Sweet Talk (2013) Movie Script

Oh, my God.
No restaurant! Hey!
You buy, you take away!
Man, she meaner than your mama.
Man, nobody meaner than my mama.
You got something for under
5 bucks that's not gonna kill me?
- So tense.
Very good stuff!
It's, uh, $4.29, plus taxes.
Okay. Very good, very good.
Now, tell me something, huh?
Nice girl like you.
How come you dress like that?
Don't you want a husband?
A husband?
You marry her?
Marry her?
I wouldn't even fuck her... not
even with your dick.
Hey. Hey!
You'd need a microscope to find
No, no, no. Hey!
Hey, my dick ain't lacking
none in the size department, baby.
Hey, you're late tonight, honey.
Yeah, that's the story of my life.
Well, better late than never, huh?
Those cigarettes are gonna kill
you one day.
You know that, right?
Something's got to.
Oh, God.
See you.
- Ah!
- Anna Karenina.
- heh!
You look ravishing...
this evening, my dear!
What could you have in that bag,
My dear?
It's nothing, Professor.
It's domestic.
But not undrinkable!
Am I correct?
Well, and you're not going to
enjoy it alone!
Please, sit! Please!
Uh, you are. Here.
come on.
Thank you, my dear.
Don't do anything stupid.
- Leon?
- As you were.
- What do you think, Leon?
Gonna kill me?
"Marlene had a tendency to use
her narcissism as the long end
of the wedge."
Give it your best shot.
Ooh. Oh, so good.
Keep going, baby.
Keep going. That's right.
Oh, yeah. That's the g-spot.
Mmm. Mm-hmm!
Oh, you son of a bitch!
You big, beautiful son of a bitch!
Guess who just walked in the door.
You want to say hello?
She's sitting right here,
getting very, very horny just
thinking about you.
Uh-huh. Aren't you, honey?
You still there, baby?
Do it, Hank.
Do it hard. Oh, yeah.
That's the spot.
Oh, right there, baby!
Ooh. Keep going!
Oh, right... right there.
Ooh, you be a stud, and you fuck
me, baby!
Oh, fuck me! Oh, yeah!
Oh! Don't stop!
Don't stop!
Oh! Harder!
Harder! Oh...
That's the spot right there, baby.
Don't stop!
Oh, that's the spot!
That's it!
That's it! Right there!
That's how I like it!
- Don't stop!
Oh, yeah!
All right!
Hank? You still there, baby?
I cannot stand it when they do that.
What do you want them to do...
hold you and say they love you?
Well, they could say goodbye,
for Christ's sake.
That's the least they could do.
Post coitum omne animal
triste est.
It means "after sex, men are
You'd think for once, they'd be happy.
Yeah, well, that's why they
always want to roll over and go
to sleep afterwards.
They're deeply depressed.
You were supposed to be here
at midnight, you know.
I know. I'm sorry.
So, there's this guy in my
building, and he's kind of shy
and pudgy and funny-looking,
with hair falling in his eyes.
I bet you he calls places like this.
He's the type.
You know what I mean?
I mean, don't you think about
what they're like, these guys,
when you're talking to them?
No. Never.
I do, especially when I get a
nice-sounding voice on the line...
you know, shy, like this
guy in my building.
I want to tell them to go join a
club or go on Facebook...
Or something!
Or just ask someone!
I mean, maybe someone will say yes!
You never know!
But getting off over the phone
seems... So lonely.
What did men do before
telephones, like in the
19th century?
They patronized whores.
Well... We're not whores.
No. That's right. We're not.
We are...
we're fantasy facilitators, and
that's the problem with the
world today, Ginny.
There are no competent whores
out there!
There's... there are no whores
who, you know, they really care
about their work!
But given the state of the
profession, I guess phone sex is...
A better idea.
I'll see you tomorrow!
Mm-hmm. Okay.
And could you try not to be
late, please?
Yes. Right.
Duffy's tavern, where the elite
meet to eat.
This is George Papandreou.
Mr. Papandreou!
How's it going?
You got a new number!
You're behind on the rent again!
Uh, the rent?
What do you me... the rent?
Oh. Here's what happened.
I got a new bank account, and
they sent me the wrong checks.
I...I asked... I had asked for a
coat of arms.
Did you know my family has a
coat of arms?
Jesus, I'm talking to a fucking bird.
Ah, fuck.
"Sweet talk."
Sweet talk.
Hello. Sweet talk.
Who's this?
This is delilah.
You want to talk?
About what?
Uh, you name it, baby.
Anything... the hotter, the better.
What about dancing?
Can we dance?
We can do whatever you want to do.
