Svaha: The Sixth Finger (2019) Movie Script

The day I was born,
goats wailed like crazy.
And that day,
a demon was born with me.
After hiding in my mom's womb
for ten months,
it came into the world
ten minutes before I did.
That thing lived
by eating the flesh of my leg.
Yes, the baby is coming out!
Push! You have to push!
Hold her legs down. Push!
-Try to relax.
-Here it comes!
Here. Take a deep breath. One more time.
-This one is okay.
-The clamp.
-It's just her leg.
-The gauze too.
-Pass me a towel.
Hold the baby. And tie this right here.
Pass it over.
That one...
won't make it.
It won't live long.
People said
it should've been killed back then.
My mom died a week after we were born,
and I was told that my dad died
in a car accident a month after that.
That's what my grandpa told me
when I entered middle school.
the doctor was wrong.
That thing didn't die that quickly.
It's still alive.
That family moved here recently.
I heard they sell dogs.
I rarely see them though.
Anyway, that family is weird.
When did they move here?
About a month ago, I guess?
And when did your cattle start acting up?
About three weeks ago.
We're almost there.
It's that house over there.
God, those goddamn dogs
bark and howl all day long.
It's so bizarre...
It feels colder here.
The sound of the wind...
Aren't I right?
They obviously don't want to come out.
This is no joke. This energy is...
Look at this.
There's something unusual.
Let go!
People have told me that...
-Something's fishy.
You know? Why aren't they coming out?
Ma'am, let's come back tomorrow.
We are
living with the demon like this.
Oh, dear Lord.
Please forgive me for my sins.
I beg you with all my heart and soul.
Please forgive me!
Come here for a second.
Come here.
Have you been doing well in school?
Have you made friends?
This time, we'll try to hold out
so that we won't have to move again.
I bet you hate it so much.
Your leg.
And that thing.
-Your twin sister--
-What about it?
I didn't even register her birth.
I didn't teach her to talk,
but I should've at least--
Forget it. I understand.
Geum-hwa, you see...
I had no idea she'd live this long.
She scares me.
I'm still terrified.
Every night,
the sound of her crying...
I am so wondrously saved from sin
Jesus so sweetly abides within
There at the cross where he took me in
-Glory to his name
-You hear that, right?
Hymn number 250.
-Glory to his name
-"Down at the Cross."
Down where for cleansing from sin I cried
Listen carefully.
That can't be a person crying, right?
Here, this way.
It sounds like a kid crying.
The bush clover branch.
All spirits of the earth and sky.
I came to say hello.
Evil is nothing special.
These charlatans you see here are evil.
These fake prophets that you see here
are also known as cults.
It is reported that the total number
of cult-related incidents
per year reaches 1,200,
and the total number of victims
exceeds 50,000.
In this country, where freedom of religion
is rather overly protected,
our research institute
is the only organization
at the vanguard of this spiritual war.
Please show us your support.
Support this good cause.
I'd like to thank Pastor Kim Tae-sik
from Seoul Theological University
for inviting me today.
And lastly, the most important thing.
Our research institute is in dire need
of your faith and support.
Try to imagine how Jesus must've felt
while climbing Golgotha
all alone.
Please support us. Please pray for us.
We'll be the salt and light of the world.
Park Ung-jae is a crook!
-He's a crook!
-He's a crook!
Resign as pastor!
Stop your witch hunt!
-Stop it now!
-Stop it now!
Park Ung-jae must be ousted!
Shut down his research institute!
-Shut it down!
-Shut it down!
Stop the human rights violation!
-Stop it!
-Stop it!
-Brethren, let's raise our hands
-Brethren, let's raise our hands
-Make a vow to the Lord
-Make a vow to the Lord
Over there! It's Park Ung-jae!
-Where is he?
-Get him!
-Get lost!
-Get lost!
-Get lost!
-Get lost!
Jeez, eggs aren't cheap.
What's wrong with those women?
Why throw food at someone?
-I told you to be careful.
You shouldn't have messed
with Agape Convent.
Jeez, my trench coat...
Pastor, you're becoming
more popular by the day.
That's right. Thank goodness
my dear fans are all ladies this time.
-He bought a new coat again.
Our heating bill was 500,000 won,
but I can't keep the windows closed.
Who doesn't have
an air purifier these days?
-I've been saying...
-Deaconess Sim,
has the Methodist church paid us?
You'll have to finish the article quickly
for us to get paid.
He never finishes what he starts.
He's all talk.
-Deaconess Sim, I feel suffocated.
-What pastor chain-smokes all day long?
-I can't breathe.
-He's such a slacker.
-All he does is buy designer clothes.
-I'm off to Gangwon-do.
Are you going there because of Deer Hill?
Of course.
Do you think I'm going on a vacation?
-He's spreading himself too thin.
Finish the article
on the Moses Adventists first--
Gosh, Deaconess Sim.
Step by step, okay?
Even if we expose them now,
the Church can't even sue them.
Then what about Agape Convent?
I've already uploaded that one.
Send it to Catholic Digest tomorrow.
The title should be...
"Mysterious nuns
who can even cure cancer."
End it with a question mark
instead of an exclamation mark.
Jeez, how cheesy.
Come on. It needs the commercial appeal.
