SWAT: Unit 887 (2015) Movie Script

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We have a callback for 8667.
that's just a cam on the comer.
Stand by.
On my mark.
Three, two, one, mark.
I'll cover short wall.
You cover long wall.
Do not proceed
until I give you a go. Copy?
I'm moving.
Please! Please!
Nu one can
fucking save her.
I'm going to blow
your fucking brains out.
You've got two choices.
Put the gun
on the ground,
or I'll put you down.
Put the gun
on the ground now!
Fuck you!
I'm moving!
give it up, man.
I'd rather rot in hell.
It's very important, too,
and I am super, super excited.
Please, please,
look at the colors.
It's driving me crazy.
You know how OCD I am.
Can you at least give me to the end
of my shift to check them out'?
Okay, well,
if you pick the color,
I promise I will go buy
a baby doll outfit
for you in that color.
I'll be waiting for you.
Yes, l promise. I will look
through every single one, okay?
Even the pinks.
I said the pinks.
Okay, I can't wait.
Okay, love you.
I love you, too. Bye.
"I love you."
Anyway, so how do
you think we did today'?
I think we did good, man. Yeah'?
I think we kicked ass.
Sorry about that.
Is he there'?
Hey. There's my girl.
How are you'?
Ooh, woo!
Geez, Chris. What have you
been feeding her'? Shut up.
Come eat.
What's up, buddy'?
Sam, what's going on, man?
Man, lam starving, brother.
Tonight, on Crime Watch, the search
for 19-year-old Janet Andrews
has come to a happy end.
Police raided a suspected base camp
of human trafficking
When was this'?
Did you know about this'?
Oh, my God.
Hey, everybody, Sammy.
Sammy is on TV.
...rescue of Janet Andrews
and the other hostages.
A shoot out occurred,
which resulted in the deaths
of three of the alleged kidnappers.
Now, back to you at the studio.
You can't play
cowboys forever, you know.
I'm not harping
on you at all,
but today you could
have been killed.
And you don't just have the two
of us to worry about anymore.
I took this job
because I wanted to do
something important.
You know? I get it, though.
I get it. I understand
where you're coming from.
We--we do have
something important, though.
I know. We've got a
baby on the way.
I know.
And honestly, Chris,
every single time you walk
out that door, I worry.
And every time that phone
rings while you're on duty,
it's ridiculous.
I lose a year of my life.
I'm going to be gray
in, like, a year.
Oh, my gosh, you are
not going to be gray.
And if you are gray,
I will still love you,
and we will buy you the
best hair dye in the world.
But I don't need
to be gray.
Listen to me.
You need to be safe.
Yes, I will, okay'?
Every day I am safe.
I came home tonight. I'm going
to come home tomorrow night.
And I'm going to come
home every night
for the rest of your life.
You know why'?
Because I love you.
So trust me, okay'?
I like the way that sounds.
Good. Okay, so,
keep your promise.
I will keep my promise.
Son of 5..
Get me everything
you have on this bastard.
Be ready for a briefing
in 10 minutes.
All right, everybody,
listen up.
We've got a situation.
A tier 3 target
was just identified
arriving at LAX just
a short while ago.
One Damian White.
White is an ex special military
ops turned career criminal.
He's managed to stay off the
grid for the last seven years,
so we're not exactly sure his
reason for popping up again,
but it can't be good.
The last time, he managed
to hijack a shipment
of raw radioactive materials
for the ecu-terrorism
organization, the ELF.
This character here
is Nick Koslow.
Okay, Koslow is White's
right-hand man,
his enforcer.
You should all recognize
these three clowns.
Now let's see if we can't get
some eyes on each one of them.
See if we can't
flush Damian out.
Their roles
as black market arms dealers
makes them a likely
first stop for Damian.
If White is back
out in the open,
you can rest assured
that these men are, too.
Other than that,
we are flying blind here.
God knows I hate
flying blind.
All right, let's get as much
information as possible,
their local contacts,
known associates,
any gossip that might be
brewing in the trenches.
And I need it yesterday.
Okay, connect
with your contacts.
Let's nail this bastard.
You okay, ma'am'?
We need to alert
local authorities,
and get the police captain
on the phone.
Yes, ma'am.
- This is Uni! 887.
- We have a report
of a 273 Delta in progress
just east of your position.
Can you respond?
Yeah, we're on the corner
of Van Nuys Boulevard
and Market.
10-4, in route.
Oh, you fucking bitch.
Jimmy. Jimmy. Jimmy what'?
Jimmy what'?
Put the gun down, please.
Listen, Jimmy.
Shut up. Shut up.
I don't understand why
you're doing this. Shut up.
I can't--
Shut up, shut up.
Shut up.
What is this'?
What is this'?
What is this'?
What is this'?
My neighbors here, they're
normally good people.
Okay. Right'? And I just hear
weird noises coming out of there.
Listen to me,
why don't you calm down'?
You sure they're
not just, you know,
doing something?
What kind of noises?
Tell me.
Tell me!
Okay, I was just going to visit
my mom for a little while, okay'?
Don't fucking lie to me.
I was just going
to see her for the weekend.
Who are you fucking'?
Tell me!
I'm not fucking anyone.
Believe me.
Who are you fucking'?
Trust me,
I'm not fucking anyone.
Who are you fucking'?
I'm not fucking anyone.
Look at these lips.
Look at these lips.
Whose lips have
you been kissing?
Don't! Don't!
