Tabernacle 101 (2019) Movie Script

So you claim to categorically know
that there is no afterlife.
I base my believes
on scientific evidence over many,
many years of experiments
I conduct with my camera
and the visual proof that my
three million followers get
to see every week is more than enough
to disprove your theories
of pooky afterlife...
Three million followers,
80% of the people on this earth
have faith and have belief.
80% of people
on this earth have fear
because of all the nonsense start as
them, are people like you.
You arrogant young man.
You are the arrogant
pompous old prick, mate
and try to tell me how to do my job.
Okay, now you just insult me.
You are not talking issues here,
you are not talking belief.
And I'm a man of
science and reality and realism.
In which case
science requires proof.
You can't prove this.
Now look, the only way you
could irrefutable prove it,
would be for yourself to
die and then resurrect again
and I'm sure as heaven and hell that
that won't be happening will it?
Wow, look at that.
What do you think, kiddo?
It's great.
Hey, do you
know how to put up a tent?
How about you
show me and I film you?
Ha-ha, nice try.
You're not getting out of this one kiddo.
Uncle Frank,
you're a slave driver.
Yeah, yeah stop your whining.
Always worth a shot.
Think there are any aliens out there?
Well if there are, we
never wanna meet them.
Be's if they can find us,
that means that they're super intelligent
and you know what that means?
Think about it.
Those aliens got big guns,
you've seen the movies, right?
Big guns, big heads, shiny coats.
Uncle Frank.
Can you prove that God doesn't exist?
No one's ever proven
that God does exist,
so I don't see the point.
And you know what else?
No one ever will prove that God exist
so don't worry about it.
What about ghosts?
Ghosts, where did you hear about ghost?
Well, I mean I've seen
lots of ghosts on YouTube.
It's like the number one
hangout for fraudsters.
Don't believe any of the
stuff you see on there.
You see now, if you believe in ghosts.
Maybe I'd say that that's a ghost
but I guarantee you that is a koala.
None of that stuff, God,
paranormal activity,
it's all fake Daniel, you
don't have to believe it.
Are you tired?
Me too.
So tired.
Let's go.
Let's go to bed.
Bed time.
And don't forget to set up
that camera, okay on the dash.
Yeah, yeah, I got it.
Check this.
You scared, you warmed
for the night, Buddy.
There's something outside.
It's nothing, Daniel.
Go back to sleep.
Uncle Frank.
Ah for Christ sake.
I'm telling you there's nothing.
It's nothing.
Probably just a kangaroo.
But uncle Frank, I'm scared.
No I don't wanna hear anymore, okay.
Go back to sleep.
Get out.
Stay here.
Hey, who's there?
Come on show yourself you pranksters.
Daniel, get in the car.
Keep still.
Uncle Frank.
I wanna go home.
When I find the son of
a bitch that's doing this.
That was a ghost.
That was proof.
Don't be ridiculous.
Daniel, we will make a
atheist out of you one day.
You have nothing to worry about, okay.
I'm telling you, this is just pranksters.
They wanna through me off the trail okay.
Yeah, all right gimme that camera.
Let's have a look at the footage.
What's going on?
Shit, it didn't record.
I did, I did.
Daniel, what did I say?
I did record.
I pressed the button, please I promise.
All right, I'm gonna
set the camera here.
We'll spend the night in the car
and if anything happens
we will see it, okay.
Yeah, okay.
Frank, where are you?
I need you here yesterday.
What's happened?
I've had a major
breakthrough and I mean major.
When can you be here?
About three hours.
Don't be late.
Okay, all right.
All right, orders away, let's go.
Uncle Frank.
Nothing Daniel, it's just bug bites.
That's what happens when you camp.
There's all kinds of
creepy crawlies out there.
Look, I've got bug bites too.
All of me.
Can we just get out of here?
Well, well only 30 minutes late,
you're getting better.
Yeah, blow me Clint.
You wanna know something,
you're gonna lose your job
Hello man, how do you
work for this loser?
I don't, he takes direction from me.
