Tajemnica Westerplatte (2013) Movie Script

Westerplatte -
a peninsula located
at the mouth of the Port of Gdansk.
A small piece of land,
2 km long by 500 m wide.
In the nineteenth century,
it served as a holiday resort,
with a beach and a restaurant.
As a result of the
Treaty of Versailles,
ending World War I, land that once
belonged to the Third Reich
became the Free City of Gdansk.
Westerplatte was later granted
exclusively to Poland.
Until 1939, on the Polish part
of the peninsula,
a Military Transit Depot received
overseas shipments of uniforms
and military equipment.
Hello, Colonel.
Good timing, I'm just about
to have dinner. Please...
I can't believe what I'm hearing.
I'll repeat it once more.
This morning,
our Commander-in-Chief ordered
troops to back General Skwarczynski
from the south.
What does that mean for us?
You know full well, Henry.
Say it.
If we go to war, no one will back us up.
You are to hold out for 12 hours.
Not 6, but 12.
Why not 16?
Or 24'? Talk!
Commander-in-Chiefs orders.
The situation is not good.
This can happen at any time.
You of all people should understand.
We're fighting for our honour...
and for Gdansk.
Polish Gdansk.
I'm supposed to fight for Gdansk,
against Hitler, with 200 soldiers.
They're afraid if war breaks out,
the Skwarczynski division will be cutoff.
You are to hold out for 12 hours
and that's that.
And later...
Later, you can make any decision.
Anything you want.
Now, give me your word...
that this stays between us.
No one at the base must know.
It could hurt morale. You understand.
You have my word.
I have to go.
Where are you going in that outfit,
to a wedding or a funeral?
A funeral.
It's the last day of August.
Looks like it's going
to be a beautiful autumn.
See you later.
Take care of yourselves.
See you later.
What's going on?
The Germans blocked Gdansk
and our medical transport
Mietek is going crazy,
saying that if something happens
we won't have any medicine.
Otherwise, we're set and ready.
If they start with us,
they'll definitely regret it.
My dearest,
though time is short, I found
a second to write a few words.
I'll star! with myself.
I'm healthy,
as are my subordinates.
Dear sister, I know that you are alone
with mom. it must be tough.
Worse yet,
with our brother away, too.
Bu! you mus! cope.
The neighbours will help.
War hasn't yet broken out,
but it's closing in. Will it come?
We don'! know.
However, if it does...
you all know we must
fight and win.
Then, God willing,
we will finally have...
For now, we must all
fulfill our duties.
We over here, and you over there.
That will be best.
So... stay calm, as is expected
from good Polish women...
I can hear! Sound the alarm!
At last...
it's started.
The fortress has been breached!
When they enter our area, fight,
Gryczman. With precision!
Only with precision, Captain!
Take up your positions!!! Quickly!!!
Take up your positions!
What'd I just say?!
Take up your positions!
Stand up!
Get ready! Wait!
I said, wait!
You'll go when the shelling dies down.
Understood? That's an order!!
Turn off those bells.
That's enough!
Follow me!!!
Take the cannon through the woods.
You won't get there by road.
Maybe we'll try, running?
In the woods we'll get stuck.
Through the woods!!
Everyone, take up your positions!
One, two... one, two!
Westerplatte, September 1, 1939
It's 4:55 a.m.
We've been
attacked by the Germans.
Give it by code.
Run! Run!
Hurry! Hurry!
- Fire at my command.
- Fire at explicit command!
Pass it on.
Get it in position.
Let's go, let's go!
Canon in position,
waiting to shoot.
Waiting for permission to fire.
Fire... God willing.
Machine gun in the lighthouse window.
Gunsight 400 m.
Grenade, standard ammo,
detonator with a short fuse.
Cease fire!
Cease fire!
CKM nest is in the granary
on the first floor.
Gunsight 600 m.
No! Stop!
Has our message to higher command
been sent? Any reply?
- Message sent, but no reply.
- What's on the radio?
Gdansk is saying that war
has broken out,
and that Forster
joined Freedom City to the Reich.
And Warsaw?
That's all.
Attention, this is Warsaw
and all Polish Radio broadcasts.
Today at 5:40 a.m. German troops
crossed the Polish border,
breaching its non-aggression pact.
Enemy planes are bombarding many cities.
Stay tuned for a special announcement.
As of today... it's war!
AN matters and issues are
to be postponed.
Our public and private lives
will take a different path.
