Switch Case N (2024) Movie Script

Bro, I was texting her on Whatsapp.
I was about to get her, this guy came in between us.
She is married, right?
After she got married, this guy made a move on her.
[Ibrahim] Surely, bro, he would
have drugged her. What is he saying?
Bro, I missed her.
Be quiet, I think only aunties are there in your fate.
Dont dream.
Bro, what bro? This time
also they have given less hike.
Dont bluff man, you are always
buttering the TL.
Why wouldn't he give you a good hike?
Bro, enough, you are no less,
you are also always trying to impress the TL.
Aye, no man.
Aye, how is your IAS
preparation going on?
Bro, I am not able to clear the prelims.
If I get a good government job I will go and join bro.
Bro at least we can live peacefully.
Am I right?
Yes, correct.
Because of you,this guy is acting
too much [phone ringing]
What, what did you say?
[phone ringing]
Dont help him.
[phone ringing]
Then he will realise.
[phone ringing]
He is talking too much.
[phone ringing]
He is acting too much.
[phone ringing]
Yaar, Did you get your tickets?
[phone ringing]
1 minute.
Hey, where are you going?
I will be back.
Hi, I am Raksha here, your HR speaking.
Yes, mam.
Siddharth, are you in office today?
Yes mam, I have come down to have tea.
No issues, take your time, can you come once you are done,
I would like to have a quick chat with you.
Yes, mam.
Excuse me mam.
Come, come, come.
Take your seat.
Just a minute.
I will call you back.
Hi Siddharth, how's your day been?
It's been good, thank you, how is yours?
Great, by the way, my daughters toy.
How's it? Isnt it nice?
It is very nice.
I know you have been working really hard for our company.
And, you very well know,
its every employee's dream to go onsite.
To countries like the US, Uk and make their dreams come true.
This time you were chosen to go onsite.
Despite other employees being senior
to you because you deserved it.
And now that your visa is ready.
And we are about to book your tickets.
I see. I see on the portal that you have resigned.
As a matter of fact you have resigned
twice in the last month.
Siddharth , please be honest.
And tell me what really went wrong.
Mmm, I really wanted to go, Raksha.
But my manager insulted me.
He mentioned that somebody complained that if I went onsite.
That it would set a very bad example to the team.
Is it?
I havent spoken to your manager yet regarding this.
But I can help you sort this issue out with your manager.
I tried, sorting it out myself.
I asked the manager to get the guy who complained
against me for a meeting.
But he didnt agree to that.
I don't think I trust my manager anymore.
I completely understand what you are saying.
But my concern is the amount that is already spent on your Visa processing.
Someone has to be accountable right?
It's not my fault Raksha,
I felt cheated when he accused me.
Even after giving my 100 percent, my best to this company.
I will talk to your manager regarding this.
But will you reconsider your decision?
Mmmm, ah, let's say even after all that has happened.
I decided to go onsite. I think I will lose my self respect and I don't like it.
And moreover, coming Monday I am joining my new company.
I need to be relieved by then.
It is also a matter of my career.
But, the company will lose around 4 lakhs
and that is not a small amount.
Someone has to be accountable right?
Alright , I will talk to your manager regarding this and get back to you.
Thank you.
You are welcome.
Hey, Siddhu.
What's up?
Nothing much.
By the way, when are you travelling to onsite?
Aah, this Saturday.
Short term or long term?
Visa is for 3 years, mostly, I will come back in one year.
Then, your life will be settled.
I dont know when we will get the opportunity.
We are also waiting.
Hey, you will also get. Then, what plans?
Here, we are not satisfied with the kind
of work that we are doing.
Also, they dont consider us for onsite opportunities,
we are not as talented as you.
No, you also have talent, you will also definitely get.
Hope so. I am also trying elsewhere,
we cant believe these people.
Anyways, all the best.
Thank you.
[Indistinct Chatter]
Hey man, today everybody is working so seriously?
Do they have a production issue?
Flash sale of Flipkart is going on,
everybody is dying to take one.
Is it so? Nobody told me, I also wanted to order one.
Siddhu, it does not matter to these people
how hard we work, let go of onsite.
At least they could have given us a good hike.
We cant trust these people, we have farmland in our village, I will go there and do farming.
Hey man, you can do organic farming, you will get good money.
Hey man, how many acres of land do you have?
Hey, what are you asking him? He is a gowda.
In his village he has a minimum 50 acres of land.
Hey, hey, what 50 acres, we have at least 100 acres.
Let them at least send me to onsite once, after that I will go to my village and settle there peacefully.
These things are not meant for me,
I dont want this IT nor BT.
I want to lead a peaceful life.
Hi Siddharth.
Are you done with your shopping?
No, tomorrow.
After you go, dont forget about us.
Come, let's have tea.
No, I had already.
Hello , yes, I am coming.
Siddhu, After you go, this guy will suffer a lot.
He does not know anything, tries to please everyone, you tell me, you have to tell the truth.
Till now, has Shreynashu written at least one line of code without your help.
Excuse me Siddharth, I want one design suggestion.
If you go onsite, we will not be able to have a discussion.
We are waiting in meeting room 4, will you come now?
Take him Madam, take him.
Aakash, sweety is one year old now, Nidhisha is giving sweets, come lets go.
Aa...sweety? Who is it?
Hey, bro, Nidhishas pink color scooty.
Is it her? Oh god, who recruits these people.
Hi Siddharth.
You have become everyones favourite. Always you have people at your seat.
Nothing like that, they keep coming thats it.
Earlier, they used to come to me,
but now everyone comes to your seat.
You have friends on all the floors,
I know only a few people on this floor, thats it.
Still, you have changed a lot, compared to earlier times.
I am concentrating on work, your social circle is improving.
It is flipped. I am becoming you and you are following me.
It is all your blessings lord, what we dont have,
we always keep yearning for it.
Always change and reinvent or
become stagnant and irrelevant.
Mmmm, mm, you are right, correct Shakthiman.
Whose call was it? you went without saying anything
Then, how was it in your hometown,
you overstayed for 1 week, what happened?
Hometown was awesome, when I went to my hometown,
my mother had prepared seviyan kheer.
That cardamom powder, dry fruits, mmm,
she had added much more things.
Are re re, the taste was out of this world Shakthiman.
Do you know puran poli?
They make it at our place, dont know what exactly they call it at your place.
Come, I will show it to you.
Mmmmmm, awesome.
Since I was a child, I was out of my hometown.
Whenever I went back to my home,
my mother was not willing to send me back.
I also felt like staying back with her for a few more days.
That is the reason I applied for leave.
I haven't collected my hike letter yet, how much hike did you get?
This time
When are you going onsite?
I am going this Saturday.
After you go, please take us also sir, dont forget.
There is nothing in my hand.
No, no, if you are willing it can be done.
In this company you have too many contacts right?
Aye, you have to work hard for that,
you cant go just like that.
Keep trying.
I know how hard he was working.
For many days we have stayed overnight and worked,
do you remember?
In the Drive project, we were going home at 4 o'clock in the morning.
I was not doing any work but I was supporting him fully.
We know about him, when we had joined he had given good KT.
Okay, I am getting late.
Please dont leave us and go.
Smitha, you at least tell him.
I want to say something to you, let us go out.
Mmmm, lets go yaar.
Hey, what man, you are always taking a break.
Whatsapp Chat:
Navya - Why did you go like that?
Whatsapp Chat:
Sidd - Let us discuss in the evening while going home.
I am busy.
As you said, he played a game.
Aye, that is the reason I told you to be careful.
I knew that he would do something like this.
Did he give less hike as I told you or
didn't he give anything.
Karki is a bastard. He is very cunning.
After 1 week of you going to your home town,
manager gave us hike letter.
Can you send Siddharth inside please?
Sure, sir.
Siddharth, Manager is calling you, you have to go it seems.
Ah, sorry sir.
You have been talking too much in the office it seems.
What have you told?
What have I said sir?
If you have to go onsite, you have to resign, only if you resign you will get an onsite opportunity.
Other teams have complained against you.
A bad example will be set, if I send you onsite, everybody will do the same it seems.
TLs have told that, you should not be sent onsite, otherwise it will be difficult to manage their team.
Sir, you only know everything right? I resigned.
You called me into your cabin in front of everyone.
Obviously, everyone will notice.
Sir, I had honestly told my friends that I had resigned.
After that, I asked for 15 lakhs, because another company offered me 15 lakhs sir.
You offered me onsite because you could not pay me so much. I was not willing to go.
At home, my mother is alone, nobody is there.
You only forced me to go onsite.
That is what I am saying, be careful in front of
others what you speak.
Sir, I cant live for people, I am so sorry.
You will have to change your attitude Siddharth, this will not work.
Sir, I am not happy with the hike that you
have given me sir.
Thank you sir.
I'm sure Aakash would have done this,
he does a lot of politics.
It's okay, we will speak about this later.
Mmmm, okay, but your visa interview was complete right?
Hey, but.
Hey, where are you roaming?
Dont you have any work?
There are lots, just came out to relax.
Just keep relaxing, dont work.
Whatsapp Chat:
Navya - I want 1000 rupees, I will return later.
Whatsapp Chat:
Sidd - Mmmm, okay, I will come in 5 min.
Yes, tell me. Your Visa interview was done right?
Yes, that is the reason the next day I came to the office.
Sir, I want to speak to you.
What is the issue? Tell me.
Not here Sir, we will go to a different floor.
Tell me here.
Not here Sir, it will take some time, if someone sees,
it will be a problem.
