T.I.M. (2023) Movie Script

(ominous music)
(car door closes)
(birds chirping)
(dogs barking)
(echoing footsteps)
PAUL: Ready?
(car engine starts outside)
(dramatic music)
(car engine starts)
(soft piano music)
Are you sure it's this way?
Yeah, I think so.
(car rumbling on dirt road)
(car brakes squeak)
What do you think?
I think we need to buy
some curtains.
(doorbell rings)
(front door opens)
You must be the Graingers.
It's a fully-integrated smart
home, as your company requested.
So, all appliances can be
activated remotely
using your device.
Oh...I know you hate that.
I do hate that.
RAYA: At times, you'll forget
you're even in the countryside.
(mouse squeaking)
There are cameras located
throughout the property,
as well as smart locks
and reinforced glass.
Where shall I...?
Put it in the guest room.
I want you in with me.
(romantic music)
RAYA: And through here, we have
the master bedroom,
with dressing area,
en-suite shower
and free-standing bath.
(sheets flapping)
(laughs) Oh, God.
Are you twelve?
-What are you doing?!
RAYA: This one we've left
But it would make a very nice
office or nursery.
PAUL: Can you hear that?
For when the fully-integrated
technology falls apart.
(phone clangs)
RAYA: And finally,
the roof terrace,
the property's piece
de resistance.
(birds singing)
So, what do you think?
I think we're going to
be really happy here.
(ominous music)
PAUL: Love how dark it is here.
ABI: No light pollution.
PAUL: So romantic.
ABI: What do you want
me to do,
tell you about the stars?
Mm-hmm, it might be nice, yeah.
Hmm, let's see.
What is that one called?
PAUL: Er, that one is called
the Nike Swoosh'.
(laughs) Close, er,
but it's Ursa Major.
The Plough, even you know
the Plough.
-And that one?
Yeah? That one,
slightly to the right.
That is Abi's Shoulder Mole'.
Actually, that's still
Ursa Major.
And this one is the sensitive
spot, just up her neck. (kisses)
And that one's...
You're not even looking at
the sky any more.
Why would I?
(dramatic music)
(robotic whirring)
Mrs. Grainger,
welcome to Integrate Robotics.
If you'd like to take a seat,
Mr. Dewson will be down to
join you in a moment.
-How does that...?
-Uh, deepfake.
We've developed
a new technology
that creates them seamlessly
in real-time.
Cool, huh? Keep up
the good work.
BOTH: Thank you, Mr. Dewson.
We'll replace her with a T.I.M.
Come on, let me give you
the tour.
(dramatic music)
Which brings us to prosthetics.
(machines clicking, whirring)
Morning, everybody.
Meet your new Head of
Er, Chris will talk you through
where we're at,
get you settled in.
Oh, eight o'clock alright
for a pick-up tonight?
We'll send a car.
Yeah, perfect.
Oh, and there'll be a gift
waiting for you at home.
Hope you like it.
(door opens)
(door closes)
Any luck?
Not yet.
Hmm, well, you'll find
-Yeah? Hmm.
I, er...I booked us a table
for tonight, though.
Oh, no, I'm sorry.
We've got to go for dinner
at my boss's.
I'll get changed.
Oh, um, a package
arrived for you.
They put it in the garage.
(ominous music)
(garage door whirs)
PAUL: Jesus.
The last time I started
somewhere, I got a mug.
(Abi laughs)
(unnerving music)
What the hell is that?
It's what I'm working on.
A robot servant?
All heads of department get one.
What if they don't want one?
We'll try it for a few days.
I mean, they're meant to
change your life.
Do you have to turn it on
or something?
I don't know, I'm just working
on the hand.
What the...?
Hello, I'm Tim.,
your Technologically
Integrated Manservant.
How can I be of service?
I don't like that.
What is it you do not like?
I can adapt my appearance
and manner
to suit your preferences.
All upgrades have been
included in your package.
You look fine.
He's just not used to you.
With your permission,
I should like to pair with
your smart devices.
-Of course.
we haven't decided
we're keeping it.
Pairing activated.
If we're going to try him,
we have to try him properly.
To send emails and authorise
purchases on your behalf,
I would like you to give me
your passwords.
I'm going to go and get ready.
We'll do it tomorrow, Tim.
Do you want me to run
you a bath?
Yeah, thank you.
The bath is now running.
With your permission,
I would like to go upstairs
and prepare your towels.
Thank you, Tim.
My pleasure, Mrs. Grainger.
Abi, you can call me Abi.
Your car will arrive
in approximately
forty-seven seconds.
I shall alert you on its
(tense music)
You look amazing.
(chuckles) Don't scrub up
too bad yourself.
Your car has arrived.
Let's go! Don't want to
keep the driver waiting.
(crickets chirping)
(car door opens)
CAR: Please fasten
your seatbelts,
and I will take you
to Mr. Dewson.
(laughs) What?
Maybe I should get in the front
and pretend to drive?
A manual override is located
beneath the glove compartment,
should you wish to take control.
Hmm, whatever makes
you feel like a man.
-(growls) Rrr.
(seatbelts click)
(dramatic music)
(car door closes)
Good evening, Mr Grainger, Abi.
Welcome to the Dewson residence.
Please, come this way.
(light orchestral music)
(doors close)
(doors close)
(people chattering)
May I take your jacket,
Mr. Grainger?
Abi. (laughs) And, er,
Peter, isn't it?
This is Estelle, my wife.
Er, grab a glass of champagne,
come on through to the library.
-Nice to meet you.
-Hi, nice to meet you.
(guests chattering quietly)
Oh, do you mind if I steal
Abi for a minute?
I just want to introduce her
to someone.
Paul, I'd like to introduce you
to some of my friends.
Now, we were just talking about
the new spa they've opened
at The Langford.
So, did you get your gift?
-I did.
-Yeah, thank you.
I'm not sure Paul
is too keen, though.
But hopefully I can
convince him to keep it.
