T Blockers (2023) Movie Script

[audio logo]
[eerie music]
The film you're about to see
is a work of fantastic fiction,
Oh, but it's realer
than you think.
Every one of us is a
survivor on a lifeboat
drifting on a dark ocean.
We look over the edge and see
the sharks circling, waiting.
We look across at
our fellow survivors
cold, frightened, hungry.
They're looking at us
too, and we wonder,
who will break first?
That one?
Or that one?
Or will it be me?
For inside every survivor there
is a deeper, darker ocean.
And inside the deepest, darkest
waters of the human mind,
there are worse
things than sharks.
Things that watch
us from the abyss.
I'm sorry, did I frighten you?
If it helps, just keep telling
yourself, it's only a movie.
It's only a movie.
It's only a movie.
[thunder sound]
[thunder clap]
Now check for
earthquake damage.
What the actual fuck.
[music playing]
It's only a movie.
It's only a movie.
It's only a movie.
Oh, shit.
Turn it off.
I haven't had a chance
to watch that one yet.
It's like some lost
film they found.
Shot here in town
in the early 90s.
The director was trans.
In the '90s, that
can't have been easy.
It wasn't.
She committed
suicide in her '30s.
That's depressing.
I really wanted to watch
it tonight, but you know--
The big date.
Oh, hardly.
I don't like it, Sophie,
the last minute date.
You're not exactly
the spontaneous type.
Fuck off, I can be, sometimes.
Sure, OK.
But I'm telling you, if he
pulls a last minute call
on the first date,
you're practically
giving the fucker a free pass
on the last minute, shit,
you know.
But that's not true.
- Fuck me.
I'm nervous enough, can
you just not be so--
Spence, this is my
first time going on a date
since I started presenting.
Can you-- I'm so
nervous, I might shit.
What about-- what
about-- what's his face?
The one-- the one with the wife
and the midlife crisis car.
We don't talk about
what's his face.
Besides, that was nothing.
Hmm, true.
You never have even sex
him back, let alone--
Sex is gross.
So tell me about--
[gasps] that looks good.
- You really think so?
- Yeah, yeah.
Don't question your stylist.
So tell me about
this young man.
What's his name?
What are his prospects?
Is he-- is he kind
to the servants?
Well, his name is Adam.
And before you ask, he's totally
cool with the whole trans
What's with the tone?
I didn't have a tone.
You had a tone.
OK, nothing, nothing.
Looks-- so when are you--
that, yes, that's it.
You really think so?
Don't-- don't
question me, woman.
[nhales sharply]
OK, cool.
I do not need to
shit before I go.
I do not need to
shit before I go.
So what-- when are you--
when are you meeting him?
Shit, fuck, I'm
going to be late.
Go then, you look great.
- Really think so?
- Fuck off.
OK, bye, bye.
Bye, bye, bye, bye, bye.
Fuck me. um, can you
pass me my hormones?
Please, please, please.
Thank you.
[muffed speech]
Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.
Wait, you can't see my
dick in this, right?
Oh, get out of here.
Well, damn.
You-- you look amazing.
Oh, thank you.
I have a great stylist.
Why, you really
have a stylist?
No, [inaudible].
Oh, I could totally
believe you have a stylist.
Oh, thank you.
I think.
[chuckles] Um, I swear, it
doesn't matter how much older
you get, you always
feel like a shy fucking
tween on a first date.
But can I be honest,
so I actually work here.
And my workmates are
going to do everything
they can to embarrass me, so
could we maybe skip the movie
and just go for a bite to eat?
Although I kind of
want to know what
they're going to do
to embarrass you.
Oh, let's-- let's not, OK.
Lead the way.
[music playing]
(inaudible dialogue)
(inaudible dialogue)
Uh, I'm just
going to go to the--
Oh, yeah, go or
you'll explode.
[chuckles] Explode.
[phone chimes]
Fuck that motherfucking
cunt, are you serious?
Yeah, I can't believe
he's a fucking chaser.
Nothing surprises me anymore.
You just left HIM there, right?
No, I gave him a little smooch
and then some sloppy roadhead.
Fucking hell, I knew there
was something off about him.
Fuck off, you
never even met him.
I'm a bit like fucking psychic
about this shit, you know that.
You're not fucking psychic.
You're a cynic.
Extra cynical perception.
I knew.
And anyway, for a
fucking director,
you're a shit
judge of character.
Character I understand.
People, not so much.
Yeah, well, you got
to know when people are
acting outside the frame too.
I hate massive actors.
Give me a phone.
- What?
- Give me your phone.
No, fuck off.
OK, fuck you.
I got it.
Don't worry about it.
What the fuck are you doing?
It's Adam, right?
Don't worry.
[music playing]
Fucking tranny.
She had no right to
rejecting you like that.
They should know their place.
I was in the restaurant before.
Anyway, I know the feeling,
man, but not for a long time.
