System, The (1953) Movie Script

Put your hands up!
Gee, just a kid!
What do you know?
A water pistol.
Not much of a yarn for you, Jerry.
Nothing that'll stop your presses.
- Is he DOA? - Yeah.
Caught one in the stomach
and one in the chest. - Armed?
With a toy pistol.
Fool kid!
- Local?
Don't know. I've got his prints
upstairs, no make on him yet.
You see him before?
But never like this.
Sorry to call you at this hour, Chief.
Nonsense. It's only after two.
Come in.
I don't suppose that
City Desk could handle it?
It isn't just another story, Chief.
Then I suppose it
couldn't wait until morning?
Well, maybe it could but..
I couldn't.
Before I retired last night,
I congratulated myself.
Roger, I said..
You smoked eleven cigars yesterday,
today it was only ten.
You're winning your fight.
Mr. Stuart, I've been
working for the paper..
I've been working for you..
a good long while now..
- Take a drink.
Thanks, I don't need it. It..
- Take it!
While attempting to burglarize the
Travelers Jewelry Company on
East Main Street at 12:27 this morning,
a man was shot and killed by
officers B. Lamb and F. Miller.
Police reports stated that
the unidentified burglar was armed
with a toy pistol.
I just identified that body.
It wasn't a man.
It was a boy! 18 years young!
You knew him?
- Since he was that high.
Name? - Don't mean nothing to you.
Gerber. Ricky Gerber.
His father runs that small
bakery over on Ostermeyer.
Just got out of Winauski High, last year.
Wanted to go to State U
with my kid this year.
Mr. Gerber said no. He needed
Ricky to help out around the bakery.
I just saw Gerber.
I had to tell him where to go
to pick up what's left of his son.
It wasn't easy.
- I can sympathize with the father.
It must have been a terrible blow.
We found out the kid
had been gambling: horses.
Hooked by some two-bit book.
Kid couldn't pay off.
Book let him double up.
Sucked in him over his head.
Kid was afraid his father might hear
about it. Panicked, hit the jewelry store.
18 years old!
The same age as my kid! The same
age as a 1,000 kids in this town!
Alright, Alan, make your point.
Gerber made it for me.
The way he looked at me.
He asked he, "Why, Jerry?"
"Why'd you let this happen to my boy?"
He meant me.
He meant you.
He meant the paper.
I'm no crusader, Mr. Stuart.
You know that.
I've always figured
crusades were for young men,
who give no thought
to personal consequences.
Now I know they're for old men too.
Old men who want to do one
decent thing before they check out.
What do you want to do? - I want go
after the Clarkton gambling syndicate!
Yeah.. - Smash it wide open.
Force the authorities to take action.
Root this corruption out at the source,
before it creeps into our
homes and threatens our kids.
How much do you know?
Really know?
I can wreck the whole operation.
- How?
By going after Johnny Merrick.
Go ahead.
Write the first piece.
Slant it toward Merrick.
- Slant it?
Maybe you don't understand, Mr. Stuart,
I want to name Johnny Merrick.
Break up Merrick
Enterprises dollar by dollar.
I know.
But not just yet.
Not to begin with. - But if we go,
we have to go all the way.
I can't do that unless I'm free to
name names and places and things.
I agree.
But for now..
I just want Merrick worried, anxious.
But Johnny Merrick isn't the kind
of the man you just threaten.
Either kiss him or kill him!
I assure you, I have no
intention of kissing him.
Believe me, Alan,
I have a very good reason for
not mentioning his name just yet.
I'm sure you have, Mr. Stuart.
- Agree?
I'll tell you Strohm in the morning
to let you off all other assignments.
You'll be directly responsible to me.
I'll read your copy as you turn it out.
Good morning, Mr. Merrick.
- Morning. Any calls?
Judge Thayer, Mr. Angelo, Mr. Sweet..
Nothing important. - Any mail?
- Anything from my son?
Your personal mail is on your desk. Mr.
Brady and Mr. Liggett are in your office.
Uh, traffic ticket.
You handle it.
- For you, Mr. Merrick?
I'll fix it. - No, don't fix it, just
pay it. I uh.. went through a red light.
Morning, Boss.
- Good morning, Johnny.
You know when my lawyer smiles,
I begin to look for trouble.
During my long and plaid career,
I've found that a cheerful aspect
confuses and makes uncertain my opponent.
Just read that, it'll do much good for
your adrenaline glands. - A minute.
It's important, Boss.
From Rex, this letter.
Why, this kid of mine is smart!
Tells me that he's got his program
with the university arranged so he'll go
through law school in 3 years instead
of 4. He's going to go summer school.
Rex Merrick, Attorney at Law!
Better watch your step, Brady,
there's tough competition ahead!
We may need him, along with
a couple of Supreme Court justices.
Brady ain't kidding.
It's a gun.
Old women! I'm surrounded by old women!
Yes, we're all getting along in years..
"Local gambling syndicate responsible
for Ricky Gerber's death".
By Jerry Allen.
"Two nights ago,
while attempting to burglarize
the Travelers Jewelry Company, "
"18 year old Ricky Gerber was shot
to death by Clarkton police officers."
"But it was not the police
bullets that took his life."
"The local gambling
syndicate had killed him."
"I had known Ricky Gerber
almost all of his brief life."
"He had gone through grade school and
through high school with my own son."
"There was very little difference
between Ricky and my boy."
"Or yours."
"Starting today, this newspaper
will publish a series of articles"
"showing how the
syndicate has gained control."
It's continued on page two.
You see, Johnny, it's that sort of
literature that inflames untutored minds
and arouses ignoble passions.
Who was this kid?
- Two dollar better.
He was getting down on Angelo's book.
You speak to Angelo?
He pressured the kid?
Well, the kid was into it for almost
a yard.. - Did he pressure the kid!
Well, he says, he only asked for a pay up.
See Angelo. Pack him up, he's through.
Angelo's been laying off
with us more than 12 years.
We can't just..
I'll pack him up.
Never mind. I'll do it myself.
Now, perhaps if I spoke to Stuart?
- No.
He's after something.
I think I know what it is.
Will you see this
Gerber's family, help them?
Maybe you can do something for them.
- No, Johnny, no.
What they want, we can't give them.
Mr. Merrick.
At the quarter, Mattie W a length
and a half. Bobo by two lengths.
Jolly Roger by half a length.
Romina by a neck.
Come on, Mattie W!
At the half, Mattie W by a length.
Bobo, Jolly Roger, Romina.
Hi, Johnny!
Haven't seen you in a long time.
What's the matter?
- Get out.
What is this?
I'm packing you up.
- Huh?
I warned you before
not to take play from kids!
Send you accounts. See Liggett.
Well, you think me..
you think maybe I..
Who says?
Fascinating, ain't I?
- Beautiful.
They can't keep their eyes off me.
Probably wondering
what holds you together.