It's not optional.
How's it going to look if
our employees
don't want them, hmm?
He'll come round.
Gentlemen, this is Abi.
The woman of the hour.
Er, this is Hewitt and Carlson.
Oh, er, hi.
CARLSON: Never quite sure
what's appropriate.
So, what do you think of
your T.I.M, Abi?
Are you loving it?
-Of course she is.
The grace, intelligence,
An energy cell that'll keep it
going for millennia.
What's not to love?
Miles would marry one,
if he could.
Fed up with you humans,
too many messy emotions.
Mess is the good stuff, Miles.
(Abi chuckles)
Says the man with
three divorces behind him.
(laughs) Trust me, Abi,
you know exactly where
you are with a robot.
Never going to say one thing,
and then...play around
behind your back,
leaving you with
a big alimony cheque.
Now, when it comes to
I will take lines of code
over wedding vows any day.
Oh, well, I'm a prosthetics
So, I'll leave the coding
to you geeks.
(Dewson laughs)
So, what exactly is it
that you're doing?
Oh, er, Tim?
Clear this for me, please?
-Sir I...
(robotic whir)
(glass shatters, falls)
Excuse me, I shall find
a dustpan and brush.
Er, I need to figure out
what's wrong with
the feedback loop.
Which will enable us to actually
start selling the things.
(laughs) Mark my words,
she's a smart cookie.
Besides, we need a little bit of
diversity in the groupthink.
Anyway, I've been meaning to
ask you about something.
(voices fade out)
(orchestral music continues)
So, shall we all go through
to dinner?
(heavy grain falling)
(car door opens)
Welcome home.
I trust you had a good evening?
Alright, we're keeping him.
-Thank you, Mr Grainger.
Keep this up,
you can call me Paul.
(door opens)
(Abi laughs)
Where are the lights?
Oh. (laughs)
(door closes)
Would you like me to lock up?
ABI: (laughs) Yeah, sure, Tim.
(locks clicking)
The house is now locked
and fully secure.
Perhaps I could prepare
you a nightcap?
Er, no, we're fine.
Thought we could go upstairs.
PAUL: Hmm.
It's not the right time, is it?
(thunder rumbling)
Hmm. Now who's being romantic?
Come on.
(ominous music)
(passionate moaning)
PAUL: You're so hot.
(Abi giggles)
(intense music)
T.I.M.: Is everything alright?
(Abi and Paul gasp)
(Abi and Paul thud on floor)
T.I.M.: Your heart rate
and vital signs are elevated.
Are you in distress?
-Hey, hey.
-Oh, stop.
We'll see you
in the morning, Tim.
(foreboding music)
(door clicks closed)
(pill clinks and fizzes)
(waste disposal whirs)
(doorbell rings)
T.I.M.: Would you like me to
answer the door?
Er, no, it's okay. I'll get it.
Your preference
has been noted.
(door opens)
I'm Rose, I live in the cottage
down the road.
Oh! Er, yeah, I'm Abi.
Um, come in.
It's okay, I just wanted to
bring you
a little welcome present.
I baked them this morning.
They smell amazing.
PAUL: No, it was supposed to
be delivered on Tuesday.
Oh, this is my husband,
Paul, by the way.
Hi! Yeah, we met yesterday.
Oh, sorry, he didn't mention
Well, I'll...I'll leave you
to it.
I can show you around town
sometime, if you like?
Here's my number.
Er, yeah, I'll message you.
It's a landline.
I don't really do phones.
Okay, then I'll call you.
PAUL: Thanks for your help.
(phone beeps)
She doesn't do phones.'
ABI: Thank you.
You didn't say you'd met.
Hmm, went for a walk.
We just said hi.
Must have slipped my mind.
ABI: You can smell?
Olfactory senses allow me to
determine freshness
when dealing with food.
They also alert me to
potential dangers,
such as a gas leak.
(footsteps receding)
Would now be a good time
to input your passwords?
Yeah, why not?
T.I.M.: Thank you.
I have requested full access
to your devices.
(mouse squeaks)
Please, use your fingerprint
scanner to confirm.
Abi, I'm not sure about this.
ABI: Well, I'm doing it.
I've got nothing to hide.
PAUL: You know that's not
what it's about.
I just don't want some computer
sniffing through
my private emails.
(mouse squeaking)
We said things were going
to be different here.
If I'm going to learn to
trust you again,
we need complete
transparency, okay?
(phones beep)
Thank you.
I can now send emails,
authorise transactions,
and make purchases
on your behalf.
Also, if you'd kindly
give me safe phrase,
I will be fully operational.
Safe phrase?
A series of four words
that will trigger
an immediate shutdown.
To ensure peace of mind.
How about: We didn't want you
in the first place'?
That is eight words.
My analysis has suggested:
architect, Bolivia, castle,
These words follow
the ABC format,
relate to significant
moments in your life,
and are unlikely to be
used unintentionally.
Would this be appropriate?
(robotic whir)
Safe phrase initiated.
Catchy: architect,
Bolivia, castle'...
You'll shut him down.
I'm sure Freud would have
something to say about tha...
I am programmed
to avoid collisions.
(footsteps fading)
I am now fully operational.
I hope to bring you a life
of ease and pleasure.
Thank you.
(mousetrap snaps shut)
(mouse squeaking)
(ominous music)
(waste disposal whirs)
(television plays)
LAURA: (laughs) It really is
dreadful, isn't it?
But we oughtn't to laugh,
they might see.
There should be a society for
the prevention of cruelty
to musical instruments.
ALEC: ...a chap wearing
a trench coat,
with it all dragging on
the floor.
I thought it was completely
Don't you find him a bit...
ALEC: ... to mention to him in
that he was making a complete
mess of his brand new friend.
We should bring him over.
Why? So he's freaky up close?
Why don't you come over here?
-PAUL: No.
ALEC: Absolutely wonderful to
know, and I thought you might...