Poles mus! unite and fight
the German invaders.
Poland is the first to firmly say
"No" to Hitler,
and Poland will be the first
to stop Hitler.
We will not give up Gdansk
and the Polish coast. We won't give in.
We'll finally give these bastards
what they deserve!
For all those times we were
Don't fire yet.
Quickly, quickly!
This way with the crutches.
Connect me with the ferry.
Pajak, sir.
Back everyone up to sector one.
- But Major...
- That's an order, Lieutenan!
Yes, sir.
Faster! Faster!
Assume positions.
Wait, fire at my command!
At my command!
We have many casualties.
Three dead, three seriously wounded,
a few slightly, one MIA.
- MIA'?
Soon, we might have to classify him
as dead.
This is no place for a
"know-it-all" village doctor.
We need a clinic, a surgeon.
A team.
- What are you talking about?
Lieutenant Leon Pajak...
that's a very serious injury.
His crotch is torn, and everything
that belongs to a man is in pieces.
There's not much I can do.
Under these conditions,
there's danger of gangrene.
Kuba, I'll do what I can
but please understand
that we must get him to the hospital.
- Mietek!
If you can tell me how,
you'll get a medal for the idea.
They threw it off some boat,
in August.
- So, did you find him?
- Major, we couldn't find him.
- He can't have disappeared. Damn it!
- We looked everywhere. Nothing.
We even checked out the ferry
and barracks. No luck.
How is that?
- And the Germans?
- Didn't notice.
The trenches are empty.
I think they backed up.
Scram. Leaving a comrade behind, dammit?!
You got it coming.
Platoon leader Buder, sir.
Captain... I have an idea.
Buder wants to take back
Prom base.
He says the Germans
aren't there.
No way.
Buder, do not lead an offensive war.
Prom base fulfilled its role.
Get me Gryczman.
Gryczman, sir.
You are to take over command
of guardhouse number one.
Buder will be your deputy.
Pick 21 people and send the rest
to the barracks.
That's an order. Understood?
- Yes, sir.
I've lost too many men
in the trenches.
They'll be safer in the barracks.
Our 12 hours just passed.
Look closely.
Arrange the grenades so that...
they're always within reach.
Trying to shoot me, you idiot?
What the fuck are you doing?
Who let you leave the base?
It was worth it.
Look at this toy.
You are to do things I know about.
- Yes, sir.
Major, sir, they replied.
I bet they're preparing
a landing operation for us.
That's at sea, the fort.
Connect me.
Give them some space;
they're busy.
Rasinski, report back to them.
Kuba, analyze
the overall situation.
Tally our losses. That's it.
Maybe we should ask for help?
If they could help, they would've
done so already. Don't ask.
But if we get reinforcements, we could
send them back to Berlin.
What's wrong?
What happened?
Execute the order.
Take a nap, I'll stay.
Captain, God only knows how much longer
we'll serve our country together.
Maybe we should start
calling each other by name.
If Major wants that...
So how about it, Frank?
May n
That's what everyone calls me.
Oh, yeah, they call you Kuba.
In the army, I had a grey horse.
I called him Kuba.
My friends started calling me that.
I didn't mind, so it stuck.
You like animals... That's good.
It's important to care for animals.
A country boy knows
something about that.
And we always had a horse.
Call me Henrich.
Answer .. f?
I knew this wedding song,
about Kuba.
"Kuba drinks to his friend Jacob."
Know it? It's a wedding favourite.
I don't.
That's okay.
I'll sing it to you some other time.
Colonel Sobocinski.
Sit down, Kuba.
I see you're getting better acquainted,
The captain and I were just
going over final details.
So how do you gentlemen
see the situation?
Westerplatte is a small fort.
In case of a coup...
we'll last our six hours
until back up comes.
Within six hours
the Skwarczynski Division
will conquer Gdansk
and neutralize the coup.
You can be sure of that.
Kuba, pour one.
To these sad days.
No... hard liquos bad for my ulcers.
Hold you a long time ago
to do something about that.
I had to have a Bruderschafi
drink with Captain Dabrowski.
But anyway...
What's new in politics?
I'm a little worried about that...
little German screamer
with a moustache.
True... since Hitler
took over Austria and Czech,
he's become more confident.
I'm not worried.
As long as France and England
put their foot down, and Hitler
will tuck in his tail.
I hope so, Kuba... I hope so...
Hitler wouldn't dare
attack Poland.
It would be suicide.
Our army's stronger than ever.
