Sweet Home Carolina (2017) Movie Script

You promised to pay Andreas school fee,
But now I've got a new reminder
-because you have not paid.
Broadhill Agency.
A moment.
-It's not my problem.
-Broadhill Agency.
-Hi, Mr Broadhill.
-Why do you build a new house?
Have they been unable to obtain
On Diane all day?
It is your responsibility to me
And the children to pay the bills.
Taken the tube off?
They can get her assistant.
-It's not my problem, Dan.
-Yes, right away, sir.
Now roll there heads.
Hello, Mr Broadhill. No, sir.
She will not be disturbed
-but I try to grab her.
A moment.
This does not happen.
Sorry, sir. It lasts a bit yet.
Yes, I'll probably.
Come on, Diane.
Why am I so dumb?
That it should go.
-After all...
-Do you have it good?
-Hi, Henry. Yes, fine. What happens?
-My office in ten minutes.
-Okay, yes.
-You would talk to me.
Sit down.
Henry, I...
I know... what you want to say.
I have been a little absent-
-Recent weeks.
But I promise that it will be better.
I've gone through a lot of
With my husband and the children.
I give the Georgia O'Brien account
to the Matheson.
To Matheson? It's your joke.
Georgia rang this morning and said,
That you have not called since Thursday.
-It was yesterday.
-Previous Thursday.
Okay... Henry. This is my account.
I have had Georgia for the past five years.
Too hard and long-
-to just
Must be taken from me.
And I appreciate everything,
You have done for our agency.
Are you firing me?
You know that it is madness.
-What do you say?
-You can not do that. Not now.
I am good at my work and it
You know. Much better than Matheson.
He powers nothing.
Listen here, Henry.
I just have a difficult period.
I get through it, as always.
These accounts are not waiting.
I can't give you more time.
I have given half my life
To this company.
Okay? I have missed school parties,
Birthdays, vacations and funerals.
I gave birth to almost my children in there,
And I have worked harder and longer-
-than most men in the company.
Then I have a bad month...
-... and you guys?
-It's not, and you know.
Really? It feels like this.
You and I have a long history
Together. Keep free for some time.
-This does not happen.
-Solve what needs to be resolved-
-then we are talking about a few months.
It's not the world's undergoing, Diane.
Keep vacation. Join your daughters.
It's mother's Day of the weekend.
You don't have to think about
Deadlines or stressed clients.
Just enjoy it, okay?
Your daughters will love it.
I know it well. Poor mother.
This is the third time this week.
You must be here before half-five.
Then we drive.
No, Miss. You probably have homework.
A pink envelope. Fine.
Yes, to hide
Its terrible content.
Andrea! Dishes.
-I take it later.
No, now. Come on.
-You still call the nose...
-Think you noticed it.
Mind. Why are you at home so early?
-I am well at home to normal time.
-If you were an ordinary mother.
-Hi, Mom. How is your day gone?
Not worst, and yours? Good. I start
Work in college and has received
-and you know what? I've made food,
Because I wanted to do something for you.
Fine. When you have finished talking,
Do you want to start cooking.
-Just as impressive as usual.
-I hope your therapy takes effect.
It was a joke.
Evidently not.
Get air...
Skills? Good. My trip.
-Do not eat?
-I ate lunch late.
Girls, flax.
I know that it has been
A difficult period-
-For you. For all of us. And...
I know that I have not been
So much at home at the latest-
-but I would keep a little free, okay?
So we can really be together.
What do you say to it?
-What have you done about our mother?
-What better time is there-
-than now on weekends?
What are you talking about? We must
At the music festival with dad.
No... I didn't know.
I do not comprehend that I
Said yes to it.
-For that is my special day
Now on Sunday.
What happens on Sunday?
Andrea? Have you forgotten,
What it is on Sunday?
It is... Mother's Day. Did you hear about it?
Well yes.
Good. Take your pajamas on.
Homework? Only a program tonight.
-a program, a book.
