Tajna Nikole Tesle (1980) Movie Script

Secret of Nikola Tesla
- Tajna Nikole Tesle -
Listen to some...
things that are important to us all.
Now it does not matter. How
Why did you come to my room?
Long nobody has visited me.
Where you will publish it?
I'm a freelance reporter
. You are used to dispose of
big money. Worked
're J. P. Morgan, is not it?
We had a great chance.
- What chance?
It was a road that is
mankind chose those
you could choose. What would
led in a completely different direction.
Is it true that you once
received unknown signals
from outer space? - That's what I said
all I had to say. - When?
At a press conference in
Waldorf Astoria, 1890th
Just one more question.
You collaborated with Edison and
George Westinghouse. Is
true you Westinghouse
forgive the debt of 10 million
dollars? - Mladic, the two
are very different. George
and I now often together...
Mr. Tesla, he's dead.
He died many years ago.
You'll say that Mark Twain
dead? -for 30 years.
This is 1943.
- Well, you see...
I was with him yesterday
discussed. But I really do
wanted to talk to Morgan.
And now, young man, please
to leave me.
- Thank you, Mr. Tesla.
Morgan... Everyone else always
happy to talk to me.
But Morgan... After so many
years has not replied yet.
All these terrible things could
have been avoided. I told him.
I showed him what would be
world. He said that we would
know when it is ready.
I'm still waiting.
Welcome to America.
These are all your children?
You're a parent?
Nikola Tesla! From Paris.
Born in Smiljani, Croatia-Austria.
How many have children.
- I have no family, I am.
in America, Mr. Tesla.
It's a real spell, Tom.
Every time you hear that your
machine that records voice
it seems to me all udesnijim.
Thank you, Catherine.
I came up with the name.
Phonograph. What do you think? - How
Whatever you call it is still
one of your wonders. Maybe
greatest. - Bob, you are my
old friends. I
you can confide.
I feel that this project with
Falls could be also
important as anything I've done.
- You are the only
a man who would do it.
In this we are sure. - Excuse me.
What is it? - That guy from
France. He was here and
yesterday, but you had a job.
- Again, I'm busy. Some came
Next week early.
- Passable man. Do it
make for us. - Each
inventor of Europe wants
come to America. - There is a letter
for you from your Director
Paris. - OK. Let entered.
Mr. Tesla, Mr.
Edison will see you now.
But, boy? It is this letter?
- Yes. - This letter serves to
show Mr. Nikola Tesla.
Well, you are presented.
Mr. Tesla, welcome to
America. Thank you, Miss...
Mrs. Robert Johnson,
and this is my husband.
Perhaps you'd rather stay
alone. No, stay.
I'll talk about something that would
could be of use to the whole wide
Mankind. - Do you have this
said somewhere else, I would not
you believe. But here are
already was born so many wonders.
Here we used
the impossible becomes reality.
Watch what you say. This man
chief editor of the newspaper
Century Magazine. I think
gentleman never heard of newspapers
where he came from. From
France have? That's where I work
but I was born in Lika. Maybe
Lika is a place where
Raddai miraculous things. What
you say, Tom? - Never heard of it.
It is on the border between
Austria and Turkey. Character is
province, the place is Smiljan.
- Do you know what it says?
"Dear, Mr. Edison. Know
Only two big men.
You are one of them,
Nikola Tesla and others.
Sidima with little clouds.
Do you have something to show me?
Here, Mr. Edison.
As you can see, this is
rotating magnetic field.
What are served? - Here intersects
tappers in point A and induces
current flowing to contact
Rings B-expected to
going to start the engine? Yes,
and no energy loss when
is transmitted to a great distance.
Something you forgot.
Commutator. It's not even necessary.
It is alternating current.
Alternating? - Yes. If you use
DC, you need a
hundred exchanges to highlight
New York, and then peripherals
remains in the dark. And with my
system, one can exchange
illuminate a whole city,
more and more, a whole country.
We throw in wind energy
which gave us the nature.
Today's electricity
imperfect and unnatural.
You'll agree with me, we
We are at odds with nature.
Alternating current energy
rattled up nesluenih
scale. We will build a new
switchboard, and old crash.
This giant step forward
Amend the whole world.
Demolish all my switchboard
Because of this your motoria?
But Tom... - Do you know how I
call? "King of electricity."
I've already changed the world and all
I achieved based
on direct current. You
go awry, it is
advance sentenced
to fail. Where are you going?