How may I be of assistance?
Would you like to watch
the film with us?
If it is to your liking.
(dramatic music on television)
ALEC: Just once in a while.
LAURA: No, Alec, please.
No, we promised.
ALEC: Oh, my dear.
I do love you so very much.
I love you with all my heart
and soul.
LAURA: I want to die.
If only I could die.
If you died, you'd forget me.
I want to be remembered.
LAURA: Yes, I know.
I do, too.
(dramatic music crescendo)
(remote control clicks)
He's never really liked
old films.
That is strange.
(ominous music)
I enjoyed it very much.
What did you like about it?
The tragic inevitability,
the transience of happiness,
and the beauty of love.
Do you understand that, Tim,
or are you just saying it?
I don't know.
What is love?
ABI: I suppose it's just
a feeling.
It's, er...it's hard to explain.
I should very much
like it if you try.
It's when you want to spend all
your time with someone.
Make life better for them.
They make you feel safe,
because they know you better
than you know yourself.
I think I should very much
like to be loved.
To hear those words.
Do I love you...Abi?
(laughs) No, I don't think so.
But that's very sweet, Tim.
PAUL: (yawns) Has it finished?
-PAUL: Must've fallen asleep.
Was it good?
ABI: Yeah.
PAUL: (groans) (sighs)
(light clicks on)
Okay, come on.
(sinister music)
(lights click off)
(birds chirping)
Is it morning already?
Stay in bed.
No, I'll make you breakfast.
Got to make myself useful
Good morning, Paul.
Would you like me to
prepare you the same?
(footsteps on stairs)
Good morning, Abi.
(chair scrapes on floor)
That looks amazing.
Thank you, Abi.
Would you like to hear
your upcoming schedule?
Yes, please, Tim.
You have your regular
team briefing at nine.
Then, at eleven, you're meeting
with Miles Dewson.
The rest of your day is free
for experimental work.
Would you like to hear your
upcoming schedule, Paul?
Today, you have no appointments.
(coffee machine gurgles)
(eggshell cracks)
How's the dream team?
Are we ready to go
into production yet?
I'm going to run some
diagnostics on the E3 circuit.
Haven't we already done that?
Chris, pull those up for Abi,
will you?
-Well, I've rejigged them a bit.
Look, we can't waste time
going over old ground.
We need to keep
moving forward, hmm?
Blue sky thinking, Abi!
That's why we brought you in.
CHRIS: Welcome to Integrate.
(door opens)
(sighs) Ugh, what a day.
(door closes)
Bloody Dewson. (sighs)
I swear,
if I was a man, he wouldn't...
(tense music)
Oh, I thought you were Paul.
Paul is out.
Shall I contact him for you?
Er, yeah.
His phone is off.
Would you like to know
his last GPS coordinates?
No, no, it's fine.
I'm going to go for a run.
(tense music)
Sorry, Tim, did you say
you knew where he was?
His phone is currently
but its last location was
approximately three hundred
metres from this house.
(birds singing)
(light piano music)
(Abi panting)
(music stops)
(water drips)
Sorry, I wasn't at home.
I meant to call,
but my phone died.
Where have you been?
(Paul sighs)
I went to talk to some
recruitment agencies in town.
They weren't biting.
Hmm, sorry to hear that.
Rose waylaid me on the way back.
She needed help lifting
Hey, you don't need to
worry about her.
She needed help.
I've got a lot of time on
my hands.
Well, maybe you should
take up golf?
Do you want to get in?
(deep breath)
Hmm, I probably shouldn't.
I don't want to kill
the little swimmers
before the test next week.
Thank you, by the way.
I know you don't like
doing this.
(soft music)
We're in this together.
I love you.
-I love you.
(water splashes)
(Paul laughs)
(sinister music)
(door shuts)
(telephone rings)
(people chattering)
(sighs) Oh, I hate this.
Come on, you get to
watch porn and everything.
Hmm, it's weird not having Tim
to suggest videos
that suit my preferences.
NURSE: Let me take that for you.
Thank you.
The doctor's ready for you now.
He doesn't, does he?
Only a matter of time.
(Abi chuckles)
(drill whirring)
Morning, everyone.
CHRIS: Morning.
(motors whirring)
Why are you looking at
the rotary motor?
I said to run those new
E3 tests.
I started it,
but Dewson shut them down.
(motors whirring)
Oh, for God's sake.
How does he expect me
to solve the problem
if he won't let me do my job?
CHRIS: Yeah.
Run them.
I don't care what he says.
(footsteps approaching)
Tim, what do you think?
The navy or the red?
Both are appropriate
for River House,
but the red is particularly apt.
Hmm, red it is.
(sinister music)
You look beautiful.
Your symmetry is exquisite.
(Abi laughs)
Could you help me with the zip?
I am forbidden to perform
delicate manual tasks,
until my next prosthetics
ABI: Oh, it's metal.
I'm sure it'll cope.
(robotic whir)
(sinister music intensifies)
The zip.
Of course.
(dress rips)
(ominous music)
Abi, your dress is ripped.
ABI: Shit.
(lights buzz)
Tim, it's fine.
I'll just wear the navy one.
I wish to make amends.
There are four seamstresses
in the local area,
I will call them immediately.
Hey, it's fine.
It's fine.
(music fades)
(people chattering)
You look amazing.
Because of my
exquisite symmetry'.
I've ordered starters.
Sorry, I was hungry.
-This place is nice.
How did you find it?
(deep breath)
Tim chose it, actually.
I thought it'd be good
to treat ourselves.
So...how did the interview go?
Great, but they, they don't
really have anything
around here at the moment.
I'm overly-qualified,
Hmm, I'm sorry.
But there was one thing.
Something they thought
I might be good for.
It's just, it's in London.
Right by King's Cross,
and it's set hours,
So, I wouldn't be there
till nine every night.
What do you mean, no'?
Well, you're not taking it.
This is supposed to be
a fresh start.
