Sword of the Stranger (2007) Movie Script

Production Committee: Bandai Visual, Bones, Shochiku, Hakuhodo DY Media Partners, Sony Music Entertainment
Production: Bones
Story: Fumihiko Takayama
Character Design: Saito Tsunenori, Animation Director: Ito Yoshiyuki
Art Director: Atsushi Morikawa, Art Setting: Shiho Takeuchi
Director of Photography: Yohei Miyahara, Color Setting: Shihoko Nakayama
Key Frames: Itou Hidetsugu, Satou Masahiro, Masahiro Koyama, Takahashi Tomoika, Kenji Mizuhata, Yutaka Nakamura
Music: Naoki Sato
Sound Effects: Shizuo Kurahashi, Sound Director: Kazuhiro Wakabayashi
Producer: Masahiko Minami, Animation Studio: Bones
Director: Masahiro Andou
[Translation Notes]
Time: Sengoku Era (~1493 - 1598), a time when Japan was divided into many warring providences each ruled by a feudal lord.
Location: Akaike, a small and poor providence by the sea.
Other: Ming Dynasty/Ming, refers to China which was ruled by the Ming at the time.
Don't worry.
If we've come this far, we should be safe.
Listen up Kotarou,
You need to go on alone from here on out.
If something happens along the way,
Sell this for a sen.
What about you, Shouan!?
I need to check if everyone at the temple is safe.
In Akeike,
Head for the Mangaku Temple in Shirato.
Monk Zekkai will help you.
Hurry up and go!
Once we pass this mountain, you'll reach our providence.
The footing's bad, so from here on out we'll go by foot.
How about this?
Got it!
It's finally time to shine!
Put me in too!
Hope you don't lose it all!
You've drank to much, you're red as rooster.
We've got some prey!
What's wro-
Release the arrows!
Doshi, Kamou, the crates!
Keep shooting! Keep shooting!
Against those numbers, Lord Rarou alone is enough.
It hurts!
It hurts!
It hurts! It hurts!
It hurts!!
You bastard!!!!
Both crates are safe.
Is this the level of swordsmen in this country?
Akaike Providence
You shitty dog, get out!
Shit! I'm gonna beat you to death!
We're eating well tonight!
Just wait a second.
After we eat, we're leaving this village, ok?
Whose there?!
Not anyone suspicious, don't worry.
Get out!
When you say "get out",
Does that means this is your
That's right! This is our home!
We've been here looong before you came!
Well then I'll rent myself this space.
Tobimaru, let's go!
Is that a fish I smell?
I'm chilled to the bone.
Give it an hour and it should calm down.
It sure is cold.
To think we'd be escorting these Ming.
Even I have my limits.
Letting strangers like that into the castle, what could the lord be thinking?
The lord must have some plan.
Talking about strange,
They're building something over at the Shishine Fortress.
You mean that old fortress in the mountains?
I hear they searched the entire providence and decided on the Shishine grounds.
Probably something to do with the foundation.
I heard they rounded up all the local workers and started barking orders.
What are they doing out in that old place?
There's no way we could know how people from Ming think.
That's a nice smell.
It's our fish.
I'll let you know that I don't have a single fish for you.
You haven't been living here all that long, right?
That smoke's coming up is the sign of an unused tree.
It hadn't been dried out.
You didn't need to do that!
Be careful, it's hot.
I'm eating it.
Do what you like!
I didn't say it to you.
I said it to the dog.
Oh Yes, I did see a young child run by.
Was he alone?
I think he had a dog was it?
When did you see him?
It might've been this morning...
I've been getting bad at remembering things these days...
No matter what, you have to remember!
Even if you say that...
You remembered?!
Hmm...I didn't think there was anyone living in that temple.
Tobimaru, run!
We are the lord's army.
Don't interfere!
Don't you think this is a bit rough for a kid?
Did you not hear what I said?!
Don't draw it.
Watch what you say!
Sorry, but I don't plan on getting any further involved in this.
Seems like poison.
It's not something an amateur can cure.
Though if you take him to a doctor,
Where's a doctor?
Ask in the village.
If I go back I'll be captured.
Then you'll have to ride a horse to the next village.
