Tahqiqaat (1993) Movie Script

What's the matter?
What happened?
Look Father, how badly
Peter has beaten us all!
Peter, why did you beat them up?
Why are you asking me, Father?
Ask them.
I reached there on time or
else together, they would
have killed the woman and the child.
She's a woman.
Her child is an child.
Ask her the name of the child's dad.
Do you know the name of your dad?
Do you?
- Peter.
Father, what is this woman's fault?
It's that rich guy's fault.
He was unfair to her
and left her to fend for herself.
- Greetings, sir.
- Greetings, sir.
Greetings, Father.
- Greetings, sir.
Peter, why do you
always blame the rich?
That's because,
all rich people are like that, sir.
No, dear.
Not all rich men are like that.
Father, tell these people...
If anyone treats another unfairly,
I won't sit quiet.
I'll talk to them.
Now please leave. Go.
You people shouldn't
have attacked this woman.
Anyway, take them to the hospital.
All of you may go.
Let's go.
- Let's go.
Let's do what Father says.
Father, you always support Peter.
No, Mr Bhanu Pratap.
I always support what is right.
- Yes.
- Yes, mom?
You've returned so late from college?
Mom, we had a special class.
That's why, I got late.
You always come up with excuses.
She's just come back from college.
Let her put her books away.
Go, dear. Go ahead.
Ask her whatever you have to later.
You'll spoil her with your pampering.
Your beloved son is here.
Ask him what he's been up to.
What happened, son?
He won't say anything.
Let me tell you.
He picked up a fight in the village.
He isn't good enough
for anything else.
Yes, I had a fight. I'll pick up
more fights. I'll fight again
if anyone is persecuted.
Do you know, mom?
If I hadn't reached there in time,
they'd have killed the poor woman.
Are you responsible for
everyone in this village?
I'm not responsible for everyone.
But I won't tolerate injustice.
You talk about injustice!
Become a nice human being first.
What are you doing?
He just came home.
Let him eat something, at least.
- I'm not fortunate enough, mom.
Good fortune comes
by doing good deeds.
Do some good deeds.
Do you know, what people say
when I walk through the village?
'Your son beat up that man, today.
Today, your son picked up a fight'
Peter, listen...
- Why do you always do this?
You scold him all the time.
He left without eating anything.
He'll come back when he's hungry.
Can I say something
if you don't mind?
Go ahead.
Why do you pick up a fight every day?
You've started lecturing me
as well, just like everyone else.
I'm not lecturing you.
I'm trying to reason with you.
Think about it.
What if something happens to you?
Nothing will happen to me.
Peter, try to understand.
Your sister has grown up.
You have to get her married.
Listen Rupa,
we can't forge bonds.
God decides all that.
It's all predestined.
Perhaps, my sister is destined
to find a nice guy.
What are you thinking?
When I reflect on
the state on affairs,
I don't know why, I feel scared.
Why? Don't you trust me?
I don't trust my destiny, Ramesh.
You're Mr Bhanu Pratap's son
and I'm just an ordinary poor girl.
Oh Mary!
You started talking about
our financial status again!
Even if I do marry a rich man's
daughter, what will I gain?
I'll be a little more wealthy.
Love between two people
isn't planned, it just happens.
And when one falls in love,
no one can separate
those in love.
Neither wealth nor society.
It's these words of yours that have
made me crazy about you, Ramesh.
It's alright to
be crazy when in love.
Is it?
"Your ethereal beauty
drives me crazy."
"Tell me, how would you
have survived without me?"
"Your ethereal beauty
drives me crazy."
"Tell me, how would you
have survived without me?"
"Your ethereal beauty
drives me crazy"
"Your innocence makes my heart
skip a beat."
"I love to see you crave for me."
"Your innocence makes my heart
skip a beat."
"I love to see you crave for me."
"I hope you remain faithful to me."
"Tell me, how would you
have survived without me?"
"Your ethereal beauty
drives me crazy."
"Look at the surroundings,
we are all alone"
"You only think about yourself
and not about the consequences"
"Look at the surroundings,
we are all alone"
"You only think about yourself
and not about the consequences"
"You too would have done the same,
had you been in my place"
"Tell me, how would you
have survived without me?"
"Your ethereal beauty
drives me crazy"
"Tell me, how would you
have survived without me?"
"Your ethereal beauty
drives me crazy"
Greetings sir. - Greetings sir.
I thought, I've come to
the police station. Here you go.
It's fifty bucks, give it to my boy.
Hey, you sell liquor with the milk?
No constable.
Nowadays we dont get water to drink?
How can I mix milk?
Yes, that's true.
But you are involved in illegal business.
Aren't you?
No constable.
It's not illegal business.
It's third way of doing a business.
Third way of doing business? Alright!
But dont get involved
in illegal activities.
I am on duty. Don't look at us.
You fatso!
Hey Romeo!
You're here drinking when you should
be ringing the bells in the church.
You're bringing a bad name to Father.
Constable, you haven't done
anything to make him feel proud.
You are at a bar in police uniform!
I'm a constable.
I can go wherever I want to.
Don't touch me.
- Don't fight.
Why are you fighting?
Tell this gentleman who I am.
- Shut up!
Tell him, how powerful I am.
I'll take you to the police station
and charge you under section 461.
You'll press charges?
- Yes.
Go away.
The S.P. is Father's brother.
- So what?
I'll go and tell him.
- What?
That you're supposed to
be at a different police station
and you come to my sweetheart's
liquor shop and bully people.
Please don't tell him.
- Why shouldn't I tell him?
You will have to pay me
to keep my mouth shut.
You're asking for
money from a policeman.
Why? You extort money from everyone.
If I manage to extract a little
money from you, it'll be great.
But you know, I...
- 50 rupees.
50 rupees. I don't have 50 rupees.
Get it if you don't have it with you.
I have it but don't tell anyone.
- I won't.
Give it to me. Come on.
Don't say anything to anyone.
- I won't.
Give him another bottle.
Come with a 50 rupee note everyday.
What is this, sweetheart?
- You have to pay me 30 rupees now.
I was...
- Pay it tomorrow.
I'll pay it tomorrow for sure.
Get the house empty.
Throw everything out.
Why are you throwing
away our belongings?
Don't trouble us. What is going on?
We are doing what's supposed to
be done. Give me the petrol can.
Throw out everything.
- Please...
Old woman,
take your belongings and get going.
Or else, I'll you.
You think, you own this house?
Talk with respect or
I'll bash you up. You got it?
Sweetheart, why bash me up?
Marry me instead.
Instead of this hut,
you'll be living in a mansion.
I don't care about your mansion!
Go away from here
or I'll break your legs.
You idiots!
I'm paid you, yet you listen to him.
Sir, he...
- Cowards! Get lost!