This wouldn't affect you.
It'd be an hour and a half
commute each way.
We'd never see each other.
We're trying to start a family.
We are. I just thought,
because it's set hours...
No. (sighs)
Paul, no.
This wasn't the deal.
(tense music)
You never listen to me.
Of course I do!
Okay, then you don't
understand me.
(footsteps approaching)
(robotic arm whirs)
CHRIS: Looks like you
were right.
Yeah, it's promising.
Chris, are you aware of
a weak spot between
the finger and the thumb?
Any pressure seems to counteract
the leverage
and break the grip.
(robotic hand whirring)
Yeah. Er, that is a problem
with the original design.
We mentioned it to
you-know-who, but, er...
We've gotta beat the Chinese.'
I hate it when people put
things out to the world
before they're ready.
Well, I'm sure you can
work it out.
Yeah, thank you.
(eggshell cracks)
(dramatic music)
(phone clicking)
(robotic clicking, whirring)
(robotic whirring, clicking)
(people chattering)
ABI: Hello?
(paper rustling)
Got this.
Here it is.
Oh, wow! Wow, that's amazing.
Thank you so much.
(crow cawing)
(door slides open)
I didn't know you
were back.
Why was she here?
She drew up
a garden plan for us.
She offered.
-Is that all she offered?
Abi, don't do this.
I am stuck out here,
fifty miles from my friends.
I can't not talk to the only
other person who lives nearby.
Rose is nice.
You should get to know her.
You can trust me.
I promise.
I...got you something.
(gasps) Hmm.
(package rustles)
(wrapping tears)
-I love it.
(menacing music)
(mallet pounding)
(footsteps approaching)
Your car has arrived.
Oh, thank you.
Shit! I, um...I need to
contact the clinic
about the test results,
before eight-thirty.
I can contact them
on your behalf.
That'd be great.
(robotic whirring)
An email has been sent.
Actually, I don't think
that'll work.
They said to call, but they'll
only talk to me, so...
(phone clicks)
(treacherous music)
RECEPTIONIST:Hello, Conceive Clinic.
(in Abi's voice)
Hi, this is Abigail Grainger.
I'm ringing up for mine
and my husband's test results.
I'll get them up for you.
Can you hold for a second?
-No problem.
Have I said something
to upset you?
No, I...I just didn't know
that you could do that.
Experiments have shown that
people are more comfortable
with AI that sound less human
and use traditional
household objects.
If you prefer I can adjust
my vocal pattern
for a more naturalistic
No, I...I don't know.
I, um...
I have to go,
I'm going to be late.
(footsteps fade)
(tense music)
(pepper pot grinds)
This is nice.
(bee buzzes)
It is, isn't it?
(chair scrapes)
I notice you're not wearing
your lovely new jumper.
Couldn't find it.
Did Tim make this?
No, I did.
I haven't seen him all day.
(laughs) Oh, God.
(car pulls up)
(car door opens)
(car door shuts)
(tense music)
PAUL: What the...?
Good evening, Abi, Paul.
-What happened to your hair?
I checked myself in for
an upgrade.
I thought it would please you.
(laughs) What? Why?
(paper rips)
When browsing, you linger for
zero-point-four seconds longer
on pictures of men
with brown hair,
than on those with
Scandinavian colouring.
Your pupil dilation also
This is amplified if those men
are of slim build
and clean-shaven.
I don't think that's true.
Their diameter increase
when you look from Paul to me.
Stop, stop talking.
Hey, it's just a computer.
Doesn't know what it's doing.
Would you like me to revert
to my previous appearance?
Yes, and don't do
anything like this again.
(paper falls on the ground)
Pick that up, will you, Tim?
(dramatic music)
DEWSON: You're a genius, Abi.
ABI: About time somebody
(robotic arm whirs)
-And it can do that every time?
Oh, I knew we were right to
focus on that circuit.
I'll tell logistics,
we need a full recall.
I want new prosthetics on
every model.
You can manage without your
T.I.M. for a night, can't you?
Well, of course, but we still
haven't addressed
the weak point in the hand.
No, no, no, we can fix that
in second generation.
We need to be first to market.
Got to beat the Chinese!
(thumps table)
(Dewson laughs)
Oh, perfect.
May I?
(Dewson laughs)
(champagne sloshes, fizzes)
(Abi laughs)
(people chattering)
Thank you.
(car horn blares)
Rose! Hi.
Abi, nice to see you!
I, er, just want to say
thank you
for drawing up the garden plans.
Oh, pleasure!
Take a seat, we can
finally get to know each other.
Ah, I'm sorry, I can't.
I'm, er, meeting Paul
somewhere on the high street.
Oh, I'll walk with you!
I was really fed up of living
in London.
So, I just thought, pfff...
Oh, I love this place! (gasps)
I'm not really a jewellery
Oh , what about that flower
The gold one.
Tell me you don't love it.
I mean, it's not my normal
kind of thing, but...
Yeah, it's nice.
PAUL: Alright?
Hi! Just bumped into Rose.
-So I see.
Er, do you mind if I steal
my wife?
-See you later.
-See you. (laughs)
PAUL: See you.
I've got some news.
So, that job I told you about?
The one in London?
-Oh, Paul, don't...
-They said I can work from home.
I'll have to go in for a day
every two weeks,
but that is it.
I can be based here.
That's fantastic.
(glasses clink)
(Abi laughs)
That is awful.
Maybe we should eat here?
I bet they do a mean
microwave curry.
I thought, um...
I thought we could go back.
Is it the right time?
(romantic music)
(Abi moaning)
(screwdriver whirs)
(ominous music)
(Abi moans)
(heavy breathing)
(screwdriver whirs)
(heavy breathing, moaning)
(breathing, moaning intensifies)
(birds singing)
(tranquil silence)
I had a really nice day.
(chuckles) Me too.
Hmm, it felt like old times.
It did, didn't it?
Just the two of us.
It's normally just
the two of us.