Oh, hey. Come on. Don't be shy.
No one's gonna bite you... Unless
you want to be bitten.
He-hey, don't hang up.
I'm here.
What do I have to do?
What do you have to do?
Well, uh, yeah.
I've never done this before, so
you're gonna have to help
explain how this works.
All right.
That's not a problem.
What's your name?
Okay, John.
Here's how it works.
We can talk about... Anything you
want for as long as you want,
and then...
how much does it cost?
I'm getting to that.
Just want to know what I'm in for.
We charge 20 bucks to start out,
and then $2.99 a minute goes
automatically on your
credit card.
Unless, of course, you want to
do something... More unusual...
that's gonna be a bit more expensive.
What do you mean by unusual?
Well, there's, uh... uh,
there's French.
There's threesomes.
Make it just straight.
Um, your basic face-to-face
missionary position is 20 bucks
plus whatever... $2.99?
Yes. Right.
Everything else is extra?
What's my credit card gonna
say... like, "jerk-off services"
or something like that?
No, it'll say "universal
communications, incorporated."
That's all?
That is all.
So, John...
We gonna party, you and me?
What do you look like?
John, I look terrific.
Take my word for it.
But we're gonna have to get the
formalities out of the way
before we can go any further, so
i am going to need your card number and the expiration date.
You know what?
- i think I'm gonna call back later.
I may not be here later.
I might be asleep, all alone in
my big bed with satin sheets.
Do you live alone?
I do.
Uh, it's just me... well, and
you, if you want to join me.
how do you know this is a real number?
I put it in my mouth, and if
it gets hard, I know it's real.
- That's pretty funny!
This is your last chance,
sweetie... I have to hang up on
you if you don't give me the number.
- 4-0-3-4-7-1-0-3...
what if it was already expired?
I'm counting to 3.
1, 2...
September 2015.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
Now what?
Now, John...
We're in business.
So... Why don't you tell me what you like?
You know what I'd really like?
What's that?
Oh, boy. I don't know.
It's kind of weird.
Come on, John.
Don't be shy.
I'd like to be Gene Kelly in
"Singin' in the Rain."
Why'd you call this line,
I mean, you know, you... you
can be Gene Kelly in
"Singin' in the Rain" without me.
Mm, yeah, but...
It's not as much fun.
Do you like girls, John?
What type?
You know what gets me?
What's that?
The way a woman looks at you.
Her eyes.
Take Jeanne Moreau in
"Jules and Jim."
You seen it?
Doesn't matter.
She has a whole history of...
Booze and cigarettes and bad
love affairs all in her eyes.
I mean, you get the feeling that
you could fuck her for three
days and nights straight, and
she wouldn't smile once.
Have you ever called a fantasy
sex line before, John?
No. I told you.
Well, you might want to save
your money, because this is a
line for guys who like to
get off.
I like to get off.
What makes you think I don't
like to get off?
Great! Then let's get off!
Okay! What do you want to do?
"I don't know, Angie.
What do you want to do?"
Ernest Borgnine from "Marty"?
Yeah, you like old movies?
Yeah! I do!
I mean... Only the good ones!
I've seen "citizen Kane" like
15 times.
So, should I get undressed?
What are you wearing?
Not a whole lot.
Mm, well, I'm wearing a
Teddy, but it's sheer.
You can see... Right through it.
Do you happen to have a fur
coat in your closet?
A fur coat?
Uh, yeah.
Sure! Doesn't everybody?
I want you to take off
everything else and go get your
fur coat and put it on.
Uh, I'm going to the closet
now, and...
I'm opening the door, and... oh,
there it is, the sable coat.
I'm, uh...
I'm slipping off my Teddy and
putting the coat on.
Okay, good.
Button it up.
I'm buttoning it up.
Tight. Button it up tight.
All right. Now what?
Now I want you in a train station...
In Europe.
Or Prague. What do you think?
I-I think it's your dime,
Right before world war I.
I want you on one of those hard,
wooden benches.
The train station is deserted.
You're all alone.
It's the middle of the night.
It's winter.
It's snowing outside.
It's... it's bitter cold!
But the cold... it doesn't
bother you.
It excites you.
There's something erotic about
being there alone, naked under
your fur coat, in the middle of
the night, in the middle of the winter.
You can feel the silk lining of
the fur coat against your bare skin.
It turns you on.
Your nipples start to harden.
oh, no, no! Wait, wait, wait!
Don't talk! Don't talk!
Your hands start to wander
beneath your coat.
You can't stop from touching yourself.
John, look.
I'm... I'm actually... I'm
really not into this, so...
Just try.
You go to warm yourself.
