Sweater (2019) Movie Script

When I was little,
I used to think children are gifts
from God.
A reward to the parents for their
good deeds in the previous life.
Like a character certificate
they give you in school.
The same happened to our family.
We are sure my little sister
is God's precious gift to us.
I'm bit older than her.
So it's all unfolded before me.
I have seen it for myself,
believe me.
I've grown up to see it.
She makes such beautiful tea.
Why only tea?
Dum Biriyani
Lobster Coconut curry
Stitching, recitation
Whatever be it.
Like I said, a gift from God.
My parents must've done some
great deed in their previous life.
I know I'm going on about the
'previous life' thing.
Because my parents have only one
job in their present life.
Getting me married.
Yes. It's a huge responsibility.
Like I said, a gift from God.
My parents must've done some
great deed in their previous life.
I know I'm going on about the
'previous life' thing.
Because my parents have
only one
job in their present life.
My parents must've done some
great deed in their previous life.
Yes. It's a huge responsibility.
All the talents my younger
sister has
I own none of them.
Hence, they're having a tough
finding me a groom.
You got Tuku to make my tea again!
Why do you need her to experiment
with my morning tea?
What did I do to deserve this?!
Why do you need her to experiment
with my morning tea?
Is this how you fry 'Singaras'?!
Better improve!
Or else you'll
be stuck doing this forever.
Never make it big.
Why don't you show me
to fry 'Singaras' then?
Boy is full of words!
Mahadeb Babu
will you take
the Singaras home now itself?
I was going to the market.
Just checking on your boy's work.
tomorrow evening
send me 20 pieces. Fry them nicely.
What's the occasion?
Another family
coming to
meet your elder one?
Anyway whoever comes to
her, likes her instantly.
You didn't revert about my proposal
Leave it.
Teach your boy properly.
Pinku really likes your elder one.
You know, after me he will
the owner of this shop.
Why are you going on about Pinku?
How old is your son now?
35 years, remember?
Why are you getting angry?
You know everything, Mahadeb Babu.
You have two 'Debs'(Gods) in your name.
One in Mahadeb. Another in Debnath.
Though none of it is helping.
Look, I'm not going to marry my
daughter to a boy named 'Pinku'.
Come on. That's his nickname.
His formal name is Satyanarayan.
How many more matches will you
find for your elder daughter?
The younger one is still unmarried
because of her.
She has an affair, hope you know?-
- Uncle, the elder one has an affair too.
The boy's a rock singer.
He won't go too far though.
I should get going.
Sir, the regular order?
Or would you like something else?
- I don't want anything.
You do.
I'm not hungry, Pablo.-
- You have to eat. Go.
Okay, Sir.
Don't be silly.
What is the matter?
Another suitor's coming?
So what?
I don't have a problem with it.
Numerous suitors come and go
how many of them married you?
Let it go on the way it is.
Don't worry.
Pablo what is the meaning
this relationship?
Do I come here to munch on
cutlets every day?
Don't beat around the bush.
You want commitment, right?
Open your hand.
Your hand!
Isn't this love?
Does it qualify as love only
if it has a diamond, tell me?
You know what
Love in itself is commitment.
Life is not like the lyrics of your songs.
At our best, we're all songs!
Isn't it?
Look, Tuku.
Marriage, a job
Bringing up the kids
Everything is man-created.
When two hearts find each other.
That is God-created.
Otherwise every story is a staple tale.
The husband gets home from work.
The wife makes him tea.
Then they watch TV together.
Then, dinner.
Then sex at night.
Once a month.
Then he sleeps off. Snoring.
And what does the wife do?
She sets an alarm. Why?
She needs to wake him up
morning again for work.
Do you really think this is life?
Then what is life?-
- We will travel!
We will travel the world!
Venice, Prague, London,
New York!
I'll sing on the roads!-
- What will I do?
Don't stop me!
Don't you know,
it disrupts my flow?
You too will sing.-
- But I cannot sing!
You'll play the rattle.
Collect money in my hat as I sing.
You don't get the point.
Music is a metaphor.
London, Paris,
everything is a metaphor.
I'm talking about freedom!
That's what I am talking about!
Do you get my point?
Pablo, you know very well,
I have no talent.
All suitors keep rejecting me.
Initially, it used to be fun.
I would think I have Pablo with me.-
- I am there!
My father has a pacemaker
In his heart now.
I don't have time.
A prestigious family is
coming down
from Kolkata.
Did you say 'prestigious family'?
Did you
Tea. And
The cutlets.
Thank you.-
- Anything else, Sir?
If a bank balance or a big house is
your parameter for happiness
Then I can't respect that happiness.
I am really sorry.
Come on, eat.
What you're getting into is business
Not marriage, mind you.
Where have you been?
I went to meet a friend.
The friend must have a name, right?
Why not sit with your sister,
learn some music from her?
Am I talking to you?
No reply?
What is it?
No respect for her father!
I mean well for you, girl!
I mean to ask,
how late is the
Kanchenjunga express?
Okay, okay.
Thank you, Sir. Thank you!
How late is it?-
- Around 4 to 5 hours.
Should I inform the matchmaker?
Are they coming to receive us
from the station?
Then there's no need to inform anyone.
We will reach
when the train arrives.
I mean, if we drop in without informing
they may not be prepared.
Then we'll be able to see
their real selves.
No need to say anything.
Why are you rehearsing here?
Just because you can sing,
you will flaunt it to the world?
Of course! I will flaunt
it to the universe!
Why did you teach me to sing?
So I could hum silently?
Go inside.
'Go inside'!
Where are you, Madam? Come here,
let me show you the boy's photographs.
They will be here soon.
You are late.
Not at all, Sir.
Wait, I'll give them a call.
Let's find out how far they are.
Oh no.-
- What?
These Chinese products,
I tell you,
they are ruining this country!
Why are you blaming China?
Change your stupid phone.
Now they won't be able to
get through your number!
They will lose their way
trying to find the address.
Not at all, Sir.
I've given them the address.
You could've given them Tuku's number.
Though that doesn't look nice.
