Sweet Vengeance (2013) Movie Script

Lord, you awaken our good man!
Though the night is made for loving,
and the day she comes too soon,
yet will guide them now a'roamin', boys,
by the light of the moon.
Whether by chance or he be chosen,
every man travels the Winter Highway
to either ruin or salvation.
Chance leads to death,
but the Chosen only need listen.
And so it was,
on this very spot,
in flame I crown
a boundless light and a robe
of exquisite whiteness.
The Angel Mathias spoke unto me:
"Humble Servant, settle here,
for this is holy land."
"Sow crops, tend sheep,
and erect a house of worship,"
"and verily ye shall prosper,
for the Scepter of Power is in thy hand."
And yet, as I stand before
ye in sacred testimony,
I see unholiness creeping into the fold.
As with the Lord, the work
of the Devil is never done.
Using God and your neighbors,
protects you from wandering
into the arms of Satan whose schemes,
whose machinations are never-ending.
We must hold fast and root-out
the false prophets.
And when the Devil approaches in
whatever cunning form he desires,
I shall strike him down
with the Sword of Righteousness
and set God's house in order.
Is anybody thirsty?
- Thank you.
- You're lucky I found you.
- Hey! Give us some, give us some.
- Smell that thing a mile away.
- You can have some if you like.
- Well, that is very kind of you.
- This your land?
- This is Holy Land.
I am the prophet Josiah
and I am God's steward upon it.
- We was just passing through.
- Trespassers.
- Oh, no, sir.
- No? Poachers, then.
No, carpenter by trade.
My brother Jacob here is under my care.
So, trespasser, poacher and carpenter,
a man of prodigious talent.
It not concern ya, it
don't concern ya, yeah?
We've fallen on terribly hard times.
Wagon busted a wheel several days back,
and then our horse he
just up and died on us.
That's terrible.
I'm headin' on up to Santa
Fe to meet my wife...
and was plannin' on paying you
for this lamb once we...
How exactly were you planning
on paying for that...
Sending the money to The Tree perhaps?
Or address it to The Great
Winds of the Prairie?
My wife is a relation to the Governor...
- Money is of no concern.
- The Governor?
The man, who by reputation, is as rich
as Croesus, and he's allowing
his relatives to walk around like vagabonds.
This is shocking to me.
- It's the truth.
- Uh, huh.
We are royalty, we are
royalty in these parts.
The Lord does not believe in actions
without consequences.
- You understand.
- It's just two sheep. This one here and one yesterday.
Stealing is a sin, where
you come from, is it not?
- Yes, it is.
- And what, pray tell, are the wages of sin?
- I do not recall.
- What about your idiot brother?
Does he recall the wages of sin?
I may not, but I would not
tell you 'though if I did.
Perhaps if you two thieves had paid
a little more attention in Sunday school,
and a little less time playing
Hide Your Finger in Your Sister's Cunt,
- you might know that.
- This is our camp, you are not welcome here.
I will destroy you.
Hush, Jacob, you silly, crippled fool.
For the wages of sin are... death.
That is good.
- Shit.
- Drink?
- You drink.
- I haven't missed yet.
Double or quit.
All right.
Stop. There ya go. Here ya go.
- There?
- Um-huh!
- Sure?
- Yeah!
- Finish the bottle.
- Ain't enough bullets.
- I'm tired of your tricks.
- Those are the rules.
- One squeeze, one miss, one drink.
- I'm not drinking anymore.
Just close your eyes.
Be a good woman and
do what your husband says to you.
Put down that gun.
Let's see now, Charlie.
If I was travelin' from Tucumcari
to Santa Fe,
I reckon I'd go right through
that valley right there.
Don't you think?
Ramirez. Balance:
- Seven dollars.
- That's wrong.
- Are you questioning my dignity?
- No, no, just the amount.
We should have fourteen dollars in there,
and you are telling us we only have seven?
Huh! This establishment does
not operate as a courtesy.
- I provide protection, security.
- I thought them to be one in the same.
Sarah, I do not recall you ever
having any of your rates...
You better show my wife some respect.
No, you'd best show me respect in my bank,
lest Jerimiah over there
think you came to rob me.
You two, highfalutin couple, ain't ya?
Perhaps you should have read
your contract more thoroughly.
You can read, can't you?
