Swallow (2021) Movie Script

[gentle music playing]
[indistinct chatter]
[yells indistinctly]
Yes, yes, yes.
The Golden Eaglets won
against Germany with a 2-0 victory!
Yes! Yes! Yes!
My people, I said you don't know
the value of money.
Good morning.
-My people--
-Welcome, my good child. Welcome!
-"A" for apple.
-[kids] "A" for apple.
-"B" for ball.
-[kids] "B" for ball.
-"C" for cup.
-[kids] "C" for cup.
Including this one. Put them together.
The ones on the floor?
Pull it well, pull it.
Dust it off well.
Can you see this one?
Shake off all the dust off it.
Then fold it.
-Fold it and align the edges.
Ah! Tolani!
What is wrong? Tell me.
-My darling, what is wrong?
Eh? What is wrong with you?
You're not talking? Come on.
Ah. You didn't tell me you were coming.
You used to write me letters,
I collected them.
-Mother, it's not my fault.
-All this time, nothing? That's not nice.
You didn't even consider
that I'd be missing you. Eh?
Tolani, come here, my dear.
Look at how frail you are. What has--
Let me get you water.
Let me get you water.
My darling.
Take it.
Well done. Eh!
Look at how thin you are!
What is wrong?
Haven't you been eating?
Is it that you lack food? Or is it money?
My God.
look me in the eyes.
What is wrong with you?
Why are you so thin?
What is wrong?
-I have suffered.
My God.
I have been through so much.
["Eko Ile" by Fela Kuti playing]
How much for your banana?
Isn't it five kobo?
No, it's too expensive.
So, have you decided what
you want to do about Sanwo?
Not yet.
How long have you been
in the relationship?
Three years.
Don't ask for my advice
if you won't take it.
If I'm dating a man,
and in six months he hasn't proposed,
hasn't done anything,
I'm gonna date other people.
-You can still take me out to parties,
to the club every Friday,
and buy me beer.
But you better not wake up
Saturday morning
and ask me for breakfast.
Six months, maximum.
"War Against Indiscipline."
This is meant to introduce sanity
into our lifestyle.
You will be jailed
if you throw litter out of a bus.
[Tolani, in English]
I was never alone in Lagos.
Not even when I wanted to be.
I always had people around me.
Far too many.
My roommate Rose
was someone I could ask for advice.
She spoke her mind.
Whether or not I was ready to listen.
[elevator dings]
[Tolani] Though we were
in separate departments.
I was in loans.
She was our branch manager's
personal secretary.
-And she couldn't stand him.
[sucks teeth]
I had no problems with my manager.
Here's the file, sir.
Put it in my office.
Okay, sir.
[Tolani] Most days,
I didn't see Rose until lunchtime anyway.
We would join the line
to buy food with other clerks.
Like Godwin, a born-again
Christian who worked in my department.
[Tolani] And Franca, the office gossip.
Ignatius was the most senior clerk
and we all respected him.
He was in charge
of maintaining personnel files.
a bad-tempered man from customer service.
[water pouring]
[singing] Is it when my water finish?
Oh, Nepa!
[Tolani] I had other tenants
who I could turn to,
older women who were more mature.
[woman] It's okay.
[baby crying]
It's okay now.
[Tolani] There was Mama Chidi,
who had three young children
and was heavily pregnant with another.
Mama, the beans are burning.
She loved reading so much
that she would've been
a professor in an ideal world.
Reduce it.
[Tolani] There was Mrs. Durojaye,
but she was usually at work.
And the way she disciplined her sons
didn't encourage me to approach her.
You want to be a useless child?
You want to kill me?
Do you want to kill me? Ah!
I talk and you ignore me.
Try it next time and see what happens.
You'll deal with me!
Go and kneel down over there.
What is the problem?
Did I make a mistake giving birth to you?
Your useless father has gambled
all his money! I'm the only one working!
I work morning, afternoon, night
and you won't let me have any peace!
Ayo, can you see your older siblings?
Don't behave like them!
Don't become like them at all. What is it?
Why do I have to yell every day?
Are we the only ones who live here?
[singing indistinctly]
["Ifeoma" by Felix Liberty playing]
-Is this your friend?
-My friend Tolani.
Hi Tolani!
-Tolani meet
-What do you want to drink?
Ifeoma, ifeoma
Ifeoma, ifeoma
Ifeoma, ifeoma, ifeoma
I want to marry you
Give me your love
Give me your love
Just give me your love
Just give me your love
Ifeoma, ifeoma
Ifeoma, ifeoma
Ifeoma, ifeoma, ifeoma
I want to marry you
Give me your love
Just give me your love
[music continues]
[indistinct chatter]
[Tolani] Sanwo, food is ready.
[Sanwo] Mmm. Thank you.
Who shaved your mustache?
You like it, right? It's my new style.
Your barber must not like you.
Her, concerning the matter of
my dowry.
What about it?
It's been three years
since we started dating.
Just last year,
you told me to give you some more time.
But, when exactly
are you planning to meet my family
so we can make this official?
Let's do the proper thing
so you can pay my dowry.
I don't understand
why it's taking so long.
What's wrong?
I just don't want to end up
one of those women
who are disappointed by a man.
Why this talk now?
I'm just telling you this
because time is running out.
For who?
All right.
Where would we live?
[scoffs] We will live together
like every married couple.
Do you know how much rent is in this town?
Don't I live in the same Lagos as you,
hustling every day?
Do I live in Oshogbo?
Uh even Rose, she said
I should give you six months maximum.
And if you're not ready,
maybe I should break up with you.
-You better not listen to her.
She's just jealous.
-Jealous of what?
She sees that you're
in a steady relationship
and she can't take it.
She has never liked me
from the very start.
Somebody that can't keep a man,
that's who gives you advice?
All right.
What about your uncle?
The one that sends you on errands,
then gives you little
or no money afterward.
But when he wants to
go to England and America,
he will get on a first class plane.
When he wants to travel
within Nigeria, he will call you,
"Sanwo, let's go."
Why is that? Why?
Go and ask him.
-I should go and ask him?
Is that someone that wishes you well?
Look, Tolani.
Leave my uncle out of this. You hear?
-I'm sure it's because of his wife.
Sure, she's to blame. That's true.
-She's the one.
I'm not even here to discuss that either.
The discussion is two ways now, hmm?
You've said your speech,
let me say my own.
I'm listening.
I know you're getting frustrated.
-I'm working on a new deal.
-This one is different.
-I said I don't want to hear it. Ah.
That's fine then.
Are you upset?
All right, what deal?
-All you have to know is it's risk-free.
Tolani, I won't disappoint you.
I'm not a bastard.
-I'd like to believe so.
-I'm just playing with you.
-Come here.
-Leave me alone.
[horns honking]
-My sister.
Have you heard?
-Salako sacked Rose.
-What! Why?
She slapped him.
It was from Franca I heard it.
-Thirty minutes ago.
But you know what?
I will confirm it
once I discuss her case with my madam.
How come Franca was the first to hear?
Ah, I don't know,
but you know that all bad news
comes from that woman's mouth.
She must be lying.
Well, she swears that she saw them
with her two naked eyes.
So where is Rose now?
She left.
I only came to tell you
because you're her friend.
Thank you.
Had I been around,
she wouldn't have done it.
I would have calmed her down.
It was about time.
Rose does not know how to control herself.
And Salako has been
letting her get away with it?
-That's it.
We should pray for her.
Pray for who?
Everybody knows she's Salako's girlfriend.
-Ah, is that new?
-[clears throat]
Ah, Tolani, how are you?
-Have you heard?
-Heard what?
Don't bear false witness.
Face your food, pastor.
Who is talking to you?
It's Rose's concern
and no one else's. [tsk]
Just be talking anyhow.