Want your eggs up or down?
- One up and the other down.
You look terrible.
What time did you finally
get to bed last night?
It was near dawn, when I fell asleep.
Your typewriter was still going.
Working on something big, Liz.
Mighty big.
How long will it go on?
You look ten years older
than you did yesterday.
I feel ten years younger.
There isn't any cream.
Do you want milk or evaporated?
I'm doing some pieces
on the local gambling racket.
That's nice, now which do you..
- A crusade!
Who knows?
It might win me a Pulitzer Prize.
Just what we've always wanted!
Oh, so a Pulitzer Prize is nothing, huh?
It might mean a raise for me.
Leona wants to take piano lessons.
She's been talking about it all week.
- She'll have them. On her own piano.
We haven't even finished
paying for the vacuum yet.
You know Liz, being
a newspaper man is pretty important.
It's a responsibility.
I guess I haven't always
thought of it like that.
But people get to depend on you.
Expect you tell them the truth.
Don't they though. I'll give you
milk and evaporated, half and half.
If that's the milkman,
I give you the cream.
No, I like the evaporated!
Oh, Mr. Merrick, come in.
- Thank you.
I thought it'd be the milkman.
He didn't come around this morning,
I ran out of cream.
I'll send you over a prize cow,
gives nothing but the finest cream.
You would too, I betcha.
And come on back to the kitchen,
I'm fixing breakfast.
I haven't seen you in some time.
You're looking mighty good. - Thank you.
You don't mind the kitchen, do you?
- Mind?
When I was kid all we had was a kitchen.
At night, the table used to sleep
two of us, me and my big brother.
He always used to say,
"I guess they're finally going
to have to get me a bed of my own."
"My feet are beginning to
hang over into the sink."
My father, he fooled him.
You know what he did?
Put another leaf in the table.
There's a moral in there some place.
Sit down.
Thank you. Yeah, I guess there is.
You never know when somebody's
going to put a new leaf under your..
pull one up.
A little breakfast. - No, thanks.
I will have some black coffee.
Jerry'll be right down. He's shaving.
He slept late this morning,
he was up half the night.
I know, I stopped by for him at the office
and they told me he was working at home.
Is that about right?
- Just fine.
Careful, it's hot!
You worry about everybody, don't you?
Like everybody was one of your family.
- Oh, really..
I just like to be bossy, I guess.
Jerry's really lucky.
Liz, was that the..
Morning, Jerry.
- Morning.
Sure you won't have an egg, Mr. Merrick?
- No, thank you, Mrs. Allen.
How's your son, Mr. Merrick?
Oh, he's just fine, I had
a letter from him this morning.
He says that he and Jerry Jr
see a lot of each other at school.
Really? - Says he's a fine student.
- Oh!
He wants to be a writer like his dad.
Rex tells me he has already done some
work on the school paper. - That's nice.
He's a lot like his dad in a lot of ways.
Good and bad.
I don't think there's
much bad in either of them.
Depends on your point of view.
Well, I'm going to run to the store now.
If you want any more coffee,
it's over here on the table. - Thank you.
Goodbye, Mr. Merrick.
And come back again when you're
real hungry. - I'll remember that.
Fine woman.
- Yes.
Wonderful wife, nice kids, fine house..
What does a man want out of life?
I ask you Jerry, what more does a man
want out of life. - What can you suggest?
You asked me what more can
a man want out of life.
I asked you what can you suggest.
You open for suggestions?
- I listen to everybody.
Part of my job.
I'll tell you something, Jerry,
if you're on the take, I'll go along.
I'll do business.
But it would bust my heart.
No, Johnny. I'm not on the take.
Well, then why?
These articles you're writing.
Suddenly, after all these years.
You ever know me to hurt anybody?
This Gerber kid, do you think that I..
Jerry, I give my right arm up
to here to have that boy back.
I believe you, I know you would.
- But then why?
Make me understand, that's all I ask.
you asked me what more
can a man want out of life.
Because you asked me that,
I don't think I'll ever be able
to make you understand.
I haven't got the kind of words
that Johnny Merrick can..
can take apart and taste them and smell
them and put them back together again and..
and then understand.
All I can do, Johnny, is tell
you I intend to close you down.
Smash me?
Smash you.
Sorry, Johnny.
You got a job to do, do it!
You got a job to do.
Do it.
Good morning, Mr. Merrick.
- Morning.
I'm sorry, Sir, but Miss Stuart went
down town.. - Mr. Stuart sent for me.
Mr. Stuart's in the library, Sir.
- Thank you.
Well, Mr. Merrick?
- I got your message.
Biggest personal ever published,
half the front page in the News Tribune.
Piece mentions no names.
It doesn't mean Father
Gallo at Saint Sophia's.
No, it doesn't.
Oh, it reminds me..
I promised to make a contribution
to Father Gallo's fund.
Fine fellow, Father Gallo.
To me, it reads only way:
"Attention Merrick,"
"This is only beginning. No names yet."
"Let's have a meeting, before I really
get tough. Love and kisses, Stuart."
Your interpretation must remain your own.
Clarkton, I'm sure,
will read it in another way.
Organized gambling is
a menace to the community.
The system must be destroyed.
- How do you spell "system"?
Twenty years.
It's sure a long time
to make up your mind.
I'm never been an impulsive man.
Alright, Stuart, let's get in
out of the rain. What do you want?
I run a newspaper, Merrick.
My only interest is supplying the public
with stories and information which
will them keep coming back for more.
If I find that my readers..
lose interest in some feature or
series of articles, I.. - You drop it.
Racing results,
they interest your readers?
Allan's articles on gambling,
maybe they don't?
Maybe they don't.
Depending on what?
- On you!
- Your actions.
With your daughter?
Ah, that's better! That's much better.
For a fast minute,
I thought you were sincere.
Jerry Allen is sincere.
You control Allen?
- I do.
But not Felice, huh?
Tell me something,
in this I really want to know.
How do you expect to talk turkey
to Johnny Merrick, when you
can't control your own daughter?
Because I have something
to offer Johnny Merrick,
the day he promises to stop seeing her.
She's a big girl now.
Married and divorced, remember?
I still know what's best for her.
Yeah, you picked out what
was best for her the first time.
Only he had to be carted off
to the looney bin with the DTs.
I mean, maybe I wasn't born a gentleman,
but I know how to drink like one.
It's still a question of family.
You make me sick!
No deal.
One thing.
Once you light the fuse
on this first rocket,
no telling how many more may go off.
Once you get a thing like this started..
just make sure you don't
lose control, Mr. Stuart!
You want to see how much
pressure I can stand? OK.
But I got a boy in college, a nice kid!
Don't you do anything to hurt him.
You keep your fingers..
Just make sure, you don't
lose control, Mr. Stuart.
I hear a deep silence.
You two've been quarreling?
Your father trying to sell me
some advertising space.
Be careful of his rates.
