Tadap (2021) Movie Script

My horoscopes says,
hurdles will be out of my way.
Chances of getting promoted.
I can see It's happening
faster than I expected.
Hey no!
Leave me. No! No no no no
Come, sir.
Jai Hind, sir.
Hello, Nautiyal sir.
When did you come back?
Snuck back early morning.
And yet he found you.
We must do something
concrete about that ba ?
He's like a scorpion sitting
on my luck.
Can't get rid of him, or kill him.
If the police asks tell them
it was an accident.
This way he'll grow bolder.
Every fire turns
into ashes eventually.
I had a word with the Police.
But...no one will speak
to the Police, until I say so.
Why did you beat Guthli?
I had an itch,
which I took care of.
Even we've got a lot of itch,
and the permission
to take care of it too.
Who are you staring at?
Lower your eyes!
Lower your eyes!
You bldy...
Has anybody got a matchbox?
What has the world come to?
No one carries a
matchbox these days,
everybody is burning within.
If someone breaks the law..,
The police is bound to get enraged
Did he break the Law?
Okay, fine. Show me the FIR.
Where is it?
Negi, henceforth remember...
First ticket, then the film show.
Come on.
Daddy you also remember,.
Next time there'll be no trailer,
only the full film.
Try and make sure it's not a flop.
Come on, son.
There's money and
ticket in the back.
Take it and leave.
Are you throwing
me out of the house?
From the city.
You cannot stay here anymore.
Daddy you said it today,
don't ever say it again.
I will never leave this city.
Why do you argue about everything?
Leave this place.
Don't you want to convert
our theatre into a multiplex?
Then go start work on it.
The work has already started, Daddy,
just waiting to end it.
He turned 50 kilos
of wheat into ashes.
He wont let us go.
He beat up several of our men.
You suggest how do we stop him.
Damodar, what a wreak?
The smoke can be
seen from miles away.
But don't worry, I've sent
my boys all around the city.
We will find out which
scoundrel is behind this?
Even you live in this city, Daddy?
Did you ask Ishana?
Why would he do such a thing?
And no need to drag Ishana
in every matter, Damodar.
You're no longer in
control of your son, Daddy.
Sons should be competent,
not in control,
and no one in Mussoorie
is as competent as my Ishana.
He truly is competent.
He keeps striking me,
and shows his scars to the world.
A pessimist person can see
only negativity around,
I came here for old friendship sake.
Not to hear your lecture.
Come, Lol.
Was this Ishana's doing?
Are you asking or telling me?
Ishana has the blessings of GOD,
he can never do such a thing.
I am telling you.
Ishana has the blessings of GOD,
only he can do such a thing.
Stupid. Idiot.
Why didn't you stop him?
If I did, then you would be having
this conservation on my grave.
Come on.
Oh come on, he's still asleep.
Ishana. Wake up.
I've been trying to
call you since so long.
(Funeral chants)
(Funeral chants)
(Funeral chants)
(Funeral chants)
(Funeral chants)
(Funeral chants)
(Funeral chants)
(Funeral chants)
(Funeral chants)
Are you pouring to drink it,
or lick it?
That's too low,
too low.
As an alcoholic poet once said,
Daddy darling,
Say it.
If you drink ,drink
till your last breath,
or don't drink at all.
Nice. Very nice.
Very nice.
It goes like this...
If I was alcohol,
you would never be full,
always half.
Very funny.
If I was alcohol,
be it ice, soda, cold water,
I would be everyone's favourite.
Whether in celebration or mourning,
I would be with everyone.
Bravo. Bravo.
If I was alcohol,
dry days would be my rest day.
Happy hours would be my best day.
Every drop would give relief,
the older I got
the better I would be.
What are you doing?
What are you doing?
If I was alcohol,
I would trickle down
the throat and get high.
Rule every heart.
There would be no
bargain or exchange,
I would quench every thirst.
Bravo, Ishana.
-Outstanding. Outstanding.
-Lol, make another drink for me.
Today alcohol has shown a glimpse
of our old Ishana again.
My son was a hero,
and always will be.
Who cares if time's
made him a villain?
Who cares about time?
Time keeps changing all the time.
Isn't it?
Father always picks
a name for his son,
but in this story, the
son picked a name for his father.
Since I came into your life,
the entire world's
calling you Daddy.
It's the power of your love, son.
You were only 10-years-old,
you curled up my feet
at your parent's cremation.
Since then I've always
kept you close to my heart.
You treat me as your Father,
don't you?
Then take your father's advice, son.