So let's drink.
To our strong army.
Let them advance.
Then we give it to them.
Us chilly.
Everyone needs a hot meal today.
Okay, Jozu, at ease.
Just make sure they run a lot.
When the shelling resumes,
take them back upstairs.
Yes, sir!
The 12 hours, which we were supposed
to withstand, passed a long time ago.
Reinforcements are coming.
It's only a matter of time.
Just listen.
Maybe fire a round
above their heads.
Let them know we're not asleep.
Fire a short round!
What's going on?
The chimney oven is down.
The major ordered that soldiers
get a hot meal today.
And I don't take care how.
- Yes, sir.
Put the wood in the middle.
I have medicine for you.
What do you have?
Sir, I brought the wounded
fresh cow milk.
I request your permission.
Milk is good... healthy.
Permission granted. But only
to those along the wall.
Yes, sir.
Good milk.
So you'll have the strength
to clobber that bastard Adolf.
Good milk.
Come on! Come on!
Same time tomorrow, you scoundrels.
Open up for them.
Open up!
Someday you'll get
what's coming to you, Mundek.
They were shooting at us.
You shouldn't have run around
butt naked on the beach.
It's been quiet all day.
Only that one tormenting shot.
I don't like that.
It's simple, our guys scared them
in Gdynia.
I think it's time we talk about
the readiness of our defence.
Maybe it's one of ours...
A seaplane?
Not a seaplane,
just a simple fighter jet.
- Can you see the floats?
- Yes, I can.
See, that's what
a seaplane looks like.
When did you become
such an expert?
See that? It's clearly German.
Platoon leader, sir, Wladek would
take it on his shoulder, I'd aim...
Relax, son... those bullets
might come in handy.
Gentlemen, dinnes ready.
And there will also be
something for supper.
My daughters...
How beautiful they are...
each of them.
They take after their mom.
What will happen to them now?
When war breaks out,
what will happen to them?
I love them so.
My little angels.
Jozek, you brought milk.
Fresh from the cow.
I'll take some to the men
in Sector 1.
God mess.
God mess.
Everybody down!
Quickly! Quickly!
Jozek, get down, quick!
- Gas!
- Wait! That's not gas! Calm down!
- What are you doing? Get a grip!
- Everything is on my conscience.
It's on my conscience.
Tanks are coming.
Can you hear them?
Oh, my God! Tanks!
Piotrowski, you'll disperse
the armor-piercing shells.
Pelka! Guard the dining room
You two,
guard the barrack entrance!
- Where?
- To captivity.
You'll make it to court quicker
than to captivity. Understand?
What's going on here, Buder?
You also want to go to captivity?
That's what I meant.
Get a grip-
Button up.
- Captain, sir!
- Shut up!
Which one of you idiots
mentioned tanks?
At ease, idiots.
Help me!
My God, Jozek,
how did you end up here...?
The Germans reached the fort.
We couldn't hold it.
Take the wounded
to the dining room.
Everyone's dead.
- Where's the major?
I don't know, he ordered that
something be burnt in the kitchen.
But the major ordered...
Where are the codes?
They were lost in the first fire,
Wait! Soldier, take that down!
- Major's order.
- I won't repeat myself.
Captain, it's an order
from the major.
I think it's epilepsy.
He was given a shot and sleeping pills,
so he should sleep.
Will he recover?
For now he needs to rest.
now you're in charge of defence.
I want your word:
what happened here never leaves this room.
- An officers' word.
- An officers' word.
Full round on the Hitlers!
You won't go blind.
Cease fire!
Turn that off.
Captain, is this necessary?
Water... Water!
Calm down.
Yes, Kuba?
What is it?
Shots from the sea are mainly aimed
at the barracks. We're expecting...
After the shots, the Germans will
focus on the barracks.
A landing operation will come
from the sea. They didn't decide
to do it last night, but after the air
raid, I think they'll do it today.
Haven't had such good coffee in a while.
One more thing,
Mr. Commander-in-Chief.
Send Jozek Kita in.
Kita died yesterday.
The messengers are here, sir.
Private Skwira reporting, sir.
I have a message for Major Sucharski.
Major Sucharski is tired
and resting.
What's new? Report...
Tczew and Grudziadz have fallen.
German soldiers are invading Gdansk today.
We don't have a complete picture
of the situation.
Captain, listen!
Today, September 3, 1939, France and
England declared war on the Germans...
Hear that?
