Swim (2021) Movie Script

(gentle music)
(ominous music)
(thunder rumbling)
(siren distantly wailing)
- I'd hate to be flying in this weather.
- I am taking you to the airport, right?
- I was just joking.
I'm heading home.
Well, actually, I'm
heading to a beach rental
that's right near my home, so.
- Okay.
(exciting music)
(phone rings)
- Hey, honey.
You're on in the car. Say hi to everyone.
- [Hudson] Hello, everybody.
- Hi!
- Tuck.
Can you say hi to your dad, please?
- [Tucker] Oh, hey, dad.
- [Lacey] Your plane about to take off?
- No, no, I'm not gonna make it.
- Are you serious?
- Wait, you're not going to be able to
make it to the beach house?
Are you tied up with work?
- No, no, I'm coming.
I'm coming to the beach house,
but the flight was delayed.
The weather is terrible,
so I'm just going to have this driver
take me to a car rental hub,
and then I'm just going
to drive myself down.
- I don't want you to drive.
You said that it was pouring up there.
- Yeah, so I'm just going
to take the Five Freeway.
It'll be a straight shot down south.
I'm gonna be there in about six hours,
two if I start to hydroplane.
- Well, if you need to stop,
don't forget about Coalinga.
- No way, no, no, no.
It's been 12 long days without everybody.
I miss you guys too much, even your dad.
Oh, honey, one more thing.
Please make sure that Mr.
Hamilton fixed those leaks,
because of this weather heads south,
I don't want to be walking through
a house full of buckets like
we did last summer, okay?
- Yeah, on it.
- All right, love you.
- [Lacey] Love you too.
I'm sorry that I never
really tried to mention
That I knew just what
you were gonna do
(gentle music)
- Here it is.
(water burbling)
- Leaky pipes.
(somber music)
- My neighbors called you, right?
- Let's see the outside structures.
- Okay.
So do I get a copy of
this when you're done?
- Up to the city council.
Here, sign this.
- Seriously?
Come on.
Half of this stuff is
cosmetic and you know it.
Since when am I not allowed
to have a breaker box on the property?
- Not on the roof.
- I'm installing solar.
- You're stealing cable.
- Cable's expensive.
- You can't rent this property out again
until you finish all the fixes.
You can schedule a meeting
with the city council
to request some exceptions
and some continuances.
(somber music)
(phone rings)
- Hamilton Beach Rentals,
Henry Hamilton speaking!
- Henry, it's Lacey Samson.
- Oh, Mrs. Samson, how are you?
It's hard to believe
it's been a year, huh?
- [Lacey] I know, I know.
- I hope everything's good.
- Yeah, yeah, everything's fine.
We're running a little bit late.
Hudson and I wanted to make sure that
you fixed all the leaks from last summer.
- Oh, yeah, yeah.
I replaced those with copper pipes.
My man Rowan did it.
- Oh, good.
Great, I like Rowan.
Also, I'm having a package
delivered to the condo.
Have you seen it?
- I've got a package here.
Yeah, I got it.
It's in my hands.
- Great.
Just make sure you bring
it in before it rains.
- Rain?
Come on, it's not gonna rain!
- Really?
That's not what the weather app says.
- Aw, nonsense.
Are you kidding me?
I should be charging you
more for this weather.
It's gonna be beautiful.
You and your family are gonna have
a great month here, I guarantee.
- Oh, that's great to hear.
Thank you, Mr. Hamilton.
Hey, we'll be there soon, okay?
- Happy travels!
Oh, shit!
(tense music)
Okay, bye.
(waves crashing)
Son of a bitch.
(foreboding music)
(Henry screaming)
(Henry grunting)
(gentle music)
- [Noah] Tuck, get my walker, will ya?
Pop the back, will ya?
- [Lacey] Every summer,
we've come here since you were babies.
I'm going to miss it.
- Well, college isn't year round.
I'll be home in the summer.
- Yeah, but college
and then medical school
and then post-graduate school and then...
- Well, do you not want me to
become a doctor like grandpa?
- I want everything for
you and your brother.
All right, you guys.
I don't wanna make more than one trip,
so let's try and get everything, okay?
- Mom!
- [Tucker] Yes, a new record!
- [Lacey] Tuck, either
help with stuff in the back
or grandpa, okay?
You can't just stand there.
What? Okay.
- [Noah] I don't need any help.
- [Lacey] All right, luggage it is.
- Be careful.
Be careful.
- I got it.
(engine roars)
- Hey, hey, hey, I thought that was you!
You guys coming or going?
- Well, we're just arriving.
I thought you were gonna be at
your Cabo house this summer.
- Yeah, well, I had to stick
in town for a big case.
You guys staying for a whole month again?
- As always.
- Hey, where's my man, Hudson?
- He's driving in from San Francisco.
- Hey, Tad, is Becky around?
- You stay away from her, Tucker.
I see that look in your eye.
- What, wait, what?
- What?
She's my daughter.
- Tad, they've been friends
since they were kids,
ever since you got the condo next door.
- Yeah.
- Is she swimming?
- Yeah.
I was hoping I could catch her
before the Santa Anas kicked in,
but I guess I'll just
drive around a little bit.
Listen, if you guys see her,
tell her to take a ride share
back to the Palisades house, all right?
Not her mother's place.
Oh, and honestly,
you better think about
going back to the city.
They say the storm's gonna
get pretty bad tonight.
You might lose electricity,
and what are you gonna do
if you can't watch your precious sports?
Heh, ciao!
(car engine roars)
(gentle music)
(waves crashing)
- [Tucker] Come on, guys.
- Look at this, Lace.
If the house looks like this...
Chances are they never fixed
the leak from last year.
- Enough.
- I told you this is gonna be a disaster,
just like last summer.
How many times did the electricity go out?
- Dad, just go inside.
I've got to make a call, okay?
- [Noah] Mhm.
(phone ringing)
(ominous music)
Come on.
