Swathanthryam Ardharathriyil (2018) Movie Script

We are late, Jacob.
Sir, they're asking what's the case.
I don't think they will let her out.
So the oldies would let her out only
if we explain the sections?
So Sister, there's
nothing more to say.
Bring the girl you're
hiding in there.
Whatever I have to
ask, I'll ask her.
And, it's a Sub Inspector
who is on his death bed.
She and her boyfriend did
it earlier this night.
Sir, for God's sake, please
understand the truth.
It was when he tried
to hurt Betty,
that Jacob interfered,
and all that happened.
My dear aunty,
I don't need your approval.
do you know what all he is
doing in Kotlayam town,
after trying to kill the SI?
Now he's missing.
We need to get him at any cost.
For that, we're taking
her along with us.
So should we get in or...
Call that Betty here..
Hey.. Did he call you?
Where is he now?
I don't know.
Take her in.
- Mother, ask them to leave me.
- Come here.
Leave me.
Mother, ask them to leave me.
- Walk!
Ask them not to take me.
Stop crying & get in.
- Leave me.
Troubling us during the night.
- I'm not coming.
Mother, please tell them.
Mother, tell them not to take me.
Start the car!
Did they find only this
road to fight & die?
- Looks like they're drunk, sir.
Sir, they're not on alcohol.
Must be Marijuana.
This ain't any of that.
Must be a higher grade item.
Hey! Move!
Who are these guys?
- I haven't seen them earlier, sir.
Stop staring & take them away.
- They might have weapons.
Hey! Move your vehicle
from the road.
Move your bike, I say.
Looks like they'll kill each other.
- Push them away.
Can't you hear us?
- Betty, get out!
Leave me.
Let's go.
'As funeral pyres
burn on empty roads'
'Faltered steps will
write our destiny'
'The burning sun will depart'
'Darkness will spread
even during the day'
'As funeral pyres
burn on empty roads'
'Faltered steps will
write our destiny'
'The burning sun will depart'
'Darkness will spread
even during the day'
'In this never ending night'
'We're on a journey,
searching for new shores'
'While we search for dreams
with wings, far away'
'As shadows hide the
paths with pain'
'Did a red ember shine?'
'Did the heart burn?'
'Will this story continue?'
'As funeral pyres
burn on empty roads'
'Faltered steps will
write our destiny'
'The burning sun will depart'
'Darkness will spread
even during the day'
'Will you come searching for the footsteps
of time, even if they are far away?'
'Is a golden bird singing?'
'Did you see a tree of flowers
that gives shade on the shore?'
'The eyes stand guard
as shining lamps'
'The breeze disappears
somewhere, in pain'
'Will this story continue?'
Tell me, dude.
- What's happening, Jacob?
Dude, what's the status?
Why should you be scared?
Murugan is my guy.
Then, I have paid him
the money he wants.
Go to him tomorrow itself.
Dude, we'll get the passports
tomorrow itself, right?
Just that it would take 2
days to get the Visa stamped.
Okay dude.
- Don't worry.
We'll get the passports tomorrow.
Both are okay.
Don't worry.
- No.
Bro, there won't be any problem
at the airport, right?
For that, there ain't any look out
notice in your names, right? - Not yet.
Then there's no problem.
You be ready.
I'll call you as soon
as the Visa is stamped.
Mangalore to Sri Lanka;
Sri Lanka to Australia.
Have a blast with
Charlie in Australia.
One tea. You want tea?
- No thanks.
See you bro.
- Okay Jacob.
My dear Lord,
I'll go to Kottayam and
tell a thousand people,
that you rose like a
rocket on the third day.
Sir, shall we catch
him right away?
I'm also really tempted to do that.
Only then we will go
back to Kottayam.
Start the car.
Betty, they have reached
here from Kottayam.
You don't be tensed.
I'm telling you, right?
You go to the Convent.
I'm also moving.
We have to survive for a
few days more, somehow.
Charlie, can you hear me?
- Yes.
I had called Murugan. The Passports
& Visa are ready. Go & get it.
What is it?
The policemen from Kottayam
have reached here.
Jacob, whatever happens,
don't get caught by them.
If they catch you,
you're done for!
Do one thing. Send Betty to
collect the passports & Visa.
You don't step out.
That's safer.
Okay dude.
I'll collect the passports from
Murugan Chettan tomorrow itself.
I'll call you after that.
- Okay.
(speaking in Kannada)
(indistinct arguments in Kannada)
She has lost a lot of blood.
What happened to her?
There's no sofa set in
our hospital's van!
Sign this.
Get up.
Where is this?
- Syringe!
It's a syringe.
- I don't want any injection.
(continues speaking in Kannada)
- Where is Jacob?
Leave me.
I'm not crazy. Leave me.
Where is Jacob?
I don't understand what you're saying.
Leave me.
Where is Jacob?
I have to go!
I have to go!
