Swathi Mutthina Male Haniye (2023) Movie Script

I don't think the issue
is with the service team.
I mean...
You can't change the delivery date.
We're due in a week's time.
Six days to be exact.
Yeah. We have to sort this issue out.
- Hello?
- Did you leave for work?
Yes, amma.
- Are you up?
- Yes.
Is he up?
Your brother?
He's still sleeping.
- What about your daughter-in-law?
- She wakes up early.
She must be
practising Yoga upstairs.
Yeah right she does!
When are you coming home?
Let me come over instead.
I'll let you know.
'Swathi Mutthina Male Haniye'
What else? What are
you making for breakfast?
No idea yet. I'm thinking
of making Chapathi.
- What about you?
- I made Dosay, amma.
It's raining cats and dogs here.
- Really? Be careful then.
- Sure, amma.
- Did you carry an Umbrella?
- Amma, let me call you back.
Okay. Sure.
Good morning, ma'am.
Asha, why isn't the
security guard by the gate?
- I don't know, ma'am.
- Ask Prabhakar to come.
I will.
Ma'am, this is
Mr. Pradeep's patient, Patil.
- Good morning. How are you?
- Namaste! I'm fine.
My name is Prerana.
I'm a counsellor here.
Patients with terminal
illness get admitted here.
Patients who won't
survive for long.
Those with barely a month
or two left to live, come here.
Good morning! How are you?
Please lie down.
I'm fine.
- Did you sleep well?
- She hasn't slept all night.
I lie down to sleep
but it escapes me.
I lie down and close my eyes,
telling myself that I'm asleep.
I need to prepare such patients.
Yes. Prepare them to die.
Hi! Good morning! How are you?
It's extremely painful.
I can't bear it.
How can you lose hope?
I'll ask the doctors to increase
the dosage of pain killers. Okay?
Just make sure this
soul slips away painlessly.
I can't take it.
I'm done with this.
I think I'm good at my job.
In the beginning, these difficulties,
tears and sorrow would affect me a lot.
Now I can handle it easily.
What are you doing there?
Why weren't you by
the gate in the morning??
I'm asking why you
weren't by the gate?
I'd asked you to come by my
house and cut down a plant.
Let him be, madam.
He's drunk.
He won't get a word you're saying.
Does he drink in the day?
- Well, yesterday a patient...
- Oh.
Prabhakar, he takes care of
the garden and security here.
Every time a patient dies, the next
day, he gets drunk and passes out.
But why?
God knows.
While working in a place like
this, one needs to be very careful.
Else, you'll end
up like Prabhakar.
Hi! Good morning!
How are you?
At first, I would find it
extremely difficult here.
I remember my first day...
Tell me, madam.
I have two kids.
My family would sustain
only if I worked.
But money isn't really the issue.
But my children...?
My wife...?
How will life be for
them, once I'm gone?
What will happen to them?
Let alone go out to shop, she doesn't
even know to buy the right packet of milk.
How will they live, madam?
What have I done to
deserve this punishment?
I have a wish.
I want to live.
I want to live on this earth
My kids should grow
in front of me.
I wish to see that
with my own eyes.
My daughter's seven years old.
My son's only three.
How will they live?
What will they do?
How will she take care of the kids?
No, madam.
I don't want to die.
[IN TAMIL] I'm finding it very difficult.
My body is hurting all over.
[IN TAMIL] I can't take it anymore.
The pain is unbearable.
[IN TAMIL] Listen to me.
You're a brave man.
Geetha, you're a brave woman.
Sometimes the whats, whys
and hows of life have no answers.
They have no reasons.
You're strong.
Ravi, you're strong.
Latha, you're strong.
- Are those earrings new?
- No. Is it matching?
They look nice on you.
Ma'am, Bhaskar's payments
have almost been cleared.
Just a single installments is left.
He said he'll pay it tomorrow.
If it's not done, let me know.
I'll speak to the management.
That's okay. I don't
think that's an issue.
Happy Anniversary, Sagar.
Oh yeah!
One moment guys.
Happy Anniversary my love.
Come home early this evening.
- Let's go out for dinner.
- Okay.
You want me to call
Manu and Aarthi?