No one rejects me now.
You can be like that too.
OK, yeah.
Come on.
You look like you
need another drink.
I know a place.
I know a place.
She had no right to
treat you that way.
You'll be fine.
Spence, Spencer.
Oh, fuck, man.
We gotta get out of bed.
We got to get up.
Call time is in like 30 minutes.
Oh, fuck.
I offer this virgin blood
to the goddess of youth.
Yeah, I'm on it.
Besides that, how was it?
Oh, it was perfect, babe.
Next take, the picture
stays up and I suck.
No way.
Come-- fucking, oh, my God.
Come on Spence, this is
the last shot of the day.
Bitch, you wanted this
heavy ass frame, help.
[music playing]
[mimics glugging]
Hair of the dog.
You guys clearly
needed that one.
I need to hibernate
for the fucking winter.
Ooh, that sounds really nice.
I take it the shoot
didn't go very well.
Look, it went fine, just--
never mind.
She had a date with a chaser.
You should bring him here next
time, reckon we could use more
cocks on the trophy room wall.
Hi, all.
Hey, Crystal.
Oh, Sophie, I have this
brand new idea for an act.
I think you're going
to absolutely love it.
It's inspired by Harry Potter.
It's called JK
Rowling is a Cunt.
[chuckles] I--
I do love that.
I-- I will be back in a minute.
Watch where you're going.
Sorry, I was--
I was miles away, sorry.
Yeah, you were a little
bit closer than that.
No, no.
Old tango.
Yeah, seriously.
Um, I will just
take a step back.
Yeah, thank you.
Oh, I can't believe I giggled.
[music playing]
Are you fucking kidding me?
It was in the ladies.
Literally spent all
night picking this shit up
last Friday.
What is that, another
[inaudible] circle joke?
I'm going to go find where
they've put the others.
Um, can someone please
make sure this one doesn't
drink all the fucking vermouth?
Thank you.
There's more vermouth?
I can't imagine
they'd get a lot
of takers around this joint.
Oh, you'd be surprised.
Once our conservative
MP come in here.
Oh, my gosh, he had on
the stupidest disguise.
I forgot the name,
but you know we
get closet chasers and
peekers come in all the time.
Fucking hypocrites.
Not all of them.
Not these days.
Honestly, I don't know
what's worse anymore.
Um, I never see
them dropping this.
It's like they're fucking
ninjas or something.
What about the cameras?
Oh, my God, yeah.
Thank fuck they're
plugged in, right?
The boss just picked up a
bunch of old ones, broken ones
and put them around the place.
I feel so fucking
safe right now. woo!
Don't fucking touch me.
Come on, you want it.
I said, don't
fucking touch me.
Fucking chill out, bitch.
Hey, oi!
Or what?
You want to ride?
Fucking tranny dyke slut.
Let's go.
I'm sorry about him.
- Get him the fuck out of here.
- I'm taking him.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I'm not going home.
The night is still young.
Shut the fuck up.
Just get the fuck out of here!
Jesus Christ.
Yeah, and don't come back
or I'll rip your fucking head
off and shit down your neck.
[cheers, applause]
Sophie, what's up?
Oh, jeez, all of a
sudden I just feel a bit.
I'm not coming down
with something.
Hey, at least even if I'm
sick I still look sickening.
- Oh.
I just-- I just saw--
I think I just saw Adam.
What, he's here?
No, I'm sorry.
I think I'm just tired.
Can we go home?
See you, darling.
Bye, darling.
Wait, who's Adam?
Oh, my God.
I swear if we had $1 for every
time we've left someplace
looking behind us, we would
own a fucking studio by now.
i swear to God.
I felt different tonight.
Bear with me.
It was like I knew he was
there before I saw him.
Yeah, OK.
Pass us the bottle.
Here you go.
Jesus Christ.
[eerie music]
[gory feeding sounds]
authority asks that anyone
finding a groundwater seepage--
- Jesus
has funky looking tap water
to report it and not
drink it until the water
department can test it.
Like anyone is just going
to drink filthy tap water.
RADIO) If I recall,
the last earthquake
that big was in 1991.
Oh, shit.
Is that you're last one?
depressing political news.
Our state continues its
slide into fundamentalism
and proto-fascism as new
proposals put forward
by our most honorable
rep in the Senate means
that the treatment of
transgender children
under the age of 18 will be
classified as child abuse,
and subject to criminal law if
reported to social services.
I saw that before on the news.
They want to make
it so that people
can report doctors or
parents for child abuse
if they help trans kids.
A Gestapo of Karens.
Fucking hell.
You're all right?
I mean, yeah, but no.
I'm feeling a bit manky.
[exhales] I really do not
want to go to work today.
Did you get the extra hours?
No, they-- they
gave them to Luke.
The boss's nephew, figures.
He's fucking useless too.