Okay give me 5 minutes, I have some work, I will call you.
Okay sir, thank you.
Your uncle has called me, he will also come to
drop you at the airport.
When you come back, you have to get a camera it seems.
In the US it costs very less it seems.
In life, in future, we will get a lot of money,
you'll be settled.
Then, we can search for a good girl and
get you married to her.
I can also keep telling everyone that my son is in foreign.
Amma, I have told you that I will show you the US.
Yes, I had called Bhavani aunty, she felt very happy.
There the environment is good it seems, it will not be sunny like here it seems.
Amma, if I dont go to the US, will you be disappointed?
What are you saying? Why? What happened?
Nothing Mom, In office, somebody complained
that I should not go.
I dont feel like going, leaving you behind.
You dont worry about me at all, you go.
Apoorva will take good care of me, why what happened now?
Nothing Mom, office politics, you will not understand.
Why do you worry about it so much Guru?
Problem is they are asking for Visa charges Guru.
It will cost around 4 lakh rupees it seems, they said.
Dont worry at all guru, in the meeting room, tell that manager insulted you.
HR will take it seriously.
He did not insult me Guru.
We have to worry about the month end salary in IT.
IT is a virtual world.
We should not have emotions here, now what, do you have interest to go onsite or not.
Then, you say that he insulted you, that point should be enough, tell you felt let down.
Visa charges?
Aye, go Guru, they cant even take a single rupee,
we have cleared IT interviews by bluffing.
We also work by bluffing, this is nothing guru, We have seen so many things like this.
See, now if you dont go onsite, the manager will also be under the same pressure from higher ups.
Then, he has to answer them, the guy who was ready to go onsite, why did he leave the company.
Guru, he will be under more pressure than you,
think about it.
Mmm, tell.
Sir, until now, I have not said no to whatever you have said. Whether it is client visit, presentation or POC.
Mmm, yes. I know.
Sir, today I require 20 minutes of your time sir,
please sir.
Mmm, tell.
Sir, first of all, I was not interested to go onsite,
I was ready to quit the company.
You only offered me onsite, am I correct?
Mmm, yes.
At onsite, I will have more excel work.
In onsite.
Sir, I need your uninterrupted time sir, please.
Siddharth, All I wanted to say is, in onsite you will not have only excel work.
And moreover excel work is also important, technologies will come and go.
But excel will always be there. Macros are there, development is there.
Sir, I also know that everybody's career
ends with excel in IT.
If I go to the new company, at least I will have technical work.
We will close this in a simple way sir.
You know how hard I have worked.
I don't like going onsite by taking a bad name,
please leave me, I will go to the new company.
Visa is already done.
Only thing remaining is to book the tickets.
Sir, yesterday that person insulted me sir.
Who? Tell me the name. I will speak.
Sir, please dont ask me anything sir,
you please get that guy here sir.
You have to tell them that I am the perfect candidate to go to onsite and that you have complete faith in me, then only I will go to onsite.
But, no one complained to me. I promise on my kids. Look, these are just gossip.
Sir, you dont own up to what you have said yesterday,
how to trust you sir?
Okay, you know right, who is it,
you only bring him, I will speak.
Sir, please dont push the ball in my court sir.
You accused me, now you clear my name.
Look sir, even if I go and get them,
they will not agree on the truth.
Moreover, I will get a bad name in the company,
that I have doubted that person.
Tell me, who is it? Okay tell me the gender at least.
Sir, I will not give you any details.
Please dont ask me.
Okay, do one thing, get them to the Chai Point.
I will speak to them, we shall sort it outside.
Sir, If I do like that,
it will spoil my name in the company.
I dont like to take any chances. You please call that person inside, I will go onsite.
Will you pay the Visa charges?
Why should I pay? I said no, dont tell anybody in the office, it will spread.
Arey, come man, here everyone is nasty, they are interested in their own benefit.
That is the reason I dont like those people,
you dont worry, come.
No, I will not go onsite, Mother is alone at home.
Please Siddu, dont leave this company. I will be alone here, everybody hates me here.
If you leave the company, tell me, who will be there for me? If I required anything I used to come to you.
If I go onsite, we cant meet for 3 years. If I change the company here, we can keep meeting.
Aye, go, if I stay here, my mother will get me married.
Atleast, If I go onsite, I can escape from that torture.
You go and take me there, please. I will also come.
Mother bought me this top. How is it?
Whatever you wear, you look good. Heroine, Madhuri Dixit.
Oh, oh, do you like Madhuri Dixit so much?
Mmmm, I will pay, everytime, you pay.
Be quiet, money is not a concern for me.
You be with me, it is enough.
Enough, you are never short of such dialogues.
Oh, it is getting late, mother will be waiting ,
come drop me, come fast.
[phone rings]
What, havent you slept already?
If I would have slept, would I have received your call?
Tell me.
Did you have your food?
Done, yours.
Done. Saturday, to go to the US, have you done packing?
Mmmm, not going.
You should have gone.
How many people will get this opportunity.
Mother is also depressed. Life will be settled. Yearly you can save 25 lakhs.
Because I get money, how can I leave my mother and go?
In life, happiness is important.
No, these things happen in our company also.
This is common, you have to face it and be thick skinned.
See, I dont like to go,
I am thinking of staying back and doing something.
You are an idealist, but reality is different,
nobody thinks about others.
You have to be realistic, you will not get such an opportunity again.
If I would have got, I would have gone.
I know about reality, I know whats right.
Who can advise you.
I am getting late, have to sleep.
Okay. Good Night.
Good Night.
[Phone ringing]
Hi, Jeeva here.
Ya mam tell me.
Wanted to have a quick chat with you,
called to remind you once again.
That Monday at 8 o'clock, you have to be there in the office, with all the documents, you will have an induction.
Okay, I will be there on Monday.
I have sent an official email regarding this. Thank you.
Excuse me, Sir.
Come in.
Good Morning Siddharth.
Good Morning sir.
How are you?
Good sir, how are you sir?
I am very great. HR said that she had a discussion with you. I was so busy I could not meet you.
What happened? I shouldnt have let this get this far.
Tell me what happened.
Sir, I will tell you sir,
but please dont mention my name outside.
No, no. I dont want to be judgemental.
I just wanted to know what happened.
So that it will be a learning experience for me also.
I will not take your name. Tell me what happened.
Sir, you only know sir,
how hard I have worked to get till here.
I know everything, you are such a good resource,
that is the reason I dont want to lose you.
Tell me what happened. Just tell me the names.
Sir, I will tell you the complete story.
Sir, in our office, there are more people who spread rumors compared to people who work.
They always keep gossiping. Aakash also.
Oh, it is Aakash, I thought so, there are a lot of complaints against him.
He only said, if we resign, then, they will send us to onsite. He spread such rumors against me and complained to the manager, sir.
Afterwards, after we got the hike, he met me outside the office, and taunted me by saying, did you get inside nicely.
Sir, for me name is very important.
To get here, I have worked hard, sir.
In fact, I told the manager, get him for a meeting and that I need an apology.
Okay, you only know right, who is it,
you only bring him, I will speak.
I am not concerned about who is right, who is wrong.
But, I am concerned that I will lose a good resource. Do you really have to go?
I want to go sir. If I stay here,
I have to keep looking at the same faces.
I will not have motivation to work.
I know how it feels.
Sir, but, visa charges.
I have a lot of respect for you.
So, I will waive off the charges.
You are such a good resource.
I am very sad to lose such a good resource.
We appreciate all the good work you have
done for our organisation.
All the best for your career.
I am sorry sir, but thank you so much.
No problem.
Good Morning yaar.
Mmmm, Good Morning.
Yesterday night, I partied a lot.
I drank a lot.
I missed the alarm in the morning, I got up at 11.
When I was coming, the metro was in full rush.
When have you come early?
Correct Shakthiman, you got it right.
From now on I have to become responsible.
If you are not there, I cant do any work.
I may not be able to work as fast as you.
I take a lot of time. But, I will definitely try.
When the boat starts to sink, everyone has to learn to swim.
Mmmm, someone or the other will save me.
Listen. Did someone come in search of me?
Leave, you have fans on all the floors.
They are all female fans.
Arey sir, it is not like that,
I am just friendly with everyone.
Still, it is more with the girls.
They only come behind me sir.
Mmmm, you carry on.
Listen, if you are going,
I have to learn the application completely.
Till now you were there. I didnt have any fear.
When will you teach me?
I will definitely teach, aa, Shreyanshu,
I wanted to talk to you.
Mmm, okay come, lets go out.
Arey re re, my brother, done with your shopping?
Come soon.
Now concentrate on your work a little.
WHATSAPP CHAPlease dont go, you still have time, dont leave me.
You know the problem inside?
Even the walls have ears.
That is the reason I didnt want to discuss inside.
We cant trust anybody nowadays.
BU Head agreed, he told me that he has full respect for me.
Did you tell him the full story?
I told him the things which I havent told you also.
Its okay, I know, you will tell me today or tomorrow.
But, for me, the person is important.
You are very straightforward. I like that very much.
You dont bitch behind my back like others.
Now that you are going, what can I do?
Earlier, for everything, you were there.
But, now, I am a senior. I cant say that I dont know anything in front of juniors.
These people will also not leave me.
You have set expectations like that.
WHATSAPP CHANo, I dont want to go, If I am here,
I can at least keep meeting you.
No, no, it is not your mistake.
I have learnt from you also.
First time you danced, I became a huge fan.
