$windle (2002) Movie Script

Excuse me.
- Hello Michael.
- I won't be but a moment.
I just need to check
my safety deposit box.
- Alright, Miss Jones.
- It's alright.
So I'm doing this job
in L.A., right...
I'm gonna be working
with these 2 new guys.
Some voodoo crazies from...
fuckin' Haiti or something.
All they tell me...
is that these 2 were brothers,
twins in fact saying to me,
"Whateveryou do, don't ask them
about being brothers,"
which is exactly the wrong thing
to say to me
'cause sure as shit, the best way
to get me to do something
- is to fuckin'...
- Why is it...
that the landscape never looks more
beautiful than when you're standing...
on the edge of a cliff?
What is it about raising the
stakes that makes the reward
so much more worthwhile?
You everfind yourself
in a position...
and wonder exactly
how it is you got there?
Life moves fast.
You never really get a chance
to get a good clear look.
That's the problem with clarity.
It usually comes too late.
oh, that is beautiful!
oh, sorry, I just...
- Didn't hearyou come in.
- I just need your signature.
oh sure.
- Was that Italy?
- No...
It was Greece.
oh, well it was beautiful.
Can I help you?
I certainly hope so. I need to
get into my safety deposit box.
- I'm sorry, but the bank is--
- Closed, I know. Um...
... but c'mon Eddie, in the time
it would take you to call
and confirm it with Michael,
I'd be in and out of your hair.
C'mon, whaddya say, Eddie?
So, have you been to all these places?
Well, I would really just love
to get out of New York.
Yeah. If you can believe it,
I've never even
been out of state.
- That's pretty pathetic, huh?
- No.
No, not really, no.
Hey you.
Hey! Sweetheart...
Are you fucking coming or what?
Let's do it.
Are you all finished?
- Yeah, just about.
- okay.
Get down!
Get down!
- Here you go.
- Thanks.
- Judy...
- Yeah?
Would... would you like to go?
What? To Greece?
I meant...
... someday.
Ah! Ha! Ha!
I thought you were asking me
to go to Greece with you.
- oh.. ha!
- oh you're good. Ha! Ha!
Yes, Lawrence, what is it?
Uh, closing time, boss.
- We're gonna lock up now. okay?
- Fine. Fine.
I finally work up the nerve to ask her
out and I ask herto fucking Greece!
So, Miss Jones, you got
any plans forthe weekend?
Big plans.
Stop! Drop your weapons!
Ha! Ha! Looks like the world's
all out of heros.
Everybody get the fuck down! Now!
- Press the alarm?
- No.
- Press it!
- What?
Press the alarm.
We're not supposed to do that
until after it's all over.
- You wanna die?
- It's company policy.
You wanna know what my company policy is...
toward smartass tellers...
Judy? Huh?
Good. Get overthere! Get up!
- I pressed the alarm. It's oK!
- overthere! All of you!
overthere! Don't move! Don't
turn around you fuck! Move!
- Whoa Seth. What the fuck!
- What's going on, Seth?
Seth, it's Fly! What the fuck?
Look out Seth!
- Stop!
- Look out, Seth!
Stop, you asshole!
Get up baby!
Yo dude!
- Woo!
- What's going on? What?
Got nothing on you baby!
You guys are too slow!
You got fucking... Whoa!
Whoa whoa whoa!
Fucking perfect!
I know because I hear
your heart pounding
Drowning out all the other sounds
I'm a hustler baby
I'm a hustler baby
Creeping from the ground
And you sick
What could I think about...
on the street, just like in the real world,
it's all about who you know.
or more to the point,
who knows you. It's called
getting vouched for.
The best way to get a criminal
to vouch foryou is to earn it.
If you don't have time for
that, the next best thing...
is to have him see you
being chased down the street...
by coppers. See, criminals are...
a suspicious bunch by nature,
but once you're on the inside,
they'll help you out
like no otherfriend.
Not because they're loyal, but
because there's always an angle.
I needed help.
I needed to get in on a game.
Poker game. "No limit Texas Hold'em."
It's what they play
in the World Series in Vegas.
And I should have known right there.
I should have known.
Truth is, I did know.
You're late.
Yo, what happened this afternoon?
No big deal. It was parking tickets, I think.
Last I saw you, cops were
chasing you down the streeet.
- Forget the cops.
- Listen, are these the guys?
Hey, you want in on any of the
action, you talk to the Fat Man.
Hey. Can you get me in the game?
Lady at the bar, she's yourticket in.
You don't take a leak unless she
holds it, you know what I mean?
- Hey, so we good?
- It's all set.
Hey baby...
You remember The King if you win.
Nothing to lose
Nowhere to go
No one to love
No one to hold
You'd get a bettertip
if you took that off.
Travelin'down the road in my El Camino...
And with so much to say,
they each said nothing.
Who's that, Kerouac?
- Grisham.
- Ah! Ha! Ha!
Well, we don't get much of that
around here.
It's mostly just...
"Nice dress. It'd look great
on my floor."
oh yeah? Who's that?
Huh? Hemingway?
Can you...
Can you get me in that?
- You sure you want to?
- Those guys are rollers.
You're cute, but you don't
have any money, do you?
Ha! Ha!
Hey, I got a couple bucks.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
I'll take my chances. Besides...
I got Lady Luck on my side, right.
Mmm. Yeah, well...
I'd keep my eye on her
if I was you 'cause...
... she can be a real bitch.
Excuse me.
Do you want a sunset
Mexican bungalow
Nothing to lose
nothing to show
No one to trust
And nothing to loan
He says he'd be more than
happy to take your money.
- Really?
- Mmm.
oh good.
Look, um... I'm trying
to think of something...
really sophisticated to say
right about here...
How 'bout, "Bye."
Simple, yet refined.
I like it.
Excuse me gentleman.
You got cards 'cause...
... I wanna play cards.
A bandy little village
down by the road
Rising on each side
Where is the beach side
Yeah, I'm lost on the road
In Sausalito
Sitting by the pool in the sun
In San Francisco
Thinking 'bout the old times
Riding down the road
Cursin' till midnight
Livin' the high life jump in the pool
And let yourself go
Nothing to do
nothing to lose
No one to love
no one to...
...hold... to love
no one to hold...