I miss the old Ishana.
Make a re-entry, buddy.
Please, make a re-entry.
You're back.
You should visit every
year during the holidays.
Kissing your forehead
on a video call is no fun.
Now, have a sweet. Come on.
I know...
I know you hate ghee,
but one small bite.
Grandma, ghee is good.
-I see...
-It's become pretty
viral these days.
And what if you put on weight?
It will be a good thing.
It's the latest trend these days.
You know,
boys prefer babes over bones.
Oh My, God.
You went to college to study,
or to know what boys prefer.
What's the matter?
Damodar, it's high
time we find her a groom.
Everyone else her age
is married and settled down.
Everyone your age is in heaven,
but I never complained to Damodar.
Wait, I'll teach you a lesson.
Listen ..What will people say !
After the mother died grandma
didn't teach anything to the child.
Let it go, mother.
Give her some breathing space.
My chatter box,
the place feels like home
again now that you're here.
I see...
And where do you think you're going?
I must go, dear.
Counting has started.
Election results
will be declared soon.
Pray that your father
returns as the MLA.
Wait a minute. Wait a minute.
What happened?
-What is this?
-Smile, papa.
Keep it. For good luck.
I see...
"Winner, Winner..."
"Damodar will be the winner."
"What kind of leader do you want..."
"Like Kashinath of course!
"Winner, Winner..."
"Damodar will be the winner."
"What kind of leader do you want..."
"Like Kashinath of course!
"Winner, Winner..."
"Damodar will be the winner."
Damodar Nautiyal has defeated
his closest contender,
by 3000 votes.
Lol & Guthli, we won.
We won!
This is the first dance
that has no concern with music.
Who is this Romeo?
Lives with Daddy.
Runs his Cinema hall.
Ishana made a big contribution in,
defeating a tough
opponent like Kashi.
He's the local darling.
Although he's adopted,
But he's also my best friend's son.
He's loyal and has a clean heart.
What do I have to do?
Its not like I need a transplant.
Kashi's face was priceless.
But, Daddy...this victory belongs
to you, as much as it belongs to me.
What can I do for you?
Shall I turn your cinema
hall into a multiplex?
No, no...
This is the public's victory.
What ever you want to do,
do it for the public
Isha, go check inside quickly.
Mother must be looking for
candles and matchbox in the dark.
-Go on, son.
-She's tripped once.
Bring her here carefully, son.
Go on.
She never listens.
Come Grandma,
let me take you outside.
Did you hear the good news?
You're an MLA's mother now.
Wait for it.. Damodar uncle
will make Mussoorie shine.
you should cut down on sugar.
You seem heavier.
Oh damn..
Why did you drop me?
I got scared.
-Am I a ghost?
But I was carrying grandma.
-Do I look like grandma to you?
-Yes. No...
Oh damn
Double oh damn
You called me fat.
Yes... No!
I mean why didn't you say
something when I lifted you up?
Now, will you please help me up?
Pick me.
What the...
Are you hard of hearing
or just over smart?
I said help me get up,
not pick me up again.
Now put me down.
You're Ishana, right?
No... Yes!
Who are you?
Ramisa, what are you doing there?
The food is getting cold, come on.
You too, Ishana.
The common man wants Their leader to
uplift people from daily problems.
And one should uplift them,
but while maintaining a balance.
Don't drop them suddenly.
Ramisa commenting on politics.
But you know what, child,
winning a position is only
the first stage in politics.
The difficult part
is winning hearts.
It's difficult to
win some one's heart
when you don't know
or understand them,
but not impossible.
One should try.
Winning hearts is a two-way street.
Isn't it, uncle?
One must speak.
How would one know until
you don't speak up?
There's no need to find out.
People's needs never change,
one can check the old records.
There could be errors
in the old records as well.
-One must learn from them.
Daddy, the current generation
isn't just positive,
-but also smart.
Over Smart.
Or over dumb.
Time will tell.
After looking at these 'Naagins'
(Serpents) on daily episodes,
Bro I don't want
to date a girl now but a 'Naagin'.
That's not true.
Girls are perfect in their own way.
Something smells fishy.
What fishy?
-Who is she?
-Who? Who?
The one you can't talk about.
It's no one, Lol.
Which level did you clear?
Did you have sex?
Are you drunk in the morning?
Tell me what the scene is.
Is this just a Valentine Date,
or happily ever after?
Happily ever after ?
What? Are you crazy?
We just...
We just met yesterday, isn't it?
You can't keep secrets from Lol.
You betrayed me, didn't you?