A, B, C, D, E, F.
Contract or no contract,
it is still ain't right
to take half our savings.
You start your own bank then.
Surely there's plenty of room
over there in that dirt
farm of yours, Miguel.
- Do you want your money?
- S.
S! Now that's better.
One, two, three,
seven dollars.
Perhaps the ma'am would
care to try something on?
I have a newly refurbished
fitting room out back.
Why not?
Sarah, we're not here for clothes.
I just want to try it on, no harm in that.
No harm, indeed, this way.
- The bell if you require any assistance.
- Thank you.
My pleasure. Oh!
To protect your feminine skin.
If you'll excuse me for a moment,
I had some bad chili this morning.
Ain't it pretty?
I can't believe that cheap
bastard let me have that.
I'm a hard woman to say no to.
Look at that! Look at that!
It's all you.
Be careful with that!
Oh, wait! There we go. Take it easy!
Came all the way from Orser's Central Store.
It's something, huh?
All right! Turn it! Turn it!
Be gentle. Easy now.
Oh, yes, indeed.
And let us keep it this
clean all the time. Yes?
Thank you. You may leave.
Well, first you bust the
wheel on your wagon,
naturally, you forgot to
bring a spare.
So you sit out on your horse,
you and your brother,
and then your horse dies.
A rattlesnake, colic,
black water, lightning.
Jesus Christ, Ward, you got some bad luck.
I suspect it just gets worse from here.
Yeah, I reckon it does.
How are you? How are
we all? Good day.
Mr. Ramirez.
It's a pleasure to see that you and Sarah have
finally accepted our invitation to pray with us.
Oh, we're not here for the service.
May I speak with you for a moment?
Well, I...
I suppose so. For a moment.
It's regarding your sheep.
My sheep?
They strayed on to our
land again and ate our crops.
That's a pretty bold accusation, sir.
How do you know they were my sheep?
I don't want to start a conflict here,
Mr. Josiah, but this is the second time...
I just asked you, did you speak to
these fleece strays?
Did you ask them from whence they came?
Who may be their shepherd?
- Who else's stock would they be?
- I don't know, I didn't see them.
You're our only neighbor for miles.
Is that it? Because, as you can see,
I have a congregation waiting for me.
I'd appreciate you keeping
your stock off my property, sir.
- It is the Lord's property, Seor Ramirez.
- But it's mine, too.
And I cannot afford
to lose anymore of my crops.
- You could build a fence.
- A fence?
Why don't you come inside with your wife
and feel for yourself
the searing power of the
veracity of the Lord?
Another day, perhaps.
I will ask Him about this fence.
I'm curious as to his response.
I'd appreciate that, sir.
May the Lord be with you.
safe in the arms of Jesus,
Safe on His gentle breast,
There by His love o'ershaded,
sweetly my soul shall rest.
- Stay inside.
- I'm coming with you.
Ya know, a dog killin' ain't a crime
I'm obliged to pursue.
People killin', that's a different story.
We bought it, it was our property.
- I can sell you a new dog.
- You stay out of this.
- When did this occur?
- Last night.
Mr. Josiah had some
sheep stolen a while back.
Rustlers have been active
in the area as of late.
Could be more of their kind.
- That killed our dog?
- So, you saw who done it?
Not entirely, it was dark.
- Then, how do you know?
- The law needs to make someone accountable.
Do I look like a dog killer catcher?
- You're the law.
- That I am. There ain't no more be said.
- That's it? That your investigation?
- Yep!
Get that stinkin' cur outta my office!
- No, you're going to do something.
- I said get it outta her now! Get it out!
Gracias. Gracias.
I don't trust him.
I don't trust Mr. Josiah much either,
but I don't believe he's a violent man.
Especially not one to shoot a dog.
This is a wild country here.
It could have been anybody.
I'll square things up with Mr. Josiah.
A little strife's not
uncommon among his neighbors.
I'm pregnant.
A child? We're not ready.
And what did you think would happen?
Maybe next year would be better.
Well then, you should've been more careful.
Good morning, Mr. Josiah.
I have been awaiting your apology, Miguel.
On what grounds?
Sunday is the day for worship and rest.
And you raised matters of business
in full view of my congregation.
You insulted me, you insulted the Lord.
That was not my intention,
surely you know this?