I can't ride a horse.
Well then good luck on nursing him.
I guess the dead won't be needing this.
You plan on leaving?!
You think I could live long in a violent place like this?
It's your fault!
Tobimaru's dying because of you!
He saved your life and you're going to leave him!!?
Have you no shame!
And I'm the one who saved you!
We're even.
If you plan on living alone,
Then don't depend on others.
A...a deal!
If you save Tobimaru,
And take us to the Mangaku Temple in Shirato, I'll give you this!
It's worth ten ryo! It's a gem.
Ten ryo?
That's right, it's a gem.
Well it doesn't look cheap.
Of course!
I've never told a lie!
You can't come any closer.
It'd be trouble if you ran when I gave it to you.
If you take us, I'll give it to you.
What will you do?
Shirato, eh?
It is a bit far...
You don't want this gem?
Well it is a gem...
Don't you want it!?
Don't you want it!?
Don't you want it?!
Is Tobimaru ok?
Is the town far?
Answer me! I'm the one who hired you!
The dog's in pain, but he's still breathing.
It'll still be a while until the town.
Hurry up!
The horse is exhausted.
Plus even if there's a doctor, we don't know if he'll look at a dog.
Why are you being chased?
If I'm working for you, you should be able to tell me.
If Tobimaru dies, it's your fault!
I won't give you the treasure!
I'll never forgive you!
I'll curse you until I'm dead!
What a boss.
He says to hire more workers and hurry the construction.
First they give gold for the land and workers, and now a hundred ryo for more workers...
None of it seems to make any sense.
I'm sure they have a reason to hurry, but even if we ask they won't tell us.
It's probably got something to do with the kid they're chasing.
Still, the more they keep it a secret the more I want to know.
But when they're vessels of the Ming Dynasty, it's tough to lay a hand.
The horse needs to rest, so you bring him over.
You should've just bought a Samurai horse.
I just bought the best one.
You bring him over!
Don't forget the saddle.
If you take to long you'll get lost.
I've done what I can, but...
I've never worked on an animal before.
Will he be ok?
The wound isn't bad,
But the poison got into his body.
Anyhow, the doctor said to make sure he drinks water and doesn't move.
It'll drive away the poison.
It's not going to work while he's paralyzed.
Put Tobimaru down.
I said put him down!
Did anyone see anything?
Unfortunately, the villager who led them here seperated from the group before they entered.
I see.
What do you mean by this?
Was there a festival tonight?
If you want, you can stay in the back. It's empty so it should be comfortable.
Well I've got your money, so I don't mind.
Oh yeah, there's an bath on the cliff just a little walk from here. Take a dip if you feel like it.
Looks like I overslept.
How's the little dog?
Where are you going!?
I'm going to get a saddle in town.
Saying something like that, you aren't planning on running are you?
If did that I'd have done all this work for free.
Is that him? The blond haired monster?
Yeah, I hear he's a guest and has been going in and out of the lord's castle.
And I hear his eyes are blue!
Is that true?
I hear that blue eyed guy has a lot of gold,
Better not get too close though, or he'll eat you!
Ain't that right.
Is this good?
That's a saddle from Ooatari...
I brought a bunch when I moved here.
Who'd want to stay in that ruined providence.
Don't let it bother you.
Kingai and Doshi haven't returned from the search yesterday.
They probably found a lead.
I doubt anything could have happened to those two.
Still, I never would have thought finding a child would take so much effort.
Indeed, we only have four days left.
Eventually he'll come to the temple, but...
If we miss this full moon, we'll have to spend another year in this country.
I'm tired of this country already.
But since it's for the senyaku, it can't be helped.
It seems like one big joke to me.
Do you not use our drug because you don't believe in senyaku?
That's not the problem.
The drugs you guys take at least work.
But senyaku...
That's something that even I cannot know.
Wait, then why don't you use our drug?
Because it's boring.
What's wrong?
I feel...like having a little fun.
Why don't you draw?
Is your blade a fake?
Lord Rarou!
What is it?
Kingai and Doshi have been killed!
...and it was just getting fun.
You sure are late.
Sure you weren't looking to sell me out?
Who'd buy a twisted kid like you?