I think it'll be good if you do.
Okay. I'll call them.
Have a good day.
- Prabhakar?
- Yes, madam?
Whose bike is that?
It belongs to a patient.
You mean the patient's family?
No. It belongs to the patient.
He came in riding it.
Should I get it moved?
No need.
I'll park over there.
Happy anniversary, ma'am.
Oh. Thank you.
- Did you see my WhatsApp status?
- Yeah.
The file belongs to the new
admission. His name is Aniketh.
- The one who came on the bullet bike?
- Yes.
He hasn't filled the details?
Nobody accompanied
the patient, ma'am.
The patient told that he was tired.
He told us that he'll
submit the documents later.
What time have you
scheduled him for counselling?
Ma'am, he didn't opt for counselling.
He doesn't want to be counselled.
Look what he's written in the
'Special requirement' column.
'Room with an open window'
Good morning! How are you?
Not bad.
I'm feeling well.
I was in a lot of pain
before coming here.
It has reduced considerably now.
I keep thinking of home a lot.
Because my neighbours would
come and chit chat with me...
'Should I buy a new dress for dinner?'
'I don't think so.'
'I'll manage with what I have.'
'Who's going to go all
the way out to shop now?'
Madam, would you
like some black tea?
Uncle, I just had some coffee.
Thank you for offering.
Remember how my vehicle broke
down on the day of the wedding?
It was a mess.
She looked so good
on her wedding, right?
What's wrong with
how she looks now?
She looks good even now.
Look at her.
She looks so glum now.
Doesn't she look very weak?
No. I don't think so.
You're definitely blind.
How's the hospital going on Manu?
Why ask me?
Ask your wife.
She's a counsellor.
You're a trustee.
- You have to tell me.
- It's all good.
Recently, I read the letters
written by the patient's families.
- It was wonderful, Prerana.
- Nice.
I heard that you
recently won an award.
- What was it for?
- The recent one?
That was for our service.
Especially at our hospice, we
use very minimal opioid drugs.
We're very particular
on that matter.
Where else have you
invested your shares?
Hey, is this the same dress that
you were wearing on Manu's birthday?
If things don't work in the
long-term, tough times lie ahead.
Have you invested in any start-up?
I have a couple of them...
Excuse me, Asha's
calling me from the facility.
Tell me, Asha. I'm sorry.
My phone was in silent mode.
It's about the new
patient who got admitted.
- He's causing problems.
- What happened?
When getting admitted, he'd
promised to give details and documents.
Now he's refusing to give them.
Why is that?
Instead he's asking us why
we need the address and details.
He's claiming that he's the patient, so he'll pay
the money and we should just get him admitted.
What if something goes wrong?
What should we do with his body?
I asked him the same.
He blatantly asked me to leave his body
on the road and told that he doesn't care.
What a crack head!
Should I come down now, Asha?
- No need, ma'am.
I'd called Dr. Avinash.
He's convincing him.
Let me know if
you need anything.
Okay ma'am.
Good night.
Good night.
Has it reduced?
Not yet. It's still
hurting on the left side.
I won't be in town for two days.
I'm going on an
outing with colleagues.
Let me brush and come back.
'KAVYA: See you in the
morning and good night.'
I guess this is what maturity is.
It is to be unaffected by whatever
your loved ones do to you.
Knowing everything yet
feeling nothing about it.
Isn't that what maturity is?
I feel nothing.
I've no idea what to feel either.
- Asha?
- Yes, ma'am.
Was his issue solved?
He finally gave his address.
But I spoke to his guardian.
Who is the guardian?
Apparently, he's the younger brother.
He told us not to mind the
patient and that he's eccentric.
He told us that he'll
come by if necessary.
What is his problem?
Shall I go and talk to him?
I wish we could do that.
But he did not
opt for counselling.
So, you going to
his room would be...
What his cottage number?
Hi! Good morning!
How are you doing today?
- Good morning, Asha!
- Morning, ma'am.
Apparently the management
wanted to discuss something with you.
The housekeeping staff found
it in Cottage No. 5 yesterday.
Terminal illness patients will go to any
extent if they want to reduce their suffering.