Me, I like her, I'm just concerned.
[relaxing music playing on speakers]
Who else was there apart from Ignatius?
Um, Godwin. But he was all right.
Hakeem too was trying to open his mouth,
but Franca was the actual devil.
She was lucky
I wasn't there to deal with her.
It's her type that sleeps
with useless men like Salako.
Why did he sack you?
Because he is a bastard.
It won't end well for him,
the stress he put me through at that bank.
He touched me up and down.
Did you slap him?
Why does it matter?
Why now Rose? Why?
Tolani, because women like me and you
never get justice in this country.
Only criminals get justice.
Look at him.
Can't you see how corrupt he is?
He steals from the bank,
steals from the customers
and still collects bribes.
Him and that snake Umar.
[sucks teeth] Forget that one.
Umar is a part of it, he's a part too!.
Those bad debt letters you've been typing,
you think they'll be repaid?
Salako opens an account for a big man
and Umar gives the big man a loan.
-Big man then gives them both a cut.
But the three of them know
the loan will never be repaid.
What you think happens
with those dormant accounts?
Salako is using them
as his personal accounts.
It's why he's early every morning.
So he can steal from them.
The government ministers steal,
even the president steals.
Then you toil and work hard,
but still can't afford to buy meat
to put in your lunch in the afternoon.
If I ever see that man again,
I will deal with him.
Please my sister, just take it easy.
My work of seven years. Seven years.
Show me one person
that can type faster in that bank.
Show me one person whose shorthand
is better than mine. Show me!
So what are you going to do now?
Don't worry. I'll take care of myself.
[clicks tongue]
Our rent is due.
I'll talk to Vali-- Violet.
Are you sure?
Yes, if I can't ask her for money,
who else can I ask?
Ah. Okay.
[solemn music playing]
Have you eaten?
I don't feel like eating.
[sucks teeth]
-[speaking Italian] Come stai?
-[speaking Italian]Va bene.
Oh, grazie, you speak Italiano?
Ah, I stayed in Italy.
You know, when I was in Italy,
I went to their "Vasasi" store.
Ah! Mamma mia, very good fashion.
Ah, I'm telling you, I stayed in Italy.
All right.
Morning sister Vio.
Good morning. Rose. Why are you here?
I need to talk to you.
Go wait for me.
Go wait for me now.
-Hi there.
-Hey, aunty.
-I'll be back soon, hmm? Pronto.
You see this one? Hmm? Just this one.
-You finish loosening it.
-Okay, ma.
-I'll be right back.
-No problem.
Rose, what is it?
I want to borrow some money.
-I don't have money.
I don't have money.
Why didn't you ask Tolani?
Why would I ask her? Is she my relative?
Anyway, I don't have money.
I've come all this way!
-You should've called.
-What phone am I going to use?
-Aren't there call centers in your area?
-There are no working lines in my area.
Rose, I don't have money.
I don't have. Can you hear me?
The last time I borrowed you money,
it took you a long time
to return my money.
I don't have money to give you.
But Fedele sends you money every month.
For his daughter.
In foreign currency?
See, we are talking of lira.
Lira is not that strong.
It's not like we are talking
about dollars or pounds sterling.
But you have money to live in Keffi
and to rent a shop in Onikan?
Will you behave yourself?
I don't have time for this nonsense.
What is the matter with you?
I don't have money to lend you.
The only thing I can do is,
give you a little bit, you know,
something to get you by.
Sisi said we should help each other.
That's what she said.
Sisi can say whatever she likes!
-Yes! What? It's the truth.
Ah-ah. Sisi can say whatever she wants.
That's small town talk. Let me tell you.
Sisi had so many children.
In fact, too many
and she can't afford them.
If it wasn't for my father,
I wouldn't have gone to Italy.
I wouldn't have met Fedele.
I wouldn't have had my child.
In fact, I wouldn't be sitting here today.
Vio, you'll never see me insulting Sisi.
My dad paid for my secretarial studies,
if you don't know.
I know. That's the only thing
he could help her with.
Don't insult my father, don't try it.
Don't even go there.
-My father was a generous man.
Generous indeed.
The only thing is
that his salary as a teacher
didn't afford him any luxuries.
Just the little things--
Ah, Violet you have--
you have a bad mouth!
You talk nonsense.
-What about yours?
-Sisi said it! You have a bad mouth.
And yours isn't uncouth?
Look at you, hypocrite. Am I your senior?
Don't be rude to me.
But really,
weren't we brought up together?
Tell me, were we not raised the same way?
Didn't we drink garri and water together?
Hmm? Rose, I don't have money.
Am I clear?
Oh, so now you've become
a big woman in Lagos.
No problem. Everybody has their time.
I don't have money.
[kid] Ma!
Bring what I asked you to bring for me.
If you want to marry a woman
-Mama Chidi.
-Please go and bring the second one.
[chuckles] Mrs. Durojaye.
-How are you?
-I'm fine, welcome.
I admire your car.
It takes you out and brings you back.
It really helps.
Mama Chidi, to have a car really helps.
Hey, I can't forget when
the last one finally broke down.
Ah! Mama Chidi, I struggled.
But we thank God. We thank God.
My sister, maybe one day
Papa Chidi too will be able to buy one.
What are you thinking? It's fairly used.
-Yes. Imported.
My sister, I'll be happy with any one,
whether it's used or an imported car.
As long as it's from overseas, it's okay.
But see, you will have to wait
till after twelve noon
on sanitation day before you go out.
And if you must get
a number plate license,
it has to be the type of mine,
an odd number.
So that you can at least
go out three times in a week.
Even me during weekdays,
I wake up very, very early.
As early as 5:00a.m. to go out.
Because anything after 7:00,
that's another problem.
That is a good thing.
-Ah-ah. Rose. Welcome. How are you?
-Mama Chidi.
I'm fine, how are your children?
We thank God.
We're planning to cook beans today.
How is Papa Chidi?
He's fine, thanks to God. Welcome, eh.
Well done.
[sucks teeth]
An extremely useless individual.
Worthless and no use to anyone.
-Okay, Mama Chidi.
I'm going inside.
Let me go and remove my drawers,
I'm sweating.
What a pity.
Not at all,
Vio is wicked. Sisi told me already.
She said if Vio
saw her injured on the road,
she'd leave her to die.
At least she should send money
to your mother now.
What? What are you saying?
Sisi has never gotten even one single kobo
from Vio since she came back from Italy.
For real?
Not even one!
She only knows how to shout "mamma mia,"
when she has customers.
She doesn't want anyone
to know we're sisters.
She doesn't understand any Italian!
She doesn't, she's just pretending.
And she met Fedele
when she was cleaning his house!
Please, I'm starting to have a headache.
This world
I'm thinking maybe
I should even be grateful.
That Mrs., uh
Whatever she calls herself. Her.
One day she'll kill one of her children.
When I passed her just now,
she was giving me the stink eye,
like I stole her husband.
-No wonder the man divorced her.
Who wants to wake up
to such an angry face every day?
One day she'll kill one of her children.
Is there any food?
Umar. That is it,
see me later in my office.
-Yes, sir?
See me in my office.
Mr. Salako has requested
that you be transferred downstairs,
to work with him.
Why, sir?
He wants someone from within the bank
to replace his secretary.
I've told him that you'll
be available from tomorrow.
I want you to clean out your desk today
and report to him downstairs.
But I have plenty of letters to type, sir.
What letters?
Bad debts.
There's so many of them and
Sir, please, I like it here in loans.
Mr. Salako has requested
that you be transferred.
Come in.
Alhaji Umar said
I should report to you sir.
Hm, yes, um, Miss Ajao.
I had a meeting with him regarding,
my former secretary. What's her name?