Don't play dumb!
You were trying to find out why I'm being chased, weren't you?
I bet you were asking all around town!
Brat, shut up already.
I'm not "brat", I'm Kotarou!
What are you hiding from me?!
Finding someone to sell me a saddle took some time.
That sounds like a big lie!
What do I have to say to make you believe me?
Who trusts a man who works for money?!
I hope you fall on your money!
If you're going to go that far,
Then should we part ways here?
If you do that, you'll have done all this work for free, right?
Don't rush,
Drink nice and slow.
The doctor gave me this.
"when he gets to the point where he can drink water, he should drink this"
He said it tastes real bad so he'll probably give a fight.
I'll make dinner.
Wait, I'll help you drink it.
The clothes and sword are Doshi's, but it's someone else.
Doshi had an old scar on his right arm down to the bone.
There was no scar on the burned corpse?
There were also several other things off.
Going by the corpse conditions, the first to die were Kingai and two soldiers of this providence.
Kingai died by having his entire neck shattered with a single blow.
It must have been someone skilled.
Looking at the wounds on the rest of the corpses, it seems Doshi killed them.
Kingai's hair was cut, but...
I believe Doshi was the one who did it.
Are you saying Doshi was attacked by the soldiers of this providence?
Then Doshi....
Since they made it seem like he died, it means he's likely alive somewhere.
It's become troublesome, hasn't it?
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry...for before.
I...lost my temper.
We both did.
Don't worry about it.
I'm a little impatient,
From now on don't make me wait too long.
It sounds like it's from the west wing...
I heard the guests were trying out a gift that was brought for them.
A terrible sound...
I sense an ill-omen.
What kind of charm is that?
It makes it so you can't draw the sword, right?
It's like a prayer type thing.
What kind of prayer?
It's a secret to others.
Hmph, getting me all interested.
Good, good.
You're really nice to horses.
What benefit is there to having a horse in a good mood?
There's lots.
Like making him quiet so you can sneak up and rob people?
If you learn to ride a horse you'll understand.
If you ride a horse, you feel good.
When you're on a horse running at full speed,
How do I say it...
It's like you're flying in the skies.
The sky?
That ain't a bad feeling.
You feel a nice wind in your chest.
And that's when you feel,
Just a bit more free than you are now.
Does it really feel nice like you're flying in the sky?
Whether or not it does, that's something for you to find out for yourself.
It's because you're swaying.
It's not my fault. It's because this horse is rough!
How's he rough?
He's extremely calm.
Look, he's been neutered.
It's to make him calm.
What do you want to do? Quit already?
It didn't seem like they suspected us.
Don't let your guard down.
You've always been too cautious.
What results do you have?
I've never seen a man with endurance like this.
No matter how many times he's burned he doesn't bat an eyebrow.
Let me see.
Oh! This is unbelievable!
What do you think, Shougen?
Even if we speak different words, we're both human.
To not feel pain. Even before my eyes it seems unbelievable.
Lord! Please leave the interrogation to me.
Yes, you are a dependable man.
Itadori Shougen, I'm leaving it to you.
Interrogate this Ming and make some sort of deal with him.
Oh Mr. Samurai, you sure are up early.
You as well.
I was thinking about going down to town.
I've got these crops I'm hoping to sell for a fortune and then enjoy a drink or two down there.
Smells like cow shit!
It's from the berries.
If it cooks a little longer the smell will go away.
Are you trying to kill me so you can steal the treasure?
A bad boss sure makes you work.
I'll give you twenty mon for all of it.
How about just a little bit more?
No, no.
If you don't like it, you can try somewhere else.
What's it say?
The lord is looking for a kid with a dog.
There's a huge reward to the one who finds him.
A kid with a dog, eh?
There are thousands of those around here,
Don't waste your time on this!
These strangers think they can just waltz around the castle.
I...I've lost.
You're still too weak to draw a bow.
Sorry about that, my hand slipped from the sweat.
How about it? Watching must be a bore for you,
Up for a match?
Oh yeah...
You don't understand what I'm saying, eh?
Well I guess we're in trouble here.
Throw me a wooden sword!
Excuse me,
I guess they're...out?
