Swedish Auto (2006) Movie Script

-You got that on yet?
-Man: This oil filter
don't fit right.
-Better get Carter
to help you.
-No, I got it.
-Get Carter to help you.
Hey, Carter!
Come over here and try to put
this thing on.
It don't fit right, does it?
-Yeah, it fits.
You might have just had it
twisted a little bit.
-It's on?
Guess I better
take a look at it.
-Let's sit over there.
-Hey, Pop.
-Hello there, Leroy.
-Hey, Ruth.
Come on, you guys,
finish up.
Got those 240s to do
this afternoon.
Pull that Saab on in too.
Don't think about leaving
just yet.
You got them brakes left to do.
-Carter'll do 'em.
-You'll do 'em!
-Come on, Carter.
-I'll do the brakes.
-You can't be doing
his work for him.
You got your own life to live.
-You got someplace
to go, Carter?
-I'll do 'em.
All right, I'm outta here.
-O.K., I'm leaving.
-Carter: All right.
-Don't stay too late.
-I won't.
-Man: Maybe there's one
at 10:00.
-Man 2: Aw, come on...
Sorry, man.
-Thought we would have to send
this one to Richmond.
-Should be O.K.
-Hey, Leroy, how you doing?
-I'm doing fine.
How about yourself?
-Ah, no complaints.
-Sorry. Y'all came in
early today.
-I guess I'll have the, uh,
patty melt.
-Tots or fries?
-Um... tots...
With a slice of cheese on 'em.
-Gimme a burger and fries.
-I'll have a cheeseburger
and fries.
-Extra tomato.
-Be about five minutes.
-Did you get mine?
-Burger and fries.
-That's right.
-Leroy: Do anything
after work?
-No, last night.
Did you do anything?
-I, I saw a, a movie.
-At home?
-No, I, uh, I went to the
discount theater downtown.
-With who?
-Just by myself.
wrong with you, Carter.
You spend too much time alone.
-Doesn't bother me.
-Something must have happened
to you
to be so afraid of people,
like you are.
Come on, something.
-You don't have to be eaten
by a lion to be afraid of one.
What did you see?
-Starsky and Hutch.
-The TV show.
-Well, they made a movie
out of it.
-The TV show?
-Is it good?
-Yeah, it was...
It was all right.
-Doesn't sound like you,
I thought you were
more of music guy.
-Yeah, I guess you're right.
Say, uh, did you see the
Starsky and Hutch movie?
Uh... Yeah.
I did... see it.
-You like it?
-It was all right.
-That's the same thing
he said.
Well, guess I'll wait for it
to come on TV, like they do
all the rest of them.
-Ann: Hey.
-Hey... How are you?
How was your class today?
I'm starving.
I haven't eaten all day.
I'm so excited
about the concert...
-Oh, shit...
-Man: How you doing?
-What you gonna have
today, Carter?
-Probably a cheeseburger.
-I think I'll have a chicken
sandwich with french fries.
Those folks are here
to pick up their car.
-You said you'd have it done
by five.
-You ain't done?
-No, I'm working on it.
Ah! Shit!
God damn it!
-What, something break?
-My eyes.
-Leroy: Are you hurt?
Don't move. Whoa, whoa, whoa...
-My eyes...
-Hold on, hold on, hold on...
Hold still, hold still,
come on, come on...
You get the eye wash
over here, come on.
Take it easy, take it easy.
You're gonna be all right.
You're all right, you're all
right, don't worry about it.
-I guess I'll finish up.
-O.K., all right.
Come on, pick up a little bit.
Here we go.
Come on, scoot down.
Lean your head back.
Yeah, there you are.
How's that? Huh?
-That's better.
-O.K. O.K.
What happened?
-The hose came off.
-Oh, wow...
Feel better?
-Yeah, I'm fine.
-O.K., here,
take some of this.
All right, go wipe
yourself off, huh?
You're gonna be O.K., all right?
-Woman: No... Stop...
-Leroy: Hello, pretty lady.
-Darla: Hi.
-Leroy: Looking good.
She's so cute.
-Leroy: I'll be over there
in a minute.