-Perfect, high five. I love you.
-What's with you?
-In other words,
-My two daughters had forgotten
Mother's Day now on Sunday?
I told about music for
A month ago. Don't remember it?
Of course your father must make sure
That Mother's Day is about him-
-and plan something with you.
It is typical.
We may eat dinner here
or something. Why all that fuss?
You are never at home anyway.
Andrea, darling. You understand it
Probably not, but I have had-
-The longest week followed
Of the worst day of my life.
So if I can get just one evening,
Where you are not my enemy...
-... it would be nice.
-Do you make fun with me?
I just asked what was wrong.
You should try it sometime.
Good morning, Los Angeles.
Here is Charlie Jones at KBAC-
-Desiring all mothers out there
A happy Mother's Day!
The sun shines and I hope
That you get a great day!
Our lines are open,
So call your desires into us.
where is here dark.
Mom, I'm very sorry.
The phone died and we got stuck in a queue.
It was so difficult for you-
-that you do not even
Could give me one evening?
I said Jo,
That she would be upset.
-Go to your rooms.
Like! Dad would never...
-Andrea, stop.
-Just go, both.
What a mother.
Happy Mother's Day to me.
Sorry we forgot about it.
I love you, Aubrey L.
Mom? Bianca is here.
-Okay, Guy loose.
-I got a letter from South Carolina.
Do you know a Miss Hillary Johnson?
Yes, she was my gran aunt.
-So do you know she is dead?
-I could not go to the funeral.
-stood in each other near?
-we did that before.
I spent the summers with her.
Last, I saw her, was-
-The summer,
I got my graduation from college.
-So do you know her house?
It was like a home for me.
I had an absolutely fantastic summer
That year.
I fell in love with a guy.
He was amazing.
It was as if...
-... I would not travel from there.
-him or the house?
I thought that he was the only guy,
I would love. Do you know?
What happened?
I started at Broadhill and-
-he wanted me to be
and abandon All-
-but I could not, so I raised
and lived happily throughout life.
-Glorious memories.
-It seems that you have inherited something.
No, no-blouses with Mica
or jewellery.
What about a house?
-Now Hold up.
-Will you inherit such a?
She left... the House to me?
You goodest!
Thank you, God. That is absolutely incredible.
That is the answer to all my prayers.
A dog is included.
-A dog?
-7-year-olds lose following with the house.
I can not...
We cannot have a dog.
Aubrey is afraid of them,
But I find a solution.
-Take it easy.
House. I solve it, okay?
-It is quite incredible.
-There are conditions.
-What do you think?
-You must live there for a year-
-Before you can sell it.
With the dog.
-It is silly.
-You do not say yes.
It says that if you do not
can meet the conditions
-Does it go to the historical company,
But you need to find a home for the dog.
-What is a year?
-12 months.
Consider it to be a one-year contract.
You enjoyed being there.
And you need to get away from LA.
Who knows? You may find
Your old flame, Luke, again.
-I do not move.
-Girls, it's only a year.
You can't force me, I'm 19 years old.
You are absolutely right.
I can't force you legally...
-... but where do you stay?
-I can stay here.
It does not go, I must rent the house.
Why do you do this?
It is absurd, even for you.
Listen. Come on, girls.
It is...
-This is what aunt hilly would.
-Why can't I stay here alone?
Do you pay the bills? Loans-
-Internet and cable TV,
For I can not.
So can I stay with Dad.
Do we have to move?
Yes, tax. We are.
-Can I take my stuffed toys?
Okay, I'll take with you.
You are the best.
A year goes very quickly.
Hello, Dad. I have packed it all
At. 12. When do you get me?
But I can help you.
Okay, I understand.
Dad, I can...
Can we talk together later?
I love you too.
-Hi, darling. What are you doing?
-Dad asked me to take with you.
He said they are busy with the house,
And that I can come in two months.
Give me what to use
Then we store the rest.
I am glad that you are taking
For some time.
-In addition, I need a card reader.
