Taj Mahal (2015) Movie Script

This film is based on
a true story.
However, some characters,
scenes and dialogue...
...are not derived
from actual events.
That's the last one. Hold it.
It will itch a day or two.
Going for long?
Yes, two years.
To Bombay?
My parents will be working
and I'll study photography.
First time in India?
For me, yes!
Taj Mahal Hotel,
November 2008
- Good morning.
- Good morning, sir.
I think we have a reservation
under the BSFWB company.
We moved you to another room, sir.
I'm sure you will enjoy your stay.
- They changed our room.
- Why?
Your passport, please.
I don't know.
That's your room sir.
That's television, we have
twenty four hour room service.
It's too big, it's huge.
We have the view for
the Gateway of India.
That's your bathroom.
And now, that's your
other room, sir.
And so say. It's too much.
Sir, is everything fine?
Do you have any questions ?
I need to be able to smoke.
Do the windows open?
Is it possible to open the windows?
It's always closed madam. You have
the air conditioned in every room.
How can I smoke?
You have to ask the knob;
downstairs, at the desk.
- The Knob?
- Handle.
The window handle.
Yeah. Yes sir. Otherwise,
it's always closed.
That's your keys sir.
- Thank you.
- Thank you sir and have a good day.
Thank you.
Here, your key.
I'm having a shower.
Hey hey, do you wanna come
for a drink? In a nice place.
- No. No.
- No? Please. Let's go.
Excuse me. Which country?
- It's a nice place, nice music.
- You want a beer?
No, no, no, no, no, no.
Very good place. Very good spot.
With a nice club here.
No, no, no, no, no, no.
- How are you?
- Good flight?
A bit jet- lagged.
- Sbastien.
- Pierre.
A top engineer I brought along.
- A drink?
- Yes, no ice.
- Started work?
- Of course.
So how long will you stay?
Two years.
We need to adapt.
No, it's up to them to adapt.
You're already bringing
your skills.
Please. Please, one more.
We were at a very bad party
with very stupid french people.
Your English is awful.
Very stupid. Useless.
Yes okay,
my english is bad especially...
...when I speak
with Indian people.
- I'm French you know.
- She's gone. We've lost her.
What is it?
They laugh all the time.
I don't know why. You know why?
Oh. You've got to take
a picture of this! The river. Gone.
No, no, no, no, no. Mom!
Just let me know. Just let me know.
Now we go to Haji Ali Mosque.
- Yes?
- Room service madam.
- Good evening madam.
- Good evening.
Oh no. I like to look.
- Have a good evening madam.
- Thank you. You too.
We need Pierre there too.
Not before tomorrow.
I can't decide that now.
Oh sorry. The Lob is
this way miss. Please.
Do you need anything miss?
No, I'm ok, thank you.
Reception. Okay.
Oh. Let me check.
- Okay mam.
- Thank you.
You welcome.
- Can I see that thing?
- This one?
Thank you.
Where are you?
You didn't need to buy a phone.
It wasn't expensive, I promise.
What if things don't
work out at school?
- If I don't fit in?
- Just wait and see.
Don't freak out.
Louise, you have time
to make mistake.
That will be okay.
Sh.t, where is it?
Pain in the .ss.
Got the handle?
- Sorry, I didn't hear you.
- Try knocking.
What do you want?
- The handle.
- It's over there on the table.
No, the other one.
Hold onto it now. OK?
November 26, 2008
Yes, of course.
No, I understand.
Okay. I call you back.
Tiresome news.
The landlord's sick so we can't
move in for two more days.
I'm sick of it!
We're all sick of it.
I have to work from here.
It doesn't suit me at all.
We can stay a bit longer.
Come on, no one's died!
- Are you sure?
- Yes.
We have a separate table.
I'll watch a movie and rest.
It's the two- hour drive?
You should'nt be on your own
like this. It's depressing.
- I'll be fine. I'll watch a dvd.
- Which one?
Hiroshima mon amour.
You're gonna have
a fun evening.
I'm teasing you. Here.
It's a beautiful film.
Let's go or
we'll never get there.
Are you sure you'll be ok?
I'll be fine. Really! Just go.
- See you later.
- See you later.
"You saw nothing in Hiroshima."
Come on.
- Did you hear that?
- Yeah.
Anyone there?
Please, go back to your room.
- What's going on?
- Go back to your room!
- What's going on?
- Please miss, go back to your room!
Please go back to your room!
Sh.t, sh.t.
- Hello?
- Yes?
- Can you hear me miss?
- Yes? What's going on?
It's ok. Don't worry.
Just turn off the lights
in your room please.
Turn off? Turn off the lights?
Yes, please. Turn off the lights.
All the lights, please.
And lock your room.
Hello? Hello?
Dad, where are you?
- Listen carefully.
- What's going on?
- An attack on the hotel.
- What?
We only just found out.
You're coming to get me?
