Taanakkaran (2022) Movie Script

In 1857, after the Sepoy Mutiny,
the petrified British decided
that the East India Company can
no longer control Indian regions
and brought it under the direct
control of the British Crown.
Till 1860,
the British involved the soldiers
in wars and civil problems
that happened in India.
They were no longer able
to involve soldiers
to suppress the independence struggle
and the farmers' revolt.
So, they planned to form a huge
police force with the Indian youth.
In 1861, sturdy youngsters
were forcefully recruited
to the police force
and given battlefield and weapons
training by the British Government.
By arming young Indians
with weapons
and to make sure they thought of
neither the country nor independence,
various tactics were employed
on the training field.
They were not allowed to
talk in groups, meet their families,
or read and write.
To make them obey
commands and orders,
they introduced
soldiers' drills named "Parades,"
which were performed in teams.
To discipline those who disobey
the rules of the training field,
punishments like Extra Drills
were introduced,
and they were assaulted brutally.
Those who couldn't endure,
ran away from the training school.
Few of them even committed suicide.
Even then, the British Government
was determined
to continue these uncompromising
training sessions.
In order to encourage the youngsters
undergoing police training,
competitions were conducted by
the officials in these schools,
and those who win were
allowed to consume liquor, rice,
and were awarded titles and honours.
The British Government extended
the training period for those who lost.
These young Indians
who joined the police force
were diverted from thinking
about the independence struggle
happening in the country
and were made to focus
on training and competitions.
The British Government succeeded
in implementing the plan too.
After India's Independence
in 1947,
though many changes were made
in the police department,
a few things remain unchanged
till today.
Those are the trainings
and competitions
created during the British period.
Domain, training,
competition, victory
and defeat are parts
of a policeman's life.
Such a story of the police is...
Circle Inspector.
Hey, Arivu!
If you see a ground,
you forget everything.
We have to unpack our things.
They are shouting at us.
Let's go.
Take care of the children.
Parents can leave now.
Your visiting hours are over.
Those who have come
for training can go inside.
Leave now!
Come on, leave!
Get going!
- Hey, dude.
- Hmm?
Do we have to jump these ropes
and bars to get a police job?
Yes. Police job is no easy feat.
What's so great about this job?
We just have to thrash
some passers-by.
That's what the job is all about.
Why do we have to jump
ropes and bars for that?
- Come on, guys!
- Hey, dude!
Did you arrive early in the morning?
Yes, we have been waiting for this.
Your sincerity stuns me.
Dude, where is my money?
I borrowed it back home.
Why are you asking it now?
Where is the barracks?
There it is.
Have you come to
enrol your son in training?
Hey! I have come for training.
Okay, constable.
What's happening, dude?
He seems old enough
to be your uncle,
but he says
he has come for training.
Yeah, dude.
Many elders like him
have come for training.
I don't know
how they got selected at this age.
No, dude.
They got selected for training
in the year 1982.
But they weren't able to attend it.
Because of the dissolution of
the government that happened then,
they couldn't attend the training.
The government
which came into power after that
cited various reasons
and denied the order.
They had to struggle
with the court for 15 years
to obtain this order.
Totally 1,300 people.
Out of those, 100 people
have come to train with us.
They got selected at the age of 28
and have come for training
at the age of 43.
Such a pity.
He was born to undergo
this training, I guess.
Aren't you educated?
Don't you know that
the application should be signed?
No, I have signed it.
Have a look at it.
Don't you dare stare!
I will smash your face.
Get lost!
Your educational qualification?
I asked what your
educational qualification is.
I have written it
in the application.
Don't talk too much.
Get going.
Are you an M.A. in Criminology?
Yes, madam.
He is a university gold medallist.
Then why did you opt for this job?
Get up.
This is how your hair should be.
No one is allowed
to have long hair.
If I see anyone sporting
long hair, I'll kill you.
Roll-call parade.
You are not new to this
attention and stand at ease.
You must have practised at school.
But, in police force,
if we order you
to stand in attention,
even if a snake bites,
you aren't supposed
to move your legs.
Mosquito bite, sir.
Mosquito bite, sir.
What the hell!
Do you think this is your school?
Frog jump position.
Do you know
what a frog jump position is?
You have to sit like a frog
and jump forward.
Got it?
Frog jump position.
What are you laughing at?
Is this is a drama company?
People who laughed in those 3 rows,
take the frog jump position.
Come on!
Frog jump position.
Advance, advance.
Get up and go.
It's a disciplined force.
Only orders matter here.
Keep your improper attitude
outside my police gate.
There are 350 people totally.
I only have 6 toilets
at your disposal.
I don't care whether you finish
your morning routines or not.
You should fall in
at the ground at 4:59 a.m.
Even if you come at 5 a.m.,
I won't let you inside the ground.
Squad, attention!
Sir, everyone is present.
I'm your training inspector.
I'm Muthupandi.
You are going to train here
for 9 months.
Finish your training well.
If you have any issues,
let me know.
Dude, your uncle.
Tell me.
Only 6 toilets are allotted to us.
But there are so many of us.
If you allot us another 4
or 5 toilets, it would be helpful.
You have not come for
a honeymoon with your wife
and enjoy your life comfortably.
You have come for police training.
If you are on duty to escort a VIP,
no one will accommodate you
in a 5-star hotel.
You have to use public toilets,
finish your job
and get back to duty.
This is a rehearsal
for such situations.
None of you are policemen yet.
You have come for police training.
Yes, sir?
How many toilets
have been allocated?
6 toilets have been allotted, sir.
- 6 toilets?
- Yes, sir.
Why did you allot so many?
Reduce one.
- 5 are enough.
- Okay, sir.
You'll face a few issues
during police training.
Even if you have issues,
you are not supposed to voice it.
That's your first training here.
You were asking something?
Nothing, sir.
I thought you asked me something.
Nothing, sir.
Do you know how to do
a front roll like a monkey?
- No, sir.
- Learn it.
Go back to your position
doing a front roll.
Tell me now.
Are you facing any issues here?
No, sir.
It's not audible.
Say it louder.
No, sir!
- Can't hear you. Say it much louder.
- No, sir!
We have to walk 2 km
to reach the ground.
And we have to prepare our guns,
reach the canteen
and attend law class too.
I guess we would cover 5 km daily,
excluding the parades.
All are praying that they shouldn't
be in Eshwaramurthy's squad.
Eshwaramurthy is supposedly
the worst.
We shouldn't get selected
to his squad.
He has killed 18 people
in the name of parade.
How do you know?
My brother is a policeman.
He told me about it.
Who is inside?
I'm not done yet.
I'm trying.
Come out.
I'll make it come.
- Who is the guy?
- Don't know, bro.
Why are you keeping
your face like that?
Who is it?
Was it him?
Get lost!
Posing in the toilet!
Dude, I'll leave.
Join me later.
Welcome, sir.
Parade, attention!
I'm Sanjay Kumar.
Your training principal.
PRS will be the only college
for every policeman.
You will understand its importance
during your training period.
And I think
you people are really lucky,
because Mr. Eshwaramurthy is here.
He is the only trainer
from Tamil Nadu
to win a gold medal in
the All-India Level Parade Competition.
Even for me, he was
the training instructor.
complete your training properly,
and I wish you all
all the very best.
If you are facing any issues,
you can let me know.
Do you have any issues here?
If so,
you can tell him.
Sir, no one has any issues here.
Fall out.
Tell me what's your problem.
Sir, as you know, there are 350
trainees over here, including myself.
There are only 5 toilets
provided to us.
The problem we faced today morning,
due to this shortage is unspeakable.
So, I kindly request
for more toilets
to be provided, sir.
Here we have lot of toilets.
Why have you allocated
just 5 toilets?
Sir, we have to train them
in certain situations.
How can we get trained in things
that are out of our control, sir?
What are you going
to train in toilet restrictions?
Provide them with extra toilets.
No, sir.
We have certain rules in PRS.
We won't change it for anybody.
I'll take care.
I will handle the issue.
Okay. Carry on.
Form a squad.
Let the training begin.
- Ezhumalai.
- Yes, sir.
- Manikandan.
- Yes, sir.
- Karthikeyan.
- Yes, sir.
- Mahesh.
- Yes, sir.
Vasanth, Murugan, Charles.
Yes, sir.
- Vijay.
- Yes, sir.
- Kadar Basha.
- Yes, sir.
- Santhosh.
- Yes, madam.
- Manimaran.
- Yes, sir.