Keep the telling a lie.
What are we doing here?
Some kind of breakthrough.
Hey three amigos,
think you could join me
inside some time this year.
Ariba, ariba.
Okay, everyone agree we
have one healthy guinea pig.
Yeah, sure.
Show time.
Death will occur in 10 seconds.
10, nine, eight, seven, six,
five, four, three, two, one,
zero decease now,
decease now, decease now.
Subject is deceased.
Okay, so you euthanized the guinea pig.
Einstein would be very proud.
Okay, patience 10 minutes.
Want a quickie?
Seriously, Daniel.
What's a quickie?
You know, when you have ice
cream in between your meal.
Okay let's
concentrate, shall we?
Yep, one dead guinea pig.
will occur in 10 seconds.
Okay boys, you ready?
Yeah sure, let's do this...
10, nine, eight,
seven, six, five, four,
three, two, one, zero.
Resurrect now,
the subject has been resurrected.
One healthy guinea pig.
The subject has been revived.
How many times have this worked?
Like eight times, I've
even bought one back after
an hour of death.
Any side effects?
You recon you can do this on a human?
What do you think a human guinea pig?
Daniel, you wanna have a go?
No thanks, miss McKenna.
Just kidding.
No, I'm serious.
What if we could actually
do this on a person.
Kill them and bring them back to life.
We'd finally have
definitive scientific proof
that there is no
afterlife, no God, nothing.
Yeah, yeah I recon we could have
a 100 000 people watching live.
Hey, we can have a
million watching live,
this would be huge.
And we will be the
biggest vlog in the world,
everyone would know us.
I can believe this.
Stop, stop I'm not gonna kill somebody.
You wouldn't have to kill anyone
because you would be
bringing them back to life,
Hello, Clint speaking.
That's the point.
Hey listen, I gotta go take
Daniel back to his mom's place
but maybe we could talk
about this later at my place.
Over ice cream?
You not gonna believe who just called.
number one target.
Meredith Palin.
Her place, tomorrow in Ralston.
Why would she
let us slaughter her?
Who cares?
Daniel, we gotta go.
Baby, amazing, thank you.
Come on, let's go.
Hey, best not tell your mom
about what happened, okay.
Hey Sis.
Go inside Daniel, I need
to talk to your uncle.
See you uncle Frank.
We'll go in free next week.
Yeah, cool.
You were suppose to
take him for the weekend.
Ah, you know kids, science experience,
not his kind of thing.
I've got company tonight.
A date?
Reckon you'd get lucky?
Yeah well, I would have
if you kept your end of the bargain.
I'll take him
again soon, I promise.
I wanna do it.
We are.
you're experiment.
I wanna crossover to the other side.
Frank, I'm not risking my
career, or your life on it.
Oh no wait, listen to me.
I wanna die for one hour
and be revived.
You're kidding, right?
Frank, don't be ridiculous.
Come on Babe, think about it.
Definitive, scientific proof
Oh Jesus, Frank.
That there is no afterlife.
Are you serious?
There is no God.
Where you're going, come on.
Hey listen, thought you
were gonna stay the night.
No, it's too hard to get laid here.
See you later.
Yeah, all right.
Somebody's got to be the first.
This is Frank Benetti
Today I'm going to interview Australia's
most well known medium and
spiritual TV personality.
Her name is Meredith Palin.
Now Meredith claims that
she can speak to spirits
from beyond the grave and wait for this,
astral travel through astral planes.
She sounds like a total cook,
I can't wait to interview this one,
let's bust her.
So tell us Meredith, little
bit about what you do
and how you do it.
On the other side, I can
visit different dimensions
such as the astral plane
and other higher planes.
Who do you meet when your
on these other dimensions?
Many different souls and beings.
Oh, really?
My personal favorite would
have to be the lightbeings.
Oh really.
Yeah, they're pure form of
loving angelic consciousness.
How do you spelt such utter nonsense,
keeping a straight face?
I don't know how you do it.
I don't think you're
taking this seriously.
