Syberiada polska (2013) Movie Script

Come on!
Come on!
Polish people, in these
The Great Soviet Union gives you
Do not object to The Workers'
We come to you not as conquerors...
Tadzio, leave it!
As your liberators from the landowners'
The great and invincible
Red Army brings on
Soldiers of the Polish Army!
Throw down your weapons,
Your freedom and happy life
What's up Kazan, what's going on?
Fifteen minutes for taking your things!
Get up! Let's pack things!
You have fifteen minutes
Each of you can take
What are you waiting for? Faster!
Children, carefully!
Captain NKVD, Savin's speaking.
The Commandant officer
Welcome, Polish exiles, comrades.
This is your new home.
I hope all of you will work hard,
because those who don't work, don't eat.
And you will soon become
happy, rightful citizens
of the Soviet Union.
Don't look!
We'll burn out your lice, comrades!
There is nothing to be ashamed of!
And you, where are you going?
Give me your hand!
The other one!
Give me, come on!
Go, go!
This is our child!
He's dead!
Give me back!
Give me back!
He's dead!
Give me back!
He's dead!
Leave me alone!
Give me back my child!
Leave me alone!
Our Father, who art in Heaven...
Hold on! Hold on!
We are sharing bread!
Everybody will get it.
Don't sleep!
You'll freeze up!
Tadek, don't sleep!
Leave me alone!
Drink, Mr officer!
I'm a corporal,
As far as I know,
You fought against ours.
Against Germans.
Let's say it's true.
Have you been in Lviv?
I have.
Madam, madam I kiss your hands...
Do you know that in 1939
You don't know...
how can you know?
But I will tell you, why.
Because I hate you, Poles.
You killed my father.
In 1920 he went with Budionny...
Your uhlans with lances
And I became an orphan.
I was 10 - hunger and poverty.
And then I swore to myself,
That I will take revenge on you, Poles...
For daddy,
for my cruel, lousy fate...
In Lviv I choked your officers,
with these hands.
Where did you serve?
What rank?
If you are quiet,
a bullet in your head.
So, Mr officer!?
I am a corporal, not an officer.
If a corporal, than a corporal.
But you will not leave here alive.
And your children would go through,
From today you will be the head
If something goes wrong,
you will be the first to be tried
Let's go!
Wake up!
if you oversleep one more time,
Wrong! Wrong!
Turn sideways. Come, come.
Put your hand here.
All right?
So, show me, what you
What is that?
But it's half a norm!
It's half a norm,
And do you know that
You will take responsibility for them all!
I will court-martial you!
Listen, Poles!
Those who don't work, don't eat!
Everybody understood?
Otherwise, you will eat sand.
You Jewish yap, stand up, when a Soviet...
...officer is in front of you!
Leave it! Leave it!
I'll abase all of you!
It was close, Mr. Commissioner...
Mrs Irena...
Back to work!
I'm OK.
Back to work, quickly!
I won't go to Gulag because of you!
You have a stone instead of a heart!
Stupid, you're in a rush to die.
When you're not here,
Thank you Mr foreman.
I won't make it to start
I'll miss one year.
You'll make it, you will.
I haven't even sent the documents,
Maybe I'll go to Lviv, it will be
Does it hurt?
Now less.
Have you ever kissed?
And you?
So kiss me!
The Strug!
The Strug overflew!
Mum! What happened?
Jesus! Antonina!
Staszek! Grab mum!
Jesus! Antonina!
Open up!
Open up!
Why are you knocking so noisily,
Mum's ill!
Come in!
Lyubka, take the children out.
Come on.
You won't examine her, doctor?
What can I examine?
Typhus, as all of them on this ward.
Spring comes, together with typhus.
She's got fever.
Can I bring something,
There are no medicines,
no vaccines
and we can't get them.
So maybe something to eat?
Mr Dolina, get yourself together!
What can you give her a hen
Everything depends on her organism.
Take care.
Everything's OK with mum,
Go to bed.
Go to bed, go.
Go to bed.
Come here.
Why are you standing there?
I don't know...
Are you ashamed?
You are as beautiful as a queen.
Show me yourself.
A tsarina!