I'm sorry I took your time.
I thought you
work for me. Have
an original spirit, perhaps
brilliant. You have made
one mistake. So what?
I need every smart
a man who can find it.
Come morning, exactly at seven.
Thank you. I sincerely appreciate it.
Goodbye. - Yet we are
to see. - I hope. - I.
Tom, you really are a great ovijek?
Yes? I'm glad that you were
so generous. He looks
as an interesting young man and crossed
the whole world to come
to America and worked with you.
I know a smart
man. A little confused,
but still there is something.
Already we'll fix it.
Am I seeing right?
Mr. Tesla! - Hello,
Mrs. And Mr. Johnson.
Is this a scientific
iztraivanje or doing what
What we seem to do?
- I dig a trench, Mr. Johnson.
Obviously! - Not more
Edison? And it's obvious.
What happened?
- We had some disagreements.
I'm going to finish it now. - Thank you
you, but this is better than
I left. - Lf it is
true, Bob will you find something
in the newspapers. Is it, Bob?
- Yes. Give him his card.
And please, come out of this
ditch. - We are working up to five hours.
Then you can at seven. We will wait
you with us. The address is on
Pledge? - I promise.
Did you Catherine explained
I thought. You're a very
kind. I am grateful to you.
- You say you do not want to work?
Unfortunately. - You prefer to dig
vibrant than being on the editorial board
Century Magazine? - Everyone
it would be an honor, Mr. Johnson.
Bob. - Bob. To me it would be
only temporary and would not
It is unfair to you.
Do not go yet, Nicky.
Tell Bob you me
said. Oh induction motor?
About himself and his family.
And the place where you were born.
Character, right? - Yes. Like
child spoke five languages.
His mom was also invented
everything but not written.
And his father was a priest
the Orthodox Church.
They are allowed to marry.
You are not marrying, Nicky?
When I got married,
it would be with someone like you.
But it is impossible.
Good night, and thank you.
Escort Mr. Tesla.
It must be very poor.
But he bought me flowers.
He works there in the trenches.
- Let's do it.
It is Tesla. - I Hiram
Brown, president of Wester
Union Telegraph Company.
Nice to meet you, Mr. Brown.
I financed the performance of your
engine. - Are you ready
finance other
Works on izmjeninoj streaming?
I have not thought about it.
We could start with the engine.
I'll just build it in their
Workshops. - What would I
built for you? - I'll take it
build, and you'll pay.
You're obdurate, Tesla.
Isa's what I heard. How many
you need? - 30 Thousand
dollars and my workshop.
Then came out of the trench to
I give you a check. - Hold, Renato.
Gramm machine loses much
energy. Certainly in nature
There is a simpler principle
that comes to energy.
Mr. Tesla, please. The whole
nature in front of you. Niko you
nothing to defend. Discover
it'll all be happy.
I hear all the sounds
fivefold. - Take it easy.
It is your
hypersensitivity. It'll.
Watch the sun shine last
and huts in the heat of his cup.
Already sinking sun, dies
day al'ono second new life
creates. - When quoting
Faust, I know you better.
I see it.
Ladies and gentlemen, to make sure
in it, now I'm going izkljuiti
DC and highlight
hall of their system.
Well, ladies and gentlemen,
It is alternating current.
See how the light gives
this small generator. Imagine
to be that here
huge generator. We could
it highlight a whole
State of New York, and more.
We run all the factories,
public transport vehicles,
all industries. When you do so
follow even greater discoveries.
One thing will lead to the discovery
another, and we will change
face of this earth. G-Tesla
thus provide a guarantee that your
claims accurate?
If we invest money, we have to
have the assurance that this is so.
Gentlemen, I have no
guarantee in addition to its discovery.
You have to believe and
Give in to the instinct and
intuition. Returns
Back itosmjernu electricity.
Mr. Edison, what do you think
about Mr. Tesla? - All the best.
He is a very capable engineer.
- What, practical usability
its generators. - I'm
sorry, but no. For me
fantasy is no
concept, especially
scientific. So much, gentlemen.
- Mr. Edison! Another question!
For today, a lot! Next time.
Yes it would be worth something already
Edison grabbed. Bet-
I the wrong horse.
Mr. Tesla, Mr. Edison says
Your current does not employed in practice
application. What do you say?
Mr. Edison is a practical man.
I'm sorry you feel that way.
- It was my pleasure.
