Synapse (2021) Movie Script

Hey, Frank!
- Ah, fuck, Freddy.
Yeah, yeah, what's up, man?
- They're waiting for us.
All right.
The stuff's in the trunk, man.
Ah, shit.
Check messages.
Cancel, cancel, cancel.
Check messages.
Password: Aamina.
Call Aamina.
Let's go!
- Cancel.
Cancel call.
Don't tell me you're
taste testing the product?
- Freddy,
it's the latest shit
from my new supplier.
You know I deal it, I don't use it.
- Don't let Aamina catch you.
-Just let me do the talking.
-All right, all right.
What' up, Freddy?
Block, what's up?
-What's up, Alpha?
-I gotta check you, man.
- Don't know this dude.
- This is Frank.
He's my boy.
He runs Aamina's outfit.
I told you he was comin'.
Turn around.
- Show me what you brought!
Let's go.
We've got the Vacays,
the Daydreamers, the One-Shots.
Untraceable to the memory originator.
Perfectly lena, baby,
like my mama's house.
They'd better be.
The shit you gave me last time
fucked up my girl for a week.
She couldn't even remember her name.
Well, then you got that shit
from somewhere else,
'cause ours shit's clean.
- There's no Three-Sixties.
Where the fuck is the Three-Sixties?
- Hey, man, they cost extra.
You know that.
- Nah, Sketch said that
shit was in the order.
- Sketch didn't say nothin'
about Three-Sixties,
and you know that.
Whoa, what the fuck, man?
- Huh?
- Whoa, bro, what's this about?
-You work for them?
- Now, who the fuck you talking about?
-Work for who?
Do you work for Synapse?
- Do we look like federal agents?
- Actually, yeah, you do,
because not all agents wear uniforms.
- Hey, man, listen.
We're just a couple businessmen like you.
Just some squirrels
trying to get a nut, baby.
You know?
- Oh, that's cute.
- Real cute.
- Except my customers are
tired of this 2-D shit!
They need Three-Sixties.
They want the full, immersive experience.
So where the fuck are
-my Three-Sixties, huh?
-We're gonna get
you Three-Sixties.
We just gotta talk,
- Yeah, you better be right.
- and we can't talk
when you got a gun-
- I can talk just fine!
Sketch said they were in the order!
So where the fuck
are my Three-Sixties, huh?
- Shit, you guys, I'm sorry.
Just a quick timeout.
All right, this is my lady calling,
and she's been trying to call me all day.
I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
One sec, okay?
I gotta take this.
-I just need
one sec.
Aamina, hey, baby.
Hey, I'm in the middle of
this thing with-
- Frank.
- Did your man just call a timeout?
I have something to tell you.
- No, he didn't call a timeout.
He's just going through
-some stuff right now.
- Look, you're not gonna-
- I'm gonna fuckin' blast you.
Why wouldn't we kill you?
Because it's gonna make a mess,
and you live here,
and you don't wanna fuckin'-
- You think I don't have fuckin' handy?
I got people coming twice
a month, motherfucker.
Well, that shit is rough.
- Oh, my god!
I'm gonna be a fuckin' dad!
I'm gonna be a fuckin' dad!
- Congratulations, man.
- Man, the dude just found
out he's gonna be a dad.
I can't shoot him.
- Hey, you guys, this calls for
some celebration, all right?
I got this.
On the house.
We cool?
Mazel tov, man.
Welcome to fatherhood!
- Bro, I'm sorry, man.
- Sorry?
Are you kidding me?
-Congratulations, man!
- Oh, my goodness-
- Tonight, we're gonna party.
We'll get Jackie, we get
Big, bring Aamina, my place.
Come here, come here,
come here, come here.
- All right, I love you.
I love you too, brother.
Hey, still gotta talk
about those Three-Sixties.
- Yeah.
Fuck, yeah!
Remember what they
called it back then?
Synapse memory replacement therapy.
Now, on any given day,
I can buy any memory
I want on the street.
Mems Tech, the same company
that gave us the technology
started this new drug epidemic!
Now, they handle the enforcement
and arrest of those
who sell it illegally.
Anyone else see a
conflict of interest here?
It's chaos out there.
Hey, Synapse, thanks, but no thanks.
I'll keep the memories I made myself,
and keep everyone else's out.
-All right, turn it off.
-That's my opinion.
I'd like to hear what-
So this guy, what's his story?
- His name's Russell.
He was one of my runners.
- No, shit?
What happened?
- Got greedy.
Started making his own tech,
modifying it, putting in his own add-ons.
- What's the problem with that?
I know plenty of runners who modify.
- And you know a lot of runners
who frequent elementary schools?
Sell tech to kids?
You know that school shooting
that happened last year?
- Yeah.
- That was his tech.
- Motherfuck!
- Here's how it's gonna go down.
You and I take him together.
Do not engage him alone.
I like that.
Use that, keep that.
But you and I take him together.
-All right?
-Yeah, yeah.
He's gettin' froggy.
He's gettin' froggy.
313, wait!
- Stop!
What is the soul?
Is there a soul?
What makes us us?
I need a room.
Cash only.
- Fine.
You okay?
- Great.
- Room 102.
There's a mini bar,
but no continental breakfast.
- Got it.
Gonna start a family, Nathan.
Okay, okay, okay.
All right, think, think, think.
All right.
Windows, windows.
This ends, we all go out together.