I'll do everything, whatever you want.
Ask me for anything!
May I work in the kitchen?
In the kitchen?
Good girl.
Your dream will come true.
Come to me, my smart girl.
Come here, don't be afraid.
Come here, my beautiful, my tsarina!
Come here, my queen.
I'll be your gold fish.
I'll do anything for you.
A gold fish?
Quiet, where's dad?
He left before dawn.
To the Buriats for medicine for mum.
Take it.
Come here.
When the porridge is ready,
Soup and...
She must be strong to get better.
Stop it.
Good morning, children!
Good morning!
You - Bartek.
And you - Hela.
Your mum's pretty.
And you - Tadek Dolina.
Did your father serve in the army?
An officer?
No, he's a carpenter.
A farmer.
We had cows, horses, a foal.
Wake up.
It's me Fiedosej, do you recognize me?
Come on, stupid, why did
Ice melted.
You'll drown.
You have a family, Dolina!
We'll die
We'll all die.
Dad has come back!
Everywhere's shit.
We'll all die!
We'll die!
People, we'll all die!
We'll die!
We'll all die!
You give more to your people.
Add more!
Pass on.
Add more, you thief!
A thief?
So you'll eat shit.
We'll complain to the commandant.
So go.
Pass on.
Leave it!
You Russian bitch!
A bitch!?
My ass will snap, but my children
Leave it! Leave me!
I order you to disperse!
To your places!
Start eating.
Who's a bitch?
She's not our mum...
Are you blind?
She's different.
Different? How?
Don't worry.
She's better now.
Take it.
From Poland.
For me?
Polish lady.
A square peg to a round hole...
If you don't want it,
But how can I thank you?
One, two, three, four, five...
How can I cure them,
Next week there will be
During this week next people will die.
Six, seven, eight...
If it comes to ten, you'll be
The 10th of February -
When the Soviet came,
And they put our
Taking all Poles to
By train they went bold,
Dying of hunger and cold.
However tragic the land seems,
A real Pole always wins.
He will never be on his knees,
Even if his home land he never sees.
And how did we travel?
First, it was Taiga, do you remember?
And it was West Siberia.
Then Novosibirsk, Krasnoyarsk,
And then Nadamurski country,
And what's next?
Next the Chinese and the Japanese.
What, Irenka?
Can you give us some
And who would you like to write to?
Hey what?
Are you jealous?
Come on.
Stiopa, Korcz teaches them.
For children.
But they write with charcoal.
You have no school here.
Can you?
You will have notebooks,
Do you like candies?
Yes, for you.
For you.
OK, children.
Who can tell
Mr. Commandant
who teaches you at school?
Ms Celina
and Mr Korcz
And what do they teach
Polish, counting
and even poems.
And even poems?
And even poems.
They teach children poems at school.
The one who says a poem
will get all the candies.
The 10th of February -
When the Soviet came,
And they put our
Taking all Poles to
Did you organize a conspiracy
I would never dare, sir...
Korcz, don't make a fool
This, everybody sees -
Wasn't it you who drew it?
Don't you know that
You spread anti-soviet
I've only tried to teach
I know, I know.
An underground organization.
Who helps you?
It's only me.
Name, surname, nationality.
And when I found out
I thought you are not a Hebrew,
but a Polish patriot.
I am a Polish Jew.
A Hebrew, not a Jew!
Only in your Lordy
And here you are Hebrews.
And this Polish book,
arrest them.
Stop! Who's coming?
I'll shoot!
It's me.
Me, Staszek Dolina.
What do you want?
Why didn't you make a fire?
What for?
I'll tell the governor that
Make fire yourself.
But they write with charcoal.
Wait till the morning.
Frost will be lighter in the morning.
There are grits in my bag.
Cook a soup for mum.
Give it to Tadzio...
Give my things to Tadzio.
I will go to Barabanov to ask for...
Don't you dare, you can't!
So what can I do?
Everything will be all right.
Can you hear me?
Don't cry!
I don't!
I'll remind you, if you
the convoy will shoot
They are coming!
Are there medicines?
Are there medicines?
Medicines and flour.
The medicines are already here!
Giddy up!