We made pact
That whenever we fall in love
we will tell each other first.
I don't want to talk to you
I don't have time for love.
Child, are you nuts.
You know what,
son, get your youth secured,
so you can reap in old age.
Speed up the meetings,
and the conversations.
you'll be left behind wiping tears,
and someone else
will wipe her lipstick.
"I want to drink...
from your luscious lips."
Ishana, tell me when you've
finished arranging the books.
"Andhere Bandh Kamre"
(Closed Dark Room)!
"Bade Ghar Ki Beti"
(Rich Spoiled Daughter).
"Yeh Aadmi Nalayak Hain"
(This Man is useless).
"Daayan" (Witch)!
Ramisa baby, you're being called.
"Ponga Pandit" (Innocent Man).
Beat him!
Beat him!
You want to kill me!
Kashi couldn't bear his defeat!
Couldn't bear his defeat scoundrel!
Stop it, papa, he will die.
Take him away,
and dump him in front
of Kashi's house.
Nautiyal's strengths
are Daddy and Ishana.
Till the time they are with him
our attacks will be useless.
Think like the Britishers
when it comes to war.
Divide and Rule!
Daddy's building a temple, isn't he?
And for that he needs gravel.
We must convince Daddy to join us,
it's in his own interest.
I am coming from the temple road,
the work has stopped.
Infact were coming to see you only.
Why? What happened?
We're running short of gravel.
There's a pile of gravel over there,
-take all you want.
They are asking for money, Daddy.
I see...who dare
to ask us for money?
Check every road and
fill all the potholes.
I will talk.
get this job done before monsoons.
-Yes, sir.
-Big brother, how are you?
All good.
What have I've been hearing?
Will I have to pay
for the gravel now?
I'll explain to you later.
Meaning is it true
that these are your orders?
I said we'll discuss
this separately.
Daddy alone didn't vote for you,
you can speak freely.
-I am talking here.
-You want me to speak freely.
Then listen.
Some demand while others steal,
we're not doing social service!
I don't know who works
for Kashi and who doesn't?
You trusted us when
you needed our votes,
and now you've forgotten us.
-Listen to me...
-Hey, lower your voice.
Guthli, you lower your voice first.
We, seniors, are talking here.
I'll teach you a lesson.
Ishana, what are you doing?
Ishana, leave him.
How dare you touch Daddy?
Leave it. Let him get beaten up!
-Leave me.
-No way.
He'll escape.
Let him escape.
Out of my way.
What if I don't?
Will you hit me too?
So aggressive.
By the way, you don't look
like the violent kind.
The world is a bad place,
one needs to give it back.
What are you doing?
It's a cure.
Now stay like this for 10 seconds.
You know, grandma says,
if someone's furious
then hug him for 10 seconds.
And the anger will disappear.
Come with me.
What about him?
Parents intervene
when children fight,
children shouldn't interfere
when parents fight.
Come on.
Ishana. Tell me something about you.
I am what you see.
Tell me what no one can see.
Something that no one knows,
things you've kept
concealed in your heart.
I want to know that Ishana,
which no one does.
Often I wished I could hop in a
time machine, and rewind everything.
Find out more about my parents.
Did they have a love
marriage or arranged?
Who gave me this name?
What was my first word?
Have I inherited my mannerisms
more like my father or mother?
I want to find out everything.
It's written in
books "Know Thy Self".
Know yourself before
knowing the world.
But how?
Feels like I'm a tree without roots,
that's why I always
want to do something good.
Even though my
parents are not alive,
they'll be proud that their
son is on the right path.
Ishana...thank you.
Lover's moon night
was truly amazing.
In fact, it was better than London.
Except for that kiss,
that wasn't right.
I know...
Everything was going well.
You made it awkward.
Stupid. I meant we
didn't kiss properly.
I thought...
Listen, I've seen it in movies.
You kiss here and I'll kiss here.
I don't want to go back to London.
I was thinking,
about continuing my life
and studies here.
Amongst my people.
with every one.
Wait a minute.
The night's over,
but not the memory.
It really was special.
What's wrong with this city?
Every inch is filled with smoke.
When did you start this?
It's not mine, Daddy.
Belongs to Lol.
He left it with me.
Stuff that gets caught
often belongs to friends.
Daddy, nothing like that.
Bad habits are first done for style,
then as a hobby and then addiction
And addictions are
hard to get rid off.
I lied about the cigarette.
I am sorry.
Actually, one more thing.
I don't want to keep it a secret.
my status is no longer single.