I'm Vijayakumar.
From today,
I'm your training instructor.
Squad, attention!
Everyone remove your cap.
- Where are you from?
- Kanyakumari, sir.
Why have you come here?
- Sir?
- Why have you come here?
I have come for
the police training, sir.
Oh! Police training for what?
What will you do
after the police training?
I'll chase and catch thieves, sir.
The thief himself
would only catch you.
Hefty, with a pot belly
and bald too.
- How many kids?
- I'm not married, sir.
I was determined to get married
after joining the police.
Then don't do it.
Why do you want to waste
your energy unnecessarily?
Why are you laughing?
Am I standing naked here?
Didn't you shave?
Yes, sir.
I shaved in the morning.
So, will you try to teach a master?
Will you?
No, sir.
Just do as I say.
Don't ask questions.
Okay, sir.
Hey, old man!
Are you planning to retire right
after the training and go home?
No, sir.
I'm just 44 years old, sir.
Just 44 years old?
44 is young.
Weren't you the one
to speak for 5 minutes
about inadequate toilets
in English?
Yes, sir.
- Can't you talk in Tamil?
- Sure, sir.
Where are you from?
Chittarkottai in Ramanathapuram.
- Educational qualification?
- M.A. Criminology.
Which category?
Which caste do you belong to?
I don't mention my caste
in a public place.
Have you submitted the application
without mentioning your caste?
Or did you get a government job
without mentioning your caste?
You seem like a rebel.
Have you come to
revolutionise the police force?
Rebels are not fit for the police.
Everyone was keeping quiet
in the morning,
but you had the arrogance
to speak up.
I would have thrashed you
in the morning,
but left you alone because
of the commander's presence.
How many of you
are from the '82 batch?
Those who won the case
and got the job, raise your hands.
'82 batch, raise your hands.
Whoever I call, come out.
Competition is
the main agenda in the PRS.
I will guide you towards
winning the competition.
It's very difficult
to undergo training in PRS.
It is better for the old and ones
who talk too much to leave right now.
Eshwaramurthy squad
means medal squad.
Men who are inefficient, old
and those who talk too much
won't fit in my squad.
I'll give you all two choices.
First choice, convince the CDI
to change your squad.
Second choice, board
the last bus at 10 p.m. today.
All you 8, board the bus
and return to your hometowns.
From tomorrow, I shouldn't see
the 8 of you in my squad.
You are the squad leader.
Whatever happens here,
you have to inform me.
- Okay?
- Okay, sir.
This training is to strengthen
the mind and the body.
Not for the sake of competition.
It's very hard
to get a government job.
Finish your training properly
and get placed soon.
Sit at ease.
My name is Mathi.
Inspector of R3 police station,
Tambaram, Chennai.
I'm going to conduct
your law classes.
They will also conduct law classes.
If you have any questions
about law, you can ask me.
However, I have a question.
Why have you opted for this job?
Brother, you tell me.
Yeah, you.
Answer honestly.
- Sure, sir.
- Tell me.
If we become policemen,
we can beat up everyone, sir.
We can get bribes
and settle well in life.
For that, you could have
become a thug.
You could've beaten up
whoever you want.
You could've received
a lot of bribes too.
Sir, here we have
a licence to do that.
You have come
to thrash everyone.
- Yes, sir.
- Sit down.
Brother, tell me your reasons.
Sir, I will get a bride.
That is the reason
I want to become a policeman.
- Sit down.
- Okay, sir.
The reason itself is very unique.
Can you tell me?
I want to shoot people
who waste time
in the name of protests and
demonstrations in our country.
That's the reason I opted
for this job.
Sit down.
In your life, when was the first time
you came across a police officer?
Do you remember that?
Those who remember,
raise your hands.
everyone has a memory
of that experience.
That's the power of the police.
Poor people's biggest faith is God.
When he has a problem,
he surrenders himself to God.
Do you know who he seeks after God?
Men like you who will soon
wear a police uniform.
"Sir, someone beat me up."
"Sir, my husband has an affair with
another woman. Please investigate."
They will share such details
with you
they can't even share
with their siblings.
Police is society's doctor.
If you consider this as a job,
it's a well-paid job.
If you consider this as a service,
then people might
worship you as God.
To protect the rights
of working people,
to support
their honourable protests,
to cultivate the nature of
respecting women and children,
and the courage to never sell
your honesty for money,
no matter what the situation is.
I truly believe I can instil
these qualities in this training.
For all the newcomers
who wish to serve the people,
my revolutionary wishes.
Hey! Don't mind them.
They'll leave by tonight.
1998 batch had 2,500 students.
He was the only one who scored
98% in police examinations.
He will quit the job by tonight.
He definitely won't come
tomorrow morning.
I'm sure he will not leave.
How do you know?
He'll come to the ground tomorrow.
Mark my words.
He is warned by Eshwaramurthy.
Will he dare to come?
Not everyone is afraid
of Eshwaramurthy.
He will definitely
come tomorrow.
Want to bet?
Left, right, left.
Left, right, left.
Left, right, left.
Left, right, left.
Left, right, left.
Left, right, left.
Left, right, left.
Left, right, left.
Left, right, left.
Left, right, left.
Left, right, left.
Left, right, left.
Left, right, left.
Left, right, left.
Left, right, left.
Left, right, left.
Squad, halt!
Left turn.
I had asked 8 trainees
to leave yesterday.
Have they left?
Those who didn't leave, come out.
4 have left,
but you haven't.
I asked you to leave yesterday.
Sir, yesterday I requested
the inspector to change my squad,
but he didn't agree
to change the squad.
If he has not changed the squad,
what was the other option?
You have to quit.
We shall start training
after they leave.
We can't quit that easily, sir.
I struggled for 15 years,
won the case with much difficulty
and got enrolled, sir.
If you suddenly ask me to quit,
how can I, sir?
I'm a good runner, sir.
You can test me.
Good runner?
Then I should see your talent.
All of you...
go touch the obstacles
and come back here.
Within 10 seconds.
Can't the old man
keep his mouth shut?
Whoever comes back within
10 seconds will be selected.
Start running!
Faster, faster!
4 of them are returning
without touching the pole.
Time out!
Touch that tree.
Go! Come back within 10 seconds.
Time out!
Run again.
Run! 10 seconds.
How can they cover
this distance in 10 seconds?
That's how is Eshwaramurthy is.
Time out!
Run Again!
Come on, run!
10 seconds.
Why are you upset?
They never give me
more than 5 idlis.
You always think about food.
- You're facing the same problem too?
- Yes, bro.
Come here.
2 senior officers are standing
right in front of you,
but you're wandering off
like cattle in search of food.
During your training period,
the minute you're out of the barracks
you have to march in while you enter
and march out while you exit.
The CDI office is here.
Whether he is inside or not,
whenever you cross the office,
you have to salute.
We are new here, madam.
We don't know.
From tomorrow, we shall
march in and march out, madam.
We will salute
the officer's building too, madam.
From tomorrow,
you will salute and leave,
but now the officer's building
is right there under the sun.
What are you
going to do about it?
Just move the building,
keep it under the shade
of a tree and then leave.
how can we move the building?
Frog jump position.
Frog jump position, mister!
How about you?
We can move the building, madam.
Come on, guys!
You should touch
that tree and return.
You! Get up and come here.
Hey, uncle!
How long will it take?
2 minutes, madam.
Come on, push!
Come here, uncle!
Only he can become a policeman here.
Only orders matter
in a police force.
If you keep asking questions,
you can never wear
your khaki uniform.
Hey, uncle!
You are capable of
becoming a higher official.
Thanks, madam.
For you, it's going to be difficult.
Open order!
1, 2, 3, 1.
What are you doing?
What are you doing?
I asked you to leave, right?
Didn't I?
Do it.
Come on, do it!
Go on. Run.
I won't spare anyone
until you run away from here.
Run! Everyone, run!
I can't finish
police training, buddy.
- Don't think like that.
- It's very hard for me.
I'll take care of it. Run.
I better go back home.
If I stay here,
Eshwaramurthy will beat me to death.
By the right!
Fall out.
When I'm shouting here,
where are you looking at?
I was looking at you, sir.
You were looking at me?
Run 5 laps around the ground.
Come on, run.
Come on, climb!
Keep climbing.
- Where are your boots?
- Like kids, these guys hid my boot.
They are not letting me sleep
the whole night.
Everyone here is of your son's age.
They will behave this way.
Get lost!
