Taboo IV: The Younger Generation (1985) Movie Script

To hear the radio conversation KQQK
by della Syntnef
Tonight's guest is ...
Dr. Jeremy Lanz
psychologist, lecturer ...
... Special issues of incest
and author of best sellers
"Incest family taboo
Welcome Dr. Lanz
Dr. Lanz your book ...
"Incest family taboo
seems ...
... Has divided the scientific community
and is responsible for ...
Today many cases of incest
want to tell us what you think before
proceed to the first call?
So ... first let me say that
my research in this area
is the most comprehensive and has
prove that I'm right again and again.
Uh ... I condemn in the next book
the effects of inbreeding ...
... And I know that it will create noise
shows that women who
satisfy their men
initially turn their fathers
with her daughters ...
... The concept of complete
some gaps in the relationship ...
on the other hand, many wives
turn to their sons ...
as sex objects because of
lack of the former spouse
Let us take a solution and a
The first call is in line ...
... Listen ...
... Crazy wife on the radio ...
Ha! Do not forget the crazy brother
may be the crazy wife ...
Hello ... may be insane
as a fuck ...
should be more
careful ...
Yes definitely ...
Hey you're in the air ...
Hello ...
Hey you're in the air.
Charles I by Tia Mateo ...
I read your book and
I think you're off topic ...
according to my knowledge no one
associate with incest
separation ...
Charles I disagree with you ...
There is a great deal of lack of partner
with incest.
in my next book ...
are you crazy ...
Thank you very much Charles ...
Hello KQQK radio
you are in the air ...
I was married two months.
and my husband likes to see me
but have sex with another man.
and should be with the married
forever ...
and beginning to like it
considers this an anomaly?
Yes ... basically I do not ....
I suggest you and your husband to see
a specialist immediately.
We speak with Dr. Jeremy Lanz
on incest
Your phone calls please
Be in the matter ...
Sorry Dr. Lanz
but it seems to me ...
Uh ... should be more specific
deepen the causes that lead
in incest
Well, yes ...
The truth is that there are more
major causes for this issue
I believe that to explain
and current families are
the root causes
problems of society
I'm certainly convinced ...
that they grow up
both leaf plot
to protect themselves from
external factors.
For example in my family
I have two daughters ...
which have a nurturing ...
and attending a private girls' school
until they graduate
Why is decorated?
will not go out tonight so it is Naiomi?
Do not mind Robin
No it will go out tonight right?
Richie will come here.
Never enough for you?
When will this stop?
God knows what his father said.
You heard on the radio today.
Nobody knows
I will not stop.
What do you always say.
Better to make sure your bed.
I am leaving out of here ... before ...
I checked do not worry.
Goodnight Naiomi ...
Come on Richie ...
Come on, come on ... took you
SAA ...
Richie ...
Put him in my sister so
could not say anything against me
Like what?
Come on Richie go
I have never seen anyone sleep so ...
Okay boy ...
Youngster ... What do you think you here?
Get out incestuous
What a shame ...
Oh! no ...
Warned repeatedly
Naiomi Lanz ...
will not tolerate such behavior
the school of Mrs. Fletcher.
But Ms. .. Ms. Allison ..
We call to your father
Better to start to gather
your stuff.
I do not understand such behavior
Sodom and Gomorrah ...
I can not tell you ...
How sad it is
Naiomi your father ...
You better get up and
assume your responsibilities boy
No thanks
Sorry Naiomi ...
Your favorite ...
Love me sweet daddy ..
It broke his heart ...
You saw what you did Naiomi?
Always put me into trouble.
Oh! Shut Robben
You are not alone in having problems.
I think I can look back
anyone at this school?
So why do not we puzzling
There koimosouna ...
Enjoy it ...
And this is thanks ...
I thank you got it ...
I do not know how to talk about everything
what I do ...
We help you ...
Joann ...
So Joan ...
Dr. Lanz has his way ...
you two ...
leave them all to go out.
this will overcome your problem
Good morning to all ... I am glad to see you.
The Joyce will be here in a minute
and to introduce you to Mrs. Cole ...
Ms. Cole, I am glad you decided
to come ...
I'm so nervous Dr. Lanz ...
There is nothing now that
You must be nervous ...
Everyone has the same pain
and the same stress with you.
So ashamed ...
No comments ...
We'll help with the meeting
to overcome the shame
you feel ...
You ask me to anaskaliso ...
Take me to come when the team
will be finished.