I wish you luck. Thank you,
the demonstration, Mr. Tesla.
It was interesting, even if
not putting into practice. Thank you.
Mr. Tesla, can you...
- I have nothing more to say.
Enough for today.
Thank you, gentlemen.
Mr. Tesla, to introduce myself.
I'm George Westinghouse,
President electric
Society of Pittsburgh
I'm glad. - It would be
I honor that evening with me.
That would be me joy,
Mr. Westinghouse. - George.
Call Me Claus.
- Well, Nikola.
Excellent. So, I'm ready
redeem all of your patents
fee of one million dollars.
And you shall themselves decide on
the use of his invention. You're
soul ventures, and I bag.
Untied bags. What do you say?
Please for some napkins.
Your napkins. Thank you.
I hope you
happy evening, Mr. Tesla.
I think you're jumping the gun,
Mr. Westinghose. Maybe.
In science there is no progress
without risk. People and Life
at stake...
So what is my money?
I honestly believe that?
- Otherwise I would not be here.
And what if other than the million
ask for another dollar for each
horse power? - I would
agreed. Entering into a contract.
You agree too.
Do you know that I talk about a myriad of
And Edison would not accept it
without a fight. While he was against
us, how you will introduce another
system? - I can, if I have your
patents. The truth is on your
side. Tell me honestly.
Would you help me because
the progress of science or profit?
Listen, I pronalaza.
But no money can not
realize their inventions. And what
if calculated on a small profit?
Glad to be angry.
I'm beginning to believe you.
Piece of cheese and an apple, and a good
the wash vruoj water.
Creamy caramel, fruit can...
Coffee certainly. Tesla lived.
In your health.
- Seems to drink my wine.
Right. Sorry. Bewildering
me, Tesla. Can be considered
we entered into an agreement? - I
I was kidding. What do you mean?
Horsepower not naplaujem.
But I'm not kidding. Profit
'll dollar per horse power.
You need to be rich to
were free and independent.
Tesla, what are you?
- Peaches. Take them.
I can not bear Jih.
- Waiter! Fred!
Peaches! Take them.
Nothing sweet. Nothing.
break. Who is it for?
George, why is Adams
so far suggested a break?
Billy, do not be naive. No water
Adams session than the one
emphasizes the fact that it does not.
- Yes, we all know it.
You hear me? - I hear Adams.
- The first part is over.
Edison spoke? - No.
- A Westinghouse? - Not yet.
Call Edison to speak,
Westinghouse and then
Bring a suggestion or two.
Is that clear? - Yes. Suggestion or two.
Gentlemen, Thomas Alva Edison
here in an advisory capacity.
It is useful to hear what he has
say. Thank you, President.
Gentlemen, what you say. Whether
We water pipes leading to
plants or plant
built near Niagara
We can talk about it. But
system is one: DC
current is accepted.
- President! - Mr. Westinghouse.
Gentlemen, DC
is not the only one. There is also
alternating current. The system
guarantees transfer to large
distance. Simple and
a convenient and I Tesla
perfected the system with 40
patents. I have this report...
Gentlemen, this system is just a fantasy... and it is dangerous.
Mr. Edison, on how we
could talk. - Happy!
Gentlemen! Gentlemen! Me
talk about the important things.
International tender would be the best solution. Mr. Edison,
You suggest a man who would
led ocjenjivaku Commission.
Thank you, President.
There is only one man in the
world. He's a real physicist,
and a great inventor.
Lord Kelvin
from Great Britain.
Will showcase
be another one of your triumph?
My power will illuminate the entire
exhibition. - Will you have your
Principles used to
Niagara Falls? I do not know who else.
The whole of Europe, the whole
world using my system.
And what's with alternating
power? It does not come into consideration.
Alternating current
hazardous to human life.
Switch on the generator.
You have just seen alternating
electricity. It was cruel to kill
this dog, but we've done
that tomorrow someone would die on
the same way. Are needed
us the means to progress, not to
killing. I will ask the
Congress to ban the use of
alternating current. Thank you!
Edison, Nick! Damn
Edison! - What happened?
President of the Commission is Lord
Kelvin. He Edison ovek.
Listen to this: "The alternating current
used in Sing Sing.
Convicted person is not dead
painless. Electricity had to
activated several times
because constructors are wrong
calculate the
power voltage. "- Disgusting!
I'll take care of them, Mr. Tesla.
- Let them Czito. Not guilty.