Spends all of his time
smoking weed out back
because he knows he's never
going to get in trouble
or fired for it.
You got any gigs
in the pipeline?
I've got two jobs coming
up, but not in time though.
What are we going to do?
Skip the country.
It's-- it's shit
everywhere, Spence.
Do-- Do you ever
answer your phone?
I don't know the number.
If it's important,
they'll leave a message.
You think it might be Adam?
You deleted his number, right?
[exhales] I don't know.
Hi, Sophie, Zen Laurence
here, you don't know me,
but I saw your
short film, Smash,
and I really love your voice.
I'd love to organize a
catch up where we can chat
about what you're doing next.
I'm actually running this--
you know what, this
is going on a bit.
Why don't you call me
back in this mobile number
and we can organize a
face-to-face meeting, OK?
Ciao now.
Hm, Cool.
Call him back.
Who talks like that?
Stop being so fucking
cynical and call him back,
it might be a job or something.
Where did this
guy get my number?
I don't know, ask him.
Yeah, I'll--
I'll think about it.
My ass you'll think about it.
[music playing]
Goblin mindset, baby.
Goblin, goblin mindset got my
dial set all the way up to 11.
I need a little bit of
hell inside of my heaven.
Goblin, goblin mindset got my
dial set all the way up to 11.
I need a little bit of
heaven inside of my heaven.
Goblin, goblin mindset got my
dial set all the way up to 11.
I need a little bit of
hell inside of my heaven.
William Shakespeare wrote,
"It's not in the stars
to hold our destiny,
but in ourselves."
In tonight's film, we meet
a young woman in a world
ruled by superstition.
All are born to the plan of
the gods whose will is read
in omens, rolling bones, the
stars, and the narcotic vision
of the oracles.
If the stars say
that your love must
go to war against an unbeatable
foe, then they are lost.
If the bones say you must marry
a suitor that you can never
love, then that is your fate.
Or is it?
All it takes is one
unfulfilled prophecy
to plant a seed of doubt.
If one vision is wrong,
then what of all the others?
And is that ancient world really
that different from our own?
What if you think that
situation that is inescapable
isn't at all?
After all, a locked
door is only locked
because someone locked it.
Find the key.
And if you can't, you
should maybe pick the lock.
[rock hitting window]
Fuck me, London.
We have a front door, you know?
You never open
the front door, so.
Can you come out for a second?
Um, I don't smoke anymore.
Yeah, sure, you don't.
How's the movie going?
It's all right?
Oh, you know, it sucks.
Thought so.
Tell this hag.
How's the band?
We suck.
Yeah, but, like, you guys are,
like, punk or whatever, right?
Isn't that kind of the point?
Is it?
All right.
Well, no wonder why we suck.
That's what we were trying
to do the whole time.
There's your problem.
Um, you know,
speaking of life and--
We weren't speaking
of life, London.
Well, we are now,
as you can see.
How's it going?
It's that good, huh?
Oh, yeah.
And, um because,
you know, any--
The transition?
How's it going?
God, you're more
like Dad than you know.
Oh, all right,
look, I didn't come
here to get insulted and stuff.
I don't know.
You don't know?
What do you mean?
I guess, it's just a
really hard time right now.
Yeah, I thought so.
Dad told me to give it to you.
No, no, no.
Just don't be
stupid, all right?
He knows you need it.
Just take it.
It's fine.
Dad can't afford this.
I know he must be,
like, saving in secret.
Just don't tell Mom, OK?
She'll shit herself.
Besides, I don't want you
living on like instant noodles
and stuff, OK?
How did you know
I had noodles?
It's 'cause you smell
like Mie Goreng, that's why.
You know, Dad actually
stopped drinking.
- Seriously?
Doctor said stop it, you know?
I guess that's how he's
been saving the money.
Oh, my God.
What about you?
Saving money?
Yeah, no, I'm doing well.
I'm doing really well.
I got my fourth investment
property last weekend.
It's going good.
And I'm doing well
in stock as well.
I'm rolling in it currently.
No, you fucking idiot.
The other thing.
Yeah, I'm still clean.
That's amazing.
How long has it been now?
It's been nearly a year now.
Good for you, too.
Has it gotten easier?
Yeah, kind of.
One of my counselors said
there's like a hungry monster
inside of us.
Yeah, it's kind of
weird and stuff.
But then we stop feeding it.
It kind of starts
going nuts, starts
tearing out your insides.
It's to punish us.
Then it screams,
[distorted speech]..
Then it kind of gets weaker and
weaker the longer it starves.
That's a mental image.
It's kind of sick, I think.
My monster is kind of
getting weak now, so.
Look, I know things seem
shitty for you now, all right?
But you're not far
off on yourself.
It's just, see, for you, the
monsters are on the outside.
Yeah, maybe.
This monster stuff will
make you sick, Moody.
[laughs] Fuck you.
Would you like a ciggie?