Ahh ... just come and get me
Mom ...
I still do not understand why it should
to include in our team.
I mean ...
I know you said you would not know
but ...
Sure ... but damn ...
If the book Dr. Lanz
say about us ...
No. If Dr. Lanz said ...
talk to us ....
then we talk.
I stopped the problem.
That is that we have.
He gives her the fucking ...
Do not mixed them ...
Sorry mom ...
everything was fine until you
and Brian started to do this.
If you will not be quiet because
strefomouna your brother
Aaaah ...
Better to go in ...
I do not want to be with you
there ...
Okay this is no time for games.
How soon will integrate the team?
In any case.
... Third Party
I know that it took ...
because they disagreed with my son.
I apologize from all
I thought that Bob would
with you ...
So Bob decided ...
it is better to remain private
We need to tell someone before
I start to go crazy.
Go ... nothing more to go ...
As a matter of incest ... Hate ...
comes as a fantasy in my mind
I can not think of anything else ...
And now ...
Jimmy is now ... I want
and this ...
First I started with a son ...
now another ...
Not ready for the team
more ...
Ok we have another member here ...
know the Joan Kocher, modern ...
First day of the second number.
Hello everyone.
I would be grateful ...
To introduce you to Joan who is with us
so you will not feel alone ...
Aaaa ... I'm Richard Knight and here
because ...
jumping on my daughter.
Hello ... I'm Betty Knight and I
relationship with my father.
My name is Jeff and Ward
raped my aunt.
But I asked ...
Come on Jeff ...
okay ... aaaa ... I thought I asked for.
I am Joyce and ...
and I love and
My two sons.
Now Joan ...
Would you like to talk to the group
on your experience?
Not ...
Well then ... Who would
first to speak tonight?
You Joyce?
I ...
I have two wonderful sons.
In Gkreik Jr. and Danny ...
a beloved daughter, Sherry.
One ... one day I got Junior
with his sister ...
I can not describe how painful ...
was to 'see my kids together.
I thought my world collapsed.
I started to drink constantly.
I just sat and watched ...
Joan is the top ...
and I thought how nice it was
my son ...
Not what they did ...
but how it reminded me
me with my husband.
A real man ...
passionate ...
I felt my senses to revolt ...
and ...
The Junior is ...
has a great body ...
I mean ...
still looks like an ancient Greek god
And ...
I was drunk ...
and just ...
wish to find him.
late that night
came to my room and ...
learn ...
and the promise ...
I would not say to his father.
Well the one brought the other ...
and ...
I tried to tackling ...
but I was sick ...
very sick ...
Come on now what are you doing here?
She should be here by Jeremy soon ....
It's a job.
And I will miss the next one hour ...
Come on.
What ...
Let me show you
All right.
The Naiomi got this morning.
School work?
Because he was upset in the morning ...
The girls will return home?
What had to say Naiomi?
The poor child was
I asked to speak to Jeremy
That's why I'm here
I do not know what we could do that ...
Already tried to talk to him ...
I know that my brother is a
fucking care ...
But this is a good guy and
My daughter is not the Jeremy ...
Even if you do not know ...
I do not want to fuck it
I understand what you mean but
We can talk now.
I know that he understands and agreements
Every night his father Junior
left the city for work ...
The Junior walked up the stairs and sat
in bed with me
I felt kaflone ...
I talked to him ...
Okay I will try
And ... I put the dick in Raised
in my wet pussy
I could not resist when I
roused her body and soul ...
How long did you say this ....
just yesterday I was at the knees ...
and the suck
... had an orgasm
swallowed the ...
... Swallow ...
Got time to talk about it Brian?
I'm afraid not.
So I think it is quite
for now ...
Hey ... you outta here next Thursday ...
... Then perhaps Miss Cole is
ready to participate.
I do not know.
Hi ... I had a wonderful session today ...
They said about us ...
Junior had ...
asked me why I started
I love ...
But I do not want to stop.
Nor me.
Not yet ...
Bitch ... torn whore ...
Jeremy sorry.
I do not blame you, Bill
Get out.
Get out of here ... get your stuff
and go.
Jeremy ... listen
Please calm down ...
Think girls ...
I want to stay married to Jeremy,
I want our marriage to survive.
-Get out of the house.
Get out of my life.
Please listen to Jeremy.
The following Naiomi fucked up
your footsteps.
I will speak ... ok
Okay ...
This is the story.