The uh.. Fentons will soon
be here for luncheon, Felice.
Sorry, I've just
accepted another invitation.
Thank you, Johnny, I'd love to.
- Good.
I'll buy you some pink
lemonade with your dessert.
I like pink lemonade.
It looks like the romance is still on.
Thank you.
Sherry for the lady. Teo prep
me a martini for me, very dry.
Yes, Mr. Merrick.
- Thank you.
Buzz, buzz, buzz, buzz.
I made the day for you.
- You're news, Johnny.
Yes, especially when I'm with a daughter
of a man who wants to make me news.
Because of me?
Who knows? Things are dull
and newspapers need stories.
My deadpan friend.
No, Johnny, there's nothing my father can
publish that everyone in town doesn't know.
What you do, the business you're in.
And no one has ever regarded you
other than as a legitimate business man.
Thank you, I needed to hear that.
For twenty years,
ever since I can remember,
then suddenly, Roger Stuart
becomes outraged civic virtue.
Thank you.
I don't want to cause
any trouble for you Johnny.
I don't mind a certain amount of trouble.
- Then it is because of me.
It's worth it.
Holy smoke! Aren't you ready?
You know what time it is?
We miss our train, we don't get
back to school till tomorrow night!
Well, we'll make it.
Dad's driving us to Slade
to catch the express.
So where is he? - He had to go down
the office for a minute. Be right back.
Slade, 40 minutes from here.
Express leaves at.. Oh, can't make it!
Gotta miss it, near the exam,
first thing in the morning!
Shouldn't come home this weekend.
I said no, remember?
I said no, you talked me into it!
I said I had an exam. And my gosh,
Slade! How we ever.. - Relax!
Nibble a soda!
Dad said he'll get us there, then
he'll get us there. - In what, a jet?
Where were you last night?
- Huh?
Dinner! Said you were coming
to house for dinner. We waited.
Mother wondered what happened.
I couldn't help it.
I should've called.
Mrs Allen?
It's Rex Merrick.
Fine, thank you.
Look, about last night
I want to apologize for..
Next time we come home.
Say hello to Mr. Allen.
Why yes, he's here.
Want to talk to him?
I'll tell him.
Mother says you forgot to pack your comb.
Wants you to be sure and buy another one.
Last night..
because of this, huh?
Look Rex, you and me, we've
been friends a long time, huh?
Forget it, Jerry.
- No, no, no good! Better talk it out.
Stay straight with each other.
You and your father are very close.
Did he say anything to you?
- No!
Well, he always talks to you, discusses
everything. - Not about business.
Never about business.
I should pack my comb.
You know how I feel about your father.
Even my dad. He likes him.
Honest, he does!
This thing has come up..
I don't really understand it,
Rex, not all of it.
But we shouldn't let it make it..
- I said, forget it!
- Hey, Rex!
Heavy tweed, I pack in your bag,
you take it out, why?
I won't need it, Charlie.
He won't need it, he says.
You're hear that?
I used to pick out his diapers for him.
Now he tells me what he needs!
It's not the season for the tweed,
it's too warm. - Season!
Don't you think I know the season?
You think I'm a dumb.. Hey, you!
What's with that old man of yours?
Someone stick a feather up his nose?
What's the matter, he can't get a winner?
- Never mind, Charlie!
But the nights, huh?
The nights are still chilly, no?
So you take the tweed and these here
sweaters and you wear them, you hear?
Alright, Charlie, you win.
As usual.
Don't get fresh with me, Buster!
I can still take you.
Like the night I fight
Sailor Acosta in Detroit.
Yeah, Detroit!
It was 3 or 4 years ago! Buster here wasn't
more than 5 or 6 years old at the time!
Sailor Acosta?
That was almost 14 years ago.
14 years ago?
No wonder, I don't get no return match!
Taking care of you and Mr. Johnny,
sure has chewed up all the time.
We've just about chewed up
all the time we can spare.
Your father doesn't get here pretty soon,
we won't make a train out
of Slade or anyplace else.
Don't you worry none
about any trains, Buster!
Ain't gonna make no difference to you
if all the trains leave Clarkton
and Slade and never come back!
I ain't talking but..
That's it!
Come on!
How do you like it?
The crazy guy!
Ain't that a beaut, Buster?
Me, I knew it all along.
But you can make me bleed,
I keep my mouth shut!
Well, I told you Dad get us
back to school on time.
Mr. Johnny!
Thank you, Dad.
- Forget it.
How are you, Jerry?
How's your pop and mom?
Fine, thank you, Sir.
Oh, by the way, any tickets
you get for speeding, you pay for
out of your own allowance, you hear?
So take it easy.
You didn't tip him, did you?
- Never said, "Boo", Mr. Johnny.
Did I, Buster?
Charlie displayed remarkable restraint.
- That's all I did, all afternoon.
Better get him started.
I don't want him driving after dark.
Mr. Johnny?
- Yeah.
You remember that go at Sailor Acosta?
Detroit? - Yeah.
When was that?
Oh, that was three, four years ago.
You see!
Guess I was wrong, Charlie.
- Only by ten years, that's all.
Poor Charlie, every year time
that goes by gets less and less.
Now everything that happened
is three, four years ago.
Uh, I'll help Charlie with the bags.
Goodbye, Mr. Merrick.
- Goodbye. Take it easy, but take it.
Thank you, Sir.
Well, that's a lot of
automobile down there.
I figure you for a lot of boy.
You don't have to that, Dad.
- I never do anything I don't want to do.
Need anything?
Not a thing.
- Sure?
Sure. - Clothes! What about clothes?
- More than enough.
Well, uh, maybe you need
some walking around money.
I don't spend half of
what you send me now.
Well what about books?
Any special books I can send you?
No thanks, Dad.
The library at school is very good.
You're a tough man to handle.
Is anything on your mind, Rex?
Any problems?
Up at school?
Everything alright up there?
- Good.
Take care of yourself, Dad, now.
- Sure.
I know how.
Hello, Johnny!
No, it can't be!
Not little Rex?
You don't remember me, do you?
Big Ruben from St. Louis!
Why, we used to play cops and
robbers when your daddy would
bring you and your mommy
down to Miami Beach.
You were only about..
this high then!
My, my, my!
Yes, of course. - I can remember..
- You better get started, Rex!
Call me as soon as you get to school.
- Sure, Dad.
Goodbye, Sir.
What brings you to Clarkton?
Just flying back to
St. Louis from Chicago.
Thought I drop in, say hello.
Your plane make a forced landing?
How's Marty?
- Fine, fine.
Sends you his fraternal greetings.
Tell him it's time I think he pensioned
off that simple minded nephew
he's got running the Chicago wire loop.
I heard about that!
I sent him a $12,000 bet on
number 7 in the 5 at Fairgrounds.
He wires me back a confirmation,
"12 gs, number 7, the 5 at Hialeah".