Stefan, inform the troops!
Make sure they know we're not alone.
What's new, Karol?
Has Major Sucharski had anything to eat?
Nothing. He has no appetite.
At least bring him a hot drink.
I was just about to get water.
Please let me take charge
over my base again.
You know that's very dangerous.
Alright, try.
Yes, sir.
I have a request...
I have a son. If I...
- You won't die, Benek.
That's an order. Understand?
To the end, to the end...
"And they were freed,
"four angels...
"ready for the hour...
"the day, the month, and the year.
"And I heard a voice...
"from a fourth figure...
"which said...
"Come... come...
"Kill me!
Come kill me!
May this day be the last."
What's going on here?
Leave him!
Is that an order?
He's had enough!
Don't untie him,
or he'll kill us all.
You won't push around my men!
- This is my guardhouse!
- Platoon Buder!
Back to your posts!
You will both die.
Did you finally understand?!
You're a guest here.
And I'll teach you good manners.
Leave it.
The Germans have entered sector one's
blind spot. Gryczman can't see them!
What's going on over there?
- It's probably torn down again.
- Why aren't they shooting?!
Officer Gryczman.
No, we can't see them.
I understand.
The Germans are here.
Hit the ground, everyone!
Hit the ground!
Next time
you don't fire at the enemy,
I'll consider it treason! Understood?
Yes, sir.
And I won't hesitate
to shoot you myself!
Yes, sir.
- You're going back to your base.
- Yes, sir.
Maybe the power plant
is operational?
You'll change the boys.
- What'?
- Change.
You return to the barracks.
Finally, I'll get some sleep.
Alright, boys, let's go.
- They're coming.
- Who? Germans?
No, our guys.
To the power plant.
Alright, let's go.
We've got Germans
at the power plant.
- How many?
- How the hell should I know!
We have to get rid of them.
When we get rid of them,
we can count them.
- Shoot!
- They'll destroy us!
When they catch us,
they'll kill us.
Don't shoot! We're Polish!
It's a trap. Don't believe them.
Exit, one by one.
Hands behind your head!
These are my men.
Drop the rifle!
Drop it!
Why are you...
shooting at your own?
At your own friends!
Sir, we wanted to come back,
but they kept bombing, so...
you finally came back.
Captain, they're calling from
the power plant.
Dabrowski, report
Yes, sir.
Who will do it'?
- You got the order.
- But now you're in charge.
So I'm supposed to shoot my men.
Let's go.
You first.
They're running away.
Don't shoot!
What are you doing?
Pick that up.
Yes, sir, Captain, sir.
At ease.
Westerplatte is still fighting.
Fighting like hell.
Sit down.
Sit down!
23 years old...
wife and son.
Boy from Kielc.
Had to die.
Damn postman from Lodz.
Wanted to sail to America.
too young to live?
And these I don't even know.
Too late.
The Germans will crush us.
Know why, sir?
Know why?!
Then I'll tell you.
We, officer...
don't deserve to win.
Stand up, soldier!
So shoot me, it's all the same.
You're finally here.
How's our situation?
Soldiers' morale is good.
They want to fight.
We can defend ourselves
for quite some time.
Ammunition and food surplus
should last for weeks.
Then what?
The French and British
will come by night? Yes?
Do you know they've
declared war on the Germans?
I'm in charge. Or have you forgotten?
Or maybe you forgot to inform me
about something?
The British and French
will soon help us.
The Germans are idiots, right, Kuba?
Sorry, Major,
I don't understand.
Think they didn't mine
the Danish Straits?
There's still the air force.
So far, I've only seen German planes.
Eight soldiers died in the air raid.
That's a lot.
- I thought that...
- I don't think I want to know what.
Eight at once...
is a lot. Too many.
You're forgetting about
German losses, which are huge.
This is war.
You have to be prepared
for the closest bullet to get you.
Who said that? Still remember?
I was thinking solely about myself.
I am an officer of the Polish Army
and I'm prepared to die.
Those young men don't deserve
to die in such a senseless way.
They're not dying for nothing...
What makes you so sure?
Yesterday I transferred
the command station to sector 6.
We're waiting there for you...
after you finish freshening up.
So Sector 5 is down. One more powerful
offensive and the Germans will invade.
They won't succeed.
There's a new outpost.
Major, Warsaw has just
Westerplatte is still standing.
That's new... I probably wouldn't
have known without them.
That's why they're playing
church music.
- All of Poland believes in us.
