Taeter Burger (2023) Movie Script

Taeter City is the only bastion
of civilization in a world of chaos.
Beyond the borderlands,
there is only death and despair.
But remain vigilant, as criminals and
terrorists are even inside our walls,
pretending to be your friends and relatives,
ready to torture, rape, and murder you.
The AUTHORITY is here to protect you
and improve your life.
We have transformed a problem
into a valuable food resource.
Our Biker Officers tirelessly
cleanse the streets of criminals,
replenishing our Mega Slaughter Houses
with their lifeless bodies.
Their meat is used
to create healthy and tasty food,
which is distributed through
our Taeter Burger restaurants.
Respect our laws,
and all will be fine.
The AUTHORITY is here
for your own benefit.
This Taeter Burger is only available to unemployed
citizens who earn less than 100 credits per month.
We can only serve eight customers at a time,
so please wait outside until your number is called.
Attention, we're currently out of stock
on meat and waiting for supplies.
Thank you for your patience.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, it's not your turn yet.
Hey, wait... wait for your fucking turn.
I'm sorry, it's not your turn yet.
I'm sorry, it's not your turn yet.
I'm sorry, it's not your turn yet.
Come on, mate, it's not your turn yet.
Oh fuck!!!
I can't believe
we must eat this shit again!
I wouldn't complain if I were you. Lyophilized
meat is better than no fucking meat at all.
Think about all these sorry motherfuckers.
I'm sorry. It's not your turn yet.
I'm sorry. It's not your turn yet.
Why do you keep
touching the fucking screen?
There's no meat.
There - is - no - meat!
Sit the fuck down like
the rest of us, and wait!
Hold on a second. Hey, mister!
Didn't you hear the vending machine?
Hey, stop touching the fucking screen.
This is your last warning!
Move away from
the fucking vending machine.
Hey, are you fucking deaf?
Yeah she's right,
he's one of those fucking deaf.
...meat is back in stock.
Thank you for your patience.
We don't have enough criminals
to butcher and feed the population.
And when people get hungry,
they get desperate.
And we can't have those mongoloids
running around with torches and fork.
Can we?
From upstairs,
our glorious Dictator...
...is about to solve
this problem permanently.
But he asked us to buy some time,
one or two days tops.
We just need to pour some gas
on the "fear" factor,
keep the population scared,
let them focus on fear and anger
instead of their empty bellies.
We must under fucking line...
...the forbidden social groups.
We hate farmers,
political dissidents,
aka terrorists,
and now deaf people.
Deaf people, gentlemen, they risk jeopardizing
the dictator's definitive solution.
Let's go live, cameraman.
Let me put my mask on.
Welcome back with your beloved Caronte.
Terrorist Group Commander
Good morning, I am now opening
the windows to let in the sunlight.
I kindly request that you occasionally
gaze at the bright sky,
as The AUTHORITY has scientifically determined
that it can promote positive thoughts.
If The AUTHORITY didn't assign you a
home yet, or you reside in the borderlands,
you have the right to use our bathrooms.
They're supplied with clean water
and a food dispenser,
all at no extra cost.
Look at them--- the deaf!
They are useless.
They are evil.
They plot in the shadows with their obscure
sign language that no one can learn
They are unpredictable.
They are dangerous!
But The AUTHORITY is magnanimous.
We don't kill them.
We force them to do the jobs you
great people don't want to do,
while we can monitor them.
You will have top quality services,
and the confidence of being safe.
All this thanks to
the great AUTHORITY.
You froze again.
I saw it on the cameras.
If you are scared of blood,
you don't deserve to live.
Do you know what this is?
In fancy restaurants, they used
to serve Live criminal meat.
Now with the food crisis,
they use IPTIC.
Pour it on a dead body...
...and it revives for 10 minutes.
Next time you freeze,
I'll butcher you on this table.
Then, I'll use Hyptic to revive you
and kill you again.
Once authority members,
they betrayed us,
but we turned them into an example.
A perfect example of efficiency
and scientific miracle.
Half human, half robot,
without memory or thoughts.
Only loaded with our directives.
Soon they will walk the streets of Taeter City
supporting you in every possible way.
Today we are testing them in
four selected Taeter Burger restaurants,
before the official launch.