Should I help you?
I'm glad that you are taking with, Andy.
-he made no fuss.
He thinks that they thrive best with me,
And he's probably right.
-He will not ask her to come.
-No, but I will not destroy-
-Her aspirations.
He never supported me,
So why would he support her?
You are a survive,
And get through it here.
And when everything is bursting together,
Massage and a glass of red wine cure everything.
That is true.
I can already notice my blood vessels
Close. Do you think that "today's" is the shot?
Now Hold up. Give it a try.
They have a safe salad.
-How safe are you?
-I thought that enough.
-I'm a dog hungry.
In with you, tax.
After them, their Highness.
-People are glory to us.
-Smile and be polite.
Relax, it's just tourists.
Do not stare! Welcome, ladies.
Not stare, I said!
Have you taken your appetite? Do you have?
We find a table
And some good food before yesterday.
I'm Penny.
What do you want to drink?
-Do you have soy milk with chocolate flavor?
-Which cow comes from?
-it's not from any cow.
-I have ordinary milk and chocolate.
I might fix something...
-Water is fine.
-and you?
-Do you have freshly squeezed juice?
-I have apple and orange juice.
-Freshly squeezed?
Once it was safe.
-We take two teas without sugar
-Organic or going Lipton an?
-Lipton is fine.
-I'm back in a little.
I've seen you, Melvin.
I will not have rubbish with Miss Gloria.
He will always have food,
Before eating.
It's a cozy place, no?
Tax, you get used to it.
Your life the next 12 months.
-Maximum of three. I'm going to stay with dad.
-So three months.
Water for the young lady
And two unsweetened tea-
-For the fine ladies. And now for
The obligatory interrogation.
-Where do you come from?
-Los Angeles.
You goodest. So is it, therefore,
You are so pretty. She must be super model.
What brings you to Marion,
In addition to my Michelin restaurant?
-We are actually moving here.
It is not a city that you move to.
It was not something I had planned.
We had planned.
We have inherited a house.
-Jas. Welcome.
Now I need to download the menus.
Where is your family home?
-Palmetto Lane.
-Palmetto Lane?
Yes, my aunt hilly
Has a very beautiful house there.
When did you visit Miss Hillary lately?
-it's probably 20 years ago.
-20 years?
Okay, all time.
What should it mean?
-Did we leave LA for it here?
-It looks haunted.
Diane? I work for Tuttle and Tuttle.
Here are the keys to your new life.
-And here is your new responsibility.
-Nothing is happening, tax.
-He is sweet, do we keep him?
-We have no choice.
What a surprise.
Nothing happens, tax.
-You probably have to say so.
-Here sucks.
-It's not much better in here.
What a mess.
We should perhaps find a business.
Buying stuff for cleaning...
Sounds good?
-Aubrey, he does not bite.
-I don't care.
-The food is ready.
-Do you work today? Very slow...
-You could not cope without me.
-True, he is so cute.
Flee while you can.
-Jorge is not here because he is quick.
-because he is cute?
Because he is super-cute.
-How does it go?
Fine. It goes forward.
-It's fine.
-Did you meet Tara?
When I said,
That I did not know anything...
I never wanted to destroy
The fun for someone.
If I can help you in any way,
Do I do it like.
Thanks. For the rest,
You don't know anyone...
-... who has work? The newspaper is not major.
-who is looking for?
-Looking for something specific?
It's a small town,
So the possibilities are few.
-No, I'm not fussy.
-What about servers?
We always need extra staff
In the morning and for lunch.
-Is it true?
I haven't served since high school.
It's like cycling?
Exact. If the bike was skewed
and had a clown horn.
-Can you start tomorrow?
Yes. Thank you.
-I'm Diane.
Yes. Small towns have large ears.
One thing to.
You probably don't know anyone who will
Hiring an anxious teenager?
Anxious teenager?
I would, however, we have Jorge.
-she should ask Luke in the furniture store.
-Hunk that is good with your hands.
Single. You know him.