Okay, you're right.
I'm not taking this seriously
but I'm actually very excited to be here
because I love talking to mediums.
I find you fascinating
so I'm very impressed.
How do you feel about lying to people?
Question five, how do
you live with yourself,
taking money from gullible people?
Question six, when are you going to admit
that what you do is wrong?
Honestly Frank, you can
do better than this.
Very funny, Meredith.
Can I have my questions back please?
Why did you camp in the
Glen Davis Ghost Town?
So you followed us, so
much for psychic powers.
You pissed off a lot of dead miners.
Very disrespectful.
It was you, playing
hocus pocus in the middle
of the night, I knew it.
Now let me tell you something, lady.
I bet you think that was really funny
except I had my nephew with me
and you scared him half to death.
Frank, they wanted me to warn you.
They wanted you to warn me.
Are you getting this,
this is fucking hilarious.
Frank Benetti, you're going
to listen to me right now.
They wanted me to warn you.
If you do your little death
stunt which you're planning,
you're going to bring trouble.
Don't do it, do it, do it.
This interview is over.
Shut the cameras off, let's go.
Let's go.
Our sign full
immunity contracts for Clinton
and I, you've gotta administer
the chemicals yourself.
Sure, I can do that.
It's gotta be hell and we know.
You're certifiably insane.
But if this experiments
succeeds, Whines wins.
Okay, I'm recording this conversation
and I wanna go on the record
as having advised you against this.
Happy Halloween, ladies and gentlemen.
Tonight we welcome the one and only,
the dead man walking, Frank Benetti.
Tonight I, Frank Benetti,
will tell you exactly
what happens when you die.
So tell your friends because
in exactly 30 minutes,
I will lethally inject myself right here
Sound cut, perfect.
Yo mate, come on.
Ah, let's get the shot of the timer.
There, is this good?
Yeah, yeah it's good.
You're sure you can
bring me back, right?
Haven't done it on a human
before, you're the test pilot.
Sarah, I really need
some confidence right now.
Calculations and
projections say it will work.
You will be revived.
What's the latest Megan?
Five million watching.
Five million, holy shit.
Megan, how're those stat coming along?
Right now, we have 13
million people watching.
Wow, that's amazing.
Jesus, guys.
Okay, let's go I'm ready.
This is gonna make
you so fucking famous.
All right, back to broadcasting.
Five, four, three, two.
Welcome back ladies and gentlemen.
My name is Frank Benetti,
I'm 29 years old.
As you can see, my time is up.
Enjoy the show.
Bon voyage.
Death will occur in 10 seconds.
10, nine, eight, seven, six,
five, four, three.
Two, one, zero decease now, decease now.
Subject is deceased.
Decease complete.
Subject is deceased, decease complete.
Frank Benneti is officially deceased.
Death occurred at 10:01p.m.
on the 31st of October.
Cause, self inflicted lethal injection.
In 15 seconds we will resurrect
Frank Benneti from the dead.
Three, two, one, zero.
Resurrect now, resurrect now,
resurrect now.
this have worked by now?
Yeah, well it's taking
a little bit longer
than the guinea pigs.
Resurrection has failed,
subject is still deceased.
Get the defibrillator!
Come on, Frank.
It's not working.
He's dead,
he's like totally dead.
Well stop stating the fucking obvious.
Those papers he signed better cover us,
I'm not gonna fuck in jail.
Uncle Frank, please come back.
Wake up, come on uncle
Frank you can do it.
Just come back, please
you promised me it...
O, my God.
Subject has been revived,
subject has been revived.
It's working, it's finally working.
Where are those lights coming from?
Such a weird response.
Are you getting this.
Of course I'm getting this.
This is fucking amazing.
Welcome back stranger.
How long was I gone?
An hour three.
Nice to see you again uncle Frank.
So everyone wants to know,
what did you see in afterlife?
Absolutely nothing.
And what did it feel like to die?
I felt the chemicals
going through my body
and then nothing.
Can I help you officers?
Whose in charge here?
I am.
I am.