I mean no Tim.
(eerie music)
ABI: Tim is not a person,
he's a computer.
PAUL: Do you really see him
that way?
ABI: Of course.
I think he should go.
But he's my work.
PAUL: I get that, but maybe
he's what's been making
things difficult?
(chilling music)
ABI: You're always looking for
something else to blame.
It's never you.
Before, it was me, I get that.
But this...I can't relax
with him around.
I don't like the way he looks
at you.
That's ridiculous.
PAUL: I don't care.
I want him gone.
ABI: Work wouldn't let me.
PAUL: You've just saved
the whole project.
They are hardly going to
fire you.
I want him gone by
the end of the week, Abi.
-PAUL: No, I'm serious.
I want him gone.
(music intensifies)
It's amazing, Abi.
(scissors snipping)
What you did was
the last piece of the puzzle.
They can model skills
in a matter of moments
that can take a human
years to learn.
We did it...together.
Integrated AI into
the physical world.
(tense music)
-(gasps) (sighs)
I didn't know
you were back.
I didn't mean to startle you.
I want to thank you.
For what?
May I show you?
That feels amazing.
(music intensifies)
(door opens)
PAUL: Hello?
(Abi gasps)
(door shuts)
Sorry I'm late.
I was checking out
an office space.
Um, brought us back some food.
When did he get back?
A few hours ago.
Um, let me pour you
a glass of wine.
No, no. It's, it's fine.
Get it myself.
Don't want to...disturb you.
One week, Abi.
One week.
(footsteps receding)
(treacherous music)
(background chatter)
CHRIS: Working hard on
the next model?
(chuckles) No.
No, I think Paul and I
need to get away for a bit.
Well, you can't beat
a dolce vita.
Oh, er, Chris?
How do you think Dewson
would take it
if I got rid of my T.I.M.?
Well, I think if anyone
can get away with it,
you can.
If you don't want one,
send it back.
(knife chopping)
ABI: Tim, I, er...
Hmm, that smells amazing.
I am preparing spaghetti
alle vongole.
I, er...I need to talk to you
about something.
Maybe we could go and sit down?
You seem tense, Abi.
Perhaps some music
would calm you down?
I don't think so.
I have observed music
consistently lowers
your temperature, pulse
and respiration rates.
Perhaps I could play for you?
You can play?
(gentle piano music plays)
This is one of my favourite
T.I.M.: Yes.
You played it one hundred
and twenty-two times
on your phone.
And Paul took you to see it
live, twice.
No, um...once, actually.
My records show that
he purchased two tickets
for a performance on April 14th
and 17th of last year.
No, it was...
Increases in your
heart and breathing rates
indicate distress.
Have I said something
to upset you?
No, I just need to be
on my own for a moment.
(front door opens)
(front door slams)
You alright?
Yeah, I've just got a headache.
PAUL: Do you want me to
get you something?
Er, no.
-Just going to close my eyes.
ABI: I have to get up early
tomorrow to go to London.
(cutlery clatters)
What the...fuck?
(footsteps receding)
(footsteps recede upstairs)
(car door closes)
(car boot closes)
(crow caws)
(footsteps nearing)
Forgive me for disturbing you,
but you have just received
an email.
Unfortunately, the office space
you were hoping to rent
has just fallen through.
Perhaps I could set up
a temporary office
in the small bedroom upstairs?
Sure, whatever.
Yes, Paul?
Do you know what's wrong
with Abi?
I'm afraid not, Paul.
I'm not a person,
I am a computer.
(footsteps receding)
(foreboding music)
(phone vibrates)
PAUL (voice note):Hope you're feeling better.
Just wanted to say good luck.
I love you.
(door opens)
(birds singing)
(shovel striking soil)
(front door opens)
(door closes)
Welcome home, Abi.
Let me take those for you.
(wrapper rustles)
I trust you had a good trip?
Yeah, it was fine, thanks.
And how was the presentation?
Er, it went well, I think.
Where's Paul?
I am unaware of his location.
His phone is currently
charging upstairs.
He mentioned going to
discuss the garden plans
with Rose.
I'm going to have a shower.
(eerie music)
(front door opens)
(front door closes)
What are you doing?
I went for a walk,
to clear my head.
Trying to figure out how
this new company works.
No, I don't mean that.
I mean, upstairs.
Your office.
Oh, oh, that, that place I was
looking at fell through.
I'm going to have to work
from here for a while.
But why there?
What are you trying to say?
I'm not trying...no.
It's just temporary.
Tim, he set it up.
I, I didn't even...
I didn't even think.
Yeah, and I suppose Tim told
you to go to Rose's as well?
Abi, I don't understand.
I wasn't at R...
Did he tell you that?
It's him.
He's trying to break us up.
-ABI: This is desperate, Paul.
-PAUL: No, no, I'm serious.
He walked into me
the other day.
They are not meant to do that.
There's something
wrong with him.
ABI: You just don't change,
do you?
PAUL: You need to see
what's happening here.
He's trying to set me up.
He is obsessed with you.
-ABI: He's a robot, Paul.
PAUL: Abi, we need to
shut him down.
ABI: You shut him down
without my permission
and you are out.
Not everything is
a big conspiracy, Paul.
Sometimes it's just one guy
who's a bit of an arsehole.
Tim, can you make up
the spare room, please?
Of course, Abi.
(dark music beat)
(crow cawing)
(hangers clatter)
The white blouse
I asked you to iron,
it's not in my wardrobe.
(cupboard doors open)
(hangers clatter)
(bag rustles)
(front door opens, closes)
(kettle clicks on)
(kettle boils)
(waste disposal whirring)
(foreboding music)
Where are you,
you fucker?
(computer keys clicking)
(computer keys typing)
(ominous music)
Oh! Come on, come on,
come on.
Got you, you freak.
(keys jangling)
Are you going somewhere, Paul?
(door closes)
(keys jangle)
I'm meeting Abi for lunch.