Sree's number?-
- Please, Sir! That doesn't look good.
Wait. I'll charge my phone
speak to them. Don't worry.
I left the charger behind.
Sir, would you have a charger?
You're an undercharged matchmaker.
Jumbling up everything!
It's alright. They'll surely make it here.
You better check out the photos.
Besides, the boy isn't coming today.
Only the mother,
the uncle and the aunt.
Once they approve,
the boy will come.
What photos?
As you say, they are a good family.
Boy's a chartered accountant.
That's good enough.
Let's show them to Tuku-
- No need. You said he's a nice boy.
Good family. No problem.
Chartered accountant. That's it.
Uncle, here. Your 'Singaras'.-
- Great!
What the hell don't open the
packet now.
Let them come.
Have some puffed rice for now. Okay?
Kalyani get us some food.
Get Mr. Mitra some puffed rice.
- Yes, mix it nicely.
With coconuts.-
- Alright.
Sir, I've been finding you
matches for so long now!
I deserve a little respect, don't I?
Puffed rice and coconut?
Fine. Just get the marriage finalized.
Then I'll give you a double Hilsa treat.
I feel we will nail it this time.
Very good family!
Boy's a chartered
Earns big money!
Besides, no extra demands!
That's what is scaring me.-
- Why?
The boys is so eligible.
Yet they don't have any demands.
Madam, don't worry. My heart says
dear's marriage bells shall ring this time!
God bless you for saying that.
Don't keep sitting here. Get going!
You don't have a phone, nor a charger.
Please go! You can eat later.
They may be waiting at the station.
It doesn't look nice. Get going.
What nonsense no phone,
no charge,
no hair on the head!
Make it fast. Do you think they
will notice one button?
We're getting late.
You should
have done this earlier.
Stand quietly.
How long since you took out this Kurta?
I'd have fixed it earlier if I knew
It's missing a button.
It's because of your callousness that
my daughter is not getting married.
So many suitors come to see our Tuku.
But then in vain
Don't talk rubbish.
And I warn you, don't keep
blabbering in front of them.
You think I like doing that?
If we sit there quietly, your daughter's
flaws will come out one by one.
Can you dance? Can you sing?
Then what?
- What then?
If they judge our daughter on that
basis, it's better not to consider them.
You mustn't say that. Society
has its rules. You must respect it.
Everyone does.
Why, when I went to see
you, what did my aunt ask?
But I really could sing!
- Yes! That's the issue!
Sree inherited all your skills.
And Tuku got mine.
She isn't good at anything!
I got spared because I'm a boy.
If I were a girl,
I'd remain unmarried too.
Dibhai Dibhai!
You want to eat out tonight?
I'm sick of eating Maa's
watery fish curry every day!
Let's go grab some Mughlai
from Banerjee Cabin?
Leave it. They won't come.
Why are you already losing hope?
Mitra hasn't arrived yet.
Maybe the train is late.
Don't give yourself excuses
I knew it from the beginning.
How can we be so fortunate
to land such a good suitor?
Is God that jobless?
What are you saying!
There they are!
Mitra is coming alone.
What happened?
Sir, the train is late.
Oh! So what now?
I think they departed late.
Do you think they would come now?
Besides, I called their land-phone
many times. No one responded.
Let's see.
I'll call them again
I'll let you know.
See you.-
- Wait.
Serve him the 'Singaras'.
Please, Sir. I'll get indigestion
If I eat those fries now.
Even then, eat.
What should I do now?
Make a
garland out of those 'Singaras'?
What did I do?
Hey, listen come for a video chat, please?
How can I?
Like I told you,
no video option on this phone.
If you are so desperate to talk,
why not gift me a nice phone?
Will be done by tomorrow.
I really I really want to see you.
Please don't refuse!
Not right now.
You didn't get me
the phone. Now suffer.
Baby I can't wait, please!
Okay, wait.
- Hi
When did this happen?
Stand quietly.
The new phone and the new boy
Oh, it's been some time.
I bought the phone from my pocket money.
You know Baba would overreact,
so I hid it from him.
Are you still friends with
the boy who gifted it to you?
You don't love me at all.
Rajib is just
He is just a friend.
Will you marry him?
Are you crazy, Dibhai?
Besides, I don't find him handsome.
So, a relationship based on gifts?
You could say so.
What about the one you were just
talking to? Another 'just friend'?
Akash? He's trying to be a friend.
I don't know yet. You better sleep.
Anyway you won't understand.
You see, boys are quite weird.
Obey them and then dominate you.
It's best to let them chase you.
The more they come close,
the more you slip away.
Only then do they stay under
your control.
Who is it?
Munni, open the door.
Who is it now?
Switch on the lights!
Mahadeb Babu?
- Who is it?
Who is it at this hour
Clear up the mosquito net.
Please come in.
Clear up and go.-
- Okay.
I am Kalyani, his wife.
And she is Mahadeb, my husband.-
- What rubbish are you saying?
You see, he had fallen asleep.
I am Kalyani Debnath.
Her mother. And this is
Mahadeb Debnath. Her father.
Go, call Mitra.
- Sure. I'll do that.
Why don't you have mobile phones?
It's not very costly these days.
You see it's a small town.
One doesn't need a phone here.
You call out to people and they respond.
So we didn't buy it.
Our girls have them.
They are today's generation.
They need these things.
Sorry to disturb you so late in the night.
No, that's alright.
How can you help it if the train is late?
Good you came here directly.
Let me make you some tea.
Then you can change
and get some rest.
Then in the morning-
- No.
We've a train in the morning.
Where is your daughter?
Can we see her?
Why don't you rest for some time?-
- Why, is she sleeping?
Can't we meet her?
Then we'll come back some other time.
No, no!
So what if she is sleeping?!
Sit. I will call her.
Come on. They are here!
No, wait.
It's 3 am.
They've come to see her now?
What the hell?
The train was late. What is their fault?
Ask them to wait. Or sleep.
Dibhai will meet them tomorrow.
Who are they to decide?-
- One tight slap
I will break your face!
They've come such a long way
to see her.
Should it happen their way or yours?