Thanks for the room.
What's it say?
If you're going to live alone, you better learn to read and write.
Your back's slumping.
I didn't tell you to get all rigid.
You don't need to bug me about everything!
If I don't tell you you're awful, you'll never get good.
If you just tell me what I'm doing right, I'll get even better!
The weather's so nice.
To think that someone actually injured you,
Who was it you fought?
A man from the Ming Dynasty.
He had blue eyes, and was over six feet tall!
Wow, like a real demon.
He might be scarier than a demon.
He's the second person I've ever seen with that level of skill.
The second?
An old acquaintance of mine.
When I served the Ooatari Providence.
We fought side by side in the wars,
But after a certain battle, he disappeared.
Seems he'd gotten sick of war.
Then he was a kind man, right?
He was just weak hearted.
He's a man that threw away the god's gift that he had.
So then how will you use your gifted skills?
That's easy. I'll use it to get even more strength and climb even higher.
You sound almost as if you're going to conquer the country.
I've got no intention of an aspiration within a set height.
Me, I'll set my height at the peak of my aspiration!
That's a lot of scars!
They're what I got for going to war.
What providence did you serve?
It's not worth naming,
It was destroyed and doesn't exist anymore.
You don't volunteer anymore?
I got sick of it.
Oh yeah, I still haven't asked you your name?
As a samurai you must have some really fancy name, right?
Yeah, that's a cool one.
[Nanashi = Nameless]
Akaomi Nanashi
What!? Don't tease me!
I'm not teasing you.
It's Nanashi because I've got no name.
I've had quite a few names, having to change it along with the providence.
Grab that bamboo shute.
By dying it with berries,
It should last another ten days.
You're a...foreigner?
Who knows? Even I don't.
I hear I was picked up from a foreign ship,
But I was the only one left alive.
There were those that hated me,
But since I learned this method, those problems went away.
The life I have now is far better than the one I had as a general.
What's wrong?
If you stand there you'll catch a cold.
You sure are quiet suddenly.
Did my hair color scare you?
I'm not scared at all!
I've seen hundreds of foreigners before!
It's just...I was surprised.
You feeling good little dog?
Pretend you haven't noticed and start talking about something.
Still, I'm surprised you've seen so many foreigners.
Where did you see them?
Tell me.
In the Ming Dynasty,
Until two years ago, that's where I lived.
Were you living by yourself?
I was with my little brother and Tobimaru.
And your mother?
I hear she died soon after I was born.
Your dad?
When I was six...he left.
With no parents, how'd you come here?
One day, when I was about to be sold,
A monk, who came to Ming to train, saved me.
And then he let me ride on the bought back here with him.
After reaching here I lived at his temple.
Why'd you leave the temple?
The temple...
was attacked.
Let go! I said let go!
From Akaike?
No, no, no, no that's not it!
We're just thieves passing by!
Just thieves!
Tobimaru, let him go.
Please forgive me!
Please forgive me!!
Hurry up and get lost.
Th...Thank you!
Well then...
Wait a second.
Leave all your money.
Money? No we don't even have a sen!
Come on,
Please believe me! If we had money, we wouldn't be thieving!
A nice sound.
Silly thieves.
Even silly people are good sometimes!
I was planning on speeding up a bit,
Is the dog ok?
Yeah. If anythings wrong, I'll tell you.
Hang on tight so you don't fall!
Your right. It really feels like we're flying.
It's not bad at all!
It's taken many years...
To get Byakuran before us,
When the source of immortality is in his hands,
The Emperor will be most pleased.
Geshin and Suishin are heading to the temple tonight as planned.
Kachuu will be in charge of the ritual at the alter tomorrow.
Everyone else, either work on finding the child, or the preparations for escaping this castle.
The alter finished in time,
But the rest of the plan has been a complete mess.
I really could not face the Emperor like this.
I think it's about time to start thinking about if we do not have the child.
If the full moon in two days passes, the next won't be for another year.
In that time it's possible another war could break out,
And this providence could be destroyed causing us to lose everything.
So then...
If we delay the ceremony a few days they'll never know.
You're saying to send a false message to the Emperor?
I do not believe the blood will change.