What's her name again?
-Rose Adamson, sir.
I think you are the suitable person
for that office.
Because whenever I see you,
you always appear neat.
Very neat.
Eh. And you're a Yoruba girl?
-Yes sir.
Please, you are from where?
Makoku, sir.
Makoku. Makoku interior I guess.
We're not interior people.
We're Egba, sir.
Did you say Egba?
Yes, sir.
Okay. What does your father do?
My father was a drummer sir.
Was a drummer? Oh.
He's passed on. What a pity.
May God grant him heavenly rest.
Thank you, sir.
God grant him heavenly rest.
And your mother?
My mother makes adire.
She's a cloth dyer sir.
Hm. I see. I see.
Whatever, they raised you well.
You have manners.
Anyway, what about your diction?
Diction, English.
My diction, sir?
Your diction!
Ah, don't you understand English?
How do you do you speak and write?
My diction is fine, sir.
Uh, what whatever,
let's give it to Rose. Hm.
Her English grammar, diction
were excellent. Very excellent.
Anyway, you will go to her desk now,
clean the desk for me.
Because the last time
I tried to check the desk,
the whole place looked horrible.
Like, uh, she packed a lot of juju there.
-Yes, juju. Hmm.
Like you don't know what juju is.
-Go and clean the place.
-[phone ringing]
Hello, sir.
Yes, sir. Yes, sir.
You don't know my job,
you don't know what my job entails.
You don't know anything.
There's nothing that entails
anything in that in that bank.
All the work I was doing for Alhaji Umar
last week, he didn't even know.
What could it possibly entail?
You say hello to a customer,
the customer says hello to you. Finish!
No. Tolani, no.
Look, when a customer
comes in or they call on the phone,
the way you interact with them
should make them
relaxed and very comfortable.
I did all this there.
I don't want to.
So why not tell him
you didn't want the job?
This man knows what he's doing.
He's doing it because he knows
we live together.
He wants me to come and beg him.
Over my dead body.
I'll never go beg him.
Is he that scared of juju?
That man? He's worse than an illiterate.
And that smell in his office, what is it?
He farts. He farts a lot.
You'll get used to it.
And you'll get used to it
when he starts touching you.
God forbid.
[melodic pop song playing]
Johnny, Johnny.
Ah, Rambling Rose!
Don't contaminate this contraband.
You never ask after me.
-Do you ask?
-This is my only wife in Lagos.
So tell me,
where are you guys rambling to today?
We want to buy shoes, but your shoes
are always too expensive
Is that so!
So that's why you never patronize me.
No problem.
This is my friend,
I'm taking him to a boutique.
You know he doesn't shop around here.
We need to upgrade.
Eh, O to the C! OC Money!
You see these two,
they're my favorite customers in Lagos.
Now see this one,
he's an original fly guy!
He just came back from United States.
-Of America?
-Is there another one?
Really? Okay then.
-This one is your size.
-Buy these for me.
-You mean this?
Baby, see.
Austerity measures.
Ah, Johnny, you haven't changed,
you're still stingy,
Please leave my shoes.
-How much is it?
-Five naira, that seven naira.
-How much?
-I'll pay two naira fifty kobo.
Seven naira.
I'm paying two naira, 50kobo.
-Did you tell her five?
-It's seven.
It's seven naira.
-Five naira.
-Five for the two of them.
No. Okay, you pay six naira.
-We don't have that. Two naira, 50kobo.
-Hey Johnny!
No time, you know. I'll pay.
-OC Money!
-It's all good.
Okay! Put it in a bag.
Thank you. My name is Rose.
My name is OC.
But my friends call me OC Money.
What are you doing with this person,
he doesn't like spending money.
[laughs] He's a cool guy,
you know, very cool guy.
Can I come visit you?
All right, you should
give me your address.
-My address?
-So, we'll see.
-Take care.
He's nice.
-OC now.
-You don't know him, let's go.
[knocking on door]
Come in.
Please make yourself comfortable.
Here we are.
So what can I offer you?
What is it?
Let me get you some wine instead.
No, I only drink beer.
It's not ladylike.
Wine is better, trust me.
I'll drink whatever you give me.
Wine it is. I'll be right back.
[upbeat music playing]
Ah, you should've seen OC's house,
there's no gadget he doesn't have.
And he's as generous as my father.
Can you imagine?
When I was there, what's his name
Johnny came by.
He started asking me questions
when OC went to the kitchen.
-Okay, so feel free okay?
what is going on
between you and him?
How is it your business?
I just ignored him. Nonsense.
He claims he is into import and export
and yet he never bought me
even a drink when we were dating.
But now he wants to monitor me,
asking silly questions. Please.
OC is his friend.
And so?
Hasn't it been long enough since we dated?
He doesn't own me,
I can do anything I want.
He probably has many girlfriends.
You know how he is.
Please, let me drink my wine.
OC said I should stop drinking beer.
Uh. Please, uh, get me that file.
Okay, sir.
[tense music builds]
[tense music fades away]
Here it is, sir.
Thank you.
OC it was a struggle coming here today.
I really struggled.
So if you want to see me again,
you'll have to start giving me taxi money.
And I mean the proper taxis,
not those rickety ones.
That's no problem, you know.
Thank you.
Because I have no money left.
I don't even have money for rent.
That's no problem too,
I'll take care of that.
Thank you.
You know, while you're at it,
don't you think you need new shoes?
Uh-uh. Why?
Your shoe is old.
From trekking now.
Your friend was right, you know?
You should start wearing better shoes.
Who has time
to wear high heels everywhere?
I'm only offering.
If you want to buy, no problem.
Buy, I won't say no. As long as it's free.
Not exactly.
[tense music builds]
You will have to do something for me.
Your shoes are nice.
Really? You can have any you want.
They're not my size.
Just tired. Today I did a lot of shopping.
I shopped.
When are you going
to start looking for another job?
Uh-uh. Why?
I'm just saying, you don't want
to get used to being at home for too long.
Ah, I'm not I'm not looking for a job.
I don't want to work again.
OC said I shouldn't work,
that he'll take care of me.
He even asked me to move in with him.
But I told him I wasn't ready.
He said I'm the kind of woman
he would like to marry.
After how many days of knowing you?
Let me tell you something.
You are not a child!
You cannot move into a house
with a man you barely know.
Or marry him.
Anybody who does that kind of thing
is clearly asking for trouble.
No quarrel, is it your problem?
Is it not my trouble?
It's your problem.
Silly girl.
Why are you so upset about it?
You know what baffles me
the most about this whole thing?
It's that it's been just three weeks
since they started dating.
He's already talking about marriage.
Look, Tolani, why don't you stop focusing
on those people's business?
She doesn't work, she doesn't do anything.
And she's always eating my food.
Did she just start eating your food today?
She didn't just
start eating my food today,
but what if she moves out
and is no longer paying the rent?
What would I do? Where would I go?
Okay. Whenever I ask her where he lives,
she says it's in Ikeja,
it's in Along, or something else.
She has never once told me where he lives.
She's never told me! What is Rose hiding?
-What exactly is she hiding?
-Why don't you just ask her?
I should ask her? Have you not heard
anything I've been saying?
All this, I'm tired.
I'm tired of all this stress.
That reminds me,
the business you wanted to do,
is your uncle giving you money for it?
I don't want him in my business at all.
When I establish this business,
starts going well, bringing in money,
it'll mean I'm set and can be on my own.
Ah, that's good but,
where will you get money?
What do you think
I've been running around for?
But, it would be too late.
That would take too long.
I suggest I give you
what little I have left of my savings,
so you can add it
to the money you have. Eh?
And then you can start from there.
Tolani, I didn't come here
to beg for money.
I know,Sanwo, I know you didn't
come here to beg for money,
but it'll take too long.