Get up, Tuku.
You go, make some tea.
And listen.
Come back to the
room directly
from the kitchen.
Don't you show your face there.-
- I cannot make tea.
Make it yourself if you wish.
You can't order me around.
I'll go make the tea.
No, leave it.
That'll be more trouble.
Hello, Sir.
My phone got switched off.
My apologies-
- What's the point in apologising now?
Please call your daughter.-
- Yes.
I called her. She is dressing up.
I've seen her picture.
I'm not
here to check how
pretty she is.
Bring her just the way she is.
It won't take time. She'll be done soon.
Like I told you. I'm not here
to see how she dresses up.
Call her.
- Tuku
Tuku dear.-
- Enough now. Come out.
Please have the tea, Sir.
What is this madness?
How can I help it,
you can hardly
make time for
the video chat.
I wanted to see you.
So I came.
Did you bring it?
It's in the dashboard.
What is this?
I told you I'll
come out for
a quick smoke!
You're joking? I won't talk to you!
Why! Just check it properly first.
Why are you getting angry?
Check it!
You know what will happen
If I stay out for too long?
Crazy fellow. You
I don't forget anything, Sree.
What is this!
Hope you aren't in love?
Oh come on!
Besides, I've promised you.
No love. Nothing.
I do love
to give you gifts.
So you won't marry me?-
- Sure, I will
No, I mean
It was you who told me that you
won't meet me if I bring up marriage.
So I
What happened?
Why are you smiling?
Why are you smiling? What is it?
You look so pale!
You are scared, aren't you?
She didn't have the time to dress up.
She did dress up yesterday.
She wore a pink sari.
She was looking very sweet.
Not exactly pink.
Like a milky pink.
More milky. Less pink.
You see, she is a bit dusky.
- Can I talk to her?
Thank you.
Of course you can talk.
That is why you came.
She was sleeping-
- Your name is Tulika, right?
Come, sit here.
Come on. Go, dear.
Listen, Tulika.
Whether or not you can sing,
whether you can dance or recite poetry
I have no interest in all that.
Mr. Mitra sent me your photo.
So, I also know how you look
when you dress up.
I don't have much time in hand today.
We've to board the train soon.
So I must make one thing
clear to you and your family.
I have only one son.
Therefore, I've a pre-condition.
And it's not negotiable.
I want my daughter-in-law to
be able to knit wool.
And just being able to do it won't do.
She has to do it as good as me.
You know, if Didibhai knits a sweater,
you can never tell
if it is hand-knitted or machine-knitted.
Best in Kolkata.
That's the only condition Didi(sister) has.
We met many girls in Kolkata
from good families.
In fact, Anindya even liked one of them.
But the condition was that she had
to know how to knit.
So it didn't work out.
But this time it will work out.
- Because
my daughter is very good at knitting.
She is?-
- Yes!
Then there is no problem!-
- Of course!
You know, last time me went to Shimla
Before that, she had made me a
nice 'bandor tupi'.
It was so warm!
It felt like I was in a desert even
though I was standing on ice.
Why don't you show them the album?
Wait. I am not done yet.
Tulika. I know this
condition is a bit weird.
But I will not explain myself now.
When you come to my house
as my daughter-in-law,
I will tell you then. Okay?
This is no big deal!-
- You see, my daughter has no skills.
Other than knitting.
She is excellent in it.
For Subhash Babu
And for you too.
She can knit 'bandor tupi'
and sweaters, mufflers
Stop saying, 'bandor tupi'.-
- Should I call it a monkey cap then?
It's the same thing!
This sweater belongs to my son.
It's Anindya's.
I knit it.
Tulika, I want you to knit me
a sweater just like this one.
Everything you need is in here.
Knitting needles. Wool.
And I'm leaving the sweater
behind as well.
All for you.
She is shy to say. But she'll do it.-
- Of course she will!
I will come back in a month then.
Do wait up for us,
even if the train is late.
And you
That day, I will also give you
time to dress up.
If I like the sweater,
then I will
finalize the marriage instantly.
- Wow.
Let's go, Babai. It's time for the train.
Take care.
But you didn't eat anything
Time for my double Hilsa treat, right?
But what now?
Go and get us some
puffed rice with
coconut shreds.
Whatever will be, will be.-
-'Whatever will be, will be.'?
Is there a problem?
Tuku doesn't know how to knit.
Oh no!
What did I tell you? I've been
all night. I am hungry.
Get us some puffed rice and coconuts.
We are going to Darjeeling.
What is it? Are you getting a
cerebral attack?
What nonsense!
My sister lives in North Bengal.
I want to visit her, I miss her!
Any problem?
All you need is the double Hilsa, right?
Now get going.
Come, let's sleep.
Why did you have to give her
the things already?
Look, from all the houses we've
visited, this one is the worst.
The rooms are so dingy. Dirty.
And the girl's father.
He was so garrulous.
Did you notice the girl when I
brought up wool knitting?
You know, I think she'll turn
to be ill-tempered.
She is like me.
Arrogant. Angry.
Not ill-tempered.
She is neglected.
Different from everyone else.
My heart says she can surely do it.
Make one for me too before the marriage.
A sweater at last?
She didn't ask if I can
sing, dance or recite.
A circus.
It's a freak show.
Nothing else.
I wonder how low people can stoop.
Who are you insulting here?
Not you.
Ever thought of this?
What is her son worth?
A sweater?
Is this matrimony or is she out
shop for a bride?
At least, they agree to the marriage.
You're hinting at me, right?
Then go. Play along.
Be a part of the circus.
Be happy with your fake
and its rituals.
Pablo, please.
Please help me.
You've decided on this yourself, right?
Now go.
I love you, Pablo.
Please don't abandon me like this.
You wouldn't look elsewhere
if you loved me.
You wouldn't be so desperate to marry.
Do you have any idea when
was the
last time we made out?
Any idea?
I feel like a virgin all over again.
Don't you feel like it?
Don't you need intimacy?
You don't feel like touching me?
You too need it!
Are you any different?
You need physical intimacy and
you give love in return.
Listen, I won't tolerate
your drama anymore.