Richie came up to
help in the study.
Exam ... after nystaxe.
And Mrs. Allison came in and
created a theme for nothing.
It supports the robin?
I will support but do not want
nothing to do with both of you.
No need to go Robin,
new life ahead.
Anyway Naiomi
I have to give battle.
Think I'll sit around discussing me
school behind my back?
We will not know about you.
All that is heard
for me and Richie.
Oh! Naiomi Richie is so windbag ...
Everyone will listen to the radio.
I'm so pissed off ...
You were always so pissed off.
Drink this ...
I know he loves you ...
I know since I got married ...
the first time that we love ...
She loves ...
It's my fault I swear to God
do not blame anyone other than
Only me.
Do not think the prosecution girls ...
These girls ...
saints are ... not prostitutes like their mothers.
How cute is me?
Well ...
Hello ...
Hi Uncle Bill
Talked to his father?
I tried my baby but I could not ...
They are angry?
What did he say?
Naiomi this ...
There must tell you.
You can get other things you
when I will not be here ...
I do not want to rejoin.
Dad, what happened?
Daddy can not you and Mom to
debate it again?
There is nothing left to discuss.
Come on, Dad ...
Please, Dad ...
Your father will not
to change his mind.
Girls want to come with me ...
But Dad ...
Do not talk to me my young.
Mrs. Allison called me
from school today.
You're the same as your mother.
Any kind ...
Then I go to Mom and Uncle Bill ...
Come Robin ...
No, I'll come with you Naiomi ...
It is the first time apart ...
I know ...
I will miss Naiomi but watch.
You know mom, but I do not want him
leave it alone.
Of course I understand sweetie ...
I think you are very generous father.
Are you coming?
Do not worry, dad will take care of myself.
So we ...
I will always be here ...
I'll be everything you ...
We're always a bit
my life sweetheart.
Thanks Dad.
Incest Chapter 23 ...
Robert Scott came to see ...
has trouble sleeping ...
This devastated the son of Paul
After he turned to another son
by Jimmy
He was 20 years old then
Come on dad I made a
delicious meal.
Are Kapers
Come back.
Do not leave me Will
do not leave me to die ...
A! caught me.
I'm leaving ...
Such is the love?
Geez ... I know why you bring
here every week.
I can not pretend ...
No, you're really good.
He said, and Tolkien.
I heard it.
Just do not want to pull my
Ridge went to the other.
The other girls are great.
And this guy is tasty.
In this ...
What are you looking ...
Keep up the work.
Nikki would not decide to get up?
Where is my sword you left
on the floor?
Where is my Indian?
Give me my hat.
Good boy.
Okay go.
We did not do anything now right?
Your new text.
Tell me how I die for love?
-Yes ...
-I come in once knocked cry okay?
It's good I like it.
How will I die of love
this is ridiculous ...
I can not pretend to know
why do not forget okay?
Let's start for a minute, okay?
I can not believe that
even using notes
finish until tomorrow
Learn your words
Naiomi going to work very
I can help
Mickey undertook you okay
Okay do not care.
Stop interpret
Ok when we go to page 23
on top in practice 2 to 3
Forget Mickey did not do anything
if not turn the Don
Well you Gloria?
Let's take it from the top
Don is the director
and will wait
Go fuck yourself
Luke is ridiculous with these novices
will wait for the Don
It is a waste of time
I have not ...
I do not know where to start
Naiomi wait come back
I think you are physically
I think they just want
a special training
And I'll spend my nights free
I do not think
You deal with jazz or ballet
Trust me you are good
perhaps better
Will guide
I have an idea
I will give you a chance
singing a few lines
and look how you feel
Follow me
OK let's try
Okay see
're at the beach with
your favorite cousin
here is lay down on the beach
you were always in conflict with
cousin but you
afraid to tell him
Hey cousin
not done yet ...
when you were kids
you used to play doctor
and nurse together
But now that you grew up you do not know
even if you remember
Okay then ...
And two out of the water
This removes her clothes
You take off your clothes ...
Grab the move ...
I mean, do all students?
Of course it is necessary
you have to be in the film
Well it's shortly after the swim
Okay ... ok
Oh! Naiomi
It was beautiful the water was beautiful
Let me give you a dry
Remember when we were kids
and play doctors
I could not forget
I thought you forgot the
I remember you used to say ...
I'll show you mine
if you show me yours
I know. And we called it your own?