Marty took care of it.
He put you in the right book.
Want a drink?
- Can't.
Living on these.
Alright, Ruben, you've taken your pause.
You've been reading these stories?
- I canceled my subscription.
Six to and even, nobody else in town did.
Marty thinks it might be a good
idea to have a meeting. - Why?
To talk this thing over,
see maybe what be could done.
Nothing can be done!
Freedom of the press.
This paper..
It had freedom of the press
for the past twenty years, no?
Same owner, same
publisher, same everything.
So why all of this sudden this burn?
This story here by this Jerry Allen,
"How thousands and
thousands of local dollars"
"flow out of the community
to the lay off syndicates in"
"Chicago and St. Louis
without no return to Clarkton."
It's bad, Johnny.
You got a big handle here.
You got to protect it.
Something like this starts and
no telling where it could wind up.
I can run my own town.
I don't need any outside help.
Unless it's necessary.
I'm only here to offer
advice and some suggestions.
The guy who owns this paper,
this freedom of the press, Stuart.
You got him down on you
because of account of sometimes
you can be a very stubborn citizen.
I'm listening.
Marty has a suggestion.
Stop seeing the dame.
Goodbye, Ruben.
Take the heat off, Merrick!
Now you get this straight!
For twenty years Chicago, St. Louis,
Kansas City and New York!
I run my own business and my own life!
Nobody tells Johnny Merrick
how, why, when or where!
Not you, Marty or Marty's idiot nephew!
Marty is my brother.
His idiot nephew is also my idiot nephew.
Now your game has really improved.
Doing very much better.
A couple of weeks, you'll break a 130.
The usual, Mr. Merrick?
- Yes, thank you, [?].
Thank you.
That was my husband's.
It was left behind when they..
when he went away.
Yes, I've noticed it before.
I noticed you noticed it.
Isn't that a little bulky for a girl?
Is it so difficult for you
to think that I was married once?
I'll hate it till the day I die.
Yes, Miss Stuart? - You do smoke,
don't you? - Yes, Ms. Stuart.
Then you'll be able to use this.
- Oh, thank you, Miss Stuart. Thank you.
Thank you, Miss Stuart.
Hello, Felice, Johnny.
- Hi! - Hello, Walter.
Would you mind terribly, Felice,
if I took Johnny away for a minute?
The Board of Governors are having
a special meeting in the trophy room.
They'd uh.. like your advice.
Go right ahead.
- Thank you. Excuse me.
And Johnny!
- Yeah?
I'll be waiting here for you.
Come in, Johnny, glad to see you!
Governor's meeting, you know
cigars are traditional. - No, thank you.
What's the trouble?
- Sit down, sit down.
I have a lady waiting for me.
Oh, yes, yes.. Well, we only want
a minute of your time. - Take two.
We know that you've always had
the best interest of the club at heart.
$25,000 worth of the best
interest in the new golf house.
Yes. Most generous of you
and we were not unappreciative.
Alright, Dunlop, get into the stretch.
Yes, yes, well..
as District Attorney of Clarkton,
I received a communication
late last night.
It was from Senator Ketteridge.
Ketteridge is head of
the Crime Investigating Committee
of the state legislature.
The committee will arrive
at Clarkton this afternoon to start
a formal investigation
of organized gambling and vice.
You are to be uh..
called among the first witnesses.
I warned you not to light that fuse.
Excuse me, I..
Anything else, gentlemen?
Is there any chance of
you're being uh.. well uh..
deeply involved?
Nice of you fellows to worry about me.
It's real friendly. - Well, we..
We are also worried about
the reputation of the club.
Want me to resign? - Well,
we thought that we asked you to uh..
to search your mind, Johnny,
and if you felt that there
is a possibility of any uh..
unpleasantness for the club, you..
you might consider resigning
before the investigation starts.
Look, Dunlop, you've been
the District Attorney here for 12 years.
If I'm suddenly..
an undesirable or a criminal..
Why haven't you done
something about it before this?
Oh, now, now, now, please,
please be reasonable. We're only
thinking of the good of the club.
Like when you took
the $25,000 for the new golf house?
Nobody asked me where
the money came from, did they?
I'm not resigning.
Out of gas?
- Out of patience.
Since we've left the club,
mileage: 17.6. Wordage: none.
Well, that's what I'm having
trouble with Felice: words.
I can't seem to find
the ones I have to use.
Big words or little ones?
- They're little words.
But a big problem.
Maybe if you tell me what you're trying
to say, I can help you find the words.
How do you say,
"It's been nice knowing you, Ms. Stuart,
but drop me at the next bus station"?
Your bus fare.
Look, honey..
A senate investigating
committee is coming to town.
They're going to investigate
organized gambling in Clarkton
on account of Jerry Allen's
articles in the papers.
I tell you there's going be trouble.
You said it yourself, you don't
mind a certain amount of trouble.
For myself, no!
You'll handle it, Johnny.
You've handled tougher situations.
They'll want to know
who my friends and why.
I can't go the distance
if I have to carry you.
They'll want to know about..
- I'm not running, Johnny!
My deadpan friend, I'm not running.
I was just about to call
Missing Persons about you.
How was your game?
Stay away from that Clarkton country club,
they got a fixed golf course.
Any calls?
- Tell him.
Ed Jelke, sheriff's office.
He called twice. Important.
He said he'd be here at five.
- With a plaster.
When he comes, Mr. Merrick?
Take it. - You're sure?
- Yes, take it.
Send Liggett in, will you please?
- Yes, Sir. - Thank you.
Mr. Liggett?
What are they after?
- Well, my best guess is..
I don't pay you $25,000 a year to guess!
I want advice.
Chief Counsel for the committee
is a man named David Wiley.
Who is he?
Oh, he's a young fellow from upstate.
Ambitious. Punches hard but he's honest.
Can't be reached?
Not until at least ten years older.
We can't wait that long.
Where are they going to hit first?
He's gonna subpoena your books,
your business records, tax returns.
Every transaction that
the Merrick Enterprise ever made.
He can't hurt you much locally
and he knows that.
But there is one very serious area.
Chicago and St. Louis?
- Precisely, that's his target.
He's going to hang you with
an interstate gambling conspiracy rap.
That's federal.
No, the State Senate Committee
can turn over their findings
to the Federal authorities
for proper action.
And prosecution.
- I see.
How do we stay off the rail?
That's what you pay
me $25,000 a year for.
It should be Liggett.
Pardon me.
- Ketteridge Committee's here.
- There gonna hand you a subpoena.
I know, sell mushroom business.
- Close down the Chicago-St. Louis wires.
Without the lay off, we can't operate.
Do what Brady says.
Get rid of all out
of state lay off records.
I'll put them where I grow my mushrooms.
Forgive me, I.. I didn't
know you were.. I mean Sir..
It's alright, come on in, Frank.
I come to show you today's balance sheet.