Too long before you have enough .
Let me help you out.
[faint clapping and singing]
What is happening?
-What are you doing there?
-I'm playing.
You're playing?
Look, let your mother catch you there,
you'll be in real trouble.
You're playing. Where is Philomena?
I don't know.
You don't know? Doesn't she know
how much your mother pays her
to watch over you guys,
and you're playing all over the place.
Would you get off
that place you're playing?
These children!
What is it? Should I let him hurt himself?
The money you talked about earlier,
uh, I have thought about it.
I'll take whatever amount you have.
And I'll pay it back.
But, I can't take the money from you,
when you're like this.
I hear you.
I'll calm down until you're done.
[gentle music playing]
I'll be expecting you.
You can have it.
-Thank you.
Can you get me the file, please?
What file, sir?
Hmm, quarterly budget.
[tense music playing]
-Mr. Salako!
-Who is that?
Can't you knock?!
Can't you knock?
See how her mouth is open.
-I thought you said I should come in.
-No! I didn't say so.
I didn't say. When did I say so?
Get out! Get out.
What's that?
What can I do for you?
There's a messenger from First Bank,
they asked to see you.
Mm, tell the person to wait.
Tell him to wait.
I'm busy. And let me warn you,
next time you, you come in like that,
I will sack you.
Come on, go, go. Leave my office.
Get the hell out.
Keep on walking aimlessly.
Be going!
Where's the file?
-Here's the file, sir.
-Let me have it!
Look at her.
Always walking seductively,
shaking her butt.
I know what you're doing.
Tolani, this is what I'm saying.
You see, whatever the world about a person
is not always who the person is.
The person might not
see themselves in that light.
Let me give you an example.
If a man comes and says,
"Ah, this girl is well mannered,
she's virtuous, she's honorable."
Within you, you know it's possible
that you're not all those things.
Do you understand?
The point I'm trying to make is this.
If you know you're well-mannered,
virtuous, and honorable,
you make sure to protect your reputation.
You won't let life or any man
take it away from you.
-Do you understand?
-I understand, Mom.
-Are you sure?
-I understand.
[toilet flushing]
What kind of job do you do
that you make this much money?
I'm asking because
I want to make my own money.
You have a passport?
-Passport? Yes I have plenty of passports.
-No, not that type.
An international passport.
No, I don't.
You should've told me.
I've been suspecting
that you were doing something illegal.
But I didn't know what.
I thought you were, um,
trading dollars on the black market.
I knew it was something illegal.
Listen, OC,
I can do it.
I'm not afraid.
I can do it.
Trust me.
Listen, when I was growing up,
all these stupid old men
started touching me,
but I learned how to fight them.
But poverty?
That's a different thing altogether.
And I don't want to face it again.
I I do not really know
how to put this
but, uh, certain information
just reached my attention,
and I want to know if it is true.
What information?
Were you and Salako
caught in flagrante delicto?
What does that mean?
Well you know you know, um
Tell Franca to stay away from me.
That is not I mean,
that is not part of the issue here.
Really? Then you are like her then.
I'm sorry, uncle, I don't have
time for this. Please, beans for me.
[gags, coughs]
Ayo! Eh!
We need a longer stick.
This is the only stick we could find.
Go across the road,
there are bamboo sticks there.
I don't want those people to know
what is happening in this compound.
Go there, don't let them know
what's happening here.
Please help me go
and collect a longer stick.
Where is the stick?
It is taking time.
Ayo fell into the septic tank.
We're trying to get him out.
That Philomena is wicked.
-Where is she exactly?
-She ran away.
If I see her, I'll personally beat her up.
Then call the police to arrest her for me.
The stick now!
The stick. It's taking a long time.
They're bringing it.
Somebody help me!
Somebody help me!
Ayo, why?
-Where is he?
-Which Ayo?
I'm dead! Ayo!
I am dead! Help me bring him out!
-Don't let me lose my child, please!
-Mama Ayo!
-Mama Ayo!
-Help me carry him!
Mama Chidi!
Take her away from here now.
Help me bring him out!
Sorry for your loss.
-May we not have any more loss.
-So sorry.
Mother, They said I should do my hair
before school tomorrow.
God will comfort you.
Mother, why are you not talking?
Don't cry again.
Take heart. Sorry for your loss.
Stop crying. God will look
God will be with you both.
Don't start crying again.
[horn honking loudly]
See that boy.
What is he doing there?
-What is he doing this time of night?
-Let's go find out.
What are you doing here at this time?
It's so late.
Isn't your mother looking for you?
Where did you come from?
-Get up.
-Get up and go home!
What are you all doing there?
Move out the way. Is that not Ayo?
I said move out of the way!
Or are you deaf?
Get away! Leave him alone.
What are you doing over there?
Your mother has been
looking for you all over the place.
All right. Let's go home.
She'll beat me.
Your mother won't beat you.
Don't worry, let's go home.
Come on.
-[yelling] My life!
Have mercy on me. Please!
-It's okay.
-Help me get him, Mama Chidi.
God will help.
[Tolani] Excuse me. Excuse me, please.
-[man] Thank you God!
Where did you find him?!
God, I thank you sir.
Congratulations on the good luck!
-Where did you find him?
-Ask him yourself.
-[man] Thank you, God!
Thank you, God! Neighbors, thank you.
[crowd cheering on radio]
[indistinct voice over radio]
[announcer] Oh, my goodness!
Yes, Yemi is going closer.
Yes. He stands a chance
and and and it's a goal!
[all] Goal!
Take it.
-Wait a minute.
What kind of business is this exactly?
Do you remember my friend, Moshood?
Have you forgotten Moshood?
That man that drives
a Volkswagen Beetle around?
That's him.
You know he knows a lot of soldiers.
He imports dogs for them
to protect their homes.
Dogs like Dobermans, Alsatian, Rottweiler.
Imported dogs,
not all those local mongrels.
It's a very profitable venture.
I've done my research.
In fact, we should triple
the initial investment.
I can assure you. I've done my research.
That's good. Give me my money.
I took my savings from all the hard work
I've been doing since the year started,
and I gave it to you
and you're talking to me
about Moshood and dogs?
I thought you had a real business partner.
Or a good business plan.
Give me my money back. Thank you.
So, you don't even trust me.
After I told you
I had done all my research.
Okay. It's not like
I wanted your money before.
I'm not starving. Take.
All right, have some patience.
Don't be angry.
I'm just being cautious.
This is all my life savings.
I'm just scared. Don't be angry.
All right, take.
I trust you.
Make sure you give me my profit.
Okay, continue eating. Eat your food.
Eat. You have too much pride.
Stop being insolent.
I'm not going anywhere.
We must finish this discussion.
Finish what? What gives you the right
to come here and question me?
-My friend, get out.
-What is going on here?
Tell him to get out.
I'll go. But not until I say my peace.
Say what? Leave!
Is that so?
Your friend? She's not okay. She bit me
So you don't want to leave?
You don't want to leave?
Ah, look, don't mind her.
I only just told her to be careful of OC.
They had a big fight! It was explosive!
You should've heard
the things he said.
Okay, you don't want to leave?
Stay there! Stay there like a soldier.
You and I will have it out. Stay. Wait.
Ooh. You two broke up over a year ago,
and I'm still here settling
your quarrels. I'm surprised.
You should've heard the things OC said.
You would be shocked.
What things?
Tell me.
All right, let's put it this way.
A man cannot respect you,
if he insults you like that.
What! I can't believe
this is happening, you know.
I must be dreaming, you know.
-How dare you talk back, hungry whore!
-No, I--
You hungry whore!
-Did you hear what he called me?
-She's not good in bed.
She's not good in bed you know!
You can't be compared to my girl
-Natasha in Chicago!