-Yes, I do indeed.
I knew that too. Small town.
Pj-Pj, Skat. I love you.
I doubt that.
-If you destroy it, you buy it.
-I just looked.
-You touched it. There is a difference.
-How do you know? You read.
I saw it there, nose ring.
Troy? Get your feet down from my disc.
-You must be Andrea.
-How did you know?
Small town. I'm Luke,
and works the ant there is Troy.
-Is it your shop?
-You are looking for work.
-I heard that I need one.
There have only been two of us
For some time, but it has gone well-
-but Troy must travel in a year,
So a third person would help on it.
-Have you worked before?
-What a surprise.
-Never been hired?
This has never been necessary.
As you see, we must organize the shop,
If you think you can manage it.
You must meet on time. Wages are low,
But you get a part of the turnover.
-I have nothing to say
-After you have paid the bills.
-Can you start now?
-Should I go in any particular clothing?
No, we're pretty relaxed here.
You are fine as you are.
Minus the nose.
Troy shows you around. Good to have
You here, Andrea. Back to work.
-Hi, darling. How did it go?
Fine. What about you?
Good. Do we have two incomes now?
-whatever that means.
-First job? Congratulations, darling.
-Congratulations, darling.
and guys? Weren't they beautiful?
Weren't they?
Troy has helped Luke in the store since
He was young. He is like a father for him.
Nice. Where is his real father?
We do not know.
Luke knew his mother,
Long before they started dating a little.
People thought they would marry,
But they were more like friends.
But one day she raised
With a guy she had met-
-and came home only to
Leave Troy with his grandparents.
-It was sad.
-they drew him up well.
He takes the college exam next year.
He is beautiful and clever.
-Mom, I'm hungry.
-Why didn't you say it-
-When we were surrounded by food?
I can do something at home with you.
-Sounds good.
-then we see there soon.
Delicious. If I say so myself,
The staff were very friendly and helpful.
-it was very delicious. Thanks.
-even thanks.
-They look happy.
-Yes, not true?
-it must be due to the fresh air.
-Be careful now.
Do you say the kind,
Never move from here.
I doubt that.
-We are seeing.
I'd better go home before I
Turns into a pumpkin.
Who do I try to fool? Do you know
What do I need tonight? See a streak...
-... romantic comedies.
-It sounds glorious.
And then cry me asleep.
-Thanks for everything.
-even thanks.
-I pick up your stuff.
-Only the bag. We drink the wine later.
It is an agreement.
Hi, Mister.
Do you take good of the girls?
-Why is it called Mister?
-because he is a boy-
-and because Hilly had plans
About something else, but did not happen.
-so it just got lost.
-What do you talk about?
Talking. How you said.
-You do not flee him anymore.
-I've probably got used to him.
-Now do you know that not all dog bites?
-Yes, but we don't sleep together.
-One step at a time.
-What do you talk about?
She was bitten by a dog when she was
Seven and have been afraid of them since.
Can anyone melt hearts,
Then it loses.
Well, darling. We are seen tomorrow.
You know what? You may present to you
Luke tomorrow, so he arranges the door.
Everyone can hear you come and go...
In Savannah.
-Sorry, we have closed.
The door was open, so I...
This is probably not completely closed.
What can I help with?
It's me.
-You probably do not remember me, but...
-DJ Montgomery.
That name I have not heard
... for an eternity.
-Diane Janet was too hard for me.
It's Diane... DJ Lawrence now.
Andrea is my daughter.
Thanks, for the rest.
-For What?
-Because you hired her.
I know she can be
A little demanding, but-
-hopefully she has performed nicely.
That is just what I wanted to say.
Hi, and thanks, so...
I wanted to ask how you had
It, but there has been a lot lately.
-It is a long time ago.
Yes... it's long ago.
You seem to have it good.
If you mean from last, you were here
and disappeared Traceless...
-... then I would say that it votes.
It was nice to talk to you.
If Andrea is for trouble or something,
You must tell.