Just hurry back and finish
the article and the overdue columns...
Deaconess Sim.
You see, with Buddhist organizations,
the amount of money
jumps to another level.
Let's go on a vacation
to Phuket this winter.
Sounds good? Separately.
you wanted an air purifier.
-An air purifier!
-We'll buy an air purifier!
All right. Attention, everyone.
What flower is this?
-Lotus flower.
-Lotus flower.
It's a sacred flower.
Even though it grows
in muddy, murky water,
this beautiful flower always rises out
of the dirty water, completely unstained.
This world is one big muddy mess,
and it's becoming
even more dangerous and cruel.
However, our prayers and sincerity
will change the world.
All right.
Then we'll pray
for the typhoon victims in Jinju
before we wrap up.
-The General protects us.
-The General protects us.
-Thank you.
-Thank you.
All right, thanks. See you tomorrow.
You should eat proper meals. Jeez.
Can you up the expense budget, then?
Spend it first and submit all the receipts
to Deaconess Sim.
You always say that.
By the way,
how come there's nothing catchy?
-Is what you sent me really everything?
-Yes, that's it.
What does your gut tell you?
Come on. It's not like you're an amateur.
One odd thing is...
that there's nothing odd.
What about its doctrine?
Does it stem from Donghak?
-Guan Yu?
-No, not at all.
It's actually more classic
than I expected.
It's strongly influenced by Buddhism
and Esoteric Buddhism, but it's pure.
They don't even collect offerings.
They actually give alms to believers
who are struggling financially.
They give alms?
You fool, then it's a full network.
It's a pyramid scheme.
No, it's not.
Well, a new cult.
Adultery and money laundering.
So, it's a network. What else?
If I were to tell you something
that's off...
Pastor, don't Buddhists
worship Buddha or bodhisattvas?
Yes, that's right.
But these people
worship someone they call "General."
At both chapters.
That's not what I'm after.
I need something scandalous.
Something shocking and obscene.
I'll come up with a scenario to present
to the monks at the headquarters.
Mr. Go, let's dig a little deeper.
Bring me something juicy.
Bring it over here.
Did you call forensics?
You cannot be here.
Please stand outside the police line.
-You made it, sir.
Why didn't you answer my calls?
Hey, what's all this fuss about
at this early hour?
I told you guys not to touch it.
We have to preserve the scene.
Get out! Captain Hwang is here.
-Damn it.
-Hello, Captain Hwang.
Call Forensics and find out
where they are now.
-Yes, sir.
-A truck crashed into this--
What is this?
It didn't rot at all.
It's completely dried up.
This construction job must've been done
pretty recently.
Yes, this won't be a hard case.
I've already contacted
construction companies.
-It's pretty small.
-Pardon me?
The height. It's short.
The victim was
a middle schooler at the most.
While investigating
the Moses Adventists' Gangwon HQ,
I coincidentally discovered
this new religion influenced by Buddhism.
They have two chapters,
in Taebaek and Jeongseon.
At the moment, the total number
of believers is just under 50.
Most of them are teachers, nurses,
-or civil servants--
-Mr. Park.
I bet there are
about 3,000 propagation centers like that.
-I don't see anything problematic with--
-Venerable sir, just a moment.
Do you know what alarms me the most?
This organization, Deer Hill,
doesn't make any profit off its believers.
Why does that alarm you?
I'm sure you know the Japanese cult
Aum Shinrikyo.
The culprit of the subway gas attack.
Do you know what they started out as?
A yoga organization.
They sponsored various organizations.
Then later on, the leader, Shoko Asahara,
started talking Buddhist doctrines,
saying "I'm Buddha. I'm God."
Then what happened?
Isn't it so predictable?
"Doomsday is near. We shall let
everything go and go to heaven."
That incident killed so many people.
When that happens, it'll be too late.
Control them
by finding their unlawful deeds
and contradicting doctrines,
or people will criticize you
for letting them
dishonor your association
as well as the Buddha--
Pastor Park Ung-jae,
thank you for letting us know.
I think it's a bit of a stretch
to call it a new religion.
It looks like a small organization founded
for socializing or welfare purposes.
You probably don't know this,
but seeking harmonious coexistence
is key--
Venerable sir.
I've been doing this
for over a decade now.
Nowadays, Protestant and Catholic churches
are very concerned
-with purifying--
Such notion of Christian dichotomy
won't help you find the Noble Truths.
A propagation center in Chungju
was recently on In Depth 60 Minutes
for selling Buddha statues
and memorial tablets, you know.
It wouldn't be a bad idea
to clamp down on them in advance.
Why does that octopus head
hate me so much?
you totally sounded like a salesman.
Come on. A salesman? Seriously?
That octopus head controls our money.
Try to get on his good side.
It's for a good cause,
so let's take the easy route.
What the hell is this?
Give me information
on that organization, Deer Hill.
What for?
I'll give you an idea.
-What are the three elements of religion?
-Leader, believers, and scriptures.
If it's a newly-risen religion,
they must have their own scriptures.
If they use their own interpretations
or go by a disapproved version--
Only then will your association
have grounds to impose sanctions on them.
Homage to Avalokitevara.
-Good work today.
-Thank you.
