Sword of War (2010) Movie Script

Go! Go!
Move it!
- Go! Go! -Over there!
Don't come any closer.
I told you to stop.
I'm not a wild boar,
I'm Friederich von Hohenstaufen.
Your emperor.
You are Barbarossa?
Is that what they call me here?
Yes, and who are you?
I'm Alberto da Giussano.
Son of Giovanni, Milanese and blacksmith.
Well, blacksmith
take this dagger.
It will serve you when you become a man
There is the emperor.
He's here. He's over here.
We are here, your Majesty Milano.
I'm not sure this was such a good idea.
Hildegard of Bingen is a great seer.
They say she can even see through bodies.
And that when she was five years old
she described perfectly a calf
hat was still in its mother's womb.
They write their own music.
The calf was already dead...
n the cows womb.
Why this journey?
My sovereign and yours is here
0 seek your counsel.
Tomorrow he marries
or the second time and...
The wedding is blessed.
The virgin tree is not ripe yet...
but the roots are strong.
She will bear fruits...
Come closer,
who claim to be king among kings.
Is it written somewhere in my destiny
that I will reunite the empire.
Listen to my words.
Friederich of Swabia...
your name shall be remembered
or centuries.
But be aware,
Beware of water...
beware of the sickle...
the sickle brings defeat.
The water brings death.
Beware of water.
So here she is. The future empress.
I just hope that
he can make my cousin happier
than his previous wife
who was incapable of being loved
and even more incapable
of bearing him any children.
We all hope so
nd you must certainly know.
His majesty has now wished an heir
or too long.
I'm afraid he's going to have
0 wait a bit longer for that.
But he can console himself,
Beatrice brings
he whole of Bourgogne in dowry.
But she's just a child!.
didn't realize that she was so young
Well at least she will be able
0 bear children
Promising indeed,
he little French girl.
Apparently she can even read.
My father is going to kill me.
Hey guys. You're all wet.
What have you been up to?
I don't want to talk about it.
Where have you been?
Evandro was about to leave without you.
I'm...I'm sorry father.
- I'm sorry. -Come on Alberto.
Let's get going.
We must reach the river before dawn.
I'm sorry, Evandro.
Quickly, give me them.
Here, put them with the others.
The Lodigiani are still sleeping
just as well. Leave them snoring...
Do you hear anything?
Hurry up, give it here.
Well, well, well,
look at all these lovely goods.
What do you want from us?
We are not in Lodigian territory.
Now you are not.
But earlier tonight
ou crossed through it.
So you have to pay your due.
Oh God!
Quickly, get them.
You get that one, I'll take the other.
Go! Go!
Alberto! Go! Quick!
Does he know you love him?
What a question. Of course not.
Raniero da Giussano is too shy,
and a little bit stupid I think.
If he waits any longer with
ll those men buzzing around you.
Come here.
And you?
No one will ever want me.
But it's better this way.
I could only love a very special man.
Oh my God.
Oh dear.
The Milanese don't waste
single chance
to underline their superiority
over the other cities...
and this overbearing worries us,
our Majesty.
That's why we are here.
The city of Lodi
as always faithful to you.
It now asks its emperor for help.
The Milanese are getting too big
or their boots.
The time has come to remind them
just how sharp the emperor's sword is.
One order from you
and the army will be ready to move south
within two weeks, your Highness.
No! No!
No force yet.
- Not now! -My lord,
if you manage to dominate
he north of Italy,
you will become the richest
nd most powerful sovereign of Europe.
I'll write them a letter.
Call them to order.
You take it to them.
I come in the name of the emperor.
You are warned not to attack Lodi.
Otherwise Milan will be banned
rom the Empire.
This is our answer.
You've taken one step too many consul.
A step you'll regret.
What have you done?
This is madness!
Rainald don't go.
Gherardo! Now what?
What do you propose we do?
Let's assemble the army.
We will attack Lodi.
Oh, goodness.
Alberto da Giussano,
son of a blacksmith.
This wasn't part of our agreement
as it?
Evandro has been avenged Alberto.
We want.
Lodi has paid for its arrogance.
You're back already.
You must be joking, brother.
You have slept for four days.
Lodi has been defeated.