- Hey! What are you doing?
- Sir.
- Huh.
- I'll slap you.
Come here.
Frog jump position.
Frog jump position.
Run! Come on, run!
Don't you dare come back.
They harass me, brother.
They don't even respect my age.
They torture me a lot.
- I don't know what to do.
- We will take care, brother.
How many times
do I have to tell you?
I asked you to leave.
Why didn't you leave?
- Can't you do it right?
- I'll do it right, sir.
Rifle up!
5 laps around the ground.
5 laps.
Run, run, run!
Though I didn't earn that well,
I was able to look after
my kids by driving an auto.
When I got this government job,
I sold the auto and enrolled here.
Soon after I joined, they are
harassing me to quit the job.
I don't know what to do.
I thought all my problems are
solved as I got a government job,
but the real problem starts here.
I can even endure the torture
I undergo on the ground.
But when they force me to leave
and torture me in the barracks,
it is unbearable.
I don't know what to do.
Why aren't you leaving?
Stamp him to death!
- Die!
- Stamp him!
Commence the weapon classes soon.
If you need extra rounds,
let me know. I'll arrange it. Okay?
In the training,
teach new tactics to the trainees.
That will have a positive impact.
What is it?
He is from the '82 batch.
They beat him up and torture him.
They threaten him to leave, sir.
Please enquire, sir.
Do you know the procedure
for meeting a police officer?
First of all, you have to meet me.
Then you have to meet the inspector.
After that you have
to meet the AC.
Only after that, you can
meet the Commandant.
However, you...
just barged in like a dog.
Sir, they are torturing him here.
They assaulted him at night.
Everyone knows about it.
Oppression and
suppression exist here.
Definitely people
will start questioning.
Why do you think
we are outsmarting you, sir?
Stand up.
Join in.
Frog jump position.
Right now!
Frog jump position!
Frog jump position!
Do it!
Jump right.
Go! Forward!
Keep going.
Get up.
Why are you rolling?
Get up!
Keep going!
How dare you!
Hey! Why did you beat him?
Don't fight.
Hey! Don't fight.
Stop it!
Stop it!
You guys are the cause
of all these problems.
If you had left, we wouldn't
be facing any issues.
What did we do?
Sir asked you to leave
on the very first day.
Why didn't you leave?
Why did you stay back
and make our lives hell?
Hey! Aren't we just like you?
We too are passionate
about this job.
If he asks you to leave,
will you leave?
Do you think he is being fair?
I don't care about that.
We can't suffer because of you.
Either all of you leave tonight, or
we'll beat you up and throw you out.
Why should we go?
You leave.
We won't go.
What will you do?
- Let's sort this out, you prick!
- I'm gonna beat you to death!
Stop it, guys!
Why should we leave?
Why should we leave?
Tell me.
You are saying I'm unfit
to be a policeman, right?
Then who is ready to compete with me?
You want to compete with me?
You want to compete?
If I lose, I'll quit this job.
Always torturing us to quit the job.
Where will we go?
Where will we go?
Speak up!
My father is not a wealthy man
like yours.
Before joining this job...
I was selling snacks
in Paramakudi Bus Stand.
I have 4 daughters.
Only after joining this job,
my children are able
to have a decent meal.
How will I quit this job?
In 1982, I was a state-level winner
in athletics.
As a reward for that achievement,
the government offered me this job.
I didn't bribe or fall at
anyone's feet to get this job.
Though we got selected in 1982,
we got our job placement in 1998.
Now if they say,
"You are too old, so quit the job."
How will we quit?
They delayed our job placements.
Is it their mistake or ours?
I accept that he is being unfair,
but why are you all
being unfair too?
If we stay, will you kill us?
He wants to kill us too.
I'll rather die in your hands
instead of dying in his.
Beat me up and kill me.
Hit me.
Beat me up and kill me.
Hit me!
- Yes, sir?
- Let's go.
Okay, sir.
Sir, I was given a PR punishment.
So, for the past 16 years,
I have remained a constable.
I would be grateful
if you could cancel it.
What mistake did you make?
I asked what mistake you made.
I hit Inspector Muthupandi in rage.
Why did you hit an inspector?
He scolded me using a cuss word.
So, you beat up officials
who use cuss words, is it?
Son of a...
Hit me now!
If officials use cuss words,
he will hit them it seems.
Get out!
- Uncle.
- Madasamy...
- Stop him.
- Madasamy...
Please listen to me, bro.
Calm down, bro.
Please listen to me.
Do you know why a guard
is standing under that tree?
Yes, sir.
Without any reason,
someone stands there daily.
There was a commandant
named Kandasami.
Very religious person.
He even worshipped
a stone on the road.
One day, when we walked inside,
having a chat,
he asked me how it will look
if an auspicious neem tree
was planted there.
I said it will look good.
He asked me
to plant a sapling there.
I planted it.
A goat ate the saplings twice.
He got irritated and appointed
a guard to protect the sapling.
He was appointed as a guard to
protect the sapling 12 years back.
The sapling turned into a tree
long back.
The commandant who appointed
the guard died 12 years back.
Since it's an officer's order,
no one dismissed the guard's duty.
The guard doesn't know
why he is standing there.
The officials who appoint the guard
also don't know the purpose of it.
We can't ask any questions here.
Even if you ask,
you won't get an answer.
This is how policemen are.
Careful, sir.
Only Eshwaramurthy
and Muthupandi
will decide who will become
a policeman here.
No one can complete police training
if they oppose them.
Do you know how many
have jumped from this terrace?
Do you know how many
they have killed in the name of ED?
What happened to Madasamy yesterday
shouldn't happen to any of you.
Better save your lives
and go back home.
Brother, it's very urgent.
Can you go after me?
- What?
- I can't control it, brother.
- Leave me alone.
- Please, brother.
Please, brother, let me go first.
Let me go first.
I'm not able to control it.
He shitted his pants.
Hey! Move aside.
Come with me, brother.
Get up.
Hey, guys, open up!
Come out!
Go inside this toilet.
- Dude, what are you doing?
- Hey!
Why create unnecessary trouble?
What trouble is possible?
If they lock up toilets like this,
people will end up
shitting their pants.
We are not animals;
we are human beings.
Move aside.
What is it?
What are you looking at?
Go and complain
to your officials.
After all, what can they do.
Stop it, dude!
Sit down.
Greetings, sir.
Is this your doing, sir?
What happened?
Weren't you the one
to trigger those 3 men?
Arivu, Kadar Basha, Manimaran.
Those 3 smashed open
the locked toilets.
CDI has given ED to all 3.
Who is conducting the ED?
Poor guy.
Unnecessarily, he got into trouble.
Why are you
sympathetic towards him?
He has smashed open the toilets.
Tomorrow, Eshwaramurthy will
show him the power of the police
and the value of
the police department.
Hereafter, no one should
speak up in this PRS.
Everyone should witness
such an incident on the ground.
Till now, 18 people have died
because of Eshwaramurthy.
Tomorrow, another one.
That's why I told you
to stay away from him.
Did you show your heroism
on toilet doors?
Show me your heroism.
Let me see it.
ED will be for an hour.
Let's see how long
you can endure this hour.
10 minutes?
15 minutes?
20 minutes?
Just sustain for 20 minutes
in my ED.
Do you know the ED rules?
When the bugle blows,
ED will commence.
When the bugle blows again,
ED will end.
ED will be for one full hour.
Walk-up position.
Double march!
Left turn.
About turn.
Front roll.
Front roll!
Front roll.
About turn.
Each movement
should be very fast.
Front roll.
Frog jump position.
Frog jump position. Run!
Hey! You keep going.
Get up!
Keep running. Fast.
Front roll!
Come on, fast, fast!
This speed is not enough.
Run faster.
Frog jump position.
Keep moving.
Why are you stumbling?
Keep moving.
Run, run, run.
Fast, come faster.
Fast, fast.
Come on, double up.
Come on.
Come faster.
Come on, faster.
Frog jump position.
Why are you suffering like this?
You can fall like you fainted.
He is giving a tough time
to Eshwaramurthy.
Drive the vehicle
closer to the ground.
Fast, fast, fast.
Front roll.
Front roll!
Back roll, back roll!
Fast, fast.
Come on, push-up.
Never realised
you can endure so much.
Faster, faster, push-up.
Push-up, run.
Keep running.
Faster, faster.
Put your arms high!
Run faster.
My boy,
don't you dare fall now.
Please don't fall.
Don't fall.