Got a light?
You look pretty proud of yourself.
What's that supposed to mean? Huh?
What's your good news?
I wanna know what
we're gonna celebrate.
Yeah? You workin'?
- Huh?
- What were you expecting?
"Would you like some company?"
or how 'bout,
"Hey big man, wanna party?"
Why me?
- Really, why me?
- You look nice.
I don't meet a lot of nice
guys in this line of work.
Well, I'm not nice. Ha! Ha!
- And you don't know me.
- Yes, well...
Let's just say I know men.
Look, I promise not to play
the whole "hooker with a heart
of gold" angle
if you promise not to ask me
why I'm in this profession...
... tell me I'm beautiful and
that you don't have to do this.
- Promise.
- We could just cut the shit...
- and have wildcat sex.
- That your hard sell?
... and a great ass.
oh, it's a good one!
Wildcat sex
Wildcat sex
Wildcat sex
- Something wrong?
- Yeah.
Why were you the only hooker
on that corner?
- What do you mean?
- Well, what is it...
about... that...
... corner?
one corner's as good as the next.
- Yeah, exactly.
- See I've been walking...
down that street for months and...
I've never seen you.
And you know...
... you don't look to me...
like the typical street hooker.
So let me guess.
You're the ringer.
okay, look.
Some guy wins big at the club,
right? He's feeling good.
He's feeling really good, right?
A big fat fucking wallet.
Now what makes it a perfect evening?
Some grade A 100 %...
top choice piece of ass.
Right? Am I right?
And that's where you come in.
You get their money back. So the
house wins no matter what.
Right? Hey, c'mon.
It's a good grift. It's a great
grift and I like it.
I like it. Yeah.
Whew. ooh...
So, what's your cut?
- I don't know what you're talking about.
- Ha! Really?
Hey baby, the gig is up.
okay, the gig is up. Sit down.
Go on. Sit down, let's talk.
Hey c'mon. Don't worry.
No, listen to me.
I know what those pricks will do
to you if you don't come back
with some money. So, I'm
gonna give you some money.
I'm gonna give you
a lot of money. okay?
But you gotta do me a favor.
See, um...
I know about this little job
that's going down.
And I want in. So...
You're gonna talk to your boss and
you're gonna get me a meeting.
Look, I don't know anything
about a job.
Good. It shouldn't concern you.
It doesn't concern me. It sure
as shit shouldn't concern you.
You just talk to your boss, okay...
... and you be persuasive.
You be really persuasive,
a talent that I know...
that you have in spades.
And you tell him I want in.
You don't know who you're dealing with.
Really? Ha!
Well, neither do they.
See, you just worry about your
end. I'll take care of mine.
Get me in.
Tell 'em where to find me.
I won't have to.
It's cold, cold.
Take it back.
Jesus Christ, you look like an
18-year-old who just lost his cherry.
I was 15 and you should know.
It was your sister.
- Very funny. That's very funny.
- Ha! Ha! Thanks.
I'll be performing here all week.
oops, sorry.
Alright. Ha! Ha!
So... What will you have?
What'll I have? Well, I'll...
I'm gonna have the biggest
milkshake you got.
- What flavor?
- You pick.
Alright. Anything else?
I'll stick with the coffee, thank you.
Sure you don't want a doughnut too?
You just got made?
What, do I have it tattooed on me or
- It's this trench coat thing..
- You look like fuckin' Columbo.
- Alright, enough about me.
- What have you got?
- Lieutenant's driving me crazy.
- Tell that prick to relax, man.
Everything's going just right.
- You on the crew?
- Not in so many words,
- ...but I got their attention.
- Names? Dates? Whaddya got?
C'mon Curtis. You know
these things take time man.
It's not like they got a fuckin'
Help Wanted sign posted...
and I just go and fill out
a fuckin' application, alright?
I'll guarantee you this though:
I made an impression.
Ha! ha! I don't doubt it a bit.
Ha! Ha! Ha!
What's this?
That looks like money.
I'll be a son of a...
That's money.
Go on. Take it.
Buy yourself something frilly.
What? C'mon man!
I won it gambling off these real
low-lifes. It's clean.
It's clean money.
Jesus-Christ, if you don't want
it, give it to Beth.
- Beth's fine, thank you.
- okay.
You've never been on a honeymoon
and your oldest kid's turning 6.
- Fuck you, man!
- I didn't mean it like that.
This isn't some kinda game
we're playing. No.
You walk in here acting like you're on
top of the world throwing money around?
You make me chase you down
the street like an idiot. For what?
For credibility? You know
how that makes me look?
I'm the one who's always lookin' out
foryou. I'm always making up excuses.
Seth, you are good
at undercover.
Real fuckin' good.
Yeah, maybe too good.
You know what I mean?
Just make sure you know
what side you're on.
People have been coming around
asking questions about you.
Now is not the time to be freelancing.
- Seth..
- What?
Don't cut me out of the loop.
I'm gonna tell the Lieutenant
something. I'll make it up.
In the meantime, you go out
and get me something concrete.
- okay. okay.
- Curtis, c'mon. Calm down.
I'll let you in when I got
something to let you in on.
I didn't mean anything
about Beth, okay?
- Yeah. It's cool.
- No really.
Fuck it. Fuck it!
Yeah, thanks.
Here, you take it.
Buy yourself something frilly.
The French fries were cold.
Who are you?
You took the words
right outta my mouth.
I'll ask again.
- Who are you?
- It doesn't matter.
It may not matterto you,
but it matters to us very much.
You know what, you've never
done this before, have you baby?
Huh? Now look...
Who I am is not important.
How I know about you
is of paramount fucking
importance, okay.
Look, look, look...
I was arrested in Vegas.
I got nailed...
... on a Fed Ex job.I did time
with a guy named Slim Tony.
- okay?
- Go on. He told me all about...
your operation up here, your
crew. Said you were looking
for some... Fuck!
He told me you were looking
for some freelance talent
and here I am looking.
- Slim Tony?
- Yeah.
- In Vegas?
- What?
That dumb bastard!
He didn't tell you I was coming?
- There's no job.
- oh, bullshit.
Bullshit! What, you came over
here to put a gun to my head...
because you got nothing
betterto do?
