Swamp Ape (2017) Movie Script

[Blue] Truck's that way Jasper
[Jasper] No! no! there is where it gets good
Let's go!
[Blue] Can't we carry anything else?
[Jasper] C'mon you wimp, you are not gonna hold
Let's go!
[Blue] Where is he?
[Jasper] The water
Down by the water!
[Blue] What is the DOG doing
[Jasper] What the hell
Fuck! shoot him! shoot him!
[Blue] Oh no!
What the hell happened
What did this to him?
[Jasper] whatever it was, it killed him
No, ahhh!!
[Blue] Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!
Damn! that was a nice fight
I think you are ready for this weekend
[Troy] Thanks man!
i think you are right
Another game?
[Troy] You are on!
Oh man!
I gotta go, um.. Sorry guys
Aww! come on man
Yo! Professor
Sir i...
[Professor] Just have a seat Troy.
And that is why I want to see both of you
you on this expedition.
then how about we get these forms signed?
[Lilly] Let me think about it
[Professor] We're shipping out first thing Lilly
So don't take too long!
You're going to fail
[Troy] Yeah
please don't sugar coat it
[Professor] But being the great Professor that I am
I am going to give you one last chance
I'm heading a expedition this weekend
from a grant I earned
I am seeking eager volunteers
[Troy] I can't the weekend, there's volleyball final
[Professor Stein] if you want to graduate
consider yourself a volunteer!
[Troy] This is championship game Professor
they need me!
[Professor] Look it's no secret, the people are
talking you being the Head Coach this year
If you want that to happen
You are gonna have to graduate
[Professor] Have it to me by the end of the day
[Professor] All right that looks like all of us
Hand me your forms as you enter the Bus
{Profesor Stein] Okay
Glad you decided to join us Lilly
[Lilly] Is it true that Theo Grayson is gonna be
[Professor] Yes, he will
He is a former student of mine
How do you know him?
[Anna Marie] She wants to bang him
[Lilly] Shut up
[Anna] No I don't
[Professor] I'm so glad you've chosen brain over brawn
There might be hope for you young man
[Lilly] The game's Sunday morning
Do you think we can get out by then?
[Professor] That's entirely up to you as a group
[Carl] Okay, umm... Professor Stein
According to the GPS, we're gonna be making a right
and 0.7 miles
right after the other right
[Lilly] Hey everyone,i made cup cakes.
Who wants one
[Carl] I want one of those
Thank you
[Wendy] Are they low fat?
[Lilly] Umm.. i don't know
i made them from the box
[Wendy] Whatever its a cheat day
[Troy] Its pretty good
[Lilly] How about you Professor Stein?
[Professor] No thanks, i am on a diet
Watching my figure, so to speak.
[Troy] How's that working out for you?
[Professor] Good
[Mack] Professor Stein, What's your first name?
[Professor] Richard.
[Mack] So your name's Dick
[Professor] Richard, and that's Professor to you
You know what
I will have that cup cake now
[Troy] So much for a diet
[Lilly] Where are the cup cakes
[Anna] Wendy's got them
[Wendy] Dibs
[Anna] That's so greedy
[Mack] Hey, Dibs on Anna Marie
[Troy] That's all you man.
[Lilly] Ooh, is that a bong?
[Mack] Yeah, you smoke?
[Lilly] All the time. I do a lot of pot
Mostly on the weekends
[Mack] Really? This is one of those vape bongs
[Lilly] Is it?
[Mack] Here, try it
[Troy] No, don't do it, don't listen to him
[Mack] shh.
[Lilly] Ugh.. it's greasy
[Mack] Just pump it
[Lilly] What the hell is this?
[Mack laughing]
[Lilly] Eeww... you jerk! Ugh!
[Professor] All right, we are here.
Everyone out.
Get everything you need
It's wilderness from here on out.
[Wendy] Thank you sir
[Professor] Hey Chief!
Where are the restrooms at?