Where is Jacob?
Do you remember how you came from
Kottayam 2 months back, you scoundrel?
Throw that son of a
b@$@h into the Jeep.
Come here, you..
Jacob Varghese, age 30.
An accused in 5 cases,
including murder.
This person & the 2nd accused Betty killed
SI James Mathew of East Police Station.
they stole 3.5 crores from the finance
company they were working for.
they critically injured
lady constables & others,
and all three of them got away.
The first accused, Jacob Varghese
was arrested by the
investigation team at Mysore.
What a lame tea!
Do you want tea, Appachan?
Don't be sad thinking
that you're alone.
We'll nab him & her from Mysore.
we're going to accept
Appachan's contract.
'Sub Jail
Hey! Will anyone
come to see you?
No sir.
Do you have money with you?
- Yes.
Then come.
Hey! Give him the regulars.
So you were nabbed
finally, Jacob!
How much?
- 90.
It's so expensive.
- Give me the match box.
Buy it if you want it.
That's how badly you & Charlie
messed with Appachan.
You don't have anything right?
- No.
840 Rupees.
I'll give you the balance
when you leave from here.
Take it away!
No sir.
I'll do it now.
Anil, take him back to the cell.
Weren't you supposed
to come before lunch?
Take it off.
Remove it.
Is there any dope with you?
Are you going to Sabarimala,
growing your hair & beard?
Raise your hands.
Oh! A ring?
- Sir, no..
Remove it.
Remove everything and check.
- Get in.
These guys might hide stuff
even in their intestines.
Why are you shy?
Move your legs.
Don't dance.
Stand properly.
There's nothing.
Are you a saint or what?
Wear your pants.
Wear it properly.
When you left Kottayam, there
was a nun with you, right?
You b@$%!@$&, look at my face!
When I ask a question, I
need an immediate answer.
If you take time to answer,
your dad and mom are not
here to listen to that!
She is pregnant, sir.
In that policeman's murder case,
they will give you five years.
Then Appachan,
He's just going to
start his game.
We won't give you bail.
We won't allow that.
Bloody son of a b@%%!@
settle down here for 2 years,
having some nice fish curry meals.
The rest you can
spend at Viyoor.
Hid everything, man!
They will come now.
Get up and arrange everything.
Who is the new one here today?
- It's him, sir.
- Yes sir.
Sir, it wasn't me..
Open your mouth & say it.
- Tell him what your case is.
It's a theft case, sir.
- What?
Theft case!
What did you steal?
I didn't steal anything, sir.
It's a false case.
False case?
If so, all the people who are
here must be saints, right?
What is it?
No way! Go to the office and
apply medicine. That's all.
Sir, here's a chocolate wrapper.
I got it from this toilet.
They ate it today, sir.
Who ate this?
They are all silent now.
Did it come out on its
own from the toilet?
You're the mason here, right?
- Yes sir.
Who ate this? If you don't say
the truth, I'll be hitting you instead.
Sir, his wife & kids had come.
They must have given it.
Bastard! Do you think this
is your aunty's house?
Don't kick me, sir.
If she had poisoned it and given
you, you would die in here.
We'll be screwed.
What you're supposed to eat,
is being cooked here.
I won't repeat it, sir.
Ask everyone to sit down there.
- All of you sit down. Fast!
Give me that book.
Full name?
Varghese Thottathil
Father's profession?
In which school?
At CMS College.
And look at what you've become!
Where are they now?
Both of them?
- Yes.
Tell me your
identification marks.
(Counting from 1 to 8)
Who's the new one here today?
- There's no one new here today, sir.
Hey! Leave sir..
Sir, come fast.
These guys are..
He's getting away.
Catch him!
Come! Run!
- Stop!
They're escaping.
Come fast!
Stop there!
Stop there.
Hey Udayan!
You cannot escape!
Bloody son of a b!#@&!
Come fast.
Open it!
(voices approaching)
Hit him!
You rascal!
Tie up his hands & legs!
Come here, you..
Leave me!
I'll finish you!
Get inside.
I was waiting for someone here.
Those hundred people who clapped
for your earlier debauchery;
I want them to see him.
Sub Jail
Hey Lukochan!
They brought him out.
Where are they taking him?
Who will get to bash him up tonight?
- Keep quiet, man.
Looks like he's coming here.
Give him also a share
of your dinner.
The curry won't be enough, sir.
It's not even enough for me.
He'll eat without curry.
Plain rice?
Then let him have that.
You! You..
I'll kill you!
- Leave the bar.
Now I'm not going
to leave from here.
Even if they leave me, I won't go.
You're finished!
You'll fall dead here, you swine!
- Leave it.
You're finished!
You're finished!
Drag him to the left.
Lie there, you..
I shouldn't see you even
at the verandah hereafter.
Even if it's to
collect your food.
if any of you talk to him;
Remember that.
Dude, give me a couple of beedis.