Who is he?
I have only seen people beg
for mercy at Eshwaramurthy's feet.
But, for the first time,
I saw Eshwaramurthy struggle.
Such a zealous fellow!
He has been like that
since his childhood, sir.
Being a policeman
is more than a dream for him.
It's his father's wish.
So, from a young age,
he developed various talents.
During school days, he actively
participated either in NCC or Scouts.
Back in those days, he has even
attended a national-level parade.
So, he knows everything
about a parade.
It will not be
as easy to make him quit
as Eshwaramurthy thinks.
If you ask him,
"Will you quit or die?"
With a smiling face,
Arivu will say he is ready to die.
It's because he loves
this job so much.
He has been hurt from
a very young age, sir.
he should become a policeman.
Hug me...
Hug me, my sweetheart
Fit me into your pocket
If you utter a word
I'll dedicate
My whole life to you
Hug me...
Hug me, my sweetheart
Fit me into your pocket
If you utter a word
I'll dedicate
My whole life to you
Sorry, madam.
I mistook you for uncle.
What is it with you?
Are you checking
if there is connection?
Take her along.
Memorising your thoughts
Like a lesson
Holding your hands
I walk on a lane of love
Show me around town
On a piggyback ride
I was devouring
Every thought of you
You are my perfect fit...
Come to me, my dear
Hug me...
Hug me, sweet heart
Fit me into your pocket
If you utter a word
I'll dedicate
My whole life to you
When you gaze at me
My heart flutters for you
Even this minute
My heart beats for you
Your thoughts stir a riot in me
How I can explain myself
Is beyond me
You are my perfect fit...
Come to me, my dear
Hug me...
Hug me, my sweetheart
Fit me into your pocket
If you utter a word
I'll dedicate
My whole life to you
- Can you do me a favour?
- Yes.
Send him home along with me.
He won't be able to
complete his police training.
He's too old for that.
He is enduring a lot of
hardships for our sake.
I can sense that he is facing
some problems here.
Convince him, and send him with us.
His presence is enough.
Even I can earn
and manage our family.
Hey, you!
Everyone has visitors.
Has no one come
to visit your friend?
- You are the one.
- Oh!
He is not a normal child.
When his father was
working with an IG,
he died in an accident.
The IG sympathised
and offered him a job.
He told me about someone
named Eshwaramurthy.
I heard he beats him up.
He calls up daily and cries to me
that he wants to return home.
- Make sure he doesn't come home.
- Okay.
I'm not dependent on him.
I have my husband's pension
to support me.
He should be able
to look after himself.
He is Eshwaramurthy.
Ma'am, ma'am...
Don't go.
Greetings, sir.
- Hmm.
- My son's name is Murugan.
He says that you beat him.
Please don't beat him up, sir.
All these 4 men are unfit
to become a policemen.
Take them home.
If they stay here,
all 4 men will die.
How come he has so much money?
His CDI has asked him
to collect money.
That's why they are collecting.
- Money? For what?
- Yes, sir.
It's just complimentary, sir.
- Come, Mathi.
- I need to speak with you.
- Sit down.
- Hmm.
Sir, as per your instruction,
the trainees are collecting money
in the law class.
Collecting money?
I didn't ask them
to collect any money.
No, sir. Didn't you ask them to
collect money for some compliment?
Oh, that!
The AC had asked me to collect.
You can ask about it to the AC.
- No, sir--
- Don't you have a brain?
Don't you know to write a bill?
Is this how you write it?
How many times
should I teach you?
You're unfit for the police!
Concentrate and work.
Bribe, hush money and
corruption are not new to us.
For thousands of years,
bribery and corruption
have remained symbols
of a society's degeneration.
The thought "I have to get everything
before anyone gets anything"
is a psychological disease,
which is the root cause of bribery
and corruption.
Bribery is not only
something we give
to escape murder
or a corruption case.
The money you collect and give
to the AC in the name of compliments
is also a bribe.
Don't tolerate injustice, brothers.
If we tolerate it once,
then we will get used to it.
Accepting it as
their way of life,
90% of policemen
tolerate it without a choice.
Don't be like them.
Don't give money.
Don't allow your friends
to give either.
Fight against bribery
and corruption.
All squads have given money.
Except our squad.
If all of you give me the money,
I'll submit it.
Buddy, shall I start with you?
Sorry, buddy, I don't like the idea
of giving complimentary money.
I won't give hereafter.
Hey! Why are you creating
problems for everything?
If you give money now,
we can come to an understanding.
It's not wrong, my friend.
It's legal.
If it's legal, give me a receipt.
I shall pay.
If it's legal, give me a receipt.
I shall pay too.
Give me a receipt.
I'll also give money.
So, none of you will pay?
We shall see.
Hey, we shouldn't give money
to anyone here.
As Mathi sir said, we shouldn't
give bribe to anyone here.
No matter what happens.
Even if they punish us
with 50 EDs, we shall face it.
50 EDs?
Lift him up!
Who asked receipt for the money?
You can come out
and get the receipt.
If you are man enough
come out, and get the receipt.
Or else,
I'll make sure none of you
enter the ground in this lifetime.
I'll give you 10 seconds.
It's me, sir.
He didn't ask for a receipt, sir.
Actually, it was me.
Sir, they didn't say anything.
I asked for it, sir.
Sir, it's me.
Sir, I asked.
No, sir.
I was the one who asked.
None of them asked, sir.
It's me.
Sir, I also asked.
At the mention of Eshwaramurthy,
PRS trembles in fear.
From such a reputable squad
like yours,
15 people have disagreed to pay.
Will you be able to
control the squad or not?
Tell me if it's not possible.
I shall handle it.
From now on, no one will
open their mouth in my squad.
Get lost!
Officials gave you time
to accept the truth and confess.
But none of you confessed.
That's why
you are facing this ED.
You all very well
know about the ED.
After the bugle blows,
I'll ask you to run.
Until I say stop,
no one should stop running.
Not your normal way of running.
Your boot should touch
your buttocks while running.
If you do it wrong
or you discontinue at any point,
their names will be
noted down by her.
AC has ordered to give ED to
these people for another week.
ED party.
Walk-up position.
Steady double.
Double march.
Fast, fast.
Running like an old man.
Run faster.
You'll be dead if you don't run.
Run faster.
Run, run, run.
This speed is not enough.
Come on, run.
Why are you running like this?
What did I say?
Your boots should hit your buttocks,
but no one is running like that.
Put your arms high.
Fast, fast.
You want a receipt?
Run, run.
Here is your receipt.
Keep running.
Run, run, run faster.
Keep running.
Here is your receipt.
Here is your receipt.
I asked you to run faster,
not crawl. Run!
Hey, you keep running.
Run, run, run!
I asked you to leave
a while back.
They are dead meat.
Fast, fast, fast.
Run, run.
Uncle, you better stop running.
- No.
- You can't run.
You better stop running, uncle.
I won't be able to do ED for a week.
- Listen to me.
- I can't do it.
- I will run.
- Please stop running.
He never listens.
Run, run, run.
Hey, Arivu.
Uncle isn't getting up.
Wake up, uncle.
Lift him up.
Lift him.
Come on, lift him up.
Take him to the hospital.
Get going.
Come on, hurry up.
Hurry up.
Call an ambulance.
Hurry up; run faster.
Keep going.
Keep going.
Move aside.
You said you will do 50 EDs.
Murugan, uncle is dead.
Look at him, Murugan.
We have 4 days
of holidays coming.
You can go and visit your daughters.
Please get up, uncle.
You told us not to give money.
We should have given the money.
We killed you, uncle.
Throw it out.
Don't spare anyone.
Break everyone's legs.
We will back-squad them
and train them later.
- They must know the power of the police.
- Yes, sir.
All are youngsters.
They acted without thinking.
He was very close to them.
They lost their temper
because he died.
I'll ask them to come out.
Please don't send the force.
Mathi sir,
stick to your law classes.
Do it properly.
We know how to conduct a PRS
and how to discipline them.
Don't interfere in that.
Sir, send the force.
Why are you breaking this?
Stop it.
Listen to me.
Hey, why are you beating him?
Leave him!
Don't hit him.
Get up.
Hurry up.
Come inside.
Close the gate.
Hold tight.
Don't let them in!
Leave him.
They'll beat you up.
Get up.
Get up.
Sir, don't hit me.
One of the men died in ED.
They all rioted.
That's why we sent the police force.
18 men were injured.
We have hospitalised them.