Invite and bring together all the people
that you know and bring them here.
Say you will Tesla
current torment their guests.
All will come, you'll see!
Mr. Enrico Caruso, Mr. Nikola
Tesla. Bravo, Tesla, mio?? Caro.
Mr. Pederewski,
Mr. Nikola Tesla. Nice to meet you.
Mr. Samuel Clemens, Alians
Mark Twain... Mr. Nikola Tesla.
It's my pleasure. - And what
I found pleasure in
your books, I owe
You. You are my only borrower,
I remained faithful.
Can I help you, Mr.
Clemens? - Looking for my
critics to help them recommend
for an electric chair.
Please sit down. Thank you.
George. - Catherine, Bob.
- Nicky, let me ask you.
What will you do tonight?
- Catherine, I am now an executioner.
In it I have never believed it.
Mr. Jack Wilson,
Mr. Nikola Tesla.
What is it, George?
Ladies and Gentlemen,
Here you have two electrodes.
When you switch on the electricity created
will be the voltage of a million volts.
It is alternating current. If
take also the electrode arms,
what would happen? If my
electricity kills, then I
deserved to be its victim.
Nicki, do not, please!
His pay any
with "Commodore".
Mr. Morgan is waiting for you.
Arrived, Commodore.
- Bring him. Your friend.
Mr. Tesla.
They tell me that they do not operate.
Why? For health-
reasons, Commodore. - Edison
tells me that washing your hands 20 times
a day and every time you are looking for
pure towel. You know each other?
Yes, we know we are. - I hear
you do not drink coffee or tea.
What can it offer?
Maybe some whiskey?
So you like you're a man.
Tom, give him a whiskey.
Some people assure me that
you are crazy. Others think that you
crook. Both can
be true but you can still
to be a genius.
Sit down, Mr. Tesla.
I'd like to know what you
Launches. Do you know what Edison
say about genius?
- His by famous sayings.
Genius is one percent
inspiration and 99 percent perspiration.
And you do not sweat enough.
Do not scientific conclusions
arriving intellectual
work, rather than using some...
What did you say? Ask Tesla.
He sees some mental images.
Yes, it's a word! And in
details. Is it like that with
your engine without Brush
and without a commutator? It says that
the whole thing
Tesla came as a vision.
More like a flash of lightning.
And the lightning you appeared as
you are in Hungary, on the street, recited a poem.
Yes, Geothea. What? He's
Nemaki writer. I'll send
you results.
- Thank you very much.
Motor is turning...
- Take the whiskey, Mr. Tesla.
The engine is spun in a vortex,
the rotational magnetic
field that is created
interaction of the two
alternating currents.
Patented engine six
years later and every detail
was the same as in the mental
picture. Adams we collected
a whole story. What are you reading?
It's a file on Mr. Tesla.
I've nothing to enter the
blindly. Tom, you know that.
It says that while she worked for
You gave him a problem that
resolved. - So what? Its people
constantly make trouble.
This was something important
or something that you did not know.
Who said that? Where
you this story? - The people in your
workshop. Easily I
to solve, but I was
busy with other problems.
- We heard you were offered Tesla
fifty thousand dollars if
resolved, and when he did, he said
you tell him that you do not understand
American sense of humor.
That's no reason misunderstandings.
I am not interested in money.
I'm interested.
You have stopped working for
Edison and it was suggested that
work for me. Sit down, Tom,
I'm not done. - Hm! Yes, Tom?
Honestly Commodore, beginning
wonder what I'm doing here.
I do not think it would be
honestly you're not here.
There is certainly a
steel mills in Pittsburgh!
They are waiting for electricity and
I can wait forever. - I do not either!
I submitted plans for five
months. - Tesla has differently
ideas. - Anything else! This is one
the term for it. - Do you know what
made in ikagu? Everything
here. - Yes. Until then, there was no
large polyphase generators.
I'd wonder of Mr. Tesla.
I took 24 DC
generators of 500 horsepower
power and connect them in pairs
with their circuits
90 degrees above the stage.
- Translate it.
I got the equivalent of twelve
two-phase generator, each of
thousand horsepower. - It
was the first World Exhibition
illuminated power. That's
funny. - Until now thought
I thought I invented
electrically light. Of course.
And now it is suddenly discovered
Tesla. And who is your authorized
to give the izvjietaj
things that you have no idea.
I have collected information and
I do not pretend that I am educated.
Educated? As Tesla.