Okay, it's happening.
I have to go.
Come down to the End Hotel & Casino,
where the end is just the beginning.
- Daddy?
It's okay.
Hold me.
Fuckin' hands.
Get your hands
-above your head.
-No, I know, I know.
Fingers interlocked, facing away.
I know.
- Yeah, I'm sure you know the drill,
you piece of shit.
So what's a big guy like
you doing dealing to kids?
Is that what they told you?
What's this, huh?
Where'd you get this?
Oh, you know.
You know we have access to that.
Who's "we"?
We, Synapse!
Oh, agents?
You're dealing with agents?
What agents?
- Are you kiddin' me?
- Oh, I see what you're doing.
Trying to trip me up.
Yeah, you're a
-sneaky motherfucker.
-No, no, no!
You don't understand, man.
Look, I was an agent just like you.
I found out the truth.
I found out what was really going on,
and they burned me.
You gotta let me go.
- That's good, man.
That's really fuckin' good.
You practice that all day?
That's a great fuckin' excuse!
- It's not an excuse!
Look, who you workin' with?
What, 702?
Or is Thomson runnin' this op?
- How do you know Thomson?
- Oh, I know Thomson.
SES, suppress, enforce, supply.
That's the motto, right?
- Listen to me very carefully.
And second, your man's about
to come through that door,
and he's gonna take my memory,
and then he's gonna kill me.
You gotta let me go.
- I can arrest you.
-I can take you in.
There is no "in"!
There's no "in"!
Nothing's changed.
The LSD, the cocaine, the heroine,
it's all the same shit!
The American citizens are lab rats.
The government, they make it,
they test us with it,
they enslave us with it,
and then they imprison us for using it.
We are blind.
- Just give me-
- Look, I don't have a second!
-I don't have a second!
-Give me a minute!
All right?
- You could help me.
- All right.
Here's what we're gonna do.
This is LKLA at 2.
A string of deaths
that investigators
believe to be connected
to the rampant use of mems.
We sat down with a
representative from Synapse
for a comment on the spiking
deaths among its users.
- We are asking for additional funding
for our Enforcement Division
to pursue those who sell and
distribute mems illegally.
Synapse manufactured mems are safe,
regulated, and protected.
We provide the public
a safe way of experiencing life
through someone else's eyes.
Someone else's eyes, perhaps,
but emergency services
have been reporting
increased cases of
psychological disorders,
schizophrenia, and possible
unintentional memories
being carried over
when transferring
with heavy mem users.
A term on the street known as swapping.
- There's no evidence to
support the idea of swapping,
but this is exactly why
we are running an aggressive
advertising campaign
to educate the public,
so that they know the dangers
of buying lo-fi tech
on the street.
You don't know what could be
laced inside unauthorized mems.
Not to mention, the
detrimental side effects
of transferring with street addicts.
But what are we gonna do?
Stop the public from using our product?
The only place to get mems
is from a certified Synapse distributor.
When pressed on the idea
that Synapse itself may be connected.
-Thank you all.
-to the illegal street trade,
the rep denied comment.
This is LKLA at 2.
You've got mail.
- Check mail.
Password: Carter.
Accessing inbox.
- Take the end.
What does that mean?
What the fuck happened?
You have a message.
Boss, look man,
I don't want you to hear this from me,
but I feel like if I don't tell you,
you're a fucking addict, bro.
You need to lay off that shit,
and if you don't do it
for me or for Aamina,
do it for yourself, okay?
Don't fire me.
Hey, Juanito, stop hitting your sister!
Next message.
What's he talking about?
Ah, shit!
Just keep reading.
Hey, I haven't heard from you,
and I just got this feeling.
Look, just please tell me you're okay.
I'm gonna head over with Freddy.
Call me.
Next message.
Frank, it's Freddy again.
Look, I know you, and, like, you,
you like to do whatever the
fuck you wanna do, okay?
And that's fine, but it's been a month.
And I haven't told Aamina about
the supplier you've been meeting with,
but everyone is asking about it,
and I can only lie for so long.
Call me, you fucking asshole.
I'm worried.
She won't say it,
but Aamina's worried too.
I'll call you.
I'll call you.
Hey, we've got some Synapse agents
looking for you.
Sniffin' around.
Asking about your supplier.
Asking about Nathan Stafford.
Who the fuck is that?
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
You've been here two days,
you only pay for one.
- Oh, cash, okay.
Keep the change.
-Hey, can't leave
just yet, buddy.
A bunch of guys looking for you earlier.
Cops, I think.
Not the ones you want to fuck with.
Fortunately for you, I see big
wad of cash you pulled out.
What do you say we go halfsies,
and I forget I ever see you?
- All right, here, here.
There you go.
These guys, where'd they go?
- Listen, I'd tell you,
but it's going to cost extra.
Back up!
- Hold.
Don't shoot.
-Please, don't kill me!
-You can keep the money!
-Shut up!
Give me the money.
Tell your friend to back up.
Same for him.
You, weapon on the floor.
Same for your buddy back there.
Tell him to back up!
- We just wanna take you in, that's all.
- I'm not going anywhere.
- Right.
Relax, Nathan.
- My name is Frank.
- Is it?
- Baby.
Baby, your gun.
Get your gun.
Kill him, kill him.
- 212?
Agent 212?
He's heading across the catwalk,
south side of the roof of the hotel.
917's in pursuit.