Hell of a stunt you pulled off tonight.
Had our switchboard in meltdown.
Wasting police resources
on bullshit like this
and on our busiest night, not fun.
I was proving a point all right
and now you and I both know
that there is no afterlife
and there is no life after death.
All those religious quacks
and all those new age weirdos,
they gonna go out of
business, thanks to me.
Can we stop with all the bullshit.
We all know it's all pretend.
Geez, why would I pretend
if I'm from
for God's sake.
Sarah has all ready
told us it was a hoax.
Sarah wouldn't do that.
She did.
Frank Benetti, we are
charging you and your partner,
Sarah McKenna, with public mischief.
Public mischief?
Wasting police resources
on hoaxes like this.
Do you understand your rights?
Who the hell was that?
No geez, we have a wild one here.
Can we go get breakfast?
Sarah, why did you
tell them it was a hoax?
If I hadn't we'd be
in a lot more trouble.
But don't you see that makes me look
like a complete fake, a fraudster.
It's over every news
outlet in the world.
Yeah, until they find out
it's all a complete hoax according
to the chief architect, Sarah McKenna.
Okay, can you just let it calm down
with the police, please.
Then we'll show everyone the evidence.
Sarah, I've been seeing things
that just don't make any sense.
Like hallucinations?
Yeah, exactly.
What do you think it means?
You might get them for a couple of days.
Just as the chemicals...
And now you tell me.
Okay, you know, I was
the one who told you
in the first place not to do this.
You need to rest.
Couple of days, you'll be good as gold.
I'll come over tomorrow.
Clint, slow down mate I can't understand
what you're saying.
All right, look I'll be over
at seven p.m. tonight okay?
You're on the blacklist.
What, Kathryn?
I'm just teaching him about science, okay.
He witnessed a really important
experiment last night.
No more camping trips,
no more science lessons, okay.
Don't be like that Kathryn, okay.
The kid is almost 14 years old.
When are you gonna let
him grow up and be a man?
He's sick, he's
vomiting, he's not himself.
I just have one request.
I really need his video footage.
He's asked me to ban you from the house.
And so have I.
Kathryn, please I need
to see his video footage.
It's really important.
Right, what do you got for me?
All right, check this out.
It's freaky, right.
Do you know who that is?
I don't know.
As from the whole time I
didn't see a single thing.
And you never saw any one come in?
I didn't see a single thing, no.
We're all there.
Locked the doors, right?
Of course.
Somebody is playing us.
You have the power to heal.
Hey Frank,
Frank what's the matter?
What's up, man?
Nothing, nothing.
Yeah, I'll catch you later.
All right.
You had to be scared.
You know three managers
before you died for me
from poisoned food.
This food
doesn't make any more poison
than any other hotel food.
Gimme that.
Oh no Boss,
look you gotta have
somebody that test the food.
What you need is a guinea pig.
You eat the guinea
pig, I'll stick to this.
Hey Boss wait,
don't touch it, don't!
I just wanted to
take a little shot, that's all.
Since my death,
I've been experiencing
intense paranormal activity
as you can see,
this is not fake
this is not hallucination, this is real.
What's up?
Sarah, I gotta stay at
your place tonight, okay.
I'm on my way.
What do you think?
It's obviously her.
What would she got to do with it?
Oh come on, think about the interview.
She's a highly skilled trickster.
This is more than tricks
and hallucinations, Sarah.
This is real, I experienced this.
She is your spook, Frank.
I'm telling you.
Something is stalking
me and I need your help.
You know what I mean.
I'm sorry I let you do this to yourself.
We need to get you help.
What if we were wrong, Sarah.
About everything.
I'm gonna pretend I didn't hear that.
But if something
happened to me, didn't it?
After I died.
You can sleep on the couch.
Good night.
That's weird.
What's up?
Hey Clint, listen.
I'm having some trouble
getting into the website.
Sarah asked me
to change the password.
Sarah asked you.
Did she say why?
Sarah, is the major
shareholder in the company.
She owns
and she wants you out.