Infact, I came and shook hands with you, do you remember?
Since so many people shook hands, I cant remember anything.
I am like this only, wherever I go,
I become the talk of the town.
WHATSAPP CHAPlease go to the US, I will also come somehow.
There we can live happily. I also want to go there.
You know, what I learnt from you?
You are a very hard worker.
You will not give up anything easily. You keep trying.
Even if you dont get the output,
you put in the effort.
Yes, tell me, what gift do you want?
Should I search for a new girl?
Come, I was joking.
[Indistinct chatter]
[All murmuring]
Man, he was acting too much,
this time they would have fired for sure.
Yes, bro, he also had a problem with seniors.
Time is less, what gift do we give him?
Let us give him a book. Anyways, he likes reading books.
What do we give him? "I'm confused", suggest something.
I liked this.
This is common, we have to give something different.
What do we give?
Hey, if we give something which matches his character,
it'll be good, right?
What do we give him?
Will we get something there?
You should be seeing who will raise their hands in the crowd, and you should be ready with the gift.
And you should be ready with the timer. Okay.
We should not bore them anywhere.
We should not give time to the audience to think.
We should always be one step ahead of the audience. Okay.
Siddharth , I am feeling very nervous to host the show.
Well, what I have learnt from my previous hosting experience is that preparation is very important and do not react to the crowd.
Don't worry, we have planned well,
I am sure the crowd will react in a positive manner.
Be confident. Hardwork always pays off.
Try your level best and leave the rest to god.
Do not expect the fruits of your action.
Oh ho, How much do you read,
you are never short of such dialogues.
This will match his character perfectly right?
Ha, It will be a correct match.
Hey Siddharth, come.
I will tell you, come.
What are you doing?
You come. Come, come, come bhai.
You come, I will tell you, come.
You come for a minute Shakthiman.
Dont do anything.
You sit.
Hello everyone, come here.
Hey Shreyanshu.
One minute, one minute. Everybody come.
Arey Smitha, come, come yaar.
Hey, do you need an invitation? Come, come, come, get up.
What happened?
Come, come, come.
What happened man?
Is there something special?
Arey yaar, come.
Come, come. Everybody come.
What is he doing?
Mmmm, has everyone come?
Bro, what happened bro?
You will get to know about it shortly.
Okay, what happened?
Hey, leave that yaar. Talk about something nice.
In this, with which girl were you in love?
On whom you had set your sight, I want to make her my own.
I had set my sight on many girls, what Nidhisha?
Hey Shreyanshu, he is a crack.
Okay, Nidhisha, what do you feel about Siddharth?
Tell the truth, dont you feel anything?
Hey Shreyanshu, you only start.
Ahhh, what do I say? He is very clear from his heart.
Mmmm, he does a lot of hard work and he is a big fan of movies. Mmmm.
Mmmmm, mm.
And always, he saves me from problems.
There was no other choice you see.
Now everyone has to say at least one word about Siddharth.
Always helping and friendly.
Enjoyed a lot during the event. Event,
and the management of it was super.
Java framework expert.
All the best Siddu.
Thank you so much.
A very good writer, that we came to know through his last day mail. He has described everyone very well.
Ha, how many days did you take to write the mail?
1 hour, almost.
It was very good.
Thank you.
Okay Shaktimaan, this is for you. Everyone, start.
101 memories, from the bottom of the heart, it came out with happiness, from the events team.
Where will you go? Rebaaba, Where will you go? Listen dear, dont go, listen dear, dont go, where will you go?
We miss all the fun, we miss all the joy, we miss you.
Ah, very nice.
Thank you.
Now you tell us something.
Our singing, and speech, everything is done.
What I had to say, I have mailed. I was not able to write about everyone, those I have missed are in my hearts.
Words cannot express the feelings properly. If we are silent, you will be able to know the feelings of the heart.
Come on man, at least a few words.
I have come till here, I dont know about my future.
Whatever I do in my future, your sweet memories will always be my inspiration.
This is from my side Shaktimaan.
Thank you Shreyanshu. Thank you.
I am sure you will shine, wherever you go. All the best.
Thank you.
Again, all the very best.
Thank you so much.
What man, you gave such a shock.
We were not able to guess. We thought you would go onsite.
How much is the package in the new company?
Please refer me also.
Which company.
When the time is right, I will tell everything. Okay?
Bro, All the best bro.
You will see the Dhinkchak videos right?
Yes, okay.
One thing bro, we will really miss you bro.
Thank you.
If you make a short movie, call us also.
Sure, sure, sure.
Hamsa, did you see the portal?
Yes, I saw, it had Siddharths photos and videos.
Come Siddharth, let us go to the cafeteria, today you have to give the snacks party.
Everywhere, they are talking about you Siddharth.
You have got good visibility.
Yes, it is all hard work.
In an IT company, you will have all kinds of people,
like lazy ones, political ones.
Seriously? Are there such people?
Mmmm, you are freshers right?
I think it has been 3 months since you joined.
Yes, it has been 2 months.
Slowly, you will understand.
This is not like your college.
As time passes by, no one will be friends here.
To Survive, they will do anything here.
Many people work for a salary.
Very few people work with passion.
Your working style says that you are very passionate.
Passion? It is not like that. In a way.
I also work for a salary.
When I was young, I wished to become a cricketer,
but everyone cannot become Sachin.
There was no support in my home.
Here, in IT, there is no satisfaction.
Life has become kind of robotic.
Here there is no value for emotions.
I like photography very much, I would like to capture king cobra at least once with my camera.
I follow National Geographic wildlife shows very much.
First, you learn to take my photo properly.
Then, what is your passion?
Well, I have moved on from cricket now.
I write, I think I write well.
It gives me some kind of happiness. In my old company,
when events were organised, I used to write skits.
And, sometimes, I used to host also.
But, to perform, I have never gone to the stage.
Because, stage fear, I am trying to conquer my fears, dont you people have stage fear?
I dont have that at all. I am pretty much used to stage right from my school days.
I am a pretty good dancer, you know.
Even I dont have it. Even I have even been active in this from my school days.
Actually, that is very important, then communications, how you mingle with people.
I am not good at social skills.
I am trying to work on that.
How was your previous company experience?
It wasnt like this company.
There we had a lot of onsite opportunities.
We could have gone to the US and enjoyed ourselves.
But, there is a lot of politics for that.
I also got an offer once, but I rejected it.
Why did you leave such a good opportunity?
If I get such an opportunity, I will happily settle there.
I will come, take me also.
It is not required.
This timing is very odd, we both are
supposed to support and struggle.
I am having a stomach ache, full of gas.
This support is not suiting me.
What bhai? Did you have dinner?
Why, is there any smell?
A little, actually a lot.
Who is drinking to have fun? I drink,
so that I can tolerate this, and to entertain you.
Arrey, say some good words, dont insult the artist.
Wah, Wah, claps.
Whether it is curse or claps, I take it by heart,
and I give it back also.
What? Did you get it?
Wah, bhai, how come you are in a good mood today?
Always, I am in a good mood.
Bhai, what happened to that guy?
That guy, who left work abruptly.
There are a lot of rumors about him in our office.
What is it? What have they told you?
That they have fired him.
People are like that, even if they dont know anything,
they gossip and make a good story out of it.
That is what bhai, nobody has any clarity on it. Where is he bhai now?
Where did he join now? He is your best friend right?
Anyhow we dont have tickets.
If you promise not to tell anyone, I will tell you.
No one can be trusted here.
Bhai, have I done anything like that ever?
Mmmm, ll tell you.
He had joined before me,
he had a little attitude problem, I guess.
He was not friendly with people.
He did not care for anyone.
Good morning team.
Good morning sir.
Please introduce yourselves one by one
and tell me what you can do for the company?
My name is Rakesh sir. I will work very hard sir.
I am Smitha sir. I will work very hard sir.
Sir, my name is Navya sir. I will also work very hard sir.
My name is Pushkar sir,
I will also work hard for the company.
I am Sowjanya sir, I will work very hard.
I am Ibrahim sir, I will also work hard sir.
Sir, I will do anything for the company sir.
Oh, I am Siddharth sir.
If I tell you to fall from the building,
will you fall, is it?
Sir, I will think first and decide what to do.
Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Candy Crush.
How many of you have installed these apps in your mobile.
And how many of you have the habit of
seeing it every 15 minutes.
Well, well, well you have installed it in your mobiles but dont use it is it?
Mmmm, okay, you should concentrate on your work and you should use these apps only after office hours.
Mmmm, for the first 6 months you will be under probation period, and if you dont perform well.
You will be out of the company. Any doubts?
No sir.
I have a question for all of you, suppose it's 6 pm in the evening and there is a lot of work to do, what will you do?
Sir, I will complete the work and go sir.
I will stay overnight and try to complete the work sir if it is not over.
Sir, according to research, the human mind can only concentrate for 20 minutes.
After that, nothing is productive.
So, I will go back home because I need to come back to work the next day with a fresh mind.
Siddharth right?
Yes sir.
This is IT.
We work for our clients and
we have aggressive deadlines.
And we need to meet them at any cost.
Sir, once a while we can stretch.
But, obviously if we stretch everyday,
the productivity will come down.
Boss, this is an IT company, and this is how it works.
You have to work hard and be serious about it.
Okay, you will all have one mentor and
I will take feedback from them continuously.
Yes Sir.
Am I loud and clear?
Yes Sir.
So folks, all the best.
Thank you sir.
What is this? He is saying this.
Yes. he is very strict.