A body was found
inside a concrete wall of an underpass
near Yeongwol, Gangwon-do on the 18th,
and the police are currently
investigating the case.
The body that was found
is speculated to be
a student of Donggang Girls' Middle School
with the surname, Park.
The police have requested an autopsy
to determine the exact cause of death
and are closing in on suspects
by investigating construction companies...
Cheol-jin, why are you so late?
You should eat something too.
Come have a seat.
You should've told me
that your friend was coming over.
We don't have many side dishes.
Gwangmok, I knew you'd visit me.
I'm happy I got to see you.
It's been so long.
I'm a failure.
I failed to protect Father.
I'm hiding like this because I'm a coward.
No, that's not true. I just think
that your mother's warm home-cooked meal
might have made you weak-willed.
I was afraid.
Every night, they...
The dead kids come at me.
Gwangmok, it's strange. Something...
Something's gone wrong.
We're fighting against evil at the moment.
We're carrying out our divine mission.
We mustn't let our fears or regrets
bog us down. You know that.
Jeungjang also reached Nirvana
following Damun, you know?
Go ahead and die.
The world will call you soon.
"You blood-soaked beast, stop crying.
Raise your head and look at the light.
Kneel down."
-"Wipe your tears and behold the Truth.
-"Wipe your tears and behold the Truth.
-Pain is the fruit of faith.
-Pain is the fruit of faith.
-Pain purifies your blood,
-Pain purifies your blood,
-which will enlighten this world.
-which will enlighten this world.
-Do not fear, beasts of the dark.
-Do not fear, beasts of the dark.
-You will defeat evil.
-You will defeat evil.
-You shall catch the snake
-You shall catch the snake
-on the fundament."
-on the fundament."
-Adzuki beans?
From the corpse from the underpass.
I found quite a bit of it
in her mouth and esophagus.
Well, it is edible.
It's nothing too strange, right?
Right, but...
I also found some odd-looking talisman
with the beans.
And I think there was
a similar case from a while ago.
We're deers
with pure hearts.
evil that threatens good
certainly exists in this world.
Disciple Seo Ji-yeong lost her mother
in a car accident recently.
In addition,
Disciple Kim Ji-hyeon's husband
was in a big accident.
the DUI driver
and the lazy site manager...
Had they never been born,
such tragic accidents
wouldn't have happened.
The light and darkness of this world
are connected.
Because darkness exists,
those who protect the light
can shine even more brightly.
Deer Hill's scriptures
foretell the beings that protect the light
-in detail.
-Yes, scriptures.
As you all know,
-our scriptures are holy books.
-Gosh, my stomach...
There are only four copies.
"Chae, hidden in
the dazzling river, listen.
You are a beast.
You are a bloodstained beast.
The world will only see your darkness,
so do not be sad..."
Let's see. Scriptures.
At the end of the scripture,
there is a prophecy
that 81 evil enemies with impure energy
will be born on this land.
I see, "81 evil enemies."
-In our scriptures, they're described...
-Now, we know the genre. snakes.
They're born evil.
The beings that threaten
the good energy in the world...
You should be on standby here.
You two, follow me.
Check everyone who comes out.
Hey, let's go.
Hello, I'm Detective Jo Myeong-hwan
from Yeongwol Police Station.
Is there a man named Kim Cheol-jin here?
What is this about?
We're looking for the suspect
of a murder case of a student.
His name is Kim Cheol-jin.
This is his address in the system
at the moment, but...
-What's going on?
-You came to the wrong place.
This is just a Buddhist sanctuary.
It does look like that, but...
ID everyone who's here now
-and take a look inside.
-Yes, sir.
-Excuse us. Please cooperate.
-Actually, just check their IDs.
It looks like a fake address.
You idiot, isn't it obvious?
I figured that out right away.
Damn it.
Hey, what's up?
Yes, we're wrapping up here.
God damn it.
Good day, sir.
Do I know you?
Oh, I'm investigating
this propagation center.
I'm Park Ung-jae.
Oh, I've seen you on TV.
You're better-looking in person.
By the way, what brings you here?
-Oh, it's...
We got the address
of Kim Cheol-jin's mother.
-You're sure this time, right?
Let's go!
Have a nice day.
Kim Cheol-jin?
Go ahead and die.
And as for your karma,
I shall take it away.
About that organization, Deer Hill...
The ones in Taebaek and Jeongseon
aren't their only chapters.
-There's another one?
-That deer logo.
-Oh, you're right.
And this is in Danyang.
You see the same logo.
How did you find out
that they have other chapters?
there should be two more.
Now, let's take a look at what you had.
This portrait of the General in Taebaek.
Also, this altar portrait in Jeongseon.
What about them?
They are...
not generals.
They're the Four Great Heavenly Kings,
who symbolize the cardinal directions.
-The Four Heavenly Kings.
In Esoteric Buddhism,
they're called Shitenno.
The four guardians
that protect the Buddha.
They're portraits of the two of them.
First, let's look at the painting
at the Deer Hill chapter in Taebaek.
Below him, there are two servants.
On the right, you see Gandharva,
albeit small.
And on the left,
you see Pishacha under him.
This blue-faced god holding the pipa.
It's King Jiguk,
the guardian of the eastern direction.
