Svart Lucia (1992) Movie Script

Black Lucia
Fansubbed 4 Cinemageddon
I am writing this for you,
only for you.
It is all that matters.
She had always been afraid of him.
It was that fear that made
her make up her mind.
She could not resist it.
You are crazy.
You wont make it.
Wont make it, huh?
You are absolutely crazy.
Its getting old. Think of something new.
-I would like to see you do that.
-Like thats something special.
I was late on purpose
to make it more exciting.
You are so late that
we will almost miss the exam.
-Are you afraid you wont see your idol?
-He is not my idol.
Oh, you are a bit cranky today.
You need to wake up.
What the hell are you doing?
Stop it.
Let go... let go!
Whats wrong?
I am all right.
-Im fine.
You are always in such a hurry.
I know.
Do I have to choose one
of these subjects?
-What would you like to write about, then?
-Do you always have to be so difficult?
-I just want to impress you.
I read that book when I was in your
age, but I didnt understand much.
But Max understands everything.
-Cant you just be quiet, Johan?
-What did I do wrong this time?
You may choose whatever subject you like.
Whats important is that you write
about something that concerns you.
Something that matters.
Here you are.
"It will be our secret", she said.
"You may not tell anyone."
His smell was on her hands.
It was like it was contagious.
As if he had infected her.
She remembered how she had pretended
to fight him the first time.
How she had tightened his
necklace and felt how it broke.
He had taken hold of her wrists,
pressed them down on the mattress-
and fixed the restraint.
You looked like you were in
another world during the exam.
What subject did you choose?
-"A summer memory".
-There was no such subject.
-Did you write about Sartre?
I wrote "Being an outsider - a breakdown".
Its pathetic, isnt it?
I love to confirm the myth
about me like that.
I had an erection for two hours.
Its true. Guess what...
I made some great connections between
French existentialism-
- and my night at the
the docks in Hammarby last week.
But really, what did you write about?
Mikaela, what did you write about?
-I wrote about a dream.
-A nightmare?
-No, just a dream.
Hello, Jocke!
He seemed ok at first. But
then he said that he only -
-believes in love that can
give birth to children.
That made me terrified.
-Then Im condemned to eternal misery.
-Thats right.
-I knew Jocke would agree.
Dont call me Jocke.
You should learn to like girls, then.
But Sandra, I do.
Stop... Just stop it!
-Do you even want me to tell your fortune?
-Yes, I do! You must tell me.
Wait a moment.
Pour toi. (For you)
These are your desires.
You want to be satisfied with whom
you are and seek harmony.
Harmony is such a dull word.
You often doubt that people like you.
You dont have to. You are loved.
This is the final card.
It holds the answer to your question.
This means change.
And it means finding a new life.
You will see someone you havent
noticed before.
-Which card means "death", then?
-None. I dont do that.
-Did you get an answer to your question?
I got an answer.
I know exactly what to do.
-What can I do for you, Max?
-A caputchki caputchki please.
-Any luck with that girl the other night?
-Girl? It was a boy.
Whats it like at your home now?
Its ok. Dad is out
of town so...
And your mother?
-Every time he leaves, she thinks...
-What are you talking about?
-The girls have secrets.
-Are you leaving?
He didnt even say good bye.
No, no... Not yet.
-Christmas or birthday gift?
-Do you want Christmas gifts to?
-It smells really good.
I got the idea that I should
cook a proper dinner.
Its the French casserole, you know?
You are staying at home, arent you?
-And wine too?
-Of course I got wine.
Has anything happened?
Does something have to happen
in order to have a good time?
No, I dont think I am good
at cooking this dish anymore.
I like it.
I think something is missing.
But the wine is fantastic, isnt it?
If you have a good wine the
food doesnt have to be perfect.
And it helps you through the night.
What is that supposed to mean?
Just that you will be able
to sleep tonight.
Why do you say like that?
-Like what?
-As if the food only are an excuse.
I didnt mean it like that.
What did you mean, then?
-Dont you want any more?
-I lost my appetite.
-Im sorry.
-Its not your fault.
Magnus phoned today.
He will be home earlier.
-Because I asked him to.
I told him I cant stand it any longer.
Not knowing where and with who he is.
-Who was it that called?
-I dont know.
It was nobody there.
Whats wrong?
Im so mad with him.
I cant stand him when hes like that.
He doesnt know what hes doing.
Hi. Are you here again?
