Sweet 16 (1983) Movie Script

- All right!
Let's up the ante a little more.
- How you doing Billy?
- I've been well!
- Hey brother!
- Little brother!
- All right you two now, come on now,
don't break up the place.
- What you want?
- Needs the keys to the truck.
- Oh you need the keys to the truck?
- Yeah.
- For what?
- To give Hank a ride home.
- To give Hank a ride home?
- Yeah!
Well how the hell am
I supposed to get home?
- I'll be back in an hour!
- Hey Billy, look.
- Owee!
What the shit is that?
Earl ain't you got
some health regulation
about serving animals in the bar?
I don't want any trouble
in here Greyfeather.
- Of course I just want a drink.
- Hey old man.
You're not welcome here, now
you get your ass outta here.
- Billy I don't think he can hear you with
that hat he has one.
- Yeah.
Let's loosen up his little cap here.
Pick up the hat.
Well if it
ain't Pancho Junior.
- You pick up the hat.
- Pick it up.
- Fuck you, you pick it up.
Come on bitch.
- Hey!
- Get off me you red nigger!
- Oh yeah I want a piece of you.
Come on!
I'll cut your fucking
eyes out you motherfucker!
- Easy you sons of a bitches!
- Shoot that son of a bitch.
- I said break it up!
I don't want this place broke
up again, I mean it Billy!
- Jason, take me home.
Come Jason.
- I'll see you down the road pal.
- Hey hold on a second.
Boy am I glad I ran into you.
I just broke my shoe,
Christ I thought I'd never
get to civilization.
Why don't you dump the
old man, and you and I
can go to a party someplace.
You know this isn't
the best part of town
for a little girl so why
don't you just go home.
Come on go home, get outta
here, go on, go home.
- Let me go, what the hell are you doing?
- Just go home, get outta here.
- Jason!
I bet a lot of people around
here would like to know
you're into little girls,
little white girls!
- Go home.
- Either of you guys got a match?
- I don't smoke.
- Hank don't do nothing bad.
But I think I could help you out.
- So why don't you do nothing wrong Hank?
- It's not that I don't do anything wrong.
- Come on Hank don't be shy.
His old man's the sheriff around here.
- Oh Jesus Christ!
Guess I should've broken
it to her a little easier.
It's no big deal, I'm
not gonna say anything
about that, I smoke every now and then.
So uh?
I didn't get your name.
- I don't think I gave it out.
- Come on Hank I don't need this shit.
Nice meeting you.
- Hey wait a minute where are you going?
We don't need your act
lady, we got things to do.
You guys are upset with
girls or just yourselves?
- Maybe you'd like to go for a ride.
- Maybe I would.
- Name's Johnny, this is my truck.
- I'm Melissa.
" So?
- So let's go!
I'll be back in an hour.
- How the hell am I supposed to get home?
I'll be back in an hour!
Come on Johnny, my dad
thinks I'm coming home.
Hey come on you guys!
- You got a cigarette?
No I don't got a cigarette,
come on back down here.
- Wait a minute!
Just take it easy.
Where the hell are we anyway?
- What do you care, want a beer?
- It's pretty weird out here.
- You like dead Indians?
- What are you talking about?
- This is the old Indian burial grounds.
- Oh shit, get me outta here.
- We're just starting to have some fun.
- I wanna get outta here.
- All right all right, Jesus Christ!
You know you're weird lady.
- Open the door, open the door goddammit!
Open the door, open it goddammit!
My old man's an archeologist,
he's here on some kind
of a dig, we're renting this
place for a couple of months.
Well you picked
place in the county.
- Mom knew somebody I guess,
she used to be from around here.
Oh shit!
- Now what?
- My dad's home!
" So?
- So he freaks if I come home stoned.
- So who's stoned?
Look, you gotta tell
him we were at the library
or something.
- Okay.
But they don't have a
library in this town.
- Dad what are you doing out here?
- L just got home, where have you been?
- Out.
- I asked you a question young lady.
- I was out okay?
- When I ask you a question...
Hey wait a minute,
everbody be cool here.
We went for a ride and
had a couple of beers.
- Thanks a lot Johnny.
- What's the big deal?
- My daughter is 15 years old.
- I'll be 16 next week.
- Melissa get in the house.
- Hey mister take it easy.
- And you get outta here.
- Hey I'll leave when I'm ready old man.
Daddy no, I'm going,
see ya later Johnny.
- Yeah, I guess that's the party, later.
- If I see you around my daughter again
I'll have you put in jail.
Can't hear a thing
you're saying old man,
gotta get this truck
tuned, catch ya later.
Nice going Billy, could've
at least left me some gas.
Damn, outside here.
Out of gas...
Coming out here...
with an ax.
