Sweet Sweetback's Baadasssss Song (1971) Movie Script

Come here!
Close the door..
Close the door!
You ain't at the photographer's!
You ain't gettin' your picture taken..
Oh fuck!
Oh, you got a sweet, um..
You got a sweet, sweetback!
Besides, we're getting a lot
of static from the chief
about that stiff that was found yesterday.
You know what I mean?
We don't know nothin' about no dead man.
We know that but the commissioner doesn't.
We just want to borrow one of
your boys for a couple of hours
and take him downtown to
make us look good, official-wise.
Why me? I'm short one man already!
George is sick!
You're our friend.
We knew you'd be willing to lend a hand.
Hmm. When did you people start getting
so interested in black folks..
.. Dead or alive?!
It's progress!
I can't..
I'm short!
I only got two guys working now...
Donald to explain,
Sweetback to train,
and the two of 'em to trounce and bounce.
We got a nice understanding, Beatle.
It's mutual..
Everybody profits...
Let's keep it that way!
I'm the good dyke fairy godmother.
Yes, the good dyke fairy godmother.
Why didn't you know
that all good dykes..
had fairy godmothers?
And I'm here to answer
to the prayers
of a good dyke.
Yes, the good dyke fairy godmother.
Didn't you know that all good dykes
have fairy godmothers?
And I'm here to answer the prayers
of a good dyke.
Zap, child.
Why me? I'm short-handed as it is..
George is sick!
Come on baby, Sweetback.
Come on, girl!
Clean on down to the bone!
Do it, do it do it!
You got it, Sweetback!
Get to it, brother!
You're cool, Sweetback!
You're cool!
.. or one of the other boys..
We'll have him back for you
before tomorrow noon.
Ha ha!
Now Sweetback here's the greatest!
Absolute greatest!
Greatest in the world!
Oh, I know what the hell you're thinking...
How many times have I heard that before?
Well, as a special added attraction,
If one of you young ladies would
like to step up and try this gentleman,
I'm sure you will find him
more than lively.
But, uh, that is to say, uh,
You know this offer is, um..
only open to, um...
.. Sisters?!
An ounce of prevention...
.. is worth a pound of sniffin' around.
That's all, folks.
When Sweetback gets dressed,
tell him I want to see him.
Go with these gentlemen for the evening.
See you tomorrow.
That's a hell of a show you guys put on!
We aren't going to use the handcuffs.
Just like we told Beatle.
Just a little eye-wash.
Calling W2, calling W2.
Read you loud and clear!
Proceed to Unit 1. Crenshaw, Sector 2.
Back up ten, W4. Community disturbance,
possible 415 developing.
Step on it!
- Roger!
I got the cuffs...
It's just for appearance sake. We don't want
anyone to come around here and find you just sitting here.
Don't go away!
He must be the ringleader.
Come on, let's get him out of here
before a crowd forms.
You been stirring up the natives, kid?
Nice night!
Nice night for a drive..
.. A little walk, too, maybe.
All right, why don't you step out over here?
Get some fresh air.
.. That's better.
Looky, here...
He doesn't look very tough to me,
does he look tough to you?
Naw, he don't look too tough.
Be careful. Don't mark his face!
- Oh no, no.. we're not gonna hurt his face.
All right!
- Why sir, I think he's drunk!
Stand on your feet!
You're a tough man!
Wait a second.. Hey, Sweetback.
I'm sorry, man.
Forgot you two were attached together.
Let's see if we can't get
a little air between ya.
There. You step over here.
That's better, isn't it?
Let's see this militant.
You don't look too tough now!
Stay home at night,
and you wouldn't get into
all this.. trouble, would you?
What's the matter with you, you drunk?
He looks like a sniper to me!
Thanks, man.
Where we goin'?
Where d'you get that "we" shit?
Oh, hang loose, baby.
We gotta chop a skoch, you know?
I'm gonna lay it on ya, hmmm,
Sweetback, baby!
Looking good, yeah.
