Sweet Dreams (2023) Movie Script

[Indonesian] Get up.
[Dutch] Stand over there. Over there.
Show me those legs are working.
He's deaf as well.
You heard me. Jump.
Are they there yet?
They're on their way, madam.
Make the tea, Siti.
Yes, madam.
Everything is ready?
[Indonesian] Everything is ready.
[Dutch] How many times
do I have to tell you?
I want you to just speak Dutch tonight.
[Indonesian] Fine, whatever you want.
[Dutch] Fine, whatever you want.
Thank you.
It's as if you're in the same room.
You can hear the voice,
just like you can hear mine now.
But you're not in the same room.
No, but it's almost the same.
My cousin sounded exactly like my cousin.
As if there's no ocean between us
anymore. As if she were here with me.
But if you can hear someone but not see them,
doesn't that just increase the distance?
No, actually, it becomes smaller
because you hear each other's voice.
But you don't see each other.
So you're even more aware
of the fact that the other is not there.
But you hear each other's voice.
You hear each other's voice,
but you don't see each other.
It's so refreshing to speak
to someone in the Netherlands.
They're less confused
than the people here.
Just a little while and
you'll be rid of us.
Thank heavens.
I think you'd do well to go too.
There's been unrest for so long.
Sooner or later it will
all be over for us here.
I don't think so.
I think this is only the beginning.
The beginning of what?
How about a little dance?
Get lost, tramp.
You're giving me the scraps...
while you're serving those totoks
the best parts?
God will punish you.
Poor Reza.
He wants to be one of the big boys.
Let's poison them. The parasites.
This is our chance.
We'll get rid of all of them in one night.
And then what?
Then we can sleep in tomorrow.
Great idea, let's do it.
First, dance.
Three, two, one.
What are you looking for, Agathe?
Your innocence?
God forgive, God forgive.
[Indonesian] May God help us all.
What are you doing?
Go outside, Karel.
What did you do?
Nothing, I didn't do anything.
Everything is fine.
If anyone asks where the master is,
you say he is ill.
That's all you know.
I asked you if you've understood.
Dear Cornelis, I hope you are well.
There is news. Good news and bad news,
hence my writing to you.
Your father has died.
It's a long story.
But the bad news is:
you need to come quickly.
Come in.
Just a moment.
Otherwise, the sugar factory
will have to close.
I am alone here in the house
and I don't know how long I can manage.
Moreover, there is unrest.
I'm afraid I'll have to cut off
your allowance if you don't come.
Your mother.
One, two.
[Dutch] Sir, she has to get out.
We can't do it. You have to get out.
Do these mosquitoes
bite in the daytime too?
Some of them do.
It's a pity you couldn't
attend the wedding.
Those kinds of events are always
I understand you were in a hurry.
Yes, in a hurry. You could say that.
Are these all the servants?
There are more people working in the field
and the factory who we are responsible for.
And they all speak Dutch?
They do.
But the others don't. Just a few words.
And him? Who is he?
What's his name?
Karel? Where did he get that name?
That's what Jan named him.
What does father have to do
with his name?
And why is he carrying a gun?
Oh well, Jan let him have it.
Let's put an end to that
as soon as possible.
That smell. What is that smell inside?
- That's the smell here, you'll get used to it.
You go in then.
That smell will disappear.
We put Jan in the basement for a while,
but that didn't go well.
Eventually we had to bury him
in the jungle. Temporarily.
And the smell... you get used to it.
And where is the sugar factory? Close by?
Yes. But the factory is no place for you.
Why not?
That is how things work here.
Have you ever been there, mother?
No, because it's no place for me.
Besides, the factory is empty now.
There's no one there.
I'm so glad you're here.
What is it?
This room.
It's as if we've travelled back in time.
Don't say I didn't warn you.
Is Siti a prostitute?
Karel is Jan's son, right?
No, that's completely normal here.
I told you the normal rules don't
apply here. Everyone here is crazy.
It's a good thing we'll be gone again soon.
Thank goodness.
I find it all a bit gloomy here.
Everyone looks sad.
Not now. I'm tired.
I'm not.
I'm not.
How often do I have to tell you? You
don't have to kiss me out of politeness.
That makes it worse, not better.
You're working hard for someone
who's supposed to be on strike.
The carriage must
be ready to leave. Are you ready?