- Wrong.
- Come on.
Morning Dad.
- Out a little late last night huh?
- I knew it, the gardener did it.
With the rake?
- Would you put that book away?
It's not supposed to be
a rake, how do you kill
somebody with a rake?
- Well am I gonna have to interrogate you
or are you gonna tell me where you were?
- Had to walk home.
I thought that
Johnny was supposed to give
you a ride home?
- Yeah, so did I.
He met somebody and took off.
- Hmm.
- I'll get it.
- Well you should've called.
- Dad it's Billy Franklin.
- Thank you honey.
I told you we can't afford a car right now
so you're just gonna have to
wait and hang in till we can.
- Yeah.
- Okay.
- You walked all the way home last night.
- I am gonna kill Johnny.
- Hi Billy.
- So he dumped you huh?
- Yeah.
- He didn't dump me, he met someone,
and they went for a ride.
- Who was it?
Dianne Martin, I'll bet you
anything it was Dianne Martin.
- It wasn't Dianne Martin.
- But it was a girl!
So what's the
big deal, it was a girl.
- I knew it.
- All right.
Look we gotta jump, Johnny
Franklin didn't make it
home last night, and Billy's
screaming about his truck
so I figured we'd take
a look at the back road
on the way into town.
- Missing person big deal.
Why can't anything exciting
ever happen around here.
Yeah like a mad gardener
stalking his victims with a rake?
- It's better than nothing.
- Hey hey you two hard of hearing here,
come on let's go, let's jump!
He didn't say where he was
going with his girl did he?
No he didn't Dad, although
I'm sure they went up to
the reservation.
- Hey you two!
You know you're not
supposed to go up there,
that's sacred Indian ground
and plus it's private property.
- Dad everbody goes up there.
I personally have never
been up there though.
- Isn't that his truck?
- Yeah that's it.
- Hmm.
No sign of foul play.
Doesn't look like an accident.
- Marci.
- Sir?
- Do you mind if I do the investigating.
Not at all, I'll just be
up the road if you need me.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
- Thank you very much.
- Yeah.
- What do you think happened to him, Dad?
I don't know, he probably
ran outta gas and walked home.
Got tired, waking up in
some field around here now.
Yeah some new girl she
said her name was Melissa.
Looks like multiple stab
wounds in the back, the arms
and the chest, somebody really
did a number on him Dan.
All right look Frank, I
don't want you to release
any information on this
till you hear from me.
I want you to go down to
the morgue and stay with
the coroner till he's
through with the body.
I want a report on my desk this afternoon.
- I'll do my best.
- Frank.
You better call Billy and
tell him about his brother.
You guys all right?
- We're okay Dad.
- What do think it was, a bear?
A bear, Marci are you
sure you're all right?
- I'm fine.
A dead body practically
falls on top of her
and she says she's all right, hah, cute.
This Melissa seems
to be best lead we got,
we'd better get to her.
The only getting you're
gonna do, is to school.
Here hand me my books.
- Can't you say please?
- Please.
- Dad that's the girl!
- Are you sure?
- Yeah that's her.
Well I'd better have
a little chat with her.
You guys go on over there,
let me talk to the parents.
Excuse me, I'm Dan Burke,
I wonder if I might be able
to ask your daughter a few questions?
- I suppose this is about last night?
- You know about last night?
- Listen you know Johnny was killed?
- What?
- You can come.
Multiple stab wounds, we
aren't sure about the TOD,
time of death, but we
should have a full report in
this afternoon, you were the
last person to see him alive.
- Well who the hell are you?
- I'm Marci Burke.
- She's my sister.
Would you knock off
the Dick Tracy routine?
- Melissa?
The sheriff would like
to have a word with you.
- He's really dead?
- I'm afraid so Melissa.
Now you were with that boy
Johnny last night weren't you?
- Jesus Christ yes!
- A simple yes would do.
Did you drive up to the
reservation last night?
No, I mean I don't
really know where we were.
Darling try and remember,
I mean the boy was killed.
We went for a drive and
he took me right home.
- She got back around midnight, sheriff.
I saw the boy with her
and I told him to go home.
Did you see anyone
else, did uh, did anyone
threaten you or Johnny?
- No.
Well I used some
strong words to the boy,
he had been drinking, after
all Melissa is only 15.
- There was an Indian in town though.
- Who, Jason?
- Yeah you were there.
- So what, that was nothing.
- Jason Longshadow?
- Yes sir.
Isn't that the boy that you
hired to work up at the dig.
Yes but he wouldn't
do a thing like this.
- Well Melissa what did he do to you?
- He grabbed me, I think he was trying to
kiss me or something.
Well uh, I'll go up
and have a talk with him.