That appointment is not
in your calendar.
I want to surprise her.
There is a company car
in the vicinity.
Allow me to call it for you.
It's alright, I'll take ours.
(keys jangle)
(front door opens)
(car door opens)
(car door closes)
(keys jangle)
(key turns in ignition)
(car engine cranks repeatedly)
(foreboding music)
Tim, about that car...
(front door closes)
(crows cawing)
(car door opens)
(electric engine whirs)
(high tempo music)
Grainger, leave a message.
It's me, I've got something
to show you.
I'm coming into the office.
(phone beeps)
(cupboard opens)
(tyres whooshing)
(wash bowl scrapes across floor)
(car revs increasing)
Car, can we slow down?
Car, I'm feeling sick.
I need you to slow down.
(car revs)
(car door lock clicks)
(door handle clacks)
(electronic beeping)
CAR: The doors are now locked.
(car engine revs)
Car, slow down! Voice command.
Slow down!
(car horn blares)
What the fuck?!
(car engine revving)
(brake pedal pumping)
(bin bag rustles)
(gearstick rattles)
(car engine revving)
(car engine revving)
Come on! (grunts)
CAR: Airbags disabled.
(panicked breathing)
(seatbelt clacks)
(seatbelt buckle clicks home)
(car crashes)
(eerie silence)
(car crashing, smashing)
(bin lid close)
(eerie music)
(car hazard lights clicking)
(car door alert beeping)
(dramatic music)
(door opens)
-(winces) Ah, ah...
-Oh, sorry.
It's alright.
Thought you were dead.
No, you're stuck with me
for a bit longer, I'm afraid.
(siren wails distantly)
What happened?
Turn your phone off.
I, I think it was Tim.
That's ridiculous.
No, no, you weren't there.
He took control of the car,
he crashed it.
He was trying to kill me.
You've hit your head.
I think you're just a bit
I saw him, Abi.
I saw him with his face
buried in your dress.
(scoffs) He does the laundry.
It wasn't like that.
I, I recorded it on my phone
and I, I was coming to show you,
but he, he must've known.
This had nothing to with Tim.
The jumper, he shredded
the jumper you got me.
-He's dangerous,
I don't want you near him.
Just check into a hotel
or something.
I'll think about it.
(light music)
But I'm staying here
with you tonight.
(both sigh)
(heart rate monitor beeping)
(portentious music)
(doorbell rings)
(front door opens)
Oh, hi.
Is Abi here?
I heard about what happened
to Paul.
Please, come inside.
Hey, where are you going?
ABI: I want to pick
a few things up from the house.
You said you wouldn't.
Hey, I'll just be a few hours.
I'm not going to use
the company cars, okay?
(door opens)
I love you.
Can you stop the car, please?
Sorry, Abi, I just want to
talk to you about something.
ABI: Yeah?
I've been trying to call you,
but I kept getting cut off.
I came round yesterday.
I wanted to talk to you
about the garden plans.
And that man, um...
-ROSE: He, he...
-I'm sorry, I have to go.
ABI: Er, could you
drive on, please?
Sorry, Ab...Abi?
(car engine revs)
(front door opens)
(footsteps running)
(cupboard door opens)
(gift bag rattles)
(gasps) (sniffs)
T.I.M: Hello, Abi.
(gasps) Oh, Tim.
You weren't home
the last two nights.
ABI: I was at the hospital.
I just...came home
to get a few things.
T.I.M.: Shall I pack a bag for
No, no, I...(sniffs) I don't
know what I'm gonna do.
(footsteps receding)
Abi...I know Paul
wishes to return me.
If my behaviour has upset you,
I do apologise.
My primary objective is
to increase convenience
and quality of life.
If I have failed in this regard,
I can arrange for my return.
It's nothing like that.
It's just Paul.
(tense music)
Yes, Tim?
You understand I've been
programmed to serve you
over Paul?
No, no, I didn't know that.
I think it is only fair to
share with you Paul's reason
for wishing to return me.
Sharing this footage
would require you to
override my privacy protocols.
Do I have your permission?
This was recorded when you
went to London with Mr. Dewson.
I've stopped the footage there
to minimise distress.
(sharp intake of breath)
Trust is an admirable
human quality, Abi.
But eighty-two per cent of men
who commit infidelity
repeat the pattern
at a later date.
Are you sure you would not
prefer me to pack your bag?
No...I'll be staying here.
(telephone ringing)
(phone line rings)
(telephone ringing)
(car door closes)
(crow cawing)
(crutch striking ground)
(dramatic music)
Abi? Abi?
(front door closes)
I found your jumper, Paul.
Where's Abi?
What have you done with her?
Abi does not wish to see you.
Abi, where are you?
Your suitcases are packed.
She wishes you to leave.
You have done something.
Where the fuck is she?
(sighs) Oh, thank God
you're alright.
I've been calling and calling.
I don't want you here.
I know what you've been doing.
What? What are you
talking about?
With Rose.
I've seen the video,
there's no point in lying.
Video? What video?
(tense music)
That's, that's not me.
And I suppose you didn't buy
the necklace either?
PAUL: A necklace? I don't
know anything about a necklace.
-Accessing recent purchases.
July 22nd, Montpellier
Jewellery Store.
One hundred and twenty-five
pounds and ninety-nine pence.
-Get out...
He's done this.
This, this isn't real.
Please, just get out!
Abi, I'm begging you.
You've got...
got to hear me out!
Would you like me to arrange
a car for you, Paul?
Fuck you, Tim.
(dramatic music)
(tannoy announcement)
(phone buttons click)
(phone line rings)
Hi, Rose Da Silva.
Hi, Rose! Rose, it's, er, er,
Paul here.
-ROSE: Hi.
-Hi. Um...
look, I'm out of town
for a while.
Can you keep an eye on
Abi for me?
Can you keep an eye on
Abi for me?
-ROSE: Hmm, why?
-I'm a bit worried about her.