No, I actually quit.
You suck.
So, question, so does Spence
still have a crush on me?
That's sort of sad.
Thank you for coming.
Thanks for coming.
You are the only person from
that session who actually
put their stuff in the bin.
Hey, you.
Yeah, people are disgusting.
Yeah, well, you
can't argue with that.
But at least I
know you're a goodie.
You saved the cat.
Sorry, it's a
screenwriting term.
You're a screenwriter?
Yeah, writer director.
Can't you tell?
Oh, yeah.
Obviously, yeah.
Well, I'm a classically
trained pianist,
so obviously, I play keyboard
in an '80s cover band, so.
Oh, that's more
pathetic than me.
I hate '80s pop music.
So what was up with your
friend the other night?
Oh, Danny.
Yeah, look, he's just had
a rough time recently.
You know?
I mean, it's mainly his own
doing, but I could be wrong.
He seems like a charming guy.
He used to be cool.
We just used to be friends
when we were a little younger.
I don't know.
The last couple of years
a bit rough for him.
Girlfriend left him,
quit uni, lost his job.
So we try to keep him on
his feet and everything,
but he started watching
Jordan Peterson.
Yeah, yeah, and the other guy,
the little guy, squeaky voice.
Oh, Shapiro.
Yeah, that's the one.
So now he's on this
full-on process
of just, like, a vacation.
But anyway, I'm
Chris, by the way.
Oh, I'm Sophie.
But my friends call me Sophie.
Oh, OK.
I guess I'll have
to call you Sophie
until I get to know
you better and then
I can start calling you Sophie.
Get to know me better?
That's a little presumptuous.
[laughs] Yeah.
OK, I have to go
pick up everyone else's
messes, except for yours.
Yeah, sure.
Maybe I'll catch you around?
We go to the Polyester Bar
every Thursday for Happy Hour.
It's between like 6:00 and
7:00 if you wanted to maybe,
you know, call me Sophie.
Yeah, sure.
Who knows?
Maybe I'll catch you there.
Oh, just, maybe don't
bring your friend?
I won't.
I swear.
You know, it's kind
of mean to always
be eating that unhealthy
shit in front of me.
It's not unhealthy.
Look, it's got lettuce.
[coughs] Oh, man.
So what are you
all dreamy about?
Did you call that Zen Chao,
or whatever his name was?
Oh, yeah.
- No, you didn't.
- Yeah, no, I didn't.
Why not?
Oh, what's the point?
The point?
The point is, he's a producer.
And he might have some money.
And you lived off of fucking
$0.85 Mie Gorengs for a month
to pay for your last film.
I like Mie Goreng!
- Sophie!
- Fuck!
I'll call him back, but
it won't lead to anything.
Nothing ever does.
Maybe, but you never know.
I know!
Jesus, Sophie, your
cynicism is like a suit made--
a suit of armor made out
of fucking bubblegum.
Like, you put it on to keep
yourself safe from the world,
and then you can't pick
it up because it's too
fucking hard and sticky now.
Ew, that's so gross.
Also, Spencer, in,
like, five minutes,
I have to go back to
picking actual bubblegum out
of the carpets of the foyer.
That is my real life.
That's what I'm destined for,
not some great, big break out
of the blue.
It'll just turn out to be
another sleazy, fucking
bullshit scam.
And please, spare me your
gross food metaphors.
I've been feeling
really shitty lately.
It's all right.
One day, you'll appreciate
my gross food metaphors.
You just got to stop holding
yourself back, all right?
You gotta take a chance.
Like, sure, you're
no [inaudible],,
but you're good,
better than most.
You just got to get yourself
out there, get known.
I suck at that.
I can't schmooze for shit!
Maybe, but if someone's
in your stuff and likes it,
then you don't need to schmooze.
Just be cool.
Your stuff is cool
because you're cool.
OK, that was a bit cheesy,
but you know what I mean.
Fine, I'll call him.
Good, because if
you don't, I will.
Don't you dare.
[music playing]
This shit's not supposed to
taste like Cheetos, right?
Well, this is kind
of a sad Happy Hour.
Where is everyone?
Probably laying low.
Haven't you been
watching the news?
I've been on set all week.
Been a lot of threats lately.
Between the new laws and
that rally that's happening,
every skinhead and incel
in town is running around
with a tiny little hard-on.
I'd get a taxi home
tonight if I were you two.
I mean, Jesus.
Neither of you have heard
from Crystal by any chance,
have you?
No, not me.
I don't know.
She's just not
picking up her phone,
hasn't shown up for work.
So the boss is,
like, really pissed.
I reckon she's going
to lose her gig
if she doesn't show up soon.
I mean, maybe she's keeping
low like everyone else.
No, she'd call.
Can barely get her off the
phone half the fucking time.
I hope she's all right.
Me, too.
Did you guys know that
she has depression?
It's pretty bad.