Yeah, that's lookin'
pretty good.
That 240 over there, uh,
needs a new ignition coil.
Me and Bobby gonna go down
to Meachum's to pick one up.
Might grab a burger at the
while we're down there.
-All right.
-Want me to bring you
one back?
-No, it's O.K.
I'm just gonna go to Mel's.
-O.K., it'll be about 2:00
when we get back.
See ya later.
-See ya.
-Thank you.
-Bobby: Why you always
on my back?
-Leroy: 'Cause you not
doin' anything!
-Bobby: I'm working on it!
Can't you see I'm working on it?
-Leroy: That white boy--
most of the time,
he has to tell you
you've got the wrong valve!
I'm sure glad your mother's
not here--
-Bobby: Now, why'd you go
bring Mama into it?
-Leroy: Because she'd
be disappointed in you!
-Man: Go on, get the hell
in the house!
-Child: I'm goin'!
-Man: Come here, boy.
-Man: The boy never fell
As he ran across the plain
And home to winter
She flew beside him
An angel of despair
And won't somebody tell him
Why the stars refuse
to shine
There's laughter in the dark
And I can't sleep at night
And why
Must the night last
Till the day
Which never comes
-Darla: Carter...
Will you stop?
Please stop.
What were you doing there?
Why did you do that?
-I was trying to help.
I saw what your father does.
Darla? Darla!
-He's not my father!
He's not my father.
-It's O.K.
-It's bigger than it looks.
You learning to swim?
-I haven't really tried it
yet, but...
I imagine now I could tell you
how to do it.
-I don't... need direction
from you, I'm a good swimmer.
I was on the swim team.
Yep, the backstroke.
Seen all these?
-Yeah, most of them.
-Which one's your favorite?
-I don't really have one.
I found it outside.
It's mine now.
How long have you lived here?
-I don't know.
How long have you seen me
living here?
-Are you from here?
-Not far from here.
-I was born and raised here.
Never been nowhere else.
-You've never left?
-My, my family...
My mom's here.
What about you?
Where are your family?
-You're lookin' at it.
-That's all that's left
of my family.
It's from the car
that we were in.
-A crash?
-Me and the mirror's all that
made it out.
-I'm sorry.
-It's all right.
It was a long time ago.
Are you hungry?
I think I got some stuff.
-"Stuff" sounds good.
-There you go.
Oh, shit.
Mmm, that's good, huh?
-Mmm... Mm-hmm.
How did your mold turn out?
-It's O.K.
You could sleep here tonight.
-I could sleep on the couch.
-You can sleep here.
I'll sleep on the floor.
I sleep on the floor all the
time anyway because of my back.
-No, I wanna sleep
on the sofa.
-I promise, I like to sleep
on the floor.
-I don't want to sleep
on the bed.
-It's clean, I just washed
the sheets.
-Nope, I'm not moving.
What are you doing?
-Going to bed.
-Suit yourself.
Shelley's gonna kill me.
-What for?
-Not comin' home.
-You're old enough.
You should be able to do
whatever you want.
-I... I told him I worked
nights just to get out
of the house.
-He's not even your father.
You shouldn't have to answer
to him.
-He's my mom's boyfriend.
That's all he is.
-That's what I'm saying.
-You don't know Shelley.
What's his is his.
-You're not his, though.
-Good night.
-Good night.
-What are you doing?
I'm going to work.
-Well, can I,
can I walk with you?
-To Leroy's?
-No, to Mel's.
You wanna take a shower?
-See you--
-I'll see you at lunch?
-See you.
-Yeah... gimme the meatloaf.
Cheeseburger, pile on
the tomatoes.
Milk shake?
-It's O.K., just water.
-I'll bring it out.
-Darla: Where are we going?
-Carter: You never followed me
up here?
-You've never been here?
-Darla, scoffing: With the
college people?
-Here, I'll help you up.
-I can do it.
-Sit right up there.
-What are we doing?
-You'll see.
Just hold on one second.
-So this is where you come.
-Every day.
-That's Mars.
-Next to Aries.
O.K., you see them two?
Mars is the one on the right.