But soon they'll get so addicted that they'll
find it impossible to live without it.
If word spreads, it won't look good on us.
I understand doctor.
You visit cottage number 5 once.
Talk to him.
This shouldn't repeat again.
I'll talk to him, doctor.
Hi. Good morning.
How are...
Oh! What a beautiful day!
This plant was full
with flowers yesterday.
It's all gone today.
Look at the plant on the other side today.
The weather is so lovely.
Your scent too is so good.
Feeling so beautiful.
How are you?
I'm good. Can I sit?
- A cup of coffee?
- No. Thank you.
You didn't opt for counselling?
I don't believe in this
counselling mumbo-jumbo.
I'm the mumbo-jumbo
counsellor here, Prerana.
I'm sorry. Aniketh.
Do you know what's happening to you?
Yes. Gastro-intestinal cancer.
Do you know what
lies ahead of you?
In two or three months.
I'll ask you something directly.
Were you smoking up
in this room?
What are you up to?
I liked the rhythm, so I'm enjoying it.
Look here. Like this.
Can you be a little more serious, please?
You're asking a dying
man to be serious.
Are you really a counsellor?
What's wrong, ma'am?
It's nothing.
What does today's schedule look like?
It's not really a busy day.
I'll take off for half a day.
My head's hurting a lot.
Yes, doctor.
Yes. He's a big troublemaker.
It's better to send him away.
I'll ask Asha to talk to his guardian.
Yes. Let's send him home.
How did he get so far, Asha?
I don't get it either.
Let's send him home.
I've spoken to the management.
Why get into unnecessary trouble?
Ask his guardian to
come and take him away.
Okay, ma'am.
'Back then, this lake
wasn't the same as today.'
'Algae, pastures and swamps
never existed, back then.'
'Babbling with the mist who went
out for walks in the early mornings.'
'Winking at the reflections of
the scorching sun in the noons.'
'Gently caressing the
moon and the stars at night.'
'The lake was alive.'
Did you come home this noon?
'Back then, this lake
wasn't the same as today.'
'Bracing the cool breeze that swept
across pasture land and turned tender.'
'Stripping itself naked while vaporising
its entirety to the blistering summers.'
'Embracing and accepting the wounds
caused by the fiery heat while lying down.'
'Step in it today and it's
nothing but a stinking marshland.'
'The lake wasn't like this.'
'The lake was alive.'
'Back then, this lake
wasn't the same as today.'
'But somehow the lake felt that it
wanted to remain the same as today.'
'Neither evaporating in the heat,
nor transforming in the rains'
'It should remain the same.'
'No more chit chat with the mist.'
'No more flirting with the sun'
'With the memories of the
moon and the stars unfindable...'
'What if it loses itself
in the chit chats?'
'What if it loses itself
while wooing someone?'
'No. The lake should remain.'
'Exactly what it is today.'
'Spraying perfume across the corpses of
old memories, the lake believes it's alive.'
'But the swamp, mud, decaying leaves,
an old left-behind shampoo sachet...'
'None of them are alive.'
'Forgive me, for there's
no sign of life here.'
'But back then, this lake
wasn't the same as today.'
Tell me, Prerana.
Can the patient from the
cottage number 5 stay back?
Didn't you tell me
to send him away.
I did. But I think I can handle him.
If you feel so, make
him to stay behind.
I have no problem.
I'll take care of it.
Is something
bothering you, Prerana?
Nothing, doctor.
I know about Sagar.
The things he's up to.
The people he's meeting.
I know them.
But the way
you're handling it...
I'm so proud of you.
One should be
mature in life like you.
Can you stay back?
Didn't you ask me to leave?
I've convinced the management.
But on one condition.
- Tell me.
- You should allow me to meet you every day.
- Why...?
- Not for counselling. Don't worry.
Do you have something to eat?
Your facility didn't feed me
because I was asked to leave.
There's nothing except for the
Dosay I made in the morning.
Give me the Dosay.
It's not good.
I prepared it in a hurry.
You haven't poisoned
the chutney, have you?
- No need.
- It'll be fine.
- What's in here?
- Chutney. Shall I open it?
Thank you.
Your Dosays are better
than your counselling.
- You're mean.