-Why didn't you ring?
-Honestly speaking...
After all that happened, I thought
Not that you would hear from me again.
Well... I'm still here.
Thanks for the trip.
Lose. Hello with you.
-It is a long time ago.
-Does he know you?
Yes, we have known each other long.
Your aunt took him anywhere.
How is your day gone?
-Good talk.
-It must be the door.
-Can you hear it?
-Yes, it can all be shown.
It should be easy to fix.
I get my stuff.
Fine. I cook for the girls,
So, if you are missing something.
-Like water if you do not have...
-Strawberry Lemonade?
As if I could forget it.
Hear now straight...
Hi. Ready to finish?
-I think so.
It's a hundred year old dies,
So the noises still a little...
-... but it retains its character.
-It doesn't matter.
I can put a new door in,
But it costs more than lemonade.
It is fine as it is, thank you.
-Are you hungry?
-I'm a dog hungry.
-Do I need to do something for you?
-When did you learn?
Just so you know it, then I've learned
A few things while I was gone.
Cooking is one of them.
I fill your glass.
Wow. Impressive.
You don't eat it all
In a bite.
-I am very hungry.
-No one else has been so eager...
-... after eating my food.
-The lemonade is better than I remember it.
-I hope it ranks as payment.
-I am not worth the trouble.
Well, there's plenty to do here-
-If you feel that you are utilizing me.
I have a list. A very long list.
It does not work as if my aunt
Got made very much here so...
This is delicious.
Maybe not long list-delicious, but...
How is it to be back?
Yes, how is it? It is...
It feels good. Honestly speaking, I had
Forgot how much I missed it.
Yes, you stayed away right up until now.
-Now tenner I put.
-Yes, shovel the food into your big mouth.
Dj. DJ awakens many memories.
-Jas? Where were they?
-I do not know.
They were buried under cities,
Children, Jobs and...
-... eksmnd.
-Do you have more than one?
No, only one.
And you? Any ekskoner?
Past or present?
-No, as single as one can be.
My very good sources
Have told that...
-... you were close to marrying you.
-We were more like friends.
And yes, I met other girls after you.
How could you?
-Where is she now? What does she do?
-Nashville, I think.
She met a guy and raised,
And then she became pregnant.
She would be country singer,
But the child got in the way-
-so she took him to here
And left him with his parents.
It should only be temporary,
But it became permanent.
-Do you see each other?
-Yes, when he was younger-
-but then a lot of things happened.
Camp, school, Troy helped me.
After some time he stopped
To talk about visiting her.
-Are you talking together?
-On and off.
Frankly, I can't understand
Why some will not be parents.
No... I fully agree.
Angela came a little earlier,
than I could wish, but...
I would have liked to have waited a little
-with getting children, but I would
Never swap it with anything else.
-maybe except when she is...
-A teenager?
Yes, namely.
-Is the father still in the picture?
-No, it's convenient for him.
-You know how it is.
-How often do they talk together?
Once a month maybe.
She thinks-
-that she should live with him in LA.
-She should not?
-You spoke together the other
-but he thinks she gets better
With me, so what to do?
What? Will dad not have me there?
-Tax, I said not.
But we had an agreement.
I will stay with him.
So dad won't have me,
Nor will you?
I have never said that.
-Do not speak to me, let me be in peace!
-I'd better go.
-No, stay.
-I go. I can take...
-Never mind it.
I see her on the way home,
I run her home.
Relax. I'm running out and looking
In a little while she has fallen
-or have planned,
How to die.
If you are still here tomorrow, I can
Start helping you with the list.
Sweet. I made just fun.
-I can handle it myself.
I am also sure.
-but it's okay to ask for help.
Can I talk to you for a moment?
-Have I done something?
-No... or do you have?
No, I'm doing just fun. I...
I'm having a bad
That you heard our conversation last night.
I just wanted to say that your mom
Didn't say she wouldn't have you.
rather the opposite.
She loves you very loudly.