- Yeah well I'm just going up to the dig,
I'll ride up with you if you don't mind.
- Not at all.
- I'll get my things.
Well uh, you guys gonna
stand around out here,
or are you gonna go to school?
Well lemme know if
you find out anything.
- You'll be the first to know, Sherlock.
- Later Dad.
I'll pick you up after school.
Okay Mom.
This, this Jason, do
you think he's capable
of something like this.
No, I don't think so,
but to tell you the truth,
right now I don't really
know what to think.
- This town has really changed a lot.
Well now don't get me wrong
because most of the time
around here it's pretty decent.
Oh, Sheriff, you
don't realize I was born
and bred right here?
- Right here?
- Right here!
- Well welcome home.
Thank you well just for a
little while, John's grant
for the dig should keep us
here about two or three months.
- All set, Sheriff?
- All set.
Nice meeting you, Ma'am.
- You too.
I'll see you later darling.
- I'll see you tonight.
- All right.
- Jason?
- How you doing Dan?
- How are you?
Look uh, we had a little
shuffle in the town last night
and that word is that you
and Billy Franklin were
having some words together.
Ahem, Jason my daughter
said that you came after her,
is that true.
That's not true, I
just told her to go home.
Well to tell you the
truth I am pretty unclear
about what really did happen last night.
- Well nothing happened.
- I'm afraid there did, Jason.
We found the body of Johnny Franklin
right on the end of Lake Road
this morning, he was murdered.
- Yes I heard about that.
- Did you see him last night?
Yeah just before I
took Greyfeather home.
- Say anything to him?
- No.
- See anyone else?
- No, Dan I ain't kill anybody.
Oh of course he's didn't,
that's obvious Sheriff.
Look, we're starting on the dig now.
- Look, I'll be in touch.
- I'll be here.
Hi Dan, you still take your
steaks charred on the outside?
And pink in the middle,
how are you Kathy?
I'm lonely when are you
gonna get back up here again?
- I can be up there this week.
- Yeah?
That's what you said last time!
Well I guess you heard we've
had some trouble down here.
- Yeah Dan I heard about that.
- Kathy this is a real weird one.
What do you need Dan?
I need some NCICs, you
think you can get 'em
for me by this afternoon?
Boy, you know the
computer was down last week,
and we're so backed up I can't
even get near the machine.
- Kathy I hate doing this to you,
but I really gotta get started on this.
Oh let's see, well some
people owe me some favors
around here, why don't
you call me back later on
tonight and I'll see what I can do.
- I love you.
- Why don't you marry me?
Well you know I was joking.
- Right, I've gotta go now, bye.
- Why does he always laugh when I propose?
Well Frank's been down
at the morgue all morning,
he should be back any minute
and we'll know more then.
- What are you gonna do?
- Well since the town is full of rumors,
why don't you call a town
meeting of some sort?
- I'll call it for tonight.
- Excuse me.
Am I interrupting anything?
- No Mrs. Morgan, how are you?
- Fine thank you.
- Can I get you some coffee.
- Oh no thanks.
This is George Martin, our
town chairman, Joanne Morgan.
- How do you do?
- Don't recognize me, do you George?
- I'm sorry?
- Joanie Platt?
- Platt, Joanie Platt?
- That's right.
- You two know each other?
- We grew up together!
More or less.
- Really?
- It's been a long time, you look good.
Well George, made it to
the right side of the tracks.
- Yes I can see that, how's your sister?
- She's fine.
- Right, well uhm, I'll call that meeting
for around eight then.
- Sit down, please, here let me take that.
George and I never get on
in junior high school either.
Well George is a nice guy
but you know politicians.
- Oh I certainly do.
- Well what can I do for you Mrs. Morgan?
- Well there are two things.
First of all, you can call me Joanne.
And second, I'd like your
advice about something.
- I think I can handle that Joanne.
Well my husband John was
thinking about giving a party
and getting to know
some of the people here.
Thought actually I've been thinking about
giving a party, my husband's
really not very social.
And the problem is, I was
thinking that with this murder
and all, it mightjust be too much or?
- Lemme tell you a secret,
I think that a party is just
what this town needs right now.
Really that's terrific,
my daughter Melissa
is going to be 16 next
week, and I was thinking
that I could give her a real
old-fashioned Texas Barbecue
and invite the whole town up.
The kids and I would
be there hungry as bears.
- Terrific.
I'm not saying for sure
but it looked like the work
of some kind of psychotic,
I mean who else would
stab somebody 20 or 30 times.
- I heard it was 15.
Well my dad doesn't know
anything for sure yet.
But for all we know the
killer could be sitting
right next to you.
That's Melissa.
She was the last person
to see Johnny alive.
She might as
well take her clothes off.
- She's beautiful.