Give me at least one, man!
Simon bro.
He's the mason. Give it to him.
Give me also one, dude.
Give me three. Let
me stock it up.
We don't want your alms!
Shove this down your throat.
Take it & get lost.
Your damn beedi!
Your arrival was damn impressive
Don't sleep.
That's better for you.
Or else, the people in here
will hit a nail on your head
- Hey! Stop it!
Hey Ottayan, to get so worked up,
Udayan is not your dad, right?
And if he had escaped,
you think you could come & stand
here at this time as a kitchen worker?
And the nail..
Don't yap too much
standing here.
Take this and get going.
Go! Go to your cell.
Get lost.
Sir, play the music!
- Or else, I'll start shouting..
- Sir..
Play that song.. Or else, these guys
will curse your dad. - Get lost!
Eat it, man.
I said don't take it.
Can I take that piece?
- Damn..
This food is made specially
for the officers.
Simon will give marijuana
for one beedi.
In return, we get this meat.
If you don't want it,
throw it in the toilet.
It's your first time, right?
That's why.
How dare you throw
the rice away?
Will your mom come and clean it?
You pig!
- Pin him to the wall!
Hey! Hey!
Stop it!
Stop it, I say!
He trapped Udayan
right when he came.
Stop it!
Stop it, I say!
Is this your first time?
- Yes.
Didn't he say?
It's his first time. Go!
Don't get into tussles..
Just tell him what the matter is.
what is it, bro?
- Tell him how things are over here.
Or else, those wardens
will beat us up.
And they are major foodies.
Whatever waste you have,
dump it in the toilet.
Me & Lukochan will go
out on bail very soon.
You guys are going to
be here for a long time.
He's half-crazy.
For stealing some metal from the railway
lines, CRPF charged a case on him.
There's no one to get
him out on bail.
You killed an SI, right?
What was the matter?
- You scoundrels!
I've told you not to disturb while I'm
I'll rip your head apart.
It's getting over, brother.
Give me one more.
Isn't it time to sleep yet?
Go and ring the bell, sir.
Then come and check.
You will sleep only
if it turns 9?
'Sir, go sir..
Go to your house, sir'
don't think you can live
happily claiming to be crazy.
If it gets too much,
straight to the asylum!
You & your damn song!
Yesudas is good.
But not good enough.
Damn you.. - How many has he
been smoking since morning!
Hard luck, Jacob.
The light will be on all night.
Hey! Why aren't you sleeping?
Didn't you hear the sound
of a train passing by?
That's the Island
Express of 2 AM.
The station is just
1 km away from here.
Bring it fast.
Why the delay?
Hey! Stand in line.
Haven't we told you to leave the
towels inside while coming out?
Are you new here or what?
So that you won't escape even if you get
a chance, because you're not clothed.
Where is Simon?
- He is bathing, sir.
Come out fast.
The police are here to take you.
Come out fast, man.
I'm coming.
You can drink that later. Police
is waiting to take you to court.
Then do one thing.
Give me the money.
I'll eat on the way.
Then what?
I'll come only after
having tea and Chappathi.
I'll tie you up and take you!
Tie me up!
I'm going to the court.
I'll tell the judge
what's happening here.
You wanna see that?
Wanna see?
Wanna see that?
- You b@$%@$!
I'll beat the living daylights out of you..
- Send me out after hitting me!
Leave me.
- What did you think?
You'll come back here only, right?
Son of a b!@##!
Don't forget all the laws
even when you're back!
Stop staring and serve tea.
Leave my hand.
Both of you have been bullshitting
for quite some time now.
If you can't, tell me.
I'll find someone else.
No. I'm not lighting it.
What's that Prabhu's stand?
Prabhu is not a problem, sir.
He will be with us
in any way we want.
That's not enough..
That's not enough to make him
open his mouth. - What sir?
That's not enough to
make him open his mouth.
we can't proceed until
we find his wife.
What about her?
Say that first.
Every nook & corner of Mysore is
being searched, sir. - Ya right.
A call might come any moment,
saying that she has been found.
If she's found, good for you.
Mooppan, give him a job.
There are some coconuts lying outside.
Peel them & bring.
Jose, show him how to do it.
Come here.
Appachan sir, SI sir and all of us are
going to get you into a coffin soon.
Be ready.
Stop ogling and wash the rice.
I understood what Appachan said.
I know that you'll have stuff
while coming from the court.
Where's the dope?
You're searching for it, right?
Find it if you can.
- You didn't like it?
I'll send you in
just like that then.
Sir, I have marijuana with me.
If you can, take it.
No need to talk so much.
- I'll get it from you.
Either today or tomorrow,
I'll find it from your lips.
That day will be your end.
Sir, there's something
on his thighs.
Take it out.
Sir, porn magazine!
What is this, man?
Where did you get it from?
Say it.
- My friend gave it, sir.
Keep it.
Or else, they'll rip you apart.