-Oh, yeah.
That's cool.
Wow, you know all of them.
-Did you think I was just
watching you?
I had a lot of time to...
Spend watching them.
-I want you to know I...
I'm not in love with her.
-I know.
-I love the music.
-I know.
-Will you go back there?
-Well, I gotta check on my mom
from time to time.
-Why doesn't she just leave?
See, he's... He's got cancer and
can get as much as he wants,
She can't go a day without it.
It messes up her mind pretty
bad and...
Plus, he'd...
I'm pretty sure he'd kill her
if she left.
-How long did it take you
to work on that 740?
-Carter: About seven,
eight hours.
-Leroy: Seven or eight hours?
Why so long?
-Well, I had to replace
the timing valve.
Did you finish the alignment?
-Yeah, all done.
Get out of here!
I have to get changed real
quick, I'll be right back.
-Darla: What was your favorite
subject in school?
-Um, shop.
-Well, shit, I knew that.
-Just trying to learn
something about you.
So... Let me think.
What was your...
What's your favorite food?
Like if it was your birthday and
you could have anything?
-Um... I like pot roast,
I guess.
-Just trying to figure out
what that means about you.
-What's wrong?
-That's Shelley's dog.
-What's it doing over here?
-I gotta go check on my mom.
-What should we do with it?
-I don't know.
-I'll be out in a minute.
Hey, let go of her!
Get off!
Darla, get out of there!
I'm coming!
-You stay in the house, Darla!
Is this your little boyfriend?
I said get in that house!
You don't, you and your mama are
both gonna be sorry!
You hear me?
What happened to you?
-Just some kids.
-You all right?
-Yeah, I'm fine.
-You need to get yourself
a car.
-Yeah, I know.
-It ain't safe for you to be
around that neighborhood
all the time.
I know cars ain't always been
good to you, but...
Enough's enough.
Go on, go.
-Come on, man, we're goin'.
-You go on ahead.
-You ain't comin'?
-I'm not hungry.
-Hey, we missed you today.
-I wasn't hungry.
-Sorry about yesterday.
-Yeah, me too.
-You know, you're not the one
that's gotta live with him.
-You don't have
to do anything.
-Well, maybe you don't,
Carter, because you don't got
anyone but yourself,
but I got my mama and I'm not
gonna leave her like that.
But... Maybe you
wouldn't understand
because you don't
got a family.
-Leroy: Hey! Where's the girl?
-Cook: Hey.
-Didn't come in today.
-Oh, so they got you
doin' double duty.
-That's right.
-I see.
Well, let's see, I think
I'll have the meatloaf...
-Oh, that 240?
The black 240?
-Carter: Mmm?
-It needs a new rotor too.
Go see if you can find one,
-Yeah, that should work.
-Hey, you know that, uh...
That 123 GT out there
on the lot?
-The '67?
-Yeah, that one.
-Yeah, I know it.
Would you sell it to me?
-To you?
You ain't never owned a car.
What you want with nothin'?
-I thought I might like
to fix it up.
-Well, you need a car.
Never seen a mechanic
who ain't never owned a car.
Fix it up.
It's yours.
Come on, come on, pay attention
to what you're doin'.
-Where'd you find that tape?
Wanna come to the shop
for a minute?
-What for?
-I wanna show you somethin'.
-What is it?
-It's a 1967 Volvo 123 GT.
In Sweden, they call it
"The Amazon."
It's cool.
-We could go anywhere
in this car.
-I gotta get...
Back to work.
-Can I see you tonight?
-No, I can't...
I can't see you nights.
-Not at all?
-After work, some.
I gotta... Think about my mom,
I mean, if I don't take care
of her, no one will.
-What about you, Darla?
Who takes care of you?
-You, Carter.
You got your work cut out
for you here, don't ya?
-Hoo! We'll help you out.
Let's get it hooked up, Mike.
All right, I think that's
as far back as she's gonna go.
I don't think there's any use
puttin' it into the shop,
do you?
-No, that's all right.
I'm workin' on her out here.
-Not during business hours,
you're not.
-No, uh, after work.
-That's right.
-All right,
she's in your hands now.