She used to disappear
for, like, days on end.
So chances are she's
just gone somewhere,
but mm, yeah, no word.
[music intensifying]
Are you OK?
There's something--
Oh, Christ, I'm not in the
mood for bullshit tonight!
All of you cunts get
the fuck out of here!
Fuck, fuck, fuck!
Everyone, it's OK!
They're gone!
- Are you sure?
- Yeah!
Oh, my fucking God.
We're in a fucking movie!
- What movie?
You can feel them, can't you?
Like the girl.
OK, what the fuck
are you talking about?
Wait, who were they?
What the fuck did they want?
I don't know.
They followed me.
- Who?
- These guys!
I don't know.
Danny goes off to a meeting.
I don't see him
this entire week.
Now these guys follow
me and try to grab me.
You knew that.
Yeah, wait, no.
I don't know.
I've had this weird
feeling all week.
Like I get gross, but
for certain people.
It's been like that
since the earthquake.
Oh, my God.
We're so in the fucking movie!
BOTH: What movie?
When did you watch it?
A couple of days ago.
If I wait for you, I'll
never see anything.
[audio rewinding]
This is a true story.
It happened, and it
will happen again.
My name is Betty.
I just killed my
next door neighbor.
Only it wasn't really him.
It's a long story.
It all started when
he went missing
a week before I killed him.
Not him-- it.
On the day the earthquake
hit [inaudible] in 1990.
Freaked out by the
earthquake, they left
him beaten and probably dying.
When he went to school a few
days later, he was different.
No one knew but me.
Sure, they noticed he
was harder, tougher,
more confident, but they
didn't feel what I felt.
They thought he manned up, been
beaten straight, but I knew.
Something inside him had
eaten all that was him
and was walking around in his
skin pretending to be him.
And when other kids began to
change, the insecure kids, even
some of the bullies, you
knew they were just terrified
of their drunk fathers.
I felt it.
I never thought I'd
be so thankful for so
much exposition in a movie.
[laughs] Yeah.
I told you.
It's like what we saw
tonight, but not sock puppets.
Yeah, I guess, the
director, Betty Palmer,
made this after
everything happened
to try and warn people?
How's a shitty movie going
to warn anybody about anything?
I mean, no one was going to
believe it any way you told it.
People love being in movies.
That's what I would have done.
Suddenly it dawned on me
how weak they really were.
Sure, they look and act scary,
but what am I really afraid of?
A fucking worm?
I wasn't afraid anymore.
I would fight them.
I had to find them
before they get out,
before they spread to
other towns, to big cities.
It's worm smashing time.
Like I said before,
this is a true story.
I expect you all to believe it.
I don't even know who
this movie is for,
but when the one or
ones it is for sees it,
they'll already know it's true.
They'll know that any
way, you can feel them.
And they'll know
what has to be done
before, before it's too late.
We've got to send
this to Storm and Chris.
Chris, too?
Yeah, he's in this
shit now as well.
Yeah, right.
Before we begin
tonight's movie,
I want to ask you something.
What makes a monster?
[delilah bon, "chop dicks"]
is a hell of a ride
as we're teaching our daughter
about having some pride.
But it's our sons
sitting in the bedrooms
watching porn with their
brothers that we gotta remind.
It's like that, you know,
the women on the videos,
giving head to the
guy with the 20-inch--
Well, I--
Was Dr. Frankenstein's
creation a monster the moment
he was awakened, lying on
the cold laboratory slab?
Or did he become a monster
after his creator abandoned him,
left to fend for
himself in a world
hostile against
all things believed
to be different and unusual?
All alone in a world
described as monstrous.
Let me just remind
you how it's going
to go down.
I'm not your girl.
I do not appreciate
you coming around.
You like my style,
like the way my body
looking when I get down.
That's fine.
It's true, but understand that
I would never get with you.
A lot of people just ignore
the dick in the room,
hoping the misogynistic dude
will grow some balls soon.
But if I hold back
any longer, I'm
going to choke,
spasm on the floor
if I hear another rape joke.
You guys pretend that it
is funny, but it's not.
Did it happen to your sister?
I guess not.
Do you not respect
your mother?
I guess not.
Did you get it from
your father?
Well, of course not.
Because all the boys with
their hands on their dicks
and their mind on the money
and the cars and the chicks,
you don't know about the
lonely walk home with
your keys
in your hand getting
ready to chop dicks.
'Cause you don't have to
re-think what you're wearing,
pretend that you're listening
to music to stop the staring.
So that's the question
that I've been asking--
was another incident
with our mysterious
masked vigilantes
two nights ago,
protecting two local teens
from being attacked.
Yeah, there was.
Police have released
a statement claiming that rumors
of increased incidences of hate
crimes are being exaggerated
and have, again, called
for the masked
strangers to stop taking
the law into their own hands
and turn themselves in.
I have a better idea--
put them on the fucking payroll.
