Tahkhana (1986) Movie Script

Dear Raghuveer Singh,
I am now very close to death
- Don't say that, father
- Yes, my son
After my death, I beg you...
Please care for my two daughters
as if they were your own
Don't let your brother, Durjan,
influence them in any way
I've bequeathed my entire property
to you
Here, Mansingh.
Read it out to him
I, Thakur Surjeet Singh,
son of Thakur Jasbir Singh
Being of sound mind...
...make this will that after I die,
the inheritor of my entire property...
...and of the treasure
hidden in the dungeon
...will be my son
Thakur Raghuveer Singh
My eldest son, Durjan,
I am ashamed to call my son
Since he lost his way in search
of black magic and sorcery
With this will I disinherit him
So, you disinherit me, old man?
As you lie here on your death bed
How dare you speak like this.
Get out of here!
I'm leaving, but be sure of one thing,
You will not live to inherit
this property
And hear me out before dying,
old man!
That black magic and sorcery,
for which you disinherit me...
will be the means by which
I shall own all of your property
Go out of here,
you insolent fool!
Get out of here, I say!
Father! Father!
In spite of being buried here
these many thousands of years
this body is still alive
Whose corpse is this, Chief?
This is not a corpse
This is the Demon God,
made from sacrificial soil
Its soul has died with time
but the body lives still
Blood from a sacrificed innocent
can bring it once more to life
I will perform that sacrifice...
when I slaughter the children
of Thakur Raghuveer Singh!
Mansingh! Mansingh! Mansingh!
Raghuveer, my friend.
How did this happen?
That bastard, Durjan, attacked us
along with his men
He injured me badly and kidnapped
both my daughters
Mangal, take him inside
No, friend, it's too late now
I am dying
Raghuveer, my friend!
Mansingh, that wicked Durjan has
kidnapped my two young daughters
- He plans to sacrifice them
- Sacrifice?
But, why?
He wants to steal the treasure
hidden in the Dark Cave
He needs the map to find it
That treasure belongs to our ancestors,
- What's this?
- A map of the treasure
But only half of it
The other half is in a locket
around my eldest daughter's neck
Oh, master!
Oh, powerful ruler of the underworld
Grant me everlasting youth
and immortal life
I sacrifice to you
these innocent children...
that I may myself live
the years left to them
And thus gain long life
and finally immortality
Master! Master!
Thakur Mansingh's men
attacked us
- You must escape
- What's this?
Take the secret route out
and bring the children
Hurry up!
- Leave me
- Hurry up
Leave me. Leave me.
Leave me
Arrest this treacherous man!
Ensure no one escapes!
You traitor! You have killed my friend
Thakur Raghuveer Singh!
And to appease your Demon God,
you planned to sacrifice his children
- Tell me where they are
- I don't know
Mangal, search for them
Bind this fool with chains and
take him to the dungeon
Stop or I shoot!
Let me go. Let me go...
Sister! Sister!
Sapna! Sapna! Sapna!
Mangal! Mangal!
Where is the other girl?
I could save only the younger one,
The elder daughter is lost
somewhere in the jungle
I couldn't find her. I couldn't find her
I see... so this is the Demon God
to whom you have dedicated your life
How many innocent lives have you
sacrificed in his evil name?
He is not evil, but the Emperor
of the dark world, Mansingh
For thousands of years, men like you
have tried to destroy him
But this Demon God made from the
sacrificial mud will never perish
Never! Never!
Very well!
Then keep worshipping him
in this dark cave
Here in this dungeon,
you will be starved of sunlight
Your body will be gasping for fresh air
in the dark pit
In this place you so love
you will die a hideous death
My death will give new life
to the Demon God
As for that treasure
you denied me possession of...
no other human hand
will ever possess it
Take him away
Remember one thing, Mansingh!
The Demon God will kill all who enter
this dungeon in search of that treasure
So, Mr Superstar, have you ordered
something to eat?