The way I see it, you can either
pull the trigger...
oryou can get on the phone and
talk to Tony. He'll vouch for me.
You're either stupid...
- or just plain crazy.
- You know what?
I'll be whateveryou want me
to be if you don't shoot me.
Let's go.
Can I get up?
Can I get up, honey?
So where we going?
- We got some business.
- What does that have to do
with me getting something
to eat, 'cause I'm starving.
How long have you known
Slim Tony?
- I don't know. He looked me up
in Vegas. Afew years, maybe.
- Maybe?
- Yeah, maybe.
Now it's maybe.
I don't know down to the minute.
How long you been an asshole?
Hey look, we just passed
a Chicken Shack!
- Hey, mind if I smoke?
- Actually, yes.
okay. I'll crack the window.
- Thank you so much.
- Mm hm.
So, I don't think we've been
formally introduced.
My name is Seth.
Hey, call me old-fashioned,
but I don't work with people
who don't tell me their names.
- My name is Seth.
- Sophie Zen.
Sophie Zen...
- A pretty name. Is that French?
- No it's not.
Do I know any Sophies?
You fuckin' talk a lot, you know that?
This is Cisco.
Cisco, like the Cisco Kid,
huh? Wasn't that a movie?
Gary Cooper played him, right?
Duncan Renaldo.
Gary Cooper was in High Noon.
oh, sorry.
- What? I love Westerns.
- Yeah?
I don't.
okay, we are here.
I'm gonna speak with a man inside.
I'm looking for
a little information.
If he should be
at all reluctant,
I want you to kill him.
Hey, how 'bout another?
Hey, un peu de service ici, quoi!
And they say Parisians are rude!
Fucking bartender.
Surprised to see me, Marc?
'Cause you look surprised.
What is this, huh? What the
fuck you guys doing here?
- Why are you in New York?
- J'ai de la famille ici.
Maintenant, vous allez me dire
ce que vous venez foutre ici...
parce que de mon ct,
il n'y a pas de problme.
oh, what a relief, because you know,
we thought maybe you'd skipped out on us.
- Moi? Moi,
- je ne ferais jamais a.
- Ha! Ha!
- Tu penses que je suis all voir...
d'autres marchs,
que je cherche un autre acheteur...
un meilleur prix. a ne marche
pas comme a. Tu peux aller dire
tes amis que je suis en ville
pour voir mon cousin.
I've been here for what feels
like... an eternity and...
... no one's offered me
a drink. I mean...
... this is a bar,
am I right? Yeah?
okay. okay, what do I feel like?
Ah! Aah!
I got a feeling you're not telling...
this sweet young lady
what she needs to know.
- oh!
- Am I right? Huh? Look at me!
You focus on me.
I'm your problem now.
Hurts like a bitch, huh?
Huh? Does it hurt?
- Aah! Fuck!
- Wanna make it stop?
- Huh?
- Yes!
oh please, no, no! Fuck!
You know...
I got a filthy habit.
This smoking.
You and I.
I'm gonna quit one day.
- Alright fuck!
- The number is twenty--
No! Just write it.
Neat! I mean, write it neat
so she can read it.
You know what?
I'm gonna quit right now.
Cold turkey. Whaddya think?
You're fuckin' crazy man!
What'd you think
was going to happen, huh?
Bang, bang.
Nice place.
Really nice.
Wanna come get a drink with me?
- Sure.
- I'll see you at the club.
Run along cowboy!
Do you actually read Kerouac...
or do you just quote him
to get women?
I just quote him...
to impress women.
Ah... Ha! Ha!
And does it work?
The key is to make a woman laugh.
You gotta make a woman laugh...
- as soon as possible.
- I see.
See, Sophie, women are complex.
Men, they're simpletons,
- they're predictable.
- How so?
okay, listen to this.
Every yearforthe last 10 years
on Valentine's Day,
they been taking this survey
about, you know,
- who men and women find sexy.
- Uh-huh.
For men, the top ten, literally,
has been the same every year.
- Ha! Ha! Ha!
- Really.
You can bet your grandmother's house.
Pamela Anderson, Cindy Crawford.
- Yeah!
- They gonna be there.
Now the women's list, it changes...
every year. And the top spot,
the coveted numero uno?
You know? It's not the
traditionally beautiful.
Lyle Lovett!
And the Captain Picard guy.
of course you got
your Brad Pitt's,
but... sexy,
I mean truly sexy,
to a woman is about...
... the undefined.
- Sense of humour. Style.
- Ha! Ha!
Chivalry. They all play a part.
- So the women's list changes.
- Really?
Yeah. That's why I think...
Hang on, between you and me?
Awoman should be running this country.
Ha! Ha! Ha! What?
Really, 'cause a man, he can't be trusted...
because everything is about his
prick. Excuse me, his penis.
- Ha! Ha!
- our last president's proof of that.
Think about it.
Wheneverthere's a new drug.
okay? Hairformula,
some new headache medecine.
What's the side effect?
- Soft dick.
- Ha! Ha!
Everything in a man's life
is tied into his Johnson.
It's an interesting theory.
I made you laugh.
You know, it's bad luck
not to drink after a toast.
You don't strike me
as the superstitious type.
All thieves are superstitious.
At least the good ones anyway.
So why do you do it?
Hang on. Wait. Let me guess.
Is this your last job?
This is your last job, right?
Then you're gonna hang it up,
because this is my 3rd
last job this year.
You everfind yourself in a position...
and wonder exactly
how it is you got there?
All the time.
This life, I mean, sometimes
I think I didn't choose it,
that it chose me.
I rememberthis story about this guy,
really famous guy. Can't go anywhere
without attracting a crowd.
He was at a restaurant and
starts talking to this guy.
He's drunk so his guard is down,
and he starts confessing to him,
telling him about the
entrapments of fame,
how he's so sick and tired of
it, then he finally mentions
that he would rather be dead than
live another day in the spotlight.
- Really?
- So the guy asks him
if he's serious about this
because he says,
"You know, I know somebody,
"a professional who could
take care of this foryou.
You never have to know where or
when. Just one day..."
So the guy wakes up the next morning...
incredibly hungover,
and he can't remember...
if he hired the professional
killer or not.
I mean, imagine the paranoia,
you know.