We made them pay for their arrogance.
Come with us,
we are celebrating outside.
- Come outside.
- Come on!
- Come on! Let's go.
- Come on!
They're ready.
You had no other choice, my Lord.
It's almost as if they're trying
0 force me to go to war,
and all I want is peace.
I know, Frederick.
It seemed right for you
0 go down to Italy.
The Milanese want independence...
But you dream of the glory
of the universal empire.
Destroy them.
Destroy Milan, my Lord.
Someone told me a prophecy once,
just before we got married,
it was about sickle and water.
Sickle meant defeat, water meant death.
Is that prophecy or witchcraft?
I have a prophecy for you too.
As a queen
I foresee that you will
come back victorious from Italy,
and as your woman
I foresee that
will you miss me terribly.
The dogs are restless.
They're afraid of thunder.
They are not afraid of thunder, father.
Someone is out there.
Oh my God!
You frightened me.
What on earth are you doing out there
with this weather?
I want to talk to you. Alone.
I'm listening.
I'm heading north to Barbarossa.
You tell me things I already know.
Yes, the fact is...
There are two females in this home,
for which have you come?
I'm asking for the hand
of your daughter, Tessa.
Tessa is in age for a husband.
ou are looking for a wife.
It's a start, maybe a good one.
Then you'll speak to her?
Yeah, yeah, I'll tell her your intention.
I have everything planned.
Till my return.
We are finally here.
That's the part of Italy
hat has to be conquered
if you want to reach Sicily,
our Highness.
What about Rome?
It's right in the middle,
it's not going to be that easy.
Rome is weak and sick,
you just have to wait a little more.
How long?
That avid and stubborn Englishman
hat took on the name of Pope
Adrian the IV has one foot
n the grave already.
And our cardinals tell me
that his successor
ill be much more malleable.
Soon, very soon,
you will be able to sit on the throne
hat belonged to Charlemagne.
Let's go!
Got you.
Siniscalco Barozzi.
He came to our house last night.
He asked for the hand
of my sister Tessa.
Barozzi's a worm.
Barozzi will never take my sister
0 the altar.
And how can you be so sure?
Well I...I can feel it.
So what they say is...is true,
you are sort of a...witch.
No. Wait.
I brought you something.
With this spoon
I will take care of you
or the rest of my life.
What? What...
what's wrong? Hey...
Damn it.
Eleonora. Hey. Are you sleeping?
I wanted to show you something.
He finally made up his mind.
Raniero gave me the pledge.
Don't tell our father.
He keeps telling me that
Siniscalco Barozzi is
n eligible bachelor.
And that one day
we could even be a consul.
Our father would never have to sleep
n the same bed with Siniscalco Barozzi.
Follow your heart, Tessa.
You must follow your heart.
Hey! Got some sleep, you two.
Tomorrow is another day.
My heart has already decided
So this is the way it must be.
Oh my God...
You may go in.
I'm to confer directly to the emperor.
I'm afraid you'll have to content
ourself with conferring with me.
I bring Milan's oath of allegiance.
Milan is a city with short memory.
I don't understand.
You do understand,
you were there too
when that Milanese consul of yours
rampled on the imperial seal.
I Rainald of Dassel was humiliated...
made fun of...beaten by your rabble.
How dare you?
I have also come to apologize.
There is no more time for words.
Go back to your consuls and tell them.
he emperor is coming
and that this is not going
0 be a courtesy visit.
Listen. Listen to me.
There are many noblemen in Milan
ho are favorable to the emperor.
There is nothing more
ou can do, Barozzi.
This stays here.
It's true.
I am scared.
I'm scared.
Because I have seen with my own eyes
he power of the German army.
Their tents covered the entire plane...
and they have so many war machines
that our whole square
could not contain them.
For the love of reason I implore you...
let us surrender.
No surrender. We will fight!
Soon Barbarossa's army
ill be at the gates.
You can count the days
0 the destruction of Milan
on the fingers of one hand.
Every time we come here,
they build that bridge for us
hat is stronger than before.
People of Verona respect tradition,
our Majesty.
They know that by ancient custom
when a German king crosses their land
it is their duty to build
boat bridge north of the city.
And that's why we respect them.
