Sweet, Sweet Lonely Girl (2016) Movie Script

Woman: Got a letter from
your crazy aunt's lawyer.
Said she needs a live-in.
How much you make this week?
She's got money.
And we're the only
family she's got.
Says right here, I'm in charge.
What are you saying?
Mother: Be nice.
Be loving. Take care of her.
That's what I'm saying.
You think you could do that?
Heck, I'd even name
the baby after her.
Kind of catchy don't you think?
Food ain't free, you know.
Adele: I feel numb.
Like everyone sort
of half likes me.
Or half hates me.
There are days I'd pay the devil
himself to get me out of here.
Today was one of those days.
whisper: Adele.
Aunt dora?
Aunt dora?
Aunt dora?
It's me Adele.
It's nice to be here.
I found an old
picture of you.
You were so pretty.
Maybe later we can-
-just leave it there.
Excuse me.
Do you have any of these?
-They'd be right there.
-She said exclusively imported.
She's bought them here before.
-I'll go check.
I don't know, mom.
I haven't seen her.
She's always in her room.
Mom: Ask her if you can
get an advance.
These baby vitamins,
so damn expensive.
Okay. I gotta go.
She's calling.
Mom: Okay.
Can I get you something?
It's been so long, I almost
forgot about the doll.
Hope you don't mind but...
I put it away.
It always gave me the
creeps, you know.
Anyway, mom
said to say hi.
Let me know if you
need anything.
Can I get a slice
and an orange soda?
-Plain cheese?
-Actually, just
an orange soda.
Let me get it.
-Are you sure?
I can pay you back.
-Don't worry about it.
thank you.
-I'm sitting over there,
if you want to join me.
Oh, sure.
-I'll have a soda.
I saw you staring at
me the other day.
Adele: Where do you live?
Beth: In the tower on main.
How about you?
-Staying at my aunt's.
-Here in town?
Over on wyndham.
Beth: The street with
all the victorians.
Some strange cats
those victorians.
You know what they
used do for fun?
They'd dress up in weird
costumes, pose for each other.
Tableau vivants.
Can you imagine?
Your great grandmother,
dressed up like a nymph.
Dancing around while
everyone cheered.
Had some crazy times.
Aunt dora: You're late.
Sorry, I...
Dora: Just go to bed.
I made a new friend today.
She's not like the
girls back home.
She doesn't care what
anyone else thinks.
She just says things.
Whatever is on her mind.
I wish I was more like that.
Sardines, huh?
Lucky cat.
Adele: Yeah.
Beth: So this is your
aunt's house?
Adele: I'd invite
you in but...
Aw, come on... I'm just
about dying of thirst.
You'd be cruel not to
offer me a glass of water.
I just bought some
They're from Mexico,
do you want one?
Just water's
fine. Thanks.
You can't go up there.
Why not?
She doesn't like having
people in the house.
What's through here?
Adele: It's just
the basement.
Far out.
Here. Try it on.
Come on.
What do you think?
She's agoraphobic.
Beth: So, she won't go outside?
Won't even leave her room.
-What's the point?
Sometimes I wonder.
-Wonder what?
Can you unzip me?
I'll be quiet.
Adele, I'm jealous.
Your life is so Jane eyre-ish.
Complete with a mad
woman in the attic.
But I have to tell you, the
house smells really bad.
The whole place should
be fumigated...
With her inside.
I'm glad you came.
Do you like my blouse?
You have such nice things.
Looks nice on you.
How much is it?
Aunt dora?
I was wondering, do you
think I might be able...
To get a little advance?
I know I just started but...
Not now!
Beth: Adele, it's Beth.
You doing anything later?
I was thinking maybe
we could grab a drink.
Adele: Sure, that
sounds great.
TV sound: When i
opposed medicare,
there was another piece
of legislation...
Beth: I'll have a Manhattan.
You look cute.
Hope you're not sick of me.
Beth: Thank you.
That man, he's evil.
Checks going every month...
You do the wrong thing for
the right reason and...
You got any fun plans
for the weekend?
Just the usual.
Tea and sardines
with aunt dora.
Beth: Adele.
Adele: How about you?
My friend has this
cottage, up by the lake.
I've been doing these
grave rubbings.
Last time I went...
I found two small graves.
They had shifted
in the ground.
And one of them,
it had this crack.
I was thinking about
lifting it up.
Just to get a glimpse
of what's down there.
You should come. It'd be fun.
What do you think?
I'm not supposed to
leave her alone.
