daughter,
and now I'm just trying
to keep him alive. So.
It's--It's a really long story.
Anyway, so, what's your deal?
You, um, here to meet
women or men? Both?
No. It's not really like that.
Okay, then how is it?
I dunno, I got a divorce
a few years back,
and I guess I just really missed
the feeling of being
close to someone.
Yeah, I get that.
You do?
I haven't been held in years.
Well, for the record,
you smell much better than
that guy with
the beanie over there.
That's reassuring.
Look, my first time here
was super awkward, and...
I don't know,
my best advice is just to...
...try to let go.
Is that?
I'm so sorry.
That's never happ...
That's never happened.
I'm so sorry.
So are we talking
full-chub or semi-chub?
I don't know!
Oh, yes, you do.
It was definitely a full chub.
I told you hugs were
going to be good for you!
Oh, God. Just eat your sandwich.
Shut up.
Jesus Christ, this is delicious.
Oh, calm down. It's just
a grilled cheese sandwich.
No, no.
Brooke's so lucky to have you.
What about your mom?
What about her?
When's the last time
you visited her?
Never, really.
You've never
visited your mom?
Don't you miss her?
Not really.
But she's your mom.
What's the sudden
fascination with my mom, Suze?
I am sorry,
I did not mean to pry.
I just don't like
really talking about her.
It's okay.
We don't have to talk about her.
It's just like...
...even when she was around,
all she wanted to be
was somewhere else.
I'm really glad
you're here, Gage.
Me too.
All right, you got
everything you need?
Okay. What are you drinking?
Mm, I grabbed one of
the teas off the counter.
I hope you don't mind.
It's my menopause tea.
Really? I think
it's quite comforting.
- Oh. Hi!
Oh, my God.
- Hi, Susan.
- Hi.
Hey, Mr. M!
- I heard you had a really
fun time the other night.
- Shut up.
Yeah, I hope I didn't
ruin cuddle parties for you.
Oh, no. Those were
ruined long before you.
That's funny. You're funny.
I was wondering.
If maybe you'd like
to have dinner with me?
Mr. M, puttin' on the moves!
Oh, I don't--I don't think
that's a good idea,
but thank you so much.
Wait. Why not?
Because he's your teacher
and I don't think
it's appropriate.
- So?
- So, even if I wanted to,
I can't leave you home alone.
Come on, Suze. You don't think
you're being a little extra?
No, I don't.
Okay, fine.
I'll get Naveed to come over.
- Who's Naveed?
- A kid in my class.
They're my best student.
Oh, God. I don't know.
Come on, Suze.
You deserve a night out.
Plus, I mean, you guys have
already been to second base--
- All right, that's enough.
- Okay!
Fine, yeah.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
Yeah, but I'm not one of
those people that likes
to share entrees, all right?
GAGE: Date night!
Stop it. Get out of here.
Okay, be honest with me.
How do I look?
Yeah. Yeah, you look... nice.
Oh, god no.
That is not working for me.
Where even is your waist?
Um, it's--it's right, um--
This is a mistake.
This is a mistake.
I'm--I'm just gonna cancel.
No wait. We can fix this.
Come on, Suze,
you don't wanna be late, okay?
He's going to
give you a truancy.
I look so ridiculous!
I mean, it couldn't be any
worse than what she had on.
- I heard that!
- Come on. Show us.
- Damn, Suze!
- Look at you go!
BOTH: That's it.
- That's it right there.
- That's what I'm talking about.
- That's the one.
- Really?
You don't think it's,
like, you know, too much?
You, look like,
considerably less old.
Like, I'm actually shocked.
You're a smoke show, Suze.
I mean, I guess I am,
like, a little hot in this.
There's fire coming
out of your feet.
No, it's hot. I'm hot.
I'm a little bit hot.
I--I mean--
Oh, God. Okay.
Are you two
going to be all right?
- Yes.
- Totally. Yeah.
Wish me luck.
Isn't it like...
...weird living
in your ex's house?
Nah, I'm, like,
totally over her.
What's her name?
- Brooke.
- Brooke what?
Oh, she's a snack.
I mean, yeah,
if you're into that
sort of conventional
beauty thing.
Who's the guy?
What guy?
I've been wanting to rip
this dress off you all night.
God, I've been wanting
you to rip this dress
off of me all night.
- Oh. Wait.
- What?
Um, I should tell you something.