And the one in Jeongseon is King Damun.
A Yaksha and a Rakshasa are his followers.
He holds a small pagoda in his left hand
and a spear in his right hand.
He is the guardian
of the northern direction.
All right, this map will shed light
on their secret.
King Jiguk in Taebaek, which is east.
King Damun in Jeongseon, which is north.
From there, we can map out
the four cardinal points.
That gives us two more locations.
-Jecheon, which is west.
-King Gwangmok.
-Danyang, which is south.
-King Jeungjang.
Look at you. My alumnus, Lee Jeong-beom,
from Whimoon High School.
All the temple food
sure has sharpened your insight.
I eat at the cafeteria these days.
-Ung-jae, by the way...
-Good. This is great.
A new religious group
that worships such deities.
Have you seen it before?
No, I've never seen
anything like this before.
The Four Heavenly Kings
were originally evil spirits in India.
However, they meet the Buddha
and become devoted to his teachings.
Hence, they become gods that protect
the world from evil, malicious spirits.
Evil gods that fight evil spirits...
Shit, jeez.
Scriptures, where are you?
Pastor, go on in.
You should go in.
-Jeez, go on in.
Someone must live in this room.
Kim Cheol-jin.
Scriptures about King Jiguk...
The suspect is here. He's going up.
Wait for your cue.
Mom, listen carefully
to what I'm about to say.
Regardless of what people say,
what you see isn't everything.
Your son
fought against evil
for this world.
I'm sure God will appreciate
all the hard work I've done.
I was blessed as your son.
Mom, when we meet again in heaven,
-I will...
-He's on the rooftop!
-He's on the rooftop!
-Hey, go!
I will give you a big hug.
Hey, hurry!
Under the merciful smile of the Buddha...
Found him!
The beast finally wins the war
against the snakes.
The skies will never forget
your hard work.
-Hey, Kim Cheol-jin!
-You bastard!
-Now, with the wings that he has earned,
-the beast will be
-The beast will be
-born again.
-born again.
-Hey, don't!
-Get down! Damn it!
-Kim Cheol-jin!
The suspect jumped.
Hey, here's information on Kim Cheol-jin.
Thanks, sister.
Whatever, you smooth talker.
Don't ask me for such favors from now on.
You think I'm a pushover?
Come on. I helped you
with the Sion Group case a while back.
Have you forgotten?
I help you too.
We have to help each other out.
Hey, it's the holiday season.
Christmas is coming up.
Do you know how sensitive everyone is now?
I'm outside.
I'll be back very soon, okay?
Yangju Juvenile Detention Center?
Kim Cheol-jin committed a murder
when he was a minor.
Jiguk had asked me to get this.
I looked into it, and it seems like
the family has moved around quite a bit.
The records from this school
are probably the most recent records.
Thank you, Bodhisattva.
I'm honored to finally meet you in person.
The East Seoul-bound bus
will be arriving shortly.
This isn't an express bus. It will stop
in Jecheon and Wonju on the way,
so please check your ticket
prior to boarding.
Down at the cross where my savior died
Down where for cleansing from sin I cried
There to my heart was the blood applied
Glory to his name
Why did you lock your door?
Because I'm scared.
Did you feed her?
Did you give her food?
-Take some food to her now.
The King Jiguk scripture
you brought from Taebaek
is basically early Buddhist literature
mixed with The Samdhinirmocana Sutra
and The Diamond Sutra.
But the important thing is,
there's a sutra I've never seen before.
It's the part at the very end.
It's called Hangmagyeong.
-That's right.
As you can guess, it's about gods
fighting against evil enemies.
It's like The Book of Revelation.
Listen to this.
Other parts of the scripture
are written in an overly practical manner,
but Hangmagyeong is very symbolic.
Like the Revelation to John
from the Bible.
-What could it be?
-Have you heard of "hangma" before?
No, never.
Shouldn't you know about it
after all this time?
You should call it a day.
Are you wearing makeup?
Deaconess Sim, he is...
He's a monk.
No, they're perfect for each other.
"The sad beasts lying face down
will be born again with wings
and trample all over the snakes
on the fundament.
Beasts, who protect the light.
Stars, who will trample over the snakes.
Wipe your tears.
Do not hide your trembling body.
Catch the snake
nestling in the girl's body.
Those snakes will have beautiful eyes
and sweet tongues.
Brave beasts, do not look at their eyes.
Do not listen to their words.
Only the snakes' blood will purify you."
Na-han, you need to wake up.
"Under the merciful smile of the Buddha,
four beasts will win the war
against the snakes
and shall be born again.
The Buddha's bright light
will protect you."
So we were right.
They do worship the Four Heavenly Kings.
That's right.
Have a look at this.
It was originally a beast.
But it meets the Buddha
and starts following his teachings.
-And here--
-Then it becomes a god that fights evil,
ascends to heaven
and eventually becomes the Buddha.
These folks...
They're after ghosts.
Haean, can you find out
who wrote this scripture?
There's a Buddhist name
written on the last page.
Kim Pungsa.
Kim Pungsa?
Kim Pungsa...
Ask Dr. Goo.
Dr. Goo? Who's Dr. Goo?
Deaconess Sim, are you trying to charm us
with your sense of humor?