I'm backing.
212's down.
I need a bag and tag.
- Did I hear this right?
Already you're fucking this op?
I need what's inside his head,
you barbarian piece of shit,
so stop shooting at it.
917, wait for 702,
and then pursue together.
We're losing time.
We will wipe any and
all surveillance footage
in the surrounding area.
-You, you cop or fed, right?
-There is no bag and tag
on this op.
It's just you, 702.
Ghost him and then pursue.
Bring Nathan in.
They could come back.
Don't look!
Do you know how to use a gun?
Frank, it's Freddy.
Are you there?
Where are you right now?
I don't know
-where I am.
-Be brief on the call.
Don't wanna get tracked.
There's an old pit at
the end of the block.
You can find cover, and
we'll call you back.
Seven, what's your 20?
Maintain pursuit.
Set up a perimeter when they stop.
Do not engage without my direct order.
Where are you going right now?
-Just tell me.
-I don't fuckin' know.
Tell me what you see
-right in front of you.
-There's a parking garage.
There's a parking garage.
Meet me at the top of the parking garage.
Where you at right now?
- I don't know!
-Tell me where to go.
-Do you wanna talk to Aamina?
-Yes, yes!
- Aamina.
-Aamina, baby, talk to me.
-Meet us at the top
of the stairs.
-in the south parking garage,
-and take the alley.
-Top of the stairs,
down the alley.
They're trying to
hack your location-
-Take the main streets.
I love you, Nathan.
Through the door, top of the stairs,
parking garage.
Yeah, okay.
Okay, top of the stairs, parking garage.
Top of the stairs, parking.
Oh, fuck.
South, one block.
Keep moving.
He's right there.
Go, go, go, go, go!
We're breaking through
the encryption on his glasses.
We'll find him in a second.
- Copy.
He's moving through
the lower east garage.
- Aw.
Look, look, wait.
-Just give up.
-Just give up!
- It's over, Nathan.
It's over, Nathan!
- My name is Frank!
-What's your last name?
It's tough to remember, isn't it?
- Stafford!
Frank Stafford!
- Shit, fuck!
What you're experiencing
is called-
- Called bleed-over, Nathan.
Where two different memories-
Two personalities,
they cannibalize each other.
Keep him engaged.
You go right.
I'll go left.
- Whatever You're trying to
pin on me is not gonna work!
Just turn yourself in, Nathan.
We're only trying to help.
Oh, you got a real fuckin'
funny way of tryin' to help.
Think about your wife!
Tracking him through the garage.
He's headed to the stairs.
Oh, god.
Where am I?
Oh, jeez!
Come on, man.
Come on, man.
Oh, good.
-I hate runnin'!
All right, Frank,
stay where you are.
We're almost to you.
- They're not even gonna
give you a trial, Nathan.
A trial's too good for you.
They're just gonna suck out
what they need and dump you.
Come on.
Get up.
- What?
Come on, man.
I'm okay.
Nathan's in custody.
- What the hell happened?
Cuff, then search, jackass.
Told you, we should've put a bullet
in his ass when this shit started!
Well, we can't.
Not yet.
Is that all right with you?
Oh, my god.
Come on.
- What are you carrying
around this for, huh?
- Man, I don't fuckin' know.
- Someone like you has a
reason for everything, Nathan.
I'm gonna ask you one more time.
-Why are you carrying this?
-I don't know.
I found it in my pocket
this morning when I woke up.
I don't know.
No, come on.
- I would love nothing more, Nathan.
I really would.
You're a real piece of shit.
Yeah, I know somewhere in there
is a memory of what you did.
Can't have you runnin' around with that.
- I didn't do anything.
- Oh, but you did, Nathan.
You did.
What was that?
- As much as I'd love-
- Oh, my god!
My car!
-As much as I.
-I'll take care of it, okay?
- wanna see you bleed.
It's okay, baby.
I'm gonna take care of this.
Gentlemen, please?
There are powers
that need you alive just
a little while longer.
-What's going on, huh?
-But don't worry,
it's just a little while.
I don't know what's going on here,
a lover's quarrel or whatever.
It's not my business.
But that's our car.
-You're dentin' my car!
-Please, don't do this-
- You're dentin' my car!
Are you gonna-
- Don't do this right now.
Your orcito will take care-
- We're Synapse agents.
- Oh, so you're gonna pay for this then?
- Sir, I think it's only fair
that we are compensated
for the damages to the car.
- Ma'am, you need to back up.
- Uh-uh, uh-uh, uh-uh,
don't tell me what to do.
Boy, you tellin' me what to do?
-You're tellin' me what to do?
-Back up.
- Synapse agents!
-Where is your uniform?
-Ma'am, I said, "Back up".
- Don't fuckin' touch me.
Keep reachin' if you wanna die.
Freddy, gun and keys.
Hey, hold that for me.
He's got a vial.
-You okay?
Yeah, just give me a second.
You have no idea
the pile of shit you just stepped in.
- Frank, where did we first meet,
and what did you ask me?
- What?
Answer the question.
- I don't...
I don't know.
- Freddy, keep your gun on these two.
I need you to answer the question.
You're screwed.
And in about 10 minutes,
dozens of operatives are gonna
converge on this location
with a kill order on you
and your little bitch buddy over here.
- Can I just smack the shit outta him?
- Now, Frank.
- The staircase?
And what did you say?
Excuse me.