You looking good!
Yeah, baby, you gonna have to be awful cool.
Cause what you do, it'll affect
all the rest of our little ol' employees.
and we can't have that
'cause we got a good operation goin' here.
Being in public relations,
a nice little business.
But you don't have to worry about nothin'
I'm Beatle. Me, Beatle?.. I'm your man.
Everybody got a man. I'm your man!
It's rough now. Don't worry about it, baby!
Don't worry about it!
That make me feel like a new one, baby.
Can you dig it? A brand new one. Yeah..
But you know what, man?
Like you gonna have to kinda lay out..
.. you know?
Stretch out a little while, be real cool..
.. Kinda lay dead!
Ol' Beatle'll let you know what's
happenin', what's goin' down.
You don't have to worry about nothin'.
If you need anything, anything at all..
Brother, just keep the faith in Beatle -
ol' Beatle goin' to bring you through,
cause this is just a skirmish, yeah!
You know how the games goes, baby!
But you keep the faith in me and you my man.
You my favorite man!
Can you dig it, baby? Together,
you know? Maintain!
They can't bother you as long
as Beatle's with you.
Now you go on and hibernate
like that ol' bear
and don't go nowhere. Can you dig it?
... Yeah? Ha! Mellow!
Go out the back door, now.
Speed along and don't let
nobody know where you at.
Let sleeping dogs rest.
Can you dig it, baby? Ha, ha, yeah!
You were in the car.
Were you still in the car, Sweetback?
How many men were in the ambush?
How'd they work it?
You know they're still unconscious.
Come on, they were your friends too.
Do you know where Moo-Moo might be?
We can't figure out what they
used to beat them with.
Here, give me your coat.
Sir, I think we discovered the
weapon and one of the assailants.
- The suspect is a Mr. Sweetback.
I think we have a new development in the case.
Wash your car, mister?
- Stop bothering me, now get away from here...
I'm sorry, sir.
He didn't tell me where Mr. Moo-Moo was,
or anybody else.
No charge if you don't like it!
- Yeah, no charge if you don't like it!
Now just move away from the car.
Oh yes, I see.
You have the witness
called Sweetback...
.. and Mr. Sweetback knows the
whereabouts of the suspect,
but that Mr. Sweetback has
been injured in a fall.
Not too badly, I hope.
Fell down and bruised himself, sir?
Can we print that, Commissioner?
Of course. I have no secrets from the press.
I don't?? I'm sorry, sir, I don't understand.
- Fine!.. Fine!
You say the witness has given
you the whereabouts of the suspect.
Too bad the witness has injured
himself in a fall!
Okay.. right, sir!
Commissioner says beat the information
out of the nigger before we get
him to the station.
Wait a minute.. let's take him some place
where we can really work on him.
Twelve units have been alerted and a search pattern..
-- The suspect has escaped..
from arresting Unit 6A-2
-- has been constructed over the area
Barricades have been set up immediately adjoining the streets..
-- An explosion denoted vehicles causing extensive damage.
4 additional units are now on the scene assisting.
When second officer went to the rescue of the driver..
-- All other available units are being deployed..
.. the witness disappeared
-- in searching the area..
Apprehension, a matter of moments! Impossible to..
-- .. busy crowd.
You sure are Jive!
And don't tell me you came here looking for Steve.
You know Steve's not here!
He's got two more months to do!
What are you, some kind of
Indian giver or something?
You gave me to him..
I knew you'd be back.
What do you want me to do, take them off?
- No!
You too proud to beg?
No.. but you wouldn't take them off if I did.
You know every Goddamn thing, don't you?
Well, first things.. first!
Where's Sweetback?
- Where's Sweetback?
I don't -- I don't know where Sweetback is.
Where's Sweetback??
I don't know. I don't know where Sweetback is.
I don't know where Sweetback..
Come on, you can tell us.
He seems to be hard of hearing.
- No, uh-uh!
If he don't talk, he's going to be!
Where's Sweetback?