[Chief] Back in the store
[Anna] Ooh shark week, sucks for you
[Lilly] I know
Umm.. i was wondering do you think any of the guys are hot, like Troy?
[Anna] I don't know, Troy is cute but he is a Ken doll and i....
[Lilly and Anna Screaming] Aaahh!!!
[Mack] Who buys this crap huh?
[Carl] Check it out guys
[Troy] It's a... Big Foot
[Mack] It's a Skunk Ape these thing are been around for centuries
Long before the Native Americans were even here
[Mack] You need to get laid, Urkle
You sound like a dork
[Troy] Hey man, don't listen to him
He's trying to pick a fight you know..
[Carl] Whatever
[CHIEF NADJO] I hope you don't plan on camping around here this weekend.
[Professor] Yes, were here for the pollution study.
[CHIEF NADJO] That's important work.
But there is no camping this weekend
All the local tribes gather for The Blood Moon ceremonies
So the reservation are off limits
[Professor Interrupting] My name is Richard Stein
and this piece of paper here says that we have state clearance to be here.
As you can see that's a state property.
[Professor] Come minions!
[CHIEF NADJO] Your teacher is kind of a Dick
[Carl] Pretty much
[Troy] Yeah.. Agreed
[CHIEF NADJO] It's a dangerous time right now
tread carefully
[Carl] how much for the....
[CHIEF] 20 dollars
[RANGER STEVE] Hey Richard, how's it going?
[Professor] Where were you? we have been waiting for hours
[STEVE] Eh, I just came down from shuttling your guide over to the camp
Okay? I didnt think youd be here so soon.
[Professor] Class, this is Ranger Steve
He is gonna let us stay here overnight and use the park facilities
Ill be at the station all weekend while yall are here, okay?
Ready to go?
[Students] Yes!
[Anna] Yeah, Id so let him do me
[Wendy] Mmm...I would just eat him up like dutch apple
[Lilly] Uh, I would totally hit that too.
I would let him patrol my wetland
Right? i would let him explore my marsh
heh, yest? Id let him motorboat through my swampy Netherlands
[Anna and Wendy] Eww...
[Lilly] Let's go
[RANGER STEVE] Ready to go?
[Professor] We sure are. Everybody load your gear on the boat. Were getting ready head out.
[Anna] Wait a minute.. we are taking a boat there?
[STEVE] Yes sweetheart, most of the year the camp is surrounded by water
[Anna] Nobody told me anything, i didn't even know we are camping on an island
[Professor] I didn't think it matter how we go to camp.
[Anna] No, uh-uh, I need civilization.
[Professor] Look, weve arranged to have a wilderness guide stay with us for safety sake
[Anna] Ooh so thats comforting
[RANGER STEVE] Hey Sweetheart, you are gonna be fine okay?
I am gonna be at station all weekend
[All Shouting] Get on the boat, Com'on!
[RANGER STEVE] Here we are!
Boys Cabin on the left, Girls on the right.
[Anna] Ah! Are you kidding me?
[Troy] Awe, does Princess need her castle
[RANGER STEVE] You got the data lab down the road. Youll have full access
[Troy] You know.. this place isn't that bad
[Carl] Yeah, this is awesome
[Wendy] i guess.
[RANGER] Also you will have a trailer guy, his name is THEO
He is a volunteer at the park
[Professor] All right everyone
let's go set up our bunks
Boys, i want you to gather some fire woods when you are done setting up.
So we can have a fire tonight
[BOYS] All right
[Professor] Ill be at the boathouse by the docks
[Anna] Wait a minute, i don't have signals here
[Troy] I don't have either
[Wendy] Shit.
[Lilly] Me neither
[Carl] Guys... guys my phone works
[Students] All right
[RANGER STEVE] There is a radio in the data lab. if you have an emergency, you contact me
If not, Theo can help you out anything you need okay?
[Students] All right.
[Professor] All right. Let's go
[Carl] Thanks Ranger Steve.