Or are you just sleeping it off?
Aarti darling, what have you done?
You woke me from a beautiful dream
Hey, Big Guy, one dreams at night,
not during the day
So what should we do
during the day?
Hey, let me at least
get in the mood
Don't be so eager
Darling, it's love that makes
the world turn
Yes, but I need to eat too
Let's order something now
Okay. I'll do it
- You called, sir?
- Yes, what's good to eat?
We have mutton curry, chops, biryani
chicken curry, roll, chops, biryani
Bread rolls, stuffed rolls, hot rolls
... and chilled water
Did you work in an Iranian restaurant,
by any chance?
That is indeed correct, sir
Long back, I used to serve food
at an Iranian restaurant
Then I tried to become a hero
but became a zero
Now, I'm a waiter here
So, what would you like to eat?
Ready, sir
- Two boiled eggs
- I've written it
- What did you write?
- Two boiled legs
You stupid man!
Not legs... Eggs
- Eggs. Two eggs
- And, listen...
One plate of thinly sliced hot...
- Sliced hot... Lips
- Not lips... CHIPS!
Chips. Potato chips! Potato!
- Do you serve fish?
- Indeed... Very sexy...
- You stupid man!
- Idiot!
- You dope head!
- Dirty perv
Okay, if that's the way you want it
I'll have you both arrested
on a rape charge...
You just wait and see
Vijay, here's your friend, Anand
Here you are.
I've been looking for you
- What's up?
- Bad news, I'm afraid
Your father's had a heart attack
Come with me
Daddy, how are you feeling now?
Another stroke, I'm afraid
And, this time, it's done for me
No way,
I know you'll be all right
I have only one regret...
The promise I made
to your father Thakur Raghuveer Singh
Now I will be unable to fulfil it
No, uncle
My dear, I searched far and wide
for your sister, Sapna
But I never found her
My dear, take this
Yes, dear, this belongs to you now
The other half of this locket
is with your sister, Sapna
I don't have much time left
Send a telegram at once
to my nephew Shakaal in Bombay
Shakaal... It's good of you
to come so quickly
I left the moment I got
your telegram
Don't worry, uncle, you'll be all right.
Don't worry
I know I am about to die
We all have our allotted hour
and mine has come at last
When dying, people leave
behind wealth for their children
But I'm leaving behind a very grave
responsibility for all of you
I am sure, Vijay...
you'll be able to complete
this one last promise of mine
- Anand! Anand...
- Yes, uncle?
- Shakaal
- Uncle...
Promise to help Vijay
in whatever he has to do
- Anand... Shakaal...
- Yes, uncle?
This servant of yours
has served his time
Today I shall destroy
this body of mine
This locket that daddy gave to us
just before he died...
Seems to be part of a map
It shows the secret route to
the dungeon of Gangapur mansion
Aarti's father hid a priceless treasure
somewhere in that dungeon
But this map is incomplete
The other half of it
is inscribed on another locket
Aarti's sister, Sapna,
has that locket
I'll help you find Sapna.
I'll help you in any way I can
You really believe this story?
Listen, kids, these dungeons,
treasures, mansions, lockets...
This is all out of a fairy story for kids
Your father spent 20 years
looking for that locket and the treasure
You really think it exists?
No chance
It does exist...
And I will find it
OK, Vijay, I'm off now
We'll come see you in Bombay
What's on your mind?
I'm thinking about my sister Sapna
Vijay, after daddy's death,
your father looked after me
But my sister, Sapna,
she was all alone
I've no idea what she's doing
or even where she is
I want to see the owner
Regarding what?
I need a job
Sorry sister, there's no point.
There are no jobs here
Can't you at least ask.
I really need to work
I'd be very grateful to you
Okay, I'll ask then
There's a girl looking for work
Mona, you know very well
there's no vacancy here
Hey, hold on. Send her in
Shakaal, you're very fond of girls,
Who knows how desperate she is
Are you the owner?