He is knowledgeable, and I did not.
Come on, Tom, no one said that.
- I do not need it, everyone knows that.
You're self-taught, and I've
raised. We know that. Well, Tesla
landed in this country without
money. - I was not even close
universities. I studied and worked.
First, I learned to respect
to science, logical
inference, evidence,
trial and error. But
Our educated man affects!
Do not even think he
predosjea! That is why all
involved with this his
A. C. Electricity. - Alternating current?
Is it true,
Tom? - None of this is true!
Mr. Edison's system from the beginning
is based on the DC.
Tesla? - Despite all the evidence
He is convinced that the Alternating
current can not function.
Visionary-where in the head
The lightning flash considers
Edison is an illusion of things.
Calm down, Tom. Talk
of Frankfurt, on Nemakoj.
Or do not you know? Adams Excuse
it was in Frankfurt.
Some Doliva in... - Let
names, tell me what they did.
Transferred the power of distance
160 km. - Tesla system.
This happened in Europe
Tesla and we have under his nose.
Connect to the General
Electric, I'll finance.
Immediately we build headquarters
in Niagara Falls. - On what system?
Damn it, Tom! Why not to do
try out? It's useless
complications, and with it, and
dangerous! I would forbid!
I hope you do not leave.
We did not finish a game of cards!
Do not tap with the door.
It always made.
My friend is determined
man, but the greatest
pronalaza in history. If you
one can prove him wrong,
will not be happy. But I tell you
that the two of us in the business.
Amazing things
happen, Nick. Edison
had to merge with General
Electrics, but we will not
swallow. We're going to them.
Because we have patents and design
Niagara can not begin without
us. - Do you know that it is possible
achieve hundreds of thousands and
million current pulses
Seconds? Do you understand that
Fantastic opportunities for us to
provides for the use of energy?
- Nick, did you hear what I
said the General Electrics,
for Edison to Niagara?
I know you said Morgan.
I do not listen to him, Nick. He
with people playing and breaks them
As a child toys. Let him go!
Million electric pulses
per second. All right, Nick.
Dream all you want. But the
effort that you come on time
opening hidroelektrarne.
Let it stop.
George, what would I be
stop? I do not know.
Still, for a man who
so sure of himself,
You do not look happy. - How would
could it be? - What are you, Nick?
Already a few days
plague me some pictures that I see.
Please urgently need to see
Mr. Tesla. Immediately call him.
I should not bother him. If you
Now I wake up, it will be the
your responsibility.
- Well, let sleeping while you can.
I'll tell him later. What is
any? This hotel his home.
His heart would burst. His
Laboratory worse. All drawings,
all inventions, all in flames.
Ladies and gentlemen, America is
today launched the first
power station on alternating
electricity. Thanks to everyone who
created this work. But do not
forget that it was the work
Nikola Tesla, without
whom this would not exist.
Celebrating that I waited.
Way to go, Nick! Pay them.
Audience and waiting.
Now it's all over, this
Switchboard is not very important.
It's just an application
power that already have long know.
I am ashamed that they do not
made before, and now only
comes the real work. We must
now come to what is
close. To find out what
going down, we need to transfer
pictures, news, energy, and
why not matter.
We've got rid of the thought
restrictions imposed by space and
time, but keep the main
characteristics now and through the ages...
Sorry, I...
Tesla! What I will say Commodor?
Yeah I went to Europe.
In Europe? Who's in Europe?
My mother and sister.
George, what happens?
Thank you, Catherine. But...
Please, this way.
Why do not we go? -On Me
no leaks. - I already said.
No one is allowed inside.
- Nonsense. - So says Mr. Tesla.
I'm desperate. I must see him.
It's my destiny.
Why did you invite me? - Due
Nicholas. He is in serious condition.
Ever since his mother died, my
the fear that has descended from the mind.
Czito, I know how much you love
Mr. Tesla. And we love it.
That you need to know... a right
He did not need our help?
I admit that I am very
concerned, Mrs Johson.
Attracting and rejecting,
Catherine. Miraculous occurrences.
Stimulating and exciting.
Electricity and magnetism,
George. Unique force
in nature. - How are you, Nick?
Nick, please. Listen to me.
I'm at the end of times.
I have no other way out
but I ask you for help.
Nick, the crisis. Pillman is
Chicago fired 4000
workers. Yesterday the feds
shooting at people on the street.