- Where is he?
Where's Sweetback?
I don't know where Sweetback...
Where is Sweetback?
Come on, boy!
I don't know Sweetback is.
Come on boy, talk!
So, where's Sweetback?
- I don't no where Sweetback is!
Come on, boy!
- Where's Sweetback?
He must be deaf!
If he isn't, he's going to be.
Look at me.
Where's Sweetback?
I don't know where he is.
Where is he?
I don't know where Sweetback--
I don't know where Sweetback is.
Come on! You know it!
- Where is Sweetback?
I don't know where is Sweetback!
Tell me!
- Where's he at?
I don't know where Sweetback is.
I don't know where he is..
I haven't seen Sweetback!
Come on boy..
- Sweetback!!!
You only got one good ear left, boy,
D'you want to save it?
D'you want to talk?
This guy is tough! Both ears are gone..
.. and he still won't talk!
Oh, Jesus!
Oh save him, Lord.
Save my brother!
Oh, Lord!
Oh, Jesus!
Take him into glory, Lord.
You know his heart..
Oh, Jesus!
Oh Jesus, oh Jesus, I hope you know..
-Such a good Lord!
Yes, Lord!
Black misery!
Jesus! Save him Lord!
You know his heart!
You know his heart!
You know my brother's heart, Lord. Save him!
Brothers and sisters, one of us..
brothers and sisters,
we're here 'cause one of our brothers
is in that box.
But he's not dead.
He's alive and with us!
We can't see him but we know he's here...
I'm glad to tell you today...
that though he may be in that box,
he's gonna be in heaven with us.
I can see him now!
Good God Almighty,
that's our man!
Yes, my children, he is dead.
.. but he is not dead,
He is with us here today.
Our brother died here today of an overdose,
An overdose of black misery!
Yes, Lord!
We'll bow our head in prayer.
What are you doing here, Sweetback?
They're looking for you.
You're as hot as little sister's twat!
Where you goin'?
I don't want you to cover for me...
I'm goin' upstairs to the farm.
To the farm? You can't hide there!
You can't hide there.
They know all about the farm,
And not only yesterday, the unwed mothers...
the girls I get you from upstairs.
The Man knows about.. everything!
Ain't it strange when we die,
Our folks like to rejoice --
But when it comes to the living,
.. that's it!
The hype I'm layin' down for them
people inside, it ain't dangerous.
I'm just selling them a little bit o' happiness.
You know.. from the Happy Land!
We all are gonna die,
so all I want 'em to have is
some peace.
It's my job, to make
them believe that
they're going to get it better
on the other side.
It's my job!
Moo-Moo, the boy you saved,
and those other kids,
they're layin' down the real
religion. They've got it!
You offer pretty good news to me,
slappin' up on some white cops!
Yes, indeed!
I'm gonna say a black Ave Maria
for you.
Like the kids say,
"Later for waiting."
You saved a plant..
that they were planning to
pick in the bud!
That's why the Man's down on you.
That's why the Man's down on you!
I'm still gonna say..
.. a black Ave Maria for you!
Right, on we go on
KGFJ Soul Radio with 'Sandra Z',
the newest hit by "Earth, Wind and Fire".
What does a dead man need bread for?
So they was whipping a brother!
How many brothers
have you whipped?
How many sisters
have you slipped?
Life is tough, baby.
A real struggle,
from the womb to the tomb.
Every dollar we make,
the guineas get 20. The pol-ice
get 40 and Goldberg gets 50.
Anybody can tell you that
don't add up to a dollar.
That adds up to a dollar and a dime!
That's why all of us niggers
is so far behind.
And Africa shall stretch forth her arms!
Yeah, and bring back a bloody stump!
Viva Puerto Rico Libre!
I haven't forgotten you staked me.
Sweetback, if I had the dough..
I would lay it on you,
but I don't have it.
I wouldn't shuffle or shit you, baby.
I wouldn't do it for nothing.
You can't get out of this town
on wings, wheels or steel.