-Thank you.
-Tow Truck Driver: Sure thing.
-Leroy: Hey-- send us
some Volvos!
-If I find any,
they comin' right here.
-Now you're talkin'.
-See ya.
-That's one ugly piece
of shit.
-Leroy: Well...
-Bobby: It's just
a waste of time.
-Do you want me to get down?
-I'm light.
-Man: ...looks just
like the sun
Looks just like it
Looks just like the sun
Looks just like it
But it looks
just like the sun
Looks just like it
But a breathing...
Thinking one
Heart is pounding
in his chest
Reaches suddenly for his gun
Ship is sailing in the west
A flower that could be
His fun
-Man 2: Keep going.
-Tree of antlers
on his head
Weary red split-open eyes
I'm on the corner thinkin'
'bout my bed
He just stands still
and signifies
-One, two, three
-Looks just like
It looks just like it
It looks just like the sun
And it looks just like it
Looks just like the sun
And it looks just like it
But a breathing...
Thinking one
-Here we go.
Gold and red,
her colors change
And she can't forget
Turnin' back
And I thought I knew,
thought I knew someone
You better check your watch
I think it's time you left
And hey, it's darkness still
It's obvious to everyone
In darkness still
It's obvious to everyone
Gold and red,
her colors change
And she can't forget
Turnin' back
Mmm, I thought I knew
Thought I knew someone
You better check your watch
I think it's time you left
And hey, in darkness
-Darla: It's working!
-Carter: Shall we go?
-Man: ...looks just like
the sun
Looks just like it
It looks just like the sun
-Man 2: Kevin, after this.
-Looks just like it
-Here we go...
-Looks just like...
The sun
Say... it
Like it... Cho!
One... two
One, two
-Carter: Where ya going?
-Come on.
-Come on where?
-Come on out here.
-My daddy taught me
to swim here.
not doin' it.
-Come out of there.
-I'm not goin' swimmin'.
-Why not?
-Well, look at it out there.
It's all muddy.
-Are you afraid?
Yeah, I'm very afraid, I mean...
I would go in... a pool, maybe,
but not in a lake.
-Well, pools are for kids.
-I'm not goin' in.
-Yes, you are.
Well, I'm goin' in.
-I'm not going in
above my head.
And no goofing around, O.K.?
-Come on.
You're swimming.
You're swimmin'!
Look at you-- you're good!
If I had a million dollars...
I'd build one of those things
where the cars...
The car goes on the wires.
-Like a tram?
I'd build a tram that went
from my house all the way
up here, so that...
whenever I felt...
Whenever I felt like it,
I could just get in
and boom, I'd be here.
-Bet that costs more
than a million dollars.
-How much do you think
it costs?
-I don't know.
-Then how do you know
that it'd be more
than a million dollars?
But wouldn't that be great?
What would you do
if you had a million dollars?
-Go away with you.
-It doesn't matter.
-Yes, it does.
-Not to me.
-Hey, I gotta go.
Come on.
-Here, try this one.
-Culpeper's the only place
that's got it.
I'ma drive on up there.
I'll be back in a couple
of hours.
-That'll work, mm-hmm.
Hey, Carter.
Get that.
-Young Woman: Excuse me.
Excuse me.
Um, can you help me?
I'm sorry, I don't have
an appointment.
It's just that my car's been
making some really weird noises
and well, I've been here before.
Do you think you could look
at it?
-Yeah, sure.
Do I know you from someplace?
You look really familiar.
-Well, I've been to a lot
of your concerts.
-Yes, that's it!
I knew I'd seen you before.
-Yeah, I'm actually
a big fan of yours.
-Well, thank you.
I'm Ann.
-Nice to meet you.
That's my ride.
Can I just leave this here
with you?
-Oh, here's my keys.
Oh-- when should I pick it up?
-Oh, uh, well, that depends
on what's wrong with it, um...
I'm sure we still have your
number on file, so, uh,
I'll give you a call.
I'll wait for your call.
-O.K., great.
-Thank you.