If you so much as look towards
this house ever again...
You care a lot for
your girlfriend, right?
Then buy this house for her.
You can't afford to buy it,
you beggar!
I will kill...
No, Peter. Stop.
- Father, let go of me.
What are you doing?
- Father, dishonest people like him
have made it hard
for the poor to survive.
Shut up! Step aside.
What's the matter?
I'll tell you, Father.
My husband was taking care of this
piece of land for the last 20 years.
Now that he's dead,
they want us to vacate
this house and this piece of land.
Go away from here.
You get going as well. Go.
Listen, don't worry.
I'll ask Bhanu Pratap
to compensate you.
How many times have I told you
not to get into fights?
I hate it.
Arguments doesn't work with
some people. They need a beating.
I've told Rupa to vacate
that place so many times
She doesn't listen to me.
Do you know why?
Because, Peter protects her
and Peter is protected by Father.
You're right.
I protect Peter. I know that.
But keep one thing in mind.
Peter isn't a bad person at heart.
Whatever he does is for others.
He doesn't do anything for himself.
He might be a good man according
to you because you like him.
He's caused a lot of problems
in our work.
Father, if Peter tries to
interfere in our work, hereafter
I'll break his legs.
- Mr Vikram...
Forget it, Father.
He is very childish and foolish.
Don't listen to him.
Whatever you want will happen.
Come, take a seat.
You may go, Vikram.
Come, Father.
Please sit.
I want you to find a way so that
the poor family gets a place to stay.
That would be wrong, Father.
It's my land. I own it.
If I give it to someone to stay,
that doesn't mean I should be
made to give another plot
of land to get the previous one.
Bhanu Pratap...
If you take out a bucket of
water from the sea, it won't
drop the water-level drastically.
Bhanu Pratap, you own
half the land in this village.
If you give away a little land,
it won't affect you.
The poor woman will bless you.
How can I refuse you?
It will be the way you want.
I'll give Rupa some land
at some other place.
Thank you.
- There's something else, Father.
Please tell Peter not to
interfere in our business.
What will she do only with the land?
One needs a house to live in.
Rupa will build a house.
Poor people don't have
enough money to buy food.
How will she be
able to build a house?
So, you want Bhanu Pratap
to build a house for Rupa?
Rupa's family members made
that small house
with years of hard labour.
Mr Bhanu Pratap will
earn millions from that land.
That's alright, Peter.
But there are some
rules one needs to follow.
I don't care about that, Father.
You make him pay at least
40,000 to 50,000 rupees to Rupa.
Or else, no one will be able
to make Rupa vacate that place.
Tell Bhanu Pratap to forget
about that plot of land.
An inexperienced young man like you
is trying to tell Father what to
do and what not to do.
I've made it clear to Father
that if Bhanu Pratap doesn't
give you 40,000 rupees
and 200 yards of land,
you won't vacate that place.
But he's a rich man, Peter.
What if he goes to court?
He's very wealthy.
So what? Being wealthy
doesn't give you absolute power.
If he tries to grab that
land without paying the money,
I'll destroy him.
Peter, how many people will
you antagonise because of me?
I'll take on the entire
world if need be, Rupa.
What has this world given me?
All I have got is hatred.
Nothing but hatred.
Rupa, if I didn't have
you and Mary in my life,
I'd have killed
myself long time back.
In that land dispute with Rupa,
Mr Bhanu Pratap was ready to give
away 200 yards of land for free.
But your son, Peter interfered.
He didn't relent.
Do you know what he said?
- What?
Can I get a cup of tea?
- Tea?
He didn't say that.
I want a cup of tea.
You are saying bad things
about my son and asking for tea?
Had you said good things,
I'd have got you coffee.
He wants tea!
Sir, I only asked for tea.
I was going to ask for biscuits too.
You'll get that as well. But
first tell me, what did Peter say?
He said,
only a piece of land won't do.
She must be paid 40,000 rupees.
Father and Peter had an argument
as well as a fight over this.
What were you saying, loudmouth?
Say it again.
I wasn't saying anything.
- Why did you come here then?
I came here to order a coffin.
For whom?
For me.
- What?
I don't know when it will be
my turn to leave.
Hence, I placed an order in advance.
Peter, I need to go to the toilet.
Shall I go?
Get going.
- Yes.
I'll surely make
Peter's life miserable.
Michael, why are you so angry?
What's the matter?
What do I tell you?
Peter insulted me badly.
Father pampers Peter so
much that he has become arrogant.
I'll teach Peter a lesson
he never forgets.
I've been waiting
for you for so long.
I was delayed as I'd to
do something about us.
What about us?
I had to ask dad's permission
for our marriage, remember?
So did you talk to him?
- Yes.
What did he say?
You know, before mentioning it,
I had to lay the groundwork.
That took up all the time.
Dad had to go to the office.
He left.
I couldn't talk to him
about our marriage.
You will lay the groundwork for it
all your life.
Why don't you ask Peter
to talk to my dad about our marriage?
Besides, it's always
the bride's family
that approaches the groom's family.
- Oh no! You want me to ask Peter?
If he gets to know,
he'll shoot me dead.
Why? Does he hate the
idea of falling in love?
You joke about everything.
He hates rich people.
No problem. I'll become poor.
You're joking again.
- What should I do then?
Think of a way out.
Let me do one thing.
I'll talk to Father.
Peter always listens to him.
Father will definitely help us.
So, you're in love with
Mr Bhanu Pratap's son, Ramesh.
Yes, Father.
Even he loves me a lot.
We want to get married.
No. That isn't possible.
Why? Why isn't it possible, Father?
There's a big difference between
him and you.
His dad is the
richest man in this village.
Your dad is just a carpenter.
There is a vast economic
difference between your families.
But you treat everyone
as equal, Father.
One doesn't think about these
things while falling in love.
Father, if you take it upon you,
we'll definitely get married.
Please help me, Father. Please.
I can't do anything
even if I want to.
Mr Bhanu Pratap and Peter
don't get along well.
They will never give their consent.
That's why I've come to you, Father.
Because I know,
they will certainly listen to you.
Please help me, Father. Please.
Okay, Mary.
But only on one condition.
Until I have a word with
Peter and Ramesh's dad,
you and Ramesh won't meet each other.
Alright, Father.
We'll do what you say.
What's wrong with you, Mary?
Whenever I try to come near you,
you go away.
Why are you ignoring me?
It's nothing, Ramesh.
Father made me promise
that until he talks to Peter
and your dad about our marriage,
I shouldn't meet you.
We shouldn't meet?
It was so easy for him to say that.
Father never fell in love.
So, he doesn't know what that means.
Don't ever say that
you'll never meet me.
Else.- Else what will you do?
I will kill myself.
"My heart beats
for you all the time."
"My heart beats
for you all the time."