Come here.
Hello kitty.
Its just as well I hand them out at once.
Otherwise there will be nothing done.
I had trouble grading some of your essays.
The front of the house I live in
is being repaired.
Theres loud noises all time of day.
Well talk about some things that
many of you get wrong.
For instance the difference between
"give up" and "leave out".
Mikaela, what grade did you get?
What grade did he give you?
Four out of five. Four plus.
Johan, please form a sentence with the
words "give up" in it.
I felt given up.
Thats a common mistake.
Almost everyone says that.
What comments did you get?
... the writers tells their most
secret thoughts.
What comments did he give you?
May I read them?
He gave me nothing.
What do you mean, "nothing"?
What did you write about?
-Max, give it to me.
-Take it.
-Take it.
-Give it to me. What the hell...
Give it back!
-Take it, take it.
-Give me my essay.
Give it back!
Open... open... OPEN!
Joakim, open the door.
I have read it now.
Are you still mad at me?
-Why would I be?
-Your essay.
-I want to apologize about that.
-It doesnt matter.
It was stupid of me.
-Are you busy this afternoon?
-Yes, I have to study.
Its just me.
Did you hear that sound?
What sound?
It was a shriek.
I heard nothing.
Here is your book.
It was in the corridor.
-I was about to take it to the library.
-I just came from there.
-You study there a lot.
-I have to, otherwise I will fall behind.
-It seems like you are there every day.
-Are you driving?
Why are you living in the house
while its being repaired?
I refuse to move.
It is only the front.
I didnt expect it
to be so bad.
-Do you mind if I smoke?
There. I live there.
You should write more.
Thanks for the lift.
The cigarette between his lips.
His hands that turned the rear view mirror.
Second of August.
What? Yes.
Could you please tell him
to call his wife?
No... No, I cant hear you!
Yes... This is Mrs. Holm.
Mrs Holm.
Ask him to call me.
Home, yes... Holm!
If an individual...
... with one extra male chromosome,
XXX, is called "supermale"-
- then maybe you can guess
what XYY mean.
Its Max.
He has always been "super female".
-And guys like you are impotent.
-I guess you know a lot about that.
Why are you always so mean?
How about stop bullying each other
and try to learn something instead?
Sandra, Mikaela... Please
go get the chromosome models.
I dont think Max is like
everybody think he is.
I think I read him better than
the rest of you.
Damn Spielman... sending us here
without telling us where to look.
Dont you think people can change?
I dont know.
Fuck. You can never give a proper answer.
Im hurt.
Hold the hand high. I will
find some band-aid.
But theres blood.
Its blood everywhere.
But its not my blood.
I heard it yell.
Spielman wants to know where
the hell you are.
Mikaela, whats wrong?
I used to like guys
who are the quiet type.
I thought I could
figure out their secrets.
Then I realized that they are
silent because they are so damn boring.
I will not be able to sleep tonight.
You are so sensitive, Sandra.
I can walk you home later.
Damn, that was great.
It was disgusting.
Something like that requires
an esthetic mind. Beautiful.
It was scary as hell, but all you can
say is how beautiful it was?
It was only a cat, Sandra.
An animal.
Have you no emotions?
Who are you, really?
What do you mean?
"Who am I?"
-Do you have any emotions at all?
-I have emotions like everyone else.
-Thats hard to tell.
-And what would you like me to do?
What do you want to know?
-Lets talk about something else.
Sandra... What do you want to know?
I think its best if I leave.
Cant someone take her virginity so
shell be at least a bit normal.
He let her hair out and wrapped
it around his hand.
Then he pulled her head back.
He kissed her.
Mikaela... Excuse me.
Damn, you scared me.
Are you all right?
Yes. I was just getting this book.
Sometimes when I look at you,
you seem to be somewhere else.
Look. It is so simple.
With just a few lines he manages to
capture the lightness of the body.
Its only a sketch.
He made thousands of them.
Its so beautiful on days like this.
-Isnt it your birthday soon?
-On Lucia Day.
-What do you wish to get?
I dont like to celebrate my birthday.
I wanted to celebrate my birthday, but all
everyone could think of was Saint Lucia and tinsel.
-Nobody ever sang just for me.
-I can sing for you.
Singing a Lucia song
-Not that one!
Sings a Swedish Happy Birthday song
This is Mikaela.
My name is Birgitta.
I have heard about you.
-Yes, she is my classmate.