To go where?
We're leaving.
We'll start a new life. You and me.
Now is the time to go.
And where would we go?
Simple. We'll build our own house,
find food in nature.
You'll be my wife. We'll live in the woods.
What else do we need?
In nature, like wild animals.
No, like humans.
How do you know it will
be better than here?
Don't you know it's the same everywhere?
I've heard different things.
Those are stories.
Stories are always made up.
Did nobody teach you that?
What about your stories?
Have you performed your little dance
for the new bosses yet?
If it works, it works.
You'll be thrown out of the house
before you know it.
Then you'll beg me to let you come.
What does Reza want from you?
Why were you with him then?
I wasn't with him.
I can smell his cigarette.
I thought you were asleep.
Reza doesn't want anything from me.
He always tells funny stories.
I don't think his stories are funny.
[Dutch] You know what it is, Hong,
we didn't come here to dominate.
We have no interest whatsoever in domination.
- No interest whatsoever.
Domination is banal.
One group of people oppressing the other.
On what grounds?
We want to live in peace, without violence.
This means that things can just go on
as they always did, until the sale.
Is that possible, Hong?
It's just that...
They're not working.
Who? The workers? Why not?
They're waiting for salary.
What is he saying?
You don't have to be in factory.
He says we don't need to be in the factory.
Thank goodness.
We're not staying long, can you tell
him that too, that we're in a hurry?
We're not staying long. There's unrest too.
We are going to sell quickly.
Are you sure it was that tree?
It was that tree.
Siti, is it that tree?
Yes, that tree, madam.
So where is he? How did you bury him?
We just buried him.
He was carried here, a hole was dug
and he was buried.
So why isn't he here?
I don't know either.
Is he dead?
What else would he be?
Didn't he leave?
Yes, he's gone.
Maybe he was eaten by animals.
Maybe you don't know where you put him.
What if he comes back?
He won't come back.
So why is he not in the coffin?
I told you, didn't I?
We couldn't find him anymore.
But we buried him. I swear it.
Didn't he leave?
Why would he leave?
I really want to help you.
But if he comes back...
they are going to ask me
why I buried an empty coffin.
What do I say then?
Please, help us.
Why is he playing here?
Jan gave him that horse for his birthday.
Jan made it himself. Worked on it for
months. He's been playing here ever since.
Can you stop that?
Just let him be.
What are you doing?
Going outside.
With that horse?
You can't. The horse has to stay here.
The horse doesn't have to stay here, Karel.
It's your horse.
You cannot take that horse outside.
It's not unusual...
for a plantation owner
to want to be buried on his own land.
The land that he gave his life to.
The land that was nothing,
raw wilderness...
that he made into something
with his own hands.
Yes, what was here was wild...
and needed to be tamed.
Jan tamed this land.
What is he saying?
Jan tamed us,
because we were wild beasts before he came.
Wild and savage.
who has come from the Netherlands
to take on this mission from God...
to continue his father's work,
to continue the work of our race.
To take over the baton of our civilisation.
He says that Jan's baton
tasted really good.
He's very sorry he can't suck it anymore.
What happened
to the discipline in this place?
I have an important announcement.
A formality, but still...
Perhaps I should discuss this in private
with the master of the house.
If it concerns Cornelis, it concerns me.
That's right, we do everything together.
Well, yes, I thought so.
Jan visited me not too long ago
in my capacity as a notary.
You're a notary as well?
Yes, that's how things work here.
Anyway, he may have been a bit confused.
Yes, he was always a bit confused.
Well, he had his will drawn up.
It concerns the land, the factory, the
house, everything he has left behind.
As I said, he was a bit confused,
but I have to tell you.
What does it say?
He leaves everything
to, in his own words, his only real son...
But that's impossible.
As I said, he was confused.
Things are passed from father to son.
That's how God wants it.
Yes, that's how God wants it, goddammit.
I think Jan wanted to spare you
the crisis we are in now.
But his solution is not really a solution, obviously.
- No, it's definitely not a solution.
Well, ignorance is bliss.
And officially there is no body anyway.
No, there is certainly no body.
Right. So we keep everything as it is.
So how are we going to sell everything?
For a sale you need the permission
of the rightful owner, Karel.
Yes, it was a dignified funeral.
Yes, a dignified funeral.