- Yeah!
MAN (ON RADIO): They're
doing more than you
fuckers ever did to protect us.
This next track is for
you, masked bigot bashers.
Keep up the good work.
(inaudible dialogue)
Just wait and see.
I know he's stable,
but I'm no fun.
Let's pack our shit
and fucking run.
We got that [inaudible]
and a chess piece.
What's it gonna take
for you to pick me?
[inaudible] We won't
make a sound, so
don't tell [inaudible]
[inaudible] heading
northbound priority one in the
Uniontown area [inaudible]..
to 212, on a huge freeway.
We've been given a [inaudible].
Hi, Dad.
I was just in the area.
Thought I'd say hello.
Going to work, huh?
Uh, yeah.
How's it going?
Yeah, it's good.
That's great.
That's great.
Thank you, by the
way, for the-- you know.
Yeah, yeah.
Yeah, that's--
look, it's all good.
I mean, I just hope
it helps, you know?
It does.
It really does.
Anyway, I just wanted to check
up on you, but not just that.
Look, things are a bit
weird out there these days.
And you know, for
people that [inaudible]..
Well, you know.
Yeah, I'm fine, really.
I'm OK.
I mean, no, I'm not saying
you're doing anything.
It's just-- look, people are
going missing at the moment.
And to be honest,
down at the station,
we haven't got a
clue what's going on.
And you didn't
hear this from me,
but our hands are tied behind
our backs, and we can't--
What does that mean?
No, no, no, look, I just want
to make sure you're being safe.
- Uh-huh.
And I think it's probably
a good idea that you don't
go to that bar for a bit, yeah?
Yeah, no.
Of course.
Good, good.
Anyway, you want a--
do you want a lift to work?
Oh, yeah, no, that'd be great.
Thank you.
Before I realized it
was Dad, I totally
thought the pigs were onto us.
It makes you think,
though, like,
how long are we going
to keep doing this
before they figure
out who we are?
I don't know.
Is it just me, or does normal
life seem super weird now?
Fuck yeah.
It feels like a sort of--
An emptiness?
Fuck, Spence, is
this our new normal?
We all think we an oppressive
regime when we see one--
soldiers marching, dictators
saluting, concentration camps.
But as tonight's
movie will show,
there are means and methods to
control an oppression that most
of us will never
even notice, maybe
because it doesn't affect us.
But who really is this us?
And how do we know if we
are them or the other?
Our hero tonight is
an outsider, an alien,
a strange creature
lost in what we
believe to be the normal world.
Or is she?
What if the stranger isn't
really the strange one?
What if the world
we see as normal
isn't what it appears to be?
What if the accepted
normal is the strange?
Maybe, just maybe, the insane
have taken over the inside.
Great to meet you.
Sorry I'm late.
I was on a phone call with
George Miller's people.
They're thinking about coming
to Oz to shoot the new Mad Max
film, seeing what I
could do here to grease
the wheels a bit, you know?
Are you OK?
Oh, yeah, I am.
I do parkour.
[gasps] Parkour, cool.
Wa yah-yah!
Yeah, I'm not very good at it.
Where are my manners?
I'm Zen.
Hi, Zen.
Are your parents Buddhists?
No, why?
I was just wondering.
So I'll go water.
Are you all right for another?
I'm fine, thank you.
I'll have a double
decaf soy latte.
Thank you.
So anyway, thanks
for meeting up.
I know everyone's
about the video calls
and the emails
these days, but I'm
a real hands-on kind of guy.
I like to meet people
face to face, get
a sense of who they are,
a glimpse into their soul,
so to speak.
There really is no substitute
for meeting in person,
I think, especially
in our business
where we have to work together,
get along like human beings.
You know?
Not like mindless
worker ants, you know?
You know?
Yeah, absolutely.
So I saw your short.
Loved it!
Great stuff.
Raw, funny, like a Jake
Waters kind of feel.
Oh, John Waters?
Yes, totally.
Tons of potential great stuff.
So I'm putting together an event
for local indie filmmakers,
LGBQ2+ filmmakers.
It's an opportunity to
showcase new emerging talent.
Oh, great.
Sounds awesome.
So there'll be a screening,
then speeches, and that's
when the fundraising
kicks in, where
we have an opportunity to--
[audio distorting]
Sophie, are you all right there?
Funding stream, yeah.
Count me in, absolutely.
- Yes!
- Absolutely.
I'm so sorry.
I-- ooh, I have an
appointment to get to.
Sorry, bye.
That's OK!
I'll send you the
application details.
It's going to be amazing!
[music playing]
The feeling was
overwhelming, like there's
something big in there.
I mean, in the movie,
the worm stuck by the hole
where the one that
lays eggs is, remember?
That was gross.
But this is the place
we're looking for, right?
What are we going to do?
- Well, we've got to stop it.
But how?
Like, how many of
them are there?