-You usually dont talk about them.
Only about Mikaela...
and someone else, I think.
Well be in my room.
I think Linda is in your room.
She is sleeping.
Why cant she sleep in her own room?
Are you hungry?
I have some pie left from yesterday,
and salami.
-Im not hungry. Are you?
-No, I just ate. Thanks anyway.
You know where it is.
Wow, she is really good.
-Are they new?
-Yes... Please wait here.
I wish I could do something like this.
Mommy! Mommy, mommy!
What is it this time?
I am so fed up with this!
She has broken all my stuff.
Have you seen what its like in there?
-Did you hit her?
-I kicked her in the head, why?
Come on, we need to talk.
I dont understand you anymore.
-What dont you understand?
-Why do you look at me like that?
Dont you understand that Im worried?
-Im worried about you.
Go upstairs to the girl.
Well talk about this later.
-Younger sisters...
-I didnt know you had one.
She is my half-sister.
I call her "bread loaf".
She looks like a loaf of bread.
Who is her father?
His name is Frank. He live here
for some time. It was a good time.
I liked him.
-What happened?
-They didnt get along any more.
My mom is a bit difficult.
So was my dad, apparently.
But I dont remember him.
He had a sheet with a hole in it that
he placed on my mothers head.
She gave him a blowjob
through the hole.
-Its true. He didnt want to see her face.
-Why are you telling me that?
-We are friends, right?
Come, let me show you something.
I saw the eclipse of the moon really well
with this. Do you want to see?
-Wait, let me adjust it.
-No, I can do it.
Like that.
I cant see a thing.
-Are you like that?
-What do you mean,"like that"?
-As you wrote in the essay?
-That was just fiction.
Girl, get up here!
"You ask me whether to send me my books."
"My dear, please spare me them."
"I no longer want to be led,
entertained, fired up".
"My heart pound well enough
on its own."
Isnt it strange that individuals can
commit suicide after reading about it?
What do you think
about Werthers actions?
Did he do the right thing? Why not?
Committing suicide out of love is silly.
-Its to over react.
-What do you think, Mikaela?
-I think its beautiful.
I dont know if Werther actions
were right or wrong.
But being so much in love
that it kills you is beautiful.
-Its completely insane!
-You havent even read the book.
Are you not feeling well?
-Excuse me, I...
-What the hell are you looking at?
Leave me alone. Go away!
Go away!
He let her hair down and wrapped
it around his hand.
He pulled her head back
and kissed her.
Mikaela, whats going on?
Are you ill?
You are late. Have you already begun
having Lucia and Christmas-parties?
No, its nothing!
Go to bed.
He had taken hold of her wrists,
pressed them down on the mattress-
and fixed the restraint.
The red hair band.
He puts it -
- around her neck.
She wants it.
That's how it has to be.
Oh, excuse me!
Justine, just take care
of the customers at the beginning.
-Do you think I will manage?
-Yes, just be as perfect as always.
I like your hair like that.
-Who is invited to your party?
-Everyone. Even one of the teachers.
And Sandra? Have you invited her?
-I can talk to Sandra.
-What will you do about her?
-What do you mean?
-You have to do something.
-Do I have to?
-Damn it, Max!
-Did it fit?
-Yes, very nice, thank you.
But... I have to think about it.
-Yes, of course.
-Thank you.
Can I help you?
Do you need assistance?
-Whats that smell?
-What smell?
Mikaela, someone is here to see you.
I wasnt sure if you were awake.
You left suddenly today.
-How did you know I was home?
-Shouldn't you offer him something to drink?
"And the darkness slowly fell into
the shadow of the sun."
"The silence opened the five senses"-
-"to the dire influence of the stars"-
-"while the dusk slowly begun to
pour down"-
-"in the shadow of the sun
as black snowflakes"-
-"and paralyzed the nature."
"But the darkness that the bir..."
"But the darkness that the birds silence"-
-"waited, only touching the
ground with its wing".
-"to disappear in space."
"And in the light everything
got confused as before."
That was beautiful...
I wondered what was wrong with you today.
You seemed so strange.
I feel better now.
Do you feel like you know
whats going to happen?
I got a feeling I would see you today.
I wish I could make things
the way I want it to be.
Sometime I believe I can.
Whats going on in your head?
I know I am weird.
May I...?
Dressed to celebrate Saint Lucia day,
singing a Lucia-song
Give it rest, come on!