What's a guy like me
gotta do to run away with-
- A girl like you?
- Turn around.
Kneel down, hands behind your head.
Let's go.
- Do it.
- Freddy, get the car.
- Whatever you were
hoping to get, forget it.
His mind's fucked.
Complete bleed-over.
You have no idea who this guy really is,
what he's capable of.
If you get in that car,
I can't protect you.
Isn't who you thought he was, huh?
- Where's Frank?
- Aamina, let's go.
- Aamina?
Big time dealer.
Oh, you're fucked now, sweetie.
- What did you do to him?
- All that's left of Frank
is bleedin' all over
your back seat there.
Where is he?
- Why don't you ask him,
that guy you got there?
Oh, shooting a Synapse agent,
well, that's one way to get noticed.
- Let's go!
- Next time, it'll be in his head.
- Get off me!
On comm.
Nathan's been taken.
New priority target, Aamina.
Need back up.
- This is better for us.
We have satellite
surveillance on the vehicle.
702, get mobile.
We're going to wait until they stop.
They're gonna bring us
directly to the Hive.
Law enforcement
is en route to you.
We cannot afford to involve them.
Go get the car.
- This bullshit's gone too far.
We should've just popped him
and dealt with what happens.
When they're all over us?
You wanna take that risk?
- You shouldn't have let
him go in the first place.
- Go get the car.
I don't think they're following us.
A tail doesn't matter.
Guaranteed they got eyes on us.
- All right, we need to
get to The End Casino.
Whoa, whoa, Aamina, what the hell?
- Don't say my name.
What happened to Frank?
- Just put that thing away, all right?
- Who are you?
- It's me, babe!
- What's the last thing you remember?
- I don't know.
It's a little foggy.
I was at the club.
You were there.
Just listen to me.
Guys, relax.
- What the fuck is wrong with you?
- You tell me what happened to him.
You tell me what happened to Frank,
or I will kill you.
- Stop it.
Stop pointin' that fuckin' gun at me.
Ah, fuck!
-Give me a second.
-Calm down.
Oh, my god.
Just give me a second.
All right, Aamina, start talking,
because I don't understand.
Oh, no.
Oh, no.
No, guys.
Oh, my god.
Calm down.
We'll get you to the club.
We get you to the Hive,
we can make this right.
-Aamina, what did you do?
-Oh, my god.
-Oh, my god.
-Shut up.
Shut the fuck up!
-Shut up.
Stop talking.
Shut the fuck up!
- Frank?
Listen, I know it's you upstairs, buddy.
Frank, easy.
Take it easy!
-I want answers.
-We'll figure this out.
- In my head, I am Frank,
so somebody better tell me
what the fuck is going on!
- We don't know.
- You don't know?
Okay, I've done Snippet
Mems, whole Vacays.
Oh, god.
Three-Sixties, okay, sure,
I've done them, all right?
But a whole swap?
That shit isn't even
supposed to be possible.
- The government's been
messing around with full swaps for years,
not just memories, but
personalities, everything.
- Man, I was at the club last night.
You were there.
We were drinking.
-We were havin' fun.
-You haven't...
Frank, you haven't been
to the club in a month.
- Okay, I know everybody
wants what's in here.
So how 'bout this?
-Frank, put the gun down.
-Back up.
Back the fuck up!
-Put the fucking gun down!
-Get back!
I'll do it, I'll do it.
-Fuck is it you're doing?
-I'll do it.
-I'll fuckin' do it right here.
Take it easy!
-I swear, back off!
-All right, okay!
Put the fucking gun down!
- Aamina, do you remember?
Do you remember the last
time you saw me like this?
Because I do.
Aamina, babe, please.
Do you remember that noise?
Do you remember?
Are you gonna let me do it this time?
Because if you let me,
-if you let me, I'll do it.
-Yeah, I remember.
I remember, all right?
I see you in there.
Just put the gun down.
- I'm not doing anything
until I get answers.
Who were those guys?
- Synapse agents.
Memory goons.
It's the government's pharmacy.
It's their security.
- What do they want with me?
- All I know, is you were
gonna meet with our supplier.
- Wait, is that whose body
I'm runnin' around in?
- We don't know, but we can find out.
We hook you up at the Hive.
- Oh, right, hook me up.
Hook me up so I can fuck
up my head some more?
- It doesn't matter whose
body he's running around in,
that's Frank!
It's Frank upstairs.
Just tell me what you remember.
I remember some...
A woman.
I remember a woman and a kid.
God, their faces are erased.
They're just fragmented pieces,
but I keep seeing them here now.
- If it's fragmented pieces,
it's probably a recent memory.
That's a symptom of a bleed-over.
- Oh, god, I think...
I think they may be dead.
Wait, okay, okay.
When I woke up...
When I woke up, I had this
in my pocket, this vial.
It's got my writing on it, see?
- His Reboot.
- What is that?
- Stimulates the deep
memory centers of the brain.
It opens up your mind
to recall the last memories
of the transfer body.
Fuck did you get that, Frank?
- Take it, the End Casino, no, no.
No, we're identifying your body
-at the the Hive.
-All right, no.
No, no, no.
We're going to the End
Casino, and I am taking that.
- Experiments that were
done with this shit,
it didn't go well.
All Right, people ended up
institutionalized or worse.
Come on, Frank,
you're not gonna-
- Oh, oh,
so now I'm Frank?