I-I-I'm perimenopausal.
I don't know what that means.
It means that I'm in
the early stages of menopause.
No, I know what it means.
I mean, I don't know what it
for this particular
situation right here.
Oh, I don't know
what it means either.
I just--In case, I don't know,
things are weird or, like--
like--like, sweaty or just--
You're not weird,
and your skin is quite soft,
- and you're wonderful, and--
- Thank you.
Let's just--
I haven't had sex
in three years.
What? Wait.
Why are you laughing?
- What? What?
- I haven't had it in five!
Really? That's much longer.
Yeah, it's a long time.
Okay, let's break
this hot streak of ours.
Yeah, sure.
- All right.
- Okay.
Wait. Sorry, I gotta get this.
It could be my daughter.
Hold on.
This is Officer Brown.
Are you the owner of
a grey Honda CRV?
Look, Suze, just let me explain.
Oh, don't--
Don't "look Suze" me.
And you, you were
supposed to be watching him!
He told me we were just
going to Dairy Queen!
I know this looks bad, okay?
But when I saw Brooke cozying up
next to her new boyfriend,
it really fucked me up, okay?
The next thing I knew I was
in the car driving to Montreal.
Brooke has a new boyfriend?
Yes, Suze,
and he's really handsome.
Well, doesn't mean
you can just steal my car.
Really bad things
could've happened, Gage.
Really bad!
And I'm responsible for you.
I know.
And what about Carl, huh?
He drove two hours in
the middle of the friggin night.
I think you owe him an apology.
Sorry, Mr. M.
These things happen.
Let's just
call it a night, yeah?
I'm riding back with Mr. M.
No, Naveed, you're with us.
Man, this night's the shits!
I don't mind. You go ahead.
Just wait in the car, would you?
Try not to steal it this time.
You okay to get back?
Yeah, I'm fine. I'm just--
Once again, I'm--I'm so sorry.
It's okay. This is honestly
the most exhilarating night
I've had in a very long time.
Wow, me too actually, so...
So, it's okay if
I call you again?
Yeah, I mean, I--
I would like that.
Sorry, I really
gotta get home now.
It's my snake's feeding day.
Of course it is.
- Okay.
- Bye.
Look, I didn't mean
to ruin your date.
Really? 'Cause you did.
It's very successful.
I mean,
I was having a good time.
It was actually going well,
which is surprising given--
I'm sorry, Suze.
It's not like I didn't know
she'd find somebody else.
I mean, a woman of
her caliber wouldn't
stay single for forever.
I just--
I just didn't know
it would happen so soon.
Well, it's...
It is really hard when somebody
you care about moves on.
I mean, it hurts in places I
didn't even know it could hurt.
Okay. Well, let's
get you home, okay?
You know Montreal's only,
like, four hours away, right?
Yeah, yeah. It's not happening.
Why not?
Because it's
the middle of the night!
- So?
- So!
So, I know you
want to see her too.
Yeah, I want to see her--
Then let's just go.
What're you gonna do
when you get there, Gage?
- Get closure!
- You're going to get closure?
Yeah, I think if
I could look her in the eye
and say a proper goodbye,
I could finally be
at peace with it all.
Yeah, I don't know. No.
Come on, Suze,
I think this could be good
- for the both of us.
- No!
Please? I'm begging you here.
Come on. Please, Suze.
Please, Suze. Please.
Please, please, please--
Okay, shut up. Shut up.
Go pee now if you want to go,
because we're not stopping.
You're my freakin' hero, Suze!
Oh, my God. Hey!
I meant go inside! Inside!
Okay, and then me and my uncle
would travel around, right,
selling these, like, real swanky
kinda counterfeit heels
at all sorts of places,
and we get to eat at the
fanciest little salad bars,
the kind of salad bars
that have, like, ten different
salad dressings,
you know what I'm saying?
- Mm-hm.
- Anyways, it was pretty much
the best summer job I think
I've ever had until--
until, like, his supplier
gets stabbed and then my
uncle's business closed down
and I had to move back home.
Wow, wow. That's...
...quite--quite the summer.
Yeah, yeah. The best.
Can I ask you something?
Yeah, I guess. Yeah.
Why did you and Alan break up?
Why do you want to know that?
I don't know.
I mean, you know so much
about my personal life,
I just--I'm just
curious about yours, Suze.
I dunno, we just sorta,
you know, grew apart. So, yeah.