- Thank you.
Thank you so much.
This tastes great with
'Meen Saaru' (Fish curry).
I'm a vegetarian.
Prabhakar probably makes it.
He's from Mangaluru.
This is good too.
No, it really is good.
"Love is alike a deep
state of meditation"
"Alike the meditating Lord
going into a state of loss"
"May our soul bow down
and ripen again... O'!"
"Love is alike a deep
state of meditation"
"Alike the meditating Lord
going into a state of loss"
Good morning.
Isn't the window behind you?
But sometimes the door
offers a good view too.
- You look very nice.
- Thank you.
Is this a new saree?
What is this saree called?
It's a cotton saree.
It's very nice.
Can I touch it?
Can I get a feel of it?
It's nice.
Why did you ask?
Planning to gift it to someone?
Why do you ask?
Do you wish to find out if there's
someone worthy of gifting it to in my life?
No! Nothing like that.
It was just a casual question.
I wanted to find out if there's a girl
worthy of buying a gift for in your life.
That's why I asked. Happy?
"I'm now a free bird.. for
my wings have spread"
"I turned into a river, from
where I stood, O' deep blue sea"
"I blossomed into a flower"
"My laugh flowed like nectar"
"As I read more, I turn
into a poem myself... O'!"
"Love is alike a deep
state of meditation"
"Alike the meditating Lord
going into a state of loss"
"May our soul bow down
and ripen again... O'!"
"Love is alike a deep
state of meditation"
"Alike the meditating Lord
going into a state of loss"
Good morning, ma!
How are you?
I'm not feeling well, child.
Where is my husband?
I don't know. I haven't
seen Uncle around.
I'm not afraid of dying.
But after I'm gone...
I'm worried what'll
happen to him.
Where are they?
Both of them are married.
We have two daughters.
They were doing fine.
Until they found out about this disease.
After that, the
altercations began.
Altercations about who
needs to take care of me.
They used to call at first.
Eventually, the calls stopped.
Poor girls.
They need to listen to their husbands
before contributing for my treatment.
My husband sold everything
we had for my treatment.
Hoping that I would
regain my health.
In the end, we sold our only house.
To get me admitted here.
After I'm gone, I wonder
where he'll go from here.
Once we cross the gate of this
hospice, there's no place to go.
There's no one to talk to.
Where will he go?
Could you please see
where he is, my child?
Prabhakar, where's uncle?
- From cottage number 8?
- He's sitting by the stairs.
Could you send over
some black tea in a flask?
Sure, madam.
Hi Uncle! Are you busy?
- No dear.
- Can I sit here?
You want to sit?
- Do you want me to go?
- No need.
I came here to sit with you.
How are you?
I'm doing good.
I got bored sitting by myself inside.
So, I came out here.
Thank you, Prabhakar.
Uncle, will you have some tea?
I don't drink
anything with milk.
It's black tea, uncle.
Milk tea doesn't agree with you?
That's not the case.
After she fell sick, the doctor advised
her against consuming any milk products.
I got used to that.
I'm trying very hard
to keep her alive.
What can be done?
Our fates are sealed.
I have to be brave.
After all this is done...
I need to go and live
with my daughters.
Two daughters.
They keep asking me to come over.
But I don't want to.
As long as I can stand
on my own limbs...
I will earn for myself.
Isn't this what bachelor
life is all about?
Love you Amma.
Who is this from, Asha?
Aniketh, ma'am.
- Which plant is this?
- Nandi Battalu [Crape Jasmine]
Every time a new patient is admitted,
we plant a sapling for them to take care.
We had to plant one for Aniketh too.
- Why the Nandi Battalu?
- Because I like it.
But why?
It's a pretty ordinary plant.
That's why.
You could've selected
any other plant, right?
Rose or any other tree?
Why specifically this plant?
Because it blooms a
lot of flowers, everyday.
There's one in my house too.
It blooms every day,
dirtying up the place.
Maybe that is my aim.
Think of it as trash...
Even if you don't celebrate it
blooming, it continues to blossom.
Even if it doesn't
reach the idol of God.
Even if nobody praises
or writes poems about it...
It continues to bloom.
Whether you walk
by it or ignore it...