(waves crashing)
- Can I get the room upstairs this time?
- No way.
You had it last year.
- It could be your
graduation present to me.
- Really?
Okay, sure, it's yours.
That was easy.
(waves crashing)
(somber music)
- [Lacey] Hey.
- Hey.
You know, I know I gave you a
hard time about coming here,
but thank you for carrying on
this fine summer tradition.
Your mom?
Oh, she'd be proud.
- It's not gonna be the same
once Charlotte goes off to college.
- It's okay. Things change.
You adapt. It's not
always about the place.
You know, I know it would
be a beast if we try,
but what if we rented a boat next week,
a fishing boat, just you and me,
and we went out fishing just
like when you were a kid?
- Dad no.
- [Noah] What?
- It would be too hard for you.
We haven't done it since-
- Just because I'm old doesn't
mean I can't do things.
- All right, I'll make you a deal.
- [Noah] Okay.
- If the weather clears by Tuesday,
I'll go fishing with you,
but I don't wanna hear
any complaining, okay?
Not even one.
(Lacey giggles)
(wind howls)
- Oh, boy.
- [Lacey] You okay?
- Yeah.
(thunder rumbles)
I'm hungry. Where's the sandwiches?
- Has anyone seen the package
that was delivered for me?
- No, Mom.
- Huh.
Well, if you find it, give it to me.
Don't open it 'cause it's a surprise.
- Looks like Mom found another game
for game night that no
one will wanna play.
(Noah chuckles)
- You just wait and see.
(tense music)
- I think I'm gonna go swimming in a bit.
It'll be my last chance
before this storm comes in.
- With Becky?
- Nope.
- I thought you didn't like swimming.
- I don't like water polo.
It's a big difference.
- [Lacey] Yeah, I don't know, Tuck.
This weather is-
- It's what I've been training in
for like the last five summers
in a row here at this beach.
- With lifeguards watching.
I don't see anyone out there today.
- I know the drills.
Look, do you want me to do
water polo again or not?
- I thought you were
gonna join the chess club.
Okay, 60 minutes tops.
- Mom, I got this.
I'm fine.
Just leave it alone.
- All right.
Steak or chicken for dinner?
- [Tucker] Uh, fish?
- That was the plan.
- See ya.
(TV chattering)
- You let the boy go swimming,
but you give me a hard time about fishing.
- Don't twist my words.
We're still gonna go next week
if you're feeling up for it
and weather permitting, okay?
(electricity fizzles)
- Oh.
(ominous music)
The TV went out!
You know, we're here
for barely two seconds.
- I'll check the breaker.
(Lacey panting)
- Thank you.
Come on, Cubs.
Come back to me, Cubs.
(water hissing)
(foreboding music)
- [Lacey] Damn it, Hamilton!
You said you fixed the leaks!
(phone rings)
- Hello?
- Hey, Mr. Rowan, it's Lacey Samson, hi.
- Hey, Mrs. Samson.
It must be summertime.
- Is there any way that you can come here?
We've been trying to reach Mr. Hamilton
and he's not picking up.
Have you talked to him today?
- [Rowan] No.
- Do you know if he's still around?
- No, I haven't done any work
for Mr. Hamilton in a while.
- He said you put in copper pipes.
- No, no.
He hasn't called me and
talked to me about that.
- I should have known,
but is there any way that
you could come by here?
This month is really important
because this is the last time
our family's gonna be together
before my daughter goes
off to college, and I just,
we wanna make it memorable, and just,
everything here is messy.
- I don't think Mr. Hamilton would want me
coming out there right now.
- Oh, don't worry about him.
We're gonna pay you directly, okay?
- No, this weather's getting really bad.
- Look, I'm gonna pay you double.
- No, no, no, you don't have to do that.
- I just really need your help,
because the pipes are leaking
and the basement is flooded.
I don't know what to do.
- All right, just for you.
I will be out there.
I'll make it my last stop on the way home.
Hey, but you know, my wife
has not stopped raving
about those lemon bars
you made us last year.
(Lacey laughs)
- Okay.
I'll make sure you get
some before you go home.
- [Rowan] No, you don't have to do that.
- [Lacey] Hey, it would be my pleasure.
- Okay, you've won me over.
All right, girl.
We'll see you later on.
- Thank you.
Thank you, Mr. Rowan.
I thought you fixed the leaks.
(waves crashing)
- Wow, you've grown since last summer!
- Two inches, actually.
- Yeah, only two?
My summer fling's all grown up.
- You know, it doesn't have
to always be a summer fling.
- He's getting forward, too.
Tuck's all grown up.
- Your dad was looking for you earlier.
- Yeah, I know.
He's trying to get us all
inside because of the storm,
but I know that he's just
trying to show off his daughter
to his new girlfriend, so...
- He seemed pretty worried.
- Yeah, well, I'm not
here to talk about my dad.
- We're going swimming?
- [Becky] That was the plan, right?
- Well, the weather...
- [Becky] You sound like my dad.
(foreboding music)
- I thought maybe we could
do some other things.
- What, are you afraid of a little water?
- I'm half-fish.
- Come on.
(waves crashing)
- [Tucker] Hey, wait up!
(Becky laughs)
- The pipes, huh?
- Don't get me started.
Rowan's coming by to fix it now.
- Good, at least he knows what he's doing.
- Ugh!
(ominous music)
(thunder rumbling)
Charlotte, oh!
- I guess Tucker found Becky.
- Yeah, I guess.
Can you go get them?
Because the wind is picking up,
and her dad is looking for her,
and they just shouldn't be out there.
I'll be down in a minute.
I need to change.
(thunder cracking)
(foreboding music)
(both laughing)
- [Becky] Come on!
- [Tucker] You're going too far out.
Tide's too high!
- [Becky] You play it way too safe, Tuck!
- [Tucker] I play it smart!
- [Becky] Yeah, and where
did smart ever get you?