Hey man, the manager wants us to work hard it seems.
Hard work, if we had done hard work, why would we have joined here, we would have been in Google.
Even if the manager would have worked hard, even he would have been in Google.
That's what.
What happened? You both have not spoken with each other since this morning.
Yesterday night, we fought sir.
Everything happened because of this monkey.
In life, a girl is very important.
For emotional support, if you have a partner,
life will be good.
If not, it will be a bit difficult.
That means you have a girlfriend.
Yes I have, we met in our previous company. She is very cute.
Is it? Let me see the photo.
Do you want to see the photo?
Always, I used to go to her desk.
I used to solve all her issues.
What Siddharth, do you know you are the
most brilliant in this whole office.
Nobody was able to solve this issue,
you were able to solve it in 1 second.
I had read about it earlier,
the concept was clear so I was able to solve it.
How much do you read? If I read as much as you,
my head will explode.
Bruce Lee has said, I dont fear a man who knows 100 kicks, I fear a man who has practised 1 kick 100 times.
Oh, enough, you are never short of such dialogues right?
Shall we leave the office early today in the evening?
Oh, where will you take me today?
Rakesh keeps messaging me, he has become mad,
I dont entertain him.
That Ashwaj, he was ready to commit suicide.
Mmmm, then, you are so cute. It is not their fault.
Enough, I have my own problems, I also want to go onsite.
In this office there is only politics. That Smitha, she also wants to go desperately to onsite.
You will not betray me right?
Heh, Enough, Will I betray you? When I am free, I always come to your desk. But, you dont come.
Okay, It is getting late.
Come, come, come mom will be waiting. Come.
WHATSAPP CHAReached home?
WHATSAPP CHAGoing to sleep.
WHATSAPP CHAHad a great time, will cherish for life.
WHATSAPP CHAWhen you come to the office, it will be my morning.
WHATSAPP CHAWhen you go back in the night, it will be my evening.
WHATSAPP CHAThank you so much Siddu, Awesome.
Like that, I was sending a poem to her daily.
Your life was full of color.
Brother, he seems to be weird.
He is trying to trick the manager.
Bro, Manager is very strict.
We still dont know who will be our mentor.
Are you freshers?
Mmmm, Mmm.
I dont know to which team you will be placed.
In our team, the seniors are superb, fully knowledgeable.
They will give assignments to you all.
Then, if you , by any chance, dont do the assignments properly.
They will send you to your home directly. In the last batch, they had fired a couple of people.
How many people?
Couple of people.
Couple of people.
Hah, a couple of people.
Hah, this lady does not know anything, only fooling around.
Whether they have knowledge or not, we have to ask questions.
What, he is speaking like this?
They are not lesser than Google.
If there are any issues, they will be solved in no time.
If we get experience, we will do better than them.
Bro, did you see the mail?
What happened?
Bro, some task it seems, we have to develop a feature similar to online shopping cart it seems.
That too, it should be like Flipkart it seems.
How much time do we have?
Bro, we have only 4 days.
If I were talented enough to develop in 4 days,
I would have joined Flipkart.
Mainly, they will test the backend,
I guess, the frontend need not be rich.
Bro, we dont know any end bro.
You dont know, then do farming in the countryside.
What are you saying?
Okay, do it, your confirmation is dependent on the mentor's feedback.
For me, Abhilash was the mentor, he did not check anything.
Now, he is onsite.
If we dont get the output, what to do bro?
What can be done? You only tell bro.
They will not confirm your job.
Thats it bro. They will extend your probation period and then send you out of the company.
Is it true, Aakash.
We have received sweets at my desk mail.
Why? What is the occasion?
Sneha got engaged.
Some unlucky guy has got into her trap.
Come, come, let's go.
Have everybody seen my mail?
Yes sir.
So, how many days left to submit the task?
Sir, 1 day sir.
And, how much is done?
Okay, let's start with you Rakesh.
Sir, 80% done sir.
80% done sir.
85% done sir.
Sir, I havent yet started sir.
Sir requirements were not clear.
How the backend should be, how many features should be there in the frontend. There is no clarity sir.
If we have to learn everything and do it,
it will take a minimum of 1 month sir.
First, I thought of showing you the design and then starting.
Siddharth, company gives you salary, not to learn, but to work, and this is not your school.
Within tomorrow, you have to submit how much ever is complete. You will be evaluated.
And, it will affect your probation.
Sir, in the short term, the task may get completed, but in the long term the project will have a lot of problems.
Boss, when there are deadlines,
we cant say these things to the customers.
In the short time itself we have to deliver.
Okay sir.
Okay, I have a meeting to attend, before that,
I want to say something quickly to you people.
In our company, we will have monthly events, and this month, we have an icebreaker to introduce you people to the rest of our team.
All of you together, have to do at least one skit.
Everybodys participation is mandatory. No escaping. It will all count, in your assessment. Mmm.
And, you will also have fun events. So, enjoy.
Thank you sir.
Okay sir.
I have woken you up at 5 am to study,
but you are sleeping here.
See your neighbour, Sharmas son,
he is always first.
From now on, I will wake you up at 4 am. You have to properly open your mouth and read loudly so that I can hear. Did you understand?
You dont deserve this. Study.
She is still asleep.
Bro, take it easy bro. Why are you always so tense?
I am not tense bro. Without understanding,
if we do any work, it is a waste.
They didnt give time to analyse.
Mmmmm, that is also right. Bro, you tell me, Didnt we pass in engineering by studying at the last minute.
Bro, here also we can somehow escape, leave it bro.
That is the reason bro, during the interviews,
we struggled to clear the aptitude.
Mmmmm, that is also right. Bro, in the company, there are people of various kinds.
Look, we have to collaborate, bro, you do one thing.
On Youtube, you see some Dhinchak videos.
Bro, seriously bro, the mind will be very cool.
Ah, chill bro.
I dont know anything man.
Oh, is it acting, I dont know.
Do I know? But, still we have to do it.
They have given a Mad ads theme, what can we do in 1 hour?
What is the product?
Watch, it seems.
By trapping us like this, the manager is having a lot of fun and, it seems this will count in our probation.
Mmmm, yes.
We cant do anything. Product is a watch, it seems.
Somebody give me some ideas.
Do you have any idea?
Correct, a boy will propose to a girl, but the girl will not agree.
Why is it?
Because he has an old watch.
Oh, oh.
Time will not be right.
Then, mmmm, God will come and grant a wish. He will get a new watch.
Girl will be impressed. How is the story?
What story is this? There is no message.
Aha, bro, to give story and message,
we are in the IT field, not film field.
That too, what else can we do in one hour?
Bro, it has already been 20 minutes.
Okay, come let us start.
I will be the hero, who will be the heroine?
Hey, I am okay with it.
Okay, you are all friends of the heroine. You will be there at the bus stop. Like they show in the old films.
They are my friends, Siddharth you have to play Gods role. Okay?
Ayyo, I have stage fear, I will not do it.
Aye, do it bro.
I am the heroine, it seems.
Ohhhhhh. Enough, are you Alia Bhat? Dont give too much of a pose.
Enough, you are also not Ranbir.
It is Okay, you stand here.
If we take a rose and propose, it will be good.
Ayooo, be quiet. Now from where shall we get it?
Or else, will you go to KR Market?
Okay, Siddharth, you come and tell your dialogue as I tell you. Okay?
Tell me, why did you forget the step?
You had practised it for the annual day right?
What happened? Will you tell or should I hit you?
Dad, I forgot.
Forgot, for everything, you forget. On stage, you cant dance well.
In studies, you are never at the top.
You are not fit for anything.
Look and learn from our neighbour, Sharmas son, you will at least get some wisdom.
He is top in everything. I feel very happy when I see him.
Its my fate that we are suffering because of a son like you.
He is always distracted.
You prayed for such a son.
Dont worry man, Your time is not running right, I always know what time to give what, to whom. Now it is your time.
The next performance of Mad ads is by a group of freshers.
A huge round of applause for them.
And, their product is a watch.
[Crowd applause]
What do you say?
Will you talk to her?
Shall I talk?
Huh. Hey wait, let us see.
She rejected me.
What happened now?
Time is not right.
Show Rolex watch, she will fall for you.
Show, show.
It will come, everyone will get time.
Go, go.
Mmmm. Dont worry da macha. Mmmmm.
Your time is not running right.
Your time is not running right, I know what to give whom, at what time, now is your time. Take it.
Hey, what is this?
It is new.
It is super.
It is Rolex.
It is super. Spray, spray, spray.
How is it?
Super. Hey, man. Dont go.
Go man.
Leave me.
Who is this guy, coming like this?
Oooooo, she fell for him.
Aye, super, bro.
Success. Thank you.
And the next performance is by Shreyanshu and team, please give them a huge round of applause.
Oooooo, Ooooo.
[Crowd applause]
Love you, beauty man, super, Shreyanshu,shreyanshu, shreyanshu, shreyanshu, hey hey.
Now, I am going to present the top gun award.
This person has got a lot of appreciation from the clients.
Without him, the SEED phase 2 project wouldn't have gone live, on time.
Big round of applause to Keerthan.
[Crowd applause]
Now the best coder, without any defects in the
project goes to, Any guesses?
[Crowd applause]
This is, it is nothing. It is very easy.
First we call this method. Configuration will be here.
Okay? Aah, inside this method,
What is he saying? I am having a headache.
I am also feeling sleepy.
Everything is going bouncer.
Variables from which you want to fetch the data.