We're going to the End
Casino, and I am taking that.
You got two options, Aamina.
Give it!
- What'd you do?
Hey, hey, hey, hey.
- You know-
- You know I'm telling the truth.
- Why didn't you call me?
- I came in here, man.
He got the drop on me.
He got my gun.
No, he got your gun
after I came into the room.
What'd he say to you?
- What?
He's dead!
He's not saying anything!
702, this is out of control.
You need a containment.
That's the last thing I need.
I got it under control.
- You think this is control?
A bunch of dead agents in a hotel?
I am sending the containment
group into your area.
This conversation is done.
Freddy, get the door.
- You just assume I
know how to pick a lock?
- No, because I know
you keep your pick case
in your back pocket.
Get it.
We're in.
Homicide closed this
place down a week ago.
Probably a maintenance worker.
- What are you seein'?
- Who I really am.
Help Me!
Hey, Frank!
Frank, where you goin'?
Come on, Sam.
What are you seein'?
- A crime scene.
- What's in there?
- Nothing good.
- We don't need this.
Those agents are
probably right behind us.
We need to go.
You wanna know what's in there,
but you don't have to do this.
We get you back,
and we get you home.
Freddy, did I do this?
- No.
Frank would never do this.
- Not Frank, this.
Over here.
- Frank.
What happened here?
Is this the woman you're seeing?
- I don't know.
It stopped.
- What do you mean, it stopped?
- I'm not seeing anything.
I'm not hearing anything.
It stopped.
- A woman was killed in
there, a child in here,
but I don't see a man.
-So where is Frank, Frank?
-I don't know.
- No, what happened?
What happened to him?
-What happened to you?
-I don't know.
-I don't know!
-Well, you have
-to remember!
-Just met me think!
Let's just take it easy, okay?
-What are we doing?
-You're pushing him.
We can't push him.
We don't know who that is.
And 20 minutes ago, you
had a gun to his head,
and now you want-
- Don't talk to me
about this, okay?
I know what you read.
I know what you've studied.
- It's Frank,
but he's sitting in somebody
else's body right now.
We can't be sure who that guy is.
Don't you think I noticed 20 minutes ago
I didn't think he was Frank?
But now, I know, and
you have to trust me.
I know.
-Okay, all right.
- But I'm worried about the here and now,
and you're pissin' this guy off,
whoever the hell he is.
We got agents coming any second.
There's two dead bodies here.
- But you have no idea how
deep this shit goes, okay?
But I didn't ask
for this situation, so
I'm trying to help you.
Don't jump down my throat.
Don't play the martyr, okay?
Well and get dragged into this.
We don't have time for this.
Who the hell's on that bed right there.
- No, I understand, okay?
I understand.
Believe me, I understand.
- Daddy?
- No.
- Who are you?
- I don't know.
Is this the end?
- Yes, the beginning of it.
Frank, Frank!
What are you doing?
Open you eyes!
So we clear?
- Yeah.
- Give him the money, give him the tech,
but you need his access, all right?
Everyone he's been dealin' to.
- I mean, it sounds like a
pretty sweet deal for him.
- Here's your first mark.
Frank McDavitt.
- Bang, bang.
What's up, man?
- You gonna give me access?
- Yeah.
You gonna pay me?
- This is about more than money.
- Money and mems, man.
- Give him the Three-Sixties.
If it takes, we can start moving swaps,
and get the big money, all right?
- You know, I don't want the
little snippets, all right?
I want the whole nine yards, man.
I'm want the Three-Sixties,
you know, the trips to Fiji.
You know, lay on me the good mems.
- Somethin' like that?
- Yeah, should work.
- Access.
- I love you, Nathan.
- You know, I always wondered
if the baby can hear me,
or us, you know, like when I sing?
I wonder if the baby likes it.
I like it.
- Yeah?
Well, that makes one of you.
You can tell.
He sits really still when you sing.
- He, huh?
Where the hell have you been?
Man, I haven't been trying to avoid you.
I'm sorry.
Dude, if you're gonna be my runner,
I need you to be-
- I'm gonna be a dad.
So we're sure it's a he?
- Yeah.
Yeah, I am.
- Babe.
No fuckin' way!
Are you shitting me?
Oh, my god!
It's a boy!
When the fuck did you get-
- Babe, babe.
- Oh, my god, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
Oh my...
I just can't believe it.
I'm gonna be a fuckin' dad.
I mean, no sob story here, or anything,
but my dad was never around
when I was a kid, you know?
So being a dad is not exactly
likely to come so natural to me.
- Yeah.
There's nothin' to it.
If it's any constellation, I'm a dad.
You know I really
appreciate this job, man.
My family really needs money.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Where you goin' with that?
Don't ever talk about your family.
What do you think is gonna happen to you
if you go out there
and they find out you're
a family man, huh?
What do you think
they're gonna do to you?
They will cut your throat and
leave you in a ditch to die.
- You need to provide for your family,
and I understand the stress,
so if you're gonna be my
runner, I need you on point.
So I can't have you like this.
- Yeah, I-
- Why don't...
Why don't you...
Why don't you do one of the Vacays?
On the house.
My present to you.
Man, I deal that stuff, man.
I don't do it, all right?
I mean, have you ever taken one?
- Yeah, I've done 'em.
-Baby, let's go.
Yeah, yeah, yeah!
- We can't deal this shit anymore.
We got Internal Affairs sniffin'
around all over the place.