What are you thinking, sweet Melissa
Are you with us still, Melissa
You look so far away
Hey throw met he ball.
What's that you're saying, sweet Melissa
How you doing?
- Okay.
You must be new around here.
You must be the captain
of the football team.
- Mind if I sit down?
- Sure why not.
- So the name's Tommy, Tommy Jackson.
I'm Melissa, I'm doing time
here for a couple of months.
- Huh?
Forget it, you got
a match Tommy Jackson?
- I don't smoke.
- Well you'll live a little longer.
What do you do?
You know, drop pills, you drink,
or smoke dope or anything?
- Well I do a little of everything.
- Everything, oh.
Maybe we should get together sometime?
I may do a little of everything too.
- So what's the deal?
- You tell me.
- I might be able to score some herb.
- Herb?
- You know, to smoke.
- You mean grass?
- Yeah.
So you wanna meet me tonight?
- Where?
- Do you know Earl's?
- Yeah.
I'll be around back
say uh, eight o'clock.
- Sure why not.
- Don't be late.
- I won't, I'll be there, see ya tonight.
Hank it's your
turn to do the dishes.
I did 'em last night.
- Oh no way Marci.
You're the lady of the house.
- Hey!
You wash and I'll dry then.
- Marci.
As soon as you finished the
dishes, I want you to jump on
your homework okay?
- When are you going to meet a nice girl
to take care of these domestic chores?
- In this town, good luck.
- Well what's wrong with Kathy?
- Oh Kathy, damn I gotta call her.
Well why don't you
propose to her when you do?
- Cute, real cute.
I'm not in any hurry to
get married again, okay?
Hank I want you to stay
with your sister tonight,
I want you to crack the
books and lock the doors.
- Okay Dad.
You guys need me, I'll
be down at the school okay?
Any problems? Good.
God what a mess.
- Marci come on.
- Where are you going?
- Into town.
- You heard what Dad said.
I heard what he said,
now come on let's go.
- Wait a minute, I'm not going out there.
What if that killer is waiting for us,
we could be coleslaw, just like that.
- All right suit yourself then,
I'll see you in a couple of hours.
- Hank wait for me.
This is really stupid you know.
I mean there's a maniac
running around and here we are,
going for a little walk.
- Will you shut up and come on?
- I'm scared I talk a lot when I'm scared.
I know why don't we sing, I like to sing.
Something religious maybe.
- Marci!
- Oh Jesus this is gonna be the big one.
- Will you cut it out?
Kids, I'm Joanne
Morgan, you need a lift?
- Oh thanks, some killer huh?
- A little messy back there.
- That's okay.
You know who did it,
those red scum Indians,
and this man don't wanna
do nothing about it.
So we gotta do it ourselves,
with Billy here's help.
Sheriff Billy told me to stay with him,
I'm gonna go back up.
- Not the truth.
- Bullshit!
' Jimmy?
I know I don't look it,
but, on my mother's side,
I'm half-Indian, and itjust
irritates the hell outta me
when you call 'em scum.
- I didn't know that, Sheriff.
- Well you know it now.
So I want you to stay in here,
and I want you to shut your
mouth, do you understand that?
- Yeah, uh-huh.
- That's good.
- I'm gonna do something about that.
- Billy?
- Sit down!
I'm gonna take a large.
Get away from me.
- I said that's enough!
Now you listen to me, everyone of you,
you listen damn close, because
if anybody in this town
decides to take the
law in their own hands,
I'll be on your ass like junebug on shit.
I hope I make myself understood
and pardon me ladies.
- Tommy?
Tommy, are you out here?
Jesus Christ!
- Run!
- Cute, real cute.
Multiple stab wounds in the
back, in the arm, and chest.
- I know, same damn MO.
- That's what it looks like.
Well Frank we got
ourselves a real bonafide nut
running around, listen
why don't you go inside
and see if that girl Melissa,
if she can talk now, will ya?
- All right.
- What the hell are you two doing here?
- We uhm, decided to take a little walk.
Funny we ended up here.
Uhm, same MO dad?
- Don't get cute Marci,
I thought I told you two to stay home!
- Ah doc says she can talk now.
- Yeah I'll be right there, fine.
You know it's high time I take a paddle
to both of you right now!
- Come on Dad we're not little kids.
Marci one more word
outta you and you won't be
sitting down for a week.
Now listen there's something
funny going on around here,
there's two dead kids already, two.
And I don't wanna see anything
happen to either one of you.
Oh come on it was my fault
okay I made Marci come with me.
Well then fine, I'll see
your ass when we get home.
Stay here, now what are you
people doing around here?
- And they say chivalry's dead.
- Marci shut up already.
- How is she?
- Well now she's pretty shaken.
- Oh baby.