I shouldn't interfere, but she
Said she had wanted to be mother-
-and that she will be there for you,
Whatever happens.
She gets the best
Out of a difficult situation.
Like you.
As I see it, you do here together.
You might want to have your doubts
Get her to good.
You have only one mother and your mother
is a strong and amazing woman.
I assume that it is her
You have it for yourself.
-This is all time.
-Luke, you've got a skilled salesman.
-Yes, she's great.
-She is good. Thank you very much.
Wait a little. Let me help you.
Where is it going?
-It's not easy. Is this good?
It looks really good now.
-so you are not dissatisfied?
-No, not at all. You have talent.
But go to when you move heavy things.
See him...
Troy! Get your feet down.
-Need help?
-From you?
I am standing here, not?
-Okay, do you want to put the chair there?
-A little further back.
-A little more left.
-Come on, I'm Dancing with it.
It was not so difficult, surely?
-I love this chair.
-It is handmade.
-think that no one has bought it.
-Nobody has shown interest...
-... so it was a waste of time.
-What do you think?
I made it.
I still think about it.
-I have sold it.
-What are you talking about?
I've sold your chair. I found a
Buyer who would have it delivered now.
You make fun. Wow...
I have sold my first furniture.
-even thanks.
I will borrow Troy for a moment. We have to
Drop off the bench with your mother, Andrea.
Moment. That is my chair.
-Yes, Andrea bought it today.
I promised to remain silent.
She's cute, give her a try.
-Come on.
I'm going to the bank,
But I'm back soon.
You have mastered it, don't you?
Nice. You are good to decorate.
Andrea, Mom asks,
You are ready to drive.
Luke is just gone, so I must
Rather wait until he comes back.
You can go. Or you can wait...
If you want. We can run you.
-Is it okay?
-Aubrey, himself, that I come later.
-Okay, HI.
-Andrea, your family is just running.
-I said that we are running her home.
Did you do?
-Well, we must be out there anyway.
-Should we?
Yes, the workday is not over yet.
Take your bag, then we go.
Penny, a nice surprise.
Let me take care of it there.
Nice and helpful.
Tempt me not, Casanova.
Jorge will just feel threatened.
-Hi, Miss Penny.
-Can I help you with something?
-I will try out a new pieopskrift.
-Is everything in order?
-Yes, it goes fine.
Ready to start the list?
Can you cope?
-I think so. Boats and.
-Survived the Bamboo grove?
-Yes, it did it.
-and it's great. Want to see it?
-Much like.
-Do you remember how much we were here?
How should I forget it?
It's a magical place.
-It's like another world.
That is why we were here.
I never forgot you.
I thought of you now and then-
-but it just led to repentance, so...
Hear now. We have very young people
and had no idea of any thing.
I should not
have been serious as soon.
-What do you know in that age?
-I thought I knew it-
-but it was hard.
I missed you.
Very. And I cried... much.
I drank countless bottles of wine,
If it helps in your mood.
-Yes, little.
It's great to be able to help.
I knew you were a big city girl,
And that I was too provinsagtig for you.
It took some time.
Perhaps for a long time, but-
-I knew that you will not be
Satisfied before you had become something.
-you have performed well.
-I do not know soon.
I do. I'm proud of you.
I did not think we should be seen again-
-so it was a nice surprise to
See you and your daughters walking past the shop.
I would have recognized you
You still have the same brown eyes,
Flashes amber in the light.
And your smile.
Your hair is slightly different, but-
-I would recognize you
Anywhere, DJ.
Mom! There you. Bought we do not ice?
We cannot find it.
I have to go.
Here's cold. I have lived in the south,
But there was never so cold.
Wow, Henry. To say that it is a
Surprise, is an understatement.
I never perceived you
As a country girl.
But see me so now.
There is a big difference from the office in LA.
Yes, that's there.
I will go straight to the point.
I miss you and want you back.
It sounded better in my head,
But now I have said that.
You can get back
and stand for my account?