Can I help anyone with anything?
No, that was all, Siti.
What is this talk of a sale?
What will be sold?
Everything. Everything will be sold.
The house, the factory, the plantation.
And this room?
The paintings, the table, the tablecloth.
And me?
For how much were you planning to sell me?
What is your price, mother?
The same as that chair? The table?
Or were you thinking of the candlestick?
This fork maybe?
Ignorance is bliss.
And anyway, there isn't even a body.
These are strange times.
Strange times.
But strange times never last long.
Things will go back to normal
before you know it.
That's how it goes.
It never stays strange for long.
Let's just go then.
With what money, Josefien?
I don't know with what money.
Just money. Money.
There is no money, goddammit.
Until we sell there is no goddamn money.
You brought me here as your prisoner.
You, my prisoner? If anyone wants
to leave this place, it's me.
You wanted to come here for the adventure. I
always told you this was a backward place.
Did I tell you or not, Josefien?
Did I tell you?
You said the money would be for the taking here.
That we only had to appear for formality's sake.
I was wrong, okay? I was wrong.
I can't give birth here. Look at me.
Look around you.
I can't squeeze out a child here.
These mosquitoes are making me sick.
If only I could just start crying and...
And what?
And then nothing.
We need to get rid of Karel.
It's simple.
As simple as that.
Is it?
It is.
Then the house reverts to all of us. Mother
won't have a leg to stand on. Not a leg.
But what will happen to Karel?
Don't touch those sheets.
You need to wash that.
Apologise to your mother.
I don't need an apology.
I'm sorry.
You're not supposed to be here anymore.
This place is off-limits to you now.
I don't want to be here either.
But I'm here to get you.
We leave tomorrow night, a group of us.
The coach is ready to leave.
There is no reason to stay here anymore.
Have a safe journey.
The time for jokes is over. I love you.
How can you be so sure?
What about?
About loving me.
If you know why you love someone,
you don't really love them.
Besides, I can't stop thinking of you.
I told you. I'm staying with Karel.
Karel can come too.
Are you looking for someone?
I am looking for my son.
Yes, Karel.
I just saw him in the house.
He's not there.
Siti, Karel really is inside.
I think you should turn around
and look for him in the house.
Stop laughing.
Stop laughing. Now.
Where are you going?
I'm looking for Cornelis.
Where's the villa.
I think I have to...
Are you okay, madam?
I need to get back to the villa...
Are you okay?
I'd like to show you a place.
I need to go back to the villa.
It's a beautiful place in the forest.
You probably know the forest well.
Very well.
That feels good, right?
Yes, that feels good.
Can you...
Do you think I'm beautiful too?
Very beautiful.
Very beautiful.
Get out of the water.
I'm staying here.
Don't touch me.
You should watch him more closely.
He'll get hurt.
Let her be. It's a waste of time.
No, I won't let her be.
She thinks she's better than all of us.
Yes, you're right.
I'm better than all of you.
You've got that right.
And my son will achieve more
than all your sons together.
Sure, he'll get very far.
That's easy to see.
Were you just going to let me lie here?
You were just going to leave me here.
No, I wasn't.
Yes, you were.
Should I have woken you up?
Carried you?
What should I have done?
I want it to stop.
I want you to tell me it stops, all of it.
I heard a shot. What happened?
Nothing happened.
You can't expect me to
kill a child, Josefien.
That's barbaric, perverse even.
It is against all the rules of
civilisation, darling. It's too extreme.
Civilisation, darling.
Where will we go
when we are sent away?
Who says we'll be sent away?
They're jealous.
But if we're sent away, where do we go?
To where we came from.
Where is that?
A place far away from here.
But I've never been there.
How could I have come from there?
You don't need to have been somewhere
to be from there.
So, are you ready to leave?
I'm ready. How about you?
I'm ready too.
I told you the time for jokes is over.
You were right.
This place is cursed.
Now is the time to leave.
Karel and I will come with you.
Do you know what they say, Siti?
That you only think of yourself.
What if everyone thought
only of themselves?
Then everyone would be thought of.
That would make the world a boring place.
A very boring place.
Excuse me. I hope you understand
what I'm going through.
You have a child,
so you know what's it like to be pregnant.
Your body takes over and...
I need to talk to you about
something, Siti. Something important.
I think you should sit down.
Do you smoke?