Your Majesty!
What's going on?
Watch out! Watch out for the woods!
Stop! Stop!
What that?
What's happening?
The logs...Watch out for the logs...
watch out...
The rope! Tie the rope!
Tie the rope! Tie the ropes!
Help! Help me! The horses,
It's a trap. It's a trap. Go back.
No, your Majesty! Don't do it!
Remember the prophecy...
water brings death!
What are you doing standing there?
help your emperor.
God will damn you!
Go! Go!
Tie the rop.
He's gone under.
Dive down.
Look for the emperor.
Find him!
God no!
Give me your hand, Emperor.
What you have done
is very serious indeed.
You have allied yourself
with Milan against the Empire.
You have caused the death
of many German soldiers.
You have not respected
he ancient tradition
that has saved Verona
rom destruction until today.
Why? Why?
Today is an important day.
I want you to remember one thing.
You only betray your emperor once.
I am as cruel
as God is full of mercy.
Alberto! Albedo!
Barbarossa has destroyed
he city of Brescia.
They say there are
over one thousand dead.
How do you know?
Have you had another
ne of your visions?
What do you think we are doing?
Surrender to the Germans?
What difference would it make, right?
Slaves we were
nd slaves we'll still be.
We don't want to be slaves any more.
Is it worth fighting a battle
hat is already lost to begin with?
That's enough, woman!
We all have to do our duty,
ours is to fight to defend the city.
Yours is to stay home and
wait for your man to return!
If you have one.
Don't you ever talk to her
ike that again!
- That's enough Alberto. -Ever!
That's enough.
There they are.
I wonder how many cities
we have to destroy
before they come to their senses.
Just one more, Sire.
Destroy Milan and all the other cities
will bleat like frightened sheep,
wanting only to obey their shepherd.
The city of Parma greets the Emperor.
The city of Cremona
greets the Emperor.
The city of Padua
greets the Emperor.
The city of Ferrara
reets the Emperor.
I wonder what is stronger
n these people,
the will to fight for the Empire
or to contribute to
he destruction of Milan?
They're sheep, Rainald,
they don't need to think,
they just need to obey the Emperor.
Did you hear that?
It was like the sound of thunder...
but it's not thunder,
like ah...
over there!
Look! Over there!
Quickly, inside, everyone inside!
Move. Move. Move...
come on, hurry.
Oh God.
I've never seen such a large army.
Alberto, let's go.
Alberto! Albedo come on, hurry up.
Hurry UP-
Come on.
What's wrong?
Don't let your brothers be chosen.
I saw the arrows,
- Look. - you must prevent this.
The Germans are over there.
There's plenty of arrows around.
What are you talking about?
The arrows I saw were not German.
We're ready to move at sunrise.
How many of these war machines
0 we have?
About one hundred, your Majesty.
Unfortunately the guard towers
re out of range.
Can we not move them closer?
We can't, Majesty.
The Milanese have built
defensive ditch along this line.
Our war machines
cannot move beyond this point.
Any advice?
I say we concentrate the fire
four crossbowmen on the walls
to let our men
ill the ditch with earth.
I agree...
Yes, very good idea.
The Milanese feel secure
inside the city walls.
We'll keep them there.
We'll block all the gates.
We'll starve them.
And if they don't surrender...
the city will be a grave.
Push, Push...
place the bases.
They're getting ready to attack.
Take cover!
Get Down! Get down!
Where are they?
Quickly, move, get these barrels down.
Watch out! Take cover.
Watch out!
They are putting barrels
onto the river.
To make a passage for the towers.
Quickly...move the barrels!
Ballast one, fire!
We'll leave them no rest.
We'll deprive them of food and sleep.
Their will to fight will diminish
ay by day.
Fire and reload!
Get out, get out, quickly.
Fire! Fire! Fire!
Come on...move...come On...
come on...faster...
push...faster...come on.
Take cover...watch out...
Come on! Faster!
We are line.
Come on!
Come on.
Stop! Here.
Bring a stone.
Bring a stone.
Fifty yards beyond the walls.
Listen. We need some volunteers.
Only one man per family
to go outside the walls
stock up on food.
Who will go?
Young Raniero da Giussano's arm
hasn't moved
or perhaps I didn't notice.