What are you waiting for?
Help her!
Take it! Carry it!
Hello Irena.
Irena, listen...
I'm a Soviet soldier...
I was executing my duties...
I couldn't do anything else!
You forgot about me.
You don't come at all.
I don't.
And I will never come to you again.
Rub yourselves, everybody!
But they write with charcoal.
Or flies will eat you alive.
And they like women the most.
It stinks.
This is life.
Too much... I can't eat
You don't like it?
I like it.
I like it.
How are you doing
Is Tadzio neat and clean?
Take it with you, give it to
We're not hungry mummy...
And you, Sta, remember,
A little bit more and back home.
And where's your home, Lyubka?
It used to be in Leningrad.
But now, I don't even
Again! Again!
Comrades, exiles!
Now your task is to
take this wood down the river.
You have one month.
Come here!
You are responsible for this.
My wife's in hospital...
The children won't
Don't worry,
the Soviet authorities will take care
Any questions?
You're free.
Would you buy?
I have no money.
I don't need your money.
"Dear comrade, in the
first words of my letter
What are you staring at?
Write in Polish.
What comrade is she?
So write "citizen" or "lady".
No, no.
It must be poetic.
Poetic... Write the truth!
Write that I have a heart, but...
Are you writing?
Dear Sylvia, I'm a foreman and
This is life and this is the truth.
But cold
Sign it.
No, no...
You write nicely.
And now fetch it.
I won't do it for one fish.
For three - all right.
I'll give you two.
No way!
Break is over! Back to work!
Her heart couldn't make it.
I'm sorry, Staszek.
Whole life is in the heart.
It's hot.
We have to bury her at once.
Nothing you can do.
And life goes on.
Come on!
It's for you.
Why did mum die?
Tell me...
I have too long hair...
I have too long hair... son.
I wish you all the best on
it's 23rd anniversary of
Great October Socialist Revolution.
In comrade Stalin's proclamation...
Exiles, citizens!
You, Poles, you are
and you should respect us,
And we, Soviet people,
when we hear the name
we stand up, and applaud.
In comrade Stalin's proclamation...
Thanks to comrade Stalin's
Sit down!
Thanks to him
the Soviet authority
takes care of a working man.
And this is why
today a clothing voucher goes to
Balicki Florian Andrieievich.
Come here, don't be afraid.
What an actress!
Bravo, Lyubka,
And now, the Soviet authority
And now, everybody!
A song helps us
It's like a friend to us...
You are a Soviet citizen,
and you want to marry a Pole?
What's the difference,
a Pole, a Russian, a Buryat?
We have internationalism.
Poles - a politically not sure element.
What an element! A woman!
Paszka, sit down.
What can you know
Women can be different.
Not now!
So, how will it be,
Will you register us?
Will you, will you...
And maybe she's already...
Don't play jokes with me.
Be careful,
You'll bring misfortune on you.
It is said:
Poles - a politically
She has no right
I've warned you.
Hands up!
Are you stealing
I'll put you under
Do you understand that I'll kill you?
What will your brother eat?
You are also here?
What are you doing here?
Leave him.
I'm sorry...
I love you, Irenka.
Forgive me...
Forgive me, too.
Forgive me, my love.
Let's go...
And I won't get vodka?
More vodka... More...
Give me, give me.
My sweet-pie.
Come on, let's drink.
Listen, Irenka...
I love you so much.
Ask for whatever you want.
I love you so much!
If you want,
I can even kill,
Just say so.
You are a good man...
Come here.
The heart couldn't take it.
He was drunk.
He went out hot into
A wise doctor of you,
For a dog, dog's death.
Take him away!
Come on, go!
A break! Let's rest!
Go! You moron!
Go! You moron!
Barabanov, I report
while performing his duties of
permitted the establishment of
and he came into contacts
Everybody back to work!
Dad, look what's going on!
Why are you moving
For the one who
5 days off!
Good morning!
Good morning!
Happy Easter!
In the name of the Father, and of the Son,
Today is Easter,
The Holiday of God's Resurrection.
Many our friends and relatives
I wish your next Easter...
will be in Poland.
All the best!
To our coming back.