"One doesn't plan it."
"No one does."
"One doesn't plan it,"
"one simply falls in love."
"My heart beats
for you all the time."
"My heart beats
for you all the time."
"One doesn't plan it."
"No one does."
"One doesn't plan it,"
"one simply falls in love."
"It's my heartfelt desire..."
"It's my heartfelt desire
to shower my love upon you."
"It's my heartfelt desire"
"to shower my love upon you."
"How do I tell you"
"how happy I am."
"My only desire"
"is to be with you all the time."
"At this age, one does feel naughty."
"My heart beats
for you all the time."
"One doesn't plan it."
"No one does."
"One doesn't plan it..."
"One simply falls in love."
"What do I see in you?"
"I don't have words to tell you
what I see in you."
"I don't have words to tell you"
"what I see in you."
"Now that I've found you"
"I don't need anything else in life."
"My life is"
"dedicated to you."
"I spend sleepless nights."
"My heart beats
for you all the time."
"One doesn't plan it"
"No one does."
"One doesn't plan it..."
"One simply falls in love."
Who was that girl?
I asked you, who was that girl?
Her name is Mary, dad.
Whose daughter is she?
I don't know.
I know that, sir.
You know the biggest
ruffian in our village, Peter?
Mary is his sister.
She's Peter's sister?
- Yes.
That means you know
that she's the daughter
of Anthony who makes coffins.
Yes, dad. She's Anthony's daughter.
She's Peter's sister.
But how does that matter?
Mary is a very good girl.
Meet her once.
Why should I meet her?
If her family members are such,
she cannot be any different.
A person's upbringing decides
how he grows up to become.
But there always are exceptions,
aren't there?
I don't wish to argue
with you, Ramesh.
As your dad, I'd like
to tell you that you are nave and
if you take any childish decisions,
you'll have to repent for life.
Forget that girl.
That's in your best interest.
Dad, listen to me...
- I don't want to hear anything.
Dad, please!
Mary! What's the matter?
Father, did you talk to my
family members about my marriage?
Mary, I was busy with work.
But don't worry.
I'll talk to Peter about
your marriage, soon.
But Father, what if we
aren't able to get married?
I told you, I'll talk to him about
the marriage. I'll do it soon.
You may go now.
God bless you.
- Thank you, Father.
Why did you come here?
I had come here to invite Father
for a function in our college.
You could have gone to the
church if you had to invite him.
Why did you go to his house?
Father was not there
in the church, so...
In future, meet him in
the church if you need to.
Don't go to his house.
You got it? Go now.
You haven't eaten
anything since morning.
You haven't gone to sleep either.
Why are you making
yourself suffer so much?
Dad, please try to understand me.
Nothing seems good without Mary.
I cannot live without her.
You just leave me alone.
'What if Ramesh's dad refuses
to get us married?'
'No, that won't happen.
I have faith in my love.'
What's the matter, dear?
You haven't eaten since morning.
You've not gone to sleep either.
It's nothing, mom. I'm not sleepy.
Have your dinner and go to sleep.
It's very late in the night.
Here. Take it.
Where are you going, Ramesh?
I'm leaving the house.
You're leaving the house?
Wait, Ramesh.
You're leaving your dad
for that girl?
You're leaving the
house where you were born?
Yes, dad.
I'm leaving this house because
I'm not happy here any longer.
I'll be happy only if I'm
with Mary. - Listen, Ramesh.
All parents have the well-being
of their children in mind.
All this wealth that I've
accumulated over the years,
it's all for you, son.
Dad, all this wealth
and grandeur can never compete
with the love and
affection I have for Mary.
I request you, dad.
Unite me with my beloved.
I will think as if you've given
me all the wealth in the world.
Son, if you're so adamant about it,
I acknowledge my defeat.
You've won, my son.
Dad, you...
Yes, my son.
Thank you, dad.
I'll go and tell Mary
about this right away.
Listen, Ramesh.
I want you to be self-sufficient
before you get married.
Why don't you go to
Bangkok for a few days
and look after our factory there?
- Yes, Ramesh.
In fact, they're inviting
tender applications tomorrow.
I want you to apply
for that instead of me.
Okay, dad. I'll do as you wish.
Very good.
Look, your crazy lover is here.
Go on.
You? Why did you come here?
I need to discuss few
important thing with you.
Go away from here.
- I won't leave.
Please, Ramesh. Just leave.
Why do you insist that I leave?
Listen to what I have to say.
Dad has given his consent.
Has he?
Didn't I tell you, dad won't refuse?
Thank God.
There's a problem, Mary.
I'll have to go to
Bangkok for 10 to15 days.
Why do you need to go to Bangkok?
I've to get some important
work done there.
Oh no!
- Oh yes.
It's only a matter of 10 to 15 days.
I'll call you
as soon as I reach there.
I mean, I'll write you a letter.
Okay? Take care of yourself.
Why are you begging?
I won't give you even a rupee.
I'm not asking you
for a rupee, Father.
I'm asking you for 100 rupees.
100 rupees?
- Yes.
I won't give even one rupee.
- No, father. Don't be so cruel.
How will I bury my
uncle who just died?
How will you bury him?
- Yes.
Last week, your uncle had died.
Which uncle is this one?
The uncle who died
last week was an engine driver
and the one who just
died was a taxi driver.
What about the one
who'll die next week?
I'll think about it and tell you.
Listen Michael, why do you
pretend that your uncle has died
to get money for brandy?
Father, I swear by God.
I don't drink brandy.
What do you drink then?
- I drink country liquor.
I won't give you even
a rupee to waste on liquor.
I won't give it you. I won't...
Good morning, Father.
- Good morning.
Here's 40,000 rupees for Rupa.
Count them.
I don't need to count them.
I trust you.
This money will help that
girl build a house for her family.
That's alright, Father.
But ask Peter not
to create any problems.
That's in his best interest.
Why do you people always talk
about fighting all the time?
Why can't you live in harmony?
Okay, I'll leave now.
God knows, when he'll mend his ways.
You've got so much money.
Give me 100 rupees.
This is not my money.
It's Rupa's money.
No one else has any right over it.
You got it?
'I'm destined to get this money,
not Rupa.'
Peter, let's go to town today.
I'll treat you at an inn.
I'll also show you a film.
And what do you call it?
There's a carnival.
Take me to the carnival.
Have I gone crazy to take
you to the carnival?
Have you seen yourself in the mirror?
Why? Am I not beautiful?
You're just perfect.
You've descended from heaven!
Ladies from abroad go there,
not illiterate women like you.
Did you get it?
You won't get it.
Peter, stop.
Peter, take me to the carnival.
Didn't I just tell you I won't?
You just won't listen.
Go ahead. I won't let go of you.
I'll show you what I'm capable of.