It's okay, it's okay, I'm
gonna take you home, come on.
No Joanne, the sheriff wants
to ask her some questions.
- Not now for God's sakes, look at her.
- No, I wanna talk!
I saw who did it, I've seen him before,
right over here, in a truck.
- You've seen him before?
- Yeah, the old Indian.
He was standing right over the
body, right in front of me.
Did you actually
see him kill the boy?
No, but he was the only
one there, he had to do it.
He, I was...
That's enough,
I'm taking my child home.
- Yes I'm sorry, they're both upset.
Frank, make sure they
get to the car okay.
Let me have your flashlight.
About time someone put
those goddamn Indians
back in their place.
- What do you wanna do Billy?
What we're gonna do, we're
gonna do what the law does
to those murdering pigs,
we're gonna have ourself
a little justice, pally!
- Yeehaw!
- Find anything?
Or are we gonna go
interrogate Greyfeather?
- Marci, let me handle this.
Greyfeather did not do this.
Dad, that Indian that Melissa
said she saw here that night
that was Greyfeather.
Look we all like Greyfeather
and we know that he
wouldn't do anything to hurt anybody, but,
we gotta face the facts, I
mean a witness has placed him
at the scene of the crime, face it Daddy,
he's the only lead you've got.
- Let's go.
Thank you, Sheriff.
- Sir?
- Stay in the car.
- Oh, Dad!
- Hey come on, you're already on my list.
Yes sir.
- Greyfeather?
G reyfeather?
G reyfeather?
It's me, Dan.
I should've seen this coming,
I should've seen it coming!
Well just a minute here,
it says in this report
that it was suicide.
Those reports are
public knowledge George,
hell, you know, what can I do too.
- You're telling me that the white people
in this town did it?
Hell I don't have to
tell you, you know it.
- What are you gonna do?
- I'll tell you what I'm gonna do.
I'm gonna find this madman
before he strikes again
and believe me he will,
and then going I'm after
the son of a bitches
that hung Greyfeather,
and you can put that in your
peace pipe and smoke it.
- Hi, Dad.
- Hey there Mr. Martin.
- Okay Hank, you going up to the services?
- Now listen.
- Ah, I'm not for funerals.
- George.
We'll talk about this later.
' Sure.
- You ready?
- Yup.
- Yep.
- Let's go.
And although our immortal
hearts are burdened
with the grief over the
untimely loss of these two
fine boys, Tommy and Johnny,
seemingly struck down
before they had the opportunity
to truly grow and prosper
in your blessed life, let
us not judge their departure
in mortal terms, but in
terms of life, everlasting.
Let us now dearly hold
to our savior's promise
of eternal life, world without end.
Oh lord, let our faith in
you grow ever stronger,
even in the face this tragedy,
and give us your loving light
to soothe our common sorrow,
help us in our search for
an understanding of your
divine wisdom, and teach us
forgiveness in the face
of mortal transgression,
oh lord, calm our angry
hearts when we seek vengeance,
raise our spirits above
our petty mortal desires
and guide your faithful
children to joyous love
that awaits us all in heaven,
now let us join together in silent prayer.
His will be done, amen.
- Amen.
Melissa, I suppose you
heard about Greyfeather?
- What's a Greyfeather?
- Greyfeather is the old man
that you accused the other night.
- And I hope they caught the creep.
- Oh they did, and then they hanged him.
Oh gee did I upset you?
- Look leave me alone okay?
What, what's the matter,
don't you wanna hear the details
about that poor old man was
twitching from his ceiling
because you decided you
wanted a little attention?
Maybe Greyfeather was in that alley,
and maybe he was there all by himself,
but he didn't kill
anybody, just like Jason
didn't try to kiss you the other night,
do you know Melissa, you
like to make up stories
don't you, you like the
attention that they get you.
Well this time your little
story killed someone.
You know you might as
well have put the rope
around his neck yourself,
you stupid little bitch.
Melissa wait, would you wait a second?
Well why do you have to be
so damn tough all the time?
- Well why do you have to be so damn good?
- Well I'm not.
I mean I've done a lot of rotten things.
- Like What?
Well it was pretty rotten
what I just did to you.
Look, it uhm, it's probably my fault, but,
we've really gotten off to a bad start,
and well if...
Hi I'm Marci Burke.
- Marci I didn't wanna hurt that old man.
- I know.
Listen Melissa if you ever
need someone to talk to you,
you know just about
stuff in general, well,
I'm a good listener.
- Thanks Marc.
We've just got to find
that common denominator.
- It's Melissa.
- What?
- Well she's the common denominator.
She was the last person to
see both Tom and Johnny alive.
That's crazy, I mean
Tommy was already dead
when she found him.
- Yeah that's what she says.