Like a mutual thing?
Yeah, basically. Yeah.
Wow. You guys--
You guys are so mature.
That's the best way I think
you could have ever thought.
Actually, that's bullshit,
'cause he was cheating on me.
Shut up!
Yeah. I caught him having sex
in the pool with Jacinta.
That dick!
No, seriously.
I can't believe I've been
so fucking nice to the guy!
Oh, my God!
The second that I see him
I'm gonna give him
a real piece of my mind!
No, Oh, my God. No you're not.
- Yes! Yes!
- No, you're not!
- Why not?
- Gage, you are not going to,
because Brooke does not know.
How could she not know?
Because I didn't
want her to know,
I didn't want her
grow up hating her dad
the way that I hated her dad,
so I just never told her.
- On purpose.
- Shit.
- That's heavy, Suze.
- Yeah, promise me
you're not going to say--
- Yeah.
- A single word to her.
Take it to the grave, Suze.
I'm sorry you had
to go through that.
Thank you.
Why don't you try to
go to sleep or something
while we've got some time here?
Get out of here.
If you're up, I'm up.
Okay, can you just tell Paul
I'm just dealing with
some family stuff?
No, no. It's nothing, uh,
nothing too serious, just--
Uh, Lorraine, I gotta go.
Okay, thanks. Bye.
What the hell is this?
I don't wanna move on, Suze.
I gotta get her back.
What? No. No!
Absolutely not!
No! This is not
what we talked about!
You said closure.
That's it. We're going home.
Come on, Suze,
we came all this way!
No, not like this,
and where did you
even get flowers?
Look, trust me.
She's going to see me
and she's gonna remember
that I'm the love of her life.
Mom? Gage?
- Hey, baby!
- Goddammit.
Hi. Hi, honey.
What are you doing here?
Ah, surprise! This is... We were
just in the neighborhood.
- I came to get you back.
- What?
No, that is not--
That's not why we're here.
I know things have
been weird between us,
but, I mean, we're meant
for each other, you know?
You know it. I know it.
The whole universe knows it.
Who the fuck is this guy?
Okay, Gage,
you're really freaking me out.
Here, actually,
I wrote you a song.
Actually, I wrote you a double
album, but this one's my fave.
It's called
"Nobody Tastes Better Than You."
- Oh, God.
- Oh, my god.
Don't! Please don't!
You're acting crazy!
Yeah, I mean, crazy for you!
Gage, you gotta calm down.
You seriously want to
give up everything we had
for this choch?
I mean, I can tell by his
rapey little eyes he's never
gonna adore you the way I do.
What did you just
say to me, man?
Shut up, man.
Just run off to organic chem
or whatever the hell
you dickwads like to take.
You're pathetic, dude.
No wonder she doesn't
want to be with you.
Oh, God.
Please don't say that to him--
- Oh, my God!
- Oh, shit.
- Are you okay?
I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to.
Gage, what is wrong with you?
Okay, we gotta go--
Let's go somewhere else
and talk this out.
Mom, how could you
do this to me?
Sweetie, I'm--
I'm here to help him.
Because I--Sweetie,
I just wanted to see you, okay?
Okay, well,
I don't want to see you!
Do you seriously not
understand that I came here
to get away from you?
Honey, you don't mean that.
Yes, I do.
You need to stop calling me,
you need to stop stalking me,
- and get a fucking life!
- Brookie--
You know what? You're both
co-dependent psychopaths,
and I never want
to see you again, okay?
- God, stop wearing my clothes!
- Oh, fuck.
Baby, please don't
do this to us!
You happy?
Hi, honey. It's me again.
I'm still in the city,
and I'd really love it
if we just could fix this.
I love you. Call me. Bye.
I should've known better.
She still didn't have
to be such a bitch.
Hey, do not call her that.
I'm sorry, Suze, but she said
some really mean things.
Yeah, well, you know,
she has a lot going on,
and you can't just
surprise somebody like that.
How can you defend her
when all she does is
treat you like shit?
- No, she doesn't.
- Oh, come on, Suze.
All she does is take
advantage of your kind nature.
Oh, Jesus.
Well, you're not a parent.
It's a very
complicated relationship, okay?
How many times have you called
her since she started school?
- Huh?
- Oh, my God. I don't know.
- Hundreds, right?
- Okay.
I mean, and how many times
has she called you back?