Tell me, come on.
Tell me!
Please, Jimmy,
put the gun down, please.
Open your mouth.
What are you doing?
Open your mouth!
What are you doing?
Stop it!
Come on, open your mouth.
You know how to.
Come on. Open your mouth!
Sir, I need you to calm down.
Tell me exactly what's going on.
What would Jesus do--
What's your name?
Okay, sir, what's your name?
Oh, shit!
Hey, no!
Chris, get in there.
Listen to me!
No, wait!
No, no, no!
Go, get in there!
I'm going!
Jimmy, Jimmy,
think about this.
Don't do this, Jimmy.
Stop it, stop it, please.
watch movies and series
Hey, stop!
Hey, stop!
Thank you.
Hicks, what's your 20?
Do not pursue the suspect.
Wait for backup.
I'm on the corner
of 8th and 9th Street.
We need backup.
This is Officer Hicks.
My partner is on his way.
We have a man down.
Suspect down. Report.
I'm reporting live from downtown
Los Angeles at a crime scene.
Earlier today, a woman
was found at her house
tied up by her boyfriend.
The man ran
to avoid capture.
An officer shot the man
whose identity
remains unknown.
The woman was saved
by Officer Cutter
and Officer Hicks.
Hicks and Cutter,
get your asses in here.
Sit down.
That was some stunt
you guys pulled.
Chief wanted to come down
on you guys very hard.
Captain... Did I fell
you to fucking talk?
Then shut up. Don't think you're
going to be cooling your heels
and sipping Mai Tais
waiting for the review board
to go over
that disaster yesterday.
I'm putting yous
on babysitting detail.
Tonight, Senator James Abrahams
is doing a big deal
and he wants a couple cops
to keep an eye on his VIPs.
Since I don't want
to break up this happy marriage,
you're going to accompany him
on his babysitting detail
until the review board
clears him for general duty.
I understand, sir.
I mean, I'm sure I could be used
better on some other detail.
Don't you think'?
You know, you should have
thought of that
before you let
your fucking partner play hero.
Now, get the fuck
out of here.
Yes, sir.
You're not going
to last in the PD
if you don't learn
to play by the rules.
It's that simple.
LAPD. Captain Ryan.
One moment, please,
while I transfer your call.
Captain Ryan, you
have a call on line two.
Yeah, Captain Ryan.
To life.
Get locked and loaded.
Copy that.
So make sure we have
our insurance policy, okay'?
Give me a kiss.
Hey, look, um...
I'm on a date, so...
Ready to go.
It's show time.
I'll have one of my agents
send over all the info.
If that's right,
Damian White.
Ma'am, I think
I got something.
Okay, we'll be in touch.
What do you have'?
Ma'am, my asset just reported
a large movement of firearms
from a warehouse
in this area downtown.
All right, that's good.
Good work.
Thank you.
All right, let's get
some people down there.
I'm on it.
Okay, you two are going to man
the south wing checking the IDs.
The Senator is going to be
in the north wing with the main body.
Why would he have us
on the south end,
and everyone else on the north end'?
I mean, what's going on'?
Because the Senator wants
all his team on the north side.
Why move all the gallery
security to the perimeter?
They know this place better than anyone.
Because he doesn't want any problems.
I guess there's a lot
of bigwigs here tonight, huh?
The senator rubs elbows with
a whole bunch of high-profile people.
He likes to make
a big splash.
Okay, sounds easy enough.
Sounds like
we're on grunt duty.
We hit the south wing,
stand still,
watch stars, you guys
get to have fun.
Correct? It's going
to be a good time.
Just stay
out of everybody's' way.
This is going to be a walk in the park.
Come an.
Okay, I understand
we're hereto work, not question.
I get it.
Take care of it.
I'm going to go mingle.
And don't cause any trouble.
You see what
you get us into'?
There's no working
as a team, huh?
So why don't we go
the rest of the night
and you try
not to fuck up, okay'?
Just pay attention, man.
Seriously, please.
I got you, man. Please, please?
Look at me.
Can you pay attention? Du
you think this is easy?
Nu, I'm not saying it's easy.
Pay attention, okay?
Here she comes. That's what you're
worried about right now, a girl?
Hey, look at this one.
We're on detail,
and you're worried about a girl.
Hello. How you holding
up down here?
Doing well.
How are you'?
Pretty well.
You boys having fun'?
Couldn't be better.
That's good, man.
Nice black.
Thank you, thank you.
Sorry, this smells smelly.
It's been out.
Shrimp? No, thank you, I'm good.
Okay, enjoy-
Thank you.
All right, we got work to do.
Come on.
Let's go.
Hicks, I'm going 10-1.
Cover me.
Yes, sir.
Make sure to
secure our hostages, okay'?
If anybody gives you
any shit, kill them.
Everybody on the ground!
Everybody on the ground now!
This is not a game!
Shots fired!
Shots fired!
Collins, this is Sam.
Say that again.
I repeat, City Hall
is under attack.
Sam, Cutter!
Cutter, come in,
there's shots fired
on the north end.
What's your ETA'?
one of you...
is Dr. Land's?
Somebody better speak up.
Come on, compliance,
people, compliance.
The sooner
we figure things out,
the sooner we can
all get out of here.
Yo, what the fuck, man'?
What the fuck'?
We're just trying to have
a good time, man.
You got something
to say, hipster man'?
I'm not going to ask again!