My goodness.
I should give you a raise! My gosh.
Buddhism, religion.
Nice, look at that.
This is so much better.
"Tibetan Buddhist Master, Nechung Tenpa,
wishes to meet the founder of Dongbanggyo,
Kim Je-seok."
It's that man, Kim Je-seok.
Yes, he was very famous
in the Buddhist community.
He still has many followers.
The founder of Dongbanggyo, Kim Je-seok,
wrote this scripture?
I know someone
who's an expert on Dongbanggyo.
The octopus.
Monk Octopus is quite materialistic.
I'll call him and give him a heads-up.
Make sure you buy something good.
God, that octopus...
Why does he live in the mountains,
not in the ocean?
I see cars up here.
Thank you for such a valuable gift.
How thoughtful.
I know that monks like to keep
their material possessions to a minimum.
-Just as a sincere gesture...
-Thank you.
A sincere gesture
that's worth 6,000 won, right?
I spoke to Monk Haean briefly
on the phone.
-I see.
-Kim Je-seok of Dongbanggyo...
The first thing I'd like to say is...
Pungsa Kim Je-seok
is real.
What do you mean?
In short,
he's become a god.
Conservative Buddhist organizations
disapproved of him back then,
but Kim Je-seok has attained Buddhahood.
Here's a photo of him.
It was taken around 1940.
Because he was incredibly enlightened,
Esoteric Buddhist monks from Japan
and even the governor-general
called him Master.
So, he was pro-Japanese?
I'm not done yet.
Oh, my apologies.
He actually sent money to the Heroic Corps
to help them raise the independence fund.
Even after gaining independence,
he retrieved the assets and treasures
that Japan had stolen from us.
when the political turbulence
began escalating,
he started spending everything
for the religious community and welfare.
And naturally,
he was able to expand his influence.
So, that's Dongbanggyo.
Then in 1985,
Kim Je-seok suddenly disbanded Dongbanggyo
and disappeared.
Why did he do that?
I heard he was planning
to write new scriptures.
-Have you met him in person?
Only few people got to meet him in person.
I heard only his closest disciples
were allowed to meet with him.
Would he be alive now?
I'm not sure.
Kim Je-seok is from Yeongwol, Gangwon-do.
He was born in 1899, so he should be...
He should be 116 years old.
Then he probably passed away.
Pastor, here.
Yes, I saw it.
Right, sir.
It's getting cold,
and Christmas is just around the corner,
so I suddenly thought of the boys
at the detention center.
Okay, I'll see you soon.
You don't think he's still alive, right?
He should be dead now, if he was fake.
-But you know what, Yo-sep?
Aren't you curious?
About what?
What if, somewhere in the world,
the real one really exists...
Pastor, what are you talking about?
God is alive.
God is alive?
A friend of mine
graduated from the seminary, got married,
and moved to South Africa
for missionary work.
He always prayed diligently.
They were a couple with a strong faith.
But a few years later,
he moved back all by himself.
His entire family, except him,
was shot to death.
Including his two-year-old son
and his newborn...
His newborn daughter as well.
They all died.
Do you know what the culprit,
a 13-year-old Muslim boy, said?
He said it was God's will.
You see, I still feel so clueless.
We're struggling and scuffling
at rock bottom like ants.
Where is our God? And what is he doing?
So, I'd like to meet that man at least.
People say that he's become a god.
It's noisy here. Let's go inside.
-A religion research institute?
What inspired you to bring gifts
for our boys?
I just wanted to meet the boys
and show my gratitude
for all your hard work and service.
That's not the impression I'm getting.
I've been working here for 30 years.
No one donates or helps without an agenda.
Do whatever it is you came here to do
and leave. It's okay.
Gosh, you're very straightforward.
Years ago, Dong...
-Right, Dongbanggyo.
I heard they donated
to this detention center.
Oh, that was about 20 years ago.
Right, we built this training facility,
Jeseok Hall, with their donation.
I see. Then the name, Jeseok Hall,
must be from
the name of Dongbanggyo's founder,
Pungsa Kim Je-seok.
Right, yes.
At one point,
the religious community targeted him,
but he was such a wonderful person.
He thought of our boys as his own sons.
I see. Why do you think he did that?
Pardon me?
You said no one donates or helps
without an agenda.
Master Kim did everything in his power
to support and care for
these four inmates in this photo.
Four inmates?
Four inmates that killed
their own fathers.
Educating them had its limits.
Hence, through the power of religion...
Master Kim went beyond that.
He even adopted them.
All four of them?
And one of them was Kim Cheol-jin, right?
Yes. What a beautiful story, right?
He wanted to be a father
who they could look up to.
the rest of them, these three boys.
Could you tell me who they are?
Jeong Na-han, Kim Cheol-jin,
Chae Tae-geun, and Jeon Sang-beom.
All four of them are mentioned
in the scripture.
"Chae, hidden
in the dazzling river, listen.
You are a beast.
You are a bloodstained beast.
The world will only see your darkness,
so do not be sad."
It totally checks out.
"Dazzling river." It's "Gwangju"
based on the Chinese characters.
Chae. This is referring to Chae Tae-geun,
who was born in Gwangju.
And "Jeong" in "the river of stars."