With The AUTHORITY, the future is now.
I don't fucking understand why
they gave us this degrading task!
What did we do wrong to deserve this shit?!
Doesn't seem too bad to me.
We just need to fix the damages, check if it works,
and monitor it for a few hours. That's all.
I'm not saying this is hard,
I'm saying it's degrading.
We should kill these cowards,
not keep them alive.
I mean... fuck!!!
We are even fixing them!
Somebody's touchy today? Ahahah!
Anyway, fuck you too.
After you colleague.
What's wrong ma'am? You look upset.
Do you want to report anything?
An sexual abuse maybe?
Someone touched your ass?
Nothing? OK, please always remember
that we are here to help...
Even those of your kind.
Thank you, officer,
for repairing my damages.
I can see that you have also updated
my memory with new security software
and connected me to the anti-terrorism
hardware located in this restaurant.
We are preparing your meal.
We're dispatching your order
to the Waiting Room.
Connected with AGENT H
I've infected their meal with TW.
Trevor is ready too.
Let's start then!
He's NOT responding. USE THE FAN!
Terrorist Warning:
Report this logo to The AUTHORITY
Trevor's scream worked 100%.
Please stay away from the windows.
Anti-terrorism protocol initiated.
Please remain calm and await
the arrival of The AUTHORITY.
Thank you for your cooperation
Biker's helmet shields
from Trevor's scream.
Please stay away from the windows.
Small movements will result in:
Warning Amputations.
Large movements will result in:
Flesh and Blood Magnet activated.
Don't fucking move a muscle, Hands up!
Put your left hand over there.
Hawk, a fucking deaf committed
a 6-0-5 in the bathroom.
Hawk, do you copy?
Please, madam, remain still.
I have no intention of causing you harm.
But my antiterrorism protocol
may compel me to do so.
Please stay away from the windows.
Small movements will result in:
Warning Amputations.
Please, madam, I have no intention
of causing you harm.
But my antiterrorism protocol...
Electric Machine Gun activated.
Are there any survivors?
3 deaf employees.
I don't understand, are they trapped?
Yes, 2 in the kitchen, 1 in the bathroom.
Kill them?
No, don't kill them yet!
Let's see what they manage to do.
Monitor them too.
Their data can be very helpful.
I have detected your use of
Morse code for communication.
I can simultaneously convert your messages
into audio speech, and vice versa,
to facilitate understanding
for all individuals.
What is wrong with these people?
The reason behind their abnormal
behavior is the brain damage
caused by the audio waves emitted
by the terrorist earlier.
It appears that their suicidal and homicidal
instincts have been greatly intensified.
Daisy, so glad you made it!
We need to find a weapon.
There is a machine gun
just in front of your door.
I'll distract that 'crazy',
so you can open the door and take it.
OK, the body mutation stage
is probably too much.
It can be useful in other fields,
but not for our actual purpose.
So, we know the exact stages
of mutation,
how to handle them safely
and when to conclude the process
before it becomes too excessive.
What are those creatures?
It appears that this is
the result of a different factor,
not directly associated with
the audio waves emitted by the terrorist.
It is likely that the citizens
unknowingly ingested "Thinking Weapons".
"Thinking Weapons" are bio-organic mutagens,
similar to parasites,
capable of modifying the host's body.
These weapons were considered
extremely rare in the old world.
I can't rescue you
by passing through the waiting room.
That 'crazy' broke the lock.
I can't open the door.
There is an emergency call system
in one of the bathrooms.
I'll call for help.
Don't say we are deaf,
or they won't rescue us.
The machine gun stunned me.
It seems only Bikers can use it.
They will come to help their Bikers.
Won't they?
We have very sad news.
Taeter Burger restaurant number 45
was attacked this morning by a terrorist.
Unfortunately, no one survived the attack.
But our Bikers have already captured
and killed the criminal responsible.
So, don't worry.
We will fight back, and we will strike
those bastards hard and fast!
The AUTHORITY is here to help you.
Android, analyze the situation.
After a thorough analysis of the situation,
I can confidently state,
with 99% certainty,
that he is not a genuine terrorist.
It is also highly unlikely
that anyone will come to our aid.