You know what'? Everyone, jewelry,
wallets, cell phones, in the bag now.
Collect them. Come on,
compliance, people, compliance.
Get them in the bag.
Don? try to be a hero.
Compliance means
you stay alive.
You don't want to end up
like this shithead here!
What about you, huh'?
Hey,you look
like a doctor.
No, no, you got
the wrong guy.
Got a stethoscope
under there?
Don't play with me. Don't play with me.
Check him out.
I'm not a doctor, man.
Tick-took, you are messing
with my patience.
I will find out
who the good Dr. Landis is.
Get over here.
Get down, get down!
What do you want with me'?
Please, don't hurt
my little girl.
Oh, please.
Don't take my baby!
It'll be okay!
Baby, hold on.
Quiet, you.
What's your name,
It's Landis.
So, you are Landis.
That was" that was
your daughter, wasn't it'?
You were setting
a bad example as a parent.
You were going to let
all these people die.
I love you!
I'm disappointed in you.
Very disappointed.
Be quiet!
No, don? hurt her.
Why don't you leave
the little girl alone?
Shut the fuck up.
Get down!
Get down, get down.
Like him, you'll be dead.
Kill him.
Please don't hurt her.
Secure our guests.
We're within 30 seconds.
Get them up, let's go.
Let's go!
Get them up!
Get up.
You know where to get them.
UP, up, up.
Go. We're in the wind.
Let's go, people.
Make sure we have the insurance
policy, okay, asshole?
Let's go!
Don't you fucking move!
Get your ass up.
Get up!
Get the fuck up.
Get up!
Get up!
Get the fuck up!
Drop your fucking weapon!
Hey, look,
you get locked and loaded.
I think something
is wrong.
Drop the fucking gun.
Really wrong.
I got to go.
If I don't come back,
just leave.
Okay'? No big deal.
If I don't come back,
just leave.
Drop the fucking gun.
Drop it.
Put it down.
Put your fucking gun down.
Cutter, talk to me.
I'm okay.
Chris, talk to me.
Stay with me.
I'm all right.
Stay with me, Chris.
He's not breathing. I
don't think he has a pulse.
There's blood everywhere. There's
a woman screaming in the back.
They took our phones.
No, I don't know
if he stopped breathing.
I don't know.
I don't know.
Sam, talk to me. Sam,
look at me, look at me.
I don't think he has a pulse.
We're at City Hall. Look at me.
Look at me.
Look at me.
Look at me.
Look at me, Sam.
Sam, look at me!
Look at me, man.
Look at me.
Look at me, Sam. Sam.
Sam, Sam.
Give me the phone,
give me the phone.
Listen, this is
Officer Chris Cutter.
Yes, we've been jacked.
We're at City Hall.
I don't know, maybe
four, five, six, yes.
They've got guns.
They've got automatic weapons.
I have no idea
where they're at.
We've got a deceased male,
about 25 years old.
Please, I'm begging you, get
somebody here now. Okay'? Please.
Keep pressure on that.
Hold this, hold this.
Let me out of here!
I was able
to getaway.
They still have
my daughter.
Please help me.
Come here.
Ma'am, this just came in.
What is it'?
AH units be advised,
shots fired at City Hall.
Any available unit respond.
Potential hostage situation.
Expect heavy firepower.
Reports from inside suggest
military grade weaponry.
Get me that
security footage.
Everybody on the ground!
This is not a game!
Which one of you
is Dr. Landis?
Whoa, whoa, did
he just say Landis'?
Everybody on the ground!
This is not a game!
Which one of you
is Dr. Landis?
Son of a bitch.
You mean to tell me that
local PD is compromised.
According to the NCIC,
that's Paul Stein.
He's a hitman.
In and out of prison
since he could carry a gun.
And if I had to guess,
that's a stolen uniform.
Nicholas Kosiow,
criminal history includes
weapons and human trafficking,
distribution of narcotics,
assault with a deadly weapon,
and kidnapping.
Listed as having fled
the country
after he slipped away during a
weapons drop that he organized.
And known associate
of Damian White.
Any sign of Damian'?
No, ma'am.
Not yet anyways.
Wait, wait, hold it.
Who's that?
that's Chris Cutter, ma'am.
Is he one of ours
or one of theirs?
Oh, he's one of ours.
Cutter is 32 years old.
LAPD, first year of SWAT.
Former military.
Earned a Purple Heart
after three tours
in Afghanistan after 9/11.
Born in South Carolina,
graduated West Point.
Engaged to Stacy James,
who is an ER nurse
at county general.
Right, well, see if you can get the
surveillance from the street cams
track his car's
LoJack system,
get him on the phone.
You got it.
beep, man on radio]
This is an emergency alert.
Breaking news
from Senator Abrahams' charity gather.
Reports of shots fired.
No reports of number of casualties
or who is behind the attack.
Be advised, all roads
surrounding the incident
will be closed
until further notice.
Please use
an alternative route.
More updates as things unfold.
And now back to
some more music for your soul
right here at 105.9 WWKY.
Please pick up.
Please pick up.
Hello. Hey, I'm so
glad you're okay.
No, I'm listening
to the news.
I hear reports of gunfire
and casualties. Babe.
Yes, I know.
Baby, listen to me.
You need to go home.
Go to your mother's house.
I will call you.
I knew this was going to happen.
I can't lose you.
I can't-J can't
lose you right now.
You trust me, right'?
I think you need
to come home.
I love you, okay'?