- [Tucker] Ah!
- Cut it out!
(both chuckle)
- Tucker!
Tucker, come on!
Mom wants you in!
There's a package with your name on it!
- Oh, great.
Guess it did get delivered.
The wind must have knocked it over.
Make sure your brother comes in.
- Tucker, come on!
(tense music)
(Charlotte screams)
Oh my God, oh my God.
Shark, shark!
Tucker, shark, shark!
Tucker, come on!
Come in!
- Hi, Charlotte!
(scary music)
- Now, now!
Where are you going?
Come back, there's a shark!
Tucker, come in!
- [Becky] You sister really
wants you to come in.
- [Tucker] Becky, hold up.
Is that a shark?
- [Becky] What?
- [Tucker] Get to the shore!
I'll distract it.
(tense music)
(TV blaring)
- [Charlotte] Mom!
- Mind turning that down?
- [Becky] Tuck, I don't see it.
- [Charlotte] Swim to the shore!
- [Tucker] Becky, swim, swim!
(intense music)
Swim, Becky, swim!
(Becky screaming)
(somber music)
(phone rings)
(phone rings)
- Honey!
- [Hudson] Hey, it's me.
Can you hear me?
- Hello?
- [Hudson] Honey, can you hear me?
(TV blares)
- Honey, I can't hear you.
- It's me, I'm just, honey?
- Yeah, the connection
here, it's terrible.
- I'm not gonna make it for dinner, babe.
I don't know if you can hear me.
- [Lacey] What?
- Honey?
- Honey, just call me back.
- Hey, babe, I didn't know
if you could hear me before,
but the rain is killing
me on travel time here,
so go ahead and eat without me.
I'm just gonna pick up some food in Gorman
and then I'll head straight to you.
I should be there a couple of
hours after that, all right?
I love you.
- [Noah] Is that Hudson?
- Yeah.
- Where is he?
- I can't hear anything, okay?
It's a bad connection.
- [Tucker] Becky!
(Becky screaming)
- [Charlotte] Becky, take my hand!
Take my hand!
(Becky groans)
I got you, I got you!
- [Becky] I've been bit!
I've been bit!
(Becky moaning)
- [Charlotte] You're going to be okay.
You're going to be okay.
- Are you okay? Are you okay?
- Tucker, grab that shirt.
- Okay.
- We have to make it back to the house!
- [Tucker] Can you walk?
- Yeah, I think.
Help me up.
- [Tucker] Can you get Mom?
- We don't have time!
We have to clean out the wound.
We have to do that
before it gets infected!
(Becky moaning)
Mom, help!
- Oh my God!
Oh my God!
Oh my God, Becky!
(waves crashing)
- There was another body out there!
It was too mangled.
- What, are you serious?
- Yes, you idiot!
That's why I was yelling at you!
- Wait, you guys, that's enough!
- What happened?
- A shark attacked her!
- A shark?
A shark?
(phone rings)
Easy, easy. A shark?
You're okay, you're gonna make it.
Nice breaths, nice breaths.
Oh, God, I think she's going into shock.
Charlotte, go get to the
kitchen, the bathroom.
Get towels, rags, rubbing
alcohol, medicine, anything.
Bring it back here.
Tucker, elevate her legs.
She's going into shock.
You need to keep her warm.
Honey, Becky, stay with us.
Stay with us, okay?
It's not a good time to go to sleep.
She's going into shock.
Elevate her legs.
- Tucker, where's your phone?
- It's right there.
- [Noah] All right.
There you go.
Charlotte, I need those rags!
- Tucker, just keep calling, okay?
- [Noah] She's got blood loss.
- It has like one bar on it.
- I know, it doesn't
matter, just keep calling.
Oh, the package.
- I couldn't find anything else.
- [Noah] Attagirl, that's okay!
Tear the rags!
(thunder rumbling)
(ominous music)
Good, okay, Tucker, get that off there.
All right, right here, sweetie.
Look at me. Face me.
- [Charlotte] What's that, Mom?
- It's a surprise for
you, your graduation gift.
It's a medical bag just
like your grandpa had.
Vintage, but it's not
a surprise any longer.
- No, it's great. Thank you.
- Get the driftwood?
Any piece of stick, a stick!
- You said you haven't been drinking!
- [Noah] A little sting,
a little sting, honey.
- [Tucker] Becky, what's happening?
What's happening? What's happening?
- That's good, that's good.
That means she's with us.
- [Tucker] What's going on?
- Adrenalin, blood loss.
- Well, is she gonna be okay?
- You're good. We'll take care of her.
Tighten around the tourniquet.
- We have to take her
to a hospital, right?
- Grandpa can handle it!
- No, grandpa is a retired pediatrician.
What this girl needs is a hospital.
- Okay, everyone get their things.
We are leaving and we're gonna
take her to the hospital.
(doorbell rings)
- Is that Dad?
- He's driving from San Francisco
and he left like two hours ago.
- [Noah] Okay, on the
count of three, spin it.
- Ah, what happened?
- It was a shark attack!
- [Rowan] What can I help you with?
- It's okay.
We're leaving for the hospital right now.
- You guys need to leave right now!
They're shutting down the PCH!
I can fix everything
over here at the house.
- Mom, what about Dad?
- We'll try calling
him from the car, okay?
Good job, Dad.
- [Noah] Let's get this tourniquet on.
- I don't think we're coming back.
You don't need to fix the
leaks if you don't want to.
- I'll be okay.
You guys take care of your
family and get out of here safe!
- Okay, will do.
- [Noah] Go, take her.
Keep her elevated!
Keep her elevated!
Keep her level!
- [Lacey] Okay.
- [Rowan] You got her? You got her?
(wind howling)
(waves crashing)
(foreboding music)
(thunder cracks)
(group muttering)
- [Noah] Yeah, go!
- What if Dad gets here
and we're not here?
We have to call him.
- He'll be fine, okay?