What are you talking about,
I'm the front man.
There is no blog without me.
You're fired.
Read the new post.
What new post?
Hey, Clint.
Sarah McKenna, your new presenter.
Frank Benetti will be taking
an extended leave of absence
to rest and recuperate
from his recent death experiment hoax.
We wish him well.
I, Sarah McKenna, will
be your new presenter.
More of the same,
busting the cooks who
trick you in believing
in their psychic ability
and paranormal activity.
This is
Sarah, it's Frank.
Don't hang up, Sarah.
Oh, come on.
What the hell?
Meredith, Meredith.
I really need your help.
I'm busy, I'll meet you in there.
Meredith please, I really,
really need your help.
I will meet you in the other room.
Sorry love, did you want to take those?
Yes, thanks.
Of course, would you like a bag?
Yes, please.
Life on the other
side by Meredith Palin.
Jesus Christ, Meredith.
Can you just walk into a room
like everyone else, please.
Something happened to
me in our last meeting.
Something that I've never felt before.
Well, they do say that opposites attract
but don't get any ideas.
No, it started when you
grabbed my arm, Meredith.
I have three date minimum
rule and I'm into Kamasutra.
No, look just stop just stop okay.
Something is following me, some kind of,
I don't know, entity is following me.
Well, you're now under
my protection as long
as you're near me.
First I thought it was hallucinations,
I don't know quite how to
explain it to you but...
Come on, I'll shut the shop.
Are you coming?
Okay, now I'm very impressed
but can we get to the point please?
You and Sarah had fun.
Oh and date night, very naughty, Frank.
Okay, that's enough of that, just stop.
Can we stick on topic please.
Well, do you want the bad news first
and then the bad news?
Yeah, I love bad news.
Hit me.
Traveling to the astral plane
with your little death stunt
was a really, really bad idea.
How was I suppose to know?
I specifically warned you.
All right, I know you did.
What do you want me to do?
Get on my knees and grovel?
I'm here for your help Meredith.
Are you gonna help me or not?
You have a demonic entity
embedded into your soul.
Slowly over the next few days,
it's going to start
spreading like an infection.
It's going to poison your spirit body.
Let's say I believe
you, just for a second.
How would I get rid of
this, demonic entity?
You can't, eventually
there'll be no return.
All right, what's the good news then?
Well, as long as you're in
my presence, you're protected.
I hope you're joking.
Come on.
Where you going?
Come on I wanna see what you can do.
Come on, we don't have much time.
What are we doing here?
You'll see.
I don't think we're allowed to be here.
What are we doing?
Who are you?
I'm Meredith, this is Frank.
We are here to help.
Frank, come on.
You have the power to heal.
I thought you were gone.
What are you doing here?
I'm sorry, wrong room.
Frank, come on.
What the hell just happened here?
They helped him.
Thank you, thank you.
Hey, hey you
guys, come back here.
I'm calling the police.
See, I told you.
That felt really good.
You did a good thing today.
Thanks Meredith.
You're all right too.
Frank Benetti, did you just
say something nice about me?
Come on.
Starting to get through to you, Frank.
So this is what a
witch's house look like.
I never said I was a witch.
Well, it's kinda obvious.
Well, then you'll be
in for a real treat.
Wipe your feet please.
Bottoms up.
What vintage is this?
I hear 2013 is a pretty good year.
Just drink it.
Just relax, go with the flow.
It's kinda weird.
Frank, do you hear me.
When we're in astral plane,
you cannot see me, only him.
You are now, at the highest plane.
You have opened up a portal to the earth
and let darkness in.
I hope you succeed.
They found a way to break
through the astral plane.
Who is?
The demons.
I need some air.
Please don't do that again.
You have been chosen.
By the Lightbeing.
Meredith, can we just deal
with facts here, please?
You met a Lightbeing, fact.
Yeah, and a couple
of really scary demons
that is scaring the hell out of me.
We need to transform you into a avatar.
Okay, it's time for me to go.
Only then will you be clean.