Seongju. The Seongju Jeong clan,
Jeong Na-han.
"Blue river."
The Cheongju Kim clan, Kim Cheol-jin.
"The river of thunder." Jinju.
"Jeon, the hidden beast"?
The Jinju Jeon clan, Jeon Sang-beom.
This scripture
accurately predicted everything.
The four boys from prison.
And three of them died.
Three of them died? What do you mean?
Here, look.
Look at the Heavenly King portraits
in Jeongseon and Danyang.
You see halos above their heads, right?
Catholic martyrs are also depicted
with halos above their heads.
I was curious as well.
Why do you think only the ones
in Jeongseon and Danyang have halos?
It means they're dead.
They attained Nirvana.
Gracefully, while catching ghosts.
Gosh, no way.
All right. Now that Kim Cheol-jin
is also dead,
King Jiguk in Taebaek
needs a halo above his head as well.
Then that means...
this guy is the only one that's left.
King Gwangmok in Jecheon.
So, three out of the four guys
actually died.
First off, as for Jeon Sang-beom...
He died in the Yeongwol
Maria Postnatal Care Center fire?
Gosh, many mothers and babies
died in this fire.
And it says here
that Chae Tae-geun died in Canada.
He was convicted of robbery and murder.
He killed a Korean-Canadian family
on the spur of the moment
and got caught while on the run.
He hanged himself
at a detention center in Toronto.
Jeez, this invalidates
the correlation I thought they had.
How about the last one
who's still alive, Jeong Na-han?
Born in 1983. Name, Jeong Na-han.
I vaguely remember him.
A middle school boy, who grew up
in a red-light district,
beat his father to death.
His mother must've worked
in the red-light district.
And I bet his father was human trash,
a pimp or something like that.
It's obvious, you know.
There were a lot of disagreements
as to how
this middle schooler
should be punished or treated.
I remember there were many controversies.
In a way,
I feel bad for him.
He doesn't deserve your pity.
My baby, my white ram lamb
Fall asleep in Mama's arms
The cold winter
The cold winter storm
-Stay far away from our house
-Stay far away from our house
-Dark nights, go away
-Dark nights, go away
-Stay far away from our house
-Stay far away from our house
Hushaby, my baby
Don't cry, hushaby
Stay far away from our house
King Gwangmok.
He's better-looking in person.
Gwangmok is here.
They say that deers are immortal.
Why are they so weak though?
Death is not the end, you know.
It'll be reincarnated as a human being.
But why is it that all creatures
have such sad eyes when they die?
I saw it with my own eyes.
It can't be a human being.
The beings that we're after
don't look like that.
I know that better than anyone else does.
"Those snakes will have beautiful eyes
and sweet tongues.
Catch the snake
nestling in the girl's body."
The Demon also appeared before the Buddha
looking beautiful.
Do not let it fool you.
That girl is the snake.
Gwangmok is here.
He's deteriorating by the day.
We don't have time.
"Beast, listen.
The day the snake sheds its first blood,
the light will go off,
and darkness will befall this world."
You must hurry.
You're the only one that's left now.
Listen, Jeong in the river of stars.
You are Gwangmok.
From now on, your name will be Gwangmok.
"Gwang" means "wide,"
and "mok" means "to see."
You are a brave general
who destroys all evil spirits in the west.
You will become a star.
You will become my star,
a star that illuminates the world.
I will protect you no matter what
so that you can achieve dharma
and enlighten
this dark world of suffering.
He says that he loves you.
I've served him all my life
as his disciple,
but I have yet to hear him say that to me.
Who are you?
What brings you here?
This is a restricted area.
Well, I somehow ended up here.
I'm sorry,
but you must leave the premises.
Okay, I apologize.
Will you jump over the fence again?
Exit through the gate.
I'll open it for you.
What the...
"Lee Geum-hwa"?
Hey, wait!
Darn it.
Please hear me out.
Captain Hwang.
This is huge.
I'm sure there's something.
You keep spewing utter nonsense.
The Kim Cheol-jin case too.
There's a reason behind all of this.
So what's the reason, then?
Kim Cheol-jin was a murderer
and an ex-convict,
and the other people are just...
They're just normal people.
Stop making such a fuss.
What normal person
has an elephant at home?
And what normal person drives
into your car just because you tailed him?
This isn't our jurisdiction.
Contact Wonju Police Station.
Shouldn't we at least find out
the reason? No?
Wait, Captain Hwang!
"The beast will trample over the snakes
on the fundament of the light
and win the war.
The number of the 81 snakes that will harm
the inextinguishable light is as follows."
The number of the snakes and the light.
Pastor, this "light" that keeps coming up
in this scripture...
In Buddhism, light symbolizes Maitreya.
Lord Maitreya, the future Buddha.
Like the Messiah in Christianity.
The Four Heavenly Kings
protect the Maitreya
from the snakes.
Then the snakes are probably like
Satan in the Bible.
Ung-jae, there is no concept of
absolute evil in Buddhism.
No, that's not true.
There was Mara Papiya,
who seduced the Buddha.
Also, Asura and Mara
in other scriptures...
-They're all evil--
-No, you got it all wrong.
They're all biases
based on Christian beliefs.