The remaining men are here.
Sit easy.
Do you know what was
the first document you signed
when you joined this job?
Even if you die in police training,
we're not responsible for your death.
That was your first signature.
It defines your fitness.
That's your first eligibility.
If you are scared of death
or if you become emotional
under any situation,
you are unfit for this job.
None of you deserves
to be in the police.
Why are you scared of dying
in the training field?
The field is our mother.
Even now, I'm ready to run
and die in this training field.
This should be
every policeman's last wish,
but you people are rioting here.
Sir, we are not afraid
of training or death.
The one who died on this ground
didn't die due to emotional reasons.
He refused to give a bribe,
so he ran and died
in front of my eyes.
We are ready to even sacrifice
our lives to complete this training.
You prepare your management
to conduct this PRS
without getting bribes, sir.
So, all these days
training didn't happen?
Collection of money
was happening.
You have stooped so low, that
you collected money from trainees.
How will he respect you?
Won't you ask what's going on?
I'll investigate, sir.
Regarding this issue,
give the inspector a memo
and get a reply from him.
If the reply is unsatisfactory,
I'll take severe action against you.
The same men shouldn't be
in the same squad again.
Change everyone.
Especially change the ADIs.
Whoever is defiant,
punish them severely.
If I come to know that any of
the officers are receiving bribes,
I'll not spare anyone
from suspension.
- Including yourself.
- Okay, sir.
- Understood?
- Yes, sir.
Stand at ease.
From the '82 batch, we have prepared
a list for the back squad, right?
Yes, sir.
Form a squad with the men
from that list.
Designate Chellakannu as the ADI.
See to it that Arivu and the other
two boys are assigned to that squad.
I will do it, sir.
I won't bother
even if I lose my job.
I will make sure
that he doesn't get it.
Your squads have changed.
I'll read out the names of the men
and the squad they belong to.
The names of the men I call out
should go back.
Arivazhagan, son of Rajendran.
You are in the 10th squad.
Kadar Basha, son of Salim.
You are also in the 10th squad.
Murugan, son of Subramani.
You also belong to 10th squad.
Squad, attention!
Your squads have been changed.
From tomorrow,
you will have new ADIs.
Behave yourself.
Fall out.
Left, left.
Left, right, left.
Left, left.
Left, right, left.
Left, left.
Left, right, left.
Left, left.
Left, right, left.
Left, left.
Left, right, left.
Left, left.
Left, right, left.
Squad, halt!
Squad, left turn.
Class rest.
1, 2, 3;1, 2, 3;1.
Chellakannu, parade competition
will commence shortly.
We don't have labourers
to do the fitting work.
Hmm... Make use of this squad
to do the fitting work.
Okay, sir.
Clear out the drainage,
clean the toilets,
and sweep the PRS ground.
Do all that.
- Okay, sir.
- I forgot to say this.
- Whitewash the barracks and the trees.
- Okay, sir.
Because... you too
are fit only for this.
Both of us joined the department
at the same time.
I'm standing as an inspector
in front of you.
still are a constable
standing among them.
I know you are also a reason
for these problems.
I'll take care.
You can go.
Slope arms.
Squadron, advance by the right.
Quick march.
Left, right, left.
Left, right, left.
Left, right, left.
Left, right, left.
Squadron, retire.
About turn.
There should be no weakness
when you do an attention.
Stomping is very important.
It should be strong.
That will portray you
as a good squad. Understood?
Left, right, left.
Left, right, left.
Left, right, left.
Why are you painting that
for so long?
Finish it up soon.
There's a lot left for you to do.
Hey, Murugan.
Bend down and work briskly.
You can't bend down.
And when you do, you can't stand up.
Sweep this up
and shove it in the bucket.
What's happening, sir?
Why are you giving us the same work
for the past 4-5 days?
When will we return to the ground
and practise for the final parade?
Why will they call you
for the parade hereafter?
Without going to parade,
are we supposed to
clean toilets and
whitewash trees?
Did we struggle to join this job
to do this sort of work, sir?
This work is better than that.
Sir, why do they
specifically target us?
What did we do wrong?
Don't you know what you did?
You stopped their source of income,
and now you're asking me
what you did wrong?
Can't we question
what seems fair to us?
What does police mean?
Did you think they'll uphold justice,
honesty and righteousness in here,
just as they portray
to the outside world?
Here, if anyone talks like that,
they will stomp on him
with their boots till his dies.
Even now, do you think
they have left you in peace?
To back-squad you,
they have purposely added you
to this squad with these elders
and made you collect garbage
and clean toilets.
Sir, what is back squad?
Citing your performance and training
is not up to the mark,
they'll fail you.
They will give another 3 months'
training in the name of back squad.
Again, Muthupandi
will be the reviewer.
You have to pass that test.
If not...
they'll say you are disqualified and
dismiss you from training altogether.
Sir, we are actually good at parade.
Parade is not something
you both do.
Everyone here
have to do well too.
Tell me... will he do?
Even if you do it well,
they have to certify it.
You are getting worked up,
go clean the officers toilet.
I cleaned it in the morning, sir.
Clean it again.
Only then you will understand.
Sir, sign here.
tomorrow the Commandant is
coming here to select the squad
for competition without any notice.
Why suddenly?
As usual, I want both of your teams
to get selected for the finals.
Make sure of it.
What is it, my boy?
Tomorrow we have squad
selection for the competition.
The Commandant will be here.
Tomorrow will probably be the last day
you step on the ground.
They will definitely make ours
a back squad.
If that happens to you,
don't go to the back squad.
I don't know why your father
wanted you to do this job.
Listen to this father
who is in this job...
Men like you who uphold honesty and
justice are not meant for this job.
Just quit.
Go out, find yourself a good job
and try to lead a happy life.
Or else...
you have to experience
the same mental agony
that I did for the past 28 years.
Only issue is that you were eagerly
awaiting to wear the police uniform,
but you are leaving
without wearing it.
Sir, I'll take my leave.
Hey, he is advising you,
but you're leaving
without saying a word.
Will you listen to your father?
Take me to him.
I'll talk to him.
Tomorrow will probably be the last day
you step on the ground.
Only issue is that you were eagerly
awaiting to wear the police uniform,
but you are leaving
without wearing it.
Do I have to beg you
to return the money?
How arrogant you are!
Do I have to run behind you
to get my money back?
If I ask you to return my money,
you speak about the law?
I'll kill you!
You stay here.
- I'll file a complaint and return.
- Okay, Dad.
My name is Rajendran.
I have a parotta shop
near Mosque Street.
I have health issues.
I borrowed some money with interest
to take care of my medical expenses.
I'm not able to pay it back now.
The one who lent me money
asked me for a higher interest.
I agreed to pay that too.
I asked him for more time.
He didn't agree to that.
Instead he beat me up,
locked the shop
and took the keys with him, sir.
Please speak to him and convince him
to return the shop keys to me, sir.
I'll repay the amount to you here
whenever you ask for it, sir.
From whom did you borrow?
Nagachi Mani, sir.
I'll call and ask him.
Wait there.
Mate, don't beat him.
Constable, stop him.
- How dare you complain to the cops?
- Don't beat me.
How dare you complain to the police?
You bastard!
I'll kill you.
- Stop it.
- Leave me!
Stop it!
This is a police station.
Listen to me.
- I'll take care of it.
- Leave me. I won't beat him.
I lent you money
only because you own a shop.
Go wherever you want
and complain to anyone.
Let me see how you manage
to get the shop back from me.
Got it?
Leave it, mate. Come.
Mate, threaten him a bit.
- Don't leave him.
- Okay. I'll take care of him.
- Hey, make him sit in jail.
- Okay, sir.
Who are you?
My father came
to file a complaint, sir.
- Are you the parotta shop owner's son?
- Yes, sir.
- Do you know Counsellor Sahul Bai?
- Yes, sir.
Bring him here.
This boy's father is my friend.
I heard that he came
to file a complaint in the morning
and didn't return home yet.
Why have you kept him in custody?
Have you filed an FIR?
I didn't file any FIR.
Take him home.
Get up, brother.
Did they beat you?
What happened to your clothes?
Who removed them?
They even remove your clothes now?
Who gave them the authority?
Where will I appeal?
Words can't explain my ordeal
Where will I appeal?
Words can't explain my ordeal
Streets I walk on
Seem like a living hell
Heart has become
A place where pains dwell
I suffer within myself
Where do I plead for justice
In this dreadful country?