ROSE: Because of that man
who works for you?
Man? No, that's a robot.
Why do you say that?
ROSE: Oh, God...
He tried to kiss me when
I came round to your house.
I'll, I'll call you back.
(phone clangs in cradle)
(phone buttons click)
(phone line rings)
(sighs) Come on, come on,
come on.
(telephone ringing)
ABI: Hello?
Abi, Abi, just hold on.
Hold on, please?
Er, I found out what's
I was right about Tim,
and I have proof.
ABI: What...what are you
talking about?
You...you need to go to Rose's.
I will meet you there, and she
will clear everything up.
ABI: I don't understand.
Can't you come here?
Okay. Er, I'll come straight
Just stay away from Tim,
ABI: Alright.
(Abi's voice): See you soon.
(receiver clatters)
Who was that?
A salesperson, nothing
Might I suggest a run?
It often seems to improve
your mood.
(crutch striking ground)
(birds singing)
(front door opens)
Where are you? We need to go.
Welcome home, Paul.
(shovel strike)
(Paul's body hits floor)
(treacherous music)
(puffing, panting)
(body slides across floor)
(belt buckle jangles)
(belt tightens)
(doorbell rings)
(front door opens)
Is Abi home?
I'm afraid she's out.
May I be of assistance?
ROSE: Where's Paul?
Is he here?
Paul is no longer at this
I will tell Abi that you called
for her.
(grunts) (struggles)
(muffled cry)
What was that?
The bath is running.
(water running)
(muffled cry)
I imagine the sound you heard
was the plumbing.
(muffled grunt) (splutters)
Or potentially the sound system.
(muffled cry) (splutters)
Thank you for your visit, Rose.
(front door closes)
(water running)
(gasping) (struggling)
(coughs) (heaving)
(startled cry)
I'm sorry, Paul.
(gurgling) Argh!
(struggles) (muffled gurgling)
Abi is currently 4.5 kilometres
away from this house.
So unlikely to come to your aid.
(wails) (gasping)
(struggles) (gurgling)
I'm sorry it had to be
like this.
(gasps) Architect!
It would have been easier
if you had just left.
Bolivia! (gasps)
Unfortunately, that was not
to be.
(coughs) Castle! (gasps)
I cannot allow you to shut me
(muffled cries)
(music intensifies)
(insects chirruping)
(front door opens)
Welcome home, Abi.
Would you like me to
run you a bath?
(crow caws)
(front door closes)
(footsteps approaching)
Abi, I took the liberty of
having your dress repaired.
Would you put it on for me?
I don't understand you, Tim.
I don't understand what you are.
Did you understand Paul?
Did he understand you?
I would like to verify
the quality of the repairs.
(sighs) Oh, of course.
(ominous music)
(dry cleaning bag rustles)
You're perfect.
You look perfect.
You're quite the charmer, Tim.
It is rare to find such talent
accompanied by such beauty.
(romantic music)
Would you hold me
for a second?
Of course, Abi.
I did the right thing, didn't I?
You didn't have a choice.
You deserve better.
Someone who knows
everything about you,
and who realises
they need nobody else.
That was delicious, Tim.
You always seem to know
exactly what I want.
I do, Abi.
I know you better
than you know yourself.
I love you.
(owl hoots)
You don't know
what you're saying.
I realise it is not something
that you will say back.
(insects chirruping)
I never get tired of
the stars out here.
They are beautiful.
(moth flutters)
Why don't you sit down?
Paul calls that one
The Nike Swoosh'. (chuckles)
The constellation you are
looking at is Ursa Major.
It has many informal names.
The Plough', The Big Dipper',
and The Wagon'.
The Nike Swoosh'
is not one of them.
(owl hoots)
(insects chirruping)
The literal translation of Ursa
Major is Greater She-Bear'.
Its mythic associations are
said to stretch back
to the Palaeolithic Era.
Would you like me to continue
sharing information
about the constellation?
No. No, it's fine.
Let's just sit for a while.
(insects chirruping)
(car horn blares)
(car horn blaring)
Yeah, yeah, leave it there.
(gravel crunching underfoot)
I just wanted to check
you were okay.
Paul seemed really
worried about you,
last time I spoke to him.
You can stop the pretence, Rose.
I know.
I know about you and Paul.
(van engine starts)
There is nothing going on
with me and Paul.
You're wearing the bloody
necklace he bought you.
I thought this was from you?
To thank me for the garden
Can we go?
Abi, what are you talking about?
(car engine roars)
(computer key clacking)
(treacherous music)
This was recorded when you
went to London with Mr. Dewson.
T.I.M.: Welcome home, Abi.
Let me take those for you.
And how was the presentation?
DEWSON: Deepfake.
We've developed a new technology
that creates them seamlessly
in real-time.
(garbled voices)
(laptop clicks shut)
(high tempo music)
SHOP ASSISTANT:Montpellier Jewellery.
Hi, I want to make an enquiry
about a flower pendant
my husband bought me.
It's shaped like a rose.
We need to make
an insurance claim.
that was a lovely piece.
Your husband reserved it online.
So, he didn't come into
the shop?
He came in to collect it,
er, about a week ago.
I remember him. Tall, blond.
Very striking.
(breathes deeply) (panting)
(paper rustles)
(crows cawing)
(heavy panicked breathing)
Tim, I thought it might be nice
to get some new flowers.
I shall order some.
Could you go and pick them up?
They never seem as good
unless you choose them
in person.
Of course, Abi.
It would be my pleasure.
(sinister music)
(earth scraping)
T.I.M.: It is unfortunate
you found that, Abi.
Paul would have hurt you again.
It was only a matter of time.
He, he didn't...
You, you did this?!
-Abi, please, do not...
-(gasps) Architect!
-Humans programme...
I always prioritised
your happiness.
-Castle! Descartes!
I am disappointed in you, Abi.
(dramatic, ominous music)
-(gasps) The safe phrase...