I have no credit. All
retreating. Charged me for the debt of
$ 10 million to
to you. Dollar per horse power.
General Eletrics behind
everything. Morgan wants to swallow
me and Edison. But do not give up.
My company is my life.
So I thought if
I could share loss...
This is
contract, George? - Yes.
It can not afford. It's
your money. I owe it to you.
You do not owe me nothing.
You believed in me when others
not, offered me his hand.
Thank you, Catherine.
Thank you, my friend.
That was generous,
perhaps too much. Of course it
His desire to help, but how
You can tear up the $ 10 million?
I have no family, Catherine.
I just need to do.
It would only bother me money.
Turn to the right.
Now, on the left.
Now until the end, and for us.
And where are the wires, Mr. Tesla?
I thought I understand.
Unfortunately not. What can I say
Commodor? What you saw.
And the wire, tell them no.
Tesla, this your boat.
Adams told me all apologized.
Can you also and with a greater
boat at greater distances?
Can you take energy from
Falls and transferred to
my steel mills in Pittsburgh
without any wires? - Capabilities of
are unlimited. - Communication
over long distances?
Anywhere. And to Europe, without
cables. - I want to hear Tesla.
Ships at sea, Tesla? - Each
signal. The human voice, images.
All of these electrical impulses.
And where you want it to?
In Colorado Springs. Rich
the natural electricity.
Do so that i can send
message from city to city and
across the ocean. It give me
so you go to Colorado Springs.
The sooner you begin, the better.
It was Morgan. He agreed.
- This is really a milestone.
You can not imagine what this
means. - I know. I'm happy.
Images and sounds are going through the air
without wires. Do I swallow?
Already did. Why would otherwise
invest your money?
Tesla give money roulette.
It amuses me, here and there
curiosity. Is he a madman
or fraud. Promising miracles.
We'll see
you can achieve them.
If the storm struck by lightning
country creates concentric
waves that circle the globe and
Come back. This is proof that the
Crust good conductor.
To produce large
amount of energy and launched
In any Taek Earth
peel energy would be moved
in concentric waves.
It is said that you are in Colorado
Springs contact with Mars.
Is that true? - It is possible
launch waves that travel
around the country and
waves that go into space.
How do you talk to them?
That's not intended them.
But I caught the electric waves
unknown origin
that repeated
at regular intervals.
Maybe signals from space.
- Have you told them?
Ask Martians.
- So, you are sending signals?
The signal may not
receive about one million years.
So you think you would one
day be possible to achieve
dialogue with the aliens?
Maybe century sent
message that we are not aware of.
What are you these piles of paper?
My diary of Colorado
Springs. - What makes it different to
and why you important? - Lots
the addition of premonitions but if
I would like us to answer where
I would say that the water leads to permanent
solving the problem of energy.
Thank you, gentlemen. Enough questions.
I'm so happy to be at
second time to see the great;
Among the major. Genius
Nikola Tesla. - I'm sorry, but
I do not remember where we
introduced. - Mr. Tesla, my name
does not mean much. Even as
student, I listened to your
lecture in London.
This is my favorite memory.
Allow me to introduce myself. I
I Marquis Gulielmo Marconi.
Glad, Marquis
Marconi. How can I help you?
Plague me some ideas, but do not
can be formulated. It seems to me
that you know it. Could
I would use the area
Telecommunications. - Lf you
want to know, then you're good
chosen path. Believe
his instincts. Knowledge does not
leaves, but you can seduce.
- I came to America I
you saw. Could I
come near you and watch
doing? - You are welcome.
My lab and all my
achievements are at
can use. Thank you.
Do that which is my great honor. - Czito!
Ensure Mr. Marconi.
Whatever you say, Mr. Tesla.
Tell me, Tesla. Does anyone
understand what you guys are talking about.
At least I hope so. - I would
should after all these years.
For you energy is
big problem possibilities.
Matter of life or death.
- Sources of energy now
we use are not exhaustive.
And poison our planet.
I did not notice. - Will,
trust me. Might survive
to poisoning, but the day will come
When will the first energy
dry. And then what? All will
machines fit? - Not to my
the project. World can give
all the energy you need,
pure energy. - Stuff
I was afraid of. - Color?
Yes. I was afraid that I
finally figured out what you're saying.
But that rumor about psychological
phenomena... I do not understand.
These strange stories about you by
newspapers. As of that guy.
Brown, Commodore.
- Yes. As the story went?