Telling me stories about your marriage?
Please look away!
Look away!
I need, as in?
You too need it!
Don't you have any needs?
I don't earn but I've been feeding
you cutlets every week 2 years now.
Why? For this silly shit?
Listen carefully. You will have to
back to me. Remember this!
It's hurting, Pablo!
I have invested 2 years.
Pay me before you go.
Pay the money before you go.
You'll enjoy with my pocket money and
then leave me time and again? No more!
Look away, will you?
What if a river
One fine day
Forgets the name of its sea
Where the water touches
the deepest abyss
Why tears envelope closed eyes
Take it.
What is the matter?
Didi, the daughter of the Chattejees,
Which family is this
Oh yes.
What was her name?
Miss Kolkata, right?
Yes. Debolina.
Her father sent a letter.
What did he write?
Read it out.
Respected Subhash Babu,
thank you for coming to our house.
Hope we to have taken care of
you nicely.
We haven't met Anindya yet.
But we have been quite excited to seeing
his photo and learning about his talents.
I'd consider it my good fortune,
if I were
able to make him a part of our family.
But I don't think I'm fortunate enough.
My daughter must knit a sweater to be
approved of marrying into your family.
Agreeing to this would mean insulting
my daughter, being a father
Stop it.
No need to read anymore.
Can I tell you something, Didi?
How many girls know how to
knit wool in today's times?
Besides, the shops too are closing down.
Whatever people need,
they order it on phone.
There are other important things
to be
done in the household.
Of course.
But you know what, Babai?
Parents these days, teach their
everything they can think of.
Dance, music, painting, recitation.
Even cooking.
What they can't think of
very easily, is knitting wool.
If she can pass this test, Babai
she is capable of passing all
the other tests of life.
Besides, look at me?
Did I know how to cook
before I got married?
Not at all.
I learnt only after
I came to this house.
And now?
Ask my husband,
he won't eat if I don't cook.
But knitting a sweater?
Can't you think of something
simpler, Didi?
Why should I?
My only son's marriage.
There should
be something in it for me as well.
For you?
I don't understand.
During the college days, you used to love
I mean you used like a girl, isn't it?
What was her name?
You used to often visit the Victoria
with Sujata, Babai.
Weren't there any other places
in Kolkata
for you to go with her?
But you went to Victoria Memorial
It was your comfort zone.
You would sit there and talk
your heart out to her.
I too need a comfort zone with my
one and
only daughter-in-law, Babai.
An environment where I can
share my feelings.
This. This is my comfort zone.
My Victoria Memorial.
Who is Sujata?
Excuse me. Who is Sujata?
That was ages ago.
Before marriage, is it?
We too dated before marriage.
Never took me to Victoria Memorial!
Instead took me to that shady
tea stall in Bhowanipore!
Today, the evening befalls my sky
The train stops by before
it reaches the station
My heart still breathes in your home
It goes back to the fire
that has long burnt out
But your sky
Still paints the rain
Your roads are drenched
With a fragrance of dewdrops
Today, your sky paints the rain
Your roads are drenched
with a fragrance of dewdrops
Through the nooks and corners
of the dead small town
It paints on
Why am I tattered, scattered like this?
Like a frantic honey bee heading home
So much to get, yet so much to lose
But still it feels nice to return
They keep account
But they dare
to dream nightmares
They put love aside
even when it calls out
And I go on living with you
Your memories keep me happy
Don't ring that, press the doorbell.
Fine, I will!
I think you should refuse.
Come on, Gouri! What are you saying?
Why must they refuse?
She has to know how to knit.
This is their only condition.
So many girls and boys come
to you to learn knitting.
Tuku can learn with them too.
Please talk sense into her!
Asking us to refuse!
Do you know tensed we are?
Are you nuts?
Asking us to refuse?!
That is not what I meant.
I can't agree to the entire scenario here.
If they really like Tuku,
then why
not proceed to marriage?
Why put conditions like this?
How insulting in this!
And if you've already decided, then
go to
someone else. I can't teach her.
So far, the families have directly
rejected her.
But this is all they are asking for.
You are our only hope.
If you say no
we will be ruined!
You will be ruined?
Then you've already been ruined
even before you came here.
Boudi (sister-in-law), don't say
such things. I don't like it.
How low will you stoop?
Today, it is the knitting.
Tomorrow it be cooking.
Later, when she conceives they'll
ask if
she can clean the baby's crap.
This will go on!
How much can you bow down?
Have you asked the girl what she wants?
Some Tom Dick Harry her son.
So what if he is a chartered accountant.
Sacrificing your daughter for a boy who
you haven't
even seen till now!?
You're right, Pishimoni (aunt).
I've been
telling them this. No one listens to me.
Shut up.
Don't interrupt your elders.
Shut up!
please don't talk nonsense.
You've become too modern.
Teach her if you can or I can
take her
to some other place.
But don't give me that feminist lecture.
You don't have kids.
That's why you don't understand.
You're right.
I don't have kids. But I wouldn't
them like this if I did!
Please! Now don't start
Fine, I understand. She won't teach.
Let's go.
Dada, you're getting angry pointlessly.
Pishimoni are you rejecting me too?
Tuku dear? I am doing this for you.
I know. But what do I do?
I'm sick of hearing that I am
good for nothing
People insult me all the time.
Whether this marriage happens or not.
I want to learn something now.
I want to be able to say that
there is some skill that I have.
Will you teach me, Pishimoni?
Don't cry!
Let's see how good
Malini Dutta's knitting is!
Take care of yourself.
Don't catch a cold.
Let's get going.
We won't reach before it's dark.
Maa is talking to her.
Remember to call me every day.
Concentrate on learning, okay?
Yes, Baba.
Be good.
Who is she?
A new student?
These people come to Gouri
knitting classes too.
I overslept! Sorry!
Yes, Pishimoni.
This isn't any other knitting school.
I don't
just teach knitting wool here.
As in?
So, you won't teach me
how to
knit that sweater?
If you want to knit that sweater,
only learning to knit wool won't do.
I don't understand.
Let me explain.