There's a handle of uh.. $37,500.
21,000 lay off in Chicago,
and there comes reports
of a balance of $16,000.
Giving us a net of $7,456 on the day.
All the tracks in?
- Wherever we have money running, yes.
Fine, file it.
- Lose those records, Liggett.
Hello, Ed. - Johnny, don't be sore.
- It's alright, Ed.
I know you got me the job
in the sheriff's office and I..
Well, I got to give out subpoenas and..
You understand, don't you? I'm just a
messenger. That's all, just a messenger.
The State Legislative Committee for..
You know the Ketteridge Committee.
I got to serve these papers. They want
you for witnesses at 10 am tomorrow.
You, Johnny.
You, Liggett.
And you Frank Tasker.
But, what do I say to them?
Now you handle figures but
you don't know what they mean.
Real estate profits, his mushroom
business, Johnny's private bets, anything.
You add, multiply and subtract but you
don't know what it means, understand?
But I do know.
Mr. Merrick,
don't make me do perjury.
Do exactly as I told you.
Mr. Brady, I'm an honest man!
Mr. Merrick, I worked
for you for 20 years.
How will it sound if I say
I don't know what I'm doing?
Everything will be alright. You just do
as I've told you. - I'm an honest..
Every dollar accounted for!
20 years!
My wife.. she.. she's no longer young.
Mr. Merrick, Mr. Merrick..
- Frank.
Answer the questions, Frank.
And anything they ask you,
tell them the truth, you hear?
Yes, Sir.
- Thank you, Sir.
Johnny, you want me to keep you off
the rail. Don't make it difficult for me.
I'll talk to Frank.
- You leave Frank alone.
Hello, I want to speak Rex Merrick
at the state university. The number is..
Never mind.
Hello, Johnny.
How did you get in here?
Fine way to greet your friends.
I drive all the way from Chicago.
Does a man say,
"Hello, Marty. How are you?"
"Have a drink. How's your health?"
No. What does he say?
"How did you get in here?"
My brother likes to be friendly.
Why don't you let him be friendly?
Alright, Marty, say your peace.
It's late, I'm tired.
I got to hit the sack. I got a big
day tomorrow. - You sure have.
Don't get tough, Johnny.
Please, please!
Toughness is what we peddle.
But not to each other, eh?
So take it easy. Please!
So, alright?
I didn't drive all the way down here
to show you muscle. You know that.
Last week, I sent Ruby
down here to talk to you.
To warn you.
- And I told Ruben,
It's my own town, my problem, my
headache. I'll handle it in my own way.
Ain't he a pistol!
Yeah, a pistol!
Like you say, Merrick: your headache.
But it could be mine.
That's what I'm here to prevent.
Sure, I got this all over the country.
You ain't alone.
I let you run your town in your own way,
but one thing:
your out of state lay offs.
St. Louis, Chicago, Kansas City.
My syndicate.
The LMG Wire Service. My wire service.
That's what they're going after.
Trying to come in from
all over the country on me.
Don't fix me no federal rap, Merrick!
I'm not planning on fixing one for myself.
Fix it for both of us,
if they can hook us together.
I never saw you before. I never did
a dime's worth of business with you.
What about your lay off records?
- It's fertilizer for Liggett's mushrooms.
One more loose wire.
This guy, this fellow, this
newspaperman Allen. - Mr. Johnny!
Mr. Johnny!
I tried to stop them, I told them..
You know Specs?
My idiot nephew!
Just give me the word, Mr. Johnny,
just give me the word! - Charlie!
Go to bed!
Go to bed.
Get this hoodlum out of Clarkton
and never bring him back!
This Allen..
he's loaded with information.
He's gonna get a subpoena.
Tomorrow you talk to him. Give him
ten, twenty gs to get out of the state!
To not be here, when
they come looking for him.
If you have to use muscle, use it!
- Yeah.
Yeah.. 418.
Now when he comes out,
you know what to say?
- You sure you know what to say?
Who's that?
Bye, Mother!
- Bye, dear.
Must be his wife and kid.
- Yeah.
You remember what Mr. Marty told you,
how to talk to Allen? - Yeah.
Let me hear. - Look, I know,
I know. - Let me hear!
"Excuse me, Mr. Allen, but
would you mind coming with us"
"in this, in that there car?"
"For us to drive you
to the Clarkton House."
He'll say why? What for?
- "For to talk to Mr. Marty."
"He will only take a minute of your time."
"and wants to make you
a very interesting proposition."
Very, very good. Excellent.
- See?
Remember, no muscle.
Yeah, yeah, yeah..
- The piece, the piece. Gimme the piece!
What for? - This ain't a gun job!
- I know.
But I.. I get nervous without it.
Like to hear the noise, see them fall.
Gimme the.. Harry!
- Don't work too hard!
Mr. Allen? Mr. Allen, Sir..
Come in that car over there with us,
so we can take you down to Clarkton.
No, wait a minute!
Marty asked us to bring you down.
He wants to make you
a very interesting proposition.
- Now wait a minute.
I was told I was supposed to
bring you out now.. - Don't..
The committee will come to order!
Let it be noted in the record, the
pursuant to the call of the chairman.
the committee met at 10 am
in Clarkton Court House, Clarkton.
Present: Senators Ketteridge,
Svalgard and Gross.
Also present, David Wiley, Chief Counsel.
We're sitting as a sub-committee
of the Senate Committee
investigating organized crime.
Our proceedings are fully authorized
by the legislature of this state.
I will make no general opening remarks.
Whatever story there is to tell
will come out in testimony.
Counsel wishes it noted,
that the witnesses who shall
appear here are merely witnesses.
They are charged with no
crime and are not defendants.
They are here, we hope to help us.
It is not our job to convict or acquit.
Merely to obtain testimony.
You'll call your first witness, Mr. Wiley?
Angelo Bruno!
Do you solemnly swear that the testimony
that you shall give before this committee,
will be the whole truth and
nothing but the truth, so help you god?
I do.
- Please be seated.
Will you state your full name, please.
- Angelo Bruno.
Are you known by any other name?
- Yeah. - What are these names?
Well.. De Bart, Caroll.
All like that!
How many different names did you use?
- I don't know.
Any place I go, I mention any
name that comes to my mind.
Have you ever been convicted of a crime?
Way back.. way back in 30..
31 something.
I'm interested.
Was that as Bruno?
De Bart or that Caroll?
La Forge.
What business are you engaged in now?
No business.
After 12 years.. nothing.
I wind up with the shells.
- Well, what business were you in?
A book. Bookmaker.
Till I got on Johnny
Merrick's drop dead list, eh?
On Johnny Merrick's what?
- Please explain what you mean by that.
Here's what. This town you want to make
book, you go to Johnny Merrick for the OK.
Without securing Mr. Merrick's approval,
you couldn't operate as
a bookmaker in Clarkton?