Shut your mouth!
Or we find the child in Ming,
And create an Alter in Ming.
In Ming even if we have to wait a year or two...
That's enough!
I'll go work on preparations for our escape from this providence.
That fool!
To speak of fooling the Emperor!
No matter how skilled he is,
A warrior is just a warrior!
There's no way to stop you from handing him over?
For the sake of our religion, we can't refuse them.
This would defy our Buddhist ideals-
You fool!
Protecting our religion is our ideal!
Be happy you are still alive!
Let go!
This voice...?
It suddenly started two hours ago.
So in the end you didn't get the reward?
The Samurai thought I was lying to him.
He was really really mad. I thought I was going to die.
I told you, you gotta stay away from deals that sound too good.
I wonder if it'll snow tomorrow?
Look how sunny it is, what are you saying?
Look, even though the west sky is cloudy I can see the sun shining all bright.
That's a symbol that it's gonna snow.
He's told us everything.
Drug! Hurry! The Drug!
This is?
The drug he had on him.
This is what he's like when he can't depend on it?
Put him to rest.
According to the warrior we captured,
They're searching for a drug that makes one immortal.
It was foretold in a Ming prophecy.
That was the start of it?
According to the warrior Doshi, it allows you to live forever.
Once every hundred years a child is foretold of, and that by taking the child's blood,
You can create a drug that makes you immortal.
The Emperor believes this,
And ordered his men to find the child.
The pursuers crossed the ocean to find him?
The alter at the fortress, a mechanism to engrave the time,
This is all to gather the blood according to the foretelling.
Once every hundred years?
Still...is immortality even possible?
Who cares!
What's important is that the child's worth even more than a ship of gold.
What should we do now?
As if I need to tell you?
Find the child first, and make the foreigners disappear.
But they're the only ones who know what the child looks like...
And since yesterday they've been snooping around the whole providence.
I've already taken a step.
Even if they can't speak our language, I'll have them at least crying in defeat.
No matter what they try to do,
This is our providence!
Are you sad because Rarou isn't around?
Almost like a wife whose lost their husband.
Don't make fun of me!
The reason I look sad is because I don't have my hawk at my side.
Good job trying to hide it.
If we fail tomorrow...another year in this country?
Still upset over your clash with Lord Byakuran yesterday?
That's nothing.
What I'm thinking about is the one who killed Kingai.
To care more about some tough guy than the Emperor's orders...
It's just like you.
I'll follow the Emperor's orders.
Even if that means ending up like Doshi or worse.
Right now the lord's army is watching in wait,
I'll be leading them.
Make sure you keep up.
I'll be looking forward to it.
I wonder if that's the princess playing...
Give up on those aspirations.
It's best to set your aspirations within your limits.
Wait up Lord Itadori!
You're a pretty skilled swordsman, aren't you?
What about it?
It would've been great if you taught me, not just how to ride a horse, but how to sword fight.
What'll you do if you learn how?
What will I do? That's obvious, it'll come in handy in life.
The power of a sword's dependable!
Depend on it...
I thought like that when I was a kid.
You think different now?
You were really shook up.
You've been awake?
I can't sleep in this.
I agree with that.
Hey, you want me to teach you a way to avoid bad dreams?
You've just gotta hold something you love and thing about nice things.
That's what I've been doing up until now.
Lord Byakuran,
Are you having trouble sleeping?
I was thinking about something.
If you could live forever, what would you do?
My desire is simply to live strongly, even if it's for a short life.
I can understand that.
I've lived for so many years now. It wouldn't be strange for me to pass at any time.
Strangely, the longer I continue to live the greater my desire to live becomes.
Even understanding that this drug we search for by the Emperor's order is not to be used for myself,
Somewhere deep down, I feel I'm searching for my own benefit.
To think Shirato's Mangaku Temple was this amazing...
The promised good.
By the way,
At the time I was all into it and said it was a jewel,
That's what I figured.
It's the kind of thing you'd think of.
Well, I should be able to at least get about five ryo, right?
On....one ryo?
Well it's not bad for a memento, right?
I'm sure it's got its good points!
What a kid.
I'm not a kid, I'm...