It'll just be for a
day. She'll be fine.
You need to start putting
yourself first for a change.
Come on, Adele.
Don't be a sitter, be a doer.
I'm so confused.
Beth whispered in my
ear that she loved me.
At least I think she did.
Maybe I'm crazy.
Twenty-nine dollars.
Twenty-nine dollars?
That's awfully expensive.
What's it for?
Heart medicine. It's
an anti-coagulant.
Beth: Here. Just get her this.
It's all natural.
Can't trust pharmaceuticals
they only care about money.
Come on.
Look at this.
Beth: Oh my god.
That's repulsive.
Why would anybody want this?
Adele: I don't know.
Shit. I think she's awake.
Aunt dora? Are you okay?
You sure she didn't
fall or something?
Maybe hurt herself.
her out of here!
I'm really sorry
about last night.
I promise that it
won't happen again.
About an advance?
Do you think...
Dora: You're just
like your mother.
You'll get paid next
week, as we agreed.
I finished all my chores.
I'm headng out soon.
I'm just trying to
help, you know.
Dora: Wait.
I didn't mean what I said.
You're not like her.
She's pregnant, you know.
I don't know if you
knew that or not.
If it's a girl she's gonna
name her dory, after you.
Aunt dora?
Aunt dora, this
isn't funny.
Aunt dora,
open the door!
Aunt dora, this
isn't funny!
it's beautiful.
Beth: Can I tell
you something?
I had an abortion.
I was with a friend.
Not too far from here.
We took some quaaludes and...
There was this guy.
Just laying there on the shore.
He kept looking at us.
So I took my shirt off.
And he just... he
just laid there.
So I ran up nice
and close and...
Kicked some sand in his face.
And when he turned over...
You could see he was hard.
I whispered in my friends ear...
You go first.
I just stood there,
listening to her moan.
Then it was my turn.
And he just laid there.
His face all red...
Still covered in sand.
Til he came inside me.
Men are pigs.
Beth: Yeah.
For sure.
You know, it's pretty easy
to put a collar on a pig.
this is buzzle.
My dad gave him to me
just before he died.
How did he die?
Adele: Car accident. I
was only seven.
Beth: That sucks.
So your aunt, she's...
My mom's older sister.
Step sister. A lot
older, actually.
When I was little, my mom would
drop me off with her sometimes.
For the weekend.
Mama pajama.
That's what I would call her.
We would just, drink tea
and eat cookies in our pjs.
And she would tell me strange
stories about my grandparents.
For fun.
So she was normal.
Adele: She was never normal.
She was never like
this. This bad.
We would go out. To the
park and fly kites.
Never anywhere where there was
a crowd or anything like that.
Beth: How'd she get so bad?
Who knows.
I haven't seen her,
in like, forever.
She's got money
and my mom thinks she's
gonna get all of it.
Beth: And you're just here,
keeping an eye on things?
Something like that.
Who knows, maybe she'll
leave you everything.
The house. You know, the monkey.
Adele: Yeah, right.
I don't think so.
She doesn't like me very much.
Not anymore.
Can you imagine though?
My mom would freak.
I had fun today.
Thank you.
I love you, Adele.
What's wrong?
Nothing. I'm just,
I'm not really...
Here. Just lie in
bed. Next to me.
whisper: Adele.
Adele: Who was that?
Just a neighbor.
Mrs. connolly.
Sweet old lady.
Adele: I thought you
didn't like old people.
Beth: I invited a friend over.
He should be here soon.
Here's fine. Just
let me off here.
Aunt dora?
Aunt dora?
Aunt dora please,
I'm worried.
whisper: Adele.
You've reached the
law offices of Myers...
What are you doing here?
I thought we were together.
Together? You mean like?
Adele: Strange day.
I should probably feel bad
or something, but I don't.
I miss Beth.
I miss the cat.
But I don't miss aunt dora.
Do you buy jewelry?
Male shop worker: Yeah.
I can do ten on that.
I can do thirteen on that.
-That's it?
-What about these?
There you go.
do you see her?
My place. It's
only a few blocks.
Man: I'll give you a ring soon.
Beth! How'd you get in?
I came to thank
you for the ring.
Such a beautiful ring.
Are you okay? You
seem different.
How'd you get in?
You shouldn't leave
the door unlocked.
[Bump from upstairs
Whisper: Adele.
I'm sitting over there
if you want to join me.
Oh, sure.
Whispering voice: I
love you, Adele.
It's me, dory.
Whispering: Adele.