Wondering if someone's out there...
biding theirtime.
That's what this life
feels like to me, you know.
You cant' trust anyone...
and you can't live forever.
That was very uplifting.
So, when do I get to meet...
the big boss?
Hm. Excuse me a second.
How do you know you haven't already?
- Excuse me.
- Yes?
- Let me get one more of these.
- okay, right away.
Get overthere!
All of you, Get overthere!
Move it!
Let's go!
Come on, move it! Move it!
Don't turn around!
on the floor, floor,
floor, floor, floor!
- What's wrong with you?
- What are you talking about?
What's wrong with you?
I think you better get outta my face.
No one was supposed to die,
- you trigger-happy shithead.
- Hey, what's the difference?
What's the difference? 20 years
to life, you dumb motherfucker.
- Ha! Ha! You know what?
- What?
Before this is over,
me and you are gonna go.
Really? Where?
To the movies? You promise?
Want me to decide who's got
the biggest dick? Is that it?
- No, not really.
- It's me. Happy?
You got a date.
Now cut this shit...
and be a professional
forfuck's sake.
I saved both your asses.
That guy was drawing his gun.
- You clean that shit up.
- Yes sir!
Right away, sir!
Lukas, tell me what's
happening up there.
- What's going on?
- Nothin'.
Everything's secure.
The cops are on their way.
- Everything's on schedule.
- Glad to hear it.
Coverthat corner!
- Get over and give him a hand!
- Move, move!
okay, let's go now!
Son of a bitch.
Another day in the goddamn zoo, huh?
- Yes, sir.
- Everything locked up tight?
Yes, sir. We're set up
around the corner.
Listen, I want those fuckin'
reporters outta here.
- Yes, sir.
- Take care of my car, too.
I need you to get
the manager down here...
right away.
He and I need to chat.
I'm in the main
vault room downstairs.
It's okay. Let's go.
Richie! Where the hell am I going here?
- Aspen room, sir. Left.
- Good, good, good.
- What's my status?
- The block is locked down.
- They're not going anywhere.
- Alright. Plans.
- They're on the way.
- Alright. Well, why the hell...
- do you look so worried?
- There's a few news crews here...
here already. They wanna
know what's going on.
Took care of it, Richie. Everything
is taken care of. Not to worry. oh...
... there is one more thing.
Coffee. Hot, black and plenty of it.
- I'm on it.
- Good man, Richie.
Holy shit!
- Get 'em the fuck outta here!
- C'mon guys, let's go.
Ladies and gentlemen, NYPD.
I'm sorry,
- but we're gonna need this room.
- Just perfect.
Don't panic. Stand up
and exit in an orderly fashion.
Hello, Michael.
- What are you doing? Sophie?
- Just relax.
Come on.
- What's going on?
- I have a little problem.
I thought you might be able
to help me out.
See, I need to get into this vault.
- Sophie, that's my gun.
- Care to help me with the code?
- Sophie!
- Why are you doing this?
Isn't it obvious?
Michael, I have little time
to answeryour silly questions.
I can't. The vault's on a time lock...
forthe long weekend.
There's nothing I can do.
That may be the case,
but there is one instance
- when the code can be overridden.
- Sophie!
See, I've done my homework
and I know you have the code...
because the bank doesn't want
any cases say where someone...
- ...threatens someone's life...
- Sophie! What the fuck!
... to open the door. It's
cheaper to be robbed than sued.
Strange time we live in.
This wasn't part of the plan.
I can open the vault, Michael.
That means I don't need you.
I don't know anything about any code.
I don't believe you.
But the real question here
is whether or not
you believe me. Do you believe
I will kill you, Michael?
Please God don't do this.
- Sophie, what the fuck...
- Shut up! This does not concern you.
- Don't shoot him.
- It appears my colleague...
believes I'll do it. But do you?
- Don't shoot him.
- Michael?
Sophie, put the gun down.
Alright, I'll open it.
You didn't answer the question.
Yes, I believe
you'd kill me, alright.
I believe you're fucking crazy.
Are you happy?
You win.
Michael, we win either way.
I want you to remember something, okay?
Every breath...
you take from this moment on...
will be a gift from me.
All that you become in your life...
will be in thanks that I did not...
kill you. Do you understand?
Ladies and gentlemen,
our main bout fortonight.
Live from Caesar's palace...
in Las Vegas, Nevada.
In the black trunks,
- weighing in at 210...
- Fuck!
What is it?
Magix dropped two points.
Christ, you scared the livin' hell outta me.
I'm losin' my shirt on this tech shit.
Let's go. C'mon.
Yeah, this is Lieutenant
Craig, NYPD.
What do you want, lieutenant?
Ha! Ha! What do I want?
Wasn't that supposed to be
my next question? Alright.
Look friend, why don't we start
from the beginning here?
How many people
you got in there?
That's not how you play the game.
Don't you want a name,
something you can call me?
Game? This is no game, friend.
Why don't you smarten up?
Give it up. This way nobody
gets hurt. Especially me.
The way I see it, you got no options.
I don't think I like your
attitude there, Lieutenant.
Let's get a couple things straight.
I'm the only one with options. You are
not in charge here. And secondly,
it's real important
that you keep me happy...
'cause I feel a bit touchy
and when I get touchy...
I can go off,
you know what I mean?
That makes you responsible
for my state of mind and thus...
forthe people's lives in here.
Long and short of it?
You piss me off...
and we start throwing bodies
out the front door.
The big bad wolf said to
the 3 little piggies, "I will huff...
and puff and blow
your house down."
Now, do you wanna play nice?
Yeah, yeah, yeah. Look,
let's play nice, alright?
Now that wasn't
so difficult, was it?
Now, give me a name.
What do I call you?
You can call me Lukas.
Now, if you'll excuse me,
- Hold it, hold it, hold it!
- Don't hang up yet, alright?
It's been nice chatting
with you, Lieutenant.
Wait a minute! How do I know
you got people in there?
I mean, give me something.
Let me know they're okay.
Since you and I are gonna
be doing a lot of business,
you're just gonna
have to trust me.
I bet you're a real tomcat.
- You got that whole bank teller--
- Hey! What are you doing?
I'll talk to you later.
- Leave her alone.
- Relax, brother.