What do you want?
Dont look, Mikaela.
Dont look at it. Come!
Oh, thats really gross!
Not even with every bit of
my sense of humor -
- can I see whats funny about this.
We will NOT tolerate -
- any more abnormal pranks like this.
Mikaela, are you all right?
That was all.
Go back to you classrooms.
The headmaster wants to talk to you.
Dont you have any idea who
might have done this?
Have you gotten into
any fights lately?
-Any trouble with your classmates?
-I have no trouble with them.
They are my friends.
Very well then...
I hope you will tell me if
anything more happens.
We cant let this go on.
Its true. He did just as I wrote.
Even the red hair band.
Even that.
How long have you
been doing this?
I dont know. A while.
At first I just waited for him-
-without seeing him at all.
Lately he has been going out.
Every time he brings someone home with him.
I couldnt stand it.
-Thats why I did it.
-Did what?
Thats why I made up that he killed her.
I wanted it to happen.
I wrote it just like that.
He did everything right.
I cant at all believe this has happened.
You have just imagined it all.
May I sleep here tonight?
-I didnt know you make drawings.
-I dont.
They are old.
-Why do you tear them up?
-I dont, "Bread loaf" does.
She also destroys my guitar.
You can sleep in here.
I will sleep on the sofa in the other room.
Hold me.
I want you to hold me.
-What did you do?
-I went to the bathroom.
I like your drawings.
How are you?
Its strange how things turn out.
Do you like me?
I wish there is a way to find out.
If she is dead, what has
he done with the body.
-I dont believe it any more.
-You dont?
I only saw a few seconds.
I must have imagined it.
I saw something and filled in the blanks.
Like one do.
-Are you invited to the party?
-Yes, arent you?
Everyone but me has got personal invites.
That must be a mistake.
Didnt Max say that he would
invite Sandra?
Yes, he did.
He must have.
My name is Eva Jrgens.
Ill be your substitute teacher today.
It doesnt mean you will have
nothing to do.
Good, youre here.
I thought you were going
straight to the party.
Happy birthday.
Its from your dad and me.
Its your birthday so I wont say anything
about you not coming home yesterday.
-But you could have called me.
-Im sorry. I spent the night at Joakims.
Are you two a couple?
I dont know.
Isnt that something you need,
since you write so much.
-How do you know about that?
-I have noticed. Even all night long.
Who knows? Maybe you can do
something of it. Something good.
What is it?
You are very pale.
Dont you think you should skip the party?
Black Lucia
Hello. Come in.
You look great.
"Scarlett OHara was not beautiful"-
-"but the men didnt notice once they
were caught by her charm."
"Just like the twins Tarleton right now."
-You are beautiful.
-Thank you.
-Wheres the party?
-Come on, I will show you.
If anyone should ask the
house belongs to Max family.
In here.
-You must be careful.
-I have to find it.
And now you broke it!
But here is the key.
How typical of Max.
-Dont tell me we have to take a bath.
-Only you, Johan.
-And you think I will do that?
-Kneel before me.
Kneel, Johan!
Blow on the eyes.
This isnt water.
Its wine, damn it!
Congratulations, Mikaela.
Hello? Hi!
I forgot to sing for you this morning,
so this is for you.
I didnt know what to get you,
I thought you might have use for it.
Thank you!
-What do you want?
-Wine, food - everything.
-Fun, right? Hello friend.
Guess why were having this party.
Max is getting engaged.
-What? With who?
-Someone we dont know.
Max was terrified of getting turned down,
but Sandras fortune telling gave him courage.
He didnt want her to come.
Two glasses of red wine!
No... Champagne. Two glasses.
One bottle.
Are you sure you dont want it?
-If you take out the worm...
-Sandra, thats the point.
If you want to drink,
you have to swallow the worm.
Drink it. You want it.
If you want something you
have to be ready to fight for it.
You have to dare.
Sandra, you will feel much
better if you just dare.
See you later.
Did you see that?
Then it was no dream.
That was really cruel.
-I think it was beautiful.
-You heard what Johan said, right?
We should stay together, you and me.
You are the only one I really know.
Everyone else is so strange.
They torment each other.
I want to tell you so many things.
-But I dont know if you want to listen.
-Of course I do.
You can tell me anything.
We are friends.
Where are you going? Mikaela?
Ill be back later.
What are you doing?
You are crazy!
Stop it!
You want to.