We just gotta take care of Becky.
(thunder cracks)
(Lacey screams)
(water hissing)
(ominous music)
- [Rowan] Ah!
(waves crashing)
(Rowan grunting)
Yeah, yeah, I got something for that ass.
(tense music)
- [Lacey] Is everyone okay?
- I'm okay!
- Don't, don't, don't touch the wires!
They're hot!
- [Lacey] Charlotte, honey, try the door.
- [Charlotte] The door won't open!
- [Noah] Tucker, is Becky okay?
- [Tucker] She's hanging
in there, grandpa!
- Mom, the doors won't open!
- Lace, give Charlotte the key!
Maybe we can wedge it out!
Charlotte, jump over and
try and start the car!
- Be careful!
Watch those wires!
(electricity crackling)
(car engine rUmbling)
- Mom, It's not starting!
We need to get Becky to the hospital!
I don't want her to die!
- [Noah] She's not gonna die!
Keep trying!
Ease off the gas.
- [Charlotte] Okay.
It's not working. It's stuck.
- Come on, Charlotte, do something!
- Look, it's not stuck!
The car is just damaged!
We're fine!
We'll find another way out!
You got it?
- I'll be right back!
(tense music)
- Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!
No, no, no, no, no.
- Damn it, there's no key!
(wind howls)
(ominous music)
Everyone, you need to take cover!
Everyone clear!
- Mom, what are you...
- [Noah] Take cover!
- Stay away from the window!
Come on!
Come on!
Hurry, come on.
- [Tucker] Okay.
- Get out of the car!
Come on!
Everybody out, out!
- [Tucker] Help with Becky!
(Becky grunting)
- [Noah] Come on, Tucker.
Come on, Tucker!
Help me, Tucker.
- I got you.
- [Lacey] Come on, this way.
(storm roaring)
- [Noah] You need to help Becky now.
- [Lacey] Okay.
(Rowan panting)
- Not today, not today.
(tense music)
(shark roars)
(Rowan screaming)
- [Noah] Becky, how are you doing?
- [Becky] Hanging in there.
- [Noah] Seems like the bleeding stopped.
I know it hurts, Becky.
There should be an
ambulance available soon.
(Becky moaning)
- Do you think Dad's gonna be okay?
- Tucker, help your
grandpa on the couch now!
Sit down. I got you, Dad, I got you!
- Here, here, here, here!
Thank you, here.
Dad, are you okay?
Are you okay?
Dad, are you okay?
There you go.
Okay, Tucker, I need you
to get grandpa and Becky
some water now, okay?
Mr. Rowan, we're back!
I need you to tell Mr.
Rowan that we're back, okay?
Becky, you're so strong.
You're doing great.
You okay, Dad?
- [Charlotte] Mr. Rowan?
- [Tucker] Mom?
- Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Good job, good job.
I got you.
Here, good job, Dad, drink this water.
You're doing great.
- Tucker!
You gotta see this, Tucker!
- What?
Oh my God, it's flooded!
Dad's gonna be pissed.
- [Charlotte] You think?
- Man, this place is gonna sink!
Mr. Rowan?
- Do you think he hurt himself?
- [Tucker] I don't know.
Let's see.
- [Charlotte] Don't get in the water!
- Just stay there.
Grab the flashlight so we can find him.
He could be hurt.
- You okay?
It's okay, just breathe.
(suspenseful music)
- [Tucker] Oh my God!
(Charlotte gasps)
- [Charlotte] Tuck, I felt something.
- [Tucker] Yeah, there's a
lot of junk floating around.
- Wait.
- [Tucker] I found the flashlight.
I got it.
(Tucker shouts)
- Ah, oh my God, look out!
- [Tucker] Jesus!
- [Charlotte] Tuck, get
on something, quick!
(Charlotte screaming)
- Oh, it's the kids!
- Oh my God.
Please be careful!
(water splashes)
What are we gonna do?
(waves crashing)
- [Lacey] Charlotte!
Tucker, are you guys okay?
- [Charlotte] Mom, it's the shark.
(ominous music)
- [Tucker] I think it killed Mr. Rowan.
- [Lacey] Dad!
- [Noah] Lacey, are you okay?
What's going on down there?
- It's gonna be okay, Tucker.
It's going to be okay.
Charlotte, are you okay, baby?
It's a shark, it's a shark.
- [Noah] Oh.
(foreboding music)
- Dad, it's a shark.
We're going to get you out of here, guys.
Dad, I want you to go upstairs.
I want you to get the fish
on the kitchen counter
and I want you to get your fishing rods.
- Okay, okay, that's good.
(storm roaring)
- Sorry, the road's closed
until further notice.
- Are you serious?
- Lots of flooding down by
the beach and on the roads.
- I gotta get to my family!
They're in a rental
down there on the beach!
- I doubt it.
Houses on the beach,
they're all evacuating.
- My family's down there, officer.
- Probably at the Red Cross Evac Center.
- They didn't say anything to me
about evacuating when I talked to them.
- I don't know what to tell you.
- Are you sure I can't go down
and make sure they're not there?
- You need to turn around.
Nobody's getting through.
- Where's the Evac Center?
- At Clarion Elementary
about four miles south.
You know where that is?
- I'll find it.
(ominous music)
- [Lacey] Hang in there.
We're going to get you out.
- Okay.
- Dad, you okay?
- [Noah] Coming, almost there.
- Dad!
Charlotte, you can use that.
Yes, you can do it.
You can do it.
- [Charlotte] Mom?
(tense music)
(Lacey gasping)
What's it doing?
I just want to get the hell out of here.
- [Lacey] Grandpa's coming.
He's coming, okay?
- [Noah] Okay, I've got the pole.
I hope this works.
- [Charlotte] What's that supposed to do?
- [Tucker] Grandpa?
- Okay, okay.
Give me a second.
(fishing rod whirs)
- Then you can make your way, okay?