But you're not cold anymore.
You're burning up.
You're so hot, you feel like
running out into the snow and
diving in.
Your skin is so sensitive, it
You can't bear to have anything
touching it, now, can you?
You let your coat slide down
just off your shoulders...
Just enough to get the
station master's attention.
You don't know what's gonna
happen, but you know that
something has to.
You've gone too far.
So, who's it gonna be?
The station master...
a man with no present and no
past, a man who sits at a ticket
window of a train station where
no trains stop...
Waiting for someone to show up
in a fur coat?
If not him, who?
I'm gonna let you choose,
because this is very important.
Do you know why?
Because afterwards...
...When you light that cigarette
and the perspiration starts to dry...
You're gonna be all alone again.
That fateful moment when you're
back down on earth, surrounded
by the sadness of it all... like
the man said, post coitum omne
animal triste est.
It means "after sex, all men are sad."
Are women?
Are w... are they sad, too?
Why... why did you say that?
That thing in Latin.
Why did you say that?
Because it's true.
But women aren't sad, are they?
Why would they be sad?
They're triumphant!
I mean, they got us to go squirt
with the water pistol right
where they wanted.
Why would they be sad?
Well, they are.
Take my word for it.
Um, I'm... hey!
I'm hanging up.
I-I hope you got off.
Wait, you can't ha... you
you don't hang up!
I'm... we're in a train station!
Our bodies are burning!
What are we supposed to do?
Oh, come on, Delilah.
There may never be another
moment like this in your entire
Talk get a little too sweet for
Hello. Sweet talk.
This is Delilah.
You want to talk?
Hello? Anybody there?
Hi, there!
What's your name?
Hi, Marty. How you doing?
Have you, uh... have you ever
called us before, Marty?
All right, Marty.
Fasten your seatbelt.
Here we go.
Who gave you permission to come into my room?!
I didn't hear you knock!
Stop babbling!
If I catch you looking at me,
that's what I'm going to have to
punish you!
Bad boys get spanked, Marty!
Take down your trousers!
That's right.
Underpants, too.
Well, well, well.
What have we here?
Get your hands off it, Marty!
Don't touch it!
Naughty boys aren't allowed to
touch themselves down there.
Marty, I-I want you to stand in
a corner, and I want you to
think about your nicest little
boy voice and how you're going
to ask me, and I don't want you
to touch it, okay?
Don't go away.
I'll be right back.
Sweet talk.
This is delilah. Want to talk?
Do you want to talk?
That's the question!
Of all the phone-sex joints in all the
towns in all the world, why'd I
have to dial hers?
I'm on the other line.
You left me all alone in a
cold railroad station in Budapest!
That wasn't very nice of you!
I can't talk to you right now.
I don't know if you want to
talk to me at all!
Can you call me back later?
I might not be available later.
I might be asleep... All alone
in my big bed with satin sheets.
Okay, call me back in five minutes.
Five minutes?
Marty, you naughty boy.
I can see what you're doing there!
What do you say we make her
wait a little bit?
Piss her off?
You see, Leon...
Want to be wooed.
They want you to do it...
Women, Leon, want to be...
And then boom!
They're like a wild animal,
scratching at your back, clawing
at your hair, screaming, "fuck
me, baby!" Loud enough to break
an eardrum!
Then you got them back in the cave.
But it all starts...
By making them wait.
Why'd you say that thing in
Post coitum omne...
...Animal triste est.
I... Usually say it to all the
girls on the first date so they
know what to expect.
I had just said that exact
same thing to somebody right
before you called.
I mean, that is... that's really
weird, right?!
Is that why you hung up on
Is that why you hung up on me?
No, I hung up on you because
I thought you were finished.
- Great. Bullshit.
I think that you were having
trouble in the train station in Budapest.
I think it was getting a
little too hot in there for you.
Y-yeah, I-I do this for a
living, remember?
Yeah, uh, but I'm not talking
about, "oh, boy, what a big dick you have.
I'm talking about the real thing.
Hey, if I want to do the
real thing, I don't have to pick up a phone.
There's a lot of advantages
to connecting over the phone.
Like what?
Well, you can travel to some
pretty amazing places without
ever having to leave your room!
It's just storytelling.
That's all.
And who doesn't love
a good story?
You think... do you think
Scheherazade stayed alive by
going down on the king every night
No, she told him stories!
She took him to places that he
hadn't been before!
Like a train station in
Yeah! Why not?
You see, Delilah...
I get this feeling that you and
I have some stories to live out
between us.
Well, I'm gonna have to put
you back on the clock.
My boss checks the phones.
That's fine with me.
Mm. Really?