-I've slept with better men than you!
You can't be compared
to my girl Amanda in Atlanta!
-Go back to Atlanta!
-You can't be compared to my girl Aliya
-What are you doing here?
-You know!
Babe, talk to your friend.
I only met OC four years ago
and since that time,
he's been living in the United States.
I don't even know what he does there.
-You said he was your friend!
-Yo! Everyone is my friend.
-I'm surprised at you Johnny.
-Me? Is that so? She was my girl!
She's the one that decided
to jump ship and date OC.
You won't leave!
-You should stay so I can stab you!
-What is wrong with you?
-Please leave me! Leave me!
-Ah! What is wrong with you?
I come in here and both of you
are acting like area boys.
Nobody cares about Rose.
Every man just wants to use Rose.
How many things has
Johnny ever bought for me?
Coming here asking me questions,
monitoring my movement.
Buy is not love.
As for OC,
if he really insults you like that,
then he does not like you. You hear me?
He does not like you.
It's a mistake to be with that man.
Don't tell me that. I know what I'm doing.
A mistake is somebody that walks around
thinking the world
would change because of them.
Very good. You can do anything you want!
With whoever you want. In fact,
you can go anywhere with whoever you want.
But let me remind you,
I live in this house and I pay my rent.
So if you give me problems,
I will give you problems back!
I will give you problems back.
Go, walk away
and don't hear what I'm saying.
Look at the mess.
[knocking on door]
It's true that I don't have
anybody in Lagos to help me.
But please, if I'm going to work for you,
don't insult me like that again.
I'm begging you.
-Miss Tolani Ajao.
-Yes, sir?
Uh, please,
check that cabinet and get me a file.
I'm sorry, I cannot, sir.
-Why not?
-My leg.
Your leg? What is wrong about your leg?
What happened?
I fell down on the bus,
and it's paining me, sir.
Oh. Stop being deceptive. You fell down?
-You? You fall out from a bus?
-Yes sir.
And you did not somersault?
You didn't somersault like a monkey?
-Uh, when was this?
-Yes, sir.
Okay, show me.
I twisted it, so you cannot see it.
Show me.
-This is it, sir.
You're telling a lie.
It's a lie. You're lying.
Ah! This thing did not happen today.
This one did not happen today. Stop lying!
It's still paining me, sir,
and I cannot bend until it heals.
-Yes, sir.
All right. Then you take a memo for me.
Yes, sir.
I'm going to make you so miserable
until you'll realize who is the boss,
you worthless thing.
I'm here, sir.
To personnel. Regarding Tolani Ajao.
I wish to lay an official complaint
about my secretary.
Miss Tolani Ajao.
This morning,
I asked her to get me
a file from my cabinet,
and she refused bluntly.
She became recalcitrant.
How do you spell that, sir?
Check your dictionary, dullard.
Didn't you go to school?
And when you're asked you're quick
to say you understand English.
But you don't know
how to spell a simple word.
Recalcitrant. Ah.
Make sure you type the memo for me.
Yes, sir.
Wait a minute, what do you call yourself?
Eh? Who do you think you are?
And you are just a commoner.
An ordinary person.
-Is that also part of the memo, sir?
-That is your own cup of tea.
If you don't know.
Write your response for records purposes.
I will.
Get out of my sight.
I'll make sure your job is history.
I'm going to frustrate you.
You worthless thing.
I notice a missing semicolon
in your response.
I'll write it in, sir.
And a misplaced predicate.
you'll have to type it out again.
An employee cannot
amend internal documents by hand.
If everyone does that,
then we won't be able to differentiate
the originals from the fakes.
I'll type it in
if that's what you want, sir.
At any rate, I cannot
accept this response as it stands.
Why not?
Your allegations,
they're rather shocking.
Of course!
What happened to me shocked me too.
It's unprecedented
and I don't think I
I can file it.
And why not?
Mr. Salako is a married man.
Your madam too is a married woman.
And I've never heard of her
assaulting anyone.
For as long as I've been
supervisor in personnel,
I have never discussed
this kind of case with her.
Now, do you realize
the implications of what you're doing?
All right.
[Franca] I didn't even see Tolani
standing there. [laughs]
Ah. So you don't even want
to speak to us any longer.
Anyway, I understand.
Anyone asking me now,
"What's happening to Tolani?"
I just tell them "Leave her alone."
"She's working for Salako now."
Ah! And it cannot be easy.
Ah! You know, learning a new--
Be quiet! Keep your mouth shut!
And if you don't keep quiet,
you will end up on this ground.
-Are you talking to me?
-I'm talking to you.
Don't say another word,
or you will live to regret it.
Ah! Show her some respect now.
Why are you threatening
to fight her in public?
Hey! Uncle, please,
mind your own business. Okay?
Mind your business.
Look, let me tell you,
I'm happy you're all here.
Listen to me,
because I will not repeat myself.
Do not speak to me! Do not question me!
Because I don't owe
any of you any explanation.
I have filed my report.
And you people can continue
to spread your stupid rumors.
-Leave her alone.
-[Tolani] Nonsense.
Just leave her alone. Look at her.
Dismissing Ignatius like a little boy.
God only knows who she's connected to.
She might open her legs now
and get all of us all fired.
Eh! You have word. Imagine.
Face in front, let's buy our food.
Look at them, idiots.
-I told you she's very wicked.
Hey! Can you see for yourself now?
Leave Tolani there. She and Rose,
birds of the same feather.
So please, let's buy food.
Don't you want to eat anymore?
-What's your business?
-Oh, you want to fight me too?
Why are you so bothered about Franca?
Let me tell you, she's an unhappy woman.
Her husband beats her every day.
[chuckles] I'm very happy to hear that.
How can you say that now?
You should pray for your enemies.
Why? So that they can destroy me.
I'm sure you don't mean that.
You're carrying a very heavy burden.
I'm here to encourage you,
put your trust in the Lord.
He's forever faithful.
Anytime you're available,
I want to invite you to my church.
Me, I'm not interested in going
to any born-again church.
I'm not interested
in any revival or anything like that
I'm just inviting you now.
As you're seeing me,
my father was an Ifa worshipper.
Wow. I'm so sorry to hear that.
Sorry to hear what?
Nothing, oh. Nothing.
It's just most people that I know
are either Christians or Muslims.
Even if they worship
other gods on the side.
Anyway, my mother is a Christian.
And I was baptized and confirmed.
Praise the Lord. That's so beautiful.
I salute you, my sister.
-I salute you.
-All right, let's go and eat.
-Ah, Tolani. How are you? Well done.
-Good afternoon. Yes, ma.
-Listen, I've gotten a new job.
-Thank God.
It's not easy.
Bills just keep piling up
and it's all on me.
Their father doesn't even
try to help out at all.
He has gambled away all his money.
And the septic tank fiasco,
I had to pay the landlord to fix it.
When there's too much to worry about,
the mind is never at peace.
I'm tired.
Sorry, ma. You just have to take it easy.
Take it easy.
-Bye, ma.
-Thank you. These problems are too much.
[Rose] How was work?
Ah, I pity the woman.
Only her.
Septic tank issue, nurses strike,
I feel sorry for her.
What are you cooking?
Ah-ah. Since when?
OC likes it.
[chuckles] Is that his?
No, I bought it.
I'm going to enjoy the fan.
[news theme music playing]
Good evening, here is the news at nine.
-The woman
This is delicious.
Mm, it's sweeter than
the previous ones I have made.
This type of soup will cleanse
your stomach of all the rubbish in it.
This one will send you
to OC's toilet for one full week.
At least.
But I won't sweat when I'm there.
The heat won't kill me in there.
Ah, this is delicious.
How is Sanwo?
He traveled up north.
Your man travels a lot.