[RANGER STEVE] All right, Take care.
[Carl] Nice
[Troy] Yeah
[Mack] Hey that guy Theo smells like BO!
[THEO] Well, One of us got to share a bunk. No homo.
Im going to check on the girls.
[Mack] Ooh Shit
[Troy] let me be at the bottom
[Troy] Uh, Carl said he already wanted to share a bunk with me.
[Mack] He asked you to share a bunk with you?
[Carl] Yeah
[Mack] What are you guys? Gay?
[Carl] No, i just got dibs
[Mack] It's not happening, All right?
[Carl] I got dibs. All right
[Mack] Ooh you little crazy asshole, don't talk about shit.
[Carl] What the hell do you think you are doing man
[Mack] Woo! you got some issues huh?
You want a fucking pizza
[Troy] Hey!
[Mack and Carl Fighting]
[Carl] You are hurting me!
[Carl] It hurts
[Carl] Get off me!
[Troy] Chill out dude, just calm down!
you want to find yourself sleeping in a room full of enemies tonight
[Mack] Relax, We are joking right Carl?
All right. I will see you guys outside
[Troy] Its alright
[Troy] Here.
[Carl] Thanks
[Troy] You should get the top bunk
[Carl] Thanks for having my back man
[Troy] You got it.
[Troy] Left his toothbrush
[Carl] Aah! You touched my hand
[Mack] Ooh hell yeah, i am jumping in
How about you ladies
[Wendy] Aah...uhh
[Anna] No way, i am not going in there
I don't want parasites going up my... you know what
[Lilly] There's gators all in there.
[Mack] Gators? I bench 280, you think i give a fuck about a gator
Besides it's hot as balls, you ladies can use a tan
[Mack] Wasup Troy, i know you are not a pussy
Wanna go for a swim?
[Troy] Yeah, actually the water looks pretty good
i could definitely go for a swim
Carl, How about you?
[Carl] Dude no way!
[Troy] Your loss
[Lilly] I guess we could get a tan, right?
[Anna] I could do that
[Anna] Eeww.. ugh... What's that smell?
[Carl] You just took your shirt off
[Lilly] Did you bring a towel?
[Anna] Yeah it's over there
[Troy] Yeah! it feels pretty good
[Mack] feels great
[Troy] Carl you sure you don't want to come in?
[Carl] Positive.
[Troy] Alright, you're missing out
[Carl] No i'm not
[Troy and Mack] Ladies!?
[Wendy] I like to eat food not be food
[Mack] Come for a swim
[Ladies] No..
[Mack] Come on!
[Ladies screaming]
[Mack] What about you Carl?
I think you need to man up
[Carl] No!
[Mack] Come for a swim
[Carl] No no come on man!
[Mack] Yeah!!
[Carl] No! No!
[Troy] Put him down man
It's not cool!
[Carl] No no no no no
[Mack]Alright, you want me to put him down
[Carl] no please!
[Mack] Should i put him down?
[Carl] please no
[Troy] Mack! He can't swim!
[Ladies] Noo!
[Anna] Guys he is drowning!
[Carl] I can't...
[Troy] Where did he go?
[Troy Shouting] Carl!
[Lilly] Oh my...
[Troy] Pull him up!
[Lilly] What happened?
[Carl] Something...
something pulled me under
[Lilly] What?
[Wendy] You are an asshole Mack
[Mack] I was just trying to have a little fun
[Troy] Hey! you almost killed him
[Mack] Hey don't fucking touch me twink
[Troy] That doesn't seem to stop you
[Mack] Hey, i told him not to touch me
[Theo] Hey! what the hell is going on here
[Theo] You all had tasks to do
[Wendy] Mack threw Carl into the water and almost drowned him like an idiot
[Mack] Bullshit! i was just playing around
[Wendy] Bullshit?
[Theo] You guys have no business going into that water. There are gators in there.
[Carl] I had my phone in my pocket man.