It's too hot.
My boy needs his dad.
- We keep going.
That's what we agreed to.
- Watch it.
- Or what?
- Hey, fuck you!
-He's right.
- He's right, it's too hot.
We do one more big deal,
one last big payday,
tie up loose ends, we
all go out together.
- It's fine.
- You look like shit.
- I got this under control.
All right, I got this!
-You got this?
-I got this.
- You got this!
Look at you.
Look like a fuckin' Colombian
drug lord from fuckin' Miami.
- Tie up loose ends,
we all go out together.
- Loose ends?
- Our runners, we pop 'em.
Can't have a bunch of mem heads
runnin' around with our info.
- You think I don't notice this?
You're wearing the sunglasses,
hidin' your symptomology.
Your temples look like shit.
You got the shakes.
You got the itches.
Yeah, keep goin'.
You'll end up with fuckin' Alzheimer's.
- You need to think about your family,
what's good for them.
- What the fuck did you just say to me?
- You heard me.
- Hey, I will fuckin' kill you
you bring up my family again.
You understand me?
- Relax.
917, relax.
You sidin' with this muthafucka now?
Lay off the shit!
- Hey, fuck you, Nathan!
- Yeah, he's one of us.
- So it's possible that he
might have been seen again.
He thought he was right.
Maybe, he's crazy.
But this time, and this time only,
he would not be afraid.
The end.
Come in, come in.
No, Frank!
- You know I got hooked?
Yeah, I don't blame you or anything.
You know, I mean, shit,
you told me to stop.
You know, you wanted me to get clean.
I mean, how was I
supposed to know, right?
I mean, that I would get hooked?
Oh, shit.
I just grabbed the keys, man.
You know, she likes to take a drive,
and it calms down the baby.
Beautiful baby boy.
You know, I'm gonna start a
family, Nathan.
Baby, just listen to me.
Grab Sam, get his stuff,
meet me over at the End Casino.
I'm gonna meet you there.
Room 307, okay?
- The code to crash the Synapse system
is 1-9 7-9, 0-7.
Frank, Frank.
-Frank, Frank.
Open your eyes.
Open your eyes.
Open your eyes.
Frank, Frank!
Frank killed my family.
I saw it.
All right.
I saw the whole thing.
The agent that's chasing me, Nathan.
Nathan had a family.
Oh, my god, I think I killed them.
- That's impossible.
You wouldn't do that.
- Hang on.
Hang on.
How did he end up with your...
No, no, this is all wrong.
- All right.
All right, All right.
We just gotta get you back to the Hive,
because that Reboot you took
is starting to take effect,
and your memory's gonna destroy itself.
- What?
- Two memories can't co-exist.
Now, we have to suppress
one or the other.
- I don't understand
what you're talkin' about.
- You can't permanently erase memory.
That's what the government found out.
You can bury it, disrupt it,
but it's still there, just underneath.
So that shit you took
is resurrecting whoever you were,
whoever's body you're in.
- Why don't we just let 'em loose,
and let 'em slug it out, see who wins?
'Cause nobody wins.
You just get bleed-over.
You won't know which way is up.
It'll be like accelerated Alzheimer's.
- You'll die, Frank.
-We can still fix this.
-All right.
All right, all right.
Oh, wait, wait, wait.
There's something else.
This memory to code.
I have the code.
I have the access code.
I have the access code to
crash the Synapse system.
- What is it?
- It's not a memory I can see.
It's a code.
The memory's the code.
I need access to crash it.
I need access.
Access, we got.
We just have to get you-
Holy shit!
No wonder they want you.
This is a good thing.
We just need to get you to the Hive.
-Bring 'em down.
-Get the vial.
Get the vial.
- All right, I'll grab the car,
- Frank, can you shoot?
You stay with him, okay?
We need to get to the car.
I'm gonna go clear the hall.
- You're gonna be
-all right, okay?
He was a good man.
- I'm almost out of ammo.
- Listen to me.
He was a good man, Frank was.
- He wouldn't have done
that shit you said he did.
He always took care of me.
Every job, he gave me half of it.
He didn't have to do that.
He did it for me, and took
care of me and my kids.
- I don't remember that.
- You were gonna marry Aamina.
You remember that?
Let's talk about this shit later, okay?
I can't.
- Yes, you can.
-Come on, get up.
-I can't.
-I can't!
-Get up!
Come on.
- I can't feel my legs.
Frank, whoever the fuck you are,
take care of my kids.
All right.
Thanks, man.
- Where's Freddy?
- Aamina, Aamina!
He's gone.
Hey, hey!
Stay with me.
-All right.
-All right.
Come on.
808, 702,
I'm coming to the stairwell.
Emerge from the front.
Drop it!
702, we are done.
Law enforcement is
converging on the area.
The op is blown,
- Come on!
And management is shutting this down.
Ma'am, all due respect,
you may be calling the play,
but I don't answer to you.
Where's the Hive?
- You want me to tell
you where the Hive is?
- I want you to listen to
me really closely, okay?
I will suck it out of
your head, patch you up,
and leave your drooling in a chair
for the rest of your life.
You understand that?
Is your comm off?
Agent 214 is down.
Five said a vehicle heading south.
We got a tracer on it,
but base is calling me out.
702, dispose of
him, and get out of there now.
- I'll take his contacts,
then I'll call it.
Hook him up.
Hook him up?