Mm. He travels a lot.
How is work?
-Hm, and Salako?
Ah. Is it that bad?
Didn't I tell you? I told you right?
Archibong reports to Salako,
so she can't challenge him.
That's why I never bothered reporting.
I'm sure she's thrown
your report away without reading it.
I've told you already.
And nothing will change
until you and I change it.
OC, uh
-He smuggles drugs into America.
Shh! Don't shout.
Calm down, Just listen.
That's how he made his money.
-Are you listening?
No, he doesn't do it himself.
He uses girls like me and you.
Do you understand?
We'll swallow the drugs, and he'll arrange
the travel plans for us to go overseas.
We go and come back.
Do you understand?
And he pays us. Just one trip
and he will pay us 1,500 dollars.
I'm not ashamed.
I'm not ashamed.
You know what shames me? Poverty.
And it should shame you too.
I am tired of being poor. I am tired.
You stay in a compound
where everywhere smells of shit.
You get on a bus and everyone
on it smells of I don't know.
Then you go to the office,
and there's a stinking useless man
who touches you everywhere.
No. I am tired and I'm done. I'm done.
Rose, Salako or OC?
I know that Salako is an oaf,
but that OC is a dangerous man!
He didn't force me.
I made up my mind by myself,
he didn't force me.
I don't want to hear it. And I'm not poor.
You're poor, my sister. You're very poor.
You're poor. All of us are poor,
you're just too proud to admit it.
If you want to do anything you like,
you can do it.
Me, I don't take risks with my body.
Wait, do you think that I, Rose,
that I want to die?
So, the people that are dying,
they die for no reason?
[laughs] They're very careless,
that's why they're dying.
How can you be careful,
if you're swallowing drugs?
Tolani, I've done my research.
I've done all the research. You won't die.
You wrap the drugs well. Tight.
Then you make sure you don't eat or drink.
People do it every day.
-Come and go back to where you came from.
-I wasn't supposed to tell you.
But if you change your mind,
you know where to find me.
Just don't come back.
Mischief maker. Ah-ah!
[soccer announcer on radio]
Oh, what a day it has been.
This has been a disappointing end
to the match between Nigeria
and Saudi Arabia with a nil - nil draw.
As you can see the Golden Eaglets
are looking very unhappy at the moment,
and their faces are down.
But we know that the tournament
Good afternoon, ma.
Good afternoon.
Good afternoon, ma.
-Good afternoon.
-I'm looking for Sanwo.
His room is there.
Thank you, ma.
-[loud bang]
Really? I didn't know you were back.
-What is happening?
I don't want that woman
to know I'm home.
What is wrong? What happened?
She'll start asking what
I went to do in the north.
When did you get back?
Two days ago.
Ah! Sanwo. And you didn't call me.
I don't have a phone to use.
When has that ever stopped you?
Or are you hiding from me?
Why would I be hiding from you?
I hear you.
So, you were staying at Moshood?
Where else would I have stayed?
Or was it at Miriam's or Miriamu?
Tolani, what kind of talk is that?
Okay, I hear you. Where is my money?
What happened?
Why do you look like that?
Where's my money?
Why are you shaking?
Where is my money? What is wrong?
-Um, Tolani.
-Somebody help me.
-Tolani. Wait. Be patient.
-Sanwo. I'm in trouble.
Let me explain it to you.
-I should be patient?
-I'll explain it.
-Fine. I'm listening.
-Let me explain.
Explain. Where is my money, Sanwo?
I can't pay you your money.
Tolani I lost the money.
You lost the money.
when Moshood and I got to the place,
they brought out the dog cages.
But there were no dogs in them.
-Where were the dogs?
-I wanted to run after the man,
but Moshood said we didn't
have the proper documentation so
Tolani, please. Please, don't be angry.
I remember you warned me.
Tolani, I was duped.
You were duped?
Of course, you were duped.
If you had used the eyes in your head
then you would've realized
that Moshood and that man
worked together to scam you.
And you're standing here
telling me that they
-Give me my money!
-Give me my money! Sanwo!
-Tolani. Tolani, please
I'm using God as my witness,
I'll pay you back your money.
God as your witness?
I use God as my witness
that today is the last time you see me.
Tolani, please. Tolani. Wait.
Don't let her-- Don't let her hear.
Tolani, please. Tolani.
Tolani, I'll return your money to you. Eh?
Tolani. Please now.
Be patient. Don't let her
That's not my business.
You shouldn't have lost my money.
And why is that woman
making noise in my house?
No reason.
What happened back there?
-Nothing happened.
-Nothing happened!
Come back here.
I said come here!
Really? It's okay.
Don't look at yourself as
the better person.
And don't look down on others.
Be content with what you have.
Do you understand?
No condition is permanent.
The future is ever-changing.
I want you to remember. Do you understand?
Yes, Father. I have heard.
Ah! Well done.
[melancholy song playing]
Where did I go wrong?
Where did I go wrong?
-[Tolani] Sir.
I've come to ask for some time off.
For what?
That will not be possible.
Sir, why not?
You just get to this place
not even six months,
and you are asking for vacation.
I've been due for one
before I started working for you, sir.
Are you hard of your hearing?
I said you've been here
less than six months.
I'm entitled to some time off
even if I change departments, sir.
I see. I see.
I also have my right
to grant you vacation or not.
That is within my power, isn't it?
-Please, sir.
I say you cannot go for vacation.
Ah-ah. Come, you've done nothing to
deserve that vacation you're asking for.
Sir, I'm sure you have a daughter my age.
What does that have to do with me?
Or what we are saying here?
Would you be happy
if someone treated her that way?
Oh, my God. You see?
My daughter [laughs]
will never comport herself
the way you do around here.
And if she does, ah,
she will face the music herself.
She would not run back to me
crying the way you're doing now.
Rather, she will face the consequences.
You hear? And let me warn you.
Let this be the last time
you will mention any of my family
in this kind of work-related matter.
I'll put it in black and white.
And never mention me
or my behavior as inappropriate.
Mr. Salako, you assaulted me.
Oh. Miss Ajao,
-I am suspending you for insubordination.
From today, for two weeks.
And if you ever contravene
to the rules of this office,
you will be fired.
You worthless thing.
What is wrong with you
young women of today?
Even if your boss
is difficult to work with,
why make all this fuss?
First Rose, now you. What is going on?
I filed a report
giving my side of the story, ma.
When was that?
Two weeks ago.
[plaintive music playing]
Ignatius didn't bring it to my attention.
But, you know, we have
a lot of paperwork to attend to here.
Don't worry.
Be assured that I will review your file.
-Thank you, ma.
-You're welcome.
Thank you, ma.
You may go.
[Violet] Customer, you have been
letting your scalp get too dry.
-You're starting to have dandruff.
-[woman] Are you serious?
You didn't tell her?
No, you won't tell her now. "Stupido."
-Good afternoon.
-Afternoon, how are you?
-I'm fine.
-Just get some
-Good afternoon, aunty.
-cream and put it in.
-How are you?
-Customer, I'm coming.
-No problem.
-How are you?
-I'm fine.
Have you come to do your hair?
No. I'm looking for Rose.
Rose? Rose? That girl?
[clicks tongue]
Can you talk to her? Because
it seems like she's becoming senseless.
I don't have time for her nonsense.
Mamma mia! What is wrong with you?
You look so haggard.
See how rough your hair is.
Very untidy, everything looks unkempt.
You know what, one of my girls
will wash and set it for you.
No. No, I'm fine. Thank you.
You don't look fine. You sure?
I'm fine.
Okay. If you say so.
So, if I see Rose before you,
what should I tell her?
Um, please,
just tell her that I'm reconsidering.
-Thank you.
Are you sure you don't need
You should buy some wigs.