Meredith, you're a
little too crazy for me
and honestly I think you
need help more than I do.
But, you have zero chance without me.
Save it for the cooks Meredith.
Frank, when you leave my
protection, they will attack you.
I'll tell them you said, hi.
Don't give into them.
Had a hard day?
You could say that.
No, no!
What do you want from me?
You survived.
What a surprise.
You were right.
These demons or what ever they are,
they mean serious business
and I can't fight them alone.
Sorry, what was that first part again?
I need your help.
Splendid, first day
of school starts now.
When you died, you accessed
a power of healing.
Today we're gonna learn mind reading,
psychokinesis and protection.
Frank Benetti, what did I just say?
Oh, healing?
If you don't learn
these, you're a dead man.
Okay, all right, you're right.
Do you understand?
Yes, miss Palin.
Let's get some fresh air.
Relax and hear their voices.
Like you do with me.
You'll get the hang of it.
You have to let go.
Feel their minds.
Let their thoughts reach you.
Frank, here's someone here suffering.
They need your help.
I want you to find him.
This can't be true.
Why me?
It's working, I can hear her.
Please God, help me.
there's no easy way to tell you this.
You have advanced ovarian
cancer, it's terminal.
I know what she's going through.
Advanced ovarian cancer.
It's all over.
My mom had ovarian cancer.
There was nothing they could do for her
and she didn't make it.
I'd like to help you, Michelle.
Who told you?
You don't need to be afraid.
okay Michelle, let him help.
It's God, check with your doctor.
Okay, here we go spoon.
See it clearly moving
in your minds eye.
Ah, I had enough!
There's only 10 of those
books left in the whole world.
I want you to read it.
Ha, I did it!
I want that book in one
piece or you're toast.
You have the power of
light, it destroys demons.
Use it.
Fight darkness.
You have avatar power, now.
Good morning, Meredith.
Good morning, how was the book?
So mister Benneti, do you
know this book backwards,
sideways and can you
recite it in your sleep?
All ready here.
Now you're just showing off.
Good read.
Okay, point it at me and record.
A please would be nice.
Pretty please with sugar on top.
All right.
Zoch one
This is Frank Benneti.
Last week I died for one hour
and I can tell you
categorically that there is life
after death or more specifically
a spiritual consciousness
that lives on after death.
Now, if it took a fundamentalist
atheist like myself
to tell you the truth,
well dying for one hour was well worth it.
Tune in tonight and tell your friends
because I'm gonna show
you something spectacular
in vlog two.
Well, from our persecuted
to one of our best.
Frank Benneti, I am so proud.
It's a graduation present.
Ha-ha, no way.
I love it.
Oh my God!
Fat out!
How did he do that?
That's amazing.
Okay ladies and gentlemen,
get your phones out.
Now on the count of three,
I want you to answer them on speaker.
Okay, one, two, three.
Hey, hey folks.
This is Frank Benneti.
Have a nice day.
No way,
that's weird.
I don't believe it.
Vlog two is going out
to my old subscriber list.
Clint and Sarah can't
stop me accessing it.
How many?
Yeah, this is going global.
Hey, can I ask you a personal question?
Ask me no secrets and
I'll tell you no lies.
How did you go out with
her for so long, I mean?
Ooh, I think you're
a little bit jealous.
No, it's just what was the upside?
You're defense shields are exceptional.
Well, I learned from the best.
Well, she's about to
call you, right now.
Yeah, right.
To what do I owe the intense
pleasure of this call?
How could you, Frank?
Evidence, any good scientist knows that.
Thanks dude, Sarah and I
are the fuck of the century.
Mate, you're welcome.
Glad to see you're recycling my old trash.
Oh please, please.
I can not handle bad porn.
You know what Frank,
I liked you better when you were dead.
Well I'd love to sit here
trading insults to you guys
but I got more important work to do.
So why did you call?
Well Frank, I think we
wanna have you on the show.
Give you a guest spot.
Well, what an offer?
Think of the audience numbers, Frank.