- How are the French?
Strange, but they're not talking
about fighting.
No messages. As if everything was normal.
As if there was no war.
you've been lying to your men.
I'm making sure
they don't break down,
because that would mean the end.
This is the end!
But you don't understand.
Or you refuse to.
I've got strong "Farmers Tobacco"
in my office, come over.
I have something for you.
This is soil from my father's grave.
If I die, please bury me with it.
Managing okay?
Gangrene will eventually kill
all the wounded,
and I'm powerless.
Soon they'll start dropping
like flies.
Will you tell Kuba?
He knows.
He'd rather die than give up.
For later. Tobacco from Galicia.
But this... keep it close.
- It's an honor, Major.
- Go.
Or not... Enough is enough.
Tell Piotrowski to convene
all the officers tonight.
There'll be a meeting.
- What are these two doing here?
- They were panicking, so...
Captain Dabrowski ordered them
locked up in here.
Morale is the most important.
Those two are a bad influence on everyone.
Okay, let them stay.
Captain... Major... tanks...
Tanks are coming!
Put armor-piercing tape.
- Those aren't tanks.
- What'?
Those aren't tanks, dammit!
Armoured train?
Go for it...
Have the soldiers put on masks.
- It's fuel.
You can't be sure.
Order all soldiers to wear masks.
Not necessary.
Remember, there's a meeting in an hour.
Don'! piss me off, Buder!!!
There won't be a change!
We don't have soldiers!
But Major, you promised
you'd send a change...
I'm countermanding
Major Sucharskfs order.
And that's that! Period!
Back to your posts.
But I was supposed to lay out
the situation.
You're no longer needed.
Get some sleep.
Not too many of us.
Did you back out
the endangered guardhouse?
No need.
The fire's dying out.
So, what are we waiting for?
Good thing you're here.
How does the harbour situation look?
We're holding them off.
Any new radio reports?
The news is...
getting worse.
That's irrelevant.
The situation is dire.
We all know that.
I think tomorrow,
we should surrender.
I want your opinion.
Major, doesn't that medal...
obligate you to anything?
Is that all...
you have to say?
The wounded should be
hospitalized ASAP.
I've been saying so for days.
But as usual, nobody listens.
I think we could still hold out.
I assume complete responsibility.
As of now, we've been fighting
for 114 hours.
We've done everything we can.
Please prepare the soldiers to surrender.
Hand out clean uniforms,
have them shave.
We will not capitulate.
Westerplatte is standing strong.
Tomorrow, our victorious
white-and-red flag will y.
Why are you countermanding my orders?
Yesterday, Sector 1 was to be changed.
We don't have enough soldiers.
Too little... With this type of command,
soon we won't have
any fit soldiers to fight.
Someone has to be in command!
There has always been one leader.
The sooner you accept that,
the better.
Are you threatening me?
I order you...
to send a change to sector 1.
I refuse.
I'll make sure that when the war's over,
you'll be court-martialed.
Let's go!
Come back! That's an order!
Hear me?
They're fighting next to Sieradz
and Plock.
On the North, the Germans
crossed the Narew River.
The coast is cutoff.
They're approaching Lvov...
and are already next to Krakow.
That's all we know from listening in
on German radio transmissions.
What does the Polish radio say?
Our transmissions offer less detail,
but the info is generally the same.
So we still know nothing.
We know enough to make a decision.
I understand that,
aside from Lieutenant Grodecki,
you all agree the time
has come to surrender.
Our fight doesn't have perspectives.
You called a meeting
without my knowledge.
You're late. Our decision to
surrender is near-unanimous.
True, near-unanimous,
because not everyone here is
a coward. Right, Captain?
Are you going to shoot me?
No, first you shoot me.
Then you can surrender.
I should've expected that.
This meeting is over, gentlemen.
Back to your posts.
Remember, there can only be
one decision.
I know my duties.
Fight to the end,
but where is the end?
Where are the borders?
The border is here,
in Westerplatte.
You don't understand.
If you knew...
No need. At ease.
There was a meeting,
which I forgot to tell you about,
or maybe I simply didn't want you
to attend.
We're not giving up.
We'll never give up.
We're still alive,
and still fighting.
And dying-
What are you doing here?
- I wanted to...
- Why did you leave your station?
I wanted to know
what's going on.
And the soldiers are alone?
Go back immediately.
Yes, sir.
Now we all have to fulfill
our duties the best we can.
You there, and us here...
and that is the best way.