-Get some wigs?
-I'm fine.
-You don't look fine.
-Thank you, Violet.
You're an attractive girl,
don't spoil your beauty.
Where did I go wrong?
Where did I go wrong?
Where are we going even?
To London.
I'm scared.
Don't start again.
Have you ever seen
a successful woman who's afraid?
What if we die?
As you get in the bus on your way to work,
you know you can just die.
You know that, right?
Why do people do drugs?
I don't know.
My thing is booze.
Every man has his vice.
Are we encouraging them?
Ah, how?
How is that our business?
It's all these rich people that do it.
They do it so they can feel cool.
I wonder if they'll still feel cool
if they know it came out
of a African woman's anus.
-Or when the thing hooks them.
That's the price.
It messes with your head.
It can kill.
Yes, but even painkillers
can kill you if you take enough.
-So it's the same thing.
Tell him I'm willing to try.
And if I can't swallow,
I'll know that I'll go back to Makoku.
To work for my mother.
Huh? To do what?
My mother makes and sells adire.
I'll go and join her in the business.
In Makoku?
From Lagos? You're not serious.
[melancholy song continues]
You'll use these ones to practice, okay?
Drink plenty of water, then swallow it.
Do it.
Drink the water.
Swallow it. Swallow it slowly.
Ah! Wait!
Sorry! Okay, drink water. Sorry.
Drink water. Drink. Drink.
Where did I go wrong?
Where did I go wrong?
You have to keep practicing.
So you can perfect it. Do you hear me?
You'll rest a little,
then we'll practice some more. Mm.
[announcer] Nigeria currently leads
two nil to Costa Rica.
If the Golden Eaglets
are able to keep up their defense, ha-ha.
I tell you something,
ladies and gentlemen,
we may well qualify for the quarter finals
and that will be a big one for everyone.
So today we come to the close of the match
as we look forward
to the bigger one ahead.
Thank you.
Somebody wake me up
Am I dreaming?
[melancholy song fading]
You have to keep trying, okay?
You have to keep trying.
I've tried. I have tried. Eh.
My stomach, my chest.
Everything is paining me.
I've tried!
I've been vomiting and vomiting.
Look, It was hard for me too.
It was this hard.
But as I practiced and practiced
before I got it. Then I perfected it.
-Can't you ask OC for another method?
Ah, OC won't allow it, he won't allow it.
He says other methods are too risky.
Let's start with this small one.
No. [clicks tongue] Uh-uh.
She's becoming a liability, you know.
OC, take it easy now.
It was hard for me too.
Really? Okay fine. Fine then!
Maybe it's time
we end all this, you know.
Yes, let's end all this!
Stop coming here, you know.
You think I'm doing this because of you?
-Not because of you, I do it for myself.
-I don't like situations like this.
It-it-it-it gets me distracted, you know.
-Just take it easy.
-I hate distraction.
I've heard. But don't feel like
I'm doing this because of you.
-This thing shouldn't be happening now.
-It's her first time.
Don't worry, she'll come around.
OC said there's no other way.
[upbeat religious music playing]
It's a miracle.
I was very worried
when I heard you were suspended.
Don't worry,
I'll be back at work tomorrow.
Ah, nice.
I'm so glad you are able to make it.
Your boss needs serious prayers.
When does this service end?
It's just two hours.
[all] Amen!
If you're happy to be in the presence
of the Lord, say hallelujah!
[all] Hallelujah!
[man] Hallelujah!
My God is good.
[all] All the time!
All right, can we sit down?
Father said to me
He said, "Fred, look at yourself."
"Do you think it's because
you're so special,
that you have been so blessed
that you fly first class?"
The secret to prosperity,
you don't need to go to worship some God.
Just follow the rules of the law.
If we turn our Bible to Acts 4:12.
It says salvation!
I didn't say it.
The Holy Bible says salvation
is found in no one else except who?
-[all] Jesus Christ!
-[pastor] Jesus Christ! Amen!
-[all] Amen!
-[woman] Amen, pastor!
[man] Jesus!
[yells indistinctly]
In the Book of John 14, and he says,
"I am the way, the truth"
Good morning, Father.
Ah, good morning. Did you sleep well?
Yes, Father.
What are you dressed up for?
We're going to church.
You're going to church?
You've started following them to church?
Ah. [laughs]
That's fine.
Let me just make one thing clear to you.
I don't want you to tell your mother,
do you understand?
Yes, Father.
If you have any problems,
you should pray to Orunmila.
Orunmila is the spirit of wisdom.
All the deities that God created,
were created to help us.
You see, Sango and Ogun,
they are deities who help
give all men strength and courage.
And you see Yemoja, ah,
she's a compassionate woman.
Then you see the deity called Osun.
Ah, she's the deity for children.
She's the deity for plentiful children.
Anybody that's infertile, prays to Osun.
Keep it in mind,
I don't want you to forget.
Jesus loves us so much. He gave his life!
So that you and I can survive.
But he asks for nothing,
except this token, offering and tithe.
If you do that, you're gonna
start flying first class, amen!
[all] Amen!
You are gonna build that mansion tomorrow!
You're gonna be driving a Mercedes Benz.
If you wanna have all that,
tell your brother, say I am blessed.
[all] I am blessed!
What now?
I'm sorry.
It's okay. You are just overcome.
I'm not. I'm just tired.
I want to go home.
Home, why?
Your pastor is brainwashing you.
Every Sunday you sit there and
listen to him say all sorts of nonsense.
He's already rich.
But you're still giving him your money.
How does that make any sense?
That's not for me to question.
Godwin, it is.
That's why God gave you a brain.
Ah! It's already good enough
that you're a Christian,
but why must you I saw you there!
Pretending to speak in tongues.
Why? As if it's not bad enough,
he's still condemning everybody else's
faith and saying one way is the only way.
Why? Look, me, I'm going home.
I can't do it.
Rose, I cannot do it.
-Do what?
I can't do it.
Number one, I cannot swallow.
Ah-ah. Did you repent or what is it?
Number two,
I must have been crazy
to thought about doing
something like that.
Over my mother's dead body.
Never would I hide drugs
inside my stomach.
I would not jump on a plane,
and go and shit it out abroad.
Never. I cannot do it.
I cannot.
-I had a revelation in that church.
People at the top will always take
advantage of people like you and me.
Look at us.
We are working for an organization
that does not care about you or me.
I cannot do this. Never.
-Ah, Tolani.
-I cannot.
It seems like this poverty
is making you crazy.
See how you're
behaving like you're possessed.
For weeks now,
you've been back and forth. What is it?
Look, I don't care about OC.
It is you Rose that I'm concerned for.
Yet you're backing
out of the plan we both made.
He will find somebody else. Eh?
Just like he found you.
He will find somebody else.
Don't go. Eh?
It's not worth it.
[gentle music playing]
We will find another job. You will see.
What job? What job?
Do you know what
that bastard called me?
A nobody.
-But he called me a commoner too.
And you think that idiot
would write us a reference letter
to look for another job?
[suspenseful music playing]
-What is this?
-What is wrong with you?
How many times did I call you?
You have offended my creator,
and you've also offended
my dead father's creator.
The gods are now ready to give you
the punishment you deserve.
The gods are ready
to wreak havoc in your life.
What is wrong with this girl,
for God's sake?
I will take my leave next week.
-Can you get out before I--
-And you will not sack me!
If you sack me,
your job will be in jeopardy.
Your first male son will run mad.
You are in trouble!
Your female child will get raped.
She will get pregnant too.
-You're unwell.
-She'll give birth to a bastard.
-You'll get pregnant as well.
-As for the remaining children you have,
any one of them
that is still in school won't finish.
And if they have finished,
they will become aimless.
-So shall it be.