Don't be a fool,
I'm giving you an opportunity.
Kneel and apologize before the Lord now.
I've been polite and respectful thus
far, and expect the same from you.
Well, I've tried.
I've tried to embrace you,
and bring you into the flock.
But you have nothing but contempt
for me and my work.
How I would think you were jealous,
envious. Are you envious?
There is nothin you have that I want.
Oh, I am married, purely, and I have
the love and devotion of my flock,
and you have...
You have blight on the landscape, sir.
I have just as much right
to be here as you.
If you could, you would take
all that we have,
All that we have worked for.
It is not your fault.
From your birth... this greed,
this avarice of your nature.
You killed our dog, didn't you?
Mexicans have never been
lauded for their intelligence.
Now, you must go. Leave here,
the both of you. Vayanse, carajo.
You Beast of the Earth,
you brown skinned bastard!
To hell with you.
Praise be the Lord.
Haven't I to eat something now.
Mrs. Ramirez, good evening.
To what do I owe the pleasure?
Have you seen Miguel?
No, not since Church.
He went out into the field today
for work and never came home.
- Oh, well, have you tried the saloon?
- Yes.
- The Sheriff?
- He's worthless.
- Has he done this kind of thing before?
- Never.
I only ask because certain
types of men are slaves
to their lustful proclivities.
And many times I've seen
them leave their wives in the lurch
when responsibilities begin to mount.
- Miguel would never do that.
- It's just, ah...
You are a very, very,
beautiful woman, Sarah,
and your husband ought to appreciate
what the Lord has given him.
- He does.
- I know I would.
Good night.
May the Lord go with you.
Cornelius Jackson, Santa Fe seoritas
ain't wild enough for ya?
Nice dancing, Fancy Pants.
You have been officially
relieved of your duties.
By what authority?
- The Governor.
- But I done nothing.
- Well, at least you know why I'm here.
- This is my house.
It's the government's house,
you've been residing in it as a guest.
- Now you must leave.
- Go scrub your ass with a cactus brush!
Bastard son of a bitch!
- Where am I supposed to go?
- That is not my concern.
- I'm gonna find you, motherfu...
- Git! Git!
I'm gettin' outta here.
Yes? You want something?
- I've been relieved.
- I can see that.
- By whom?
- Cornelius Jackson, damn bushwhacker.
- I'm looking for work.
- Who are you?
- I don't understand.
- Who are you?
- Sorry?
- Without a badge, what purpose do you serve.
I, ah...
- I cooked for a spell in the army.
- I have wives, I'm in no need of a cook.
He shot my god damned hand.
My god damned hand!
Gentlemen, I am honored
to have you with me tonight,
to welcome the
newest member of our community.
Like so many great lawmen of our day,
his unbending reputation precedes him.
God made laws to govern men.
Without men
to enforce those laws,
the terrors of evil would march unmolested
- across the scorched plains of the earth, and...
- Salt, please.
And mankind would run amok
like so many godless savages.
So! Raise your glasses please.
And let us thank God for
Sheriff Cornelius Jackson.
- Mighty fine table, Prophet.
- Well, thank you, Hugh, it's mahogany wood
all the way from British Honduras.
On the Caribbean Sea.
South of Mexico.
- Sheriff.
- Give me some wine, please?
Pass it along, please.
- So, did you manage to...
- Butter, please.
- How was your ride out here this evening?
- Why did you leave the Utah Territory?
I am God's humble servant, sir,
where He leads, I will follow.
Did you bring your wives and
daughters down with you?
Only one woman shares my bed, Sheriff.
Safer that way, that's for sure.
- Bone China, imported from England.
- China from England.
You ever fuck a sheep?
Ya know, lot's of sheep
farmers fuck their sheep.
Isn't that how syphilis started?
The penis is a vile weapon, and I've
often thought of it as the devil's cutlass.
- Really now?
- So, what brings you to
our fine town, Sheriff Jackson?
- Geography.
- Geography?
Yes, geography.
Turns out our governor's
favorite cousin Lucille,
went off and married a down and out
carpenter named Levi from Tucumcari.
That poor guy couldn't hit a nail
over the head with a tree trunk.
Well, Lucille and Levi fell on
hard times, so the Governor
tells them that they should come and live
with him and his wife in Santa Fe,
he'll even send train tickets.
Great man, our governor.
