Swerve (2011) Movie Script

It ...
Come on.
- Are you hurt?
- He was driving on the wrong side.
Hold on.
We had to go to the hospital.
- Can you take me home?
- Of course. Wait a while in my car.
I'll be back.
- Should I ask for help in?
- No, I can manage.
Thank you for driving.
Hey who's your name, so
I can report to Police.
- Beer?
- Yes, thank you.
- Is this the only hotel in this city?
- Is it not good enough?
It's good enough for me.
How to contact
the local police?
- There's the problem?
- There was an accident on the highway.
He used to come here
- You look at me or look for me?
- I'm looking for the police.
You've found it.
Here we can relax.
- What's the problem?
- There was an accident on the highway.
- Where?
- Can we talk somewhere?
Let's go to the station.
- Oh, God.
- I can not leave it there.
Now I'm no room
for it here.
- And he's dead?
- No doubt about it.
I also found this.
- Neverest Hotel, 12:30. Is there anything else?
- No.
Maybe on day one or he lost control.
It happens when you want to overtake.
He seems in a hurry
to get here soon.
Most people
hurry away.
- Is he drunk?
- No. He wanted to avoid the car a girl.
- Women are where?
- He's headed out of town. Pretty and blond
Let's see there. Do you mind?
- Maybe you want a statement?
- No. We'll take it later.
We should use the money
taxes for something other than marching band.
Windshield slashing his throat.
He had to be identified.
After Maurice selasai
autopsy, tell him to call
if he saw something
- I want to be told something abnormal.
- But ...
Move the corpse
before starting to smell.
Come on, Bill.
- Leg or shoulder?
- Feet.
You brave.
That man could be transformed into
pot-roast before the day ends.
Trunk lid is broken.
Change the wheels that we
can drag it here.
people will vomit.
- Have you ever seen this?
- Yes, in Iraq.
- Infantry?
- Forces Engineer.
While I was in
a special power.
It is the best time of my life.
I know a lot.
Are you just passing through?
Yes, I had to Broken Hill tomorrow afternoon.
But I need a mechanic.
There is a nice Armstrong, but he
will not be back before midnight.
- Is there a motel?
- Yes, it is full. There orchestra events.
I hate it, but it was the only
which attract tourists here.
You can stay at my house.
Do not.
This is not a problem.
My wife is smart cook.
I'll take you to Armstrong in the morning.
You can not say no.
That's it.
Looks like you've ever met.
- Cooking is not my specialty.
- I never complained.
Very lucky you were there.
But I do not understand.
- Where are you going?
- I want a ride.
- Yes, but where?
- Where the hell. As you're not?
- Yeah but I'm still on the road.
- Not always.
- You know where the money came from?
- Probably from drugs.
We are close to the border.
- Approximately how much does it cost?
- A lot.
- Stored securely in the station?
- Honey, what I say about the matter for the police?
The less I know, the better.
Women ...
There will be changes in the weather.
Most people do not like change.
They want to run
the same routine.
Actually we are the ones who are always changing.
I'm not the old me, so did you.
No one can
we do for it.
That's why I liked about Iraq.
Everything is changing constantly.
When you're in a firefight and
survive, it is something great.
If you see something
so interesting and you might have
- Are you going to sacrifice
everything for it?
- It depends on what it used to be.
- He came to the station.
He had been robbed.
Since then we have shared.
He makes me feel alive.
He who wants it.
- What do you think?
- You have done well.
Now I alluded to about the house.
I love three things:
work, home and my wife.
Are there a strong
faith but without love?
Did not have a cigarette?
You want to swim, Frank?
No, I had to go to the office
and check out a few things.
- Not for long.
- All right.
- Are you going to go swimming?
- No, mrs. Turner.
- Feeling hard to call myself Jena?
- Yes.
You sure do not want to go?
You do not talk much not.
- How far will you drive today?
- As far as possible.
Why did you give up her suitcase?
You can take it away.
Honesty is one of
one weakness.
Something that is rarely found
in many people.
Would you like to rub
my back?
I'll show you your room.
Can not tolerate or existing street lights
Another reason for standing in the dark, Sam?
Is it forbidden?
A man with a cue in the middle of the night
can be considered to have a criminal intent.
- I came.
- What are you doing Sam?
In fact I'm surprised you're not at home with your wife.
Is he all right at home?
Take care of yourself
and it does not concern you.
Are you a regular
have many guests?
Frank is not so social person
You are something special.
Is it coming
of the accident?
Does he do it?
Not often, but enough.
Why are you moving
here with him?
Frank has a problem
with anger.
He threw the police through
windows, damaging arteries.
He was not charged, but
transferred to it.
I'm stuck here.
- Frank tells a different story.
- But he did.
- How long have you been married?
- In the year or hours?
Well ... goodnight.