Wear it and come.
Brother, my..
You need only half; or else,
you'll be really tired.
Don't lose any papers.
- Get lost!
- Coming, sir.
Bro, that's a good chick.
Who has she come for?
She's great, man.
- Nice item.
It's been some 16 months
since I saw a woman.
You rascals, that's my wife and kid.
I'll kick you..
My dear bro, I just
looked, I didn't see her.
I'll break your bones!
Sir, that's my wife.
Open, sir.
Haven't I told you not to
come here with the kid?
Me and mother are leaving from Kochi.
- Where to?
Then what about our house?
We need to fight the case, right?
So you didn't get the
money I had arranged for?
Enough! Come here.
- Ancy! Leave me.
Don't trouble us.
- Ancy!
Come here.
Let her go.
Simon bro, will your
wife come tomorrow also?
Will you be punished?
How many years?
What the f@"# do
you want to know?
30 years,
If it's imprisonment; when you finish &
get out, your wife will be 60 years old.
And your child will be 35.
you will be a liability for them.
I'm going to break
free from here anyway.
Come with me.
I know a place where the
police can't reach.
A new life there.
To escape from the jail?
Is this why you dragged Udayan to
the ground on the day you came,
and got applause
from the police?
Go to sleep, man!
I'll join you.
How do we escape?
I'll tell you how
and when, later.
First we have to
clear this cell.
These guys?
Move this side!
Give me 2 pieces, bro.
- First eat what you got.
I have to eat the rest also, right?
I can't stay hungry.
Hold it properly.
What the hell are you doing?
Didn't you get enough yesterday?
Why? You want to hit
a nail on my head?
Aren't you doing that?
- There's still time!
Get back at him, man.
Finish him.
I'll show you how I'm gonna
hit a nail on your head!
Leave me.
You dog!
Leave me.
Hold him!
Take him away.
Sir, they are beating him to death.
Come & take them away.
You pig!
Move! Move away!
Leave him!
Sir, they are trying to kill me!
- They're trying to kill me, sir.
- Sir! Sir!
Not them. It was him
who started it.
Why are you hitting them?
Hit him, sir.
- Move away..
Simon, your end will be at my hands!
I'll chop your head off.
- Sir, he's creating trouble here.
I'll finish you, you dog!
Move away, you..
Take them both to cell no. 3.
Leave me, sir.
- Get out.
Come out!
You come out, you schmuck!
Go inside.
Go inside, all of you!
If you want to keep
staring, why are you here?
Go to your cell!
- Ya. I'll go!
All those who are in our
cell should join us.
Only then we can do it.
Are you planning to
take everyone along?
They are the ones waiting for bail
letters whenever the gate opens.
And you want to convince
all of them & take them?
You rascal!
You made me convinced
thinking about my wife & kid.
And now you're talking
such bullshit?
Say something, man!
I'm with you just because I'll
get to see my wife & kid.
Tell me how we're
going to do it!
None of those who may
get bail won't join us.
I know that.
There are other people who
won't get bail like us, right?
We should take such
people with us.
Jacob, there's nothing
else to talk about.
We need Charlie.
And those 3.5 crores you
stole from Appachan..
What say?
we went our own ways that
night, from Kottayam.
After that, Charlie
hasn't called me.
Go say that to someone else.
The moment we get him,
you'll get bail.
I want bail at this moment.
Then I'll tell you where he is.
In that suitcase you stole,
didn'tjust have money in it;
and had kept their documents of
plantations, commercial properties, etc.
People are waiting at his
doorstep with the capital amount.
Dude, Appachan is
going to be finished.
So long he was enjoying the wealth
that was supposed to be mine.
I will leave from
here tonight itself.
My flight is in the
morning tomorrow.
Dude, tell me..
I don't know that, sir.
You know that.
Wherever you hide your wife,
Appachan will find her.
Did you hear that, Yakob?
Why did the lawyer come?
Are you also going out on bail?
- No.
Then? Did he come to see
if you were doing good?
They have fixed the
date to bump me off.
He came to tell me that.
- To kill you?
I was the manager of Appachan, who
runs a finance company in Kottayam.
And Charlie was the driver there.
I want it to be done.
Or else, I know what to do.
There's another face to
Appachan that many don't know.
Another face that demands
an eye for an eye.
If God blesses us, me and PK
will be in Australia next month.
Are you leaving
without telling him?
Go there and give his money.
Charlie joined Appachan, to
take revenge against him;.
He is waiting for a
right opportunity.
You know what he did
to my father, right?
lfl get a chance, I'll go
only after killing him.
Jojichayan's interest has
been pending for 3 months.
Take his wife and kid
to our guest house.
I saw Betty for the first time along
with the Sister from the orphanage,
during Mother Mary's festival.
We liked each other a lot.
What's happening, Betty?
What to say..
Mother is firm on her stand.
There's no change
in their decision.