- Leave her alone, okay?
- Alright girls, we got work to do.
Remember the clock.
Go on, sit down.
Sit down!
In a stunning development today,
several armed robbers stormed
a downtown branch...
of the Central City Trust
just before closing.
They've locked themselves inside
and are now holding...
an unknown number of employees
and customers hostage.
As you can see behind me,
police have completely surrounded--
Gentlemen, meet the newest...
and maybe most effective weapon
in the bank robber's arsenal.
...after what happened in Dallas last week...
- Television.
- It's like Saddam watching CNN.
...you'd be doing us a favor
if you'd stand back.
Do you know how many people are
inside the building at this time?
- I just arrived on the scene.
- Why don't you tell me?
Sir, just last week,
...in reaction to what happened in Dallas,
the police commissionertalked
tough at a press conference...
about how this city
would not be held hostage.
Does this mean that
intervention here is imminent?
Well, let me just state
the obvious here.
This is not Dallas.
We have an experienced team...
and we're going to do everything
in our power...
to bring about a
quick and peaceful resolution.
Intervention is only
a last resort...
and every case is different.
okay, now, one last time
and you can quote me on it.
Intervention in purely
a last resort.
Unless of course
you're looking for a promotion.
Now, we will do our best
to try and keep you...
up to date as things progress...
and I think that's all I'm going
to say for right now.
- Thank you very much.
- Can you tell us anything...
about the suspects?
Anyone who might be responsible
forthis? Are there any
fatalities at this point?
Hey, let's go get paid, man.
- Seth, you go.
- Take the manager.
You, get up. C'mon.
Let's go. Let's go.
What's going on here?
Well, nothing we can't handle,
but thanks foryour concern.
I'll let you know
if anything crops up.
Funny, I didn't expect
to see you here, Jack.
Well, life is full
of surprises, isn't it, Dan?
Listen, I'd love to have
a reunion, but as you can see,
I got a hell of a lot
to take care of here.
You know I've got jurisdiction here.
oh, yes. Jurisdiction, jurisdicition.
Let me see if I can figure
this out, Dan. Uh...
You wanna go in there right now
with guns blazing, is that it?
That'd be a bit dramatic, don't you think?
This one is mine.
End of the story.
I got my reasons.
Besides, I've already made contact...
and you and I know
what protocol is, don't we?
Don't throw the book at me, Jack.
You know what you should do?
You should calm down.
We're all on the same team here.
Aren't we?
oh yes, Dan.
The same team.
Sir, here's the situation.
An unknown number of perps have
taken 4 bank employees hostage.
So far, they've not made any
demands. I think they were...
- taken by surprise...
- What's your name?
officer Richard o'Malley, sir.
officer o'Malley,
what's that in your hand?
What is that you have in your hand?
- Is it yours?
- No, sir.
- I was getting it for the Lieutenant.
- Well, officer o'Malley,
if nobody here has enough respect for you,
other than to have you fetch coffee forthem,
what gives you the idea that
I would give a shit...
what you think about the situation?
Tell Tinnetti to order the recon.
I need to see
what's going on in there.
Thanks, Richie.
Hurry up.
C'mon, hurry up!
Fill it up!
Hey look. You're gonna make it
outta here, okay? okay?
I promise.
Forgive me if I don't share
your confidence, alright.
Last time I checked, money was a
pretty good reason for getting killed.
I happen to be...
in a pretty good position
to keep my promise, okay.
- ... it's number 2.
- Sorry?
Money. It's the number 2
reason people kill each other.
Crimes of passion, number 1.
So, hey, you got that going foryou.
So why you doing this, huh?
- What?
- Why?
Look at it! Ha!
C'mon, you build a doorthat strong,
somebody's going to wonder
what's behind it. It's just a matter
of time before someone like me
- comes along to knock it down.
- It's worth the risks then?
What? You've never thought about it?
You're a bank manager.
Whaddya make?
50, 60 ka year, max? Right?
- Yeah.
- Every night you close the door...
on a hundred times that.
one of these stacks
just one, could change...
your whole life, right?
Yeah, well you know,
I got a few things in the works.
I don't believe in taking shortcuts.
Besides, there's procedures...
and security.
- You've thought about it.
- Come on, I can tell.
- I can tell.
- Well...
I'm human, you know. I got
dreams like anybody else.
Hey, Barnes...
okay, what would you do with the cash?
I mean, what would you do
with it, man?
- What would I do?
- Yeah.
I'd travel.
I'd... You know,
I'd see the world.
I'd, you know...
... sip wine on the Riviera,
dip my toe in the Nile.
Yeah, with a really fine
looking piece of ass, huh?
- That'd be nice.
- okay,
so why don't you do it?
I can't.
I can't go anywhere now.
My... My mom is sick.
Hey come on.
Come on, take one.
- No no.
- Come on, it's on me.
I can't. I can't.
It's on me.
I won't tell.
I promise. Alright.
You take yourtrip.
At this time, we cannot tell whether
or not the thieves have actually...
...made any demands.
We have no indications...
- Looks like something's up.
- Why do you say that?
Look behind the reporter here.
That guy is the tactical
officer in command.
There used to be a bunch of guys
around him. Where are they now?
- Where are you going?
- Down.
They're gonna try to access this area...
from the building next door.
The basement.
How do you know that?
'Cause it's what I do.
Police cannot confirm yet
who the suspects might be...
but we will have details for
you as they become available...
through the night.
Lori Graham reporting live...
for Channel 12 News.
Now back to the studio.
oh, that sounds like a great idea.
Standard procedure.
What we gotta do is run a video feed...
down through a vent or up through...
a fuckin' floorboard or whatever.
We gotta get eyes in there.
Shit, we don't even know for
sure how many prople they got!
You didn't think
to ask 'em, did you?
Fuck you.
Ah! oh!
What's going on?
Sir! Shots fired!
- What's happening?
- Come on, let's go!
Let's move! Move!
Go, God damnit, go!
Ah! oh!
God damnit! Get this fuckin'
thing working now!
- Voodoo! Voodoo!
- What is your status?
What is the status
of yourteam, voodoo?
Come in voodoo!
What the hell is going on here?
Does anybody have contact
- with the team?
- We got picture!
Looks like you got some...
... officers down.