I wouldn't shuffle or shit you, brother.
Like I said,
what does a dead man
need bread for?
Albuquerque, Wichita Falls - Ramp 7.
San Diego..
Just like the railroad station, boss.
Full of pigs!
I'm Moo-Moo, brothers!
You the guy who got my buddy
in all this trouble?!
- Yeah!
Where you brothers goin'?
This is the best that I can
do for you on such a short notice.
Buy yourself a last supper...
You're a dead man!
What have we here?
Well, looks like we have a
couple of, uh
private trespasses, and you
just trespassed on private property.
And that's a no no!
Let's stomp 'em, man.
- Stomp 'em!
They got to pay, man, they got to pay!
Give 'em a chance, man,
this is a democracy!
Look it!
Look at this, look what
he brought me!
Payment number one!
- He's go the goods.
- Let me kick his fucking ass!
No, no. Naw, you ought to save him.
Save him for something even heavier than you.
For what?
- Something sporty.
- Like what?
Well, how about a duel?
A duel?
- A duel?
Sounds out of sight to me!
Yeah, like the good old days.
- The good old days!
Me! Me and hairnet!
- No, no, no.
Got to throw him back!
He's too little!
That's the one!
- Yeah, right on!
I think we should have a good..
something.. we could really lay on something good.
All right! The Prez!
Yeah. The Prez!
The Prez.. that'll be good!
Yeah, when the Prez comes back.
Yeah, you're gonna get it!
The Prez gonna come for you.
That's when you and the Prez are gonna.. shw-shw.. duel!
Right on!
Hey Prez!
Hey Prez, get over here!
Hey Prez, have we
got news for you!
Have we got work for you..
We gotta guy here for you to duel.
Your fight, man...
What's it gonna be?..
Hey, how about knives?
- ha ha ha!
Yo baby.
Come on man, your choice.
What's it gonna' be?
Huh? What's it gonna be, man?
Come on, man. Come on, baby,
What's it gonna be?
Huh? What's it gonna be?
It's your choice, baby!
Shut up!
Bet Sambo's so scared he
can't even get it on.
After the Prez does you in,
then we'll do you in!
Ball him in the bad health, Prez.
Do it to him, Prez.
.. get it on!
Get it, Prez. Get it!
Ooh-ooah! Oooooah, Sweetback!
Yeah, Sweetback!
Ooah! Oaaah, Sweetback!
You'll be cool here.
We'll fix you up with help in the morning.
- Nobody'll bother you here...
Have a good time...
Come on, let's get the fuck out of here..
Come on... hahaha yeah.
No danger here.
Did they get 'em on the phone?
- Yeah.. How long will it take?
Big Sadie, the Prez, heard her guys planning
this cross...
so she called us.
Look here, I can only take one of you...
I won't get ten feet with
three people on this bike...
Now, they told me to pick up Sweetback
... You Sweetback, ain't you?
Take him.
You know what you're doin', man?
He's our future, Br'er.
Take him.
Take these straps here.
Sweetback ...
Come on feet!
Cruise for me!
Trouble ain't no place to be!
Come on feet!
Do your thing!
Come on feet!
Do your thing!
You all know Whitey's game!
Come on legs!
Come on, run!
Come on legs!
Come on, run!
Guilty's what he say you done!
Come on knees!
Don't be mean!
Come on knees!
Don't be mean!
Ain't first red you ever seen
Come on feet!
Do your thing!
Come on baby!
Don't cop out on me!
Come on baby!
Don't give in on me!
Come on feet!
Cruise for me!
Come on legs!
Come on, run!
Come on feet!
Do your thing!
Who put the bad mouth on me?
Anyway the way I pick em up
And put em down
Even if it got it
Got my name on it.
Won't catch me now.
I want them!
I want them, do you hear?
And I want them now!
God, there could be
an uprising on our hands.
Cop killers and niggers to boot!
No patrol will be safe in their area..
That's all.
Hey, Rossie, Bill, just a minute...