Zero! And you just
keep taking it, Suze.
Why do you let her
treat you like garbage
when you treat her like gold?
Because she is the only
thing I have in my life,
and I am terrified
of losing her!
I don't expect
you to understand,
but I just thought if I--
if I made her really happy
and if I gave her everything
that she needed that
she wouldn't want to go
and leave
and live with her father.
'Cause I really honestly,
I just couldn't handle
losing both of them.
Okay, so, we got
the risotto for the madam
and the shrimp scampi
for the gentleman.
- Bon appetit.
- Merci.
- Where are you going?
- I'll be right back.
Well, your food's
gonna get cold.
It's okay. Start without me.
Um, bonjour.
Uh, hello.
This one goes out to
somebody very special.
Oh, dear God.
Lay a whisper
On my pillow
Leave the winter
On the ground
I wake up lonely
This air of silence
In the bedroom
And all around
So, touch me now
I close my eyes
I dream away
It must have been love
But it's over now
It must have been good
But I lost it somehow
It must have been love
But it's over now
From the moment we touched
'Til the time had run out
We're together
That I'm sheltered
By your heart
But in and outside
I turn to water
Like a teardrop
In your palm
And it's as hard
As a winter's day
I dream away
Oh, no, I dream away
Oh, no,
it must have been love
Okay, so where did you learn
to play piano like that?
Shut up!
Get out of here.
I'm no Mozart or anything.
Oh, my God. You're so good.
Really good.
Like, I like it way better
than your guitar playing.
- No offense.
- None taken.
Actually, I was thinking of
maybe studying music therapy.
- Really?
- Mm-hm.
- You think that's stupid?
- No! No.
I think it's lovely.
I know.
My dad said if I'm too
dumb to graduate high school,
then I'm probably
too dumb to get into
some fancy music program. So...
Well, Gage, I don't
think your dad realizes
how incredibly talented you are.
- You mean that?
- Oh, my God. Yeah.
Totally. Are you kidding me?
You're so talented.
And, you know, I'm jealous,
'cause I wish I just had
something that I felt even
a little bit passionate about.
Wait, so you're not
passionate about frames?
Oh, you're ser--
Okay, yeah. No. Fuck no.
Okay, so, what did you want
to do when you were younger?
Oh, you know what
I wanted to do?
Oh, no. It's so ridiculous.
You ready?
Yeah, come on. Give it to me.
I wanted to travel
the whole world,
I was going to start in Japan,
make my way west,
I was going to teach English,
and I was just going to,
you know,
see where the world took me.
Just free spirit.
That's so badass, Suze.
What happened?
Um, well, my mom got sick,
So I moved home,
took care of her,
she died, then I met Alan,
and had Brooke,
and then fast forward 20 years
to an Economy Motel in Montreal.
So, why don't you go do it now?
For one I'm too old.
I don't think you're too old.
You don't think I'm too old?
I think you're, like,
the greatest thing in the world.
You do?
Yeah, Suze.
Oh, no. No, no, no.
No, no. No.
- I'm so sorry, Suze.
- No, no. I got it.
- No, no. It's fine.
- I got it, I got it.
- Just go--
- Okay, yeah. Um...
- Get ready for bed.
- Yeah. Yeah, no.
I'll just--
Hey, he's alive!
- What are you doing here?
- They let me off
a few days early,
thought I'd come by
to surprise you.
What, you're not
happy to see me?
No. Yeah, totally.
Yeah. I hope he wasn't
too much of a pain in the ass.
No. Not at all.
All right, grab your shit,
I'm taking you to Denny's.
- Like, right now?
- Uh, yeah, right now.
What, you want
a formal invitation?
Thank your babysitter
and let's get going.
Thank you, Suze.
You're welcome.
All right, chop-chop,
I'm fuckin' starvin!
Hey, dad?
What's up, bud?
I was---I was thinking
about going to see Mom.
Fill yer boots, pal.
Will you come with me?
- Hey.
- Hi.
Where's Gage?
Oh, he's no longer
going to be coming in.
- Oh God, tell me he didn't--
- Paul, no. He's fine.
- His dad came back.
- Oh.
- Yeah.
- That's too bad.
I really enjoyed
our lunches together.
Hey, you think it would
be weird if I text him?
Just take this off.
Oh. Oh. Yeah. Oh, my God.
I'm really glad you came over.
Yeah, me too.