There's not many.
I mean, I don't
know, but there's
definitely more than us.
We could burn the
fucking building down.
That could work, I guess.
Sure, fuck.
We've broken every other
law in the last few weeks.
What's awesome?
I once set fire to one
of those buildings before.
And the whole roof's
just like caving in.
I was 15!
I mean, look, it
was an accident.
I didn't--
What is it with
teenage boys and fire?
Anywho, hypothetically,
where would
we even find some kind of fuel?
My old man owns a server.
How the hell do we do this?
Well, how the hell
did you accidentally
burn down that building?
We were inside of it.
How do we get in?
Why don't we just kick
the fucking door in?
I don't know.
It looks kind of solid to me.
I guess we could just knock.
Yeah, sure, we'll
just knock on the door,
and when they open
it, we'll ask them
if they want to talk about Jesus
Christ, our Lord and Savior.
Are you fucking kidding me?
[knock at door]
Hello there.
Can you spare a moment
to talk about Jesus
Christ, our Lord and Savior?
What is this?
Oh, it's that
fucking [inaudible]??
Holy shit.
This is them.
Jesus Christ.
Fuck, you fuck!
Where did Adam go?
- I don't know!
It's so dark!
- Fuck!
We'll get him later.
[tense music]
It's in him.
It's in him.
Now the egg layer is in him.
I can feel it!
What the fuck?
What are you doing?
I'm giving up.
Fucking, fucking everything!
No, you're not.
Oh, fuck you!
Why can't I?
Because you can't.
Why not?
Because I can't
find Adam by myself.
I can't feel them like you do.
What's the point?
Even if we find Adam,
there'll be others.
There'll be another
fucking earthquake,
and these things will just
come swimming up again.
And there's nothing we can
do to stop this whole thing
from happening.
So what?
We don't need to
worry about then.
We're fighting it
now, on our watch.
Like Betty did.
Betty's dead.
The worms-- worms
got her in the end.
No, they didn't.
She beat them.
No, they didn't.
They beat her.
They got inside her head.
They stayed there.
That's what they do.
That's the real
horror about them.
They don't even have
to exist to be real.
That's not true.
Look at it out there.
Look at this.
They win even when they lose.
Betty knew that.
That's why she ended it.
She knew she wasn't
strong enough.
She knew it was hopeless.
I'm not strong enough either.
No, you're the
strongest person I know.
And anyway, fuck
these Nazi cunts,
and fuck everything else, OK?
Yeah, sure, we can't
fight it all in one night,
but we can fight
this, this one thing.
That's good enough for me.
Anyway, you have the ability
to feel the worms, OK?
That makes you special.
Maybe it goes beyond the worms.
Fuck, who knows what other
freaky fucking shit is lurking
about you can save people from?
You can feel when someone
isn't who they are.
What's the point when I
can't even feel who I am?
No, that's bullshit.
You know who you are.
Don't let them get into your
head with that shit, OK?
They win when you
doubt yourself.
Then I guess they win.
What's the point
in knowing who
I am when I can't be who I am?
I am never going to be
able to afford surgery,
even if I wanted it.
I can barely afford
the hormones.
And now that fucking
fascist prick is in office,
it's only going to get harder!
Even if we smash
every last one of them,
we are still going to
lose the apartment.
I am going to end up back home.
Bigots will still
vote for bigots.
Nothing will change.
Nothing will ever get better.
And the pain will never go away.
And now I find someone who
loves me for who I am and not
what I am, and
he's fucking gone.
That's bullshit.
I love you for who you are.
And your brother loves you, and
your dad loves you in his way.
And look, we'll
figure it all out.
Fuck it all.
We always get by.
You don't need to go home.
Fuck, if we have to
fight an abandoned house
to squat in, fine, suits us.
We're punk rockers, shit.
I've smashed skulls
open, strangled
an ancient evil parasite.
You're fucked if you think
I'm scared of the rent, OK?
All right?
And Betty was all alone
against this, too, remember?
You're not.
We have each other and Storm.
How are we going to find Adam?
He will have
skipped town by now.
He'll be in like Sydney
or Melbourne laying eggs,
and then we're properly fucked.
I don't know, but
we have to try it
because if we don't, then--
Then we're just passing the
problem off onto someone else
to deal with.
I am so fucking stupid.
No, don't.
No, no, no, no, look at this.
Imagine you're an evil
gross worm parasite,
and you're all
alone in the world.
And you need insecure,
gullible idiots to lay eggs in.
Where would you go?
Looks like we're
going to a rally.
Oh, Storm's
going to love this.
STORM: I love this.
Before you start
knocking heads together,
we've got a fucking bug to find.
No harm in cracking
some fascist skulls
first to see what's inside.
Hopefully it
hasn't come to that.
You feel anything
in these meatheads?
[inaudible] nothing.
Jesus Christ, look at them.