- Can anyone tell me anything?
- Archer...
- Anyone?
- Archer!
You. This is the first time you've
been speechless all fucking day.
For Christ's sake, man,
give it a break.
Now listen, I got a man...
- on the inside.
- What?
- Don't "what" me.
- I got a man inside.
- I'm just not sure.
- You're just not sure "what?"
Whether he's on the inside
or whether he's on the job?
- oh for...
- So this is what it's about!
Tell me how this could happen.
Did I miss a memo?
- Fuck you and your memos!
- Are undercover officers...
now supposed to be participating
in fucking robberies?!
- You sanctimonious son of a--
- You held out on me!
This is all on your head!
It's alright, Richie.
Sir, had you let me finish
before, I would have told you...
that undercover officer Seth
George might be on the inside...
working against direct orders.
Just beautiful.
Now we have rogue cop
loose on the inside.
Ah, I see you decided
to grace us with your presence.
I thought I'd check it out.
- This is Junior.
- Hey.
- He's from Vegas too.
- You from Vegas?
- You know,
- I did some work there.
On whose crew?
Seth did some work there
with Slim Tony.
- oh, no shit?
- I did some work with Slim.
Yeah, a lot of work with Slim,
all those boys.
I ain't never seen you before though. I
neverforget a face. When were you there?
You know Franky, right?
How 'bout Jimmy?
You know him? He's got
this big mole right here.
- Hey! You wanna fuck me?
- I got Kaboom. I got Lenny.
- Excuse me?
- Do you wanna fuck me?
I mean, what's with
all the foreplay here?
I've worked with Slim Tony and
a lot of other guys and no one,
not one of them has ever asked
me this many fucking questions.
Look, let's get something straight.
I don't wanna be yourfriend.
I don't wanna be your confidante and I
sure as shit do not wanna be your bitch.
So I'm gonna ask you
one more time...
Do you wanna fuck me?
- Well, no.
- Why not?
- I'm kinda cute.
- No? Good. Go on.
You will be paid $50,000...
plus whateveryou can carry
to rob a bank.
I got a question.
Who robs banks? Who robs fucking
banks these days?
Dye packs, marked bills,
video cameras.
I mean, the only people robbing
banks are dumbfuck...
stick-up men who get nabbed because,
you know, the car doesn't start,
they lost their keys. And there's the
problem of it being a federal offence.
Don't get me wrong, I mean,
but my liquor store days?
- They're behind me.
- I'm afraid you got it all backwards.
You gotta read between the lines.
Banks are told to hand it over,
plain and simple.
Don't get cute.
Too many of those
bad motherfuckers
sticking guns in people's faces
on those reality TV shows.
Gas stations...
...convenience stores.
You can walk into a bank
with yourfinger stuck in your pocket...
and the tellers
will shit themselves.
- This gentleman is Lukas.
- Hi Lukas.
- How are you?
- Let's just say he's the consultant
on this one. Rest assured
he's forgotten
more about robbing banks
than we will ever know.
He'll also be supplying us with
any and all necessary equipment.
You got any special requests,
you need to take it up with him.
What did you mean when you
said we get to keep
- whatever we carry out?
- What do you think that means?
okay, so why you going in?
You're being paid enough not
to ask those questions. okay?
Now let's get down to it.
Gentlemen, this is the target.
It's an old historical site,
which means the building...
has not been significantly altered
since Christ was a cowboy.
- Where is it?
- You will find that out...
when you walk through the doors...
and not a moment sooner.
Now if you'll notice, there's nothing
significant about these plans.
Here we have
the city subway plans.
Once again, you'll notice
nothing significant here.
Except that when I combine
the 2 sets of plans,
there's a very
interesting development.
You'll see that there's
an old maintenance shaft...
directly underthe building.
Now it's not marked
on the bank's plans.
The bank is not marked
on the subway plans,
yet when combined...
The simplest solution
is the oft most overlooked.
Let me get this straight, you
want me to walk into a bank
with a fucking shotgun hoping
that there is some doorthere?
No. You're being paid...
to walk into a bank...
and count on some door being there.
I am giving you enough money...
that if I tell you Elvis is in
the vault, you'll believe me.
- Can we continue?
- Continue.
Great. So when we go in,
there will be 2 guards,
3 tellers, 1 bank manager.
- How do I know that?
- How do I know that--
Well I suppose you'll just
have to trust me on this, okay?
Well this isn't exactly
a trust kinda business, is it?
- When we take the hostages--
- Hostages?!
- We're gonna--
- I'm sorry. Jesus!
I mean, hostages are part of the plan?
No no no. Where I come from,
hostages are plan B.
You know, improvise
when the shit hits the fan.
What the fuck are you guys into?
I mean, whatever happened
to the ol' in/out?
Shit man, I don't know.
I didn't sign on
to doing any killing.
I'm talking about leverage.
What are you talking about?
I'm... I'm...
No, this is too much.
This is too much.
I mean, what the fuck!
- Shit man,
- what took you so long?
That little fucking prick
was getting on my nerves.
All goes well,
they'll be no killing.
Well, no more killing... anyway.
I liked him.
Taking a chance meeting me downtown.
What's with all the dramatics?
- A church?
- It's over.
I'm really flattered
you came all the way down here
to break up with me and all, but...
you could'a done it on the phone
or my answering machine...
- ...like all those other broads.
- The job, the fuckin' op, it's over.
Just got word the L is pulling you out.
He is shutting it down.
You're shittin' me, right?
- He doesn't even know I'm here.
- When?
As far as I know, it's already over.
- What are you not telling me?
- Hey Curtis,
- what are you not telling me?
- Nothing.
- Come on, Curtis, it's me.
- It's me, come on.
Internal Affairs.
okay, what about 'em?
They've been coming around
the office asking questions.
- What kinda questions?
- Questions about you.
You know, what kind of person
you are, general bullshit stuff.
They want me to come in
for an interview tomorrow.
They wanna know if...
you're on the take. I told 'em
no. I told 'em to go to hell,
I want to see a fuckin' lawyer.
I'm just scared what I'm telling
them by saying nothing.
You know what I mean?
Curtis, Curtis.
You haven't done anything wrong.
I don't know
if they'll see it that way.
You know...