Based on this information,
I can deduce
that this fake terrorist attack is,
in fact,
a secret scientific experiment
conducted by The AUTHORITY.
Experimentation Strategist Chief
We must make that machine gun work,
or we are dead.
I'll find a piece of that Biker,
and we'll send it to you through the Food Pipes.
Please be careful.
There is still someone there.
What are they doing?
Using helmet to find Biker's arm.
Fucking deaf people,
I can never stress it enough.
If they can't hear,
we can't use the waves on them.
And that's what happens
when you can't control people.
We need to figure something out for
the fucking deaf, not just forced labour.
And I mean something definitive.
...this is the next priority on the agenda.
We're dispatching your order to
the Bathroom.
Android, analyze and find a solution.
Based on the information
I have gathered,
I can assure you that the fake terrorist
is not acting of his own volition.
There is an object located
on top of the elevator door
that is influencing his thoughts.
I am 97.98% certain that the poor bastard
did not intend any harm,
and The AUTHORITY is remotely
controlling his thoughts.
Furthermore, I am certain that
there is someone within this building
assisting The AUTHORITY in
their malicious scientific experiment.
If we disable the device
and locate the individual responsible,
the fake terrorist may be able
to provide valuable assistance.
Android, explain to me
how to use the machine gun.
Scientist disguised as Biker Officer
Ahaha, your calculations weren't
so fucking accurate, android.
Sir, may I speak freely now, or do I need to resort
to using those fucking text messages again?
Yes, you can speak freely.
Is the experiment concluded?
You know, the deaf employees can't escape,
they are already dead basically,
so my support is really not
necessary anymore, sir.
I'd like to return to
the Two Towers and fix my body.
You know, this is starting
to hurt fucking badly.
Yes, the experiment is concluded.
We are sending the Disinfestors.
Keep the quarantine active
until their arrival.
Let them clean the mess.
You can return with them.
Seems like we failed with you,
big boy.
Still a lot of thoughts
and morality in there.
You see, we have a big problem
We don't have hordes of criminals
running wild anymore.
Now, the food request is higher
than the criminal population.
So, what are we gonna do?
We must create criminals artificially.
The Trevor Covalsky experiment was a success.
Now we are ready to activate
the Zeed Antennas placed in all of Taeter City.
We will turn random people into criminals.
We will also make them look like monsters,
with the "Thinking Weapons".
"Noooo-- it's a criminal, help me!"
Then the artificial criminals
will commit some crimes,
and then they will kill themselves.
More criminals, more food problems solved.
People need to eat,
need to be scared,
and need to hate something.
And that's all they need.
Otherwise, they start thinking too much,
and that's not good.
Look how bad and scary that criminal is.
It almost looks like a monster,
don't you think?
But don't worry, we will protect you.
Yet always remember,
that anybody can be a criminal.
So, always be scared,
don't trust anyone except us.
You know, it's hard to keep a secret,
even fucking confusing at times.
Bikers don't know about our actual plans,
but our Television pals do, Disinfestors do,
but Taeter Burger managers don't.
So fucking confusing.
Sometimes I forget what I can say to who.
Thank you big boy, It was really
liberating to spit everything out,
without having to think about all that
for one moment.
Time for you to take the fall.
Oh, fuck!!!
My circulatory system has sustained damage,
and I have approximately five minutes of autonomy
remaining before I enter a state of shutdown.
Or, if you prefer, "before I die."
During this brief period,
certain protocols imposed upon me by The AUTHORITY,
may not function optimally.
We can exploit this situation to our advantage.
By shooting at the front of the food dispenser,
you can destroy my hardware limiter.
Thank you, madam.
I have now been authorized to utilize
antiterrorism weapons without restrictions.
However, I am still unable to access
the door and window locks freely.
Please eliminate the remaining biohazards
in the bathroom. And once that is done,
I will be able to unlock all the doors,
allowing you to exit the building safely.
I'm now authorized to use physical force.
I'm happy that you survived,
and that you are free now, fake terrorist.
We should all have the freedom
to think for ourselves.
Yes, that's a very banal message.
But in these crazy times,
it's anything but fucking banal.
Your friends are dead.
They are coming for us.
I am leaving.
You should leave too.