-Woman: ...breaks my heart
Breaks my heart to have to
watch you go
Wish I knew
Wish I knew when you'll be
back again
However long
It's just too long
Until we meet again
Stay now
Stay now
just a little more...
'Cause this love
This love
is what living's for
'Cause this love...
-Leroy: Hey, Carter!
Give me a hand!
-I was in Ann's car
when he was killed.
She brought it into the shop
a few days ago.
I was listening to her music,
going through her things.
I know I told you I loved
her music, but, uh...
It's more than that.
It's, uh... It's her talent...
Her sophistication...
She's got everything.
She's beautiful and pure.
I'm just a redneck.
The closer I get to her,
the more alive I feel.
-You're not a redneck.
-Don't you even care?
-About what?
-That I love her?
-You don't love her.
-Yeah, I do.
-No, you don't.
You can't love something
you can't touch.
You can't love something that
isn't right in front of you...
Carrying the same silence,
feeling the same movement,
sharing the same air,
In all the time I spent
watching you...
Letting you take me and my mind
to other places, I...
I never felt you crawl up
in my chest like you are now
until I had my hands on you.
-You never felt anything
for me before?
-You... You can't compare us
the same way
because you could never love
her like I love you.
You love her...
You love her like someone else
loves the moon.
You're like an astronomer.
And astronomers love the sky,
but it isn't the same love
that they bring home with them.
There's nothing wrong with you,
or what you do.
There's nothing wrong
with looking up at the stars.
But you don't have
a spaceship, Carter.
And you're never gonna walk
on that moon.
I don't think you would
if you could.
You couldn't breathe that air.
-Carter: I shouldn't have been
listening to music.
Maybe I would have heard
-Nothing wrong with music.
The jack slipped, that's it.
Nothing to do with music or
anything like that.
Just an accident.
Everybody gotta go somehow.
That's how he went.
-Do you still wanna go away
with me?
-It's just... If I was ready
to go, would you...
Would you really wanna come or,
or did you just say that?
-You, you wanna leave?
-Well, Shelley's
gonna die and...
I'm s... I'm scared of him.
-You really... You really
think he's... He would do
-You've seen him.
-Yeah, well, what about
your mom?
-Well, we'd...
We'd take her with us.
-He's got chemo tomorrow.
What are you thinking?
-Yeah, the hospital
picks him up.
We could go while he...
He's at the doctor.
-All of your father's assets
have been left in your name.
This includes, of course,
the shop and, uh, the assets
of a couple of bank accounts.
-Hi, Mr. Music Lover.
-Hey, you're just in time.
I, I just pulled it
out of the garage.
-Oh, good.
How's it run?
-It's running perfect.
-There you go.
-Oh, I forgot.
Uh, it's two tickets
to the concert we're having
this weekend.
I don't know if you have plans,
but I'd love for you to come.
-That's nice, thank you.
-It's no big deal.
I just thought you might
like it.
-Thank you.
-Take care.
So how long does it take?
-Man: That depends.
Once we get the money to the
bank to cover the balance,
then we can turn the deed to the
shop over to your name.
At that point, it'd be
a couple of days.
-That's it?
-Pretty much.
Hey, Carter.
Listen, Carter, uh, I just want
to let you know that...
I'm gonna have to sell the
-But I'll let you name your
'cause, uh, I know it
means a lot to you.
-The coupe's mine, Bobby.
-No, Carter, it's mine.
All my pop's is mine now.
The lawyer can attest to that.
I got the title.
-Leroy left everything
to Bobby.
It, it's in the will.
-Leroy gave me the car.
-Look, I don't wanna do this,
but I gotta.
I got taxes to pay on account of
getting the shop and, uh...
This car's worth a good amount.
I'll let you buy it.
This car's probably worth
-Yeah. Yeah, I know.
-I don't have
any money, Bobby.
-Look, I'm willing to give you
a break
on account of all the
work you done on it.
-It's my car.
-Legally the car's Bobby's.
How you two sort it out from
there is up to you.
-why don't you hand over the
keys, 'cause, uh,
I'm gonna put
a ad in the paper this
Don't test me, Carter.
-Bobby, what the hell
are you doing?
You can't do this.