Ah, look, you guys, I didn't mean any
offense by, aah, uh, by that word I used.
It was just a... it's a figure of
speaking, you understand?
You know you guys could be a
real credit to your people,
if you brought those guys in.
Bet I broke the Olympic 220
Or cross country..
Or something!
Sure is lonely
Sure most quietest turf I ever seen
What happened to the sun?
Sure gone away
Sure blacker than a landlord's soul!
Must have run all day!
Yeah, must have run all day!
Sure am a bitch..
Must have run all day!
Sure yeah!
Yeah baby!
Come on feet!
Cruise for me!
Come on feet!
Come on run!
Come on legs!
Come on run!
Come on feet!
Do your thing!
Come on feet!
Do your thing!
That's not him!
So what?
Come on feet!
Cruise for me!
Come on feet!
Come on, run!
Come on legs!
Come on, run!
Come on feet!
Do your thing!
Come on feet!
Do your thing!
Bingo, we got him!
If things change,
the majority of people will
decide where and when.
This is a democracy, it's not communism.
And we're all going to respect
the law or pay the consequences.
As a citizen, you are required by law
to aid us in this identification...
Is this Sweetback's body?
I ain't learned to read lips yet.
He lost his hearing.
He ain't able to read lips yet.
I told you one time I ain't seen Sweetback...
Never heard of him.
What else did he go by?
I'm positive I've never seen him...
Huh, yeah? Thank you.
I've been looking for him myself.
I don't know nothing about no Sweetback!
I ain't saw Sweetback!
I haven't seen him.
I just keep kids for the county
and make these things for the old people...
Like this. Isn't that pretty?
Ain't they pretty?
But when the kids get so grown
and so bad..
it takes them away from me...
I might have had a Leroy once,
but I don't rightly remember.
They get so bad and so grown...
I might have had a Leroy once,
but I don't rightly remember.
Make these things for older people
and these kids for the county.
It jes takes 'em away from me.
I might have had a Leroy once,
but I can't rightly remember.
And when the kids get bad and older,
they usually take them away from me.
I might have had a Leroy,
but I don't rightly remember.
When the kids get older and bad,
they usually take them away from me,
I might have had a Leroy,
When the kids get older and bad,
they usually take them away from me.
jest takes 'em away from me.
I might have had a Leroy,
but I can't rightly remember.
No! Other people I don't give a damn about...
I don't know nobody but my own Goddamn self...
No, I haven't seen Sweetback.
I haven't seen him in a long time...
Look, I don't, I don't see the cat.
If I never see him, it won't be
too soon for me, you understand?
You understand, man?...
I haven't seen the cat and I don't want to see him.
You just keep leaning and leaning and leaning,
Get the fuck off o' my back, man!
I'm, I'm clean, man. Look. I'm clean.
There's nothing there! Look, look!
When I get pissed off, man,
I will throw a natural-born
nigger fit on you, understand?
So why don't you leave? Why don't you leave?
I am clean!
Look... nothing, nothing!
No place, man. I'm clean!
So stop leaning on me.
I ain't on the street no more, understand?
I ain't in the trade no more.
I just want to be left alone, baby.
So, don't push me!
You're pushing my button, baby!
You're pushing my button!
Leave! Split!
Leave, motherfucker!
Sweetback, man, shit!
/I love you,
I love you-oooo-uuu,
I lovvvve you!/
Fuck the reporters!
I know they're out there!
Now look..
This guy's got one chance!
Right here!
Now let's get him!
No, no, I haven't seen him.
Never heard of him.
I haven't, I haven't seen him.
Getting by, that's my main concern.
Thank you, but I haven't seen him.
I haven't seen him.
/ They bled your Mama /
/ They bled your Papa /
But they won't bleed me!
Niggers scared and pretend they don't see..
Just like you Sweetback!
Just like I used to be!
Work your black behind to the gums,
And you supposed to Thomas til he done.
You got to Thomas, Sweetback!