Um, I'm going to--
I should probably get something.
Oh, God, just don't
even worry about it.
There's like
a point one percent chance
that I could even conceive.
Okay, better safe than sorry?
Whoa. What'd you do that for?
Just relax, would you?
Besides, even if
I did get pregnant,
I mean, would that be
the end of the world?
Um, yeah.
God, I want this so bad.
Okay, just stop for a second.
Okay, just stop.
Just stop. Just--Stop!
I was just having fun.
Okay, well,
that didn't feel fun.
Okay, I think
you're overreacting.
- Am I?
- Yeah.
What's going on with you?
Is there s--
Do you want to
talk about something?
I don't want to talk to you,
I want to fuck you!
- Okay, I...
- Okay.
I don't--I don't think
I want you here anymore.
Great, yeah. Okay.
That's just perfect,
because you know what?
I don't want to be the mother
of your kid.
Oh, my God.
What is happening
to me?
Hey, Susan,
what are you doing here?
I didn't donate any of Brooke's
stuff to the Syrian refugees.
Oh, okay. Great, 'cause remember
those hand-crafted--
But I'm going to 'cause
I don't want you to have it.
And I just thought
you should know that.
Oh, and try to be better
to your new family
than you were to us, okay? Okay.
PA: Officer Richards,
please report to cell block 1-D.
WOMAN: Oh, my God.
Somebody got handsome!
Let me see you.
- What happened there?
- Nothing big.
Just a little fall.
Okay. Well, poor baby.
Sit down. Sit down.
I was starting to think
you weren't going to come.
Yeah, I'm sorry
I've been meaning to, but--
Nope. No, hey, it's okay.
You're here now.
I've been thinking
about you a lot in here.
You don't have to say that, Mom.
No, it's true.
I literally lay awake
thinking about all the things
I want to say to you.
- Like what?
- Oh, my God. Everything.
Like, how I'm sorry
for being a shitty mom,
and putting you through hell,
and leaving you
with your father,
and, I don't know, just...
I hope that you don't hate me.
I don't hate you, Mom.
You don't?
I can't tell you how good
it is to hear that,
because I am doing
a lot better now,
and I don't want you to
forgive me or anything,
but I'd love
another chance to... your mom again.
I'd like that too, Mom.
Yeah? Yeah?
I miss you, Mom.
I actually haven't been
doing so well lately.
Oh, sweetheart. Talk to me.
Tell me what's going on.
I don't know, Mom.
I'm just sad all the time.
Okay, honey, don't be sad.
I know, I try, but--
I just think there's
something wrong with me.
Hey, there is
nothing wrong with you.
You just get those
big feelings sometimes,
but they pass, okay?
You just have to stay tough.
Yeah, you're probably right.
Of course, I'm right.
You know, when I get outta here
you're gonna come and visit me,
and we're do something fun
and we're going to get
your mind off of all of that.
Where you going?
I met this guy
named Randy online,
and we've just been
talking non-stop.
It's pretty crazy, right?
So, you're moving to Buffalo?
You're gonna love him.
He's a way better man
than your father.
That's great, Mom.
I'm really happy for you.
I feel like I got, like,
a second shot at life, ya know?
Sure you do.
- CARL: So, I, uh...
...why the earth can't be flat.
Now, let's go back
to the curriculum.
You're late.
I know, I'm sorry.
The bus driver,
he was a trainee--
Gage, you know my policy.
No exceptions.
Oh, come on, Mr. M.
I'm barely, like,
three minutes late.
Yeah. Best of luck. I'm sorry.
Dude, are you serious?
I thought we were friends.
No, we were never friends.
You're a real dick,
you know that?
Bye, sweetheart.
Oh, my God.
All she talks about is her baby,
like she's the first
person to ever procreate.
I hate pregnant people.
I'm so happy you called.
Yeah, I'm done being mad at you.
Oh, okay. Let's get you home.
So, do you find your professors
really interesting or?
- Yeah.
- Is there one that's
kind of your just favorite?
Like, that you love?
- No.
- No?
Is it because, um--
Is it because you're so busy
or because, you know,
you just don't get
that one-on-one time?
- Are the classes too big?
- Sure.
Uh, oh, I invited Gage.
Hey, beautiful.
Hey, dummy.
Hi, Gage.
Hey, Suze.
I hope it's okay that I'm here.
Smells delicious.