Please have a seat
- Have you worked before?
- No, sir
- So what can you do?
- Anything
- Anything?
- I mean, any kind of work
Can you dance?
I used to dance at college
This poor girl is in trouble
We should help her out
I don't have a lot of money
But I want you to have it
- But...
- No buts. Just take it
Okay, but you'll have to
agree something for me
Take this locket.
Keep it until I pay you back
It's beautiful.
Where did you buy it?
- From my father
- Are you crazy?
You can't give this away
This is your father's gift,
I can't take it
I'll never forget your kindness
I've found your sister!
I told you I'd find her for you
one day
Here's her photo
In the papers... take a look
Is this really her?
My sister's photograph...
See that locket
around her neck?
It's like the one you've got.
But the other half
Looks like it
But where is she?
Wouldn't you like to know
Tell me, Anand, please
She's a dancer
in a Bombay hotel
A cabaret dancer?
Then it should be easy to find her
Shakaal has a hotel in Bombay.
He can help us
I want to go to Bombay today
What do you want?
You're in trouble
and I want to help you
But, why?
I don't like to see unhappy ladies
Here's the price of a smile
Am I really so bad?
Get out or I'll scream
Go ahead
No-one here will come to help you
So scream
You'll be sorry for this
A thousand rupees
for one single smile
This map is incomplete
The other half of it
is inscribed on another locket
Aarti's sister, Sapna,
has that locket
You didn't tell me
you were coming to Bombay
Anand found Sapna's photo.
she's wearing the same locket
This girl is a dancer and
came to Bombay in search of a job
I know her
She came here looking for a job
But we didn't have anything for her
do you know where she went?
I don't know that, but she was
desperately in need of money
So she sold the locket
to a girl here
- She sold it?
- Don't worry, I bought it
I've got it here.
I'll go get it now
Now we've found the locket,
we'll find Sapna too
Oh, you'll get a locket, alright
But not the original... a fake one
I'll keep the original
You'll search forever
in that dark dungeon
Whilst I go off
and claim that treasure
This is all a bit weird.
We go to Bombay to find Sapna
She sells the locket to Shakaal
and leaves
Yes, but I'm sure
we'll find Sapna soon
At least now we have
the complete map of the treasure
It should be easy to find
Listen, pal, can you do
something for me?
You go with Shakaal
Why? I'm going with you
Hey, don't you get it?
Oh, I get it
You just want to get rid of me
Hey, pal, listen...
You'll have fun with Aarti
While I'm stuck with that
moody idiot
Go on, the pair of you.
Go off and have fun
This will keep me happy
We'll romance on the open street
We'll show the world our love
If people feel jealous seeing us,
so let them be
This is a love story, so let us be
Let us be, let us be
This is a love story, so let us be
If we're in love,
why should we love in secret?
Why should we meet in secret?
Why should we sigh silently?
If we're in love,
why should we love in secret?
Why should we meet secretly?
Why should we sigh silently?
We are going our own way,
who cares what the world says
We've no time to listen
to anybody else
We'll overcome all the obstacles
We'll love in every season
If the people envy us our love,
so be it
This is a love story, let it go on
Let it go on.
Let it go on
This is a love story, let it go on
Now whatever happens
I won't free your hand from mine
Let the world gasp
and taunt in wonder
Now whatever happens
I won't let your hand out of mine
Let the world gasp
and taunt in wonder
I'll even deal with storms
for your sake
We'll bloom with flowers of joy
and walk through lonely lanes
We won't fear anyone, darling
We'll do what we want, beloved
If people are envious of our love,
so be it
This is a love story, let it go on
Let it go on.
Let it go on
This is a love story, let it go on
Let it go on
Let it go on
Let it go on
- Excuse me, brother
- How can I help?
Is this the way
to Kali Pahadi at Gangapur?
Straight on from here
At the river, turn left.