You must be a pretty wealthy guy.
$2.99 a minute starts to add up, you know.
To travel places you really want
to go...
It sounds pretty cheap to me.
So, where do you want to go?
John, I think you have this backwards.
I'm supposed to take you where
you want to go.
What difference does it make
who takes who, just as long as
we get there, right?
All right.
I got an idea.
Yeah? What?
Yeah. I, uh...
I got to get some fresh air,though.
I got to...
Where you going?
Up to the roof.
The roof? What roof?
You still there?
Yeah, I'm here.
I like to come up here at
night sometimes and think.
It's beautiful.
I like to look at all the
different apartments...
All the people inside...
...Watching TV, eating,
Crying, arguing.
So many different stories.
It's amazing.
Behind every window is a
different life, a whole other life!
Do you realize that your soul mate...
Could live right across the
street from you?
Or he could live in Bangladesh.
Or Pittsburgh.
Let's reverse the roles!
You pretend like you're one of
the guys calling Sweet Talk!
No. Come on.
Seriously! Just try it!
Just try it.
- Hi, this is Stud Talk.
John speaking.
John's not really your name, is it?
- It's a nom de guerre, so to speak.
So, tell me, Ms. Delilah...
What are you
interested in talking about?
Um... I don't...
I don't know.
I'm not really... I'm not very
good at this.
Oh, come on!
Come on!
You were right there at the
train station with me!
I know you were!
Just go with it.
Okay, what if, um...
mm, what if it was something out
of a Russian novel?
"The Brothers Karamazov."
Ohh, I was thinking Tolstoy actually.
For whom the bell "Tolstoys!"
Okay! Here's what we do!
We create each other.
Anybody we want to be.
Anywhere we want to go.
All it takes is a little imagination.
You do this for a living, remember?
Well, yeah.
But I don't usually get calls
from guys who want to go to...
train stations in Budapest.
Let's go back there.
The train station?
Yeah! Yeah, yeah, yeah!
First of all, what am I doing there?
I don't know yet!
I don't know! We're making this up
as we go along.
Well, then, I'm wearing a cape...
a fur cape.
And I'm... mm... dripping in
I don't know. It's... it's...
it's a little dressy for a train
station, don't you think?
Well, so what?!
It's your railroad station!
Put it on.
The cape?
Yes! Put it on!
And really... really put it on.
Okay... I have to go to my closet!
You know what?
I want my voice in the room.
Put me on speakerphone.
Okay, hold on.
How's that?
That's great. How's that?
Oh! Good!
Put on your cape!
Okay, okay.
Oh, God...
It's on.
And what do you got on under
the cape?
I'm wearing...
beautiful, antique...
silk underwear.
What about you, John?
What are you wearing?
A baseball uniform.
In the train station!
Just the pants.
You're walking around the
Budapest train station in a pair
of baseball pants.
Yeah! Why not?
Well... Okay.
Who are you, anyway?
Hmm. Well, that...
that would depend...
On the woman in the cape.
I could be... I could be the
station master.
I could be a professional
baseball player.
I could be a passenger on the train.
I could be a traveling salesman
selling underwear!
I don't know! Pick one!
How'd you like to be someone dangerous?
Cool. Yes.
An assassin.
A-a murderer?
A professional murderer.
Like a contract killer.
Now we're starting to cook.
What about me? Do I...
I get to choose who I want to
be, right?
Of course! Anybody you want.
I want to be a contessa!
I want to be a very...
Very wealthy contessa.
That's awesome! Yes!
Yes! This is great!
All right.
What do we have so far?
We have a-a wealthy contessa
waiting in a train station for
an assassin.
It's snowing outside.
Uh, you're wearing nothing but a
cape with antique underwear.
What else?! What else?
Hmm. What if they, uh...
what if they have, like, um...
like, a rendezvous?
Um, they're... they're running
away together to Vienna after...
Yes. Yes. After what?
After he knocks off the count!
I mean, he's an assassin, right?
He's got to assassinate somebody!
God damn right he does!
And this guy is good, too.
He's the best.
He charges a lot of money, and
he always gets his man.
What year are we in?
What year are we in?
It was a good year for
assassinations... it was the
year Archduke Franz Ferdinand
was shot.
The heir presumptive to the
Austro-Hungarian throne?
His... his death started
World War I ?
This is great.
This is good shit.
Yeah, the whole world was on
the precipice of disaster.
So much the better.
How does he knock off the count?
In a duel.
Clear through the heart.
One shot.
now there's a price on his head.
She's waiting in the train
She... Doesn't know if he's even
gonna show up.
She doesn't know if he was
caught in a police roadblock...