Back in the days,
people used to say,
lovers have three stages.
Torn clothes,
long hair, and wandering around.
What level are you on?
Daddy, I'm in love.
Who is the girl?
What's her full name?
Ramisa Nautiyal.
Damodar uncle's daughter.
Oh, God. You're unbelievable.
Even airplanes take
a run-up before taking off.
She arrived only four days ago.
You've met her only twice,
and already you are dreaming
about wedding bells.
Love even happens at first sight.
Son, love is a ghost
everyone talks about,
but no one's seen it.
That's not it. Even she loves me.
She even kissed me.
She even said that she doesn't
want to go back to London.
Forget about her.
Where do you want to go?
Try to understand, Daddy.
It's time to tell Damodar uncle,
that we should turn this
friendship into a relationship.
Okay, fine. I get it.
I am your father.
-I had a quarrel with Damodar...
Fine, I'll talk to him when the
time's right. You don't worry.
Thank you.
Thank God you called.
I was desperate to see you.
To get myself treated.
And what seems to be the problem?
I can't get you out of my mind.
You have infected me like a virus.
Not possible.
Everything I say starts with you.
When the steam from the
hot water fills the room,
Makes me feel your hot breath on me.
And when it rains,
Reminds me of your fragrance.
When I take a bite of a strawberry,
reminds me of your
bitter sweet talks.
Whatever I see, do, or think,
Ramisa is everywhere.
Happy birthday...
Happy birthday to you!
Hey stalker, turn it off.
If someone sees us,
then you'll never see me again.
That's why I am recording you.
My day doesn't begin
or end without seeing you.
What's the hurry? Don't go.
It's too late.
No, I am not done yet
I'll meet you later.
I must go now.
No, I won't let you go.
Look, papa has invited
a couple of guests.
So let him handle them.
They have come to meet me only.
Marriage proposal.
Everyone's been insisting.
Marriage proposal?
And what about us?
I'll tell papa everything later.
He never says no to me.
But I must go now, please.
I'll wait for you at Cafe Ivy.
Meet me there after you are done.
No, we can't meet
for a couple of days.
Don't call either, okay.
And what if he doesn't agree?
Then we'll elope.
No one can get me married
against my will.
What will I do until then?
Remember this.
Now I must go. Okay, bye.
Think twice before
you do anything, Damodar.
Serpent's are worshipped only
on 'Nagpanchmi'(auspicious day).
On any other day if they enter
the house, they should be crushed.
They both are your own.
Nothing is above
my reputation for me.
Neither someone's son,
Nor my daughter.
"Hey stalker, turn it off."
"If someone sees us,"
"then you'll never see me again."
"That's why I am recording you."
"My day doesn't begin
or end without seeing you."
Stop it and let's go.
I've nothing left to lose,
you'll be left with nothing either.
The daughter heard my heartbeats,
now the father will face my wrath!
Lord, try to live like your people,
and even you'll start complaining.
Neither does he say anything,
nor can we see him
in this condition.
If only love was a person,
I would've slapped him
till his face turned blue.
If I had any clue that Ishana
would turn so emotional, then...
Then I would've kept my mouth shut.
What did you say to him?
Look Lol, even though
I trust your stupidity,
I've come to you because
my mind is not working.
When you don't have earbuds,
you can use a matchstick as well.
Tell me, child.
Ramisa's phone is unreachable.
I don't know what to do.
Listen to your heart.
Do what your heart says.
Let the world go to hell.
In fact,
when someone rules your heart,
you should become their slave.
Should I go meet her father?
Child, are you nuts?
Leave that job for the seniors.
Tell your father. Call Daddy.
Don't let this girl
slip through your hands.
I want a sister-in-law.
What do I want?
-Right. Dismiss.
It comes in the newspaper.
-It comes in the newspaper.
-You shut up.
Ishana baby, cheers.
-What did he say?
-Ishana baby.
Full half down.
Make him sentimental.
Hello. Hello.
What's wrong, Ishana baby? Speak up.
Say "I am not your real son that's
why you're treating me like this ".
Have you lost your mind?
He will beat me to a pulp.
How can he beat you on the phone?
-Tell him.
-What do you mean by beat you?
I am not your real son that's
why you're treating me like this
I see.
I've raised you to what you are.
Come back home and I'll kill you.
Fine, you'd rather kill me,
than get me married.
-Marriage? Whose marriage?
-My marriage.
Your marriage? With whom?
With Ramisa, who else?
-Did you forget all about it?
-Yes, hold on.
Listen, Ramisa Ishana.
-What is he saying?