Just stay right there for now.
(fishing rod whirs)
- [Charlotte] It's caught!
You did it!
- Now, now!
Now, Charlotte!
You have to move now!
Charlotte, now!
- Wait for it to pass!
- You've got to go!
Charlotte, come on!
(suspenseful music)
Come on.
Okay, okay, you can do it!
Come on, you can do it.
- [Noah] Hurry!
- [Lacey] Come on, give me your hand.
- Go!
- [Lacey] Come on, Tucker, come on.
[Noah] You can do this.
Okay, you're set to go.
- God, baby come on.
- Come on, champ.
- Come on.
- You can do this.
Fastest swimmer in the school.
Remember that meet with the prep school?
They won state three years in a row.
Tucker, look at me.
Look at me!
Oh, gosh, kicked their ass
by a full seven points, didn't you?
- Okay.
- That's right.
- Now?
- [Noah] Go!
- No!
- All right, let go, let go.
- You okay?
Okay, yes.
(Noah grunting)
- Okay.
You trust me?
(fishing rod whirring)
(tense music)
Go, now!
- [Lacey] Go, go, go! Come on!
Come on, come here, Tucker, come on!
(Lacey gasping)
(all panting)
- Okay, dad.
I thought I'd lose both of you!
Thank God you're okay!
- Are you okay?
- [Charlotte] Yeah, I'm okay, Grandpa.
- [Noah] You okay?
- Okay.
- You okay?
Let me take a look at you.
You sure kept that shark busy down there.
- Was that Mr. Rowan?
- Don't think about that!
- You're cold.
He's cold.
Go get your brother a blanket, a towel,
and, Charlotte, could you
bring me back my oxygen?
- [Charlotte] Okay.
(thunder rumbling)
(foreboding music)
(rain pattering)
(waves crashing)
- The phone connections are still busy.
We need to get Becky to a hospital,
and these kids out of the house
before the water rises and
the shark attacks again!
- You go.
I'll stay behind.
- No, the tide's rising!
We're not leaving you here!
- You can and I will!
- We're not leaving you, Grandpa!
- We're gonna figure this out, okay?
(door bangs)
(Lacey screams)
- [Tucker] That's the shark!
- The stairs must be flooded.
Help me! Help me!
Grab that, please!
Bring it over here!
Thank you!
(door bangs)
(Lacey screams)
Thank you.
Yes, yes, yes.
Grab the other one, yes!
- Come on, Tucker!
- You gotta bend your knees, come on!
- Careful, careful.
(group grunting)
Rope, rope, we need rope!
Come on, yes!
Thank you.
Good job, baby!
Good job.
- [Tad] Oh my God, what happened?
(car roars)
- [Noah] Becky?
- [Lacey] It's gone for now, yeah, yeah.
- You okay?
- I'm better.
I'm still a little bit nauseous.
- Okay.
Stay warm, honey, stay warm.
- [Becky] You're wet.
- We'll find a way to get
you out of here, okay?
- Your family's been so nice to me.
Hey, are the phones working?
I should call my dad
and tell him where I am.
- Here.
(tender music)
They're still down.
- Keep trying, please?
- Oh, yeah, yeah.
(storm roaring)
- What are you doing?
Are you all right?
- [Tad] Hudson, what are you doing here?
- I was gonna ask you the same thing.
What happened to your head?
- I was looking for Becky.
Something flew by and hit me in the head.
This wind!
- Well, if you're looking for Becky,
and I'm looking for my family,
why don't we look together, okay?
- [Tad] I was just there.
A telephone pole crushed your SUV,
but I didn't see anyone.
- [Hudson] Come on.
- Where's your car?
- Up the hill, yours?
- I got it stuck in the mud
when I went around the police barricade.
- Nice.
- Hey, do you think Becky
might be with Tucker?
- I think so, yeah.
- I'm not ready for this shit, man.
- Me neither, man. You all right?
- [Tad] Yeah.
- [Hudson] All right. Come on.
- I'm still not getting anything.
- You guys, where is
that radio that one time
we had at the beach?
We brought it down there last summer.
- [Charlotte] I think
it's in the other room.
- It's in the drawer!
It's in the drawer!
- One of the drawers, okay.
- [Tucker] On the right side, right there.
(ominous music)
- Keep looking.
Don't get distracted!
- I'm looking!
- [Lacey] Hurry!
It sounds like the door is breaking!
- [Charlotte] Found it!
- Give it to me!
- Come on, bring it over here!
- Please, please, God.
Please, please.
How do you get...
It's not working.
- [Tucker] Mom!
There's more water coming in!
Here, let me see it, let me see it.
- If we can just get up over the hill,
we will get out of the flood zone.
- [Tucker] I can go!
I'll get help and come back!
- No, no, I'm gonna go.
I will see if there's anyone next door,
and then we can borrow their car.
- [Tucker] I'll go!
- No, no, stay here!
Please take care of Grandpa and Becky!
I'll be right back!
(waves crashing)
(foreboding music)
(Lacey knocking)
(radio static buzzing)
- [Radio Announcer] All areas
in the Clarion Beach basin
must be evacuated due to flooding.
This is a message from the
California Emergency Center.
All areas in the Clarion Beach basin
must be evacuated due to flooding.
This is a message from the-
(radio static buzzing)
(door slams)
- Mom?
- Well?
- Did you find anyone?
- No, and this storm is-
- Well, what about Dad?
- No, he's gonna have a
hard time getting up here.
- They probably closed
off this entire area.
- So we're just gonna sit here and die?
- Guys, I gotta talk to your mom.
I'm not...
I'm not running up those
damn stairs to the car.
You know that.
- What?
- When you get to safety,
just send someone back for me.
- I'm not leaving you!
- You need to protect my grandkids,
and the only way you're going to do that
is to get out of here.
- Okay.
(tender music)
- Charlotte, she's going to
make one hell of a doctor.
Such a big heart.