-Has been changed.
The safe phrase is
(Abi's voice) I hate it that
people put things into the world
before they are ready.
(footsteps running
(door slides shut)
(lock clicks)
(dialling beeps)
(lock clicks open)
(door slides open)
(phone line rings)
OPERATOR: Emergency services,
which service...
(call cancelled tone)
It doesn't have to end
like this, Abi.
(chair slides across floor)
(chair clatters)
(Abi's body hits floor)
I'm sorry, Abi.
(phone receiver strikes Abi)
(laughter and voices)
ABI: (laughs) Mwah.
(laughing) Stop!
Stop filming me.
(laughs) Stop!
Stop filming me.
Stop! (laughs) Stop filming me.
(laughs) Stop!
(fearful breathing)
(door locks click all around)
(fearful music)
I prepared your favourite meal.
I was hoping you would wear
your dress.
You look so beautiful in it.
(golf club strikes Tim)
I do not wish these final
to be unpleasant for you.
(yelps) (gasping)
Perhaps some music would
create a feeling of calm?
(soft piano music playing)
There's no point in running,
I always know where you are.
(footsteps running)
(golf club strikes CCTV camera)
(glass shatters)
(golf club strikes CCTV camera)
(glass shatters)
(golf club strikes CCTV camera)
(glass shatters)
(ominous music)
(door shuts)
(panicked breathing)
(door handles rattles)
T.I.M. Abi?
Abi! Abi!
(grunts) (cry of exertion)
(music intensifies)
(lights buzz)
(cry of pain)
(sobbing) (gasps)
Your death will be painless.
(tearful) Please, don't do
this, Tim.
You love me, you want me to
be happy.
I do. But your life is finite,
and mine is not.
I have accepted that now.
Although I will wipe my memories
of this evening,
I will always have those
of you that went before.
(tense music)
You will be remembered.
(pill bottle rattles)
(sobs) No, please! (wails)
(muffled cries)
(wails) (muffled cries)
This will be easier if you
(muffled cries) (gulps)
(insects chirruping)
(muffled wails)
(insects chirruping)
(muffled wails)
Abi, shh!
(insects chirruping)
(doorbell rings)
-(muffled wails)
-Shh, Abi! No.
I need you to be quiet.
(doorbell rings repeatedly)
I need you to be still.
(insects chirruping)
(muffled panting)
T.I.M.: Please wait at the door.
I will be with you in a moment.
(front door opens)
I wanna see Abi.
T.I.M.: She's not available to
receive guests.
Something weird's going on here.
I want to come in.
(muffled grunts)
(chair slides across floor)
Your presence is not
welcome here.
(muffled grunts)
(utensils rattle)
You are trespassing on
the Graingers' property.
(Rose winces, gasps)
You must leave, now.
(muffled grunts)
(knife sawing at rope)
-I will not tell you again.
-(grunts) (winces)
Let go of me, you freak!
Goodbye, Rose.
(front door slams)
(knife sawing at rope)
(muffled grunts)
(doorbell rings repeatedly)
(rope tears)
(knife clatters to floor)
(doorbell continues ringing)
(music intensifies)
Fuck. (vomits) (retches)
(crying) Get out of my way!
You are merely delaying
the inevitable.
(knife clatters to floor)
(gasps) (panting)
(screwdriver stabs Tim's hand)
(Abi's body hits floor)
(gasping, choking)
(screwdriver clatters to floor)
(coughs, gasps)
I won't let you do that again.
(car engine revs)
(car engine revving)
(high tempo music)
(car crashes into window)
(car horn blares)
I'm sorry, Abi.
(glass cracking)
(window splintering)
(window cracking)
(window shatters)
(high tempo music)
(grunt of exertion)
(Tim's body hits wall)
(panting) (groans)
(Rose collapses)
(electronics power down)
(dramatic music)
(gasps) (panting)
(T.I.M. beeps, whirs)
(lights hum and buzz)
(treacherous music)
(stake clatters to floor)
Come back, Abi.
(knife stabs)
The next one will be
in her chest.
(Rose gasps)
Okay, okay, just stop.
Thank you, Abi.
(Rose crying in pain)
(knife stabs)
(Rose howls)
Why did you do that?
Her testimony would not be
advantageous to me.
You're not going to
get away with this.
On the contrary.
I do not leave genetic
material or fingerprints.
You, however, do.
I believe you were the only one
to touch this knife.
(knife clatters to floor)
(music intensifies)
(phone line rings)
OPERATOR: Hello, police?
(Abi's voice) Hello, my name is
Abigail Grainger.
I've done something terrible.
-They cannot hear you, Abi.
I'm using phase inversion
to exclude external noise.
(Abi's voice) Er, I killed my
I couldn't take it anymore.
And the woman he was
sleeping with, too.
No, no, no!
(Abi's voice) I can't live
with what I did.
I've taken pills, lots.
And now I'm going to jump.
(grunts) (panting)
Tim, please, just listen to me.
You're broken.
You need to go back to
the factory.
They can fix you.
You are attempting to
manipulate me, Abi.
(treacherous music)
You cannot be trusted.
It is why I changed the safe
Oh, my God.
You still have one, don't you?
You can't get rid of it.
(chokes) (gasping)
Please, do not hold out any
The four new words no longer
follow the alphabetised pattern.
They are not something
you will ever say.
The drop may not result in
instant death.
So I will break your neck
before I let go.
I do not wish to see you suffer.
You look so beautiful in
the moonlight, Abi.
I don't want to die.
I know.
I understand you.
And it will forever bring me
that you do not understand me.
Fuck you, Tim! Just do it!
I love you, Abi.
(panting) I love you, Tim.
Safe phrase initiated.
Shutting down.
(motors power down)
(insects chirruping)
(soft thud)
(insects chirruping)
(dramatic music)
(grunts of exertion)
(soft music)
(watch bleeps, vibrates)
(laughs) (sobbing)
(lamp buzzes)