"You didn't take me
to Delhi or Jaipur."
"You didn't even feed me delicacies."
"You promised to take me places,"
"but you didn't fulfil your promise."
"You took me for a ride."
"Take me to a carnival, my darling."
"Take me to a carnival, my darling."
"Don't be naive, darling."
"My shoe is broken,
get it repaired, my darling."
"Take me to a carnival, my darling."
"My shoe is broken,
get it repaired, my darling."
"Our neighbours go and watch
a film every day."
"They have delicious snacks
during the interval."
"Our neighbours go and watch
a film every day."
"They have delicious snacks
during the interval."
"Delicious snacks
during the interval..."
"They have delicious snacks
during the interval."
"Let me have a taste of
the chutney, at least, my darling."
"Let me have a taste of
the chutney, at least, my darling."
"Take me to a carnival, my darling."
"My orchard has blossomed,
let no one cast an evil eye."
"You can enjoy all the fruits
you want."
"My orchard has blossomed,
let no one cast an evil eye."
"You can enjoy all the fruits
you want."
"Enjoy all the fruits..."
"You can enjoy all the fruits
you want."
"You need to guard the orchard,
my darling."
"You need to guard the orchard,
my darling."
"Take me to a carnival, my darling."
"Don't be naive, darling."
"My shoe is broken,
get it repaired, my darling."
"My shoe is broken,
get it repaired, my darling."
"Make me yours, my darling."
"Take me in your arms, my darling."
"Let me have a taste of
the chutney, at least, my darling."
"Don't be naive, darling."
"Don't be naive, darling."
Wow! There's no one here.
Let me do my work.
Hello! What's the matter?
Why are you closing the door?
Sweetheart, I'm closing it so that
I can express my feelings to you.
Gulabo, I've become totally
restless and lovelorn.
I've stopped eating.
Gulabo, don't make
your lover restless.
Don't make me restless.
Gulabo, don't make me restless.
Come and satiate me.
What are you doing?
I'm feeling ticklish.
You're feeling ticklish?
Why is he here?
Go and hide somewhere.
- I'll hide. Make him leave.
Come in. The door is open.
Michael, what are you doing?
Why are you closing the door?
Make my life. Get married to me.
Look, I'm Juliet from Hyderabad.
Become my Romeo. - What?
Did I switch their genders?
- Yes.
Old man, act your age.
There's such a vast
difference between our ages.
How does that matter?
Age is not a problem.
A man is always young.
If I stay with you for a few days,
even I'll become young.
I'm holding both your hands.
Whose hands are these then?
- It's me.
'My dear Mary,
you're there and I'm here.'
'I'm so far away from you.'
'I long to see you.'
'I have everything here.
Money, comfort and a good life.'
'But since you aren't with me,
I don't enjoy anything.'
'I feel very restless without you.'
'I'll talk to dad and return soon.'
'Yours only, Ramesh.'
'I feel very restless without you.'
'I'll talk to dad and return soon.'
'Yours only...'
A letter from Mary!
'Dear Ramesh, I got your letter.'
'But God wants something else.'
'Peter is getting me married
to a boy named William.'
'That's what my parents want too.'
'I'm helpless, Ramesh.'
'By the time you get this letter,
I'll be married.'
'Mary Weds William.'
'It'll be better
if we never meet again.'
'Forget me once and for all.'
"Even if you haven't loved me,
come and meet me once."
"Even if you haven't loved me,
come and meet me once."
"Come under the pretext
of meeting someone else."
"Come under the pretext
of meeting someone else."
"Even if you haven't loved me,
come and meet me once."
"Even if you haven't loved me,
come and meet me once."
"Come under the pretext
of meeting someone else."
"Come under the pretext
of meeting someone else."
"Come and meet me once."
"Come and meet me once."
"You said you could lay down
your life for me."
"Not just your life,
you can give up everything."
"You said you could lay down
your life for me."
"Not just your life,
you can give up everything."
"Before your beloved is
mocked by the world..."
"Come for just a moment
and show the world."
"Let the world know..."
"Let the world know the meaning
of true love."
"Come under the pretext
of meeting someone else."
"Come under the pretext
of meeting someone else."
"Come and meet me once."
"Come and meet me once."
"Love always brings you pain."
"It has made my life miserable."
"Love always brings you pain."
"It has made my life miserable."
"I will never dream about you again."
"If you don't come now,
I won't ever call out to you."
"Come to me once..."
"Come to me once and make me
forget you forever."
"Come under the pretext
of meeting someone else."
"Come under the pretext
of meeting someone else."
"Even if you haven't loved me,
come and meet me once."
"Even if you haven't loved me,
come and meet me once."
"Come under the pretext
of meeting someone else."
"Come under the pretext
of meeting someone else."
"Come and meet me once."
"Come and meet me once."
'In the name of the Father, the Son
and the Holy Spirit...'
What are you doing, Mary?
Let me die, Salma.
- Committing suicide is a sin.
What do I do, Salma? You don't
know the situation I'm in.
But why do you want to die?
Why? Tell me, why?
Because I'm pregnant.
Oh God! Whose child is it, Mary?
It's Ramesh's child, Salma.
Ramesh's child?
- Yes.
But Mary, you were about to
end another life along with yours.
What do I do, Salma?
How do I face the world?
Mary, suicide isn't
the solution to things.
You'll have to face the world, Mary.
Go to Father.
Everything will be alright.
Trust me.
Everything will be alright.
Everything will be alright.
Okay, Salma.
What's the matter, Mary?
Why are you crying?
Father, I made a big mistake.
I couldn't keep my promise to you.
Father, one day
I happened to meet Ramesh.
And I ruined my life, Father.
Oh my God!
I haven't told this
to anyone, Father.
I can't keep it a secret
for very long.
The day my parents get
to know that I'm pregnant...
They'll be shattered.
It will be disastrous.
You should...
You should have thought
about all this earlier.
You're right, Father.
I made a big mistake.
Father, there's only one way I can
preserve my parents' reputation
and that is suicide.
Suicide! No, Mary.
Suicide is a cowardly act.
It's a big sin.
You want to kill that child along
with yourself, for no fault of his.
What do I do, Father?
I won't be able to hide
my pregnancy for long.
You know Peter very well.
I'll meet Peter
and Mr Bhanu Pratap today itself
and will try to get you
two married at the earliest.
What nonsense!
I saw it with my own eyes
and overheard their conversation.
Mary was telling Father that
she was pregnant with his child.
No! That's impossible.
What's the matter, Mary?
Are you feeling nauseous?
It's nothing, mom. I'm not well.
You're not well.
Come, let's go to the doctor.
No mom, that's not needed.
I'm fine.
That's not needed?
What do you mean?
Mary, come inside. Let's go inside.
What's the matter, Mary?
You're hiding something.