Yeah, no. Yeah, yeah.
It's good. Yeah. No.
We got--We're happ--
We're so happy that you're here.
Yeah, no. I was just surprised,
because of the--of the way
that you guys left things.
Don't be weird, Mom. God.
We worked it out. We're adults.
No, I know.
That's so mature of you guys.
We're going to be upstairs.
Hey, Suze, I got you something.
You got me something?
Yeah, a little something.
They're brown.
Very thoughtful. Thank you.
You look, uh--You look good.
I'm sorry. I think, uh--
I think I'm just
a little nervous to see you.
Don't be.
I missed you so much.
What about your boyfriend?
- I broke up with him.
- Really?
- Mm-hm.
- Why?
He just wasn't as
attentive as you are.
I thought about this
like 15 times a day.
Can you stop talking?
Actually, before we make love,
I gotta tell you something.
Oh, just in time. Good.
You made out with Gage!?
What the fuck?
No. No.
- No, no, no. No!
- Hey, look, baby, just please.
- Just let me explain okay?
- I mean--I mean--
No, is this what you guys
were doing the entire time?
My God. No!
Why would you tell her that?
I'm sorry, Suze, but it's just,
if we're gonna do this again,
I just want to start
off with 100% honesty.
Sorry, do you actually think
we're getting back together?
Well, yeah. That's probably
why we were just about to--
No, that's not gonna happen.
Why not?
'Cause someone like me does not
end up with someone like you.
Oh, I'm sorry,
do you want to defend him?
Because you were
actually the one
who asked me to dump him,
you were the one
who said I could do better
because his mom's a felon,
you're the one
who called him a loser!
Okay. Okay, that's enough.
You really say that, Suze?
Yes, I said that,
but it was before
I got to know you.
You guys have
an awesome Happy Thanksgiving.
Okay, Gage, could you
just wait a second? Gage.
Are you happy now?
Oh, God.
What are you doing?
I am hot.
I am tired.
I am irritated.
I'm drinking this
goddamn menopause tea,
it doesn't do a goddamn thing,
but most of all,
I'm just so disappointed
that I raised such
a selfish little bitch.
Excuse me?
This whole time
I really thought,
"Wow, he's just really
not good enough for you,"
and you know what?
The truth is
he's way too good for you.
Way too good.
Hi, Gage, it's me again.
Can you please just
call me back? Please?
This guy gets out
and he says, um,
"So, do you water ski?"
He said, "Do I fucking
look like I water ski?"
- Hey, Rick?
Rick! Hi.
Susie Q!
How do you do?
Just give me a sec, guys.
Hey, I'm really,
really sorry to drop in,
I'm just--I was hoping
that I could talk to Gage.
- Oh, he's not here.
- Do you know where he is?
I don't know where
that kid is half the time.
Okay, well, I'm a little
worried about him.
Well, he's not
your problem, is he?
- Well, no. But--
- Then I wouldn't worry about it.
Do you even care about this kid?
The fuck is that
supposed to mean?
It means he's
a really good kid, Rick.
He's really smart,
he's really funny,
and he just needs someone
to just look out for him.
Well, if you like him so much,
then why don't you keep him?
Could you just tell him
that I stopped by?
Good to see you, Suze.
Oh, fuck.
Gage! Fuck.
Gage! Fuck.
You better not be up there.
Gage, are you up there?
You better not be up there!
Fuck. Gage?
Oh, my God. Gage!
What are you doing here, Suze?
Oh, God. Thank God.
I thought you'd try to do
something really terrible.
I did try.
Some asshole put up a fence.
I couldn't exactly climb it.
Why would you do that?
Because I'm a loser, right?
I can't even do
this shit properly.
I don't think you're a loser.
- Yeah, you do.
- No, I don't.
Yeah, you do, Suze.
Everybody does.
Even my own mom doesn't
give a shit about me.
Honey, that is not true.
Yeah, it is.
I went and I saw her,
and apparently she's moving
to Buffalo with some asswipe
named Randy when she gets out.
I mean, something has to be
wrong with me, right, Suze?
Nobody I've ever cared about
has ever given a fuck about me,
and I'm tired of feeling
like I don't matter anymore.
I don't expect
you to understand,
I don't expect you to care,
I just--
I just don't wanna
be here anymore.
Do you think I wanted to be here
when my husband left me
for another woman
who isn't even that
much younger than me? Hm?