You have ruined it
It was the only one that even worked out here
[Mack] I am sorry Carl, i was just fucking around man
[Mack] Look i'll get paid on Friday, I will buy you a new phone okay?
[Theo] look you gotta collect the fire wood from now on
[Theo] Go!
[Troy] Okay seriously, what was that?
[Lilly] i heard it what was that?
[Troy] Its probably a wild boar
Come on
[Anna] You think that was a hog?
[Theo] Could have been a boar, bear, gator
i don't know anything
[Mack] You want me to go and collect fire wood?
when there's panthers and bears out there all by myself
[Theo] No man use the buddy system like i told you
Now shake hands and go
[Troy] Seriously?
[Theo] Come on!
[Troy] Fine
[Theo] You all good?
[Lilly] Yeah
[Theo] Alright
Come on let's go
[Mack] Hey, back in river today
I didn't expect all that shit to happen
You got to understand
Last thing i thought i'd be doing this weekend is hanging out with science club
But Professor Stein you know he called me in and gave me an ultimatum
Here i am
[Troy] Yeah i know
[Troy] Professor Stein gave me an ultimatum too
and he knows that today's the most
important game of my life and he still made me come here
It's the qualifier for the state finals which are tomorrow
I just hope my team can pull it off you know
[Mack] They will man
[Mack] I'm gonna go to that meeting
you coming?
[Troy] Yeah.. i will be there in a minute
I am gonna wait for the rain
little bit
[Mack] Alright bro
[Professor Stein] Glad you finally decided to join our mandatory meeting
[Theo] you okay?
[Troy] Yeah i am fine
[Professor] you better not be high on dope either.
[Theo] Well listen, that's a nest.
We found that around here last week
[Lilly] Really? cause this is the same type of nest that a gorilla would make
[Professor] And a deer.
Look i am sorry. As a man of science
if you are implying that whole Big foot Legend
then you are being ridiculous
[Lilly] Professor take a look at this
Its a sample
[Professor] Hair
[Theo] It's primate hair
You see Professor i found one of those
in those "deer-nest" last week
As a man of science i look to find a truth
and the unknown..
[Professor] That's enough
[Professor] Let's not forget what we came here for
Look we'll start collecting samples first thing in the morning
Hopefully we're out of here by six or seven o'clock
[Troy] Yes!
[Wendy] This place is kind of creepy at night
Don't you think?
[Lilly] Yeah. i feel like an Alligator is gonna come out of the bushes and
just drag us into the river or something crazy
[Troy] Hey Theo
What was that...
Skunk ape stuff you and Professor were talking about when i went into the lab
[Theo] Swamp apes
[Troy] Swamp apes
[Theo] That's what they call technically because they are not related to skunks
They have this horrible stench
You can always smell them because you see them
[Troy] Have you ever seen one?
[Theo] yeah
Once when i was six
Just once
[Carl] Seriously?
[Theo] Oh yeah.
[Theo] It was at my house in the suburbs
just about a mile from here
Me and friend were playing in the backyard close to the woods
We looked up and there it was
staring right at us
Just a few yards away
It looked like this huge
Orangutan on two feet
With his piercing eyes
Then we heard this horrible crying sound come from the woods
And boom, took off, Gone!
Never saw it again
Told our parents
ofcourse nobody believed us
[Wendy] Thanks Theo.
Now i won't be able to sleep tonight
[Theo] I will tell you what
Sometimes..when i am out here in the woods alone
[Theo] Rubbing one out
i could still see it's eyes
Looking at me through the trees
[Anna] Will you shut the hell up?
You are freaking me out!
[Mack] Did you guys hear that?
[Anna] Shut up...!!
[Mack] i'm serious, i hear something
Oh my god
[Mack] Shh..
[Anna] You douche bag..
[Lilly] You are so gross
[Mack] You guys smell that skunk ape?
[Everyone Irritated]
[Wendy] Oh my God!
[Theo] You wish if it smell that good
[Lilly] What?