Why are you quiet? Why don't you
tell me, what's the matter?
Forgive me, mom.
I made a terrible mistake.
Oh Jesus!
What's the matter? Who has died
for the two of you to cry so much?
Our family's honour is tarnished.
We wanted to get her married,
but before her marriage she...
Is that true?
I have always been embarrassed
due to Peter.
And now you have tarnished
what little reputation I had.
Who is the boy? Tell us, dear.
Listen dear, tell us who the boy is.
Or else, we'll find it
very difficult to survive.
Tell us. Speak.
- I'll tell you.
I know who that is.
Come here. Go inside.
- No.
Get inside!
- Peter.
- Don't come inside, mom.
- What's the matter, Rupa?
- What's the matter, Rupa?
- Tell me, what happened?
Peter, Mary has committed suicide.
'Mary was telling Father that
she was pregnant with his child.'
Peter, why are you so angry
and where are you going?
I won't spare Father Fernandez.
Get out of my way!
He's going to kill Father.
Fernandez, you are not a priest.
Peter, what's the matter?
You deceived my sister.
I won't spare you, Fernandez.
Why is the church bell ringing?
Something seems to be amiss.
I won't let you live, Fernandez.
- Have you gone insane?
I won't let you live.
- What are you doing?
A man like you doesn't
deserve to live, Fernandez.
Peter, tell me what happened?
Peter, what nonsense
are you speaking?
Get a hold of yourself, Peter!
Stop it, Peter.
Come on.
I won't spare you, Fernandez.
- Come.
I won't let you live.
You're bleeding profusely.
Come with me.
I'll take you to the hospital.
Let go of me.
He's not a priest. He's a cheat.
Fernandez, you are not a priest.
I won't let you live.
No jail in the world can
imprison me till you're alive.
Remember, Fernandez.
Come what may, I won't spare you.
I won't spare you, Fernandez.
You're badly wounded, Father.
Mr Bhanu Pratap, you know what
this stupid boy is blaming me for.
Forget it, Father.
He's a very senseless and rude boy.
Come with me, I'll take you
to the hospital. Come along
In the name of the Father,
and the Son
and the Holy Spirit. Amen!
May the soul of Mary rest in peace.
Oh my God!
I can't believe Mary
committed suicide.
Did you get an autopsy done on her?
No, Father.
- Why not?
Leave us alone.
Well, Mary's parents insisted that
an autopsy shouldn't be conducted.
That is why we didn't get it done.
You are not getting me.
Had you got an autopsy done
before she was buried,
the truth could have come to light.
It definitely would have.
But she committed suicide because
she got pregnant out of wedlock.
That would've ruined her family's
reputation, as well as mine.
That is why, all of us refused
to allow an autopsy to be done.
What you did was not right.
But you weren't present at the time.
We did what we thought was best.
Take care of yourself, Father.
I take your leave.
10 people were killed.
12 .
Who is bothering me unnecessarily?
- Hello!
Is this the office of
Superintendent of Police
Yes, sir.
This is Father Fernandez speaking.
That's a lie!
My father died long back.
This is
Father Prem Fernandez speaking.
Oh! Father Prem...
Good morning, Father.
This is Head Constable
Sakharam speaking.
May I please speak to
the Superintendent of Police?
He has gone out for some work.
What the hell is going on?
Come on, kill him. Kill him.
Kill this man.
I won't let you destroy my country.
I'll not allow you
to spoil my country.
Take him away!
Good morning!
- Good morning...
God bless you!
How are you?
- I am fine.
Why did you take the trouble
of coming here?
You should have called me.
I'd have come there.
Come... Please come in.
How did you hurt yourself?
This is not a wound,
it's a blot on my reputation.
What are you saying?
Forget it.
I have come here for
something important.
A girl died in my neighbourhood.
It's presumed that
she committed suicide.
But I think she was murdered.
And an autopsy was not
performed before she was buried.
Even if she committed suicide,
the police should have
sent her body for an autopsy.
But the police didn't do that.
Therefore, I want you to come there
and get an autopsy done on her.
It will be done, Prem.
I'll have her body
exhumed tomorrow itself
and have an autopsy conducted.
Fine. I'll get going.
Prem, why don't you come
home and have dinner with me?
Not now. I'll be very late.
But I'll come home with you
the next time I'm here.
'Mary was telling Father that
she is pregnant with his baby.'
'Remember, Fernandez...'
'I won't spare you, come what may.'
Sir, he's Mr Bhanu Pratap,
the chairman of this town.
And he's Arun Kumar,
the superintendent of police.
How do you do?
Nice meeting you.
Why are you staring at me?
You look quite like Father Fernandez.
Yes. He's my twin brother.
I see.
I don't see Father Fernandez around.
Sir, he's gone to the neighbouring
village to meet someone.
Should we wait until Father is back?
No, doctor. Proceed. Come on.
Start digging. Come on.
I won't spare the person
who did this to you.
I swear.
How can you be so sure
that Mary has committed suicide?
Looking at the manner in which
her body was hanging from a tree
anyone would conclude that
she had committed suicide.
You deduced that because
she came from a poor background.
You didn't investigate this case
further because she wasn't rich.
You know a suicide victim has
to undergo an autopsy, don't you?
Yes, sir. I do know that.
But Mary's parents requested me
not to send her body for an autopsy.
They loved her a lot.
I couldn't do anything.
I think, something else stopped you.
Please don't say that, sir.
You are suspended
for neglecting your duty.
But, sir...
- You may go.
Look at this, sir.
Father used to pray for
everyone before this cross.
Come this way, sir.
Sir, this is where Father
used to do all his writing work.
And sir...
Sir, this is the couch where
he'd sit and have his morning tea
and read his newspaper.
He'd keep himself updated
with the latest news.
Who would have thought that
one day he'd make the headlines?
What nonsense are you talking?
- This is no nonsense.
He was sitting right
here reading his newspaper
when Peter attacked him with a stick.
Now, show us exactly what happened,
or I'll have to detain
you for a long time.
I'll show you exactly what happened.
Sit down. Give me that stick
and I'll show you what happened.
- Show me.
This is how he beat up Father.
- Hey, what are you doing?
Stop it! What nonsense is this?
Tell us what happened next.
I'll detain him for 6 months.
Sir, this is the back garden.
This is where Father would take
a stroll after dinner.
- Yes, sir.
Let everything here remain
the way it was. - Yes, sir.
Close the front door and seal it.
Yes, sir.
Should I arrest you?
Hello, sir!
I hope you like my guest house.
It's fantastic.
I love it. Very good.
Do tell me if you need anything else.
Yes, I want Peter.
Peter, where are you?
Mom, I am over here.
Peter, what have
you done to yourself?
The police are looking for me.
It's been so long
since I last saw you.
It's the police!