/ They bled your brother /
/ They bled your sister /
But he won't bleed me!
All right, now why'd you run?
Why'd I run?
- Uh huh.
I ran cause I gave my word I'd run.
- Gave what word?
I promised ... to run.
You promised who? What?
This guy gave me five dollars
to change duds with him...
Told me if anybody come after me
just, uh, keep on running.
Was he a black guy?
Yeah, he's colored.
- What'd he look like?
Like a buddy I used to pal around with
back in Denver.
Now would you say he was about this tall?
Around this size?
Yeah, about like that.
What was he doing?
- Poorly.
You mean how he was doin'.
... Yeah, poorly.
Progress, Sweetback!
- That's what He wants you to believe.
Progress, Sweetback!
He ain't stopped clubbing us for 400 years,
And he don't intend to for a million!
He sure treat us bad, Sweetback!
We can make him do us better!
Chicken ain't nothing but a bird,
White man ain't nothing but a turd!
Nigger ain't shit.
/ God's gonna trouble the water /
/ Wade in the water /
/ Wade in the water, children /
Get my hand on a trigger!
You talking revolution, Sweetback!
I want to get off these knees!
- You talking revolution, Sweetback!
Somebody listen to me!!
If he can't burn you out,
he'll stomp you out!
He won't waste me!
/ Let it shine, let it shine,
let it shine! /
/ He bopped your Mama /
/ He bopped your Papa /
But he won't waste me!
You can't make it on wings,
wheels or steel, Sweetback.
We got feet!
You can't get away on wings,
wheels or steel, Sweetback.
Nigger's got feet!
/ They bled your brother /
/ They bled your sister /
Your brother and your sister too...
How come it took me so long to see...
How he gets us to use each other...
Nigger's scared.
We got to get it together...
If he kick a brother...
it gotta be like he's kicking your mother!
/ He got your brother /
Don't let him get you!
Haul your black ass, Sweetback!
He ain't gonna let you stand tall, Sweetback!
The Man knows everything, Sweetback!
The Man knows everything!
Then he oughta know -
I'm tired of him fucking with me!
Right on, brother!
Right on, brother!
Run, Sweetback!
Run, motherfucker!
/ They bled your sister /
- They won't bleed me!
Run, Sweetback!
Run, motherfucker!
No child, I mean, officer..
I didn't see a Mr. Sweetback.
If you see him, send him here!
I'm a militant queen!
Won't I do, officer?
"Anybody can tell you that don't add up to a dollar,
that adds up to a dollar and a dime!"
"Come on, stand up straight... what's the matter with you?"
"Buy yourself a last supper, you're a dead man!"
"Your fight, man. What's it gonna be?"
"Your choice, baby!"
/ They bled my sister /
/ They bled my brother /
I swear I saw Sweetback.
- Where?
You saw him?
- Over there in that clump of bushes.
You sure it's him?
If it ain't Sweetback,
why'd he go in the wrong direction?
No wonder he was goin' the wrong way!
He's heading for the border!
He's going to get there before we do!
He's gonna get across the border
before we can catch him!
He's gonna get there before we do!
Goddamn dogs!
Dogs movin' faster than we are!
Just let me draw a bead on his black ass..
.. and he's dead!
He's further ahead than that!
Just one Goddamn glimpse of
his black ass and he's dead!
He's gonna make it!
Let the dogs go!
- No, I won't do it!
Let the dogs go!
I can't do it. I won't!
Goddamn it.
They'll tear him apart! I don't give 2 fucks..
Do it!
- I can't let them do it!
They've got four legs, we only got two!
- I won't do it!
They'll tear him apart!
Let the dogs go!
- I won't do it!
Turn loose of those dogs!
No hard feelings, I just had to catch him.
Well, what's done is done.
I guess it'll save the taxpayers some money.
No barking.
- Yep.
Well, I guess there's no sense of
you hanging around here, Rinny.
No use in you missing the fun, Rinny.
You go get in on it. Go on, boy...