[Everyone Laughs]
[Theo] Get outta here
[Theo] Get out of here
Go... raccoon
Don't worry about them raccoons
[Theo] Don't worry about Panthers either
I was just fucking with you all
[Theo] Alright well..
See you bright and early tomorrow
[Everyone] Good night
[Mack] You know what
i think those girls are going to stay up all night, scared of some farting apes.
[Carl] Probably
[Troy] Hey, let's go scare them
[Mack] Yeah... but how though?
[Troy] I don't know.. let's go over there, bang on the walls, making ape noises or something... you know
[Mack] Cool lets start ...monkeying around.
[Troy] Alright
[Mack] Ooh wait a minute
They are getting undressed
[Carl] What? Guys i can't see anything
Come on lift me up or something please
Come on... let me see
Lift me up or something
[Carl] Woah
[Mack] Are they gonna get naked or what?
[Carl] Dude i am finally gonna get to see boobs
[Mack] Oh man
[Carl] Com'on do something
[Mack] Oh shit she's taking off the bra!
[Carl] Guys i can't see
[Mack] Help her out, help her out
[BOYS] Aaaahh.....Ughh!!!
[Carl] Get out of the way!
[Mack] Move!
[Carl] Come on!
[Troy] It's best part.. move!
[Mack] She moves.. She moves
[BOYS] Aaahh! Man!
[Mack] Let's do what we came here for
[Troy] Alright. you bang on the window.
I will bang on the door, give me a count 1 2 3 go for it.
[Mack] Tell us when you are ready
[Carl] You ready?
Ready one two three!
[Mack] Lets go! go!
[Anna] You fucking assholes!
[Anna] Aah! you bitch i think we have been hanging out too much, i think i am getting my periods too
[Lilly] It's not my fault
[Anna] Aah!
[Professor] You guys are late
Now listen up we got a work to do
Theo is gonna take you out and get samples from the study area
[Wendy] Is it far?
[Theo] Not too far but we got a couple different
places to go though
[Professor] It's gonna take all day
You are in for a big hike
[Troy] Wait you are not coming with us?
[Professor] I am too old for hiking
[Mack] too out of shape
[Theo] Alright did anybody packed Lunch?
[Lilly] I took care of it
[Theo] Alright let's go!
[Wendy] Ants are biting me everywhere
[Theo] Remember it guys, be sure to drink plenty of water at all times
We're in a wild here, keep a look out for rattlesnakes, spiders, poison ivy ehh.. ?
even quicksand
[Mack] Quicksand?
[Theo] I am serious and of-course the obvious gators
As far as samples go.
Scoop a little water off at the top here
and put it in here.
Be sure to label it with time, date and location
and do the same thing for the soil and the mud
Alright guys we're gonna split up right here.
So umm... Troy Lilly you guys come with me
We will take east trail right there
And umm.. Mack, Anna Marie, Carl and Wendy
You guys take this north trail right here
Alright guys protect these ladies
I don't want to see them alone anywhere.. Okay?
[Ladies] Woa!
[Theo] Alright. What time?
[Students] Two o'clock
[Theo] Alright so who brought lunch?
[Lilly] I brought lunch for everybody.. sandwiches
[Wendy] you got turkey?
[Lilly] Of course
[Theo] Alright great. You could just leave it right here
We will come back and get it
[Lilly] Okay
[Theo] Alright let's go!
[Troy] Alright mark this bad boy
[Lilly] Good idea
[Lily] How about right over there
Seems like a good spot yeah!
[Troy] That was good right?
[Lilly] Yeah...
[Lily] Should be good enough
[Troy] Alright here you go Lilly
[Lilly] Thanks
[Lilly] So what about Anna Marie's doing right now
you know i bet she's off hanging...
[Troy] Who cares?
I am sorry but you can't ride her coattails all the time
I mean she's not like a good role model.. you know
[Lilly] Yeah .. but she's my best friend
And she's beautiful
[Troy] She's a.... She's not my type
[Lilly] Well.. what is your type?