Is it correct?
-Correct. Correct. Correct.
-Correct, Daddy.
What correct?
Ramina sounds more like
'Kamina' (rascal).
Let's turn it around.
Ishana Ramisa.
IshaRam is good.
-Correct. Correct. Correct.
IshaRam sounds more like Asaram.
How can it be right?
No, no, no.
That's correct.
That's right.
Why are you playing name games?
Are you drunk?
No, no, son.
It's the new trend these days.
First the names are matched
then the people
That means you'll go meet and him.
If I don't go,
son, then will that stupid Lol go?
But will Damodar uncle agree?
Hang up, son.
I'll be back in a flash
after fixing your marriage.
It's done.
-Congratulations, Daddy.
-Congratulations, Daddy.
I've got a difficult task at hand,
-make a large peg for me.
-Of course.
Lol, call me back later.
I'm waiting for Daddys call.
-Hello, Daddy.
-Yes, son.
Just come down to the hospital.
Why? What happened?
Come down first and
I'll tell you everything.
How did you get hurt?
Who did it?
Damodar uncle?
Was it Guthli?
Have you lost your mind?
Why would they do
anything like this?
I was going over to Damodar's place,
and the road was slippery.
I couldn't see and the jeep skid.
Meaning you never got
to Ramisa's house?
I couldn't.
You didn't talk to Damodar uncle.
Doesn't matter.
I'll be fine,
then I'll go talk to him.
You know what, go to Dehradun.
Why Dehradun?
To get gravel.
But we can get that
from Damodar uncle as well.
Will I talk to Damodar
about your marriage,
or about gravel?
It'll be a good thing to
get gravel from other mines too.
And we've to finish building
the temple before 'Shivratri'.
Now go.
Fine, I'll go.
But I don't want to.
Go on.
-Hello, Ishana.
-Hello, uncle.
Uncle here's the money,
and there's the truck.
Load it up, so I can leave.
But Ishana, loading will take time.
Blasting is about to begin.
-All routes have been closed.
-I must leave immediately, uncle.
Please load up the truck.
The blasting is about
to begin, Ishana.
Why don't you understand?
Yeah, Lol.
Ishana, stop! Don't go that way.
The blasting's about to begin.
You can die!
Ishana, stop!
Lift that up. Keep it there.
Take that away.
Where were you?
And the board.
Careful with the wedding board.
Keep it down.
Don't you get it? Keep it properly.
Bhandari uncle.
Ishana, what are you doing here?
Keep this area clear.
The wedding guests will dance here.
Where are you going?
The seating is nice.
You guys have decorated
the place like a bride.
Did Ramisa choose the flowers?
Yes, but...
Damodar uncle will sit here,
and we'll be sitting over there.
Have you lost your mind?
What are you blabbering?
Are the snacks good?
The guests will be confused,
whether they take pictures
or eat first.
How are the arrangements?
Everything is perfect, grandma.
Amazing snacks,
beautiful decorations.
Every little detail
has been taken care of,
except for the huge spelling
mistake in the groom's name.
You completely changed his name?
What? We got the wrong name?
Yes, grandma.
The correct spelling is I S H A N A.
Have you lost your mind?
Don't you know, grandma,
Ramisa and I are together now.
We've decided, if anyone interferes,
then he'll be responsible
for his own funeral.
There's a wedding here, Ishana.
I don't want a scene here.
Just leave.
And I want Ramisa. I will leave.
If you ever utter her name again,
I will kill you.
Love is now my religion.
Whether I pray or
kill doesn't matter.
Take him away.
Grab him!
Ramisa! Ramisa!
Ask her what she wants!
Ask her!
Ask her!
Don't fall.
Everyone's left for Delhi.
They have a flight to London.
Ramisa and her husband left too.
I thought his love was just a spark,
which I provoked.
And he got burnt in it.
Sorry, Daddy.
No, Lol, it's not your fault.
The heart is a weird thing.
Dares to fight against thousands,
but loses against one.
She wasn't the last
girl on this planet.
Our city is always
bustling with tourists.
There's always a Rosy,
Mary, or a Marita.
There are so many options available.
Just like films change
in the second half,
you should change too.
You can fall in love
with someone else too.
Yes, I can. And I tried too.
But even the second
time I fell in love,
with the one who I lost
my heart to the first time.
Don't waste your life
over this addiction.
Forget her!
Forget her?
How can I forget her?
You can see my pain
but what about her?
I have you, Daddy,
but what about her?
New country, an unknown man.
Can you imagine how
lonely she must be?