Now, just go home, go to your
mother's house, do something, please.
I'll call you soon.
I love you, too, Chris.
And I got him.
They're heading west
on the 10.
I've got Cutter
on the phone, ma'am.
Cutter, this is Special Agent Melanie Hamlin.
I need you to listen carefully.
You are to proceed directly to a
safe house at a secure location.
I will have one of my agents
forward you the coordinates now.
Okay, but ma'am, you need to
tell me what's going on first.
That's classified.
All I can tell you
is that you are transporting
atop priority asset.
Dr. Landis
is extremely important
to the International
Bioterrorism Division.
I need to secure her
Look, I don'! care about
what's classified, okay?
They shot my partner,
and they gather daughter.
So I need to speak
to my superiors right now.
You need to proceed directly
to the secure location.
I will contact
your superiors
and they will be in touch.
I understand.
All right, how long before we can
get some info on those hostages?
An hour, maybe two.
Good, all right, also
confirm that Claire Landis
was on that guest list.
I'll send a transfer
for the asset, ma'am.
Whoa, this is
not our jurisdiction.
Until we know
of White's involvement,
we are to assist only.
Roger that, ma'am.
My, my, my, my.
What the fuck
just happened?
I've gut the call
saying that my car
was rerouted.
And I've got
a hostage situation.
Four fucking hostages, Mike.
How did they disappear and taken from
underneath the nose of your officers?
I lost a few
of those officers, Jim.
And we had no way
of seeing this coming.
Do you know
who was at the event'?
Hmm'? Do you'?
Do you know if the media will
get their hands on that'?
We are doing everything
that can be done.
Not now, not in this
damn situation right now.
Listen to me...
the live techs are working
to ID the John Doe from the hallway.
We will have
some information soon.
Hmm. I cannot believe it.
I cannot believe it.
With all night it had
to be tonight, huh'?
And tomorrow
is the conference.
We're doing all we can do,
but there's just
not that much information
to work on yet.
I want you
to make sure that
you take care of this
quietly and quickly.
Do you hear me?
I need your help, Mike.
You know what will happen to
me if the press finds out'?
I'm so close to retirement
and then this fucking happens.
You asked
for a couple of cops
to keep an eye on your VIPs.
There was no indication that there
was going to be a terrorist strike.
What do you think
we should do, Mike?
Until they contact us,
there's nothing to do.
And this is
your suggestion?
To sit down
on our hands and...
wait for our
ransom call, right'?
It's all I've got, Jim.
I'm sorry.
That's it'?
That's the best that
you can come up with'?
Mike? Really?
Mary washed
her little lamb'?
Well, she played
with the three blind mice.
Come on,
this way, ma'am.
Ma'am, straight forward. We got a
clean room right here on the right.
Mikayla'? Mikayla will be okay.
Your daughter will be fine, okay'?
Just right this way.
Where's my daughter?
Ma'am, ma'am,
just sit down.
I got you.
Be still.
There you go.
I know it's not
a hotel, ma'am.
Sheets are not
the cleanest.
We got fresh towels.
We got water.
You let me know if you need
anything, all right'?
Cutter, you know
the house rules.
All lines are secure.
Knock twice if you
need anything, all right'?
Please tell me
my daughter is okay.
Please just help me
find my daughter.
Ma'am, I'm going to help you
find your daughter, okay'?
Just relax.
John, just get some coffee
and a secure line, please.
Yes, sir.
Where is my daughter?
Where is my daughter?
I will do
whatever you want.
I will answer whatever
questions you want.
Just help me
find my daughter.
She was wearing
a pink dress.
She's going to go home to visit
her grandma for Christmas
and bake cookies,
and I just
love her so much.
You've got to help me
find my daughter, Chris.
I'm pregnant. Chris!
Just help
me find my daughter.
I love you.
Mikayla, honey, where are you'?
Are you okay'?
Hello again.
Who is this'?
Hey, who is this'?
Christopher, Christopher,
Hey, it's very unfortunate
that we are in this predicament,
but we are.
You have something
that I very much want.
You up for a little game?
I said, you up
for little game'?
What do you mean, game?
I'm not playing
any game.
Yes, Sergeant Kane.
I've got Cutter for you.
You're going
to want to hear this.
I wish I could say--
Who is this?
Who am I talking to?
I have four people
who would very much
like to leave
in the next 24 hours.
They don? want to die.
You're not going to let
them die, are you, Christopher?
Are you?
Oh, so you think playing with
peoples lives, that's a game?
What do you want'?
No! Hey.
That's not how
this game works.
You don? ask me questions.
I ask you questions.
Okay, you have something
that I very much want,
like I said,
and I have three fat cats
and a little girl that would very
much like to go home, okay'?
I'm sure we can
come to some--
some kind of agreement
and arrangement.
But only if you
follow the rules.
You have a pen? Because you
might want to [at this dawn.
One, absolutely
no more press!
What does that mean?
You heard that, right'?
I want it quiet.
You hear that'?
It's really quiet.
I want it that quiet.
Two, absolutely
no feds.
I don't want to wake up with some
FBI drones kicking down my door.
If that happens and they die just
like your poor partner, okay'?
Listen to me, you cock
sucking motherfucker,
I swear to God,
when I find you
lam going to kill you.
You hear me'?
Listen to me, asshole.
Don't be rude.
It's unnecessary.
Three, I want a plane.
I said I want a plane.
A midsize,
you know, a G6.