Nandi Battalu continues to bloom.
I think...
It doesn't blossom for anybody else.
Only for itself.
The fact that it's alive is enough.
For Nandi Battalu to blossom.
Will it survive if blossoms
for someone else?
If it blossoms for itself,
it's because it's free.
That is why...I chose Nandi Battalu.
Are you free tomorrow early morning?
Why do you ask?
I wished to sit here on an early
morning with you and look at the lake.
It's beautiful.
Thank you.
Doesn't he talk to anyone?
The one who makes 'Meen Saaru'?
Try talking to him.
Mr. Prabhakar, I heard
you make great 'Meen Saaru'.
I like it a lot. So...
Prabhakar, won't you talk to me?
What's the point in talking to
someone who'll die tomorrow?
Isn't that exactly why
you should talk to me?
I won't be around tomorrow.
Today is all I've got.
- Is that Lakshmi I hear?
- Yes, ma'am.
She's in extreme pain.
It's not easy to go by the cottage.
She's writhing in pain.
Did you tell
Dr. Manmohan about it?
I did. But there's no
response from him.
I'll try talking to him once.
I've done everything
I possibly can, Prerana.
Painkillers don't work in such
dire times and you know that.
That's true, doctor.
But giving them opioid drugs at this
time will relieve them of pain, right?
Prerana, no!
I'm a Doctor. Not a peddler.
If we start giving it to them,
patients will become drug addicts.
No way am I administering them.
Don't get emotionally carried away.
We'll do our best.
Oh. Prabhakar?
Madam, you'd asked
me to cut a plant, right?
Well, I like it now. Let it be.
- It's okay. Come on inside.
- No, madam.
I asked him and borrowed it.
- Come have some Dosay.
- It's fine.
It's okay. Come on in.
"The condemned lamb is brought
to the festival's sacrificial fire"
"The condemned lamb is brought
to the festival's sacrificial fire"
"It sees the decorative green
leaves and nibbles them in glee"
"The condemned lamb is brought
to the festival's sacrificial fire"
"It sees the decorative
green leaves..."
"It sees the decorative green
leaves and nibbles them in glee"
"The condemned lamb is brought
to the festival's sacrificial fire"
"Innocent of its impending
doom, it feeds its empty stomach"
"Innocent of its impending
doom, it feeds its empty stomach"
"The lamb took birth and without
its knowledge, attained death"
Sir, address of the destination?
I'll tell you on the way.
"The lamb took birth and without
its knowledge, attained death"
"But will those who sacrificed
the lamb, live any longer?"
"O Lord, Kudala Sangama!"
"But will those who sacrificed
the lamb, live any longer?"
"O Lord, Kudala Sangama!"
Amma, will you come tomorrow, please?
- Are you doing well, Amma?
- Of course. I'm perfectly alright.
- Where's Sagar?
- He's still sleeping. Give it here.
How was the journey?
The roads weren't good at all.
I was being thrown off
my seat the whole time.
To make it worse,
it was a sleeper bus.
- I'm done. Please.
- Have another.
- You can eat another. Take it.
- God! No!
There's TV. Keep yourself entertained.
Don't bother yourself
with cooking, okay?
I'll come home early.
Teach me how the
TV remote works.
Hi Aunty!
Are you doing well?
I'm good and you?
I'm good too.
Prerana, Sagar is here
- How's work?
- Going fine.
Shall I get you some Dosay?
Not now.
Why did you ask me to get ready?
What will you do at home?
You'll get bored. Come with me.
I'll watch some television.
Tsk. You can watch it once you
go back home. Come with me.
- Amma.
- Hmmm?
I like a patient a lot here.
- I'll make you meet him.
- Okay.
- Good morning!
- Morning.
Are you not feeling well?
It hurts when I move.
So I'm sitting here.
This is Amma.
- Hi!
- Are you doing well?
It's fine. How are you?
You're okay?
You want to sleep?
I'm not able to. That's
why I'm sitting up.
We'll leave. You rest.
You have work, right?
Let her be here. You carry on.
It's okay.
Even I'm not able to sleep.
We'll be talking. Not an issue.
You leave
- Please sit.
- Okay.