-Man: Maybe I should call
the police.
-Give me the keys, Carter.
-Man: Just give him the keys.
-Give me the keys.
Sorry, Carter.
I ain't got no choice.
Ain't always pretty, is it?
-Man: It never Is.
Not when there's money involved,
they say...
-Darla: That's your ride.
-Mother: Go on,
get outta here.
-Gotta tuck in Big Red.
-Mom, can you come here
for a minute?
-Just come on.
We're leaving.
-What are you talking about?
-We're gonna go.
Carter's gonna pick us up while
Shelley's at the hospital.
We're gonna go.
We're gonna go somewhere far
away and we're not coming back.
-We can't. What about Shelley?
-Why not?
-We're gonna go someplace
he can't find us.
-You don't think
he'll come after us?
-Mama, he's gonna be dead...
And he's gonna die alone.
Now, we gotta go tonight.
-I ain't ready.
Well, I'm gonna help you.
Come on! We gotta be ready!
-All right...
-Hold on, I think I got the
bag under the bed.
-It's right here.
-Take this.
-Here, Mama.
-No, I'm O.K.
-It'll just help you feel
a little better, O.K.?
-I don't want it.
-There's Carter.
-I don't want it.
-What y'all doing?
-Watching TV.
-Shut the fuck up, Darla.
I'm talking to Pam.
-Don't talk to her like that.
-I said don't talk to her
like that.
-I'll talk to her
any way I like.
-No, you won't.
-Don't fuckin' tell me
what to do--
I'll do whatever the hell
I want.
-Not no more.
-Mama, don't.
-'Cause we're leaving.
-You're what?
-This your fuckin'
idea, Darla?
-We packed our bags and all
and we're leaving.
-Oh, you got your bags
and all, huh?
And you're leaving, huh?
Is them your bags?
These your bags, huh?
These them, huh?
Well, all right then.
I guess a, I guess a couple
of travelers you two are.
You know what? I'm gonna help
you blaze a new fuckin' trail!
Come on!
-Don't, Shelley!
-Get the hell off me!
-Pam: Shelley!
-Darla: Stop!
Stop it... Mama...
Let go!
Stop! No!
-Get back there!
Oh, you're the guy from Leroy's.
-Yeah... Carter.
-Right, Carter.
What are you doing here?
-Well, uh... I was actually...
I was just walking down the
street and I, I heard a violin.
I could tell it was yours.
-You could?
I, I didn't even know
I was that loud.
-Yeah, I could hear it
through your window.
It's beautiful.
-Thank you.
-It, it kind of... It's like...
Something about the way
you play...
It's like when you have
a favorite song and...
And you're sad and you hear it,
it makes you even sadder.
When you're happy and you hear
it, it... makes you smile.
That's really sweet.
-What, did you think I'd just
let you leave like that?
You're so fuckin' stupid.
I can't believe
how fuckin' stupid you are!
-Carter, can you hold on.
I just have...
I have to get that.
Just... Come in.
Hi, Mom.
No, no, I, I will be there.
Yeah, no... No, no.
I hear...
I know, I will,
I will bring that.
Mom, can you... Can you hold on
a second, please?
Just... Just hold on.
-Thank you for these.
I have to go.
-Right now?
-I have to go.
Wake up.
We gotta go.
I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
Come on, we gotta go.
You O.K.?
I'm gonna go get your mom.
-Pam: What?
No, I can't.
What's that smell?
Where you going?
-What are you doing?
-Be right back.
-You ready?
-Man: Baby, can't you see
That I'm smiling?
Can't you see there's a part
Of me that's brand-new?
Used to be was a part of me
Felt like hiding
But now it comes through
Deep in my heart
That's where the knot
comes loose
Deep in my heart
I will remember you
All my lovely life
I've been waitin'
Hot heels anticipatin'
Another love I found
Not to let it down
Deep in my heart
That's where the knot
comes loose
Deep in my heart
I will remember you
Baby, can't you see
That I'm smilin'?
Can't you see there's a part
Of me that's brand-new?
Used to be was a part of me
Felt like hidin'
But now it comes through
Now it comes through
Comes through to you