In this one month, you must first
to forget everything.
How many boys rejected you.
Your father's pacemaker.
Sree is waiting for you to get married.
If you can forget all of this,
knitting will come easy.
Come on.
Hi, class. Meet Tuku.
Tulika Debnath.
And introduce yourselves, okay?
I am Indrani.
Hi, Ryan Coelho.
Hi, I am Anne. And she is Ishani.
Surabhi Surabhi!
Huh? What?
- Hi, I am Alisha Rai.
I am 21 years old. And I am from Ghum.
I've never seen a boy knitting before.
Actually, he isn't that kind of a boy.
You know you've a very pretty smile.
Okay. Back to class?
She is behind on schedule,
since she
has joined us only now.
I can bring her up to speed.
No, thank you. I am there for that.
We will do something new today.
So you get up. Go.
Get the table.-
- I'll come along.
- Let me see your pretty smile?
Yes, put it here.
Today we will learn 'Kusti'.-
- Kusti?
Kusti. As in wrestling.
Umm I know. 'Kushti', it's a
Hindi word too. But
What 'but'?
I can't I can't hurt the girls.
Then let the girls hurt you!
Who has a problem wrestling with Ryan?
Why, Ishani?
Gouri di, we do new things every day where
we don't even use wool or knitting needles.
I don't understand how wrestling is
related to knitting.
You see I am married.
If my family gets to know that
wrestling here instead of learning to knit,
what will they think?
Okay. Ishani is out.
Anne. It's you and me for the first round.
Come over.
Fix your hand here.
First, lock your fingers.
Then, with your thumb
touch and greet.
Like bowing.
The game is
to press each other's
thumb down.
Whoever can press it down for longer,
is the winner.
Mind you, without hurting each other.
You're out if you hurt the other person.
So, shall we start?
Firstly, your hand came up.
Second, you're hurting me.
So you're out. Go!
Shit. No!
Okay. Next round, Indrani and Ryan.
Lock your fingers.
Touch, greet, bow.
That's cheating.
Girls can hurt you, right?
- No but. Go.
Tuku is new today.
And Ishani won't do it.
So, we will meet tomorrow.
I guess if she doesn't have a
then I can play with her.
For her.
Who is missing you so much?
Calling time and again?
Go home and take the call.
Oh, I think it's Maa.
I'll go home and answer.
What's with the excuses?
Here. I did not peep.
- Why aren't you taking my call?
I was out.
You were out? Where?
What do you want?-
- What do you mean?
I'm your freaking boyfriend,
I need to know!
But I thought last day we
Tuku, don't act smart with me.
But what have I done?
We spoke it out that day.
We didn't speak about anything.
I was sure no one would marry you.
So, I kept allowing you. Understand?
Pablo what I am saying is-
- Shut up.
You've taken advantage of my love.
Playing games with an artist's heart.
You can't do this to me.
I won't let this happen.
You getting my point?
Speak up! Hello? Tuku
Come on, let's go.
Who are you calling now?
Come on, let's go.
Sorry, back then on the road
Why are you sorry?
My phone kept ringing so I
So? Your phone may keep ringing.
Happens with me too.
Telemarketing calls.
For credit cards, for insurance,
for a flat screen TV
Why must you say sorry?
Actually, that was Pablo calling
Whoever Mr. Low that is.
Did I ever ask?
Who called, and what he wants.
Why his calls make your face
Into a clouded sky.
I have no interest in that.
Instead, would you be able to do
what I am really interested in?
Do you know even a bit of knitting?
Maa taught me the basic stitches
before we got here.
Good. Then let's begin.
I want a little bit of knitting done
the breakfast tomorrow.
Is it possible?
Pishimoni, if you could still show
me how to do it.
Do what you can first.
Does everyone have a black cloth?
Good morning.
I feel sleepy with my eyes tied, you know.
Oh I am so sorry.
Ryan, what do you think?
This is the worst knitting
in the entire universe.
And our dear Tuku knitted this.
Why are you giggling?-
- Sorry.
This is our exercise today.
Whatever Tuku has done, we
will have to feel it and knit it.
With our eyes closed.
Which is why the black cloths.
Why with the eyes closed?
Why with the eyes closed.
Good question.
We will have your eyes closed because
Hello, class, attention!
We close your eyes because
knitting is an art.
It isn't just an act. It is an experience.
As kids, we've seen our
grandmothers and mothers,
not even looking at their needles.
They wouldn't even sleep
they could keep knitting.
Yes. Without seeing.
While talking, gossiping
If your eyes are closed, you can't see.
Then your hands will work as your eyes.
Your fingertips will be your eyes.
Hence, this exercise.
But you just said Tulika's knitting is the
Then why should we copy this?
Whatever we have learnt so far, we can knit
much better than this with our eyes closed.
True. Agreed.
You can knit much better than this.
you know the basic grammar, the technique.
You know the math of the stitches by heart.
- Yes.
But Tuku knit this without
knowing any of that.
She has no knowledge of grammar
or technique.
So, if you can knit the same just by
feeling it, with your blindfolds on
then you can knit anything in the world.
That sounds fun!-
- Fun, isn't it?
Sanitize your hands again then!
Let's begin?
But, Madam I must say this
Thank you for the masterpiece, Tuku.
Hope you can't see anything.-
- No.
Let's start?-
- Pishimoni.
- What should I knit?
Nothing today. You're off today.
Go make some hot tea for everyone.
Mine is a little loose.
You'll fall asleep if it's loose.
Ryan, you start.
Yes, ma'am.
Pass it on when you are done.
God! It's so dark! Am I knitting
it correctly, Gouri di?
No cheating, okay?
I can see everything.
Oh no!
Uh I never knew this
window had
such a nice view.
Startling people up is a very
responsibility for me.
Other than that, I help Gouri di
with the knitting school sometimes.
I am Shamyo.
Who are you?
I am
Tuku. I mean, Tulika.
Wow. What a nice name!
That's it for today.
We'll meet again, soon.
Listen! Like I said, we'll meet soon.
And I've a PhD in startling people!
Please hand this over to Gouri di.