Then straight on to Kali Pahadi
Darling, shall I make you
an omelette?
You want to make me into an omelette?
All right, you stay out there,
I'm hungry
That got rid of those scum
Thank you so much
Hey, look.
Your hand's bleeding
Don't worry.
I'm alright
No, it looks pretty nasty
You should get it treated.
Uncle Ram lives nearby
Come, I'll take you
There you go.
Just try to keep it dry
In two days, it'll be fine
Thank you
Whereabouts are you headed
in Kali Pahadi?
To the old mansion
Thakur Raghuveer Singh's
old place?
Yes. Aarti is his daughter
There are many strange stories
told about that old mansion
It's been empty for years
Uncle, where is Panna?
I can't see her around
Panna! Come here, dear
Oh, I forgot. She is out back
hanging out the washing
Heera, get off me! Stop it!
Let go of me, Heera!
Stop it, Heera.
Father might see us
You worry about that?
And I was round there pining for you
You little minx
- Hey, Panna, wait
- You have to catch me
My daughter, Panna
They are getting married
next month
Heera, take them
to the old mansion
- Can I go too, father?
- Yes, why not
Heera, take care of her
- Don't worry, sir
- And don't be gone too long
Thank you very much
for your help
You're very welcome
Hey, what's wrong with this car?
It was running fine.
What made it stop like that?
I'll check out the engine.
Hold on
The engine's overheated
Heera, we're going to need
to find some water
It's so quiet out here.
It's a bit scary
Looks like the lock is rusted solid
Wow, just imagine, such a place
abandoned like this
It looks like no one has been here
for years
Look at this clock.
Time seems to have stood still here
If we're going to stay here,
then we should clean up a bit
I'll get some men
from the village to help
Soon have it sparkling
What going on?
Hey, look at this
old stone head
Silly thing
It broke off this statue
Girl, you scare easily
Well, sir, we have to leave now
I'll get those men here
tomorrow morning
Aarti, what are you doing out here?
Vijay, this clock wasn't working
It just started by itself
It's not working
It was working, I saw it...
You must have imagined it
- It was working, believe me
- Come on, let's go to bed
You have a wild imagination
Heera, your guys did a great job
cleaning this place up
It's me you should be thanking
I've fixed the kitchen for you
And I've found a great cook too.
Mr Zabardast!
- Zabardast?
- That's his name
Oh! Right...
Come in, Zabardast
Here he is...
Yes, Zabardast is my name.
And you won't find better
He's the best cook in the entire village
If you eat chicken cooked by me
just the once...
then your stomach
will make this sound...
And my name is Reena
Zabardast's sister.
Helps me in everything
Panna, show them the kitchen
Let's get to work
Before cutting the rooster
we first have to weigh it properly
That's Anand and Shakaal
I'll go meet them.
Wait here
I hope you had a good trip
Well, we got lost a few times
come help with the luggage
- It's a big place
- And it was a wreck
We hired some locals.
They're cleaning up now
Come, I'll show you round
Boss, maybe your beard
scared her off
There's hot water for your bath
What a shock! You've shaved
all your beard off
You like me better now?
Stuff your your beard.
What's it got to do with me?
It's about give and take, darling.
I give it, you take it
Brother! Brother! Help!
What's going on?
How dare you misbehave
with Zabardast's sister!
Get out of here,
you dick
Or I'll have to misbehave with you
Listen, if I get angry,
I'll cut you up into little pieces
Shut it, four eyes
Are you all right?
Whose damn pot is this?
I'll smash the damn thing to pieces
Here you go.
Special lentils from Chinchpokli
Prepared in Safola oil
This is Zabardast's special gravy!
Here, barbequed bread roll
from the tandoor, very healthy
Your health is very bad too.
You should try this
Zabardast seems
in a bad mood today
Don't rub salt in my wounds, boys
These are not wounds...