Where do I plead for justice
In this dreadful country?
Where will I appeal?
Words can't explain my ordeal
I pleaded with him to protect me,
but being a police officer,
he disgraced me,
by making me stand naked.
He should be ashamed of his actions.
Why should I be ashamed of it?
Where the three roads meet
I was met with
A disgraceful fate
Scenes won't fade away
Even if I die
Memories flash
Right before my eyes
a police officer's job
has a very high value
because only they have
direct authority over the people.
If we face a problem,
we go to them.
Had there been a good policeman,
he would have enquired
about our problem
and would have solved it fairly.
Isn't it?
Yes, Dad.
Had there been a good policeman,
he would have listened to us
and would have solved
our problems fairly.
when you grow up,
join the police.
Where do I plead for justice
In this dreadful country?
Where do I plead for justice
In this dreadful country?
Wake up, Dad!
Where do I plead for justice
In this dreadful country?
Words can't explain my ordeal
Squad 1!
Squad, attention!
Slope arms!
Squad, move to the right at threes.
Right turn.
Threes by the left.
Quick march.
Left, right, left.
Left, right, left.
Retire by the left, right turn!
Left, right, left.
Left, right, left.
About turn!
Left, right, left.
Left, right, left.
Left, right, left.
Squadron, retire, about turn!
Left, right, left.
Left, right, left.
Squadron, advance, about turn!
Left, right, left.
Move to the right at threes.
Right turn!
Left, right, left.
Left, right, left.
Left, right, left.
Squad, halt!
Left turn!
Order arms.
All the ADI's...
please come out.
I know that you conduct
the parade well.
I want the respective squad
leaders to conduct the parade.
I'll select two teams among them
for the final competition.
RTC 180, conduct the parade.
RTC 120, conduct the parade.
RTC 330, conduct the parade.
RTC 250, conduct the parade.
What's the matter?
Why are you sitting here, sir?
Don't you want to see
your squad marching?
I don't think they'll march.
Those 30 men don't even know each other.
None of them knows who will stand
in the front and behind them.
Who will conduct the parade?
They were not allowed
even to practise an attention.
They want to back-squad Arivu,
so they are taking revenge on everyone.
I don't know which one of you know
to do the parade,
but I know that everyone
is aware of parade basics.
Everyone here label us
as old and inefficient
and are trying to back-squad us.
Now the distance between us and
the Commandant is just 50 metres.
Our royal walk covering
these 50 metres
will determine our fate
in the police force.
I will give just two commands.
You can trust me and follow.
Squad 10.
Squad 10.
- Murugan...
- Hmm.
Squad, move to the left in threes.
Left turn.
Threes by the left.
Quick march.
Left, right, left.
Left, right, left.
In threes, about turn.
Left, right, left.
Left, right, left.
Squadron, advance.
Left turn!
Left, right, left.
Left, right, left.
Squadron, retire.
About turn!
Left, right, left.
Advance, about turn!
About turn!
Left, right, left.
About turn!
Left, right, left.
Left, right, left.
Left, right.
About turn!
Left, right, left.
Left, right, left.
About turn!
Left, right.
About turn!
About turn!
Left, right, left.
About turn!
Left, right, left.
Left, right, left.
About turn!
Left, right, left.
Left, right, left.
Squad, halt!
Order arms.
- Very good, excellent performance.
- Thank you, sir.
Who is the ADI for this squad?
- Ask him to come.
- It's me, sir.
Very good.
You have trained the squad well
to perform individually.
That's how it should be.
Thank you, sir.
Where is Eshwaramurthy?
Eshwaramurthy, how many times have
you won in the final competition?
I have won it 5 times, sir.
Try and win this squad this year.
- Muthupandi...
- Sir.
- Select these two teams for the finals.
- Hmm.
IG will announce the results.
- Okay, sir.
- Hmm.
Seems like you have tough
competition this year, sir.
Let's see the capability
of Eshwaramurthy too.
- Okay?
- We will see, sir.
One left turn
and an about turn.
With just two commands, you managed to
pull it off with these useless fellows.
That idiot might not be aware of it,
but I know.
I was the one who taught him
his first attention.
you are indeed a talented person.
Though, in police,
if you had revered me,
I would have taken you
to great heights.
But you defied me.
I'll say it again.
Let's see how you complete your PRS
training and wear a police uniform.
You are eating constantly.
What are you eating? Give me.
I won't share; get lost.
- I can share one.
- Okay.
Give it.
Is Chellakannu sir inside?
He is not here.
Hey, so you know my name?
You didn't tell me what it is about.
It's just that...
we received the SI promotion list
and Chellakannu sir's name
was not on it.
He was heartbroken.
I've been searching for him
since morning,
and I couldn't find him.
I thought he might be with you,
but he is not here too.
I don't know where he went.
It seems like you drank a lot.
I have many sorrows,
so I drank a lot.
Sit down.
Sit down, boy.
If it's not in the current list,
it'll come in the next.
Why are you so distraught about it?
My name won't appear in any list.
It didn't happen for 20 years,
and it won't happen now either.
is a noble person.
He will make sure
nothing good happens to me.
I have won a gold medal
for parade at an all-India level.
I have won various medals
at the state level too,
but they are making me struggle
to get a star.
I was the one
who taught them to salute,
but, to think,
I have to salute them tomorrow...
The thought of quitting this job
has crossed my mind,
but I have five daughters.
That's the reason
I'm still tolerating this job.
They have manpower,
caste power.
What do you and I have?
That's why I'm saying...
if you defy them,
they will destroy you.
Only if they are willing,
will you get your stripes.
What can I do for you?
- Okay.
- I'm a total waste...
Let's go, sir.
Tell me you won't antagonise them,
I will come.
Tell me.
Okay, sir.
I won't antagonise them.
I consider you my son.
Not consider...
you are my son.
you are better
than your father in the parade.
I was so impressed
with one of your movements...
Left, right,
Left, right,
Left, right.
- Come.
- Arivu...
- Careful.
- I always advise for your own good.
Don't remain a constable forever like me.
Hey, Kadar Basha.
Come here.
Dear friends,
they have announced the competition date.
We have got a golden opportunity.
Hereafter no rest for our squad.
We are going to practise parade
day and night, incessantly.
From now on,
Arivu is going to lead us.
Whatever he says,
we have to listen to him.
Only then we can win.
What, dude?
Am I right?
We shouldn't practise even
an attention on the ground.
If our squad is asked
to carry out even an attention,
then he will be able to identify
our strengths and weaknesses.
The enemy might be
unaware of our strengths,
but, if the enemy is aware
of our weaknesses,
then we are as good as defeated.
The strength of
Eshwaramurthy in the parade
is his belief that
no one can win against him.
Without breaking that belief,
we won't be able to
defeat Eshwaramurthy.
His confidence will reflect
in his squad too.
By this time, Eshwaramurthy
must have experienced
an iota of fear towards us.
We should magnify that iota of fear.
Dude, why would
he be intimidated by us?
Do as I say, from tomorrow,
Eshwaramurthy will surely
be intimidated by us.
Arise, comrade!
Roar like a thunder
Awaken, comrade!
Shine like a morning star
Arise, comrade!
Roar like a thunder
Awaken, comrade!
Shine like a morning star
Be staunch in your beliefs
And conquer the whole world
Even the highest peaks
Are within your reach
When wind blows in our favour
Victory is ours!
You are not defined
By your birth
Set the world on fire
Rise to the challenge
Knock down your hurdles
When wind blows in our favour
Victory is ours!
Amidst success and defeat
Analyse oneself
Inspire persistently
Buried seeds emerge as trees
Sky is the limit
Walk with your head held high
This is Genghis Khan's war tactic.
When he uses his small troop
to confront a bigger army,
he depends on rumours
to act in his favour.
To make the enemy tremble in fear,
is the first step towards success.
Lesson the incessant world
Has taught
Relax even for a minute
Life comes to a standstill
First light of the day
Diminishes the darkness away
A pain-bearing heart
Succeeds at any cost
He is from my hometown.
What's happening in your squad?
Why is no one practising
for the parade?
Come on, tell him.
We are practising.
At night, we finish our practice
inside the barracks, sir.
Then why were you running
like mad fellows here and there?
Tell me.
Just to confuse you,
Arivu asked us to run about, sir.
Hey! Hey, they are beating up Arivu.
Dude, what happened?
- Arivu...
- What happened? Are you okay?
You hurt your leg?
Hey, who is it?
Dude, who was it?