If he was shot in an ambush,
He thinks of her...
In her cape...
And her pale skin...
Her... her hands...
Sure and cool...
- And her perfume.
- He was powerless against it.
He was powerless against it.
That's why he provoked the
It was all because of the way
she smelled.
And the way she looked at him.
He knew... he knew she would be
there waiting for him at the
train station.
You a there, aren't you?
What's it like?
Tell me.
It's old...
And dimly lit.
It's so quiet, you could hear
the snow falling outside.
The only other noise is the coal
burning in the grate and the
wind making the timbers creak.
The ticket window is closed due
to the storm.
No one knows if the train wil stop.
No one even knows if the train
will get through.
I'm alone.
Who else would be waiting for a
train at this hour?
What about the assassin?
He's on his way...
Slipping through roadblocks.
Oh, no. Oh, no.
Oh, he's there.
Who's there?
Uh, the man.
What man?
The silent man.
Who's that?
It's... oh, God.
It's this man.
He... he always shows up.
What's he doing there?
I don't know.
He's staring at me?
I don't know!
What the hell is he doing?
You don't know?
Shit! I don't...
I don't want him here!
Well, get rid of him!
It's your train station!
I can't!
Tell him to get the fuck out
of there!
This is Budapest.
I run things here, okay?
So get out of here.
Do you hear me?
He won't go. He's not moving.
You know what?
Let's just... let's just forget
No. No, no, no, no, no.
Don't st... we can't stop now.
This is just getting interesting.
No, it's not.
It is. It is!
What is the silent man doing there?
I don't... he just...
I don't know.
He... he just appears when I
don't want him to, and I can't
get rid of him.
People just don't wander into a
train station in Budapest for no reason.
There's got to be a reason he's there!
Oh! All right!
YOu're a shrink now?
Look, I'm not...
I'm on your side, here.
All right.
Let's go back there.
Let's... let's go back and see
what happens.
I don't want to.
Hold on. Hold on!
You have the wrong number.
Let's go back at dawn.
The light is... is special then.
You'll love it.
And, besides, the... the train
needs time to get through the
snowbanks, right?
Are you serious?
It's the hour of duels and
executions, where everything is
We'll get some rest, and we'll
go back.
Call me at dawn.
I don't have your number.
I'm in the book.
Samson. No "p." Third one down.
Samson. That's really your name.
Why do you think I called you?
Well, I can't call you.
My boss checks the phones.
I would get fired.
We don't go anywhere
worthwhile without taking a
little risk.
Why can't you call me?
I could!
But I'm not going to.
Samson. No "p." Third one down.
See you at dawn.
I don't fucking believe this.
Don't wait up, Leon.
Oh, hey! Hey, come here!
Come here! Come here!
Come here! Come on! Come on!
How you doing? How you doing?
What are you doing?
How you doing tonight, huh?
How you doing? You hanging out?
Wait. Where you going?
Where you going?
Good morning.
What? Oh. No, no. No, no.
We're... we're down right now.
I'm sorry.
Ye... computer malfunction. Yeah.
Uh, why don't you call back at
noon and talk to Ginny?
Take a cold shower.
Uh, it's me.
B-Budapest, the contessa, train
station, fur coat?
Yes! Morning!
Hi! Did I wake you?
No, I'm always up...
This early when a beautiful
woman is waiting for me at a
train station.
The sun's up.
Yeah, looks like it.
So, you want to do this?
Yeah! Yes. Yes! Absolutely!
Hang on.
Hang on.
Okay. Yes. Let's do this.
How do we start?
We, uh...
we set the scene.
What year are we in again?
The world...
Is on the precipice of disaster.
I'm waiting for you in the
railroad station.
Wait! No, no! Slow down.
We haven't got there yet!
We have to... we have to meet first!
Oh. Where do we meet?
Uh... At a party...
In a mansion just outside of
It's, uh... it's a winter night.
It's unseasonably warm for
March, but there is a smell of
snow in the air.
What should I be wearing?
How about something from...
Chanel was more 1920s.
Let's do something, um...
let's do something Edwardian.
Sounds great.
And what about you?
What are you wearing?
Don't say baseball uniform.
I think I have just the thing.
What is it?
A tuxedo.
Ooh, classy.
Do you have a sword?
I don't know!
Am I gonna need one?
I think you might!
And I think it's gonna have to
be sharp enough to decapitate my
He's very jealous.
You know, he once had a gardener
badly beaten for staring at me.
Well, men should not marry
beautiful women if they don't
want them stared at.
Well, the count has fought
duels with men younger than you,
and won.
And that's where we start...
the duel... At dawn.