Welcome, sir!
Are you Peter's dad?
- Yes, I am.
Who is she?
- She is his mom.
But, why is she
sitting on the coffin?
You can't expect a mother
whose son has been arrested
to sit on a couch, can you?
I see.
Mr Anthony.
- Yes?
Does Peter have any enemies?
- Plenty.
That is why he killed Father.
- How can you be so sure of that?
Everyone says it.
Didn't you hear him
threatening to kill Father
when he was being taken away
by the cops for beating up him up?
What kind of a dad are you?
- Please be quiet.
Mr Anthony.
- Yes?
Tell me something.
How did Father Fernandez's
body land in Mary's coffin?
I don't know, sir.
I mean, is Peter
capable of doing this?
Sir, he can do anything.
Sir, I request you not
to spare Father's murderer,
whoever he may be.
Father was a very good man.
He was a noble soul.
Listen, contact us immediately
if you hear from Peter.
Okay, sir.
Well, mom, I'll make a move.
I am sure you haven't
eaten for a long time.
Come and have something.
Let me feed you.
Come with me to the police station.
Dad, I did not kill Father.
- You just come with me.
Whatever you have to say,
say it to the cops.
I did not kill Father Fernandez.
Please believe me.
Try to understand me.
I am your son. I won't lie to you.
I did not kill anyone.
You just come with me.
- No.
Rupa, tell me
everything you know about
Father Fernandez's murder.
I don't know anything, sir.
Listen, if you don't help us
then we will consider you
to be an accessory to murder.
What are you saying?
I could have never done that to him.
This means,
you knew Father Fernandez.
Everybody knew him.
He was loved by one and all.
He was a very good man.
But what?
But, even good men make mistakes.
What exactly are you hinting at?
It so happened that, I went
to his house to take my money.
I saw Mary talking to him.
My heart sank when I heard them talk.
What happened next?
- She said that she was pregnant.
But, it could have been
somebody else's child.
But the manner in
which they were talking
only suggested that
Father and Mary...
Father and Mary...
- Shut up!
Come over here.
How do you know Peter?
We are in love.
What do you mean?
We are planning to get married.
That means,
Peter must have definitely told you
that he's planning to kill Father.
Sir, don't talk to me in riddles.
Why would Peter kill Father?
Because you told Peter
about Father and Mary.
And he killed Father in rage.
It's true that Peter
is short-tempered.
But I truly feel that
he hasn't killed Father Fernandez.
Where is Peter?
That's exactly what I want
to ask you. Where is Peter?
Take me to him.
I'll tell him to stop
running from the law.
Or the police will believe him
to be Father's murderer.
Fine. You may go.
- Okay.
I won't let you go.
- Don't hit me.
Come with me!
- Sir, at least listen to me.
Sir, working as a cop makes
a man so powerful.
He's puny yet he
talks less and hits more.
You'll be rotting behind
bars if I start to talk.
Oh God, punish him!
- Yes, sir.
Come over here.
Keep an eye on Rupa.
Peter will definitely
try to contact her.
Yes, sir. I'll deal with you later.
How did you know Father Fernandez?
I used to look after him.
- What do you mean?
I'd wake him up
and serve him breakfast.
I'd put him to bed after dinner.
I looked after him the whole day.
I'd even ring the church bell.
How long have you been doing this?
- Ever since my childhood.
We have been church
bell ringers for generations.
Did a girl used to visit
Father Fernandez quite often?
Many girls would come to meet him.
Of all shapes and sizes.
Some would come for confession
and some would come to pray.
Was there a girl named
Mary among them?
Sir, half of them were married.
- I mean, half of them were Mary.
I meant the girl
who committed suicide.
Oh! You mean, that Mary?
Sir, she visited him during
the day as well as the night.
Fine. You may go.
- Good bye.
What's this, sir?
What brings tears in
the eyes of such a strong man?
A wound to the body can heal.
But a wound to one's
heart never heals.
I understand your pain.
But you can't change what happened.
I can't bear to hear people
disparage my noble brother.
We had everything
anyone could ask for.
We had fame, fortune; everything.
My brother would get
good marriage proposals.
But he renounced everything
and chose to be a pastor.
And your village folks say
that such a noble character
was having an illegitimate
relationship with Mary.
That's disgusting!
How could they even say such a thing?
People can say anything.
Mr Bhanu Pratap,
I'll seek out my brother's killers
and teach them a lesson
they will never forget.
You should do that.
Such a murderer should
be punished for his deeds.
And I am sure he will.
Now come and have your dinner.
Sakharam told me that you
haven't eaten since morning.
"Why do I drink, oh, why do I drink?"
Michael, I gave
Rs 40,000 to Father for Rupa.
You must have.
What have I got to do with that?
Rupa didn't get that money.
Then go and ask
Father Fernandez about it.
Don't get too smart with me, Michael.
Else you know what I can do.
I know what you can do.
Go ahead. I'll follow you.
- Come on!
Go and open the door.
The front door has
been sealed and guarded.
If I get caught,
the cops will break my legs.
The seal is on the front door,
right? - Yes.
Then do one thing.
Open the back door.
I'll take care of the rest.
I can open that.
But I need some persuasion.
Will you open it now?
Open it?
I'll break down the door for you.
Come with me.
This way, sir.
The cupboard is right behind me.
Keep it down, will you?
Don't make a sound.
Where's the key?
Can you speak a bit louder?
Where is the key?
I know where Father
used to keep his key.
The key is under this pillow.
- Show it to me.
It is right under this pillow...
Oh no!
Where's the key?
Michael, where is the key?
That's what I asked you.
- It's right over here.
A ghost!
A ghost!
Boss, it's a ghost!
Boss, it's a ghost!
Boss, it's a ghost!
Move aside!
- Who's there?
Sir, it's me, Vikram.
- What happened?
Boss, I just saw Father's ghost.
Have you lost your mind?
- No, sir.
I am telling you the truth.
I did see Father's ghost.
He looked very scary.
Only sinners turn into ghosts.
But Father was a good man. He
couldn't have turned into a ghost.
I am telling you the truth, boss.
I saw his ghost holding the key.
You must be dreaming.
Go back to bed.
But, sir...
- Now go.
Can I sleep over here?
Go and sleep in your room.
You spoiled my sleep.
He must have got drunk and slept.
No wonder he had weird dreams.
Yes, sir?
- I'll skin you alive!
Tell me the truth.
Who opened the back door?
If I knew who did it,
I'd have brought him to you.
Stop talking nonsense!
No one other than you
had access to this house.
Father Fernandez did.
- What?
Sir, I saw his ghost in here.
- Here?
No. I saw it in the church.
- Shut up!
Search the whole house.
- Okay.
Both of you, go there.
And you go over here.
Yes, sir.
And you, come with me.