So, Lucille takes a train
on up to Santa Fe,
while her husband, Levi, while being
too prideful to accept the
Governor's largess of a few train tickets
decides to travel by way of a
buckboard with his brother Jacob.
Only Jacob and Levi
ain't no Kit Carsons.
And that's why I'm here.
Pardon me, Sheriff, but,
I don't understand.
Mr. Josiah knows what I'm
talkin' about, don't you Josie?
Tables from Honduras, china
from England, Salt Lake City...
you know all about geography.
No, I'm afraid, Sheriff,
you've lost me completely.
May I borrow your knife?
No, no, that big one there behind you.
Santa Fe.
Right in the middle here,
you got the Holy Land.
Now, Jacob and Levi woulda had
to travel straight through here
to get from Tucumcari...
to Santa Fe.
All Lucille and Governor
want to know is why Levi
and his brother never showed up.
You done with that?
There's a dog outside there looks
like he's missin' a couple o' meals.
- Thank you kindly, Josie... damned good meat.
- Sheriff.
I lead a God fearing, peaceful,
and united community here.
And I'm quite sure you do not want
to make me your enemy.
It seems like I already have.
How are you, Sheriff?
Got me a new job.
- 'Scuse me.
- Good morning, ma'am.
- Your horse is drinking outta my trough.
- That appears to be the case.
Well, there's a creek right over there where
it can drink until its heart's content.
I don't think Charlie
was aware of that fact.
Ya know, when he's thirsty,
he kinda goes where he wants to.
I didn't think your horse would mind much.
Well, I do, so, like, ask first.
Well, you're absolutely right, ma'am,
but Charlie's ignorant
of such formalities as the human race.
So, please accept my
apologies on his behalf.
- My name's Sheriff Cornelius Jackson.
- I know who you are.
I think I should be flattered?
- You hung my father.
- Pardon me, ma'am,
but I've never hung anyone.
They sorta hang themselves.
Is that what you tell yourself
to ease your conscience?
The judges sentence the guilty.
I either shoot 'em or arrest
'em, dependin' on the circumstances.
That's untrue.
- Who was your father?
- Wesley Parker.
Wesley, Wesley Parker.
- So your mother would be...
- Yes, she would be.
- And that would make you...
- Mrs. Sarah Ramirez.
That's enough about the past.
I'm looking for these two men.
Levi and Jacob Webb, they woulda passed by
these parts a couple of weeks ago.
- Haven't seen 'em.
- What about your husband?
- He's not here.
- When do you expect his return.
Well, appears Charlies's had his fill.
Thank you kindly, ma'am.
And if you do happen to Jacob and Levi,
please find it in your kind heart
to offer them some water.
I'm sure they're terribly thirsty by now.
Good afternoon, Mrs. Ramirez.
Any word from Miguel?
- Do you see him?
- No, I do not.
Sarah, have I done something to offend you?
- You make me uneasy.
- Well, I assure you, that is not my intention.
- This Killjoy is here to help you.
- How so?
How do you intend to
get by without your husband?
- I've managed thus far.
- And admirably so, but,
I fear he has abandoned you and
you will not survive on your own.
- It hasn't beaten me yet.
- It will, Sarah, it will.
- Then let it.
- Give the Church your land.
And let the Lord's relieve
you of this burden.
The Lord desires this
land to be part of something larger.
A great holy community.
And I come to you, with
kindness and charity in my heart,
to offer you the opportunity
to prosper, to take refuge in
- the bosom of Christ.
- And where would I go?
With me.
I will bring you to Holy Land.
I will provide for you,
and take care of you in every way.
Sounds like hell.
Just as stubborn as her husband.
My guess is she'll be whorin' again
in no time, just like her mother.
- Get off my property.
- Sarah.
By law it's still the bank's.
Another word out of you
and there'll be no more bank.
Hugh... now...
you spoke out of turn and intemperately,
and you will apologize
towards Sarah, right now.
I sincerely apologize.
Sarah, there's no need for violence.
Violence is never the answer.
I come here to do God's work, to help you,
and I know that you do not want to harm me.
Isn't that a bit better?
I have washed away your sins, Sarah.
You are a member of the white race.
You should never have married
a man with cursed blood.
But that is behind us.
I will make you happy.
You will see. But you
will come to understand,
through me is heaven.