Leave him alone, Barozzi.
His brother Otto and I are here.
Chose one of us.
Very well.
Since your brother doesn't,
hall we say, feel up to it,
YOU go.
Let no one say
Raniero da Giussano was afraid.
He said one person per family,
you drop it.
No, no.
Why prevent a brave young man
rom proving his courage?
Be at the Sant Ambrogio grate
an half an hour,
you leave from there.
Move! Move! Move! Take arms...
Find more arrows...
et to the walls...
Are you mad.
Don't tell me what to do...
Close the gate!
Come back safe.
Tessa...they should
ave been back long before now.
I feel the worst.
Holy Mother.
pray nothing has happened to them.
No matter what has happened,
I want you to know
hat I'll look after you.
You'll never be alone.
Don't touch me.
I don't need you.
I've promised my heart
0 Raniero da Giussano
and that's the way it's going to be.
And if he doesn't return...
I'd rather die than be with you.
The Germans have stopped firing.
What's happening?
The Germans are attacking.
Tessa! Tessa...
Keep pushing,
The Germans are attacking.
There is something on the towers.
They're approaching!
Can't you see them?
Look what have you done.
It's unbelievable.
What are you waiting for? Fire!
Don't think about us!
- Shoot! -Shoot! Shoot!
Alberto...Tell me
hat you want me to do...
Give them the order to shoot
before it's too late!
No Barozzi.
We cannot kill our citizens.
I tell you I don't know.
What's that?
It is something on the towers.
Alberto, what do you want to do...
Shoot! Shoot!
- Get her out of here! -No!
You can't do it!
I beg you! Don't do it.
lease I beg you!
You can't do it...
Get them out of here!
- No! Don't do it. -Please...
I'll shoot!
Shoot! Don't think about us!
- No! Alberto! No! - Don't look...
Please no!
- No! -Don't shoot!
- Father... -I can't see...
Come on! Go, go, go!
Let's come in.
- I killed my brother. -My son.
I killed I Raniero...
It's not your fault.
I killed him.
I killed I Raniero...
Feel this knife. Feel it.
I will go and kill the man
ho has killed my brothers.
I will thrust this in his heart.
- Alberto. -Stay...stay away from me.
Too many women have already been left
without their husband.
- Stay away from me. -Don't do it.
I'm just going to inspect the walls.
That's not true.
know where you are going.
I can see it in your eyes.
To whom are you going.
Don't talk to me about women
losing their husbands.
My brothers are dead. Dead.
I tried to stop you.
Why did you refuse me?
Because I was trying to protect you.
If this is your way of protecting people?
denying their feelings?
Pretending you care?
Making them suffer?
You don't understand.
Oh, I understand my feelings.
If you love me...
if you love me then don't go.
Leave me!
Where did you get the dagger?
You yourself gave it to me.
Some time ago.
You're the son of the blacksmith.
How dare you?
You will die for this, you know that?
I'm not afraid,
there are hundreds of young men
here in the city
ready to do
hat I've not accomplished.
In a matter of days
our city will cease to exist.
And many other men will be dead.
I remember you.
I thought about you many times
since you saved my life
and became part of my destiny.
I should call the guards now.
But I won't.
I'll let you go.
Your days are numbered
old king.
Damn you.
- Alberto! -Father.
Where are your daughters?
I can't say.
Eleonora made me swear
not to tell anyone
here she was going.
Especially not you Alberto.
The Germans are here!
The Germans are here!
Who opened the gates?
Out of the way!
- Master Guitelmo! -Stop!
Too much blood
as already been spilled.
Master Guitelmo!
I've been to your house,
essa wasn't there.
Oh you watch out Siniscalco Barozzi.
Even the blackest of dogs
becomes visible
when lit by torch.
This dog has teeth.
Take these peasants away.
Take them away!
I'll get you Barozzi,
I'll get you Barozzi,
fit's the last thing I do.
Milan has fallen...
and Milan is the gateway to Sicily.
Not much time will pass
before the empire at war of Carlo Magno
will be yours.
This is what happens to those
ho rebel against their emperor.
I order Milan to be razed
0 the ground.
None of its towers will ever be standing.