After you fetch the data, we have to
pass the data to the controller.
What will happen, if we change the configuration?
Aah, I have not tried that out,
but there should definitely be something.
Siddharth, you can google it.
Google it, google it.
He does not have any other work to do,
he is always asking doubts.
He is a show off.
KT was horrible.
Bhai, what is KT?
KT means Knowledge Transfer.
Oh, what does it mean?
What I know, if I tell you, that is KT.
What you have learnt from me, if you tell it to me again, that is reverse KT.
You are a rockstar, how do you do it so fast?
It is all preparations.
Is it a new watch?
Is it nice?
Yes, it is good.
It is not a new one, it is old. Mother bought it.
I had not worn it for so many days.
Okay. Then, how is your sister in your hometown?
My sister is torturing me to get married,
I want to enjoy life.
You can marry right?
Hey, go, you are speaking nonsense.
Bro, she is already in a relationship, in our office there are a couple of people.
Bro, she always acts smart. One is in this wing,
the other is on the fourth floor.
Enough, enough, enough, go man.
I know.
See, this is the problem. I am having a headache.
I am not able to understand the flow.
TL also tried to solve it, but he is not able to figure out the problem.
Is it done?
Wait, I will fire the logs and see.
Success, where was the issue?
Sorry Siddharth, I had an issue, I was trying to solve it with Nishanth.
I got late. Are you waiting for a long time?
No, take.
Then, how is Navya?
Mostly, she will go to the US, it seems, she has a chance.
In this company, it is a bit difficult for us, we dont have onsite in our project.
In your previous company, it was easy to go onsite, is it?
I had the opportunity, I had decided to
go at one point of time.
But, somebody tricked me in the office.
Why, what happened?
KT was done,then, they asked for reverse KT.
Man, they have not given KT properly.
Yes bro, now they are asking for a reverse KT.
Bro, how shall we give?
To begin with, nobody had given the reverse KT properly.
On top of that, Siddharth had got into trouble.
Nobody has done their assignments up to the mark.
You have to improve a lot. You are JAVA trained.
We expect high standards.
Sir, KT was not given properly sir.
We did not understand the business.
This is IT, It works like this here.
100 % requirements nobody will give beforehand.
This is how you are expected to work.
And, I am not happy with your performance.
Hey, listen, have you seen your sons marks card?
3rd rank. I dont know.
I will not sign for this. You have got 3rd rank.
Do you know how difficult it is to lead a life?
We work hard day and night, he does not understand.
In life, apart from studies,
what else do we expect from them?
If we are not there, he is always playing
cricket on the ground.
He does not have any seriousness about life.
It is all because of you, he is spoiled like this.
From time to time, you give him whatever he needs,
how will he know our difficulties?
Yes, yes, I am the reason for everything.
See, From today no TV.
No Chitravihaar, Chitramanjari. Go and read. Go.
Seniors didnt like whatever he spoke.
We had given KT so well.
Actually, we had not got so much also.
See Siddharth, How he said to the manager.
He blamed us all, badly.
Leave it.
Me and him, we were put in the same project.
But, they were not ready to take him in any team.
That is the reason, they put him in a new project
and told him to do POC.
At the same time, there was a senior named Naveen.
He had got the opportunity to go onsite.
Hey, hi, I am going onsite.
Hey, congrats man.
Congratulations Naveen.
Hey, Thank you.
You were waiting for a long time right?
Finally, you are going.
Is it confirmed?
I have already got the tickets, that is the reason
I am telling you.
Be careful, are you taking your wife along with you?
Hey, the weather is going to be very cold.
Will this guy be quiet? Daily he will drink two bottles.
He looks like this, but he is a big drunkard.
No, first, I will go, then, I will ask my wife to come.
Okay, okay bye.
Be careful. Send chocolates.
Okay, sure. Dont forget. Okay.
Hey, this guy, he had gone to the manager, twice or thrice.
Other than that, he begs the manager.
Correct, he does not know any work, always,
he just works on excel.
Other than that, he begs the manager.
Manager was not able to tolerate his torture,
finally, he is sending him.
We have to do something, else, these juniors will keep going and we will be here.
I will not go to the manager and ask him.
They have to recognise my talent and send.
Hey, go man.
Come Nitesh, sit.
What's the matter?
Sir, it has been a lot of time since we joined.
Naveen has joined after we joined.
Now, Naveen is going onsite, when will you send us sir?
Oh, that is a management decision,
there is nothing in our hands.
Now there are no openings. Next onsite is for you, I will recommend your name.
I already have you in my mind.
Please consider me sir, that I have taken some loan for my sisters wedding.
I have a home loan. Next opportunity is for you.
Dont worry. How was your sisters wedding?
Sir, that loan.
Okay, okay, I will take care. I have some meetings.
Ah, I will meet you later. Okay, thanks.
Thank you very much sir.
She is a big flirt man, she always goes at this time.
He will also be waiting in the basement.
Who is her boyfriend?
Why? Will you flirt with him?
Hello, our standard is different.
Haa, I know, I know your standard, they will be standing in front of Shivaji Nagar Bus stop.
Who is that Aakash?
Aey, they will be wearing torn clothes,
holding old utensils, and begging.
They are the ones.
You dont worry ya, if you dont get any feelings.
We will stand in the background and play violin and make sure that you get feelings. Okay?
You somehow fixed her in Shivajinagar,
when will you send us onsite.
Man, this is a mid-sized company.
Here, we will not have any kind of process.
Manager will send only those people
whom he wishes to send onsite.
Here, skills, knowledge and people like us have no value.
Hey Aakash, when will we get our chance.
It has been 4 years since I have joined.
Still, I havent gone. Then, how will they send you?
Hey, atleast, tell me after how much experience
they will send us.
Am I not clear to you? This is a mid sized company, in this company there is no process.
Man, but still, I will not remain quiet. I will go and speak to the manager.
We are working hard. How can he send somebody else onsite?
Manager is coming to this side.
Aa guys, I have to talk to the manager.
I will go and come back quickly.
Hey Aakash.
Sir, Sony has launched a new camera, did you buy it?
Oh, that. I saw, I have placed an order,
I think I will get it.
Ah, okay, okay. Then, I had sent photos on Whatsapp, should I send those furniture to your apartment?
Oh that one, the color is good,
should we buy a cushion for it?
Ayo sir, we dont sell those things sir.
Ah, okay. Rate is also reasonable. I saw it online.
Yes sir. For you, we had not kept any margin.
In other deals we get about 20 % margin.
For you, we have not kept any margin.
Aye, thanks.
Its okay sir.
See him, how well he is manipulating the manager.
Next, definitely he will go onsite.
Then, what do you say sir?
In Nelamangala, we dont get any site.
If we get any cheap site, I will tell you.
Rates are very high there, you buy.
Yes, after they got metro connectivity the prices have skyrocketed.
Anyways, let's see. Have a meeting.
Okay sir, bye sir.
I am not getting the output, see once.
Is he your boyfriend?
Aye no, I dont have a boyfriend.
Then, how about me?
What? Not at all.
Aye, what happened?
Variable, should have been declared outside of the block.
Oh, sorry Shaktiman. I am an idiot.
Yesterday I got the same error. You told me.
Aye, we are getting late for the session.
Oh, come, come yaar.
Ah, so today TL has asked me to take a session on AWS.
That is, Amazon Web Series, Sorry , Services.
First we are talking about buckets.
So, buckets are containers for objects stored in S3.
Then we have keys.
Keys are a unique identifier for an object.
And it is there in buckets.
And, this is a web store and not a file system.
Aaa, can the bucket name be the same?
If I have the same folder structure will it work?
I dont know how it works, but I am working on it.
How was your office work?
In office, we have the same issue. That Rita, she raised a bug and mailed us.
I tried a lot, but could not solve it. Then, I came.
It has been a long time since we went to a movie,
when shall we go?
I have my own issues, in my home,
they are forcing me to get married.
I am getting fed up with these things.
Okay, how is work in your company?
It is a new company right, it is hectic.
I have more work, but it is not
as enjoyable as the previous company.
And moreover, you are not there.
Now, I am a senior, it is not easy to mingle.
There will always be a distance.
We don't have that comfort zone with juniors.
Come back Siddu to our office again, we can also go onsite.
We can live peacefully.
What? Are you joking? It is not so easy.
Are, BU Head also knows, you are a good resource.
You come, they will definitely take you back.
After all that has happened, will it be good,
if I come back? Mmmm?
Yes. Hey, I didnt tell you right, there is a new guy called Som in our office.
He codes very well.
He was not there, I guess, when I was in the company.
No, he just joined last month, he is the same as you,
he codes very well.
After you left, I thought, I will be alone, now we are going to lunch together.
Thank god, I got company.
Then, you will forget me right?
Enough, how can I forget you?
Oh, it is time, Mom will be waiting.
Come drop by my house. Come, come.
Hey, I didnt tell you right, there is a new guy called Som in our office, he codes very well.
He is the same as you, he codes very well.
After you left, I thought, I will be alone.
Now we are going to lunch together.
Thank god, I got company.
WHATSAPP CHAHi, what doing?
WHATSAPP CHANothing, reading.
WHATSAPP CHALife is boring without you.
WHATSAPP CHASame here, tomorrow what time?
WHATSAPP CHAWhenever you are free.
WHATSAPP CHAEverybody is playing games in the office,
you will be there by my side right?
WHATSAPP CHAAnytime, Anyday.
He keeps messaging me a lot, He is behind me like a devil.