Sowing in the morning,
sowing seeds of kindness.
Sowing in the noontide
and the dewy eve;
Waiting for the harvest,
and the time of reaping...
Josiah, the Messiah.
Evening, Mr. Enemy.
What are you doing in my house, Sheriff?
Well, these two fine gentlemen invited me
over here for a little wine tasting.
- And who might they be?
- Trespassers.
- On who's land?
- Yours.
I see.
Could you bring that light over here?
Levi and Jacob.
Does that look like him,
after a rough night?
- So, who killed 'em?
- One cold-blooded son of a bitch.
- Highwaymen?
- Have you seen any?
There's no shortage of miscreants
in this world, Sheriff.
- No truer statement have I ever heard.
- What are you doing in my house?
May I borrow your knife again?
So, here's what I've put together,
feel free to disagree at any time.
Jacob here was clearly stabbed... I think
it's Jacob, it's hard to tell 'em apart...
was stabbed with a large knife.
Now let's just try...
Well, whaddya know?
Almost a near perfect fit.
I reckon whoever stabbed him
must've had a knife just like yours.
It's a very popular model, Sheriff.
Sears Roebuck sells them by the trainload.
Post me one of them
cartridges outta your gun, would ya?
- Out of my gun?
- Unless you got somethin' to hide.
- 45?
- Colt.
- It don't look factory made.
- We take pride in doing
things for ourselves around here.
I can see that.
Now, Levi over here...
he was wounded in the leg
by a pistol or a rifle bullet.
Then perhaps, as he
was limpin' away, Levi. gets
his guts blown out by a scatter gun.
Oh, you got a visitor? Oh, hi there.
Is that Daniel? Come on
in here, join the party.
Well, we got a knife wound,
we got a large caliber bullet,
probably a 45, and a scattergun,
which leads me to believe that
this was the work of
at least two killers.
- Is that about right?
- If you say so.
I'm glad you could join us, Daniel.
Me and your bishop here we just
trying to figure a few things out.
I bet you could help us.
Do you care to make a statement?
Make a statement about what?
Life, liberty,
- the pursuit of happiness.
- Sheriff Jackson,
if you have concluded this grim charade
and making your absurd and, frankly,
your deeply offensive accusations,
I would appreciate if you got these
stinking, fucking corpses out of my house.
- Twenty dollars.
- What?
Make that twenty-five.
Yeah, twenty-five.
I hold the intent the deaths of
these young men are tragic...
- Murders! Murders! It's an important distinction.
- I would like to know if you have...
Let's make it an even thirty.
I'd like to at least have
them buried in suits.
Because if you do not have an warrant,
you are in my house illegally.
Think these poor fellas
have ever worn a suit?
You are in fact, trespassing.
And I have asked you, as
politely as I can
to leave. Now.
Please send Levi and Jacob post haste
to this address here in Santa Fe.
I deeply appreciate it.
- You are a queer man.
- Unusual, opt for unusual.
Never queer.
You make sure he leaves.
Shame, he shames me, shames me in my house.
And you allow it. Why? Why?
Why do you allow him to shame me?
Never have I shamed you.
Never would I have this...
He shames me, twice he shames me,
and you were... nothing...
I listen, I listen to
everything you told me... Why? Why?
Am I not your
holy, obedient Son.
And you see to repay me in this faith...
And this, and this...
It really stinks, ya know.
Can ya help me get them outta here?
On your knees.
Toss your gun aside. Slowly.
Is that my husband?
- Is that my husband?
- I didn't kill him, ma'am.
I swear I had nothing to do with set-up...
No, I swear I had nothing to do with it.
- You got the wrong man.
- Shut up.
It was the Prophet Josiah, he killed him.
No! No! We just came out here to dig up the body so
we could take him back to the house and burn it.
Shut your fuckin' mouth.
Allow God's true expression
of your feelings.
Curly, come on, Curly, are you angry?
You must be angry. Be angry.
Look at me. You humiliated me.
Are you angry? Are you angry?
- I'm angry, I'm angry.
- Good. Good. What thoughts you have?
It is in your heart
of God's pure, divine truth
to come searing through you
and speak, hold nothing back.
- I have a thought.
- You have a thought, good.
I wanna know when we was
gonna get our wives.
You said we was all gonna
have wives when we came...