- Well he does have a point, Marci.
- I mean Dad you've got to admit that she
isn't your average kid, Marci
you and her are the same age
and look at the difference
between you and her.
So she's got fancier
clothes and she knows how
to wear make up, big deal,
she's still a sensitive girl.
- You're outta your mind.
- And she's lonely too.
- Oh she's lonely, sure.
Every guy at school only wants
to ask her out for a date.
Hank you have no idea
of what I'm talking about.
I mean she and I really got along today,
have you ever talked to her?
- Sure all the time.
- Sure all the time, no you haven't.
Most of you guys just drool over her.
She's really a nice person.
Sounds like you made
a good friend today.
- L did, Daddy.
You know actually Marci,
I'm glad you guys came
together closer.
Now maybe you can set me
up on a date with her.
I'm just kidding.
I'm just kidding, take
it easy, it was a joke!
- Coffee.
- Thank you.
- Morning.
I don't have a lotta time, Sheriff.
What I have to say doesn't
sit easy with me either.
- I take it you're talking about Jason.
- I fired him this morning.
- I'm sorry to hear that.
- I also want him arrested.
Well maybe you'd
better explain that John.
Since the first days
of the dig, things have
been disappearing, now
I thought that Jason
was putting them in the
crates, I checked yesterday.
Do you have a description
of what's missing.
- They're all listed there.
Now Sheriff this is my
work, those aren't just
artifacts to me, they're more than that.
Those knives alone could bring me enough
financial support to excavate
the entire burial mound.
- Knives?
- I've never seen anything like it,
five exquisite pieces, and
they're buried with their chiefs.
- Excuse me.
Let's see, I like my
steak two inches thick.
- You got something?
- How does a matching MO sound?
- Not bad for starters.
Listen I think
you'd better get up here,
because there's probably
gonna be a lot more.
Well I couldn't get up there
until late this afternoon.
The computer picked
up some real interesting
information on a Jason Longshadow,
I'm gonna do some followup NCICs
and I should have 'em around four.
- Kathy you're beautiful.
And I'm single, and
I'm great in the garden.
Yeah, your kids just love me.
- Come on, yeah hold on.
John I'll go up and talk to Jason
and I should have something
for you by tonight.
- Good, by tonight then, Sheriff.
- See you at the party?
- See you at the party.
- Yeah?
- You know how great I iron your shirts.
I'll promise I'll make
it up to you, I promise.
And I can change the
tires on my car and your car.
- I know, I gotta go now, bye.
And you know
I'm great at cleaning up.
- Frank?
- Hmm-mm?
- Make a run on that will you?
- Why would he do it?
Well I'm not saying that
Jason did anything honey.
He did have a motive.
- What motive?
Come on Marci, Dad you
know he hated the Franklins.
Yeah but he didn't
even know Tommy Jackson.
Could somebody put their finger here.
- I Will.
Well I'll know more when
I get back from the lab.
Can't I go with you, Dad?
Oh I'd like you to honey,
but I think you'd more fun
at Melissa's birthday party.
Now George said he'd pick you
guys up in a couple of hours
so wait for him.
- Will do, Dad.
And I should be back,
be back there around six.
So behave yourself and have fun,
and watch your manners.
Oh and honey could you maybe
save Daddy a piece of cake.
- Yes sir.
- You spoil the hell outta me.
- Well see you Dad.
- Okay son.
- There, you can take your finger out now.
- Uh no I can't.
- Yes you can I'm finished.
Very cute Hank.
- Hello kid, where you out hiding,?
, baby.
- Well well well here we are.
Hello Joanne.
- George.
- Uhm, the wife made these, cookies.
- The wife?
Bettie Palmer, you
remember Bettie, cheerleader,
nice look, she's home sick in bed today.
- Yes I remember.
- Oh here's Melissa's gift.
Oh thank you, why don't
you kids go have something
to drink.
- Oh thanks.
- Thank you.
You know, Bettie didn't hold
up half as good as you did.
That's a pretty dress.
- It's great huh?
- It's beautiful.
- Well well well would you look at them.
- It's pretty amazing.
- Yeah, let's go get a drink.
You know I think I'm
gonna get that present
and give it to Melissa.
- I think I'll just stand here.
- Oh you mustn't.
- Oh I'm fine sir.
This is a lovely party.
- You have Mrs. Morgan to thank for that.
It's so old-fashioned, it's
like out of an old movie.
She wanted it just
like a sweet 16 party.
Is your father here?
No sir he had some
business he had to finish up
but he should be here soon.
He didn't say anything about
recovering some of my things?
No, I mean, he was really
busy so we didn't get
to talk very much.
- Ah I see.
Would you excuse me, I'd
like to go wish Melissa
a happy birthday.