[Troy] Umm...
[Carl] Have you guys seen Theo man
i mean its like so many mosquitos, i need the bud spray
Its something ridiculous out here
[Wendy] I am gotten eaten alive over here
There's gonna be nothing left in me
[Troy] yeah yeah me too
[Wendy] God knows there's a lot in me
[Lilly] Let's go look for samples
[Troy] Yeah
[Wendy] Oh my god this is so disgusting
[Carl] Theo!
[Wendy] I am hungry..
[Anna] I have to pee
[Mack] Alright go pee.
[Mack] Here you can use my wipes
[Anna] Okay
[Lilly] Yooo..
[Theo] Hey
[Lilly] Hey...
[Carl] Wow.. hey how long this is been here?
[Theo] About a month
I leave food out here all the time
I guess you guys found out about my research study
Whatever's taking it
It is big
and smart enough to not get caught
[Troy] How the hell did you get this back here?
[Theo] piece by piece my friend.
[Lilly] There's blood all over the bottom of the cage
[Theo] I know...
This is supposed to be a non-fatal trap
i got to see the footage from last night and
see what we got
[Lilly] Is that a camera?
[Troy] yeah.
[Theo] Alright get in. Everyone see?
[Everyone] Wow...
[Carl] Is that...
[Theo] I can't believe it
[Theo] Let's go come on!
Let's go get it.
[Wendy] What?
[Wendy] This is so nasty!
[Anna] Mack are you watching me?
[Anna Screaming]
[Mack] Anna Marie?
[Anna] I wanna go home..
There was a raccoon just staring at me
[Anna] Hmm.. you smell good
[Theo] There they are
[Troy] let's get some food i am hungry
The cooler should be right ahead with the sandwiches
i made umm....
Did somebody move the cooler?
i got to swear i put it right here
[Carl] It's gone guys.. it's disappeared
[Wendy] Ooh i was really looking forward to that sandwich
[Theo] Does anyone have any food they could share?
[Anna] Wendy does.. she always has food.
[Wendy] No i don't ... Anna!
Its all at camp.
[Theo] Umm.. alright guys let's just hike back
the best we could do is have an early dinner alright?
[Students] Alright.
[Theo] Alright guys we are almost there
Come on!
[Theo] Wait wait wait
We are missing somebody
Who is it?
[Lilly] Wendy...
[Theo] Where the hell is she?
[Troy] Wendy!
[Carl] Missing? how could you miss her?
[Theo] Right.. yeah.. you are funny
Now seriously where is she?
Alright we gotta go back!
[Lilly] Wait but what if she goes back to camp and
we are out looking for her?
[Mack] Me and Anna Marie would go back to get her
[Anna] We are?
[Mack] yeah.
[Theo] Alright... Yeah
meet us back at camp, come on!
[Anna] Okay.
[Mack] Alright we will be back
[Professor] Wha.. What's happening?
[Troy] Wendy's missing Professor
[CHIEF NADJO] It's always about a girl
[Steve] You ain't lying Chief
[Chief] Now i spend my time here with Alvin
[Steve] Good company.. Quiet
[Theo on Radio] Station come in.. this is Theo
I am at research camp
[Steve] Go for station, Steve.
[Theo] Steve.. one of our student went missing.
We last saw her on the northen trail
[Steve] Description
[Theo] yeah, she's college age, African-American
and uh....
[Professor] Thick!
[Theo] Yeah.
[Steve] Copy that.
[Ranger Steve] I wasn't going to pick you guys up for another hour or so but uh.. let me rush over there ASAP
[Theo] Copy that. Thanks.
[Steve] Gotta go
Later on boss man.
[Theo] Now Troy.. i really need to make sure you get everybody at camp safe..
I gotta take care of something alright?
[Troy] Okay you got it.
[Mack] Wendy?