- Sir...
- Relax.
Who attacked you?
I was told Chellakannu sir
wanted to meet me.
When I was returning
after visiting him,
suddenly a group of men attacked me.
I thought they are
attacking me by mistake,
but whoever attacked aimed at my leg.
Then I realised it was Eshwaramurthy
who ordered the attack on me.
Just now the Commandant spoke with me.
He said, if I tell him who beat me up,
he is ready to take immediate action.
However, I didn't tell him, sir.
Do you know why?
Eshwaramurthy, who has
not faced defeat till now,
when he gets defeated
and stands on the ground,
I would love to see that face of his.
That's why I didn't tell him.
You hurt your leg, so take care.
Sir, one minute...
You defeated everyone by
confronting them on the ground,
then why are you not letting me
compete on the ground?
You are not so worthy for me to think
that you're unbeatable on the ground.
They think you and your squad
are good enough
to be spoken in comparison with me.
They say you are my competitors.
That itself is a huge disgrace for me.
In this parade, you are not even
competent to stand in front of me.
What if we, who are not even competent
enough to stand in front of you,
end up winning?
On the ground...
no one has ever defeated me.
Until I'm here...
no one will ever win against me.
What if we win?
The parade you conduct
just to torture people
should never be conducted on
the ground as long as you live.
If we lose...
as you told me on the first day,
I will let go of the khaki uniform,
which I have always wanted to wear.
You want to bet on that?
Mr. Eshwaramurthy?
I shouldn't agree to such silly bets.
you say you will give up your uniform,
so I will take up this bet.
After you lose,
you become powerless.
You will remove your uniform
if you lose, right?
I will also remove my uniform.
Let's see.
I thought you are smart,
but why did you do this?
Do you know how Eshwaramurthy's
parade will be in the competition?
Even if you lost, you had the chance
of becoming a policeman.
Now you have lost even that
because of your bet against him.
Sir, without questioning injustice
happening right in front of my eyes,
I can't wear the uniform and
pass out as a regular policeman.
Hereafter, no one
should die like our uncle.
No one should jump from this building.
No one should run away
in the fear of training!
Many new tactics should be taught
during this training period,
but they train us just for competition.
I will question them.
We will defeat Eshwaramurthy
who favours such officials.
This competition is a golden
opportunity to execute that.
I didn't place that bet
based only on self-trust.
I know my father, Chellakannu,
is here to support me.
For 150 years, even the uniform
hasn't changed in this department,
but you want to bring
a change in here.
I don't believe that will happen.
I was determined
not to enter the ground
to participate in a parade
or any competition.
Now, I will do it
for the sake of my son, Arivu.
I'm sure you all know that,
in the police,
parade is all about teamwork.
A team has to think and
execute in the same manner.
No one can win without teamwork.
Even if one of you thinks differently,
we will lose on the field
and in the parade.
There are many who can make us win,
and one important person
among them is Murugan.
Lesson the incessant world
Has taught
Relax even for a minute
Life comes to a standstill
First light of the day
Diminishes the darkness away
A pain-bearing heart
Succeeds at any cost
Amidst success and defeat
Analyse oneself
Inspire persistently
Buried seeds emerge as trees
Sky is the limit
Walk with your head held high
How can we win with Murugan?
He is never consistent.
Arivu will lose because of him.
He is also resting
because of his leg injury.
Let Eshwaramurthy win as usual.
You guys tell him too.
What, dude?
Are you discussing
how to defeat Eshwaramurthy?
Yes, dude.
Somehow we should defeat Eshwaramurthy.
He was the one
who killed our uncle,
but how can you win if I'm in the team?
I wanted to leave long back,
but Arivu insisted that I stay.
Now, Arivu is going to lose
because of me.
I can't perform in the parade
with this body.
If I'm not in the team,
you will win, right?
Hey, stop!
Hey, Murugan!
Don't do it.
- Murugan, listen to me.
- Let me go.
Let me go.
- Hey, Murugan, stop it.
- Let me die. Then you all can win.
Listen to us.
- Listen to us.
- Leave me, guys.
We can refrain you from wearing
the uniform as long as you live,
citing the reason
that you hit Muthupandi,
but he himself doesn't want
to put you in that situation.
Muthupandi says he will withdraw
the complaint given by him.
Leave it, sir. I have long
forgotten those issues.
Chellakannu is my friend.
Both of us were in the same batch.
- Arivu?
- Hmm?
Aren't you sleeping?
No, dude.
I'm not feeling sleepy.
Me neither.
Lot of thoughts keep running in my mind.
I wanted to discuss something with you.
Tell me, dude.
For our parade competition,
shall we say Murugan has hurt his leg
and not let him participate?
He tried to kill himself
because he wanted us to win
against Eshwaramurthy.
How will he let us lose?
I'm sure he will do the parade well.
I have confidence in him.
Only you have so much confidence in me.
Even my mother didn't trust me much.
If I do the parade well or not...
is not important now.
Not even one person should think,
"Murugan is obese and abnormal,
"and we will lose if he is in the team."
Even if one person thinks that,
we will lose.
We shouldn't lose.
Since my childhood,
I have not done anything right.
I am telling you...
our squad will not win
if I'm in the team.
- I'll even fall at your feet...
- Hey.
On the day of the parade,
please leave me out.
If you defeat Eshwaramurthy and
wear the uniform, I'll also wear it.
If you remove the uniform,
then I'll also do the same.
Take it, Chellakannu.
- No, it's okay.
- Take it.
- It's okay, I don't want.
- Come on, take it.
You are anyway a higher official.
It won't look good
if I smoke in front of you.
- Chellakannu, I spoke with the AC.
- Okay.
I will have a talk with the Commandant.
When this PRS is over, I'll ask him to
cancel your PR and promote you to SI.
Thank you so much.
I need a small favour from you though.
What should I do?
Tell me.
You have to make those boys lose
in this competition.
If it's a competition
between you and Eshwaramurthy,
I wouldn't have interfered,
but this competition is
between those boys and me.
I'm not only talking on my behalf,
but I'm talking
on behalf of all those men
who will become officials
in the future.
Tomorrow you might become an officer.
Eshwaramurthy will win.
I have confidence in him,
because he is my student.
However, you...
are the one
who taught me to parade.
- That's why I'm concerned.
- Hey!
- You are supporting those boys!
- How dare you!
- Stop it.
- How can you support them?
I'm sorting this out.
- Get out.
- How dare you support them!
- Get out.
- I'll beat you up when you come out.
- I won't let you go.
- Get lost.
Can't you see how many problems
we are facing here?
Do you need this kind of treatment?
Chellakannu, you have 5 daughters too.
Tomorrow you will be an officer.
Why are you antagonising us?
Listen to me.
As a good friend,
I'll give you another chance.
Do as I say.
Things are not going to unfold
as you think, my boy.
In police, we have to be
a lion,
a tiger,
a fox,
and a dog.
We have to wear these masks.
Most of our police lives pass
in figuring out which mask
is apt for which situation.
Now, they have given me
a mask to wear in front of you.
That's what I'm going to wear.
But I have one favour to ask
my guardian deity, Karuppaiah.
Dear God,
no matter how many rebirths I have,
please don't make me
a policeman ever again.
I'm sorry.
They might call you inside anytime.
If and when they call you,
limp your right leg while you walk.
Do you understand?
The competition's success
is in your hands.
I'm so happy to see you in this dress.
- The uniform looks so good on you.
- Is it?
Super, dude.
- You look great.
- Arivu...
- Uncle's children have come.
- Oh!
They are handing over the settlement.
I'll bring the kids with me.
Hey, wait.
Don't bring the kids now.
We'll defeat Eshwaramurthy,
and then we will meet the kids.
What do you say, Arivu?
Even now you have a choice.
Don't participate in this competition.
You have been dreaming of
wearing this uniform for so long,
so don't stake your father's wish on this.
Don't participate in the competition.
Left, right, left.
Squad... halt!
Right turn.
Sir, we have left Murugan out,
citing his leg injury.
All other men are present.
order arms.
Squad, stand at ease.
Welcome, sir.
Please come.
Sir, squad number 10.
One of them has a leg injury.
The remaining 26 men
are present, sir.
Sir, squad number 1.
100% present.
One more thing...
I have a small request.
They are going to parade
in even file in the competition,
but that is against the rules, sir.
Oh, yes.
The boy injured his leg
all of a sudden, sir. That's why...
No, sir...
He can't do the parade well.