Can you imagine if this was us
or a Black Lives Matter rally?
The cops would be all
over this, but instead,
they're just hanging way back.
I'm not fucking surprised.
Anyway, I reckon--
[groans] Oh, fuck.
You all right?
No, I can feel him.
He's here somewhere.
Man, it's fucking awful.
It's like he's
afraid or desperate.
That means dangerous.
I wish mystical fucking
powers weren't so fucking vague
so I just knew where he was.
There he is.
No, you fucking don't!
Storm, careful!
No, fuck!
OK, I can save him.
I can save him.
Oh, shit, fuck!
I can save him!
I can save him!
Come on, come on, come on!
Oh, fuck!
Fuck, fuck, no, I can save him.
Sophie, we got to go!
I'm sorry!
All this time,
you were one of us.
You were.
All this time, you
were one of us.
Shut up!
Great, cut!
It's light.
Let's do it again.
Let's reset the worm.
We're losing the light, people.
Is it always like this?
Yep, as glamorous
as working in a pub.
I don't know
how you two do it.
I guess it's all we have.
We're doing this.
All right, everybody,
let's turn over.
We'll pop a slate in.
47 alpha, take 69.
Before you turn
off the television,
and prepare yourself for
bed, ask yourself this.
If what I just watched
were to really happen,
if the things from the abyss
were to swarm up and take
advantage of our fragile
bodies and frightened minds,
how would you know if the person
sitting next to you right now
really is who you
think they are?
And are you who you
really think you are?
Good night, viewers.
Pleasant dreams, and remember,
keep your eyes on the abyss.
Dead men don't rape!
Dead men don't rape!
Dead men don't rape!
They get so offended when
I say dead men don't rape!
But where is their anger
when I say women are,
women are, women are dying?
This is my body.
My body is mine, don't
belong to the government.
This is my body.
It's mine to decide what
the fuck I can do with it.
This is my body.
My right to decide is
my right to my freedom.
This is my body.
Yeah, yeah.
Not just a body, yeah.
They're starting a
war, creating a scene.
My body is not just a
playground for men with
their guns,
religion, and greed.
They're taking our
freedom to breathe now.
If freedom to choose
is taken away,
how many more
babies will die now?
How many women will
die now?
Tell me how many more
people will die now?
It's never been pro-life.
Only been pro-white.
Black mothers
fighting for justice.
What about babies?
You want to save them?
You only care when
they're unborn.
But you're from the UK.
It doesn't affect you.
But in the same
ship, we're sinking.
Untapped is the
anger feminist power,
new generation is
screaming no!
Dead men don't rape!
What the fuck is this?
What did I do?
I have the right to a--
If you ever try and
scam anyone ever again,
we're coming for you.
And Zen, never fuck
with queer filmmakers.
Ciao now.
is my body, yeah, yeah.
I am somebody, yeah.
All of these men
do it in secret,
not ready to be a father.
So where are their voices?
Where is their anger?
Acting like it doesn't matter.
Punish the victim,
making us suffer.
Nobody even believed her.
Now she's pregnant,
having his baby,
raped by her very own father.
Oh, I wanna scream
till I break.
They say I'm overreacting.
But how can I smile,
put on a face,
when all my sisters are dying?
But free are the
rapists, child molesters,
walking around,
tasting their freedom.
Because of the system, no
more abortions, and fuck all
the children that need them.
Dead men don't rape.
Dead men don't rape.
You get so offended when
I say dead men don't rape.
But where is your anger
when I say women are,
women are, women are dying?
Women are dying.
Every day, my thoughts
have been spiraling.
How many rights will
they take from the women,
non-binary, trans people?
Violence, is it the answer?
Maybe it is, and they're
scared we'll discover
the strength of our
feminine power, the strength
of our anger in numbers.
We are the witches
they burn at the stake.
Black, Brown, Indigenous women
replaced with voices of only
white women today, who
don't know the struggles
that these women face.
But this generation
is ready to change.
We stand with our
sisters of every race.
We understand racism still
has its place in oppressing
so many young women today.
So keep your politics out
of my uterus and your hands
off my body!
Excuse me, mister,
people are dying.
People are, people
are, people are dying.
My body, my choice, my future.
Keep your hands off my body.
Excuse me, mister,
women are dying.
Women are, women
are, women are dying.
When a gun's got more
fucking rights than a girl,
keep your politics
out of my body.
Excuse me, mister,
children are dying.
Children are, children
are, children are dying.
My body, my choice, my future.
Keep your hands off my body.
Women are dying,
women are dying,
women are, women
are, women are dying.
This generation has the tools
to push for a brighter future
where victims are not
punished in a system
that is meant to protect them.
Women, trans, non binary,
and people with uteruses
will have the rights
to their own bodies.
And rapists will not
walk free anymore.
Dead men don't rape.
Dead men don't rape.
Dead men don't rape.
Dead men don't rape.