Well, I'm honored that you
guys wanna do a hatchet job
on me but I'm gonna have
to respectfully decline.
They will attack this time.
As long as you willingly
don't give them your soul,
they cannot keep you.
But no matter what pain,
no matter what they do
to you, never surrender.
Remember that, Frank.
Let's do it.
This time we'll know.
It was honestly a mistake.
him, hence the ones to come.
Let's go.
Follow him.
I gotta say, I'm not a
fan of astral travel.
Two days, we've got two days
until all hell breaks loose.
What about that computer code,
all over the screen, what did that mean?
I'm not sure.
I think it's being
controlled by the demons.
That street that Daniel
was on, I know that street.
It's just around the corner
from Kathryn's house.
We can go there.
We need to go meet your nephew.
It's impossible, I've been blacklisted,
I can't see him.
Frank, he is in serious trouble.
It's my sister.
I need you to come
to Daniel's birthday tomorrow.
He's acting very strange.
Yeah, he made a doll called Frank
and started placing pins in it.
Very strange.
Then out of the blue,
he demands to see you at his birthday.
Hey listen, can I bring a friend along.
Yes, of course.
Okay, what time.
Three tomorrow afternoon.
We'll be there.
Okay, bye.
That wasn't an coincidence.
Tomorrow's gonna be very interesting.
Hey little buddy, happy birthday.
How are you?
So you believe in
ghosts now, uncle Frank?
This is my new friend, Meredith.
Tell me what you've
noticed about Daniel.
Have you spoken to him?
No, he's been avoiding me.
Exactly, he would
never do that normally.
Kathryn, what's going on?
You said something about dolls
and pins, I don't understand.
I told you all ready, I'm...
I don't wanna say it again,
I feel like I'm going crazy.
You're not going crazy Kathryn.
Based on the things I've
seen the last few days,
you wouldn't believe me if I told you.
Can uncle Frank take me camping again?
I think that's a great idea.
Ah, no.
Charles takes you from now on.
Wait a minute, who's Charles?
He's my new boyfriend.
Complete douchebag.
New boyfriend.
Kathryn, do you really
think that's a good idea?
How long is this been going on for?
With all this stuff going on.
What do you care?
I care, I care about
my nephew's wellbeing,
that's what I care.
Where is he anyway?
He's in Melbourne on business.
Oh, that's convenient,
on the day of your son's birthday.
Anyway, look who's talking.
Where's Sarah?
Sarah and I are
no longer together, okay.
Ah, I really liked her.
She seems nice.
Meredith is just a friend, okay.
She's helping me with
extra curricular project.
Extra curricular
project, sounds like fun.
Don't start, Kathryn.
I want uncle Frank to
take me camping, bitch.
Right, this is what I've been dealing
with since your death stunt.
Thanks a lot.
Daniel, what are you doing?
She was in my room, snooping Mom.
I was looking for the bathroom.
Let me show you where it is.
He's just a kid.
I should have been there for him.
I'm so sorry Frank.
Have you heard of the dark web?
It's off limits, no
search engine can index it,
no law can shut it down.
It's where they sell drugs,
illegal pornography even slaves.
Why are you telling me this?
The demons have created a computer virus
and planted it on the dark web.
It's designed to shut down
all online systems on earth.
When this hits zero, the virus
will spread exponentially
and it will leave the dark web.
Vlog three, tabernacle 101.
This is going out to everybody.
We don't have a lot of time.
15 hours and 15 minutes to be precise.
Dark forces have breached the astral plane
and are now physically on our world.
They've find a portal.
This occurred when I died
and came back to life.
They plan to take control of the internet
at 12 noon tomorrow.
Please, get rid of your
mobile phones, laptops,
computers, everything that
is connected to the internet.
We don't know exactly what will happen
but we do know that they will
take control of everything
and I mean everything
including all the world's nuclear arsenal.
This is real.
This is not fake, get ready for a fight
and may light be with you.
I'll post it now.
Where you going?
To the liquor store,
I want their best red while I still can.