Jesus is your trouble.
You're ruled by your beastly desires.
Think through here, not through the...
I will bring wives to
you when you are ready.
You should remove this
puss-filled sack of distraction.
What do you think? No? No?
Can you allow God's love in your heart?
Can you control your mortal desires?
Can you? Can you?
You know why I teach you these things?
You understand?
You know I love you.
I know you do, Prophet.
Found Sid and Daniel's
ponies out by the woods.
Somethin' must've spooked 'em.
Give me one of the boys
and I'll go back and find 'em.
No, go right into town,
see if they've been arrested.
- Why would they be arrested?
- The Sheriff's a lunatic.
My little painted lady.
My fallen angel.
Miguel's been murdered.
God does not protect the weak.
I came to say goodbye.
I thought we already
did that seven years ago.
Something about you not
wanting your husband
or your children exposed to my sinful ways.
But they were also your ways, too, Sarah.
Seven times a virgin, were you now?
Did you think you could start over?
The evil on the blessing
will reach us all, my child.
I'm not ashamed of you anymore.
I pity you.
You think I'm unhappy?
I don't think much about it.
I forgive you, mother, for everything.
You have no influence over me.
You never have.
Everything you've ever
done is because of me.
So, do it well, do it well, my child.
We're making house calls again, are we?
Sportin' life always fit you well, Sarah.
I've come for my seven dollars.
Seven dollars to play my flute?
I won't pay a penny over a dollar.
Even if you do rub my balls.
Looks like you'll be visitin' me all week.
Just like old times.
- Is Martin in?
- He's out back, had to run to the privy.
- Would you see that he gets this?
- Absolutely, ma'am.
How ya doin', honey?
Fine, Grandma.
- Where did say Martin was?
- Out back usin' the privy.
Show me that pretty face.
Oh.. oh...
Yeah... oh...
- It feels good in the ass, don't it?
- No, no, it hurts.
What in the hell are you doing back here?
My little granddaughter was
tryin' on a dress in the back room,
and then there was a loud gunshot
and then there was a loud crash,
and Martin's head busted through the wall.
Well, you're just nothin' but
a dirty old dog, aren't ya?
- He got what he deserved.
- He certainly did.
- Anyone else in the store with you?
- A young woman came in, asked for Martin,
then pulled some cartridge
boxes of the shelf,
laid some money on the counter
and then left right before the big bang.
Strawberry hair, purple dress,
all painted up, about thirty years of age?
- Yes, very polite.
- That's interesting.
A woman fitting that description,
been leavin' bodies all over town today.
I've gotta perform a little procedure here.
May want to avert your eyes.
- Sheriff, right here?
- I don't know.
- Is this necessary?
- I don't want the body gettin' no harder.
Then it's like cuttin'
through a piece of firewood.
You ever tried cutting
firewood with a knife? It don't chop.
There's a surprise for you, little girl.
- Can you do me a favor?
- Okay.
- Just hold my coat for one minute.
- Okay.
- Thank you.
- Yeah.
Let's see now.
Well, I ain't no surgeon,
I guess that the bullet
would be
right about
There, I got it. I got it.
When a member of the white race,
who is of the chosen seed,
mixes their blood with the seed of Cain
a member of the African race, or...
- Any other heathen.
- Any other dark skinned heathens,
The penalty under the law of God is
death on the spot.
And it will always be so.
The Sheriff ain't arrestin' nobody.
Someone killed Hugh and Martin.
- Where?
- In town.
- Was it a robbery?
- I don't believe so.
- What did the Sheriff say?
- He's not sayin' much.
Word is that it was the
woman whore what done it.
What other kind of whore is there?
Saddle-up the horses.
Let's see how much you weigh.
You look like the right God out there.
Josiah would not approve.
Josiah ain't here.
Howdy, ma'am, do you need
any help with your wash?
Oh, God.
- Mornin', hello, Sheriff.
- I need your help.
I got these two bullets
that match up identical weights,
we'll call them the Levi
and the Josie bullets.
- Who were they?
- Never mind the names.
Now I got these two, let's call these
the banker and the store owner bullets.
- They murdered Hugh and Martin.
- That's ain't important at this time.
Now, the Levi bullet and the Josie bullet
are the same caliber and weight, 45, 250.