Yes, of course.
You really have to hide, ok?
- Yes.
Stay in the bathroom.
- Yes.
I'll call you back.
The ring tone.
Yes, Dad?
Pierre's at the hotel.
Maybe he can help. Call him.
But where are you?
We're trying to get there.
F..k, f..k, f..k...
Calm down.
We'll get there when we can.
Call Pierre.
I'll send you his number.
I hang up now?
Yes, sweetheart. See you soon.
- Okay.
Come on...
Yes, Pierre?
Can you hear me?
It's Louise.
Your dad called.
You're upstairs?
Yes, in my room on the 4th floor.
I'm hiding.
It's a bloodbath. They're
shooting everyone. They're mad.
Where are you?
A group of us are
on the ground floor.
They attacked the restaurant.
Hello? Hello?
They're shooting everyone.
Stay hidden!
I'm in the bathroom.
They're searching the rooms.
Hide in a closet, ok!
Or run, I don't know!
Hello? Hello?
- Hello?
- Dad?
Your friend freaked me out.
He told me to leave
the bathroom.
I told you not to move.
I'm hiding in the closet
in my room.
- What can you hear around?
- Hold on...
There's gunfire...
People screaming...
- Where are they?
- No idea. They can't be far.
I'll put your mum on.
- Mom?
- Seetheart?
- Mom?
- We are on our way.
We're coming to get you.
Be brave.
- Mom, what's going to happen?
- Keep your phone turned on. Ok?
- Mom. Mom. I'm scared.
- I put your father back one.
Dad, I'm really scared.
Don't be scared, sweetheart,
you'll be ok.
Hide in the bathroom.
It's safer.
Ok, ok. Get here fast.
- Are you here?
- Not yet.
I ache all over, I can't move...
We abandoned the car
to come on foot.
How many are they?
Maybe I could try to get out.
To go where?
They're taking hostages.
Don't move, ok!
Don't move.
We'll get you out of there.
I'll call you.
- Yes?
- My battery's nearly dead.
Where's the charger?
On the hallway table.
I'll get it.
No, don't go!
I can't hear them anymore.
Stay there. It's too risky.
I need to be able to
talk to you.
- Louise!
- I'll be careful. I'm hanging up.
- What's that?
- They're trying to get in.
It's ok, they've left.
- Where are you?
- In your room.
Go back and hide.
- No.
I'm hanging up.
I'm getting the charger.
Come on!
Yes, yes...
- Hello?
- Ok, I have the charger.
Stay put. We're not far.
What's taking so long?
Guns are going off everywhere.
You are my sunshine,
my only sunshine...
Who's singing?
Who's singing?
Everything is gonna be fine
sweetheart. Your gonna be okay.
Come on, come on.
Mom, what the hell are you doing?
You're singing me a lullaby
so I can fall asleep?
It was to calm you down,
sweetheart. Stay calm.
Well, its not calming me down
at all!
Put Dad back on.
We're nearly there.
Call Pierre back.
- You called him again?
- No.
I'll call him.
- Pierre?
- Hello?
It's Louise.
Did you leave your room
like I said?
Dad told me to stay put.
Still up there?
Yes. Where are you?
We're hiding in the basement.
Around ten of us.
We're going to try to get out.
Can I try to come down to you?
They have explosives.
They'll blow the place up.
Get out, ok.
But then? Pierre? Pierre?
Nearly there, sweetheart.
I talked to your friend.
He told me...
...we're going to die.
No, you're not going to die.
But what do I do?
We'll get you out.
Do you believe me or not?
I'll call you.
- We need to go to the TAJ.
- Their is a situation here.
Can we get throw this way
to go to the TAJ?
My daughter is inside.
My daughter is inside!
Do you understand that?
Can we go? Can we go?
We have to go to the TAJ. Please.
Can we get throw?
Please please, she's on her own.
Louise? They set off a bomb.
They're hiding on the top floor.
- I can come out then.
- No, no, no.
Don't come out, there's a fire!
No, I'm coming out, Dad.
- Dad...
- What is it?
Everything's burning.
What do I do?
Listen carefully.
Get towels from the bathroom.
Put them in the tub.
Done that.
Turn the tap on.
Done that?
There's no water.
The water's black and filthy.
Just wet the towels.
Once they're soaked,
put them at the bedroom doors.
- Dad?
- Are you okay?
I can't breathe.
Are the windows open?
Get the handle and close them.
I need air.
It's no use closing them.
Which ones are open?
I can't remember.
I don't want...
I don't want the fire
to touch me.
I don't want the fire
to touch me.
I don't want the fire
to touch me.
I don't want the fire
to touch me.
- Louise?
Yes. I'm here.
I'll get some air on the balcony.
No, it's too dangerous.
Don't go out!
There's nothing we can do.
It's over.
- It's over now.
- No, no, no.
Can you hear me?
I'd like you to turn
your phone off.