- Of course.
- Thank you.
- Happy birthday Melissa.
- Thanks Marc.
- It's beautiful.
- It's a handkerchief.
My mother gave it to me
when I was a little girl,
I thought you'd like it.
- Hey what about me?
Well here we are, county
records for the last
two million years, I don't
know why you don't just
trust the information
the computer kicked out.
Well, it's the same
MO, but only one victim.
But everything else
fits, same multiple stabs,
same area, even the same age victim.
- I know.
- You know.
- I know.
- Then what's wrong?
- Something just isn't right.
Okay, this Jason guy,
his mother is killed by
a drunk driver who is later
released no charges filed.
Awhite drunk, a white
court, and a white judge.
There's your motive.
I mean I'd be upset, I'd
be really upset if some guy
who murdered my mother
got off scot free, right?
Well why now, I mean
why is he killing now.
- Who knows why people snap?
Oh come on, come on sweetheart
let's go have a nice
romantic steak dinner
huh, we'll have some wine
and then we'll go back to my place later,
and I'll show you my guns.
Kathy, I've been
looking all over for you.
- Hi Sandy what's up?
On those knives, we
found blood on one of them,
we're testing for it now.
- Did you?
- I heard her.
I'd better call Frank.
- Good girl.
- Soup's on Jason.
Sheriff's office.
- Frank, this is Dan.
I want you to stay extra sharp tonight.
' WhV YOU got something?
I don't know yet, but
I don't want any trouble.
- I got it, it's pretty quiet out.
Look Frank we found some
blood on one of the knives,
it could be a murder weapon, I don't know,
I'll know more in an hour,
I'll get back to you then okay?
' L got you.
See you later.
- Was that Dan?
- Yeah.
- So when do I get out?
It'll be just a little while
move back a little bit Jason.
Billy they're all out,
waggling their little asses
all over the place man, all
you gotta do is go up to them
and slap and tickle a little.
- That little girl turns me on.
- Kathy.
- Ready for dinner?
Listen can you get me
the film two years before
and the film two years after this one.
- Sure.
Now listen honey about
dinner why don't you just
get us a couple of sandwiches
and some coffee okay.
- I'll see what I can scrounge up.
- Hey!
So you wanna go for a little walk?
- Now?
- Sure.
- Let's go.
I've been wanting to
talk to you all night
but Marci keeps getting
in the way as usual.
Oh Marci's sweet
though, I really like her.
Both of you made this a
really nice birthday for me.
- Glad to hear.
I'm sure I won't forget
it for a long time.
Oh I hope not!
- Hah, well well well, Joanie Platt.
You know, you certainly
have come up in the world.
And you know what George,
you haven't changed a bit.
- Why don't you take off that ring?
Ah, my father had to
go Dallas for a job.
- Now that drunk?
- George!
Don't you ever talk about my father, ever.
Hey you know, I'd really
like to have a drink
with you sometime.
- George leave me alone!
- What a lowlife.
And after my Caesar salad,
I would have some more wine,
I love wine and of course
I'd smother my baked potatoes
with lots of sour cream and
chives, and lots of butter.
I love butter!
- Goddammit it just doesn't add up.
Why don't I get that?
Library, Hopkins.
It's squirrel blood.
- Squirrel?
- Yep.
- Are you sure.
- Hmm-mm, and those NCICs?
- Yeah what do you got on that?
File was terminated
1956 when the suspect died.
- Hmm-mm.
- Anything else?
No, no that's okay, yeah
yeah I'll see you tomorrow,
bye bye Sandy, thanks.
- Animal blood on the knife?
- Hmm-mm.
- That figures.
But you did, did you
figure on that other NCIC,
that there's nothing there.
- Nothing?
The file was terminated
in 1956, the suspect died.
- 19?
- Right.
- Died?
Are you sure.
- It just came in.
What is it?
Are you onto something?
- Jesus Christ.
- What, what?
- That's gotta be it.
That's gotta be it!
- What?
What is it?
Honey, honey?
- , now listen carefully.
I want you to keep trying the office
and I want you to get a hold of Frank
and I want you to tell him,
get out to the Morgan place
as fast as he can, and
tell him I'll be there
in about an hour.
- Okay.
And if I'm right about,
well, I'll call you.
- Hey you take it easy, be careful.
I love you!
Thanks for dinner.
- Come on!
- Where are you going?
- We're gonna swim.
- What?
- Come on Hank!
Come on it's great, come on feels great!
- What about the party?
- They won't miss us, Hank hurry up!
I'm not swimming alone.
It's perfect, come on.
- That was fun huh?
- Yeah,.
- Wait a minute.
- Swim out this way!
Check out the water,
come over here quick.
Get your butt over here!