Jacob, you should marry
her as soon as possible.
She can't stay at the convent
anymore without becoming a nun.
That SI is out on bail.
He came to the convent a couple
of times looking for her.
I'll make arrangements to register
our marriage immediately.
And about the SI,
let's see what can be done.
We'll meet in the evening.
I am at college junction now.
- At the bus stop..
- lsha..
Class will be over at 4 PM.
No. Sister said she'll meet me.
I don't know.
lsha went missing ever
since she went in his car.
Everything changed, on that evening
when SI James came into our lives.
Hey! You haven't seen anything.
You don't know anything.
Just say what I ask you to say.
Or else, you'll also disappear
the same way she disappeared.
Get lost.
Based on Betty's statement,
SI James was arrested.
As he got suspended,
he was really furious.
He started torturing Betty.
You b@$ch!
- Leave me.
You thought I'll rot in jail?
Daughter of a b@$!%
I will jump from here.
What is it, Jacob?
Did anyone see?
- No. You come here fast.
Shall we get an ambulance to
take him to the hospital?
Is he your brother-in-law to take him
to the hospital in an ambulance?
Do one thing.
Come to the office. I'll wait there.
Let's go.
Where is Betty?
I dropped her at the convent.
What is it, Charlie?
Nothing. Give me the key.
- Why do you want to open the office now?
He's still on the road.
Shouldn't we do something?
He must be dead now.
I know what to do.
Give me the key.
- Move!
What are you doing?
Appachan is responsible
for our state.
- Listen to me.
This is mine.
It belongs to my father.
You don't know. It's a murder case.
Notjust you, even Betty will be caught.
We have to leave tonight itself.
Hey thief Devassy,
do you have Beedis?
But she didn't give me.
Didn't you say that you
won't come back here again?
My dear sir, I made a blunder this time.
A thief is always a thief.
You'll be in here for quite
some time for this case.
Keep the tea there.
Won't even let me wash my mouth.
- Sign here, I say!
He's perfect for us.
He'll stand by us.
Simon, we are leaving.
- Okay.
See you when I get out.
- Get out.
Why are you in a hurry?
Lukochan, what plans
after going home?
- Hey thief!
- Hey mad man, move!
Give me a beedi, man!
- Devassy!
What is it, Devassy?
Move. I'll tell you.
- Give me a beedi, man!
Just one beedi.
- I'll give you, man!
Don't take the beedis
away, you bloody thief!
You keep adding more people
and keep saying that we'll go;
I'll tell you when it's time.
You've been saying
this for so many days.
Hey! You can do all
this back in your cell.
- Keep it here.
- Get lost.
Bro, why don't you
slap right on his face?
You get lost!
Bro, can you give me
dope for one beedi?
Get lost!
Get lost, I say!
Stop dealing with
that Ottayan guy.
Oh dear.
I can't give it.
Can you give me that blade?
Some of us are planning
to escape from here.
Wanna join?
Dude, if all of you guys leave,
I will be alone here, right?
There's a railway time table at
the Superintendent's office.
Come to our cell with that.
What's the case?
And stabbed the contractor
in his gut, right?
You came for work from
Bengal & stabbed a guy;
and now you want to
mess with the wardens?
How dare you raise
your hands on us?
I'll chop your hands off!
- Leave him, sir.
No, sir.
What did you think?
- Leave him, sir.
Sir, we have to
present him in court.
Leave me.
Lock him up in the cell.
Go to sleep.
I want to tell you something.
The blade that you
gave to cut nails,
those guys got back to cell
no.8 without returning it.
That Bengali whom you
beat up in the morning;
his back is all wounded.
When he's taken to court
to renew the remand,
they have planned to show him to the
judge and complain against you.
If he complains, then I don't have
to tell you what will happen, right?
Because he's a Bengali, right?
Let him do whatever he wants.
Why do you care?
I will hang you upside down here.
- Then hang me!
I'll get back to you later.
Send that Bengali
here with an ointment.
What lame behaviour is this!
Lasar, you can apply
it on your head.
You don't have to apply
it on your body.
I'm pouring it, right? Let me also
apply some. It won't get over.
The oil to apply on our heads;
you're pouring it on your body?
Did you bring this oil
from your house, you dog?
Who's that?
- Don't hit me.
Sir, these guys are hitting me.
Sir, see. They are hitting me.
Sir, don't push from behind.
Can't you see that I'm walking?
Go inside. Rest of the
story you can say inside.
Go inside.
He started fighting for no reason;
just because I applied oil on my body.
Oil is for everyone, sir.
Did he bring it from his wife's house?
Will your dad bring it?
Did you bring it
from your house?
Sir, he was the one who started it.
- I'll slap you.
Sir, I didn't do anything.
Why do you even
bother stopping them?
Don't create any more troubles.
Sir, I won't go there.
They will kill me when I'm asleep.
- Don't point your finger.
Which cell are you in?