Shouan, you're safe!
I was worried!
I'm glad you're ok as well.
I'm so happy,
I thought maybe if I came here, I'd be able to meet you again.
Here, let me guide you to monk Zekkai's room.
See ya, kid!
If you ever want a name, come here and see me whenever!
I'll think of an amazing name for you!
It took you quite some time to get here.
Monk Zekkai?
That was a long wait...we finally meet.
Let me go!
Let me go!!
I said let me go!
You tricked me, you bastard!
I trusted you!
Don't kill him.
It'll be easier to carry him if he's quiet.
Let's go.
They came. Get your swords ready.
It's a trap.
Run for the castle, we need to inform Lord Itadori!
So then,
Where do you want to go?
Who are you!?
Where'd they take the kid?!!
Don't tell him!
Don't say any--
Answer me!
Answer me!
Tonight...they plan on killing him and taking his blood.
For what purpose?
I don't know.
I don't know.
I just don't know!
They didn't trust us.
If we didn't hand him over, they were going to kill us.
You handed him over knowing they were going to kill him?!
I wanted to save him.
It was monk Zekkai who decided it,
Not me!!
In the end you abandoned him!
That's right...
It's just as you say...
Like you said, I abandoned that child.
Being threatened...and wanting to save my own life...
I abandoned that child.
If you had been in my place,
You would've done the same as me!!
Am I wrong?
Can you even imagine betraying your superiors and following through with your own ideals?!
You can't!
Could you do it?
You talk all superior,
But are you going to save that child?!
You won't.
You won't go to something that you know is certain death!
In the end,
You're the same as me!
For a chicken shit like you,
A monk's robe is a waste.
What color?
It's yellow and red.
They got him in time!
Yellow means they have the child,
What's red?
It means that this castle's soldiers have betrayed us!
Hurry and call Rarou.
Please wait!
I said wait!
What business do you have here?
I don't mind. Let him through.
So you've noticed what really going on,
So how will the deal go today?
Why'd you attack without my order?
The Lord's order was to get the child as soon as possible.
I'm the one in command of this army!
Where's the child?
It seems he doesn't know.
I have a good guess where.
It's likely the Shishine Fortress.
What should we do with this monk?
He's a traitor who conspired with Ming. Send him to the other world.
Yes sir.
The monk's disciple. It seems he hung himself while the other was unconscious.
I see.
For now, we're returning to the castle.
The rest of you wait here for the next order.
A message!
A message!
The lord...?
He was wide open with no guards!
What about Isogai and Fuchiome?
Unfortunately they were...
You just sat and watched the Lord be kidnapped?
He said he'd kill me. I couldn't do a thing!
Why didn't you give chase?!
The main horses were poisoned!
All that was left were the work horses!
We sent the Wataoki and Kawashi armies towards the Fortress,
But even if they rush, they won't reach it before night!
You sent the Wataoki and Kawashi armies?
Yes sir.
You are the only commander left Lord Itadori!
The princess said to leave the command to you.
I came as fast as I could.
Get a horse and armor ready.
One for each of us.
We're changing plans.
All of you, head for the castle.
Myself and Jyurota will head for the Shishine Fortress.
While we buy time, Lord Byakuran you cross over the sea.
You sure gave us some trouble.
Just a bit more patience.
After we complete this, we'll say goodbye to this country.
That's true.
We can finally go home.
It's yours, right?
The guy who chased us at the Mangaku Temple had it.
What happened to him?
He should have been no match for you, but...
I sent him to the other world with this.
Just because your masters not around,
You better not bite me!
Pretending that you don't understand? Or are you so afraid you can't speak?
Everyone eventually dies.
There's no one with infinite time in this world.
Even you'll live strongly in the time that's left for you.
If you're going to kill me, hurry up and do it!
Don't rush to your death, I have something I must ask you.
When you were taken from the temple, there was a man who tried to save you.
A friend?
No idea.
Answer honestly.
I don't have any friends!
It seems like I won't get an answer from you.
It doesn't matter...that man was killed by my comrades.
You know this area pretty well, right?
There's a shortcut. But I don't know if the horses can make it.
I don't care if they break their legs,
Can you see it?