The count... Had surprised us on
the terrace.
He threw down his glove.
No, we can't do that, because
the contessa and the assassin
have not yet met.
But we have to... we have to
fight the duel before it gets
too light.
First thing's first... the
Now, if you'll excuse me...
I have to go get dressed.
Strauss' Tales from the Vienna Woods
So, what do we say?
Everything has already been said
with our eyes.
It's Budapest.
Words are inevitable.
Thank you.
You're very beautiful.
I don't accept compliments
from men I don't know.
You know me.
I do?
I saw the way you looked at me.
That's very presumptuous of you.
But accurate.
My husband will notice my absence.
Where is the count?
He's discussing war with
Baron Belaska.
The Pederast?
The wealthy landowner.
It is a shame to discuss war
on a... Night like this.
Perhaps, but as you know, the
Serbians are encroaching on the
empire's territory.
Well, the Serbians don't
understand why they should be
under the influence of Vienna.
Politics bore me...
Schubert's "Ave Maria"
...As do Schubert Lieder.
Do you know...
That you're even more beautiful
up close?
Most women cannot bear close scrutiny.
Do you know a lot of women?
I know you.
Your face is hard.
You've suffered greatly.
No more than is necessary in
my line of work.
Which is...?
Let us say...
I am a facilitator...
Of men's fates.
The count will be wondering
where I am.
If he finds us in a compromising
he will throw down his glove.
So much the better.
My darling?
Good evening, count!
I'd be delighted.
The clearing to the right of
the stable.
Anywhere you wish.
Of course!
I assume you'll need a second.
Oh, I'm afraid I will.
I'll provide you with one.
Till then...
My darling.
Don't worry.
One of us will remain alive to
worship you.
Schubert's "Ave Maria"
Gratia plena
Maria, gratia plena
the count had no idea he was
dealing with a man who knew a
thing or two about pistols.
It started to grow cold at dawn.
My head was still tipsy from the
And the smell of your perfume.
I tried to focus on the
trajectory of the bullet, to
reduce it all to a technical
problem of the profession.
And what were you doing as I was
calculating the coordinates of
your husband's heart?
I could barely make you out
in the distance.
My body was trembling.
I wanted it to be over, but I
wanted it to last forever.
Like making love?
Like the anticipation of
making love.
The duel began.
I walked away from my rival
without emotion...
Listening to the birds in the
trees across the lake.
Inside, I was empty.
On the business of squeezing the
trigger firmly but slowly so
that the bullet would not go off target.
Now, tell me...
...What you feeling as we walked
our paces?
I'm not gonna tell you.
You were wet, weren't you?
Before I fired, I whispered
your name.
I saw the men rushing to my
husband's side.
I know they wouldn't have rushed
for you.
They would've let you bleed to
What's it like...
to make love to a man who has your husband's blood on his hands?
Ha ha.
I think you're getting ahead of
the story.
Okay, where were we?
We were at the train station.
I was waiting for you so that we
could make our escape together.
Uh...the count's brother
had trumped-up charges filed
against me.
He claimed I cheated in the duel.
Uh, the police commissioner was
deep in the count's pocket, so
they came to my room.
I fled out the window.
It's snowing more heavily.
There's no way of knowing if the
train that you're waiting for is
even gonna get through.
You have staked your life on one
wild roll of the dice, and the
odds are against you.
I am... I am a wanted man.
And vienna...is a long way off.
All the way to the station, I-I
wondered if you would be there.
If you knew that
somehow I would meet you there.
And we would make our escape
right under the noses of the authorities.
When I saw you standing there
in the station with snow on your collar
I ran to you.
I swept you up in my arms.
So dangerous, so exciting.
And there...
The sleeper to Vienna was
finally pulling in.
We hid out between cars.
I was cold.
I had never been that cold in my
It was worth it, though,
wasn't it?
First time.
Between the cars.
With the... with the snow...
Blowing in your face.
I can still feel your mouth
on my skin.
I was tasting you.
You were devouring me.
I couldn't get enough of you.
We were so hungry.
It was insane.
It was amazing!
- We could've killed each other.
We could've fallen down the row
of cars.
But we stayed alive!
It was like a dance with death!
Are you there?
Hey, hey, hey, hey.
Don't c... don't cut out on me
You're not gonna cut out on me,
are you?
It's over.
That's it.
That's all she wrote.
What do you mean it's over?
No, what are you... what... what
about Vienna?
Like the man said, post
yeah, yeah, yeah.
No, I... that's old news.
I've heard that before.
Slam, bam, thank you, ma'am.
I gave you a whole Balkan war as
Well, that wasn't enough.