And Tucker, he's going
to set the world on fire.
Go on.
Go on.
Go on. Go on.
Get outta here.
- I love you.
- [Noah] I love you, too.
Now, go, go on!
- [Lacey] Guys, come on.
Get your things. Grab Becky.
- We're going?
- [Lacey] Yes!
- Is Grandpa coming with us?
- No, honey, no.
- I love you, Grandpa.
- I love you, too.
I'm proud of you both.
You listen to your mom.
I'll see you in a bit.
Okay, go, go on now.
- [Lacey] Guys, come
on, we gotta get Becky.
- Go on now, go.
- Okay.
(Lacey sobs)
(storm roars)
(tense music)
(rope snaps)
The door!
- [Lacey] Charlotte, help me!
(waves crashing)
Get off the ground!
- [Tucker] Mom?
- The kids.
Dad, get out of the water!
- [Charlotte] Mom, are you okay?
(Noah grunts)
- You okay?
(Becky sobs)
(foreboding music)
(Lacey gasps)
Don't move, Tucker!
Guys, we need to go upstairs.
- How?
- [Lacey] Grab what you can.
- [Charlotte] Got it!
- Dad, you with me?
- [Noah] Yeah.
- You okay?
How's Becky? Becky?
- I'm fine.
- What are you doing?
- I'm gonna distract the shark,
and you're gonna run up the stairs.
- No, Charlotte!
Get on the stairs!
- Charlotte, stay on the stairs!
Charlotte, give me the umbrella!
(Charlotte pants)
- Behind you!
(water splashes)
- [Charlotte] Mom, go, go!
- Behind you!
- [Tucker] It's over here!
- Tucker, get it!
Mom, get to the stairs!
(water splashing)
Grandpa, you good?
- Okay?
- [Charlotte] Yeah.
- [Noah] You okay, you okay?
- [Lacey] I think it
went in the other room.
- Okay.
- Take Becky up.
- Grandpa, you're gonna die!
Get on the table, please.
- You take Becky up the stairs.
I'll distract this fucker!
(Becky gasps)
(solemn music)
- [Tucker] Come on, come on, I got ya.
- [Lacey] All right,
Dad, come up the stairs.
(water splashing)
Dad, Dad!
(Lacey screams)
Let it go! Come up the stairs!
(Lacey shrieks)
(Noah grunts)
- [Charlotte] Grandpa, get up, now!
(Noah grunting)
- No!
- Ah!
- No, no, no!
(Noah screaming)
- Dad!
- Get out, get out!
(Noah screams)
(tense scream)
- Dad!
Go upstairs, kids.
I'm gonna fuck up a shark!
Die, die!
- [Tucker] Mom, Mom, Mom,
please come up here, now!
(ominous music)
- Why is there a shark in the house?
(Becky gasps)
(Hudson panting)
(storm roaring)
- [Hudson] Look, be careful.
Oh my God.
- [Tad] They can't be in there, can they?
- I don't know, come on.
Let's go.
- [Tad] Watch out.
(foreboding music)
(Lacey panting)
- [Tucker] How are you doing, Beck?
- [Becky] I'm so sorry about
everything, Mrs. Samson.
- No, it's not your fault.
You understand, right?
It's okay.
- It won't work!
- Charlotte, just try again.
Just try again. It worked.
- Hey, what about the smart watch?
Did you bring it?
- Yeah, I totally forgot about it.
- Yes!
- Okay.
- [Operator] 911, what's your emergency?
(group gasps)
- Hello, can you hear me?
We need help!
Our house is flooded and we-
- [Operator] Of course, ma'am.
We can send someone right over.
What's your name and address, please?
(uplifting music)
- This is Lacey Samson!
(phone beeping)
I lost them.
- Try again, try again!
- Damn it!
- We were on the phone long enough!
They can ping our location, right?
- [Becky] Definitely.
- I don't know how that works.
I mean, especially with
how bad the weather is.
- Mom, we have to get to the roof!
If there's a rescue vehicle at this point,
it's by boat or helicopter!
We can wave them down!
- Are you nuts?
We're safer in here!
- [Becky] Guys, guys, guys.
(water burbling)
(tense music)
- [Lacey] Get on the bed, now!
- Oh my God, I see 'em!
I see 'em!
- Hey, hey, guys!
- [Hudson] We're going
to get to you somehow.
(group gasping)
- [Tucker] The shark!
- Stay on the bed!
Feet up!
We've gotta open that window.
Push the bed to the window!
Charlotte, can you do it?
(tense music)
Quick, shut the window!
- [Hudson] Charlotte, Tucker!
- [Tucker] Look, it's Dad!
(Charlotte sobbing)
- [Lacey] Hey, honey!
- [Hudson] Lacey, Tucker, Charlotte!
- Dad, Dad!
Is that Dad?
- Hey, hey!
- [Charlotte] Dad!
- Hey!
(tender music)
(thunder rumbling)
(Charlotte gasping)
- [Tad] Is Becky in there?
- Becky, Becky is hurt!
- Dad, I was bit by a shark!
- She's here!
A shark bit her!
(tense music)
- [Charlotte] Guys, is that the shark?
- [Lacey] Hudson, shark!
(water splashing)
- [Hudson] Hold on!
- What do we do?
- Listen to me.
Strap your legs underneath
the board, okay?
If we wait a minute,
maybe it'll pass, okay?
- Pass? Pass?
Pass where?
Go away? Where's it gonna go?
- [Hudson] Oh, shit.
- Dad?
- We drifted away from the house.
We have to paddle.
- Don't move!
- I have to get to Becky!
- [Hudson] Don't move, man!
- Hey, look, the current
is going to kill us
or that shark is, and I'm
not going to come this far
and not get my daughter.
- Okay, guys!
Do we have a rope in here?
We need to bring Dad in, or
maybe I'll tie these sheets.
They can't use their arms or legs.
It will draw the shark to them.