You know money's been tight lately.
Beth's been threatening
to get a job.
I can't even take care
of my own family.
I get suspended here, I'm fucked!
You know?
Stop it. Come on. Listen to me.
This is for you, not for me.
You look out foryourself.
You look out for number 1.
okay? 'Cause that's what I'd do.
Move over.
It's gonna be okay.
It's gonna be okay.
Meet with them.
Tell them whateverthe fuck
they want to know. No...
... tell 'em the truth...
'cause you're a shitty liar.
So what are you going to do?
I don't know.
- Seth?
- What? No.
Come on, no lectures, not now, okay.
Come on, Curtis. Look, man,
I know what I'm doing.
I am razor...
fucking sharp!
I am on top of it, man!
I am on top of it.
I was going to ask you for a cigarette.
Ha! Ha! Ha!
Hey fuck off, alright.
- You be careful.
- Yeah.
And I thought I had the day off.
Somebody die?
Not yet.
I almost shot you, Sophie.
Where's Cisco? Ain't he supposed
to jump on me right about now?
- No, not this time.
- Yeah?
Anything good in my medecine cabinet?
What is it?
What's going on?
Why have you not asked me
what it is I'm after?
- What do you mean?
- It seems like a natural question to me.
I mean, I would want to know.
Well, questions can be very
dangerous in this line of work.
You're the first criminal
I've ever met that doesn't care
about the fruits of his labor,
...that doesn't want
to increase his share.
Yeah? Well I'm not greedy.
I don't think I've ever met
any criminal like you.
The only thing more dangerous
than your questions...
are my answers,
...and I haven't asked you
what we're going after...
because I don't want to know.
I mean it.
I don't want to know.
You know, for me...
... it's never been about this job.
You get fired?
Here you go.
I'll get it.
I gotta go.
Why don't we both go?
Get the fuck outta Dodge?
Cut loose from all this shit?
- Whaddya say?
- Where would we go?
I don't know.
Um... Definitely...
... somewhere hot
so you wouldn't
have to wear any clothes.
- Indonesia.
- Too unstable.
- ... the Riviera.
- Mmm...
French or Italian?
- There's two?
- Ha!
Ha! Ha! Flip a coin.
It's too expensive.
You know, there's always going to be...
some reason not to go, Sophie.
You know, the big gig,
you know, the easy job, the big score.
The plan's been set
into motion, Seth.
Stop it then. Aren't you tired
of all this bullshit?
I am.
I know you're tired of it.
I see it in your eyes.
- Can you?
- Yeah.
You think you know me?
I didn't say that.
You don't know who I am.
You don't know what I've done.
I don't care.
- We all have pasts.
- Yeah, but not all of us have futures.
In this line of work,
you do what it takes.
You tell yourself it's business.
But it's personal
and you can never go back.
Don't show up this afternoon,
okay? Promise me that.
So it's this afternoon?
This afternoon?
Don't answerthe phone. Just
promise me you won't show up.
That's the call?
- okay.
- Please, just do not...
- show up this afternoon!
- Hey, you're acting wierd. C'mon.
- Hello.
- The Cavern. one hour.
- Come in the back.
- okay.
Hey, Lukas...
Pick me up some cigarettes, okay?
Where's the fast-talking ganster?
We won't wait for him.
- Hey!
- It's about fucking time.
Sophie, your gear's by the door.
Let's get a move on.
Where's my gear?
Hey! Sweetheart.
Are you fucking coming or what?
Let's do it.
- What the fuck are you doing?
- C'mon. Get down right there.
- Why is his blindfold off?
- Huh?
I said, why is his blindfold off?
Not now man. Not now.
Give me your hands.
Why the fuck is this asshole's blindfold off?
... sweetheart, that's a witness.
- Don't fuck with me, okay?
- Don't fuck with you?
Where's Lukas?
- That's a fucking witness!
- Where's Lukas?!
- Downstairs.
- okay, I'm going downstairs.
Don't do anything. I'm coming back.
I'll be waiting.
You're going in, aren't you?
Police officers are dead, Jack.
I got a renegade cop inside,
and nobody including you can
tell me what he's thinking.
I know what he's thinking, Dan.
He's a cop. For crying out loud,
he's a cop like you and me.
He's nothing like me.
Alright, alright, alright.
Look, Dan, I know I'm asking you...
to choke down a shit sandwich here.
For crying out loud,
I helped butterthe bread.
But trust me.
My man is on the job.
I stake my reputation on it.
You're not staking your reputation,
Jack. You're staking mine.
Tennetti, you ready to go?
- I'm standing by, sir.
- Wait for my signal.
I'm standing in position.
Your boy's got 5 minutes, Jack.
And not a second more.
- Haven't you done enough?
- Why don't you let us go?
- You got what you came for.
- It's almost overJudy. Please.
- Judy, shut up.
- I'm not just here forthe money.
oh yeah, you're really tough.
- Look, Judy! Just stay calm, alright?
- We're gonna be alright. I promise.
- Yeah, listen to banker boy.
- 3 women blindfolded...
- Amateur!
- I'm trying to count, alright.
- Just shut you fucking mouth.
- You're pathetic!
- Judy, please!
- He doesn't know what he's doing!
- We've been here forever!
- Don't antagonize him.
- You're really tough.
- Just stay calm, alright?
- oh yeah, you're a big man.
- You're such a joke.
- Just take the money and go!
- Shut yourfucking mouth!
- Leave her alone, alright!
- Don't touch her!
Judy! It's okay.
- Just run, Judy, run!
- Stop playing...
- ...hard to get.
- Ah! oh!
- Where you going?
- Leave me alone!
I think you should kiss it better.
Ha! Ha! Ha!
- So was it worth it? Huh?
- Was all this shit worth it?
And then some.
It's the Euro, the designs
forthe hard currency.
- What? Counterfeiting?
- Mm hm.
You're bullshitting me, right?
You're bullshitting me.
With the technology nowadays,
you can't photocopy this kinda
shit. Come on.
That's true, but France
hasn't dedicated any money...
to upgrading their
printing processes.
That means that all
the member countries...
must adhere to the
Easily forgeable technologies.
- You'll never get away with it.
- We already have.
How will they know what to look for when
they don't even know it's been stolen?