I also order
all the Milanese to leave the city
before sunset
in all different directions
so that no one
ill be able to call themselves Milanese
and the name Milan will be deleted
rom all maps.
Wherever you will go,
I will be by your side.
You see
the Svevo has a dagger by his side.
An armed emperor at a crowning...
unheard of.
Why on earth not?
A dagger and a crown if used wisely
can take one very far.
All the more so
of the pope who crowns Barbarossa
is the one he himself has chosen...
We will revive the glory of Rome.
Rome is at your feet, my Lord.
As soon will be the south of Italy,
the Norman Kingdom.
Stop! Guard!
Yes, your Majesty?
A man collapsed back there.
0 and see why.
It is the plague, your Majesty.
Oh my god. That's her.
Come, let's go this way.
Out of the way...
Out of the way...
et the emperor through.
In the name of God, Lorenzo!
Look...what we have come to.
We are forced to meet in hiding
as we are outlaws...
with our people starving
and having to bear the arrogance
of the imperial guards
day after day.
And they have increased the taxes
n the harvest...again!
There must be something.
Quiet! Silence!
There is no point
arguing amongst ourselves.
What's happening?
A secret meeting.
I see the nobles from Milan.
We have been starved,
forced to leave Milan
n six different directions.
Who's there?
There's Negro and Dell'Orto.
Barbarossa has taken away everything
rom us...
our homes, our work!
And also our pride and our dignity!
That's why we must react.
We must rebuild the city!
- Right! -Rebuild the city?
Rebuild the city with whom, Gherardo?
All around me I see
tired and resigned face
ho don't want to fight any more.
And Barbarossa
is growing stronger every day.
Now he's the Lord of Milan.
He's right! He's the Lord!
Barbarossa is the Lord
because the people of Lombard
ave accepted the role of servants
Halt! Don't come any closer.
stay there.
Stop! Put down your swords!
He is one of us!
We can defeat him
if we stay united.
Listen...listen to me.
I can still see
he towers of Milan crumble
and the looks on our people as they were
forced abandon their homes like dogs.
Yet I can feel
the anger and the dismay
n Barbarossa's allies.
Lombards like us
who fought against Milan
nd yet regret its fate
because they finally understood
hat it was our quarrels and rivalries
that allowed the emperor to win
nd enslave us all.
Well Milan would have been destroyed
even if the other cities...
- That is not true! -It is true!
Think of the strength
ur swords would have united!
Think about the force
ur swords can have united.
You're noble people...
do the noble thing.
Do it.
This time I'm going to
ump with you, Alberto.
Whatever you may have in mind.
This meeting is over.
Come! Let's go.
It's me.
I had a meeting tonight.
We still haven't reached a decision
with Alberto.
You live here by yourself?
What is he doing here?
Where's your sister?
Where is Tessa?
- Tessa is dead. -What?
What happened?
Tessa is no longer of this world
it's no use talking about it.
Master Guitelmo,
I need your permission
0 take your daughter out of here.
She can't keep on living here alone.
I like to be here alone.
Permission granted.
Why did you leave me?
Because you hurt me.
I was scared and angry.
I am sorry.
You treated me like everyone else.
Eleonora! Eleonora!
Antonia! Antonia.
- I cant believe it.
- It's so good to see you.
You got back!
Eleonora, it's so happy to see you.
You bet. I am so happy.
The imperial guards!
Get in. Take them in.
Oh, oh. You all know why we're here.
- Bastard! -Wait!
One third of the harvest
belongs to the emperor.
In the cart.
Right away, your Excellency.
en, load the cart
What's in there?
It's just a blacksmith's workshop.
A blacksmith's shop...
with a lock that big?
I wonder.
The imperials,
they treat us like animals
and we've let them do so
or a long time.
That's over now.
We want to be free.
Do you know what I mean?
We look for other young men like us
willing to die for freedom.
We'll form an army.
Help me. Hold it.
This could be our symbol...
an iron ring.
It could bind us all together.
Quickly, quickly.
It's a sign from God!
Quickly, quickly.
It's a terrible omen, your Majesty.
The plague breaking out
n the day of coronation.
Don't be ridiculous!
The plague only broke out
because of the heat.