In the name of Jesus it won't-- Jesus!
Witch! Spirit child!
Hey! Somebody help me, she'll kill me.
Where are my glasses?
Ah! Unfortunate person. Witch!
[Tolani] He's busy.
But I need to see him.
I said he's busy.
He personally asked me to see him.
And he told me
he doesn't want to see anybody.
So I can't go inside.
Is that what you're saying?
Is it?
-Sir, it's Tolani, sir.
Miss Franca is here to see you.
Sir, it's pertaining to
the meeting we had yesterday.
Tell her I'll see her tomorrow.
Um, thank you, Miss Ajao.
[playful music]
I'm sorry.
I'm the only one who would talk to you.
So you pitied me?
I misjudged your character.
I'm sorry.
Anyway, Jesus still loves you.
What is he still doing there?
Maybe he's deliberating.
[announcer on radio] We were never
expected to make it this far but we have,
by virtue of our skill and athleticism.
He has won. He dribbles and it's
and it's and it's in.
And it's a goal!
[all cheering]
[Rose] Ah-ah! Tolani!
I can't believe this is you.
You're worse than FIFA fans.
My dear, I had to do it.
If not he won't have let me go.
True. It's good. He's overbearing.
Too much.
Maybe I should
report you to the authorities,
so that they can stop you at the airport.
Which authorities?
Same people that are behind it.
-Go and report.
-I'll report you too.
After all, you were a part of it
before you pulled out.
-I'm no longer scared.
At least I'm not going to America,
I'm going to England.
There you just plead guilty.
They'll put you in prison
and give you a small sentence.
You serve your time, the end.
But in America, ah
They throw you in a cell,
where they can sexually harass you.
[Tolani] Eh?
God forbid.
I hear that in Bangkok,
they throw them inside dungeons.
Ah. They are worse than Africans.
Eh! And as for the Arabs.
Eh! Don't go near those ones.
-They'll just behead you. Very strict.
-[Tolani laughs]
I'm shocked. This is serious.
[Tolani sighs]
My sister, please forgive me
for what I did the other day.
-You know, my life.
[gentle music playing]
The things I've seen.
The disappointment, everything, just
Just makes me behave
irrationally sometimes.
So, I'm sorry.
[gentle music rising]
[dramatic music rising gently]
[indistinct PA announcement]
[knocking continues]
Tolani, enter now. Come in.
Mama Chidi, good afternoon.
-Sit down. Welcome.
-Thank you.
-How are you?
-I'm fine.
You didn't go to church?
No, ma, I didn't.
We have gone to Sunday mass
and we are back.
The children have eaten.
Even I have eaten too.
They're sleeping.
But Papa Chidi went to watch FIFA final.
Ooh. I have not been following.
Have you been following the matches?
No. I don't have time.
Mm. Okay. Um
Rose has traveled.
And I'm thinking of going
to my hometown next week.
Really? I hope all is well?
-Yes, all is well, Mama Chidi. Thank you.
So I wanted to ask you
to please help us watch our place,
'till I come back.
I'm not going for long.
-How long are you gone?
-Only one week.
-Only one week. Okay.
-Just-- Yes.
-Please when you go, rest. Mm?
-I will.
-Safe journey.
-Thank you.
-Please, rest well.
-I will.
Let me leave you to read your newspaper.
No, it's just newspaper.
But eh, my sister,
this drug thing
is becoming very serious.
Everybody is carrying drugs,
wanting to be rich.
Now, now, now, now.
They can't wait for God to bless them.
Because they want big, big money.
-Ah. Thank you very much, ma.
-Mm. Okay.
-Yes. Thank you.
Don't overwork yourself
and forget to take care of yourself.
[announcer] Oh, what a moment
at the finals against the Germans.
As you can see
Here they go again. Passing the ball.
Yes, he moved it to Joseph Babatunde.
Oh, my goodness.
Yes! Nearly! Going closer!
He stands a chance. And, it's a goal!
[all cheering]
Beautiful one by the Golden Eaglets!
Oh, what a game!
[door creaks]
[chilling music playing]
-Be still. Still. Hey!
I'll kill you. I'll kill you.
Be still, be still.
Are you listening? Are you listening?
Your friend is dead.
Shh! Be still! I want you to disappear.
Go to wherever you like, I don't care.
Just get out of here before daybreak.
[crying] What happened to Rose?
Are you okay?
What's the problem?
[uneasy music playing]
Do you want me to call the hostess?
[dramatic music playing]
Burst bags.
She was a bad investment.
-She was someone's daugh--
Don't even! Don't. Don't try it.
If you're looking for someone to blame,
blame yourself!
You put too much doubt in her mind.
Damn! You caused everything you know!
Hey! Shh. Shut up! Shut up.
Get out of this place by daybreak.
If I come back and meet you here,
you're dead meat.
Dead meat!
[dramatic music playing]
Rose. [sobs]
And I warned you, Rose.
I warned you.
It took death for you to open up, Tolani.
Eh? All by yourself.
Facing all these difficulties.
You should've come home. Hmm?
Are you scared of your home?
Do you have another mother?
[sniffles] Mommy
You've taught me, and you made sure
I can stand on my own.
Not in this kind of situation.
Not when you're suffering,
not when you're hungry.
Look, right now,
I'll boil some herbs for you.
For you bathe with and drink. Yes.
-Yes, herbs.
Can you see all that hollowness
in your neck? It will fill up.
Let me quickly go make it.
Go in and change.
I hear you.
May I never be unfortunate.
-Good morning, ma.
-My dear.
Happy selling.
May you make sales.
-You too.
-Good morning, ma.
-Good morning.
You have a visitor.
Who is it?
How'd you know I was here?
I'm going to the market.
When I get back,
we'll finish our talk.
Yes, ma.
-Bye, ma.
-Bye, ma.
Bye, my dear.
Have a seat.
You're surprised to see me, right?
Will you drink some water?
I will.
-Thank you.
Help me give thanks.
For what?
I found a job.
Consultancy firm.
What would you be doing there?
I'm in the accounting department.
At least you'll be able to move out.
Tolani, what happened?
I called your office,
Godwin saidSalako sacked you
for misconduct.
When I pressed him further,
he said Mrs. Archibong
queried Salako and suspended him.
That suspension is how he'll lose his job.
May God let her read
what I wrote in my report.
She'll see that Rose and I were not crazy.
He doesn't know who he's dealing with.
He doesn't know your spirit.
What are you going to do now?
I don't know yet. I don't know.
[Tolani sighs]
This is the money you loaned me.
Take it.
And I'll give you more
before the end of the month.
For the suffering you went through.
This is enough.
You tried.
It's not up to you to decide.
Thank you.
[Tolani] You did everything you could
to try and drive me away.
-It's not like that.
-It's not like that? How is it then?
Can you not remember
all the rubbish you did?
-You're the one who did rubbish.
-Me, doing rubbish?
Stop lying.
You know only rich people
get married before they're 40.
I'm not important?
Money is more important than me.
Don't say that.
After all the trouble you caused me.
You think I'll let you go that easily?
[upbeat music playing]
That reminds me.
I forgot to ask you, where's Rose?
Good afternoon.
Mama Chidi said she wasn't home.
Rose has gone home.
That's good. We all need rest.
That reminds me, Sanwo, please,
help me give my landlord this one
and give Violet this one.
And you know my furniture?
I want you to send it to me
when you get to Lagos.
Or maybe you should help me sell them
and send the money.
Tolani. Say it one at a time.
All right, don't be upset.
I'll write it all down.
But can I trust you to follow through?
-I've told you before, I'm not a bastard.
-Alright, I've hear you. Don't be angry.
[upbeat music playing]
-[driver] No worries, sir.
Subtitle translation by Jerrold Cameron