- Thank you.
- Thank you, Jena.
Thank you, Jena.
It sounds better when
You have spoken.
Come on.
- Basic pile of garbage.
- I agree.
- Who are you? Family?
- None of the remaining families.
I Finley, from
Sunset insurance.
- What company?
- Sunset. That calculates the damage.
- Looking for something?
- Yes.
Keep your prints from there.
It is being investigated as a crime.
- Do local police have been here?
- Got an ID?
I'll call him.
You can even ask him.
I'm going to ask Sam
to take me home.
No way, no. I left early.
I'll pick you up.
We can go out and eat.
Give me a kiss.
Nice to meet you, Colin.
Armstrong helped
fix your car.
- Thank you for everything.
- Ah never mind.
I will come and fill
accident report.
Oh yeah I almost forgot.
It was my wife's testimony is sufficient.
I do not want to keep you any longer.
- Thank you.
- Good luck.
- Hello?
- Mr. Petersen
We have to do your job interviews.
We wait till 12:30 hours
Seems a bit difficult for me.
- You want to have this job is not it?
- Of course.
- I'll wait at 12:30
- I'll be there ..
There were people inside?
- Where is the inspector?
- Went fishing.
- There are people dying on the highway.
- Sorry I do not have time right now.
I'm in bad shape.
- Who is that? Assistant Frank?
- He was just passing through.
Where is your car?
Did Frank no longer trust you?
- I'm just tired.
- You must be too busy.
Look, if I have to finish
this account or not?
What about Frank?
He seemed a little cold this morning.
You treat her well?
- I heard something.
- Like what?
I always wondered what the
occurs on both assistant Frank.
People who ate lunch with
What's his name? Chris and Curt?
I do not remember.
Tell me how
You do it.
Is the driving recklessly?
"Oh I'm stuck in this town, I
have to go out and I'm angry .. "
You indicated that they
was in the palm of your hand.
You're good.
There will be an important client this afternoon.
He may come for business.
And that is for you.
Stay connect the power cord and press
button if it's too complicated for you?
It is your job,
including clean clean.
Idiot and did not
understand anything.
I'll probably do.
Frank has seen
how do you judge me.
- He has not knocked on my door instead?
- Maybe he'll do.
As soon as
I told him.
Where are you going?
- Hi.
- Will you take me home?
- Frank is not he here?
- I do not know where he is.
- Really?
- Yes. But thank you.
- Really?
- Yes.
- I procrastinate your time?
- Ten minutes does not change my life.
- Will you tell me what happened?
- Do you really want to hear?
Can talk to Jena. Where is he?
- I do not have time
- Sam, I'm going to talk to ...
Return to complete?
You have to do it right earlier.
I love you.
Get away from him!
- Stop, Frank!
- I went back to take it all.
- What are you doing?
- Calling an ambulance.
He's dead.
Who is it?
- We must melapori to the police.
- We will be at the accused for murder.
What do you mean? It was self defense.
He tried to strangle me.
Me and Frank have a problem.
He thinks I'm cheating
with a partner.
We fight one night.
And finally be getting worse.
I tried to shoot him.
Everyone knows that.
What do you think happens if
people look at the situation like this?
Damn it!
Soon the police saw the bodies of Frank, what
would you say to them?
There is a silver mine
old on the other side of town.
We put the bodies in Broncoen and
I would memgendarai police car.
We dispose of the body and
leave the police car there.
I would say that
I heard Frank talk
about the meeting place
for drug dealers.
They will think that he is going there, and
she was murdered and her body dumped.
Good. Apparently you have
not plan all this?
We have no choice.
- Where are you going?
- Check that we do not forget anything.
- What happened?
- What do you think?
That was a car that passed us in front of your house.
Why is he stalking you?
He's certainly not the police.
I can not do
without your help. Help?
He just grabbed me.
Come on.
This sleeve.
I heard you last night.
Does not sound like fear.
You do not listen
pretty good after that.
Do you have a place to
run away and hide?
- Someone will soon find out.
- Where are you going?
We recommend that you speak with the police.
I'm not good at lying.
My car keys. With hanger
dog in the bag.
- With blood and everything!
- You drop it in mine?
I'm fine.
- What happened to the rope?
- I'm do not know. Wait a minute.
- How can you come?
- In the same way as your husband.
I'm home!
Forget your little love
and in a hurry at work -
- and work a little more
If not, I should have called Frank
and tell him a little
- What can I do for you Frank?
- I have come to answer your call.
- Who is calling?
- To my wife to work overtime.
- Where's my wife?
- I do not know.
Calm down.
What do you say about overtime?
Do you want more overtime?
That's my wife!
I saw how
the way you looked at her.
I never liked you.
You're always sneak.
Where is he?
He came home after you.
I followed. The main door was locked.
They may be in the house.