Do you think I wanted to
be here when my daughter
moved away because she hates me?
Or when I just lie awake
in bed every single night,
feeling so totally alone
and scared completely shitless
because I think this is
what the rest of my life
is going to look like?
I know things are
not easy for you
and I know they
haven't been easy for you,
and I wish so badly that
I could change that for you,
but I want you here.
I need you here, okay?
- You mean that?
- Of course I do.
I don't know anyone who has
ever been nicer to me than you.
Nobody's ever been as
nice to me as you, Suze.
I think we gotta
get you some help, Gage.
All right, you got everything?
All right, well,
have a good flight.
Oh, hi.
Oh, no. Honey, what's wrong?
I really don't want to go back.
- What? What do you mean?
- I hate it there.
I hate the people.
I hate the city.
I hate the air, the language.
I just--
I hate everything about it.
I thought you loved it.
Yeah, for like a second,
but then Justin
dumped me for Tonya,
because he said I wasn't
his "intellectual equivalent",
and school's, like, really hard
and I just--I feel like I made
a really big mistake.
Honey, I don't know what to say.
Just say I can come home.
Attention all travelers...
Oh, home?
WOMAN ON PA: ...should not
be left unattended.
WOMAN: the event you see
a suspicious unattended bag...
Can we just go?
What do you mean no?
I mean, no,
you cannot come home.
Are you serious?
Mom, you were the one
who didn't want me to leave
in the first place.
Is it because of our fight?
'Cause I said sorry to you.
No, no. It's got nothing
to do with the fight.
Then why are you being so mean?
Honey, I'm not
trying to be mean,
but you cannot quit your life
just because things are
a little bit hard
or some jackhole decided
to break your heart.
Okay? You can't.
Take it from me.
I hate you.
Well, I love you.
You'll get through this.
Hey, call me. Call me anytime!
I used to think I hold
the best parts of me
To sew the holes in your life
and the cracks in your seams
And I'm done
Oh, whoa, I'm done
And I'm sorry that
You don't like your life
But I fought for
my own victories
And for the beauty
in my life
My joy, my joy
My joy takes
nothing from you
No, my joy, my joy
My joy takes
nothing from you
All right, everybody. Let's go.
Move around. Feel the music.
Don't think about it.
And reach your arms up.
See the colors.
And down.
Good. Deep breath.
Just let everything go.
- WOMAN: Gage, focus.
- Hi.
Everybody, keep--Keep moving.
- I'll, uh, be right back.
You're here.
- I am.
- Are these for me?
Yes, yes. It's a new
recipe I'm trying out.
Just, I don't know.
Let me know what you think.
Damn, Suze.
It's like an angel
just shat in my mouth.
Thank you.
The place is nice, right?
It's so bright.
Oh, yeah. It's incredible, Suze!
It's like summer camp,
except everybody's super crazy,
you know, and all you do
is sit in circles,
talking about
your feelings and stuff.
Gage. Don't say "crazy."
Right, right. Thank you.
I for--I knew that.
Yeah. It's nice to
see you doing better.
- Thank you, Suze.
- Yeah.
All right. Well,
I'll let you get back to it.
Well, I mean, if you want
to hang out for a minute,
I'd can give you the grand tour.
Yeah. Yeah, I got time.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
- Sick.
- Show me stuff.
What's been, uh...
What's been going on?
Oh, you know, let's see.
- I joined a book club.
- No.
Yeah, I don't read
any of it though.
- This is Cassidy's room.
- Oh, who's Cassidy?
She's kinda this girl
that's got a big crush on me.
Oh, hey!
I know, she can
do this crazy thing
with her tongue.
That's okay, you don't--If you
can spare me the details on it.
Give it a shot.
Like this?
Life, love, potential love
causes so much joy
Has the adverse power
To hurt you that much more
It's the same
dark that falls
On the light that shines
Seems to want
to hurt this time
I take a look inside
Nowhere to turn or go
No clear distinction
Above or below
Surreal existence
Casts its shadows
to the blind
Seems to want to
hurt this time
Aw, the party's crashin'
Fade into a distant drone
It only takes just
one of us to be alone
Nobody's going
but I still feel left behind
Seems to want to
hurt this time
Red lights serenade me
As I try to go
Outside the wind crashes
With the smell
of blowing snow
3:00 in the morning
Cradled in a mental bind
Seems to want
to hurt this time