No miles,
full tank of gas.
You know, the kind
those Hollywood guys fly.
And the last thing,
I want $100 million.
I said I want
$100 million.
want $100 million and a G6.
What's wrong with that?
Who wouldn't want that'?
And you're going to give
it to me, aren't you'?
That's not too much to ask for,
all things considered.
Oh, and Christopher,
I don't know if you remember,
but I have four bartering chips,
and every six hours that pass
that I don't get what I want,
I don't give a fuck what it is.
I may improvise and say I
want to get a blow job,
and I don't get it, you will
have killed one of these people.
let's get the ball rolling,
shall we'?
Let's get the ball rolling,
I said, shall we'?
That's called a gun
you just heard.
Hey, I am
a cold-blooded killer.
It's what I do best.
I kill people.
Now I have
three bartering chips.
Don't forget about me.
This salad sucks.
Who made this shit'?
Sorry, sir. It's all right.
Don't be sorry, man.
Just do.
Is this a fucking joke?
Shh! Cutter.
Cutter! So what are you
going to do about it'?
Jesus Christ, Cutter.
You stay put.
We're coming to you.
You better start talking
right fucking now.
You get the IT guys
to trace that number.
Right now, Cutter is
the only solid lead we have.
Now Kane, I need you
to run point on this,
and we got to move
on this fast, my man.
If I'm running point,
I'm choosing my own team.
They understand
the importance
of keeping things quiet.
That is my team, sir.
You got it.
Get me personnel.
Chris! They'll die just
like your poor partner.
They'll die
just like your poor partner.
You might want
to jut this dawn.
Two, absolutely no feds.
I don? want to wake up
with some FBI drones
kicking down my door.
That happens and they die
just like
your poor partner, okay?
And lastly,
I wan! $100 million.
You're going to give it
to me, aren't you?
That's not too much to ask
for, all things considered.
Oh, and Christopher,
I don't know if you remember,
but I have
four bartering chips.
Every six hours that pass
that I don't get what I want,
I don? give a fuck what it is.
I may improvise and say I
want to get a blow job.
and I dun '1 get it, you will
have killed one of these people.
So let's get the ball rolling,
shall we?
Let's get the ball rolling,
I said, shall we?
Where the fuck
is the info on these hostages?
Does he have
any connection to Landis?
We've got the basics, but nothing
connecting him to the doctor, no.
Give me what you've got.
The first is Alan Brolin.
CEO, Pharmatech.
on a second marriage,
two kids,
no connection to Damian,
and no criminal history.
Next is Joel Fisher.
He's one of our state
Typical upper
middle-class background,
married, no kids.
Got into some trouble in college,
but nothing major.
And the third
is Jordan Lawrence.
She's a state
Superior Court judge
and former national pageant winner.
Squeaky clean.
Keep digging. Having zero connection
just doesn't make any sense.
And what about Jenkins?
Any further connection?
Possibly, ma'am.
I'll send our guys in
to collect the asset.
Stop the transport.
Damian has got us
by the balls on this one.
We've got no choice
but to play by his rules.
Then let's get a hold
of Captain Ryan,
get him up to speed
about Jenkins.
Maybe we can
do something with that.
And for the love
of fucking God,
get Cutter
back on the phone.
I've never seen
any of those men.
I don't know who any
of these people are.
Well, they know
who you are. Okay'?
It may have been
just a heist gone bad.
It may be something else,
but this is what I can tell you.
They want you dead,
they have your daughter,
and there's
a very real chance
that this could go very bad.
And do you hear me'?
What I need you to do
is be strong,
listen to me,
and you need to stay calm.
Okay, you need to tell me
everything that you know.
This is Cutter.
You're on your own
for the next few hours.
I'm contacting
your captain now.
Letting him know that
under no circumstances
is anyone to meet
Damian's demands.
I understand.
Hey, Don, you want to have
some fun tonight, huh'?
Hey, birdie. Hey, birdie.
Hey, little bird.
What were you doing
taking me Yankee dollars, eh'?
What are you doing
taking me Yankee dollars?
I seen it. You let
that pecker get away.
You tired
of sucking cock, are you'?
You tired of sucking cock?
Take that.
Get down.
You want some cock?
I'm going to piss my lap--
on your fucking face.
You tired
of sucking cock, are you'?
Come here.
Let's piss on you.
Get the fuck off my corner.
Who the fuck are you'?
Just talk away, man.
Look at you,
you filthy bitch.
Who the fuck are you
coming around here?
Fuck off my corner, bitch.
Now, that was
pretty sneaky.
Hey, nobody touches my pimp.
Jesus Chris t! Bitch.
What the fuck
is the matter with you'?
You're some sort of bitch.
You're a fucking bitch.
You fucking stinky cunt.
Yeah, help me, lads.
Chris f.
Jesus Christ.
Yeah, that's right.
They went over there.
They went over there.
You've got the wrong guy.
I was just out for a walk.
!'m not the one.
I was out for a walk, lads.
I was out for a walk.
Come on.
Look, he's getting away.
Settle down.
I'm just taking a walk.
Just out here after the bar.
Come on, she's getting away
right over there.
How did that
work out for you'?
How'd it work out?
You've got the wrong guy.
Come on, lads. I was in there
watching the football game.
I've got a right
to take a walk.
you're okay.
You sure kicked
the fuck out of him.
Yep, and I was just
starting to have fun,
so what's up, Snowden'?
I was just told to bring
you in and give you this.