Sir, I can't go to cell no. 4.
His friend is there.
That murderer Udayan.
He will kill me, sir.
It's better that I sit here.
- Then why don't you sit there?
- Okay sir.
He wants to sit on my seat!
'There's sardine fry;
and there's Karimeen fry'
'And there's some nice
prawn curry with tamarind'
We'll leave once he also comes, right?
- Yes. We'll go.
What do we do with this mad guy?
I'll tell you.
Don't say that. Tell me and go.
- I said I'll tell you..
Hey Girijan,
leave alone madness, you don't
even have a headache.
All this is your acting, right?
If you say that to the officers,
I don't give a damn!
But your plan to
escape from the jail,
Wanna see that?
This is Girijan.
Are you coming along with us?
Won't you like it if! come along?
Then Girijan, from tomorrow,
you will be totally nuts!
'Let's sing and dance and jump around'
Get in.
Hey Beedi thief!
Where's the beedi for me?
'I smoked your Beedi'
'I smoked your beedi'
'You took my beedi,
I smoked your beedi'
lwill kill him, Simon bro!
Mad man!
you didn't tell us how we're
going to escape from here.
You'll tell what?
You're making us fools by saying
that you'll tell later?
Simon . .
- Move, Devassy.
I'll kick you..
I'll get the same punishment
even if! kill one more guy!
Simon, the policemen are coming.
Leave me!
Stand there.
Bloody b@#@%@%
Where is it?
Take it!
Take it, I say.
Where is it kept?
- Take it.
Take it out fast.
Come out, you..
Bloody son of a b@$%!
You thought the policemen
here are fools?
I'll put and end
to your stay here.
What did you think about me?
This is your end!
Sir, where is he being taken to?
He's being taken to
Ponkunnam sub jail now.
It's been so long since you
promised to get me out.
They're not letting me out of the
cell even to collect my lunch.
You need to get bail, right?
There's such a strong case against you.
Wait for some more days.
- Enough. Get back to your cell.
Coming, sir.
It's an awesome song, sir.
Jassie gift's song.
It's Jacob, sir.
I think so, sir.
'He's gone, my dear'
Dude, are you planning
to get us killed?
If they hear a sound, they'll sleep
only after finding where it came from.
And you want to break
the floor now?
Sir! Sir!
- What is it?
Play music, sir!
Don't shout.
We'll play it.
Hey! Play some music for them.
Over here.
Bro, we can't dig any
further with this knife.
Put these rocks back
to the pit itself.
Haven't I told you not
to call during night?
Mooppan, do we have work inside or outside?
- No work here.
Bring some wood.
And peel the coconuts
that are lying there.
It's okay here.
You carry on.
My foot hit a rock.
Oh! That looks quite bad.
You want to go to the hospital?
- No sir.
Just send me to my cell.
- Prabhakaran, take him to his cell.
What happened?
- My foot hit a rock, sir.
Hold this.
Show me.
Let me see.
You want to go to the hospital?
- No sir. It's all right.
It's all right, sir.
Then go to your cell.
If he has taken a
crowbar inside,
that is to break the cell.
No doubt about that.
Shut up, you pig!
Your damned song!
The tunnel that goes
outside from the bathroom;
10-12 metres long?
There's a drainage that
passes behind the wall,
That's where we should
take the tunnel to.
The right end of it is at
the CRPF office compound.
We just have to reach
that drainage.
'They are coming'
Hey! It's 9 o'clock.
Just one beedi.
So we won't have to
jump over the walls,
Yes. We can avoid that wall.
h ey.
I know that you're planning
to break free from the jail.
When you're on top of the
wall for your final jump,
I'll pull you down!
Don't push, sir.
- Go!
Don't push, sir.
- Where are you going?
You're in the next one.
Come here.
Leave me, sir.
I'll go to that one, sir.
- I want to be there.
- What are you looking at?
What's your name?
- And the other guy's?
- Why aren't you eating?
I'm not hungry.
Shall I take it?
Don't eat now.
Hey kiddo,
If you fall sick here by
refusing to eat food,
the officers won't ask 'Oh dear! What
happened, son?' and send you out.
Eat it.
We were cheated, brother.
We thought it was
a cardamom sack.
Just our aunt..
Don't you want to get back
& take revenge on them?
I don't want to take revenge
on anyone, brother.
Then you go and throw
this somewhere.
I'm taking the fish.
You eat all of this.
- Thanks.
We need to get rid of him.
Hold it closer.
Hold the plate lower.
Did you do push ups today?
- Stretch out the plates.
- No, chetta.
Chetta, serve some more.
This is not for
you alone to eat.
There are others here. Get going.
- Why?
Won't others get enough
if you give me some more?
Sir, take him away.
- Hey twin piece!
Take whatever you
got & suck on it.
Don't call me that again, sir.
What will you do if! call?
- I'll slap you.
Ya! I'll slap you!