In Gouetzi
Yes yes and when we slept together ...
trying to put the Gouetzi
in my cave
say the cave because it was dark
and dark
Yes yes ...
Well ... still remember how it seemed
The Gouetzi me ... but
I do not remember how was your cave
V1 yes
See? Are there so
furry little more now
Yes ...
As I see there ...
Wet ...
I see ....
still have caramel?
E.. E.. E.. Do not do this
Remember the last time?
Not ... rather not remember
I got my dad and flew out.
And my rained so hard
I could not sit for a week
I remember you liked ...
No ... not to hurt
So stop jokes
After following
After I came to your room
and feels nice
when you are the owner of my Gouetzi
To hurt ... very bad
The first time
since you liked ...
No lie
When she wanted to lick
when it came out all the juice ...
No ... no ...
-No I was not
"Yes you were
Maybe this help you
to remember ...
No, I was
maybe it was another
Come Naiomi
Yes ...
Oh! I remember
The I-Gouetzi
Yes is Gouetzi
Let me see
Are you sure that this
Gouetzi the same?
Yes ...
Come on think it's time ...
I do not want to start
I mean, I enjoy ...
Yeah okay ...
Let us continue the effort.
-Okay ...
Okay I remember when ...
when I was less
and used to come to sleep
me ...
my room
Yes yes ...
And let him put
the Gouetzi you in my cave
but ponage ...
because Gouetzi was very high
to my cave
Yet I think it is ...
Not not look ...
I have an idea.
if in Lick ...
Mmm ... good
so juicy ...
will now slip into
and feel good ...
Okay, but ...
Do not hurt.
even very narrow
Dinner was served, Mr
Do not mind
Dinner is ready
Oh! yes ...
Baby ...
Hey You
There came the team yet?
Let me see ... it's Thursday
In half an hour
We have you seen
have you?
I am Gregory Fraint
You can call me Jr.
Okay Jr.
Being in the band?
No. I live here
My father is Dr. Lanz
Well I will see you around
next Thursday?
Ok give me the keys
I drive
Try to get
not afraid to get them ...
Naiomi not think it is time
to prepare the dinner?
Told again and again
I do not hang around at home
listen ...
is a child ...
wanted car
I do not know what you think by being
wandering the Naiomi
Alice is ridiculous
So ...
you has a weakness
I do not want to encourage
is a sensitive age
are you on about nothing
is my daughter
I told you ... I promised ...
we heard
not hear anything is in the bathroom
Okay ... what about us;
sometimes I think he loved me
because I married your brother
come here ... I apologize if I raised my voice
I love my baby
you have no reason to envy
Come on ... give me a kiss
Naiomi dinner is ready
dinner was served, Mr
what is the reason;
-Special reason
I love to cook for you
I do not know what you want to prove
but did
Enjoy the best dad in the world
both new and well
Daddy I miss my mom ... you;
do not think any
they will speak to the concentration
anything that interests
But Dad interested to know about everything ...
-But I do not want to tell you
Naiomi says that the talk about incest
Yes we do
what motivates people
To do this, Dad;
Naiomi I want you go to bed now
sorry mom
Goodnight Uncle Billy
goodnight sweetheart
I go to bed and you both
good night
are you happy with me;
dumb question
think; I do not think it is stupid
would you be happy with me
Naiomi if it was not with us;
What makes you ask this;
I believe that if we
just the two of us more often
will be enjoyed ourselves
You know we would be more comfortable ...
would do much more noise when we
admittedly something you have in your mind
Come ...
Naiomi is so new
her body is young and tight
I do not think is bad
I think the look
and I know he looks at it and
can not get her hands
off you Bill
since you said I have been unable
means nothing
You're the one I love
to fuck every night and lights ...
So you want to make me explode;
Come on baby ...
look like a challenge with these black ...
Stop Dalton
what do you say after the show for an appointment
Dalton, not my dad
'll pull out after the show
if you pursue it and forget
any word I know
ok ...
listen little to break your leg ...
to break my leg;
do not know what that means;
is an expression of spectacular old jewelry for good luck.
Ahh ... thanks
dinner was served, Mr ...
Mr was served dinner ....
Thanks 4 not be late
not ever be late
we would like to hug you
got something better for today?
like a rendezvous with nature tonight ...
Hey remember me I am the Junior
course is Thursday
Day incest ...
I bring my mom every Thursday
-Right ...
want to come for a drink;
Yes indeed ...