What's wrong with you?
What the fuck?
All right.
All right, let's go.
What, you said south?
- Yeah, but that doesn't matter.
It's done.
- Give me the tracer.
Thomson is calling it.
Leave it to the cleanup.
- I don't work for Thomson.
Give me the fucking tracer!
702, I repeat,
shut this op down now!
- It's not over.
We've got four dead agents,
and their killer on the loose.
I am so fucking far from being done.
Your gun, slowly.
801, go ahead and take 702 into custody.
Say the word.
- Nah, no, no, he's a fighter.
Yeah, a soldier like us.
You're just scared, that's all.
- Just following orders, 702.
- I'm gonna give you one chance
to save your life, just one,
and then you will die.
Thomson runs the battle.
My boss runs the war.
I can assure you a full transfer.
Yeah, put the gun down.
- A full transfer?
- Right.
- All right, from here
on out, we are off comm.
Anyone resists, they die.
My head.
Come on, baby.
We're almost there.
- My name is Frank.
- Oh, my god.
-We need a name.
-Francis Junior.
-Yeah, Francis Junior.
- Oh, my god.
My mom was...
My mom was gonna call me Carter.
-Yeah, I like that name.
Daddy, I wanna be an agent just like you.
- My name is Frank.
My name is Nathan.
I'm a Synapse agent.
- To being dads.
-To being dads.
-To being dads.
Hey, fuck you, Frank!
And that morning, dude,
I was just fuckin' tripping out.
I mean, fucking tripping out,
and it just, it wouldn't go away.
Dean to ICU, please.
Dr. Dean to ICU.
- Oh, my god, Doc.
Doc, what happened?
Where is she?
Can I...
Can I see her, please?
- She's in surgery.
- They...
They had to cut him out, Nathan.
They said that the accident killed him.
There wasn't a fucking
scratch on the kid.
Not a fucking scratch!
Just try it, all right?
Memory replacement can help.
- That's a hell of a
thing for you to ask me.
I deal it.
I don't use it.
- Frank.
We're almost there.
What the fuck do you want?
We can sit here and talk all day.
Right, yeah, yeah.
Well, are all the memories pre-screened?
- Pre-screened.
What the fuck you think this is, man?
Fuckin' Walmart Pharmacy or some shit?
'Cause if that's the case,
I need to see your prescription.
- Yo, but look,
I've had some fucked up
experiences before, man.
- Look, look, look, look, look.
I got money waitin' on me, man.
You wastin' my time.
You gonna buy or what?
- Look, all memories are pre-screened.
Top of the line government-level
screening software.
We remove all personal
identifiers, faces, names.
We leave only the experience.
- Unless it's sex.
- But we have over
one million different
erotic memory performers.
The most visceral
experiences money can buy.
- And the safest sex money can buy.
Just ask Bigg back there.
Ain't that right, Bigg?
Every paycheck that man gets
goes straight to this shit.
He's on number 1,020,
and that's in his dome.
In this world, dude's a Virgin.
What you say, Bigg?
Look, he mad.
All right, man, look,
I'll give you a free one
on the house tonight,
just show me that smile.
There you go!
- So you guys got everything, right?
'Cause you know what I'm really here for
are those Three-Sixties.
- Look, we have everything and anything,
disease free, no side effects.
- Look, man, donkeys,
dogs, whatever the fuck,
you in or what?
- Do they expire?
- Permanent's gonna cost you extra, man.
- That's cool, man.
I will pay you whatever it takes.
- Well good, well good.
Pull it out your pocket
and let's get it crackin'.
Hold up.
-Boss Mama!
You just caught me in the middle
of makin' a-
- Sketch.
Is the room clear?
- No way, Mama.
It's a packed house upstairs.
Suite numbers flowin' downstairs.
You know the deal.
- I need the Hive cleared, Sketch.
- Wait, wait.
Like a private party?
You and Frankie boy gonna get freaky?
- Frank is gone.
- Jackie, do your thing.
- Sorry.
- No, no, wait, wait, wait.
I'm ready to buy.
- Take this, come back later.
30 minutes, Asian twins
expires after one week.
You're welcome.
- Oh, my god.
Thank you so much.
For real, on the house?
That's cool?
Just take your sample and go, man.
Oh, for real?
Thank you.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Hold up.
You just said Frank was gone.
Frank's memories.
Someone else's body.
- What?
Hold on, he...
Frank got swapped?
- Yeah.
I got you, Mama.
I got you, Mama.
Head in to the Hive right now.
All right, I'm
pulling into the alley, okay?
I'm coming into the front.
Meet me out here.
I'm gonna take him through the club.
Get out!
Come on.
Let's go.
They're coming to the back.
Let's go.
Everybody out!
Clear the club now!
Go, go, go!
Go, seriously, go home.
Go home, people.
Call a friend.
Go home.
All right.
- Aamina?
-Aamina, Aamina.
I'm sorry for everything.
- I know.
-Hey, get out the way!
Ditch the car, meet us inside.
-Got it, boo.
-Come on, just-
-Come on, roll!
-I am.
Mama, who the fuck is this guy?
He's got Frank
and whoever he is in there.
He took a Reboot.
Where's Freddy?
Synapse got him.
Why the fuck you bring him then?
'Cause he has a key
to bring Synapse down, all right?
We need his mind access.
Mama, this is way too much fuckin' heat.
- New orders.