I swear that I did not
never been touched.
It's to think about.
- Satan.
- Satan's hell, is not it?
- How do you do it?
- What are you talking about?
Partner Frank. What's his name? Chris.
Former girlfriend.
I found him there.
There is a belt around her neck snare.
He wears it.
How do you like it?
You think I killed him?
- I love him.
- Oh yeah?
You think I'd let you go to
down there if I knew his body was there?
Yes, if you think I can not go back again.
What happened to the rope?
You will not believe
whatever I say.
The man was trying to kill me.
Do not take unnecessary risks.
Is there another way out of here?
A gravel road. It took more
long, but the lead to Broken Hill.
Do not worry. They must come.
This is the only way out of town.
No. There is another way.
Stay here maybe I'm wrong.
Let me do it.
Keep the car when I was buying tickets.
train leaves in five minutes
- Next.
- How are you?
- What is it?
- Yes.
I'll take it.
Damn it!
He could not catch the train.
Tell me how your boyfriend
could end up in the mines.
- Where are you going?
- I need a drink.
You should have seen her.
He gave her room key and told
to help him to bed.
I helped her, but
he could not sleep well.
- I'm going to shit.
- Yes, it's in horoskopmu for today.
- Snap and all the police would come.
- Probably not.
- Possibility ye not good.
- They're getting better all the time.
- Want to know who's coming after you?
- Close suitcase.
Division police drugs or not?
Asia people carry and sell
to this country, the police arrested and later
packed and resell
to Asia and works very well.
A nice little operation.
You get
both Asians and
police after you.
I do not care.
We can make an appointment. I could mislead
them, so the better your chance.
- It sounds too complicated for me.
- Do not you want to share?
I think not.
You're not going to shoot. You cop.
Know police work have taught me?
There is no justice.
It is not far from the grave
and it was dark and dirty.
Looks like your wife already had other plans.
He prefers the young.
As I see,
There are three possibilities.
Frank with you and strangle
with his belt.
Or maybe you want Chris
take you away from there.
He refused so you go to
Frank, and say something like
- That he had come to
You and Frank do it for you.
It may not be so difficult.
- And the third?
- Third ...
-'re The one who killed him.
- I guess you do not have a vivid imagination.
- What is it?
- Police Report.
- How did you find it?
- The body of Chris.
Everything was there: the ownership,
prostitution and human trafficking.
Chris found out that you are married
a pimp before with Frank.
You had a motive
to kill him.
You do not want Frank
understand. Is it true?
It's not what you think.
Chris will take
go from there.
I was told that I could not,
so he tried to blackmail me.
I found the letter
before Frank saw it.
I faced Chris. He was ashamed
with what he did.
He wants to leave
city at night.
That's it. That's what I call
Jena imagination. Fantastic.
You smart.
When are you going to tell
I'm about the money?
It's in the trunk, right?
Say if I'm wrong!
- You do not have to talk loud loud.
- No one listen, besides me.
You want to put it right?
- I do not want to leave empty-handed from here.
- You have a life.
That is not enough.
Where is the trunk?
You have cheated me!
- Looking for this?
- Frank Calm, quiet ..
- I'm pretty calm.
- You did not see me do not you?
- The first time or the second?
- Put the gun Frank
I've talked about
with your friends.
Do not do
something stupid.
Decrease in there and keep it running.
At the bottom.
Stop right there. Open the door!
- I find your partner in the mine.
- Where he left it.
- I did not do anything.
- Open the door.
I can not, Jena. I have
do everything for you.
- You want it all yourself.
- I never loved you.
You get a second chance.
It's over. Give me the gun.
How long does it take
to save half?
We can not take him.
My mother always said that there are three
things in life that make happy.
Health, Money and Love.
For the first time in my life,
I have the first two.
The only thing I need
This is the third time.
Say yes.
Do not lie
sebamyak me this.
Back again?
Most never returned.
- Beer?
- Why not?
At home.
Verdi "Power of Destiny".
It's called music.
It reminds me of
story on the merchant in Baghdad.
- In Iraq. You know the city?
- I know very well.
The merchant sends
his servant to buy goods.
The waitress came back
in horror and said:
"Sir. I nudged a
old woman in the crowd "
"When I turned around I saw
that death will be with me. "
"He looked at me and made
threatening movement. "
"Please sir lend horse so
I can avoid my fate. "
"I will go to Samarra, where
death does not find me. "
The merchant then lend
his horse to his servant.
Then drive 110 km
to Samarra as soon as possible,
Meanwhile, traders
decided to look for the old woman.
He found it and he asked:
Why did you threaten my servant?
He said: "It's not an attitude
threatening but I was astonished .. "
"I was shocked when
seen in Baghdad "
"Because we will meet
tonight in Samarra "
I do not care what happens,
but i want my money.