- B@$@$!%
Will you slap policemen?
You sold marijuana and
talking too much here?
Sir, don't him him.
He's innocent, sir.
Sir, no.
Sir, leave him.
- Move away.
- Let me tell you. Come.
Sir, come.
Sir, come.
Don't make it a big issue.
Their section is different.
Your kids might be
in trouble outside.
You don't need to have
your damn lunch now.
Hey Rajesh.
Go to the cell. Go.
Hey! Get going.
- Sir,
shall I get some beedis from cell no.
2? Beedis are over.
You have a beedi with you?
How is Appachan's new idea, sir?
It is to torture a guy, right?
I'm not waiting to get retired.
I'll go on leave.
Then you can do your import or
export or whatever you want.
Well, shall I try
talking to him?
Unnecessary troubles..
- Then shall I? - Okay.
Do you understand
what we're saying?
What's going to happen, won't
be under our control..
Can you solve this problem
according to what Appachan said?
First get me bail.
Inmates awaiting trial like you.
They will come to
your cell soon.
So this arrogance of yours..
it will finish you!
Stand in queue.
Where are you going?
Shall I give it and come?
- Okay. Go fast.
The police is watching.
They are all watching.
It's so hot. You're
serving such hot tea?
(indistinct arguments)
Don't you know that he is mad?
Sir, no.
Get inside.
Go fast.
Go! Go!
20.. 10.. 30..
Hello! What game were you
talking about earlier?
A jail escape game.
- I'm not in for that game.
How many kilos of marijuana
was caught with you? - 30.
Even if you know or not,
to confirm that it was
indeed Marijuana with you,
and that it was caught from
you only, the police have..
'Let's sing & dance!
Daddy is here'
Hey scumbag, you're
damn irritating today!
Sir, they're planning to escape
from here & go to Bengal.
Then you get married to his
sister & settle down there.
'Let's go! Let's go!
Ya. You'll Ge going to a
mental hospital soon.
The police have arranged 2
people who saw it as witnesses.
When it's time, they
will come to the court,
point at you both &
give their statements
Will you have that much
money with you, Ramesh?
if you pay 1 lakh per kilo,
Do you have the money
to pay 1 lakh per kilo?
You'll have to spend all your life in the
central jail for something you didn't do.
Do you want to waste your life?
Come with us.
But I have a brother here. We
have to take him also with us.
Sir, what can we do if
the minister is coming?
It's not that.
It's not just independence day,
it's the jail anniversary as well.
- Sir..
Let's make these guys sing and dance,
and impress the minister.
Instead of bringing every new guy here,
can't you send them to other cells?
What is his case?
- Go inside.
What? Should we explain his case to you?
Go inside!
That won't be necessary now.
Devils are ruling Kerala now.
That's why an army man
like me had this fate.
It's true that I had a couple
of drinks in the train.
But I didn't create any ruckus.
Can you see?
I think it's the pipe that
goes to the drainage.
This is full of mud.
If so, the drainage will
also be full of mud.
To clear all this, we should
be here for life imprisonment.
We just need to reach the drainage
somehow, removing all the mud in the pipe.
Even if we go through the drainage, we
can get out only inside the compound
We'll have to break
through the wall, Jacob.
If so, we'll find another way.
Where are you off to?
- To piss.
Hold it in for some time.
Hold it in? For what?
Move! - Don't shout.
I'll call them out in some time.
Leave me.
- Didn't I ask you to wait?
What are you guys doing?
- They're not letting me piss, sir.
Who is in there?
- Who is it?
lfl come inside..
Open it..
Won't even sleep at night.
Open it fast..
Damn it..
What were you both doing inside?
What were you doing inside,
not coming out when I called?
Cat caught your tongue?
Open it.
What is this, sir?
Like you don't know..
We just went for a round and..
Is he your wife?
We were celebrating
our first night.
Go to sleep.
Your time has come.
Heard that, my dear?
Thomas, bring a bucket of water.
Army man who tried to molest a 7 year old
girl during a train journey, arrested.
Pour it into that vessel.
Has the superintendent reached?
- Go fast.
You should have thought about this
before getting on top of little girls.
Such cases will surely
get a royal thulp.
Pick him up.
- Get up.
Pick him up.
Shift him to cell no. 4
As part of the Independence
day celebrations,
we are planning some
celebrations in the jail.
Many esteemed guests will take
part, including the minister.
So what all events can be
performed by you guys?
And who all will do that?
We want to know that.
What all can you do?
Tell me.
Why are you all silent?
What can you perform?
He's a good stage artist. He does
'Kadhaprasangam' (story narration) well.
'Kadha Prasangam'?
That's nice.
That's not possible, sir.
- Why?
I've never presented it alone, sir.
We do it together.
Who is it?
- His.. - Brother.
- Brother.
- So you'll do it if he's there?
But sir, will we have the time
to create a story and practice?
I have a story with me, sir.