Take it.
Thank you. Tuku
Tuku is here with the tea.
A small tea-break.
Open your blindfolds.
Thank you, dear.
Here, take it.
Oh, thanks.
Didn't you make for yourself?
The tea is very bad.
Uh sorry.
Doing as you please just
I don't tell anything!
Where do these expensive
gifts come from?
Have you forgotten that I'm a
man in the society!?
How have I harmed your respect?-
- Should I have to spell it out
how you did it?-
- Sure, tell me.
Look at her! She is arguing with me!
I'm not arguing with you.
I'm asking
you how I've harmed your respect.
I've always scored the best.
Stood first in competitions.
How have I disrespected you, tell me?
Why don't you calm down?
Your blood pressure will increase.
Shut up!
She's ruining herself! All you're
about my pressure!?
Will that boy marry you?
Bugger's spending his father's money!
Roaming in that car!
Will that good-for-nothing boy
marry you?
He will.
He sure will.
The day I ask him to, he will.
Tell me
when you want to get me married.
But it's not my turn yet.
First Didi, then me.
Is it my fault?
Or is it his fault that he's in love with a
clerk's daughter even though he is rich?
I will break your face!
That's all you can do.
You've already
broken everything else, go ahead.
Where did it go
I was just giving it a try
You're not letting me do it.
Time is passing away.
What time?
I've to learn how to knit the
sweater in a month.
Who told you that you must learn
to knit the sweater in a month?
The family that came to see me.
Okay. It is for them that you
want to learn knitting?
But back then you said, you want
to do something for yourself.
You want to knit for yourself!
You want to learn to knit
so you can
marry into that family?
Do one thing.
You want to knit for yourself!
Umm we're going out for a film.
The food will be there on the table.
Eat it when you are hungry.
Let's get some popcorn?
I am a little hungry.
Fine, take one.
How much?
Left the girl home for no reason.
Why couldn't you bring her along?
So she can watch a lot more films
In life, have a lot more fun.
That's why I didn't bring her. Eat.
It's okay. But aren't you being a bit
too tough on her in the process?
You haven't even started
teaching her yet.
Okay, tell me one thing.
Why did you buy popcorn?
Because I am hungry.
How is this related to Tuku?
It's related. Of course.
She is not hungry.
She wanted to learn it for
some other reason.
She was pressurized.
Maybe she won't learn it
even if I teach her.
I am trying to increase her hunger.
She will surely learn
if it's fated for her.
I'm convinced.
And this is the reason
I fell in love with you.
So, now who's being needy?
So, now who's being needy?
I'll stop loving you now
Maybe you are faraway
But your words sing by
Within my life estranged from music
You have long gone missing
But the essence of your touch
Still resonates within my secret solitude
When the night comes down
My life smiles at me
It tells me, 'You couldn't live
another day, could you?'
I still look for you in my dreams
I close my eyes with hope
I believe, those lovely memories
will come back in my eyes
Call the guy home.
Let me talk to him.
Sleep now.
You haven't eaten yet?
I completely forgot.
Please distribute these.-
Come on, get up.
Give it to her too.
Me too?
Everyone has the knitting needles.
You have seen Shamyo come here often.
Does anyone know what he really does?
Shamyo plays the violin.
- Gouri di.
We don't want to learn music.
I really like speaking to him otherwise.
But music and knitting together? I mean
How is your knitting related to
your husband?
How is it related to Ryan's career.
In fact how's it related
to Tuku's marriage?
When Shamyo starts playing,
will start knitting.
No rules in the class today.
Ears on the tune.
Then you
knit to the rhythm of the violin.
Mind you, no one will be scolded for
making any mistakes in the knitting today.
I won't say anything.
But if you knit without listening
to the
music, then I will scold a lot.
But Gouri di, how will you know if
knitting to the music or not?
- Shamyo, you want to explain this?
First of all, Ishani. Why are you so cute?
A box of cuteness!
And Tuku.
Do you remember me, or
do I need
to startle you again?
Getting back to the point, Ma'am.
What is music?
Some beautiful words.
When some beautiful words come together,
they form music.
And anything that beautiful
is bound to touch our hearts.
Consciously, or subconsciously.
You must've noticed, sad music
makes us feel sad and morose.
But joyous music cheers us up.
A fast rhythm makes our bodies
move to the beat.
Impressionism, isn't it?
What? I don't get it?
Ever noticed? They play upbeat
In the shopping malls?
You know what? Fast music
our motion automatically.
So we quickly finish the shopping
leave the premises.
If the music is slow, our motion becomes
The crowd in the mall increases.
Just like that, if we listen to
some nice
music during knitting,
it will play with our emotions.
Gouri Ma'am will understand
from our knitting,
how the music has effected each of us.
- Oh God!
I never thought of all this!
But I don't understand how
this is
supposed to help me.
Fine, let's start then?
I am sorry.
I know you are angry.
Which is why
you're not taking calls.
So I came over.
Were you missing me?
You were missing me, right?
I saw your father, ordering for
'Singaras' at
the sweetmeat shop.
Your sister marriage you know, right?
You don't tell me anything anymore.
But it's good. Her marriage isn't
pressure for you anymore.
Enough knitting now. Come with me.
Look, no point knitting the sweater
Come with me.
I'm not learning it for the marriage.
Tuku, come on. Don't give me that shit.
Don't be stupid. Don't try to fool me.
Come with me. Please.
Tuku, I came a long way for you.
Please come with me.
I'm coming from Gouri Knitting school.
To pick Madam up.
- Come on, hurry. We're getting late.
Hi. Truth is, the teacher at her
school is very strict.
If a student lurks around
outside for very long,
she sends me to pull them by
ears and bring them back.
When will you come back?
When will you be back?
What perfume did you put?
The entire Darjeeling is smelling
beautiful because of it.
What a lovely day!
You know what the elders say?
'The hills have eyes.'
Awkward silence.
- What happened?
She needs her ear to
be pulled for real it seems.
It's okay. He'll take care of it.
Listen can you tell me where I
find some anti-allergic?
You see, I'm allergic to tears.