[Anna] You know Wendy is back at camp
This is me and you out here
[Wendy] Heyy!!
[Mack] I can take care of that
[Mack] What?
[Anna] No.. nothing
[Mack] What is it?
[Anna] I just thought there was.. more!
[Mack] Ooh
[Anna] Okay babe come here
[Anna] Aah! ooh shit
[Mack] Over here.
[Mack] Okay now what was it?
[Anna] i don't know
[Mack] It's close... shhh.. shhh..
[Anna Crying] Wendy...
[Mack] Shhh...
[Anna] Noo...
I am stuck..
[Mack] You got to pull yourself out
Holy Fuck!
[Anna] I am sinking... Mack
[Anna Screaming]
[Steve] Shit!
Come on! come on Steve
[Theo] Troy... did Mack come back here with the others?
[Troy] No, they didn't come back yet.
[Theo] Steve shoud have been here by now
[Mack] Anna... Anna Marie!
[Professor] Steve!
Steve what are you doing?
Holy shit.
[Professor] Emergency! emergency help!
Ranger Steve is down!
[Mack] Woah ooh! It's me!
[Professor] Where were you?
[Professor] Where is Wendy?
[Mack] uhh... the thing.. killed her... and uh..
[Professor] What thing?
[Mack Vomiting]
[Professor] Here clear yourself up. I'll be back in a minute
You are gonna be alright.
[Mack] No...
[Theo] Guys don't run! whatever you do don't run!
[Theo] Lilly go back into the cabin slowly
[Carl] Aaaaahh!
[Troy] Carl.. Carl
[Theo] Give me that
[Troy] Push down on that
[Troy] You will be alright
[Carl] That was my jerkoff arm.
[Professor] This is your fault, you involved my students
in your freak project
and now..
[Theo] I didn't think this was gonna happen until..
[Troy] Until what? you knew that thing was out there
[Theo] I didn't.. i didn't know for sure.
and i didn't think it would hurt anybody
[Professor] What happened to Anna Marie and Wendy?
[Mack] Anna Marie is dead.. fucking thing killed her
It killed Wendy too
[Professor] by the way Ranger Steve is dead too
His body washed up on the beach earlier
[Theo] It's not my fucking fault
[Professor] We are getting off this Island now
[Troy] We can't get out of here without a boat
[Theo] Look there's a sand bar alright, we can cross to mainland that way during low tide
It's.. Its gonna take about an hour
[Troy] An hour?
[Lilly] Hour?
[Professor] What choice do we have?
[Troy] Carl is badly injured, he can't walk for an hour
[Professor] We're gonna have to leave Carl
[Troy] What?
[Lilly] Alone? but that.. that thing out there?
[Troy] No..No way!
[Carl] Just go guys.. just go
Just hide me in the cabin or something alright?
[Carl] I'm only gonna slow you down.
[Troy] That will help with the pain... Here you go buddy
[Carl] Thanks
[Troy] lay back.. lay back
[Lilly] Hey Carl.. here i brought you some Cheetos
they will give you strength
[Carl] Aah.. i don't think cheetos are gonna...
[Lilly] Shh... save your strength
[Lilly] I think you're very very brave for staying here Carl
[Carl] I am brave as long as you come back
[Carl] Man these are good.
Hmm.. go
Just go!
Get out of here.. go!
I don't think they are coming back
[Lilly] Damn.. my batteries are dead
[Troy] don't worry. we will share mine.
[Lilly] Thanks
[Lilly] Sorry.
[Lilly Screaming]
Help me.... help me
[Troy] Mack! Theo!
[Mack] Lilly!
[Anna Marie crying]
[Lilly] Anna Marie.. oh my God!
i thought you were dead
How long have you been in here?
[Anna] i don't know
[Lilly] oh my God are you okay? Did you get hurt?
[Anna] No
[Lilly] Are you? oh my god
Is he gonna fucking...
[Anna] This is all your fault
because you have fucking period!