It must be important.
Better be fucking important.
Damn, Bruno,
that ass is fine.
Hey yo, you ain't hit
that shit, have you'?
Hey look, bro.
I'm going to go
take care of business.
Man, that shit
can wait, dude.
Yo, what's
the fucking hurry'?
my motherfucking question.
Look, bro, I got my own bitch
at home that needs attention.
Okay, I feel you on that.
I feel you on that.
You don't feel me.
You ain't paying
no attention, bro.
Pay me attention.
That I Will.
Oh, shit.
What's your name'?
Ten minutes, bro.
Ten minutes.
Bro, I think I'm going to need a
little longer than 10 minutes.
Come on, bro,
for real, 10 minutes.
Oh. See you enjoying yourself.
All right.
Hold up, baby,
Hey, chill.
What the fuck
you cops doing here?
Ain't you see we was
having a conversation?
I'm looking
for a piece of shit,
and he looks
just like you, asshole.
Thought all you
cracker motherfuckers
thought all us niggers
looked alike.
Hey, bro, kill that shit.
You think I give a fuck
about what these pigs think'?
He's the toughest guy
in the room.
I didn't do shit.
You're under arrest.
Damn, bro, chill.
He ain't do nothing.
Anybody else want to play'?
Now hang on, man.
You have the right to remain silent.
I didn't '1 do shit!
Anything you say can
and will be used--
Man, fuck,
I didn't '1 do shit.
You don't know who y'all fucking with.
I didn't do shit.
You have the right to an attorney.
I didn't do shit.
If you cannot afford an attorney,
one will be provided for you.
Y'all don't know
who you fucking with.
No, man, fuck that shit.
That nigger was
acting a fool anyway.
Yeah, yeah.
Hey, give me my drink.
Fuck, man. I should have
slapped the fuck out of you
for slamming my head
on the table like that.
Dude, we had
to get you out of there.
I had to make it look real.
I was doing you a favor.
I'll remember
that shit next time.
What the fuck
did you pull me for'?
Fuck if I know.
They told me to bring you out
and give you this.
What's in it'?
I don't know.
Read it.
Why you smirking?
Think this shit is funny'?
Yeah, little bit.
What the fuck'?
I don? know
who those men are.
I don'! know who any
of these people are.
Please, just help me
find my daughter, Mikayla.
So, what's going on that you
needed all of us so urgently?
I'm sure you all know about what happened
last night at the Senator's gala.
Well, there's more to it
than you think.
The people behind it were actually
trying to kidnap a scientist.
Dr. Landis,
to be specific.
So, what do we have
to work with so far'?
Not much. They threatened to
kill a hostage every six hours
unless we turn Landis
over to them.
That ain't going to happen.
But we're taking it seriously.
And remember, we do not
negotiate with terrorists.
Fisk, Aubrey, since you guys
have worked undercover,
there's got to be people you can tap
for information. Get that information.
Somebody knows something
about where that heavy artillery came from.
Copy that.
Epps, you go with them.
Lance, you're with me.
You, Cutter, and I are going
to go question Dr. Landis.
We could use
afresh pair of eyes.
Let's move on this.
Oh, fuck.
Those fucking cameras.
I'll willing to cooperate.
I will do anything
you want me to do.
I'll tell you
anything you want.
You done fucking around?
It's just me.
Put your fucking weapon down.
Move your ass.
We got work to do.
Please, just let me
out of here.
I need to get my daughter.
So, how is she doing?
She seems to be
holding up all right.
She keeps talking
about her kid.
Anything else?
Nope, just waiting
on a background check.
Not a word about what
these guys might want with her'?
No, sir, she says
she has no idea
what they could possibly
want with her.
Hey, flip to Channel 6.
News Channel 4 has
acquired exclusive security footage
from the attack
at Senator Abrahams' gala
that left several dead
and countless wounded.
So now we bring you
an inside look
at the horrors that went on
during the attack.
Fuck, fuck, fuck.
Jesus fucking Christ.
So what does this mean
for the other hostages?
Nothing good.
It's him.
This is him.
Record this, okay'?
Track it.
This is Cutter.
Hey, guess who'?
I assume
you've seen the news.
Huh'? What was
my first rule, Christopher?
Listen to me,
don't do that, okay'?
Look, just give us
some more time.
What was my first rule'?
You don't need
to hurt anyone, okay'?
We didn'! break any
of your stupid ass rules.
We're just trying to get
people home safe, okay?
So, please...
This is extremely
Extremely disappointing, because
you're going to have to do better.
Okay'? Look, what you're asking
for is not that easy, okay'?
If you give me a little
more time, I can do this.
Hey look,
the rules were very clear.
They were very clear.
And this is no lane's fault...
but yours.
Now, who should be next'?
Huh'? The butcher?
The candlestick maker?
Or Little Miss Muffet'?
Huh'? Or you'?
Nobody else
has to die, okay'?
Nobody has to die.
Give me some more time.
you're a fuck up.
Damian, please,
give me some more time.
We got a lock, sir.
Kiss my ass.
Hello, doctor.
I'm Sergeant Kane.
This is Officer Lance, and I know
you've already met Officer Cutter.
Nuclear or biological doctor'?
Your specialty, Doctor.
Nuclear or biological?
Hey, let me
tell you something.
I've done this
long enough to know
that when people with
that kind of heavy artillery
come after people like you,
people with your pedigree,
it's always about getting access
to one of two things
every single time.