So who was that guy?
Where did you find him?
He's my
I mean we used to
be in a relationship earlier.
Not anymore.
Why did you leave him?
Tell me?
No one would leave you.
Must've been you who left him.
Tell me?
I can never do anything on my own.
You liar.
You can't say that you can't do
You can cry so very well!
The family who came to see me, they said
finalize the marriage if I learn to knit.
That's why I came here to learn knitting.
I don't have any skills.
I've tolerated a lot of insults since
I can't take it anymore.
What do I do! What do I do with this girl?
Tell me one thing.
Knitting is a really
trivial to you, isn't it?
Like your name.
Knitting will help me get married.
Sounds so trivial, right?
No. Not at all.
Why only knitting.
Whatever it
be in your life, it can't be trivial.
What do they say in English?
Our 'perspective'.
It's our perspective that is different.
You know Ryan, right?
He is in your class.
You know him, right?
What do you think of him? A happy
go lucky boy.
No problems in life!
Absolutely cool!
But that is not the truth.
People think Ryan is gay.
Are you gay, Ryan?
He isn't gay.
You know why
they think like that?
Because he comes to a knitting
school with the ladies.
Who would do that?
How embarrassing! Ewe!
No matter what people say,
he doesn't care, Tuku.
Have you ever seen him cry?
Or frown his eyebrows?
Ever seen him sit and sulk like you?
Why would he cry?
He knows
that he is a good fashion designer.
Stitching, weaving, knitting, designing,
he is great at all this.
What people think of him,
he doesn't care.
He is here to learn to knit wool
for the sake of his career.
Does it still feel trivial?
Does it?
Let me tell you a story about
a Crazy girl now.
You know her.
Guess who?
- Right you are.
Even though Ishani is married,
even though she has a
lot to manage at home,
why does she come here to learn
Ever thought about it?
She is subject to such bitter words
at home.
Feeds her father-in-law.
Cleans up the worship room for
her mother-in-law.
She goes through several problems,
but still she makes it here.
Which is why she is always angry.
Always bickering about something
Hey, look! She was just about to
hit me again.
Her husband is in the army.
He got a call on the wedding night,
there's been an attack on the border.
He was to join the duty next day.
So he left. Where'd he go?
Far away to the Siachen.
She didn't even get a chance
to begin with her love story.
Hey you want to date me?
But how can a sweater help
in Siachen's massive cold?
Exactly! Exactly, Tuku!
She is knitting it for herself.
For her love.
Won't they provide him warm
clothes in the army?
How will a sweater help?
It will keep lying somewhere.
She doesn't know if he will ever use it.
But what she knows is that
husband's birthday is coming up.
It will not keep lying somewhere.
She is going through so much to
how to knit, with all the love.
Just to be able to send her husband
sweater she herself knit.
The love she hasn't been able
to express till today,
she wants to express that to him.
With what?
A small sweater. Hand knitted by her.
Does it feel trivial anymore?
And your story?
I mean what's your story?
My story?
I can make beautiful girls ask
about my story. That's my story.
Everyone has gone crazy here!-
- Sree, are you ready?
Yes, I am talking to Dibhai.
Come fast.
Tell me.
What are you wearing?
Don't even ask!
Maa forced me to wear a sari!
- Tell me?
I'm really missing you.
It would be so much fun
had you
been here today.
I too want to see my big girl in a sari!
The doorbell rang.
It must be him.
Okay, I've to go now. Tata!
Who needs the best of luck?
Him or you?
Just you see, he is up
for so much of ragging!
Hello, Uncle.
Come inside.
She is coming. Wait.
This is
This must be Tuku.-
Yes, Tuku di.
The parents didn't come?-
- Whose parents?
They are in Kolkata.
So they can't come.
What do you do?
We have some tea estates.
I take care of the gardens in North Bengal.
Uncle, it would be great if
you can call Sree once.
I got movie tickets. We will go
the show time is nearing.
A movie?
Why did you bother
'Singaras'. I didn't make them.
I make
them much better though.
Again? I told you not to talk so much.
Why are you sitting so close to him?
Move aside. Let him sit properly.
Come on, let's go.
Uncle, we'll eat outside.
The show time is nearing
When did the movie plan happen?
I have no idea.
No uncle
No plan. I wanted to go for a
film with her. So I
Akash, do you know why Sree came here
wearing a Sari, serving you snacks and tea?
No. I mean
I think there is a problem somewhere.
A problem?
Yes, you are right.
There surely is a problem.
Let's forego the eating and
jump to business?
Akash, tell me clearly.
Will you marry Sree?
Will you marry her?
No, we're very good friends, uncle.
Isn't it so?
- What?
I used to love you.
But you
never showed interest in me.
All you need is gifts.
So, I thought
you are one of those girls who
'One of those girls'?
What do you mean?
I mean I still don't know,
if you have any feelings or
In me besides my gifts.
Which is why I prepared
differently long ago.
Is a relationship based on gifts?
Behave yourself, Sree.
You're crossing your limit!
Get out!
Get out of my house, you swine!
Did you hear her, uncle?
You think I can marry her and
take her home?
I belong to a decent family.
I used to love her.
I used to really love your daughter.
She is the one who told me that if
I ever
brought up love or marriage,
she would never meet me!
She wouldn't talk to me!
She wanted something or
other all the time! Gifts!
Ask her!
I think Tuku could be a better wife.
She may have no skills.
But she isn't greedy.
It's okay.
Don't cry.
Please don't cry.
Look at me.
Now do you understand why
you are
my daughter,
and I your father?
Time flows away
Flows away to an unknown end
Losing itself
It flows away
She really knits well.
Why isn't it possible to knit like this?
Why not?
She was able to.
It's the batch's last day tomorrow.
What have you planned?
A picnic has been planned.
I asked
them to knit something and bring it.
That's very good.
Hey, did you start with the sweater?
I've started with the sweater.
Let me
finish knitting the muffler for tomorrow.
Then I'll get to it again.
Aren't you tensed?