He has gone mad. Nowadays, I dont care for him.
If I get messages in Whatsapp, I reply to you first.
I have turned off notifications for others, you know?
We had a lot of fun.
Be quiet, how much do you bluff?
Oh, you dont flirt is it? You are always at Rakesh's desk.
Hey Rakesh.
Enough, be quiet, dont say something and all. Loose.
Oh, you dont want Rakesh, how about me?
Aye, get lost.
Today we are discussing Hive, and, what it is?
Architecture, Related projects, Hive DDL, Hive DML, Business Intelligence.
And this is the architecture diagram.
File system mount, Web console, Data mining,
Job workflow and Analytical Language.
So, we are using Hive,
because we need to analyse the data a lot.
And it is a relatively new offering in the market.
Why are we using this particular tool? And what other tools are there to do this analysis.
Yes, we will find out that later.
Maybe there are better tools.
And you only research and tell us.
In Hive, we have tables stored as folders in Hadoop with a
He is talking too much,
he does not know a thing about seniors.
But, he was very good at work. He was reading a lot.
How do you complete your task so fast? We are not getting output.
I am tense. We have to complete it today, and have go live.
I am getting errors from that time.
What, should I come now?
Yes, I will come.
There is a problem somewhere here
A null check should have been added there.
Thanks, it helped me a lot.
Man, I have an issue. Please look into it.
I will come.
You are putting in a lot of effort, I am watching.
But others in the team are taking credit for it.
I have seen you help Mohan, Rakesh and others.
I have a small request, dont help Sowjanya at any cost.
She was acting too much in the session.
Please do this, one help.
They are sycophants, they will be nice in front of you, but according to my sources.
They are bitching about you with the manager. You look like a straight forward guy.
I bought this chocolate when I went to have a smoke.
Oh, thank you.
Hey, Shreyanshu, do you know Kannada properly?
Eyes will be hungry, if you go missing.
Hey, go, he is always like this, acting weird.
Hey, you tell her, what am I?
See her dress, she cant wear a nice dress.
Enough, dont tell anything and all.
Mmmm, hey, are you like this from the start.
No, after seeing you, I became like this.
Oh, oh, oh...it's just a waste of time speaking with him, come let's go have tea.
How are you so friendly with people?
My mom was saying from the beginning.
Son, you are my hero, whatever you do.
From childhood, she always said that I was Shah Rukh Khan.
Sometimes, I used to get low marks, Dad was hitting me a lot.
But still mom was happy, she always treated me like a hero.
Hey, Siddharth, if I tell you to study, you are going to play cricket.
This time, see Ravi, he has got first rank. You have got third rank.
Instead of you, he should have been my son.
Let your dad come, you will get nicely, I cant change you.
My mom was saying from the beginning, Son, you are my hero, whatever you do.
From childhood, she always said that I was Shah Rukh Khan.
When will you make some money? People who have studied along with have settled in the US.
They are in a good position. Revathy aunty had called, her son bought a site it seems.
First, try to settle in life. We also have to make some money in life.
Mostly, he may have been influenced by my words.
Next day he came to the office and narrated a story.
I have never been to a stage in my whole life.
First time, they sent me by force, Shreyanshu.
Mmmm, it happens.
In such big companies, you will have such small talks, Siddharth.
When I was in college, I was writing poems.
Actually, I have written a story.
Shall we do it for monthly events? Will you act?
Sure, I am ready.
But, for that, we require a lot of people.
I dont have contacts. Will you help?
I will get them, I know everyone on this floor.
If they dont come, I will force them to come.
Ah, thanks.
Okay, what is the story?
Ah, it is about IT life, we will be showing IT employees journey from childhood.
Aye, we dont want this childhood. It should be funny.
And I should be having full dialogues. And, one dance.
I have written the story, you act, that is enough.
Right guys, it is a play about IT life, What Siddharth? Am I right?
Correct Shreyanshu.
Story is simple. In the hero's life, we show various stages.
Childhood, school life, college life, adulthood.
First, we will do childhood. Who will play a father here?
Hey, I will play.
Come, come, come.
Tell me the dialogue, Shaktiman.
First, you have to sit and act. You have to look small in front of them.
Is that enough?
Is it childhood?
Yes, correct, do.
Daddy, get me a chocolate daddy.
Hey, do it seriously.
Daddy, get me a bat daddy.
Just a minute. Is it like that you ask?
If it is father, then will you not have some fear and respect?
You have to ask hesitantly.
Arey, okay, show it to me.
Daddy, daddy, please get me one bat daddy.
Like this, you have to feel like a child and ask. Come, do.
Arey, you can only do right?
I will teach you, I am fearful of the stage.
You do, we will see sometime later.
Hey, I am casual, for me life is a stage.
I act in real life also.
Okay, okay, now you do this.
Aaa, then, you have to tell father, see the dialogue.
Bat, bat, do you want a bat? First, do well in the test.
Byheart the lesson. Next week, you have a test.
He wants a bat it seems. You think yourself to be Sachin.
Aye, go, who wants your bat.
Okay, practice this well, the more you practice, it will come out well.
Shreyanshu, at every stage of life, they will hit you.
You have to keep bending. It shows that at every stage of life, man has to adjust.
Is it okay?
It is a good chance, I will hit him realistically.
Aye, daddy is not supposed to do child abuse.
Okay, okay. Next, school life. In school life, what do you wish for?
For me, I wanted to hit on the girl in the first bench from the last bench.
You are talented from school itself. Generally, you want to go on a trip right?
That is the reason Shreyanshu, you have to ask.
Daddy, Daddy, I want to go for a trip, give me some money.
For that father, you have to ask, do you know where your cousins are?
The dialogue will go like this. See.
Okay, how will people know that this is school life?
I havent thought about it. Give me the script.
How will it be, if there is a narrator?
How will it be, if there is a narrator? Are, re, re ,re.
Todays play is about four main stages in a persons life.
Guys please maintain silence.
First act is childhood.
Oh, who is that child? Child, child.
Aye, it is our own boy, Shreyanshu. Shreyanshu, shreyanshu..
Daddy, daddy, please get me one bat daddy.
Bat, do you want a bat? First do well in the test.
Byheart the lesson, you have a test next week.
He wants a bat it seems. Those who hold a bat, will not become Virat Kohli.
The second act is school life.
I want to go for a trip. Give me some money daddy.
- Do you want to go for a trip?
- Mmmm.
Do you know where your cousins are?
Ah, IT.
Aye it is not IT, IIT.
Do you know how much they have scored in 10th?
It is 90, which you have.
It is not 90, it is 95. It is becoming difficult for you to score 35.
Every time I have to go to the college and ask the principal to pass you.
Whom do we give the manager role to?
Ah, Rakesh, Rakesh is a show off, definitely he will do. I will get him.
I will do, what is the dialogue?
Third act is IT life.
Hello sir.
Sir, I want a JAVA project.
Do you want a JAVA project?
What did you say when you joined the company?
You told me, sir I will do anything for the company, I am a passionate, team player.
Isnt it. Now in your first project, you have a live issue.
Apart from documentation tasks, what else can we give?
Go and do documentation.
Do documentation.
We are not getting any girl, next, the hero will fall in love.
He will go and tell his father about it.
Girls, in real life, they act a lot, but if you call them to the stage. Nobody will come.
Why, they will not come? Navya will definitely come, I will get her.
Hey, come Navya, you have to act, that's it.
I dont want to hear reasons.
No, I have a lot of work to do, I will not come.
Ho, ho, are we doing this because we are jobless?
We are also very busy. Enough of your acting here. Show your talent there.
Arey, come.
Fourth act is Adult life.
Dad, I have fallen in love with this girl.
Oh, ho, ho, ho love, have you fallen in love?
To give birth, you need a father, for your studies, you need a father.
When you fail in college, to convince the principal, you need a father.
Now for your happiness, you need a girl.
Quietly, marry the girl I show you, then you can love her.
Love it seems, love. Sir, why are you late sir, give him sir.
Now the boy, during the different stages of life, after a lot of struggles. We will show that he is bent.
Afterwards, he has to break free, and stand on his own.
How do we convey that?
Don't hit, dont hit.
Man, how much overacting does he do? He is overacting.
In the eyes, a lot of dreams have been lost.
Lot of desires are hidden in my mind.
After I saw you, the colors of life changed.
You are my dream girl and I am your hero.
Who wrote the play bro?
Shreyanshu, who wrote the play? It was superb.
I wrote it.
Oh, it was super. Actually, in my life also, I have faced incidents like this.
But, this was very touching.
It is a little based on my life.
Colleagues, Now I am going to present the awards for this quarter.
Let us start with the best coder award and this goes to Rakesh Yadav.
[Crowd clapping]
Man, He does not know how to write a for loop properly.
How can they give him awards?
He would have buttered the manager nicely.
Next one in the series is Top Gun.
And, this goes to Shivam Tripathy.
[Crowd clapping]
The last one, the spot excellence award, and this goes to Sowjanya Shetty.
[Crowd clapping]
- Congratulations.
- Thank you sir.
So, how was the play?
Everyone was praising me, but I told everyone that.
The story, screenplay and direction is yours.
Everyone was in shock. That too, seniors were not ready to believe.
You have fans everywhere.
Ha, that is also right. Wherever I go, I am friendly with everyone.
But, only a few of them are close to me.
You are one of them, very close.
If you are not there, I panic. You have helped me a lot. Thanks.
I have to say thanks to you. Because of you, I also got a name.