Incredible! She interrupted the meeting!
Unheard of!
Unfortunately your Majesty,
everyone will say
it's a sign from God.
That the coronation itself
as a sacrilege.
That God sides with Pope Alexander.
Oh stop it now!
Did you see,
he interrupted the chancellor.
God is with you, Frederick.
He wanted you emperor of Rome,
he wants you emperor of the world,
continue your march south.
You can't stop now.
It's impossible, your Majesty.
The men are afraid of the plague
and we are losing control of population.
We must leave this infected city.
He's right. It's true,
we have to leave.
Tell your men we are leaving,
we're going home.
That will be all.
You may go now.
That's quite a lot of rings, Alberto.
Who's supposed to wear them?
There are few fingers here.
You are wrong, my friend,
there are plenty of fingers
0 fit these rings.
You see I've been thinking about this
or quite many years now.
The imperials they use fear and death
as means to divide us and control us.
We're all afraid,
but if you could turn that fear around
and use it as a guiding force
0 unite us all,
we could become invincible.
After all,
hat have we got to lose?
Death to the imperials.
Yeah, death to the imperials.
We could become the "Company of Death".
- Company of death? -Yes.
It's a good idea.
Company of death...
Death for freedom.
Death for freedom.
Death and freedom, my friend.
You are going to be
n a lot of trouble one day.
You all remember me?
Lorenzo! What are you doing here?
Tired of playing games?
I told you it's not possible.
I'm doing too much already.
This prison is full of dirt,
0 one will notice.
These two.
No, not these two.
They nearly killed two imperials.
Chose two others.
Yeah, I want those two.
Who are you?
What are you?
We are citizens
tired of being wronged.
- So what? -Break this.
Now break that.
The humiliation that Milan has suffered
over these years
has now become intolerable.
Brescia will be by your side
0 help you against the emperor
and also to build Milan again
Yeah...yeah...yeah...We will unite.
We the people of Mantua are not
just going to stand by and watch.
But you all know
hat the emperor's answer will be.
He's right,
people will live
n terror of retaliation.
And what are Lodi or Pavia
going to do?
I'll tell you
hat we are going to do.
We are going to stick together.
Under the Lombard League.
This time we are not going
0 wait for Barbarossa's punishment.
An army becomes invincible
with a strong heart,
especially with a wounded heart.
Go to your cities,
ask the young if they are still willing
0 live this way...
you know what they'll tell you.
Do you know?
Better dead than slaves!
Death Milano!
Death Bergamo!
Death Brescia!
Death Mantua!
The land Barbarossa treads
is our land.
It belongs to us Lombards
ever since we have a memory.
We soldiers of the Company of Death
swear to take back this land of ours,
to fight the emperor
and never to turn our backs
n the enemy.
To unite all the cities in a league
and to defend
he most precious of all good.
Freedom! Freedom!
It's you! Come!
OH my god, Eleonora,
I'm so happy.
I'm so happy to see you.
I can't believe it.
Come on. Sit down.
So tell me
what things have forced you to come
ll the way up here?
Alberto and many other young men
rom Milan have abandoned their homes
and now they're hiding in the woods,
and others will join them soon.
They have given themselves a name...
the Company of Death.
The Company of Death?
The name makes me thing
of the evil of damnation.
What company are you speaking of?
Hundreds, hundreds of young men, Tessa.
They want to give Milan
back its freedom.
Oh soon you will be able to
come back home, my sister.
Do you really think
can come back to Milan?
I truly believe that.
They're willing to do anything,
anything...even to die.
Are you afraid for Alberto?
Are you still in love with him?
and he is with me.
He asked me to marry him.
But I saw...
Don't give heed
0 your vision, Eleonora.
Listen to your heart.
You must listen to your heart
Go to him and tell him
0u'll accept his proposal.
At least one of us can be happy.
Grab him. Stop him. Stop him.
Get back! It's a Woman, careful...
Watch out she's armed.
What are you doing here?
Hey...Give me the knife.
Give me the knife!
They're friends
and the Company of Death.
You see it's getting bigger.
- What were you doing on horseback?
- I was on my way home.
Home? Milan is eighteen miles away.
So what!
Leave me alone.
Leave us.
Listen to me.