I'll give it.
I got it from the Sunday Supplement.
It's a funny story.
By the end of it, you'll
be tired of laughing.
Which cell are you in?
- Cell No. 2
Shift him from 2 to 6.
- Then we can do it, sir.
That's enough, sir.
We'll practice.
We'll do it in there with
whatever time we have.
Do any of you know to sing or do
mimicry or anything like that?
Sir, let's make Girijan sing.
- Sir, I can sing like Yesudas.
No need.
- Sir, he sings well.
Stop fooling around & get into the cell.
The story we're going to
present here is called,
Make 2 people clean all this.
For the march..
Hey! Tie it higher.
- Sir..
There'll be kids
from juvenile home.
And the families of the officers.
Hey! Hey!
Tie it over there.
There won't be enough space
for chairs for all of them.
Shift that bus to the backside.
Then we'll have space.
Manoj, take that bus
to the backside.
Hey! Hey!
Don't fool around over there.
Ya.. Straight..
Come on.
Let the other vehicle pass.
Turn it again.
Come on.
You could have come a little
more backwards. - This is fine.
Did you see?
3 seconds short of 3 minutes.
It took only 3 minutes
to go and come back.
So to go out, 1.5 minutes.
I can't believe that this dreaded
life will be over tomorrow.
That's not what I'm sad about.
Our Simon couldn't be with us.
If we had been careful
when we were outside,
none of us would have
had to suffer here.
So if we do things correctly
according to the plan,
we're going to get a hell
of a lot of freedom!
We'll leave on the special train
at 3.15 AM tomorrow at dawn.
We must leave in that.
Or else, we will have to
wait till next Thursday.
we should start from here.
We have only 10 minutes
to reach the station.
3 minutes to reach below
the wall from here.
To run to the railway track
from there, another 3 minutes.
To reach the platform by
running through the tracks,
So what about the
remaining one minute?
I don't have any hatred or
grudge against you now.
That was your skill.
I'll die in here, man.
Will you take me
also in your group?
Are you scared?
Your case is closed.
Take whatever you need.
Hey mad man, since you're mad,
the court closed your case quickly.
Stop fooling around and
come with your stuff.
Right away.
Let me take this.
Bhai, I'm leaving.
- Okay, buddy.
Enough.. Come out..
- Bye..
Girijan, place your
finger and press on it.
Whose is it?
- Udayan's bail.
He got bail for his 7th case.
How many cases does he have?
- He will leave in one week.
There are people outside
to get him out.
Let him go!
Headache he is.
- I want lunch.
Keep the cover there and come.
Will you go out only after lunch?
- I'll eat & go, sir.
Some fish also, please.
Hey! Stand here and eat.
Let me give some fish to Jacob.
- Where?
Did you come to give him fish?
- I'll give & come back fast, sir.
Make it fast.
Go and come back fast.
Udayan has got bail. He's planning
to finish you. Be careful.
that's trouble for you
coming in that bus.
All are first rate criminals!
Sir, will you bring them
to the cell today itself?
They will come to your
cell today itself.
Tell me if you want to be saved.
I'll talk to sir.
I'll go, even if! have to kill them.
Hey! Ram and Devassy, come out.
Shift them to cell no. 3
- Okay sir.
Hereafter, I will decide who should stay
in here and who should go out.
Appachan has given you
money for that as well.
Take them all inside.
Get in.
If you raise your voice, I'll
pierce this through your throat.
Don't try to mess with me!
Get down.
Bring him.
If you run & board Malabar
express, you can come with us.
Or go wherever you want to.
- Get lost.
Take the plank.
Jose, come.
Pull it up.
Where are they?
Come on!
Go that side.
Sir, not me. It's them.
- Where are they?
Sir, train! Malabar express.
Over there, sir.
Hey! Catch him!
He jumped!
Start the vehicles!
All of them have jumped.
Send the wireless message.
At Kottayam railway station..
Malabar Express..
Six of them have escaped, sir.
Don't spare anyone.
We're coming via the main road, sir.
Yes sir.
Hey! That way!
Right! Right!
Tu rn rig ht.
You go that way.
Rest of you come this way.
Let's go there.
Go to the left.
Two of them have gone this way!
Stop there!
Stop there, you..
One is here.
Jacob, stop there!
Come here, you..
This side!
Come on!
Kick him!
Go! Go!
Come on!
Ramesh, get up!
Hey! Hey!
Leave me.
Sir, he is here.
Come here.
John, move it closer.
After escaping from the jail, I
went straight to find my Betty.
Even though it was difficult, I saved
her from there with Murugan's help.
Devassy and Ramu will reach
Bengal within 2-3 days.
We've made necessary arrangements
to get Rajesh & Ramesh out on bail.
This boat we're travelling in, won't take
much longer to reach the Sri Lankan shore.
Simon and family must be
travelling there in another boat.
To our dream.
To our freedom.