From Mara Papiya to Asura,
if you trace their etymological roots,
you'll learn they're just expressions
of human desires and obsession.
You can call that "evil" if you wish.
Whatever, smarty-pants.
Ung-jae, I'll call you back later.
It's so hectic here now
because of our Christmas event.
Why is Christmas such a big deal to you,
Buddhist monks?
We host one of our biggest annual events
on Christmas.
Every Christmas,
the Tibetan Buddhist master,
Nechung Tenpa, visits Korea
as our representative.
A Tibetan Buddhist master? Why?
To pay his respects.
He congratulates the cardinal
at Myeongdong Cathedral.
Before that, he always visits our HQ
and holds a service. The thing is...
Ung-jae, he's here.
All right, I'll call you later.
A Tibetan Buddhist master...
This is what came up in our search.
Dr. Goo, remember?
"Year 1985,
the greatest Buddhist prophet."
Then in 1985,
Kim Je-seok suddenly disbanded Dongbanggyo
and disappeared.
That's it.
He must've started writing the scriptures
after meeting Nechung Tenpa.
Seven, one, seven, four, five, three.
-Two, eight, one, seven...
-Hey, baldy. Pick up already.
What he learned from practicing asceticism
is that pain changes as well.
That can exist for there is this.
That can be born for this was born.
That will be destroyed
for this is destroyed.
We're off to Seoul now.
Kim Je-seok?
Thank you. Thank you very much.
It's going to be okay.
There is no concept of
absolute evil in Buddhism.
Pungsa Kim Je-seok...
You'll learn they're just expressions
of human desires and obsession. real.
He's become a god.
That can exist for there is this.
That can be born for this was born.
That will be destroyed
for this is destroyed.
Everyone seems so excited about Christmas.
Is Christmas a joyous day?
It's a happy day, of course.
It's the day when Jesus was born.
I've always thought about this
on every Christmas.
It's actually a very sad day.
What do you mean?
So many babies in Bethlehem
lost their lives for Jesus to be born
because Herod heard from the Magi
that the king of the Jews had been born.
"When Herod realized
that he had been outwitted by the Magi,
he was furious, and he gave orders
to kill all the boys
in Bethlehem and its vicinity
who were two years old and under..."
The Gospel of Matthew, 2:16.
The thing is...
"Those snakes will have beautiful eyes
and sweet tongues."
-I don't care about dying,
-"Do not listen to their words."
but can I at least know the reason?
Why do I have to die?
Jecheon in the west, Taebaek in the east,
Jeongseon in the north,
and Danyang in the south.
There was a center point.
Kim Je-seok's hometown.
In the same spot, the snake that will harm
the light is born 100 years later.
Kim Je-seok was born in Yeongwol
in 1899, right?
And 100 years after that...
Year 1999.
He believed that something born
in Yeongwol would end up harming him.
"The day the snake sheds its first blood.
The snake nestling in the girl's body."
Those who were born in Yeongwol in 1999.
You were born evil.
And death is not the end.
It's a new beginning.
Rest in this sunny spot.
I'll pray with all my heart
that you'll be born as Buddha
in your next life.
What now?
Captain Hwang, please trust me
and look up the records.
Wasn't the girl Kim Cheol-jin killed
born in Yeongwol in 1999?
Dude, seriously. Enough is enough--
Look up the records, please!
Jeon Sang-beom, from the same juvie,
was the culprit behind the arson case
in Yeongwol in 1999.
Chae Tae-geun, the robbery and murder
convict, killed himself in Canada.
Most of the victims killed by these guys
were girls who were born
in Yeongwol in 1999.
AUTOPSY REPOR For over a decade, they've been killing
girls and staging them as accidents.
For some, right after birth.
They even chased those
who had moved to another country.
Hold on.
Then I have a favor to ask of you.
There really is a demon
that lives at my place.
She's my twin sister.
She was born with me,
so she's evil too, right?
Kill her as well.
So she can be born again.
For her to be born as a human being
in her next life.
Detective Jo.
Kids who were born in 1999.
What grade are they in this year?
Let's see. My niece
is in seventh grade now, so...
They're in ninth grade this year.
Find out
how many female ninth graders
reside in Yeongwol at the moment.
About the numbers,
there are 81 rows in total.
Ninety nine,
Pastor, these are
resident registration numbers.
I thought they looked like
resident registration numbers,
but I wondered why
there were only ten digits.
The birth year and the seventh digit,
which indicates the sex.
Those are set, so get rid of them and...
That's why the scriptures
were completed in 2000.
After checking all girls'
resident registration numbers.
All girls who were born in Yeongwol
in 1999.
There are 81 in total.
Hence, the "81 evil enemies."
There are three all girls' middle schools.
If I add up all girls in ninth grade...
There are 38.
Oh, that's it?
Then what about eighth graders?
Eighth graders...
There are 87 in total.
What about seventh graders?
There are 79.
Our God.
Deliver us from our enemies
and defend us from them
that rise up against us.
Deliver us from the workers of iniquity
and save us from bloody men.
They lie and wait for our souls.
The mighty are gathered against us.
Oh, Lord.
This is neither for our transgression
nor for our sin.
They run and prepare themselves
without our fault.
Awake to help us
and behold.
Do not hide your face from us.