When this hand points high, your soul will leave your body,
And the blood in your body will continue to live for the Emperor.
Think of it as an honor.
Are you worried?
Be not afraid,
I hear Shougen is a great warrior, with many comrades at his side.
I am sure he will save the lord.
Can you do it?
The Wataoki and Kawashi armies are like brothers to me,
You won't need to worry.
I'm counting on you!
Leave it to me!
It's Jyuurouta!
Look! Lord Itadori has come too!
Lord Itadori!
We've been waiting for you!
What should we do?
Use the feudal lord as a shield and buy us time.
There's only two hours left until the ritual.
Th...the lord?
What a disgrace.
Is that you Shougen?
How can we attack now?
What does Lord Itadori plan to do?
Don't panic!
It's time for you to ask your hearts!
Will you follow me?!
Or will you follow the dead lord?!
If you follow me, the country is as good as ours!
I will follow Lord Itadori!
What will you do?!
I'll follow Lord Itadori too!
Me...me, too!
I'll follow Lord Itadori!
Me too!
Me too!
We shall conquer this fortress!
Unlike our Emperor,
To them a lord is just a descendant of a bloodline.
Useless as a hostage it seems.
Damn barbarians!
I'm leaving the ritual up to Kachuu.
Get down there and fight them off!
I'll be going first.
Lord Itadori!
After we've taken their heads,
I have a request!
You can have the princess to yourself!
Got you!
That's what you deserve!
Aim well!
Split into two groups!
Don't back down!
Now's the time!
Rush in while they're distracted!
Back down!
You guys go fight someone else.
This guy's my...
I wouldn't try.
The spear is actually my true weapon.
It won't go like before!
I'm enough of an opponent for all of you!
I can't say I don't understand where you're coming from,
But it's an uneeded emotion.
This is the world we live in.
Our battle sounded the victory horn for our lord to become the new ruler.
This is all thanks to your hard work.
In all honesty,
I'm completely jealous.
Hurry up and do it, you coward!!!
It's time.
That guy...
What's wrong? Come on!
I'm not feeling any pain!
Try to stab that sword through my heart!
Come on!!
Hurry up and get back here! Kachuu's dead!
I've taken care of the rest of them!
Let's go!
The ritual's been interrupted by someone!
The time has passed. What do you plan to do?
Isn't that obvious?!
We'll take back the child,
And we'll wait. Whether it's ten or a hundred years!
Leave it to me!
This isn't going to be cheap.
I knew it!
I heard you!
You called my name, right?
Damn it, you're late!
I told you I had a short patience!
Making me wait like that...
Alright, let's go. Don't fall behind.
I know.
I didn't say it to you.
I said it to Tobimaru.
Get back!
Where's my sword?!
Where's my sword?
Lord Rarou...
To kill Fuu and Suishin,
An impressive man.
You're in the way. Move!
This is the end for you!
You bastard!
Have you gone crazy?!!
I am very sane.
I am now glad I came to this country.
I feel I've finally found an opponent who will challenge me.
I thank you for taking me on this journey.
Bastard warrior!
Planning to trick the Emperor and keep the drug for yourself,
You've thought this out well.
You are not worthy of immortality, you warrior!
The one who is worthy is a genius leader such as myself...
Haven't you already lived plenty?
What's happening?
The foreigner killed his comrade.
There's only...one left!
We met before.
Use this....
I don't need it.
I feel like having the pain is what makes you feel alive.
That's great.
That's really great.
I like you more and more.
This is the first time I've ever been cut.
The pain of a sword,
A strange feeling...
You've gotten pretty good.
Somehow...I feel like I'm walking on clouds.
You don't have to flatter me.
Are your wounds ok?
Even a treasure like that came in handy.
What a boss.
Can you see the town yet?
Not yet,
I'm sure we're almost there!
After you get better, how about we cross the sea and leave this country?
In foreign countries there won't be anyone who will bother you about your hair color, right?
A foreign country...
That doesn't sound all bad.
How will we save up the money?
We can be bodyguards, or thieves, or anything.
We can even start a pirate crew!
You're just looking for trouble.
I'm going to speed up a bit,
Hang on tight!
Let's go!