What do you want me to do?
You want me to... to hold you
and tell you I love you?
No, I want...
I want more.
We're through, sweetheart.
- I'm cutting you off.
You can't cut me off!
Oh, I can't?
You called me, remember?
Yeah, but who called
Sweet Talk in the first place?
Who's s-spending money jerking
off over the phone in the first
place, you fucking perv?!
You fucking whore!
- That's appropriate, right?!
Oh, nice!
Well, at least I don't walk
around pretending to shoot
people to get off!
Bastard. Fuck you!
She wants a relationship.
She wants a fucking
She wants to go to Vienna.
All women want to go to Vienna.
- Stud Talk.
- This is Samson. Want to talk?
Listen to me, you little prick.
Hey, hold on, lady.
I need your credit-card number
and expiration date, please.
You are the most arrogant son
of a bitch I have ever met!
Oh, have we met?
Stop it.
Stop it!
Hey, just fucking stop it!
Come on!
You can't treat people like that!
You can't start to go to Vienna
and then not go!
Vienna is a state of mind.
You never really get there.
How do you know?
I know.
What's the worst that can happen?
We could get picked up by the
Austrian border patrol.
No, there... there was no
border police then.
Austria-Hungary was one country
in 1914.
Doesn't matter because I get
shot by the firing squad.
They shoot you?
I thought we were gonna get to
go to vienna.
It's not gonna happen.
The train is all we had.
A few stolen hours in between
cars on the Budapest-to-Vienna
night train.
Come on.
Come on, how do you expect two
people with no money and no
connections to escape from a
country after murdering a
well-connected, well-respected count?
It was in a duel.
Not according to the police
chief... a man deeply in the
pockets of the count as we
already established.
I mean, y-you can't just... you
can't just arbitrarily decide
t-that's what happens.
You want your money back?
No, I want to go to Vienna!
And do what?
Live happily ever after?
Get a nice little apartment in a
respectable quarter?
Have children and a governess?
Walk along the river?
Visit Strauss? What?
- Aren't you gonna get your phone?
- You may as well get it.
We're not going anywhere.
What do you want?
What do you mean what do I
What do you want to go to Vienna?
You got a credit card?
Come on.
And I want to drive.
Oh, really?
I want to be the one who gets to
decide what happens this time.
Okay, but don't say I didn't
warn you.
- Okay.
are a man who has...
lost the use of his arms and legs.
Oh, God.
And his voice.
It's Vienna.
You've got your own in Vienna?
Everybody's got their own Vienna.
It was a year after the anschluss.
There are swastikas on public
Everywhere, you can hear the...
The sound of hobnail boots.
The summer... it was long...
And hot.
In a respectable part of the
city where people still tended
to their gardens as if the world
still made sense...
A woman lives amongst...
Potted plants and overstuffed
She works as...
I work at night as a private
nurse for an invalid.
I return home as the sun rises
over the city.
I sleep till noon.
And then I bathe in cold water.
I powder my body, and I, um...
I play my cello.
As if these gestures would
somehow make the hobnail boots
I know what's going on.
I have no more illusions.
In the world I live in, there is
no room for illusion.
are my patient.
You're a member of the
underground who's lost the use
of... of his arms and legs, and
nobody knows exactly how.
It's... it's a secret.
You're either...
You're either unwilling or just
unable to tell.
- You're alone in your room with no voice.
All you have is your eyes.
Your dark...
Feverish eyes.
There are several of us, and
we... we come and go on our
The others... they treat you
like a plant that has to be
Sometimes they do try and get a
reaction out of you.
But you don't give in.
Even during your sponge bathes
when they try and get you to
betray yourself.
You refuse to react.
Your... your contempt is utter
and complete.
- I sit at the end of the hall.
Uh, it makes me uncomfortable to
be in the same room with you.
- Once an hour, I check on you.
- And I always catch you with your
eyes open as if you never sleep.
- Feels like you're looking at me.
Feels like you're looking at me.
Like you're looking through me.
And I wonder who you are and...
and if you're the same person
you've always been and why you
refuse to talk.
I can't stop thinking about you.
I keep wondering if there's...
there's a man that's still alive
in there and if that man is able
to be reached.
One morning when I, uh, when I
return home, I go to sleep.
And I have a dream about you.
In the dream, you come to life.
I-I wake up.
My skin is f-flushed, a-and my
legs are wrapped around a pillow.
And I'm stranded.
I'm a... I'm abandoned by the
I'm... I'm abandoned by you.
And an unutterable sadness...
Overcomes me.
I feel so... I feel so
disconnected as if... as if my
wiring has been ripped out,
and... and all I can think about
is going to work.