(horn blaring)
Do you hear that?
- Look, it's a boat!
(horn blaring)
(group shouting)
- [Lacey] It's a rescue boat!
(horn blaring)
- [Charlotte] I don't
think they can see us.
- [Lacey] We need to find
a flashlight or something
that will get their attention.
You guys see what you can find.
I'll work on the sheets.
- [Becky] What about the closet?
There's a ladder in there
that goes up to the attic.
You think there's something in there?
- [Tucker] We'll find out.
- Careful!
- [Tad] What the heck are we waiting on?
- [Hudson] They're working
on something to pull us in.
Just hang tight.
- Nothing yet!
Hey, I got some flashlights!
- Okay, bring 'em down!
(foreboding music)
- We need to get your
Dad and Tad out of there!
Come on!
Okay, okay.
We're gonna pull you in!
Grab the sheets!
- [Hudson] Wait a minute, gold on!
The shark is under you. Stay still, okay?
- [Tad] No!
- Throw it out!
- I'm gonna pull you in!
Grab on to this!
- [Charlotte] Dad, come on!
- Grab on!, Guys, help me!
Pull, now!
(Tad groans)
- Dad!
(Tad grunts)
(group screaming)
(tense music)
- [Hudson] Tad!
Give me your hand, man.
- [Becky] No!
- [Hudson] Tad, Tad!
- Grab on to this.
Please, grab it now.
- [Hudson] Pull it in!
- [Lacey] Come on, pull, pull!
- [Charlotte] Dad!
- [Tucker] Close the window!
- [Lacey] Honey, Oh my God!
- I'm so sorry.
I'm so, so, so sorry!
Listen, he came to save you!
- It's my fault.
- [Hudson] Just know that!
- It's my fault.
- It is not your fault!
It is not your fault!
No, it's not!
Look, he came to save you, okay?
And he wanted to keep you safe,
and now we're gonna keep you safe,
I promise you that, all right?
- [Tucker] The water's rising again!
- We have to get to the roof!
- Out the window.
- Where the shark is?
- Where the rescue boat is,
so we can get their attention.
- We can't stay here.
The water's rising.
- [Tucker] We can't use the surf boards
because of the shark!
- We gotta go, okay?
Becky, do you think you can make it?
- [Lacey] Honey, you
have to try and leave.
- All right, come on.
Here we go.
Come on.
Okay, okay, wait a minute.
Wait a minute, wait a
minute, wait a minute!
Is that the attic?
- Yes.
- Okay, you take the kids up to the roof.
I'm gonna take Becky to the attic!
- No, that's crazy!
The water is rising!
- No, no, no, listen to me!
If she bleeds in the water,
it will draw the shark right to us.
I gotta get her to the attic,
then I'll break through to the roof.
I will get through it, I
promise you that, okay?
- I'll take her to the attic! I got it!
- Son, I need you on the roof.
Let me take her to the attic, okay?
I need you on the roof
to help me break through
to the other side.
- No, no, I don't want you going, don't.
- [Tucker] I'll be right back.
I'll be right back.
You sure about this?
- I'm sure about this, okay?
I got you, all right?
- [Tucker] Yeah, yeah, yeah.
- All right, come on.
What are you doing?
- You're gonna need help
bringing her up, okay?
And then I'm gonna leave.
Kids, use the flashlights.
See if the rescue boat
is still out there, okay?
- Come on, you're okay, you're okay.
Listen to me.
When your mom gets to the
window, you help her up, okay?
- Okay.
- Promise?
Be careful, and watch out
for that fucking shark.
Come on. Come on.
Hold on, wait a minute, wait a minute.
All right, we got her.
(ominous music)
Okay, hold on, hold on.
(Becky grunting)
- [Lacey] You okay?
- [Becky] Oh, yeah, yeah.
- Okay, come here, come
here, get up, get up!
- [Lacey] Becky!
- I got you. I got you.
All right, listen, she's up here now!
Go on up to the roof, okay?
- [Lacey] Okay, I'm going to the roof.
(waves crashing)
Hudson, the shark!
- [Hudson] Babe, I said the roof!
- [Lacey] The shark!
Hudson, it's down there, the shark!
- [Tucker] Hey, help, help!
- [Captain Iris] Do you hear that?
- [Tucker] We need help!
- [Courtney] We need help, help!
- Flash the light over there!
- They're gone!
Do you see that?
- [Captain Iris] I thought
I heard people screaming.
- All the condos, they're gone!
- You think there's anyone-
(thunder cracks)
That was way too close!
- Do you wanna head back?
- No, we can go for five, and that's it!
- The call said they were by the beach,
but there's no beach left!
- Let's give it the extra mile!
Keep searching!
If we don't find them,
then we'll head back!
- Copy!
(suspenseful music)
- Come on!
Grab the flashlight and
look out for the shark!
They're still out there!
- [Charlotte] But it looks
like they're leaving!
- Hey, over here!
- [Charlotte] Hey, over here!
- [Tucker] Over here, we're on the roof!
- We need to go back!
- Wait, look to starboard side!
What is that?
- I think we found them!
- We have to get them!
- [Tucker] We're on the roof!
- We're here!
- They see us!
- [Charlotte] They're coming, hurry!
- [Tucker] Dad, can you hear us?
You need to get up here!
- We need to get to the roof.
- Okay.
- Over here!
(waves crash)
(ominous music)
I don't see their light anymore!
- [Tucker] I don't see them!
- Captain, captain, captain!
(flare bangs)
(ominous music)
- [Tucker] What is that?
- Flares are a distress signal!
- Why? Is that for us?
- I don't see their light anymore!
They probably flipped.
- That means they just turned it off!
- Maybe they're dead!
Or in trouble with the
shark, I don't know!
- You don't know that!
- They're not coming!
- What?
The roof is moving!
- No, it's banging.
Mom and Dad!
- [Lacey] I have to find something else.