Here's what:
I say to myself I'm going to make book.
But I need a couple of g to start, no?
Also a lay off connection.
You can't handle all the bets.
If I take a bath, I might have
business in a couple of races.
So Mr. Merrick provided you with the
capital to start your business? - Sure.
No bank will borrow me
money on my reputation.
So, I scratch my head and I get an idea.
I go to Johnny Merrick, he borrows
me the money and gives me lay off.
Also racing information.
Results, prices, scratches.
All like that.
From the LMG Wire Service from Chicago.
And does Mr. Merrick hold a
monopoly in Clarkton on that service?
All I know Merrick send down word:
No more lay off!
No more wire service for Bruno!
I'm scratched.
Tell us all you know about
Mr. Merrick's own lay off operations
with the syndicate in Chicago and St. Louis.
I don't know about that.
You know that you had
to lay off with Merrick.
You know that every other bookmaker
in Clarkton has to lay off with Merrick.
You've already told us that Merrick's
handle for all tracks, seven, eight races.
Your lay offs, two other
books in Clarkton,
amounts to thousands and thousands of dollars a day.
Does he hold all these bets himself?
I don't know nothing about his business.
You know a man called Mr. Marty?
I hear.. never meet.
Big Ruben?
- Never.. I don't meet him.
Alright, Mr. Bruno, you can go now.
But you'll remain under subpoena.
If we need you, we'll call you back.
Mr. Frank Tasker!
Do you solemnly swear that the testimony
you're about to give this committee,
will be the whole truth and nothing but
the truth, so help you god? - Yes, Sir.
Please sit down, Mr. Tasker.
Will you state your full name, please.
- Frank Tasker.
Your address?
- 7112 Fortunata Street.
Do you own your home?
- Yes, Sir. With a mortgage.
And what is your occupation?
- I'm a bookkeeper, Sir.
Your employer?
- Merrick Enterprises, Sir.
How long have you been so employed?
- Nineteen years, Sir.
And what is the nature of
your employer's business?
I don't know, Sir.
Mr. Tasker, I find it hard to
take that answer very seriously.
You have by your own admission,
worked for this firm for nineteen years.
Now I'll put the question to you again.
What line of business
is your firm engaged in?
I don't know, Sir.
But surely, you must
know what your firm does?
I.. I handle figures, Sir. That's all.
Mr. Tasker, are you aware
of the penalties for perjury?
Yes, Sir.
Do you expect this committee to believe
that after 19 years with one firm,
you don't know what that firm does?
- I handle figures, income, out go.
They give me the figures, I add, subtract,
strike, total it. That's all, Sir.
To me they're just..
numbers on papers.
Well, who gives you these numbers?
I find them on my desk.
Mr. Tasker, I have no wish
to get you into trouble.
But I have no recourse other than
the perjury warrant unless
you answer my question.
Now will you please tell me,
what line of business is
Merrick Enterprises engaged in?
I don't know.
- I'm sorry, I cannot accept that.
Mr. Tasker, perhaps it would
be better for you to refuse to answer.
On the ground that an answer might
incriminate you. - I'm not a criminal!
No, I can't say that about
not incriminating myself!
Then you persist in the answer
that you do not know what business
Merrick Enterprise is engaged in.
It might be better for
you to refuse to answer.
And thereby incur a contempt.
That's a less serious
charge than perjury.
The witness is excused. A warrant for his
arrest will be applied for immediately.
Thank you, Sir.
The next witness will
be Miss Felice Stuart.
Good morning, Miss Stuart.
The committee wishes to thank you for
appearing here. - I had no alternative.
Miss Stuart, do you solemnly swear
that the testimony you're about to give
is the truth, the whole truth and nothing
but the truth, so help you god. - I do.
Please be seated.
I'll try to be very brief.
So will I.
Will you state your full name, please.
- Felice Stuart.
Your address?
- 521 North Rockingham Road.
Please, tell the committee all that
you know about Mr. John Merrick.
I regard that question as impertinent.
Ms. Stuart, permit me to remind you
that you're here under subpoena.
You have the option of not answering my
questions, thereby incurring contempt.
But you do not have
the privilege of characterizing them.
If you cannot answer, Ms. Stuart,
you may merely say, "I know nothing".
I would also like to remind Ms. Stuart
that she's testifying under oath.
Repeat the question, please.
"Please, tell the committee all that
you know about Mr. John Merrick."
John Merrick is a fine man.
I have never known him to injure anyone
or engage in a single dishonorable act.
He's lived. He's had experiences.
Perhaps when you are a little older..
Ms. Stuart, were not
concerned with your opinion.
Which may be debatable.
We are only interested in facts!
Now, it has been brought to
the attention of this committee,
You are a close
associate of John Merrick.
Your snide implications, Mr. Wiley,
add to the little respect
you demand from this committee
or for your own stature.
I am sorry, Ms. Stuart,
I meant no offense.
Did Mr. Merrick ever mention in your
presence, a man called Mr. Marty?
Perhaps you heard the name Big Ruben?
Did Mr. Merrick ever tell you why he would
make brief visits to Chicago and St. Louis?
I never discussed
Mr. Merrick's business with him.
But surely when he did leave town,
you knew where he was going?
He never volunteered the information.
I never asked.
Wouldn't it be natural for you to say uh..
"Where are you going, Johnny?
When will you be back?"
It's obvious that you
know only inquisitive women.
You haven't answered my question.
I've answered three times.
- Not to my satisfaction!
Did you ever say..
- Leave her alone!
Excuse me, gentlemen.
Mr. Merrick wishes to apologize
to the Committee for his outburst.
He has nothing but the highest respect
and esteem for the honorable members.
He begs their indulgence.
Please identify yourself.
Barry X. Brady, attorney
representing Mr. Merrick.
Very well. The Committee will
accept Mr. Merrick's apology.
But we'll tolerate no
further display of rowdyism.
Thank you, Senator Ketteridge.
The witness is excused.
Thank you, Ms. Stuart.
Before we call Mr. Merrick,
the Committee will take one hour recess.
We ask that all interested
persons, please be punctual.
Pardon me.
Maybe I can get the stipulation.
You wait here and I'll try to see Wiley.
Hello, Dad.
What are you doing here?
I thought maybe there was
something.. something..
Beat it!
- Sorry, Mr. Merrick.
I can slug you for this.
But Dad, I thought..
- You thought, you thought!
Look, Rex, this is no party.
Go back to school where you belong.
Anything that's part of you, Dad,
it's part of me too.
What happened, Dad?
Why did Mr. Allen do this to you?
Maybe if I talk to him?
- No!
Well, maybe I can help! - How?
Why? What could a kid like you do?
Don't be such a big shot, wise guy!
I only wanted to be with you..
- Now, you listen to me!
You go back to school where you belong.
I don't want to find you
hanging around here anymore.
You'll be nothing but trouble.
Pardon me.