If I do happen to find something,
I'll make sure he's sentenced
to rigorous imprisonment
and that's a promise!
A ghost!
Hey, it's just me and
I don't look like a ghost.
Where is the key to this cupboard?
Well, I don't have key.
It's with the ghost.
I mean, it's under the pillow.
Or, maybe not.
You may go.
Sir, I didn't find anything in there.
What's this, sir?
I have seen this calendar somewhere.
But I can't remember where.
Now, where did I see it?
Yes! I know it.
The money I found
in Father's cupboard
was wrapped in this paper.
- Yes.
This shows that these
two places are related.
Sir, please save me from the ghost.
Or, I'll die.
It's just a figment
of your imagination.
There is no such thing as a ghost.
But I saw it with my own eyes.
Vikram saw it too.
You say that you saw it.
But why haven't I seen it yet?
I should have seen it first,
as I was the closest to Father.
Don't be afraid. I am here.
There is no such thing as a ghost.
If you are with me then
I need not be afraid...
A ghost...
what's wrong with your voice?
What happened?
Sir! Where are you?
Sir, what's wrong?
Get up, sir.
Help! Help!
- Help! Help!
- Help! Help!
Why do you look so scared?
Did someone come to you?
Yes. Father had come.
- Did he? What did he say?
The ghost of Father Fernandez
had come to me.
The ghost of Father Fernandez!
He was here before. But now,
he's gone. - Is he? Good.
But how could he
just leave like that?
You're still alive.
- Shut up!
People usually die of fright
when they see a ghost. - Really?
Back in my village,
there is a Plaksa tree.
- It's haunted.
What's going on?
- Nothing much.
He was just telling me that
he saw Father Fernandez's ghost.
What nonsense?
- Don't look at me.
It's true.
I saw Father's ghost
just a moment ago.
It's merely a figment
of your imagination.
Why would his ghost come to you?
What could you have against him?
I had nothing against him.
Rather, he was
a very good friend of mine.
Maybe, he missed me.
And so he came to visit me.
But, why do you sound so scared?
Why shouldn't I?
Who wouldn't be scared of a ghost?
Don't be scared any more.
I'll have Sakharam guard you.
Sir, I have to go and catch Peter.
Why don't you wait instead?
- I get it. I am doomed.
But, could I at least have your gun?
If I am to die,
I'll take him down with me.
I won't spare that ghost.
Now he's had it.
Point that thing over there.- Don't
be afraid. I'll be right here.
No, you are not going anywhere.
- I'll be right back.
Sit right over here.
- Just give me a minute.
I am sitting.
- Don't move.
I am not moving. My hand is moving.
Could you check if it is loaded?
- In a minute.
Don't point it at me.
Rupa, you think
I killed Father Fernandez?
Then who killed him?
That's what I have been wondering.
But his death proves that
Father didn't drive
Mary to commit suicide.
This is a big conspiracy.
Rupa, I won't spare the killers of
Mary and Father Fernandez.
I'll kill them all.
Hey! Had Peter come here?
Did Peter come here?
Keep your stick away.
You keep banging it again and again.
You dont understand,
unless I bang it.
Hey, there is nothing in your stick.
Many come here with their stick
They came and they left.
Leaving their stick behind.
No, by breaking it.
Dont make me angry,
else I will destroy everything.
You don't scare me.
Now that you are here,
have a drink on the house.
Will you serve it to me
with your very own hands?
No, but with my mouth.
Gulabo, please listen to me.
No one will hear it,
else I will send you to jail.
What? - Not you, you listen to me.
Gulabo, come to my garden
and blossom your rose.
I will make your life happening.
Who is it? I am on duty. Who is it?
I ring bell.
Who's life you are making happening?
- My wife.
Your wife?
Gulabo, he want to make
your life happening.
Don't trust him.
He will use you
and sell you in the market.
When this man can't help his father?
How can he help his mother?
You are teasing police?
Will send you to jail for six months,
where you get fifty paisa as allowance.
your six months of imprisonment
and fifty paisa allowance.
Roll it and put it inside.
What? - In your pocket, brother.
You can use that money to have tea.
You are teasing police,
I will not spare you.
I will send you to jail.
I will not spare you.
Constable, you are not constable.
You'll ring bell of church for lifetime.
Peter, Peter, Peter!
Peter? Where is he? Where is he?
Not here, over there.
Outside! - I'll catch him right now.
Look, now I'll catch peter,
I will hit you later.
Till then, you dont flirt with her,
I'll just come, Gullu.
Gullu, have you seen Peter?
Does he come here?
He comes or he doesnt
..why is your face swollen?
What will happen to me?
I am not scared of Peter.
I'll go and catch him right now.
Everyone is asking about Peter,
looking for him.
Peter who?
Peter who?
- I thought you were Peter.
I want to catch him so badly
that I see him everywhere.
Please inform me
if you hear anything from him.
That will get me a promotion
and make me an Inspector.
Fine. I'll definitely tell you
where you can find him.
You can even take the
credit of arresting him.
Thank you.
- Okay?
Where is the S.P.?
- He's inside.
Wait a minute!
Which police station
have you come from?
Lal Naka Police Station.
- Oh! Lal Naka...
Where in the world is that?
Well, who cares?
I have to go and catch Peter.
Sakharam, could you
fetch me a glass of water?
Who are you?
- Sir,
I'm Peter, the one
you are looking for.
Don't worry.
I am not here to kill you.
I am here to tell you the truth.
- I know what the truth is.
The truth is that you are a fugitive.
The truth is that
you killed Father Fernandez.
It's true that I am a fugitive.
But I did not kill Father Fernandez.
I didn't kill him.
If you didn't kill him then
why are you running from the law?
Because the law won't be
able to catch my sister's murderer.
The law won't be able to
catch Father Fernandez's murderer.
Are you telling me that
you will be able to catch them?
That's the reason why I am here.
Give me some time.
I'll catch their killers
and bring them to you.
The law doesn't need the
help of criminals like you.
Get this straight.
If you are truly innocent,
surrender to the police or else...
Else, you can't do anything.
Sir, the only reason
I respect you is that
you are Father Fernandez's
brother and a good man.
I am leaving.
But before I leave,
I promise you that
I'll destroy those
who killed my sister
and Father Fernandez.
I'll hand myself over to
the law once I've killed them.
Stop, or I'll shoot!
There are no bullets in your gun.
Open the door, Rupa.
That won't be necessary.
- Why not?
The police has acquitted me
of all crimes.
- Yes.
"In your eyes... Yes, in your eyes"
"In your eyes... Yes, in your eyes"
"My love, I now dwell in your eyes"
"My love, I now dwell in your eyes"
"My love, I now dwell in your eyes"
"My love, I find solace in your eyes"
"My love, I now dwell in your eyes"
"My love, I now dwell in your eyes"
"My love, I now dwell in your eyes"
"My love, I find solace in your eyes"
"My love, I now dwell in your eyes"
"The pain is unbearable."