It's not the same without you. Nothing
Sorry for Henry... He doesn't understand me.
and Diane, you and I can really
Well together. Until we could not-
-but I do not doubt
That we can get it that way again.
The surprises are queuing.
and Matheson?
-he takes his old clients again.
-You take over Georgia again.
Yes, you must come back, Diane.
I can't continue without you.
I am very flattered,
That you have fully taken this
-but just as surprised
Not just called.
-It feels good to meet.
-I agree, Henry.
I can not really...
I can't travel right now.
The girls have fallen well
-and Aubrey is half through the semester.
I can probably not travel before to...
-... May.
-No, no, no. I mean...
The best thing was if you could come now.
I can wait a few weeks
-but months?
We had hoped that you could work
Throughout the autumn and until the new year.
I need time.
Yes. Take the time you need.
Diane. Is there anything to think about?
We have no more to discuss.
Diane, good to see you. Henry, should we?
We drive to Charleston tonight and take
Home Tomorrow if you change your mind.
I don't have to say how much
That would mean to us all.
-You hear from me.
-Take it easy. Everything is as before.
As before? I don't know if it goes.
You heard her. She needs me.
We are talking about it.
-Come back. Good to see you.
-In the same way, Henry.
Wow. What a surprise.
I have nothing against washing up,
And you have worked hard so...
I appreciate that.
-Treasure, do you thrive here?
-What do you think?
You and Aubrey.
Are you happy right here in Marion?
Aubrey can stay anywhere
and be happy.
That is true.
She loves losing high.
He sleeps with her now. Incredibly.
It's better than I thought. I think
About the job and everyone is nice here.
and Francis Marion University is located
Down the street. I will read something.
Wow, that would be great.
Though, but why this change?
We act like a family now.
Before did you care,
But it has changed.
I've always liked you.
I know that I was not
The world's best to show
-but I will always love you.
The most important thing in the world is
That you are happy.
I really miss LA,
But I also thrive here.
Yes, it's not...
I understand what you mean.
It is the laundry.
-Do you also wash clothes?
You are amazing, thank you.
Sorry that I've been so angry
And given you the blame for the divorce.
I know that Dad did not treat
You well, and... I am sorry.
Tax... It does nothing.
I'm just glad,
That you are not angry at me anymore.
-I love you.
-And I love you.
-Washing clothes.
-Who are you? Where is my daughter?
There we have a nice couple.
What have you done today?
We're here to get your amazing
Coffee... to take with you.
I pay.
I know how you want it.
I shut up.
-Hi, Miss Bianca.
-Hi, darling.
-What a fine dress.
Your crazy dog.
Hi, B. Good to see you.
-Bianca is here.
I did not say that.
Guess what I've discovered.
You can circumvent the conditions.
-You make fun.
-I reviewed the Testament-
-and it says you should stay in the house
Time within one year.
Not that you should stay here for a whole year.
Am I not just good?
-What is the plan?
-Frankly I do not accept it.
The girls have found themselves right here.
Then comes Henry and offers me
Pay increase and become a co-owner.
It is... I do not know what to
Do. He must be notified next week.
What are you waiting for?
-Do you like to be here?
I would be lying if I said it
Was not a kind of consolation to take back.
-It's my home.
-this stuff also feels like my home.
-and the bull that washes up?
Luke? He is...
-He is great and it begins...
-To be serious?
I think so.
B, I have not felt like this long.
He has helped me with the house,
And the girls are crazy about him.
It's so... I can't help being
To be attracted to him-
-although I have tried not
It is magnetic.
But on the other hand
Should this only be temporary.
I will not hurt him again.
And now I'm totally confused.
Hi. Missing in anything from the kitchen?
-I would actually-
-See what Aubrey is doing.
I put her a little while ago.
-I can help you.
-B, which stands more wine there.
Take it easy, I am doing.
It doesn't look like me
To be so dramatic.
But I'll be that anyway.
I try to stay away
From you, but I can not.