We were attacked, Staszek!
Who attacked us?
Promise me, you won't forget,
They are taking us away, Staszek!
To the town, they're taking
What war, we already have war.
Hitler attacked us!
Won't you forget me?
Attention, Polish exiles,
Nazi Germany treacherously
From this day
all our efforts must be
A working day will be
If you don't do your norm,
Our cause is just!
We'll win!
Well, comrade Stalin didn't abolish
Will you register us?
You'll be in trouble, Paszka.
No problems.
There are problems!
You're Ukrainian,
and you want to marry a Pole.
You went on the enemy's side.
I didn't go anywhere.
And do you know what
They say you allow them
you give them food vouchers...
You made friends with
That's not true.
I have everything here in my documents.
You are free.
And do you know how
A bolshevic whore.
And do you know what I think?
That you are such a whore.
I'll strangle you!
I'll kill you!
Fucking officer!
Comrade governor please, no, no...
Get out of my face!
Comrade Stalin didn't get rid of
You will be a foreman.
Instead of Paszka.
If you don't do the norm...
I'll kill you with my own hands!
That's an order.
You can go!
Will she deliver a Russian child
A boy or a girl, stupid.
A boy?
A boy.
You can choose a name for him.
You were delivering letters.
Look, how similiar he is.
He will be like Paszka.
Come on!
Lower, lower.
Cut that one lower.
Move on!
This is how you want to catch up with
You are over.
Dad will be taken to
I'll be back, son.
I'll be back.
Don't lie, Dolina.
Mr Dolina,
don't worry,
I'll take care of them.
Hey arrested, I warn you!
If you try to run away, the convoy
According to the proclamation of
on 12th August 1941
there is an amnesty
for all Polish citizens,
who are bereaved of their freedom
or on other basis.
In the Soviet Union...
a Polish Army is being organized.
You have been lucky, Mr Officer.
To free the convicted.
Amnesty! People, amnesty!
There will be Polish Army!
What for fuck.
I wanted to ask you
Celina Jzefowna Bialer,
You say, Bialer...
No, we don't have her.
A Polish citizen.
No, nothing. Pass on.
She got 10 years!
But the amnesty...
Pass on.
God... Mr Korcz?
He is, he is alive, my Paszka is alive...
he was sent on the front but,
You have a pretty grandson!
Would you like to hold him?
What about Zinnia?
Have you heard about her?
She's dead, Staszek.
Excuse me, is there any
There isn't, look somewhere else!
Thank you.
To the army?
What rank?
Polish Army Corporal.
This is my son.
Me too.
A corporal as well?
Also to the army.
Have you shaven yet?
We'll have to organize
Sit down.
We know, we know everything.
And that your army will be
there are no orders, no instructions,
No way I can help you.
So what are we supposed to do now?
What to do?
When the order comes,
We know your surname,
I don't have an address.
Where did you come from?
We're not going back there!
And you what, comrades allies?
No matter what,
And when you have work,
What are you staring at?
Comfortable... feet don't
Keep it... You always can dance!
I'm alone here.
Everybody went to the front.
Only women left.
What? Why are you so noisy?
What do you want?
You waited long,
Take them.
Come in, my guests.
Thank you.
What... Are you insane?
Come on, go.
Crazy! Polish lord...
You see.
Come in! Come in.
Come in, sir!
Dolina Jan Vladyslavovich!
Jan Vladyslavovich,
welcome, welcome,
Sit down!
Thank you.
Do you know why
I don't know.
We know, Dolina,
that among local Poles
you are an authority,
It's like...
If you...
the Soviet citizenship
and talked to people... Explain to them what,
Then we could, from our side...
You know, after amnesty I got
Think about it, Dolina.
Otherwise you are court-martial.
Think about it.
And if you are not here, and end up
Mr officer,
What happened with your shoes?
I'm not an officer.
Shoes fell to pieces long time ago,
You're free.
Come on, you have to help me,
Can I drive?
You can, come on.
You will let me,
Damn, come on,
What do you mean?
According to the Soviet law
you have no right to be
Those who don't work,
IDs will be handed out
Don't push each other,
So, who's the first?
Have a try!