Mr. Tesla told him not to
must embark on a train
he uiao. The train was
Derailed the rails and all the
he died.
- Did it really happen?
Some say that
it could be a coincidence.
I do not care! The public does not
accepts mixing science
and the supernatural. Or
you are a serious inventor or
gypsy who prophesies fate.
I do not even cross my mind that
people prophesies the fate
and I'm not an inventor. No?
I am a researcher. - Columbus?
He probably looked exactly like you
while jogging around before
their discoveries. I guess the
history was much
Columbus went and never
did not return. Is
you along the way? For Mars?
What are you talking about the press?
To communicate with the Universe!
There is a great possibility.
- The Devil and your opportunities!
Keep your speculation to
themselves. - Not just speculation.
No? While I funded, not
I can not afford to think
I teamed up with a lunatic.
Comes Mr. Tesla.
Get up!
You'll again whiskey? - I'd rather with
you drank a glass of champagne.
Fine. Toast
your new project.
A toast to you,
new ambassador in Rome.
Our ship sets off at dawn. I will not
go till you tell us all about
project-There's a lot of
say. - He thinks that there is nothing
what he wants to say. - What are so many
Secrets? It's Morgan's ideas,
his condition! - Playing cat
and mouse. Morgan is afraid of you...
I am afraid that Morgana?
Never. Maybe it should.
Nick is convinced he will
change the world. Hope
to the right. Of course you
I, -Neizjleivi optimist.
I would not want to
healed. You mean you do not
want to ruin his dreams.
A very've told him that
confront with stvarnou.
- My tower is a reality.
We are on the threshold of the World
War... The war? What about this war?
I hope that this does not Tesla
deals. You could invent something
to send us the life
ever. On the contrary, Mr. Twain.
Instead of sending the battlefield
people, we can send robots
If you invent a machine that would
instead we drank, you know that
I'll fight to the death
against you. I apologize.
Do you really think
going to be a war? - Not necessarily.
No, if it was my mind. - Who
knows? If one day it was
luck, not war, we
visit your far birthplace
place Lika. See,
I forgot the name.
I wish you knew
my mother. I would like to
I knew you, Nicky.
In a way that was not possible at all.
I used to think that all
possible. Do you remember what you
mother say when you tried
wings to fly from the roof
your home? "You're not a bird,
Nikola. You're the man."
Do not talk about money. All will be
prepaid. Morgan is behind us.
Yes, Mr. Tesla.
Mr. Tesla. I received an order to
show you this. If you do not know.
He wants to see you right away.
There was firmly promise
to which I counter. Pledge
are we gonna be able to communicate
over long distances without
wire. And it was invented. But you have not invented, but
some of Italy's... - Marconi.
- With little boxes can
talk with England. From
it must buy patents.
What if he stole the idea from
You? You're not the only man
with big ideas. There is also
one Jew in Nemakoj...
Einstein. Nauen whole world is talking about it.
And in Paris. What's there?
- They broke the nucleus of an atom.
Whatever that meant. That's
an entirely new source of energy.
Energy from destruction
natural elements of the crime
against nature. We are
at the crossroads. If we miss
this opportunity, we will be considered
culprits. - What chance?
Commodore, we send energy
the outer layer, the ionosphere.
Energy of the sea, the wind, the sun.
No longer must destroy.
Just take what you already
there We'll use this
energy for all
our needs. Inexhaustible.
I really think this is
possible? - All I proved it.
One only needs to
out in practice. - Adams! Yes?
Adams? Yes, Commodore? - Have
you see that? Yes, Commodore.
A single source of energy.
Is that right, Tesla? - Yes.
And anyone can use this
source. Earth-layer wraps
the whole world. Energy will
belong to all, as well as air.
Moratemo consider
some financial details.
I will not detain you longer. I know
you want to go back to work.
This I will send you. Forgot
I never handled.
Just suppose that it is not
crazy. He could reverse
world upside down. Yes, he could
order. This is a great feature.
Listen, if this madman really
can not do that, do you know what
will happen? No, sir.
- Postojae only one source
energy... So, everyone
can take energy, and we
more will have nothing
sell. We produce
energy, our will horns
milk free. No, thank you!
For that I am not a benefactor. Write
His letter, so be ready
to sign tomorrow morning.
- Good. And what should I say?
What do you say?
Tell him goodbye.
After so many
years, we are not responsible.
I showed him what the world
could be. He said that we would
know when it is ready.
I'm still waiting.