[Lilly] It's not my fault Anna Marie
[Lilly] Oh my god we have to get out of here
[Anna] i don't know what to do i really wanna get out
[Mack] wait wait
[Theo] What?
[Mack] This place looks familiar
[Troy] Hey guys there's one of my tree mark
It's over there
[Mack] My stuff.. Ooh man there is where me and
Anna Marie. We were gonna.. and then that
the beast...
Nah.. i didn't even save her man.
He threw me like a little bitch
[Troy] It's not your fault
[Theo] This means we are closer to the sand bar.
Now i don't see any signs of Lilly or the other girl
[Professor] Well then we keep making our way off the island
If we can't find her, the authorities will find her.
That's their Job
[Troy] Scew you man we are not leaving without her
[Theo] Hey!
[Mack] Hey hey save it man
Cause we are gonna kill that mother freaky
monkey fucker
[Troy] yeah
[Lilly] He's gonna eat us
[Anna] No.. no
[Anna] what is that..
[Both Crying]
[Anna Marie] No!!
[Theo] Hey what was that? that came from over there
[Mack] It's Ana Marie she's alive. Lets go!
[Lilly] Ana Marie
[Anna Screaming]
[Troy] Lilly.. you okay?
Where's Anna Marie?
[Lilly] He killed her... he's just uhh..
i don't know where she is
[Mack] Anna!
[Mack] You!
[Troy] Mack! what is he doing?
[Mack] Close the door Troy.. it's already over
[Theo] Mack get your ass out of there
[Troy] Mack! Mack!
[Theo] Lets go out of here... let's go!
[Mack] Aah! aah!
[Troy] We have to cross.
[Theo] No no there's turds in the punch bowl.
[Troy] i guess we have to find another way across.
Come on!
[Troy] Look
[Lilly] There's a boat
[Theo] Let's use it
[Lilly] Oh my god
[Troy] Wait what about Carl?
[Theo] What about him?
[Troy] We can't just leave him here
[Troy] I will go back and get him
[Lilly] by yourself?
[Troy] It's fine i think He's locked in the cage
I will be okay
I will be back
[Theo] Hurry up, five minutes!
[Troy] Woah!
[Lilly] Look there's Troy
[Troy] Get in the boat, that thing is coming
Come on let's go
Come on!
[Lilly] Carl's dead?
[Troy] Theo!
[Theo] Come back!
[Theo] Aa...
[Troy] Theo!
[Troy] Look the airboat station
[Troy] We got to get out
Swim... swim fast
[Lilly] Troy
[Troy] Lilly!
[Lilly] Troy uhh... aah!
[Lilly] Troy
Come on where is the van?
[Lilly] Come on! come on!
[Troy] Shhh...
[Lilly] He's gonna get us.. we need to go now!
[Troy] go go go
[Lilly] Oh my god
[Lilly] Do you see him?
[Troy] i don't see him
Lets go fucking outta here
[Troy] i think we made it
[Lilly] Come on Troy. we got to go
We got to go
Get out. Lets go!
[Lilly screaming]
[Lilly] You saved our lives
[Chief Nadjo] I did.
[Lilly] you okay?
[Chief Nadjo] I warned you of the danger and you paid me no heed
Now look what happened
[Troy] It wasn't our fault we..
[Chief] Of course it was your fault
And this youngling doesnt need to speak to let me know youve physically assualted him as well
[Lilly] Theo just wanted to prove it existed
[Chief] it was only a matter of time before his sneakiness destroyed everything
Your society is doing the same thing to the
Esti Capcaki species
that its been does to all other species
Pushing them out, Destroying there way of life
[Lilly] We are sorry
If you are truly sorry, you will help me lift this precious creature into the boat
[Troy] Is he.. Is he still alive?
[Chief] He's only knocked out
You are in no danger now anyway
The blood moon is over.
This was his time to find a mate.
and be free
[Chief] Tell no one what happened here
[Lilly] Oh my gosh