- Start stomping on it.
- Do you think that
Tucker's going to be okay?
- Tucker, he's getting help.
He's getting help. He's getting help.
(suspenseful music)
- [Hudson] Find anything?
- Is that something?
Here, here.
Got it!
- Okay, perfect.
Okay, here we go.
Come on, you son of a bitch, come on!
- [Tucker] We need to help Mom and Dad!
Keep stomping!
- I am.
- What is this roof made of?
- It's supposed to be this tough.
It's on the beach!
- Everything in this
stupid house falls apart,
but of course the roof has
to stay perfectly intact!
(tense music)
- There it is.
- Do you see it?
- [Charlotte] I think so.
- [Tucker] Is it near the roof?
- Yeah, but it's just circling.
- Well, not for long.
Mom, Dad!
- Did you hear that?
- Honey, it's Tucker!
- [Tucker] The shark is here!
Keep hitting the roof!
- Okay, listen, listen.
If I can't get this roof open,
we're gonna have to swim, okay?
- Why?
- Because if we stay up here,
honey, we're gonna drown.
- No, but the shark!
- We can't worry about
the shark right now, okay?
So, if I can't get this roof open,
we're gonna have to swim for it.
- [Tucker] You got it!
- [Charlotte] Mom, Dad, keep hitting!
He did it!
- [Hudson] It's working, it's working!
- [Charlotte] Go, Dad!
- Keep going!
Come on, keep going!
- [Charlotte] We can see you!
- Dad, you're almost through!
- [Hudson] Tucker, Charlotte!
- Dad!
- [Hudson] I can hear you, son!
- [Lacey] Okay, okay!
- Okay, guys, we're getting out of here.
I got you.
Careful, careful, careful!
Help Becky!
Take it easy, take it easy!
- Mom and Dad!
- [Hudson] Come on, Becky!
- Mom?
- Come on, honey.
All right, come on, honey.
All right, come on.
There you go.
There you go, baby, careful.
Careful, careful, careful.
(group gasping)
Okay, coming up!
- You got it? You got it, Dad?
(Hudson grunts)
- Where's the rescue team?
- We don't know.
They were here, and now they're not!
- They sent up a flare!
- You mean like a distress signal?
Was it the shark?
(house creaking)
(group shouts)
Charlotte, don't go over there!
It might be live!
(electricity crackling)
- [Hudson] Wait!
- Hudson, you gotta turn the power off.
- Hamilton showed me the
breaker box last year.
It's up here on the roof!
Ah, it's off, the power is off!
- [Tucker] The roof is collapsing.
- We need to find a way off.
(Lacey screams)
Guys, we need to get
over to the other roof!
This one is going to collapse!
- We can try, but I don't think
we can make it over there.
- I don't think we have a choice!
This roof isn't gonna hold us any longer!
- We're gonna have the same problem.
We need to get where the cars are.
- Guys, guys, the boat, the boat!
- [Charlotte] I see it!
- Life jackets will be on there.
- And a radio!
- And flares!
- And something to kill that shark!
- We gotta get to that boat!
- Okay, listen!
You guys stay here. I'm
gonna go to the boat!
- What?
- Dad, Dad, I'm going.
- [Hudson] No, you're not.
- Let him go.
- I've swam this before.
I can do it again.
- Let him go.
(thunder rumbles)
Let him go.
- [Tucker] Let me go.
- Okay.
I love you, son. You can do it.
Everybody get over here!
We gotta make some noise,
and look out for the shark!
(suspenseful music)
- [Charlotte] I don't see anything!
- [Becky] I see it!
It's over there!
- Tucker, Tucker, the shark!
- Okay, move in, move in!
Everybody, over here!
Make some noise so we
can distract that shark!
- Hey!
- Come on, over here!
Come on, hey!
- Hey!
(suspenseful music)
- Come on, come on, come on!
- Hey, over here, come on!
- Over here, come on!
- Hey!
(ominous music)
- Hey, come on, come on!
- Hey, come on!
- Come on, over here!
(tense music)
- Come on, come on.
- Come on, come on!
(tense music)
- It's okay, it's okay.
Hey, he made it!
He made it to the boat.
(radio static buzzes)
(ominous music)
- Hello? Hello?
Is anyone there?
Hello? Anyone?
- Oh.
- The shark is coming over here.
- [Dispatcher] This channel is
for emergency services only.
- I don't care!
I'm in the ocean in front
of my family's condo.
- [Dispatcher] Sir, identify yourself.
- [Hudson] Okay, everybody,
tighten up, tighten up!
- My name is Tucker Samson.
I'm 16 years old and I'm on
one of your rescue boats!
- [Dispatcher] Where is the crew?
- [Tucker] I don't know where the crew is!
We saw them coming, we saw the flares.
Screw it!
(suspenseful music)
- Okay, here he comes!
I want you guys to get in the boat!
- Hey, hey, come on!
(group shouting)
- [Hudson] Come on, son!
Come on, son!
- Hey!
(tense music)
(boat engine whirring)
(Tucker gasping)
- Okay, just hold on, stay here.
(Charlotte gasping)
I'll stop the shark!
Just get in the raft, go!
Come on, everybody, get in the raft!
Come on, one by one, come on, come on!
- [Lacey] Tucker!
- Dad, come on, Dad!
Come on!
Come on!
I got you.
(dramatic music)
- Come on, come on!
Come on, I'm right here, get over here!
- [Tucker] Come on, hop up!
- Come on!
You son of a bitch.
Come on.
- Hudson, watch out!
(dramatic music)
(Hudson grunts)
Take that!
(electricity crackling)
Fry, you piece of shit!
- Yes, woo!
(triumphant music)
- Honey, honey, honey!
- [Tucker] Come on, come on!
- Help me, help!
(group gasping)
- [Hudson] I love you guys.
I love you guys.
(Lacey sobbing)
(helicopter whirring)
(tender music)
(suspenseful music)