The thought alone makes me furious.
I don't know what to do.
Whatever you want to do,
save it for later.
Today is my 21st birthday.
We've only have to make
all the arrangements.
Today no getting sad, only party.
You have my swear.
Oo He's sleeping.
Bro, wake up,
stop dreaming, and get up,
in fact, don't even waste
time in bathing and run.
You've slept and wept for too long.
Ramisa is back.
You have got my
birthday's return gift.
Everyone inside.
Ramisa, go inside.
Go inside.
Go back quietly or
you'll regret it, Isha.
You've had your way.
Now only Ramisa and
I will decide our fate,
like we always wanted to.
Come out, Ramisa!
Come out, Ramisa!
Ramisa, won't come out.
Stop making a scene and get lost,
Come out, Ramisa!
Come out!
You can stand out
here and make a scene!
But this time I've made
proper arrangements for you.
Come out, Ramisa!
Come out!
Come out, Ramisa!
Come out, Ramisa!
Come out!
-Hi, Anurag.
-Come out!
Wait a minute.
You again.
I often get this gut feeling,
that I joined the Police
force only for you.
To arrest you and
then teach you a lesson.
It's a satisfying job, come.
She's my love,
and this is the symbol of my love.
Take care of them.
Ramisa, I'll wait for
you at the cafe in the evening.
At our old meeting place.
You do come.
Don't be scared of anyone.
Guthli, turn it to ashes!
Bring him.
What are you doing? Hold him.
Come out.
Come on.
Come on.
Your fever of love will get
ripped along with your skin
Hit him
Love makes you immune
to hunger & pain
People are even scared
of the Police siren.
I will beat the love out of you.
I'm heartbroken, sir,
a few broken bones won't matter.
One heart and 206 bones.
Let's see what's more painful.
Beat him.
Move aside!
Daddy, today also I've got
him without an FIR
and have really enjoyed beating
him up as well, Daddy.
My job's done. Take him away.
And listen,
The next time I see him
anywhere near the MLA's house,
then instead of the
police station directly
go to the graveyard
to collect his body.
Come on.
You go, Daddy.
I'll see you later.
Where are you going now?
To get humiliated again?
No, I told Ramisa that
I'll see her at the cafe.
Listen to me, son, she won't come.
She will. She will definitely come,
Please, Daddy, let me go.
Don't you ever get tired?
Go home. She is not coming.
She will. She has to come.
Either by making excuses,
lying or by revolting,
one shows up if one wants too.
Go home, son.
I feel sad watching you like this.
One can't predict when a
women showers her grace,
or turn you into a mockery.
Instead of heart,
eyes should be the sign of love
Love dwells in them.
They shine when you find love,
and weeps when you don't.
People taunt on them.
I have become a joke.
Since three years I've been
only hearing one thing.
Forget her, move on.
Forget her, move on.
Forget her, move on.
There's no switch for love,
which can be turned on or off?
The only person this
heart listened to,
was you.
You made me realise that
Full Moons are romantic too.
I would lose sleep
on every full moon night.
I know even you would stay awake,
on Lover's moon night.
Isn't it, Ramisa?
You used to stay awake too,
didn't you?
Tell me.
Tell me!
Was that the only
faith you had in my love,
that you moved on when
someone else got in the picture?
You, your love,
your passion...all belongs to me.
Should I go away?
leave you? move on?
isn't that what you want?
Tell me.
Tell me!
You're the only one I love, Ishana.
I loved you the day I got married.
I loved you, even on the day
I said my wedding vows.
I loved you the day
I was sent to London.
But whose fault is it?
Why did you leave me?
And where were you when
I was forcefully getting married?
Why didn't you come for me?
-I did but...
-What's the point of all this now?
Only I know how
I spent these three years.
I destroyed my camera,
so I couldn't make new memories.
Every evening I drank so much wine,
so I don't remain in my senses.
I didn't even visit the temple
for three years,
so that your memories
don't haunt me.
I lost you,
but I couldn't get over you.
So what if we couldn't get married,
I have considered
you as mine forever.
No one can stop me
from making you mine now.
No one.
We'll erase the last three years.
We'll get married now.
Right now.
Ishu, this is wrong. I am married.
I don't accept this
imposed marriage.
Times have changed.
Anything is possible now.
We'll start again.
I love you, Ramisa.
If you really love me then
please go away from my life.
Love is not selfish, Ishu.
We must respect each
others relationships now,
and set a new example of love.
Yes, we must set
a new example of love.
Today..Right now!
Ishana, leave me.