What are your plans for Karel's future?
I'll be frank, Siti.
When Jan died, he chose to leave
the house and the factory to Karel.
This means we are going to sell the house.
There will be one final harvest. We'll
use the money to go to the Netherlands.
In the Netherlands, we'll sell everything.
Things are much simpler in Europe.
There you make clear agreements.
We just need to go there, show them the will,
sign some papers and all will be taken care of.
Get up.
It's all ours, Siti.
We are rich.
What do you say?
Are you coming with us or not?
[Dutch] A final harvest. That's what
we all need to solve this situation.
I know that you haven't been paid.
But if we do nothing,
there won't be money for anyone.
If we harvest one final time, I'll pay
you for this year and for last year.
One last time, a final harvest.
[Indonesian] One final harvest?
Yes, one final harvest.
Who is in favour?
What's your name?
Your name.
What's your name?
Salim, sir.
Does Salim have children and a wife?
Do you have children and a wife?
No, sir.
He doesn't.
Would he like to?
Would you like to have children?
He would, but the women don't.
Yes, he wants to.
Then he has to work for it.
Tell him that.
Then he'll have money and he can have
any wife and any child he wants.
You have to work,
then you can have any wife you want.
Cheap lies.
So this is how you sit here all day?
A lady rests, that way free time
is exploited to the fullest.
Doesn't time pass slowly?
The more slowly it passes, the more
time you have. That is our privilege.
Anyone could do this.
I don't think so.
You'll have to get used to all of it
but you'll find out that sitting calmly
in a room is not for everyone.
That calm can end any moment,
if I look around me.
That's how it works here.
Sometimes it's us who lose,
Other times they take the blows.
So it goes back and forth.
That's the game we play here.
Back and forth, back and forth.
That's how we keep ourselves occupied.
I'm sorry.
The world is not that simple.
Yes, it is.
No, it isn't.
The strike is over.
Now is the time to leave.
It's a group of us, not many,
but we are ready to go.
We can't come.
I'm sorry. Have a good journey.
You said you'd come when the chance would
arise. Why this sudden change?
I never said I'd come with you.
Yes, you did.
I didn't. Safe journey.
Yes, you did.
What do you take me for anyway?
Did you think I'd just go with anyone,
like some prostitute?
Yes, a prostitute.
That's exactly what you are.
Nothing less, but nothing more either.
Till the day I drop dead...
I'll decide what I do with this body.
Who's talking about your body?
That carriage is not yours, Reza.
The carriage stays here.
What do you want with the carriage?
If I hear that carriage go through
the gate, everyone will know.
You can be sure of that.
Are you okay?
Yes, I'm all right.
You can't stay here on your own.
You know that perfectly well.
I don't have a choice.
I can't leave. Look at me.
I'm ill.
You don't look ill.
And you don't look like a doctor.
I want you to be a good boy tonight.
I am a good boy.
I am so glad you're here.
Do you understand now? They want everything
that we have built. Everything that we...
Do you know what it is? There is no body.
There isn't even a body.
They want to destroy everything,
but there is no body.
I understand these are tough and difficult
times, Agathe. I understand it like no other.
We all feel it, mother.
Without a body there is nothing
to transfer. We need a body.
We leave at dawn, mother.
I have been called back too.
They have stopped my allowance.
I don't have a choice but to go back.
You're giving up?
You're giving up everything
that we have built here?
I've come to get you.
All of us are going back, Agathe.
We're the last ones, the last ones.
It's not safe for us here.
There's too much unrest.
I don't care.
Parasites, that's what you are.
Nothing but a bunch of
pathetic, puny parasites.
She's not feeling well.
She was already unwell this afternoon,
weren't you, mother?
Perhaps you'd better stay in bed tonight,
to get your strength back for the journey.
I don't need my strength for anything.
Resting is always a good idea.
You shut up.
If you think you have any power
over what I do or don't do, you're wrong.
You're getting senile, mother.
It hurts us all to see you like this.
But we need to act in your best interest.
For your safety.
Maybe it's not so bad in Europe.
Don't worry, Siti.
Sometimes we need to let go of things that
no longer work, in order to move forward.
Let go of things that don't work
to continue with things that do work.
That is called progress.
That is what facing the future looks like.
Siti would like to dance for us.
Please make room for Siti's dance.