It's so beautiful here, right?
You should come early in the
morning. It's a lot more beautiful.
That lake looks a
lot more beautiful.
If I was fine, I would've
taken you there.
Do you like water?
- I'm very scared of water.
- Really?
I don't mind seeing it from afar.
But I can't go close to it.
- You were a teacher, right?
- Yes. A primary school teacher.
- Oh. Is it?
- Yeah.
Isn't it difficult to
handle young kids?
I like kids a lot.
Get the signature from this patient
Even after retiring, I
like to go and teach them.
- I like them a lot.
- Is it?
- What about you?
- My brother's son.. I like them.
- What subject do you teach?
- I used to teach Mathematics.
Maths was a nightmare for me.
I managed to pass with
bare minimum marks.
- What was your favourite subject?
- Kannada.
- Really?
- Maths was a difficult one for me.
I couldn't manage.
I was fine with languages.
- Who was your favourite author?
- I liked Kuvempu.
- Is it?
- Who do you like?
- I like Da. Ra. Bendre a lot.
- Oh.
I like Karanth too.
- Are we late for home?
- No. Why do you ask?
That boy... Aniketh, right?
He said that he
wanted to come home.
Because he heard
about my 'Tili Saaru'.
He told me that he
liked to drink 'Tili Saaru'.
By the time I come
back again, what if he...?
Amma, can you make it now?
It's really nice.
Thank you.
Done with your trips?
These flowers are beautiful, right?
My bus is at 10.30 tomorrow.
I'll drop you.
It's okay. I'll get an
auto rickshaw, right?
I'll manage.
You don't have to come.
When did you click this?
When you both were
chatting, you didn't realise at all.
I really didn't.
I like him, amma.
Like him in what way?
What do you mean?
Is that wrong?
If you're asking your mother
this question, it is wrong.
If a married daughter tells her mother about
loving another man and asks if that is wrong...
It is wrong.
But when I think of it as a woman...
I feel there's nothing wrong in it.
We spend all our lives cleaning
up, washing vessels and clothes.
We get everything except for love.
Maybe the man in
the house feels so too.
'What's the point in giving
this woman any love?'
We don't ask. They don't give.
All our lives, we'll be
craving for an iota of love.
Yet we never get it.
What's wrong in searching for it?
I'm glad that you found it.
Tell me, Asha.
Ma'am, it started
an hour after you left.
He claims that it's
hurting a lot if he moves.
- What about medication?
- We called Dr. Manmohan.
I've given him all the
tablets he prescribed.
- Dr. Geetha?
- Tell me.
- I'm so sorry. I needed a help.
- Tell me, Prerana.
We needed to treat a patient.
Can you tell me the
name of the medicine?
Where were you all night?
I had work.
Are you counselling
at night too?
Since when?
I like your courage.
I wish I had your courage.
Amma, shall I make some Dosay?
Bye, amma.
Take care, dear.
Good morning, ma'am.
- I'll help him wear it. Give it here.
- Okay.
I stole it from the office.
- How are you?
- Good.
Don't worry. You'll be alright.
You thought I'll die?
I'll live for another 20-25 years.
Is it hurting a lot?
Don't even ask.
I thought I was very strong.
Just one night of suffering
crushed me to bits.
It's hurting a lot.
Sleep well.
I'll call for your guardian.
I don't want anyone.
You're here. That's enough.
Are you a doctor?
Are you a doctor?
You're not just a counsellor any more.
You're a doctor too, right?
Tell me.
Are you a doctor?!
You gave it to him once.
If the pain returns, he'll
start to scream for more.
Eventually, they
don't need to feel pain.
They'll keep
screaming for drugs.
I'm sorry, doctor.
If somebody else had done
this, I would've sent them home.
Prerana, if my work ethics aren't
respected, I don't take it lightly.
Don't do it again.
Madam, let's make
some Meen Saaru?
You cook well.
I learnt it in my childhood.
My Amma was unwell.
She couldn't make
anything. So, I learnt to cook.
Unwell as in?
Even I didn't know, madam.
We were young, right?
We took her to the
hospital a couple of times.
Doctor prescribes a couple of tests.
We didn't have the money for it.