In some time now we will have
0 meet Barbarossa in battle.
Some of us will die.
Marry me...
Stop, don't try to be out of way.
Why won't you understand?
The world we grew up in
0esn't exist any more.
Everything has changed.
I love you.
Open up!
Open the door.
weve come for the emperor's share.
This is an enclosed cloister.
You have no right to enter.
Open the door, mother.
My right comes directly
rom the emperor Frederick.
I repeat. You can't enter.
Open the door.
What's the matter?
What did I do?
What's the matter?
Leave me.
What do you think?
Go. Go. We'll have some fun here.
Search everywhere!
- Oh my God. -What's wrong, sister?
They all look alike don't they?
But under those clothes...
there may be some beautiful women.
Mother superior?
Where are you?
Mother superior!
I'm here.
Tell them to take off their veils.
I beg of you in the name of the Lord,
what you ask is a sacrilege.
If you don't do it, I will.
Kill me if you want
but don't ask me to do that.
As you wish.
What about this one? Huh?
The quality seems quite low
0 start off with.
Oh. Hm...this one! Ah...
Indeed this one is not bad.
If she had long hair,
he could be pretty.
What about this...
look at him.
this one.
She is really beautiful sir.
Really beautiful,
LS it you?
I have prayed for this moment.
Tell me what you want me to do.
Tell me.
No! No!
Ah! Stop her! Stop her!
Stop her!
Stop her!
Stop. Please. Don't do it.
Don't, Tessa.
I beg of you, please.
No. No.
I beg of you.
I love you.
I love you with all my heart.
I love you more than
we've loved anything in my life.
Stay with me.
I'll change.
I'll do anything you say.
beg of you.
Just don't leave me.
Just give me your hand.
Just give me your hand.
Oh dear God no! No...No!
I loved her.
I loved her...
I loved her.
I loved her.
I loved...
She hit him.
Get her. Arrest her!
- She's a witch!
Your going to pay for this witch!
What's going on, Nicola?
Eleonora almost killed Barozzi
with a dagger to the throat.
Where is she?
Barozzi is taking her to Alessandria
to Barbarossa's camp.
He wants to hang her.
Alberto! Don't go!
Alberto don't go...
- Get him down! Alberto! - Let go...
- Let go... - calm down.
Alberto, you have to calm down.
Let go of me...
That's just what Barozzi wants.
- Let go of me... -They'll kill you.
Guidone, hold him...
Leave me alone...
Damn you! Leave me alone!
Ah! Get out of here! Out of here!
et out! Go away!
Get in there, witch!
I survived.
I don't think you'll be so lucky.
I'm going to watch you burn.
Bad news, bad news.
We've been trying
0 conquer this city for weeks.
How is the tunnel proceeding?
Your Majesty, as you know
we can only dig during our attacks
in order to cover the noise
and this rain is
certainly not helping either.
Double the digging.
The rivers around the city
re full with water, your Majesty
if they overflow their banks
he whole camp will be submerged.
The men are tired,
the rain...
he mud are destroying our troops.
Shut up!
We will get into the city before dawn,
make sure the tunnel's ready.
Have no fear, the door will stay...
I have no fear at all!
She's here. She's here.
Open the door.
But your Highness!
Open the door, it's an order!
- Do it! -Yes, mam.
Close the door.
You know who I am?
You must be a very important person
if you give orders to the guard.
I was curious to see the woman
who had the courage to try to slit
he throat of an imperial envoy.
Next time my hand will be firmer.
There won't be a next time
nd you know it.
Tell me.
Why did you do it?
He killed my sister.
And because of him
yr husband risks his life.
What do you mean?
Why is he in danger?
What happened to your arm?
It's the mark of a lightning strike.
Lightning struck you
nd you didn't die?
Who are you?
Get me out of here! Get me out here!
Open the door! Get me out of here!
She's a witch!
I don't want to stay with a witch!
Get me out! Get me out of here!
Shut up wench. Get back in there.
- God. -They will have no chance.
The scythes are exactly
at the height of the horsemen.
I like it. I like it boys.
Finally, it's stopped raining.
I'm drenched through
watching out for the Germans.
Wait...Get ready...
Look out, sound the alarm!