That's why they left him out.
No, sir, he will do the parade well,
but, all of a sudden,
he injured his leg. That's why--
One minute.
Who is that guy?
130, Murugan.
130, Murugan.
Please come to the ground.
130, Murugan.
You like it?
- Yes. I like it.
- Have it.
Hey, Murugan.
They are screaming your name into the mic.
What are you doing here?
- Where?
- At the ground.
Get going, run.
Hurry up, Murugan.
- Bring the kids with you.
- Yeah.
Move, move, move.
Move, move, move.
Didn't you say he has hurt his leg?
He runs like a horse.
Hey, salute the senior officer.
Isn't your leg injured?
Yes, sir.
I had an leg injury,
but I forgot.
Sorry, sir.
Did he ask you to say so?
I will fire you both.
Ask him to join the parade.
Go, join the parade. Go.
You can start first.
Let me see what you are capable of.
Sorry, buddy.
I forgot.
Squad, order arms!
1... 2, 3.
1... 2, 3;1.
I'm not only talking on my behalf,
but I'm talking
on behalf of all those men
who will become officials
in the future.
Hereafter, no one should die
like our uncle.
No one should jump
from this building.
No one should run away
in the fear of training.
When this PRS is over, I'll ask him to
cancel your PR and promote you to SI.
I didn't place the bet
based only on self-trust.
I know my father, Chellakannu,
is here to support me.
slope arms.
Move to the left in threes.
Left turn.
Quick march.
Left, right, left.
Left, right, left.
Left, right, left.
Left, right, left.
Right wheel.
Left, right, left.
Left, right, left.
Right wheel.
Left, right, left.
Left, right, left.
Left, right, left.
Right wheel.
Left, right, left.
In threes,
about turn!
Left, right, left.
Left, right, left.
Left, right, left.
About turn!
Left, right, left.
Left, right, left.
Left, right, left.
Left, right, left.
In threes,
about turn!
Left, right, left.
Left, right, left.
Mark time!
Left, right, left.
Left, right, left.
Left, right, left.
Left, right, left.
About turn!
Left, right, left.
Left, right, left.
Left, right, left.
Left, right, left.
Left, right, left.
About turn!
Left, right, left.
Left turn!
Left, right, left.
About turn!
Left, right, left.
Left, right, left.
Left, right, left.
About turn!
Left, right, left.
Left, right, left.
Left turn!
Left, right, left.
Left, right, left.
About turn!
Left, right, left.
About turn!
Left, right, left.
Left, right, left.
Left, right, left.
About turn!
About turn!
Left, right, left.
About turn!
Left, right, left.
About turn!
Mark time!
Left, right, left.
Left, right, left.
Left, right, left.
Left, right, left.
He can't do the parade well.
That's why they left him out.
Squad, attention!
Squad, slope arms!
Squadron, advance,
by the right, quick march.
Left, right, left.
Squadron, retire.
About turn!
Left, left, right, left.
Move to the left in threes,
left turn!
In threes,
about turn!
Left, left.
Left, right, left.
In threes, about turn!
Left, right.
Left, right. Left, right.
Advance left turn.
Form squad.
Left, right, left.
Left, right, left.
About turn!
Left, left.
Left, right, left.
Left turn!
Left, left.
Left, right, left.
About turn!
Left, right.
Left, right.
What if we, who are not
even competent enough
to stand in front of you,
end up winning?
Left, right.
Left, left.
Right, left.
About turn!
Left, right.
Left, right.
Left, right.
Left, right.
About turn!
Left, right.
Left, right.
Left... right turn.
Left, right.
Left, right.
Left, right.
Left, right.
Left, right.
About turn!
Left, right.
Left, right.
Right, right.
Left, right.
Left, right.
Left turn.
Left, right.
Left, right.
About turn!
Left, right.
Left, right.
Right, left.
Left, right.
Left, right.
Left and about turn.
Left, right.
Right, left.
Right, left.
Left, right.
Left, right.
Left, right.
Left, right...
Hey, dude, tell me the truth.
How did you win?
How did you win with him in the parade?
Had Eshwaramurthy believed in himself
and entered the competition,
our squad would have
been nothing compared to his.
He completely believed in Murugan.
I also believed Murugan will make us win.
Even though I know all the rules,
I left Murugan out,
so that he will not be overconfident
and will still depend on Murugan.
Murugan will parade better
than all of us.
I noticed one small problem with him.
He was not able to do a right turn.
I told Chellakannu sir about it.
So, he gave us all the other
commands except the right turn,
and he made our squad win.
Murugan was the last spear
I used to defeat the lion.
Great, dude.
You never said any of this to us.
You knocked him off completely.
Hey, fatty, you performed so well.
Why are you looking at me like that?
You have finally become a policeman.
I entered the ground to make you lose.
But, after seeing your face,
I couldn't do that.
When I compared my star to your life,
it seemed worthless.
That's why I made you win.
Sir, we have won.
We have won,
but will they give us the medal?
A very good evening to one and all.
Except for a few mishaps,
the training has completed successfully.
I hope you perform well
in your duties,
and I convey my best wishes.
Thank you.
The squad who won the medal
for the best
overall performance is...
Squad number 1.
ADI Eshwaramurthy.
come on stage.
Come on, Eshwaramurthy.
Hey, dude, we won.
They are presenting the medal to him.
It's foul play.
We shouldn't keep quiet.
We should question them.
Go and question them, dude.
You have to ask them.
Come, let's ask them.
How did Eshwaramurthy win?
No way he could win this.
Come, let us ask them.
How can we give up the medal
to these men?
You conducted a competition,
and they have won.
We must give it to them.
Mathi sir,
that's not how it works in the police.
We have decided.
We will be presenting the medal
to Eshwaramurthy.
how can you make
such arbitrary decisions?
Doesn't this PRS have
some common sense?
Don't we have right and wrong here?
Mathi, we have decided after
discussing it with everyone present.
If you want,
you can check with them.
They are youngsters, sir.
They made a valiant effort
to win this competition.
Grant them their success
and encourage them, sir.
They are new to the police force.
Don't shatter their trust, sir.
Please, sir.
Who are those men, Mathi?
I may have berated them
because of the officer's mistake
and poor administration.
did you really believe I'll announce
Eshwaramurthy's defeat?
If Eshwaramurthy and my son competes
and my son wins,
even then I'll make sure
Eshwaramurthy wins.
Eshwaramurthy is not a single man.
He is part of the system.
Eshwaramurthy represents all of us.
You also are one among them.
You don't have anything to say, my boy?
it's my father's last wish.
To wear this uniform
and work as a honest policeman.
That's why I was ready to wear
the uniform despite the consequences.
However, in the police,
truth, honesty,
training, hard work,
is of no importance.
Then what's the point
of me being here, sir?
I'll leave, sir.
Let me go.
My dear boy,
this system is the combined creation
of rogue Englishmen
and idiotic politicians.
Only honest men suffer here.
We have to change this.
If we don't change it,
then who will?
What will a people-friendly person
like you achieve by quitting?
Are you going to revolt
against the system?
Or are you going to protest?
Emotion without power will destroy you.
Power is strength.
We have to get hold of that power.
This is a quote
by the legislator Dr. Ambedkar.
Here the system is against you.
I have opened up the ways to get hold
of that power in that system.
Get hold of the power
and change the system righteously.
To bring righteous change to the system,
we need to get hold of the power.
If you perform ardently in your job
as you performed in the competition,
you can become an IPS
or a TPS officer
so that you have the power
to work for the people.
Or else, if you are in awe
of medals and recognition,
you can become a policeman who favours
the system like Eshwaramurthy
and never be in service of the people.
When people face a problem,
a policeman is the first person
they reach out to.
When we have honest
and people-friendly men like you,
we can solve their problems
in a righteous way.
That's why I'm saying,
all of you should join
the police force.
if we face a problem,
we go to them.
Had there been a good policeman,
he would have enquired
about our problem
and solved it fairly.
I have a wish.
Tell me.
I would like to hug you once.
You have come to serve the people,
so I should be the one to hug you.
As an Indian citizen
and as a Uniformed Service Staff,
I, Arivazhagan,
will carry out the duties
of the police department loyally,
with humanity
and without any religion, caste
and creed discrimination.
I will work for the development
of the police force,
adhere to the laws of
the police department,
and will never disobey the rules of
practice for anyone at any situation.
I solemnly affirm the aforementioned.
Long Live Tamil!
Long Live Tamil Nadu!