Eventually, amma
was home when she...
Amma desperately wished to live.
During her last days, she
would hold our hands and beg.
Pleading me to save her somehow.
I couldn't.
That is exactly
why I joined here.
To see if I could save
at least one person here.
I haven't been able to.
Every time I see
someone suffer and die...
It reminds me of my mother
pleading me to save her.
That's why I started to drink.
Want to check if
the salt's enough?
Sorry. You don't eat
non-vegetarian food, right?
We're too small to save
someone, Prabhakar.
All we can do is,
send them off happily.
Meen Saaru?
Who made it?
Prabhakar made it.
It's nice.
Will you stay back today?
Look below the bed.
- What's there?
- Take it out.
When did you make this?
I felt better. So I made it.
Light it up for me.
Place it in your mouth.
I'll be gone soon.
Shall I tell you a secret before I leave?
What is it?
Lie down.
I'd asked you for a bigger bed.
You never listened to me.
Tell me what you
wanted to share.
Who is asking?
My Prerana or the
Counsellor Prerana?
Your Prerana is asking. Tell me.
If I tell, she won't complain
to the management, will she?
I won't. Tell me.
My name is not Aniketh.
All the documents and identity
card I submitted are fake.
Nobody will come to collect
my body after I'm gone.
Then what?
That is all.
- I've to tell the management this.
- Please.
Promise me that you won't.
Don't you have
anybody of your own?
I do. Maybe.
Then why should
you die like this?
You know what's the most
beautiful death I've seen?
My Indie dog's death.
Country dogs as they call it.
Tie one up in your
home and take care of it.
Give it as much love as you wish.
For ten to twelve years,
sometimes even for sixteen years.
It'll live with you as a Tommy
or a Brownie or a Jackie.
A couple of days
before it is about to die...
It goes away from home.
Even if they live with you for twelve
years as Tommy, Brownie or Jackie...
Before it dies...
It gives up everything.
Turning into an ordinary dog...
It breathes it's last.
What a beautiful death.
Isn't it?
All my life, I was someone.
I want to give up everything.
Become someone
without a name or a home.
I want to die only as a human being.
What should we do?
- You mean my body?
- Yes.
Your wish.
Take it.
Can I perform your last rites?
Your wish.
Your ashes?
- Disperse it wherever you want to.
- Tell me, please.
I don't know.
I'll tell you, wait.
Will you really leave me and go?
You look very nice today.
I can see a window.
A very beautiful window.
Hello? Prerana?
Meet me as soon as
you come to the facility.
We need to talk.
Where were you yesterday, Prerana?
Where were you the last night?
- I was here at the facility.
- Oh.
Where did you sleep?
In cottage number five.
What did you do, Prerana?
There was no
other place to sleep.
So, we slept in the same bed.
He smoked
I did too.
We hugged.
I kissed him on the forehead.
Sadly, we couldn't do anything more.
He was really sick.
Do you remember that
you're a married woman?
I do.
How can only I
be the mature one?
Sagar also needs
to be mature, right?
Tell Sagar about it.
Let him also gain some maturity.
Anything else?
We lied saying that we'll drop his body
off to his guardians and took it ourselves
Hi Prerana.
I'm not around anymore.
I'm leaving my body and a
couple of memories behind.
You asked where I wanted
my ashes dispersed, right?
This letter is the
answer for that question.
You don't even know who I am.
You know me as an anonymous man.
I like that about us.
I like humans too.
Their stories, their struggles,
their journeys. I like them.
I like their stories, a lot.
If you really wish to
disperse my ashes.
Board a red-colour government bus.
Amidst the Ghat, if you find a major curve,
disperse my ashes from the moving bus.
Every turn according
to me, brings change.
In that very turn, amidst the
dust specks, stuck to the plants,
I wish to settle and
secretly watch humans.
People remain
themselves in their homes.
But when they go to others' home,
they change into someone else.
Only in these curves, does
a human remain a human.
I wish to see that.
You and I met in one such turn.
When it rains with the
Swathi Star in the sky,
A rain drop falls into the right
oyster and turns into a pearl.
Just like that, you became
like me, and I changed forever.
I shall take your leave.
Yours lovingly...