By the way, you acted very well.
Thanks Shaktiman. I easily mix with everyone, but if they hurt me once, thats it.
I will never see their faces again. Be careful, when you start going up.
A lot of people will be waiting to pull your leg.
Hi, play was super. How do you get such ideas?
Ah, I dont know how, it is life experience.
Shaktiman, give something to her, her head is empty.
- Hey, go man.
- Always acting smart.
Then, please help me, if I have any issues.
Rakesh, Ashwaj, they are behind me. They are trying to spoil my name.
Hey Siddharth, I have been trying since yesterday, I am unable to connect to the database. Please help me.
Yes, I look into it, but there is still time right?
No, today evening we have to release, I have to solve it now.
Oh, mmm.
What Siddharth? You were able to solve it so quickly.
Dont praise me for no reason. I dont know as much as you.
Enough, are you joking?
Whole office knows how serious I am.
Hey, when you are going for lunch, call me also.
With whom do you go for lunch?
Me and Shreyanshu, we go for lunch together.
God has given her everything, but she does not have brains.
Mmmm, why do you say that?
Why me? The whole office is saying that.
Hey, go man.
Let it go, it's okay.
Sorry Shakthiman.
But you ask her, how much salary does she get?
At Least 30 to 40 thousand.
Oh, I dont earn so much.
Then, how much?
Hey go, I will not tell you.
Then, how old are you?
Why do you need such details?
Now it is the right time for me to get married.
So I will come to your home to ask for your hand.
Hey go, You talk rubbish.
Hey, see, she earns so much, but does not want to spend.
She cant wear a proper dress.
Go, you mad girl.
Release is there in the evening, they raised a bug.
Mostly, it is not this file, it may be a different file.
Already, there are a lot of bugs this time. I will get a lesser rating.
Bro, you come to this side for a minute.
Wait, I will come.
Come here, do you have an issue?
Yes, I have.
First, you try to solve it.
If you have an issue, go and Google it. You have just come like that.
I am not asking you right?
But, I am telling you.
Come, help me.
I will come.
Hey, you dont go. She is always fooling around.
Always, she will be roaming and fooling around. Go, first try, go from here.
Enough, do you know everything? Even if you need help, you ask him right?
I am worried that I am not getting the output. Come.
Tell me about polymorphism, let us see.
Hey, go.
Get lost.
I have mailed a long time back for sweets.
Should I give you both an invitation, separately?
I will come. Be here, I will get it for you.
I have got sweets and am waiting for you.
Thanks yaar.
I dont like a few people. They forget after their work is done.
Now see me, I talk to everyone in a friendly manner.
Among those, only a few people are close to me.
Now I know, tomorrow if I face any problem you are there for me.
You are my very close friend.
Ahh, I dont have such attachments.
I created release notes and mailed it. Release success.
Oh, you havent done anything for it to become a success.
Yes, you also havent done anything.
Okay, tell me the concept of inheritance.
One class property will go to another class, that is inheritance.
You will get your fathers property, its like that. Isn't it?
Go Shreyanshu, you are talking nonsense.
I am alone, if we both get married, we are 2 and later we will get one more.
Hey, go, Shreyanshu.
I am ready to go but you will come behind me right?
Shaktimaan, I had a friend, he had a girlfriend, She was also like this.
Always, she used to say, I want chips, chocolates and send him out.
After he went out, she used to joke about him and laugh.
Saying, see how I am using him.
These girls are like this, they will be very smart.
You see her, how much she is flirting with him.
See how much they are laughing.
He is behind her fully.
Bajirao, how is your Mastani?
Who? Is it Mastani?
You only know, right?
But, your Mastaini will deceive this Bajirao.
Siddharth, where are you? It is time for lunch right?
No, today I was hungry a bit early. I came.
With whom have you gone? I will come.
No, no, it is okay, I am almost done.
I will meet you later. Ya , bye.
From that time onwards, he changed a little.
Till then, we were going to have lunch together.
Bhai, are you feeling sleepy?
Come, let us go outside.
Bhai, Navya is with Som now right?
Now I don't speak to her.
Then, it was all happening.
But, she started using him.
Hers is the same story, use all boys and throw them away.
Is it bhai?
At the same time, Rakesh had to go onsite.
I have a problem, can you look at the logic? I am stuck with it.
It will take time, I have an urgent issue.
When did you start working on XML?
It is not my issue.
Hey, wait.
Even I am practising to become like you.
What do you want to become? What are you practising?
To become a hero in front of people.
I have stopped thinking about people. I am very casual.
I know, you are already a hero to your mother right?
Hey, Rakesh was supposed to go onsite right? He is not going.
Someone has complained to the management that the manager is showing favouritism.
Then, who is going?
Now the process has changed.
Like before, the manager cannot send whomever he wishes to send.
Then, how will they send Aakash?
They will do some internal interviews.
This time, I will see how Rakesh will go.
In 2 weeks, they want a resource onsite, they have requirements.
Man, how did you come to know all these?
Hey, yesterday, I called up Prajwal, he told me everything.
Oh, is it? Okay, okay.
You are very smart in these things, without my knowledge, you have called.
No man, actually he called, then he told me about it.
Ha, you are a very smart man. Here, I am the next senior.
I will see how they will send Rakesh onsite.
To give awards, to send onsite, for everything, if they want Rakesh, why are we there?
He does not know anything, he only knows to hold the bucket to the manager. He will be smiling in front of the manager.
Hey Aakash, when will we get our chance?
Come near, you marry a guy, who is onsite, he will take you over there.
We are dying for opportunity, she wants a chance it seems.
That too onsite.
Congrats, You have been selected as one of the three people to attend an interview to go onsite.
You know everyone wants to go onsite, but there are only limited opportunities.
Keeping your good work in mind, I have recommended you for this opportunity and dont discuss this outside.
Because, like you, there are two more people attending this interview.
May the best person go onsite.
First, attend this interview, okay. All the very best.
Hey, walk.
Me, you, who is the other one?
No doubts, guarantee, it is Rakesh.
He is useless, he would have pleaded with the manager. Confirm.
Is it true?
Yes, I will see how he will go this time.
Aa, then, my interview is scheduled between 4 to 4:30, when is yours?
Mine, it is between 3 to 3:30.
Ha, then, for Rakesh it will surely be from 3:30 to 4:00.
Alright, Let us get to know each other, but, before that, I would like to make one thing clear.
There are two other people attending this interview along with you to come here to San Diego.
So don't even tell your parents about it until it is finalised.
Because, I know how it feels if you are not selected.
Now tell me something about yourself and the projects you have worked on.
Because I may not be very familiar with you and your skill sets.
Hi, this is Siddharth Harish, I have been working on AI since the last 4 years.
And I have implemented various models.
Aa, I, I am fully working on JAVA, SOAP and REST sir. And also end to end architecture sir very well know I sir. Aa.
Also, familiar with various design patterns sir.
Since you are going to work here, communication is very important.
The way you handle the clients and how you gather requirements.
Let me ask you a logical question, think, you are building a global platform with multiple users.
And a specific customer gives you a requirement, what is that you will have to keep in mind?
Aa, sir, we have to do coding very fast and give it off to customers sir.
Because clients very very happily is very important sir.
Product should be bug free sir.
Well, whenever we are accommodating any requirements for the customer.
We need to follow the best design pattern, because whatever changes we do it has to be easily scalable.
Although the requirement is from one customer, the implementation has to be generic.
Man, I came to know that I will not be selected.
Why Aakash, what happened? Was the interview difficult?
Ae, it was not so difficult, but the interviewer told me that communication is very important.
But, if they dont give us a chance, how will our communication improve? Isnt it?
Why? Didnt you speak properly?
I spoke properly, but Rakesh would have spoken even more nicely.
I know for sure, he will get selected.
Aakash, how will they send him? You are senior right? Next you only have to go right?
She is trying to pour ghee to the burning fire.
Siddu, yesterday, me, Balaji and Rakesh had gone to attend the interview.
He told me that my communication is not good.
Man, you only tell me, if they give us a chance then only our communication will improve right?
People who have gone now, their communication will also improve only once they have gone, right?
That too I am senior now, that is the reason I have written a strong mail to the manager saying.
Please send the right candidate, but not Rakesh, this is very unfair.
Check the grammar once, that is the reason before sending the mail. I am showing it to you.
Have you mailed it to me?
That too, he comes and shows the mail to me.
Super Siddu, you will only go, you handle everything very easily.
Easy? It is not easy, I have also worked hard. But, I am in double mind.
Why? If I had got it, I would have closed my eyes and gone.
There life is not there, you will get money, if I am here at least, I can follow my passion.
Ohh, what is your passion, which I dont know.
Want to become a hero. Have one life.
I have come to IT because of others, when will we live for ourselves?
Mmmm, you are never short of such philosophies.
Simply go onsite, if you go there, we both can live peacefully. I will also come somehow.
Man, who is coming onsite, that Rakesh right?
I dont know man, 3 of them are there, but Rakesh is not there in it.
Is it? Is Rakesh not there? Then, one is Balaji, then the other one?
Is it him?
Yes man.
Then, when are you going onsite? It has been 2 weeks since the interview.
If you give money, I will go now.
Aa, I will give. Aakash has not been seen for 2 weeks right?
Is he not coming to the office now?
I have not seen him for many days.
Ask the manager, when will he send you?
No one had clarity about when they will send. They were pushing forward the dates.
Bhai, what happened to the love story between Navya and Siddharth?
Was there love, or did she use him?