When did I say that?
All night long.
You have to make an effort, you know?
Hey? What the hell?
Open the door, Johan!
Damn you, Johan!
Open the door!
What the hell? Open the door, Johan!
Have you called the police?
It looks like a necklace.
We will end with a silent minute
in honor of Sandra.
Please stand up.
Everyone looks at me.
They all want me to say something.
As if it was my fault.
No one thinks its your fault.
What are you going to do?
It could have been you.
You liked her. She was your friend.
Does that mean nothing?
Is he the only one that matters?
I didnt see him all night.
No, but he was there.
Mikaela! What are you going to do?
It feels much better now.
Without the bandage. God, it feels
so good to get rid of it.
-Isnt it too soon?
-No. Look!
I can move the hand anyway I want to.
It is all over now, Mikaela.
It has been decided.
Magnus called and we talked about it.
He will be away for another week
and then he will pick up his things.
So you have made up your mind?
What happened in your class is just awful.
What was her name? Sandra?
Have I met her?
I hope not.
She has not been here.
Do they know who did it?
They always reveal themselves.
I have been thinking a lot.
I brought out my old diary.
It read like this:
"Yesterday I met a boy named Magnus."
"We talked for more than three hours."
"Tomorrow we will meet again."
"But I dont know if I can trust him."
"There is something about him."
Weird, isnt it?
You know some people right away.
You know what will happen.
I am afraid of him sometimes, of
the way he looks at me.
I am the only one who can see how
he looks at me.
He wants something of me, but
I cant give it to him.
-Hello. It is I, your dad.
-Did you call a second ago?
-Yes, but it was busy.
-Have you talked to you mother?
-Yes, we live under the same roof.
-Is she asleep?
-I dont know.
-I thought...
Can we get together when I
come home? Just you and I?
Is everything ok?
Ok then...
We will see each other next week?
Good bye.
I know who killed...
Mikaela? I was hoping I
would find you here.
There has been an accident.
Your mother is in the hospital.
-Car crash. Ill drive you to the hospital.
Where is my mother?
She wont wake up until tomorrow morning.
-Are you a relative?
-No, Im her teacher.
-She was very lucky.
-Do you know what happened?
She seems to have lost control of the car.
She went straight off the road.
Another driver witnessed it.
-What shall we do with the daughter?
-Ill driver her home.
No thanks.
I dont like ice either.
I dont like winter.
I will hate every winter after this one.
-Where is your father?
I dont even have his phone number.
My mother has it. I forgot to
look in her handbag.
-It was there, right? Her handbag?
-I didnt see it.
You knew I was following you,
didnt you?
You followed me to that store.
You looked for me at the coffee shop.
-I followed you every day.
-I thought it was a game.
It was just a game, wasnt it?
I want you to leave.
You know who it is.
Come here. Have a seat.
Why do the look so innocent?
The stars.
Small and innocent.
Do you remember when we were small?
Do you remember how we used to play?
Do you remember that?
At the beach.
We ran on the beach and the ocean
was so bright it hurt our eyes.
-Stop it.
No wait.
You hid in the sand.
But I found you and threw you
to the ground. You yelled.
But it was not dangerous.
It was just a game.
It wasnt me, Joakim.
We didnt grow up together.
I didnt even know you then.
-We were happy then.
-Stop it!
It wasnt me.
It will never again be as we planned.
We will never get what we want.
Have you gotten what you want?
Have you?
Sandra didnt get it either.
It was something strange about
her that night. Dont you think?
The way she danced and stuff...
She made a fool of herself.
She thought she could get Max!
It was sad. I felt sorry for her.
What are you going to do?
I thought we were friends, you and I.
That we were alike.
But something happened to me
when I read what you had written.
Your words.
I have always had a lot
of strange thoughts.
I thought I could get rid of them
by drawing, but it didnt work.
I... I am not like you.
I am not like her.
You all think you are so
damn good at everything.
You dont care about
anything else.
Dont touch me!
You dont want anything that is real.
This is real, I am real.
Can you see me?
Can you see me?
We are alike you and I.
We want the same thing.
What is it?
Its not dangerous.
I will also drink it.
It is what we want.
Its only you and I now, Mikaela.
Why are you scared?
I didnt want it to be you.
But I knew all along.
I am afraid of him sometimes, of
the way he looks at me.
I am the only one who can see how
he looks at me.
He wants something of me, but
I cant give it to him.