Hold on, I'll come with you.
No offense Meredith
but I can take care of myself
in case you haven't noticed.
Frank, if you leave this tabernacle...
You'll never possess my soul.
The power of Satan now possesses you.
Repeat after me Frank.
You must do
the death experiment again.
Crossover, deceased.
You must
destroy the demons.
You know, I could really miss you.
How long was I gone?
Way too long.
Come on, I need your help.
Frank, do you have any idea
how hard I worked to rescue you?
Trust me.
Hey, what's up?
Hey Clint, get your camera
ready, we're on our way.
It's about time, 22
Garden Boulevard, five doc.
Do you mind telling me why we need
to meet Sarah and Clint?
Read me.
Need to die again.
Where's Sarah?
She's on her way.
Is she crazy?
Chill man, she'll be here.
Never thought you'd
have the guts, Frank.
Sarah, do you see this?
Ah yes, that's a phone.
This is how long we have, Sarah.
Tell me that one about Goldilocks again.
I'm gonna love watching your
terrified face in a minute.
Okay, this freak doesn't
stay for the interview.
We're gonna ask you
nicely to retract that.
Or what?
Hey, stop please.
This is how long we have, okay.
When this hits zero,
you're gonna see why we need
your help so bad right now.
I'm so gonna enjoy this.
I need that phone back.
Sarah, really please, listen.
Clint, you need to turn
that phone off now.
Clint, are you getting this?
Five, four three, two.
Do you see now?
Better go check on her.
Their controlling every hoax
coming to bust in the city,
soon the virus is gonna
spread beyond Sydney
to the rest of the world.
Sarah, we need your help.
Who are they?
Come on, we gotta keep moving.
Careful, watch your step.
What do I have to do?
We need to get back to your lab.
I need to decease again.
We started this, you have to finish it.
The death experiment
had open up a portal.
Frank needs to close
it from the other side.
We've gotta
go, it's not save here.
Jesus Christ.
Come on.
Frank, if ever I can get you back.
If I succeed, you will.
On the other side, your
powers will be magnified.
You'll be able to fight them.
Thank you, Meredith.
It's really touching, are you ready?
Death will occur in 10 seconds.
10, nine, eight, seven, six,
five, four, three, two, one, zero.
Subject is deceased, decease complete.
Subject is deceased, decease complete.
What took you so long?
You proud of yourself?
Clint, Clint, get out of there.
Clint, please!
Shut up!
Ah, thank you
Sarah for everything you did.
Don't you dare.
Oh, I have a more
fitting end for you, witch.
Walk witch,
I said walk.
What do you think Frank?
No Frank, don't listen to...
listen to me, concentrate.
Use your strength.
You can do it Frank.
Come to the light.
Just reach out.
Take my hand, you're almost there.
Keep going.
Meredith, I hear you,
I feel the light.
I feel serenity.
I see.
How did you find me?
The medallion I gave you,
it traced your soul.
When you died I could follow you.
We need your help.
She knows.
Wait, be in me.
You have work to do.
Uncle Frank?
Stay here.
The world is recovering
from the worst ever cult virus.
The virus originated in Sydney
and spread around the globe.
It placed millions of people
into a coma for two hours.
Prime minister Dawkins has said
that there will be full
investigations into
what happened and that
the people who perpetrated
this crime will be arrested
and dealt with in due process.
Sir, would you like to pick any sentence
from your guidebook, on any page
but read it out loud.
Have you got one?
Okay, it's one page 266
and it reads like this,
for Aboriginals, the concept
of landownership is tied
to a belief system that
instructs them to care
for their ancestral land, am I correct?
No way!
Thank you very much
ladies and gentlemen.
My name is Frank Benetti.
Just what I need,
another stalking spirit
following me around.
I liked your show.
Man's got to earn a living somehow.
I don't know if I ever told you this
but thank you for believing in me.
Well, mister Benetti.
I hate to burst the bubble,
you got work to do.
We got a huge problem this time.
Wait, what are you talking about?
It's causing havoc everywhere.