Nuclear or biological weapons.
So which is it'?
But I would never hurt anyone.
I would never hurt a fly.
So, who are they, and what exactly
could it be they're after'?
F don't know. What do you
mean you don't know?
What do you mean
you don't know?
You understand, somebody is going
to die if you don't talk'?
Please help us! Cutter,
Cutter, I said that's enough.
I don't care what you--
You don't care'?
I said enough.
Yeah, their deaths
are on your head, okay?
Help me find
my daughter.
Aw, the man has
got good eyes.
Good for you.
So my boys tell me
you need to talk to me?
Very convincingly,
I hear.
Sometimes you got
to make an impression.
Mm-hmm, yeah, you know, you can
also try doing that with respect.
Now, you'd better be talking
about a lot of money
or else I'm going to take
care of all of these people.
You got it'?
Respect goes both ways.
Now, money?
I got that.
But I'd rather not
talk business with the help.
Chill, I got this.
All right, we can
do this privately.
take them outside.
Let's step
into my office.
So, what can
I do you for'?
Need a little info.
Fancy shindig
got hit last night.
Big rm.
Heavy artillery.
You know anything
about that'?
Nah, I mean,
I heard about it,
but I know nothing.
So, where they get
their firepower?
It wasn't me.
I ain't stupid.
Ain't messing with crazy
honkies, no mad scientists.
Well, look, do me a solid.
Matter of fact,
you know what?
I'll act like
I didn't see this.
You should give me a call
if you hear something.
I'll do that.
Make sure you do that.
Oh, hey, Fisk.
Um, now don't forget.
If your boys
need anything...
you know where to come.
I'll remember that.
You remember that.
Kane, talk to me.
Nice work.
They were able
to trace the call.
Team is prepping to move
into the location as we speak.
So it's not about
her daughter now.
It was unavoidable.
Listen, she's refusing
to cooperate.
She's pushing to go along
with the team.
You know it's obviously
out of the question.
Any leverage
for her to talk,
because you know
we're going in blind.
No, no, any leverage
we might have had is gone.
She has no other family.
We weren't able to put
a lock on the father.
She's insisting
we turn her over to them.
Mike, an exchange
is out of the question.
I hope you and Kane know
what the hell you're doing,
but I have a summit
I need to prepare for tonight.
I'm leaving this
up to you.
And Mike?
Don't let me down, huh'?
We just got word
that the local PD has tracked
Damian's phone and they're on route.
Damian is too smart to be
traced by a cell phone.
He doesn't make
mistakes like that.
All boys in Bravo Team.
Cover the rear
and side entrances.
Keeping anyone from leaving
and covering our asses.
Meanwhile, Team Alpha
will infiltrate
the main entrance.
Good evening, ma'am.
You seemed
a little restless.
When we're all set,
Bravo will detonate
smoke grenades,
giving us cover
on the inside.
Oh, that coffee
is good.
Sorry I've been
so upset today.
Yeah, it's hard being locked
in this room all day.
I mean, you've been watching
the cameras, right'?
Yes, that is my job.
Don't you go anywhere.
Place is empty.
We're too late.
What the fuck
are you doing?
Son of a bitch.
Hey, yeah, I just got away
from the officer.
I'm on my way to you.
Let me speak to Mikayla.
Goddamn, they played us.
No one was ever here. They just
dropped the body of the hostage off.
The judge, f think. I know he's
given you his list of demands.
I've heard the tape,
but with Damian it's never
just about the money.
In my experience, it's always
something more complicated than that.
He made sure to target the most
high profile people at that event,
guaranteeing we'd at least
entertain his demands.
I can only give you
a few hours.
Then I've got no choice
but to move in.
John, look at me.
Are you okay'?
John, what happened?
She-she just--
Look, stop stuttering.
Talk to me, okay'?
What happened?
How did she get out'?
Where is she at'? I messed up, all right'?
She got me.
She came out of nowhere, and she
clocked me with a freaking coffee pot.
She's-- she's gone. How did
she get a coffee pot'?
I don't know. We were making coffee earlier.
What is wrong with you'?
I didn't see her. She came out of nowhere.
She took off.
How did she get out of the room'? I don't
know, no one was watching the room.
She just came out. No one
was watching the room'?
No one was watch--
Do you hear yourself?
I messed up.
I'm sorry.
We'll find her.
We'll find her.
Son of a bitch. We got played.
Sir, listen to me.
Dr. Landis
knocked John out.
She took his car.
I believe she's going to Damian.
Give me the phone.
Cutter, there's only
two hostages left.
That means there's 12 hours
and no bargaining chip.
Let's move it, okay'?
Pick up, pick up.
Listen to me.
Something is not right.
Some {hing hasn't seemed right.
Think about it, okay'?
If they took the hostages' phones,
how did Dr. Landis
get a phone?
They took them all.
They put them in a bag.
So, why did Dr. Landis
have a phone?
Cutter, I've got no choice
but to move in.
This is Cutter. Did you
find my little package?
All wrapped up neatly
with a bow'?
Yeah, I got your package,
and I'm going to be
seeing you really soon.
You should know by now
I wouldn't make it that easy for you.
Listen to me, you sick fuck. Tick took,
tick took, tick took, Christopher.
We are tracing the LoJack
system on John's car
right now as we speak.
We should have
a lock anytime.
So get backup ready,
get everybody ready,
and meet me
at the location.
Hey. Ready to go'?