Because I'll tell 'em. I can't
let you get away with it.
Ha! Don't you think it's
a little late to become a cop?
No. There is no door,
...is there? There is no way out.
I wouldn't know.
First positions.
oh God!
oh my God!
Aah, no!
Relax. Come here, baby.
- Aah! oh my God.
- Shh...
- oh my God!
- Shh, shh...
- No!
- Shh... Shh...
oh God!
Don't do that, alright?
Rule number 1 in a difficult situation:
don't panic.
Keep your head...
... even when all those
around you are losing theirs.
Relax, relax, relax.
- No! No!
- Shh. Shh.
Look at me. Look at me!
It's okay.I'll be gentle with you.
You are so beautiful.
- No! No!
- okay.
I said relax.
I'll do it rough.
I don't give a fuck, baby.
It's up to you.
Relax. It's your choice.
What do you want?
You want to get hurt?
You know they say...
... that in time hostages
start to sympathize...
with their captors.
oh yeah?
- Yeah.
- You're fucking crazy.
Sometimes they even fall in love.
It's called a Patty Hearst Syndrome.
No, it's called...
the Stockholm Syndrome...
you sick fucking animal!
You okay, Judy?
So all of us: Lukas, Cisco, me,
we're just the fucking
patsies, right?
We're meant to take
the fall forthis.
The more things go wrong
up there, the better.
Just a bunch of dead bodies
to take the rap.
I mean, no one was supposed
to make it out of here.
Right? Except maybe you.
Let me guess. You were gonna
pretend you were a hostage
just hiding down here
scared the whole fucking time!
- What do you want from me?
- What do you want me to say?
You want me to say I'm sorry?
Yes, Seth. I used you
just like you used me,
but I gave you a choice.
You made your own decisions, Seth.
You're a big fucking boy!
Now live with the consequences.
Just back the fuck up.
You sure you're cut out forthis?
- Yeah.
- You don't know how to use that thing.
- Uh-huh?
- I bet you didn't even check to see...
if the safety was off.
- Richie!
- You underestimate me.
I'm a cop.
- Banker boy! Watch this.
- ohh no!!
No! No, no. Listen to me.
- Don't kill her.
- You got a thing...
- ...forthe teller, don't you?
- oh God!
Well, I'm gonna kill somebody,
so who's it gonna be?
- oh no!
- Pick one, motherfucker!
- Who's it gonna be?
- oh my God!
Try me.
- oh well, well, well.
- Look who grew a pair.
oh God!
- Let her go, Cisco.
- Ahh!
You're under arrest, Cisco.
You are... under arrest.
You're a cop?
- Fuck! I can't believe it!
- oh God!
I usually got like a spidey
sense about fuckin' pigs,
although to my credit,
I never did like you
from the get-go.
Back the fuck up!
Michael! Look at me.
When he drops the girl, you grab
her and take her out of here.
- Hey, what the fuck, man!
- Ahh!
You talk like you hold the
cards. You got nothin' brother.
Michael! You grab her
and you take her out of here.
- oh no!
- Judy, it's gonna be okay.
- Nuh-uh.
- It's gonna be okay.
It's gonna be okay, Judy.
- Let her go.
- I don't take orders too well.
- Least of all from fucking pigs!
- Trust him. It's gonna be okay.
Hey, you know what they say,
officer? You know what they say?
The only good cop's a dead cop? Huh?
- You know that? Ever heard that?
- ooh!
Like that one last night, brother.
I popped that motherfucker
from the hallway!
What was the address?
What was the address, sweetie?
- Aah!
- Twenty-two thirty-six...
Chancery Lane. Hey!
Maybe you knew him, huh?
Nah. What are the chances?
- Aah!
- Go! Go! Go!
Go, go, go, go, go!
Fuckin' pig!
- Aaaah!
- Ahhh!
It's over.
I killed Cisco...
and it's over.
- It's not too late.
- oh yes it is, Sophie. It's too late.
No, it's not. C'mon,
we can put it all behind us.
We were right.
You were right. C'mon.
- No.
- Yeah!
Aw geez... Sophie, you were right.
You played me like a chump.
I can't let you do this.
I know. Hey...
Go ahead.
Go ahead and kill me. Go on.
Go on. Take your Euro shit.
Go on. You wanna go,
you have to kill me.
Do it.
Do it! Do it.
- It's not easy.
- Just shut up!
It's not as easy
as you think, is it?
- Come on, do it.
- Shut up!
Drop your weapon now!
- Hey, I'm a cop!
- I'm a cop. Here...
Take my gun. I'm the cop.
I'm the cop!
I'm the cop! I'm the cop!
I'm a cop. I'm a cop!
Seth... You're getting
too old forthis shit.
Come on.
You knew it was going
to end like this, right?
I thought I could do something.
Come on, let's go. Come on.
I spent so much time
trying to figure out who to trust.
In the end, the only person
I couldn't trust was...
Excuse me, officer,
that's my briefcase. Thank you.
Ladies and gentlemen,
we are now talking live...
to the man responsible
for breaking up this heist...
and rescuing all the hostages safely,
Detective Seth George.
Excuse me, Detective.
Detective, are you aware...
that the entire city
is hailing you as a hero...
- ...after the dramatic events of tonight?
- What?
No, no. What'd you say?
The bank's manager credits you...
with saving the lives of everyone
inside. He says, and I quote,
"Without the decisive actions
of undercover officer...
"Seth George, I would not
be alive...
"to relay this story.
I owe everything,
from this point on, to that
man." That's quite high praise,
- ...wouldn't you agree, Detective?
- Yeah.
Hey, officer!
I'll send you a postcard.
...So where do you want to go?
Uh, let's start anywhere in Europe.
Did you know the Roman Coliseum
was built in 72 AD?
Mm hm. Used to say,
"While stands the Coliseum,
"Rome stands;
when falls the Coliseum,
"Rome falls; when Rome falls...
- ...the world."
- I'd like to see it all.
Any comments for our viewers, Detective?
The greatest thing about the street?
- It's how simple things are.
- Ha! Ha!
No bull.
- oh wow!
- Simple.
- I'll be a son of a bitch.
- You want something,
- ...you take it.
- Wow!
Out there, there's good guys
and bad guys. End of story.