Please leave me.
Let her go.
I said let her go.
Let her go.
Let her go.
Let her go.
Let her go.
What behaviour is this, Ishana?
Let Ramisa go.
I tried that once,
And also begged for her
No one can separate us now.
Leave her.
No one's ever found
love through a threat
Look at her face.
Look at the fear on her face.
Is this your Ramisa?
Will you take her home like this?
Come on.
I've always forgiven him as my son.
But now my reputation is at stake.
And even relationships
are not bigger than reputation.
You've my word, brother.
Ishana will never cross
your path again.
Come on.
A right has to be earned
and not begged for.
And the one you're demanding
belongs to someone else now.
Why should
I think about someone else,
when no one thought about me?
Isha, have you ever seen
children playing with a rubber band?
They pull it hard
from both on their sides,
and the rubber band breaks.
Or one of them lets it go,
and the one left holding
it feels the pain.
You're doing the same thing.
Why don't you understand, Isha?
She is married now!
Her world has changed!
I will set her world on fire,
even if I turn to ashes myself.
Listen to me carefully,
you won't go back to her.
I will.
-A hundred times I will.
-You will?
Let's see how?
You've lost your mind.
Get inside.
Get inside.
You're not going anywhere.
Daddy, Isha isn't wrong.
And you're not doing right with him.
The entire city has
witnessed their love!
The entire city also
witnessed Ramisa's wedding.
Is your friendship more
important than your son's love,
Just because he's not your real son!
I've always seen you
fulfil Isha's dreams.
I've seen you work tirelessly
day and night to fulfil his dream.
So why are you treating
Isha like this now?
Even I wanted what Isha wanted.
That's why I went over to
Damodar's house on his request.
Why are you so quiet?
Papa, I need to tell you something.
Papa, please. It's very important.
What is it?
There's a guy I really
love a lot, papa.
Who is it?
Papa, please...
What is his name?
-Look, papa...
Anurag Mehta.
We met in London.
He was my senior.
My friends introduced me to him,
and then we kept meeting often.
Over coffee, or theatre.
Then we just fell in love, papa.
We've been together
for the past two years.
hope you are not lying?
Why do you think I'll lie to you?
Since everything is out in the open,
tell us everything about him.
Anurag is a businessman.
He's got jewellery stores in London.
He's completely settled.
Well settled.
he's in Dehradun with his family,
for a wedding.
And they are prepared to meet, papa.
I promise you'll
find Anurag perfect.
Just meet him once.
He's total husband material.
Papa, I really love him.
Fine, call them over.
We'll meet.
If I find everything proper,
then we'll get you
two married in two days,
and send you to London.
Even Anurag's parents suggest that
we should opt for court marriage.
No, no, no.
It will be a proper Indian wedding.
Come on.
Oh my, God. I'm so excited.
I didn't know you two
would agree so easily.
Call him.
At least show us
your boyfriend's face.
'Papa, I really love him.'
'Even she loves me a lot.'
'She even kissed me.'
'She said she doesn't
want to go back to London.
'He's got jewellery
stores in London,'
'he's completely settled.'
'Just meet him once.'
'He's total husband material.'
Ishana is very emotional.
If he knew it would've
shattered him.
He would've killed Ramisa first,
and then himself.
So I sent him to Dehradun.
I even planned those
blasts to keep him there.
But you called him and
told him about Ramisa's wedding.
But why did Ramisa do this?
You should've directly
spoken to her.
I spoke to her as well
You made several promises,
but when it was time
to keep your promise,
you're marrying someone
else and leaving.
I tried to explain papa,
I cried a lot,
I even quit eating food.
But you know how Papa is.
You know,
the entire family's against me.
Honestly, uncle. I swear.
Enough of this drama.
Those who claim to be honest
tell the most beautiful lies.
I was there that nights ago.
I heard everything
you told your father.
That's why you're showing
this attitude today.
Look, Daddy,
if your son believes that
a couple of meetings means love,
then that's his problem.
And anyway,
our backgrounds are very different.
You didn't care about my son's
background when you
wanted to have fun.
People party, dance,
and drink for entertainment.
Ishana was my entertainment.
And I didn't force him.
He's a grown-up man, uncle.
Whatever happened was consensual.
He's a boy from a small city,
he started walking in
the direction you showed him.
Being from a small
city doesn't matter, uncle.
But small town
thinking is a problem.
And what's with the small town.
In the age of Instagram still
talking about old telegram?
Times have drastically
changed, uncle.
Going on a couple of dates
is very common in London...