Sound the alarm, call the guards!
The Germans are attacking.
Your Highness, we've been discovered.
The tunnel has been closed.
Set all the war machines on fire.
We retreat.
Damn Alexandrianese.
We're retreating to Pavia,
they're loyal to us.
We'll be there for a while.
There's only one thing
ou should do.
Send messengers
0 your cousin Henry the Lion.
You need fresh troops,
he can't refuse to help you.
Henry is greedy for land.
We've been away from Germany too long.
That's a good idea.
I'll do that.
'll get ready to pack.
One more thing.
before leaving camp my Lord
have pardon on that prisoner
rom Milan, please.
Why are you so worried
bout some peasant woman?
That woman has
extraordinary powers, Frederick.
They say she's a witch.
On her arm she bears a mark where
he was struck by lightning.
What is it that troubles you?
Lightning spared her.
Don't defy heaven.
Pardon her please.
If you burn her,
he will bring you bad luck.
Beatrice, this woman
needs to be punished.
If we burn her
she'll be happy to 90
Be ready.
How are you, cousin?
Where's the army you promised me?
Look at me, your Majesty.
I'm forty-six
nd full of aches and pains.
War is a luxury
can no longer afford.
I'm much older than you are
and I'm still willing to fight
or the empire.
Your Majesty, I'm ready too.
In there is enough money
0 pay many men.
It's yours, your Highness.
It is my contribution to your cause.
Stop it.
You know only too well that
he emperor doesn't need money.
He needs soldiers, an army...
aren't you ashamed of yourself?
Your emperor allowed you
to have Saxonia and Bavaria,
he defended you
rom all the German princes
who schemed against you.
And now...now that
he emperor asks for your help
all you are able to give
is some miserable money?
Why what confidence.
My cousin Fredrick should worry about
having a wife who speaks like a man.
They call you Henry the Lion
but you're worthless.
Let's go.
I told you to wait for me!
Sorry, your Majesty.
It doesn't matter.
As long as she burns.
Burn! Burn!
Men of Company of Death.
We have gathered here today
with a common dream...
looking for freedom!
Freedom is our birth right.
Freedom that was taken away from us.
It was taken away from us
by manipulating us,
separating us,
dividing us, by fear...
but this common dream
can unite us.
We can mend our fields,
walk our lands
and raise our families in peace.
Let us not fear tomorrow...
for to live one day in total freedom
means more than
hundred days of slavery!
Together we'll go...
Men of the league.
Oh my God!
What the hell?
Hold the line boys.
Hold the line.
They've seen the whole army.
theyre afraid to attack.
I don't like it.
I don't like this maneuver.
Your Highness,
the Milanese army has taken position
roughly two miles from here.
On the plain over there.
an you see them?
Milanese are stupid,
we can handle them.
Your Majesty, we were attacked
only by their cavalry.
We didn't see their infantry.
First we cripple their cavalry,
then their infantry will fall apart.
I thank God every night
he gave me a woman like you
0 come home to.
My place is where my lord is.
Your place today is with the children.
Take the empress to Pavia.
This is a war, my love.
Hold the line boys.
Hold the formation.
Not yet, hold.
Not yet.
Go! Go!
Sound the horns.
Prepare to join your bitch whore
sweetheart in hell!
Look at me! Look at me...
I want you to see me when you die.
Don't kill me, please don't kill me.
Because you killed her.
This is going to mm for all the pain
0u've given me...
and the pain you've given my family...
I have money.
And you've given my people.
Don't kill me.
0n't kill me. I beg you.
This is for Tessa.
This is for my brothers...
and this, this one, look at me,
is for my wife.
For my wife.
Look at me! Look at me!
The emperor's horse.
I can see it's his horse.
Where is he?
I don't know. He must be here,
somewhere around.
That's for sure.
I want to see his body.
Barbarossa's dead.
Give me that dagger.
I miss her.
Nothing will give you Eleonora back.
But if she were here,
she would like to see you happy.
You gave what you wanted.
You gave freedom back to your people.
Alberto! Albedo! Come quickly!
It's you here.
You're alive
you're alive
What are you doing here?
The empress...she saved my life.
She burned a woman in my place.
You're alive.
I love you.