Yes, sir.
Come on, let's get it together
so we can catch our plane.
Let's go, move. Hurry. Yes, sir.
Be cool.
Were you followed?
No, I made sure of that.
Listen to me.
I don't want no trouble
from you. All right'?
You so much as breathe a
word I don't like, boom.
Please, just let me
see my daughter.
Please, just
let me see my daughter.
We are a go
to move in on the target.
Location is three blocks
south of Main Street.
I repeat,
all units be advised.
We are a go to move in
on the target.
Location is three blocks
south of Main Street.
This is Special Agent
Melanie Hamlin.
Badge number
Alpha Delta 0735441.
I'm requesting
immediate air support.
Tier 3 target's name
is Damian White.
Be advised that local PD
is already en route.
Copy that.
Send all available units.
Lance, look, when we land,
get to higher ground.
Got it'?
Get me that
security footage.
Son of a bitch.
The video was never
about the fucking demands.
Stop, stop, stop, fuck.
It's okay.
Come on, Lance.
Stay back here
and provide cover.
Copy that, sir.
These motherfuckers
got a sniper.
We need to get everyone
out of City Hall. Now.
A bio-weapon'?
Holy shit.
Come on, Lance,
goddammit, come on.
Move, move, move.
Come on, let's go!
Let's go.
I'm on it.
Keep running!
We need to get
that hostage.
We're fucked.
Got it'?
Copy that.
Let's go.
Lance, you see that
shut, you take it, copy.
Cutter, I'm hit.
He shot my scope.
How you doing?
They're upstairs.
All right, I got your lead.
Let me lead.
I'll protect you. That's cute.
I got you.
Let's go.
Any sign of Landis?
Sir! Sir,
are you okay'?
Don't ever
ask me that again.
Exactly what kind of weapon
are you talking about?
I'm pulling up
the schematics now
and sending them
over to you.
I got 100 plus people
in this building.
That's not enough time
to clear them to a safe perimeter.
Guy was thick.
I want to thank you
for being here,
and I know
exactly what you need to do.
So, make the right choice.
Can you pass these
over, please?
Nick, Nick!
Put the fucking gun
on the ground right now.
Want to ask if one
wasn't enough?
Please give me a reason
to fucking kill you.
Kane to Cutter,
Damian is on the roof.
Do you copy?
I'll handle this.
Go get Damian.
Ready for this,
big boy'?
All right.
I haven't had
my workout today.
I'll advise you.
Got to cheat, huh'?
It ain't cheating.
It's fucked, bitch.
Yeah! Woo!
Who's the bitch now'?
Kane to One,
I've located the Senator.
Ladies and gentlemen,
I need your attention.
I need you to evacuate
the building immediately.
This is not a drill.
There's a bomb
in the building.
Please do not panic.
Just exit as quickly
as possible.
Let's go, let's go,
all of you, please.
Out of the building.
Right away.
What the fuck
is going on, Mike?
What the fuck
is the matter with you'?
We've got to evacuate
the building.
Dr. Landis planted
a bio-weapon in here,
and it's going
to detonate in six minutes.
Do you understand me'?
Look, look for the
fucking bomb or get out.
What'? Find weapon?
I thought your team had did a
thorough sweep of the building.
Would you shut up'?
Obviously not
thorough enough.
Now, get those people
out of here.
Call a hazmat unit, and have
them set up a perimeter.
Senator, please just get
the fuck out of the building.
Go, go!
There's a bomb in here.
Your ass!
Get out!
Your ass!
My ass.
This has got to be it.
Hey! Put your gun
on the ground now.
Motherfucker, I'm going
to kill you. Fuck you.
Dammit, why can't they
just label this stuff'?
It would make it
a lot easier.
All right, here we go.
All right, I'm doing it.
Here we go.
I did it.
I did it.
I did shit my pants
but I did it.
I did it.
I shit my pants.
It is never easy to say
goodbye to a fellow officer,
especially someone
I will call a brother.
I met Sam
during our training
and watched him grow
info an incredible officer.
His courage and his strength
are not to be forgotten.
Sam, we will never forget you.
And we will never forget the
sacrifice you made for this city
and her people.
God bless your soul
and I know I'll see you
soon one day again, brother.
Have a beer.
You did good, kid.
Like, I couldn't have done
this without you.
If there's anything you need at
all, we're here for you, okay'?
Take care, buddy.
Yes, sir.
Hey, baby, I'm just going
to grab her some tissue.
She's not doing so good.
Be right back, okay'?
All right.
You okay, Ms. Hicks?
I'll make it.
You sure'?
Thank you.
Come here.
Why don't you come
have a seat, okay'?
Get off your feet. It will
do you some good, okay'?
...a warehouse
in downtown Los Angeles.
According to a source
inside the LAPD,
the warehouse was one
of White's many safehouses
scattered throughout the city.
Authorities were hoping the
raid would lead to the recovery
of Dr. Claire Landis
and her daughter Mikayla,
bath of whom disappeared from
the Senator's gala last week.
the two remain missing.
If you have any information
regarding their whereabouts,
please dial the number listed
at the top of your screen.
What's the significance
of the place we hit?
They're voting
to shutdown my research.
What the hell they have you
doing out there, huh'?
Oh, you don't
want to know.
Believe me.
Oh, I do too.
Is everything
in order here?
Such a good performance.
You almost had me worried
that somebody actually kidnapped
my precious little girl.
Are you up for little game'?