There is only a way out
Take your IDs
I can't believe it...
I can't believe it!
They took away our home,
Leave it!
What are you doing here?
Let him go!
Let him go!
Korcz told me you're dead.
Because it's true Mr Dolina.
I'm taking a passport!
I'm taking it.
I don't.
Hold on, what is here?
Don't block the way,
You can take it
Hold on!
Pass on!
Come here.
Warm yourself up.
We have bread.
I can't.
Dad, dad!
What, Staszek?
He'll survive.
If he didn't survive,
Lyubka would have
A concussion,
Everything will be OK.
Tadzio's at home, he's OK.
I was dreaming that
Rest, son, rest.
Line up!
One, two, three...
If you don't take it,
Staszek, if something
go back to Poland.
Go back to Poland
and take Tadzio with you
Will you promise?
I promise.
Take it.
Listen to your brother.
So what, Mr Officer?
Are you leaving?
I'm leaving.
Get in.
Look at your sons.
Look at them carefully.
Because it's me
There are mountains,
we have an orchard.
Pears, cherries,
Last time I saw apples
Mum was alive then.
So will you go?
I'm going.
No, I'm not going.
I'm going.
Go, don't go...
You'll go alone.
Without me.
Will you miss me?
You won't!?
Irena Andrieievna...
I kiss your hands.
What's that?
Sit down, sit.
Beautiful, as always.
How are the kids,
That's good.
Could you...
Tell me...
You have never mentioned
I know, I know,
But still, a man...
It's always a pity.
It seems to me that he wasn't
What's more,
Loved you very much,
We need to talk.
Come in, I'm sorry...
You, citizen, you are
But not to your child.
What do you mean?
The father is a citizen of
He died,
You take extra benefit
The child would die of hunger.
He eats our bread,
And if you want...
How can I leave my child?
You can.
Our Soviet authority
Your Soviet authority is
Shut up, bitch!
One more word
Stanislav and Tadeusz
Jan Dolina's children?
Can we go?
Technically yes, but...
what do you think that only
God, why is it
They don't want to let
Watch your words, snot!
Come in.
Come in.
You can get a bullet
I know what I'm asking for,
How can she feed
Dad, we should help...
Go out.
Wait for me.
Dad, we need to help.
You should go.
You should.
I won't keep you here.
You will hate me
You'll come back
I'll come back!
The other one.
How did your son die?
My sweet Paszka!
Where did you take it from?
Come tomorrow to the office
My condolences.
Don't cry, don't cry.
A thief!
You beat a child?
A thief!
He stole a knife.
What knife?
Where did you take it from?
I bought it!
That's Staszek's knife,
I bought it!
I bought it.
Where did you take it from?
I found it, comrade commandant.
Where did you find it?
In Kalucze.
Where in Kalucze?
Next to the bath.
When Barabanov froze up.
Tadek, sleep!
Hide it for me.
I'm begging you, hide it!
Where's Staszek?!
How can I know that?
He went mushroom picking!
I'll show you mushrooms...
How can I know?
We'll wait.
And what do I have to do with this?
And what, you aren't...?
Maybe tea?
I report that
after the departure of Polish Army
the insidious activity of
hasn't ended.
Comrade captain, please!
Dolina Stanislav Janovich
Let him in.
I came to testify,
because I...
Comrade commandant I
and then you can judge
Do you hear me?
Go out.
I, subaltern lieutenant of interior
Barabanov Stiepan Stiepanovich,
while performing his duties of
allowed the establishment of a secret
he came into contact with Dolina Jan,
Dolina is one of rich peasants,
This way commandant Savin
and because of that he must be
During operational actions I obtained
which proves agent activities of
Barabanov was a bad man.
He wanted to report on his superiors.
He died.
But he left a notebook.
This is what I wanted to report.
And whose is it?
Not mine.
I thought so.
You're free.
Be careful.
Sylvia Korcz.
It's me!
Where's the child?
My son, Paszka, died.
Mrs Irena with children.
Yes. Come on!
Help! Help!
The convoy to me!
I broke my leg!
It hurts. Help me!
Doctor! We need a doctor!
Fetch a doctor!
It is from Lyubka.