And... and seeing you and the
dream and... and the deadness
inside you and...
- No, inside me.
It's my biggest fear
that I'm dead inside...
That I'm... I'm completely
paralyzed, that I died years
ago, and... and no one told me.
All day long...
I stare out the window,
Watching the city below go about
its business, listening to...
t-to sounds of life I've never
heard before, dizzy.
And disorienting.
When night falls, I go to work,
and the house is... is dead
quiet except for the wind and
t-the creaking timbers.
I go to your room.
And I'm afraid.
And I'm exhilarated, and...
And I have no idea what's gonna
Talk to me.
We're all alone.
It's just the two of us.
I think you want to come back to life.
I think you need to touch
To feel another human being
against your body.
I can see a glow in your eyes.
I can even see the beginning of
a smile.
I can see it.
I can feel it.
I know in the dead center of
your body, there is life.
And you've been waiting for me
for a very long time.
Not this time!
Say something, goddamn it!
Fuck you.
I think we're ready.
- Oh, shit.
- Oh, my God.
Is it noon already?
It's three minutes before.
Listen, if Eddie finds out that
you're taking the phones off the
hook, he's gonna fire you.
- You know, he calls here
sometimes to check up on us.
Make sure we're answering the
I... It's none of my
business, but...
Why do you have your clothes off?
Do you really want to know?
I don't know.
Do I?
I-I folded...
Those for you.
- Thank you.
Happy new day, Leon.
I got a great feeling about
- Good morning, ladies and germs.
Funny thing happened to me on
the way to...
I met a beautiful contessa...
Named Delilah.
Hello... sweet talk.
Want to talk?
Who's this?
Who's this?
Where's Delilah?
Oh, she's not here right now,
but I'd love to talk to you.
What do you mean she's not
Where did she go?
I thought this was her place.
Oh, we're sort of roommates,
her and me.
When one goes out, the other's
When will she be back?
She's here evenings and
mornings, midnight to noon.
Aw, you don't have to wait
that long.
Yeah, I think I do.
Yeah, I think I do.
You and I can talk.
What do you want to talk about?
Nazis were marching in the street.
I was in bed without the use of
my arms and my legs.
She was my nurse.
She came to me at night.
Could you hold on a sec?
Uh, some nut job wants to talk
to you.
I'm off duty.
Yeah, he's talking about
Vienna and Nazis, some nurse.
Hello. Hi, hi.
You had me worried there for a
I can't talk right now.
I thought this was your
I lied.
What else did you lie about?
Everything else was the truth.
what do we do now?
Shall we walk along the Danube?
Maybe we could find a-a caf
that serves sacher torte with
whipped cream.
Mmm, wouldn't that be nice?
Yeah. Yeah, it would.
Um...Samson, I, uh, I
don't know that that's a good idea.
Why not?
I don't think I could handle
Starbucks right now, you know,
with, uh, with the biodegradable
cups and people talking on their
cellphones and laptops.
So, what are we are supposed
to do?
Forget it?
Just forget the whole thing happened?
The duel, the dance, the train?
No, I'm not forgetting.
Well, good. That's...
That's good to hear.
It's just there aren't a lot
of duels being fought around
here, you know?
I warned you, didn't I?
We could've stopped at any time.
So, what are we supposed to do?
Go home, I guess.
And do what?
Perchance to dream.
Perchance to dream.
Ah, there's the rub.
For in that sleep of death,
what dreams may come.
Come on.
I found my voice.
I have... I found... I found my
I have things to say.
We could go back there.
You really think we can do
Yes. Of course.
We went before. We can go again.
We could go there.
We could go to all kinds of places.
We can go to amazing places.
We can go to Paris.
We could go Saint Petersburg.
We could
we could go to Rio!
Carnival time.
Zambas, drums.
How about New York?
In the '40s.
I could be a torch singer at a
bar on...
I don't know... 52nd street.
And you could be a gangsta.
With a scar halfway down my
cheek and a diamond stickpin.
Samson, right?
Third one down, no "p"?
This could be the start of
something big.
See you around, I guess.
See you around.
Wherever there is.
Wherever there is.
You gonna get that?
Are you gonna get that?
- Hello... Sweet Talk.
This is Ginny.
Who is this?
Hi, John.
You have a nice-sounding voice.
Have you called us before?
I thought I recognized your voice.
- So, John what would you like to talk about today?
Something a little different?
How different?
Tell me the tape of the girl
that turned you on.
I'm a redhead, John.
In fact, I'm red all over.
Like I said...
- Johnny, you son of a bitch!
You big, hard son of a bitch!