I dont know, but she was the reason for misunderstanding between us.
She was famous for this in the whole office, whichever project she went to.
Whoever worked well, she would make them as her boyfriend.
No man, I am bad, I am not good, you are only worrying about your life.
I have life. Who will understand my pain?
Please, please, in 24 hours cant you be free for 5 minutes for my sake?
Earlier you were not leaving me alone for 5 minutes. You were messaging or calling me.
Okay, you dont call me. If I dont receive your call, you get hurt for that too.
Then, what is possible?
I will call, when I want, you will help right?
I cant help, when I call if you cant receive, when you call I also cant receive.
That will hurt me even more.
Okay, your wish, but I cant guarantee that I will receive the call.
Hi, how are you?
What Siddharth, did you come a while ago?
Yes. I felt like taking a break, so I came. Its okay.
Why? Do you have an issue?
I have a bit of work. Work pressure.
Then, you will go and meet Navya now right?
Mmmm. I will meet her.
The person you are calling is not answering. Please try later.
WHATSAPP CHAWhy not picking up the call?
WHATSAPP CHANo, Sorry, I cant call you.
We have not yet got the PO, it may be delayed by 2 weeks, but we will definitely send you.
Okay sir.
Tomorrow there is a client visit.
We have to give a project demo.
Please check once whether everything is fine.
Very important.
Everything is ready sir, PPT is also ready sir.
Super thanks.
Just like that 2 to 3 months passed.
They just kept saying that they would send him.
Siddharth, please come.
Ha, yes sir.
How, if you do like this? You could have told me before resigning. It will set a bad example.
You are a senior, if you do this, juniors will learn from you.
Sorry sir. I wanted to inform you, but you were not at your place.
Okay, do you want to go?
Yes sir.
Where did you get placed?
Sir, it is a good opportunity. I will be working on AI.
Mmmm. Okay, I will see what I can do.
Give me some time, I will get back to you.
Sure sir, thank you. Okay.
What happened? If the manager has called you something might have happened.
Nothing, it is just a casual chat.
Be quiet, we also know about casual chat.
Onsite or you should have put down your papers.
I have a couple of offers, I am looking into it.
I will tell you, when the time is right.
Hello sir.
What is this? This time also there is a lot of attrition in your team.
Why have they left?
Yes sir, they are leaving because of lack of onsite opportunity.
You have to convince the resource.
Arent you there for that reason?
Yes sir, I am trying my best.
Why did Siddharth resign?
He has got an offer somewhere else.
You have to retain, where else can we search such a resource?
He is good at everything.
Okay sir.
Look into it, okay.
Sure sir.
You may leave.
Thank you sir.
How much is your expectation?
Sir, in another company, they are offering 15 lakhs.
I cant give you so much. Then, it will be very difficult for me to manage the team.
Sir, if you give me 15 lakhs, I will stay here. I have flexibility here.
Mmmm, I can offer you onsite. I have spoken everything to the onsite managers.
For you they are creating a new position.
Sir, is it onsite? At home, my mother is alone. I will decide and tell you.
Sure, tell me in 15 minutes, call them. They will not say no.
Sir, if you give me 15 lakhs, I will stay here.
If I give you 15 lakhs, it will be very difficult to manage the team.
You let me know in 15 minutes please. I will have to confirm with the clients.
You are also not well, you will be alone.
You go, you dont think about me, problems will always be there.
We cant do anything. I will stay alone. Apoorva will also keep visiting my place.
Mom, one minute.
Hi sir.
I confirmed to the clients, it was urgent. I had to update in the status call.
Sir, that.
Mom said yes right?
Okay, sir.
After resigning, again you are going onsite? Huh.
I didn't know what to do. Manager also forced me.
I said yes.
Its okay, if you are here, it will be very helpful to me.
Aa, recommend me also. I will also come.
If it was in my hands, I would recommend you first.
If I and you go onsite, we can live peacefully right?
What you resigned it seems.
Yes, I had resigned, they offered me onsite. So I reconsidered.
Then, wont you give us a party?
Let me get the tickets, I will give a party.
Like that, everyone came to know in the office that he is going onsite.
They were talking about him.
Visa process has been initiated bro, mostly it will be 3 weeks.
Oh bro, you are going to the US, enjoy bro. That too in the US, locations will be superb bro.
Bro, once in a lifetime opportunity bro. You enjoy bro.
We are all waiting, you got it early. Hmmm. When will we get our chance?
Hey, dont worry, mostly in one or two years our full batch may go.
That we also hope. Anyways, best of luck.
Aye bro, they are just fooling us by telling us that they will give us a hike.
- Tomorrow, confirm it seems. Let's see.
- Oh
Yes, Shivam sir was telling, they have printed the letters it seems.
Since they are sending you onsite, they may give a lesser hike.
But, you dont agree at all.
For many people this was the case it seems.
For a few people they have promised onsite and not given a hike it seems.
But you dont leave them.
Aye, after 3 years if you come back to India, your base salary will be very less.
It will be very difficult to switch. You take the hike and go, dont leave.
Yes, that is also right. I have heard.
I dont know when you will get a hike.
But, whenever you get it, dont agree for less.
I will not be there for 2 weeks, I am going back to my home.
Enjoy, I dont know whether I will be there when you come. I may be in onsite.
You go onsite, I have spoken to Nitesh about your stay.
Thanks yaar, you have been of great help.
Are, re re.
For 3rd and 5th floor people, it has already been 2 months since they gave a hike.
What do they think of us sir?
They just keep fooling us, by telling that they will give a hike today tomorrow.
You will get it man, dont worry.
This time, how much percent will we get sir?
This time, mostly, everyone will get a good hike I guess.
Siddharth, manager is calling, you have to go it seems.
Sorry sir.
You have said something and all in office it seems.
What have you said?
What have I told sir?
Its okay, tell me. If you dont tell me, will I not know?
First you tell me, how much you have got.
They have given me a big Mug.
Man, I have got a lot. 35%.
Is it?
I am so satisfied.
Sir, I am not happy with the hike that you have given me sir.
Thank you sir.
Man, I havent got so much, but Rakesh and few other people are there right?
If they would have given these people a good hike I will not remain silent.
There is no way that they will get. No chance.
No chance, no way.
Hi Sid, Long time man, you dont come to our floor nowadays?
What is this sir? You are only busy.
Whenever I come you are only not there.
Yes, nowadays, I prefer to work from home.
I just cant handle this Bangalore traffic you see.
Let it be, How are you doing?
I am fine sir, but, I wanted to ask you a suggestion.
Manager during the hike time.
I have done so much to the company sir, they didnt say a nice thing at the end.
This is all temporary feeling man, you go, in office these things keep happening.
Your problem is you dont take drinks. You take your mother also.
No sir, If I go, I will not have self respect.
If one person comes to know, it will spread to the whole office.
Hey, people will talk for 3 or 4 days. You see about me, how much they gossip.
I dont care at all. That too, the manager has a lot of complaints about himself.
That too many employees have complained against him when they have left the company.
Yes sir, I have also heard.
He has done this before also, this is all manager tactics.
He wants to give you less and show profit to the company.
That is the reason he would have threatened you lightly to make you nervous.
You go onsite peacefully. Dont miss this opportunity. Handle it in a mature way.
Excuse me sir.
Yeah, come in.
Good morning Siddharth.
Good morning sir.
How are you?
I am good sir, how are you?
I am very great.
HR said that she had a discussion with you.
Bhai, what happened to the visa charges bhai?
Visa charges?
[V.O] BU head waived off the visa charges.
[V.O] What bhai, was there so much of an issue?
[V.O] Mmmm. I am getting a lot of sleep now. Dont disturb me.
[V.O] Good Night bhai. Sleep.
[V.O] Mmmm. Good Night. Good Night.
I am sorry sir. But, thank you so much.
No problem.
Mmmm, good shot.
What Siddharth, did Navya go?
Ha, she went to the US, now I am fully free.
In life if there are no girls, life is a waste, if girls are there then we are waste.
She is reachable over the phone right?
You had an onsite opportunity right? You said someone created trouble.
If not, you would also have been with Navya right.
Ha, yes. But, no one created trouble, I lied that they insulted me.
Actually I was not interested in going onsite.
Did you lie? Why? Didnt it affect their career?
Career it seems, He was always doing politics, If I was the manager, I would have removed him first.
Full negativity. I did what the manager was supposed to do.
Then, what happened to him?
They fired him, it seems, I dont know where he is now.
Mostly, he would have got a different job.
Will they have so much politics?
Not only so much, there will be much more.
Anyways, take care guys.
Then, you became a hero in real life. Lot of people benefitted from it, right?
I didnt do it because I wanted to become a hero.
At that time, I thought that was the right thing to do, so I did it.
[Shreyanshu V.O] My mom was saying from the start, Son, you are my hero, whatever you do.
[Shreyanshu V.O] From childhood,
she always called me Shah Rukh Khan.
Hi, I am Sidd.
I havent seen you in this pub before right?
Can I have a dance with you?
Sorry, I am waiting for someone.
Dont worry, just one dance.
I am really sorry.
Okay, mmmm, aaa.
If I tell you that I am loving you from my
heart, then also will you not agree?
Excuse me.
Ha, yes. I am in love with you only.
I love you so much that a life without
you is like a body without a soul.
If you see my eyes, you can only see
your beautiful face.
You ask your heart, it will tell my name.
You ask your heart, that will tell,
whatever I told is the truth.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.
[V.O] Come lets dance babe.