When I got out of law school, I felt mighty
important about being admitted to the bar.
But this man Wiley, he talks as though
he were ordained by the Bar Association.
You alright, Johnny?
- Something I can do for you?
Yeah, buy me a cup of coffee.
What do you want?
- What happened? I came to see if..
Those slugs already coming look
like 38s, but those exit wounds
you'd need the wallop of a heavy 45.
Drop those slugs to ballistics
right away, Adar. - On my way.
Johnny Merrick's kid!
Johnny send you here?
What do you want?
I came to see Mr. Allen.
Come on.
Jerry's in bed.
Filled with bullets.
He's dead.
I told him..
mixing with Merrick..
How will I tell the children?
Buster, what are you doing here?
Hello, Charlie.
What's a matter with you kid, you sick?
How come you ain't in school?
Mr. Johnny ain't going to like
you coming home like this.
Buster, what's the matter with you?
Remember when we lived near the house,
huh? Over there by the river.
Let's go inside.
I get dizzy out here with
all that sun and high up and..
Here like the time I fought
Butch [?] in Pittsburgh.
Yeah in Pittsburgh! It was my
first outdoor go in the daytime.
You'd think it was..
Butch had knocked me out.
You know what beat me?
How's that bout come back to you?
Huh, Buster?
Can I get you something?
The city was shocked this morning by
the mysterious shooting of Jerry Allen.
The body of the 53 year old
newspaperman was
found on the sidewalk close
to his modest home on Alden Road.
Mr. Allen was shot and killed
by an unidentified gunman, as he left
his home to attend the first sessions
of the Ketteridge Committee hearings.
The reporter had ten days ago
launched a by-line crusade
against Clarkton's organized
gambling syndicate.
Police have indicated that they believe
the killing resulted from Allen's crusade.
And that the gunman was
imported from another state.
Allen is survived by his wife,
Elizabeth and two children.
Leona 12 and Jerry Jr 18.
The latter a student at state university.
Your next newscast will be at 4:15.
Committee will come to order.
News has been brought to us
of a shocking crime committed on
the streets of Clarkton this morning.
It is not a situation that this
committee can concern itself with.
But one that must be handled by
the local police authorities.
We do however wish to read into the
record, a tribute to Jerry Allen.
From the members of this committee.
He was not an exceptional man.
But he did have community conscience.
He took the burden of
Clarkton's fight against organized
racketeering on his shoulders
and made it his fight.
For this, it appears
he paid with his life.
For this, he achieved greatness.
Will you proceed with
your witness, Mr. Wiley?
Mr. John Merrick!
Thank you.
Do you solemnly swear that the testimony
you're about to give to this committee,
is the truth, the whole truth and nothing
but the truth, so help you god. - I do.
For the record, will you
state your full name?
Barry X. Brady.
You're a member of the bar? - I am.
And I'm appearing as an attorney
for Mr. Merrick. - Senator Ketteridge!
Mr. Merrick received a subpoena for
certain records.. - That is right.
The records of Merrick Enterprises,
they're not forthcoming.
- If you will permit me to explain, Sir.
Mr. Merrick did tell his office manager,
the man in charge of those records to
produce them. - Where are those records?
They were sent to
New York, Senator, for audit.
Merrick Enterprises employs a firm
of accountants in New York.
Very eccentric.
Aren't there any accountants in Clarkton?
None in which Mr. Merrick can
sincerely place his confidence though.
Look here, Counsellor,
do you expect us to swallow that, eh?
Swallow that?
You're obstructing
the work of this committee.
And important work, I might add.
And this business about
New York accountants..
Why a child could see..
a mere child, any child!
That this was nothing but a dodge.
And I do not hesitate
to use the word: a dodge.
I concur with Senator Svalgard's
aptly expressed sentiments.
Now Mr. Merrick will be perfectly
willing to produce.. - Willing!
It's not a matter of
whether he's willing or not,
those records have been subpoenaed.
And we want them.
The records were sent to New York
before the subpoena was served.
Then you have orders to get
those records back from New York.
That I will do, Sir.
Providing of course,
they have not been lost in the mail.
They had better not be.
You may proceed, Mr. Wiley.
- Please, sit down.
Will you state your full name.
John Merrick.
- Your address?
400 Courant Avenue.
I have an apartment there.
You also own the building?
- Yes.
What is your business, Mr. Merrick?
- Real estate.
Anything else?
- I have interests in various things.
Such as?
Clarkton Hotel, Clarkton Laundry,
wholesale liquor, a truck line.
You um..
also have an interest in the
Clarkton Fight Stadium? - A small piece.
Are you engaged in any
illegitimate enterprises? - No.
Are you not engaged
in organized gambling?
I don't know what you mean
by organized gambling.
Are you engaged in gambling in any kind?
- I never gamble.
You mean that for you, it's a sure thing.
Mr. Chairman, I object to Counsel
putting words in my client's mouth.
Counsel, will limit
himself to asking questions.
Please tell us the nature of the business
in which Merrick Enterprise is engaged.
It's a holding company,
it heads up all of my investments.
You have any investments in Chicago?
- No.
St. Louis? - No.
- Kansas City? - No.
Are you engaged in gambling?
- No.
Do you know Angelo Bruno?
How does he earn his living?
- I don't know.
It's obvious that either Mr. Merrick
or Mr. Bruno has committed perjury.
Now, Mr. Chairman,
Mr. Merrick was asked if he knows
how Angelo Bruno earns his living.
His answer is that he does not know.
Did you put Bruno into
business as a bookmaker?
I loaned him some money,
I didn't tell him what to do with it.
Did he use that money to
start a bookmaking operation?
I don't know what money he used.
Didn't you supply him with wire service
information and take his lay off bets?
Well, that's what he says.
- Was he telling the truth?
- Is Bruno telling the truth?
Is it not the duty of my client to
pass on the veracity of Mr. Bruno.
Rephrase your questions, Mr. Wiley.
Very well.
Did you have any
business dealings with Bruno?
I loaned him some money.
- Why?
He was broke.
You make it a habit of giving
money to anyone who might be broke?
Have you ever heard of the LMG
Wire Service of Chicago and St. Louis?
I might have.
You might have?
Can't you do better than that?
Of course you can, you own
the Clarkton franchise for the LMG!
Well, that's what you say.
Have you ever heard of
a man called Mr. Marty?
I know a lot of people named Marty.
- From Chicago.
Hmm.. I've heard of him.
But you don't know him though?
This is very serious, Mr. Merrick.
Please think carefully before you answer.
I'll ask you the question once more.
Have you ever heard..
or did you ever meet..
a man called Mr. Marty of Chicago?
Big Ruben?
- No.
Didn't you do a big lay off business
with the syndicate in Chicago
owned by Mr. Marty?
I own a truck line, a wholesale liquor
business, a hotel and a laundry.
You haven't answered my question!