I'm ... I do not know how to begin
I come here every week
helps me so much
I know how difficult it is dear
but you do the first and most important step that you come here
We are 100% with you Joan
when to start;
Tell us what has happened
just tell us their all.
So to start I had never come
effective date or boyfriend had
I went to school and girls
all the girls talking to boys ...
for bare and beautiful
Your parents were strict;
so very strict. Telling me that
All boys have one thing on their minds
Sex ...
-You have brothers or sisters;
only one brother. When we were young
we were very close.
When I grew up I went in his room
and seeing him masturbate
This will very lit ...
with irritant that he knew that the track
then went to my room and I was getting a brush
to malakisto ... sometimes with vibrator
when my parents were not home
let me open the door
because I wanted to and he watches me
And he watched;
Yes he did. I do not know when
but I guess he did
and how come in my room
this hard thing and I put it
made me have an orgasm
What kept it;
Months ... maybe years
I do not know so much on my mind
and then one day ... I was in the bath
I dreamed ... I knew that my parents were not home ...
I started to masturbate
feeling the water around my pussy ...
the water penetration was as if someone was coming inside of me
I mean that I could not give myself an orgasm
I was at the height when I got up ...
and the corridor I thought my brother saw
had to go through his room
I go to my
Come on.
I want Joan
-No, I
I tried to suppress
but it was stronger than me
and I knew there was a way to stop him
because deep down
much like the
but he wanted me too
Why is your mom here
the day of incest;
should not you through with it;
I suppose so
I do not go there
no way
Come Robin
I want to know ...
aimomichtike with you;
your mother;
a break
you did with your mother;
Come tell me
you did with your mother Jr;
I know ...
with lights ...
get ...
-Go to your room.
why not ...
Why I do not know if I say
the truth or not ...
I think to do to light a
you have my word for it
I want to watch
Show you what;
if I see a mother with you too ...
that makes me so hot ...
I'll let me do what you want
whatever you want ...
What collection ...
Ms. Makgouair ended;
No, not even stepped out for a drink
I would hide under the hall ...
I will wait and watch ...
first your mother and ...
after me.
I'll see you later, Mrs. Maguire.
OK, sweetie
What our story told by Joan
I'm burning to death
're going to get out of here soon
-No need to go home mom
Please come with me.
-What do you have in mind Jr;
You okay with this mother;
surely you;
I will upload too high ...
I miss you and work in all ....
so long ago
Yes, by yesterday evening
agree bastard
but I love you
do you like so;
Oh! not
Jane ...
Robin ...
I go for more whiskey.
do not leave ...
-Will never find better
Hey Uncle Billy will not go to the movies with mom
which is the mother;
He went alone I came to read more
You know Uncle Billy
because we ourselves do
you can do that I did with my dad
I do not find the same me
Stop reading
talk to me
Nice because you want to talk
for boys because the school thing;
For the life of a big city
All right.
Tell me about you and Mom
it was love at first sight;
I stepped on;
I do not remember
stupid ...
I prefer to talk to you
For me;
to watch them make love
with mom
What you're saying ...
-Do not play with me
I know I know
You have great imagination, you do not know anything ...
Yes, I know
Imagine what happens here
and both of us imagine
I want to make love
when gamiemai
What do you think I think;
you what I feel inside me ...
You never know what you think I'm your uncle
You're more than that ...
Why are you talking about ...
So close ...
I feel so close to you as
I have not felt for any throughout my life
I want to be that you do love
Oh what I'm going
Dad, I'm not dressed
Oh! my little girl you are not yet;
I did not want my sweet just
I talk to someone
Here I am Daddy
You know as far as I can remember
You were always so unhappy.
Naiomi to blame too;
whether the mother;
you are not sure sweetie
I knew when I married your mother
she was in love with my brother
just thought I would do
to love me
maybe it was my mistake but
is too late
I was tolerant, condescending,
thing unusual about my job
prevailing myself insured
My World
never really on my own but
always lonely
But Naiomi And I loved
And I love
It is different sweetie.
The people I am a woman. My wife
Dad might need help and we
be included in your group
Did you see make you laugh ...
I like ... good night
Good night, Dad.
Alice ...
Alice ... please reply
Forget baby
will do anything for you ... everything
will do anything for you dad ... everything
good daddy;
I understand, Dad ...
I understand ...
You're mine ..
you're my wife now ...
Yes Dad ...
I'm yours
I promise to love me a price ...
We do
For now and forever
until the end ...