Three stitches to the right
One stitch to the left
How you wish, the doors opened up
When the conflicts are over
One stitch entangling the other
Knitting needles protecting the heart
We keep knitting
We turn back to the call of memories
We count days
We keep knitting
We turn back to the call of memories
We count days
Socks, I've made.
- Wow, nice.
Socks? Who are those for?
I don't know actually.
Skullcap. This is so cool, isn't it?
Not bad!
Guess what this one is?
What is it?
An eye mask!
I won't need this anymore.
Gauri di. This is not for me.
Very good.
Ma'am, I made a poncho.
Is this for me?-
- This is for Tuku!
Thank you, Ryan.
Now, Tuku.
Wow. So nice.
Is it for me?
Is this fair? Just because I got
a bit late, you've no gift for me.
Tuku, give it to the person you
made it for.
Otherwise whoever wears it
won't be spared.
Undoubtedly! I would sit on his
like an evil spirit, I swear.
Shamyo, why are you joking all the time?
Haven't you learnt anything else?
I've learnt to weep. From Tuku, right?
Should I show you?
So, Shamyo da why do they
always play violins in sad songs?
Because sadness is highly saleable.
Surabhi, haven't you noticed?
No matter how good the story, the
audience only watches a film once.
But if the hero dies in the end
they watch it over and over again.
You can be happy all the time if you want.-
- And who would know that better than you?
Falling is love is forbidden
With reason or not
Your fingers may entwine
But holding hands is forbidden
Falling in love is forbidden
With reason or not
Your fingers may entwine
But holding hands is forbidden
Falling is love is forbidden
Can you imagine?
Although he is a cancer patient,
I've never seen him sad even once!
Don't say that again.
I don't like hearing it.
Anyway. Let's go there.
Let's go and enjoy with them.
Hey, pass it on to me.
No, it's my turn!
Remember me? Or do you
need me to startle you again?
You can be happy all the time if you want.
Whatever it be in your
life, it can't be trivial.
But if the hero dies in the end
they watch it over and over again
Hey Tuku you feel like crying again?
Our eyes may share glances
But there's no looking back
The sad song has turned into a happy one.
Falling in love is forbidden
How are you?-
- I'm good.
You're finally home!
I was so worried!
The groom's family has already arrived.
Your father took them to the circuit house.
But you were nowhere to be seen.
Was the bus late?
Maa, where is Sree?
She stays in the room mostly
these days.
Go check.
Dibhai (elder sister)!
You don't call me nor do you answer back.
Think you are too smart huh?
I knew you'd come.
So I didn't call.
Why have you changed so much?
Really? Not at all.
You know what?
You've become like me.
Tiny, like this.
You know you were only
smaller in age than me.
But your heart
it's always been this
No, this big!
I'd always look at my
little sister and
When would I become like her?
Why am I not like you?
Hey won't you bring me back
that little Sree of mine?
You too have changed so much Dibhai.
As in?
It feels I've not seen you in ages.
It all seems so new.
'It all seems so new!'
Hey, Dibhai
Did you learn to knit?
Oh come on.
Call her, will you?
It's okay brother.
After all
it's the final exam today.
After all
it's the final exam today.
There she is.
What is this?
What are you doing here?
Go inside.
She is my little sister.
Oh! Is that so
What a sweet girl you are!
We didn't see you last time,
did we? What is your name?
She is
Sreelekha Debnath.
Don't you have your Tanpura classes?
No. Sitar classes, right? Get going.
Let her sit, Baba.
She has
no classes today.
So, this is the entire family?
All of us
This is my nephew, Anindya.
Tuku dear oh no
Her name is Tulika.
We lovingly call her Tuku.
The sweater
Right. Can I sit over there?
Oh yes of course.
I should have already offered.
It is so hot today.
This sweater is knit by you
And this is what I've knit.
As in?
Quite good.
Thank God!
Thank you, God!
If I give my sweater a ten on ten.
Then I give yours
a six.
But let me tell you one thing, Tulika.
No one has ever scored
a six from me before.
Mr. Mitra, I approve of
this marriage now.
Do one thing. Sit with them
and fix the dates.
Make it as soon as possible.
Anindya, if you want to talk to
Tulika on your own, please do.
I'm leaving for the circuit house.
I'm in a hurry.
Oh but will you be keeping the
sweater I have knit?
Two thousand rupees then.
You provided the wool and knitting needles.
So I won't charge you for that.
Oh no
This sweater will easily cost you around
three thousand at any shop.
I'm sure you know that.
Let's go.-
- The sweater?
Madam, what about the marriage?
Oh no.
She left.
This is yours.
And I quite like the sweater.
I promise I'll wear it.
And sorry, for what happened.
Didibhai, you rocked it!
Oh! Is this our daughter?
What have you done!?
Maa, I will be back.
You nailed it!
That's what I keep saying! Marriage
Is meaningless. There's no point in it.
There is no basis to this institution.
You're right.
I love you.
I missed you a lot.
So, did I. That is why I came.
You haven't come here in a while.
Do let us know if you have any complains?
Will you place the order now?
Or should I send someone later?
Take it now.-
- Take down No.7's order
Sir, hope you are good?
And Madam?
Tell me.
Oh yes. I know your order.
Some hot tea and cutlets.
- Yes.
But there's a change in the order.
What had you said?
We've been coming here
a week for two years.
There are 52 weeks in a year. So
that makes it 104 times in 2 years.
And because it is the two of us.
104 multiplied into 2,
equals to 204-
- 208.
Yes. 208.
208 Kabiraji cutlet and tea.
Thank you.
They seek love to find joy
But love shies away
And joy washes away
Like a mere illusion
They seek love to find joy
But love shies away
They forget what they seek
And what the give up on
They forget what they seek
And what the give up on
And joy washes away
Like a mere illusion
I warned you the very first day.
That girl is ill-tempered.
But I too had told you, Pratibha
If anyone could do it, it's her.
Hence weeps the night
Hence burns life
Hence the regrets, complains
Hence the mourning
In love, joy comes beyond
happiness and sorrow
They seek love to find joy
But love shies away
And joy washes away
Like a mere illusion
They seek love to find joy
But love shies away