Banker and the store owner, same caliber
and weight, 44, 200.
That's the limit of my
investigative abilities.
Well, I could take it a
couple of steps further.
Melt down bullets and tell
ya their exact composition.
That might help ya determine
where they came from.
Yes, it would.
And if you know where they came from,
you might be able to trace
'em back to the killer.
How long will it take ya?
Why don't ya come back in the
morning and I'll have it for ya.
Who do we have left? Just Stu?
- That's it.
- Where is he?
Out fixin' the fence by the Flats.
So, the banker and the store owner
bullets are of identical composition.
- Right.
- They're 97% lead and 3% tin.
Standard factory made,
which is what I expected.
But here's where it takes an
interesting turn, Levi and Josie bullets
are also of identical
composition to one another.
But they're 95 % lead
and peculiarly 5% zinc,
leading me to believe these bullets
were not factory made, but were home made.
- Why would you say that?
- 'Cause a factory would never use zinc in their moldings.
Not only fouls up you pots,
but it makes for a fairly unsound bullet.
Why would somebody use
zinc instead of tin?
Probably run out of tin.
But there's loads of zinc around here.
I reckon whoever poured the Levi
and Josie bullets is from these parts.
The final analysis is right there
in that invoice.
- Good job.
- You need more, you just let me know.
All right, I appreciate it.
Have a good day.
- Did you get any leads on that woman?
- Well, let's just say I have my suspicions.
I apologize for digin' you up, Mr. Ramirez.
I just tryin' to get to the bottom
of this bloodbath.
I reckon we oughta get you
back in your resting place.
Hey, Dan, you're dead!
Looks like I'm at the wrong ranch.
The Final Shaming is at hand.
Twice you shamed me, but now
in the end, I shame you.
Now will hang there, in shame
until the sun dries your
scrawny testicles into leather hide
and the ravens peck you apart.
Thousands of pecks of shame,
what will they take first?
Your eyeballs, they'll be pecked out
in shame, your ears, your nose
your tongue? All pecked out in shame,
until the Devil reaches up
and he claims your rotten soul.
The shamer has become the shamed.
Now, I am the shamer,
and it feels good.
Wait, Jo-Jo. I'm... I'm
a little bit confused.
Oh, I'm sorry, did I not
make myself quite clear?
You are going to hang there
and you are going to fucking die.
Well, it's not exactly clear.
Ya see,
ya got Jews, you got your Muslims,
ya got the fat Chinaman with the big belly,
hell, ya even got Injuns
with their Wakan Tanka
so, what I gotta know is, especially
with all this crap you've been preaching...
Who's right?
I am the Prophet Josiah.
The Lord burns.
The Fire of Jehovah.
And when the final trump sounds
it is I who will sit along side
the Lord on his golden throne of glory.
- And I alone...
- Shame on you, Shamer!
- Let's go cut yourselves a whore.
- Shame on you shamer!
Shame on the shamer!
What the hell are you doin' over there?
Oh, my, my my. My, my, my.
Fuck you.
Ladies, would you like
to hear a verse of Lord Byron?
I would I were a careless child,
Still dwelling in the Highland cave,
Or roaming through the dusky wild...
You're just a dirty whore!
You're the Devil's Harlot!
You Bitch of Satan!
I suppose I am.
Hey, go easy there, Darlin',
I can't feel my legs no more.
Thank you.
You're on your own.
Oh! Oh! Please don't, ma'am.
Oh, no, oh...
Sarah, you're safe now,
you've cleared the way.
I see you restrained my wife.
No matter.
They were a jealous bitches, it would never
have worked between them and us.
They were mean spirited sinners,
and you are, you are pure...
and noble of heart, I
see that, I know that.
I did not see my daughter.
Is she dead?
So be it.
She isn't?
Well, you can teach her how to fuck.
We both know how good you are at that.
Come on Sarah, come out.
You have nothing to fear,
this is yours now.
Why would you hide?
Look, this is your house.
This is your land.
There are no encumbrances to our union.
You kill my wives,
I killed your husbands.
We are not that dissimilar.
I'm placing my weapon down and enterin'...
I enter in the Spirit of Peace.
And I'm falling before the Lord
to resolve our grievances.
We can live together, Sarah,
a second chance.
With peace, harmony, and happiness.
Oh, fuck it.
Shut up.