Do not turn your servants away in anger.
You have been our helper.
God, our savior.
Do not reject us
or forsake us.
Son, what took you so long?
It took way too long.
Who are you?
I am the wailing one.
I have been waiting for you.
Too much blood has been shed.
Do you see it?
Can't you feel it?
I am your sustenance.
Open your heart.
I shall choose you.
Hushaby, my baby
Fall asleep in Mama's arms
-The cold winter storm
-The cold winter storm
-Stay far away from our house
-Stay far away from our house
-Dark nights, go away
-Dark nights, go away
-Stay far away from our house
-Stay far away from our house
-Hushaby, my baby
Fall asleep in Mama's arms
Who the hell are you?
I am the one who cries with you
when you shed blood.
What do you want from me?
In total,
how many girls
do you think they've killed?
Look up.
It's Jeong Na-han.
What did you do to Lee Geum-hwa?
Answer me, Jeong Na-han!
Kim Je-seok fooled all of you.
Do you even realize what you're doing?
How many innocent kids have you killed?
What do you want from me?
Check the mark on the man
whom you call Father.
He is the snake.
Kill him.
Father is the light.
Father is the light.
Say something, Father.
Can you hear me?
Say something like you used to. Please!
I'm sorry, Father.
What brings you here at this hour?
You might make him sicker.
At that girl's house,
there was her twin sister
whose birth was never registered.
It seemed as if
she had been waiting for me.
Did you just leave?
She told me to go have a look.
She said I should check the mark.
What mark?
Six fingers.
That's what the snake's tongue does.
The tongue has fooled you.
Come with me.
There's something I'd like to show you.
I heard monks used to give elephants
to kings as gifts in ancient India.
Look at that elephant's eyes.
What do you feel?
They just...
look cold.
Fearing elephants' eyes is a sign
that you have an evil heart.
Monks in India gifted the kings
with these creatures
so that the kings could look
into their eyes every day.
The whole thing, including shipping,
cost us 90 million won.
Take your time
and wait for your salvation.
Why aren't you afraid of elephants?
Kim Je-seok.
Are you really the man who became a god?
I heard you're real.
I heard you're a god.
Then you shouldn't be bedridden like this.
Finally, we found it.
Don't go.
It's dangerous.
My dear Myeong-hui.
You've aged a lot.
The sound of the horn
Echoes all over the world
Jesus' glories
When I blow the horn, when I call Jesus
I hear his voice
I should just enlist in the army.
What pains you the most now
is the fact that the man
whom you guys used to call Father
was nothing but a lifeless meat.
They were just
innocent kids born with pitiful fates.
There were no "snakes" to begin with.
You're wrong.
I met one.
It told me to kill him.
Oh, boy. I'm so sorry.
Jeez, what the heck.
I can't believe this happened.
Gosh, the road is so slippery.
Are you all right? Are you hurt?
I'm sorry.
We meet again.
Who are you, really?
Pastor Park, the crook buster.
But I guess
I got the wrong person today.
No worries. You can just go.
You can't leave like this.
Call your insurance company.
Hey, Pungsa Kim Je-seok!
Only few people got to meet him in person.
I heard only his closest disciples
were allowed to meet with him.
Jeez, it was true.
The inextinguishable...
Light that doesn't age.
Please kill me.
Thanks for all your hard work.
Really, thanks for everything.
The dragon turned into a snake.
I'm getting a whiff of blood.
Who are you?
Answer me. Who are you?
Do not talk or move.
Your intestines and lungs
are almost done for.
The man you boys called Father
all your lives
was also my disciple
who devoted his entire life to me.
You deceived me.
I am...
the light.
You are the stars that protect me.
Do not be sad
about what you boys did.
To soldiers, killing is a patriotic act.
-Shut your mouth!
Time makes humans
rush through their lives and die.
I won the race against time.
I am...
-the inextinguishable light.
-Shut the hell up.
There are
many things that I must do
for this world from now on.
I must live.
I am giving you a chance.
Serve me.
No, you are just a predator
who is desperate to live.
You shouldn't have done that.
-Those kids did nothing wrong.
-You don't understand.
Those girls cry every night.
Have you even heard their cries?
You can't understand.
Slitting your throat a hundred times
won't be enough.
The sad eyes
will twist the snake's neck.
Slitting your throat a hundred times
won't be enough!
Everything will be turned upside down.
The earth will become the sky,
and the sky will become the earth.
The wise one.
Grab the snake's foot.
I cannot
die by your hand here.
The snake will burn up in flames.
-And finally,
-And finally,
-dharma will be achieved.
-dharma will be achieved.
Yes, it's...
That's right. Right after the tunnel.
Oh, I see.
A car flipped over and caught on fire.
Yes, okay. Please hurry.
Okay, got it.
Forensics should...
Okay, got it.
We heard from Lee Geum-hwa. She's fine.
-But apparently,
she had a twin sister
whose birth was never registered.
That girl died.
What did he say in his final moments?
Jeong Na-han.
It looked like he was saying something.
He said he was cold.
Where are you?
Have you forgotten about us?
Why do you keep shedding tears
with your face covered?
Wake up.
Listen to our cries and sighs.
Get up.
Save us from evil with your mercy
and listen to our prayers.