Melissa what are you doing,
come on back in, it's great.
- The hell you want?
You scared the shit outta me.
- You killed him didn't you?
- You haven't heard?
The old man hung himself.
- He never hurt anybody.
- He was just a dirty old Indian.
- Oh my God.
- Come here darling.
Come on baby.
- Help, let me go!
- Yeah!
- Gimme that little girl.
- Come here!
- Come here, come here, come here!
- Quit screaming little girl!
- Help!
Hey leave her alone
Billy, leave her alone!
Get out of my way, leave her alone Billy!
Knock him out,
tag him Jimmy, all right!
- You son of a bitch!
You could've killed him!
- I got you away from the Indian!
Son of a bitch!
- Come on little girl huh?
What's the matter, what you call me huh?
- Leave me, a son of a bitch!
- The hell did you do that for?
You goddamn shit!
Give me some water!
- Leave her knocked out.
- Get me some fucking water.
- Dumb broad.
"Jimmy get the water, get the water."
Wake her up, she's gonna
start yelling and screaming,
and screwing around.
I'll leave her knocked out.
, ah Billy what are you sick?
What happened, Billy?
- Hey what do you?
- Somebody help me!
Oh Mrs. Morgan, Melissa, oh not you too,
did your husband?
- Marci, no!
- It's all right, come here.
Come here, it's all right.
- Oh, Daddy!
It's all right, it's
all right, it's okay.
You all right son?
- I think so Dad.
' Joanie?
- Oh God, oh...
Oh please wake up.
- Joanie?
- Oh God, please wake up.
- Tricia?
- Please...
Tricia, no one's gonna hurt
you, no one's gonna hurt you.
- He won't hurt us anymore?
- No, not anymore.
No he's gone, he's not
gonna hurt you anymore.
Now Tricia please, let
me, let me have Melissa.
- Melissa's so scared.
She's so scared.
- I know.
- Oh child, I promise you, I promise you,
but she's so scared.
- Now, now.
Tricia, let me have Joanie now all right?
- No, ssshht, did you hear, he's coming,
we have to hide, Joanie,
Joanie we have to hide,
please wake up, Joanie, we have to hide!
Oh Daddy don't, please don't
hurt her, Daddy don't hurt
her anymore, no, no, no!
- You stop that, you stop that now Tricia.
' AWaY Daddy!
Listen sweetheart, come
over to me sweetheart,
come here, Melissa.
- Mother what's happening?
- Melissa?
Melissa, come over to me sweetheart.
That's it.
- Mother!
- It's all right, it's all right,
I'm not gonna hurt you.
It's all right, it's all
right, it's all right,
it's all right, it's all right.
- Mom.
- Let, let me have the knife.
- Mother...
- Nobody's gonna hurt you, I promise,
nobody's gonna hurt you,
let me have the knife.
That's it, that's it...
Come on.
- She used to talk about her sister,
how she loved her, how she missed her.
I never paid much heed.
- Well her sister died 20 years ago
in a state mental hospital.
- And she became Joanne, is that it?
- Yeah.
Your wife killed her
father to protect Joanne.
And then when she died,
there was nothing left.
Until Melissa and this
town filled the void.
- What madness she must've lived with.
John, I'm sorry, if
there's anything I can do?
I'm real sorry.
- Dear God.
No, I'm sorry.
Would you excuse me?
- Dad?
- Oh hello honey.
Well now how's that hard head of yours?
- It's all right.
- You okay honey?
- Yeah, I guess.
- Is it over, Dan?
- It's over, Jason.
- Sheriff, we're ready to roll.
- I'll be with you in a few minutes,.
- All right.
- Daddy, what did her father do.
- Physically I don't know honey.
The only thing I'm sure
of is that he destroyed
the lives of two beautiful little girls.
And she just kept killing
him over and over again.
How she must've hated him.
Honey uhm, John's taking
Melissa home tomorrow.
Why don't you go over there
and see if she's okay?
- I love you Daddy.
- I love you too, Sherlock.
Go ahead now.
- Okay.
How's the arm?
- It's okay.
- Melissa, I'm sorry.
nothing to be sorry about.
Are you with us still Melissa
- Melissa, Melissa?
I'm okay Marci.
- Let her go Hank.
What's that you're saying, sweet Melissa
That's not like you, now Melissa
What's that look upon your face
Melissa, you found the place for you
With everything you do
That side keeps showing through
Oh Melissa, I will always remember you
Such a lovely girl, Melissa
Locked inside her world, Melissa
The darker side of you
Will we ever see Melissa
Or is the way to see Melissa
Through mother's side too
You found the place for you
With everything you do
That side keeps showing through
Oh Melissa, I will always remember you
Oh Melissa
We'll all remember
41 You