So, stay calm, as is expected
of every proper Polish woman.
I resumed my letter
on the seventh day of battle.
I tried to fulfill my duties
as best as I could.
Maybe history will be the judge,
but my soldiers proved that
they are the best sons on Earth.
For seven days...
they presented their superhuman
manhood and toughness.
As I write these words,
they still don't know
the inevitable end is near.
They are still not aware that
the seventh day defending this peninsula...
is their last.
Perhaps, with my knowledge, I should
have stopped fighting on the first day,
after 12 hours.
I don'! know why I didn't.
I alone lacked the courage
to simply be brave enough
to end this slaughter.
I hope the souls
of the young men who died here...
forgive me.
- They've figured us out, I can't.
- Back to position!
even yesterday, I thought...
You can't even hear Warsaw
on the radio.
The injured and dead make up
almost 50% of our troops.
Even you.
Don't misunderstand.
We should fight...
I was just looking for you.
Come on.
Come on.
Smell that?
It's getting worse every day.
It's gangrene, Kuba.
Send a messenger to all bases.
Let everyone know
we're surrendering.
Call everyone to the barracks.
Yes, sir.
Please, follow me.
Do you see, my friend,
what's left of us'?
Call off the order.
It's not too late.
Don't you get it?
It's not about me.
I'm not afraid of death.
Call off the order!
It's too late, Kuba.
It's all over.
Call off the order!
Mr. Piotrowski...
Have the messengers been sent?
I ordered messengers to be sent.
It's my call. My own decision.
Yes, sir.
Hang the white flag.
Then I have a job for you guys.
Connect me with the bases.
- Major, we don't have connection.
Only the fort works.
- Connect me with them.
Command is on the line.
Rygielski, reporting.
Listen closely.
Lodz, Czestochowa, Krakow, Poznan,
and Bydgoszcz are under German control.
We have no choice
but to surrender.
But, Major, we have troops.
Let's fight!
That's an order.
What happened?
The Germans crossed the border,
and are bombing Warsaw.
Captain... Major Sucharski surrendered.
What should we do?
Surrender and execute the order.
Listen up!
The grenades are for us...
and the bayonets
are for the Germans!
What's it gonna be?
On my order, we run out
and cut up those Hitlers!
In accordance with the major's order,
we're surrendering.
I'll shoot the sonofabitch.
You traitor! Say your prayers,
because your days are numbered.
Leave him.
The order must be on paper.
On paper!
Paper's not necessary. Look!
Very few soldiers came back.
Very few soldiers came back.
I'm afraid losses are greater
than expected.
Major, the messenger was sent
by Lieutenant Kregielski.
Talk to me!
Lieutenant Kregielski requests that you
confirm Captain Dabrowskfs order.
The base is waiting
for your last order.
What is this? This colour?
This is not a fucking Polish ag!
Let's live to fight another day, maybe two.
All of Poland is showing resistance.
France is kicking German's butt!
Why give up? Now?
Let's keep fighting. Right, Lieutenant?
They'll liberate us eventually.
- Execute the order.
- Seriousm?
At ease.
For quite some time
you've executed my orders.
Now you must execute
one last order.
The order to surrender.
To keep fighting makes no sense.
We can't count on any help.
The enemy has seized
a large chunk of Poland.
Thank you...
for duly executing
a soldier's duty.
Active soldiers will go into captivity.
What will happen to the officers
is hard to say.
I assume complete responsibility,
before God and country.
Poland still needs you.
Ogniomistrz Piotrowski and you,
soldier, come with me.
The eagle survived.
As will Poland.
And now...
let's observe a moment of silence,
for our comrades,
who we leave behind forever.
Poland has not yet perished,
so long as we still live.
What the alien force has taken from us,
we shall retrieve with a sabre.
March, march, Dabrowski,
from Italy to Poland.
Under your command...
- S. Sway.
We shall rejoin the nation.
March, march, Dabrowski,
From Italy to Poland...
Piss off, it's not your problem!
Are you crazy?!
Have you gone crazy?!
Kuba, this isn't over,
I will not lead them into captivity.
You were in command,
and so you will lead them.
Come on.
Come on.
From Fiihrers Main Quarters
September 8, 1939
Commander-in-Chief states
that Westerplatte in Gdansk
has been seized.
The resistance force has been
penetrated by bomb disposal soldiers,
naval storm troopers
and SS formation,
with the help of the Schlesswig
Holstein battleship.