After you get him,
we need to bag whatever
tech they got inside.
You take the side
entrance, I'll go front.
Yo, yo, move, move!
Get out the way!
Move, move!
Get the fuck out the way!
Move, move!
Hey, yo, move!
What the fuck?
Put the gun down!
Put the fuckin' gun down!
Back the fuck up!
Put the gun down!
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey!
Put it down!
-Drop your weapon.
-No, no!
-Where am I?
Listen to me.
-Listen to me.
-Who are you?
You're almost there, baby.
-Frank, listen to my voice.
-Hey, hey, hey, hey!
-Put it down, Sketch.
-Start talking.
-Back up or he dies.
-Don't do this.
Don't do this!
-I'll kill him.
-Okay, stop.
-Tell me something.
-I'll kill him!
Tell me something.
Frank, listen to me.
Frank, we're almost there, baby.
Frank, listen to my voice.
-Oh, my god!
-Get out of the car!
- Please, please, don't hurt me!
Where are they?
Fuck you!
- Where are they?
Don't make me ask again.
- The Warehouse.
It's a club.
- All right.
Let's go get your friends, huh?
Lock the door, Bigg.
Don't let anyone else
in but Jackie, okay?
Sketch, get the link runnin'.
Before we upload anything,
we need to identify.
What are you doing?
- Relax.
It's just a little neurostrablizer.
Help keep your head clear.
Take the edge off a little bit.
It's okay.
Okay, okay.
Shit, I got nothin' to work with.
His memory's all over the fuckin' place.
Okay, I got it.
I got access to the Synapse database.
Do you have a match?
- I don't know.
I'm searching archive mem files
to match the image feed from his mind.
- No!
No, no, no, no!
He was working with Frank.
- How you know?
- 'Cause Freddy told me.
All right, he has the
key in there, Sketch,
so we need to upload the
memory, the original memory,
whatever is left of it.
Sketch, do it!
- Aamina, we upload, it
wipes the cover, okay?
This memory under Frank's
memories will eat his ass up.
- You have to find another way!
I can't, I can't!
- Do it, Sketch.
-Not here.
-Do it!
-I'm not doing that shit.
-Do it.
-Frank, no.
-Fuck that shit!
- Just do it, do it!
-Listen, y'all motherfuckers-
- Upload the memories, Sketch.
-Upload the memory folder.
-He will be gone!
-Frank, no!
-You have to find it!
-I can't-
-Find a way, Sketch!
-Do it, do it!
-We can't!
-We can't!
-Just do it.
-He will be gone.
-Do it, do it.
-Upload the code, Sketch.
- Only thing left will be
this agent, Nathan Stafford,
and then we gotta deal with that shit.
I know.
-I say we save Frank.
-Do it, Sketch!
Do it now!
- Do not make me do this.
Do not make me say goodbye to you.
- You know we have to do this.
It's the one thing my mind agrees on.
Aamina, let me go.
- Wait!
Remember me.
- The code to crash the Synapse system is
Loose ends?
- Yeah, our runners, we pop 'em.
Can't have a bunch of mem heads
runnin' around with our info.
I'm sorry, man.
Sorry I'm telling you-
- You gotta go.
You gotta go now.
We're blown.
Do you understand what I'm saying?
- No, no, no, I-
- They sent me over here
to kill you.
What are we gonna do?
- Get your girl, grab the contacts,
and we'll give you a call,
and we'll come get you in an hour.
702, it's 303.
Frank's dead.
I just need you to listen to me, okay?
Baby, listen.
I need you to grab Sam, get his clothes,
head over to the End Hotel, room 3C.
I'll meet you there.
No, no, no, no, no.
At lease we didn't orphan your kid.
- Frank, I need your contacts.
Give me your password, Frank.
Come on.
What's a guy like me
gotta do to run away
with a girl like you?
- Drop the gun.
Welcome back, buddy.
Perfect timing.
He and I go way back.
You didn't know that, did you?
Killed Frank.
- He's lying.
He told me to kill Frank.
Frank told me about your son.
He told you his name was Nathan?
Synapse agents don't have names.
- You know you can trust me.
Don't listen to him, Aamina.
He's lying.
- Shut up.
Tie his hands behind his back.
Go on.
Shut up.
Take care of your friend.
Go on.
Get up!
What you wanna do, shoot me, huh?
What are you doing?
Nothing, I'm just gonna scan you.
See what you know.
- What are you doing?
- I'm gonna take your contacts.
The op.
The op, did we get the tech?
What are you doing?
What are you doing?
- I was an op.
You killed my family.
- What?
No, no, no, no.
That's not me.
That's a lie.
That's not me!
That is not me!
- Look, look!
I've been set up.
That's not me.
- That's not you?
-That's in my head, you fuck!
-All right.
Like I said, that's not me.
- Look at me.
Look at me.
I've been where you are,
and I know deep down,
deep down, you fuckin' remember.
We have to go.
Oh, fuck.
What is the soul?
Is there a soul?
What makes us us?
Is it our experiences, our memories?
What are the things we can't remember?
Feelings, the impressions,
that gut reaction that has no basis?
No origin that we can recall?
If we wipe our memories,
can we still be who we are?
- So what now?
- Find the source.
I'm gonna locate every
one of 702's contacts
and burn it down.
- You or we?
- All right, we.
- What?
- Just a thought.
Is how a guy like me
can end up running away
with a girl like you?