Do you do a lay off business
with Marty's syndicate in Chicago?
Mr. Chairman, my client has
already answered that question.
I think the records will show
he has denied being a gambler.
This is a not a question about gambling.
It refers to a monetary
interstate transaction.
The witness is directed to answer.
I have no business dealings
with Chicago or St. Louis.
And you stand on that answer?
- Yes.
The witness is excused
until further notice.
Perhaps under the circumstances,
it's advisable to give an explanation.
Mr. Merrick, I have bad news for you.
Your son has just committed suicide.
Mr. Johnny, they took him away!
Buster.. they took him away!
Alright, Charlie. Alright, alright.
I was going to find him something.
What the hell have they done!
They took him away!
Me.. it was me!
I let them do it.. it was me!
Charlie, it's not your fault.
You had nothing to
do with it, understand?
He was my boy, my Buster!
Why shouldn't.. why did he?
Try not to think why.
From Rex, this letter.
Why, this kid of mine is smart!
Tells me that he's got his program
with the university arranged so he'll go
through law school in 3 years instead
of 4. He's going to go summer school.
Rex Merrick, Attorney at Law.
Better watch your step, Brady,
there's tough competition ahead.
Inspector Gordon?
- He's in his office.
You sent for me?
- Yeah, sit down.
I'm sorry about your kid, Merrick.
Sorry for Liz Allen too.
On the Allen job,
we got a couple of suspects.
Picked up on a roadblock
couple of hours ago.
They don't know nothing.
They don't even know each other.
You sent for me, now tell me why.
Maybe you can introduce
these citizens to each other.
They're putting them through lineup again.
Take a look?
I heard they sent for you, Johnny.
What's the charge, Gordon? - No charge.
It's all for free.
They want me to look at a couple of
punks they picked up in the Allen case.
Any objections, Mr. Counsel?
On my mother's grave, I swear it!
He comes into my store and
he says to me, he says, "Maxie,"
"Hold for me these watches,
rings and cigarette lighters."
"I got a new job and these
here are my samples."
A favor?
- Just a favor.
How should I know this guy has
given me stolen goods to hold, huh?
Tell us about your arrest, Maxie.
- Look,
I'm in the fruit and vegetables.
I'm clean.
No arrests.
It's hard working in
the fruits and vegetables.
No arrests, huh?
- No arrests.
Alright, you lying tramp,
1937: arrested in Slade,
suspicion of burglary.
1939: arrested in Greenville,
possession of stolen goods.
1944: arrested in Winthrop, possession.
1950: arrested in Slade as a pickpocket.
No arrests, eh?
I thought you meant this year!
Step down!
Alright, alright, come on, get a move on.
Come on, get up there.
Alright, both of you, take your hat off!
Held for questioning in the Allen murder.
On the left identified by a driver's
license is Morton Kovik, Chicago.
On the right, no identification.
What's your name?
Where you're from?
Anybody here ever see
these two guys before?
OK, Mister. Tell us your story.
I tell it five times.
Well, OK then, tell it to us again!
I'm driving back home to Chicago,
I pick up this tramp hitchhiking.
I don't know him from Adam!
I want a lawyer.
Alright, we'll get you a lawyer, Mister.
Come on, step down!
Alright, Maloney, move those two guys in
the next room. Come on, get a move on!
I know him. - Listen to me, Johnny..
- Specs Kovik.
The idiot nephew of the LMG Wire
Service. The other one is Little Harry.
Gunrunner from Chicago. Likes
to kill people, makes him feel good.
Yeah, they got Allen.
But I got no witnesses, no nothing.
You follow?
But I can think I get to Little Harry
if you let me talk to him alone.
Bring him into my office.
- You fool..
You get him to talking,
you hang yourself.
Ketteridge will hit him a subpoena. Roping
you in with the Specs, Marty, Big Ruben.
Everything you denied on the stand!
They'll hit you with 16 counts.
Federal rap, perjury..
Do you understand what you're doing?
I understand a lot more
than I did yesterday.
Ketteridge and Wiley..
those guys, they're right. I'm wrong.
My whole life I've been wrong.
Maybe that's why Rex and Jerry..
You can't run a clean sewer.
So it figures, doesn't it?
A heavy rap. Specs is a nephew.
Who do you think is going to take it?
Specs? Big Ruben? Marty?
No, you!
You're gonna take the fall alone.
But you're bigger than they are, Harry.
You can make them burn.
Just lift a finger, that little finger
and the state will strap them
in the chair and kill them.
You say the word.
And they're dead.
No gun, no trouble, nothing.
Just lift that little finger,
they're dead and you kill them!
That's power, Harry.
That's real power.
And they know it,
that's why they're afraid of you.
They're afraid that you'll make them burn.
Just by lifting that little finger.
Will they let me watch?
From the front row.
This committee is not directly concerned
with the legal question of your guilt
or innocence.
We're only interested in the fact that you
were brought to Clarkton to commit a crime.
You understand that?
- Yeah.
Do you solemnly swear that the evidence
that you're about to give is the truth?
Yeah. - The whole truth and nothing
but the truth, so help you god. - Yeah.
Alright, sit down.
State your name.
Harry Goubernik.
Where do you live, Harry?
- Mission Street in Chicago. Chicago.
How do you happen to be in Clarkton?
They brought me.
- Who?
Mr. Marty, Big Ruben and Specs.
For what purpose were
you brought to Clarkton?
They don't tell me no purpose.
Well, why did Mr. Marty, Big Ruben
and Specs come to Clarkton?
To see Merrick. Johnny Merrick.
They know John Merrick.
Sure, they know him.
He lays off with Mr. Marty's syndicate.
And did they see Mr. Merrick?
- Yeah. They've seen him.
They left me at this hotel, see?
And they come back and say..
"We got to do something about this here
Allen". They say.. - You mean Jerry Allen?
Yeah, this here Jerry Allen.
They say they talk to this here Merrick.
But he don't want to do
nothing about this Allen, see?
So, they send me..
me and Specs to..
take care of this here Allen.
What do you mean by
"take care" of Allen?
Like he was took care of.
- You mean you were told to kill him?
Who gave you those instructions?
Mr. Marty and Big Ruben.
That's all.
Mr. John Merrick, please.
You heard Harry Goubenik's testimony?
- Yes.
Was he telling the truth?
- Yes.
Did Mr. Marty, Big Ruben and Specs visit
you to discuss the situation in Clarkton?
Yes. - Are these the men from the
syndicate in Chicago and St. Louis? - Yes.
And you did a lay off business
with this syndicate? - Yes.
You are therefore in control of the
organized gambling racket in Clarkton?
The witness is excused.
A warrant will be issued
for your arrest for perjury.
Further findings will be forwarded
to the proper federal authorities.
We recommend that Mr. Merrick
be taken into immediate custody.
This committee stands adjourned!
My deadpan friend.
I love you and I will always love you.
All aboard!