They're burning coals
Just ready
to set everything on fire
We copied the full map
off the two lockets
Okay, listen up now
According to the map
found on the locket...
to reach the treasure in the old
dungeon we need to find this cave here
About ten minutes walk
from the east entrance
We'll begin from here
This way
The tunnel seems to be blocked
According to the map...
the way into the dungeon
should be right behind this wall
Break it down,
or I'll have to
What a horrid thing
Looks like satanic stuff
to me
Look at the state of this corpse
Hey, listen, it's made of stone
This is a strange place
Vijay, have a look in that cave
I'll check over here
Let those fools wander off
I've got the real map
Follow me
What a weird place
According to this map...
the treasure is hidden
near a Trident symbol
You guys search this side,
I'll look over there
That's Sanjeeva
- Sanjeeva!
- Sanjeeva!
Shakaal, what's going on?
- I don't know
- What's all this blood?
Come on, Vijay!
This is no trick
nor is it any magic
Zabardast believes
whoever killed Kallu...
is a laundryman from Ghatkopar
- A laundryman?
- Yes
That's why the corpse was left
hanging on the wall to dry
Come on, put some energy into it
And that other thing was an accident
Accident? No way,
it was a trap
Someone killed Kallu
How else would he end up
hanging on the wall covered in blood?
But who did it?
You two look busy
I guess you found the treasure
- Is that so, Vijay?
- No, brother
And we lost two friends
down there...
in that horrible dungeon
Listen to me, sir
That basement is just like a labyrinth
Everyone who goes down there
gets lost
You migth be right, Panna.
We certainly got lost
Don't worry about it
Come to the village.
They're expecting you
It's Lord Shankar's festival today,
it'll be a great night
Really? Come on, Aarti,
let's go
We need a change of scene
And it might cheer you up
She'll cheer up all right
Once she gets a glass of hemp juice
down her throat
Hail Lord Shiv Shankar!
Sticks and stones can't hurt me
Hail Lord Shiv Shankar!
Sticks and stones can't hurt me
Hey, Fatso, are you grinding hemp
or doing yoga?
I'm grinding lovely hemp for you.
Hail Lord Bholenath!
Hey, big guy.
Lord Shankar's healthy offering
I mean - Lord Shiva's offering
Here, Simbo's brother, Rambo.
Drink this mango juice
It will make all your veins go numb
Please do me a favor
Get these girls to drink
a glass of this
Sure thing
Hey, Fatso, give me some of that
sweet lime
Hurry up
Try this sugarcane juice
Let's unite our glances
and our hearts today
You come a little close,
I'll come a little closer too
Let's unite our glances
and our hearts today
You come a little close,
I'll come a little closer too
My body is like a glass,
shatter this glass
You are under my oath,
do this for sure
How do we tell you
what we are going through?
You come a little close,
I'll come a little closer too
Let's unite our glances
and our hearts today
You come a little close,
I'll come a little closer too
Why is this affair of ours
still incomplete?
Take my hand in yours
and fulfil this too
These wonderful moments
should not go to waste
You come a little close,
I'll come a little closer too
Let's unite our glances
and our hearts today
You come a little close,
I'll come a little closer too
You come a little close,
I'll come a little closer too
This is great
I'm glad Zabardast took a day off
Or we'd never have tasted
Panna's cooking
I was pretty impressed too
Shut up and eat!
What happened?
This often happens here
I hope this mansion isn't haunted
You see ghosts everywhere
I say let's forget about this treasure
and go back home
I'm going to get a candle
Hey, don't get lost
A horrible hand grabbed me
through that window
Look at the blood
There's nothing there
Maybe a cat scratched you
You must have imagined it
You think I imagine everything
Two men die a horrific death
and you call it an accident
An old clock suddenly starts up again
You say I imagined it
And now you say
she imagined this too
Why can't you believe me?
- There's something evil here
- You're just scaring yourself
Let's go, Panna
No, sir... Please let go of me
I beg you...