I don't want you to travel.
You must stay here with me.
-We are happy here. You are happy.
We can be happy here together.
I can take care of you and the girls.
We can take care of each other.
Come on. Let us finally live the life
That was the purpose of us.
I have not felt like this...
You goodest...
In very long. maybe ever.
So stay. I love you, DJ.
And I know that you love me.
I've lost you once,
And I can't handle it again.
I love you too.
It was only...
It should only be...
-... temporarily.
-Things are changed.
Yes, and they have done so.
You mean incredibly much to me.
For my girls.
And I...
Nor will I lose you again,
-I can not be waitress-
Always. I have a career,
Which I have worked hard for.
You do not recognize... and Henry offered me
Pay increase and want me there.
I can't just throw it away,
Because I have a boyfriend.
-Was I just an affair for you?
-No, that was not how it was meant.
I will spend the rest of my life
With you. What were I for you?
One who was going to fix the house?
A pastime?
No, certainly not! I have
Never said. Listen now, I...
You must understand that I...
I'm confused, okay?
I do not know.
You want to travel from here.
You always do it. The summer-
-And now again.
I'm just confused. I...
-Don't you know what you want?
-No, I...
-I'll make it easy for you.
Farewell forever.
Georgia, I just got the cartoons.
I check and call back.
Okay, perfect. We are spoken about.
What so now?
Now that it was all.
You need to go to reach your meeting,
And Penelope G is in the tube.
-Penelope G?
-You have shown work together.
-Hi, it's Diane.
-Hi, Hollywood, it's Penny.
-Penelope G?
-You know, my artist's name.
It took almost 40 years to find myself,
and 4 months to lose the other.
-Why did you leave you?
We are also asking this.
-We miss you.
-And I miss you.
-to the case. Now we are talking about business.
-Okay, forward.
The tourist office will make Marion County
To a great destination in the south.
Therefore, they look for
A new financial manager.
The job is yours if you want it.
But you'd better come here.
Can I call back?
Greet everyone from me.
-How is it to be back?
-It's crazy.
Can anyone manage it, then it is you.
Five minutes.
You have shown busy so I hasten.
Georgia will meet tonight.
I can not. I have other plans.
I do not go now...
-... I get too late.
-Georgia does not know the word No.
You are the boss, you fix it.
Hi, Mister.
-You come too late, lady.
-Three minutes, girl.
-So hurry.
-I have made the grilled cheese.
-Helped with.
Perfect to get a night with my girls.
Treasure, are you okay?
Go to the toilet if you need to.
-Why do you shake like this?
-Your surprise.
-What a surprise?
I hope I will be allowed to
To participate in the dinner.
Two little birds whispered in my ear,
That you had it miserable.
Two small birds? Who wondered it was.
So you got a little sorry for me?
-No, I was actually happy.
-Thank you you must have.
Listen here...
I'm sorry that I just walked.
-It's okay. We are now quit.
-It was not my intention.
Not in front of the kids, thank you.
Let us promise that we do not
Leaving each other again, okay?
There is only one way to secure it.
Want to marry me?
-Do you mean?
-I do not make fun.
I want you to marry me.
Dear Henry. It has been an honor
To work for you the past 20 years.
You have been a great mentor
and friend. Thanks for our time together.
But there will be a time when
and start a new chapter.
For me, that time is now. You suggested,
That I should think about my situation-
-and I have done so. by the
In mind, I must say.
Don't be uneasy about Georgia.
My assistant Sarah is doing everything in the future.
I have trained Sarah, and even though she
Lack of routine, she is invaluable
-and can it all memorized.
She will prove that she can be
The new version of me.
She is young, hungry and ready for the world.
For me it's time to
To start enjoying it.
East Coast or collapse
So thanks for everything, Henry. I wish you
And former colleagues good luck.
And if you are in South Carolina again,
Come look finally in.
I just don't have job offers
And definitely for Georgia.
PS. Don't forget to call your mom
On Sunday. It's mother's Day.