Turn your phone off, Dad.
- No!
I'll leave you a message.
You can listen to it anytime.
You'll all have my voice.
Don't say that, sweetheart.
Dad, turn your phone off,
Turn it off.
No no no,
we're just trying get through.
Sorry? No I'm saying,
we're trying to get through...
...but there is roads blocked
My daughter is inside
so and you know...
Alberto, can you hear me?
Who's that?
Is someone up there?
I don't understand.
- Do you speak English?
- Yes.
- Are you alone up there?
- Yes.
- Okay.
Don't worry. My husband is
climb down to get help.
He is downthere. Can you see him?
Yes, I can see someone now.
He is wearing a white shirt
and a red jeans. Is that him?
Yeah yeah. What's he doing?
Is he doing anything?
I can't see propertly from here.
Dad. Dad.
- Louise, you're there?
- I'm here.
I'm here.
Hang on one minute.
Are you there?
I'm talking to someone
just below.
- Who are you talking to?
- Speak to her. Speak to her.
Where are you?
Near the hotel.
Mum's talking to your sister.
Please. What's going on?
My message...
Don't listen to it, ok.
Ok, I won't listen to it.
- Alberto? Alberto?
- What are you doing?
No, no, no. Please.
Please stay here.
Stay. Stay. Please.
Don't do it. Please. Please.
Listen to me. Listen to me.
If we stay together,
maybe we can make it.
I need you and you need me.
Do you undesrtand?
- What's your name? I'm Giovanna.
- I'm Louise.
What room are you in?
- Dolphin Suite.
Everything is burning here.
And you?
It the same here.
It's very hot.
You have to put wet towels
against the door on the floor.
Yes. We already did that.
It's the first thing my husband did.
Yes. We can make it.
What's happening?
Grenades! Grenades!
Don't go there. Grenades!
Louise, Louise! Stay hidden.
They're throwing grenades.
Giovanna, get down!
- Louise, what's happening?
- They're throwing grenades.
We are going to die.
We are going to die.
We are not, we're not. They are
coming to help us. My dad told me.
When did he tell you?
I'm being talking to him
all night.
No. We're going to die.
Tell me the truth!
My husband is dead, isn't he?
No, no, no. I swear. I swear.
I swear.
- I can see him.
- Yes.
I can see him right now.
- How old are you?
- I'm 18.
- Why are you here?
- I came with my family.
And you?
It's our honey moon.
Great honey moon.
This way, come this way, yes.
- Are you okay?
- Yes.
We are trying to get to the
front outdoor.
She's in the hotel.
She's stuck.
- What floor is she?
- The Fourth floor. Dolphin suite.
- What's her name?
- Louise.
- Does she speak English?
- Yes.
- Do something for her. Please.
- Just wait here.
I'll do the best I can.
Thank you. Thanks.
Louise, don't! Louise, don't jump!
Louise, Louise don't jump! No!
- What's going on?
- There's a man down there.
- He is helping your husband.
- Yeah?
Is he moving?
Tell me. Is he moving?
They are evacuating him.
- We can't see you.
- Hold on.
- Look up here, with the scarf.
- I see you.
They're coming for you.
Stay at the window.
Giovanna! They're coming.
They're coming.
Give me your hand.
Your hand, hand, hand.
Hello Miss!
Come on, come on!
Come on, come on!
Come on!
My little girl.
My little girl.
Louise. Louise!
Let's go.
Take it. You need it.
Thank you.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
What's going on?
- What is happening?
- Tourists.
One saved message,
received Monday, January 26...
...at 11:10.
Here goes, Dad.
I'm leaving you this message...
...to tell you...
...I love the three of you
very much.
Eight, I think.
No, we should start without it.
Oh, I don't know.
I don't quiet remember.
It should be fine. Sorry.
Yeah, we are gonna go but
Yeah. Oh well
Yeah I'll do it that now.
Yeah. Call you back.
- Hello?
- Yes, hello?
Pierre, is that you?
It's Louise, you remember?
Of course
I remember who you are.
Are you in Paris?
Yes, not long. I leave for
Johannesburg next month.
Actually, I was wondering if...
- Yes?
I was wondering
if we could meet.
Have a drink...
To talk.
Actually, I'm pretty busy.
But I...
I can come to you.
That's no problem. I don't mind.
Listen, don't take this badly,
but I don't want to talk about it.
You're seeing someone
about it, right?
Yes, but...
...it's not the same.
That's precisely why I don't
want to talk about it.
Never again.
So, how are things?
Studying photography?
No, cinema.
I'm trying to get into a school.
That's great. Great.
I have loads of things to do.
I have to go.
Say hi to your dad.
Is he well?
- Yes. Yes, he's fine.
- Okay.
Goodbye then.
Ok, goodbye.
What can I get you?
I don't know.
Coffee? Tea?
Orange juice maybe?
I don't know.