"That's what love does to you."
"Cupid has struck"
"and I'm hopelessly in love."
"Darling, your eyes
hold me spellbound."
"They drive me crazy."
"I find myself lost in your eyes
and I have begun to"
"dwell in your eyes."
"In your eyes... Yes, in your eyes"
"In your eyes... Yes, in your eyes"
"My love, I now dwell in your eyes"
"My love, I now dwell in your eyes"
"Your love for me
seems to be growing"
"stronger day by day"
"I'll never forget you"
"I promise you today"
"You'll dwell into my heart"
"for all eternity"
"I feel content"
"whenever I see you before me"
"My love, in your eyes"
"My love, in your eyes"
"My love, in your eyes"
"My love, I now dwell in your eyes"
"My love, I now dwell in your eyes"
"My love, I now dwell in your eyes"
"My love, I find solace in your eyes"
"My love, I now dwell in your eyes"
Peter, is that you?
What's the matter, Peter?
The police are looking for me.
- The police?
Come inside.
Peter, what's going on?
Peter, everyone says
that you killed Father Fernandez.
No, I did not kill him.
This is all a lie.
But when I heard that...
'Mary was telling Father that'
'she is pregnant with his baby.'
Mary was carrying Father's baby?
- Yes.
That is why I attacked Father.
But he got away.
Later, someone else killed him.
But, Mary wasn't
carrying Father's baby.
She was carrying Ramesh's baby.
What are you saying?
I am telling you the truth.
Mary was in love with Ramesh.
He promised to marry her.
But he went back on his word.
This means, Ramesh is the culprit.
I won't spare him.
Peter, what are you doing?
- Let go of me!
- Let go!
What's wrong, Peter?
- Where is your son? Call him!
Why? What has he done?
- He killed my sister.
What nonsense! My son has
been abroad for the past 2 months.
How could he have killed your sister?
By betraying her.
- Hey, what are you doing?
Remember, Bhanu Pratap!
I'll kill everyone in your family!
Let go of me! Police!
- I'll destroy you.
Remember that!
What happened, sir?
Did Peter come by?
Did he tell you where he was going?
Don't worry.
I'll go and catch him right away.
Which way did he go?
He went that way.
- Let's go!
Peter! I won't let you escape.
Wait! We've run enough.
Let's take a break.
But what if Peter escapes?
- Peter escaped?
I've to go and catch him.
Where is he?
He's over there.
- Over there?
Excuse me!
Have you seen Peter anywhere?
I have not.
- There. He hasn't seen him...
Peter! I won't spare you!
I am going to get you, Peter.
He gave me the slip again.
You go that way and you go this way.
I'll stay right here.
Do you know that your apathy
drove my sister to commit suicide?
- She didn't commit suicide.
Someone killed Mary.
Mary was murdered?
- Yes.
But who?
Who could have killed my sister?
Who could have killed her?
- Vikram did.
You are lying.
- I am telling the truth, Peter.
After coming back from Bangkok,
I was on my way to
your house to meet Mary.
On my way there, I saw...
When I regained consciousness,
I found myself tied up in here.
And I've been here ever since.
I will kill that man!
I won't spare Vikram.
Where are you, Mary?
You promised to be by
my side till death do us part.
Then why did you leave me?
What was my fault?
Tell me, Mary.
Why don't you answer me?
What was my fault?
Answer me, Mary! Answer me!
"Even if you haven't loved me,
come and meet me once."
"Even if you haven't loved me,
come and meet me once."
"Come under the pretext
of meeting someone else."
"Come under the pretext
of meeting someone else."
"Even if you haven't loved me,
come and meet me once."
"Even if you haven't loved me,
come and meet me once."
"Come under the pretext
of meeting someone else."
"Come under the pretext
of meeting someone else."
"Come and meet me once."
"Come and meet me once."
Peter, go inside and meet your dad.
I'll keep a watch outside.
I'll warn you if the
police arrive. Okay?
Open your eyes and look.
Your son is here.
I've come.
Open your eyes and look, dad.
I know,
you are mad at me.
You've always been mad at me.
But dad,
I never intended to do anything
to hurt your feelings.
And yet...
Yet, if I did happen
to hurt your feelings,
then I am sorry.
Dad, please forgive me.
Please forgive me.
Run, son, run! Go away from here.
Peter, run!
Why did you shoot at Peter?
Why do you want to kill him?
Else he would have killed me.
Because you killed his sister?
No Sir, I didnt kill Merry.
Do not lie, tell me the truth.
Maybe I can save you.
Else you'll hang on noose.
Speak! - I will tell you,
I will tell you sir.
Sir, I didnt kill anyone.
On that fateful night...
'Take this 50,000 rupees
and get married to someone else.'
'Forget Ramesh.'
'If not me then please have
mercy on your unborn grandchild.'
'Yes. I am carrying
your son's progeny in my womb.'
'You are lying.'
'I am not. This is Ramesh's baby.'
'Take this money.'
- 'No.'
'And never show me
your face ever again.'
- Get lost!'
'I don't want your money.'
'I only want Ramesh.
- He can never be yours.'
'If you don't give me what I want,
I'll approach the courts.'
'Vikram, this girl was
carrying an child.'
'She committed suicide out of shame.'
I am innocent, sir.
You also know
who killed Father Fernandez.
- Tell me, who killed him?
I'll tell you, sir. Bhanu...
Bhanu Pratap!
Peter, stop! Don't kill him.
I won't spare him.
He has killed my sister.
He not only killed Mary, but he
also killed Father Fernandez.
No, I did nothing of the sort.
This is a lie.
I didn't do anything.
Then why did you faint when you
saw Father's ghost the other night?
I came to your house
disguised as his ghost.
So, it was you!
- Yes.
Tell me the truth
if you wish to live.
Tell me!
Or I'll blow you to bits.
I was helpless, sir.
I had no other option.
'Who's out there?'
'What's going on?'
'Bhanu Pratap, what's going on?'
'Forgive me, Father,
for I have sinned.'
'I killed Mary. Please forgive me.'
'Your crime is unpardonable.'
'I knew something was wrong when you'
'didn't allow an autopsy
to be conducted.'
'Please forgive me, Father.'
'You've known me for a long time.'
'I made a mistake.
Please forgive me.'
'I don't want to hear anything.
Go away from here!'
I didn't mean to kill him.
My son is dying because of you.
I'll kill you too.
Take care of Ramesh.
Ramesh! Nothing will happen to you,
come with me.
Merry! Merry is
waiting for me, Peter.
Ramesh! Ramesh!
Before court gives its verdict,
..god has punished him.
Let's go.