Please let me go, sir
I beg you...
So, where do you hide now?
Looks like I've got you
OK, creep...
I'll thrash you so hard,
your ma won't know you
How dare you
raise your hand to me?
I'll kill you
It's me who'll kill you
What's up?
Have you gone mad?
Mad enough to kill him
Tell me what happened
He molested Reena. I'll kill him
Hey, get lost!
How could you do this?
We never dreamed you were
such a scumbag
Get out of here
And don't even dream
of coming back
And if you ever do this to any other girl
you're a dead man
Dream on, dick heads.
I'll sort you lot out, don't worry
I'm glad he's gone at last
No one will harass me now
Boss, that's Panna,
uncle Ram's daughter
Are you married?
Please show some respect
I'll show you something
to respect, all right
You bastard, how dare you?
I dare a lot more than this,
old man
You stopped me too soon
When Heera finds out about this,
he'll thrash you
I'll be in the pub tonight
Send Heera there.
I'll teach him a good lesson
Sway along with me,
oh, drunkard, sway along
Sway along with me,
oh, drunkard, sway along
Chew that bone well,
it'll be your last one
Vijay, I think we have
the complete map now
The map Shakaal gave us
was a fake
I never thought he'd turn out
to be such a creep
I never trusted him
If that locket hadn't been faked
those men wouldn't have died
Well... it should be easy to find
that treasure now
I'll do what I can to help you
But remember me
when you do find it
Boss, those idiots have got
the original locket
If they join both the lockets
and find that trident symbol
they'll find the treasure
No, Rana
Shakaal doesn't give in
I shall get that back locket tonight
Who is it?
Who's there?
Best keep quiet.
Or I'll kill you like I did your sister
I've found the treasure
And now I have to kill you
Because if you escape
then everyone will know
What is it, Aarti?!
In... in the dungeon
What about it?
What were you doing there?
I was asleep in bed,
Shakaal came in
He was about to kill me
Somehow I got away from him
I ended up in the dungeon.
I even saw the treasure
Shakaal was about to
take it, but...
But, what?
It killed Shakaal
- What killed him?
- A living corpse
It was horrible.
It was really horrible
It's going to kill us all
We have to get out of this place
We have to go now
Don't be afraid.
Come on, show us
No, no, I won't go there
None of us should
Don't worry.
We'll look after you
Come on, let's go
Vijay, didn't I tell you?
Didn't I tell you? Look!
Please don't go there.
It's evil
Don't be afraid
Come on, Anand
I've seen enough devils in my life
No, don't go there! Vijay!
Vijay, take them away from here!
Come on, Aarti
Reena, Aarti, get out of here
You too, Vijay...
I won't leave you here, Anand
What happened?
That dreadful creature
We saw it in the cave
It was horrible
It killed Shakaal
And now Anand's in danger.
He got trapped there saving us
This way
Hey! Stop!
Looks like the monster
is headed for the village
Listen everyone...
Now that the beast is loose
the whole village is in danger
But don't lose courage
We will fight this evil together
and we will triumph!
So let's get to work
and find this evil creature
Uncle Ram
Who could it be at this hour?
Go and have a look
Vijay, what are you all doing here
at this hour?
Shakaal and my dear friend, Anand,
have both been killed
Killed? What are you saying?
That dungeon is haunted
An evil entity lurks there
I myself have seen it
It's killed many men
The monster has escaped
We came here to warn you both
not to venture out
We're going to flush it out
Take care
Come, Vijay
- Here's some milk
- Thanks
Father, what was that?
You wait here
Who is it?
Who's there?
Wait. That sounds like Panna
Don't leave me, Panna!
Vijay, my friend...
No more innocent people
will die here
I swear by Goddess Durga,
that I will destroy this evil!
I will destroy it!
Throw the ropes! Throw the ropes!
Hold him!
Okay, friend, we're off now
I hope we meet again
You take care, Heera