It's not common for Ishana.
Then go tell him
that I betrayed him.
Climb on the highest
mountain and scream.
Make it a breaking news.
Tell RJ's to air my
betrayal instead of songs.
the father is showing dagger eyes,
While the Son
is making wedding plans.
Don't even think
about threatening me.
My father is an MLA.
I'll make father and
son see stars in the day.
I wanted to set
the entire city on fire.
How could I let him
know Ramisa's truth?
Even Damodar has
endured enough pain.
Ishana has made him suffer a lot
But maybe even he knew the truth,
That whose fault it was.
So what if we couldn't get married,
you've been mine forever.
We'll erase the last three years.
We'll get married now.
Right now.
Are you worried because of Ishana?
No papa, nothing to worry.
Yeah...why would you be worried?
A boy's been desparate for
your love for the past three years,
destroying himself.
Getting beaten up by the Police,
locking horns with everyone, but...
Why would you be worried?
-What is my fault...
-Shut up!
If Anurag was your boyfriend,
then why did you
provoke Isha's love.
Have you seen his condition?
How he has changed?
I didn't know he would
get so serious.
I am a politician, dear.
I often wonder why people
spread hate politics.
Why do they provoke hatred?
Because no one wants
hatred in return for hatred.
But in the expectation of getting
loved back,
one finishes ones own life.
Look, Papa,
Anurag is coming here in two days.
If Ishana meets Anurag
Oh, God.
You should've thought
about it earlier?
If you knew everything then
why didn't you say something?
Because I'm a father.
And...I can do anything
for your happiness.
Once again for the
sake of your happiness,
I'm going to do wrong with Ishana.
Ishana can ruin my
daughter's married life.
But why involve me in
your family matter, MLA sir?
We must do something
concrete about Ishana.
We commit the sin
and you atone for it.
Does that sound fair?
Brother Kashi,
MLA sir is a generous man,
he must have planned something big.
We'll make you the Mayor next year.
I'll pay for the promotions.
Then it's okay with us.
But what will be the plan?
Why are you finding
temporary measures
If you suggest should
I take care of him permanently?
Have you seen his condition?
He's already dead inside.
Look Kashi, all I want is that till
my so in law is in town
....I don't want to see
Ishana anywhere near my house.
Mahesh, get the keys to the
Shivpuri warehouse
and get Ishana picked up.
I'm driven by love today!
Whoever crosses my path will die!
Come on!
Come on, rascal!
Come on!
Nautiyal cannot keep
me away from Ramisa.
He cannot.
She's mine. Only mine.
That Ramisa has sent me.
Keep this money.
No need.
I won't take money
to beat up Ishana.
Try to understand, Guthli.
This money is not for
That job which Papa has told you.
This is for the job you have
to do it for me.
She loves her husband.
That's why she has
sent me to kill you.
You're lying.
You're trying to instigate
me against her.
What will I get by lying to you?
You have believed the one
who has always lied to you.
Guthli, is the job done?
Is Ishana dead or not?
Answer me!
Get rid of him for good.
He is gone crazy and
Anurag will be arriving.
Finish him at any cost.
Ramisa got scared.
She got scared of me
that's why she did this.
If this is what she wants,
then kill me.
Kill me.
Drive this dagger across my heart.
This heart is to blame for it.
But Ramisa should
be blamed for this.
She hasn't done anything.
Is love really that blind?
Or you lovers can't see
anything beyond it?
She doesn't love you.
She was only having fun with you,
that's all.
Her husband was her boyfriend
for the past 2 years.
She played him in London
As well as you in Landour
She played you, Ishana?
She played you.
She reached the shore even
while sailing on two boats,
but you drowned even though
you were standing at the shore.
You drowned.
Did you like what you heard?
Now die you rascal.
'Oh, God. Isha, go check inside.'
Ask her what she wants.
Ask her!
Ask her!
Sad to see me alive.
I was obsessed
to fulfil all your desires.
You should've told me
if you wanted to see me dead.
I would've died by now.
You know, it's a
full moon night again.
The moon is just like love.
Keeps changing every day,
and hides his ugly
face from everyone!
How can I kill the one
whose love has kept me alive?
You like gathering memories,
don't you?
The last memory of my love.
Even if you break your
phone you will see it.
You cannot run from it or erase it.
You learned how to love from me.
Whoever you love,
love him limitlessly.
Sorry, Daddy. I was wrong.
Doesn't matter if our story
couldn't reach a conclusion,
but it will be popular.
I won't be around,
and you wont be able to hide it.